============================ Bordello! ============================ COPYRIGHT 1992,93 T&J Software One of the T&J Software Collection of multi-BBS door programs.

Supporting PCBoard, Wildcat!, Gap, QBBS, RBBS, Spitfire, UltraBBS, Telegard, TriBBS, and Remote Access. VERSION 1.42 By Tom & Jane Wildoner 397 West Broadway Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 VOICE (717)325-9480 *between 5:30 & 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time From The T&J BBS (717)325-9481 1200/2400/9600/19200/38400 24 Hours/Day LATEST VERSION: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please call the T&J BBS for the latest version of this program. LEGALITIES: ~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS SOFTWARE AND ACCOMPANYING MATERIALS ARE DISTRIBUTED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL ANYONE INVOLVED WITH THE CREATION AND PRODUCTION OF THIS PRODUCT BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, ARISING OUT OF ANY USE THEREOF OR BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY. ONCE REGISTERED, ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THE REGISTERED KEY WILL INVALIDATE YOUR KEY IN ALL FUTURE VERSIONS OF THIS PROGRAM AND NO PRODUCT SUPPORT WILL BE GIVEN. DISTRIBUTING A REGISTERED KEY FILE WILL ALSO BRING ABOUT CRIMINAL CHARGES. DISTRIBUTION: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may make this file available for downloading from your BBS or you may upload it to any BBS of your choice, provided that you do not make any changes to the contents of the archive (ZIP file). The archive and its individual contents may not be used by any service that charges any money whatsoever, without the written permission of the author. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 7, 1993

Welcome to the game of Bordello! by T&J Software! Basically, you are running your own whore house and fighting against other players to attain the most profitable house by the end of the month (or past the end of the month depending upon how your SysOp has the door configured)! You can search for whores to work in your house (you may only have 10 at any one time), hire thugs to fight other players and to help protect your house, and many other features you will soon become very familiar with! Your sysop sets a fixed number of what we call "game days". Let's assume your sysop has it set for 30. This means you may open your house for business 30 times during all your plays for that day. You do this by selecting "N" for next day. The amount of money made depends upon each of your whore statistics and your house level. The higher your house level, the more money your girls will make. Be warned, if a particular whore has a disease, her money earned will only be half normal! As your hitting the NEXT DAY option and upgrading your whore house, be warned that the police may bust your house if you haven't payed them off enough money! And, if you don't have enough money to pay the fine, you're finished! You'll have to start over from SCRATCH!! When attacking other players using the covert actions, first view the top ten players using the "V" command from the main menu, then select "T" for TOP TEN. This will let you know who the current top players are! The top ten are adjusted after each attack and everytime you view it! Watch yourself move up and down as you play! The top scores are determined using the following formula listed below. Your overall score, or networth, is determined like this: CASH + ($1,000 x THUGS) + (HOUSE LEVEL AMOUNT) HOUSE LEVEL AMOUNT= the combined total you've spent to upgrade your house. Let's say your house level is 4, the value of HOUSE LEVEL AMOUNT= $30,000 $5,000 to go to Level 2+ $10,000 to go to Level 3+ $15,000 to go to Level 4=


This should help those diligent players who have played all month long building there house level! On the main menu, you are presented with all the vital statistics you need including: cash, condoms, networth, police payoff amount, etc. Bordello resets with the first player of the new month. The object of the game is simple, end the month with a higher networth than your opponents! Let's start off by going over the MAIN MENU commands: ABADJUST PHRASE: Changes the phrase you say to other players after a successful covert action! BUY CONDOMS: You may buy condoms in various lot sizes for your girls to give to the guys during the NEXT DAY option. If your girls

run out of condoms, there is a percent chance they will contract a disease. If they contract a disease, they will make less money during the NEXT DAY option. Disease can be cured by the DOCTOR (see the DOCTOR description below). Condom prices vary on a daily basis! CDCOVERT ACTIONS: Covert actions will be described in detail below.

DOCTOR: Use the doctor to check your girls periodically! If you run out of condoms your girls can contract diseases. Other players can send thugs to infect your girls also! Read your MESSAGE file regularly to see if other players have done this! The doctor will charge a flat fee just to examine the girls, then, a screen will come up listing your girls. A 'Y' in the disease column will confirm that the girl has a disease. It will cost you 10% of the girls total income to heal her. FIND WHORE: Use this option when you have less than 10 girls in your house. You may only find 3 girls per play! You will show up in a bar type setting and are offered two choices: either LOOK for a girl or go back to the MAIN menu. When you choose LOOK, a girls statistics will be presented to you. You may either LET her go or KEEP her. No matter what you choose, you lose one pickup for the that particular play. Remember, you only get three! If you choose KEEP, she is added to your whore house. You may always DUMP a girl in the WHORE INFO section. GET THUGS: Thugs are used to protect your whore house from other players and to attack other players! Thugs always cost $1,000 apiece. Try to keep as many of these guys around as possible! HELP: Brings up this help file.




MESSAGE AREA: Use the message area to leave messages to other players and to read your messages. Every time a player performs a COVERT action against you, a note will be added to your message file telling you who did it and what they did! You may also KILL your message file after reading it. v1.2 has a new feature here -- the grafitti wall. You may enter messages on it for all to read! The grafitti wall is washed off every 7 days.


NEXT DAY: This is where you open your doors for business! Each of your whores will earn so much money based upon their looks, breast size, disease, and your whore house level. The higher these statistics, the more they will make. Remember, if any of your girls run out of condoms, they can get a disease (there is a 5% chance for each girl without a condom). Also, this is where the police could come and bust your operation if you haven't paid them off enough! One BIG NOTE here -- if you don't have enough money to pay the police fine, you are out of the game and have to start over again!! PAYOFF POLICE: This is where you can payoff the police to try and get them to leave you alone! The more you pay the better the chance they will leave you alone. Every time you UPGRADE your whore house a level, the payoff amount is set back to ZERO! We won't tell you what the KEY amount of money is, but it doubles for each house level


you have! The police payoff amount for each house level varies on a monthly basis (just to make things interesting). QRSQUIT GAME: REDRAW SCREEN: In case of line garbage....

START OVER: If you feel like you are doing very poorly, you can always use this option to start again! You must keep the same ALIAS name however. TRANSFER MONEY: With this option, you may transfer funds from your cash and give it to another player. Helpful for team play! UPGRADE WHORE HOUSE: Your whore house starts out at level ONE and goes up to level ?!@# -- this version has no set MAXIMUM level that you can attain! The higher the house level, the more money your girls will make. Going to the next house level will vary according to the level you are coming from. It's not wasted money since the money you spend now counts towards your NETWORTH!! VIEW HIGH SCORE: You are then presented with either viewing the all time high scores or the top ten listing. WHORE INFORMATION: Use this option to view your whore statistics! From this menu you may choose to DROP a whore if you wish. In order to DROP a whore you will have to pay her to leave. EXPERT MENU: Use this option to use and EXPERT main menu. This should help speed up play with 2400 baud users! COVERT ACTIONS




In the COVERT actions menu you will have the following options: 12345Steal money from another player. Steal a whore from another player. Sabotage another players whore house. Pillage another players girls. Spy on another player.

You MUST have some thugs to perform any of these options! If the opposing player has more thugs than you, a fight ensues! (see the FIGHT section). If the opposing player has fewer thugs than you, there will only be a percent chance of his thugs fighting yours. If you successfully steal money from another player, it's added to your cash and deducted from his, etc... (this is after you break the combination!!) Sabotaging a persons whore house will deduct level(s) from it (if it's greater than level ONE). There is only a percent chance that you will manage to do this. Pillaging another players girls will infect them with a disease! In order to steal a girl from another player, you MUST have a vacant slot in your whore house! Spying on another player will reveal information about him that you

may find useful! FIGHTING In some cases, you must fight the other players thugs in order to perform your covert action! If the fight menu comes up you'll see the following information and options: You may choose to ATTACK or RETREAT. You will see your THUGS left and power left and your opponents. If you select A for ATTACK, a random number is generated for each player. If this random number is LOWER than your power, you score a HIT! The same works for your opponent. Each successful HIT will deduct from 1 to 10 points of power from the other player. For every 10 points of power lost, one thug is killed in the fight. This works for both you and your opponent! Once the power of either player goes to ZERO the fight is over and you reap the benefits of the attack! In v1.2, the opponents thugs are regenerated after fighting (as long as he has money to pay for them!!) NOTE: ~~~~~ When you register, you will receive a new BORDELO.KEY file. Your users are only allowed THREE game days and can only enter the door ONE time per day until registered. By running BORDELO LOCAL, the SysOp can play the door without any crippling to better evaluate the door. Be sure your logon name is SYSOP FEATURES: ~~~~~~~~~ --------------------------Desqview Aware. COM0-15 support and non-standard IRQ's. Colorful ANSI screens. Chat function with automatic screen redraw. Drop to DOS with automatic screen redraw. NO BRUN module needed for play. BETA tested on many different boards. Will return to BBS on dropped carrier. Will TIMEOUT a player after 5 minutes of no activity. Use of HOT KEYS while in the door. Support BBS available. TOP 15 bulletins. SysOp configurable.

INSTALLATION: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Run the utility program by typing BORDUTIL to easily configure the door! Next, RESET the DOOR!! Select number 2 from the UTILITY program! This

will reset everything from scratch. Next, select number 3, set the BORDELO.CFG file -- answer all the questions here. Next, select number 4, set the SYSOP.CFG file. This will ask you how many men per day per player, path to your color bulletin, path to your ASCII bulletin, how many times they can enter the door per day, etc... If you set the number of game days 15 and the number of times they may enter the door to 3, it means they get 15 game days for the entire DAY! If they use 10 game days during their first entry to the game, the second time they enter the door they will only have 5 left. CONFIGURATION: (Your BORDELO.CFG file) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** PLEASE CONSULT YOUR OWN BBS DOCUMENTATION FOR SPECIFICS!!!! ** Example configuration file for PCBOARD.SYS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\PCB\PCBOARD.SYS <=- (Full pathname of your PCBOARD.SYS file) T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name) Example configuration file for USERS.SYS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\PCB\USERS.SYS <=- (Full pathname of your USERS.SYS file) T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name) Example configuration file for DOOR.SYS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\BBS\DOOR.SYS <=- (Full pathname of your DOOR.SYS file) T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name) Example configuration file for USERINFO.DAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** If you are running Wildcat! 3.xx use DOOR.SYS!!! C:\BBS\USERINFO.DAT T&J Software Tom Wildoner NOTE: DOOR.SYS must <=- (Full pathname of your USERINFO.DAT file) <=- (Change this to your BBS name) <=- (The Sysop's first name) <=- (The Sysop's last name) be in the SAME directory as USERINFO.DAT

Example configuration file for CALLINFO.BBS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\BBS\CALLINFO.BBS <=- (Full pathname of your CALLINFO.BBS file) T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name)

Example configuration file for DORINFOx.DEF ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\BBS\DORINFOx.DEF <=- (Full pathname of your DORINFOx.DEF file where 'x' is the BBS Node number. T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name) Example configuration file for SFDOORS.DAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\BBS\SFDOORS.DAT <=- (Full pathname of your SFDOORS.DAT file) T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name) Example configuration file for GTUSER.BBS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C:\BBS\GTUSER.BBS <=- (Full pathname of your GTUSER.BBS file) T&J Software <=- (Change this to your BBS name) Tom <=- (The Sysop's first name) Wildoner <=- (The Sysop's last name) 1 <=- (COM port number - defaults to 1) 1 <=- (Node number - defaults to 1) Example Batch File ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A sample batch file similar to the following: ECHO OFF CD\DOORS\BODELLO <=- Switch to the door's Directory. BORDELO BORDELO.CFG <=- Execute the door program and pass the configuration filename to the program. CD\PCB <=- Go back to PCB DIR when user exits door. BOARD <=- Restart BBS. This Door is multi-node compatible so you may run more than 1 node from the same .CFG file provided the path to your system file (DORINFOx.DEF, CALLINFO.BBS, etc) is exactly the same unless you are using environment variables, (q.v.) Environment Variables ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PCBoard automatically creates the %PCBDRIVE% & %PCBDIR% environment variables. Non-PCBoard systems may also use these variables by including the following in either your BBS batch or AUTOEXEC.BAT SET PCBDRIVE=C: <- Drive letter of your BBS files SET PCBDIR=\BBSDIR <- Path to your BBS files Then in your Door .CFG file instead of putting C:\BBSDIR\DOOR.SYS, you would put %PCBDRIVE%%PCBDIR%\DOOR.SYS. This allows you to use just one .CFG file for multi-node operation! To specify a non-standard IRQ, put the IRQ number after the .CFG on the command line. For example: BORDELO BORDELO.CFG /5 or using the PCBDRIVE procedure: BORDELO BORDELO.CFG /%IRQ% SET IRQ=5 and use

This tells the program to use IRQ 5 instead of the standard IRQ. Had reports of conflicts when using non-standard IRQ's on Novell/Netware systems. Seems Novell also uses the / character so something went screwy somewhere. So I added the * (asterisk) which may be used instead of the / in case of a conflict. In other words, /%IRQ% and *%IRQ% will both work and are interchangeable. When specifying the location of the system file on line 1 of the doors .CFG file, you may use the environment variables %pcbdrive%, %pcbdir%, %pcbnode%, and %wcnodeid%. Some examples: PCBoard: USERS.SYS in C:\PCB - %pcbdrive%%pcbdir%\USERS.SYS USERS.SYS in C:\PCB\NODE1 - %pcbdrive%%pcbdir%\NODE%pcbnode%\USERS.SYS Wildcat!: USERINFO.DAT in C:\WC\NODE1 - C:\WC\NODE%wcnodeid%

Non-PCBoard systems may use the PCB environment variables by setting them in either AUTOEXEC.BAT or in the batch that runs the door. For example: SET PCBDRIVE=C: SET PCBDIR=\BBSDIR SET PCBNODE=1 Fossil Driver Support ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DoorFrame supports the use of Fossil drivers. To tell your Door to use the Fossil driver instead of the standard COM ports, just put /FD on the command line when running the door. For example: MYDOOR MYDOOR.CFG /FD indicates that a Fossil driver is present and should be used. If no Fossil driver is detected, DoorFrame will print a message to that effect and exit the door gracefully. Sysop Keys ~~~~~~~~~~ F3 - Toggles the printer On/Off. Value is passed to PCBoard and/or written to DOOR.SYS and USERS.SYS F4 - Toggles the Page Bell on/off. Value is passed to PCBoard and/or written to DOOR.SYS and USERS.SYS F5 - DOS Shell. Allows SysOp to exit to DOS from inside a DOOR. F7 - Toggles the Caller Alarm On/Off. Value is passed to PCBoard and/or written to DOOR.SYS and USERS.SYS F8 - Returns the caller involuntarily to the BBS. F9 - Toggles the local display On/Off. Value is passed to PCBoard and/or written to DOOR.SYS and USERS.SYS F10 - Activates SysOp CHAT mode within the DOOR. ESC - Deactivates CHAT mode. DOOR is resumed. UP - Give the caller extra time while in the DOOR. DN - Subtract time from the caller while in the DOOR. HOME - HELP key for Status Line options. ALT-N - SysOp next on toggle. Value passed to PCBoard. (PCBoard only) ALT-X - PCBoard will exit after current caller logs off. Value is passed to PCBoard. Not available on non-PCBoard systems.

SYSOP.CFG FILE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a breakdown of the SysOp configuration options which will be found in the SYSOP.CFG file. Remember, you can setup this file easily with the BORDELO UTILITY program! 40 C:\WC30\BULL\BULL99.SCR C:\WC30\BULL\BULL99.BBS 3 60 Y N N Y 4 11 N Y LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE 1: Game Days 2: Color bulletin path 3: Mono bulletin path 4: Plays per day 5: Time limit (minutes) 6: N- no status lines Y- show status lines 7: Y- use special access feature N- normal access 8: Y- auto color check N- bypass auto color check routines 9: Y- local display on N- local display off 10: Number of covert actions (suggest leaving this at 3 or 4). 11: Number of tries at the combination (10- Hard, 11- Medium, 12- Easy, or 99- disable this option). LINE 12: Y-Reset door at end of month N-Let the game run! LINE 13: Rebuy thugs option. Y=Enabled N=Disabled If enabled, the defender will automatically rebuy thugs after and attack as long as the player has money. PLAYER FILES: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some items can be changed using the player editor in utility program! Run the utility program by typing BORDELO UTILITY Each player has two associated player files. One has the extension of .REC which contains the players information and the other has the extension .MSG and contains any messages left to the player. Here is a list of the information in the .REC files: THE PROGRAMMER 11-07-1992 0 3 TOM WILDONER Kiss my ass! "SHAWNA",7,"N",32,8839 "MARGIE",10,"N",35,16010 "CATHY",7,"N",35,13372 "CHERYL",7,"N",39,9008 'Player ALIAS name 'Date of last play 'Game days left today '<NOT USED> 'Player REAL name 'Player's phrase. 'Whore, looks, disease, breasts, money made

"MARTHA",2,"N",40,2376 "NANCY",4,"N",39,6268 "COLETTE",3,"N",37,3330 "JEAN",4,"N",38,3496 "GINGER",7,"N",33,6006 "EMPTY",0,"N",0,0 889 130715 10 10 1 0 3 N

'Condoms left 'Cash 'House level 'Thugs 'Number of EMPTY girl slots 'Amount paid to police 'Covert actions left today 'Whether or not the player started over

PLAYER HELP: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ A file is included called BORDELLO.HLP -- feel free to zip this file up and place it on your board for your users to download! MAINTENANCE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the initial setup, no maintenance will be required unless you want to reset the door from scratch. The door will reset with the first player of a new month (if toggled). PLAYING LOCALLY: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just type BORDELO LOCAL Logon with the name of: SYSOP PLAYER ACCESS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One new feature that was added to this door is the ability to control player access to the door. If line 7 of the SYSOP.CFG file is flagged 'Y' then this option will be in effect. If it is flagged to 'N' then anybody may play the door. If flagged to 'Y', the players name must be found in the PACCESS.DAT file or they will be told to leave a note to the sysop to get access to the door. This is a good option if you want to keep the kids out of the door without having to setup special door access's and everything else in your BBS package. To add a player to PACCESS.DAT you can use your favorite text editor and just add the name (case is not important -- see how the current names are listed in the file). Or, you can use the BORDUTIL.EXE program to add a player! TOP PIMP Option: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A new option was added in v1.4 called the TOP PIMP option. You may toggle this option ON or OFF by running the utility program by typing

BORDUTIL and then selecting number 8. If you enable the TOP PIMP option, you must then select a percentage of each players income that will go to the top pimp (when they logon). I would suggest something like 5% (this was tested, and it didn't seem to bad). If you have a lot of players, you may want to cut it back to maybe 2-3%. FUTURE VERSIONS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next upgrade will probably be v2.0 and will require a complete reset of the door -- let us know what you would like to see added or changed! COMMENTS & QUESTIONS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See the file TJHELP.TXT VERSION HISTORY: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See the HISTORY.TXT file for information on the history of the game and the new options in the new versions! REGISTERING: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's all there is to it! If you have any problems or questions please feel free to call the T&J BBS at (717)325-9481. See the enclosed registration form for ordering! (REGISTER.TXT)