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Innovation No : 1 Offering of ghaibanah salat for dead martyrs performed by muslim

brothers is a biddah also.Except only one incident of hadrat Najashi (ra) Prophet (Saw) or
Any Sahaba (ra) never did it for any martyr.It was Abrogated

Innovation No : 2

Wahabi Imams after the rukhoo stand up and recites dua e qunut by raising his hands as
if he is praying,and people standing behind him say amin amin,only Prophet (saw) never did
this act not proved from any Sahih hadith.Please no ijhtehad here, prove this Raising of
Hands from Sahih and marfu hadiths, I am not talking about reciting Qunoot so don't flood
the thread with those hadiths.
Innovation No : 3

During salat putting their hand on the chest,this is a biddatt,and no sahih hadith is present
to prove this point, Prove from Sahih and marfu hadiths not shad'h or hasan that putting
hands on chest is not proved and those who do taqleed are bidatis but ignoring Sahih
Innovation No : 4

during salat putting their one hand on another and hold their elbows,this is a
biddat,Prophet MUHAMMAD saw never did it, I am talking about Elbows not forearms
Innovation No : 5

Azan of tahajud seen in Saudi Arabia and khana e kaaba was never done by Prophet (saw) .
Remember I am not talking about Adhan of Sehr during Ramazan which is mentioned
in Bukhari, Volume 001, Book 011, Hadith Number 595 in which it was given when Sahabas
[ra] were already praying Tahajud, but Azan of Tahajud which wahabis give all around the
world throughout the year.
[bidah by ahle hadith muslims]

Innovation No : 6

SAying bismilallah after recitiing every chapter/surah during salat was never done by
Prophet (saw). This is only for salah issue and prove it that reciting it before every surah is
proved from a single Sahih and marfu hadith

Innovation No : 7

Misyaar marriage which is a Temporary marriage Allowed by Arab scholars in the Arab
world is a biddah the Prophet never allowed Such marriages to take place.Sheikh abdul Aziz
bin Baaz allowed it.Just show a simple Sahih and marfu hadith No Taweels


Innovation No : 8
Congregating people behind one Imam to pray Salat al Tahajjud after Salat Al Tarawih, in the
two Holy Mosques and other mosques. IF other muslims do it its another issue, But how does
this bidah became a part of wahabis
[ biddat practiced by wahabi school in saudia]

Innovation No : 9
Reciting the Prayer of Completion of the Quran in Salat al Tarawih and also in Salat al
Tahajjud. IF other muslims do it its another issue, But how does this bidah became a part of
[ biddat practiced by wahabi school in saudia]
Innovation No : 10
Designating the 27th night of Ramadan to complete reading the entire Quran in the two Holy
Mosques. IF other muslims do it its another issue, But how does this bidah became a part of
[ biddat practiced by wahabi school in saudia]
Innovation No : 11

A caller saying, after Salat al Tarawih, in the Qiyam prayer, May Allah reward you.
[ biddat practiced by wahabi school in saudia]
Innovation No : 12

8 Rakat Tarawih prayer not Tahajuud prayer.Throughout history Prophet (pubh) and
muslims used to perform 20 Rakats of Tarawih salah can I please get answer from Sahih
hadiths proving 8 Rakat Tarawih which wahabi muslims do
Show a Sahih and marfu hadith only, No Shad'h ,ahad or daeef hadiths please.

Innovation No : 13

Following Saudi Arabia when in other countries during time of Eid ,Ramadhan tul
mubaraka.Did Prophet pbuh followed other countires or places and not local moon. Show
one Sahih and marfu hadith only

Innovation No : 14

Raising of fingers again and again like a tail of a wild animal during Tashadud.Is raising the
finger more than 20 times in tasadah proved ? Don't show ijhtehad of any imams [rah] as its
shirk to follow thhem remember, No Shad'h hadiths also, prove it from Sahih and marfu
hadiths only

Innovation No : 15

Offering salat without covering Head.Did Prophet (pbuh) offered salah without covering
head in his life time

Innovation No : 16

Using word Salafi for their sect.Is using word Salafi proved from any sahih hadeth
for later day muslims ?. In Sahih hadeth those muslims who follow hadeth are called ahle
hadeth and majority of jammah is called ahle sunnah.Where is word Salafi used for any later
muslims ?

Innovation No : 17

Anthropomorphism : Belief of Allah (swt) has physical legs ,hand ,sits on Arsh ,is in
sky, Travels to earth as angels , has eye, has body.Where is Quran,saheeh
hadeths,Ashabas or salafs prove it brothers ? where did classical scholars of Al Islam proved

Innovation No : 18

Calling Yazid sahabi ,mujadad , Salaf ,jannati ,using RazhiAllah anhuma with Yazid name is it
proved from Quran and sunnah ? you can try proving it from other sources as well, But don't
run towards Imam Ghazali [rah] ijhtehad as none of above is proved from it,
Innovation No : 19

Where did Prophet (pbuh) or Ashabis (ra) quoted kafir and musriqeen quranic
ayahs for muslims ? Albani ,Shaybb uthameen, shayh ibn baaz quotes them all the
time.Please show me a sahih hadeth where ayahs for non muslims are quoted for muslims

Innovation No : 20

Removing complete chapters from Al Adab ul Mufrad by Albani, Al nihaya wal

bidaha'ya.. Tafseer ibn e khater Riaz ul Sahileen who gave any one right of doing forgeries ?

Biddat Number 21 is
► IBn Taymiyyah dividing Tawheed into three categories
1. Tawhid of Allah’s lordship
2. Tawhid of Allah’s names and attributes

3. Tawhid of Allah’s worship?