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Statistical Consulting

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About Us

LearnOpex is leading consultancy in education sector with presence across India. With
its focus on the management’s needs, its foundation firmly set on its Core Values, and technology
as a key driver, Learn Opex strives to enable people to realize their potential and make their
dreams come true.

It is an initiative taken by our team to make people stand apart in corporate world through
command over SPSS, Minitab, MS Project, Advanced Excel, Optimizer and Statistics through value
added workshops across India.

We provide consulting for Market Research, Statistical Analysis and Assistance in Research Work
and Management Projects

Management education in the country has made phenomenal growth during last two decades.
While the need for high quality managers and management graduates still continues. The general
postgraduate programs in management are not designed to incorporate the pedagogical and
research skills necessary for a Management academic, who in turn impart quality education.

The Programs offered by LearnOpex will hone the pedagogical and research skills of management
academic. LearnOpex seeks to inculcate a spirit of lifelong learning & aspires to strengthen the
capabilities of integrating concepts with application & values.

LearnOpex is designed to respond to the intellectual & practical requirements of the business and
industry. The driving force is innovation rather than imitation and the constant endeavor is to be
better than best.

LearnOpex strives to develop an innovative academic environment through the synergy between
faculty, students, industry and technology. It draws the experience of the industry leaders and
leading management researchers by regularly inviting them.

It caters to contemporary issues in practice of management. These are based on the research and
consulting experience of the faculty and provide insights into real life problems faced by
Statistical Consulting

Industry and Corporate

Statistics and Research methodology play a key role in all aspects of business and industry
including market research, development, customer satisfaction and quality control.
We offer a range of services for industrial and corporate clients

- Statistical analysis for research and development

- Design of surveys for market research
- Analysis of data with interpretation of results
- Sampling techniques for market research
- Development of research models for product positioning and optimization of resources
- Quantitative decision analysis with support

Government Agencies
Government agencies tend to generate large quantities of data through their interactions with
the government, corporations and the general public. They also seek to have analysis of data
including future decision making. We can support these agencies by

- Performing routine and specialized data analysis tasks

- Interpreting data contained in reports that affect their operation
- Analyzing their service offering and business processes to determine adequacy
- Developing predictive models to forecast their future service requirements
- Detail report generation for decision making and future development strategy
Statistical Consulting

PhD/Masters/Graduates/Honours – Projects
We strongly believe that PhD, Masters, Graduates and Honours students needs to do detail
analysis for their academic projects. Therefore, our primary goal is to empower them by providing
customized advice on planning their thesis, research projects and summer projects from proposal
to final conclusion. Some of the topics we provide advice on are:

- Use of statistical software like SPSS, MINITAB, ADVANCED EXCEL etc.

- Research data analysis
- Selecting the appropriate statistical techniques
- Sampling techniques
- Survey design
- Interpretation of results

Health Care/Medical Reports/Thesis

For the last few decades, all medical research has relied on statistical methods to generalize the
inferences drawn from clinical trials and observational studies. The methods used in these studies
can be complex, and have developed into a new branch of statistics, called biostatistics. Hospitals
and health practitioners need to understand and interpret the results of these studies, and to
assess patients under their care against criteria that are established by these studies. We can
support hospitals, medical practitioners and health funds by:

- Assisting in the interpretation of the results

- Support in thesis - data analysis
- Developing trend to monitor progress of disease and response to treatment
- Developing predictive models to forecast monitor progress of disease and response to
Management Training and Development

The objective of this module is to impart the data analytical capabilities to the faculty, project
leaders, business analysts, research scholars, and post graduate students, who want the enhance
the quality of their work by using statistics:

Course Content
- Advanced Statistics
- Conjoint Analysis, Cluster Analysis
- Forecasting, Cross Tabulation
- Factor Analysis, Reliability Analysis

Minitab is a powerful software for identifying the defects, quality and business improvements.
Minitab gives you the tools you need to analyze your data and make informed decisions about
how to improve your business.

Course Content
- Descriptive Statistics
- Statistical Quality Tools, Design of Experiments
- ANOVA, Control Charts
- Multivariate, Time Series
Management Training and Development

Microsoft Office Excel is a powerful and widely used tool that helps people analyze information to
make more informed decisions. Using Office Excel and Excel Services, you can share and manage
your analysis and insight with coworkers, customers, and partners with greater confidence

Course Content
- Pivot Tables
- Solver Function , Goal Seek Function, Data Analysis, Data Validation
- Control Charts, Value Stream Mapping, Balance Scorecard, FMEA,SIPOC
- Pareto Charts, House of Quality

It helps you to put together a plan of action, fill in and organize all the details that must be
completed in order to achieve your goal. Right from building a new project to preparing your
project for publication, tracking progress, analyzing costs, assessing the quality of your project
and managing multiple projects, Microsoft Project does it all.

Course Content
- Project Scheduling, Schedule Network Analysis
- Critical Path Analysis, Schedule Compression
- Leveling Process , Project Tracking, Work Allocations
- Project Budgeting, Project Reporting
Management Training and Development

Optimizer is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions.
Using techniques such as mathematical modeling to analyze complex situations, operations
research gives executives the power to make more effective decisions and build more productive

Course Content
- Assignment , Transportation Problems
- Linear Programming, Waiting Line Models, Inventory Models, Network Models
- Integer Programming, Dynamic Programming, Simulation

Statistics is the scientific application of mathematical principles to the collection, analysis, and
presentation of numerical data

Course Content
- Descriptive Statistics, Correlation and Regression
- Normal Distribution, Sampling and Sampling Distributions
- ANOVA, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals
Areas of Application
Management Training and Development


Marketing Finance Operations Human Resource

Market Research Risk Management Inventory Control Workforce Management
Data Analysis Credit Risk Analysis Resource Planning Employee Appraisal
Work Assignments Dividend Policies Project Management Job Allocation
Product Development Cash Flow Analysis Quality Control Talent Management
Consumer Behavior Investment Portfolio Network Analysis Skill Balancing
Distribution Policy Capital Budgeting Supply Chain Recruitment
Database Marketing Profitability Analysis Process Analysis Employee Assessment
E business Cost Accounting Six Sigma
Customer Satisfaction Loan Analysis Product Mix Analysis
Sales Analysis Securities Functions Planning & Scheduling
Direct Marketing

Automotive Retail
Market Research
Health Care
Financial Services
Media and Advertising
Supply Chain
Management Training and Development

“This was a great experience for me. I found greater clarification and understanding of the process. I
feel energized and optimistic about my journey moving forward”
Bhushan Borase, (Welingkar, Mumbai)

“It was nice exposure about Analysis Tools. This workshop has great content in term of Strong Base,
Practical Knowledge and Industry Case Studies”
Rohit Bahirwade, (PUMBA, TAL Pune)

“This workshop is amazing value addition for Management and Engineering Students”
Piyush Kumar, (AIT, Bangkok)

“The most practical training I have ever received and presented in a very user friendly way-well
done. The presenter was extremely professional and the material was practical clear and concise”
Amar Sathe , (Dr.Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune)
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