BGFAX 1.09 WED 22 DEC 93 ------------------------The expiration date has been changed to March 31, 1994. expired on December 31, 1993.

) ATTN: ATTN: ATTN: ATTN: Gary Jipp Georges Bourne Cliff Reid Michael Kramm (BGFAX 1.08

I don't know your mailing address! I don't know your mailing address! The post office didn't like your address! The post office didn't like your address!

:::::: NEW STUFF :::::: 0. If you DON'T own a USR modem, go to #2 ... IF YOU PLAN ON USING BGFAX 1.09 WITH A USR MODEM, YOU MUST BE USING THE BETA FIRMWARE (12/08/93 SUPERVISOR DATE)! If you are using the 09/20/93 Supervisor date, STAY WITH BGFAX 1.08 until the new firmware is publicly released. There were many minor changes (bug fixes, improvements, etc.) since the 09/20 date that make a big enough difference so that this version will not work on the non-Beta models. Now, anyone want to take a guess on how many netmail messages or voice calls I get asking why people are getting unreadable faxes with BGFAX 1.09 and their 09/20 USR modems?? <grin>. 12/08 USR users: Note that you should be using +FNR=1,1,1 instead of +FNR=1,1 which I was previously saying to use. (The extra one will allow for the USR modem to report the inbound fax identity. I'm don't think this works in the 09/20 models.) Also, note that BGFAX no longer shifts to 19200 when receiving a fax in Class 2.0 mode. EXCEPTION: If you are locked at 38400, it WILL shift to 19200 because of a small bug in the 12/08 firmware. (Remember that in the 09/20 firmware, I believe the shift had to happen. So, again, another reason why BGFAX 1.09 won't work with 09/20 models.) Another note, in the 12/08 firmware, the fax is received in DIRECT bit order, not REVERSED bit order (the case in 09/20). Direct bit order is the order that the ZyXEL receives faxes into. Reversed bit order is the order that most draft-based Class 2 modems receive into. (This is the reason some USR beta testers experienced "unreadable faxes" when they were using BGFAX 1.08). 1. BGFAX now adds Class 2.0 /SEND mode. AGAIN YOU MUST BE USING THE 12/08 BETA FIRMWARE TO TRY THIS OPTION! IF YOU ARE USING THE 09/20/93 MODEL, YOU MUST BE BGFAX 1.08 (NO /SEND MODE). 2. Attempted to address problems people have reported with BGFAX and Desqview. Previous versions of BGFAX were giving ticks away to DV while receiving the fax. This is no longer done. Now, BGFAX only gives away ticks when in /HOST mode waiting for calls. (It will also do an Int28h while waiting for calls as well, in case your running /HOST mode under an OS/2 DOS box.) 3. BGFAX will now not allow dialing of any number (in send mode) that starts as "911". BGFAX will just pretend the modem is generating a "BLACKLISTED" response code.

BGFAX (send mode) will now exit with an errorlevel of 7 on black listed numbers. (This should never happen in the United States with the exception of the "911" number that is internally blacklisted by BGFAX.) 4. BGFAX, when trying to send an outgoing fax, would not count "failed" fax calls as "failed" if the connect had made it past the "+FCON" state. Now, it should correctly incorrect the number of failed connects, thus, no longer getting stuck in a loop calling some poor fax machine. 5. Now will support 43/50 line EGA/VGA text mode, by adding a /50 to the BGFAX command line, i.e.: BGFAX /FAX C:\BGFAX 1 Z /50 6. If you don't like to use environment variables, you can now specify the pathname to the BGFAX.CNF file by using the "$" modifier. ex: BGFAX /HOST /50 $C:\BATMAN\ROBIN.CNF BGFAX /SEND C:\BGFAX\FAX0001.ZFX 893-9124 $C:\BATMAN\BATGIRL.CNF The "$" modifer must be the last thing on the command line. Instead of looking for a BGFAX.CNF file as specified by the BGFAX environment variable, this will cause BGFAX to look for a "ROBIN.CNF" (in host mode) or "BATGIRL.CNF" if sending. The "$" modifer has NO EFFECT on rear end mode operation. BGFAX 1.08 SUN 21 NOV 93 ------------------------1. Added ZyXEL Class Fax Receive. Now, BGFAX can directly use the ZyXEL's fax routines. Now, you can use AT#B1+FCLASS=6 to initialize the modem in ZyXEL fax mode, and using the regular "ATA" to answer the phone. Example rear-end command line: BGFAX /FAX C:\BGFAX 1 Z When BGFAX loads, it will see the "ZyXEL" string come out of your modem and shift to ZyXEL fax mode, rather than Class 2 fax mode. If for some reason, the above does not work, you can try: BGFAX /FZYX C:\BGFAX 1 Z You should use this parameter if your mailer exits on the string "ZyXEL" rather than the string "CONNECT FAX". 2. Added FOSSIL support. If BGFAX's internal communication routines work, there is no reason to use FOSSIL support. FOSSIL support does not currently work with any send mode. To use FOSSIL mode use the following method to your batch file that calls BGFAX: If you are using a ZyXEL (or modem that does not require a shift to 19200 when receiving faxes): BGFAX /FAX C:\BGFAX 1 Z

If you are using a non-ZyXEL modem: BNU /L0=0 BGFAX /FAX C:\BGFAX F1 Z BNU /L0=38400 Note the "F1" means for BGFAX to use the FOSSIL on COM1. The "/L0=0" parameter on BNU means for BNU to "unlock the port". Why? Because, the FOSSIL driver will *ignore* a DTE shift request when its in "locked" mode. BGFAX will be unable to relock your port with the FOSSIL driver, so that is the purpose of the second BNU line. It re-locks COM1 at 38400 (or whatever) rate you want to use. 3. New BGFAX.CNF option for sending. "DT=60". This sets a "dial timeout" to 60 seconds. (i.e., when sending an outgoing fax, BGFAX 1.06 and below would always cancel out after 40 seconds. Now it's settable.) 4. Added another test environment variable. "SET FAXDLY=17" will cause BGFAX to hang loose for 1.7 seconds before doing anything. You should never have to use this. The number specified is in deciseconds. BGFAX 1.07 SUN 14 NOV 93 ------------------------0. Registered users should have already, or real soon now, be receiving a letter from me that explains the new registration logic in this release. If you have not received your letter, call me voice at 713-893-9320 to receive your new registration code. I do not have a valid address for Michael Waybright, Robin Davis, Gary Jipp, Cliff Reid, Don Appleton and Dan Mancuso. You need to send me your address so I can send you the new registration code! 1. Added /FCO mode for those of you with the new Class 2.0 USR faxmodems. NOTE: BGFAX /SEND mode still does NOT work. If /FCO does not work you you, try /FCON as a last resort. For more information, open the HELPME.ARJ file and look at the following files: USR-FD.TXT, BGFAX.USR and READ.ME 2. For those out you who hate the fax alert sound that BGFAX plays after receiving a fax, this can now be suppressed, e.g.: BGFAX /FAX C:\BGFAX 1 Z /NS Where the "/NS" means No Sound. 3. Front end people must now start the program ... BGFAX /HOST or like this ... BGFAX /HOST:14 Which will cause BGFAX front end mode to exit with an errorlevel of 6 after 14 idle minutes have elapsed. I am still planning a major overhaul of the event structure of frontend mode, but have been busy with other new features. This is a temporary solution.

If you type "BGFAX" alone, it will now give you a short help screen giving some sketchy details :-) about all the / parameters. 4. For /HOST, /INIT, and /SEND modes. If you have an in=ATZ or an si=ATZ in your BGFAX.CNF files, these lines can be taken out. Now, BGFAX will always issue an "ATZ" command as the first init string performed. While I don't really like to hardcode information like this into my programs, it seems that on some fax modems, an "ATZ" while sometimes "unlock" some faxmodems after they have "crashed". (Yes, isn't it great that our modems are getting so complex they crash!) If this ATZ proves to be a major problem, I can take it out, but I don't expect it to be, as almost everyone was using an in=ATZ anyway. 5. Support for "Supra Silent Answer" added. THIS FEATURE IS NOT FOR BBS SYSOPS, THIS IS FOR MR. JOE USER. Supra Silent Answer lets you have your modem take faxes and your answering machine take messages. This is useful because you don't have to buy a $80 fax switch box. You do however have to buy an $8 "tele protector" (Part #43-107) from Radio Shack if your answering machine does not automatically cut off when you pick up an extension phone. When installing the modem, DO NOT plug the answering machine into the telephone jack on the back of the modem. Instead, do ONE of the following: a. Plug the answering machine and modem into different wall jacks (i.e., jacks in different rooms.) b. Plug the answering machine into a wall jack and the modem into the answering machine. To use BGFAX's silent answer mode, make a batch file: SILENT.BAT ~~~~~~~~~~ @echo off bgfax /host* c:\bgfax 1 z if errorlevel 1 silent.bat Where "c:\bgfax" is the directory for received faxes, "1" is the com port, and "z" means ZFAX format. BGFAX 1.06 TUE 14 SEP 93 ------------------------Changes between BGFAX 1.0 Beta 5 and BGFAX 1.06 ... 1. People with EXAR based fax modems are having problems sending faxes. The EXAR, at various points, spits out the response "CED". When dialing out, BGFAX would see the "CED" response and think it was some kind of error (such NO DIALTONE, BUSY, etc.) Now, BGFAX ignores the "CED" response. 2. Attempted to add support for the new USR Class 2.0 Courier faxmodems that should begin shipping on or about September 20. At present, I have not been able to get in contact with anyone that has one of these modems readily available for testing, so I have NO IDEA if it will work with them or not. I also heard that the NetComm modems in OZ may use Class 2.0 already? If so, I'd appreiciate a looksee from a NetComm owner.

3. New things in the BGFAX.CNF file for frontend, /INIT, and /SEND people: tc=ATHMH1 ; tc ... string bgfax sends to modem to terminate communications sw=10 ; sw ... seconds to wait before redialing when sending faxes ky=P,170 ; ky ... alt-key, errorlevel to exit on when waiting for calls Also, make sure your ds= entry is set to ds=ATDT *instead of* ds=AT+FCLASS=2;DT as was included in the BGFAX.CNF on Beta 5. Because of the changes done for Class 2.0 support, any +FCLASS entry you set in the ds= entry will make BGFAX fail. It will handle the FCLASS itself. 4. Added optional parameter when sending faxes. like so: Normally to send you do it

BGFAX /SEND C:\BGFAX\FAX0001.ZFX 893-9124 You can still do that, or, you can also tell BGFAX to force the maximum fax rate down to a certain speed like so: BGFAX /SEND:7200 C:\BGFAX\FAX0001.ZFX 893-9124 Valid rates are 2400, 4800, 7200, 9600, 12000, and 14400. When you use the rate option on the /SEND parameter BGFAX will *NOT* check your modem capabilties, so it will assume you know what your doing. (For example, telling a faxmodem with a maxmium rate of 9600 to fax at 12000 or 14400 may yield unpredictable results.) 5. In /SEND mode, if a fax is successfully transmitted, BGFAX will now exit with an errorlevel of 5 instead of no errorlevel. (It will continue to exit with an errorlevel of 1 if transmission is unsuccessful.) Also, BGFAX will now reserve all single digit errorlevels for future use. So make sure that if you use any events in front end mode that the errorlevel number is greater than 9. 6. The way the DOPRINT.BAT is handled has changed again. CALL C:\BGFAX\EXEPRINT.BAT C:\BGFAX\FAX0158.ZFX CALL C:\BGFAX\EXEPRINT.BAT C:\BGFAX\FAX0159.ZFX CALL C:\BGFAX\EXEPRINT.BAT C:\BGFAX\FAX0160.ZFX As you can see, every time a fax is received, the DOPRINT.BAT file is appended. Remember to delete the DOPRINT.BAT file after you process it. 7. BGFAX was incorrectly reporting "Finished" on all documents in the FAXIN.LOG file whether all pages were received or not. Fixed. 8. For BGFAX frontend users ... When BGFAX goes to its waiting for event mode, it will now busy out the telephone line instead of letting the line ring as it did before. 9. When I fixed the Beta 4 EOL bug, I introduced a new bug. (These EOL things aren't really bugs, just logic errors.) This version should have a perfect EOL determination engine. (i.e., to determine whether the two-to-three byte sequence is an End-Of-scan-Line marker.) Here is a sample: