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Unilever was created in 1930 when the British soap-maker Lever Brothers merged with
the Dutch margarine producer, Margarine Unie.Unilever Company came into the Pakistan
market in 1949 with the name of Lever Brothers Pakistan. Changed the name Lever
Brothers Pakistan to Unilever in year 2003.The leading consumer products company in
Pakistan, a multinational with deep roots in the country. Change is inevitable and a leader
must be willing to embrace change rather than resist it. When new technology opens the
possibility of a new market rather that may threaten the existing one, a successful firm
should consider entering the new market so that it will have the first-mover advantage in
it. For example Surf loss it leadership as Ariel came with a better technology powder safe
for hands and tough on dirt. Surf did recently a marvellous campaign of Dirt is Good.
The company has been able to maintain its leadership position because it used its
resources to make a move into competitive arena.
Mission Statement
The leading consumer products company in Pakistan, a multinational with deep
roots in the country.
Meet the everyday needs of people everywhere to anticipate the aspirations of
consumers and customers and to respond creatively and competitively with
branded products and services which raise the quality of life.
Drive to serve consumers in a unique and effective way.
Attract and develop highly talented people, who are exited, empowered and
committed to deliver double-digit growth.
Serve everybody needs of all the consumers everywhere for foods. Hygiene and
beauty through branded products and service that deliver the best quality and
Strive to maintain an ever simple and enterprising business.
Use superior consumer understanding to produce breakthrough innovation in
brands and channels.

Committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our

environmental impact and to the longer-term goal of developing a sustainable

Brands capture the heart of consumers through outstanding communication.

With branded products and services which raise the quality of life.
Through managing a responsive supply chain management, they maximize value
from suppliers to customers.
They are exemplary through commitment to business ethics, health, environment
and involvement in the community.
Company Values
Unilever Vision, Mission, Values, and Code of Business Principles are the principle
belief of the company.
Employees are ambassadors of Unilever, both inside and outside the work place.
Respect Individual differences and provide equal opportunity regardless of gender,
ethnic or social background.
Treat each employee and contacts with respect, regardless of grade and job title.
Set the business priority accordingly.
Respect time enthusiastically to achieve growth.
Company search for new ideas even by the consumers.
Every person is a potential Unilever customer, they treat all with respect.
Ensure superior quality products and services and aiming for zero complaints.
Never lose a consumer, Own the problem, win them back and ensure they feel
positively treated.

TARGET Market & Segmentation:

Mainly housewives but the things have to be seen in context. Pakistans middle income
group comprises about 35 million consumers. They have a combined spending power of
Poland. But Surf excel is not just targeting the middle income category. With the broadest
socio-economic footprint amongst consumer goods competitors, Surf excel is also
looking at lower income market as well as higher income bracket with different set of
That was the income bracket but if we analyze the commercial aired on tv or radio or via
print media we will notice that most of the communication is done by the help of children
through tag line Dirt is Good. The philosophy behind this is the children are the best
influencers for the deciders. The children with this eyes catching phrase try to influence
the decision for their parents who are the deciders.
Market segments are group of customers having similar needs / wants and preferences. It
enables the organization to more closely match it marketing mix with the customers of
same needs or demands.
Consumers can be grouped and served in various ways based on geographic,
demographic, psychographic and behavioural basis.
Ideally every consumer is a different market segment, but in order to maintain the
balance between mass production and focused on individualism Surf Excel divides the
market on the basis of income group, For each identified segment they market the
product in various sizes,
Surf Excel is the Market leader in the laundry detergent market; it caters all the segment
of the society by offering different sized of Stock Keeping Units - SKU(s) segmentation
based on different family sizes and the income groups.
The reason for those SKU(s) is to pass maximum alternatives to the different segments
based on various economic classes and segments, Company also launched a 15 gms
packing in order to penetrate deeply in the less income group whose income may less
than 6,000 Rs., their SKU(s) are:


1 Kg
700 gms
400 gms
100 gms
35 gms
15 gms

Price (Rs.)

Those SKU(s) allow Surf Excel to deeply penetrate in the market by covering all
possible washing powder consumers, based on income group. It also enjoys the market
share of around 38% among the total branded laundry detergents in Pakistan.
35 and 15 gms SKU(s) are also called hanging SKU(s), it targets in lower class of society
areas, like Orangi Town, Sohrab Goth, Shair Shah. Company gives special focus on the
availability and visibility of these particular two SKU(s) (35 & 15 gms) in all shops of
those low-line areas.
The purpose of focussing on these SKU(s) is to cater the demand of the consumers as per
their low purchasing power and capacity to buy the well known brand and to generate
more and more trials among the consumers to make them brand loyal. That is why the
company calls these small SKU(s) a trial generation SKU(s).

Surf excel believes that stains ae good. This is because when children go out and play and
get dirty, they dont just collect stains. They experience life, make friends, share with
each other and learn from each other. last year however, surf has taken the concept of Dirt
is Good because Dirt = play & play is good to a deeper level and addresses the issues
surrounding childrens play; the idea of learning through play, the obstacles towards play,
the impact of not enough play for our children. As a socially responsible company and
brand, it believes that they can create a platform on which they can take this message
forward to showcase how playing helps children mentally and physically. the
Regional brand team meets and decides where to launch which product. Market insights
should match with local insights. Surf Excel mainly unilever has a new phenomena. It
consults all 3 trade models while designing packaging for surf excel.
Surf Excel is available in different sizes and quantities in the market for different prices.
Its competitors in upper class segments are Ariel which is product of P&G and brite total.
The company has offered 1kg of surf excel in the market for 190 Rs. Besides that it is
also available in market in sachet and half kg. It is priced for every consumer according
to his or her financial status.
In 2007-08 unilever adopted one of the price adjustment strategies which have discount
and allowance pricing as they offered. Through this strategy promotional pricing strategy
also came in progress as their product was promoted through it sales increasing rapidly.
But as its competitors also reacted for this change through customizing their offerings
and price cuts surf excel was finally focused towards price increases.
Several other offers have also been introduced by ariel and brite in the market using
promotional, discounts and psychological pricing strategies and for that surf excel have
also responded efficiently through its strategies.
Unilever-->IMT through annual pricing plan

For case 1
List price
Add Distributor price (5%)

trade price
retail price

Rs 175
Rs 182.5

(5%) Rs 189
(10%) Rs 210

For case 2
List price
Rs 190
Trade price (10.25%) Rs 210
Surf excels also launches temporary price reduction (TPR) such as 0.25/unit for a week
or for a month. They also give bonus such as 25 cartons----.5/case
Sales force in Surf Excel is divided into three types: General Trade (general stores,
Kiryana stores, Medical and General stores), Local modern trade ( super stores such as
Aghaz, naheed, D-mart) and international modern trade ( Large house such as makro and
Merchandising drives: It depends on channel the team is choosing to communicate its
product (surf excel). They may ask the retailer to have at least 50 pieces of surf in their
shelves along with POS materials ( poster banner shelves)
Outdoor Media Agency is appointed for the advertising campaigns via billboard and
signboards. These OMA classify different regions under Strata, ranging from 1 to 6.
Strata 1 includes cities like Karachi and Lahore, Strata2 includes cities with
comparatively less density and so on. They may select sites as per the following example:
Strata 1 would have 60% advertising sites
Strata 2 would have 40% advertising sites
Strata 3 would have 20% advertising sites
Strata 4 nil
They may book the site either for 30, 60, or 90 days depending upon the nature of the
product, budget of the campaign and rent of site selected. The most effective advertising
site in Pakistan is Sharah-e-Faisal. The effective billboard which is displayed on the left

of the driver and is at a height of 40 to 50 feet with an exception of flyovers, bridges and
high altitude road.
The plus point of the marketing strategy of surf excel is that when all other brands were
campaigning against stains and how dirt is bad for clothes, surf excel came up with
tagline Dirt is Good.
Mind share is the Media Buying House for unilever in Pakistan. The airtime is purchased
depending on the relative price and numbers of spots the brand is getting. These spots
must be enough so that recall value is created within the customer, mind. Frequency of
target market is also analyzed. In electronic media, especially Television PTV and ATV
has the biggest country viewership. Whereas in Private sector Hum tv and ARY are the
biggest tv production and broadcasting house. The selection of print and electronic media
depends on the nature of product and marketing strategies. The ration is divided for print
and electronic Media in the beginning of the compaign. As on Hum tv top brands
advertised in the given ration
No Brand


1 Sunsilk shampoo
2 Pepsi
3 Walls
4 Pel product
5 Clear shampoo
6 Zong
7 Surf excel
8 Brooke Bond supreme
9 Peak freans biscuit
10 Knorr
11 Hilal pan pasand 2.0
Moreover retailing consumer product is unilevers bread and butter. The company has the
biggest retail in the country with the company servicing 500,00 outlets of which 50% are
covered direct by the company distributors and the balance through wholesalers. For
company the main business is done by General trade as compared to IMT or LMT,
therefore different incentives and preferences are given to general retailers wholesalers
and distributors.

Market share plays a prominent role in business research and standing in the market.
Although Surf Excel is the leading brand, it also faces competition.
Major competitors for Surf Excel are:
Bonus and Express
Procter and Gamble market nearly 300 brands - including Pampers, Tide,
Ariel, Always, Whisper, Pantene, Bounty. In July 1997, they launched
Ariel in Pakistan based on a sophisticated and advanced formula. Its
breakthrough formula was warmly welcomed by the Pakistani consumers
and in a short time span it steals a significant amount of market share from
Surf Excel.
New Ariel delivers against one of the key Pakistani consumer needs: a detergent that can
give spotless cleaning to both coloured and white clothes. This is because new Ariel
contains a unique double action system, which gets fully dissolved unlike bar soap.
Colgate Palmolive - backed by Lackson Group of Industries, entered into
the laundry detergent market by launching a product with a name Brite in
1980. Although it was unable to capture the significant market share of
Surf Excel, but is one of its main competitors. Brite also changes its
packing from poly bags to suit the needs of consumers.
Bonus and Express
Bonus and Express, both products of Colgate Palmolive - backed by
Lackson Group of Industries, are a few of the oldest laundry detergents in
Pakistan and enjoy a reasonable amount of share in laundry detergents
market. Because of the low price factor, they attract the lower segment of

market. But due to inferior quality and less fragrance, they are unable to attract huge
Market Share
In term of market share Unilever Surf Excel enjoys the maximum; graphically it can be
represented as:



In C & CD, first comes the Director, under that Director comes a General Sales manager,
this General Sales manager leads five Regional Managers in the country, Regional
Manager of Karachi leads five Area Sales Managers (ASM), and each Area Sales
Manager has eight Territory Sales Officers (TSO).
This department is responsible for the sales target of the entire Pakistan, basically targets
are given by they region (Singapore) and than the C & CD department distributes the
targets accordingly to the contribution of each different region in Pakistan.

C & CD Director

General Sales
(Liaquat Qadri)







Each ASM has 8 TSOs


Distribution Channel and Supply Chain Management:

Unilever has an Intensive dealership network of 450 distributors all over the Pakistan,
Unilever also prohibits distributors from carrying competitive brand of competitors. For
distribution it supports intensive distribution policy which suggests targeting the product
through each and every outlet.
In Karachi itself there are 7 distributors for all its products, those 7 distributors distribute
the product all over the 17,500 shops twice a week, form those 17,500 shops there are
2,000 whole-sellers, who distribute the supply further to the other 7,000 shops.








Apex Federal B Area, Gulshan, Gulistan E Johar.

Gizri - Defence, Soldier Bazar, Pakistan Chowk, Saddar, Bahadurabad, and Tariq
Irfan Traders - North Nazimabad and Buffer Zone.
Al-Hamza - Orangi town.
Saya - Juria Bazar.
Creative - Shah Faisal Colony, and Malir.
Mehtab - Landhi and Korangi.


Unilever distributes Surf Excel in the market through the following channels:


General Trade

Out of Home

Modern Trade

General Trade
All classes of retail outlets, such as A, B, C, D, E and the whole-sellers are targeted by
general trade, Normal trade discounts, offers and consumer promotions are given by the
company and time to time merchandising competition are run.
Out of Home
The markets such as Hotels, restaurants, and Army CSDs stores are covered by this
distribution channel.
Modern Trade
In order to retain and maintain the customer base especially in the upper class, upper
lower class, and upper middle class of the society. Modern trade focuses on self service
stores. Special and trade offers and consumer promotions are run by the company along
with the creative merchandising competition, these all activities are meant to capture the
market, and maintain its customers and to increase brand loyalty.


Product/Market expansion Grid:

PMG is a portfolio-planning tool for identifying company growth opportunities through
market penetration, market development, product development, or diversification.
The Product/Market expansion Grid
Present Product




New Product


If we analyze the Unilevers product, Surf Excel brought the idea of Green n Red
speckles that penetrate deep into the fabric to help remove tough stains and give shine
and brightness to clothes.
As it is a new innovation in detergent industry, so it is a New Product and comes under
both the categories, the product development as it serves to its present market with an
innovative product, also it falls in the category of diversification as this innovation
attracts new customers too. Thus it brought new market for Unilever.



Target Customers of the Product
The target customer of the product are middle class n upper middle class because though
quite in a good reach to rural people so there main target is to sustain that rural people
with creating
new customers in the middle class n upper middle class. Though its quite difficult for
create because its competitors r in wide range then SURF EXECL but SURF EXECL
have his name which is quite
familiar to each n every people or detergent user in the country.
Consumer Wants / Needs /Demands
Better quality products.
Cheaper in price.
Variety in detergent for expensive clothes.
Easily availability
Attractive packaging
Edge over other brand
Eco-friendly / Non pollutant
Why Consumer Buy This Product.?
Cheaper in price than others.
The new improvement in the product will attract consumer very much in low price.
SURF EXECL Should Work On :
Introduction of sachet
Introduction of Family jar
Introduction of Liquid detergent for woolen clothes
Improvement in Research n Development group
Improvement in Distributing patterns
Introduction of attractive packet
Offer better commission to the seller for selling of product
Better advertisement
Enhance the mode of advertisement like through radio, free distribution,
Feedback Demonstration of new packet
Factor that affect people ?


According to the survey the chart shows that almost 450% peoples are
using SURF EXECL because of their low price, Whereas 225% peoples
are believed in Brand image of the SURF EXECL. As above chart
shows that 150% people affected by the Advertisement of SURF
EXECL and 105% peoples are using SURF EXECL because of its
Super SURF EXECL Washing Powder ::...
Exploding the myth that better quality always demands higher price,
SURF EXECL introduced a spray-dried blue coloured washing powder
in the premium segment, in 1996. Available in 25g, 500g and 1000g
packs, this product out-classed its competitor brands. Though, priced
almost 40 % lesser, thus providing a very attractive value-formoney proposition. This brand, within a short span of two years, had
cornered substantial market share in the premium detergent segment
and continues to perform well.
Super SURF EXECL Detergent Cake ::...
To meet the growing aspirations of consumers and to offer them valuechain product portfolio, SURF EXECL introduced Super SURF EXECL
Detergent Cake, in 1992. Available in 125g and 250g pack sizes, this
product, within a short span, convinced the consumers of competitor
brands to switch their loyalty towards Super SURF EXECL detergent cake.
With a high detergency value, this product offers quality wash to their
Super SURF EXECL Detergent Cake was ranked as the fastest Climber for
the year 1997-98 in the detergent cake/ bars category


SURF EXECL Popular Detergent Powder ::...

To cater to the needs of the specific target audience, SURF EXECL
launched a good quality product at a very affordable price. The
objective is to convert the non-users of detergents into users and also
prevent the competitors and local manufacturers to lure away the
prospective SURF EXECL consumers by sub-standard products. This
product has created a loyal consumer base of its own and has
established substantial amount of volumes. It is available in pack sizes
of 500g and 1000g pack sizes.
SURF EXECL Popular Detergent Cake ::...
The positioning of SURF EXECL Popular Detergent Cake is similar to
that of SURF EXECL Popular Detergent
Powder. This product is available in 125g and 250g pack sizes, targeted
to first-time detergent cake user segment.

Direct / Indirect Competition


From the above chart we can easily observe that SURF EXECL holds approx. 26% of
total market as related
to its competitors. As we can also observe that Hul covers most of the market share thats
39%. We
can also see that others also capture good market share thats 25% it includes domesic
detergent like
Ghadi and all.
It is time for the two major detergent manufacturers - Hindustan Lever (HLL) and Henkel
Spic - to lather up a froth by aggressively relaunching their mid-priced (Rs. 42 - Rs.45)
detergent powder market in India.
While HLL relaunched its Rin Shakti, Henkel Spic followed suit with Mr. White. Both
products have
an improved product proposition with new ingredients and come in redesigned packs.
The Rs.5,700 crore detergent market is segmented into two product categories - powder
and cake.
Within this, the detergent powder market is further sub divided into four categories concentrates/compact (variants of Surf, Henko, Ariel), premium (variants of Surf, Henko,
mass premium/mid price (Rin, Mr.White, Tide and regional brands) and popular (SURF
EXECL, Wheel,
Value-wise, the premium segment contributes a major share while the popular brands


the volumes. However the detergents market in a general has not grown in the last couple
of years,
hence the relaunches
Says Henkel Spic's managing director, Satish Kumar, "The relaunch is not only to infuse
excitement into the market but also to offer better product to the consumers."
The first to move was HLL. Early in January, this year, the company relaunched its Rin
powder as the New Rin Powder. The newness is the detergent's property to dissolve fully
in the
water unlike with the earlier product and other competing brands. This, claims the
results in lower usage and better cleaning of the fabric - a technology patented by
According to HLL, other detergents leave behind a mud-like residue, while Rin's new
allows 100 per cent dissolution and enhanceing whiteness. HLL had earlier incorporated
this in its
detergent bar variant, Rin Supreme. In addition, the New Rin Powder also has enhanced
For HLL the Rin brand - powder and cake - brings in a whopping Rs.700 crore revenue
per annum.
On the other hand, Henkel Spic's Kumar claims that Mr. White is the only eco-friendly
detergent in
its segment which also produces dazzling whiteness and comes with a fresh fragrance.
"We have
strengthened the ingredients in the detergents. Further, the powder comes in the new
gusset pack to portray the premium quality and strong shelf visibility."
According to him, the Rs.50 crore revenue Mr.White is the number two brand in the
segment with a
market share of 14 per cent, which with the relaunch is expected to go up to 20 per cent.
The brand
has good presence in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Predictably consumers of both brands have to suffer a slight price hike. Defends Kumar,
"The price
hike of Mr. White is just one rupee to take care of the increase in input costs." According
to him, for
the past two years there was no price increase though the costs of inputs had gone up.
While Mr.White is available for Rs.42 per kg, the New Rin Powder is available at an


price of Rs.42/kg as against the normal price of Rs.45.

HLL's television commercial for the New Rin Powder talks about the consumer's desire
to sport
sparkling white clothes. On the other hand Henkel Spic's commercial uses a top-down
The commercial features a scientist's family as users of Mr.White feeling happy with its
removing properties.
Says Kumar, "Research shows that people generally believe in the voices of authority and
like scientists, doctors, teachers." The company does not forsee any brand cannibalisation
Mr.White and its Rs 100-crore Henko, with the former eating into Henko's market share.
"The respective brand positioning (Henko, the stain remover, and Mr.White, the dazzling
detergent) and target markets segments are different," remarks Kumar.



The networks of the SURF EXECL are also good.

In terms of timely delivery SURF EXECL prefer most of the dealers because it has
own company depot. As a result timely delivery is possible.
In spontaneously all the consumer knows about the SURF EXECL. With it there
other companies like; wheel, Ghadi, Arial, etc.
It was great to see the plant and machinery operating automatically. The
management and working environment of this unit is favorable.
In the category of top of mind SURF EXECL got the rank in top five in detergent
production companies.
Company should increase its production strength because there is more demand in
the market for SURF EXECLs soap and detergent.
Company should give different offer to the consumer to attract them.
Company should launch more attractive shaped soaps and different colored
detergent. So consumer can not switch to other company.


Customer Feedback Form

Customer Name: Ashfaq Ahmed
Place of Purchase: Apex, Gulisatan-e-Johar
1) Are you a regular customer of Unilevers products?
Ans: Yes
2) How do you attracted to this product?
Ans: Advertising on television attracts me and as I have faith on Unilevers products,
I decided to buy it.
3) Why do you buy Surf Excel?
Ans: I have used it and Im satisfied with its result.
4) Do you buy Surf Excel for the first time or you regularly buy it?
Ans: Its not for the first time, I always buy it.
5) How many times in a month do you Buy Surf Excel?
Ans: 2 to 3 times.
6) Which pack do you usually buy?
Ans: 400 grams.
7) What is its specialty?
Ans: It washes cloths very neatly regardless of the matter that whether its a colored
cloth or its white. It gives shine to clothes and didnt damage the fabric. It also gives
good fragrance to cloths.
8) Suppose, Surf Excel is not available on the shop where you usually purchase your
grocery and you havent any emergency need of it, do you buy any other detergent
or wait for it?
Ans: I will wait.
9) Do you need any advancement in this product?
Ans: No, I think it is sufficiently fulfilling my requirements.
Do you ever suggest anyone to buy Surf Excel?
Ans: No, not yet.


The possibilities are endless. For example shampoo penetration is one of the lowest in
Asia. Similarly fifty percent of the population still uses laundry soap to wash their clothes
which comprises mainly the low income group. Unilever 40% of the market for detergent
powder (Surf Excel). A switch from soap to detergent powder will be hugely beneficial to
surf excel and ultimately for unilever.
Profitable growth will be sustained through focused brand building innovation and
superior management of supply chain to achieve cost competitiveness. This will enable
the business to expand its share of consumer spending despite the increasing level of


Unilever has an efficient distribution structure for Surf Excel. In order to conclude all the
things which we discussed or enumerated hereinabove, its looks more appropriate to do
the product analysis on the basis of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats
[SWOT Analysis].
Since Surf Excel or just Surf has been in the market of Pakistan since 1960,
therefore it has an ultimate strong brand image.
Industry analysts said Surf Excel will now become the mother brand and a market
Keeps the colour of fabrics as original and vibrant.
Surf excel is a better stain remover, with active oxygen formulation it removes a
range of stains such as chocolate, ink, egg yolk, blood, turmeric and coffee.
Strong back-up of highly professional and trained Brand and Marketing Managers
and a strong company name Unilever.
Extensive knowledge of market.
Surf had become a very generic name over the years. There was thus a fear that
customers would switch over to some other competing brand, unknowingly, even
without paying attention to the brand of the product.
Unable to market rural area properly, which consist of around 70% of total.
Still lots of consumers use open laundry detergent without any brand recognition,
so they can expand and enter the growing market.
The market for laundry detergents is growing day by day, and many consumers are
switching from bar soaps to laundry detergents.


Increase number of working woman with changing life style, who needs comfort
and easy to use laundry detergents.

Ariel is its closest competitor. Due to policies of Ariel, Surf Excel also needs to
review its prices again and again.
Ariel takes quick decisions.
Low literacy rate in Pakistan, and agitation against foreign companies may become
a threat and consumers may stop using the foreign products.


Principle of marketing (Philip kotler 12e)