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Chapter 5: The design of products and...

Multiple choice questions

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There are 5 main stages in design of products or services. Which is the

correct sequence?
Preliminary design, Screening, Concept generation, Evaluation and
improvement. Prototyping and final design
Concept generation, Screening, Preliminary design, Evaluation and
improvement. Prototyping and final design
Preliminary design, Screening, concept generation, prototyping and
final design, evaluation and improvement
Concept generation, Screening, Preliminary design, , Prototyping and
final design, Evaluation and improvement


As part of concept generation a company may use focus groups. A focus

group will typically comprise:
Contact staff in a service organisation or the salesperson in a productorientated organisation
7-10 participants who are unfamiliar with each other and have certain
characteristics in common that relate to the particular topic.
Staff who take apart competitors services/products and focus on how
it has been made
People identified at random by street market researchers


There are many techniques which can be used for documenting

processes or blueprinting, all have two main features:
Flow process charts and the customer-processing framework
Specify the component products and services and define the
processes to create the package
Determining the overall shape of the product or service and the way in
which the product or service operates

Show the flow of materials/people/information through the operation

and identify the different activities that take place during the process


The main purpose of Taguchi methods is to:

Create a house of quality
Test the robustness of a design
Articulate the voice of the customer
Reduce costs and prevent any unnecessary costs before producing
the product or service


Which of the following is not a factor which can significantly reduce time to
market for a product or service?
Separation of the design of products and services from the design of
the processes which will produce them
An organisational structure which reflects the development project
Simultaneous development of the various stages in the overall
An early resolution of design conflict and uncertainty

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