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Friday Nov 7, 2014



Vancouver to Fiji

Vol. 9



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November 7, 2014

Security For Narendra Modi And Xi Jinping

The Fiji Police Force and the Republic

of Fiji Military Forces are working
together to provide security for two of
the biggest world leaders who will be
visiting Fiji this month.
Police chief of operations Assistant
Commissioner of Police, Rusiate
Tudravu confirmed that top security
arrangements had been planned for the
visit of Indias Prime Minister Narendra
Modi and the Chinese President, Xi
Mr Modi will have a one-day visit here
on November 19.
We have enough resources and a heavy
security arrangement has been made
for the visit of Indias Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and the President of the
Republic of China, Xi Jinping, ACP
Tudravu said.
Mr Modi is the 15th Prime Minister
of India in office after being elected in
May 2014.
Mr Xi, on the other hand, is also the
general secretary of the Communist
Party of China and the chairman of the
Central Military Commission.
We are working very closely with
the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and
the Ministry of Immigration, National
Security and Defence, ACP Tudravu
He said they were constantly reviewing
the security set-up in view of the two
very important visitors.
We have made the necessary
arrangements to meet with the level of
standard which is needed to be provided
from their arrival to their departure time.
ACP Tudravu said a special team
had been prepared for their visit and

Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chinese President, Xi Jinping
multiple additional security measures
had also been put in place.
We have prepared a very dedicated
and massive security arrangement
and we are here to make sure that

everything goes smoothly.

Meanwhile, RFMF Land Force
Command Chief of Staff, LieutenantColonel Sitiveni Qiliho confirmed that
security would be a combined operation

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On Page 3
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Friday Nov 7, 2014

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Fiji News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Australian Government Boosts $14.7 Million To Private

The Australian Government has
injected about $F14.7million over four
years to support job creation and local
business in Fiji.
In making the announcement, Australian
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said such
initiatives part of Australias new aid
policy which seeks to achieve better
development outcomes in partnership
with the private sector.
The Market Development Facility (MDF)

is the Australian Governments flagship

program for private sector development
in Fiji. It creates sustainable livelihoods,
boosts growth and creates jobs through
partnerships with local business across
Fijis tourism, horticulture and export
processing sectors.
"I attended an exhibition of MDF
success stories and was impressed
by the business partnerships being
supported by MDF," Bishop said

during her recent visit to the country

last week.
"One of these, Devesh and Bharros
Farms, has aspirations to become the
largest commercial seedling nursery
in Fiji. By supplying seedlings and
information to local farmers on
key crops for tourism and export,
this initiative will help boost local
production, allowing farmers to
diversify into new high value crops."

She further pledged continued support

to the private sector to promote
sustainable and inclusive economic
growth through their aid program.

More businesses are proposing to export

under the Duty Suspension scheme.
The Scheme allows businesses to import
products to use for manufacturing of
goods for export without paying duty.
This comes as businesses met to discuss
the scheme facilitated by the Fiji
Exports Council around the country.
However only 48 enjoy exporting
under the Duty Suspension scheme.
This is now being reviewed to include
more businesses.
An International Monetary Fund trade
consultant says this also plays an important
part in addressing our trade deficit.
I think theres a great potential for
businesses but I think theres great
potential to use the free trade agreements
in the region to expand exports, to
increase manufacturing processing in
Fiji and we would like to provide a
scheme that will help manufacturers and
exporters to do just that, said IMF Trade
Policy consultant, Douglas Cruickshank.
Hopefully we can attract with

the scheme more investment to do

manufacturing and processing in
Fiji and that we can also help these
companies find their market.
So far recent consultations held in other
parts of the country have seen businesses
wanting to include other products for
import to add value to their exports.
The feedback to include raw
materials and machines spare parts,
consumables and tools as most of them
have manufacturing plants, said Fiji
Exports Council CEO, Jone Cavubati.
The finalized report on the submission
will be made at the end of this month.
Weve put a position that will be through
FRCA and through the Ministry of Finance
and hopefully government can accept our
recommendations, Cavubati said.
The review is supported by the
Australian Aids program Market
Development Facilifty which helps in
the development of the private sector.
More than 2000 businesses in Fiji
export their products overseas.

The Immigration Department is

confident they have measures in place
to prevent travellers coming into the
country through illegal means.
Director Immigration, Major Nemani
Vuniwaqa says that it would be
impossible for anyone to use a fake Fiji
passport when travelling.
While fake Fiji passports have
emerged in countries like Pakistan,
the Immigration Department says our
passport books are easily identified.
We have security features in the new
books that if it is copied there can be
2 to 10 features that can be identify or
cannot be copied by the company that
is making fake passports.
Vuniwaqa says Fijian passports can

be detected in any boarder around the

We have mechanism and machine to
detect if any fake passport is use not
only in Fiji but all respective countries
will be able to detect if there is a fake
book been use by a traveller from one
country to the other.
For now they have not received any
complaint from international airports.
Because all passport have its own
unique security features and any
traveller will not be able to use any other
travel documents inother countries.
The Immigration Department is
conducting checks on the profile of a
company in Pakistan that is allegedly
making fake Fiji passports.

"Our continued support for private

sector initiatives such as the MDF
Program will help drive job creation
and new opportunities in Fiji,
particularly for those in rural areas and
outer islands."

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Imprisonment For Death Of Wife

r further
A 42-year-old
man who murdered his
wife and deprived four children of
their mother in Naisaumua Tailevu

last year has been sentenced to life

imprisonment by the Suva High court.
Sailasa Mociu has been convicted of
one count of murder.
The court heard that on 9th January last
year Mociu stabbed his 33 year old wife on


a bridge and then pushed her into the water.

According to High Court Judge Justice
Salesi Temo, the aggravating factor is
that Mociu was pre-planning the murder.
Justice Temo also said that he took the
33-year-olds right to life and showed
no remorse.
Mociu has to spend 20 years behind
bars before he is eligible for parole.


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Fiji News

Friday Nov 7, 2014

Fiji Airways Searches For New CEO

Qantas-backed Fiji Airways4 is

searching for a new chief executive
after Stefan Pichler decided to pack his
bags for Germany to take over as boss
of Air Berlin.
Mr Pichler, a former Virgin Blue
executive, will leave Fiji's national
flag carrier in February for Air Berlin,
replacing Wolfgang Prock-Schauer as
chief executive at Germany's secondlargest airline.
Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad has a
cornerstone stake in Air Berlin, as well
as Virgin Australia and a number of
other airlines around the globe.
Mr Pichler's departure comes just over
a year after he began at Fiji Airways.
The Fijian government owns 51 per
cent of the airline, while Qantas has 46
per cent.
The relationship between the two
major shareholders has been strained in
recent years. In 2012, Qantas removed
its four representatives from the
airline's board in response to the Fiji

government making clear its intention

to take "absolute control".
The airline formerly known as Air
Pacific has attempted to reshape itself
as part of efforts to stem losses and
better portray itself as the country's
national flag carrier.
As part of those efforts, Fiji Airways
has taken delivery of new Airbus 4
A330s and retired gas-guzzling Boeing
747 jumbos.
The airline plans to boost its aircraft 4
fleet by a quarter by 2017 with the
purchase or lease of four new aircraft
including a twin-aisle A330 and two
Boeing 737s.
The extra planes will help it to boost
the number of passengers it can carry
by 39 per cent on routes within the
Asia-Pacific over the next five years.
Air New Zealand also has a small
shareholding in Fiji's national airline.
Fiji Airways chairman Nalin Patel said
the board would immediately begin a
search for a new chief executive.

Goodbye Fiji, hello Germany: Stefan Pichler is stepping down as Fiji Airways
CEO after just over a year.




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Fiji News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014




Launch To Raise
Awareness On Importance
Of Sign Language In Fiji

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3 Year Fixed
is a real need to expand sign
2.69%training and awareness on a
more level playing field in Fiji.
This was pointed out by the Hon.
Minister for Women, Children and
Poverty Alleviation, Mrs Rosy Akbar at
the launch of the Fijian Sign Language
Week with the theme Strengthening
Human Diversity.
Sign language is a living tool
communicate thoughts and ideas, to
forge friendships and cultural ties, tool to
do business engagements, and economic
relationships, the Minister told guests.
When we address inclusiveness, sign
language program becomes an integral
component of communication in all

The Fijian Sign Language week is
organised by the Fiji Association of
the Deaf (FAD) and will see weeklong activities designed to raise more
awareness of their work. The Minister
commended the Association for being
the platform to advocate and encourage
sign language learning in the country.
The Associations vice president,
Ms Vani Cakau said they are using
this event as an opportunity to
raise awareness to the public on the
importance of sign language.
I am happy and proud that the minister
Hi Ratio & 45 days close
launched the sign language week
for us
and I hope the awareness spreads out
through Fiji.


Bainimarama has nominated the
President of the Republic of Kiribati
Anote Tong as a candidate to receive
the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Fijian Governments support for
President Tong was conveyed in a
letter to the Tong Nobel Committee
on his behalf by the Acting Head of
Mission at the Fiji High Commission
in Australia, Cheryl Brown Irava.
President Tongs personal commitment
to advocating a stronger and more
coordinated international response to
the climate change challenges of our
times is exemplary and deserving of
recognition, Irava conveyed on behalf
of the Fijian Prime Minister.
He is unrelenting in his efforts to
highlight the particular vulnerabilities
of Kiribati and other small island
developing States to the effects of
climate change and other natural

disasters, the letter stated.

The Acting Head of Mission added
that the support towards a broader
and comprehensive response to
climate change is evident in the
support that President Tong provides
to regional institutions such as the
Pacific Islands Development Forum
The PIDF is the only regional body
that promotes a high-level multistakeholder response to address
includes tackling the root causes and
impacts of climate change, Irava said.
Like other Pacific Leaders, President
Tong demonstrates his support not only
in words but in deeds by attending PIDF
meetings and actively participating in
the discussions, she added.
The letter of support was sent to the
spokesperson for the Tong Nobel
Committee, Phil Glendenning.

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Bainimarama Nominates
Kiribati President Tong
For Nobel Peace Prize




NZ Dental Team To Visit


A seven-member team of dental staff

from Waikato Hospital plans to visit
Daku village in Tailevu next March.
The visit comes after a contact in Fiji
alerted the team to the situation in the
village and its surrounding areas
there is very poor oral hygiene in both
adults and children, and as a result
many are suffering from dental pain
and infection, dental decay and gum
The remoteness of the village makes
it very hard for local people to access
emergency hospital dental treatment.
This will be the first mission of the
Island of Smiles Dental Charitable
Trust made up of a group of dental
health professional volunteers, led by
Dr Marguerite Paterson joined by six
dental colleagues.
For the majority of villagers this will
be the only opportunity to receive
dental care. For many it will be the first
time they have ever seen a dentist,
Paterson said.
We will have four days based in a
hall with running water and electricity,
which the village has made available
for our use. We plan to treat 60 patients
per day. Villagers and local schools
will be aware that we are coming and
when, so we can maximise the number

of patients we see.
The team plans to adopt a production
line delivery of treatment, with
patients examined and then directed
to the appropriate team member for
treatment, including minor oral surgery
(dental extractions).
The trust is currently fundraising to
cover the expected cost of $15,000 for
the voluntary expedition, which will
take them to the village of Daku on the
island of Viti Levu, Fiji.
The team of past and present house
surgeons, dentists and dental assistants
have the common goal of improving
oral health in deprived and remote
regions of the Pacific.
Our primary objective is to treat
adults at our clinic, but our dental
assistant Andrea Champion (a former
dental therapist) will accompany a
local contact on visits to local schools
to educate both teachers and students
on basic oral hygiene, Paterson said.
She added education would cover
healthy diet as well as introducing a
lunchtime tooth brushing programme
to each school, and provide them with
basic dental hygiene packs.
The team will fly out of Auckland on
March 27, 2015 and start the clinic in
Daku on March 29.

Fiji News

Friday Nov 7, 2014

Fiji Government Grateful For Pichlers Service


Fiji Airways says Pichler, had been

asked by the German Government to
help turnaround Germanys national
airline Air Berlin.
Fiji Airways Chairman, Nalin Patel,
says the Board regretted but also
respects Pichlers decision to respond
to the call of his country.
Patel said the Board of Fiji Airways
will now immediately begin the search
for a suitable successor to lead Fiji
Airway into the next exciting chapter
of its history.
Great progress has been made at Fiji
Airways and the company is definitely
on track for a successful future. The
Board will make sure that Fiji Airways
will continue to deliver outstanding
value to its customers, its staff and its
shareholders, says Patel.
He says Pichler will continue as a Board
Member of Fiji Airways and will assist
with the selection and the transition to
a successor, as well as with the further
strategic development of the Group.

The Minister Responsible for Civil

Aviation, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum,
also commented Pichler on behalf
of Government saying while they
regret Stefans departure they remain
extremely confident that the team at
Fiji Airways will rise to this situation
and continue full speed ahead on their
path to success.
Under Stefans leadership, Fiji
Airways has put in place accountable
and transparent processes and 6
management systems which are crucial
for the next stage of the airlines growth.
Despite his premature departure, his
continued presence on the Board will
help ensure that these continue, says
Her added that Fiji needs a strong
airline to support our dynamic
economic growth plans and therefore
the Government will make sure
that Fiji Airways as well as Fiji Link
will continue to fly high in the right

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Fiji News

'Ban Corporal Punishment

In Homes'

Fiji must prohibit all forms of corporal

punishment of children, including
in the home, the delegation from
Germany recommended at the recent
human rights review in Geneva.
This was among 12 recommendations
the Fijian delegation offered its
support for saying it has either been
implemented or in the process of
Currently in Fiji, corporal punishment
is only banned in schools, outlawed by
a high court ruling in 2002.
Germany has recommended that this
is extended to the homes as well to
ban all forms at all levels, including
by parents and suggested that Fiji
can do so by repealing the right "to
administer reasonable punishment" in
the Juveniles Act 1974.
Article 57 of the Juveniles Act 1974
confirms the right of any parent,
teacher or other person having the
lawful control or charge of a juvenile
to administer reasonable punishment to
Among the 12 recommendations, is
a call by Mexico that Fiji harmonises
the Media Decree with international
standards and enact a law on freedom
with international standards, as
recommended by UNESCO.
The Fijian Government had said earlier
in the year that it was in the process of
enacting a freedom of information law.
Meanwhile, the Fijian delegation led
by the Attorney General and Minister
for Justice Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
are still to return to the country from
Other recommendations
Chile - Move on speedily to the ratification
and/or application of human rights
instruments, particularly the Convention
on the Elimination of all Forms of
Discrimination Against Women.
Chile - Transpose these international
instruments, the International Covenant
on Civil and Political Rights and its

first Optional Protocol, the Convention

Against Torture and other Cruel,
Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or
Punishment and its Optional Protocol,
the Convention on the Elimination
of all Forms of Discrimination
Against Women, into domestic law
strengthening among others legislative
protection from gender violence and all
forms of discrimination, particularly
against women, children and on the
ground of sexual orientation.
Uruguay - Ensure that articles on
human rights in the new constitution
fully comply with international
standards on promotion and protection
of human rights.
Sierra Leone - Pass legislation to
criminalise violence against women
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland - Ensure all
alleged cases of human rights violations
by security forces are investigated
urgently and transparently, with those
held responsible brought to trial swiftly.
Ethiopia - Train its lawyers and judges
on the interpretation of human rights in
accordance with the principle of
international human rights law.
Mexico - Adopt actions aimed
independence of judges, including
measures ensuring autonomy from
the executive power with regard to
appointment and security of tenure.
United States of America - Take steps
to bring labour laws and practices in
line with its international obligations,
Portugal - Take the necessary
measures to ensure freedom of
expression and opinion, as well as
freedom of association and assembly,
in accordance with international human
rights standards.
Ireland - Take steps to bring domestic
law and practice into line with existing
international human rights standards
in relation to freedom of expression,
including media freedom.

The Fiji Times e-directory

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Fijian Pastor Charged

With Sex Offences

A Wellington church pastor has been

arrested and charged in relation to
alleged sexual offending against two
young girls, and police requested his
passport be confiscated to prevent him
returning to Fiji.
Jone Conikeli, 41, was charged with
nine counts of sexual offending
against two girls aged under 16 after
being interviewed by police about the
allegations on Tuesday morning.
He faced charges of rape, assault with
intent to rape, abduction, and indecent
assault, Wellington police said.
He appeared in Hutt Valley District
Court later on Tuesday, and was
remanded on bail. He is due to reappear
next month.
Detective Owen Brunel, the child
protection unit officer in charge of the
case, said the complainants were aged
under 12 and under 16 at the time of the
alleged offending. They came forward
earlier this month, alleging that the
offending happened earlier this year.
Both girls had been interviewed by
police and were being supported by
Child, Youth and Family, Brunel said.
Police requested Conikeli hand over
his passport in recent weeks after they
learned of his plans to travel while he

was under investigation.

Police understood he was sponsored to
live in New Zealand by the church and,
as part of that arrangement, employees
would be sent home if they were
accused of any transgression.
There was no suggestion that the church
or Conikeli had been unco-operative,
and it was not being suggested that the
church was trying to help him leave the
country, Brunel said.
Conikeli is understood to be a pastor at
the Wellington chapter of the Kingdom
Ambassadors International Fellowship
(KAIF), a splinter group of the All
Nations Christian Fellowship (ANCF),
which originated in Fiji.
There was no suggestion that any
alleged offences occurred on church
premises, Brunel said.
A KAIF leader in New Zealand did not
respond to a request for comment.
The leader of the ANCF has recently
been released from jail in Fiji for a
sex crime. Epeli Ratabacaca, a former
military officer, was jailed for two
years with a non-parole period of 15
months on November 14, 2012.
The Fiji Times Online reported that he
was found guilty of sexually assaulting
a woman at a spa in Suva.

The Fiji Times Canada is now Available online

Friday Nov 7, 2014

Fiji News

Renewed Interest In Fiji From Australian Investors

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's Visit

That feeling remains, but appears to be that."

coloured with newfound optimism.
Mr Bainimarama has thrown his
Australia is still by far the biggest weight firmly behind the proposed
source of foreign investment in Fiji PACER Plus trade agreement, saying
and its biggest trading partner but it has it would foster development in the
been losing market share.
whole region as well as Fiji, but made
In the post-coup years, Fiji has that conditional on addressing the trade
accelerated its trade with countries imbalance between the two countries
8 in Asia and focused more on the and significantly improving access for
Melanesian Spearhead group, which Fijian products in Australia.
includes Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu Mr Pawson acknowledged there
8 and Solomon Islands.
were problems with market access
Mr Mohan said Australian investors for products like ginger but said he
face increased competition in Fiji.
believed problems with the trade
"Clearly it is going to be a challenge balance are overblown.
for Australia to break into that, but it is "The Prime Minister, Bainimarama,
how they find that niche and how they made a comment, perhaps the only
go about doing it," Mr Mohan said.
subtly negative comment in his speech,
Since the 2006 coup ANZ figures show around the trade imbalance, where
that Chinese investment in Fiji has he talked about the fact that Australia
gone from $US25 million to around exports considerably more to Fiji than
$US420 million.
Fiji does to Australia," he said.
Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop meets Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Mr Mohan said he does not see this "What he is not taking into account is
growth stopping.
service industries, the service industry
There are signs of renewed Australian "Australians outnumber everyone else "I think it will continue to grow sector and 350,000 people going there
investment interest in Fiji in the wake in terms of tourist arrivals going to Fiji, because the Chinese have positioned every year for a holiday contributes
of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's visit so, all in all, I thought it was a very, very themselves and it is not just Fiji, [it's] significantly to Fiji's economy.
late last week.
positive two days and we could see the across the Pacific," he said.
"So I think it is important to call
Ms Bishop's trip to Suva was her first warmth and the good intent behind the "You will see a lot of Chinese interests that out. And on that basis the Fiji
since post-coup elections restored relationship from both sides."
in many areas, whether there is government has deliberately looked
parliamentary government in the Mr Bainimarama told the forum there mining, or infrastructure development to other markets but that will all be
is much significant untapped potential or trading or properties, and that will bridged as we restore the relationship
The Australia-Fiji and Fiji-Australia in Fiji's trade with Australia and new continue to happen. You can't stop over time, I am sure."
Business Councils held a two-day opportunities for investment, including
forum to coincide with Ms Bishop's as a result of the government's policy
of making more state land available.
More than 100 business leaders from In the tourism industry, plans are afoot
both countries attended the forum.
for expansion and refurbishment of
Business links between Australia and some of Fiji's lucrative resorts.
Fiji cooled following the 2006 coup, Australia-Fiji
but not as much as political links. They president Greg Pawson said he also
still have not returned to pre-coup saw opportunities for growth in other
Frank "There are some exciting things
Bainimarama, and Ms Bishop both happening in relation to other sectors
spoke of plans to reinvigorate trade and such as agriculture, manufacturing," he
"Clearly, the indications are that on "Fiji is looking to put itself forward
both sides there is a good intent to bring as a potential call centre base for
the two nations together in terms of companies, software developers, there
trade and business participation, given are a lot of exciting things going on."
particularly the emotional connection Australian investors still wary but
that we know the two countries have, optimistic
which as we know is very, very strong," Before the election, there was a feeling
ANZ Pacific CEO Vishnu Mohan said. among Australian investors that with
"It is all about people. There are so other elements of democracy such
many Fijians who have business as a free media, independence of the
interests in Australia they have got judiciary and an active civil society
houses they have got children going to still a way off, they would continue to
tread warily.

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Fiji News

Strict Measures In Place To

Avoid Ebola

All stakeholders are working together

to avoid an Ebola infected traveler
from setting foot in Fiji unnoticed.
Director of Immigration, Major Nemani
Vuniwaqa says they have put out extra
forms to be filled by passengers who
arrive into the country.
The Immigration Department working
with all stakeholders to ensure that our
boarders are safe from any passenger
who may be infected with Ebola.
They have also put in place extra
measures to ensure those visitors will
be thoroughly inspected.
We have discussion with the Ministry
of Health to come up with another piece
of document for those that are coming
into the country which will allow us
to verify all passport whether that are
coming from this affected countries or

not, Major Vuniwaqa said.

They have also taken extra steps to
ensure that officials at our borders are
We have already looked for the coats
of the respective uniforms and also to
get it purchase to be issued out to our
workers at
the boarders.
Vuniwaqa says visitors will undergo
the same checking procedures they
endure overseas.
Those other boarders have put in place
measures for those affected people not
to enter their respective boarders in the
first place but if they do and we are
ready to ensure that our boarders are
ready for those that are affected from
Fiji has not yet recorded an Ebola case.

Khana Kakana - Cook

Book Launched Which
Promotes Healthy Recipes
Health Minister Jone Usamate said
Fiji is losing the battle against noncommunicable diseases.
He made the comments at the Fiji
National Universitys School of
Hospitality and Tourism Studies in
Nasese while launching a cook book
named Khana Kakana which has
uniquely healthy, Fijian recipes from
around the country.
He said 80 percent of deaths in Fiji are
NCD related, our life expectancy is
dropping and families lose their loved
ones earlier than expected.
Usamate added as November is NCD
month, this is also the right time to
launch and promote a healthy way of
The Ministry of Health and Medical
Services in partnership with Red Cross
Australia and Australian Volunteers
for International Development have
developed this initiative.
The book contains healthy recipes,
nutrition advice, gardening tips and
exercise, a total diet solution and
inspiration for everyday Fijians to get

Khana Kakana not only promotes
Fijian food through delicious, healthy
recipes, but is also a source of motivation
by showcasing local people, who have
changed their health by changing their
lifestyle for the better.

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

A Good Year For Cruise


SOUTH Sea Cruises together with Blue

Lagoon Cruises Ltd reported a healthy
financial year with the exception of a
fall in value of the now idle Mystique
Fijian Holdings Ltd CEO Nouzab
Fareed says the vessel is a surplus to
present operations and is listed as an
asset available-for-sale in the books.
"While the company is doing well,
FHL has provided for a reduction in
value of FHL's investment, from the
original value of $62million to $55m
as of June 30, 2014," Mr Fareed said.
He said this was not a permanent
diminution in value but reflected the
effects of Cyclone Evan on the current
year results as well as the recovery of
Blue Lagoon Cruises results that was
"At the year-end an impairment charge
of $1.5m was booked against the

holding value of Mystique Princess

and the vessel is now shown as an asset
held for sale," according to the FHL
annual report 2014.
It said the mainstream sector of South
Sea Cruises traded strongly throughout
the year with their range of day trips
making up for the softer Awesome
Adventure backpacker market.
"In February 2014, the company
entered into a service agreement with
the new Sheraton Resort and Spa,
Tokoriki Island, necessitating the
purchase of a new 24 metres fast ferry.
"It is currently under construction in
Brisbane at a cost of $6m and it will
add further flexibility to the South Sea
Cruises fleet when it comes into service."
It said the outlook for the new financial
year was positive and without any
adverse weather events, the company
anticipated making a record profit.

The Fiji Revenue and Customs

Authority is once again reminding
public, importers and customs agents
to classify all imported goods under the
correct Customs classification or face
the full brunt of the law.
This is after a landmark ruling before
the Courts this week upholding a
decision by FRCA to demand over
$668,000 from a company which
provided incorrect tariff classification
to FRCA to evade duties.
Following a tip off, an investigation
was carried out by Customs which
established that the company has evaded
duties amounting to $668,723.23.
The Comptroller of Customs then
issued a demand notice in 2013
asking the company to clear the short

The company then filed a Notice of
Appeal in court on the grounds that
the goods has been cleared 12 months
ago and the issue arises of recovery
window period being time barred as
prescribed under section 95(1)(a) of
the Customs Act.
However, the Court ruled that FRCA
has authority to check records dating
back five years and demand duty that
has been short paid.
FRCA CEO Jitoko Tikolevu says this
was key turning point for them.
This is a landmark judgement.
The judgement should also act as a
deterrent to all those importers who are
incorrectly classifying goods to evade
duties, says Tikolevu.

The 44-year-old man found guilty of

stabbing his wife to death was told by
High Court judge Justice Salesi Temo
that he has deprived his four children
from being raised by their mother.
Justice Temo told Sailasa Mociu that
his children would no longer have the
chance to be raised by their parents
after he murdered his wife out of
Mociu stabbed his wife with a kitchen
knife in the early hours of January 9,
last year at her Village in Naisaumua
in Tailevu.
Mociu was handed a life imprisonment
sentence and a non-parole period of 20

Justice Temo said Mociu who was
married to his wife for 17 years
started experiencing problems in their
marriage when he came out of prison
in 2012.
The court heard that Mociu tried to
save his marriage but instead was
sworn at and publicly embarrassed by
the deceased.
Mociu, who was a sugar cane farmer in
Nadi, also started hearing stories of his
wife having extramarital affairs.
Justice Temo said Mociu released his
tension by stabbing his 33-year-old
wife to death on a bridge in Naisaumua.

Business Ordered To Pay Up

$668,723.23 For Duty Evasion

Husband Gets Life






Fiji News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Development For The Whole Country - Frank


Bainimarama reiterated that this is
an inclusive government to serve all
Fijians and that comments he made
"off-the-cuff" during a visit in the
North late last month may have been
The reports in the dailies on October 26
noted that Bainimarama said he would
prioritize FijiFirst supporters over
other party supporters when rolling out
development in the North.
However, speaking at the opening of
the country's 26th telecaster at Nakasi
High School in Nasinu, Bainimarama
says he will serve all Fijians and not
just his FijiFirst Party supporters.
Let me make this perfectly clear: I
did not say we are going to provide

development only to those who support

Fiji First. To claim otherwise is simply
untrue," Bainimarama said.
Our aim is to develop the entire
country, which includes the North.
But it suits some of my political
opponents who hardly did anything
themselves to develop the North to
twist my words for their own purposes.
It gives them an excuse to justify their
own lack of action when they were in
So let me draw a line under this once
and for all. I have said repeatedly that
I govern for all Fijians, that I will
leave no-one behind. And I have been
consistent about this right from the
time I assumed office in 2006, right
through the Peoples Charter.

"We want to give people living there

the same level of services enjoyed
by those living in Viti Levu. So we
are providing the infrastructure thats
needed to make that happen better
roads, access to electricity and water,
better schools, better health clinics."
He said an overwhelming majority
of people in the North supported
their program because it ended their
isolation, and gave them opportunities.
But in my off-the-cuff remarks, I said
I was worried that a high number of
villages in Vanua Levu didnt want
development because they didnt
choose FijiFirst, they chose SODELPA.
I said this because SODELPA, its
leadership, its candidates and its
supporters, werent development

focused. Their entire election platform

was based on lies, fear-mongering and
racism, he said.
Bainimarama said development would
be prioritized to those who need it.
I govern for all Fijians, not matter who
they support and who they vote for. I
intend to leave no-one behind, whether
they voted for FijiFirst, SODELPA,
and NFP, Labour, the PDP or anyone
else," Bainimarama said.
We are all Fijians and as I have
also said repeatedly: I am the Prime
Minister of all Fijians, for all Fijians.
I dont care who you are or what your
background is. If you want to work
hard to build our nation and give our
children a better future, I am with you;
all the way.

Murder Charge Laid Over Auckland Woman's Death

A man has been charged with murder

over the death of a 47-year-old woman
in east Auckland on Monday night.
Police said the 63-year-old man appeared
in the Auckland District Court charged
with the murder of 47-year-old Bimla Wati.
Wati was found dead in her Rielly
Place home in Mt Wellington.
The body of the 47-year-old deceased
was discovered by police after they
were called by neighbours who
reported a domestic dispute taking

place at the time of the call.

A man was also found injured at the
scene and he is now at the Middlemore
Hospital awaiting surgery.
A neighbour who didn't want to be
named said the Fijian couple had lived
at the house for about 6 months.
"They were nice people and always
He said the first sign of trouble was
when police arrived at about 9.30pm.
He and his family left their home to

stay with family.

"I've got little kids, they were a bit
Other neighbours reported hearing fireworks
and some yelling before the police arrived.
Neighbour Paul O'Callaghan saw two
ambulances outside the house but he
didn't realise a person was dead.
"There were no sirens or anything, we
didn't know."
"It's a pretty quiet street, everyone
keeps to themselves,"he said.

"Crazy. Oh no. Not good. That is pretty

shocking," said John Lawakeli.
"We heard nothing at all. We don't know
them at all. It is very intimidating. It is
pretty scary to find it is just next door,"
said Geoff Harrison.
The property had been secured and a
detailed scene examination.
Police were not looking for anyone else
in connection with the death but said
they faced a significant investigation to
find out what happened.

Friday Nov 7 , 2014


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Fiji News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Create Your Own Menu For Any Parties At A Reasonable Rate

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British Government Reinstates Military Training For RFMF

Seventy two military personnel
will take part in two week training
on ceremonial drill, psychology of
leadership and media operations.
I am very pleased to be here today
on the first day of these courses that
represent the initial stages in UKFiji military cooperation since the
election in September. Indeed, the last
time I was in this building was to see
for myself the election process as a
member of the Multilateral Observer
Force, said Acting British High
Commissioner, Daniel Salter.
The courses are sponsored by the
British Government with lead
instructor Retired Colonel Ronnie
McCourt from Sandhurst.
Today, we are fortunate to have
the lead instructor from Sandhurst,
Retired Colonel Mr Ronnie McCourt,
to present courses on the Psychology
of Leadership and on Media
Operations. We also have two top drill
instructors from the Scots Guards and
Grenadier Guards who will literally
be putting you through your paces
and we look forward to watching the
drill competition between the two
classes next Friday. I am sure that all
72 students will benefit enormously
from the experience over the next two
weeks, Salter said.
Two other instructors are from the
Scots Guards and the Grenadier
Guards will assist.
I would like to thank the instructors

who have travelled out from the UK

and our Defence Advisor, Lt Col
Woodman, based in Wellington for
their combined efforts. I would also
like to thank the Commander of the
RFMF, Brigadier Tikoitoga, and the
Director of Training (name) for their
assistance in bringing about this next
phase in our military cooperation. But
most of all, I would like to thank you,
the students, for your enthusiastic
participation on the various courses:
this will benefit Fiji, but it will
also benefit you personally and
professionally. I wish you all the best
of luck.
Salter said the UK is committed to
Fiji and has assisted where requested
the recent transition to democracy
by providing training manuals
for the police force, election data
management systems and training for
parliamentary reporting.
Fiji plays an important international
role. RFMF troops on peace-keeping
duties provide a bulwark in some
of the most difficult theatres of
operation in the world. Fijian troops
are respected for their professionalism
and tenacity, but also for their ability
to win over local populations. The UK
is grateful for your contribution. And
we of course remain thankful for the
release of the 43 Fijian troops serving
as part of UNDOF.
Thousands of Fijians also serve
in the British armed forces today

which Salter says represents the

largest contingent of Commonwealth
personnel in the British army.
The UK is deeply committed to Fiji.
We have assisted where requested on
the recent transition to democracy,
for example by providing training
manuals for the police force, election
data management systems and training
for parliamentary reporting. But there
is a special link between the UK and
Fijian armed forces. Fifty-three years
ago this month, the first 212 Fijians
were recruited into the British Army
and there are still around 1800
Fijians serving in the British armed

forces today. They represent the

largest contingent of Commonwealth
personnel in the army and make a
major contribution to UK defence
The British Army Support Office
in Suva has helped to establish a
Welfare Centre for serving and former
personnel and their families, which
will officially open next week.
Salter said UK Prime Minister, David
Cameron has taken a personal interest
in the creation of this Centre and we
are very grateful for the assistance
provided by the Government of Fiji to
realise this project.

Fiji News

Attracting and retaining

the best international talent
to fill skills shortages in key
occupations is critical to
Canadas economic success.

Friday Nov 7 , 2014


Police Prosecutors Told Not

To Delay Cases

- Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Employment and Social Development

Respond to Canadas need

for immigrants.

Become a Regulated
Immigration Consultant

Apply online at or
contact a program adviser at (604) 899-0803.

Ashton College | Vancouver, BC

604 899 0803 | 1 866 759 6006
w w w. a s hto n co l l e g e. co m

encouraged not to delay cases
unnecessarily, especially when it
involves simple things like bench
warrants and summons.
This was one of the key messages by
Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili as he
opened a month long specialist training
for our police prosecutors.
Ratuvili also urged police prosecutors
to avoid unnecessary backlog of minor
cases that can be dealt with quickly by
the courts.
These are the faces at the front line of
police prosecution in our courts.
Now undergoing a month long
intensive upskilling, they are being
reminded of some key areas of concern
as highlighted by the Chief Magistrate
One of those is delays surrounding
cases involving summons.
The Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili
says according to the Criminal
Procedures Decree, prosecution can
proceed without the accused on cases
with penalties less than 12 months.
The more we keep these cases, they
keep on adding to the cause list. Dispose
of the cases we can dispose of, said
Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili.

Ratuvili says from their records, the

majority of cases then end up on their
cause list are simple bench warrant
cases that can easily be disposed off.
Some of our lists, we just looking at
bench warrants, bench warrants, bench
warrants. Lets try and dig into the
actual figures and find out which of
these are under charge and summons
under 12 months which we can follow
through. Which of these are where you
can go and seek advise from the DPP
on whether you should proceed in the
absence of the accused even if its over
12 months.
Ratuvili says a common trend now
before the court is the non appearance
of accused for bench warrants.
He urged that in these instances,
prosecution must avoid issuing
unnecessary further bench warrants.
Sometimes its very easy just to ask
for a bench warrant. Look at your
charge. If you are able to proceed in
their absence, ask the court to proceed
in their absence.
The Chief Magistrate says justice
delayed can also mean justice denied,
which is why an efficient police
prosecution service is also
vital to our justice system.

US Companies Donation To
Help Vulnerable Children
Two US companies have donated to
a combined $35,000 to the CWMs
Children Ward.
They are Sustainable Mahogany
Industries Limited and Pacific Western
Timbers (Fiji) Limited.
The funds will provide ten additional
intensive care unit beds in the
Childrens Ward to increase the quality
of care and help save the lives of the
most vulnerable children.
CWM Hospital Medical Superintendent
Dr Jemesa Tudravu said they are
grateful to both companies.
The hospital beds that will be
purchased from this donation will go
a long way in helping hospital staff to
improve their services to children in

the intensive care unit and Oncology

Pediatrician and Head of CWMs
Department of Pediatrics says this
generous donation comes at a very
opportune time for the Childrens
Hospital as there is a need to replace
the intensive care beds as well as
protecting the health and well-being of
medical and nursing staff.
United States Ambassador Frankie
Reed also thanked both companies
for their positive corporate social
responsibility and for their generous
donations to worthy causes such as
Women in Business and CWM hospital
over the years.


Fiji News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

National Bank Scam- The Biggest Scandal In History PM Bainimarama

The National Bank of Fiji scam remains
the biggest financial scandal in Fijis
history and must never be forgotten or
repeated, says Prime Minister Voreqe
Speaking at the opening of the 7th
Pacific Credit Union Technical
Congress 2014 in Suva, Bainimarama
said the sorry saga of the first 100 percent Fijian-owned financial institution
teaches us valuable lessons and it was
a disaster of the first order which took
many years to recover, both from the
financial loss and the loss of Fijis
When it was launched in 1976, there
were the same high hopes that it would
be a peoples bank that would create a

new level of prosperity in Fiji. Instead

greedy elite after the two coups of
1987 used the peoples bank as their
personal piggy bank.
With their noses stuck firmly in the
trough, this elite aided by a grossly
irresponsible management and board
raided the National Bank of Fiji for loans
that many had no intention of repaying.
They ripped off their fellow Fijians,
he said.
When the NBF finally crashed in the
late 1990s, it had debts of $220-million
dollars or 8 per cent of Fijis gross
domestic product.
He said the ultimate blame lies with
other Governments, which presided
over a prolonged period in which

THE Fijian Government will have zero

tolerance on any institution that fails to
meet the absolute need for the highest
standards of probity, accountability
and good governance.
And it will be ruthless in upholding
the interests of shareholders, investors,
the nation and its reputation in the
international marketplace.
Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret)
Voreqe Bainimarama shared those
sentiments while speaking at the
opening of the 7th Annual Pacific Credit
Union Technical Congress in Suva.
"Put simply, if you raid the piggy bank
now, the elephant will step on you,"
he told credit union movements, their
leagues, federations and government
regulators from the Pacific region.
"I say all of this because I am
convinced that wherever they live,
Pacific Islanders crave honesty in their
dealings with others.

"They want integrity from their elected

representatives and those entrusted with
their public and private institutions.
"And we have an obligation to them to
meet these standards."
Mr Bainimarama urged the credit
union movement to retain the
confidence of those who looked to it
for empowerment and the leg-up they
needed to improve their lives.
He reminded participants of the NBF
saga when it finally crashed in the late
1990s and had debts of $220million
or 8 per cent of Fiji's gross domestic
He said it remained the biggest
financial scandal in Fiji's history and
an event that should not be forgotten or
Mr Bainimarama said they had been
powerful allies in keeping people
from falling victim to rapacious

Excessive grog can damage liver and

can also lead to kidney failure.
This was one of the things highlighted
during the tour to the Kidney Foundation
of Fiji when the Health Minister, Jone
Usamate and the Assistant Minister,

Veena Bhatnagar visited the center.

Minister for Health, Jone Usamate said
he is very impressed with the facilities
and the services provided to the kidney
The center currently has 43 patients

Zero Tolerance

Excessive Grog Consumption

Can Lead To Kidney Failure

Fiji Childrens Award To

Be Held On Nov 20th

It is that time of the year again where

children between the ages of 6 and 17
are acknowledged for their selfless act.
The Fiji Childrens Award is run every
two years with the last award ceremony
in 2012.
This year the President Ratu Epeli
Nailatikau is the Patron of the Award.
The award is given to children who
show exemplary achievement in,
improving the lives of others, especially

the more vulnerable in society, and

enhancing the school or community in
which he or she lives.
Lastly, showing exemplary progress
in personal development, especially
where this has meant overcoming
adverse personal circumstances.
The Fiji Childrens Award ceremony
will be held on the 20th of this month
at Pure Fiji in which there will be three
recipients for the award.

the funds of ordinary Fijians were

"These elites effectively robbed their
own countrymen and women decent,
hardworking ordinary people who
had put their trust in the Bank and the
Our Reserve Bank which is meant
to oversee the system also shoulders
some of the blame for failing to see
what was happening, turning a blind
eye to it or at the very least, failing to
go public with its concerns.
By the time the whole fiasco ended,
51 per cent of the remnants of the NBF
was sold off to foreign interests for
what was widely considered a pittance.
Any notion of good governance took
second place to other Governments
political interests.
After all, many of those treating the
NBF as their personal piggy bank were
its ministers, supporters and hangerson. Under the SDL Government, the
remaining 49 per cent was sold at what
would again be considered a pittance.
I tell this story today because it has
resonance in this room the absolute
need for the highest standards of probity,

accountability and good governance in

all our financial institutions, whether
banks or credit unions.
My Government will have zero
tolerance for any institution that fails
to meet these standards. And we will
be ruthless in upholding the interests of
shareholders, investors and the interests
of our nation and its reputation in the
international marketplace. Put simply:
If you raid the piggy bank now, the
elephant will step on you, he added.
Bainimarama urged the participants to
learn from each other and return home
with fresh insights to improve the level
of service to their respective members.
This Congress is not only an
important networking event but a
forum for the exchange of ideas and
information. It brings together credit
union movements, their leagues,
federations and government regulators
from throughout the Pacific region.
I know that in the three days ahead
of you, you intend to have a robust
dialogue about the state of the
movement, to share your experiences,
learn from each other and return home
with fresh insights.



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Friday Nov 7 , 2014


Puneet P.K. Sandhar B.A. (Hons.), LL.B.
Amandeep S. Sanghera B.A., LL.B.
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my accident I had constant neck and back pains. I felt sad most of the time and became very anxious about
the future. ICBC said I was overreacting and offered $17,000. My case settled for $400,000 at mediation. MR. S.
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my lawyers efforts. Mrs. S
The damage to my vehicle was about $1,700. ICBC said this was a Low Velocity Impact (LVI) and refused to pay
me for my injuries and physio costs. My lawyer obtained more than $45,000 for me. Mrs. B
A car hit me as I walked across the street. ICBC blamed me because of the color of my clothing. My lawyer
worked hard and obtained necessary evidence. My case settled for over $300,000. MRS.C.
*Past cases are not necessarily indicative of future results and amounts recovered may vary according to the facts in each case.


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Canada News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Franz Prokop, Ex-B.C. Councillor, Loses $3.6M Lotto

6/49 Lawsuit

Peter Dushop poses with his $3.6-million cheque from the B.C. Lottery
Corporation, the winnings from the 2007 Lotto 6/49 draw. Dushop is the son
of the former partner of Franz Prokop, an ex-Maple Ridge councillor who
had filed a lawsuit in an effort to get the winnings
Former Maple Ridge, B.C., councillor
Franz Prokop has lost a lawsuit that

claimed his ex-partner's son had stolen

his winning $3.6-million lottery ticket.

B.C. Insurance Rates

Rising After Alberta Floods

Businesses as well as homeowners are starting to feel the pinch

The ripples from last year's devastating start ups."
floods in Alberta are making their Truscott said that the higher premiums
presence felt in B.C. as insurance could lead to reduced hours or even
companies pass on their costs with layoffs for staff, as well as higher costs
higher premiums.
for consumers.
And homeowners faced with a hike But that will be a double hit for
in rates can expect to be hit twice homeowners, who are already paying
as local businesses pass on the cost hundreds of dollars more on their
of their own higher premiums by premiums, especially landlords who
pushing up the prices of their goods aren't able to pass on the costs to tenants.
and services.
David Hutniak with Landlord BC says
Richard Truscott with the Canadian because of rent control, landlords are
Federation for Independent Business stuck shouldering the increase.
says his members are feeling the pinch. Hutniak says his members end up
"Those costs can really add up for a having to weigh higher deductables
small business, especially ones that are or less coverage in order to afford the
struggling, or marginally profitable, or higher premiums.

No More 30-Days Notice

To Cancel TV, Internet Or
Phone: CRTC

The Canadian Radio-television and

(CRTC) says Canadians will no
longer need to provide 30-days notice
to change or cancel their television,
phone or Internet service.
The change comes into effect Jan. 23,
2015 the CRTC said in a release Thursday.
"Many Canadians have expressed
frustration with these policies in their
complaints," the CRTC release said.
Banning the 30-day notice period will

make it easier for residential customers

and small businesses to "take advantage
of a competitive marketplace by
switching service providers," the
release said.
"In a dynamic marketplace, it should be
easy for Canadians to switch providers
given that service plans and offers are
constantly changing."
This is the first decision to come out of
the Let's Talk TV open forums held by
the CRTC in September.

Prokop's lawyers told the court in New

Westminster that he bought the Lotto
6/49 ticket while shopping in August
2007 with his common-law partner,
Angelina Dushop, and that after the
draw, she realized the ticket was a
The Coquitlam realtor claimed
Dushop's son, Peter Dushop, had
access to the couple's home, took the
ticket from Prokop's desk and then
claimed the ticket 11 months later.
Dushop who is also a realtor
denied the accusation, and testified that
he had bought the ticket. He also noted
the winning ticket contained numbers
representing his and his mother's
Flawed testimony
In a ruling released this week, B.C.
Supreme Court Justice Robert
Crawford found problems with the
testimony of Dushop, his mother and
"I was not impressed with the semantic
dance over the purchase of the lottery
ticket," Crawford said in his reasons
for judgment.
Crawford ruled it was likely Dushop's
mother used her credit card to buy the
ticket, using Dushop's numbers, and
that Prokop paid the Visa bill.

The judge believed the ticket was put

away in a safety deposit box, because
Angelina Dushop feared Prokop would
want a share of the winnings.
But Crawford ruled Prokop failed to
prove his case the ticket was his, and
that it was stolen by Peter Dushop.
"The plaintiff has failed to establish
both of these facts and accordingly the
plaintiff's claim must fail," the judge
The common-law relationship broke
down around the time of the lottery
win, and the ruling notes Angelina
Dushop had a settlement meeting with
Prokop just days after her son's win
was announced.
"Rather sadly I observe that Ms.
Dushop had Mr. Prokop forgive
Peter Dushops $13,000 car loan Mr.
Prokop had loaned him when he had
just claimed to be the winner of a
$3.6-million lottery," Crawford said.
The case was delayed for a number
of months, because Franz Prokop was
shot twice, by an unknown assailant in
August 2013. He was hospitalized, and
left with partial paralysis, but Prokop
told the trial his memory had not been
No one has been arrested for the

Canada News


Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Richmond Resident Charged Vancouver Taxi Companies

In Immigration Fraud Case File Lawsuit Against Uber

The Canada Border Services Agency

(CBSA) and Canada Revenue Agency
(CRA) announced that charges were
laid on October 15, 2014, against Xun
Wang, who is alleged to have been
involved in an immigration fraud
The CBSAs Criminal Investigations
investigation into the activities of
Wangs two unlicensed immigration
consulting businesses, which offered
services in Metro Vancouver. During
the execution of search warrants,
CBSA investigators discovered a
complex immigration fraud scheme.
Wang has been charged with six
Immigration and Refugee Protection
Act (IRPA) offences and four Criminal
Code offences, including allegations of

The Fiji

advising foreign nationals to provide

misleading and untruthful statements
on their permanent resident card
renewal applications, forgery and
The CBSA alleges that approximately
165 of Wangs clients were involved
in this significant immigration fraud
creating the fictitious appearance
of Canadian residency to maintain
permanent resident status and obtain
Canadian citizenship.
One count of tax evasion and two counts
of fraudulently obtaining refunds or
credits were also laid against Wang
under the Income Tax Act, as a result
of collaboration between the CBSA
and the CRAs Criminal Investigations
Division, which led to an independent
CRA investigation.

Times e-directory

Uber isnt even operating in Vancouver

yet, but that hasnt stopped local taxi
companies from suing the U.S.-based
ridesharing service.
The Vancouver Taxi Association filed a
lawsuit Tuesday arguing Uber will have
an unfair edge if it launches without
jumping through the same regulatory
hoops cab companies do.
The association is also seeking an
injunction barring Uber from operating
for any period of time outside of the
law, according to a press release.
To operate a taxi in Vancouver,
companies need licences from the
provincial Passenger Transportation
Board and the city. The VTA said Uber
has neither, and doesnt intend to get
It does not want to be restrained by
regulations established to ensure that
the public interest is protected, the
VTA said.
Uber isnt currently operating in
Vancouver, but rumours have swirled

about a pending surprise launch,

and the company put up postings for
management jobs in the city last month.
Uber responded to the lawsuit by
accusing the VTA of guarding its
own interests, and not those of the
This lawsuit is a prime example of
the Vancouver taxi industrys singular
goal: protecting its own cartel, Uber
spokesperson Arielle Goren said in a
The B.C. government has already
threatened to deploy undercover agents
posing as passengers to fine Uber if
the company does launch without the
proper licenses.
The current maximum fine is $5,000,
though the B.C. NDP has introduced a
bill to up the penalty to $20,000.
Uber recently ran into similar
regulatory trouble in Ottawa, though
the company insists it is not a taxi
service, but a technology company, and
shouldnt be subject to taxi rules.

Set Taxi Fares Being Offered For Some Destinations

From YVR
Fares will range from $20 to $41

Vancouver cab companies are taking

the uncertainty out of taking a cab from
the airport.
A set-rate zone system came into
effect Thursday for destinations in
Richmond and Vancouver. All other
places throughout Metro Vancouver,
including trips to YVR, will still run on
the metered system.
Fares will range from $20 to $41.

Working closely with the 19 taxi

companies who operate at YVR, I
am pleased to welcome the new zone
fare system for taxi trips leaving the
airport, says Glenn McCoy, Senior
Vice President, Finance and Chief
Financial Officer, Vancouver Airport
Authority. Our customers told us they
wanted dependable rates to reduce
uncertainty and to make their travel

easier. The new zone fare system is

another example of how our business
partners are providing a remarkable
customer experience.
The Vancouver Taxi Association says
this means bad traffic will no longer
results in higher fares.
The YVR taxi companies embrace the
new zone fare system, says Carolyn
Bauer, Yellow Cab Taxi Co. This is a

great opportunity for all taxi operators

working at Vancouver International
Airport to showcase our world-class
fleets with professional drivers. It also
provides confidence to the travelling
passengers knowing the cost of the
trip before their arrival as well as
creating consistency across all YVR
taxi companies, regardless of the route


Try This Practice Test - Discover Canada

1) In World War II, in which aspect

did Canada contribute more to
Allied air effort than any other
Commonwealth country?
A. Provided financial support for pilots
and their families.
B. Produced 10,000 types of aircraft
C. Built 2,000 fighter planes.
D. Trained 130,000 allied air crew.
2) From where does the name
"Canada" come?
A. From the Inuit word meaning home.
B. From the First Nations word
meaning land.
C. From "Kanata", the First Nations

word for village.

D. From the Inuit word "Kanata"
meaning nations.
3) What is the population of Canada?
A. About 39 million.
B. About 34 million.
C. About 28 million.
D. About 32 million.
4) How can a party in power be
defeated in Parliament?
A. If a majority of the MPs vote against
a major government decision.
B. If Canadians vote against the party
in power.
C. If the Premiers vote against major
federal government decisions.
D. If Canadians do not approve of the
laws to be passed.
5) Who was the first person to draw
a map of Canadas east coast?
A. Jacques Cartier.
B. John Cabot.
C. The Vikings.
D. Jean Talon.

6) Which region is known as the

heartland of Canada?
A. Southern Canada.
B. Prairie provinces.
C. Atlantic provinces.
D. Central Canada.
7) In which period did Canada's
economy and industry experience a
A. 1860s.
B. 1890s and early 1900s.
C. 1920s.
D. 1880s.
8) What are the three main groups of
Aboriginal peoples?
A. Mtis, Inuit and United Empire
B. Acadians, Mtis and First Nations.
C. Early French settlers, Mtis and
D. Mtis, First Nations and Inuit.
9) Who were the Group of Seven in
modern Canada?

A. Seven athletes who won Olympic

gold medals.
B. Seven Canadian soldiers in World
War I.
C. A group of Canadian landscape
painters in the 1920s.
D. A group of Aboriginal peoples.
10) What does "official language
rights and minority language
educational rights" mean?
A. English is more important than
French in Canada.
B. French and English have equal
status in Parliament and throughout the
C. French is more important in Quebec
and English is more important in other
D. All languages have equal status in
Canada's government.
3.B 4. A 5. B

7. B.


9. C

10. B


World News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Iran Sentences British-Iranian Woman To One Year In

Prison For Attending Volleyball Game In Tehran

A TEHRAN court has jailed for one year a British-Iranian woman who was arrested after trying to attend a volleyball match, a decision that left her family in
The case of Ghoncheh Ghavami, a Ghavami was originally released after
25-year-old law graduate from London, a few hours but was rearrested days
has drawn considerable attention later at a police station she had visited
because of her dual nationality and to reclaim items confiscated from her
lengthy time in prison before trial. near the stadium in Tehran.
Britain said it was concerned after Having been in custody since - at least
hearing reports of her jail sentence.
41 days of which was spent in solitary
Ghavami was detained on June 20 at confinement, according to her family Azadi (Freedom in Farsi) Stadium Ghavami went on trial behind closed
where Irans national volleyball team doors last month.
was to play Italy, after female fans and According to the verdict she was
even women journalists were told they sentenced to one year in jail, her
would not be allowed to attend, leading lawyer Alizadeh Tabatabaie, who has
to a brief demonstration.
not been allowed to visit his client, was
Women are also banned from football quoted in Iranian media as saying.
matches in Iran, with officials saying No reason was given for her conviction,
this is to protect them from lewd though Ghavami was accused of
behaviour among male fans.
spreading propaganda against the

British Schoolboy Jailed

For Stabbing Teacher

A British schoolboy has been jailed for

at least 20 years after pleading guilty to
stabbing to death a teacher in front of
horrified pupils in class.
William Cornick, then aged 15,
murdered Ann Maguire, 61, in April in
what was believed to be the first killing
of a British teacher by a student in
almost 20 years.
The incident in northern England sent
shockwaves around a country where
violent school crimes are rare.
"This tragic case has shocked the
nation," the prosecution office's Peter
Mann said.
Mr Mann said the teenager had shown
no remorse for what he had done.
"While his deep-seated hatred for Ann
appears incomprehensible, we are
clear that he calmly and methodically
planned this cold-blooded attack on
her," he said.
Leeds Crown Court heard Cornick,
now 16, had long planned the attack on
Maguire, a popular teacher at Corpus
Christi Catholic College in Leeds.
During a lesson, he repeatedly stabbed
her in front of about 30 traumatised
pupils with a kitchen knife.
After the attack, he sat back down
next to his classmate and said out loud
"good times".
The court was told he was the son of
"responsible and caring parents", but
friends felt his personality had become
disturbed as he got older.
After the murder he told one psychiatrist:
"It's kill or be killed. I did not have a
choice. It was kill her or suicide."
Asked about the impact on Maguire's
family, he said: "I know the victim's
family will be upset but I don't care. In
my eyes, everything I've done is fine
and dandy."

Cornick was told he would spend a

minimum of 20 years behind bars after
he pleaded guilty to murder.
"There can be no doubt that the
defendant is highly dangerous," Judge
Peter Coulson said.
Prosecutor Paul Greaney said Cornick's
parents are "at a loss to understand"
what their son did.
In a victim impact statement read to the
court, Maguire's husband Don spoke of
the loss of his "beautiful, vivacious,
generous, caring" wife.
"I'm still a dad but cannot help my children
understand, cannot help them come to
terms, cannot help them lessen the pain...
I can no longer be a dad," he said.
Maguire, a mother of two, taught Spanish
and religious education, and had worked
at the school for nearly 40 years.
She had been due to retire at the end of
the school year.
Although there has been growing
concern about knife attacks involving
teenagers in Britain, violence inside
schools is uncommon.
"Thankfully this is an isolated occurrence
which should not be seen as an indicator
of any serious violent crime issues within
Corpus Christi college or any other
schools in Leeds," local commander
Superintendent Paul Money said.
Maguire was believed to be the first
school teacher to be killed by a student
since Philip Lawrence, a London
headmaster, was stabbed at the gates of
his senior school in 1995.
The worst-ever attack on a school in
Britain was at the Dunblane Primary
School in Scotland in March 1996
when Thomas Hamilton, 43, entered
the school armed with four handguns,
killing 16 children and one adult before
committing suicide.

Convicted ... British-Iranian Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, has been sentenced to

one year in jail for trying to attend a volleyball game.
regime, a broad charge often used by the sentence as time served, Iman
Irans judiciary.
Ghavami said, noting that his parents
Family in shock
were in Iran meeting officials although
In separate comments, the convicted they have not yet been issued with the
womans brother said the judge official judgment.
had said the sentence contained an There is a huge amount of abnormality
additional two-year-ban on his sister in this case. The next step is to make
leaving the country.
sure the sentence is what it is and
We are really shocked because we whether the court is going to apply any
were really hoping she would get leniency, he added.

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World News

Friday Nov 7 , 2014


Indian Father Tortures, Kills Man He Believes Raped

His Daughter

An Indian father invited to dinner a

man he believes raped his 14-year-old
daughter -- and then tortured and killed
him, police told CNN on Tuesday.
The 36-year-old father, Vinod Kumar,
turned himself into police in New Delhi
the following day and told them he had
burned the other man's genitals with hot
tongs before strangling him to death,
said Deputy Police Commissioner
R.A. Sanjiv.
Kumar told police that the dead man
had raped his daughter two months
ago, but he didn't report it at the time
because he said he feared it would
tarnish his family's honor, according to
Instead, he invited the man, a medical
supplier who lived in the same
neighborhood of New Delhi, to dinner

at his home, serving him food and

drug-laced soft drinks, Sanjiv said.
He then gagged the 45-year-old
man with a bed sheet and carried out
the torture before strangling him,
according to police.
Kumar has been charged with murder
and is now in jail awaiting trial. The
next legal step is for police to file a
charge sheet in court with evidence
to support their case. Confessions to
police are not admissible in the court.
It wasn't possible Tuesday to reach
Kumar or a lawyer representing him.
Police are still awaiting the results of
an autopsy on the body.
Kumar is married with four daughters
and two sons. The dead man leaves a
wife, a son and two daughters, both of
whom are married.

Australian Man Drives Light Plane Down Main Street

For A Drink At The Pub
Thirsty pilot expected to be charged for parking his wingless aircraft outside a pub in Western Australias Pilbara region

The pilot taxied his wingless plane down the main street in the mining town of Newman.

A man who taxied his light plane down

a main street in Western Australias
Pilbara region and parked it outside a
pub is expected to be charged.
Newman police sergeant Mark
McKenzie said the plane had its
propeller running, its wings removed
and was being steered by foot pedals.
The man parked the plane outside
the Newman Hotel and was then
interviewed by police.
It was a pretty stupid thing to do,
McKenzie said.
Kids were coming home from school.

It could have been very ugly. All he

needed was one gust of wind ... because
without the wings, its not stable.
People think it was a bit of a laugh but
it was very dangerous and were not
very happy with it.
McKenzie said police had examined the
Road Traffic Act but would likely charge
the man under the Criminal Code.
I would assume there would be an
offence under the Criminal Code that
may fit the bill.
Im confident that he will be charged
with something soon.

Willie Wallace, 16, Critical After Vicious Attack Over

Nike Air Force Shoes At Allen Academy, Detroit

A MOTHER has vowed never to return her 16-year-old son to a private school after he was viciously attacked over his Nike Air Force shoes.
William Wallaces shoes cost $130 force shoes the boys and Wallace tolerance policy for violence and We have heightened security procedures
and they became highly sought after were suspended. The latest attack will continue to cooperate with the at the school and will continue to
at Allen Academy in Detroit, where occurred when the same group tried authorities as the situation is still under implement measures for the overall
your child will thrive in our safe and to get even for being suspended, investigation.
safety and wellbeing of our students.
nurturing family atmosphere.
Wallaces mother said.
Wallace suffered a seizure, fractured Hes not going back there, never
skull, bleeding in his brain, and damage again. Were doing either home school
to his chin, cheek and neck when he or online schooling, she added.
was attacked for about five minutes by They say Detroit public schools are
about 12 pupils in a hallway on his way bad, but these academies are worse.
to his last class of the day.
A teacher in a classroom tried to break
He has a fractured skull, he has blood up the assault, police said, but was
on his brain and he bit half of his tongue unable to intervene until after Wallace
off (in a seizure after the incident), was badly hurt.
Wallaces mother Sylvia Simmons told A
the press.
spokeswoman said that we do have
But hes off the ventilator, thank God one juvenile detained in connection
for that, and theyre going to do the first with this case.
surgery on his jaw, so he can breathe Allen Academy Board of Directors
properly and swallow properly.
released a statement: Our thoughts
It was the second attack Wallace and prayers are with our student and
had suffered in the school. The first his family as he was involved in an
happened several weeks ago when altercation ... The Allen Academy
older boy tried to steal his Nike air Board of Directors enforces a zero-



Friday Nov 7 , 2014

A New Solution That Stops Snoring And Lets You


If youre like most Canadians you

probably dont get eight hours sleep
each night.
But, if you also constantly feel
exhausted, experience headaches for
no obvious reason or have high blood
pressure, you could have a more
serious problem.
Thats because these can all be the
result of snoringwhich is, in turn,
the most common symptom of a
potentially serious health problem
obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
While most people think of snoring as
a minor annoyance, research shows it
can be hazardous to your health. Thats
because its related to obstructive sleep
apnea (OSA). People who suffer from
OSA repeatedly and unknowingly stop
breathing during the night due to a
complete or partial obstruction of their
airway. It occurs when the jaw, throat,
and tongue muscles relax, blocking the
airway used to breathe. The resulting lack
of oxygen can last for a minute or longer,
and occur hundreds of times each night.
Thankfully, most people wake when a
complete or partial obstruction occurs,
but it can leave you feeling completely
exhausted. OSA has also been linked to
a host of health problems including:
-Acid reflux

-Frequent nighttime urination

-Memory loss
-Heart attack
People over 35 are at higher risk.
OSA can be expensive to diagnosis
and treat, and is not always covered by
insurance. A sleep clinic will require an
overnight visit. Doctors then analyze
the data and prescribe one of several

Kidney Stones May Increase

Bone Fracture Risk

People, especially women, who

develop kidney stones may be at
increased risk of experiencing bone
fractures, finds a research.
Those who form stones in the kidneys
and urinary tract - a condition called
urolithiasis - may have reduced bone
mineral density and be at an increased
risk of bone fractures, the findings
"The significantly higher risk at certain
ages in males and females has profound
public health implications," said
Michelle Denburg from the University
of Pennsylvania in the US.
To assess the link between urolithiasis
and bone fractures, the researchers
analysed information on 51,785
individuals in Britain who were
diagnosed with urolithiasis and
517,267 matched individuals without

Over a median period of 4.7 years,
being diagnosed with urolithiasis was
significantly linked with fractures, and
the excess risk affected all skeletal
In males, there was an overall 10
percent greater risk in those with
urolithiasis, and the risk was greatest
in adolescence (55 percent higher).
In women, there was a 17 percent to 52
percent higher risk of fracture from the
third through seventh decades of life,
with the highest risk in those aged 30
to 39 years.
"Given that the median time from
diagnosis of urolithiasis to fracture was
a decade, we might be able to intervene
during this interval to reduce the
burden of future fractures," Denburg
pointed out.

Forget energy drinks, athletes may now

rely on a more organic drink to enhance
their performance - beetroot juice.
In addition to improving athletic
performance, research also found that
beetroot juice can improve the quality
of life for heart patients.
The benefits of beetroot come from
the nitrate found within it. The amount
of nitrate in one 70-millilitre bottle of

beetroot juice is about the same amount

found in 100 grams of spinach.
"Our research has shown that the nitrate
found in beetroot concentrate increases
blood flow to skeletal muscles during
exercise," said David Poole, professor of
exercise kinesiology and anatomy and
physiology at Kansas State University.
In the study, the beetroot juice
consumption resulted in a 38 percent

Beetroot Boosts Athletes'


treatments. These may require you to

wear uncomfortable CPAP devices that
force air through your nose and mouth
while you sleep to keep your airways
open, and may even include painful
Fortunately, there is now a comfortable,
far less costly and invasive treatment
option available. A recent case study
published by Eastern Virginia Medical
Schools Division of Sleep Medicine in
the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

concludes that wearing a simple

chinstrap while you sleep can be an
effective treatment for OSA.
The chin strap, which is now available
from a company called My Snoring
Solution, works by supporting the
lower jaw and tongue, preventing
obstruction of the airway. Its made
from a high-tech, lightweight,
Thousands of people have used the
MySnoringSolution chinstrap to help
relieve their snoring symptoms, and
they report better sleeping, and better
health overall because of it.
An effective snoring solution for just
The My Snoring Solution Chinstrap
is available exclusively from the
companys website which is currently
offering a limited time 2 for 1 offer.
The product also comes with a 100
percent satisfaction guarantee.
If you want to stop snoring once and for
all, without expensive CPAP devices or
other intrusive devices, this may be the
solution youve been waiting for. The
free additional strap is great for travel
or as a gift for a fellow sufferer.
Best of all, this product comes with
an unconditional 90-day, money-back

(Q) I get terrible attacks of gout. What

causes them and is there a way to
prevent them?
(A) Gout attacks are caused by the
accumulation of uric acid crystals in
and around the affected joints, most
commonly the big toe, but also at times
the hands, wrists, knees, ankles and
elbows. The crystals form when the
kidneys are unable to flush the uric
acid out of the body quickly enough.
Common triggers include drinking
alcohol, insufficient water intake and
dehydration, taking diuretics, being
overweight and having abnormal
kidney function. Both over-eating and
crash dieting and fasting can trigger
attacks, so avoid both.
There are medications that are used
to lower uric acid levels in the blood
which can help prevent attacks if taken
regularly. It is important to remember this
medication needs to be taken daily even
when you are not having an attack in
order to prevent attacks from occurring.
Minimising or avoiding alcohol can
help, in particular avoiding binge
drinking. Weight loss can also help,

but it is better to do this gradually with

judicious dietary changes and regular
exercise than through crash diets, which
can result in a worsening of symptoms.
Some people find dietary changes,
particularly avoiding certain foods,
can help. Meat, especially red meat
(for example liver, kidney and heart),
seafood (especially prawns and other
shellfish, scallops, mussels, herring,
sardines, anchovies and mackerel) and
yeast-containing foods (including beer
and Vegemite) are all high in purine,
which can be metabolised into uric
acid in the body. Avoiding these foods
may help decrease the frequency and
severity of gout attacks. Some foods
high in purine do not seem to exacerbate
gout. These include mushrooms,
cauliflower, asparagus and spinach.
Excessive intake of fructose (the
sugar found in most fruit) may also
exacerbate gout. While it is sensible
to avoid excessive intake of fruit
juice, there is no need to avoid fruit
altogether. It has been found that
vitamin C may reduce attacks, as can
low-fat dairy products.

higher blood flow to the skeletal muscles

during exercise and was preferential to
the less-oxygenated, fast-twitch muscles.
"Heart failure is a disease where
oxygen delivery to particular tissues,
especially working skeletal muscles,
is impaired, decreasing the capacity to
move the arms or legs and be physically
active," Poole said.

"The best therapy for these patients is

getting up and moving around. However,
that is often difficult. Increasing the
oxygen delivery to these muscles through
beetroot can provide a therapeutic avenue
to improve the quality of life for these
patients," Poole noted.
The study was published in the Journal
of Nitric Oxide, Biology and Chemistry.

Prevent Gout Attacks

Friday Nov 7 , 2014



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and grunting responses, found yourself
frustrated, enraged and eventually
Teens are notoriously uncommunicative
with their parents, and men have never
championed verbal communication. It
is therefore not surprising that trying
to talk with a teenage boy can be
challenging to say the least.
There is, however, both art and science
involved in successful communication.
Below is a list of communication
techniques to try the next time you
need to connect and communicate with
your teenage son.
1. Give him advance notice. Tell
him ahead of time about the timing
and topic you want to discuss with
him. While you shouldnt expect him
to show up to the conversation with a
check list of counter-points, this will
give him the necessary time to preprocess the impending conversation
and gather any thoughts that he might
2. Feed him. Make sure hes had
something to eat before you start
talking. We have all experienced or
observed the correlation between
hunger and irritability. Although your
son might not be grouchy just yet,
making sure that his blood sugar level
is stable will keep him focused and
engaged throughout your conversation.
3. Ditch the lecture. Condense
your conversation into a short list
of important points, and allow him
to respond to those points. Having
concrete points mitigates possible
miscommunication while keeping
him tuned into the conversation.
Also, allowing him to respond to each
point will provide you insight into
his processing and ensure that youre
engaging in a dialognot a monolog.
4. Control your emotions. Although
you may be frustrated and angry,
yelling, screaming, and verbal putdowns are not going to produce
the results you want. These may be
interpreted as an attack, which will
provoke a fight or flight response
especially with a volatile teenage boy.
5. Walk while you talk. Boys are

generally spatial processors, and

therefore think best when they are
active and moving. Forcing your son to
sit down and sit still while you berate
him with a long lecture is a recipe
for disasteror at least distraction.
Try taking your talk outside, walking
around the block, shooting hoops or
playing catch while you discuss the
issue at hand. This will keep your son
alert and engaged.
6. Communicate indirectly. Creating
a comfortable environment for an
important conversation includes the
simple nuances of body language and
eye contact. Many kids, and especially
teenage boys, will be more open to talk
with less direct eye contact. Staring
down into your sons eyes while
having an important conversation
might be interpreted as aggressive or
unnerving, and your son might shut
down as a result. Walking side-by-side
or driving in a car will naturally lessen
the amount of direct eye contact.
7. Use physical examples. If you need
to address your sons perpetually messy
room, don't just talk about the fact that
he never puts his clothes in the hamper.
Walk around the room and use physical
examples. Have him pick up items
strewn around and determine if they
are clean or dirty. Providing physical
and ideally tangible examples will help
your son process and remember your
8. Be aware of your sons innate
competitiveness. In many situations
it is important to confirm that you are
on his side and that you trust him. He
may become more open to feedback
and coaching if he feels like you are on
the same team. In other situations, you
might want to tap into his competitive
side if you feel he will respond well to
a challenge youve presented.
9. Finally, allow time for follow-up.
Many boys can take hours, days, and
even weeks to process the substance of
an important conversation. If you do
not receive the engagement or answers
that you were hoping for during the
first conversation, give your son time
and space to reflect on the conversation
before you bring it up again. You might
be surprised how your conversation
evolves over time, and what insights
your son will bring to the table.

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Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Kick-Start Your Day With

Lemon And Water

Packed with antioxidants and other

health benefits, a glass of water with
the juice of half a lemon revitalises the
body and mind. Here are 10 reasons to
drink it first thing:
1 Supports the immune system:
The juice of half a lemon in a glass
of water is rich in vitamin C, which
helps boost the immune system and
assists the body in fighting colds and
flu. Lemon also enhances the bodys
ability to absorb iron, an important
nutrient for a healthy immune system.
Vitamin C may increase non-heme iron
bioavailability fourfold. This refers to
iron availability in the body from nonmeat sources.
2 Aids digestion: As lemon juice
is similar in atomic structure to the
stomachs digestive juices, it has a
positive effect on the gastrointestinal
tract. It helps cleanse the bowel by
flushing out waste more efficiently and
stimulates the release of gastric juices,
which aid digestion. The digestive
qualities of lemon juice can also help
relieve symptoms of indigestion,
heartburn and bloating.
3 Repairs skin: Lemons are great for
combating skin ageing, The antioxidant
properties help combat free radical
damage, which is responsible for the
symptoms of ageing. We know that
lemons are rich in vitamin C and that is
really what creates collagen synthesis,
which is wonderful in terms of keeping
wrinkles at bay. Vitamin C is required
in the synthesis of amino acids into
collagen and the job of collagen and
connective tissue is to hold things tight
and protect our skin tissue.
4 Reduces appetite: Lemons contain
pectin, a soluble fibre commonly
found in citrus fruits. Pectin helps
stave off hunger as the fibre creates
a feeling of fullness, which results in
the suppression of hunger cravings. By
feeling fuller for longer,
youre less likely to snack or make poor
food choices.
5 Balances pH levels: Lemons are one
of the most alkalising foods for the
body and a good pH level is essential
as too much acidity in the body can
be inflammatory. Lemon water is very
alkalising and most of us have acidic

bodies. Educated foodies still think of

lemons as being acidic when they are
quite alkalising.
6 Cleanses the urinary tract: Lemon
juice is a diuretic, meaning it encourages
the production of urine. As a result, toxins
are released at a faster rate, helping to
purify the system and keep it healthy.
Lemon juice can also change the pH level
of the urinary tract which discourages the
proliferation of bad bacteria.
7 Freshens breath: The antiseptic
qualities in lemon juice help kill off
bad bacteria in the mouth by acting as
a disinfectant. A glass of lemon water
is also a healthier morning wakeyou-up than coffee. While there is no
evidence-based research on lemon
waters optimal temperature, drinking
it at room temperature. Most health
professionals agree room temperature is
closer to your own bodys temperature
and seems to calm the digestive system.
If youre concerned about the acid
harming tooth enamel, rinse your
mouth with water afterwards. You
would have to drink large amounts of
lemon water to strip the enamel.
8 Protects overall health: High levels
of potassium in lemons can help brain
and nerve functioning and control blood
pressure. Lemon water can also ward
off stress and depression, which have
been linked to low levels of potassium.
Lemons also contain vitamin P, which
improves capillary permeability and
overall blood flow.
9 Promotes healing: Ascorbic acid,
vitamin C, promotes wound healing in
the body and is an important nutrient in
maintaining healthy bones, tissue and
cartilage. It also calms inflammation in
the body. Vitamin C travels through the
body, neutralising any free radicals. Free
radicals can interact with the healthy cells
of the body, damaging them and their
membranes and causing inflammation.
10 Detoxifies the liver: Lemon water
acts as a liver cleanser by assisting in
detoxification. It purifies and stimulates
the liver by encouraging the production
of bile, an acid required for digestion.
Lemon water can also help control
excess bile flow, decrease the amount
of phlegm produced by the body and
assist in dissolving gallstones.

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Fraser Foods Ltd

Green Pigeon Peas

Net Wt 15 Oz 425g
Imported in Canada
Distributed by
GML Fraser Foods Ltd



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Bula Mai Fiji




Tour Packages, Cruises to all destinations

now available at :

Sunil Sharma

#152 - 12899 80th Avenue, Surrey BC V3W 0E6

For Women/ Relationship

Friday Nov 7 , 2014


Get Rid Of Blackheads

With Home Remedies

Here are some tips of how you can remove those dirty black spots at home.
Blackheads are dirty, tiny black spots
that make home on the skin of your
face, especially your nose. These are
mostly the result of dirt, bacteria and
dead skin cells, which clog the pores
of the skin through which it breathes.
Here are a few home remedies that can
help you prevent or control or remove
1. Wash your face: Don't be too harsh
on your skin. But do wash it twice or
three times with a good face wash. Use
a scrub at least three times a week.
2. Exfoliate: Use gentle exfoliaters on
your face as too rough a use can harm

your skin too. But do use them once a

week to remove blackheads.
3. Steam bath: Taking steam on your
face loosens the blackheads, making it
easier to remove them.
4. Take a mixture of lemon, honey
and add some sugar to it. Rub it
gently on your skin till the sugar melts
on your face and acts as a natural scrub.
5. You can also use a mixture of
ground oats with a tiny pinch of salt
and olive oil. While applying both
these solutions, keep them for about 10
minutes and then rinse with lukewarm

Get Rid Of Wrinkles

While wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process, some people are more
prone to them. There could be a variety of reasons for this, say experts.
Causes range from bad habits like
smoking, following a bad diet, not
applying sunscreen to hereditary
causes, stress, unexplained weight loss
or pollution. Wrinkles happen when
your skin loses collagen. Here are
some simple ways to reduce the signs
of wrinkles.
- Take a banana and mash it up. Apply
this mixture all over your face and
wash it off after half an hour.
- Packed with vitamin C, known to be
good for the skin, pineapple pulp is
said to be an effective way to reduce
wrinkles. You can either massage your
face and neck with pineapple juice or
mash up the fruit and apply it on your

- Not only is olive oil good for your

health, it is also great for your skin and
especially helpful when it comes to
reducing wrinkles. Take a teaspoon of
olive oil and add a couple of drops of
lemon. Apply this mixture on your face
and gently rub it in your skin.
- Mix honey and lemon juice and use it
as a face pack. Keep it on for about 20
minutes and wash it off with lukewarm
- Papaya is another fruit that is effective
in reducing wrinkles. Mash it up, add
a few drops of lemon juice and honey
and apply it on your face once a week.
- You could also try making a paste
of honey, rose water and haldi and
applying it on your face.

Things Your Girl Doesn't

Want To Hear
Here are some things that you should
always avoid telling your girl if you
want to have a peaceful relationship.
You look a bit fat in that dress
Now which girl would like you telling
her that she is looking fat. A statement
like this will definitely have you
spending the night on the couch.
Your mom looks like she's your
younger sister
Yes, girls love their mom, but don't ever do
the mistake of comparing them, especially
in the looks department. You won't score
any brownie points by doing this.
I have the best time with my friends
You may enjoy hanging out with your
friends, but that doesn't mean you say
that to her on her face. Sometimes it's
best to be diplomatic.
I can't go out because I want to
watch a match
Unless your girlfriend is a sports buff
don't give her this excuse very often.
You remind me of my ex
That's the worst thing you could say
to your girlfriend. She will always
be left wondering if you got into the
relationship only because she is a
mirror image of your ex.
My mom is the best cook

Women take great pride in their

culinary skills. So don't ever claim
that your mom cooks better than any
woman in the world. You may just
have to put up with burnt food for the
rest of the week.
I don't like your friends
Like you love hanging out with your
friends, your girlfriend loves her
friends. Don't make your dislike for
them so obvious. Friends can influence
your girl to a great extent, so make sure
you are in their good books.
Why do you spend so much on
beauty treatments?
Don't question your girlfriend spending
long hours in the beauty parlour. If you
like to spend time playing football and
getting dirty then she'd like to spend
her time getting pretty. Accept it!
Wow! That girl is hot
Whether it's Priyanka Chopra or
Angelina Jolie or just some random
girl on the road, never ogle at a woman
openly in front of your girl.
I need some space
If you feel the need for space try and
suggest it in a subtle manner. Being far
to open about it may leave you with too
much space.

Tips To Reduce Facial Hair Why Is Jealousy Dangerous

For Your Relationship
Even though it is normal for women to sport some amount of facial fuzz,
many find it annoying. Here are some tips to help you reduce facial hair -

Add 30 grams of sugar to some lemon

juice in a bowl of water. Mix well and
apply it in the direction of the hair
growth. Leave this for 15 minutes and
rinse. Repeat once a week.
The traditional mixture of gram
flour, turmeric and curd is said to
marginally reduce hair growth. Apply
this mixture on your face and rinse it
once it dries.
A mixture of papaya and turmeric helps
contain hair growth, and what's more,
it also exfoliates the skin. Massage the
paste on your face for 15 minutes for
best results.
Potato, a bleaching agent, when mixed
with yellow lentil paste makes the hair
colour lighter and also helps remove
unwanted facial hair. Apply and leave
for 15 minutes before rinsing.
A banana-oatmeal scrub is simple, yet
effective. Apply the paste for about
15 minutes and wash off with water.
Repeat this twice a week.

While jealousy is one of the signs you are really into your girl, it can hurt
your relationship gravely if it goes overboard.
If you are a possessive boyfriend are major defaulters.
and are jealous of her friends and If jealousy goes overboard or to the
other relations more than often then extreme levels, it can be really bad for
be assured it is not a good sign. Your both you and your partner. It causes
jealousy might be hurting your relation serious psychological imbalance,
depression, anxiety etc. There have
Jealousy is in most of the cases the been cases where jealousy has impelled
reason of feeling low on self esteem, people to take extreme steps.
suspicious of your partner, enraged Jealousy also leads to too much
and fearful of losing out on the questioning for reasons that are not
relationship. And all this may lead to important at all. This can suffocate your
behavior which is not good for you partner and force her to leave. Jealousy
relationship. Obsessing too much about is also a big reason for extreme anger,
her, checking her phones or mails, which is not good in any situation or
getting angry without any reasons etc relationship.

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Independent Investment & Insurance Broker


A Special Savings Plan For Education

* Savings opportunity you could not get elsewhere
* Eligible for a Federal Government grant up to 20%
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* Child born after Jan 01 2014 Eligible for Canada Learning Bond
* Child born after Jan 01 2007 Must act before end of 2014
to be registered for upcoming grant
* Transfer from other RESP available
* $25 monthly minimum or lump sum
* Existing RESPs are also reviewed without any obligation
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Friday Nov 7 , 2014


You can utilize the week for establishing

new contacts and participating in social
gatherings. Caution is required while
carrying out your work. Plan your work
and listen to the advice of your seniors.
You have to show your abilities by
utilizing your intelligence. Planning
and scheduling of work is essential for
you to witness success. You may lose
some comforts due to job pressure. You
may have to spend more money for your
family and this will cause worries for
you. There will be extra pressure due
to heavy commitments. You may pour
out your frustrations on your partner
following a difference of opinion.
There could be lack of understanding
between love partners and this will be
due to some confusion. You will have
pain in your legs after a hectic schedule
at work. Your health will be good but
you have to spend money for health of
your mother.


This week you will benefit by listening

to your mother's advice. You may need
to be more careful in your actions.
Carelessness will lead to disappointing
results. You will have to work hard to
gain good results from your work. Plan
your work in such a way that you can
easily handle pressure. Atmosphere at
work will not be cordial and additional
burden will be there. There will be
both expenses and gains. You may
spend money for house renovation.
There are chances for losing money
due to negligence while traveling.
Family issues will hamper peace and
harmony in your relationship. You may
have difference of opinion with your
partner. Feelings of insecurity will have
a negative impact in your relationship.
Try to abandon such feelings. Your
health will not be a concern but you
may have to spend money for your
children's health. You may suffer due
to leg pain and digestion problems.
Doing regular exercise will be better.


It would be a good week. Your energy

levels will be high and you will be
more enthusiastic. You will take steps
towards personal development. You
will grow by your self-efforts. You will
be gaining success through your work.
No matter how complex is the task,
you will finish it with ease. There are
chances for gaining promotion at work.
Your work will be appreciated and you
will be able to deliver quality in your
work. The week will bless you with
sufficient money gains. You will make
new investments. You will witness
progress in money. Expenditures will
be there for useful needs. You need
to remain calm and take things easy
with your partner. This approach will
ensure harmony in relationship. You
will enjoy good relationship with your
partner. Your approach and attitude
will appeal your partner. You will enjoy
good health and high level of energy.


You will be active and energetic.

related problems.

health of your mother.

You will succeed in your efforts and

gain confidence. You will have new
friends and associations. Goodwill
of your well wishers will comfort
you. Think twice before executing a
task to avoid negative results. Spend
time towards listening to music and
amusements. Work will bring some
challenging situations and you will
have a hectic schedule. Be extremely
careful while carrying out your work
as there are chances of you making
errors. You will have moderate amount
of money and so it is it is important
to keep a check on expenses. Keep
a check on your spending for better
stability. You have to be careful while
communicating with your partner.
There are chances for unpleasant
moments in relationship. You will be
sensitive and emotional and this will
affect the happiness. You will not face
much health problems. But there will
be chances for throat pain.

You will be active throughout the

week. All your tasks could be carried
out in an easy manner. If you make
use of them properly, you will be
immensely benefited. You will be able
to utilize your potential with respect to
work. There will be good opportunities
and you will be able to make use of
them. You will be dedicated towards
your responsibilities at work. Even
complex tasks could be handled
easily. You will have enough money
for the week, giving scope for savings
and investments. Your bank balance
will increase. Your romantic feelings
towards your partner will be helpful to
improve your relationship bond. Your
relationship with your partner will be
a source of happiness. There will be
perfect bonding between both of you.
Your positive state of mind will reflect
on your health. You will maintain good
fitness for the week. A positive mind
will influence this.

You will find the week tough for work.

You may have to make adjustments
to carry out your tasks in a cordial
manner. Do not lose hope if things don't
work out as per your expectations. Pay
attention to your work. Workload will
be there. You need to be more careful
in handling your work. Be attentive
and responsible. There are chances for
losing money for the week. Medical
expenses cannot be ruled out. Luck is
not on your side. So, money should
be handled very carefully. Unwanted
expenses will bother you. There are
chances for quarrels with your partner
due to difference of opinion. You will
be moody and this may impact your
relationship. You need to take things in
a easy manner to ensure harmony. You
will have pain in legs due to too much
stress. There could be expenses for
health of your children. Children will
have digestion related problems.

This week you may have feelings of

uneasiness and insecurity. Engage
yourself in happy and positive
activities. Involvement in spiritual
pursuits will give you satisfaction.
You may have some disappointing
moments at work place. There are
chances for disputes with colleagues
and this will hamper your work. You
will be facing challenging situations
at work with various responsibilities to
handle. Expenses will be more and you
will have fewer chances for earning
money. Expenses will be there for your
mother's health. There are chances
for arguments with your partner. Be
willing to make adjustments and
maintain silence when possible to
maintain harmony at home. Avoid
emotional tendencies. You need to
have a friendly approach towards your
partner. It would be better to avoid
consuming confectionery items. You
will maintain normal health. But health
of your siblings will require attention.

You will use your intelligence to

make progress. Results will be in your
favor. You will be more determined in
taking your own decisions. You will
enjoy yourself. There will be goods
gains at work through your hard work.
Superiors will appreciate you. The
week at work will be good. You will get
recognition from your superiors. New
job opportunities will also be present
for you. You will utilize the money for
spiritual activities and a travel related to
the same will give you worthy returns.
You will witness reasonable amount
of money gains. Extra money in the
form of incentives and perks are likely.
Good understanding with your partner
will ensure harmony in relationship.
You will have pleasing conversation
with your partner. Both of you will
spend a quality time together. You will
be fit and active for the week. You will
be physically strong and healthy.

This week the decisions you take

will serve your needs. You will be
happy for the week. You will be able
to secure recognition in your work.
Your potential will come out after
facing some struggles. You will carry
out your work with much ease and
determination. You can make best
out of your efforts to promote your
interests. You will have chances to
get money in the form of perks and
incentives. However, there are fewer
chances for savings. You will have
good amount of funds with you and you
will utilize it for productive purposes.
You will be in good terms with your
partner. Keep a flexible attitude and
a friendly disposition. You will spend
some beautiful moments with your
partner. Health will not be a concern
for the week but still it would be better
to keep a check on your food habits.
Positive mood will reflect positively on
your health.

This week you may have feelings of

insecurity. Be patient and determined
in your approach. Plan your activities
in advance and do not depend on luck.
Comforts would be less for the week. It
would be better to avoid taking major
decisions for the week. There would be
challenges with respect to work. Work
pressure will be there and you need to
plan the week well enough. The week
at work could be a tedious one. There
may be delays in carrying out your
activities within a short period of time.
You will find less scope to improve
your finances. Expenses could be there
for house renovation. You may take up
small loans to fulfill your basic needs.
Avoid unnecessary expenses. Family
issues will bother you and this will
impact your relationship with your
spouse. With some adjustments you
will be able to keep things remain
smooth. You have to spend money for

The week can be utilized for improving

your knowledge. Your happiness and
comforts will increase. Hurdles will be
there but you will be able to overcome
them. You will be able to achieve success
in whatever you do. New contacts will
add in your list. You will be cheerful and
energetic. Success will be achieved after
facing some hurdles. You can also gain
satisfaction from your work if you plan
your work schedule. Results at work will
satisfy you. The quality of work will be
appreciated by your superiors. You will
have sufficient amount of money with
you. Gains will there through loans. You
will be comfortable with your finances.
Your sincere efforts in relationship will
be appreciated by your partner. You will
have romantic feelings for your partner.
Health will not be a concern for you.
Health will not be a concern. Courage
and good level of energy will keep you
in high spirits.




This week being in a happy mood

you will be able to turn things in your
favor. You will be able to troubleshoot
your problems. Workload will be
heavy. You may face some challenging
situations at work. Financial gains
will be limited. Keep a check on your
spending as there are chances for
unwanted expenses. You will have
moderate amount of money with you.
You will be spending on charity and
for spiritual purposes. You may find
it uneasy to handle issues with your
partner. It will be good to have an open
mind and be friendlier. You may face
communication problems with your
partner. Difference of opinion should
be handled carefully. Digestion related
problems will be present. Drink plenty
of water. You need to take care of your
health. There are chances for cold








Friday Nov 7 , 2014

Jaya Slams Son Abhishek's Amitabh Bachchan Wraps

Happy New Year, Calls It
Up 'KBC 8' Shooting
most nonsensical film

It is usually said your mom is your

best critic and rightly so, Abhishek
Bachchan and his work in Happy New
Year has been slammed by none other
than but mommy dear Jaya.
At Tata Literature Live Mumbai
LitFest Jaya said, "HNY is the most
nonsensical film I've seen in recent
years. I said that to the film's lead actor
as well. I watched it only because

Abhishek was part of it. I told him he's

a great actor if he can act stupid in front
of the camera like that. I can't be part of
what is being done in films these days
and hence I don't do films anymore."
A leading portal quoted Jaya also as
saying, "Unfortunately cinema today is
about business, not art. We call good
films art house cinema. What does that
even mean? All cinema is art."

Ekta Kapoor Files A Case On

Sanjay Dutt For Her 1.5Cr

Looks like Sanjay Dutt just got into more

legal trouble than he already is in..! And
this ones over money that he had taken
from Ekta Kapoor sometime back and
not that wasnt even
small but a whopping 1.5 crores!
So this is what actually happened
in the year 2008 that was the reason
behind this whole thing. Ekta Kapoor
and Suniel Shetty were going to
produce this Sanjay Dutt and Suniel
Shetty starrer and for that, Ekta paid
the money to Sanju Babu upon Suniel

Amitabh Bachchan has wrapped up the

shoot for eighth season of his reality
game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'.
The 72-year-old actor finished working
on the grand finale of the current
season, which marked his 602 episode
of the TV series. Bachchan took to
Twitter to express his feelings on the
"The Grand Finale for KBC ends ! It has
been an exciting journey.. I am informed
this was my 602nd episode and 1040th
contestant," he tweeted. The cast of 'Kill
Dil', including Ranveer Singh, Govinda,
Ali Zafar and parineeti Chopra, was the
guest at the grand finale.
"The excitement throughout the day
for the Grand Finale for KBC.. great
moments, and great camaraderie ..
Govinda, Ranveer, on set," Bachchan
tweeted. He also posted some pictures
of himself with the 'Kill Dil' team.
The team of forthcoming film Action
Jackson, including lead pair Ajay
Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha, also shot
the grand finale episode of the eighth
edition of game show Kaun Banega
Crorepati (KBC), which will be aired
on November 9.
Sharing the news, megastar wrote on
his blog: The days coming to an end
for KBC the Grand Finale prepares
and we contribute to our best it is
chaotic, but it is well intended it is
mis managed at times but sincere it
is unpredictable, but then so is life
Big B, who has been associated with
the game show since 2000, posted the

pictures of the final episode, which

was also attended by Action Jackson
director Prabhudheva.
The maiden edition of KBC with
Amitabh as its host went on air in
2000. The show marked Big Bs foray
into the world of television.
The eighth edition of the Indian version
of internationally popular show Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire, also
saw celebrities like Priyanka Chopra,
Deepika Padukone and Rani Mukerji
playing the game.
In this season, the Narula brothers
Achin and Sarthak became the
first to hit the jackpot by winning the
maximum prize money of Rs.7 crore
in a special edition of the show and
Big B was amazed at the effort and
determination of the two brothers.
The 72-year-old was also inspired by a
true story of fiery young lady Usha
Vishwakarma, who came to shoot with
Priyanka. He took to his blog to make a
special mention of the determination and
strength of Vishwakarma from Lucknow
who fought back abuse and wretched
treatment from the opposite sex.
Earlier in the day, the evergreen star
took to sweeping the streets, showing
his involvement in 'Swachh Bharat'
campaign. He also collected garbage.
"It was 'Swach Bharat Abhiyaan'.. went
on the streets and broomed and collected
dirt to clean up the place. The 'Swach
Bharat Abhiyaan'.. personalised !! Let
everyone deserve to be involved.." he
posted on his twitter page.

insisting. But not long after that, Ekta

and Sanjay had a fall out which led to
the film not happening.
From back then, both Suneil and Ekta
Kapoor have been requesting Sanjay
to return the money but only in vain.
Even recently, Suniel Shetty went
over to Manyata Dutt and spoke to her
amicably on this but to no avail. So
finally Ekta Kapoor has decided that it
was time they file a case on him. And
reallywho can even blame Ekta for
this action of hers.

The Fiji Times e-directory

Friday Nov 7 , 2014


Suniel Shares Screen With Akki After Three Years

Their camaraderie goes back a long
way. But, professional differences
had allegedly kept Akshay Kumar and
Suniel Shetty from working together,
their last film being 'Thank You' (2011).
Now we hear that Suniel Shetty has
done a cameo for the Akshay Kumar's
upcoming film, 'The Shaukeens'
starring Lisa Haydon. A source says,
"Suniel and Akshay will once again
be back on the big screen. This is
somewhat special because he will be
seen with Akshay in a film after a gap
of almost three years.
Everyone's excited as both the actors have
a good comic timing. When told about
the cameo, Suniel was very excited and
gave a date for the shoot immediately."
Akshay will be playing himself in
'The Shaukeens'. "This is his most

special appearance till date. But there

are certain fictional traits that have
been added to his character. Director
Abhishek Sharma felt that getting
someone like Suniel Shetty in the
film would add to its fun quotient and
quirky nature," says a source close to
the project.
Sharma says he approached Suniel
for the cameo as he has "shares great
chemistry" with Akshay. "They have
done maximum films together as costars. They share a great camaraderie.
That's why I put forth the idea of having
him in the movie," the director adds.
On being part of The Shaukeens,
Suniel says, "I like the way comedy
is evolving and how new directors are
coming up with innovative ideas. This
(cameo) was really interesting."

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Classic Rack Of Lamb

Delicious Healthy
Strawberry Shake

2 cups milk
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup frozen strawberries

1 or more Frenched* lamb rib racks
with 7 to 8 ribs each (1 1/2 to 2 pounds
for each rack
For each rib rack:
2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tbsp olive oil
*Typically you will buy a rack of lamb
already "Frenched", or cut so that the
rib bones are exposed. You can also ask
your butcher to french them for you.
1. Rub rib rack(s) all over with mixture
of rosemary, thyme, and garlic. Sprinkle
with freshly ground black pepper. Place
in a thick plastic bag with olive oil.
Spread oil around so that it coats the lamb
rack(s) all over. Squeeze out as much air
as you can from the bag and seal. Place
in a container so that if the bag leaks, the
container catches the leak. If you want,
place in the refrigerator overnight. Or,
if you are not marinating overnight, let
lamb rack(s) sit in the rub marinade as
it comes to room temperature before

2. Remove lamb rack from refrigerator

to 1-2 hours before you cook it so that
it comes to room temp. (If the meat is
not at room temperature it will be hard
for it to cook evenly.)
3. Preheat oven to 425F, arrange the
oven rack so that the lamb will be in
the middle of the oven. Score the fat,
by making sharp shallow cuts through
the fat, spaced about an inch apart.
Sprinkle the rack all over with salt and
pepper. Place the lamb rack bone side
down (fat side up) on the pan. Wrap the
exposed ribs in a little foil so that they
don't burn.
4. Place the roast in the oven and lower
the temp to 400F. Roast at 400F
for 8 minutes, then lower the heat to
300F. Cook for 7-15 minutes longer
(depending on the size of the lamb
rack, or one of the lamb racks if you are
cooking more than one), until a meat
thermometer inserted into the thickest
part of the meat 125F on a for rare or
135F for medium rare. Remove from
oven, cover with foil and let rest for
5-10 minutes
Cut lamb chops away from the rack by
slicing between the bones. Serve 2-3
chops per person

In a blender, combine milk, honey,
vanilla and frozen strawberries. Blend
until smooth. Pour into glasses and

Friday Nov 7 , 2014

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Friday Nov 7 , 2014



Straight From The Tropics

Imported by:
GML Fraser Foods Ltd 604.277.0988

Friday Nov 7 , 2014


Whats The Story With Radim Vrbatas Apparent Leg

For your viewing pleasure, we offer

up three things to ponder about the
Vancouver Canucks heading into their
Saturday meeting with the Los Angeles
1. How badly hurt is Radim Vrbata?
Vrbata seems to have a leg ailment of
some kind. He finished the San Jose
game and wound up with 15 minutes, 30
seconds of ice time, but he missed about
seven minutes of the second period.
According to our own Ben Kuzma, the
Sedins running mate was taking some
treatment when the Canucks arrived in
Denver on Monday.
And he offered up a no comment,
when Kuzma asked what was bothering
Now, messing with Da Kuze is one
of my personal pastimes, but I highly
doubt that Vrbata was toying with him
for kicks this early in his tenure with
the hockey club.
For what its worth, Vrbata is averaging
18:04 of ice time with Vancouver.
Vancouver is dealing with assorted
injuries up front. Nick Bonino didnt
take the morning skate due to an


apparent shot-block injury he picked

up in Denver, and Zack Kassian was
a late scratch from the San Jose game.
with a lower body injury, likely from
the check he received from Avalanche
defenceman Nick Holden.
2. Luca Sbisa turned in one of his
better efforts Canuck colours against
San Jose, playing a team-high 20:48.
Is that a sign of him going in the right
You forget hes only 24. Hes a month
younger than Chris Tanev, a few months
younger than Ryan Stanton. Hes two
years junior to Yannick Weber.
He was a beast as a junior. He was
good enough, in fact, to go 19th
overall in the 2008 draft. Thats two
spots after the Toronto Maple Leafs
took Jake Gardiner, three picks before
the Edmonton Oilers grabbed Jordan
Heres a little Sbisa video that
Vancouver Giants fans might be
familiar with.
3. With Justin Williams (blurred vision
after being struck near the eye with a
stick Tuesday in Dallas) sidelined, the

WWE Needs To Take Advantage

Of Vince Mcmahon's Popularity

Vince McMahon made a rare

appearance during the last episode of
Raw. And judging by the fans' reaction
to him, he is still a very popular
There is no denying that Triple H
and Stephanie McMahon make good
authority figures, but they can't hold
a candle to the original evil boss of
There's a certain confidence and
charisma to the CEO that simply
cannot be replicated. His walk, his

voice and his demeanor are small

details. But together, they help create a
very entertaining personality.
The fact that Vince maintains such a
high level of popularity is a testament
to how good he is at playing the Mr.
McMahon character, and it's something
WWE needs to take advantage of.
Vince is at every TV taping, so there
isn't a good reason why he can't appear
a little more frequently. Not only would
he bring back some nostalgic memories
for older fans, but his presence might
actually help the ratings.

Los Angeles Kings went with noted

Canuck pest Jordan Nolan on their top
line for much of Thursdays 2-1 shootout loss to the New York Islanders.
Dustin Brown took Williams usual
spot besides Anze Kopitar and Marian
Gaborik late in the contest.
Williams is being listed as day-to-day,

so its merely guessing right now about

whether he plays against the Canucks.
Nolan only played 10:57 on Thursday,
so he might not being going back to
prime duty against the Canucks if
Williams is out..
Canuck fans might remember Nolan
from this little episode.

The Vancouver Canucks

Are The 4th Most Expensive
NHL Team To See Live

Ticket prices have always been a hot

topic when it comes to the Vancouver
According to the latest data, the
average cost to see the Canucks is
$114.2 or about 30 per cent higher than
the league average of $87.80.
This puts the Canucks right behind
Toronto, Boston and the New York

Rangers. The Maple Leafs are still the

most expensive team in the NHL.
The calculation is based on the cost for
a single fan to purchase an averagepriced ticket, one beer, one soft drink,
one hot dog, and half the cost of parking
at the stadium, since youre more than
likely to split the cost of parking with
two or more individuals.