Anywhere Scroller v1.00 OverView: Anywhere scroller is a program that is another part to the Intro Maker v3.0.

This handy little utility, requires a .CRD coordinate file for an external 256 color FONT picture. By using this program, you will be allowed to draw with your keyboard or mouse, on the background picture where and how you want the Scrolling text to appear. There are four parts to this program. The First part to this program, is the request for the .CRD file which you have created, or one that has been provided with THG Intro Maker. This will tell the program how big your font that you wish to scroll actually is. The .CRD files can be created with the MEGAFONT.EXE program. The Second part to the Anywhere Scroller is a feature that comes in quite handy for tricky scrolling effects. After figuring how out big your external font will be, the ANYWhere scroller will switch to 80x50 mode, and display the number of pixels vertically. Here, the first pixel will be a fixed point or reference point for the scroller. The next course of action should be you using the keypad, or arrow keys to place each pixel how you want it to scroll repectively to the first pixel. To switch pixels, use the +/- keys. You can save these patterns in BWF files which mean Brush Warping File. Use L and S to Load the Brush Warp File or Save the Brush Warp File respectively. If you wish to move the 1st pixel so you can move the pixels above or along side the first pixel, use the I-J-K-M buttons to move the screen accordingly so you can have enough room to move each pixel. Don't forget to save the BWF file if you wish to re-use this pattern for another scroll. Press Q or ESC to exit this part. It does not save this automatically, you must use the Save command. The Third part of the program, is a request for the background picture support. Give the extension of your background picture according to which graphics compression is used. It will decompact the picture and display it throwing you into the next part of the program. The heart of the Anywhere scroller is the next part. This will show you a cursor that looks like you have entered according to the offsets you have entered in the last second part of the program. Here, you may either hit the Space Bar for PenUP/ PenDOWN toggle and the keypad for moving the cursor around. Remember, when the Pen is DOWN, it is recording where you are putting the pixels. That is the order they will show up in when it goes to scroll it. You can also use the Mouse and Mouse buttons to draw on the screen. Although, there is no mouse support when the keyboard PenUP/PenDOWN key has been toggled, all you have to do is to place the cursor where you want a slice of your scroll to go. Press the left mouse button. The Right mouse button exits to the next part of the program, as well does ESC, and Q. If you hold down the Left mouse button and move the cursor, it will skip pixels. So go SLOWLY. THis is because the Mouse button routine that was written is too fast for it. It would record several pixels by just a quick press of the button. Also, the + and - keys change the color of the cursor, and the backspace key undoes the previous slice. The Final part to the program, is entering the Name of the .PTH path file you wish to call it. This screen also tells you how many slices of a scroller you have entered. Keys:

+/Q,ESC Keypad SpaceBar Back Space Left Mouse Button Right Mouse Button Note:

: : : : : : :

Change Color Exit Move cursor PenUP/PenDOWN toggle Undo last Slice Place a slice at x,y Exit

I am not one for documentation. this program is pretty easy to use. #

I don't think any of us are, but