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ROQUETTE PHARMA – Making Life Better

OQUETTE is a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical Europe, Asia, and USA enables ROQUETTE to develop
excipients and actives. As a leading global partner functional excipients such as diluent-binders, granulation
of the pharmaceutical industry, ROQUETTE has binders, disintegrants, and film coating polymers.
been actively developing starch-based functional
An in-house team of scientists is able to contribute to the
pharmaceutical excipients active ingredients and nutraceutical
design of pharmaceutical formulations and facilitate customers’
ingredients to enable outstanding formulations.
developments, notably in the areas of:
The U.S. FDA and European authorities regularly audit our • Tablets obtained by direct compression or wet granulation
manufacturing facilities guaranteeing consistent compliance and • OTC and nutraceuticals as fiber sources and mineral
reliability of ROQUETTE’s services and products to the highest supplements
international quality requirements. • Syrups, suspensions, Granules and sachets
• Tablet Film coating and Thin-film delivery systems
Leading Role in Injectables and Dialysis Solutions • Toothpastes and mouthwashes
ROQUETTE is the specialist of excipients for injectables and • Injectables (enteral and parenteral solutions)
dialysis solutions. Produced for over 20 years, pyrogen free
dextrose monohydrate LYCADEX® PF is used by majority Focus on Innovation
of pharmaceutical companies involved in the production of The demand for novel functional excipients and health
injectable solutions and infusions. supplements continues to grow steadily. Thanks to our
longstanding track record in excipients and actives innovation,
The established range also includes pyrogen free polyols ROQUETTE is ready to meet this challenge:
(PEARLITOL® PF mannitol, NEOSORB® PF sorbitol, and • NUTRIOSE® soluble fibers for nutraceutical formulations and
XYLISORB®PF xylitol) and KLEPTOSE®HPB, pyrogen free clinical enteral nutrition
hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin. Committed to providing the • NUTRALYS® - a new natural, nonGMO, allergen free pea
most complete range of safe and reliable products for dialysis and protein
parenteral applications, ROQUETTE most recently introduced • LYCOAT® Novel starch-based polymers specifically developed
pharma grade LACTATE and GLUCONATE salts. for fast and simple aqueous film coating.
• LYCATAB® Mineral – a compound developed for mineral
The Polyol World Leader supplementation for nutraceutical and OTC applications
Thanks to its leadership in polyols, ROQUETTE offers the • PEARLITOL® mannitol as outstanding diluent-binder for
broadest polyol excipient range providing excellent chemical solid dosage forms
stability with good taste, sugar-free sweetness and oral health • KLEPTOSE® cyclodextrins for molecular encapsulation/
benefits for numerous pharmaceutical applications. This solubilization
• PEARLITOL® crystalline mannitol and granulated mannitol, Let us share our expertise with you to create outstanding new
• NEOSORB® sorbitol, formulations!
• MALTISORB® maltitol,
• XYLISORB® xylitol and Contact us: You can now gain immediate access to ROQUETTE’s
• LYCASIN® maltitol syrups extensive range of excipients and actives, as well as services
through our dedicated pharma website: www.roquettepharma.
Functional Excipients for Formulation Challenges com. You can also contact us directly at the following e-mail
A dedicated manufacturing, research and QC network in address:

Roquette America, Inc.

1417 Exchange Street
Keokuk, IA 52632
Tel 319-524-5757; 800-553-7035