Objectives: 1. To realize the importance of women. 2. To learn how Jesus regarded women. 3. To know how God wants us to act towards women (for guys) and as women (for girls).

1 Carecell lesson for May 13, 2006 kim&zarahlim

Discussion: To the teacher: Discuss these questions among the group. Let the members give their thoughts on these issues. After discussing, use the Bible verses to state what the Bible says about these issues. ISSUE FAVORITISM QUESTION (for the guys) Do you treat beautiful women differently from older women? BIBLE DISCUSSION  James 2:1  1 Samuel 16:7 It is important to treat everyone with respect, no matter what a person’s appearance may be. A godly woman should know that she should never dress provocatively so as not to incite lustful desires among men.  1 Timothy 2:9-10  1 Peter 3:3-4 Remember: Real beauty lies within. In our society, there is still what we call the battle of the sexes. Though not as prevalent as before, being a woman in today’s society can be tough. Especially with the Philippines being a patriarchal society, employers tend to be biased – they want to hire men, mostly because of the physical strength that they can offer, not to mention that men are not bothered by household problems as much women does. The culture back in Jesus’ times did not put women in the highest priority. Instead, they were expected to stay behind the sidelines and serve their family. It is interesting to note though, that Jesus treated them as equals of men during His stay here on earth. Here are some examples: 1. Women were a part of His ministry – they worked side by side with Jesus and His disciples in spreading the Good News. They even supported Jesus’ ministry by helping out financially.


(for the guys) Do the way women dress command respect? Explain.


Are men and women equal a. in the family? In your family? b. At work? Do you believe that some jobs are exclusively for men? For women?

2 Carecell lesson for May 13, 2006 kim&zarahlim

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Luke 8:1-3 Matthew 27:55

2. Women in Jesus’ time were also active in evangelism.  Anna – the prophetess, also the first ′Jesus′ evangelist (Luke 2:36-38)  Women were the first witnesses to the resurrection (Luke 24:9-11)  Samaritan woman – effective witness for Christ (John 4:28-30, 39-42)

3. Women were expected to be “aggressive” disciples of the Lord  Mt. 10:35-39 – In verse 38, Jesus said “anyone who does not take his
cross and follow me is not worthy of me.” Note that Jesus used the qualifying word “anyone”, which means man OR woman.

4. Women were a part of Jesus’ target audience during His teachings – Jesus
used women as examples in His teachings, obviously so that women in the crowd would be able to relate.  Matthew 14:21; 15:38 –Jesus preaches to a mixed crowd – men, women and children.  Mark 12:41  Luke 15:8; 18:1 CONCLUSION In celebration of Mother’s Day, we learned about the importance of women in our lives. Being a mother is an extra load for all women since they have to mind their children’s well-being in addition to their husband, the management of their household, and their jobs. Let us give our appreciation to our moms because of the good job they’ve done in raising us despite all the hardships they’ve faced. Let us be good children to our moms. Help them with the household chores, study well, don’t talk back at them, etc. Do whatever we can to ease their loads. And remember to treat every woman with respect. Jesus did. We should follow His example. Philippians 2:5