Documentation for Allnet Hacker v4.

0 Of course you should never under any circumstances use this program for illegal purposes (HaHa!). To (ab)use Allnet you must realize that at the time of this writing they are using a 7 digit base code plus a 2 digit PIN code. The complete code is divided as follows: BBBBBBB-PP (B=Base code P=PIN code) When hacking Base codes, the program will enterthe 7 digit number that is written under "Current Code- XXXXXXX" plus your formula. (I also have a formula hacker, if your interested leave mail) When hacking PIN codes, the program will enter the Base Code plus a PIN code that is either defined or random plus your target number (which should be a non-valid number. Example "8189762222" Setup Program (option 6 from Main Menu) follow: will set your defaults. Explanations

Comport- Defaults to "COM1:". This is simply the comport that you will be dialing from. Setup String- Default to "ATM3X0S7=255 S9=255 S11=50". This is the command that will be sent to your modem prior to dialing. Consult your modem guide to make any changes. With the string as it is set now, on a US Robotics 2400 baud modem, it will: 1-Turn the speaker onafter dialing is completed. 2-Set the result codes to minimum. 3-Wait 255 seconds for a carrier (which is overridden by other setup commands). 4-Say that a carrier must be present and constant for 25.5 seconds before a result code will be sent. 5-Set your touch tone spacing to 5 milliseconds per digit. The fastest that my telephone company's switches can always recognize. Dial up- Defaults to "9501444". This is so that you people who aren't lucky enough to have the 950 dialup for Allnet work in your area, can change it to the 800 dial up. Base Code Filename- Defaults to "ALLNET.COD". This is the filename that [M]arked base codes will be saved under. Base timeout- Defaults to "350". This is the number that the computer will count to when hacking Base Codes and then hang up and try the next code. PIN timeout- Defaults to "350". codes. Same as above except it's hacking PIN your

Target number- Defaults to "4159763482". This is the non-valid number that will be sent after the PIN code when hacking PIN codes. Formula- Defaults to "111*". This is the seriesof digits that will be sent after a base code when hacking or testing base codes. Iwill try to update this as much as possible. You can also get my Formula Hacker which will work with any LD companies that use 2 part codes. Re-test base- Defaults to "20". Because of the fact that in some areas Allnet has been killing base codes pretty regularly, Iadded a feature in the

random PIN code hacking section of the program that will re-test the base code after so many tries to make sure that it is still a valid base code. This will default to every 20 tries. Wait time between dials- Defaults to "75". Thisis the time that your line needs to disconnect from Allnet and redial. You may need to extend this time depending on the speed your computer runs at. Dial command- Defaults to "ATDT". This is the command to send to the modem to tell it to tone dial. Consult your modem guide if needed. Commas after dialup- Defaults to ",,". This is the wait time between dialing the dialup and diling the possible code. If your using the 950 dialup and not change S8 in the modem initialization string, this should be perfect for you. ASCII code for return- Defaults to "13". This is the ASCII code keyboard will return whenever Return (Enter) ispressed. Reset modem command- Defaults to "ATZ". This is all modem variables to thier initial values. Also be # sure to that the

the modem command to reset

read the instructions within the program. Have Phun! Great White