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A research wor k published on 12 5t h Holy Birth An niversary

Life and Principle


Sree Sree Anukulchandra
(The World Teacher of the Age)

Dr. Srikumar Mukherjee



Introductory life sketch of Sree Sree Anukulchandra


bout 125 years ago 1888 A.D., on 16th September Sree Sree Anukulchandra
(Chakraborty) was born in a lower middle class Bengali Brahmin family at

Himayetpur village of Pabna district of united India (before 1947 AD), now in Bangladesh.
He was given spiritual-initiation by his mother – as per the direction of her Guru – Huzur
Maharaj. Anukulchandra said - he knows this „Name‟ from the very beginning, it is not
new to him. Sincerely practicing this „specific meditation technique‟, he realized his
integral inner relationship with the whole creation. He assumed there is no difference
between matter and spirit, every matter is conscious, but its‟ level differs from matter to
matter. This drives him to become inquisitive towards his environment and he concluded
– everyone primarily loves his existence to evolve further, but that depends upon his
environment too. So nourishment to the environment to fulfill self-existence is Dharma.
So, according to him Dharma welcomes science. This go-of-life brings true awareness of
total existential-becoming i.e. salvation or Brahma-Darsan.
His inquisitive childhood in one hand was very concentric towards his mother to
satisfy herself. On the other hand his boyhood searching mind used to be engaged to
unveil the secret laws of nature and to understand the cause of people's sufferings. He
used to search small plant‟s life cycle at the garden. He detected that there is uniqueness
and dissimilarities within the same and concluded - there is no resemblance between
nature. Once after travelling by steamer with his father he built a steam engine at his
home. He also successfully shaped a wooden stick into a fountain pen. One day he
treated one of his young friends from stomach pain by giving one kind of locally available
herb, by which once he treated himself as he suffered by the same problem with the
similar symptoms. He reveals "During my adulthood I found that the formula of Haniman
- the father of Homeopathy medicine, was similar to what I have discovered and
experienced in my boyhood."
Despite struggling with poverty Anukulchandra's relation with the people around
was becoming better because he was concentrating himself to be more nearer to the
villagers, who were overwhelmed with gratitude, love and sympathy. He said about his
deeds of those days "I got the answer when I found in one of the writing in my school‟s
exercise book - 'Do unto others as you wish to be done!' "Numbers of events say almost
the same story that - most of the unsocial and complex obsessed people converted into
normal social man with his sympathetic behavioral nourishment.



Anukulchandra studied at the high school of Pabna but could not matriculate. His
school career was discontinued when he gave his final examination fees to one of his
poor friends. After that he went to Calcutta to study Medical science. While studying
medical he gathered lots of experiences except medical, which helped him in future.
Being a student from lower middle class family, he had learned the sufferings of life,
because he stayed for years with the labours at a coal depot. He had also passed days
without food but water from road side drinking water tap and spent many nights at
railway platforms. Finally, he returned to his village without any diploma, because he was
asked to re-appear in the practical examination. Within very short period he became very
popular doctor and very busy in practice. During that time he noticed - those who were
getting cured by medicine, revert to him with the same disease. He perceived that
patients are ill mentally, so they had to be treated with sense, intellect & spirit.
Then he introduced 'Kirtan' - the group devotional song among the village dwellers
to heal their obsessed mind with high pitch. In his words - "The tune of his melodious
KIRTAN uplifts people's mind to a higher esteem very rapidly." This divine sound brought
a huge response from people of far districts of Bengal. While Kirtan playing reached its
level of full motion, - sometimes Anukulchandra would become unconscious and loose
almost all of the signs of existence of life, it happened for hours having only words on his
lips. This is popularly known as 'Samadhi'. At this state of his existence he used to utter
different subjects matters on - the way of life, techniques on control over passions,
mystery of creation of nature, spiritual realizations, salvation, himself and many
individual and social matters in Bengali language as well as English, Hindi, Sanskrit and
some other unknown languages. People would flock in numbers. Progressively people
from other parts of the country attracted to him. About these incidents of only last 72
days of Samadhi, had been recorded and published as the 'Punyaputhi' (Holy Book), rest
that of the initial days could not be noted. The medical explanation of these periods of his
life is yet to be given. Since then Anukulchandra was popularly known as Sree Sree
Thakur Anukulchandra.
He observed closely that the people are getting mentally charged by Kirtan but
unable to retain the emotion for long run. He concluded that - the people's emotional
attachment with the higher and pure idea is the only way to harmonize the complications
and which can only rescue one from the physical and mental disease.
Now Sree Sree Anukulchandra concentrated on social reformation by building the
character of the people. He introduced following three-points 'man making' program for
each individual, viz. Initiation - the psycho-sexual attachment with a higher Ideal



person. Education - to follow the path of unfolding the good instincts with Ideal-centric
guidance. Marriage - to apply the 'law of eugenics' for transmitting the good
characteristics into next generations. Under which He initiated the massive program on –
psycho-spiritual treatment, family adjustment, education reformation, health hygiene,
eugenics, industry, agriculture, scientific research, publicity, etc. People of the various
classes and professions from the different parts of the country and abroad started to
come to him to find the solutions of their different quests. He introduced Ritwik-Singha
with the selected spiritually-elevated devotees, who would execute His idea and program
for the total existential-becoming of mankind. Gradually this took into shape of an
organized movement – popularly known as “Satsang-Movement”.











Anukulchandra under the demanding circumstances of his popularity. Purpose of Satsang
organization was to uphold the program of Sree Sree Anukulchandra in undistorted form
for the world of humanity. The most remarkable output of the Satsang movement in the
context of socio-political scenario was to build the plinth of communal harmony, cultural
development, modern scientific awareness based on traditional thoughts. Upholding the
idea of the fulfilling life and ideology of the all world past prophets like Krishna, Buddha,
Jesus, Mohammad, Chaitannaya, Ramakrishna etc. he said that - true follower of one's
own prophet never becomes communal. The amazing thing was - thousands of people of
different religious-ideas accepted Sree Sree Anukulchandra as a master or 'Guru' and
assembled together to make themselves better spiritual and religious person - the man of
In those days, Bengal including India was on the volcano of communal tension.
The demand for division of India was yet to come forward. Sree Sree Anukulchandra
years before that, launched a program for equalizing the population ratio of Hindu and
Muslim to resist the forthcoming division of India. He also appealed to the contemporary
political leaders to support, those came to meet with him, for the probable grave
situation of the future of this sub-continent, and he received nothing but assurance. He
also faced obstacles from the local Hindu landlords to implement his programs. Leaving
all of his big properties including Tapovan School, Mata Monmohini College, the scientific
research center - Vishwa Vijyan Kendra, press, workshop, hospital, laundry, agricultural
fields, etc, Sree Sree Anukulchandra left Bengal in 1946. Md. Alam Hossen, an old farmer
at Himayetpur village standing at the front of his cottage said in an interview "The fields
you can see so far was of Thakur!" He cried and said "There was no problem till he
stayed here, he was our Allaha!" So finally he had to go to Deoghar of Santhal Pargana



district of Bihar (now in Jharkhand state) and stepped down there in 2nd September 1946.
Just after one year, India was divided in 1947 with heavy bloodshed and casualty of life
and Pabna included to Pakistan (East Bengal i.e. Bangladesh).
After partition of India in the new arising condition Satsang movement took its
shape differently. The refugees were given shelter in Satsang Ashram at Deoghar and
Sree Sree Anukulchandra personally took special care to provide immediate relief to
them. To tackle post-partition grave scenario he emphasized on organized movement on
social change throughout the states on the basis of three points non-communal program
viz. Initiation, Education and Marriage-reform. Thousands of people responded to his call.
Including that, more people from Europe, America also accepted him as a spiritual guide
to be pure Christian, Muslim or Hindu.
On 25th January 1969 at the early morning 'God' of the devotees, 'Master' of the
followers, 'Super genius' for the knowledge seekers, 'Most loving sympathizer' for the
common people - passed away, leaving behind his humanitarian works and substantial
ideological contribution towards World human society.

Foundation of the Ideology of Sree Sree Anukulchandra
truggle for the “existential process” of human being, made the evolution of the


society alive still now. Since, the primitive age of the human society - as Karl Marx
said it as “early communism” - human being was gradually becoming intellectually

developed through struggle for survival. After being evolved, their „desire of existence‟
didn‟t remain the only desire to them so far. Now people initiate to search for the better
way of living. Thus „desire of becoming‟ also became the invariable part of their life, with
„desire of being‟. Since then the demand for existence and progress, forced them to be
reformed-being by adjusting their complexes. Sree Sree Anukulchandra says - “.......the
wants of properly enjoying life or needs of being and becoming is the driving factor of
evolution.” So together, cultural and biological ways of incessant evolution of individual collectively used to be transformed into social evolution.
Primarily in the agricultural complex societies, distribution of work became the
most essential thing for better social management. Thus normal emergence of division of
labour - revolutionary progressively changed the social structure. Initially people had
choosen different contemporary trades freely according to their own testes (biological
bent). But cultivating the same trade liberally through generations - they became expert
of those specific trades by acquiring the respective characters even bio-culturally



(genetically). Thus, in the society - “division of labour according to hereditary instinct”
established. Nesfield says - “Occupation is the only factor of this system (caste)”, where
Division of
labor naturally
evolved first
in the

as Dezil Ibbison says - “This is not sudden, but a product of long process
of evolution, and occupation became heredity.” According to Sree Sree
Anukulchandra - “This is not a man made system, but a universal law of
division of biological character, which could be found everywhere in the

nature.” He termed this system in human society as - “Grouping of society according to
biological instinct.” In his view - it was broadly divided into four natures of work, those
are - Intellectual, Managerial, Commercial and Physical labour, that found in every
society of the world in different forms. In Indoaryan society these natures of classes were
defined by the Aryan Seers as „Varna division‟ - in terms of Bipra (hereditarily Brahmin),
Kashtriya, Vaishya and Sudra respectively. In this Indoaryan society „to be a Brahmin‟
was set as the „goal of all‟.
A report published on one Anthropological and genetic research jointly organized
by an Indo-US university team on Indoaryan traditional Varna (caste) division system.
The report says that - still the Varna characters are inheriting through DNA for more than
evidence of

past 3000 years. In the „hypergamy‟ marriage system (marriage between
female of lower cultural heredity and male of higher cultural heredity), the

„caste‟ of lower rank female could climb up to higher caste rank. [Source: Human
Genome and Indian Caste System;; ‘The Asian Age’, London 30/04/1998]
However, now the most rational animal - man out of his long experiences observed
that random selection of male and female not always comprise qualitatively better
offspring. Firstly thus they had prohibited marriage between nearer blood relations. This
has become „law‟ in many countries now. Secondly they found that breeding between
male of less bio-cultural-heredity (lower Varna) and female of higher bio-cultural-heredity










characteristics and potentialities into next. Sree Sree Anukulchandra says - “Marriage
Natural law of
eugenics was
applied in the

between more evolved female and less evolved male („hypogamy’
breeding) normally produce unbalanced nature of issue and for the sake of
the existence of civilization, practicing of „hypogamy‟ should be strictly

prohibited.” Surprisingly the modern scientists in crops and animal breeding for high
yielding seeds and better animal offspring - follow the same laws. Sree Sree
Anukulchandra also says - “Marriage between any male and female could only be taken
place, if they have „biological‟ and healthy „psychological‟ compatibility. Thus females of



lower cultural heredity will be culturally and biologically upgraded.” The father of modern
(Molecular) Genetics and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Watson believes about the hereditary
up-gradation in Indoaryan marriage system based on the very social structure (Varna
system) that - the DNA tests of „caste‟ characters excellently support the nature of Varna
division and its‟ progressive purpose of traditional marriage system. [Report: Chief Guest
Lecture: „86th Indian Science Congress’, Chennai, 1999]. On the basis of this system
practicing the highest culture (Brahminism) under the guidance of a „social Seer‟, mostly
adjusted master or leader - through generations, the backwards could acquire that higher
cultural instinct biologically and promoted to the higher social rank (Varna) genetically.
Because, genetically – there is very minor (less than 1%) difference among the different
classes (Varna). In this context Swami Vivekananda also said - “Everyone (of all Varnas)
has to be Brahmin.”
Moving on the path of social evolution human being always required and searched
for such personalities from whom they could be guided and inspired to overcome the
service is the
base of socioeconomic

struggle of being and becoming and could form better society. Whenever
many people of different characteristics unite around a center – their
concentration to the center stimulates their native bent of fulfillment. Thus
new advanced societies gradually appeared out of the people‟s inter-

fulfilling adherence, through the Ideal centric motivation. And to protect and nurture the
individual‟s nature of fulfillment, its‟ democratic social mechanism was developed.
Simultaneously, peoples‟ this „existential‟ service according to one‟s own hereditary
character (Varna) for self-survival - normal social economy also grown up.
Hence wherever people have got a great leadership, they gathered around. So root
of all kinds of mass movements are virtually – „personality-centered‟ movement. Because
psychologically - the inherent hankering of human being is to be attached with any man,
matter or material. According to the father of psychology Fraud – the inborn „libido‟ i.e.
the normal tendency of attachment of man – when gets inclined towards a „psychologist‟,
the self controlled man, then one gradually becomes normal and balanced. Because,
one‟s complications become controlled and adjusted by the attachment of his libido with
the psychoanalyst. So people flocked together around those normal social leaders, with
force of loving attraction towards fulfillment of their personality and they started to
reform themselves and became educated. Studying the effects of these movements, it
can be found that comparatively ‘Dharma’ oriented movements – the mass mobilization
of the culture of being and becoming under the leaderships of the world spiritual seers are more successful to influence the larger mass, consistently for longer time. It was



possible because people found comparatively better living expression of existential
ideology among these extremely self-adjusted personalities than the leaders of the other
socio-political movements. Thus they discovered the path of life and growth - the
ultimate desire by adjusting their own complexes - more in better ways. Sree Sree
Anukulchandra says that - Sree Krishna, Goutam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Hazrat
Mohammad, Sree Chaitannaya, Sree Ramakrishna, etc. are such personalities who have
modified the same „Dharma‟ (the Aryan culture of life-growth) as per the people‟s current
mental and material conditions and requirements of the contemporary societies. So, each
of them is the fulfiller of the past seers, because they are all the cultivators of the „Aryan‟
culture of existentialism or upholder of „Dharma‟. Sree Sree Anukulchandra also says Accepting of a
Leader was
normally seen in
every human
society and it
became essential
for one’s selfdevelopment

“The way of upholding the urge of our existence is Dharma.” He explains
- “Dharma never becomes many................Hindu Dharma, Christian
Dharma, Mohamadan Dharma, Buddhist Dharma etc. are wrong; rather
they are so many views.” In his view – „the degeneration of humanity
began when people have deviated from the path of the life of the seers‟.
Having no „libido‟ towards the latest and past-fulfiller living adjusted-

personality (social leader), people‟s de-centric progress and un-adjustment of complexes
or abnormal natures increase. This forces drag the social (economic, political, cultural,
moral, etc.) progress and unity downward and also at the same time it encourages
communalism, separatism, provincialism, exploitation, etc. various social evil practices.
Thus historically many big civilizations evolved and destroyed. According to Sree
Sree Anukulchandra‟s view – in every case the cause of all socio-economic causes
of destruction of civilizations were virtually lack of Ideal centric integration and
abnormal sexual-relationships. Virtually these two factors broke the stability of
mental and biological constitution respectively of oneself. He says – if it would be
Initiation and
became the
prime factors of
HRD – that
makes superior

possible to rectify these most vital man-making factors, then human
civilization could be saved and steadily transformed into superior world
society (communism) - the “World United States” (WUS). Under the









contemporary age - the concentric inter-fulfilling attitude will unite every

people. And then they will find the scientific solution to root out all of the material and
psychological exploitations which will act as a strong barrier between oneself to protect
his real peace, bliss and success- in every phase of civilization. According to him thus
dream of man of being and becoming will be materialized which he is dreaming since his
journey from the starting moment.



Fundamental principle of Sree Sree Anukulchandra
he building unit of society is human being. And scientifically human is described –


“sexual” as well as “creative” animal. Sree Sree Anukulchandra gives three points

program, picked from the characteristics and factors of the course of social evolution for
the „Human Resource Development‟ (HRD).

He shows solution to the crisis to the

„degeneration of humanity‟ of civilization by using both of the human qualities „creativity‟
and „sexuality‟. Those three points are - (i) Accepting Ideal centric disciplined life, called
as „Initiation‟ (ii) Complex adjustment training to extract the inborn potentials called as
„Education‟ (iii) Better progeny by „Marriage-Reform‟. Firstly: by getting „Initiation‟ of a
superior guide or social Seer, one lovingly starts to follow and happily adjust himself
according to his guidance with activity. Father of Psychology Fraud says about this in his
terms that - “Psycho-sexual attachment to a psychologist – the man of balanced and
adjusted complex - is the prime factor of psychic treatment (adjustment of complexes).
Secondly: „Education‟ is the technique of self-development under the guidance of a
balanced master and practicing to invest the urge of complexes for being and becoming.









development‟ and „better offspring‟, which could be most valuable asset of the society.
Thus Initiation and Education develop the „Creativity‟ for becoming and also teaches to
manipulate „Sexuality‟ through Marriage-Reform for procuring more creative instinct of
human being by birth.

Human Existence:

The purpose of life is to uphold the existence and its‟ continuous evolution. This evolved
to give birth of human being. His existential-becoming goes on unless he could realize his
inner relationship with the mechanism of the whole environment. This awareness of self
existence makes him conscious about his surroundings for better existence and infinite
psycho-spiritual and material progress. This inquisitiveness towards existential-becoming
of life makes his mind research oriented in search of getting peace, prosperity,
enjoyment and happiness. This journey starts with the quest of life – who am I and how I
am related with the whole in terms of evolution of creation? This inquisitive mind
explores the source – with which he could be attached to reorganize his complexes
according to the source. And that attachment gives him impulse to make him aware of
his existence. So he seeks to love man, matter or material.



Loving Attachment: Initiation

There is a center of the universe; sun is the center of attachment of the existence of the
planets of the solar system; nucleus is the center of existence of the cell, in the
beginning of human society there were natural leaders. Similarly each man gets attached
with any object to organize his life. This loving attachment regulates him to explore the
environment to collect objects to be and become. Since thinking and working process of
man get handled by his complexes like lust, anger, greed, etc. So his center and intensity
of attachment re-arrange his complexes to fulfill the wants of the loving-center. So if the
center of attachment of love is - a man of materialized form of godly qualities, then
obviously unregulated complexes will be systematically organized to take him at the pick
of integrated personality and man of efficiency. Anukulchandra made this natural human
character of loving-attachment to set linked with an integrated personality of realized
Ideal-man. He called this indispensible process of human existence as “Initiation”. In
this course he introduced the latest and the most refined scientific process of meditation
(psycho-spiritual technique of making the neurological system sensitive & psychic system
ordered) for whole mankind which reveals the path of total consciousness to realize quest
of life. This technique is conveyed in the process of initiation. So, true self-realization
only starts with initiation.

Self Realization: Education

“Systematic organization of habits and instincts with purpose of fulfilling the becoming of
life, by graduated active manipulation of behavior may be called – Education”. Instinct is
the natural individual character (genetic) comes from within and habit is the tendency of
personal activities. Purpose of education is to regulate these for gradual evolution
towards existence and becoming of individual and the environment. The inner sense is –
building up the character or development of efficiency to manipulate the socioenvironmental system in favor of being-becoming of life. This learning process starts by
loving attachment with the master-man who has having the total command over all the
matters and faculties of knowledge. Regard towards the guides who plays the important
role of an individual to be educated; either it is institutional study of students, man
building learning procedure or family education; in terms of teachers, social leaders or
parents. So these guides have to have a superior-beloved - the man of wisdom, in their
life. It reveals the right interrelationships of different faculties of knowledge and the
knowhow of manipulating it for greater cause of life – to keep the balance between socioenvironmental ecological system. This Ideal centric education develops wisdom and this



encourages integrity and inquisitive service to the environment. So, true education is
self-realization and self-realization gives mastery over the whole system that welcomes –
scientific research, industrial growth and economic development. Another important
aspect is - in education we only nurture the in-born instincts, but to get better instincts
reformed eugenics is essential.

Genetic Evolution: Marriage reform

Marriage reform as conceived by him is also a new idea of Human Resource Development
(HRD). It is found in chemical-reactions and results of the cross breeding of the plant and
animal kingdom, only selective mating or specific selection of male and female on the
basis of genetic matching gives the qualitatively better offspring. Similarly purpose of
marriage is becoming and better-progeny; that is possible by selective-breeding of male
female. Naturally in the case of all material and biological multiplication law says that
female (-ve) of higher hereditary instinct if has been bred with male (+ve) of lower
hereditary instinct then the issue can neither inherit the better instincts of the male nor
of the female. So scientists have rejected this system (Hypogamy) of breeding. He also
opposes this marriage system to stop the birth of issues having „destructive nature‟ which
can seriously harm the evolution of society. The natural law of eugenics is psychogenic
compatibility of making relationship of opposite sexes for marriage. Here right of mate
selection primarily goes to female. She would be trained enough to select the best one
for herself based on better heredity, culture, efficiency, character, health, etc whom she
can love from within forever and strongly reject those male who entice them. This higher
loving and regardful-tension towards her lover makes her the mother of higher soul.
Such reformation in marriage begets the genetic-evolution of mankind. The western
scientists also scientifically proved this law for human resource development. But some of
them discard any restriction over free-relationships of opposite sexes and „selective
breeding‟ concept; in the name of the possibility of „violation of human rights‟!
Development of consciousness of science of eugenics one will also take this issue as the
serious matter of consideration during mate selection.

Aryanisation: A silent socio-cultural revolution

Individual is the building block of society. Devine development of individual only makes
the social evolution. Aryanisation is a cultural-movement of existential-becoming of each
individual to uphold world humanity. The objective of this movement is to bring everyone under the fold
of the culture of existence on the basis of one’s own cultural-heritage such as religion, belief, thought,
practice, habit, instinct, etc. Under this program and action-plan of Aryanisation the fundamental


principles of Aryan-existentialism such as - accepting Ideal’s guidance or ‘Initiation’, unfolding goodinstinct or ‘education’ and following the law of grouping of cultural-heredity or inner mechanism of
varnashram and eugenics or ‘marriage reform’ are to be popularized among each individual of the
world ignoring any confrontation and hostility. This is not a political, communal or racial movement, but
the movement of existence and evolution of whole human being. Hence this culture will transform into
social law, then global law of life; obeying the universal law of evolution. This bio-psychic
transformation of individuals is an inevitable process of ‘silent revolution’ of Aryanisation to be evolved
into a divine world society i.e. Aryan communism - which is the ultimate destination of social evolution.
Aryan communism is the global village of highly conscious people of Brahminic character – who will
instinctively develop oneness-feeling with every individual and objects of the total ecology, and act to
keep the balance of the existential-becoming of the whole system.

Divine Global society: Aryan Communism

Communism is the highest phase of socio-political system. This society can be developed
by the most bio-culturally advanced people as viewed by many of the great thinkers from
like Homar to Marx and so on since the beginning of civilization. Sree Sree
Anukulchandra focused on this matter in terms of “Aryan Communism”. According to him
- the Aryan-communism is based on the distribution of work according to the instinctive
hereditary character of individuals. He says under the leadership of all fulfilling Ideal
personality in Aryan-socialism will uphold and nurture the division of labour according to
hereditary instinct or grouping of society of similar hereditary character. The purpose of
this socio-political system is to promote qualitative transformation of each individual into
bio-culturally superior class („Brahmin’) along with solving the modern socio-economic
problems. „Brahmins‟ are those who are culturally and hereditarily most advanced people
and normally being engaged with the cultivation of the culture of existentialism to serve
others. Aryan-Socialism scientifically could be transformed into Aryan-Communism by











Anukulchandra this „culture of life and growth‟ is „Aryan-culture‟. So, Dharma as the
scientific culture of life and growth could be accepted to everybody and the Aryan-culture
is also the „culture of existentialism‟ for all. So, Dharma can‟t be many, it is one and
society can‟t be „Dharmanerapeksha’ (secular), but should be „non-communal Dharmik
(adherent of Dharma)‟. Thus following the path of „Dharma‟ of life and growth as shown
by the latest fulfiller the best, all the inter-interested nations of the world dissolving the
formal boundaries of the states will come together to form one global nation – the “World
United States” (WUS).



Dharma and Science:

Sree Sree Anukulchandra‟s view of „Dharma‟ is not same as the general concept of
Dharma or Religion - that consists of rituals, essentially faith on God, having a nonmaterialistic go of life, etc. His view says that every man (or any living particle) first of all
wants to exist in the world and then also wants to develop. It means that - he has a
tremendous desire of being and becoming. So, best method to fulfill the desire of this life
and growth is „Dharma‟ i.e. the science of being and becoming is Dharma. So who exists
he certainly follows Dharma, but his way of following it, accordingly leads him towards
the height of achievements. Modern applied science is evolving due to the desire of
better existence of life i.e. due to Dharma. Hence Dharma is in progress since the
beginning of life and science started since the beginning of human civilization. Thus by
following of „Dharma‟ - all the successes have taken place in socio-cultural and the
scientific-technological development and in future due to Dharma (desire of BeingBecoming) this will continue. The best demonstrator of Dharma is he who demonstrated
the best technique of adjustment of human complexes which is advantageous to being
and becoming. In fact they are called Prophets of humanity or Aryan Seers or World
teachers as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Ramakrishna, etc. They had done such
for whole world according to the socio-cultural situation of the corresponding ages. So
there is no difference among them in terms of philosophical concept of life.

Materialism and Spiritualism:

As Dharma and science are interrelated, similarly it was found that Materialism and
Spiritualism are also interdependent as matter is the condensed form of energy. So
energy is the spirit of matter. Spiritual way is - the cause-finding go of life with
realization of the fact along with un-repelling adherence to the master-man of life. And
Material way is - the analytical reasoning and progress towards the root of fact by
manipulating all to be and become. So without spiritualism materialism can‟t exist
properly, in other words – one can‟t be successful in the material world without being a
follower of spiritual way of life. By applying the technique of spirituality on the human
body and making it sensitive; one can realize the truth of nature and his relationship with
the greater environment, because he has been evolved from the same ingredients by
which the universe is made. So normally he develops love, sympathy, co-operation, and
other human qualities from within and thus also discovers techniques of success in
material life. Sree Sree Anukulchandra says - “Spirit is that which makes the matter
materially stay from behind of it. Matter has fine to finer stages. As we go ahead, we find


finer layers……………condensed form of energy (spirit) is matter.” According to him „to
know God‟ is „to unfold the cause of the events‟. Hence the process of searching through
realization of the material interrelationship of different layers of the universal eco-system
is the science of spirituality. In his view – who knows the secret of this mechanism of
macrocosmic ecology and who also can manipulate that science for better existence –
may be called „Human God‟.

Secret of infinite consciousness:

Electronic state is the finer state of matter as per our present knowledge. There is regular
movement of electrons around the nucleus. So in every atom there is variation. As
numbers of electrons get changed like in that way the structure of matter gets changed.
So variety of vibration becomes the cause of variations of character of matter. This is
proved fact that there was a big blast (vibration) at the beginning of creation of the
universe and all the world spiritual scriptures as Veda, Bible, Quran, etc also tell the
same. Similarly human consciousness and intelligence also varies according to the
rhythm of life („inner-song‟). If we could find the right scientific technique of infusing the
finest level of sound-vibration within our psycho-physical system, may change whole
mechanism of our body, mind and nervous system, which caused the change of the total
personality. Sree Sree Anukulchandra has revealed the easiest and the latest technique
of practicing the scientific technique of meditation for mankind irrespective of any
religion, caste, creed, colour, region; which is the condensed form of all past processes of
spiritual-practice (sadhana). According to this sadhana - Firstly every one of any belief
and cultural heritage can realize the relevance of the truth of his faith in the
contemporary age. Secondly it intensifies the analytical and perception power of the
brain and nervous system, which finds the mechanism of the balance of the
interrelationships of the matters in the creation, in terms of his total existential evolution.
It means it has the capacity to reveal one‟s path of journey since the beginning (creation)
and evolves the feeling of „oneness‟ with the totality. Thirdly most important it
reorganizes the human complexes in order and explores his maximum inner potentials
towards existential-becoming and minimizes the wastage of energy as well. It is
absolutely open to everyone to accept this most easy, innovative and outstanding










manipulation and Vibrolution (imparting specific sound vibration to be evolved into super
consciousness). Therefore togetherness of the highest level of spiritual realization and
material analysis, one becomes a perfect authentic man. And he plays the foremost role



to: “Conserve the balance of evolving mechanism of socio-universal eco-system and
realize oneness-feeling with the totality…!”

Law of success and happiness:

(1) Keeping the physical, mental (adjustment of complexes) and spiritual (concentric go
of life) health in order. (2) Getting mastery over the urge of complexes to divert towards
becoming of life. (3) Materialization of coming good impulse immediately in reality. (4)
Performance of the inquisitive service to the environment to fulfill the Master of life. (5)
Avoiding „Go-between‟ (not keeping words, misuse of money kept for other specific use,…
makes one a man of dual personality with opposite complexes) and „Libido-distortion‟ (if
one doesn‟t get that which he strongly wants, then he behaves as if he never wanted that
and go as pose of refusal, then inner libido gets distorted).


Indoaryanism is: (1) Division of Characters and grouping of matter and life. (2)
Centralized motion of universe, atom and concentric life with self realization. (3) Specific
law of multiplication of matter and eugenics. Existentialism is: (1) Primary desire of life
is to exist and evolve. (2) Maintaining the balance of socio-environmental ecosystem to
live and grow. (3) Reveals the consciousness of „Oneness‟ with the universal eco-system
in terms of total evolution.

Ideology of Sree Sree Anukulchandra, as found - „the principles
of life and growth‟ – posses tremendous potentialities to merge
the different antagonistic spiritual and material philosophical
thoughts of east and west into a relevant common stream of idea
for creating

perfect humanity, that intends to form a new

social world in order by qualitative transformation of each
individual. Now all fulfilling ideology “Indoaryan Existentialism”
has come out in new shape, from the thoughts and works of Sree
Sree Anukulchandra.



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