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Kaitoukov V.M.

Evolution of Dictate
(essays of psycho-

Moscow, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 19 February 1993, p.8.

"Dictate's interests are the Motor Force

of History"

At the time of total scrambling, shooting, earthquakes and food searching,

it looks unbelievable that somebody among us just now can discuss and present in a
new light the most important problems of human being.
Who are we? If neither economy no people, what else is the motor force of
history? What is the role of the intelligence? Why is the criminal world so
easily rooting everywhere into state structures? What is awaiting us in the
future? Is an intelligent global government suggested by Sakharov feasible? Who of
thinkers were not worried sometimes by these questions, but is there anybody
who cares for them now?
Yes, our turmoil turns out to be just the proper time for these questions.
The book of V. Kaitoukov "Dictate Evolution" (essays of a psycho physiological
investigation).-(In Russian) (published by a Small Enterprise "Uramos" in Moscow
in 1992 on 468 pages with a modest circulation of 2500 books) looks like a
powerful stream of fresh wind revealing the global problems of philosophy and
raising a hope in strength of human mind. In the present philosophical treatise
applying the conceptions of Freud, Tolman, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, L.
Gumilev, the author synthesized the human knowledge and the accumulated
experience in an attempt to find out a nature and an essence of dictate, to
figure out its most important reasons and the most characteristic forms of
manifestation. The treatise sheds light on such fundamental questions as:
What are the prompting basement and the direct initiation of events?
Where are all dictators and executioners of all ranges and under different
guises (from Dionysian to Mao Tse-Tung) coming from? Why do "common" in all
respect persons at a certain social structure turn to be fierce villains or
possessed fanatics? Where (and why) is a mass of butchers and informers,
revolutionaries of all kinds, elevated victims and indifferent witnesses coming
from? Not less interesting is the question: Why does all of a sudden a
certain peace loving nation explosively give birth to a mass of thinkers, or
villains, or stoics ready to any ordeals? The philosophical treatise
demonstrates explicitly the everywhere penetrating affect of evolving dictate,
its influence (with the most profit to itself) on state ethics and moral, sex
and laws, external and internal wars, economy and creative intellect, up-bringing
and education.
The book of V. Kaitoukov is written not for governing officials (they
know quite well the means of their governing). It comes out to be a Promethean
fire for orientation in the life of true creators of history, the creative
intellectuals, who are called in the book as contradictate passionaries. The last
part of the book covering extrapolations and conclusions looks as if not
completely fulfilled but the wealthy main content of the book supplies a good
material for farther considerations. The value of the book is its positioning
a person in the center of attention that allows the author to screen
many transit difficulties and problems and extract those permanently repeated
in any state and at any time.
The book content and the way of its presentation suggest a certain level
of readers' education. Not all of the concepts of the treatise are readily
accepted but profound consideration of the items and good examples from the
ancient and current history conceivably demonstrate the correctness of the
main theses suggested by the author.
In spite of explicit proving of the concepts, the book seems will not be
popular either in this country or abroad. With applications of all possible
efforts, the book will be avoided and ignored by those, who are unveiled in the
book including big and small dictate hierarchs, conductors, accompanying "gray"
people, highly promoted and valued by dictate actressing prostitutes, and so on,
and from them the author will not get any gratitude.
The logically proved and historically argued answers to many questions on the
global evolution for a long time agitating people and an attraction of
attention to a row of important problems of human being make the book of V.
Kaitoukov highly advisable to everybody, who is searching for a firm foundation
in the chaos of life and an intelligent direction of his activity. May be,
educated descendants will recollect our days as the time of the first edition of
"Evolution of Dictate".
Yu. Stoilov Dr.


Kaitoukov V.M. Evolution of Dictate (essays of psycho physiological

investigation). -- (In Russian). S.E. "Uramos", Moscow, 1991, 468-pp.

Contemporary people get used to such common words as "dictate",

"dictateship", "dictator". However, these concepts have been hiding a very
complicated and often tragic history not only of a single person, but of a whole
epoch and people. In the present philosophical treatise, the author synthesized
the human knowledge and the accumulated experience in an attempt to find out a
nature and an essence of dictate, to figure out its most important reasons and
the most characteristic forms of manifestation. A great attention is
paid to historical chronology. Different factors of social-
political, scientific-technological, economic, cultural and psychological
characters, are comprehensively analyzed. The book content and the way of its
material presentation are supposed to be made for readers with a certain degree of
education. However, the author suggests that mastering of global regularities
and an essence of historical events will help readers to develop a more objective
judgment about features of the contemporary dictateship and to make a more well-
grounded prediction of the future.
Chronological history and forms of dictate............22
Tribe and commune..................................…........24
Slavery as an out-of-time form of dictate.............27
Extremist state formations..........................….......55
Out-of-state forms of dictate as a manifestation
of its generality.........................................…......67
Militant religion as out-of-state
form of dictate............................................…....70
Other out-of-state forms of dictate........................72
Determinants of dictate evolution..........................74
Primitive egalitarianism in sociums, sects,
Classical democracy......................................…....76
Structures of dictate and ethnos in evolution.........80
Technology and dictate structures.........................89
Some preliminary conclusions.............................101
Dictate and objective determinants......................107
Basements of dictate: natural scientific arguments,
psychology of groups, layers.............................108
Intermediate conclusions......................................121
Natural scientific basement of a psychological
model of dictate evolution..................................123
Neuro-anatomical and indirect
neuro-structural arguments................................123
Psychology of dictate layers as its evolution
Layer of negative passionaries and
its investitures..............................................…...139
Contradictate passionaries....................................141
Dictate evolution: psychology, forms,
layers, tendencies...............................................152
External determinants of dictate evolution:
regularities, interconnection, hierarchy,
domination .................................................….....155
Evolution of conscious structure or
introspection of evolution...........................…......160
Dictate and state.............................................…....174
Mystical monotheism -- as ideology of state and
self-completed dictate form.................................194
Ideology and extremist forms of dictate..................210
Ethics and moral in dictate evolution......................215
Early forms of ethics and moral..............................216
Ethics and moral of producers in evolution
of dictate.....................................................…....227
Dictate and sex.............. .................................…....229
Dictate determinations: official and unofficial
law and arbitrary rule of suppression....................248
Particular conclusions..............................................275
Dictate and war.................................................…...277
Dictate evolution: suppression, main laws
and wars........................................................….....293
Dictate and structures connected with war:
foreign policy, diplomacy, intelligence
departments, secret services......................…......304
Dictate and economy..........................................…..324
Economy: direct and indirect dictate
determinations, introspection and
Introspection of economy..............................….......330
Extremist form of dictate and economy...................346
Some components of evolving economy
in dictate determination.................................…....352
Technology and technological component
of production....................................................…...363
Volume of production, character and
components of production...........................….....366
Extensive and intensive components of
production development, labor productivity in
dictate determination................................…........369
Production framing (trade, transport, finances,
advertisements, markets) and
Dictate and creative intellect........................…........374
Creative activity and dictate
Loyal motivations and kinds of
creative activities.......................................….......386
Dictate determinations of different kinds of
creative activities............. .......................…........408
Up-bringing and education............................….......433
Teaching: structure, character of knowledge,
Extrapolations and conclusions...............................458


Policy. Social system. Social. Despotism, democracy, oligarchy, people .

. . There is a great amount of words, books, cruel and pseudo altruist deeds,
historical and pseudo historical facts, doctrines, descriptions, chronicles,
theories . . . What is staying behind this "history" that is widely exhibited
and is ennobled by spiritual duping? There are changes of decorations from
Sumers to socialism, of thinkers proving truth and necessity of a current
"historical" phase, of a character of power as a system of oppression but a
man, a person, its spiritual essence, behavior, motivations have not been
changed. The greatest paradox, paradox of all paradoxes, is the fact that,
being stable in time, the person, the foundation and the essence of history,
socium, progress, revolutions, produces so many changes! The essence of a person,
its thoughts, motivations, aspirations, ideals, dreams, creative enthusiasms
-- are the same and are invariable for all periods, for all social realities,
and for all systems of oppression.
This phenomenon has been reflected in a system of collective memory. The
ancient Egyptian fictions found in the "papyrus from garbage(?)" described
psychology, behavior, dreams of a person, who lived three thousand years ago. In
the essence, the description defers from the current ones only by a character of
exposition and a style. The next period, antique epoch, is the period of
comedies of Apuleius, Vergilius, Horatius. The medieval novels, European and
Eastern (Omar Khayyam, Shi Nayan(?)), Japanese authors, and so on), describe
the same deeds, thoughts, dreams, rushes. Philosophical ethical treatises from
Aristotle to current authors also testify for the statement. The variations of
historical events and ideas and even more variable personal fate, behavior,
thoughts are making an illusion of particularity and uniqueness of moments of
socium life. However, it is absolutely untrue. A limited number of people's
psychotypes governing the main structure of life activity is furnished with
some trifle individual features and is influenced by some external factors.
Considering history as a consequence of social events, various thinkers
have interpreted the primary reason of it in very different ways but they have not
touched the main essence of history (of ethnology, sociology and so on), the main
question: "Why?". Why were the events going in a particular way and not otherwise?
A history essence is not a physical or chemical process governed by some certain
reasons. It is a causal result of thinking and a productive (spiritual and
material) activity of people and very often of a sufficiently small group of
people. So the question of the history's essence should be better logically
considered from a psychological and motivation ground both of a person and a
group of persons united according to some features in ethnos, nations and
states. The questions brought about by such approach to the interpretation of
history process are very versatile. What are a prompting basement and a direct
initiation of events? Where are all dictators and executioners of all ranges and
under different guises (from Dionysios to Mao Tse-Tung) coming from? Why do
"common" in all respect persons at a certain social structure turn to be fierce
villains or possessed fanatics? Where (and why) is a mass of butchers and
informers, revolutionaries of different kind, elevated victims and
indifferent witnesses coming from? Not less interesting is the question: Why
does all of a sudden a certain peace loving nation explosively give birth to a
mass of thinkers, or villains, or stoics ready to any ordeals? Some ideas,
however, hypothetical with respect to this problem concerning an ethnos, are
present in the book of L. Gumilev "Ethnogenesis and the Earth's biosphere".
A conception, introduced by L. Gumilev that determined social motivations and
called "passionarity", accounts for many events, but it does not allow to predict
the fundamental features of the next historical period. However, L. Gumilev gives
some biosphere's factors governing the passionarity development. Besides that,
this concept is not related with real characteristic features of a person
and to some extent is abstract, artificial regarding the problem of historic
evolution, evolution of motive powers of just certain persons under certain
conditions. Representation of history as a teleological process governed by
different determinants such as: economy laws, fatalities, supreme
transcendental powers, is a traditional approach that is a manifestation
of a scientific method of coursed determinism. The teleology of history is a
disputable matter (with the same success, it is possible to ponder over
hostility or friendship of the universe, the space) that is acceptable only
in theoretical model approaches that inherently include this conception. To
reduce a hypothetical degree, it looks reasonable to apply the Laplace
determinism because the amount of real factors of history (as a sequence of
events) of different nature: psycho physiology of a person, objective
external influences, and so on, is infinitely huge. An analysis of history can be
more fruitful and profound, if it is based on sides and features of history that
are chronological, regional, subjective and so on, invariant. Such
invariant features are psycho physiological determinants of behavior of both
individuals and social group of individuals and a presence in any group with any
internal subordination substructure, of some oppression, dictateship of will
and correspondingly a presence of subgroups and individuals having different
attitude (objective and subjective) to the dictate structure and to dictate
carrier, and an evolution (or invariant) of the mentioned features of human
In present treatise, a basic thesis covered comprehensively in the
next several chapters is the statement that the two above mentioned
invariants, that look very different, however represent two organic components
of a united strategy that determines certain historical events. Evolving
outwardly, dictate systems are living and are governed by peculiarities of
psycho physiology, psycho physiology genotype of people, by those features of
psychology, the motivation structure that are conformed, stereotyped for most
people. Let us make the last idea more clear. History is a chronological
continuum of events attributed to different levels of social hierarchy -- from
some persons to the humankind. These events are a causal result of
infinitive series of determinants of the whole biosphere, limits of living place,
biology of a person, character of a biological function fulfillment,
individual psycho physiology, concord motivation of social groups and so on. Let
us consider history at each certain moment (historical epoch) as an integral
causal result of social hierarchy and an activation of composed components
of the prime motor of history -- that is of the humankind as it is a part
of the biosphere. The activity (in its broadest sense) of large social groups
(an ethnos, a state) is determined by a series of above mentioned factors and it
is also a sum of physical and mental activities of all members,
comprising the group. A person's activity is governed both by objective,
external factors and introspective, internal ones. While the former factors
are intrinsically variable and just their variabilities are the main
determining reasons for the essence of the evolution, the latter factors (the
introspective ones) to great extent are time invariant. Some of the latter
factors look as evolving with time but a more thorough investigation
shows that they are staying invariable and only a guise, some formal aspects of
them are evolving with time. The external factors include total geological
conditions of an inhabited area, a level of technology, declared teleological aims
of development (they are different for, say, European countries and a Hawaiian
island tribe), and also factors governing the biology peculiarities of
individuals inhabiting the area, and some others. Sometimes their variations
are an initiation basis of some historical events. However, even in this case
the objective factor variations affect the history of human socium through the
prism of motivations and deeds of an individual, social group, ethnos. The
introspective factors-determinants of people's historical activity include:
1) factors connected with physiological features, such as hunger, sexual
desires (in all forms), other instincts;
2) factors connected with psychological genotype structure, combination of
motivations and notions both inherited and acquired.
3) factors connected with well-acquired social- ethics notions,
directly governed in both positive and negative sense by social-political
4) the dictate system reflected introspectively in somebody's psychic in
all forms -- from different kinds of taboo to social systems.
As can be seen, the suggested model is a widened consequence of the
Tolman motivation model, where the first group of parameters is a development of
the Tolman external variables, and the second is a development of the Tolman
internal variable, i.e., of the Tolman introspective determinant. The second
invariant of real history that is present in any socium is an essential
necessity of subordination system, oppression and dictate system in some general
form that evolves with time but is invariable in essence. That is a system
of forcing an individual, group, socium, ethnos, nation to a certain way of
living, to conformed thinking, behavior, to restrictions of physical and
spiritual freedom. The basic thesis of existentialism concerning the
evil antagonism between a person and a surrounding universe represents a reason
of hedonically determined motivation for a person's self-assigning to dictate
(and to ethnos). An individual opposition to the real world is possible only for
the persons having strength, wisdom, and life aggression. For the average
persons representing a vast majority, it is necessary to have a conglomeration,
a functional self-assigning even at the expense of their individual
opportunities in the fields of spirit, life, and life conditions. Collectively
protected security respective to the external world is a hedonistic side that
is as much important as a collective food production, protection from arbitrary
rules and nature calamities. The immanent presence of a dictate system in socium
results from the following factors:
1. People's unification into collective sociums for common solution of
their life problems such as surviving, defense against a strong enemy
offensive, food production, and so on, results in a hierarchy in socium. At the
first stage of historical chronology, the hierarchy is conditioned by
people's differences in physical, psychological qualities, in experience and at
the later stages of history by a more complex interaction of many factors of
different nature.
2. The integral essence of psycho physiological genotype of the large (and
overwhelming) part of people is the important determinant of dictate in
socium. It is these conformed motivation and deeds of the people that does form
the gist of the actual history.
An emanation of hierarchy groups in socium results in a structure of
subjective interactions between them based on group subordination and
redistribution among them of all social functions such as surviving, defense,
food obtaining, burdens of life reproduction, protection from an arbitrary rule
of strong people, and so on. As a consequence of the social hierarchy
coexistence with the mentioned above (1)(1 -- An analysis of these invariants
in connection with social hierarchy and a necessity of dictate system will be
presented in several chapters of the book) immanent people's psycho
physiological invariants is the necessity of a dictate system. The system
secures a social inequality in function distribution and common weal and
imposes a certain tenor of life of overwhelming majority of people. The
dictate system ensures social functioning as an efficient mechanism at a
certain time interval of development of the human civilization and
evolves with the development of socium. The evolution does not touch the
profound essence of oppression imposed by an individual on another or by groups
of people. It touches only a functional construction, a specific temporal
form of dictate. A dictate form, its realization at a certain time interval is
indicative as an objective factor for characterization of a level of social
evolution. The essence of dictate's form evolution is adequate to social
evolution. Unlike the Gumilev theory, the analysis of dictate evolution's
regularities allows to extrapolate the obtained results of analysis to possible
future situations. A non-linearity and a discreet form of human socium evolution
have no influence on the gist of dictate evolution, on strict evolutive
character of variations of the process.
In this treatise, several traditional terms are used with interpretation
that is to some extent different to the commonly accepted meanings.
Socium is a group, a conglomerate of individuals, united on the bases of
fulfillment, solution of some tasks that are vitally important both to the
individual and the whole group.
Ethnos is a socium consolidated by a formal indication (or indications) that
is subjectively determined and is accepted by all (or by majority) of its
members. This definition is very much alike to the definition given by L.Gumilev
(2)(2 -- Here and further, the reference is to Gumilev L.N. Ethnogenesis
and the Earth's biosphere. 2-nd edition, (-In Russian), Leningrad, LSU, 1989.).
State is a socium having a hierarchy structure, officially registered ethic
legal, political, moral, and any other standards and a dictate structure
secured by some forms of physical compulsion (up to extermination) as well
as by forms of spiritual oppression.
Dictate is a universal category of an individual and a socium life
that unites all the essences connected with functional and structural hierarchy
of any human society. Dictate evolves its form with time and is based on
immanent brain structures and their motivations. Dictate includes the following
components that are comprised in a united form under a certain realization:
1) regulation of area of inhabitation, at the extreme cases even fastening
to a place of living (ancient Egypt, slaves, socialism);
2) regulation of way of living;
3) restrictions on level and character of consumption;
4) regulation of personal contacts, at the extreme cases even regulation
of opinions, literature and other types of creative activity;
5) regulation of mentality (church, socialism, fascism, some revolutions);
6) regulation of life span (ismailians, sects of all types);
7) regulation of moral ethic standards (simultaneously it is a mean and a
tool of dictate).
Dictate's form is a concrete temporal historic realization of the total
category of dictate corresponding to a certain region, ethnos, period of time.
Dictate's ethic is a concrete historic complex of standards, norms, rules,
laws, habits, and so on that is governed by dictate's form and composes
an organic component of dictate, which influence depends on dictate evolution
Taboo is a whole complex of ethic motivation canons that determines a
willingly desirable (for the highest layers of the social hierarchy) conformity of
socium under any concrete form of dictate.
Passionarity is a term completely corresponding to the determination
given by L.Gumilev. It is an organic complex of person psycho physiology
characteristics determining its social activity and an influence on surrounding
people and consequently on character of concrete events.
Power (of a state, church, and so on) is a particular manifestation
of dictate based on formed ethic legal rules and applying some or other
structure of oppression.
Hedonism is a motivation category that determines a subconscious
teleology, an expedient direction of motivations. The term is adequate to the
widened semantic of the Freud "principal of satisfaction" and includes
besides hunger, sex, self-preservation such items as alienation
from labor, self-preservation, thinking, and so on.
Efficiency of oppression is a degree of adequacy of mentally reflected
dictate affection on person's motivations. It determines a correspondence
of individual aims, motivations, activity to tendencies and tasks of dictate.
Efficiency of oppression is reversely connected with the intensity of
oppression, with the level of external forced oppression.
Technology includes, in contrast to traditional technical pragmatic
definition, the total continuum of human intellectual values that is in
particular resulted in technical progress. This generalization is valid since
philosophy, art, literature, and so on to some or other degree are affecting
the progress in any branches of human activity.
Contradictateship. Here, the prefix "contra" does not mean a direct
antagonism but a restricted introspective non-acceptance, alienation (in
different degrees of conscious realizing) of dictate bases. Depending on a
level of passionarity, it may be either a passive departure, non-acceptance of
external ideology or a creative activity directly antagonistic to introspective
dictate category.
Interests of dictate (of oppression) represent a reflection in hierarchs'
mind (in terms of functional efficiency of socium and dictate) combined
external and infrastructure's factors that are threatening to their
hedonistic bases. Hierarchs, due to the maximization of their hedonistic
potentials, while gardening them fulfill a role of, as it can be called,
affecters, susceptible sensors of the socium and dictate and simultaneously a role
of effectors, directors of executive functions.
In any socium, dictate realizes itself through deeds, thoughts,
motivations, teleological aims of different people having different
positions in social hierarchy or, more exactly, a different attitude to
hierarchy's structure of dictate. So an immanent feature of dictate is the
motivations of oppression and its necessary expediency in different hierarchy's
subgroups of a particular socium. With respect to dictate, various groups of
socium are defined by their different aims of hedonistic type that determine
persons' positions in the dictate hierarchy, their co-participation in
strategically determined motivations of a supreme hierarch or a group of
hierarchs. In its turn, this level, degree, character of co-participation in
dictate structure determines a formal position of each group in the hierarchy
No doubt, concrete motivations, for example, of a supreme hierarch,
representatives of the highest layers, a rank and file executor of dictate (lay-
brother, soldier, hangman) are completely different. It is true of the concrete
motivation, because prolonged, vivid motivations of a brutish, illiterate
hangman and of a highest hierarch may be absolutely the same. This statement
(about motivations) may look as a simplification, vulgarization of the boundless
complexity of the social world, unless one takes into account the
spiritual conformity of all dictate co-participators and a conglomeration in mass
of oppressed of those, who are not pressed into dictate frame of miserable
hedonism including the formally indifferent people who are formally and internally
do not co-participate in the dictate structure, but due to lack of vivid
activity, passionarity they do not oppose the dictate internally,
spiritually and materially, actively. It does not mean, of course, an
identity of the integral psycho physiological genotypes of different
dictate layers. It means a unity of prolonged and concrete (as a consequence of
the first) aims and motivations, namely: individual hedonism in all forms from
a primitive voluptuousness of brutes to a refined sadism of despots;
aspiration for power eventually resulted in hedonism; craving for stability,
invariability; subconscious non-acceptance of daily life burdens, and so on.
It is namely the motivation stereotype of dictate substructures that secures its
trans-national, trans-social, trans-historical stability in spite of the varieties
of people and circumstances.
An opponent may object that there are not two identical persons and it
is their diversity that constitutes the motive force of history. However,
the absolute diversity, i.e., an absence of stereotype dominants, is impossible
for physiological, neuro-anatomical, psycho social reasons and even if it were,
it would result not in a socium, but in a crowd that is not evolving, but
is dying and being knocked out. A socium is not an eclectic aggregation, it is
a structure of diverse, but layer-similar in their prevailing dominants, persons.
Indeed, the existence at different periods of such societies variable in sizes
that fall out from dictate structures, such as gymnosophists in India, pirates,
anarchists of all kinds, lately hippie, and so on, has no reflections at all
on the fate of major part of humankind in a frame of some or other dictate system.
Revolutionaries of all times are deliberately not ranked as contradictate
sociums, since any group, socium aiming at extermination of a formal
dictate structure inevitably has the second purpose of establishing a new form of
dictate (including the highest layers of hierarchy) with changed
structure, hierarchy, but with the invariable gist, i.e., with dictate,
oppression, conformity of life principals, laws, traditions, taboo, and so on.
Dictate as an aggregation of all aspects of oppression implies a deprivation
of some or other part of socium and to different degrees (depending on dictate's
form) of inherent rights of individual, i.e., a freedom of thinking and
creation, a choice of living place and a way of living. The purpose of
these actions is a control over ontological and ethical components of life of
a major part of socium that provides the highest layer of social hierarchy
(or layers) with a possibility to fulfill their own life philosophy, which is
always of a hedonistic type but under different guises.
The history in its facto-chronological form shows that the development of
human socium is internally connected with dictate as well as with hedonism of
dictate carriers and of those, who co-participates with dictate directly or
indirectly. People's existence requires a material production. Luxurious life of
the highest hierarchy layers and the layers providing a fulfillment of
hedonistic aspirations (as archeology testifies, the luxury and beauty goods
have existed permanently!) determines a necessity of compulsion of socium
individuals to production of material wealth, to their defense from
encroachments of other ethnoses and negative passionaries of the domestic socium,
i.e., a necessity to shift off the unpleasant burdens of life on shoulders of
others and to deprive them of pleasant opportunities. In its turn, it
determines not only a social hierarchy and not only in dictate but it is also
manifested as a hierarchy of ethical values, since the compulsion of a
person to labor is connected with an introduction, injection in its mind
some elements of the philosophy of asceticism.
The presented motivation of a necessity of a permanent dictate may look
as a simplification, vulgarization especially from the point of view of socium
theories that are based on material production as on foundation and essence
of the humankind evolution. These theories regard a necessity of social
hierarchy in its evolution as a determinant conditioned by technology progress,
by complication of material production involving in its spheres a giant mass of
people in their collective employment. Besides changes of the material production
structure, the technology progress results in an intensification of dictate
means, resources. So technical progress does not change and in principle lacks
ability to change all aiming, motivation determinants of dictate carriers,
since it touches only means but not the subjective principles. As for
the dominated psychology motives, there is no difference between a tribe
leader, Egyptian Pharaohs, Sumer tzar, antique despot, medieval monarch and a
current bureaucrat of the highest rank. The possibility to give orders
undividedly to slaves or tools of production, to troops or carriers of a spiritual
dictate (when a religion is a state power), all of these are only means. The
essence, the profound psychological, motivation gist is a broad spectrum of
egocentric hedonism in the widest universal interpretation. The gist does not
depend on particular fluctuations of objective and subjective character
conditioned by concrete forms of dictate existence.
Such an interpretation of the invariant motivations immediately
provokes a question of why does exist at each historical interval a giant
variety of life-motivated structures of behavior of individuals such as thinkers-
stoics, hangmen, dictate conductors, working brutes, rioters, and so on? The
question is valid since, as stated above, the realized hedonism to some or
other degree is a dominant in a complex of life behavior motivations of a person
in the course of history that conditions a necessity (from the point of view of
a person's psychology) of dictate existence in socium, i.e., an existence of
hierarchy from the highest dictator (whatever he is called) to the immediate
producers. However, a possibility of dictate realization with respect to a
certain individual, i.e., its place in the dictate structure or, in other words,
a degree of person's participation in oppression, is governed by a
personal complex of psycho physiological genotype (3) (3 -- The suggested
theoretical model does not consider social factors established at a certain
period of dictate structure such as power inheritance, social possibilities
of certain layers of a hierarchy, and so on. Still, the history testifies that
these factors are not so important as it is used to be conceded.). According to
the term introduced by L.Gumilev, the place in a hierarchy is determined by the
passionarity of an individual. The essence of passionarity being expressed in
settled terms of psychology and psycho physiology, especially allowing for
the subconscious nature of the motivating dominants that initiates a strategy
of behavior, represents the second not less important side of the presented
Dictate, its structure, a concrete type of dictate hierarchy represents the
different sides of the main category connected with necessity of
oppression of an individual. Dictate is an invariant determined by both the whole
complex of psycho physiological dominants of consciousness and objective
factors of bio-sphere. It reflects an immanent necessity of compulsion,
oppression imposed by one person (group) on another person (group). Dictate
structure is a functional complex of those characteristics, factors,
substructures that inevitably are present in any dictate hierarchy, irrespective
of its concrete realization, and includes: the highest hierarch or a group of
hierarchs, i.e., a hierarchy layer that satisfies its strategic hedonistic
motivations in the largest possible manner; a layer of dictate conductors that
includes bureaucrats, high officials, functionaries of all types, i.e., the
layer of hierarchy having comparatively wide abilities to satisfy their hedonism;
a layer of hired instruments of dictate that includes army, criminal
investigation department, gendarmerie, ideological dictate structures,
layer of accompanying dictate structures such as ideology, arts, and so on;
layer of directly oppressed, i.e., the layer of producers with inculcated
ideology of asceticism; and some less sized layers that will be discussed later.
While the first two categories (dictate and dictate structure) are
geographical and time invariants, the real dictate hierarchy is an evolving
matter that at a concrete period of history is a factor that characterizes and
determines many aspects of real historical events: political, ethical,
scientific, intellectual, social, and so on up to variations in biosphere and
geo-sphere. A degree and a character of direct physical oppression and a level of
dictate introspection determine a flexibility of its policy-state realization,
i.e., resourcefulness, adaptability of its social activity (conditioned by the
whole sum of individuals' passionarities), a resistibility respective to the world
external to the socium including biosphere fluctuations, geology- meteorology
calamities, conflicts with other ethnoses, and so on. As stated above, a
concrete dictate character is determined by a ratio of external and introspective
oppression, and so by the immanent level of intellectual freedom that in tern
determines a feasible degree, an allowed level for development of an
unrestrained intellect of ethnos. There is no necessity to prove the commonplace
that both the power and ethnos (socium) functional capability are determined by a
level of development (qualitative and quantitative) of intellectual layer of
ethnos with its passionarity.
Dictate realization in the historic development includes quite concrete
phenomena of political, ethical, and in the superlative degree of
psychological character. It may be stated that the first two groups of factors
are in some or other degree conditioned in a complex way, directly or
indirectly, by the third factor group of a psychological character. In other
words, all visible, real aspects of dictate are conditioned by the whole sum
of psycho physiological complexes, purposes and motivations of different
layers of socium.
It can be reasoned in the following way. Let us consider external,
visible aspects of oppression realized by the humanity in its history that
looks as different (4) (4 -- Physical oppression may vary from a kick up to a
burning alive but the essence is the same and namely to suppress natural
motivations by fear of physical pain or extermination. An ethic's ban may be
called taboo, religion's canon or dogma, national community habit or moral
law, but its essence is invariable!) but in essence they are very stereotyped.
The oppression aspects may be objectively ranked as direct immediate means
of oppression and indirect ones. The first includes realities of physical and
introspective oppression, all kinds of taboo from community's bans to the current
state systems. The second ones encompass the aspects that are connected with
psychological affect on persons, individuals of socium, i.e., propaganda,
prostituted art, psycho pharmacology, systems of positive encouragement of
loyalty with hierarchy's stimulation of hedonistic motives up to satisfaction of
sadist and perverted propensities of a part of dictate executors (hangmen of
all kinds).
At the first glance, the mostly farfetched, removed from an individual
psychology is a whole complex of measures encompassing physical or external
compulsion. But is it really so? In the simplest case, there are two
participants in a compulsion act called a constrainer and a constrained both
with immanent complexes of their psychological motives that are very similar in
bases. In order to force the constrained to stint himself in natural motives
and purposes determined by a formed genotype and objective conditions, the
constrainer applies measures of physical oppression based on the fact that fear
of death (pain, discomfort, mutilation . . .) overwhelms in consciousness a force
of natural motivations. It is not the means of oppression but a person's
realization of feasibility of their application by dictate forces a major part
of socium to accept an imposed way of life (5). (5 -- This statement is even more
confirmed, when we consider that carriers of dictate (a lesser part of socium)
lack an ability to apply a real physical violence to all producers, to the major
part of socium without damaging a fulfillment of their own egoistically
hedonistic purposes.)
Cultural aspects of physical oppression, such as social taboo,
jurisdictional and political activity of the state, are only a logically,
officially registered completion of the gist of physical oppression that is
realized in a list of dyadic theses showing deviations from imposed norms and a
corresponding level and a character of physical punishment. Any code of laws
carries first of all restrictions opposing natural motivations of individuals.
From this point of view, the treatises "Social Contract" by Rousseau and "The
Prince" by Machiavelli are nothing more but a Pharisaical dictate-loyal
hypocrisy covering the real psychological dictate essence.
There is no need at all to reason the psychological foundation of
the second group of dictate instruments, since they are directly aimed on
suppression of individual motivations that deviate from a desirable (for dictate)
conformity, and on inculcation into consciousness, in a complex of realized
ethical categories, of a desirable for dictate system of aims and
It is quite natural that any compulsion, as physical as well as
introspective, cannot touch the cardinal basements of psycho physiological
genotype that has been formed for millions of evolution years. In other
words, a dictate rested on conscience categories should inevitably come into
antagonism with the motives of a more profound, subconscious plan that
dominates in drawing up the prolonged purposes and so should lack vital capacity.
However, it is at variance with the history, which in its essence may be regarded
as a history of dictate. What is the reason? For explanation, we should
consider two possible levels of reasons: one is a possibility that forms of
external oppression are based on a stable, evolutionary formed subconscious
motivations of individuals composing socium, which are quite conformable and
uniform motivations, and another one, when an external physical oppression in
its psychological fundamental principles is based on oppression (or stimulation
that is also possible) of subconscious aspects of psychology. In the second
case, the eventual effect is explosions of the whole socium directed on a
dictate liquidation (6) (6 -- What is meant here is the starting ideas of
any mutiny directed on destruction but not an application of the processes
in their development by carriers of an incoming form of dictate), as in form of
social revolts as well as in form of individual denial of dictate. The
essence of subconscious motivations in their interaction with dictate in all
forms along with a psychological content of the theoretical L.Gumilev
category called "passionarity" that plays an important role in this interaction,
will make a content of the following chapters.
Introspective means, aspects of oppression according to their definition are
instruments of unification, stereotypization of strategic vivid motivations, aims.
However, in contrast to physical aspects of oppression, the essence of
introspective means is different. They are much more universal, multiple and so
much more efficient. As shown above, the essence of physical oppression is
reduced to leveling of the immanent to men's genotype motivations by using
negative contra-motives such as fear, pain, mutilation, and by extermination of
the individuals, who are immune to the previous influences or have managed to
overcome them due to more strong behavior purposes and motivation dominants.
Since dictate is necessarily striving for a self-prolonged continuation, the
number of persons doomed to extermination is somewhat (negligibly) low in
comparison with the socium continuum, and allowing for the fact that a
disintegration of a certain particular dictate form is feasible, when it
does not suit a somewhat large and the most passionate part of socium, we have
come to a conclusion that the existence of a certain form of dictate is
impossible without a certain form of some or other level of introspective
oppression. The forms, the concrete instruments of it are different. They
include political, juridical, and so on canons, community taboo of all
kinds, forms of education, ideology in a social hierarchy, and so on. The whole
complex of introspective means can be ranked in two groups:
1. The means of a prohibitive, restricting character. They encompass the
aspects of introspective oppression that are inculcated into people's
consciousness as bans of different kinds, i.e., from moral taboo up to
state's doctrines that consequently determine a complex of punishments
starting from a social and individual rejection, non- recognition and restriction
of material provision up to a whole complex of physical measures of oppression.
2. The means of a stimulating, positive character. They include dictate
structures as an essence that promotes and stimulates a loyalty to a concrete
form of dictate by distributing material aspects of life hedonism and also the
structures that promote perception of introspective cannons determining a
complex of aims and motivations that secure a conformity of socium spiritual
life and safeguard stability of a certain dictate form. The group of
introspective means of oppression affects a change, a deformation of
psychological psychotype of an individual in a desirable direction applying
positive means, i.e., means that use stimulation and are based on
the same features of hedonistic essence of an individual as the negative means,
but, if it is possible to say, at another their side. Positive means are much
more efficient (a detail reasoning will be given in the following chapters)
and to such extent that sometimes they suppress the most intense features
of psychotype including instinct of self-preservation, sexual, and so on
(sects, ismailians, some extremist forms, and so on).
Variety of individuals in a socium is so great that always there are
persons possessing a resistibility as with respect to the first group of dictate
means so well to the second. It conditioned a presence in any dictate
system of an organic aggregation of both aspects of oppression. The ratio of
the aspects in a stable dictate system is always optimal. An exceeding role
of one or another of the oppression aspects results in the structure
instability and serves as a sign of incoming substitution. Bright examples are
the stable form of patriarchal slavery with balanced physical compulsion
and inculcation into individual consciousness of dogmas of family unity and
instability of imperial slave-owning (the Rome's decline), capitalism in the
developed form and its terrorist extremes as fascism, and so on.
All dictate means are implemented by people and in the people's medium,
which encompasses layers of hierarchy having completely different attitudes to
dictate and to dictate means. Any system, any socium necessitates a presence of
the highest layer of dictate capable in the most complete form to indulge into
its egocentric hedonism. The layer comprises not only the highest carriers of a
concrete dictate form that often may be only a top of a bureaucracy apparatus
implementing the profound dictate essence. The true carriers may be quite
different people, for example, priests in temple of Elam and Sumer, regents of
suzerain at medieval, the highest layers of big bourgeoisie and managers in
capitalism, party leaders in socialism. That hierarchy layer regards the
possibility of its dictate as an immanent necessity of socium existence and as
a blessing for the oppressed, which is readily confirmed to them by a quite large
stratum of spiritually prostituted theoreticians of dictate system. Fulfilling
the horrors of dictate only by strange hands, i.e., not encountering
personally a necessity of suppression and extermination of certain people,
this stratum operates mentally with the distracted, abstract social
categories such as people, common weal, loyalty, extermination of evil, and so on
veiling by them their own quit primitive life purposes. As for the highest layer
of dictate, being itself by the reason, the fundamental base and the
initiator of all horrors connected with violence, this layer nevertheless is
not identified with them, does not personify the evil of violence but due to
indirect involvement in oppression they often appear as a good beginning in
socium. A more profound analysis of motivations and an attitude to dictate of this
layer of social hierarchy in its evolution will be given in the following
A comparatively small (numerically) group of the highest hierarchs of
dictate could never exist if it lacked powerful social layers realizing
oppression. Using natural motivations of the layers with quite distinguished
hedonistic inclinations, hierarchs involve the members of socium in direct
structures of oppression and mold from them nobles, bureaucrats, army, police,
hangmen, and so on, whose hands are directly used for oppression of a man-
producer. The question is brought about: What psycho genotype features, what
purposes and motivations of quit common ordinary individuals are used by
hierarchs to transform them in cruel executioner-hangmen, committing mass
atrocities? How do they manage to present these terrible unnatural in their
essence deeds as quite usual everyday activities? The basic features of the
individuals having an average intellect and spiritual grades include egoism (7)
(7 -- We cannot help but agree with Montaigne who claimed that egoism is the
man's essence and it does not deserve the bad attitude that is hypocritically
commonly declared. It is natural and ego does not deserve to be blamed.) with
egocentric inclinations, furious striving to outward life wealth, desire and
willing acceptance of standards in thoughts, ideals, life criteria. And on
the contrary, they exhibit a strong unwillingness to the personal comprehension
of the essence of developing events, a propensity to authorization that in
extreme cases expresses itself in a complete person dissolving, in a hierarchy
admiration up to suppression of the life instincts (8) (8 -- It happens rather
rear and only with executors of the lowest level, who are selected from people
with the extreme manifestations of all or some of the mentioned above genotype
features.). Sadism is seemed (covered, possibly, by cultural depositions) to be
in various degrees the basic features of this group psycho genotype during the
whole period of dictate evolution. Otherwise it is difficult to explain an
excessive level of senseless cruelty and extermination of people, which quite
evidently exceeds a degree of a necessary for socium oppression that accompanies
dictate reality in its evolution. Especially it is true of extremist dictate
systems such as oriental despots, current fascism. There is the second
question: How do hierarchs use the psychological dominants of this group to
achieve their purposes? The question is not a trivial one, because the number
of hierarchs is much less than the amount of executors, the hierarchs are
less adapted for suppression, so it looks reasonable and logical for the executors
to use the full power themselves (for example, praetorians in Rome, mamelukes in
Osman's Turkey, KGB in socialist countries) instead of being executors. The
answer seems to be in a lack of passionarity (in L.Gumilev words), the presence
of which either positive or negative makes a person a tyrant or victim,
creator or revolutionary, but not a slave, not an executor in their essence
and spirit. In other words, the lack of motive force, passionarity makes an
individual to be only an executor of dictate's will and nothing more. An
encouragement of their hedonistic bases is used by hierarchs as means to support
their own power over executors, the power that is mythical, but nevertheless it
is as stable as the eternity.
Sops to the executors' hedonism are the means of control only when they
lack passionarity, otherwise the executor will grab all the wealth by himself.
This thesis is confirmed by facts during the whole history, when executors-
bureaucrats and soldiers of all epochs, Byzantine eunuchs, and so on
while acquiring a passionate sublayer, they got rid of the highest hierarchs
and took their places making in that way a transition to a new dictate reality,
to a new structure. The lack of passionarity, moving, creative in the
broadest meaning energy combined with hypertrophied attributes of mediocre
psychotype, can make a completely common, average, ordinary person to be a
cruel hangman, who pedantically and willingly, with pleasure fulfills an
oppression and an extermination.
A presence and characteristics of that layer to great extent depend on
those, who are oppressed by dictate structure, i.e., by the essence of
characteristic features of an average psycho genotype of suppressed layers.
Schematically, the layer of oppressed can be divided on persons directly
involved in production of any kind, i.e., producers of all material wealth of
civilization, and on people, who produce and preserve an intellectual and
spiritual wealth of the humankind. Although the two groups are united by a common
fate of oppressed but dictate pressure on them is different, as in character
and so in efficiency, due to different psycho genotypes of the sublayers, their
stable motivations.
The first sublayer is concrete producers, who due to their specificity
and destination are united in production societies with a functional aim of
production. The production demands a development of practical skills
(irrespective of profession whether miners, diggers, and engineers) at the
expense of their intellectual, analytical and due to it of the person's
individual characteristics. A conformity of motivations and purposes in the layer
of oppressed is readily achieved by a combination of physical and introspective
methods (in a form of direct propaganda and brain washing). The oppression
includes a great portion of physical means, because an introspective component
of oppression is based on a necessity of practical development of
intellect and because there is a lack of necessity (or less, in comparison with
the second group) of an intellectual dictate due to a miserable intellect in the
sublayer. For its representatives, the striving to a desirable for dictate
conformity results not only from a production activity but also is
conditioned by a natural component of psycho genotype, by the immanent
determinant, a lack of which results in person's leaving of the structure the
most often for a structure of declassed individuals. For this layer, a
necessity of dictate is organic and internally acceptable by individuals
composing the layer, acceptable due to an internal conformity and to a spirit
of slaves that accompanies the striving to conformity.
The second sublayer of oppressed encompasses individuals, who due to
peculiarities of their spiritual constitution are feeling an organic
necessity for creative activity in any form. That layer never includes
successful, under given dictate system, scientists, artists, writers, who are
fulfilling and producing officious "products" desirable for dictate helping
explicitly or secretly to reinforce stability of a certain dictate system. Their
big layer, as it will be shown later, is an organic component of an accompanying
layer of dictate, in some sense, a pseudo bureaucratic appendix that is
necessarily present and is parasitizing in any dictate system.
The second layer encompasses individuals, who have a hypertrophy of
creative component and passionarity. Due to these features, they come into
antagonism with introspective forms of dictates in all their aspects and
eventually with the physical ones. From one side, individuals of the layer are
absolutely necessary to the evolving dictate, as namely they increase the
intellectual potential that eventually determines the socium evolution. From
the other side, the subgroup is the most dangerous to dictate system,
because being the object of oppression and accumulating negative to dictate
motivations, it simultaneously generates ideas that are destroying the basic
foundation of dictate, i.e., the conform-slavery psychology of producers.
Physical extermination of this group of individuals, that has been practiced in
extremist dictate forms, always results in a weakening of socium with respect to
external enemies and geo- meteorological calamities. Belonging to this
subgroup of oppressed does not testify for an intellectual mighty of a person,
because it encompasses individuals according to inversion of their creative
passionarity that entails their subjection to the greatest degree of
Besides some small subgroups that are different at various epochs and do
not influence the essence of socium evolution (9) (9 -- They are small
merchants and rentiers of all times, lumpen-proletariat, prostitutes, and so
on.), in concrete reality a dictate structure contains another subgroup that
is not included either in substructure of suppressers or in
substructure of suppressed. That dictate subgroup encompasses individuals
that produce ideology obsequious to the given dictate form in the fields of
literature, art, humanitarian sciences, and so on, parasitizing both on the
suppressers and on suppressed, as they do not produce intellectual values that
objectively increase integral power of socium but only promote the formation of
stereotypes of spirit and thought.
As any side in the nature, dictate, as a necessary social form, evolves
with time and some objective reasons are governing the evolution. It should be
additionally underlined that dictate as an immanent category of social life
determined by the very essence of a person is invariant. The only thing that
evolves is a form, a concrete reality of oppression. There are many objective
reasons of dictate evolution, of spasmodic changes of concrete forms, and they
belong to different aspects of human being including production-economic,
ethical, technological (along with means of oppression (10) (10 -- Evolution of
oppression's means encompasses not only variations of weapons from an ax of a
slave-owner to an atom bomb. It includes systems of information, pedagogical
means, psycho pharmacology drugs, entertainment as an instrument of
inculcation into consciousness, and so on.) and not the least the
psychological ones especially as will be shown of dictate hierarchs.
The first factor governing the evolution of dictate form is a production-
economic one. In reality, it represents a big complex of factors
connected with production activity of people, with material wealth production
from necessary goods up to luxury ones. Variations in the character of
production, a synchronization of labor's efforts of a huge mass of people, their
involvement in a system of collective functioning individuals result in a
necessity of a strict subjection of the whole life style of producing socium
to the interests of production, of standardization and stereotypization of the
life style, up to restriction of free time, entertainment, and so on. An
individual's functioning efficiency of every member of the production system
depends both on coordination and synchronization of all workers and on a skill
of each of them. That dependence increases with a growing supply of energy to
industry. The skill and quality of an atom station manager are much more
important than that of ploughman in the medieval. From one side, an
individual becomes a multiple element of a giant industry system, and from the
other side, their individual contribution (detached from their human essence)
increases. These changes necessitate variations of the oppression gist, resorting
to encouragement of pragmatic sides of intellect and to suppression of its
other aspects.
The second complex group of objective factors of dictate form evolution is a
technological character of humankind civilization, i.e., a chronological
complication of technology and instruments of production. A producer, who at
a dawn of history applied primitive tools and his muscle force, could be forced
for action at least on a behavior level and with restricted efficiency. The
technology complication results in a necessity (that is hated by hierarch) to
increase an intellect of producer as he drives equipment, gauge. So
technology complication evolves the necessity of an increase of an
introspective component of dictate oppression with an immanent refined
suppression of individual features connected with its motivations and
purposes, an imposing stereotypization of intellectual interests and efforts.
The first two groups governing the dictate evolution determine the third one.
An increasing material power of the global humankind influences a level and a
quality of tasks that dictate is trying to solve. It is true of the tasks
directed outside such as a reconstruction of area of inhabitancy, an
exploration of the outer space, a development of more and more powerful weapon
systems, and those directed inside themselves, i.e., a complication and
refining of methods and means of satisfaction of hedonistic determinants of
psychic of dictate hierarchs. Although all this is eventually reduced to the same
primitive level of beast's enjoyments as for ancient slave-owners or medieval
feudal suzerains, their character and decoration are complicated and are getting
to be tremendously more expensive. The most primitive and the oldest known tool
of enjoyment, i.e., a refine beautiful woman, is more and more elevated (to
some or other evident degree) into a symbol of success in life. She decorates
her body with such amount of beauty subjects that she alone necessitates an
evolving suppression for the sake of her whim satisfactions. A partly connected
secondary factor resulted from the mentioned above is a complication and
refining of produced luxury goods needed by dictate that entails an increment in
skill and in adequate development of intellect of producers. In its turn,
it results in consequences connected with dictate evolution and are analogous to
the discussed above.
The considered reasons (and some others less defined) determine a
dictate evolution that does not coincide with the chronological humankind
history. In the treatise, a classification of the main types of dictate
systems is suggested according to a balance degree of physical and
introspective components of dictate oppression. The terminology is introduced by
the author.
1) Primitive-physical dictate, based on an individual suppression
with prevailing primitive physical oppression, for example, tribes of primitive
communities, sociums of Pacific Ocean civilizations, tribes of the North.
2) Intensive-physical dictate, based on a physical suppression to
the extreme degree along with application of quite refined introspective methods,
for example, slavery of all times and among all peoples, serfdom in Russia,
despots in the East, extremist sect-states such as ismailians.
3) Imposed-physical dictate, based on physical suppression with
application of powerful ethic-religion doctrines of rewarding that are
characteristic of monotheism, on inculcation into consciousness of mystic
components oppressing life's natural motivations, on declared altruism, for
example, all feudal systems of Europe, Japan, China, and so on.
4) Imposed-introspective dictate, based on a minimal development of
producer's intellect even at the expense of technology progress, an intensive and
very efficient inculcation of dogmas, facilitating desirable for dictate
conformism, a reduction of share of physical suppression, for example, the
Pharaoh Egypt, South-America civilizations of a period before Columbus, state-
religion conglomerations.
5) Total or extremist dictate, based on a combination of intensive
physical suppression (up to extermination of the whole sociums) with maximum, at
least at the end of the XX-th century, introspective suppression that is forcing
everything to serve it through centralized information, ideology,
education, canonization of art, sciences, especially humanitarian ones. A
direction of all aspects of social life to a single purpose -- to transformation
of socium into an effectively controlled conformed subject, for example, fascism
in Germany, China at epoch of Mao Tse-Tung, France at epoch of Great
revolution and communes, Sicilian tyrannies, USSR under Stalin.
6) Introspective dictate, based on a positive stimulation of subconscious
hedonism, at least of a part of primitive aspects of it, for example,
capitalism of the XX-th century.
A transition from one form to another and an evolution in a frame of a
concrete form is reflected at all aspects of social life including
material, spiritual, cultural, intellectual, in education, literature, and
so on. This treatise was written allowing for the all mentioned features.


Chronological history and dictate forms

During development of human's ideas of nature and teleology of historical

process, its initiative prompts, concrete reasons and evolution laws, place and
meanings of a person in the total process, many theories and points of views have
appeared. Some of them regard the history (as a process of social evolution) as a
chain of events fatally inevitable and deprived of any expediency. The others
introduce some starting points determining the history occurrence such as: a
mystic will or Parcaes, a fight of antagonistic beginnings and a derivative of
people's productive activity and many others. In some way or other, a role and a
place of a person is defined, as well as of its will (1) (1- although this term
is treated in various ways, it is indispensably connected with internal, spiritual
life of a person, i.e., with its motivations, purposes.) and freedom under
constraints of society and the whole humankind, a degree of its influence on an
essence of events. Attempts have been undertaken to figure out an expediency
of processes governing the social development, its teleology in a progress of
humankind. More often, it is thought off as ecological and technological
aspects of human civilization, a satisfaction of some hedonistic tendencies
(making easier labor, an improvement and an increase of level of
satisfaction in the field of positive-sensitive components of psychology, and so
on.). Separately to some extent from others, there are theories devoted
to introspective teleologies and are inherent mainly to ethnoses in the East.
They regard an internal, spiritual excellence of a person as the purpose of
evolution helping it to reach a cosmic equilibrium between a person and the
An analysis of all or even a part of the main theories concerning the
problem is practically impossible due to their giant variety and because it
would contain nothing but an introduction of contra-hypotheses, a
priori postulated essences that are controversial to the analyzed postulates.
The discussion on presence or absence of transcendental effects and determinants
of history, or on teleology of human civilization, on favorable or hostile
attitude of the universe to a person (2) (2 -- Existentialism proves
quit conceivably the negativism of nature with respect to people but it does not
prove that the solution suggested by Leibnitz is optimal.) is groundless, since
it is based on postulated essences of illogical, irrational-
transcendental and even non-intuitive nature. The postulates themselves always
to great extent determine the gist of the suggested sociological and historical
theories. That is a reason why the primary postulates chosen for this work
are immanent to a real person and include a structure of his genotype and
phenomena of objective character present in bio-sphere.
The most traditional and commonly used in historical structures approach
is a chronological history-graphic, i.e., a representation of history as an
evolution-revolution process developing with time as along of an uninterrupted
coordinate corresponding to a certain level of development. Each moment is
characterized by a corresponding level of development of certain characteristics
and parameters of society that are higher in comparison with the previous
moment and corresponds to an accepted teleology of development.
The present chapter will be devoted to an analysis of concrete dictate
systems that are characterized by:
a) concrete level of production-technology aspects;
b) level of ethnos development;
c) cultural- intellectual level.
The purpose of analysis is to show that although dictate as a categorical
essence in a concrete form evolves with time, but a spiral of dictate evolution
does not coincide or at least not always coincides with other aspects of
evolution of human society. And if dictate evolution exhibits general
global regularities, then the development of ethnoses and technologies, first,
are not a strictly evolution, and secondly, it has concrete differences
depending on epoch, region, ethnos, and so on. Revolutionary changes of a
dictate form do not always correspond identically to changes of economical,
political and other formations. No doubt, all aspects of the humankind
development are interconnected but it does not mean that their evolutions are
synchronous and are determined by the same factors. For example, a decline of
ethnos may correspond (and it often has happened in reality) to flourishing of an
intellectual life (the Rome empire in the declination epoch of IV - V cc.,
Byzantium in XIII c.). An explosive development of ethnic passionarity and
ethnic domination happens to correspond to a low (as compared to the
surroundings) economic and cultural level (Tatar-Mongols in XII c., German
tribes at the period of their conquest of Rome, Arab expansion in VII -VIII cc.).
A comparative prosperity of economy and culture may accompany a total
disintegration of society (China during conquering by Mongolian, Rome IV - V cc.,
Greece when it was conquered by Rome).
A revolutionary change of a formal structure of political power often
reflects only an exchange of decorations under a quit well-formed dictate
system, at which a true carrier, a dictate hierarch does not at all identify
himself with political leader of society. Yet, the opposite events also may
happen, when an ordinary palace revolution turns to be the complete change of
dictate form including its immanent hierarchy and structure that in turn results
in further variations of other aspects of social life. If we constrain ourselves
with the models and theories of chronological historical development based on the
mentioned above postulates without taking into account a dictate evolution and
its laws, we cannot derive an extrapolation for the appearance of extremist
forms of dictate such as antic despots, Mazdak’s followers movement in Iran in
VI c., Savonarola, German fascism, (?)Saudelers, Paris commune, and so on, and
also religions, sects, a rise of criminals, and so on. The traditional
chronological history interprets the humankind development as a progressive
movement with time following a development of various aspects of society
(economy, science, and so on). The movement is called by a social progress and
is directed at an aim (3) (3 -- There are some theories that reject the teleology
of history, for example fatalism, anarchism, skepticism, and so on) defined
in quit various ways. The progress of evolution with time is traditionally
marked with land marks of revolutions, wars, change of formations (more exactly,
by their juridical and state-political forming), and so on. However, is this
dummy of events so important to history and to introspection, to essence of
an individual?

Tribe and commune

Primitive tools. Hostile surrounding world full of strong enemies, no

shelter from biological and geological calamities. Comparatively small tribes
are sparsely distributed over planet united by the aim to survive personally, as
a socium, as species, to provide themselves and posterity with food. The
necessity to solve the vivid problems and an influence of a structure of
psycho genotype determine an appearance of social hierarchy, hierarchy of
labor and duty shearing and so hierarchy of subordination. A gathered
production of the life necessary material wealth, a collective property on
production's means, i.e., the all cardinal features of primitive communism in the
tribe community of the objective character do not suggest an immanent necessity
to have a social hierarchy and an appearance of the first dictate forms.
Joint efforts of individuals in their counteractions against external
dangers do not imply an inclusion in the social structure of parasitic
predictaters with the first attributive features of dictate structure --
servicemen of (ideological) cult, dictate conductors. The functional efficiency is
determined by collective efforts in hierarchy of duties but not at all by
hierarchy of subordination that always includes individuals, who alienate
themselves from production activity. So the reasons for an appearance of the
first forms of oppression have another quit the opposite nature connected with
cardinal peculiarities, with features of people's psycho genotype that govern
a fulfillment of vividly important tasks as for individual so for socium. These
features, determining conscious motivations and purposes irrespective of time
and region, are non-evolving, conservative. A gregarious essence of a person
as a kind of "Homo Sapiens" implies a presence in the structure of his genotype
a striving for submission with an evident sadist-masochist coloration and as
an ulterior, a suppressed dominant, striving to command with the same nuance.
Individuals exhibiting a strong power of vital initiative, aggression, i.e., the
"passionated" motors of socium, implement an imperative motivation complex and
dominate over other members of tribe. They conquer the components of real
hedonism available at that time including the best place in house, the best food,
many females. Naturally, other members of the socium, even with a dominated
motivation for submission, do not accept internally such division of vital
wealth, means of subsistence that is contradicting, coming in antagonism with
their personal, individual hedonistic motivations. In simple words, they also
wont and regard themselves not less deserving to have the best food,
dwelling, females and to keep away from the burdens of provision of vital
subsistence weal. The suppression of that dominant brings about a brute physical
force. A dictate is fulfilled by an individual having a supremacy in force,
fierceness, bestial ruse. In the classification, this form of dictate is called as
a primitive-physical one.
A complication of socium structure in a primitive commune, an appearance of
the first bases of ideology, world outlook, cults results in widening the circle
of dictate carriers involving those, who lack physical abilities for
suppression but exhibit a high passionarity. They join dictate applying other
abilities and inevitably are united in a functional conglomerate with the
carriers of physical oppression. A bright example is an (?)ubydcky culture in
Mesopotamia with the peculiar concentration of settlements around temples on
platforms (temples Eridu, (?)Tell-Uryria). The proper patriarch-family, commune-
kin socium system determines the dictate form having a sufficiently universal,
total character in regulation of a way of life for its members and a stereotype
of behavior.
There is no doubt that a lack of brutal physical oppression for imposition
of a life conformism is a reason of appearance of the first systems of social
bans called taboo. A part of them was conditioned by a combination of interests
of the dictate system and objective reasons (for example, a prohibition of
blood-relative marriage among many tribes to avoid degeneration), the others
reflected only dictate carriers' interests, for example, a taboo on some kinds
of food consumption for different layers of commune. Family as a primary
cell of dictate system in some transformed forms is present practically in all
known forms of dictate including the latest (4) (4 -- The social forms that
include other marriage unions such as pynayla(?), polygamy, polyandry, change
nothing in the essence of subordination relations, as they touch only a sphere of
sexual relations). So it looks reasonable to consider the gist of the
relationships in family taking into account the fact that the couple marriage is
an immanent feature of almost all forms (5) (5 -- For example, the Napoleon code
secures with a system of jurisdictional acts the structure of subordination in
family. At the most early phases of slavery, family represented a clear
undisturbed example of dictate system) of social construction and so dictate
forms. Matriarchal as a system of feminist domination resulted from certain
objective reasons reveals one of those deadlocks of humankind evolution that
happens due to an indeterminacy of the process and lacks an analogy among other
kinds of mammals. The male domination in pair sexual contacts of mammals is
the principle common feature in biosphere. (6) (6 -- Even if it is not so i.e., a
female prevailing takes place in some concrete cases, the essence of conclusion
will not be different.). The domination may be coursed by a supremacy of
physical force or psycho physiological or functional-social, it is not
important. The essence is that in a contact one of the participants is
subordinated and another subordinating. Naturally that all the other members of
family, on whom hierarch can impose his will, are also subordinated,
suppressed. The feature that hierarch here does not self-alienate, does not keep
himself out of productive activity is not a principle one as it results from a
poor labor productivity, i.e., from a parameter that is variable, evolving.
For hierarch, the imposition of his will on family members is possible
when he is in full strength and mind. However, old age deprives him of fighting
qualities, and a clever hierarch, realizing the necessity of reinforcement of his
power in family at least for his life span, introduces some elements of
introspective suppression including a family law as a system of customs, taboos,
traditions that is pressed, inculcated into conscious of socium members starting
just from their birth moment. (7) (7-- The following chapters will show that
apology of family, jurisdictional standardization and stimulation of durable,
stable family bonds are characteristic of an introspective dictate.
Antithesis is manifested in free sexual contacts and corresponds to a
comparatively low level of dictate (on Hawaii islands, and so on)). Another
aspect of an introspective oppression is an induced by hierarch inspiration
concerning a necessity of dictate of elders ostensibly justified by their role as
carriers of experience, spiritual, and intellectual values of socium, and thus
having the rights to satisfy their requirements at the expense of others.
The tendency of dictate development inside family's socium is manifested
especially brightly at a stage of intensive commune development, at the edge
of its transformation into a form of commune slave-ownership. At this stage,
the family form of dictate as a variant of physical dictate becomes a
transitional phase to an intensive-physical oppression, i.e., to the form of
maximal application of physical oppression, when the main instrument of
suppression of natural motivations is the complete deprivation of freedom and
life. During transitional period, the oppression methods differ from the
intensive ones but they deviate from primitive physical means. For example,
the hierarchy of subordination inside Sumer's (?)nome had already included all
dictate structures that were developed to one or another degree of formation.
Although a commune-tribal character of socium has been preserved,
i.e., rank and file producers belonged to the same tribe as hierarchs but
there was a hierarchy of labor and consumption, a conformed acketicism of
oppressed and hedonism of hierarchs (8) (8 -- What is meant here is a life
philosophy, a system of motivations that in the frame of possibilities was
realized in practice.) such as priests (dictate hierarchs), official persons
(bureaucrats), monitors, trade-masters and senior workers (dictate conductors),
and producers. A commune form of dictate in Sumer nome illustrates the general
law of evolution, when a complex balance of physical and introspective
oppression is shifted to the side of introspective means. An indication of
incoming dictate form may be an increase of a positive introspective
oppression level at some parts of socium in the frame of existing politic-
economic system. Here is meant the Sumer nome, where ideology, introspective
component of oppression, is coming out in a direct simple form by blessing the
dictate structures with religious dogma, since the leader of all cults is
also the supreme governor, a hierarch of dictate.
Religion, in nowadays understanding, i.e., an organized and well thought
out system of views on the universe and social structure was absent among
Sumerians. Something that we call the Sumer religion was a rather eclectic,
vague conglomerate of views and ideas about world. In other words, introspective
component of dictate lacking strict ideal foundation, a sum of ontology
ethical bases, injected into conscious of individuals, realized itself mainly in a
kind of supreme governor, a dictate hierarch. We can say that in the form of
socium under consideration an introspective oppression was realized in the most
starting, primitive form.

Slavery as an out-of-time form of dictate

Historians with traditional point of view regard formations as

sequentially changing each other including commune, slavery, feudalism,
capitalism, socialism, and so on. In several European countries, it really took
place. As for the rest world, the above statement is not everywhere and always
true. This fact serves as an additional argument to use the proper dictate as an
immanent form of socium that is continuously evolving and due to it containing
more information and allowing an extrapolation for investigators (9). (9 --
For example: a) Russia after feudalism in X - XIII cc. exhibited typical slavery
with some nuances up to XIX c.; b) a mixture of slavery and feudalism
features in Arab countries; c) Egypt at the epoch of Pharaohs represented a
bureaucratic autocracy and slavery.)
The second also equally erroneous is the thesis that regards slavery as a
system of the extreme possible oppression. Of course, a restriction of place and
way of living, a complete dependence (at least superficially) on the owner's
will, brutal systems of physical influence up to death, these all look as a
testimony that all awful attributes of dictate are present. However, the
same attributes are also present in many other forms of dictate that are
additionally reinforced and completed with even more terrible means of psychic
dictate. Till the man's mind is free of oppression, it always can get rid
of the external compulsion, only voiceless beasts without mind and will to
freedom can be safely subject to everything. The essence is in the fact that
slavery openly declares and blesses juridically, politically, and morally
those brutal principles of men suppression that other dictate systems
hypocritically cover with a fig leaf of humanity, erotic norms (10) (10 --
The essence of ethic with respect to dictate hierarchy and motivations of layers
will be discussed in a special chapter), the common weal and similar
inventions of prostituted theoreticians from an accompanying dictate sublayer.
The essence of the slavery oppression system, its introspection may be
more clearly presented in considering its evolution (trans-nationally), because
it lacks a complete cycle at one socium but each of them exhibits one or
several stages of the evolution. The most early stage is the slavery in Sumer
kingdom, the last one is in Rome at epoch of declination and serfdom in Russia in
XVI-XIX cc. Of course, it concerns the evolution of dictate form phases but
not of their chronology. Of course, the examples mentioned above represent
only a small part of historical facts but they are seemed to be
sufficiently representative. Although slaves, or more exactly, slave women
have appeared in historical documents of Lagash (at early dynasty period)
but it is an unimportant substructure of socium and dictate form that is
characteristic of the period. The oppression is based on methods of a
transition-commune form. The main oppressed layer of the socium is not at
all the slave women (ngeme) but patriarchally dependent members of god's
"home" (temple-town) such as: handicraftsmen, agriculturists, servants, i.e.,
direct producers, as in many other sociums for all times, because any form of
dictate exists only at the expense of direct producers and only due to them.
Let us consider a socium construction, especially its structures of
oppression in the first despotisms at Between-rivers, i.e., kingdoms of
Sumer and Akkad III of dynasty Ur. There are direct producers (gurushes(?))
including field workers, handicraftsmen, servants, even guards, who are
dependent, but not yet slaves in common meaning. Yet, they include also
slaves ((?)urdu, vardum), who become gurushes when they come into a staff of
household. The second big group of producers includes slave women (ngeme),
the number of which is quit big. Gurush and ngeme involved in work get a
provision (ration), they have no family. The comparison with transitional-
commune socium reveals a restriction of ways of manifestation of the
declared principle of immanence and evolution of dictate. A poorly developed
armament, a lack (or primitive development) of professionalism of warriors
conditions a level of physical compulsion present in the socium. An approximate
physical equality with a small preference provided by arms of that time makes
natural the fact that the main object of oppression is a comparatively small
(and not growing with the development of mentioned factors) mail group of
producers and a mach larger part of women, because women, due to lack of physical
strength, much easier may be subject to physical compulsion.
Development of armament, appearance of professional warriors and guards,
creation of the first state and juridical norms and, seemingly, what is the
most important, an increase, intensification of an introspective component
of dictate naturally produce an increase of number of oppressed up to
inclusion in it of all producers of the socium (gurushes and ngemes) and
strengthening of the dictate. Producer is deprived not only of the results of his
labor for the sake of egocentric- hedonistic hierarchs but he also looses the
ability to command his life, at least superficially, in declaration. Producer is
left only with a minimum of common wealth, minimum food, primitive shelter enough
only for mere existence. Sometimes, when introspective oppression turns to be
ineffective with respect to individuals or a part of socium (which is always
small), i.e., when conscious is not suppressed by injected slavery norms, dogma,
prohibitions, than the compulsion often produces negative excesses such as
riots, criminal activity, and so on.
At that stage of extreme physical oppression based on death of any
producer, who dare to reject stereotype, conformism of spirit and deeds imposed
by dictate, the introspective aspect of dictate is not so primitive as it may
seem. Even at this early stagy, it includes consecrations and introductions of
taboo conserving the official authorities, a normalization of stereotype of
mutual relationships and mutual subordination compiled in state laws, a
suppression of active spirit's components of passionary producers by providing
them constantly with the necessities for surviving. In other words, a dilemma is
introduced for the producer, either you have a more or less stable existence
that is secured (besides an arbitrary rule of hierarchs) by a system in
exchange for loyal thoughts and deeds or, when you reject the dictate
stereotype, you get a clash with the engine of suppression (11). (11- Of
course, in forms of conscious categories the dilemma is realized by a
comparatively small group of socium. For the overwhelming majority of
producers, it exists in forms of subconscious, illogical motivations,
purposes, wishes, because they accept as the objective ones the major part of
bans and norms pushed into their heads from childhood.) The rest aspects of
introspective oppression mentioned above are only a logical decoration,
declaration, channel, in which the desired behavior of an individual is
directed but the essence of the imposed pressure is namely in that dilemma.
From this point of view, political, juridical arguments, basements are used as
an official basement of dictate (here, slavery) that at the given moment of
socium development is its reality. The religion in that form as shown above is a
mystical manifestation, personification, ethical justification of dictate and its
necessity. As in any dictate system, its essence consists of a fight of
two tendencies in conscious of oppressed individuals: the first is the natural,
life determined motivations of egocentric hedonism and the second is motivations
imposed by dictate, connected with asceticism, with giving a pleasure up for
the sake of hierarchs. At the period of early slavery, a suppression, an
introspective injection of loyal stereotypes is facilitated for hierarchs
of dictate by a low level of development, a lack of philosophical, ethical and
alike theories, of knowledge on the socium essence and an individual gist. At
the places, where teaching of introspective character had existed , for example,
in India, there was a possibility of analysis (based on different postulates)
of an ontological and ethical life foundation and ideology of slavery and
introspection of consciousness gave flaw here, at least for a part of socium,
and turned out to be inefficient. It resulted in dropping out from dictate
system of some individuals and groups that belonged to different layers of
hierarchy from producers to proper hierarchs including gymnosophists, anchorites,
yogis of India.
Let us consider now an example of a hypertrophy of all basements of
the slavery oppression in its later version represented by Rome at epoch of
declination and by serfdom Russia. The main objective characteristics of
the imperial Rome dictate include powerful army units of professional
warriors, a state system of detection and supervision imposed by centurions,
state inspectors of trade, moral, and so on, a raised to extreme physical
suppression (12) (12 - When at an early stage of slavery the price for a slave
was high, at the epoch of Rome expansion an untrained slave was sold cheaply, so
the main basement for oppression was the extermination, killing of slaves), a
well formed dictate hierarchy with political and juridical norms that
included all mature layers of dictate. The most important is a creation of means
of introspective pressure in a very direct form. They include methods of
positive encouragement of active carriers of loyal stereotyped motivations, an
encouragement of hedonistic features of psychic genotype of individuals
included in the upper layers of dictate system and accompanyings adjoined to it,
and also methods of suppression of that type of inclinations among producers
applying such frightening things as public execution, crucifixion of disloyal
passionaries, and so on. However, just as all methods of negative
introspective suppression of strategic motivations, these methods cannot
restrain a negative to dictate activity of individuals and the powerful
motivations of vivid actions of passionaries among producers, because these
methods are only valid among individuals, who are internally ready to
slavery, are exhibiting socially- masochistic features of character and a low
level of vital aggression, or, in the words of L.Gumilev, are "non-
The monotheism of Christianity originated at that epoch was created by
negative passionaries, by individuals, who dropped out from the dictate system
such as active adepts, professional preachers (13) (13 -- A form of rejection
of dictate as the essence of socium often represents itself in a religious split
or in creation of a new religious cult, for example, Christianity at
origination, bogomils, (Mazdak’s followers, orthodox split, catharists, and so
on). This new cult has played a great role in developing of introspective
oppression in slavery and in the following political forms but not in forms of
dictate. The idea of expiation as a cardinal ethical feature of Christianity
with its slavery moral of rewarding for deeds (in spite of its profound
philosophical sense) together with the dogmas of mystical faith, mystical
fatality of supreme will, passions and all-forgiveness, and to the greatest
extent of a dogma of asceticism as an ethical norm and ideal, these all have
turned out to be an excellent ideology foundation for introspective
oppression. The anthropomorphic carrier of ideas in esoteric interpretation
of Christianity for productive layers of socium makes the mysticism of
theosophical idea of monotheism accessible and understandable to the main
socium layers with an immanently low intellect. The profound, mystic essence
of Christianity remaining incomprehensible to the most producers, esoteric,
nevertheless assists in inspiration to the majority of the ideas of astrality of
the religion ontology. The ethical ideas following from the religion directly
correspond to dictate aims, are included organically in its structure and quit
successfully resolve the tasks of positive-motivation suppression, much more
efficiently than direct negative-motivational methods (14) (14 -- The
confirmation of efficiency is seen in the starting Christian sects and to some
less degree in Christian states in Europe at the early medieval.) The idea of
incommensurability of the waiting eternity filled with rewards for the degree
of pious in the earth life (read, the loyalty of determinants and motivations of
behavior) and of a short period of existence with temptations of conniving to
the immanent hedonism, the idea that appeals to the strongest person's
feeling, to the fear of death, turns out to be also an exclusively positive
instrument for the suppression on natural motivations of a person. If the
dictate form and the social- political formation were corresponding to each
other, the slavery, getting such a powerful mean of introspective
dictate supplementing the stable and developed to the extreme degree methods
of physical dictate, should exist successfully even further. However, the
slavery formation disintegrated and its debris were used as a basement to a new
feudal society. Does the character of dictate change under this transition? The
answer is negative and the argumentation will be given in the next section. Here,
we shall consider the reasons of the formation disintegration through
an analysis of the dictate form and determining socium features.
The power of socium (ethnos, state) to the extreme degree is determined by
unidirectional activity and so by motivation of the major part of socium and
hierarchs of the political system. This thought with irresistible
argumentation is present in the books of giants of human mind such as
Aristotle ("Politics"), Plato ("Republic"), Montaigne ("Essays"), Helvetius
("About mind"). It is also supported by theoreticians of Marxism
explaining transformations of states and ethnoses by social contradictions.
If we throw away the vulgar-economic cover, we shall see that the essence of
the social contradictions is just the different directions of motivation-aiming
dominants of psychic in different dictate layers -- of hierarchies, conductors of
ideas, accompanying sublayers and direct producers.
A necessity of surviving of ethnos in the temple-towns of early Sumer and
Akkad in the permanently hostile ethnic surrounding conditioned a
prevailing of collective labor and militant efforts (and so a subordination to
dictate) over natural hedonistic determinants of behavior and actions. At
the late epoch of Rome, the same dictate system, although developed up to a
hypertrophy of the basic features, turned to be inefficient as a basement of
political-economical system due to the following reasons of introspective
character. A replenishment of slave-producer contingent with foreign ethnoses
introduces a characteristic heterogeneity of motivations conditioned by just
variety of ethnoses. A sharp stratification, i.e., an appearance of a huge abyss
in satisfaction of cardinal hedonistic motivations between different layers of
the political formation ( as a reality of dictate), while the amount of produced
material wealth is quickly growing along with luxury goods, results in a
growth of antagonism, diversity of motivational, activation, moving motives of the
dictate carriers and producers. An improvement of arms, an increase of
professionalism of dictate conductors, a legalization of oppression by the
efforts of accompanying layers of socium results in the complete chaotic
diversity of motives in the slave society. The growing suggestions of the market
of hedonistic weal unattainable to the majority necessitates an increase in
the negative passionarity in all forms of dissidence, a criminal activity, and so
A traditional way suitable for all periods, forms of dictate, political,
economical social structures, is a neutralization of negative passionarity
by ethnic expansions of various character (aggressive wars, ethnic
assimilations, and so on) with the obligatory inclusion in them of aggressive
measures. Due to the mentioned above reasons of great negative passionarity, the
ethic expansions are often a success (15) (15 -- Conquests of the Rome empire;
Mongol conquest of Turkey at epoch of seljuks; Spain and Portuguese expansions
in XV -XVII cc. and several other examples), however they induce paradox
results. In the wars that are successful for a state or ethnos, the success is
reached by pushing an inert mass of ethnos by an initiating activity of the
positive passionarity of a high level. Yet, the carriers of this passionarity
during war mutually exterminate each other, so they are reduced in number or
dissipate their passionarity. In other words, the level of negative
passionarity, its share in an integral conglomerate of socium spirit is increased.
A growing amount of material weal getting available in socium due to
successful war results in even more chaos of moving motivations in society that
conditions an increase of the negative passionarity share and enlarging the
abyss in hedonistic possibilities discussed above. In stimulating prosperity of
material side of socium, successful wars initiate and are a reason of starting
stagnation of a socium economic system but not at all of the dictate system
that can exist even under total disintegration of the state system
and when it is formally substituted for another one distinguished by trifle
features of a functional and label character, by titles of conductors and carriers
of dictate, and so on.
At a stage of ethnos political form disintegration, wars happen to be
unsuccessful when a collision takes place with socium having a higher level of
positive passionarity. Then, all the features mentioned above manifest
themselves in the extreme degree. Unsuccessful wars, especially at the epoch
of slavery, are often completed with a total disintegration of state system and
sometimes even with perishing of ethnos. That thesis is completely
applicable to the epoch of Rome declination. In other words, unsuccessful
wars often complete the disintegration started by successful wars.
The serfdom in Russia represents the second example of slavery system at
the stage of hypertrophy of dictate basic features. Here, we find all
external signs of a slavery political system that includes the extreme degree of
physical oppression of a major part of producers up to the official right to
command their life, a presence of a powerful state machine of oppression,
a state system of taboo and a powerful apparatus for injection of ideological
foundation of conformity of spirit and stereotype behavior. The apparatus
fulfills, just like in the Cesarean Rome, various tasks including a
personification of dictate hierarchy as a good and weal beginning for the
socium, bringing up a believe in the necessity and justices of the system of
official laws (system of taboo), and, what is the most important, believes in the
ethical canons and consolations of religion with its modified for mob slavery
ethics of reward, passion, fatality, and a dictate as an immanent universum.
With respect to the Rome empire, we have here a quit different geography,
climate, ethnoses, ways of living and traditions, but the gist of dictate, the
essence of relationships in socium differs only by the character of decoration
and terminology (under quit identical semantic). Whether tzar or emperor,
praetorians or guards, gendarmes or centurions, slaves or serfs, but the
essence is the same. As for bureaucrats, according to their slavery gist, they
are identical everywhere and always. A hypertrophy of state slavery as a form of
socium existence is a sign that the system is exhausted and an exchange is coming.
The Rome empire disintegration and a creation on its debris of other state
agglomerations do not at all testify for the change of dictate or at least for a
change of formal system of the state economy- political formation. When changes
of dictate forms are coming as evolution, the changes of dictate
formations, even sometimes marked by revolution turnovers (16) (16 -- The
outward social collisions very often are regarded as marks of history. Mush more
often, it is not true.) are in reality quit evolutionary processes taking
roots and growing from each other. The similarity between slavery of an early
formation and slavery of the imperial Rome (17) (17- It is not a single
example, but very well illustrate the idea of this work. Similar examples can
be found in history of any ethnos.) are only in some details of a principle and
formal character but it shows the principle, characteristic features of dictate
evolution as a strategic category of socium. The case under considered brightly
illustrates an argumentation of the thesis that evolutions of dictate and
economic-political system are not adequate. The disintegration of Rome does not
at all mean a disintegration of the dictate form existed under that formation (18)
(18- In that case, it happened much later. The argumentation of the
statement is very comprehensive and will be given later.)
A basic and seemingly universal feature of dictate evolution is a
qualitative and quantitative increase of introspective oppression that is
manifested irrespective of ethical, religion, political, economical and other
concrete peculiarities. The quantitative increase means widening of various
aspects and methods of both positive and negative motivations in a whole dictate
structure. The qualitative increase means a more profound penetration into
conscious, psychic of individual of applied instruments of introspective
oppression, a degree of organic transformation of strategic motivation components
and aims of an individual. For example, the degree of influence of chaotic
conglomerate of archaic theosophical ideas and ethnic taboo for Sumers on
motivation structures and deeds of an individual was only a prelude of the
influence on an essence of deeds of a Roman empire person that was governed by
an ideology of state power and even more by religion.
There is a cardinal difference between evolution of dictate and evolution of
formation resulted from the above consideration. A disintegration, a crash of
economical and political formations connected with a collapse of traditional
views, purposes, institutions is a reason of creative, intellectual burst.
Events reflecting the main turning points of history influence a conscious of
creative people and produce a splash of ideas and creations. Besides that,
collapse or reduction of efficiency of state institutions fulfilling a concrete
reality of physical, external oppression at a certain period results in a release
for a short period of spiritual energy of creative passionarities that
conditions the intellectual burst. These processes in no way touch the main
acting participants of history, i.e., carriers and conductor of dictate and a
mass of producers. The collapse of Athens democracy corresponds to a burst of
philosophical and artistic mentality, just as it happened at the epochs of
the Rome empire declination, disintegration of powerful states of the Middle Asia
and East, at Renaissance and bourgeois revolution in Europe -- all the
examples confirm the statement made above. As for the evolution of dictate, or
more exactly, a dictate form, as was shown above for the first two formations
and later will be shown for others, it is accompanied by an increase of
introspective organic component of dictate, i.e., by a suppression of the
internal, spiritual essence of individual including its motivation, aims,
creative, and behavior components. So the development of dictate forms mentioned
in introduction is inadequate to the development in time of concrete formations.
In a cycle of development of a concrete form of dictate, for example, an
intensive-physical one, evolution occurs with a growing internal suppression and
so with a reduction of socium creative potential. At a given region of
dictate, the evolution of intensive-physical form is not completed with the
collapse of Roman empire or serfdom, but prolongs itself according to the specific
laws immanent to it. In contrast to the evolution processes of formations,
which are some informal functions of time, the processes of dictate form
evolution is revealed with extremely difficulty as a function of conditions and
development of internal, introspective world of a person, a world of his desires
and purposes, life aims and dominants, ideals and deeds. In other words, there is
an internal variable that has connections with the objective world, but is
not synchronous with the going external time. So the analysis and
extrapolations of the character of dictate evolution can be made only
using the evolution laws of the outward visible form of dictate and
touching the reasons of the evolution only hypothetically.

The traditional point of view on an evolution-revolution change of economic-

political formations claims that their sequence in time is a realization of
some teleological processes with the immanent increase of a categorical criterion
of teleology of so called "progress" or "progressivity". From this point of
view, slavery, in spite of a much higher level of dictate, is more
progressive than commune, feudalism is more progressive than slavery, and so
on. At such approach, the criterion of progress is an increase of technical,
scientific, and technological level of socium, with its detachment from the
human basement representing a sum of all individuals with their inherent
ideas of weal, happiness, way of life. To some extent, it covers a Europe-centrism
of historiography living aside the evolution of people's sociums with other
teleology (India, America, Pacific ocean islands). From the point of view of
individual fate, spiritual and active behavior of a person, his place in dictate
structure, the progress of economic aspects of socium in the primitive feudal
society plays no or little role in person's life. As a sign of progress that is
commonly used as an argument is the statement about individual freedom of producer
that becomes greater in comparison with slavery, i.e., at least, he or she is
not sold or bought.
Let us consider that thesis by comparing a reality of oppression in
the imperial Rome and the early feudal formations in West Europe. Slaves as the
main productive force of latifundia were engaged in production of the necessary
food products, raw materials for trades such as leather, oil, and so on. Dictate
in slavery has a power to force a slave to fulfillment of job that does not
require a formation and polishing of intellectual skill of an individual.
However, a teleological evolution (19) (19- Its end is not so obvious but requires
a consideration in a special work ) at the direction of technological progress
requires a development just the intellect (at least, for an increase of trade
skills and its necessary modernization) and not the physical power of
producers, although, it is also much welcomed by dictate hierarchs. That is why
the high technology productions of the vital weal for the dictate carriers
are made by formally free producers, handicraftsmen. Of course, their
freedom is only formal, as the dictate spreads its influence on an overwhelming
majority of socium and, without any exclusions, on everybody involved in
A peasant under feudalism does not differ at all from a slave on
latifundia allowing for his suppression and the place in dictate structure (20)
(20 -- Except for some declared features such as not to be sold). He has the same
toil, asceticism in life stile, except for some details as, for example, the
right to have a family (with the right of the first night left for seignior). As
before, he is deprived of the results of his labor and, what is important, he as
an individual experiences the same oppression essence of his introspective
basement including motivations, purposes, and wishes. There is no difference
whether he is an owner of production instruments or a partly owner. It means
nothing respective to the essence of his life, life style, character of
consumed weal, level of satisfaction of the basic hedonistic motivations. It
is not important whether he posses the tools of his labor or borrows them, or
they are hired, when the main result is the same: products of his labor do not
completely belong to him, without restrictions imposed by dictate (but the
picture of a socium without dictate and with free exchange is an illusion
dream, utopia, (?)Rousseauism in its over-utmost version). So regarding feudalism
as an economic formation but from the point of view of its connection with
dictate concretions, we have come to the conclusion that, in spite of label,
formal, political, and so on, differences of the dictate form respective to the
main part of producers of that epoch -- to peasants, we have here the same
powerful system of physical oppression modernized and reinforced by a development
of state-political and ethical foundations, the same introspective oppression
of the previous type also modernized by an intensification of influence of
positive motivations introduced by growing ideology of the Christian
monotheism in its aspect of basing and affirmation of dictate ethic.
As for another part of producers, i.e., industrial workers and handicraftsmen,
there is a restriction of oppression for them, at least in some aspects, caused
by a necessity of their skill development and, as a result, of some sides of
intellect. However, dictate, while restricting itself with application of some
aspects of physical oppression to this group of producers, compensates it by
an intensification of other aspects of oppression (21) (21- A differentiation
of oppression methods to various groups is traditional for any dictate form).
The introspective component of oppression consisted of a system of spiritual
taboo and spiritual transformation of motives with the help of mystic
consolation and ousting of the basic motivations is partly reinforced by a system
of positive notions that impose to the members of the group of producers an
illusion of freedom, social importance, alienation from a common structure of
oppression. It was fulfilled in a form of structure- state acts such as an
autonomy of trade production centers (i.e., cities), social and property
privileges suggested to producers of industrial goods. What has changed in
dictate as a categorical essence of socium governing the relationships between
dictate hierarchs and producers in their internal, spiritual and integral-
introspective basement, foundation? The essence of all positive aspects of
introspective oppression is directed only at a single aim -- while losing a small
part of alienated in their favor produced common weal, hierarchs of dictate
are imposing a necessary for them stereotype of motivations and activations,
the conformity that is necessary for a stable functioning of system and secures
their domination in socium.
Since facing development of technology in socium, hierarchs physically
(due to their somewhat small number) lack an ability to consume the all
produced weal (22) (22- As shown above, it took place at the beginning of
social- technological evolution), they use a part of it (23) (23- The common weal
includes not only directly produced goods. With the development of dictate and
due to complication of the whole socium, the weal covers all aspects of hedonism
including the primitive ones such as women and at a higher level -- such as
power, and so on.) to bribe in their favor a part of socium as conductors of
dictate as well as those, who indirectly serve hierarchs' hedonistic demands
including honored figures of trade, arts, entertainments, and so on.
Development of these groups appeared at an early stage of dictate results in
formation of stable socium layers that form stable layers of dictate. As
mentioned above, their formation is based on a technological evolution
conditioned by an intellectual activity of a certain part of socium
individuals. Here, we have a philosophical and a historic paradox -- intellectual
producers are themselves the reason that facilitates their own oppression.
Some feudal carriers of dictate as well as hierarchs of any other dictate
forms realizing their burdening dependence on the level of intellectual power
of society have to reconcile themselves with the presence of clever people
in common structure. Yet, at moments of aggravation of motivation collisions
between layers of dictate, hierarchs, realizing the paramount danger of
individuals having an intellectual power and passionarity and due to it
dropping out from a number of those, who can yield to introspective oppression,
resort to their physical extermination sometimes even sacrificing an integrity
of state system and ethnos (24) (24 -- Examples are all extremist regimes, ethnic
expansions, and so on).
An early stage of feudalism development and the previous, the last stage
of slavery were marked by an appearance of a factor of introspective pressure that
evolves further during the whole consequent history of dictate. The factor is an
inversion, substitution of the highest person' ideals determining his social
value in categories of life evaluations by a majority of socium. At the early
stages of socium and consequently dictate development, keeping an
outward obey to hierarchs, people regarded individuals having qualities of
subjective human perfection as the greatest ideals, as carriers and
personifications of the antique-Greece "(?)calocagaty" including athletes,
philosophers, creators, who represented an incarnation of the objective virtues.
The social prestige of these individuals, who undoubtedly fell out of dictate
system, was so high that the highest hierarchs rear infringed on them (25) (25
-- At later stages, say in XVI -XVIII cc., the thinkers, who did not serve to
dictate, were exterminated either physically or spiritually). Realizing a
danger of the phenomenon and quit not groundlessly (26) (26- For example, dropping
out of the dictate system including hermits in India and hippies at our
time), hierarchs of dictate are deliberately fooling these aspects reducing the
cult of physical perfection to professional playing of athletes; philosophy
representing the summit of human mentality --to a freak of oddities
estranged from reality; the creative spirit -- to a prostituted factor of
abstraction and entertainment. Instead of that, a substitution is injected in
individual's conscious that regards as an ideal man representing the human
dignity such persons as carriers of power, carriers of material weal, political
power, or at least individuals serving hierarchies, realizing their
hedonistic motivations of a various level of exquisiteness including actors,
artists, beautiful prostitutes, and so on. Namely then, not those who were
strong and wise turned out to be the heroes but princelings, tzars, and the kings
of Arthurs.
Let us consider the evolution of the main features of dictate in the
frame of feudalism from an early stage of the formation to its maturity in
different regions. The basic aspects of feudal oppression at its early stage were
analyzed above. A development of state-political forms as in the limits of a
single region, a single ethnos as well as in completely different ones has common
features, the unity of which is conditioned by an essence of the process
determining them, by dictate evolution, which is the categorical, cardinal main
essence of any process in socium. Formal variations of aspects of feudal
oppression have just the same tendencies as in the previous political formations.
An analysis of this phenomenon brings us to a conclusion that a recurrence
of characteristic phenomena in a structure of concomitant to dictate state-legal,
formal-ethical and other external features is a result and an evidence of the
fact that namely the dictate evolution is the reason conditioning their
essences. The cycles of variations of the oppression aspects do not obligatory
coincide with an evolutive change of dictate forms (more often do not coincide).
The processes of development of dictate forms determining the basic features
of slavery (an extreme oppression) have alike features with the formed oppression
of a mature feudalism. At that stage irrespective of region (Europe, China,
India), there is a strategic tendency of centralization of state power in
hands of one or few persons. Besides that, the power system, its oppression
ability secures a fulfillment of practically any will of a supreme hierarch.
There is a direct analogy between Pharaohs of Egypt, emperors of Rome, and
from the other side -- European kings, rajas in India, Chines emperors,
(?)basilevses of Byzantium. An absolute centralization of power with the necessary
superhuman personification of a carrier of power (27) (27- Whatever he is called
either "the Lord's Anointed", "God's Deputy", or " Athon's personification", the
essence is the same. The aim is to inspire the lower layers of hierarchy with
an idea of a mystic basement of hierarch.) is used as a powerful idea of
introspective oppression. A supreme hierarch is represented as a defender
and a deliverer of people from any arbitrary rules and any troubles, as a
granter of common weal and the weal itself in his face. That idea penetrates and
influences peoples' mind so profoundly that all the horrors of oppression
more often are not correlated with the supreme suzerain. Suffice it to recollect
Jacquerie, uprising of Pugachev and a long row of other motivation bursts of
dictate but with a firm believe in a supreme hierarch as a carrier of weal.
The conviction of the idea is so great that it is reflected, or better to
say, refracted in conscious of the best thinkers (28) (28 -- See "Politics" by
Aristotle, "Repablic" by Plato, "Social Contract" by Rousseau, "Essays" by
Montaigne and several others), who by no means serves dictate but nevertheless
treats suzerain as a common weal and a carrier of weal.
Another not less important feature of feudalism evolution connected with the
first one is a reduction of arbitrary rules of dictate conductors, a
concentration of management of physical suppression in hands of a single
person, a regulation imposed on it (to different degrees) by legislative norms and
so a reduction of the physical component in the whole structure of oppression.
The statement is easily confirmed, when we compare a character of producer
oppression by a feudal senior at an early feudalism based on a brutish force
and a character of oppression under Louis XV. The comparison with the imperial
Rome of IV-V cc. bring us to the conclusion that dictate evolution is
going with an increase of introspective component but not always with a
decrease of the physical one, more often with a variation of its essence.
An increase of introspective component caused by a complication of the feudal
social structure comparing to slavery has the other diverse aspects. A
tremendous influence on formation of a slave stereotype is performed by a mature
mysticism of monotheism. A development of religion as a component of
oppression (29)(29 - Of course, it is impossible to reduce the essence of this
huge phenomenon of civilization only to a support and co-participation of dictate.
At the same time in the mature form, the religion organization represents itself
a form of dictate.) not only deepened its mystic foundation, theosophy and methods
of influence on human psychic (sublimity of temples, the procedure of preying,
rhetorics of ministers, and so on), but also reinforced the formal church
organization. Due to such changes, the church deviated from a pure introspective
oppression at a time of Rome and assumed a row of functions of physical
suppression of the persons, who rejected conformity. The positivism of
introspective oppression of natural motivations of producers that
characterized the religion of an early Christianity (Islam, Confucianism,
and so on) has changed for a negative oppression and injections of dogmas,
bans, taboo in conscious of individuals. As a direct instrument of
suppression, the religion uses not only outward decorations but also (and to
significant degree) its mystic-ethical dogma of requital.
As in slavery, wars are used for reduction of negative passionarity of
producers. However, in feudalism their influence on evolution of state and
dictate forms decreases, because spiritual and often blood relationships of
dictate hierarchs and also their pure pragmatic motives reduce the consequences
of successful and unsuccessful wars on fates of state and ethnos.


When slavery and feudalism present evolution phases of the same dictate
form called in the classification as an intensive-physical, capitalism
from its early phase started in the middle stage of feudalism up to
nowadays imperialism represents a completely new form of dictate that is
realizing different principles, instruments, forms, state structures, ethical
and motivation foundations. While exhibiting not very cardinal changes in a
formal essence of dictate such as its state, jurisdictional, and so on
aspects, capitalism conditions a necessity of involvement in production not only
hands but thoughts of producers; a necessity to modernize trade skills,
means of production and, so a development of science and its adepts, who are
so hated but are necessary to dictate carriers. For the first time, the
relationships between producers and hierarchs acquire a character of an
indirect dictate modified by a hired labor. Even to a greater extent, it
influences producers of agricultural goods.
In all previous forms of dictate and its outward decorations, a hierarchy
of dictate was realized in a quit determined structure with localizations of
functions. For example, the Rome emperor is a supreme hierarch, the dictate
carriers are state officials, nobilities, regional and military hierarchs, the
accompanying layer includes conductors of ideas, owners, traders, art
professionals, and so on, executors of dictate are warriors, centurions,
criminal department, jurists, and so on, producers are slaves, colons,
handicraftsmen. As for capitalism, the structure here acquires very amorphous
features. Let us start from the supreme hierarch of dictate. A political head of
state system in a socium with capitalist relationships for several reasons in no
ways can be a supreme hierarch . First, according to the definition, the
supreme hierarch is a structural component of dictate, who personifies the most
complete satisfaction of any motivations of cardinal, egocentric-hedonistic
type. A political head of capitalist society whatever he called, lord-
chancellor, president, prime-minister, chairman of assembly, is not more but a
member of conductor layer of dictate, i.e., an official, who carries out
the same dictate functions in a frame of strict dogmas and regularities (30)
(30 -- The term "capitalism" includes here not only sociums with certain
economical structures. Marxism that treats socium as a system based on
economic structures is suffering from narrow sighting, because it does not
explain the reasons of differences between liberal- democratic capitalist
states (Great Britain) and extremist regimes with the same economy such as
fascism, Chilly, France at the period of Convent, and so on.). In this case, a
political head of state is a supreme hierarch only of a structure of dictate
conductors, and the degree of his indulging in his own hedonistic motivations,
their satisfaction is very poor, because any deviations from dogmas and
stereotypes imposed on that sublayer of system by dictate is punished, just
like in the previous forms, by an alienation from it and, consequently, from
the primitive hedonistic weal that compensates loyalty and conformity.
The evidence for that is the fact that the capitalist supreme head's wealth
representing a feature of dictate hierarch often is not ranked among those, who
belong to a socium layer with the highest possibilities. Under conditions of
extremely developed goods-money relationships in capitalism, the
satisfaction of any motivations is eventually connected with the amount of the
commodity equivalent at the individual's disposal. From that point of view, any
official of the apparatus of dictate conductors irrespective of its rang is
not a hierarch of the dictate form.
The second sign is a contradiction to the following feature. The activation
of egocentric-hedonistic motivations to the degree that is characteristic to
dictate hierarchs implies the possibility of an arbitrary high level of
suppression of other socium layers, alienation of the products of their
activity and compulsion of them to satisfy hierarch's wishes. Head of a
capitalist state is restricted in his actions by a code of dogmas and regulations
of an official- jurist and ethical type to such a degree that allows him to be
only an instrument in fulfilling the will of some anonymous hierarch (who
will be discussed later). A capitalism's peculiarity is a compulsory change of
formal governors that also confirms the statement mentioned above. Presence of
some differences in individuals' life philosophy, motives, purposes, even if
they are small in comparison with the basic hedonistic foundation, is the reason
why capitalist socium governed by them is not moving continuously and
progressively at the direction of objective evolution of the dictate form but
with some fluctuations sometimes very considerable in their social respect.
The mentioned differences are a new factor in dictate structure in
comparison with the sufficiently narrow stereotype of motivations and
activations of hierarchs of the previous form (31). (31- Of course, all the
mentioned above have no connection with the forms of extremist kind that do not
belong to any specific form and are not in the main stream of dictate development
such as (?)mazdakits, (?)sarbasars, ismailians, dynasty of (?)Saydellers in
Micronesia, Savonarola, Robespierre, Mao.). Variations of details in the state
mechanism of oppression while keeping preserved the objective tendency of
dictate evolution secure from one side a purposeful search of various efficient
mechanisms of conformation, stereotyping of the strategic motivations of
individual, and from the other side, they reduce the possibility of
formation of a stable negative, opposition complex (32) (32-Here are meant
the negative motivations that inevitably arise in conscious (subconscious) of an
individual and reject the good sides and the necessity of dictate. They are
conditioned by evolving collision of the growing oppression and restrictions of
natural motivations) in the main part (because in any socium there are a layer
of passionated persons who reject dictate. The form stability depends on their
number and passionarity) of producers.
Some possibility of penetration in the highest state level of individuals
representing different sublayers of dictate hierarchy inevitably results in a
presence in their activities of certain peculiarities of the collective
psychotype characteristic to their own layers. While taking into account
this thesis and before considering other layers of the dictate form in their
social relations, let us search for an answer to the question about real
dictate hierarch or hierarchs in the capitalist formation.
Hierarch, his place and the main functions are quit conservative
parameters of dictate system and change very little in essence varying only form,
label, and so on. The appearance of capitalism inside feudal society represents
the appearance of new socium layers with common subordinations, with
immanent suppression, structure, sublayers, and functions. The socium
structures include such features as department organizations of handicraftsmen,
the official power is in hands of suzerains and seniors, suppressed to the beast
level peasants, trading is in hands of professional merchants and appearing
unions (Hanse and others). The most thorough analysis of these and other less
important social strictures gives no answer to the put question. Some layers
vanished with time, others were transformed completely and became
unrecognizable, and neither of them corresponds to those basic conditions
that correspond to a hierarch, i.e., the stable status and functions, the
highest level of possibilities of hedonistic kind, the presence of power that
allows subjectively openly or secretly influence the motivations of the
society members and so impose an effect on events and the whole history. In
the course of time, the production industry is transformed into a giant
conglomeration, where both a worker and a manager are only screws in a machine,
the official power is also transformed and acquires completely different view
and functions. There is nothing in common between a farmer of the end of the
twentieth century and a down-trodden peasant of the fourteenth century except
for the kind of trade. Commerce, while preserving its essence and functions, got
wider and changed a row of its aspects but did not turn to be a dominating
feature of society. Yet only one socium's side and structure in the
capitalist society has remained to be stable and has functioned stationary
through the whole history of capitalism. It is plutocracy, financial
oligarchy of the capitalist world that has in its hands the most powerful tool of
suppression consisting in the main part of money and in an apparatus for their
movement and transformations. Their sums contain the major part of an existing
turnover of the goods' equivalent ( more exactly, of universal equivalent for
satisfactions of all aspects of hedonistic basement of human psychotype)
that can be transformed in material weal and power, people's deeds and thoughts,
quit various sides and objects of a functioning socium. The ability to
command, i.e., the presence of objective instruments and levers for
satisfaction of life- determining motivations, the possibility of a positive,
encouraging control of motivations and purposes gives in the hands of hierarchs
much more efficient and powerful mean of physical oppression. Yet, a
direct correlation, personification of a dictate hierarch (hierarchs) with
financial magnates: bankers, plutocracy on the whole -- is only partly true and
does not cover the gist of the question as it always happens with a half-truth.
Really, at the first glance, just the bankers at all stages of evolution
keeping in their hands the major part of money command the main lever of control.
But at different stages of capitalism, the layer of hierarchs variety its
number and quality and includes representatives of different layers such as
feudal seniors, medieval autocrats, church hierarchs, industry magnates, and so
on (34) (34- An increase of the layer of hierarchs having all attributes
and possibilities results from the jump in production efficiency of the lowest
layers that make it feasible for a lager number of individuals to alienate
the common weal for themselves.) This fact shows that capitalism as a form of
dictate is not a simple single form. At the early stage of development,
capitalism corresponds to the latest phase of the total-physical form of
dictate with increasing negative introspection that is characteristic of all
declining forms of oppression. At the mature stage, the formed capitalism
represents a new form of dictate, an introspective-physical, as it was named
in introduction. It confirms again the thesis of a non- synchronize evolution of
dictate forms and political-economical formations.
Identification of plutocracy with the highest hierarch besides a
quantitative enlarging of the category results in several peculiarities.
First, a versatile conglomeration of comparatively large layer of
individuals possessing the all immanent attributes and prerogatives of the
layer that has grown from a previously small group. Staring from the meddle phase
of capitalism, the supreme hierarch undertakes a transformation in a comparatively
large sublayer. From an autocrat, oligarchy or a small group it grows to a
sufficiently large group that alienates itself from production activity and
concentrates in its hands the instruments and attributes of oppression, the
universal equivalents of the vivid weal. The reason for this phenomenon consists
in the fact that organic interrelationships of different aspects of socium
functioning, development of its technological industrial side results in
production of such amount of weal covering all aspects and levels of hedonism,
that it turns out to be unreal and practically unachievable to consume them
all by a small group of dictate carriers or even more by an autocrat whatever
resourceful he can be. An increase of the volume of produced weal resulted in
enlargement and transformation of the layer structure of dictate carriers and
in appearance, in contrast to the previous dictate realities, of informal
features of belonging to the class (35) (35- In the previous forms the dictate
carrier realized its essence as a concrete social-political hierarch such as
leader, despot, (?)Caesar, emperor, king, duke and so on.). The features
include alienation from labor (that implies an acketicism and deformations
of natural motivations), concentration in hands of individual a much amount of
universal equivalent (36) (36- This situation is possible under the imposed by
dictate carriers an artificial system of barter that includes a universal
equivalent abstracted from the real consumers' values, i.e., money.) that
secures the individual's influence on production and operation of the formal
apparatus, a presence in the social ethics of such components that apply to any
aspects, either material or moral, its concrete equivalent ( the most primitive
common saying in capitalism: "Everything is on sale"). And, what is the basic,
what produces all and any sides of outward features of operating capitalist
socium, is the foundation of dictate on a positive oppression, on an
alternative: whether a satisfaction of natural hedonism under loyal stereotyping
of the moving motives or an alienation from abundant and versatile (37) (37- The
versatility is only in outward. In essence, it is only a formed primitive
including the vices resulted from laziness, meals, procedures of euphoria, women,
satisfaction of sadistic and other perverse motives) ocean of hedonistic
possibilities, if a person chooses a rejection of the conform existence (38)
(38- The rejection may be voluntary (anchorites, hippie, to some extant,
creators, and so on) or compulsory (a confinement of all kinds, at some
stages, sanding in exile to America, Australia) with all its internal and
external attributes.
A continual group of hierarchs of capitalism has a new feature in
comparison with the previous forms -- that is a dynamic structure. Its
composition, character, quality and quantity, all of these things are changing,
evolving. At different stages, hierarchs include leaders of industry,
manufactures, latifundists, and so on, bankers of all kinds, political
hierarchs, big rentiers (under any labels) and everybody, who fits to the
features mentioned above. Its dynamic consists in a continuous, but not totally
complete, variations caused by an appearance of new and disappearance of old
members (components) of the dictate layer. A break of masses through the cast
barriers into the dictate structure using sexual, intellectual, will, and any
other instruments is not a new phenomenon in history, yet, it lacks analogy
by the scale and is increasing with the development of capitalism. The first
reason for that (as mentioned above) is an increase of productivity and so of
the volume of alienated weal. The second is an augmentation of the role of
intellect as a purchased mean used in the fight for surviving between hierarchs.
This factor is the main reason of changes in the structure of suppressed layer,
of producers.
Evolution of dictate, like the evolution of any phenomenon, is the process
of development and manifestation of its principle features that governs its
activations. These features are more completely and brightly exhibited when
the process or phenomenon is in full swing. So the cardinal features of a layer
of producers in capitalist system are the most clear and conspicuous at the last
of its phases, i.e., in the modern capitalism. What features of department
handicraftsmen of XIV c. were so bright as to allow to make a prediction that
they would be developed and extrapolated in the structures and features of the
modern capitalism of the XX-th century? If you do not know the followed
history, it is difficult to answer the question. The development of industry
in the advanced capitalist hegemony-countries is characterized by several
features. They include a modernization of technology, technical, and scientific
components of producers' labor that practically excludes a hard toil; a giant
growth of power supply to industry; the growth of necessary qualification
that includes not only skill, but an intellect of producer; an industrialization
of agricultural workers' labor with the resulted consequences, and so on. A
cybernetization in industry even more deepens and develops the features, because
in order to control a complex automatic machine it is necessary to have a
developed mentality. Being the main feature of producer, it changes his
attitude to dictate hierarchy and results in the process of dictate
introspectivization that has started at the down of human socium development
(see the parts "Commune", "Slavery...") and now is hypertrophied into the
cardinal dominant of dictate.
The prevailing of mental activity of producer over physical efforts in
production and an inefficiency of physical oppression as a mean of active
deformations of moving motivations (39) (39- The motivations that are of not a
negative kind, i.e., prohibitive as in previous forms, but active that are
prompting intellect and emotions in a proper direction.) and also a giant growth
of volume and quality of produced material weal are the reasons that the main
instrument of oppression turns to be a positive suppression of motivations
connected with an ability to one or another degree partly satisfy hedonistic
basements of the psychological motives of activity. A direct physical
oppression, depending in different degrees on concrete conditions, securing a
physical activity, i.e., a complex of purely physical production acts of
different efficiency, turns out to be a secondary mean of oppression while the
component of "taboo" in it is increased and the direct frightening component of an
introspective-penitentiary character is reduced. The mean of oppression turns to
be not a forced conformation of those, who do not accept the necessary for dictate
stereotype but a positive stereotype formation working out such a system of
conscious categories of a cultural-dictate kind that can neutralize the
powerful action of natural motivations of a subconscious-species type.
In other words, using the social nature of a person, an advanced
development of its conscious-logical component of mentality, dictate suggests
an alternative that ostensibly corresponds to the hedonistic foundation of an
individual but in reality it just as before harnesses him to the chariot of
slavery. Either you accept the stereotype motives of producer, made it the
foundation of your life philosophy and get as a compensation a possibility
to satisfy some of quit primitive aspects of individual hedonism or you can
reject the willing doctrine of conformism and chose the way of antagonism with
the whole refine, powerful system of dictate that will result in your
disintegration (moral or physical) or in a necessity to leave the socium.
The theory of surplus value describes only the economic side of the weal
alienation by hierarchs without paying attention to the psychological sides
that are basic for socium. An injection of conscious dogma and taboo stereotype
into producer occurs not only (and in a less degree) through external direct
pressure. To much more extent, it is made through declared and real criteria of
life prosperity, by suggesting a big, constantly spreading circle of
possibilities to satisfy the most refine aspects of hedonism and applying
methods of indirect influence such as philosophy, arts, shows. These aspects
are reduced to an influence, stimulation of the those hedonistic basement of
psychotype or more exactly some of its faces, sides that represent just the
object of oppression. It seems as a paradox at the first glance but it is only
seems. The determinants of natural psychotype and their subconscious essence
are very difficult to subject to suppression of an external type. For some
time, they can be neutralized, balanced but their power is irresistible and a
break through in the sphere of conscious counteractions is inevitable. It
explains the high frequency of social, ethnic, individual, state explosions,
revolutions, riots, the plenty of counter-versions of psychotype realizations in
the forms of robbery, conquest, and piracy of all kinds.
In developed countries, capitalism exhibits a transformation of dictate
into introspective form, where, as shown above, an imposed- introspective
form of oppression is prevailing that makes it a much more powerful mean of
dictate and of the same nature (40) (40- It touches other levels of mind
affectation as shown above but of the same essence that includes motivations.) as
the opposing it system of motivations of an individual and different social
groups. It accounts for the fact that in the developed capitalist dictate,
for example in France or the USA, there are no collisions with such high
tensions of motivation antagonism that is a characteristic of social
explosions of antidictate kind, especially in comparison with the frequency of
the same phenomena in France under other dictate forms, say, in a period from IX
to XVII cc., when the intensive- physical dictate had dominated. Of course,
it does not mean at all that the imposed-introspective dictate of
capitalism has completely neutralized the motivation activity of a human
psychotype. Just as in other psychological situations of such type (41) (41-A
comprehensive analysis with application of some results of classical
Freudism will be given in chapter 3.), the conscious aims (according to Freud)
are an inevitable yoke, a repression for the subconscious. The breaks of
subconscious through in some active forms are inevitable and, having
some mass stereotypization and unification, they are manifested in different
forms including those that were met in previous concrete state forms of dictate.
A growth of intellect, being necessary for material weal production and
surviving, results, besides traditional producers of previous formations
necessary to dictate, in new layers of oppressed individuals. These individuals
represent the carriers of productive intellect. The development of technology
that conditioned and resulted from the science development, opens a way to a
giant spreading of the circle of particular sciences and to their objective
division on the fundamental and application sciences, or better to say, on
cognitive and pragmatic with the inherent specificity of epistemological
and practical tasks. At the previous periods, the cognitive and elite science
in spite of being the foundation of technology development nevertheless had not
challenged direct practical tasks connected with production. It was more a mean
and a need of passionary minds to cognize the essence of the universe.
Capitalism brings about a cardinal change. The immanent cognitivity of science is
preserved but there are also sciences directly serving production, i.e.,
applied mechanics, economics, science about Earth, and so on. As the carriers
of the sciences serve directly to the interests of production, they inevitably
and with necessity in the course of time are involved, supplement and verify the
layer of producers. The situation is the most brightly exhibited during
capitalism hypertrophy at the XX-th c., when the applied science was involved
into technology not only functionally but also formally as an organic sub-
structure of economic conglomerations.
The eventual foundations of applied science are theories and models of
cognitive sciences that forces hierarchs of capitalist formation to stimulate
not only applied sciences, that are depended and are enslaved by industry, but
to great extent the cognitive sciences alienated from dictate . The surviving of
ethnoses, state forms in the frames of global capitalism conditions a
necessity of involvement, stimulation, application of some privileges (sometimes
even damaging particular dictate's interests) to carriers of fundamental
sciences. Because a mind, a mentality becomes the main mean not only of economy
but also in the struggle for surviving, the existing passionarity and other
aspects of socium also results in deepening, refining, universalization of
introspective component of oppression and in that way a cardinal feature of
dictate evolution is manifested.
Capitalism representing a new form of dictate -- an introspective one, and new
social-economical and state-ethical forms in combination with the wealth
production that cannot be consumed by only hierarchs, entails cardinal
changes in the layer's structure of dictate conductors and in accompanying
layers. The more profound reason of the changes is a variation of behavior
character of the layer of conductors, which subordinates to their needs
formal institutes and socium spiritual life that in turn results in changes
of layers and sublayers. The layer of the oppression structure that includes
conductors ( and executors) of dictate is changed considerably both qualitatively
and quantitatively. Of course, the layer preserves the traditional, attributive
components such as jurist, military, penitential, organs of hidden
repressions but their functions are also changed due to introspectivization of
In the previous formations, the highest hierarch (hierarchs) of dictate is
often personified as a political head of the formation such as a tribe leader,
supreme head of temple-town, head of police, despot, tzar, medieval king.
Hierarch of formation, as a political head with the self- application of
overhuman abilities and functions (42) (42- The most bright examples include
an attempt of imposing in the conscious of surrounding people a myth about divine
origin of Alexander the Great (Macedonian), the same attempt with Egyptian
Pharaohs, oriental despots, and so on containing a religion consecration on
behave of God with application to them the divinity of all monarchs.)
personifies the common weal and the good almighty, defense of weak people,
and so on. An integration of a hierarch of power and a hierarch of dictate in
a single person facilitates an injection in mass's consciousness an idea of
blessing of oppression, i.e., dictate in all aspects is exalted in people
conscious (introspectively) as good that justifies and expiates all its negative
features. Any act of oppression of an individual or a group made with the hands
of dictate conductors is consecrated by the name of hierarch and conducted on
behalf of his name. Sometimes this mechanism can function even without a
hierarch due to a strong injection of the idea.
A dispersion of dictate hierarchs in capitalism while abolishing
personification of good in hierarch person conditions a necessity of another
veil for the everyday terrors of suppression fulfilled by conductors. And
it was found and even more efficient than before! Enlarging the layer of
conductors and introducing in its members different substructures of state
formations with the help of stimulations (or oppressions) of their motivation
dominants, dictate presented this conglomerate as a personification of the socium
itself including those, whose interests, motives, dominants were only an object
of suppression -- the producers. That ideological veil has allowed to use the
idea polished by previous forms of personification of good in dictate
hierarch modifying it such a way that a personified good was now presented by the
socium itself in the guise of "people", "íàðîä", and so on. Semantic of the term
in the ideology of any form of dictate is so vague and demagogic that
allows its applications for any purposes. The idea had allowed to dictate
conductors, or more exactly, to hierarchs using hands of conductors to
fulfill the suppression of their producers while consecrating the actions by
the name of "people", its weal with different labels such as "progress",
"prosperity", "common weal", and so on. It is a convenient and extremely
efficient screen, since the idea of co-participation in the dictate power
structure, of taking part in the process of formation of this theoretical "weal"
of each particular individual is quit well imposed and reinforced in the
consciousness of producers (or at any case of a majority of them).
Any idea lacking a material incarnation cannot live for a long time, so an
incarnation, a concretion of the weal both in capitalism and to much greater
extent in extremist forms is claimed to be the destiny of the future providing
that the current dictate problems are successfully settled. This is an aspect of
introspective modification in functioning of dictate conductors in capitalist
formation. The same side of dictate conductors' activation is efficiently
intensified using a declared plurality of ideas, thoughts, and functional
features of socium. The declared and partly realized plurality is the basement
for a compensation of suppressed motivations by the idea of co-
participation, complicity to dictate that is looked like flattering and raising
for the oppressed. A combination of these impressed illusions creates a unified
illusion of dictate transformation into a generality of individuals, who
activate events and the whole history. Dictate seems as if disappeared while
transforming into democracy, i.e., into an illusion of governing (of dictate)
of majority. The majority is the producers and, being the case, their own
dictate would result either in extermination of the parasiting on them dictate
system or in an exchange of places between the oppressors and oppressed, i.e.,
in an role changes of the acting figures of historic performance.
A superficial refusal from the formal status allows hierarchs to get
a much more powerful introspective mean, because any individual, having a
contradictate complex of motivations of sufficiently high level (to transform
himself and surrounding people in an active disloyal state), is regarded now by
the major part of producers as an enemy not of the dictate system but as their
own direct enemy. As the result, the number of active and passive loyal people
under capitalist system of state organization and imposed-introspective dictate
system turns to be much greater including in the case of hypertrophy of cardinal
determinants a substantial part of producers.
An analysis of the phenomenon shows that an intellectual elite of socium
having positive passionarity cannot be subject to the influence of so simple
ideological modifications. With respect to that sublayer, which is so hated but so
necessary, dictate applies another method of external and introspective
oppression that consists in suggestion of a superficial freedom of spirit and
creation. The mentality, its forms, its concretions are not restricted or
are restricted indirectly. However, the efficient introspective covering of an
overwhelming majority of capitalist socium along with a low intellect of the
majority results in a willing for dictate situation, when a passion thought
although not externally suppressed does not prompt a movement of contradictate
forces (43) (43- Namely contradictate but not contra-formation forces, since a
change of capitalism with another formation is only a substitution of dictate form
or only of a label of the same form.) and becomes the destiny of those few, who
live in an ivory tower. Besides, these moving ideas such as mazdakism in Iran
or anarchism in the later times due to the reasons mentioned above become
unacceptable not only to producers in traditional sense but also to an
intellectual elite of technocratic type.
The second not less important feature of the functional activity of
dictate conductor layer conditioned by a strategic introspectivization of
oppression is some kind of leveling, smoothing of pure physical oppression,
giving up evident forms of frightening, its limitation by some frames of
ethic-juridical kind (constitution, laws) and also a dissipation and mutual
control at least declarative of different functions and aspects of concrete
functional activity of dictate conductors. Of course, there are still remained
a juridical and state system of taboo with the accompanying penitentiary system,
militaries and policemen, state apparatus. However, their functioning with
brutality is made without declaration, not openly, without stressing the factor
of intimidation and imposing of negative contra-motivations in consciousness
(subconsciousness) of producers but to more extent for suppression,
extermination of those individuals of the intellectual elite layer, who are
immune to the cardinal introspective component of oppression.
An introduction in the everyday life of dictate and a permanent
declaration of the term "democracy" and others connected with it is also a
mean of introspective persuasion of producers in the presence of a mechanism that
restricts and regulates suppression. Some changes take place in the character
and scale of applications by dictate conductors of inter-ethnics (inter-states)
conflicts such as wars, genocides, and so on for reduction (suppression) of a
negative passionarity tension in socium having a contradictate direction. The
efficiency of the mass introspective oppression applied almost on the whole
socium allows to impose a complex of dogmas and ideas, which is sufficient
for rejection from natural motivations in favor of acketicism reaching the level
of suppression of self-preservation instinct, to such amount of individuals
that a war, in contrast to being a business of some (comparatively small)
groups of professional in feudalism, turns out to be a mass slaughters. It is
also facilitated by such factors as the growth of labor efficiency that resulted
in reduction of a number of producers necessary for production of war means,
a steeple perfection of weapons for extermination of people and their works.
The modification of tools for murder results in intensification of a character
of physical (44) (44- It includes not only traditional arms, tools of torture,
and so on, but also other products of technology such as psycho-
phormacopy, means for psychic suppression, and so on.) oppression along
with reduction of a number of concrete executors, but from the other side it
demands a maximum introspective imposition on dictate conductors of loyal
stereotype motivations and activations (45) (45 - In other case, the analogy
happened with praetorians, mamelukes and similar groups will take place quite
readily and to the extreme degree).
Wars of capitalist giants in contrast to the previous formations do not
result, if it is an unsuccessful war, in disintegration and collapse of state and
dictate forms but only in some changes, reconstructions in the structure of
alienation and utilization of the common weal produced by the bottom layers of
socium. Some changes take place (but not always) among concrete executors,
dictate conductors but the essence of dictate especially for producers is kept
unchanged. It can be claimed with assurance that the above made statement is
valid for any war in the frame of capitalism: inter-ethnical (boer war,
India-Pakistan, Iran-Iraq), liberation ( war for liberation of the USA, South-
American wars, Africa), utility-aggressive (the First World War), and so on.
An accompanying layer of dictate in the capitalist form plays a role that
is equal in efficiency and importance to the roles of the main functional layers.
This layer deserves more thorough, comprehensive analysis because its role
in the whole dictate structure is very important and is inherited in other
chronologically later forms of capitalism (46) (46- yet, it does not touch
dictate evolution, since some concrete forms are sufficiently short-lived and
present the deadlocks of evolution.). The layer is quit versatile and has many
functional aspects. Besides adepts of propagandist apparatus, who has
completely prostituted their mind and spirit in quit various roles, besides
mongrels of creative intelligence, it includes teachers of children and
youth, "scientists", who directly serve to military and police apparatus,
workers of (formally free) mass media, "creators" of loyal humanitarian
theories, theoreticians of jurisprudence, and so on. The motives of faithful
service to dictate under capitalist oppression are quit primitive and have very
much in common with the motives of any hired hangman, although they are more
complex according to the introspective essence. They consist of material
aspects of hedonism including luxury, money, thoughts about importance of their
complicity in suppression, and also a satisfaction of specific dominants peculiar
to socium individuals producing some values in cultural-creative field such as
ambition, vanity, craving for fame, which are based on motivation of the
commonplace hedonism including the same money, luxury, women, perversions of
various kinds.
Capitalism has substituted the brutal physical suppression of intellect
peculiar to the previous formations that included murder, burning alive,
lifelong rotting in gaol, with an introspective suppression that is decent,
outwardly is deprived of horror of the previous formations but immeasurably more
powerful, since it is based on strategic-vital, cardinal, natural
motivations. The dissipating layer of hierarchs concentrates in its hands a
huge amount of universal equivalent of material weal that allows them to retain
an individual in subordination to their interests and even recruit sincere
(but nevertheless corrupt) adepts by a subjective-purposeful distribution of
money or an adequate weal. Relationships between the accompanying layer and
the structures of direct suppression vary from a simple, direct sale and
purchase of individuals ( with their corrupt spirit) to an indirect patronage in a
form of charity and also a secret patronage from police service and state
apparatus for receiving publicity, fame and adjoined to them weal (47) (47- No
prosperity without publicity. This capitalist proverb is a short expression
of the above thesis).
The structure of the accompanying layer, different variations of features of
the involved individuals according to their profound essence, moving motives
determining concrete activations of mind, are so stereotyped, conform that do
no deserve any more deep analysis. The essence is the same -- whether
voluntarily or under duress, following a moral or under pressure (of life
circumstances or dictate), the result is a sale of mind, intellect, spirit to the
disposal of an introspective component of dictate.
It is of interests to consider the layer functions, a character of
their influence as on the layers of producers so on the layers of suppressers,
and also methods and means of penetration in consciousness, foisting of ideas,
accompanying motives helping to stereotypization and necessary to dictate.
Corresponding to the demands of introspective dictate, functions of the
layer of dictate include the concrete necessary means such as: 1)
teaching of youth, i.e., transferring to them the necessary industrial
skills along with injection of necessary ideas plus military training, 2)
direct propaganda of ideas as directly connected with rehabilitation
and decoration of dictate and its hierarchs as well as those that have a
similar indirect connection with hidden application of ideas of chauvinism,
ethical integrity, and so on to hierarchs and dictate conductors as the embodiment
and carriers of them (for example, "The Prince" by Machiavelli), 3) elaboration
of humanitarian ideas, categories, doctrines that not only justify but
glorify dictate up to the level of absolute ("The Prince" by Machiavelli),
4) creation of art works such as books, paintings, sculptures, houses, and
so on that indirectly- associatively conduct in conscious the ideas
necessary to dictate (48) (48- Majestic statues of emperors, warriors, and so
on, render mach better help to dictate than ten hangmen. Their availability,
possibility to be observed by millions is in contrast to the real art works
that are immured in museums. The statues by Rodin are much more dangerous to
dictate than a hundred of Marxes.), 5) reduction of passionarity and the level of
intellectual inquiries of socium using the injections of ideals and samples of
other nature that is not dangerous to dictate (49) (49- Philosopher is not
fashionable any more, on pedestal of social success as the symbols of prosperity
in life we can see carriers of primitive hedonism such as actors, jesters,
beautiful prostitutes, even homosexuals) 6) distraction, transformation (or
sublimation in Freud's words) of vivid energy, passionarity of a contradictate
kind of the most active (but not the most clever) individuals of socium into
other objects of activity such as sport, pioneering in different fields of
activity, shows, and so on, 7) satisfaction of various primitive- hedonistic
aspects of an individual including sexual, gastronomic, hallucinate, and other
with the aim to atrophy, deprive him of disloyal activity, 8) injection into
conscious of individuals the ideas of prevailing of material-hedonistic symbols
(50) (50- because they are in the hands of hierarchs and give them a possibility
to manipulate by the actions of people only under conditions when people are
convinced in an absolute necessity of the wealth.) over any others, and some other
The consideration of functions of accompanying layer allows us to come to
the conclusion that such many-sided versatile attack on consciousness of the
oppressed part of socium is conducted with the single aim. The purpose is to
hypertrophy some primitive sides of natural complex of psychic (subconscious)
dominant by imposing the necessary to dictate ideas in consciousness and
motivations in subconsciousness and by using the hypertrophy to suppress those
aspects, natural motivations that are disloyal to dictate and on this basement to
fasten a producer to a weal producing machine and to a system of defense of
hierarchs. These are formal and informal functions of the accompanying layer
with respect to producers. Besides that, being a component of dictate controlled
evidently or secretly by dictate hierarchs, the layer itself affects hierarchs
and dictate conductors because the influence produced by the layer affects the
consciousness of all layers of socium. Hierarch, marshal, hangman, and
policemen read the same books, see the same paintings, statues, cinemas, and
so on, as producers. Allowing for a low or middle level of intellect of the
highest layers of dictate, the syllogism is valid that the accompanying
layer influences the whole socium (51) (51- Of course, it is except for
passionary thinkers alienated from dictate and some other small substructures
of socium (as will be discussed further)). The purposeful hypertrophy of
hedonism aspects of primitive-brutal type made by the layer affects hierarchs
that results in a hypertrophy of overdeveloped hedonism of their
dominated motivations and in intensification and refining of hedonistic
teleology defining their psychotype.
The presented analysis of dictate structure may bring somebody to
conclusion on a finite character of evolution and unshakable stability of
capitalist system of oppression. Of course, it is far from true. Just like
any other socium with an immanent form of dictate, capitalism contains social
components that are in antagonism with dictate beside the main group of
suppressed producers. The layer of producers as a substructure of dictate has
a row of cardinal features, aspects that are common for the all formations and
forms of dictate, so its analysis will be maid separately in a special
In the part "Slavery . . .", a thesis was given concerning peculiarities
in suppression of different sexual groups of socium. In capitalism the
structure of oppression has changed but the differences also take place although
they are conditioned by other reasons. Here is meant not an economical or
legal inequality but a difference in the essence of introspective pressure
and the character of perception. When in slavery at least at the first stage
of its development, woman became an immediate victim and an object of suppression
due to her comparative physical weakness, in the period of introspective
oppression she becomes the most susceptible and obedient to it due to
peculiarities of her psychology. Women are more yielding to suppression due to
their peculiarities connected with prevailing of emotional component over
logical, more plastic psychic, conservatism and permanent motivational
striving to stable forms, cardinal less (in comparison with man) level of
passionarity and vivid aggression, heightened level of primitive hedonism, and
many other determinants of their moving motives. Under conditions of capitalist
formation with dominating introspective component of oppression and those
positive-hedonistic aspects discussed above, women due to the peculiarities
of psychotype become not only objects of suppression but even adepts
and sometimes symbols of a declared life moral, life philosophy. A beautiful
woman that does not belong to the layer of hierarchs represents in some
sense a reality, a performer, an incarnation of some aspects of the declared to
socium partial hedonism. So under conditions of hypertrophy of introspective
dictate, woman becomes a personified incarnation of vivid aspirations, vivid
activity, and as a result she includes herself into active loyal aspects of
motivations and becomes a tool of dictate.
The hypertrophy of introspection and the dissipation of the dictate
layer result in a situation when the highest layer of dictate with its
prerogatives and attributes is as if stepping aside in a shadow while dictate
conductors in a form of state apparatus look like having the status (illusive) of
the summit of oppression. The absoluteness of state power is accompanied by a
transformation of ethnic components, spiritual and objective, into state
components that results in a vague shape of ethnoses and in a suppression of
formal formations fixed with juridical, political acts and of the ethnos's
tendency to a cyclic spreading and shrink. That tendency is stable and is
preserved in the following formations and dictate forms.

Extremist state formations

Extremist state formations represent a realization of an extreme

hypertrophy of all aspects, means, instruments of oppression. The orbit of
oppression encompasses practically all layers of socium including also an
apparatus of dictate conductors and accompanying layers as well as producers,
who represent a traditional layer of oppressed. The oppression has acquired
features of totality and automation using a powerful apparatus of bureaucracy,
police, secret organs of oppression, army, ideology apparatus. The next
characteristic feature of such type formations consists in the presence of para-
state infrastructures in socium united by an ideological doctrine, which is
as a rule throughout demagogic and has no real philosophical foundation.
Another characteristic feature of these formations consists in their short
life in the historical scale, when compared with such basic formations as
slavery, feudalism, and so on. The short duration is conditioned by the proper
essence of total oppression, which is imposed also on intelligent side, on
spiritual essence of socium and carriers of intelligence that represents the
foundation of socium and state stability. That formation lacks a logical
prehistory due to a short duration of existence and also due to the following
effects. It is secondary and looks to be a deadlock of evolution, the expenses of
The formation can be met at various stages of dictate and socium evolution.
The frequency of its appearance in history increases with the reinforcement
of means of physical dictate from weapons to psychotropic means (52) (52- Besides
pharmacology, there are psychological, psycho physiological, and so on, means)
and means of introspective dictate. Still, its appearance is not connected
with any regularities either chronological (if it is regarded as a form of state
organization) or social-economical (if it is regarded as form of dictate). A
totality of dictate in the formation very often transforms into a genocide as of
own socium so of the external ones positioned near or far away. The following
examples of the formation can be mentioned belonging to different regions and
epochs (53) (53- Of course, the list is not complete but it is representative for
the aims of this work.):
1) Government of masdackits in Iran in VI c.
2) Dynasty (?)Saudelers in Micronesia.
3) State of ismailians.
4) Fascism in Germany XX c.
5) France at the end of XVIII c.
6) China at a time of Mao Tse-Tung.
7) Cambodia under Pol Pot, and some others.
The ideology laying in the foundation of formations of that type is always
sufficiently primitive, demagogic with a miserable philosophy that makes it
reachable or be looked like reachable to a major part of producers. It always
includes the components that are consonant to dominants of producers' psychotype.
The examples are mazdakism, ismailians, Marxism (54) (54- While proclaiming the
ideas of formal equality in social life and properties, mazdakism eventually
had reduced everything to autocracy and to extermination of dissidents.
Ismailians, who proclaimed an extreme radical form of Islam, eventually had
come to the same extremist autocracy. Marxism, while having a different
ideology, in the reality of socialism eventually has come to the same.), and so
That formation always contains a layer of ideology adepts, who are the
real hierarchs (55) (55- The hierarchs are not everybody of the ideology adepts
but only hierarchs of that substructure of socium.) of the dictate form.
The layer of adepts also forms structures of dictate conductors and executors. A
low intellect and an adherence to miserable doctrine reaching a fanatic level of
the most perverse type (56) (56- Ismailians had perfected the degree of
fanaticism up to the level of complete selflessness) allow to form executors of
such brutality that they are ready to exterminate all dissidents, who disagree
with the doctrine or may be indifferent to it.
In the frame of the state formation, hierarchs of dictate include the
hierarchs of a contingent (party, society, religion sect, and so on) of adepts
of declared ideology and also hierarchs of conductors and executors of dictate
such as high rank militaries, policemen, ringleaders of secret-guard service and
bureaucracy. While formally executing the will of hierarchs-adepts, in
reality due to the totality of suppression over whole socium, these persons
quite well realize the whole complex of prerogatives immanent to hierarchs of
The demagogue of doctrine is eventually used to the aims of oppression
of producers , i.e., to their rejection from the whole complex of hedonistic
motivations or from a part of it and as an apology (declared) of
asceticism. So in contrast to dissipated hierarchs of capitalism, hierarchs
of extremist forms are always distinguished for a vulgar- materialistic,
property-hedonistic life philosophy and for the maximum concentration of
possible weal in their hands. It is true of Mazdak, Pirys(?) of ismaiIians,
leaders of Marxism in Russia, China, Cambodia, who have declared and imposed in
minds an asceticism for the sake of a distant common weal in a form of equality,
the next world bliss, or a future golden age of communism but completely
rejected this doctrine in application to themselves. A demagogic illusion of
oppression in the name of people and for its sake as if it were invented by
capitalism really took place at more early formations, for instance, among
mazdakits but it was polished to the absolute perfection by socialism, whose
hierarchs ( for example in China or Cambodia) have organized a genocide for a
considerable part of socium under a rough cover of demagogue about interests and
common weal of people, i.e., of those, who have just were exterminated. Clear,
there is nothing behind such actions but a necessity to exterminate the most
passionated part of socium, who can be an antagonist to the all-around
dictate in the most brutal forms. Who is subject in reality to the most
severe suppression under these regimes of dictate? Mazdakits have removed
scientists and everybody, who could read and write, poets, active
individuals. Marxists of all shades have removed intellectuals, persons in
other spheres with a high intellect including military, administrative,
active, diligence peasants, dealers. As for ismailians and (?)Saydellers, they
had lacked an internal intellectual opposition so individuals had been
exterminated arbitrary without any special sorting.
A reduction of a negative passionarity of socium by brutal physical
means, while providing hierarchs with a stability of dictate form,
results in reality in the extremely negative consequences to socium in
a very shot period, a miserable historic interval. The extermination of
passionated individuals reduces not only a negative passionarity (respective to
dictate) but the positive passionarity as well with respect to socium, because the
inversion of sign is a consequence of motivation dominants that are stimulated
or are suppressed by dictate. In turn, it reduces a resistivity of socium to
external collisions both of objective and subjective (ideological) kinds
that often results in disintegration of state or ethnos.
The second consequence of total oppression is a hypertrophy of the
structures of direct dictate execution and their transformation into a
cycling for itself, self-attendant machine that secures a participation in
hierarchy of executors transforming in hierarchs. The transformation is based
on a permanent reinforcement of dictate, i.e., on intensification and more
frequent actions of functionaries of the layer. In other words, means and tools
of dictate's will fulfillment turn out to be a self-determining reason that
sometimes happens to be a process growing as an avalanche. The complete difference
in directions of interests (objective, vivid) of a socium, ethnos and of the layer
results in more weakening of the state form and is a forerunner of an incoming
collapse. When in capitalist state formation the hierarchs are individuals
commanding and possessing a large ( compared to producers) amount of
universal weal equivalent, in the extremist forms hierarchs include everybody, who
occupies a place in hierarchy of concrete suppressions starting from a
certain concrete level. Hierarchs of an ideological adept layer are also among
concrete executors, since they fulfill a direct leadership of all forms and means
of oppression.
An additional feature of the dictate form is its social reticence,
isolation of individuals from contacts with other ethnoses, isolation from
external ideas, prohibition of entry and departure. The feature is formally
directed on defense of the introspective foundation from external
perturbations but it results in a row of consequences negative to dictate.
First, the hinders to free outflows of individuals with prevailing
negative-dictate ( with respect to a given concretion) dominants prevent a
reduction of the negative-motivation continuum. Second, it prevents a free influx
of positive- motivation passionarity. Third, it hinders a free convection of
ideas, thoughts, scientific achievements that reduces the socium intellectual
potential being already too low.
Concrete forms of oppression can have a different qualitative level and a
level of intensity. In archaic extremist forms such as pre-Columbus civilizations
in South America, state of mazdakits, state of Saudelers in Micronesia, Japan at
epoch of shoguns, in spite on the presence of a necessary introspective
dictate, a brutal physical terror, physical extermination of disloyal and even
loyal persons (with the aim of intimidation) made the foundation of extreme
suppression. In later types of such formations, having a higher degree of
economy development and policy-juridical socium aspects, some reduction in
cruelty is compensated by a comprehensive, total and all-embracing
introspective oppression that encompasses all aspects of spiritual life of
socium including philosophy, humanitarian sciences, arts, entertainments,
information, character of education, and so on. The exact and natural sciences
are deliberately not included in the list, since the formation of global socium
with an immanent competition between ethnoses at later stages of development has
conditioned a necessity for hierarchs to pay more attention to these brunches of
knowledge (57) (57- Another reason is the aim to satisfy different aspects of
hedonism more and more perfectly.) and create a certain social status (58) (58-
Only under duress. History testifies that hierarchs of this form nourish a
zoological (intuitively correct) hatred to intellect.) to their leading figures
including them sometimes even in a structure of hierarchs.
The objective laws of the formation, an extreme unwillingness of access of
intellectuals to other ideologies, thoughts, ideas but only to a wretched official
doctrine forces hierarchs to completely ignore the fact that suppression of
intellect, mentality in any of its aspects always results in reduction of the
level and quality of thinking in all other aspects. Thinking in the frame of
tough dogmas, going out of which is chastised by all dictate structures, brings
about only pitiful intellectual freaks (59) (59- A form of such type always gives
birth to many martyrs of mind, individuals of such high passionarity of mind
that they are not subject to dictate. Yet, their thoughts are inaccessible to
socium and are exterminated together with them.) that in turn reduces the level
of other sciences. The reduction is also facilitated by bringing up, teaching
that drives in mind of individuals of socium the ideas in the same tough frames, a
system of restriction and distortion of information, and so on. These features
of the extremist forms are organic, necessary and simultaneously compulsory,
since only the most brutal spiritual terror can allow to keep in subordination a
socium having a corresponding to the extremist form level of complexity.
Whatever are a concrete character of oppression, a concrete stage of
development and an epoch of the formation existence, its essence of an all-
around, total oppression results in extermination of those socium
basements that condition its stability and vividness: its total intellectual
level, passionarity, and what is the main, a unidirectionality of motivation
dominants of individuals (60) (60 - The statement is confirmed by similar
thoughts of Aristotle in "Politics", Plato in "Republic", Helvetius "About mind",
and some other giants of thought.) and state (personified in hierarchs). So it
results in disintegration under sufficiently powerful external collisions.
The peculiarities of the hierarch layer of the formation were shown above.
Some additions should be made to that. Non-acceptance, hatred to
intellect, basement on primitive philosophical-ideological structures are all
but occasional and subjective. That formation in principle can exist only
on a basement of primitive ideology that is clear and accessible to people and
is injected in consciousness as something their own (61) (61 -- A primitive
intellect is a necessity in formation of executors that conditions a
primitive level of doctrine accessible to them.) to a sufficiently large group
of bottom level adepts (62) (62 - The sublevel of adepts and the level of
hierarchs are brightly presented in the book "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by D. Orwell
under the names of Internal party and External party.), who are used to create
an apparatus of oppression. As the history witnesses, hierarchs, who
undoubtedly cannot accept such ideology themselves while declaring it, have very
much in common with the individuals comprising the layers of conductors and
executors, the same average or less than average intellect, the same
character of motivations, ideals, views, perceptions. The intellect varies
from a level of primitive beast to the level of an artful, insidious predator.
Motivations are confined in the circle of a monstrous level of egocentrism and
hedonism. In sum, it determines a character of life philosophy and an impervious
insensibility in perception of somebody else's suffering through the muddy
glasses of their own selfishness, self-interest, and other similar "virtues".
It is completely true of the highest hierarchs of ideology adepts, who in
essence are the real dictators of socium. It is partly true of other
sublayers of hierarchs representing quit a mixed conglomerate because
sometimes hierarchs are compelled with inclusion in them some individuals
of other psychotypes such as generals having a high intellect and passionarity (if
there is war), scientists and somebody else (if there are natural calamities). As
the danger to socium (more exactly, to hierarchs) has passed, those who
were compulsory added to hierarchs are removed.
The second characteristic feature of the layer of hierarchs that differs it
from other formations is a quick dynamic change (extermination) of hierarchs
while keeping untouched the essence and structure of formation. Usually,
the changes are made by conductor and executor structures of dictate, which are
formally subordinated to dictate but practically, as mentioned above, they are
In the concrete extremist formations that have been realized at a later
stage of socium technology evolution, the layer of producers has
considerable deviations from the traditional ones. As shown above, in some cases
and particularly in this one, a consideration of extreme, hypertrophied
realities allows to reveal more brightly the cardinal features of an object.
Archaic extremist formations had applied primitive technologies and had a
small dependence on intellect carriers, so they resorted to direct
extermination of thinking passionaries that had allowed them to convert the
layer of concrete producers into an uncomplaining mob chanting dogmas of
primitive ideology, forced to live under it and so submit to the alienation
of weal and renounce from immanent motivations under a fear of the most brutal
physical suppression. The technology burst-like jump at epoch of post-
civilization has changed the situation. The extremist hierarchs, in spite of
their organic non-acceptance, are compelled to cultivate the carriers of intellect
(at least those who directly connected with scientific-technical basement of
technology), because beside internal opposition they have to think about
external enemies, external thread of enslaving that can be based not only at
military and ethnic features but also on a supremacy in technology.
Hierarchs are trying to reduce the objective and organically very
unacceptable necessity applying of complex measures of suppression that include:
1) extermination of those passionated thinkers, whose works directly or
indirectly are touching upon the basic interests of official ideology; 2)
application of education along with a tough censorship of available information
to reduce the circle of ideas, theories, points of view for development and
study; 3) announced and declared support of technocracy, its inclusion (at
least of the most prostituted parts) in a number of hierarchs with all
prerogatives and weal; 4) the measure that seems to be the most important - a
creation of the complex that contains an illusion of a social hierarchy according
to the degree of education and a real hierarchy according to the degree
of property maintenance. It turns out that in this scheme the carriers of
technological evolution, a huge mass of real hierarchs of technical evolution
are put at the bottom property grade layer of producers that provided with
the minimum quantities of living weal and having the lowest social status in
ethic system, which is valid as among hierarchs as well as among a major part
of socium.
The whole amount of measures is only illusory efficient. Socium stability,
its capability to function is determined in overwhelming degree by an
essence of collective ethic, public ideals that are realized by some individual
as carriers of these ideals (63) (63- For example, in ancient Greece, the public
ideal was "(?)calocagateya", whose carriers were philosophers, athletes. The
result, as known, was the ethnos prosperity. Almost in all sociums, their
declines have been connected with a denial in socium's consciousness of the
objective values and with glorifying the false ones such as money, power, and so
on. (for a more comprehensive consideration see works Montaigne, Plutarch,
Helvetius and others.)), i.e., to great extent by ethics-state acts and also by an
interconnection of declared and real, introspective-individual ethics. That
connection is confirmed by the experience of history and by analyses of
phenomena in works of great thinkers (Aristotle, Montaigne, Plutarch, and
others). From this point of view, extremist formations are characterized by a
minimum stability and functional life capability especially under hypertrophy of
the features considered above in a structure of producer layer. Intellectual
component of producers and efficiency of their labor are conditioned completely
by the essence of teaching, breadth of available information, freedom of
mentality and creation, and what is the most important, by introspective
involvement, positive initiation of loyal motivations, shared personal interest
in a final product. In the case under consideration, all the features turn to be
the most suppressed, are losing potential and, as a result, functional
efficiency. The extreme suppression of intellectual basement of socium and
state, that causally determines an all-around suppression of its
technocratic component, becomes for hierarchs by the very instruments, by which
they are digging their own grave. A short life of extremist formations due to the
reasons mentioned above is determined by the fact that the development of
intellect as an integral public-individual feature of a functioning socium is a
universal process. It can be interrupted or decelerated by the measures of
suppression (at the degree of intensity that is characteristic of extremist
formations) during one or two generations that has been confirmed by history.
The layer that is one of the most interesting and possessing some new
functional features is the layer of conductors and executors of oppression. At the
first glance, is there anything new? There are the same army, apparatus of
ideological dictate and censorship of views, penitentiary system, juridical
and state apparatus, gendarmes under different names, secret services, and so
on. Everything is superficially the same. Some visible difference is only in
the way, in which these socium institutes are governed -- not by formal
structures of state apparatus but by an apparatus of hierarchy of a layer of
ideological adepts. Yet, it is an outward side and it cannot be decisive and
cardinal. A peculiarity of the formation consists in the involvement in the
structure of oppression of a huge amount of people that is made officially,
unofficially, voluntarily, compulsory, due to psychic pathology, under fear of
pain or death, and so on. It is not important how people get in, the fact is
important that quit ordinary people, producers become in some way or another by
direct or indirect hangmen, agent provocateurs, practical killers of other
people that differs from them by mind, passionarity, ideals, motivations and by
anything else. Any state system, any formation use for suppression besides
professional conductors and executors of dictate some other people, whose
participation in suppression corresponds to perverse, vicious sides of their
psychotypes. However, the extremist form transforms into provocateurs, killers,
hangmen, haters of mind the quite ordinary, common, average people and their
actions in the field of oppression have surpassed everything known to human
civilization. The reason for the actions can be only one and it is connected
with the efficient stimulation of those motivations that can be causal prompts at
that direction, and an introspective injection of regulations, ideas,
motivations activating the behavior at the proper direction while being in
consonant with the basic, natural motivations.
Extremist dictate solves the tasks mentioned above by applying versatile
and purposeful methods including measures of organization-structural type (for
suppression structures), ideological (at the level of conscious dogmas),
emotional- introspective (at the level of subconsciousness), information, and
so on. The organization aspect includes a creation of a many staged system of
observation and control over behavior, thoughts, psychology that penetrates in
all socium layers and inculcates in conscious of an individual a firm confidence
in existence under a permanent surveillance, control and in inevitable
punishment for a disloyalty or inactive loyalty as in thoughts so in deeds. The
same system is used for a permanent finding out and extermination of
disloyal passionarities. In lacking or having a small number of them, the
system conducts a preventive extermination according to any indication or
without them (64) (64- Surface it to recollect extermination of intellectuals,
then "red guards", and so on in China, or the history of extermination of
mazdakits layer after layer, and others). Another consequence of a similar
total system is an imposition to all individuals of socium including
executors of an idea of the complete defenselessness in front of extermination and
a possibility to survive and to get a minimum weal only under organic and
unconditional acceptance of all the most primitive and silly dogmas and
directives generated by dictate hierarchs. Hierarchs conduct ideological
arrangements in close interconnections with organization-structural measurers
aimed at psychological deformation of an ordinary person into a zealous executor
of dictate's will in any role. As shown above, a declared ideology is always
a foundation-stone of extremist regime. Hierarchs justify all terrible
realities of extremism by ideology dogmas and notions that are always ideally-
false and demagogic but are elevated in a mystic- religion rang that stands
above any reasons of consciousness. In contrast to a religion that attracts
by its consoling mystics and sublimates the basic motivations using its
postulates and dogmas, the ideology of extremist dictate is roughly and
bloody imposed and is driven in consciousness of individuals and groups.
Being true of all layers of socium, it is even more true with respect of
conductors and executors of suppression. The layer is governed and
directed by representatives of ideology adepts and in essence it consists of a
conglomerate of quit ordinary normal people with normal psychology, ideals, and
so on (65) (65- The existence of pathological individuals in a layer of executors
takes place at any formation but in that case they do not determine the essence
of the layer due to their small number inappropriate to the solution of
dictate tasks of a big scale.). It means a lack (or a low level) of
passionarity, primitive hedonism that determines behavior actions and includes
striving to standard in everything (66) (66- That determinant is a basis for
stereotypization of extremist, ethical, and other norms and a foundation of
conformism of the whole life style.), spiritual passivity, longing to sensible
satisfactions, common intellect having no organic necessity and principle desire
to solve ontological and ethical life problems, and some others (67) (67- A vivid
analysis of the essence of psychic and motivations of an average person has
been given in works of French philosophers such as Montaigne, Helvetius,
Descartes, Diderot, La Mettrie, and others.). What is the most important is the
fact that the lack of passionarity and motivation determinants of a higher order
than of natural- subconscious level (68) (68- That is consciously stimulated
by an injection of ideology of an extremist dictate), powerful enough for
contradictate activations, results in a situation when primitive dogmas of
ideology that stimulates above mentioned features of psychotype turn to be
sufficient (of cause, in a complex of all other measures) to transform an average
person into a hangman, who exceeds in cruelty everything the world has seen.
That purpose of ideology, its essence is obvious irrespective of its foundation
either on a theory of common weal or ethnic supremacy, on exclusive origin
of a hierarch or historical fatality.
A characteristic feature of extremist ideology is the presence of a
sublimating component (69) (69 -- Which sublimates, transforms natural
antidictate complexes (of contra-subordination).) that affects using dogmas of
equality, equal consumption, freedom, common weal, and so on. Another feature of
the ideology consists in a tendency (similar to a religion one) to confirm in
consciousness of producers (and executors as well) a postulate-notion about a
necessity to withstand all burdens of current life for the sake of some future
common weal, about a forced non-immanent and only temporal necessity of total
dictate (the most frequently in a form of spiritual and physical
extermination). These dogmas allow to justify any cruelties, especially when
they are combined with a dogma of their fulfillment in the name of "people"
and with representing a dictate structure as people and hierarchs and
executors as people's faithful servitors. In that case in consciousness of
individuals of executive layer, a postulate of an all-around complicity (even a
passive one) in an essence of conducting suppression is imposed. Here, a method
is used consisted in injection of conscious ideas that stimulates the natural
subconscious psychotype of an ordinary person and facilitates his transformation
into a hangman and a provocateur. A direct influence on subconsciousness is also
used in a complex with stimulation to intensify the necessary activation
dominants. The influence is versatile and includes many different forms such as:
inspiration of a particularity of hierarchs, which is underlined by luxurious
ceremonies, sittings, soviets (always predetermined); application of
ethnic and national- chauvinistic motivations; hidden propaganda and
furnishing of loyal dogmas and directives under cover of shows, entertainments,
arts, literature (70) (70- A talented transformation of a butcher
into a fighter for common weal by means of arts produces much greater
effect than a direct propaganda, as it is based on subconsciousness). That
influence is even more strong and inspires even more wild deeds as it is tightly
intertwined with ideas, dogmas, and postulates of ideology that are
imposed in consciousness as ethic norms and a system of values (71) (71- For
example, it is bad to kill as it is but to kill for the sake of people's welfare
is a feat. To be a traitor, provocateur is bad but for the sake of people it
is possible to betray mother, farther, or anybody. There are may of such
examples with the inverted moral (see chap. 4)).
Individual's systems of spiritual, introspective components determine
his concrete actions (in particular, it is true of conductors and executors of
dictate), however they are initiated by an information coming from outside.
The character of information to a not less degree determines deeds of a person
(72) (72- The same event may be presented by mass media either as a good for
socium or as a cause of collapse that respectively determines reactions
(sanctioned) of executors.) than the spiritual side of an individual. So a
control over information, its representation and splicing are not a less
important feature of formation of dictate structure in particular of its the
most important component -- of immediate executors. A control over the
character and the amount of attainable information (73) (73 -- The level,
quality, class of information is varied depending on a layer of dictate, to
which it is destined.) is made in divers ways including: censorship of actual
information, which is impossible to hide; distraction and ignoring, distortion of
thoughts and ideas; tendentious interpretation guided by a dogmatic faith and
scholastics; splicing of a negative information on antagonists with a sugary- rosy
on itself; idealization and hypertrophy of positive sides of dictate; ranking
any information, idea, creation product that exceeds the Procrustean bed of
official dogmas as an ideological diversion; police-juridical supervision over
available information from foreign sources, and many others. The essence is not
in their diversity and amount, they are only means. On the whole, they represent
only refinements in an attempt to solve the insolvable task that consists in
keeping the minds in a dark pit of ignorance, self-delusion, and imposed false
ideas, illusions, in isolation of the minds, who look for knowledge (and
therefor dangerous, especially when the knowledge is not pragmatic), from any
ideas, theories, views that are at variance with dogmas of official doctrine. An
immanent primitivism of the doctrine, which is its cardinal feature (as shown
above), lacks a potential objectivity, a scientific competitive ability at the
level of postulates, theories, arguments, and therefor it is in need of
isolation from possible ideological attacks, that is the reason for the
information barriers. In general, an ideological doctrine of extremism can exist
while founded on a faith (but not on mind), on an imposed into heads
subjective exclusiveness that is secured by a complex of above mentioned state-
political arrangements and by isolation of information.
Accompanying layers and sublayers of extremism, as in any formation,
fulfill the roles of divers purposes connected with the global human culture,
science, technological evolution, and so on. However, the character of
extremism and ideology dogmas injected in consciousness determine so tightly all
aspects of individual's spiritual life especially a creative one that this layer
directly or indirectly starts serving hierarch interests. As for those, who has
powerful mind, high passionarity and comes in antagonism with dogmas, they are
subject to spiritual or physical extermination. While superficially not
included in executive structure of dictate, accompanying layers either
consciously or not, voluntary or compulsory are actually a component that
secures the existence of extremist formations. As all other dictate structures,
accompanying layer affects all-roundly, in a complex way the consciousness of
the suppressed both at the level of conscious directions, dogmas, categories
and at subconscious level.
In its structure, the layer contains people fulfilling a concrete
ideological dictate such as: scientists creating humanitarian theories
that are basing an expediency, a necessity, a progress ability of extremist
formation and in this way are developing and creating a coating made of
demagogue, lie, and scholastics for covering and furnishing the real essence
of governing form; writers, who in their works openly or associatively
justify the necessary to dictate ideas of loyalty, asceticism, chauvinism (74)
(74- All the ideas that make a basement of official ideology, which is different
for concrete forms of extremism, such as ethnical chauvinism, fascism,
idealism, unity of mazdakits, and so on); sublayer that creates a halo of
social virtue (rewarded either really or on some quit abstract moral basement)
around necessary (vivid) aspects of spiritual structure of oppression and includes
artists, musicians, poets, composers, actors. Using an entertaining essence of
their trade (necessary in functioning socium), they facilitate an
injection into consciousness, mind, emotional structures of the notions,
dogmas, and ideas that form a resigned producer by using associative, emotional,
ethnical basements of his psychotype to intervene into his introspective
foundation. In its essence, the presence of the layer in socium is an attempt
(quit successful) of intensification of an introspective oppression of
nonintellectual part of producers, an addition to direct introspective dictate.
However, at the higher stages of socium development, the layer of producers,
who are the most successfully affected by introspective oppression in all
forms is losing its role in the whole structure of production. In spite of a
hierarchs' hatred, technology evolution moves the intellect of producer at the
foreground, because it determines a level of development of science (pragmatic),
technics, technology.
A development of intellect cannot be one-sided, i.e., be developed at one
side and be restricted by dogmas, suppressed at other sides. So a refined
suppression whatever forms it takes, results again in the same oppression of
the group of producers that determines efficiency and power of functioning
socium. The speeding-up process of technological evolution involves in its orbit
an ever growing volume of an integral, joint intellect . In combination with the
previous statement, it determines the fact that the all-round, the toughest,
refine oppression inside the formation inevitably results in its economic
inefficiency and weakness. This formation can be compared with a vessel having
many hoops and being under steadily growing inside pressure. Suffice to one
hoop be broken, as the vessel collapses leaving only debris.

Out-of-state forms of dictate as manifestation

of its generality

Dictate as a general category of functioning socium manifests itself

with all of its immanent features and structures in all community forms of
people united for a sole purpose. Family, religion community (in all forms),
negative-passionarity unions (gangs of criminals, pirates, and so on),
political parties, and so on, all of these voluntary, jointly functioning with
sole teleology conglomerates of people reveal the same aspects of dictate
formations (concrete-temporal realities) that were considered in previous parts
of the chapter.
According to the common view of philosophers, family is a basement and a
cell of society (socium). That statement is even more true than it used to regard.
Family is not only a basement of economic, population reproduction,
pedagogical, and other formations of socium but it reproduces the
structures and all determinants of dictate in its evolving transformations. There
are different forms of family, its sexual foundation and moral, juridical norms
including: monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, (?)pynayla, hierarchic families with
internal gerantoctacy (or juvenocracy), matriclinous family (matrilineal),
patriarchal family (patrilineal). However, in their basis they realize the
generality of dictate category evolving in form, in human concretions but is
invariable in essence. As shown in introduction, dictate as an objective reality
and a general category appears and evolves in a functioning socium having united
vividly important aims. Family at its early phase represents a micro-socium,
a microcosm of humankind that is solving the same tasks of surviving,
reproduction, straggle with surrounding, and so on. Sharing of functions in
that process conditioned by a psycho-physical difference as between sexes so
between young and adult (generations) in family is the foundation for a
successful solution of vital tasks, is a basement for a starting appearance of
conscious forms of dictate (75) (75- Here, the sides are discussed concerning
only the formed customs and taboo in subordination structures, because actual
hierarchs having some obligations, rights, and privileges are present in any
herd of primates.).
The basement for appearance of a hierarchy inside family is connected with
a character of activity the most important for a vital task solution and with
psycho physiology of different groups in family. For example, prevailing of a
natural-vegetable component in food that encompasses gathering fruits, cereals,
roots and efficient adaptability of women to the work due to corresponding
features in their anatomy and psycho physiology is a basement for the appearance
of domestic and social dictate of women and for suppression, infringement of
motivation complex of a mail part of family. A hunting character of food
acquiring and a higher suitability of men to that activity was a foundation
of men's dictate. An intensification of intertribal, interlayer, inter-ethnic
conflicts and a leading role in them of men, which secures life and existence
of family (tribe, ethnos), entail further humiliation, suppression of women.
In the early forms of family, dictate represents all of the realities of
primitive-physical oppression. Accounting for a sexual basement of family,
hierarchs' motivations include aspects of sexual hedonism with a maximal
increase of quantity and quality of another sex persons subordinated to their
wishes and will. The tendency of sexual hedonism and seizure in privet use of a
large number of she- or he-partners has been revealing both at the early stages of
family (matriclinous) and at the later stages (polygamy, polyandry). In
more hidden ways, the same sexual enslavement of an opposite sex, a sexual
dictate with all realities of oppression of a physical and introspective kind
and with contradictate motivations of the suppressed exist in those forms of
family that superficially exclude a plurality of sexual objects, i.e., in
monogamies of different kinds. Suppression of the opposite sex presents the
most terrible realities including monster's cruelties of matriclinous,
horror of barrack-like polygamy (harems), mortal punishment for illegal sexual
contacts, and so on. In evolution of family dictate from the early forms of
matriclinous to the current European pseudo-monogamy family, the same regularity
is observed in transformation of sexual methods and means of suppression that
is changing from a direct physical to a refine introspective with involvement in
it as conscious dogmas and directives so an influence on subconsciousness (76)
(76- It is quit obvious that internally, spiritually family dictate is connected
with the social one representing an informal component of the last. Functions
of a family hierarch providing him with a possibility to satisfy a part
of his hedonistic motives forced him, on a basement of the same injected
components, to come in, to be involved in a structure of social functioning and
so in the dictate structure.).
Just like a social, a sexual dictate is evolving from a roughly-physical
through the forms that involve systems of norms and taboo (acts of
suppression formalization) to structures of oppression with juridical and
religion-mystic (introspective) components. The form of sexual dictate is also
evolving and an efficiency and a period of existence of each form is determined
by the efficiency of methods and means of suppression. Dictate structures
and its carriers' motivations are very much the same as the corresponding
evolving components of social forms. When in evolution of state forms the object
of alienation (appropriation by hierarchs) is a material weal, then in sexual
dictate the same object of alienation is the right of spontaneous sexual contacts,
right to free sexual life as the main aspects of vital hedonism, a
subordination of sexual rights and interests of one group to another in the
family. At the early stages, the suppression is fulfilled by a hierarch (just
like in social evolution), then special layers of conductors and executors of
sexual dictate have emerged. They include state officials supervising the
moral (Greece, Rome), oriental eunuchs, persons that fulfill family
supervision such as duennas, companions, mothers-in-law, and so on and also
ethic-juridical structures that secure official basement of sexual dictate (77)
(77 -- For example, the Napoleon code in the part that is relevant to family,
and any other complex of laws on family starting from Sumer -
Akkad.). In the case under consideration, the suppressed persons are forced to a
formal alienation of their sexual rights in favor of hierarchs, i.e., to
subordination of their motivations that govern character, intensity, degree of
selectivity of sexual life to hierarchs' interests.
Judging by the hierarchs' behavior irrespective of their sex, by their
striving openly or secretly, formally or really to enlarge the number and to
improve the quality (physical) of their partners in sex, it seems that the
general dominant to all individuals of both sexes is a yearning for the widest
circle of sexual possibilities. A realization (or suppression) of the complex is
a motor force of sexual dictate evolution and determines the place of an
individual in the sexual-dictate hierarchy. Just like with motive aspects of
hedonistic kind that initiate evolution of state formations (as a
realization of dictate forms), natural motivations governing an existence
and evolution of family-sexual dictate forms have also a hedonistic nature,
even the more so, because the object of suppression represents an aspect of
hedonism of a primitive level. While state, ethnical, and other social
formations represent the examples of unstable, dynamic forms and evolution of
dictate in a full form cannot be followed in the fate of one ethnos, family as a
sexual-social minimum-populated conglomerate has been existing through the whole
history of mankind. Using family as an example, it is possible to follow not
only the evolution of forms (that is of interest, but does not reveal the
essence) but also the dictate structures that determines the essence of many
social processes and phenomena.
The motivations of hierarchs of family-sexual forms in socium are realized
with application of various methods described above and include: rough
suppression, state-juridical norms, customs, taboo, public and individual
moral (78) (78 -- An individual moral is nothing more but a complex of
taboo, regulations, and so on alien to the real system of motivations injected in
individual's consciousness), complexes of deep-associative ideas and
motivations (79) (79- including an idea of beauty (of the opposite sex), an
attraction of sex's sides that is not directly connected with physical, a
spiritual halo around regulations of sexual contacts, and many others.). A
sequence, an evolution of dictate forms of domestic oppression in historical
development corresponds to the above mentioned row and exhibits a regularity that
is the basic, fundamental. The dictate evolution in its essence is going (here)
at the direction of a permanent increase of introspection level -- as in the
amount of influence on the gist of prompting motivations so in versatility,
variation of aspects and means of influence . The dictate is trying to affect
the profound, defended by natural psychology powerful motivation complexes using
all possible canals such as physiological (fear of pain, death, vital
necessities, hedonism), conscious-stable, emotional, flock-psychological, and
even subconscious, hidden-associative ones. Analysis of family dictate
presents a bright example of evolution integrity and peculiarity of the
process. The results will be used as the examples in the following chapters.

Militant religion as out-of-state form of dictate

The word "militant" in the heading appears not occasionally.

There are religions exhibiting no dictate features. They restrict a
sphere of their activity by development of mystic theories without a tendency
to develop the material sides with temples, sacrifices, and so on, without a
corresponding layer of professional-adepts adjoined to it, without a
tendency of a militant expansion (80) (80 -- As a rule, these religions either
have a short life or are transformed confirming in that way the principle of a
necessary presence of aggression and expansion for progressively-functioning
vital social organisms) (such as archaic mystics and out-of-temple Buddhism in
India and early Christianity). They lack dictate features because they are not
united by a sole external function and so there is no need for a
subordination structure. However, spiritual demands are a very insecure
foundation for monolithic socium, because they are varying from generation to
generation and not establishing a stable hierarchy of functions and
rights conformable to tasks. Religion trends that dominate for a sufficiently
long period at some region have all the necessary features, structures,
functions, and motivations of dictate formations. The external aim of religion
in that case is not a propagation of ideas and a development of mystic basements
but an expansion, a forced imposition of ideology and eventually a spiritual
enslavement of individuals, a confinement of their mentality in a frame of state
religion. In the case of expansion, mystic, ontological, ethical and other
sides of religion become an ideological basement for socium cementation and
its teleology is reduced to an enlargement of mass of suppressed and,
correspondingly, to an increase of satisfaction level of hierarchs' hedonistic
motivations. In the case under consideration, an introspective component of high
intensity has been immanently present in a structure of concrete oppression
beginning from the most early stages of dictate appearance. It is accounted
for by a specificity of the object of purposeful influence -- the direct
spiritual, introspective foundations of a person, who is subject to
stereotypization of his mentality, moral, deeds in the frames of religious
conformity. Here, a structure of dictate and a structure of corresponding
religious organization are identical, i.e., they coincide both in forms and
in functions irrespective of what is declared by an official dogma of
militant religion, whether it is monotheism, animalism, Zoroastrism, cult of
ancestors, and so on, irrespective of a degree of interconnection with the
state apparatus of oppression. So the essence of religion as a form of dictate
is the same as in the state formations. Everything is the same: motivations,
methods of hierarchs, initiation of conductors and executors of dictate,
alienation of natural motivations of the suppressed. A difference not important
for the general dictate's essence consists in the following. A state formation
appears on a basement of opposition to external perturbations of bio and
geospheres and so is evolving (inside a formation or form) at the
direction of introspectivization of oppression. A religion form of dictate
that consolidates individuals on a basement of a sole introspective ethic-
ontological idea evolves at the direction of intensification both of a depth
of introspectivization (81) (81- By deepening theosophical, mystical principles of
religion including in it as far as possible empirical and logical components,
widening means of affection on psychic (sublimity of temples, services, and so
on)), as well as intensification of external side of oppression. Thus, it
exhibits a bright example of evolution integrity from the beginning forms
(omitting primitive-physical for the reasons mentioned above) to the total-
introspective ones and further. The reason for a long life of militant
religions in comparison with state formations is an organic interconnection and
interbalance of various structures and aspects of suppression and, what
is the most important, an organic combination of introspective and extremist forms
of physical oppression for passionaries of spirit. The feature securing a
firm basement of religion dictate and making it less dependent than others on
external collisions and changes of generations is its foundation on an
introspectivizm with the emanation of those basic features of motivations
that are the most powerful in a common chore of psychical determinants including
fear of death, fear of surrounding, dogma of consolation and fatality (82)
(82 -- The feeling of inevitability gives a possibility to avoid a spiritual
discomfort resulted from the necessity of action (inconvenience) and from
striving to a hedonistic static place (worm paddle) during suppression.), idea of
recompense, total harmony, ideas of a reachable perfection, and many many others.
Another basement and a reason of religion durability is its foundation on a
direct ideological opposition, leveling, sublimation, and other methods of
suppression of contradictate activity using similar ideas (applying logic as
an additional mean). A physical oppression is used in those sociums in
comparatively small scale (83) (83- In spate a traditional overestimation of
inquisition's terrors, it should be mentioned that even in the worth period it
has extinguished fewer people than the most liberal state.) with respect of
minor groups of negatively-passionated individuals.
Still, at the periods of ethnical expansions when the religion and state
forms are united into a single integrity (Islam at an early stage, expansion of
the West-European Christianity, Zoroastrism in Iran, and so on), a physical
oppression and extermination made to include other ethnoses in structure of the
expanding ethnos by using an injection of religion dogmas and forms, reaches
greater dimensions. Yet, in essence, it is not a manifestation of dictate
oppression but only an aspect of collisions between various ethnical groups of
hierarchs. The principle introspection of religion dictate is confirmed by
the historical facts that brightly illustrate the following basic statement of
this work: stability, efficiency, universality of a militant religion as a
system of dictate is determined by prevailing, principal cardinality of an
introspective component (at certain periods of development of various
religions). The reverse is also true. Those epochs of concrete religion
development that are characterized by an intensification of external
attributes of physical oppression correspond both to weakness, reduction
of influence on individuals and, what is the most important, to a reduction
of number of the sincere, disinterested adepts, i.e., a reduction of the
integral intellectual and passionate power. There are many examples in
Christianity of various epochs including epochs of mind obsession and epochs
of inquisition and mind suppression, Islam, Zoroastrism, quit different religion
sects, and so on. It is not an occasional phenomenon but a manifestation of
the general strategic regularity of dictate evolution as categorical as well as

Other out-of-state forms of dictate

Dictate as a general category of functioning socium is relevant to all

sociums with a vital teleology and so it is realized not only in formations
mentioned above but in any groups or societies united with a sole aim. In an
overwhelming majority of cases, these groups are realizing all principles and
structures of dictate but they are unstable, unsteady, and short lived, so the
laws of evolution have no time to manifest themselves in concrete
individual's motivations and activations, an organic complex of which
determines the historical process. The bright examples of these dictate groups
are the criminal communities of various types including common bands and gangs and
up to pirate consortiums and criminal unions of the type of Chinese triad
and Sicilian Mafia, different secret political societies and parties, ethic-
cognitive societies of a type of priest's unions, church orders, mason
community, and so on. They all have the structures, ideologies, layers that
are quit similar to the same features of state and reveal nothing new besides
variations of concrete ideas, people, structures that present no interest from
the point of view of the dictate evolution investigation. An analysis of the
groups only confirms the conclusions made in analysis of state formations and
presents an evidence of their universality with respect to any sociums with the
immanent dictate. Since these actual results are a basement for the following
constructions, the additional arguments only increase the postulate foundation
of the work.
When these groups are considered together irrespective of chronology and
concrete realizations, it is easy to see, by analyzing the sides that
are connected with dictate realities, that some of them are conditioned
exclusively by a physical suppression securing a single-mindedness of
functions, others by a different level of complexes of introspective and
physical oppressions, the third by prevailing of an introspective component of
oppression and a character and a level oppression are not cardinally
changed due to their short life. Criminal bands represent the all dictate
structures and a primitive-physical dictate. Triads, Mafia, secret political
parties have a complex of all components of dictate. Church orders, masons, and
so on exhibit prevailing of an introspective component. That gradation of the
gist of oppression corresponds directly to the efficiency of dictate and
causally to the existence period of socium (group). Clearly, an intensification of
introspection in a structure of oppression directly results in strengthening
of dictate, increase of its efficiency and vitality and so in
strengthening of vitality and activity of a whole socium as in structures so in

Chapter 2

Determinants of dictate evolution

An analysis of formations as concrete forms of dictate presented in the

previous chapter brings us to conclusions about an immanence of dictate in a
socium having an arbitrary single-mindedness and structure. The conclusion looks
irrefutable, however, there are theories of socium that deny the postulates, so,
before an analysis of dictate structure evolution, we will consider these
theories of unstructured dispersive-egalitarian socium. Strictly speaking, the
variety of these theories is not large and includes a primitive
egalitarianism in different concrete forms, a democracy both in classical form
(Pericles) and in form of communism (1) (1- Here, the semantics of the term
follows the definition given by classics in its ideal interpretation in XIX c.
but by no means the realities of socialism in any country, because socialism in
the treatment of Lenin and his followers is a dictatorship, so it has a
structure.), an anarchism and an abstract theoretical search of social Utopians of
all varieties and levels of thinking. All of these unsuccessful theoretical and
practical realities have the same essence that consists of a non-acceptance of
dictate and a foundation of their external lines on different antitheses of
dictate and in using in some or other semantics the terms
"egalitarianism", "equality", while a quit different sense is applied to the
term and to the corresponding phenomenon in socium. Antagonists of dictate
in their theories and in always unsuccessful practical attempts have been treating
all possible variants of equality in the field of property, policy,
social-economy, rights, sexual, mythical, and any others. The subjective
non-acceptance of nightmares of dictate especially of its radical forms instigates
the minds of not very high level to attempts to create positive antitheses,
examples of which are presented below.

Primitive egalitarianism in sociums, sects, movements

Contradictate complexes, non-acceptance of dictate by intellectual

passionarities of all times are the reason that creates theoretical structures
and practical attempts to instill in socium various forms of equality that
reject some or other aspects of dictate, of suppression. At early stages of
socium development, which are characterized by a lack or a weak
development (by dictate organs) of an ideological basement of dictate and
so by an absence of correct theoretical contradictate schemes, trends have
appeared that in general can be called as a primitive egalitarianism.
Egalitarianism is a phenomenon that belongs to all nations, times, places
and enumeration of its realities adds little to the analysis of its
essence. Bright examples are presented by egalitarian sects and movements of an
anti-papist kind in catholic brunch of Christianity, orthodox sects (such as
bogomils) and with some limitations social formations like a state of
(?)sarbedars in Iran and a lodge (sect) Arioy(?) in Polynesia.
A consideration of ideology's peculiarities and realities of one or another
egalitarian sect is of interest for a concrete-chronological
history but is useless for this work. The essence of all these primitive
ideological social formations is the same and consists in declaration and
sometimes in fulfillment of an equality of socium members in spheres of
policy, rights, property, and what is the most important in spheres of duties and
opportunities. The duties include the necessary to socium but objectionable
to individual aspects such as labor, burdens of bringing up children, defense,
and so on. The opportunities include possibilities of hedonistic type that are
a manifestation of the basic motivation complexes of a person's psychic and
are desirable and are prompting a person even to a fulfillment of duties. The
equality in these spheres implies a lack of necessity to suppress
individuals that is adequate to a lack of necessity to suppress their
motivation complexes. In its turn, it determines a lack of necessity in
oppression realities, i.e., dictate structures and eventually a dictate
structure on the whole as an element of socium structure. An organization, a
structure is always connected with hierarchy -- in the particular case of duties
and opportunities, of rights and responsibilities, of production and
consumption. Equality is a synonym of a lack of structure, socium amorphism.
That simple thesis is a basement of all subsequent forms of egalitarianism with
all thinkable refinements in basing, postulates, and concrete essence of
formations that realize the principle of egalitarianism. As mentioned above, the
primitive egalitarianism implies an equality of all vital manifestations
irrespective of any concrete limitations of an objective or subjective
character. The equality in labor, military duty, food, property, sexual life,
shelter, and so on, in everything irrespective of mental, physical,
motivational, physiological, and so on differences of individuals. All of this is
irrespective of a role, a character of services, an importance of individual
activity for fulfillment of vital necessities of socium. An idler,
athlete, genius, brave man, coward, hard-working, creator, perverter, --
all are equal in everything irrespective of whatever it can be. A lack of the
equality in any component is a basement for the following inequality in all
others. Even if the inequality takes place only in one of the components, for
example, in sexual, it will be a basement for the appearance of motivations of
suppression, some structures of suppression and dictate structures on the whole.
Socium's interests, its capability for surviving, expansion, technological
evolution are determined by its ability to stimulate the most gifted
physically, mentally, and so on, members of socium to the uttermost, to the
best from the socium's point of view, applications of their talents. Since any
socium (ethnos, nation, and so on) is functioning being surrounded by hostile
ethnoses and in circumstances of a permanent struggle with nature, such
stimulation is the only basement for an expansive prosperity of socium. Moreover,
socium is interested in spreading of genes of the most valuable individuals in the
sphere of sex.
This global law of life, that is manifested in nature using natural
selection, in the world of human socium is fulfilled by a social-sexual
stimulation: by an encouragement of the strongest, the most brave, and so on
persons by a love of the best women and not only qualitatively but also
quantitatively. The best hunter of a tribe always has many women. A more strong
person is in need of a more share of food, a more brave deserves a more share
of spoils, and so on. In other words, inequality is laying in the biological
foundation of man and a deviation of human civilization from some immanent
features of biosphere even if it changes this inequality than only to the
side of prevailing of not the most valuable individuals. An inequality of
individual's possibilities conditions the necessary inequality of individual
consumption, i.e., a declared monotony of an egalitarian socium in reality has
principle gradations. An inequality of consumption is the basement for further
deepening of inequalities in hedonistic components of life and for an
appearance of all dictate structures described in chapter 1.
Primitive-egalitarian sociums exist only then and only for such period until
they come across with structurally-dictate sociums reviling in this way their
inefficiency and unnatural basement. The examples are presented by religion
sects of an egalitarian type and by ethnic collisions. History testifies that in
ethnic collisions, a winning ethnos has a structure (a real one but
not a declared-formal) that has been more clearly realized and is functionally
expedient. The thesis can be even more argued when we compare destructive
egalitarian sociums with structural sociums of dictate.

Classical democracy

The term "democracy" is made so trite by ideology theorists of dictate of

all periods and concretions that it is necessary to make some elucidations. In
the context of this work, term "democracy" is used in its primary semantic
meaning "people-power", i.e., a direct and immediate solution of all
socium tasks by all individuals composing it. Here, principals of democracy
elaborated by Pericles are realized including equality in voting, equality in
front of law, decisive right of majority, care for all members of socium,
election of (immediate) functionaries of power, direct accountability of
functionaries to people's meeting. Here, the level of (?)contradictateship,
lack of structure, egalitarianism is much lower. In essence, it is an
intermediate stage between a real equality and a commonplace dictate. The
cardinal feature of dictate, that consists in a suppression of hedonistic
motivations on the bases of alienation by hierarchs in their favor of a produced
wealth, in classical democracy is only disguised by an assignment a charitable
help from a state to the most wealth-deprived layers of socium and by a
substitution of the property-motivation equality for some imitation that is
called political equality and here certainly a thesis is declared about the
adequacy, the identity of the two absolutely unequal status. That comfortable
screen for disguising the real essence is widely used also by other pseudo-
egalitarian unstructured sociums that are in reality only a form of dictate . A
variation of egalitarianism had turned into reality as the Athens democracy of
Pericles due to the fact that either consciously or not Pericles and his
companions were governed by an idea of structure necessity in an expedient
socium functioning in a surrounding of competing sociums and hostile bio-
Being an eclectic mixture of ideologies and essences both of dictate and
egalitarian systems, democracy inherits all their negative features. An analysis
of democracy, or more exactly, of its negative features, of a lack of vitality
was a subject of consideration of such giants of thought as Aristotle
("Politics"), Montaigne ("Essays"), Helvetius ("About mind") and others and
very little can be added to it. Their unanimous rejection of democracy as a
social system brings us to several conclusions partly based on arguments of
these philosophers. Democracy as a system of a formal predominance of majority
is in essence a system of suppression of the most thinking part of socium,
its intellectual basement. From an intellect's point of view, the main mass of
suppressed is much closer to hierarchs, conductors, executors than to
intellectuals. It seems to be the reason that conductors and executors of
dictate (and often hierarchs themselves) are usually recruited from producers and
very rear from intellectual-passionary layer of creators. That feature of anti-
intellectuality of democracy (2) (2- The confirmation can be found even in the
first Athens democracy that expelled or killed such thinkers as Anaxagoras,
Phidias, Socrates) together with principles of majority are the reasons that
demos become a mean of demagogy and eventually the end of democracies of that
kind becomes a predecessor and the basement of the most terrible autocracies
with the organic hatred of plebes to thought and to its carriers. The bright
examples are presented by Athens after Pericles, power of Savonarola,
French Republic in XVIII c. The sequence of examples can be prolonged but even
these are quit obvious.
The declared anti-dictate idea at least with respect to the previous
formations is a characteristic feature of the theoretical communism that has
adopted basic principles (declared) from the classical democracy but has perverted
the basement of egalitarianism even more in its motivation-property foundation.
Besides a declaration of egalitarianism, this social phenomenon has nothing
in its structure of a real contradictate structurelessness and egalitarianism.
The embodiments of the phenomenon (if we wander from their ideological
camouflage into cloths of egalitarianism) are an end product of a short lived
democracy that sometimes takes place at a moment of social collisions accompanying
an exchange of formations. Short lived realizations of declared principles of
egalitarianism are always changed for the most radical forms of autocracy having
all immanent features of this extreme form of dictate. There are plenty of
conformations in history including Savonarola, Robespierre, Mao Tse-Tung,
Pol Pot, and so on.
The next most logical form of an unstructured egalitarianism is
anarchism. As a social theory, it is not new by essence but it has been formed
as an evident system only by theorists of XIX c. such as (?)Elize Rekly,
Bakunin, and others. A contradictate egalitarianism and destructuring of socium as
means of a person rescue from dictate, from suppression of his motivating, mental
freedom and freedom of actions are well described and from the point of view
of dictate antagonism they are irrefutably argued (3) (3 -- Of course it is true,
when we take into account only negative sides of dictate and put aside the
objective necessity for socium to have structures, hierarchy and dictate as the
immanent features of a functioning socium.). The basic thesis that "any power
is evil" is impeccable from the point of view that any system of dictate
suppresses a major part of socium. A complication of socium technological base is
a foundation of dictate and so, from the point of view of a contradictate
passionary, technics should be destroyed. That thesis is also impeccable (unless
we take into account the necessity of a hierarchy consolidation of people and a
technology modernization for efficient counteraction of human socium to
perturbations such as biosphere fluctuations and geo and cosmos calamities).
Individuals involved in a technological cycle, due to minimum or lack of
passionarity naturally striving to a stable conservative life and stimulated
hedonism, can not come forward as destroyers of dictate structures. So
negative passionaries should come forward in this role as they have high tension
of passionarity and contradictate complexes of motivations at least to
the existing forms. In other words, it should be active declassed elements of
socium. However, these elements according to their structure and essence are apt
to herd in forms of gangs, bands, and other sociums that realizes one or another
form of dictate. So far, in spite of an attractive logic in the declared and
real essence, anarchism due to a causal connection of contradictate
structurelessness and anti-technology is a lifeless, dead in berth theoretical
idea (4) (4- All of these, of course, does not cover the whole content of
anarchism but in the context of the work namely these features are of interest)
at least with respect to the civilizations of a European, technocracy-
technological type.
The consideration of theories of egalitarian socium having no structure
will be incomplete, unless we recollect Utopian theories of contradictate
thinkers of various epochs. They include theoretical ideas of (?)mazdakits,
(?)khyrramit, (?)sarbedars (5) (5 -- They are of interest only in a theoretical
plan, since their realizations just as many other contradictate theories had
resulted in dreadful forms of dictate.), theories of Campanella, Sen-Simon,
Fourier, More, and many others. An exposition of the theories and their
peculiarities is not interesting, since they all are the variations of a single
basic idea of a contradictate egalitarianism refined to one or another
degree. The powerful mind and a poetic accounting of the points of view on the
problem allowed Nietzsche to irrefutably prove a lack of vitality of
egalitarianism ("So Zarathustra told", the chapter " About tarantulas") - "So I
am saying using a symbol. You, the preachers of equality, who course trembling
of the sole! To my mind, you are tarantulas and the hidden revenges...
You, the preachers of equality! A weak madness of a tyrant is crying in
you about "equality". Yours cherish desires are hidden in words on virtues in
this way...
These are people of bad kind; butchers and blood-hounds are seen in their
I do not want anyone identifies and mixes me with these preachers of
equality. To my mind, it is lustful to say: "persons are not equal". And they
should be unequal! Let them use thousand of bridges and trails striving to the
future! Let it be growing hostility and inequality among them -- my great love
forces me to say that! Good and evil, wealth and poverty, high and low, all the
names of values should be weapons and the crying feature that the life should
permanently overcome itself!
Struggle and inequality are present even in beauty just as well as in war
and in power; that is what he teaches us in the clear symbol!"
This citation has left little to be treated and shatters many theses of a
state dictate without formations and the egalitarianism theories described
above. All possible versions of fulfilling equality to socium members in
hedonistic potentials and activity, equality of motivation-realization,
mental, they all encounter an insurmountable obstacle of objective laws
of biological, social, technical, ethical character. These laws that are realized
both out of man in the objective world of biosphere and geosphere and in
the subjective introspective world of motivations, mentality, consciousness
determine an immanent necessity of hierarchical structures in socium, an
evolving system of subordination.

Structures of dictate and ethnos in evolution

Socium is versatile. In its functioning, all possible ethnic, dictate,

technological, and so on aspects are influencing each other. Dictate as a cardinal
structure of functioning socium experiences in its evolution an influence of
some factors and determines other, which in turn influence the essence
of evolution. As shown above, evolution of dictate structure is a necessary
feature of socium to withstand external forces, natural calamities. It is logical
to assume that at a given stage of development namely a character of external
forces determines the main features, structures, forms of dictate. For example,
if a socium is living under optimal bio and geological conditions and is
experiencing a pressure from external sociums hankering after this natural
welfare, it should inevitably acquire a hierarchy similar to an effective
militant organization that exceeds in quality its neighbors. In the
opposite case, the socium will be destroyed by socium-antagonists. The same
factor will dictate a character of technology development that in turn will
influence dictate evolution. The mutual overlaying of factors is very
complicated, so they will be considered separately.
Another example is the case when severe existence conditions result in a
hard struggle for surviving and in absence of aggressive neighboring ethnoses.
Such external media does not demand a tough dictate hierarchy and a connected
to it immanent necessity of unidirectionality of activating motivations for
members of socium in their common struggle with nature. In turn, it
determines also a character of technology and its influence on the dictate
structure. As the first example, we can regard ethnoses of Mesopotamia,
East, France at all epochs, as the second we can recollect Chukchi,
eskimos, mountaineers of Himalayas.
External factors certainly determine subjective sides of a whole socium
indirectly through evolving dictate and motivations connected to it. However, as
they are connected with a basic essence of cardinal vital motivations that will be
considered in the next chapter so an analysis of the factors will be given
in the following chapters. Here, we will consider external factors with
adjoined structure-social aspects determining dictate evolution and in turn
determined by dictate such as ethical, technological, state, and so on.
What is an ethnos and what distinguishes it from other ethnoses, what
factors of external, natural, internal kinds are the reason of its appearance,
existence and subjective self- assignment of socium members to this
particular ethnos? An influence of external perturbations, their character from
on side determine the presence of evolving dictate structure that gives a
structural organization to amorphous socium and from the other side result in
appearance or in stimulation of features of a whole-social and individual kind
that are both strengthening dictate and opposing it. These features determine
an attitude of socium to surrounding sociums both on the whole and individually,
i.e., ethnically. The ethnos's stile of life, relationships in families, system
of taboos, faiths, character of production, militarization, state structures, and
so on , its attitude to certain ethnos, all these features have direct connections
with dictate concretions. Language, cloth, customs, folklore and other
similar features determining ethnic attaching and having no direct correspondence
with dictate structures are the basement that is used for a subjective
assignment of an individual to the given ethnos. Socium goes into
external conflicts both as a state (i.e., dictate concretion) and as an
ethnos. However, a collapse or an assimilation of one of these aspects does
not obligatory result in vanishing or assimilation of another. It looks
doubtless that an expansion of ethnos is firmly connected with the
efficiency of suppression in the frame of a given concrete-time form of dictate,
which is a basement of motivation, intellectual, passionary power of socium and
While dictate represents a category and a structure that is foisted upon
producers, i.e., upon the main mass of socium, ethnos, ethnic belonging is a
category of self-assignment that determines an assignment of an individual to
a given socium. A subjective voluntariness of ethical belonging, motivations
connected with ethical self-determination of an individual are the factors
that dictate uses for a formation of stereotypes of co-participation and co-
subordination. Evolution of an ethnos in all its phases influences evolution of
dictate and an intervening of social motivations connected with ethical
components of socium and motivations of a hierarch layer of dictate may be
very complex. The influence of ethnos genesis on dictate depends: on a phase of
ethnos evolution including origin, passionary expansion, inertia, stagnation,
obscuration; on ethnic components composing hierarchy layers; on ethnic
compatibility and assimilation ability of the layers that oppose dictate and
separately of the layers of producers and contradictate passionaries; on
concrete features of ethnos genesis; on a degree of ethnos isolation; on a
character of assimilation-ethical connections; even on a character and a
structure of symbol system of relations (language) and on a large number of
other characteristics of ethnos.
In essence, all ethnos features as aspects of functioning socium in one
or another way are connected with dictate evolution. The genesis phases of
ethnos characterize its resistance, functional-structural stability with
respect to influence of different, hostile ethnoses, i.e., a socium efficiency
respective to a kind of external perturbations, an opposition to which
represents the very teleology of socium and dictate. An ascent or decline of
ethical activity of socium is related with a level of positive passionarity,
with a total heat of biosocial activity of the whole socium that in turn
characterizes a level of single-mindedness of motivational determinants of socium
layers mainly hierarchs, producers and accompanying layer (6) (6- Because
this layer is forming a model basement of socium and of dictate ideology.). A
level of passionarity from one side determines and characterizes a stage of
ethnic genesis, and from the other side a stage of dictate evolution. A
prevailing of ethical motivations over individual-hedonistic, egocentric ones
is a component of an introspective dictate, and a development of the component
characterizes a dictate efficiency. It should be stressed here that it is namely
efficiency, but not intensity, a totality of oppression. An intensity of external
oppression both physical and introspective witnesses a weakness of a given form
of dictate, its inability to conform, to stereotype motivational dominants of a
vital kind. In other words, phases of ethnos corresponding to a prosperity of
ethnic motivations (7) (7- Sometimes, it can be at a phase of expansion but
not always, because an expansion is often connected not with ethnos (or dictate)
power but with weakness of opponent), condition a presence in it of an efficient
form of dictate.
A full ethnos prosperity, that implies expansion, quantitative, and regional
spreading or prevailing technology development, growth of wealth volume
acquired by various ways, always results from a variation of both a
total passionarity of socium (ethnos) and a character of conscious aims and
subconscious dominants. A bias of individual aims to egoism and egocentrism at
the expense of social interests, striving to primitive hedonism that starts
in the highest layers of socium (8) (8 -- As they have more opportunities to
satisfy hedonism. An accumulation of wealth in ethnos results in a situation
when lower layers also acquire the same opportunities.), a sharp stratification
of socium intellect (9) (9 -- A division on a small group of elite thinkers and
a not perceiving their thought mob of producers and hierarchs, who
subjectively are self-alienated from thought.) as a consequence of "hedone" cult
(named after ancient Greeks goddess), reduction due to mentioned reasons of
efficiency of dictate ideology that cemented ethnos, introduction of alien
elements (10) (10- It is not only individuals from an alien ethnos but also
some elements of culture, world outlooks, systems of taboos, and so on
destroying an integrity of ideology and life style of expanding ethnos) in
ethnos structure, all of these results in intensification of external form
of oppression and characterize a zenith of ethnos in its expansive phase.
The second factor of ethical expansion is widening of inhabited area
that is inevitably connected with ethical conflicts including
aggressive wars, ethic genocide and assimilation of alien ethnoses. For a
regional expansion, it is necessary to have powerful professional military
units, whose members are excluded from producers and become either conductors or
(in the case of the highest officers) hierarchs of socium. A reduction of
producers by removing as a rule of the most valuable men at a given level of
technology development (11) (11- There is a common opinion that war stimulates
applied technology development. However, it touches mainly military aspects of
technology, besides that war physically destroys a great amount of means of
production and producers (own and alien)) implies a further reduction of a
non-alienated wealth share left to producers (12) (12 -- A wealth acquired
in the course of expansion war is appropriated by hierarchs and servers as
a mean for growing hedonistic aspects of motivations. Executors, warriors,
and so on, have very little share of that wealth ( shearing of prey in ancient
Rome, among pirates, Turkish mamelukes). It in turn determines an
intensification of external forms of oppression such as physical and
negative-motivational that in turn reduces the influence of the most powerful
mean of oppression -- positive-motivational stimulations, an involvement in
structure of a conformity of motivations and purposes loyal to dictate. These
factors and factors connected with technological evolution and spiritual
aspects (13) (13 -- The influence of these factors on a variation of dictate
structures is versatile and complex so they will be considered in the following
parts of the chapter) are the reason of both a dictate form variation at that
stage of ethnogenesis and its structure and, of cause, functions of its composing
layers and components.
A necessity of an authoritarian form of dictate during expansion
(analogous to a military form that is the main at that time) results in changes
in structure and in ideology of socium. The classical democracy in Athens was
transformed during wars practically in the autocracy of Pericles with all its
virtues. The same is true of Rome at the epoch of imperial conquests, of
bourgeois revolution in 1793 year that due to wars resulted in a bringing
into power of Napoleon, and so on. The necessity of power centralization as
a form of dictate even accounting for all shortcomings of the formation
(autocracy, oligarchy, and so on) is resulted from the fact that as history
witnesses only one-man-power is a basement for efficient, successful wars.
Before considering general determinants in their evolution and dictate
structures, we will analyze a causal connection of another important phase of
ethnos evolution, a phase of obscuration (in words of L. Gumilev) with dictate
evolution. An obscuration phase is not the final, because ethnogenesis is not
always ended with ethnos collapse. From the point of view of dictate evolution
consideration , it is one of the most informative and important phases as
it is connected with deformation of psycho genotype of all layers of dictate and
first of all of producers. A passionary activity at the highest form of the
phase of ethnical expansion with accompanying to it peculiarities of
dictate concretions, at the phase of obscuration is exchanged for different
features. A reduction of a total passionarity of ethnos, i.e., shortening
of the active and activating the other part of ethnos component results in an
increase of a passive, loyal and even more than loyal component. On the other
hand, a considerable social sublayer appears on the gray background of a
monotonous loyalty (better to say, a malignant tumor) of those, who are average in
moral but lack of any social or individual virtues of creative or productive kind
while being apt to an energetic consumption. At epoch of passionary bursts, these
individuals do not survive due to the lack of ability to competition. However at
epoch of ethnos obesity, at post-expansive period, they do not only survive
but become the suitable conductors and executors and replenish accompanying layers
of dictate due to peculiarities of their psychotype that is gray, passive,
and primitive hedonistic , i.e., they form the main structures of dictate.
An absence of real external enemies who either were suppressed or
assimilated in the course of expansion and an increase of internal wealth
result in a situation, when dictate is not facing the tasks that demand
individuals gifted intellectually, spiritually, physically and so the dominating
positions in socium are occupied by midiocres. They lack of passionarity
(completely) and of any social virtues but have a hypertrophied primitive
hedonism, so on getting a dominated position in dictate (ethnos), they introduce
in spiritual life of socium the main dominant that is so willing to dictate and
consists in stereotype and conformity. Being gray, they elevate that quality to
the necessary component of socium life. A domination in dictate structures of
suppression allows them to exterminate individuals, who do not fit the elevated by
them frames of miserable conformism.
The moving motivations of their deeds that often exceed all imaginable
degrees of terror are a profound hedonism along with instinctive non-acceptance
of the individuals, who by their qualities exceed a gray level of mob, and an
intuitive understanding of a death danger to their existence from creators,
intellectuals and passionaries. Lacking competition abilities, this human mildew
is forming the detachments of the most malicious butchers of mind and creativity.
Under other conditions, when ethnos (and correspondingly, dictate) is in need
of a moving power to withstand external perturbations, this human mildew is
doomed to perish as individuals and due to a minimal possibility to
reproduction. Yet at this phase, they are not only survive but get a possibility
of sexual expansion, of widening their sexual potentials. Using this side
of hedonistic basement of motivations, they get a possibility to impose in
motivation structure the conformist basic features.
The total stereotypization resulted from the injection of gray component
inevitably touches the creative and intellectual layers of socium that
conditions from on side a decrease of mobility, adaptation ability of
ethnos due to reduction of intellectual potential of socium, from the other
side it results in unification and impoverishment of ideology that cements an
amorphous conglomerate of people in organic, efficiently functioning unity. A
miserable ideology of the phase inevitably comes in contradiction with
natural realities, so it inevitably needs a powerful apparatus of driving it
into consciousness, in structure of motivations and conscious aims. An
impoverishment of ideology has another side especially at a time of obscuration
that consists in reduction of a powerful argued ideology of the epoch of
prosperity (and even of expansion) to a scholastic one on bases of primitive
dogmas. It conditions a necessity to raise it in a rang of being not an ideology
but a mystic revelation personified in a hierarch (priest, emperor, leader, and
so on). The raising ideology to the level of religion results in a
necessity of structural changing of many components of dictate including its
conductors, accompanying layers, spiritual censors, teachers, and so on.
Consideration of ethnogenesis is not reduced to only these phases. They
are connected with others, which are comprehensively and
argumentatively analyzed in several works, for example, "Ethnos and biosphere" by
L. Gumilev. Phases of ethnos are so smoothly transit one to another that in
general it is very difficult to divide them just like dividing two mutually
diffusing substances. So in this work we are considering the phases that to
the highest degree influence a character of dictate evolution, its structures
(14) (14 -- A disintegration of ethnos after obscuration phase results in
situation, when socium and dictate in a concrete form represent the social
objects staying only because there is nobody to assimilate them or exterminate
(Greece, Rome). Ethnos as the most lasting form of socium presents an
opportunity to consider an evolution of dictate, at least a sequence of its
several forms. It is not an evolution of external aspects of dictate that we are
talking about but its motivation basement, dominants of a psychotype of dictate
layers in its development, the concrete historical examples with accounting of
those ethnical variations of structures corresponding to the phases of
ethnogenesis that were analyzed in the previous parts.
There are many examples of long-living ethnoses such as China, India,
Iran, Greece, Rome, and others. A consideration of ethnogenesis of any of these
ethnoses and causally connected with them evolution of dictate structures would
be informative for the aim of this work, since their ethnogenesis is governed
by the same laws and phases. The ethnogenesis of Iran and Rome can be taken as the
concrete examples. History of Iran ethnos has spanned a great interval that
seems to be the longest among known. However, it is full to such extent of
dead locks, brunches that the main tendency of evolution is somewhat shaded,
veiled. The history of Rome is less extensive but the phases of ethnogenesis
that are of interest with respect to the considering problem are expressed more
clearly, distinctly.
So, as mentioned, the transition phases of ethnogenesis such as ethnical
stagnation, static ethnos, memorial phase, mummification, and others (in words
of L. Gumilev) will not be considered, because the task of the whole
ethnogenesis analysis is beyond the scope of the present work. We will consider
only the main tendency of ethnogenesis influence on evolution of dictate forms.
So, let us review the origin and blossoming of Rome ethnos. At a region of
seven hills, a state of robbers has come into existence as an ethnic system.
Being surrounded by hostile and very martial ethnoses of (?)sumnits,
(?)lookants, and others, the ethnos could survive only due to presence of a high
passionarity level, of a high tension. The psychotype of the main part of socium
corresponded to this demand that was facilitated by measures on keeping alive
the most passionary part of ethnos without wasting it in wars, free-lancing,
emigration. The single functional aim directed on ethnical surviving with a
high level of passionarity has resulted in creation of a corresponding formation
of the Rome republic (15) (15- An account of concrete data on the Rome
republic and a chronological historiography are not presented). An accordance of
ideology declared by hierarchy to realities (that cemented socium), minimal
(necessary) component of physical and negative-motivational suppression,
comparatively small unbalance of realization-motivational abilities of all dictate
layers (16) (16- That resulted in a material-hedonistic leveling, in a reduction
of gulf between hedonism of producers and hierarchs), lack of a sole system of
spiritual oppression in a form of state supported monotheism, ethnical uniformity
of socium, single-mindedness of moving motivations of the main part of
ethnos (socium), all these factors and some others have conditioned a prosperity
of the ethnos, a stimulation of passionary persons and a determination of their
influence on balanced, harmonious individuals.
A passionarization of socium has two aspects that are contravening
one another. From one side, they are a basement of solution of socium
cardinal functional tasks and a base for passionarity overheating that is a
foundation of a next phase, of ethical expansion. From the other side, a
passionarization being a certain characteristic of dictate (17) (17 --
Conditioned, as shown above, by external and internal tasks of socium) in its
turn determines the dictate character. A high level of passionarity implies a
high degree of suppression in any kinds including direct physical, negative-
motivational, regulating, and so on. In other words, passionarity being a
necessary determinant of socium surviving and prosperity turns out to be an
obstacle for dictate evolution to the side of its strengthening, i.e., to an
increment of possibilities for hierarchs to alienate a hedonistic wealth in their
favor. Not only a socium gets tired of activity of passionaries (L. Gumilev),
although certainly it takes place and represents a determinant of dictate in
motivational complexes of the average (harmonious, in words of L. Gumilev)
individuals of socium. However, the main motivation determining a tendency of
passionarity in socium, an extermination of its carriers and an increase of
dictate possibilities is the basic, cardinal purposes of psychotype of dictate
hierarchs and of suppressing layers. The tried and tested mean of passionarity
reduction -- is conquest wars, with dissipation of passionaries, lowering of
influence of passionary motivations, raising the level of hedonism for all layers.
So, ethnic expansion starts. Most likely, hierarchs hardly consciously get
rid of active passionaries. More likely, an experience tells them that the
active sublayer, its energy needs an exit and in a lack of cataclysms
there is one of few possibilities superficially useful to socium, it is
conquests. Here, everything is enticing for hierarchs including an increment of
material wealth and amount of dependent producers, killing or weakening of
passionaries, widening of dictate possibilities, strengthening of suppression
apparatus of army, criminal search, and so on, and concentration of power
inevitable in war up to autocracy.
All that had happened at epoch of the Rome ethnical expansion. There
were extensive conquests, wealth, powerful army and bureaucratic apparatus
inside country, impetuous growth of hedonism but at the same time there were
an increment of slavery, a growth of individualistic tendencies, of egoism,
a decrement in a level of social and moral rewards for civil virtues (of
passionaries). There was a growing stereotyping of hedonistic world perception,
spiritual conformity, deeds, striving of individuals. There were Rome's
legions in Africa, Spain, Asia, Britain, Gaul, great wealth and crowds of
slaves were driven into Rome. Yet, what were the consequences and what were
their influences on dictate structures? A dissipation of passionaries and lowering
of passionarity level resulted in spreading of a number and in increase of
influence of passive, gray individuals. Being slaves in their spirit or in
the best case passive perceivers of dictate, they accept realities of
oppression much better, loyally (for dictate) perceiving them as inevitability
and good. Factors of slavery that became a foundation of production also
facilitated the spirit deformation, since an individual while using,
suppressing slaves turned himself into slave by spirit. Due to generality of
dictate, in a country of slaves all are slaves from top to bottom. A lack, or
better to say, lowering of a number of passionaries reduces a necessity of
positive oppression and increases other aspects of dictate of physical,
introspective-negative kinds, and so on.
An intensification of the latter aspect of oppression results in changes
of dictate structures including: strengthening of suppression and executors'
apparatus (officials, army, criminal search), a state-sanctioned system of
social casts appears (nobles, riders, plebes, and so on), the state
religion is imposed as a mean of negative-introspective suppression with
inevitable eventual personification of a mystical beginning in dictate
hierarch, an ideology is injected into consciousness of individuals that includes
dogmas of mystic predetermination of existing realities of dictate.
The essence of dictate as the structure for alienation of wealth to
hierarchs and for realization of their hedonistic motivations is a basement
for deepening the processes of a motivation-hedonistic and concrete-property
stratification of ethnos, for an increase of amount of suppressed producers (not
only due to growing number of slaves), an increase of potentials and concretions
of hierarchs. An increase of stratification and diverse directions in
motivations result in a turn, inversion of passionarity sign of a part of
passionaries, i.e., in appearance of a negative passionarity of socium that
also corrupts ethnos.
Summing up, it is possible to say that a dictate form materialized
in a given socium and determined by many reasons is changing as described above
at that stage under influence of factors connected with ethnogenesis.
Dictate is losing its efficiency but increases an intensity of oppression
in an attempt to compensate for a decrease of introspective single-mindedness of
motivations of socium layers. The intensification of oppression induces an
increase of contradictate motivations as of individuals so of an active part
of socium. Besides usual negativization of passionarity, these tendencies get
forms of social collisions. Here, the phenomenon is facilitated by the
most brutal suppression of slaves gathered from defeated ethnoses at minimum of
introspective component of dictate (18) (18- Since introspection is hindered by
differences in customs, religions, life aims of representatives of various
enslaved ethnoses. It hinders injection of aims, dogmas of dictate into
consciousness of the suppressed slaves.). Revolts of slaves at the epoch of
Rome's expansion became the common life events. Hardening of suppression
connected with the necessity of hypertrophy of apparatus and means of
suppression even more reduce both life capabilities, adaptive ability of ethnos
and dictate efficiency. The hypertrophy of the apparatus in passing the
following phases of obscuration acquires a character of a self-valued
dominant. It transforms from a mean of suppression into a hierarch.
The epoch of caesuras in Rome has turned to be a beginning of ethnos
obscuration. The centuries that followed Caesar were characterized by
moving of the whole ethnos passionary layer into army that carried on wars
against alien ethnoses and civil wars. Besides passionaries, civil wars also
resulted in perishing of producers. The army stopped to be a mean of security
for ethnos and auto-domination, it was alienated from ethnos and its interests.
The lowering of ethnos passionarity demanded the army to be remaned by
provincials (L. Gumilev) having fighting efficiency (passionarity). An ethnic
diversity resulted in varieties of motivations that were eventually reduced to a
primitive hedonistic egocentrism, to a degeneration of the layers responsible
for ethos functioning. The most brightly it was manifested at the epoch
of "soldier-emperors". The continuous violent changes of hierarchs connected
with bacchanalia of cruelty and assassinations, struggle for power, meanness,
perfidy, and all vices of primitive hedonism resulted in extermination of
passionaries in Rome and prevailing in social, motivational, spiritual aspects
those features and motivations that make a prosperous ethnos to be a rotting
ruin. "Rome ethnos had died and rotted before perishing from an intrusion of
barbarians... Nothing could help to restrain the process and save the country,
neither a bureaucratic genies of Diocletianus nor a political resourcefulness of
Constantine, nor the military talents of Theodosius" (L. Gumilev).
It should be added, that ethnical disintegration could not also be prevented
by an addition to traditional slavery methods of some introspective dictate
methods, in particular of powerful mystic dogma of monotheism in reality of
Christianity that became the official religion. Monotheism in conjunction with
some other features of the period characterizes a transitional interval to
other dictate form (see chap.1). Since a new form had not reached a full
power of prosperity, it could not safe the ethnos from collapse (19) (19 -- A more
comprehensive analysis of these phases of the Rome ethnos can be found in the
mentioned above work of L. Gumilev). A change of dictate forms is not connected
directly with ethnogenesis, which only through a complex interaction and
(?)inter-influence with other forms of an external and introspective kind
affects structures of dictate and experiences its influence. An obscuration phase
of ethnos under a quite concrete form of dictate results in an increase of
oppression, in intensification of means and methods with a simultaneous decrease
of their efficiency. In turn, it determines changes of dictate structures to the
side of hypertrophy of layers of conductors and executors of dictate with a
corresponding reduction of a role of accompanying layers that secure the
basement of introspective oppression. In the case of extreme manifestations of
the tendency, executive structures either themselves become hierarchs or
promote them including even the highest hierarchs.
In summing-up, it is possible to say that ethnogenesis phases proceeding
in the frames of concrete dictate forms are a group of factors affecting dictate
structures and a relative weight of different components in the whole
structure of oppression. A peculiar feature of that mutual affections is a
universality, its independence of ethnical, regional, temporal features of
ethnos existence.

Technology and dictate structures

Socium technology as a sum of means, instruments, individual skills in

production of material wealth including applied cognition structures and the
whole global continuum of intellectual values is a category that is
self-sufficient, self-perfecting. Its evolution is prompted by an energy of
introspective kind of positively passionated creators and to a very small
degree is governed by external reasons and objective necessity. The theories
of an objective causality of technology hardly can be regarded as argued.
If an external, objective necessity had determined the technology evolution,
than the level of evolution would be greater at the places, where the necessity
is higher, i.e., under severe conditions of the North, mountains, and so on,
The history witnesses the opposite. Technology is evolving under a
temperate favorable climate and geological conditions that allow to exist without
a special necessity to modernize means and methods of production. Sharp changes,
leaps in technology development during dangerous periods for socium such as
cataclysms, wars, and so on, are not determined (directly) by these
factors, but by a change in attitudes to creators (passionaries) of
technical evolution -- a necessary, forced stimulation of technology
passionaries by hierarchs of dictate. So even here, the basement for evolution
is not an objectivity, but motivations of various layers of dictate, which
are not moving the evolution, but are only encouraging creators.
Another factor proving the self-containing of technology evolution at
least at the phase of its steep progress (starting approximately from V-VI cc.
BC) is its separation, alienation from concrete producers, because technology
is standing on a basement of cognitive science, the science that
cognizes fundamental laws of nature. The creators of cognitive science in their
essence are passionaries of knowledge and are not at all the producers. Being a
self-containing, self-sufficient category that is immanent to evolving socium,
technology affects many of its sides including an evolution of dictate structures.
The level of technology development to great extent determines a character of
ethnic and state prevailing and not only in a military-expansive aspect. Of
course, a bronze sword gives advantages over a stone ax, a chariot and a bow
over an unmounted sword-bearer, an atom bomb over a flint gun. However, not
only these features determine the reason of prevailing, because a connected
with the level of technology efficiency of goods' production has several other
aspects. The amount of wealth manufactured by a producer, i.e., the efficiency
of labor, directly conditions the number of individuals that dictate can
alienate from a wealth production and used in an apparatus of oppression.
The same parameter determines the number of producers alienated from production
of a necessary for life wealth to production of some by-products such as
weapons, luxury goods, equipment for cognitive science, and so on. In other
words, a level of technology determines the socium's possibilities to support non-
producing out-of-dictate passionaries including creators and scientists, who
directly mould the basement, foundation of technology, i.e., the growth of
technology speeds up with an increase of efficiency that in turn is
determined by technology. The induced by technology evolution possibilities
for enlarging of apparatus of oppression and an avalanche-like growth
of a number of out-of-dictate creators-passionaries necessary to dictate to
support a level of ethnic ability to competition, in combination determine
quantitative and qualitative deformations of dictate, of its forms and
Evolution of technology has another aspect that is important for the present
theory. Technology evolution is directly connected with changes in the
character of labor, with its becoming more intellectual. A medieval
handicraftsman, whose individual skill has determined a quality and a quantity of
produced goods, cannot be subject to the same dictate as an agricultural slave
of Sumer. The tendency of a growing dependence of produced material wealth,
quality, quantity, on producer's individual quality became even more
clearly expressed with the increase of intellectualization of production in
XIX - XX cc. Intellect as a socium's component, being so antipathetic to
hierarchs but necessary and stimulated under duress to one or another degree,
becomes with technology development by the factor that determines a power and
efficiency of state and dictate form. The necessity to stimulate development of an
integral intellect, in the first place of passionary scientists and
creators, results in very radical changes in structure of oppression, in its
forms at the direction of the most refine introspectivization. Technology of a
mechanical kind needs very few creators, an artificially-energetic one
(steam, electrical energy) needs a more number, an atomic-cybernetic technology
needs so many alienated from production passionary thinkers not only for
practical sciences but also for ones not directly connected with production
(humanitarian, philosophical, biological), that dictate, in order not to lose
possibilities to realize its functions, is forced to change completely its
Let us make more concrete the last general statement using the following
example. Evolution of technology -- is a continuous uninterrupted process for the
whole history of mankind, as well as evolution of dictate. While dictate
has been evolving in different ethnoses and regions having concrete
variations, deviations from general regularities (20) (20 -- Evolution of
dictate is a universal category for socium. Still, its concretions can
be different depending on bio- and geo-conditions, lasting period, genotype of
individuals, and so on.), technology in its evolution process has been
exhibiting cardinal features of civilized universality, generality. Using
the evolving technology as a continuous correlator, it is possible to follow the
evolution of dictate structures in its causal relations with technology.
Evolution of dictate in frames of an ethnos is a short lasting process in
comparison with evolution of technology. Let us consider these processes for
illustration of correlative-causal connections of technology and dictate
structures in the frames of more lasting object such as the West-European super-
ethnos. A mutual penetration of technological achievements of different
components of the super-ethnos and comparatively high synchronism of dictate
evolutions allow one to consider the character of mutual influence of the
categories during a sufficiently large period that includes changes of dictate
forms and variations of oppression structures in a concrete form. The West-
European ethnos is considered in the context of the present work covering a
rather wide period and scale from antique Greece to capitalism of XX c.
accounting for technological inheritance of ethnoses included in the super-ethnos.
The West-European super-ethnos is an heir of culture and technology of
peoples of East and Egypt including Sumerians, Babylonians, hetaeras,
Egyptians. At the beginning of its existence, military technics and technology
of arms had been developing (heavy armed hoplits appeared), organization,
auxiliary technics such as ram (?)thriers, throwing and wall-breaking
machines. Knowledge had been perfecting including the philosophy that experienced
unprecedented blast, the applied mathematics that originated in Egypt, the
first sprouts of chemistry had appeared. The structure perfected and a total
system of exchange appeared based on a universal-goods equivalent -- of money.
Trade was growing with navigation and money exchange and not the last place in
the trade was sheared by luxury and comfort goods and woman's beauty goods.
These features of technology had a direct influence on dictate character, its
forms and concretions, immediately being reflected on introspective essence of
oppression at a given stage of dictate evolution.
A development of military technics and organization along with
strengthening of conducting apparatus (bureaucracy as it will be called
later) results in following changes of structures and forms of dictate:
The number of people decreases that is necessary for a concrete mainly
physical suppression because structures of formal-introspective dictate with
immanent to them aspects of technology are developed weakly. It means that the
number of people forced to fulfillment of declared asceticism, to
stereotyping of all sides of their life, to production activity, exceeds
greatly the number of people fulfilling the functions of compulsion. Slavery
becomes profitable for hierarchs of dictate and gets a status of the main
structure of material wealth production with all peculiar attributes of the
formation (see chap.1). Development of military technics as an aspect of
technology conditions a development of ethnical expansion (together with
the factors inherent to ethnogenesis only), at least to a possibility of
expansion of a comparatively small ethnos into regions with much larger
ethnoses. The bright examples are campaigns of Philip Makedonian and then
Alexander The Greate.
The variations of dictate's aspects determined by ethnic expansion have been
analyzed in section "Structures of dictate and ethnos". It is proper to remark
here that the dictate features that are changing during expansion are
manifested brightly in the examples mentioned above. Suffice it to recollect
the character of the Alexander autocracy to the end of Persian campaign
and the variations of injected ideology (21) (21 -- The history of the
Alexander campaigns is widely known so they are not described here), resulted
from a hypertrophy of autocracy that was conditioned by the expansion.
On summing up, it is possible to say that development of military aspect
of technology is a basement (it is a strategic rule) for intensification of
physical oppression inside socium and of ethnic expansion (at a proper phase
of ethnogenesis) outside it. Further analysis will confirm the generality of
the conclusions.
The next aspect is a progress of science from philosophy to applied one.
Interconnection of philosophy and dictate is so obvious that does not need any
argumentation. It does not mean that philosophy is always a positive
foundation of dictate, not at all. It can be an ideological antagonist to
dictate but anyhow philosophy is connected with it. Of cause, it can touch not
all aspects of philosophy as a science about general, for example, ontology,
epistemology, and other its sections but, for example, ethic is directly connected
with the essence of dictate ideology, with a positive or negative attitude
to it, with passive perception or active non-acceptance, alienation from
dictate. A quick development of philosophy cannot be directly connected only
with dictate evolution, just like to search for the reasons of unprecedented
intellectual eruption in any other external to it factors. This question is
extremely complicated and is not considered here. However, undoubtedly that
ethics of practically all philosophies of that period from deistic to
orthodoxy-materialistic reflects a character of attitude to dictate. An
importance of that idea for analysis of a total technology influence on
dictate evolution is determined by the fact that the philosophy was a single
structure, a monolith of science and included all scientific principles.
A radical fulfillment of the phenomenon -- was demonstrated in a philosophy
trend, followers of which were called Pythagoreans.
The idea of asceticism, of alienation of producers from hedonistic
aspects of life that is so dear to hierarchs and is a fundamental stone of any
dictate ideology, being refracted in minds of thinkers, is transformed
into forms of ideas of ascetics, cynics, and even stoics. An immanent
contradictateship as a feature of any passionary mentality (22) (22- A basement
of dictate is introspection, i.e., suppression of mentality freedom and its
confinement into frames of dogmas that are necessary to dictate including an
injection into consciousness of dogmas and aims helping to form persons loyal
to dictate. So quit natural that real philosopher is always an antagonist to
dictate, to its concretions, at least in his mind) has developed the idea (by
hypertrophying of its features that were in contradiction with dictate
interests) to a stage when it directly opposed dictate's interests .
This thesis is illustrated by the presence of contradictate ideas in philosophical
structures of skeptics, Leucippus, Democrites, Heraclitus, Anaxagoras,
Anaximander, or at least of indifferent motivations ((?)grammatics,
Pythagoreans). The presence of so powerful ideology opposing an inculcation of
loyal notions into consciousness of producers conditioned a necessity to
restrict an access of producers (23) (23 -- In reality, the great ideas of
philosophers were attainable only for a small group of socium and reached the
consciousness of a majority only in a simplified and distorted form) to
philosophy, as well as non-acceptance of it by power holders and intensification
of a forced inculcation into consciousness of dogmas of religion in a form
of dictate-reflected essence of it -- in a form of hierarchy of pandemonium. As
the realizations of the approach were a state punishment for an insult and
distraction of faith as in the cases of Anaxagoras, Socrates and many
Ideology of a religion kind that is based not on a sincere, personal
believe, i.e., on a restricted complex of individual-immanent ideas, but on a
complex of forced dogmas that are inculcated, injected by dictate
structures and by physical suppression of dogmas, is an inevitable sign of a
weakness of introspective foundation of dictate and a basement for
strengthening of external suppression structures at the expense of introspection.
A substitution is taking place of a positive involvement for a negative
compulsion. This profound influence of a philosophical aspect of a
technological side on dictate evolution determines an evolution of all structures
of oppression and the form on the whole. Natural and applied scientific
aspects of antique world technology had also a peculiar effect on dictate
structures, its components. Development of sciences resulted in an enlargement
of a number of socium members possessing an intellect and knowledge,
because sciences had a direct practical application and facilitated a technology
modernization on the whole, widening of inhabit area , trade, and accompanying
aspects such as navigation, ship building, increase of knowledge amounted in
symbol systems and handed over from generation to generation. The presence of
a considerable sublayer of socium having such qualities resulted in an
increase of level of involvement motivations, since intellect is less
affected by external, physical suppression.
There are two tendencies that look as if excluding each other and are
determined by an evolution of scientific basement of technology. They are an
intraspectivization of dictate and an increase of physical oppression. It
is a paradox only at the first glance, because a development of technology
determines an integrity of development of the two oppression components to the
side of intensification and making them more versatile as directly so
through social means. This feature of technological determination of dictate
evolution is the general one and its influence at all stages of socium
development is growing with acceleration of technology development irrespective
of epochs and regions. That tendency is facilitated besides technology by
other objective and subjective factors of a functioning socium and represents
a fundamental feature of dictate evolution.
A development of goods-money relationships and communications with other
states also had a determining affection on dictate structures of ancient
Greece. All the main necessary to life products including food, instruments,
weapons, clothe, and so on, are made domestically, because the volume of
transported goods could not be large. However, striving to profit that is one of
many faces of total hedonism prompts a part of people to trade by the things that
satisfy refine-hedonistic motivations of hierarchs and the highest conductors of
dictate. They include a useless luxury, attributes of snobbery and vanity,
among which a considerable place is occupied by cosmetics and woman's
beauty things, and so on, as the highest objects of primitive hedonism.
An increase of amount of useless for socium life things in import and
export connected with luxury and hedonism results in alienation of a part of
producers from production. Trade and adjoined aspects of activity such as
transport, guarding, selling, accounting, and so on, also divert a part
of producers. On the whole, it results in situation, when the left part of
producers has to make more wealth per a unit of time or to spend more time at
work. The first can be done using a progress of technics or an increase of
suppression, the second only by an increase of suppression. At the stage of
socium evolution under consideration, a progress of production technics is at
minimum, the main energy of production is a muscle force of animals and
people, so an attainment of purposes as in the first and so in the second cases
is secured by an intensification of dictate in a frame of a concrete formation and
also of immanent means and methods of oppression. As in the analysis in section
"Slavery", a character of labor in the formation determines an efficiency of
that dictate form without any cardinal transformations. This statement is also
true of the further formations . In the previous chapter, it was shown that the
early feudalism is a reality of the same dictate form only with some changes of
formal labels. Correctness and argumentation of this statement are determined
by the factors presented in that section and in the first chapter. Cardinal
changes in a structure of correlative relations between technology
evolution and dictate are coupled with cardinal changes in a structure of
technology determinants including science, technics, energetic. A beginning and
the early period of feudalism in the West-European super-ethnos are
characterized by a lack of new features of technology. There is the same muscle
energy as a producing mean, the same technics, a science is developing
extremely slowly, the same organization of production, the same military
Figuratively saying, the mile stone in technical revolution of the
super-ethnos was the first gun shot. A cumbersome and inefficient in
military respect bombard and an appearance of many-masted sailing vessels
(later) have marked a new stage in evolution of technology and dictate.
Then, a new form of production organization has appeared including shops, new
forms of trade (Hanse), new ideas in science and technics. There is a direct
evidence of a cardinal change, an evolving jump of technology that has determined
many changes in the West-Europe socium structure. Greek fire (wildfire), bombard,
culverin, musket, and so on, have changed the arms qualitatively. Physical
strength of a warrior stated to lose its decisive role in a battle. Bullet can hit
from afar and also the better the gun the longer the distance. Technology of
arms production became a decisive factor and this tendency was preserved in the
later times.
In contrast to a cold arms of the previous epoch, firearms demand a more
complicated production, a more fine technology. As the result, first, production
united a great number of people, second, it allowed to reduce a number of
conductors and executors of dictate. A small, well-organized army with
firearms is capable to suppress a huge mass of producers. The third not less
important aspect of strengthening of armament is an increase of possibilities of
ethnic expansion described in the previous section.
Appearance of big sailers and development of firearms have widened an
area of ethnic expansion to the dimensions of the globe. As can be expected,
these factors just like at the previous stages of technology evolution should
result in intensification of external, physical dictate, in strengthening of
physical oppression. It has really happened but with some additions. Other factors
of technological evolution have started to play a role in the course of progress.
An origination of alchemy gave a prompt to development of a system of knowledge on
substance structures. Science branched giving birth to mechanics, astronomy, new
mathematics, to developing of medicine with rudiments of psychology, and as a
crown of knowledge, a philosophy development gets a new push. As usual, it
started from giving a meaning to philosophy problems based on natural science,
then it came to giving a new sense to ethical, epistemology, ontological aspects
of being. Complication of technics and its production structures, development of
science and increasing number of its adepts, development of philosophy with
immanent contradictateship (24) (24 -- Here is meant a philosophy created by
passionary thinkers, a product of a creative mind of real philosophers, but not of
ideological adepts of dictate that are a composite part of an accompanying layer
of dictate.) gave birth to an opposite tendency connected with intensification of
introspective oppression having a considerable component of positive involvement.
The first tendency -- an intensification of external, physical oppression -- is
resulted in spreading of suppression apparatus: a reinforcement of monarch
absolutism, army, bureaucracy apparatus, juridical and penitential systems. The
second dominating tendency -- strengthening of an introspective component of
oppression -- is resulted in raising of religion into rank of official ideology
of dictate. It is accompanied not only by intensification of its influence on
consciousness of producers but also by guarding, protection of its dogmas,
purposes, ideas from negative influence (25 ) (25 -- From penetrations of ideas
that reduce or exterminate the influence of mystic religion dogmas on people's
consciousness and include not only ideas of science but also church-reforming.)
using means of traditional physical oppression such as inquisition, religion
militant orders, religion wars. In this aspect, introspective dictate of church is
accompanying physical dictate of state.
A personification of suzerain as an embodiment of will of a mystic beginning
of being, as a chosen one by god and as a conductor of his will and application
of dictate realities to mystic will in suzerain (26) (26 -- A trick that
is used by autocracies of all periods. However, here it is conducted with means
of such power as the religion of mystic monotheism -- Christianity.),
conducted with the help of religious instillation, represents also a powerful mean
of introspective dictate.
Development of religion as a mean of introspective dictate (27) (27- Turning
off mystical, ontological, and so on, features of religion, which are autonomous
with respect to oppression functions.) in conjunction with form's concretions and
utilization of state forms of injection and protection of ideological dogmas,
results in appearance of centralized autocratic system of religion of a state
type with all shortcomings and advantages that are characteristic of system.
Concentration of production, conditioned by a necessity of its complication,
in its turn determines a necessity of unification of motivations of trade group
members with the aim of concrete production, improvement of trade skills,
development of labor means and perfection of produced goods. The necessity
of unification determines an intensification of motivations of involvement,
positive stimulation (28) (28 -- It touches only industrial workers, since at a
given stage agricultural components of technology due to their conservatism are
involved only at a miserable degree in the process of evolution.) of
producers. The means are versatile: increase of producer's interest in the
product of his labor, in its quantity and quality that is facilitated by a
system of shops, foremen with their privileges, increase of formal social
status of handicraftsmen, limitation of dictate suppression in
comparison with agricultural producers. So a division of production on a
purely physical labor of a peasant and a qualified labor of
handicraftsman due to technological evolution results in modification of
oppression structures with respect to a character of production activity
represented by especially physical oppression for agricultural and
introspective-physical for industrial producer. For all this, evolution of
technology of industrial production with an inevitable growth of producers'
qualification, i.e., of an intellectual component of production, leads to a
progressive intensification of an introspective component of dictate both
positive-motivational and negative-repressive.
The next stage of evolution with cardinal new features of technology is
connected with the appearance of new sauces of energy such as steam and then
electricity. Substitution of a muscle productive energy with artificial sources,
that many times increases power consumption, also increases proportionally the
previous tendencies in dictate evolution. However, agricultural producers are
also involved in the orbit of evolving changes of oppression character and
dictate structures and their conservatism is destroyed by introduction of
complex agro-systems, mechanisms and chemistry. A possibility of
alienation of even more people from a concrete production, growing possibilities
of expansion (29) (29 -- At that period, expansion of the West-European super-
ethnos took place at the expanse of other continents. The super-ethnos made the
whole world by the area of its expansion.) due to improvements of weapons,
transport, military organization, growing number of scientists of all professions,
transformation of a technical perfection into a determining factor of state power,
as well as other factors of technological evolution of the West-European super-
ethnos at that stage resulted in an increase of early appeared tendencies.
Besides transformations of dictate structures analyzed in the previous
chapters, dictate introspectivization has reached a cardinal new level in quite
various realities and the growing scale of wars increases mainly not due to
ethnical collisions but as a mean of extermination of passionarities. From one
side, passionary creators (of a positive kind) are a basement for technological
evolution and power of composing ethnoses, from the other side, the growing
intellectual balance of the super-ethnos and the whole mankind cannot be one-
sided, technical. It includes also an inevitable growth of many contradictate
passionaries (30) (30 -- At that time, the most radical form of contradictateship
has appeared - anarchism), whose ideas may be ruinous for dictate. As a weapon
for neutralization of growing contradictate passionarity of a producers' rising
intellect, dictate uses the same hedonism that is moving by all layers of socium.
The increase in power consumption and the complexity of technology (necessary in
an open socium) result in such escalation of production efficiency and total
volume of produced wealth that dictate represented by hierarchs, conductors,
accompanying layers cannot consume all of it even accounting an explosive growth
of refinements and wide varieties of their hedonism satisfactions. A considerable
part of wealth is left for producers and a satisfaction of some aspects of their
hedonism turns out to be the chain that fastens the producer much stronger than
any compulsions to a production machine with the immanent conformity and
stereotypization of all aspects of his being. In other words, evolution of
technology results in a situation, when traditional aspects and methods of dictate
with respect to producers are gradually substituted by methods of involvement, co-
participation that are characteristic of relations between hierarchs and layers of
conductors, executors, and accompanying. The transformation reinforces dictate
structure, increases its efficiency on the bases of consonance, unidirectionality
(at least, partly) of hedonistic motivations of all layers of socium (31) (31 --
Of cause, it is difficult and even silly to compare levels of hedonism
satisfaction of the opposite layers of dictate and characters of its refinement.
Differences in levels of hedonism are a reason of a growth of contradictate
motives.). At that situation, conductors and executors of introspective oppression
become the dominating structures of oppression. They are directly forming
subconscious and conscious purposes, motivations, dogmas of loyalty according to a
conform stereotype of dictate way of life, of being. The main stress, accent of
any activation of these layers is made always on stimulation in consciousness of
producer of the hedonistic motivations of a simplified, shortened kind, the
hedonism oriented on objects and subjects of a primitive-life plan suggested by
dictate. The satisfaction of these motivations is elevated to a rang of the sense
of being.
The contradictateship of a passionary mentality feels intuitively a danger of
that truncated-sanctioned hedonism and leads to its negation (Rousseau, Thoreau,
anarchists). Non-acceptance of primitive hedonism is a motive feature of real
passionarity. There is a paradox (seemed), when dictate declares an ideology of
hedonism, which is always denied by it with respect to producers, and at the same
time contradictate mentality proclaims asceticism, which is always elevated by
dictate to a rang of virtue for producers. In reality, there is no paradox, only a
change of accents, means of dictate, a substitution of direct oppression with an
involvement, positive stimulation of loyalty (32) (32- Positive stimulation that
is accompanied by injection of dogmas , teaching of stereotypes, is always more
efficient than a negative prohibition, punishments for disloyalty.).
The second aspect is a variation of the scale and the essence of wars at the
stage of technological evolution of the West-European super-ethnos. The
traditional aims of wars: solution of ethnical conflicts, mean of expansion of an
efficiently evolving dictate, are preserved but wars acquire an unusual scale of
global conflicts. The scale enlarging is determined by dimensions of ethnical and
dictate expansion and due to technological evolution encompassing the globe. There
are new basements, reasons for wars that results in the consequences to dictate
that were absent at the previous periods. Technology evolution at a phase of
application of artificial energy (XIX - XX cc.) with a giant growth of labor
efficiency and volume of produced wealth, gives birth to a problem of their
consumption and induces state collisions over sale markets, i.e., a factor of
state economic struggle appears (including wars) for the sociums that consumes
goods of regional production. Successful wars for the possession of sale markets
result in the creation of state conglomerates of metropolises with an immanent
form of dictate and colonies with other dictate forms induced by dictate of the
metropolises .
At that epoch, the West-European super-ethnos exists in surrounding of
ethnoses having various levels of technology and mainly less developed. An
interest in selling goods in less developed counties implies a metropolis's
hampering of technology development of these regions and a compulsion of them to
consume namely its goods. An absence of dictate's interest in motivations'
unidirectionalities with producers of these regions results in some gradation of
oppression structures of super-ethnos dictate with respect to infrastructures of
production and producing layers of the less developed regions acquiring of status
of colonies. An imposition of a nominal, completely external dictate entails a
row of consequences as to ethnogenesis (see work of L. Gumilev) as well as to
dictate genesis both directly and indirectly through ethnogenesis. Development of
structures of physical dictate destined for colonies results in a situation, when
an efficient introspective infra-dictate is adjoined by an alien physical one,
whose structures are hypertrophied to such degree that they are striving to mono
prevailing (33) (33 -- At that phase, the most successful, efficient progress is
reached by the states that lack colonies, i.e., which realize principles of
introspective dictate in a refined view, such as the USA, Sweden.) as in the cases
of the Franco mutiny in Spain, the Algerian revolt in 1960. From this point of
view, the destruction of colonial system is a consequence of action of laws of
both technological evolution and (not to the last degree) of the general
principle of dictate evolution in the direction of introspectivization.
Inefficient dictate forms are disintegrating under the influence of both of
integral- motivation internal forces of ethnos and of external with respect to
dictate forces.
The next stage of technological evolution as a determinant of dictate
represents a phase of industry intellectualization that started in the middle of
XX c. That epoch is characterized by very versatile innovations in science,
technics, technology. Yet, all of them excluding informational automates are
determinants of intensification of already existed tendencies of dictate
evolution. The appearance and wide applications of informational automates entail
a lowering of (qualitative and quantitative) not only physical but also of
unqualified labor demanding small expenses of intellect. From the other side,
spreading of informational automates resulted in a wide development of means for
sublimation of natural hedonism of producer and in further refining of hedonism of
suppressing layers. Cheapening of the price, mass production, variety of
technical means of sublimation and connected possibilities of
injection in consciousness of dogmas and purposes of loyalty make them an
indispensable instrument of oppression for dictate. The motto of the Rome
plebes "bread and shows" (as a price for loyalty) has not lost its validity and
may be changed into "shows and bread". Bread or, in a figurative meaning, the
necessary for life food, shelter, woman is secured to producer (34) (34- To
producer, i.e., to an active member of socium but not to a lumpen.) by increased
efficiency of labor and volume of wealth. However, the level of hedonistic
realities, luxury of hierarchs of that epoch is so high that contradictateship
would crush them, if there were no means of introspective involvement, positive-
motivational suppression and hypertrophy of sublimation means. Cinema,
television, newspapers, radio, tape-recorders, and so on, having a directed
influence they use the fine mechanisms of interactions of subconscious
(natural-motivational) and conscious that have been analyzed by Freud and
his followers (35) (35- A more comprehensive analysis will be in chapter 3),
the mechanisms that substitute a reality of objective world with illusion ideas
and schemes.
Some preliminary conclusions

Technology as an aspect of socium existence represents a continuous

process, i.e., a chain of interconnected and sequentially determining
each other essences and events, since any technology stage is a consequence
of previous discoveries, thoughts, actions, creations. Saying in mathematical
language, technology is a continuous, spontaneous process, a process of sudden
discoveries and creations. Considering with the example of the West-European
super-ethnos the determination of dictate evolution and variations of
oppression structures coursed by technological evolution, we have revealed the
strategic tendency of a basic introspectivization of structures and a
character of oppression. This strategic component is so weighty on the
background of all other determinants considered above that provides a uniform
character for the whole process of dictate evolution.

Dictate and objective determinants

In previous sections of the chapter, structural determinants of an internal-

social (ethnical) and a combined internal-external (technological) kind were
considered. Here, we will consider determinants that are exclusively external with
respect to socium and dictate. They include objective determinants that define the
presence and necessity of dictate in socium. Both ethnogenesis and technology
while in their evolutions affecting infrastructure of dictate at the same time
experience an influence of these factors that are accompanying evolution of
dictate of neighboring ethnoses, which are developing not synchronously with the
ethnos. Due to a combination of occasional jumps of the factors (ethnical and
technological) and a non-coherence in developments of global community sociums,
evolution acquires a complicated character with blurred main tendencies and
regularities. Being objectively independent of the socium with all its functional
activations, external factors (36) (36 -- Ethnic pressure of neighboring ethnoses
is an external determinant just like geological calamities of biosphere
evolution.) determine a strategic character of dictate evolution, its cardinal
features, parameters, determinants. The external determinants of structural
evolution of dictate can be divided conditionally into several independent groups:
1. Factors connected with natural evolution of biosphere at a socium
inhabitant area.
2. Factors connected with deformation of biosphere of inhabitant area
conditioned by socium activity:
a) variations of geology and biocenos of inhabitant area due to development
of technology;
b) the same things but resulted from technological expansion of neighboring
sociums (37) (37 -- There are many historical arguments (in the following
sections). A modern one is changes of the Oceanic sociums caused by technological
expansion of the West.).
3. Social-ethnical factors:
a) connected with differentiation of ethnogenesis processes of neighboring
b) connected with differentiation of social-political- ideological
structures of neighboring sociums.
As shown in the previous sections, these factors work often in combination,
in dialectic connection with each other and with the object of influence, i.e.,
with dictate structure. However, due to difficulties of their consideration in
organic interconnection, the analysis of their causal determination of dictate
evolution will be conducted with separation of principle tendencies of affection
and evolution.
1. Evolution of biosphere and dictate structures. In that subsection, the
factors of evolving biosphere will be considered that are not products of human
activity (i.e., they do not include cultural erosion of soil, desert coming caused
by deforestation, swamping and salting of soil due to agricultural
transformations). There is an infinitive number of the factors including
variations of temperature regime (ice-age or worming periods), variations in
population (or complete disappearance) of animals or fishes, variations in relief
of inhabitant area caused by, say, an eruption of volcano, raising or descending
of sea level, offense of desert or its retrieve and widening of domestic regions,
many years of drought or an increase of precipitation, and so on. There are many
variants but the essence is the same (in the context of present work) that
includes a change of life style stereotype, the stereotype that is a foundation of
dictate conformism. Any changes of inhabit environment deteriorate a material
basement of existing socium due to deviation from a usual continuum of way of
An adaptation to new conditions of inhabit, when technology is developed
weakly (epoch of early sociums), conditions either variations of character and
structures of oppression in frames of a certain form of dictate or a
transformation of dictate form. An influence of the external factors of that group
(and not only of these ones) on dictate transformation often occurs not mainly in
a form of direct determination but indirectly through ethnical factors (39) (39 --
A comprehensive and argued analysis of mutual determinations of these features of
evolution is given in the mentioned book of L. Gumilev). The affections of the
factors on dictate evolution were analyzed in previous sections. As far as
intermediate stages of dictate transformations are very inertial, so under
sufficiently quick changes of biosphere their direct determination of dictate
evolution starts to play an important role. Deterioration of geological and
climate conditions, variations in flora and fauna of a region result in reduction
of socium food resources. The reduction is not compensated by technological or
other infrastructure factors and conditions both ethnic-expansion and variation-
dictate consequences. The same situation happens in the cases, when natural
phenomena reduce inhabitant area, amount and quality of cultivated area, epidemic
cattle-plague, and so on. Under deterioration of material foundation of a
functioning socium, basic motivations of the highest layers of dictate hierarchy
stay unchanged, and because material wealth is not enough for a positive-
motivational involvement of producers, physical dictate is used with corresponding
reduction of introspective component. It in turn results in corresponding
variations of dictate structures and sometimes even dictate form.
Under conditions of worsening of material base, reduction of the whole sum
of produced wealth, irrespective of level of socium development, technology and
other aspects of socium, the process take place of intensification of gradations
connected with realizations of possibilities of hedonistic moving complexes of
motivations, deepening of abyss between a quantity of wealth alienated by
hierarchs and the share of it consumed by producers, differentiation of hedonism
of hierarchs, conductors, executors and asceticism of producers. The chain of
differentiations results in an increase of contradictate passionarity as well as
in intensification of oppression. The expression "bad times for people" has the
second main meaning -- bad times for socium are the bad times for producers. A
prolonged influence of biosphere's changes in combination with a low level of
passionarity that does not allow to compensate the negative moments in the way of
ethnical expansion (39) (39 -- Lowering of passionarity facilitates this tendency
also as a factor of infrastructure that reduces the general ability of
contradictate potentials and activations), may result in a change of dictate form
and often for a physical or extreme one.
The second moment determining a directed deformation of dictate by evolving
factors of environment is the fact that dictate immanence in socium on the whole
is necessary for a functional consolidation and unidirectionality of individual
activations in a struggle for vitally important aspects of a person and socium
being. Complications of the conditions during the task solving caused by natural
influences, result in the necessity of raising consolidation factors at a reduced
sum of wealth, i.e., in a dictate intensification. It is possible to list many
historical examples confirming the statement such as China at III - II millenniums
BC or more exactly the territory of modern China at those epochs, since there was
yet no China as it is. Everything was different at that period including climate,
flora, fauna. Development of socium of inhabited people was governed by natural
factors such as water element, giant river floods covering fields with huge
sediments of silt and sand. Under pressure of element, a part of ancient
inhibitors of China retreated into mountains, other part united for a struggle
against floods. The struggle demanded their unification in frames of tough
organization that evolved in a despot form of dictate (40) (40 -- O. Lattimore.
Inner Asian Frontiers of China. NY., 1940). Another example, not less
illustrative, is a history of migration of nomad tribes of Asian steppes in III -
XIII cc. Although many historians deny a connection of periodic drought of
steppe and ethnical expansions of the tribes but a relationship is certainly
present being not direct but indirect. Expansions of nomads had occurred at the
periods of spreading of their inhabitable areas in steppes but dictate
deformations, changes of dictate structures that entailed phenomena
influencing ethnogenesis and determining possibilities of expansion, took
place in previous epochs. At the periods that were characterized by shrinking of
inhabitable area of nomads and worsening of climate, nomads were forced to
consolidate for surviving. In their sociums deprived an ability of
expansive aggression, internal restrictions (i.e., dictate structures)
were reinforced, the power was centralized in hands of tribe leaders (41) (41
-- As any immanence of psychotype, passionarity affects social life that in
its turn is stimulated or suppressed by socium or more exactly by dictate), and
only on that basement in subsequent more favorable phases of geobiocenos and
ethnogenesis they transacted to a phase of ethnic expansion. Drying in of
Sahara at the end of IV millennium BC connected with changes of cyclone
direction to the North, had caused the ancient inhabitants of Sahara to
migrate in a swampy valley of Nile, where wild predecessors of wheat and barley
were growing. Neolithic tribes mastered agriculture and started systematic
cultivation of flood-lands of Nile. The process is finished by unification
of Egypt under power of Pharaohs (L. Gumilev).
2. Cultural-technological deformation of geobiocenos and dictate
structures. Man intervenes in his surrounding world with changes and
transformations for his purposes and often for achieving aims not connected
with real vital requirements. From the early days of humankind up to the
present period, this intervention has been always accompanied by such
deformations of geobiocenos that in a closed cause-and-effect cycle affect
social structures being the reasons of deformations. Multiple examples of
such interventions and deformations with respect to analysis of ethnogenesis are
given in the work of L. Gumilev. The character of geobiocenos deformations
conditioned by technology of civilization especially sensible at the last years
can be quit various from swamping of cultivated area and its erosion, salting of
ground, changing in river bed, variations in ecological balance of animal
and vegetable worlds, up to variations in atmosphere . It goes without saying
that the scale of the deformations is growing proportionally to increasing
possibilities of technology and consumption of power in the global socium.
However, at all epochs the consequences of technological deformation of
geobiocenos for a structure of a concrete form of dictate are always
considerable. For example, in 582 BC Nebuchadnezzar singed a peace with
Egypt and got married czarevna (?)Nitockris, who brought with her a suite
of educated Egyptians. According to their project, an irrigation system was
built that was supposed to increase considerably the area of irrigated grounds.
Yet, it resulted from one side in unforeseen salting of ground and from
the other side in a necessity of huge labor expenses to keep the net in
working conditions. Consequences of the "technological" epopee had been
manifesting more than a thousand years later. Arabs in VII - IX cc., having an
unlimited source of working power, forced black slaves (zingy(?)) to gather
salt around of Babylon ruins and remove it. Deprived of a hope for
deliverance, in 869 year the slaves rose in rebellion. As a result, for some
period (up to 883 year) they had created a new infrastructure of dictate
inside the region embraced by uprising. Besides that they had weakened the
existed dictate structure of caliphate to such degree that for some period a
new extremist form of dictate appeared (42) (42 -- It had resulted in the
situation, when governors were established by freelances-turkmens, who suppressed
by force their employers). There is an infinitive amount of such examples. In
essence, technological deformations of geobiocenos represent a variant of
natural evolution of dictate determinants but they occur with higher
velocity and with a more quick manifestation of causal (for dictate
structures) consequences. One of the variations of technological
deformations of geobiocenos is a technology invested from outside that
influences the environment and indirectly dictate structures. That deformation
takes place, when there are contacts of sociums having quit different levels of
technology. The contact provokes not only ethnical expansion but also a forced
deformation of geobiocenos of inhabitant area of socium with less developed
technology. It entails variations of dictate structures conditioned not
by internal organic reasons but by external, enforced ones. Here, external
influences -- both ethnical and technology-deformation -- affect dictate
infrastructures in a complex way as, for example, it happened in the conquest
of South America, Great Britain expansion in India, European expansion in Oceania.
In the most cases, an injected technological deformation is accompanied by
imposing of the dictate form that is a more tough variant of domestic
oppression -- more often in a form of a colony or as a dependent, subordinated
3. Factors connected with ethnogenetic and social deformation of
contacted sociums. An influence of these factors on dictate structure evolution
cannot be reduced only to ethnical collisions that entail destruction of dictate
infrastructures on the whole or deformations of its substructures. An
external influence on ethnos is mainly determined not by a power of
expansionists but by a weakness of ethnos subject to pressure. When an ethnos
is strong inside, i.e., when it is in a phase of ethnogenesis that secures its
stability, then a presence of ethnic antagonists conditions an internal
consolidation, intensification of introspective component of dictate and
unidirectionality of moving motivations among a major part of socium.
Argumentations of the statement can be found in historical examples. Expansion of
Rome that was accompanied by deformation (complete or partial) of domestic
dictate forms in Gaul, Syria, Britain in I century BC, was successful at the
places, where resistance was extremely weak. At the same time, collision with
powerful Chinese empire (Talas(?), before 36 BC.) ended by defeat of Romans. On
the other side, an existence of powerful ethnic antagonists (Urary(?))
resulted in unity of (?)Mannis (Many(?)), who were subject to a pressure from
Urary. They organized a new form of dictate consisted of oligarchy headed by
a tsar. The same situation with the same consequences was observed in Sparta
at antique period. So a direct ethnic pressure in a form of expansion of ethnoses
(in their corresponding phase) leads to different consequences depending on own
phase of ethnogenesis including disintegration of dictate form with
imposing of the forms of an expanding ethnos, accumulation and disappearance of
ethnos, strengthening and consolidation with inevitable centralization of dictate.
External factors of a social kinds determining as dictate presence so
deformations of its structures can be not only of ethnical, or more
exactly, ethnogenetic character. In other words, not only differentiation of
ethnogenesis phase of neighboring ethnoses is a reason of collisions
determining deformations. An integral complex of social, political,
ideological components of dictate in a contact of two or several ethnoses
determines a possibility of appearance of external pressure in various
forms including economical, political, ideological, in a form of expansion,
assimilation, hybridization. An influence of these factors on dictate
infrastructure can have a much more complicated character then in the case of
ethnic pressure. Surface it to recollect a political competition of Athena
and Sparta that resulted in coming into power in Athena (for a short period) of
an oligarchy named a Soviet of four hundreds. History presents many examples
confirming the statement that political, economical, ideological contacts of
sociums with sharp differences of those factors inevitably lead to dictate
changes in them. An argument in favor of the statement is the fact that
sociums with extremist forms of dictate always at all epochs have tried to reduce
to a minimum the contacts of their socium members with other sociums in these

The conducted analysis shows that socium and structures of dictate at any
given historical period are subject to influence of a superposition of
factors of objective, external, and subjective, individual and also of social
kind. Some of them have a quit define tendencies of their influence on
dictate evolution as, for example, technological evolution, others have more
complicated character with less defined tendencies of their influence on
evolution exhibiting temporal jumps and regressions. An analysis of general
tendency of dictate evolution in its profound essence can be conducted only
accounting for a superposition of the considered factors that are external with
respect to an individual and those introspective, psychological basements and
determinants that are the foundation both of dictate presence and of its concrete

Chapter 3

Basements of dictate: natural-scientific arguments; psychology of groups and


Civilization, socium, dictate, individual. State, policy, economy,

production, individual. Global, social, collective, individual. Other logical
chains can be mentioned that are aimed at a comprehension of humanity being and
the basement of all of them is a man, a unit encompassing cosmos. His
thoughts, ideals, purposes, creativity of a few and a primitive hedonism of
a majority, all this, which is a characteristic from the beginning and making a
basement of existence, has been staying unchangeable for millenniums. This
basement has been coated with a cultural layer consisted of variable norms,
dogmas, bans, ideas, and symbols. These aspects are alien and quit often
are created and conditioned by dictate. Not "dream of mind creates monsters of
consciousness" (F. Goya. "Dream of mind".- Capriccios) but a necessity of
suppression, a profound essence of dictate appeared together with flocks of
mammals creates those freaks of psychology and those "summits of spirit" that are
regarded as mankind's achievements. They include concepts of justice, honesty,
moral, good, courage, common weal, self-sacrificing that are very suitable for
dictate hierarchs and intensively proclaimed by them and their
apprentices, but which almost never become a foundation, dominants of their own
activations. An introspective, profoundly-psychological essence of dictate,
preliminary features of which were presented in the previous chapters,
stratifies an individual attitude to dictate into two basic components. The
first is a subconscious complex of motivations of universal-hedonistic type
moving a man and determining his vital activations and, the second, is a
conscious-subconscious complex of motivations of quit various natures such as
injected by dictate, opposing, assimilating, suppressing motivations of the
first complex in order to make a conform stereotype of thinking, dogmas, purposes,
and eventually a way of life. An interpretation of dictate evolution as a
process of antagonism of these two complexes of motivations even at the first
glance reveals its psychological roots in the classical theory of Freud and his
followers in a part, where an interconnection is considers between conscious,
subconscious, and unconscious as Id, I, super-I (Id, Ego, super-Ego).
Interpretation of the problem is also explicitly connected with ideas of Plato
("Republic"), Aristotle ("Politics"), Kierkegaard (1) (1- See "Either/or",
"Fear and trembling", "Fear to death", and also works of later existentialists
in a basic aspect that is connected with ontology of individual existence.),
In the present work on the whole and in this chapter in particular,
ethical ideas are reflected of ancient Stoicism, for example, of Epictetus.
"Man cannot be a master of another man, since his masters are fear,
sorrows, external signs that he is afraid. He, who disdains corporal, does not
afraid tyrant, he is really free, because nothing and never can bind his will.
Freedom is attained not by satisfaction but by extermination of wishes. Attaining
wealth, a man becomes a slave." The citation gives a base to the claim that the
ethical side of dictate and its introspective essence were clear to thinkers of
the most early formations. Some statements of Stoicism will be also cited further.
Psychologism of history is not new but it usually considers variations of
mass psychology or individuals (more often of the outstanding ones) as
determinants and an essence of historical events. In present work, this method
is not used in principle, since it presents an attempt to combine in a unity the
immutable essences activating invariants of mentality and the infinite
variable external world (2) (2 -- As mentioned above, the work of L. Gumilev
"Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth" composes a methodological unison with
the present work.). It is difficult to deny the truth, reality, presence of
invariants of individual psychology that determine basic activation manifestations
(even if they are postulated a priori) at least for the main layers of
socium that always necessary present in it structures: dictate hierarchs,
dictate conductors, accompanying layers of dictate, negative-passionary
layers of dictate, producers, out-of-dictate layers of creators and
thinkers, contradictate infrastructural conglomerates. Some of the layers
represent an incarnation of an objective necessity of socium and dictate
existence, the others result from a contact of dictate and the basic determinants
of individual psychology, of its motivation-activation basement.
Construction of a model of historical evolution of mankind inevitably
entails an integration of several essences starting from ontological-
existential aspects of individual being to objective conditions of
surrounding nature including psychology and physiology of individuals and
social groups. A psycho physiological essence that was introduced by L.
Gumilev and called by him as passionarity is a very fruitful theoretical
finding (3) (3- The "Occam's razor" is not applicable here, since an attempt of
explanation of historical determinations using only objective or subjective
factors has not allowed to create universal theories of socium evolution.)
that gives a possibility to comprehend the most important phenomena of functioning
socium. An appearance of the essence in this work results from an attempt to
impart to it a real basement and to transfer it from a rank of theoretical,
abstract ideas into a rank of natural-scientific, psychological, really
reflecting motivations, vital notions of a man, i.e., functioning of his organ
of mentality in connection with socium. A shortcoming of the theoretical
constructions of L. Gumilev made on the basement of this essence is a postulation
of it only as an immanent aspect of individual psycho physiology having an
ability of a qualitative variation, and determination of historical events by
an integral continuum of the essence in socium. Filling of the theoretical
abstraction with its natural-scientific content and representation of it as a
function of a large number of variables of subjective, objective,
subjective-objective kind in its bilateral connections as with a proper man so
with dictate in its physical and introspective incarnation, increases a
cognitive and objective value of this category.
The statement of the problem in such aspect demands a
determination of the essences of individual's psycho physiology that are
basic, principle, and determining his strategic vital manifestations (4) (4 --
In general outline, these essences are presented in previous chapters),
and determination of them in those terms and conceptions of science on mind,
mentality, psychology that have a sufficiently settled arguments both empirical
and analytical. From the previous account, an idea may arise that passionarity
and the Freud libido are identical but it is not true, at least not completely
true. Libido in its classical treatment presents a cardinal feature of
passionarity that includes also several other components of quite various
natures considered below. Being the most important component of a complex
determinant of a person's activity, i.e. of passionarity, libido as an essence
of Id imparts to passionarity its the most important features such as: limited
continuum, subconsciousness, ability to transformation (sublimation),
cardinality as an activating dominant, individual variations. For
argumentations and completeness of further constructions, let us introduce
several definitions of that component of passionarity (5) (5 -- All the
definitions and interpretations are given in accordance with works of Z. Freud
"Ego and the Id", "Totem and taboo", "Introduction into psycho analysis".) and
of some connected with it theoretical structures of the Freud psychology.
An objective essence of individual psycho physiology conditioning a
united organization of spiritual, motivational aspects is designated as "I"
of an individual. "This I is related with an idea that it has domination over
incentives to movement, i.e., over carrying-out an excitement into external
world. Id is a spiritual instance that controls all particular processes. . .
This I also produces a supplanting, due to which certain spiritual
incentives are subject to exclusion not only from consciousness but also
from other fields of values and activities. These incentives excluded in
analysis by supplanting starts to oppose themselves to I. . . " And further:
"It is not difficult to be convinced that I is only a part of Id transformed
under direct influence of external world. . . I tries also to help to
external world influence on Id and assists in fulfillments of tendencies of
the world trying to substitute the principle of enjoyment that undividedly
rules over Id by a principle of reality. Perception has the same meaning
for I as inclinations for Id. I is an embodiment of what can be called
mind, reasonableness. . . A great functional meaning of I is expressed in the
fact that under normal conditions I rules over intentions to movement. . ." (6)
(6- Freud Z. "Ego and the Id".). Departing from the traditional treatments (of
ontological kind) of that Freud's category and considering it in the context
of considered problem, it is quit clear that the Freud I is in its
essence the conservative censor of life-providing motivations of hedonistic
type, which are not manifested in conscious activations but are moving them.
This is the very component, to which all actions of introspective dictate are
eventually addressed, applied. An introspective foundation of external
(physical) manifestations of dictate suppression is based on the very this
component of functioning mind. Actions of frightening as a reality of
perception become those censors of the Id's activations that are disloyal,
contradictate. Namely to this activation of individual are addressed aspects of
oppression as a physical one so as a primary introspective that are based
on realities of external world such as a tenor of life, customs, taboo
(of not ideally-mystic character), i.e., on introspections that are causal
consequences of concrete perceptions but not the results of rational, ideal
activations that represent the highest component of mind. "I seems to be form, to
be separate from Id not only under influence of conscious perception but
being also affected by another factor. The own body, first of all its surface
is the place that can be a simultaneous source of both external and internal
perceptions. . . Here, feeling of pain seems also to play a role." (7) (7-
Ibid.). Conflicts between the censor I and subconscious basement at some stage
of intensification of dictate pressure of a negative-prohibitive kind (taboo)
would inevitably result in subconscious break through, unless there were a
complex influence of other components including super-I and Id. Over-I (Super-
I) is, if it could be told, a censor of a higher rank. "From the beginning,
psycho analysis has been ascribing to moral and aesthetics tendencies in I
intentions of supplanting . . . All that biology and the fate of humankind have
created in Id and fix in it, all of these is accepted in I as a form of ideal. .
. Those in a individual spiritual life that has belonged to the deepest layers
become due to creation of ideal I (super-I) the highest property of human soil in
a sense of our estimates. . . It is easy to show that the ideal-I corresponds
to all demands claimed for the highest beginnings in a man. . . An opinion of
own insufficiency of I in comparison with its ideal induces a humble religion
feeling that is used as a basement by passionate believers. Then in the course of
development, the role of farther passes to teacher and authorities, precepts
and bans are preserving their strength in ideal I fulfilling in that capacity
of conscience a moral censorship. Religion, moral, and social feeling are the
main content of the highest person" (8) (8 -- Of the highest hierarchy of
cultural values).
It is difficult to add anything to this detailed definition of the highest
component of psychology, psycho genotype that is used as a basement by dictate
in realization of introspective oppression and in which even stages of
inculcation of negative purposes, motivations composing the basement of
dictate are given. Canons of a loyal moral, dogmas of virtue and common
weal, ideological doctrines from religious to communist-egalitarian,
all the aspects of spiritual life of an individual connected with relationship
of a man and socium in the context of dictate immanency with all its attributes
are realized by this very substructure of psychotype. Super-I is the
individual-psychological foundation, on which a negative-motivation component
appears of all and any forms, a component of hedonism restriction and compulsion
to asceticism to the benefit of hierarchs and the highest layers of dictate.
The profound foundation of individual psychics and motivations determining
basic vital activations is named by Freud by the symbol Id). The very this
structure realizes a basic complex of hedonistic type motivations that
determine the main vital manifestations. Unconscious psychic fields, in which
this complex penetrates, are designated by word "Id". While motivations and
countemotivations immanent to an individual and determined by I and super-I
have a structure being worked out collectively, socially determined or externally,
objectively determined, then Id having a universal essence, an essence of a
general stereotype, at the same time determines the very principle
individuality of generated actions, the individuality that opposes itself as to
socium so to other individuals of socium. In essence, Id is a basement
of individuality of hedonist-egocentric kind and due to it a basement for
contradictate motivations and activations of individuals and groups.
Before turning to analysis of psychological basements of dictate, it is
necessary also to give expanded treatments of hedonism, sublimation,
passionarity, libido, accounting the context of work that suggests a more wide
semantics of the terms, which are usual for psycho analysis and are applied
mainly as a tribute to tradition. The term "hedonism" met often in the previous
sections is used not quite in direct meaning (named after Hedone, the goddess of
sensual satisfaction) of the word and is a broadening of the term of
"principle of enjoyment" used by Freud. Hedonism in the interpretation used
in present work implies a complex of all aspects of sensual
enjoyment, satisfaction of vital requirements in food, shelter, defense
against external enemies and troubles, inclination to comfort, striving for
avoiding labor and necessity of personal participation in wars, ethnic collisions
and for security, stability of way of life, denying changes and, what is
the most important, striving to shift off the realization of these aspects on
other shoulders, i.e., a contraposition of the complex of individual
enjoyment to social asceticism.
The domination of hedonism of Id in the whole structure of motivations
of mammals is illustrated by an experiment with stimulation of a center of
enjoyment of rats. The gist of experiment is like the following. A rat pushes
a pedal and gets a pulse into electrodes implanted into a center of enjoyment. In
the result, rats had been pushing the pedal continuously refusing from food up
to the lethal end.
Hedonism in that interpretation as an immanent feature of an overwhelming
majority (10) (10 -- Since there is a small group of individuals not affecting
dictate evolution but determining an evolution of thought, technology, for example
such as Epictetus and Seneca, whose hedonism is so sublimated in creation that
it rear reduces their motivations) of global socium is a category, social-
individual concretions of which are evolving with technological power of
socium and possibilities of dictate. The evolution of the hedonism occurs
differently for various dictate layers and various dictate forms, namely
progressively for the highest layers and the highest forms of dictate and
regressively for producers (the main oppressed group).
The list of features of vital individuals' hedonism presented above
clearly shows that this side of functioning mind, thinking, psychics, should
be regarded as a sphere of subconscious (of unconscious in the Freud
terms), i.e., the activations induced and determined by them break through of
subconsciousness and hardly realized logically or in images. Even if a person
feels a conscious striving to comfort, as it often argued both by a moral and
different theories, the actions, mind concretions are a result of
subconscious activity. The thesis is present in work of Freud as a "principle of
enjoyment": "Sensations accompanied by feeling of enjoyment contain nothing
prompting to action, on the contrary, sensations of displeasure contain this
feature to the highest degree. They impel to changes, to perfection of
movements" (11) (11- Freud "Ego and the Id"); in other words, a powerful
moving moment, motivation is a striving to satisfaction. to enjoyment,
more widely - to hedonism.
The second aspect of hedonism in that treatment is its direct connection
with libidos (more widely, with passion) aspects of a psychotype. A degree of
displeasure of oppressed hedonism is a measure of power of moving motivations,
i.e., eventually, an aspect that determines a level of individual and,
as a consequence, of collective passionarity (libidos in a wide
treatment) is a deficiency of individual hedonism. From the other side,
dictate in its essence is a social frame that in one or another degree restricts
possibilities of hedonism of various dictate layers. There is a similar idea
of Freud: " Our culture is general is built on a suppression of passions (of
hedonism.- V.K.). Every person waives a part of his dignity, his power,
aggressive and vindictive inclinations. . . He, who can not due to his
stubborn organization to suppress passion, comes out against society as a
criminal (a negative passionary. - V.K.), as a renegade, unless his social
place (in dictate hierarchy.- V.K.) and outstanding abilities allow him to
promote. . ." (12) (12- Freud S. "Cultural sexual moral and current
nervousness"). In other words, socium as a conglomerate of individuals having a
unidirectionality of their motivations is an essence restricting hedonism of
individuals. The power of socium depends on form, level, character,
intensity of these restrictions that are imposed by I and super-I on that aspect
of activity of Id.
Another aspect of interconnection of hedonism and libido (passionarity)
is related to forms of their sublimations. Desublimated libidos determines a
causal hypertrophy of hedonism, and at the same time a sublimation of
libido (inversion, transformation of passionarity) in the structure of Id
determines a level of hedonism satisfaction and eventually a place in
dictate hierarchy. The sublimation of these components is a function of
I and super-I, i.e., of the components that are determined by external
expediency and criteria of a cultural plan, i.e., by the very components, at
which all actions and introspection of dictate are directed. A ring appears of
effect and cause, initiations, concretions and activations -- mutually
entangled in introspection 13) (13- As a category that describes all profound
psychological sides, aspects of dictate's essence as a general category of
socium) hedonism and libido (passionarity) determine a form and a character
of dictate structures (14) (14- I.e., a ratio of different structures and layers
of oppression, a level of satisfaction of their hedonism and as a consequence
of that an efficiency of dictate.) that directly or indirectly through
accompanying, out-of-dictate and contradictate layers influence an essence and
an intensity of inverse sublimations of these categories.
The second aspect of a psychotype determining a place of individual in
hierarchy of dictate is an integrity of psychology components of a sadistic-
masochistic kind. A presence in an intricate complex of actuating
motivations, determining individual's thoughts, striving, actions, of sadistic
and masochistic components of different intensity can hardly be doubted. The
questions mentioned in the very beginning of introduction that are to some extent
pathetic have a very profound sense. Dictate is combined not only with suppression
(with all its immanent cruelties), not only with wars but what is the most
important with a huge mass of producers, soldiers, hangmen of all ranges, who
make dictate real and get for that quit a small hedonistic compensation, which
is so small that hardly can explain their co-participation in dictate
A level of hedonism realized due to arbitrary circumstances determines
only the main structures of dictate but a stability of system to great extent
depends on a psycho genotype predisposition of dictate layers' members. For
example, a mass of producers with a high level of aggression and prevailing in
a structure of individual psychotype of sadistic components hardly can be
hold in subordination by hierarchs under any refinings, any intensity of
suppression. From the other side, a dictate conductor with masochistic
dominants will not be an effective mean of dictate.
Fear of death intensified by transformed libidos aspects of psychology is
a powerful foundation of a vital aggression of a sadistic kind that is
invested in Id and sublimated (to one or another degree) by categories
injected by dictate into I and super-I. Prevailing of sadism in innate
psychotype of an individual intensified by the above mentioned mechanism results
in a formation of individuals and groups that are necessary for creation of
layers of oppression's conductors. The psychological predisposition of
functionaries of oppression to sadism is a basement for an increase of
efficiency of their influence on suppressed layers that to one or another degree
determines an efficiency of existing concrete form of dictate.
Individuals having weakened the mentioned above tendencies in psychics and
a prevailing of striving to death in masochistic form (quit often it is so
deeply unconscious that the breaks through into consciousness have a
transformed form and often it is difficult (or impossible) to find out the
sources) comprised a basement of another layer that is immanent to any
dictate form -- of producers. They encompass not only individuals, who directly
connected with production but also all of those, who secures dictate
stability to external influences including soldiers (when they are
used against external enemies), scientists, doctors, and so on. This
psychotype inevitably implies weakening, lowering of level and intensity of
libido that besides being a stimulator of mentioned above countratendenses
(of sadistic-masochistic kind) is a stimulator, initiator of a vital
activity, ability to function. A reduction of influence of aggressive
component and prevailing of masochistic component result first of all in
possibility to impose asceticism on producers and also determine those
external, realized features (transformed unconscious) of psychotype that
determine their place in dictate hierarchy such as: activation indecision,
lack of thoughts, lack of initiation, striving to stereotypes, to
conformity, lack of realization of individual being, lack of creative
basement, primitivism, truncated hedonism, and so on. " The most of people
prefer to work hard, beyond all measures only to spare themselves from the
necessity to think" (T.A. Edison). These features are partly determined by a
striving to stereotype, conformity, a conscious foundation of which is
complicated, deep, and versatile. That thought in developed form is expressed by
M. Heidegger: "Man is building his behavior on a base of conventional. They say
so, do so, think so. . . It is better to grovel on the ground like a worm than
to fly in the sky as a bird. . . He does not want to see anything besides an
every day experience."
A Chines captain of VI c. (?)Syn-Tsy expressed the thought that is quite in
consonance with that statement: "If soldiers know much, they will have their
own thoughts and it will be difficult to drive them like sheep without
information on where to and what for." So attribution to the dictate layers of
conductors and producers is conditioned by a sum of two components, one of which
is a complex of external influences and the second is much greater and is
connected with a psycho genotype structure in a form of some variations
(of Id (15) (15 -- In concretions of Id, there are two main tendencies of
aggression , sadistic and masochistic, since masochism is an aggression with
reverse sign, directed on itself.), I, and super-I)
The question that arises by itself is - What gives birth to dictate
hierarchs, i.e. what peculiarities of psycho genotype similar or opposite to
the mentioned above (16) (16 -- Taking into account that these components of
psychic to some or other degree are immanent to all individuals) make an
ideological, motivation, activation foundation of hierarchs? When belonging
to the two mentioned above dictate layers exhibits some regularities in the
psychotype peculiarities, hierarchs as a layer of dictate represent a
mixed conglomerate of all possible genotypes. It is difficult to find the
dominants of psychology that differentiate individuals of the layer from
other dictate layers because it includes both sadists of very radical kind such
as Nero, antic despots, Ivan the Terrible, (?)Saudelers and masochists of
paranoid kind such as Hitler, Stalin, current mediocrities, and so on. The
history of evolution of that dictate layer demonstrates practically the whole
palette of human's psychologies except for one psychotype that is
cardinally different of any others, which are included or more exactly are self
assigned to dictate structure. This type -- out-of-dictate creators -- will be
considered later.
Consideration of history in the aspect of hierarchs' psychotypes brings us
to a paradoxical conclusion: at epochs when the principle of hierarch's
heredity is violated, the layer of dictate is mainly formed not from
representatives of conductors and executors of dictate as it can be
expected but from producers. Conductors of dictate become hierarchs only at
epochs of ethic disintegration or at a preliminary stage of state collapse
(17) (17- Praetorians and soldiers' emperors of Rome, shah Reza in Iran,
mamelukes, military dictatorships in South America, and so on.) and under
other circumstances it happens only as exclusions. This statement can be conformed
by many historical arguments that cove not only epochs of revolutions and riots
but also stable periods of history.
Any fact, aspect of co-participation of an individual in dictate
hierarchy has psychological roots, basement and this is also true of the
phenomenon under consideration. An explanation is in a complex of sadist-
masochists tendencies in their interconnections with hedonistic basement that
was described above for these layers of socium and dictate. Prohibitive aspects
of dictate for producers, taboo introduced in consciousness with the help of
physical and introspective means and methods are only an additional
instrument of conformation and stereotypization of motivations. The basement
is an involvement in unified structure with hedonistic teleology, initiation
of individual's self-assignment to dictate structure that is stimulated by a
possibility of satisfaction on his hedonism on a primitive level. Those features
of producers mentioned above are only a frame, faces of this basement. We
can not help but cite thoughts of Epictetus: "A slave never wants freedom for
everybody. He needs slavery only for others". Nobody is free (spiritually) in
dictate structure: all are slaves in it from hierarchs to lumpen namely due to
unity of a motivational dominant based on hedonism. As it happens in many
phenomena of being, extreme cases are united and producers with their
miserable hedonistic basement become emperors of hierarchs with the same
basement but with larger potentials. Slaves become tzars introducing their
slavery moral in socium foundation.
Of great importance for dictate existence is an accompanying layer
called so for its formal non-involvement in dictate structure. It does not
produce, suppress, maximize its hedonism, but its individuals realize (or
help to realize, depending on dictate form) several functions of
introspective suppression in particular ideological ones connected with influence
on I, super-I and subconsciousness. Individuals of the layer are in some sense
creators (18) (18 -- Although being prostituted by dictate, they generate
some spiritual products including ideology, arts, and so on), so they
immanently should have a passionarity transformed in creation. Presence of the
component in conjunction with creative talent makes a man a creator.
However, a creator of what and how? Structure of Id is stable and an influence of
I and super-I on it is manifested only in stimulation or suppression of
consciously exhibited activations that present a basement of psychology and mind.
So belonging to the structure seems to be determined by the ratio of the last two
components of consciousness. Dictate realities concretized in social,
economical, cultural, and so on structures and eventually in collective
psychology are reflected in individuals' perception (of this layer in particular)
as an objective reality with immanent laws (19) (19 -- With laws in general, but
what is more important, with regularities of satisfaction of hedonism
corresponding to "principle of enjoyment" of subconsciousness.) and
relationships. Prevailing of the component while having minimal punishing
function of super-I with respect to loyal to dictate activations connected
with prostituting of passionary activations results in a situation, when existing
reality of dictate become initiators of spiritual prostitution of the layer
individuals acting to please their hedonism of Id. Repressive function of super-I,
although not strong enough for prevailing of the highest aspects of
spirit in passionarity, results in their collisions and become a reason of
inferiority in creation activity suitable only for fooling of producers,
conductors and other layers of dictate including the accompanying layer itself.
Sometimes influence of perception (indirectly, through I) on motivation
essence becomes so strong that touches subconsciousness. In that
case, acts of creation become not simple a loyal hack-work (necessary, for
example, in creation of ideology) but works of art. However, they never reach the
level of real philosophy, which is a product of the highest tension of
creative passionarity that cannot be straitened by frames of a miserable
ideological base of a concrete form of dictate (20) (20 -- The level, tension of
philosophical thought is often regarded as connected with objective reasons.
However, they only initiate what is present and produce nothing new,
i.e., surrounding conditions only facilitate (or not) manifestations of
philosophical passionarity.), i.e., ideology-moral taboo transformed in
super-I. Works of this kind serve as a direct instrument for imposition,
injection of spirit stereotypes in consciousness and even in subconsciousness
of suppressed including not only dogmas of ideology and legislative taboo and
encouragements but also transcendental ideas of spirit, perception, moral, beauty,
expediency, wealth (21) (21- Sometimes it influences up to such incredible
degrees that in perversive perception of producers the killings, bloodshed,
treachery, lie, hunger, deformity, privation is presented as weal, as a
manifestation of humanity, beautiful, good.). Since a complex of sadist-
masochistic components of the layer does not play a decisive role in self-
assigning to dictate structure and sublimation of libido (passionarity) has
an especially creative character, so a causal reduction of a level and intensity
of hedonism of Id determines an immanent reduction (or a lack, in some cases) of
contradictate passionarity, an increase of a role of conscious, injected
aspects of psychological loyalty and self-assignment to a concrete form and
structure of dictate.
Besides especially creative beginnings of an individual, his dominating
belonging to the layer is determined by a ratio of I and super-I. The role of I
was discussed above. In the case of correspondence of an individual to the
functions of the layer, his super-I (the highest aspects of censorship of
mind's structure) should have a structure, i.e., a complex of dogmas, notions,
motivations, moral that corresponds to the maximal level of loyalty to
dictate from the point of view of hedonistic requirements of hierarch. In other
words, a derivative of personal activity, a manifestation of personal concretions
should become a determining component of activity. Besides that, this
determination should vary with variation of stimulation of I (22) ( -- In the
case when realities of dictate and its external determinants are varying
during the whole active life of an individual), i.e., super-I of an
individual, who is functionally optimal for the layer should have a sufficient
flexibility, or more exactly, amorphism (23) (23 -- It accounts for periodic
extermination of ideological adepts of extremist forms (mazdakism, Mao Tse-Tung,
Robespierre)). It means that the internal variable (according to Tolman) and
combined determinants of activity to great extent are determined by a
structure and a character of perception and by a character of perceived
objectivity. For individuals of the layer, an external objective expediency of
motivations determines eventual activations as directly through hypertrophied
I, so indirectly trough deformation and plasticity of super-I that both
fulfill a complex censorship of a partly sublimated hedonism of Id.
The next group of socium that is necessary for evolution of dictate and
socium itself can be called contradictate or contradictate-passionary.
Although the term "contra" is present in the definition but this group is as
immanent to any dictate structure as producers and hierarchs. This contradictate
group should not be mixed with other groups that are motivationally oriented
on actions connected with a forcible change of state formation such as
revolutionaries, rioters, and so on, whose members usually are negative
passionaries having a hypertrophied hedonism and a middle or low intellect, who
are as much the slaves of spirit as the most obedient producers but with
powerful strive, with powerful moving motives for their own hedonistic
prevailing in socium. These groups will be considered later. As for
contradictate passionaries, they have peculiarities of psycho genotype, those
motivation dominants that bring an individual to a self-assigning to the group
irrespective of dictate form or epoch of evolution.
Contradictate passionaries are a comparatively small group of socium
individuals that does not profess consciously or subconsciously hedonism as
a single and a prevailing determinant of vital activities. The group (but not a
layer of dictate as it is out-of-dictate according to the spirit), while not
determining the concrete individual and social aspects of evolving socium,
generate ideas of individuals, which change face of civilization. Individuals of
the group are creators of the highest level, passionaries of spirit of the
highest tension. These summits of mind, spirit, passionarity (always sublimated)
are the motive force of civilization in all its aspects and, due to being
out-of-dictate and completely denying dictate stereotype, they can inspire
members of the slavery structure of dictate with admiration (to those who
think), astonishment ( to those who have primitive hedonism), perplexity,
rejection, hatred. They are a personification (negative) of the life
philosophy that is antagonistic to overwhelming majority and due to it is
rejected by the majority. They include gymnosophists, Socrates, Diogenes,
ascetics, mystic hermits of all times, fanatics of cognition and faith,
theoreticians (but never practices) of egalitarianism, those who were buried
in oblivion (24) (24 -- In majority of cases, recognition, i.e., encouragement
of hedonism of a creator by hierarchs, means his prostitution in favor of dictate
requirements; fame often (but not always) is connected with leaving the group
and with self-assignment to dictate.) and occasionally became famous (Rodin,
Hemingway, and so on), artists, writers, scientists.
The highest censor of consciousness, super-I, of these individuals is
reaching an unprecedented power due not only to psycho genotype peculiarities but
also due to the titanic power of hedonism of Id that is sublimated by
intellect of super-I into manifestation of genius of creative mind. Their I
with the immanent criteria of an external adequacy, expediency to reality,
adaptation has a minimum influence (or lack at all) on the results of
functioning of mind, mentality, because it is suppressed by hypertrophied
super-I and a creative structure of psychotype that is a product of a
hypertrophy of sublimated hedonism and intellect. A deep subconscious character of
motivational dominants of the group's persons makes powerless traditional methods
and means of introspective compulsion and involvement. Requirements of a powerful
intellect to activity so strongly sublimate a hypertrophied hedonism of Id that
individuals of the group are practically completely alienated from external
attributes of hedonism even sometimes, in the case of mystical accentuation of
mind, in the most radical form (for example, gyimnosophists or ascetics).
Depending on character of dictate , its form, stage of technology development
and power of external deforming determinants, an attitude to this group
varies from physical extermination to liberal connivance of the activity and
ever to posthumous glorifying when such individuals are not dangerous to dictate
and their works can be misinterpreted.
At a period of dictate form flourishing (25) (25 -- More often, it is an
autocracy or an oligarchy under a guise of democracy) with a low level of
technology (at a level that exclude a necessity of development of a
collective intellect of socium for the purposes of competition.) the
contradictate passionaries are exterminated (Anaximander, Socrates,
cyniks, Bruno, Copernicus, and others). A development of technology determines
a necessity in powerful ideas and not only in concrete sciences, so individuals
of the group become necessary or tolerable (Kierkegaard, anarchists,
Nietzsche, Goya, Bosch, Rodin, and others). The attitude seems to be
determined by external, visible and in the first place understandable even to
average minds contradictate face of these individual's works. Complexity,
ability to be understood only by an intellectual elite makes them less dangerous
to dictate in hierarchs' eyes. Contradictateship of Goya or Epictetus is more
reticent than of anarchists or Solzhenitsyn, so the attitude to them is also
differentiated. A sublimation power of hedonistic basement of Id is very big and
a tolerance of hypertrophied mentality corresponds to it, so sadist-
masochistic components of motivational determinants are leveled and their
influence on structure of motivations become minimal, that becomes another
reason of the absent of self-assigning to dictate, alienation from it. The
basement of dictate -- an introspective suppression -- does not work. So it is
left only either to exterminate or, not paying attention, to tolerate their
presence due to the necessity as it is confirmed by the above mentioned
None of dictate systems can manage without presence in it of negative-
passionary (in words of L. Gumilev) individuals, who represent some
transformation of contradictate passionaries. While powerful intellect of
contradictate passionaries sublimates not less powerful hedonism of Id, a
shortage of intellect of negative passionaries combined with a comparable (by
power) hedonism of libido-passionary kind results in transformation of the
censor of super-I along with a change of weight of I in a whole structure of
motivational determination. A perception combined with I of an individual, being a
structure of reflection in consciousness of dictate realities, results in a
reduction of moral censorship of super-I and becomes a reason for transformation
of sublimated activations of libido (passionarity). In other words, passionarity
is transformed from a determinant of social benefit, weal into a determinant of
individual benefit at the expense of social (and consequently, of dictate). In
the layer, a sadist character of motivations prevails, i.e., an aggression
is directed outside at other individuals of socium. The whole complex of
it: hypertrophy of a hedonistic basement of Id, enlargement of the weight
of external perception and I as an arbiter of expediency of external aggression
and reduction of moral criteria -- results in appearance in structure of
such negative passionaries as: criminals of all kinds, lumpen, prostitutes, and
so on. An existence of the layer has a foundation not only in differentiation of
psychotypes but also in social sphere. Just the presence of the very layer was a
prompting pulse that initiated an appearance of suppression infrastructures,
penitentiary systems, which later were regenerated into systems of total
suppression. In a more simple form the thought is present in many theories
and works (Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus, Machiavelli, Rousseau, Montaigne,
Helvetius, and others).

Intermediate conclusions

From the previous section, a reader could draw a conclusion that real
structures of concrete, historically known dictate forms, present social
constructions manned namely according to the above mentioned psychological
determinants, peculiarities of psychotype. If it were so, dictate system
would present a realization of principle of social-dictate expediency (27) (27 --
The essence of the principle will be discovered in the following sections.) and
be a concretion of maximum efficiency, metaphysically stationary. However, dictate
layers are not uniformly-gray, monotonous in their psychological coloring
structures with the standard features of psychotype mentioned above in
the previous section. Interconnection, interaction, mutual influences of
psychological motivations of socium individuals in frames of realities of all
dictate aspects results in the fact that dictate layers are often realized as
conglomerates of psychotypes different from the optimum described above. The
reason is that dictate layers are formed not according to the principle
of functional self-assignment together with principle of social-
dictate expediency but according to objective, natural-social
realities of dictate existence. There are many historical examples
confirming the statement. Conversion of producers into slaves by selling of
individuals, who were previously free, under all cruelties of slavery rear
resulted in dictate collisions just due to the correspondence of
psychotypes of producers-slaves to a necessary stereotype. The situation had
changed when prisoners of war were converted into slaves. Presence among
them of a significant sublayer of passionary, aggressive individuals with
powerful hedonistic motivational foundation resulted in situation when social
collisions inside dictate structures occurred more often and more severe
in their consequences for dictate. Suffice it to recollect rebellions of
(?)zingy, Spartacus, and so on.
Non-adequacy of individuals' psychotype comprising dictate layers does not
obligatory result in social collisions. However, it determines efficiency,
stability of a given dictate form, period of its existence. For example, there is
a dictate structure that is realized in state laws, combination of ethical and
moral norms (28) (28 -- Norms that are really present in socium but not those
that are declared by demagogic ideology of dictate.) of socium and results in a
situation, when assigning to accompanying layer is connected with a high level
of satisfaction of hedonism and with proximity to hierarchs. Besides that, the
structure in this hypothetical case is of a such type (29) (29 -- For
example, under hypertrophy of bureaucratic apparatus) that functioning of its
elements (officials, individuals) is activated not according to objective
criteria but arbitrary from the point of view of dictate interests. It
results in situation when worthless ideologists and creators of introspective
oppression lack ability to make efficient ideological foundations of dictate
and a unbalance, deviation between life realities and ideology is widening.
An influence of introspective component is reduced, which have to be
compensated with intensification of physical suppression. Eventually, it
increases a divergence of motivations of socium individuals and dictate and
reduces vital abilities of dictate form. There are many examples of that in
history of any ethnoses from ancient times to the present moment. The content
of the given section -- analysis of stereotypes of psychology of individuals of
various dictate layers -- is used as a basement of the following analysis of
psychology of socium groups, dictate layers in their interconnection with the
general process of dictate evolution.

Natural-scientific foundation of psychological model of dictate evolution

Before going to psychology of layers, dictate groups in their

interconnection and their evolution and to dictate evolution as a
whole, it is appropriate to consider the foundations of the model of socium
evolution with accounting for particular models, theories, empiricism from
concrete sciences connected with a man, with his mentality. An argumentation
of a model only with reasons of psychological or
introspective-philosophical kind, in spite of all their attraction and
applicability, has a shortcoming that it is a derivative of rational,
without of any trustworthy empiricism, because a treatment of historical
events as in any other rational theory may be very different depending on a
structure of postulates and an essence of a model of historic genesis.
Basing only on psychological rationalism results in a closed ring of
speculative ideological structures, speculative items -- rational postulates,
rational models, rational extrapolations.

Neuroanatomical and indirect neurostructural arguments

If we accept as a postulate a wide spread point of view on structural

causal determination of psychological activation, i.e., a structural dislocation
(to one or another degree clearly determined) of psychological functions
in human's brain, than the arguments in favor of theoretical statements
considered above (30) (30 -- In essence, they are the applied variations of
combined statements of Freud, Tolman, Kierkegaard, Heidegger and to less degree of
L.Gumilev.) should be looked for by analyzing brain structures of mammals
having various levels of complexity of social behavior (31) (31 -- Accounting
for united genetical and consequently, psycho genotype basements of mammals'
psychology in their evolution from tribe to human society.). Animals having
gregarious way of life always exhibit developed to some or other degree dictate
relationships in a flock's infrastructure. Experiments of J.B.Calhoun
(National institute of Mental Health) with rats conducted (in a scale of a big
population) under conditions connected with external perturbations have shown
astonishing results especially from this work's point of view. A complicated
hierarchy was organized among rats that included: hierarchs satisfying their
demands in food and females; suppressed with a minimal dose of their demand
satisfaction; a group of negative-passionary rats with all attributes of
criminal behavior including thefts, robbery, killings, eating of other rats.
Hierarchic structures of other mammals especially in a close proximity to
man, for example, monkeys also exhibit a row of dictate features. So the
presence of dictate in socium is connected with brain structures,
functioning of which in some sense is uniform for all mammals and is not
connected with the highest aspects of brain activity such as logical
mentality, aspects extrapolating experience in associations, creation, and so
on. However, it is possible to tell about unification only in a general
consideration because the complexity of human socium is comparable with
nothing and the highest aspects of mentality as shown above play a very
important role in evolution of dictate and socium. A stability of gregarious
relationships of the lowest mammals seems does not depend on variations of
external perturbations and is accounted for just by a lack of the highest
aspects of mentality, psychology. In other words, appearance of dictate is
conditioned by the psychological reasons, motivations that are immanent to all
mammals in their social contradictions (and producing them mentality
structures) but dictate evolution is determined by an interconnection of
external perturbations conjugated in consciousness and by those essences of
mind that are cardinal for dictate appearance. Rats and monkeys lack the acts of
self-sacrifice for the highest ideals, dogmas but they have a powerful charge
of hedonism -- the psychological foundation of any dictate.
Anatomic differences of mind structures of various mammals in evolving row
are given in the following works: The Brain. Scientific America(?), 1979;
Metaphorical Brain. Arbib M.A. Wiley and son, 1972. Abstracting from pure
quantitative measures of brain, it is necessary to mark two main structural
tendencies: 1) appearance and hypertrophy (in human) neocortex; 2) enlargement of
a sensor projection of brain structure in the whole structure. Along with
this, there is also a comparatively conservative structure that is related
neither with sensor nor with regulatory (homeostatic) functions of brain --
ancient cortex.
For further analysis, it is necessary to consider another fact related to
structural-functioning peculiarities of mammals' brain. Damages of various
sections of neocortex, as clinical practice shows, result in disappearance,
leveling of some aspects of function-psychological kind relevant to the
highest aspects of thinking such as: prolonged extrapolation of motive-behavior
acts, estimate and self-estimate of objects and introspections, realizing of
motivational initiations, and so on. Instead of these, a feeling of the whole
comfort and satisfaction appears with lack of sense of antagonism to
objectivity, discomfort, displeasure, which are the motive determinants
of behavior. So neocortex as a brain structure, undoubtedly, localizes
those aspects of its functioning that connected with the Freud rational component
of psychotype - with super-I, with the highest censor of moving motivations.
This fact together with the empirically trustworthy fact of evolution
hypertrophy of sensor sections of brain allows to dislocate a structure of I
that is directly connected with perception of realities of objective world
with an estimate of expediency of motivations, in a continuum of brain
structures connected with sensor perception. The description of structures
and interconnections of concrete brain structures related with perception
is given in work of Milner, Physiological psychology and in mentioned above
work of Arbib. The structural determination and dislocation of the Freud
components of psychology and their following evolution are sufficiently
weighty arguments that empirically confirm the objectivity of these psychological,
rationally introduced essences. A correspondence of subconsciousness,
introspectively-deep motivational foundation of Id to the ancient cortex, I to
the sensor and sensor-motor brain structures and super-I to the neocortex
has a sufficiently firm foundation (see, for example, The Brain. Scientific
America(?), 1979. works of Milner, Shagas(?), (?)Tomar, and others). While
statements of W. Hoyt(?) and M. Feyrtag(?) in work "Organization of Brain" (see
book "The Brain") undoubtedly truly reflect a place of neuroanatomical models in
the whole structure of cognition of mentality (32) (32 -- " Paying attention
only to connections inside brain, namely to origination and purposes of various
systems of fibers, we can create only ruff draft. . . In this way, we
completely miss an item, over which human has been pondering for millenniums, a
mysterious essence of brain".), which considerably reduce the values of
such arguments, nevertheless, the empiricism of the arguments, statements
increases the value of theoretical, rational structures that lay in foundation
of the work. The anthropological factor -- an enlargement of neocortex in the
process of evolution of man-likes and (?)pre-men -- is the second argument in
favor of determination of dictate evolution (but not of its presence) by the
development of neocortex as a place of dislocation of super-I, of the highest
censor, especially when we consider that fact together with the consequences of
neocortex pathology discussed above. In other words, namely collisions of the
highest aspects of consciousness, perception and subconscious hedonism determine
the motivations of individuals and stereotypes of groups that determine dictate
evolution. A reduction of influence, determination of motivations of super-I
(neocortex) results in disappearance of especially human form of dictate
-- in disappearance of intention to actively oppose to external factors but
not to behave abnormally as it was described in the experiment with rats. A
determination of motivations by structures of expediency with respect to objective
realities, by structures of adaptations of behavior acts that are functionally
located (33) (33 -- Here, as before, location does not means a physical
positioning. In semantic, it is closer to the sense that this structure
determines mainly those aspects, functions, motivations, which are
considered.) in the ancient cortex, and by subconscious hedonism results in
appearance of reflector arcs, activational concretions of a motivation basement
connected with passive or instinctive reaction on an external perturbation
such as: to run away, to fight with competing male, to snatch food, to change an
inhabitant area, and so on.
Preliminary dominants, preambles of a structural organization of brain and
its causal (according to the postulates presented an the beginning of the section)
activations, as shown by the above mentioned experiments on behavior of
animals, are a presence of subconscious activations of the ancient cortex,
the developed structures of perception including structures of sensor
associations and extrapolation potentials, and a necessary differentiation of
characteristics of vital aggression, of domination of individuals in socium
(flock) for the people having a form of desublimated libido (passionarity) as a
functional aspect of the ancient cortex. These characteristics of brain are
peculiar to mammals at the stage of evolution, at which a tendency to gregarious
way of live appears, i.e., to such form of socium that implies an existence of
primitive forms of dictate. A development of brain, which is a product of all
aspects of mentality and psychic, results in development of those its
structures that realize new functions, activations, new psychological concretions
and namely from this period a phase of dictate evolution starts as a form of
people's socium.
Let us consider another sum of empirical data relevant to brain functioning
in the context of the work. The question concerns a structural determination, an
adequacy of brain structures and functional activations connected by affect-
effect acts, i.e., connected directly with perception structures, external
relations and objects and with a level of expedient behavior. It is established
by many researches that a part of brain functions is sufficiently strictly
structurally localized and another part has quit vague structural positions. At
the first glance, these facts may look as not relevant to the essence of
psychological determinants of dictate and socium evolution but it is not so.
The functions of brain that exhibit a sufficiently clear location-structural
determination are connected with perception and generation of reactions on
external perturbations, on objects and relations of external world, which are not
connected with cultural, social, ideological, and so on problems, i.e., with the
highest subjective determinants of behavior (35) (35 -- One of the highest
components of "internal variable" according to Tolman). They include vision,
hearing, somatosensory and other sensor structures of brain. Another
structure corresponds to those sides of man's life that are connected with
culture and mentality. It is a cortex, subcortex, and so on. A determination,
structurally-localized positioning of the sensor brain functions that directly
fulfill acts of perception and connected to them acts of expedient behavior is the
reason that teaching, adaptation to external objects and relations represent a
finite continuum of reactions - stereotypes, reflector acts similar to the
mentioned above. A finiteness of continuum of simple reactions on affecter
actions determines the fact that a minimization of motivational
determinations by the highest censor of combined cultural aspects of thinking
results in domination of those aspects that directly reflect external
objective essences and relations regarding them as the only group of essences-
determinants. Of cause, it takes place in an ideal case, when subconsciousness,
Id (the ancient cortex in functional activations of a hedonistic-libidos kind)
is little active, i.e., when a subconscious determination of moving
motivations is neutralized, leveled by actions of internal and external factors,
mainly of dictate kind. A lack of structural localization, of essential
determination of the highest human functions of mentality, brain, thinking
is the reason that imposition, injection of cultural dogmas, purposes,
theories in consciousness with the help of teaching in various realities (37) (37
-- Here, teaching has not only traditional meaning but includes individual's
comprehension of relations of objective world, development of individual's
associations, abilities to generalizations, and so on.) results in different
reactions. As the reactions are a product of introspective determinants (in
stereotyped external conditions), so a dissipation, varying-individual
stochasticity of structures producing these highest determinants are conditioned
by forming of those variants of psycho genotypes that serve as a foundation
of dictate in socium and its evolution. If we accept as real, as correspondent
to real situation, the theory of gestalt-perception (Wertheimer) (38) (38 --
First, the theory of image perception well agrees with many structural theories
(nets, complete associations, and so on), second, it is doubtful that theory of
atomistic perception can be applied without introduction of additional essences
such as the highest coordinator of a mystic kind or somebody alike.), i.e.,
perception of external objective world as a whole thing (Gestalt) with immanent
features and relations, then it results in interpretation of reactions on
affective influence as probable reactions that are adequate to associations
determined both by a character of affective essences and to much great
extent by a condition of reacting brain, i.e., by introspective structural
determinants. That statement can also be regarded as an argument of an experience
character in favor of psychological foundation of the present work.
Neuro physiological empirical arguments confirming psychological foundations
of the work are conditioned by a character of neuron and secretion activity.
As the first factors, we can rank, for example, the processes activated by
hypothalamus, which, besides regulatory processes of salt, water exchange, and so
on, determine a sense of hunger, and together with limbic system influences
emotions and motivations of a person. An established by experience
localization of mediators in brain tissues, for example, of monoamines:
noradrenalin, dopamine, (?)serotine, plays an important role from this work's
point of view, since, for example, noradrenalin neurons turn out to take part in
functioning of the center of enjoyment, in regulations of mood. From the other
side, some aspects of brain activity, its peculiarities, motivations are
determined by an influence of hormones of an external kind with respect to
brain, such as testosterone that besides many other functions determines a level
of aggression. A bilateral regulation of behavior structures by endocrine
factors testifies that the main life-securing structures of behavior as well
as hedonism (enjoyment), passionarity (libido) are served by subconscious
activity of brain, because the hormonal activity we consciously feel only at a
final stage as wishes, feelings, emotions sometimes with conscious categories
accompanying them. Cardinal subconscious motivations passing into consciousness
are stimulated further or are suppressed by a center of consciousness. Aspects of
censorship, undoubtedly connected with figurative and logical thinking, are
the very thing that differs the profound essence of a human socium from a socium
(flock) of animals. A structure of dictate in flock is determined by
external and subconscious dominants of individual such as: comparative
sizes, force, level of aggression (level of testosterone) and represents a
primitive of physical dictate. A development of thinking (not of its apparatus
but its products: thoughts, images, categories, and so on, which are necessary
to socium for its vital provisions (39) (39 -- For example, a necessity to
defend those individuals, who are weak by body but clever from arbitrary
actions of the strong ones results in a system of taboo, customs, laws,
regularities of majority.)) entails a complication of relations and a
deviation from the primitive dominants of dictate.
The presented above brief analysis of empirical results arguing the basic
psychological statements of the work allows us to say that the postulated
essences and the theoretical constructions on their basements have not only the
rational, introspectively speculative but also the naturally-scientific
foundation. The next step anticipating a cognition of direct dictate evolution
will be an analysis of psychology of social groups comprising dictate structures
and being composed of separate persons unique in their individualities.

Psychology of dictate layers as its evolution basement

A thesis was mentioned above briefly that an individual's stereotype

immanent to a dictate layer represents the variant of psychotype of dictate layer
that secures the most efficient functioning of the dictate layer and of the
whole form in favor of socium and hierarchs. According to the Maslow theory
confirmed by a large amount of experimental data a dominating psychotype
comprises about 5% of the mammal population volume as among rats so among people.
At a phase of dictate formation, of its prosperity, a major part of these 5% is
absorbed by the dictate layers that are directly connected with fulfillment of
dictate including conductors, executors, accompanying layers. At a static
dictate phase (40) (40 -- An analogy between phases of dictate and
ethnogenesis has a more profound meaning than a simple similarity. The two forms
of socium are based on self-assignment, both are determined by similar
introspective essences but their genesis may be asynchronous.), when
belonging to suppression layers, connected with satisfaction of hedonism to
greater degree than among producers, becomes a cast attribute not
connected with a functional adequacy of an individual: at that case cast
is inherited, a conglomeration occurs in dictate layers of individuals
with various psychotypes. Individuals having psychotype of producers
penetrate into layer of executors, the dominated, passionated individuals with
a powerful libido-hedonistic basement of motivations -- in producers, the
untalented individuals with a primitive hedonism of a utilitarian-
material kind - in accompanying layer. As for hierarchs, they are
composed of anybody from slaves by psychology to possessed maniacs and
pathologic sadists. Instead of a functional unidirectionality of motivations
conditioned by similarity, by stereotype of the main (41) (41 -- Of course, not
all concrete vital actions but only the main, strategically vital activations
of individuals.) motivations of layer psychotypes, a continuum of layers is
transformed into a sum of motivations (in each layer and in a whole dictate
structure) of quit different directions. A real socium is transformed into a
structure that is introspectively very complicated without brightly
expressed, right away clear laws of psychological determinants of evolution
of dictate and socium. However, it is a superficial conclusion. The essence of
introspective foundation of dictate evolution genesis is accounted for by the
above described psychology stereotypes of dictate layers together with some laws
of groups', collectives' psychology. The data of the Maslow experiments and of
the theory will play not the last role here. Even in the case when the 5% of
dominating individuals are evenly distributed, dissipated over all layers,
i.e., if we suggest that 5% of each layer will be dominating (that can be after
a prolonged evolution and a mixture of genofund that result in the even
distribution), than the influence of these dominating persons on structure
of layers, their motivations, on deformation of their collective actions will
be different depending on a phase of dictate evolution, structure concretions,
and so on.
Let us consider structural changes of a motivational basement of layers in
connection with diffusion of other psychotypes (42) (42 -- The dominating
individuals are introduced as the main determinant, since passive individuals are
only a material for processes of socium but are not an initiating essence.). Since
hierarchs determine an efficiency of dictate form at an extremely small degree
(43) (43- Or at a great degree but for a short period of their own life that
objectively plays no role in the total process of dictate evolution), so we
will start consideration of these group introspective deformations with a
layer of conductors and executors of suppression. Let us suggest that due to
numerical prevailing of producer layer at an epoch of static stage of
dictate a layer of conductors in a process of mutual dissipation, diffusion is
formed at the expense of producer layer, i.e., is replenished by individuals
having a stereotype of psychotype, motivation-determination basement that is
characteristic of individuals of the very forming layer. It means that the layer
of dictate conductors includes in that case individuals having low
passionarity, regressive libido dominant, lack or low level of intellect
(compare to creators or accompanyings), domination of I, formation of super-I
mainly by realities of external world, by realities of suppression, a minimal
component of super-I in essence of sublimated libido, a domination of
masochist component in complex of dominants. As the list of the main
dominants of producer stereotype shows, there are no dominants that would come
in antagonism, contradict to the purposes of the suppression layer. Some of
them reduce a functional efficiency of that element of structure, others are
indifferent to its aim destination but they are not in antagonism with its
functional expediency. From the other side, the share of dominating
individuals that due to social diffusion are invested in a layer of producers due
to peculiarities of their psychotype turns to be a character of the group's
dominant, a dominant of the group behavior. "There is no need to have many
zealots, their role is to lead behind them slaves submissive as sheep" ((?)Syn
The dominating individuals irrespective of factual belonging determined
by social, political, ethical, or any other reasons are the carriers of such
amount of psycho motivational dominants that make them a motive force
initiating and increasing efficiency of any dictate layer. This factor of group
psychology -- psycho motivational initiation of functional activation of
dictate layers by dominating individuals -- is negated or minimized in those
dictate forms, where the determining factor of individual belonging to a layer
is a case, i.e., a belonging from birth to some or other cast, social layer,
dictate layer. These casts should not be associated with the tradition meaning
of "classes" as elements of infrastructure of socium economical life
(according to Marx). Inherited military casts of Prussia, estates of ancient
Egypt, trading estates of all times, informal casts of extremist forms being not
classes from any point of view represent at the same time closed forms of
layers and sublayers of dictate. In that case due to a numerical
prevailing of producers, the major part of dominating individuals is left in
a layer of producers. Having no ability to exhibit their main feature
connected with striving to domination, to social and hedonistic prevailing
(as in the case when they become conductors) and using subconscious
complex and sublimated-conscious plan, they transform their aggression,
domination into forms connected with various realities of a negative
passionarity: criminal, socially inverse, rebellion. That transformation
gives birth to big criminals, organized crime, piracy, revolutionaries
(44) (44 -- Irrespective of declared ideology of all those "revolutionaries",
who do not belong to contradictate individuals, i.e., who pursue the aim to
establish a new form of dictate headed by them, of cause.) of all kinds, among
women they become feminists, apologists of perversions and deniers of family's
forms of dictate (45) (45 -- Their number is less, because as shown above women
due to peculiarities of their conservative psychotype to greater extent are
introspective adepts of dictate.). Another factor of producer investment in the
layer of conductors in an introduction into the whole psycho motivational
conglomerate of the layer of those peculiarities of psychotype that are
connected with striving to stereotype, lack of initiative, orientation on
structures of expedient behavior in accordance with objective relations
reflected by perception (by I). Introduction of these features in structure of
oppression results in reduction of efficiency of layer functioning, because the
complex of producers' features implies a striving to subordination that represents
a transformation of masochist component of motivations.
A lack of contradictions between producer's psychotype and the functional
purpose of conductor layer does not reduce the fact of non-correspondence,
inadequacy of producer's psychotype and those of conductor of suppression. A
tendency of the initiative individuals of dominating kind to a passive
fulfillment of other's will results in bureaucratization of the structure and
at a stage of hypertrophy to self-containing, functional self-sustaining of the
layer. At that stage, for dictate the layer becomes a "thing-in-itself",
because they start to function only in their own favor irrespective of a favor of
dictate on the whole and of their own predestination. In that case, an
outcome of evolution is often a change of dictate form or a cardinal change of
structure. From the other side, a prevailing in the layer of dominating
investitures and consequently a level of their determination of
functional activity of the layer depends on a phase of dictate genesis and a
concrete form of dictate. So there is a closed ring or better to say a
chain reaction of psychological reasons and consequences: objective
determinants together with introspective aspects of dictate are a reason of
existence of a concrete dictate form and a phase of its genesis, which in its
turn determines a structure of concrete institutes of oppression, a degree, a
level of dictate introspection. The later determines both a degree of
dissipation of dominating individuals in layers and a level of their influence on
functional processes in the dictate layer -- on determinants of efficiency.
Let us consider other variants of dissipation, mutual diffusion of
dictate layers. An accompanying layer being itself a necessary structure of
oppression with corresponding features of psychological involvement, loyalty
of spirit (at least in behavior, in declaration), and others while being
invested in the layer of suppression introduces trifle changes in an essence of
functional activities and collective psychology of the layer. In contrast to
producers, this layer is numerically small and a number of investitures-
passionaries, dominating individuals introducing their influence in continuum
of moving motivations of the layer (46) (46 -- In accordance with dictate
interests (hierarchs), i.e., in accordance with maximum efficiency.) is
miserable. A stereotype of psychotype of the layer individuals is of such kind
that it can change nearly nothing in an essence of collective activations
of that dictate structure.
In many formations, a continuum of executors contains the
individuals, who according to their psychotype are ranked as negative-
passionaries. There are many examples of serving to dictate of persons with
criminal inclinations but the essence is not in that. It is completely
unnecessary for a person to be a criminal in order to be ranked as a negative
passionary. External circumstances, retaining motivations can in a certain
situation retain a person from criminal activations, so his negative
passionarity stays as a psychological potential. In other circumstances:
in wars, in mutinies -- these factors stop to retain and individual turns to be
either an accidental negative passionary or what happens quit often to be among
adepts of dictate oppression structure. Such outcome has deep consequences
for a structure deformation and an activation of that layer and especially to
the essence of its motivational stereotype.
An infiltration, diffusion of passionaries of producer layer, who at epochs
of stormy social, ethnical, and other collisions transfer from negative
passionaries into functionaries of suppression layer, results in the
consequences that are determined by peculiarities of psychology stereotype,
peculiarities of motivational complex. In the first turn, it is a primitive
hedonism of a material kind, a low intellect without any creative initiations,
a tendentious striving to external and internal spiritual uniformity and
due to it a rejection of non-standard, non-confined by the frames outlined by a
primitive live imagination that includes a striving to slavery subordination
in combination with a tendency to domination (47) (47 -- It was well
marked by Nietzsche: " Those who cannot be subordinate cannot rule".). An
infiltration of a large contingent of negative passionaries in the layer of
suppression results in domination or at least in sufficient influence of a
complex of their motivations on the whole activations of the layer. A slipping
down to physical forms of dictate, often in a form of the most terrible
physical and moral terror, is a direct consequence of such a process.
Antic tyrannies, mazdakism, Savonarola, Robespierre, revolutions (successive
riots) of all colorations are the bright examples of the statement. Structures
of suppression are transformed into self-content, self-aiming essences also
under influence of other aspects that are characteristic of a
psychotype of the infiltrate. A lack of intellect, more exactly, a minimum
or a lack of hedonism sublimation into creative activities results in
gigantic possibilities of imposition into structure of consciousness ( of I and
super-I) of simple dogmas of dictate (48) (48 -- It is especially typical of
epochs of social and ethnical collisions, since ideology of adepts of
social transformations is always based on a primitive egalitarianism of
hedonistic needs: bread, ground, equality, and so on (always false).), that
together with the inversion of sign of highly passionated individuals is the
reason of appearance of zealots of suppression. Fanatic adepts of declared
ideology being invested in a structure of suppression result in the situation,
when, first, its functioning turns to have a character of a total terror,
and second, a self-containing, self-sustaining of the layer is established. In
that case, an activation of oppression is teleologically alienated from an
expedient foundation of existence of dictate and hierarchs that results in a
sharp reduction of efficiency of oppression (it should not be mixed with
intensity!) as an instrument of dictate and socium functioning. It happens due
to a decrease of a component of motivational involvement and to an increase of
a component of external suppression. With growing of technology, of
intellectual-technical basement of socium, an action of the factor increases and
investments of negative passionaries in the layer of suppression during external
collisions result in a quick collapse of dictate structure and of socium as a
whole (49) (49 -- Quick according to the historical categories that vary).
Social or ethnic collisions result in an explosive character of such
diffusions that is the reason of synchronous investments of a large (in
comparison with the level of passionarity that is necessary for influence on
mass) contingent of negative passionaries. At quiet periods of history,
the diffusion has a character of a slowly evolving process and invested
individuals make not so powerful influence on eventual activations of the
layer. Even if that results in alike eventual introspective and functional
deformations, it happens in a much less, smoothed out form. In that case,
activations of the layer present an example of an averaged-expedient
functioning that is determined to significant extent by a form, a structure, and a
stage of dictate genesis.
While an accompanying layer produces at a mutual diffusion a minimum
influence on the layer of suppression, contradictate passionaries do not
influence it at all, because a psychotype structure of the socium layer is
principally antagonistic to the necessary stereotype (at least, in the main
determinations) of individuals of suppression layer.
Let us consider another socium group fulfilling a monofunctional
participation in suppression. It is an accompanying layer composed
from passionaries of a low tension, who sublimate a part of their passionarity
in a loyal-prostituted creation with an immanent creative component of mind.
The layer fulfills, makes objective introspective realities and instruments of
introspective suppression and represents by itself a structure, which importance
and necessity are increasing with a growing efficiency of dictate in
general and a component of motivational involvement in particular. In other
words, tendencies of the global socium evolution condition a growing
necessity in the dictate layer that in turn determines a necessity of forming the
layer from individuals who, first, correspond to its functional predestination
and, second, are guided (due to any intentions) by loyal to dictate motivations.
The second item is as important as the first one, because a creative (quasi)
essence of the group implies a high level of motivational involvement of
individuals of the layer. This situation even more strong at those stages of
dictate genesis, when a suppression of highly intellectual producers demands a
deep penetration in consciousness, injection of ideas and motivations not
only in I and super-I but imposition of transcendental categories of a loyal to
dictate coloration in section of before- and sub-consciousness. For example,
producers being soldiers (during counteractions against external influences)
sacrificing themselves represent a realization of penetration of instruments of
suppression in their subconscious, irrational concretions into very these
levels of mind (50) (50 -- Because super-I of producers as a representative of
the highest censor cannot be well developed due to a weak development of an
abstract thinking in general and prohibitions are coming from I or are
Due to natural social conditions, a diffusion of individuals in
accompanying layer takes place from all dictate layers: conductors,
producers, contradictate passionaries, and often even from hierarchs (51) (51 --
When they create own ideology or change a mystic foundation of dictate (Ikhnaton,
Mazdak, Lenin, Mao, Savonarola, and others) that results in the consequences
that are very profound and unexpected for an introspective foundation and for
external realities of dictate. Individuals of the layer are very often, due to
social reasons and co-participation in (pseudo) creations in those forms that
are loyal to dictate and so have a great publicity (more exactly, they are
widely imposed into consciousness by propagandistic apparatus belonged to
dictate), are surrounded by an aureole of intellectual elite of socium. The
aureole together with dictate encouragement is a foundation of a high position in
hierarchy of socium and dictate and the level is growing with importance of
the layer in general. Due to it, passionary individuals from producers and
conductors and the less passionary from contradictate layer penetrate the
accompanying layer. The degree, intensity of penetration of talented, passionary
individuals from one side characterizes an efficiency of dictate form and its
introspection, and from the other side is one of determinants (and not the last
in importance) of these two features of dictate. Let us consider one example
connected with history of Confucianism in ancient Chine. Confucius (K'ung Fu-
tse) seems to be one of the most great individual of accompanying layer, one
of the highest ideologist of dictate of all times. Dogmas of hierarchical
subordination: in family, administration, social, state embodied in a system
of formed ethical norms including a mystic essence of the highest hierarch (and
all of these in a structure of argued teaching on a general well-being!) make
Confucianism to be a willing ideological foundation practically of any dictate
form. Such a brilliant substantiation of dictate and such perfect methods of
injection into consciousness of socium should have made Confucianism to be a
basement of official, declared ideology of China. However, it was not always
so. Reining of Shih Huang Ti was characterized by a power
centralization, uniformity, bureaucracy, by the cruelest terror, suppression in
the most terrible forms. Confucianism was even not welcomed but was exterminated;
its adepts were slaughtered and buried alive. Introspective forms of
oppression were reduced to taboo, determined by an external suppression. As any
regime of oppression of such kind, it turned to be endurable and
disintegrated in a short period. It was replaced by dynasty Han. In raining of
emperor Wu Ti, Confucianism became the official religion and individuals of
accompanying layer (of that time), having the highest passionarity and
intellect, could on passing a system of exams obtain not only a high social
position but also a high official rank. The empire had been flourishing,
economy had been developing as well as army and socium.
There is no doubt that not only the above mentioned aspect determines a
dictate and socium prosperity, although raising of a level of oppression
introspection is a main determinant of progress. An attitude to the layer, its
social status determines infiltration in the layer of passionary minds from
other layers. As its functioning efficiency is a direct product of a
creative continuum of the layer, so the above mentioned feature looks as the main
one. However, layers diffusing their representatives into accompanying layer
also inject some of psychological peculiarities of their motivational
Producers. Social collisions connected with deformation or replacement of
dictate form result in a physical extermination of a major part of accompanying
layer. Invested producers besides of necessary functional abilities (present to
one or another degree) introduce in motivational-psychological continuum of the
layer such features as prevailing of censorship of I over all
sublimative activations, introspective rejection of a new and organic
striving to gregarious stereotype, belittled-material primitive hedonism,
and to less degree some other determining motivational determinants.
Let us start from the first aspect. Censorial dominant of I over creative
sublimative activations without influence of social-cultural determinants
of the highest censor of super-I results in a situation, when objects of
creation represent the products that reflect existing realities in
categories of individual expediency in accordance with a perception of these
individuals, i.e., in loyal to dictate reflections in terms of I, and minimization
in its content of determinants of super-I reduces an influence on consciousness
of suppressed, since a share is reduced of the universal out-of-time
ethical and ontological categories and dogmas that make positive the
essence of introspective oppression. Realities of a concrete dictate form,
i.e., its external manifestations, reflection of which is an essence of
creation of these investors, always induce a negative attitude of majority of
suppressed. A lack in the products of creation of ideological components
connected with the highest aspects of mind results in a motivational
antagonism between a declared ideology (that is a product of investitures)
and a character of perception of producers. It happens because producers-
investitures and pure producers are similar in their psycho motivational
stereotype and perceive a world of dictate through a prism of expedient
motivations of I; investitures are loyal to dictate in their creation and in
terms of perception, in realities they declare dictate, oppression as a weal
without any veil of the highest categories of being and consciousness. As for
producers, they perceive oppression as act of violation over them and it is
very difficult to present oppression (in its external forms) in their eyes
without a veil of the highest categories as a weal. This is the very reason
of antagonism and a reason of ideology discrepancy in all its forms. Besides
that, evolving socium and dictate imply also an evolution of means of
introspective oppression, in particular of those that are produced by
accompanying layer. Variation of means of affection on conscious and
subconscious motivations should touch both its essence and its forms. The
second antagonism between determinants of consciousness of investitures and
functional needs of the layer appears that reduces an efficiency of dictate
and is connected with organic rejection of a new, striving to spiritual
stereotype, to conservatism that is resulted from a low intellect and a
weak creative sublimation. A worship to dogmas, holy things, bugaboo, prophets,
and so on, to standards of thought and spirit introduces in a structure of outcome
products of the functioning layer the same components. In the course of
time, discrepancies of objective world realities and declared dogmas reduce an
efficiency of introspective penetration in consciousness and oppression on the
whole. An example is presented by a character of affection on consciousness of
all orthodox state religions lacking transformations with time.
A presence in consciousness of investitures of such powerful determinant
as a primitive materialistic hedonism results in declaration of that
determinant in creation products of the layer. At epochs of a quite life of
socium, this fact is a reason of egoistic self-prevailing of motivations, of
striving to individual-material prevailing that superficially does not worsen a
socium durability. However, at moments of collisions the tendency is weakening a
durability of dictate and socium to such extent that often results in collapse of
Contradictate passionaries. This layer of socium, more exactly
sublayer, is small in volume but its influence on all processes of dictate and
socium evolution is immense. As any conglomerate of people, it includes
all gradations of creation determinants -- from giants of thought and spirit to a
level close to one of accompanying layer. Under some conditions, for example at a
high social and spiritual stimulation by hierarchs of active thought (52) (52 ---
As at epochs of enlightened hierarchs (Ulagh Bek, Louis XIV or declarative
hierarch-patrons (Dionysios).) passionaries of low level at a scale of
contradictateship sometimes transfer into accompanying layer. An immanent
creative component of the psychotype accompanied by powerful sublimative
activations results in such realities that present an ideological (conscious
and subconscious) foundation not only of a given concrete dictate form but
of many of those that followed. An attitude to the sublayer, to the
ingredient of accompanying layer, presents an indication of dictate efficiency.
Besides the mentioned above example with Confucius and Confucianism, we can
recollect Plato and his loyal-dictate creations - "Republic" and "Laws";
Plato did not win the recognition in his native land at a period of democracy
disintegration and was liked by Sicilian tyrants. The influence of given
investitures of the layer is not restricted by creation of introspective
ideology; it includes a development of deep, marvelous ethical ideas and
aesthetical canons and dogmas, works of art. A creation of loyal (introspectively,
spiritually) to dictate works by a talent, that introduce in consciousness ideas
and emotions of beauty, good, weal, spiritual virtues such as courage,
altruism, generosity, and so on, associatively, subconsciously is
connected with a concretion of dictate transferring, applying to it
these the highest categories of mind. That associative appropriation, a
transfer of categories, emotions, images results in formation in
consciousness of suppressed of so powerful structures of super-I that are
able to suppress many, the most powerful natural motivational determinants such
as self-preservation, hedonism. A bright example of that is given by a complex of
ideals of ethical kind united by a category "(?)calocagaty" of antique Greece
at the epoch of prosperity: realization of ideas, dogmas, images associated
with the category in marvelous works of art and connected with all of these a
level of efficiency of introspective dictate that allowed not only to dominate
ethnically but to work out so powerful structures in introspection of
individuals that acts of self-sacrifice at that time were not something
unusual (53) (53 -- According to contemporaries, at that time in fight
Greeks died with a smile that struck and surprised their opponents.).
Hierarchs. At some stages of dictate genesis, under certain conditions
(usually at epochs of social, ideological, ethnical collisions), people appear,
who are the accompanying actually, but for various forms create and are ably to
propagate an ideology that becomes later by an official, declared
ideological basement of a dictate form. It may be a new ideology-theoretical
system as well as a compilation of known dogmas and ideas or a cardinal
replacement of an old theory's decorum. Among the examples are Mazdak,
Mohammed, Savonarola, French revolution of 1793 year and Robespierre, Pharaoh
Ikhnaton, Mao Tse-Tung, classical fascism in Italy and its wild German
concretion, and so on. Conjunctive-demagogic ideas often serve as a basement
of these theories with some veil of egalitarianism and with absolutely
necessary component of personification of an apostle of ideology (usually
it is an individual of accompanying layer) with application to him
features of mystical infallibility.
As shown before, it is one of the most suitable screens for authoritarian
tyranny of extremist character. While in traditional accompanying structures the
acts of creation are immanent sublimative activations of to one or anther degree
powerful hedonism (libido), hierarchs being in a hypostasis of accompanyings
and having the same basement of creation can represent by their psychotype essence
all dictate layers: contradictate passionaries (often) (54) (54 -- Mazdak,
Savonarola, and others), negative passionaries at the second stage (because
upheavals are always connected with negative passionarity respective to
dictate), hierarchs as a result (in a case of successive upheaval) -- but in
their internal essence they always behave as if being accompanyings. It
happened so because their psychotype is not typical of hierarchs with their
dominant of hedonism in refined form without any transformations and
sublimations of I and super-I. In essence, they are not hierarchs invested in
an accompanying layer (of an incoming dictate form) but individuals of an
accompanying layer, who due to social collisions are happened to come, to be
invested into hierarchs. It looks as a possible explanation of the fact
that during existence of such forms of dictate ideology and its propagation in
socium in all form -- from direct dogma injection into consciousness to
subconscious forms -- become one of the most cardinal sides of social life
if not the main, and its official institutes and carriers get the highest
social and dictate status adjoining a layer of the highest conductors. It
is true not only of state formations but also of others: parties, gangs, and so
Negative passionaries and conductors (adepts) of dictate. A difference of
these two layers is only in a direction of their activity, in a sign of
motivations. A structure of motivations, their subconscious and conscious
basement for stereotypes of the layers is identical, yet external social
conditions determine their concretions, loyalty or negativism with respect to
dictate. In changing of conditions, for example, during variations of
structures or a replacement of dictate forms, an inversion of the sign often
takes place, and conductors become negative passionaries and vice versa.
Investment of individuals of these groups, the dictate layers due to
peculiarities of their psychotype results in negative consequences for efficient
functioning of an accompanying layer. A lack of creative talent, a low
level of creative sublimation of hypertrophied hedonism by structures of
conscious censorship, an egocentrism with a significant sadist component -
these are the qualities immanent to given investitures and which can only
negatively influence an efficiency of the layer activations. It should be
mentioned that in reality investments of individuals of the two layers under
consideration into accompanying layer take place not as often and intensively as
of others; more exactly, it takes place when accompanying layer due to
external circumstances or peculiarities of a concrete dictate form acquires
a high social and dictate status, i.e., when a hypertrophy of material
possibilities of hedonism satisfactions occurs, for example, during the
described above extremist and total-introspective forms of dictate.

Layer of negative passionaries and its investitures

This layer is a vessel for collection of individuals of other layers.

In contrast to the layers of hierarchs, producers, and so on having in their
foundation an inherited continuity, the layer of negative passionaries is
formed only from adult individuals of other layers and due to it represents
the most plastic, adaptive structure of dictate. Determinants of forming and
development (or regression) of the layer have both internal -- internal
social and objective-natural, and introspective components. Objective
concretions of dictate in cultural, social, intellectual, legislative,
penitential, and other spheres of socium are reflected in consciousness
and are collided with introspective, psychological, motivational determinants
of an individual (in his consciousness) and when an antagonism and a
sufficient level of motivations are present it results in a self-assignment of
an individual to negative-dictate passionaries. Introspective dominants immanent
to the self-assignment include: minimum censorship of super-I, hypertrophy of
hedonism in active desublimated form and determination of activations mainly by
egocentric hedonistic basement of Id of subconsciousness with some
participation of a censor of reflected-objective expediency of I. There is a
similarity with psychotype of hierarchs, so in a lack of possibilities of
being invested in hierarchs and having a sufficient level of passionarity an
individual passes into negative passionaries (55) (55 -- At other
circumstances, beneficial to the determinants, these individuals transit either
in hierarchs or in the highest conductors (revolutions, organized criminals, and
so on.). A character of an investing layer plays no role here - all layers
deliver investitures in that layer of dictate under various conditions. In the
result of successful revolts and a complete change of dictate functionaries, the
most passionary individuals of layers with maximum satisfaction of hedonism
transit into negative passionaries - contra-revolutionaries, bandits, and so
on. At quite epochs of dictate evolution, most of investitures are coming from
producer layer at the account of its most passionated individuals.
A great influence is imposed by a dictate structure and its attitude to
passionary individuals with unsatisfied hedonism. Conquest or civil wars,
ethnic expansion (for example, conquest in South America) absorbs many
passionaries from low levels of dictate hierarchy giving them a possibility to
satisfy their hedonism during conquest or eventually loose, diminish a level of
personal passionarity. Non-expanding ethnoses at some stage of evolution
accumulate a charge of negative passionarity and it acquires features of
infrastructure in a form of organized crime, rebellion organizations,
simple criminals. It can be said in general that while investitures of
other layers result in deformations (more often negative) of an
immanent stereotype of motivations of concrete layer individuals, the layer
of negative passionaries is a causal consequence of investments of other layers
of socium and dictate. In other words, only variations, mutations of
individual psychotypes of other layers stimulated or negated by dictate
objectivity give birth, configure and determine an evolution of the
layer. In historical retrospective, evolution of that dictate layer
reveals some interesting regularities. One of them is an adjoining of a
state-bureaucratic suppression of dictate forms having a prevailing
introspection with different concretions of negative passionarity.
Let us consider the statement using historical argumentations. The
reason seems to be in the fact that hypertrophy of introspective
structures of oppression result: first, in functional weakening of physical
dictate structures, and second, in developing of a system of common norms,
dogmas, views that retain, weaken possibilities of physical dictate. It
conditions a necessity to use for the aims of suppression of a part of negative
passionaries. There are many historical facts such as a state piracy of
all times -- from ancient to the European global expansion and applications of
gangs and crime societies for the aims of suppression - ancient Iran,
China, current history of capitalist hegemons, facts of concrete inward growing
of a layer of negative passionaries into a structure of hierarchs -- the USA at
the end of twentieth century. On the other side, in the case of prevailing of
physical oppression a reverse process takes place. Physical pressure on
consciousness, creation of prohibitive structures in motivational complexes
in combination with a powerful hedonism, characteristic of potential negative
passionaries of all layers, results not in a willing stereotype (on fear
foundation) but in a growing motivational antagonism, a different direction
of motivations of dictate and an individual (a potential negative passionary).
Passionarity and motivation antagonism induce a rapture of hedonism into
initiative activators of action, behavior, in a direction opposite to dictate
interests -- which are always connected with wealth alienation. Both
dictate and negative passionaries to satisfy their hedonistic dominants use the
same instruments, more exactly, an instrument - an individual alienation in their
own favor of materials and other wealth produced by others. On that encroachment
upon their fundamental interests, dictate replies by an intensification of those
instruments of oppression that has at hands -- by a physical suppression
that in turn increases both an intensity of negative motivations and a continuum
of individuals involved in the layer and not only from producers. In history,
the phenomenon is realized as a growth (abnormal) of crimes and as a social
unrest completed by a spontaneous riot (there is a lot of them in history of each
ethnos) and as a spiritual and social rejection of dictate (religion and
mystical sects of all concretions).
A conclusion can be drown from above that negative passionaries are
a layer, existence and plasticity of which is determined by a presence of its
potential components (in a sense of necessary psychotype) in all layers of
socium, and is realized accidentally under influence of objective
features and characteristics -- structural, functional, subjective, and so on,
peculiar to a given concrete form of dictate. A character of the layer and its
co-participation in a general dictate functioning can be used as an
objective estimate of a degree of dictate introspection and of a level of
motivational involvement and consequently, of a phase of dictate evolution.

Contradictate passionaries
While negative passionaries are a product of dictate, of its structure and
concretions (56) (56 -- Negative passionaries of a criminal kind reveal
themselves in experiments with rat socium made by Maslow.), contradictate
passionaries are an immanent, universal and invariant feature of socium --
from a flock to a highly organized state. Genius individuals are present in
each conglomerate of mammals that is especially well revealed in a flock of our
neighbors in evolution scale, of monkeys; suffice it to recall well-known
experiments with monkeys conducted by French investigators on atolls of the
Pacific ocean. A genial, outstanding mentality connected with developed
apparatus of the highest censor results in appearance of this small layer of
individuals. A geniality of creation is connected with the total sublimation of
hedonism of Id and due to it a determination of behavior structures by
subconscious hedonistic motivations is at minimum or absent. Minimization of that
basic component -- a hedonism of motivations that is a foundation of any
suppression, of any dictate form, is the very reason why this layer is
called a contradictate one (57) (57 -- Another word "out-of-dictate" may be more
correct. However, all people in some way or other are connected with
socium, dictate, so a term "contradictate" will be used.). Individuals of the
layer motivationally alienate themselves from dictate, i.e., they do not assign
themselves to a structure of a concrete dictate form. Namely this component of
alienation is a basement of self-assignment to the layer but not an accepted by
socium, glorified by dictate creative activation of an individual. Glory and
popularity of a creation are a consequence of loyalty to dictate and of
understanding by crowd that is not always a sign of a genial spirit. A
contradictate person is a man, who invented plough and water wheel, it is
Leucippus and (?)Kanada, gymnosophists and mystics of India, alchemists of
medieval, mathematicians and star-counters of ancient Egypt, Nietzsche and
Kierkegaard, Socrates, Diogenes, Anaximander, Bosch, Rodin, and many, many
others, known and more often, immensely more often, individuals unknown to
mankind and have not been understood by it (59) (59 -- Acknowledgment,
fame, continuity of the fame in generations are not the signs of a
spiritual and mind greatness: Confucius, Plato, Machiavelli, artists,
musicians (especially) -- with all strength of their mind are not more but
dictate adepts, individuals of an accompanying layer.). In the cases when
their creative activity is not connected with material world, with the
world of fight and production, their works are products of a genial
reflection of realities of a surrounding world, socium, dictate - marvelous
products of philosophy, art. A connection with dictate is restricted by
the very this reflected-introspective form (59) (59 -- Here is meant a spiritual,
introspective connection but not a provision with means of life that demands
some co-participation in a life of socium.) without those components of
hypertrophy of material-hedonistic reflections in consciousness that determines
a co-assigning of other layers. The very this feature -- an inborn psychotype of
contradictate passionary determines both a character of collective psychology
and investiture deformations. Although, it is not completely correct in this case
to tell about collective psychology and investitures, because individuals of the
group are not united in functioning, their activations in structure of
socium have a (strictly) individual character. As for investitures, this
term is appropriate here only with an opposite sign, i.e., alienation of
individuals from the layer due to dictate pressure or objective natural factors as
a consequence of the very inborn psychotype. None of external factors can
configure a contradictate passionary, they can only suppress (at some cases)
its motivational foundation. Let us consider factors that condition a
presence and an intensity of the alienation. A contradictateship of a passionary
of mind and spirit in its deep foundation is a reflection of dictate
concretions (all of the aspects, direct and indirect) in a consciousness of a
thinker. A character of reflection, its introspective essence that preludes the
acts of creation is determined by a structure of a complex of the highest
censor of super-I -- a complex of ethical, aesthetical, ontological, and
other ideas, dogmas, taboo, points of view. So the first factor is a
concrete form of dictate, under which a passionary makes his creations. The
second connected with the first is a force of pressure on contradictate
passionaries from structures of oppression, since an ability of contradictation
to dictate is determined by an inborn level of passionarity and at some
sufficiently high level of oppression a passionarity of a concrete individual
may turn out to be insufficient for an active antagonism. Another factor
connected with the first two is a character and essences of a super-I
structure inculcated in consciousness by organs of bringing up and education.
Yet, an action of the factor is somewhat reduced by the fact that a high level
of mentality and passionarity make contradictate passionaries extremely
insensitive, stable as to injection of loyal dogmas and ideas and so to
censorship of I reconciling with perceived( reflected) reality.
Let us analyze a concrete character of deformation of the psycho motivational
foundation by each factor using historical data and considering psychological
determinants of that out-of-dictate layer in historical retrospective. Dictate
forms, a phase of genesis, an essence and means of oppression govern many
features of a functioning socium both social and individual. Contradictate
passionaries make no exception. As shown above, there is a connection
between levels of physical and introspective in oppression structures for
negative passionaries. The same factors determine and deform a layer of
contradictate passionaries. When physical dictate prevails in the whole sum of
oppression means, it implies a complete neglect of motivations of suppressed
and a determination of their actions using negative taboo and physical
punishment, i.e., infringement, humiliation, suppression of an individual
hedonism. Repressions in spiritual media and consequently in behavior
affect besides (not through) structures of the highest censorship by passing
through I on subconscious hedonism. But, as shown above, the foundation of
psycho genotype of contradictate passionaries is based on repudiation from
strategically-vital hedonism and on minimization of censorship of I and with
domination to the extreme degree of super-I' structures and a sublimated hedonism
in a form of creation and passionarity. So a physical dictate having a minimum
level of introspection does not touch a basement of motivational complex of
the layer and its activations (60) (60 -- Besides that, at epoch of a
physical dictate a suppression is directed exclusively on producers.).
Slavery of ancient ethnoses is the brightest example. Ancient Rome and Greece,
Iran, China and before that Sumer, Elam, Akkad present examples of
creative activity of contradictate passionaries. Philosophers,
mathematicians, sculptors, and so on, whose works were not an apology (explicit or
covered) of dictate, worked at these epochs and gave a powerful push to
socium evolution. Still, only physical dictate of slavery was added by
introspective components, for example, in Athens at epochs of the (?)Ephialt and
Pericles times, it resulted in deformation of the layer and its activity.
Bright contradictate passionaries, Anaxagoras, Socrates were exterminated and
spiritually deformed creators of accompanying layer had appeared such as
Iktin(?), Callicrates, Phidias, and then Plato.
Let us consider a second case, when an orthodox prevailing-
introspective dictate takes place. The aiming object, the purpose of
suppression is the same basic, deep hedonism of subconsciousness but a
suppression is conducted indirectly through I and in a developed form mainly
through categories and aspects of super-I. An investment of loyal dogmas,
taboo, ideas and eventually a transformation of motivations at all levels
of consciousness is secures by affection (at this form) on the very structure of
super-I. Being an object of introspective suppression, this structure of
mind represents simultaneously a structure that cardinally determines an essence
of activations of the layer. This is the main feature of psycho
genotype deformation that initiates alienation of an individual from the layer.
Transformation of negative taboo in prevailing component of positive-motivational
involvement results in a situation, when sublimate-creative motivations of
hedonism (libido) get a hedonistic encouragement, a stimulation and a reflective
tie appears between creation and hedonism (of arbitrary concretions) that is
inevitably associated with the dictate generating the concretions of hedonism.
At some, quit certain mutually determined levels of passionarity, creative
sublimation of hedonism in refine form, structures of I and super-I in a complex
that determines activations, a situation may result when contradictateship
(motivational) decreases and hedonism starts to prevail (encouraged by dictate) in
combination with a loyal creative work. In that case either consciously or
not, with comprehension of their actions in conscious categories or
creating loyal work sincerely, subconsciously, a contradictate passionary
prostitutes his essence and functional predestination in a structure of socium
and dictate.
Of cause, the alienation of contradictate passionaries enforces, cardinally
improves functioning of the structures that provide an introspective suppression
and increase a dictate efficiency on the whole but negative aspects of the
deformation appear. A contradictateship, or more exactly, an out-of-
dictatorship, alienation of motivations and creative works from dictate
interests are a reason and a foundation of a free flight of spirit, of a creative
work. New ideas in science and philosophy, new technics, novelty in
literature and art -- all of these are a product of activity of contradictate
passionaries and very these aspects of socium are a foundation of its
evolution. So, an enforcement of dictate at the account of alienation of a part
of the layer (which is already small) for the mentioned above reasons
results in a prolonging weakening of a creative component of spiritual continuum
of socium and, consequently, in slowing down of evolution. An example is given
by spiritual expansion of Christianity in Europe from its appearance to the
Renaissance epoch.
Let us consider the second aspect determining alienation of an
individual from the layer. It is a direct pressure, spiritual repression of
contradictate passionaries, which takes place in all dictate forms having
a significant component of introspection and is a characteristic in an
extremely-radical, orthodoxy concretion of totally-introspective and especially
of extremist dictate forms. While a totally-introspective form is
characterized by hypertrophy of all aspects of introspective suppression both
of negative-motivational and positive-involving, extremist forms are
characterized by a gigantic hypertrophy of intensity and means of spiritual
suppression of a negative-motivational kind that directly conjugate
with a physical suppression in the extremist, terrible forms. The essence of
motivational deformations determined by a positive-motivational involvement has
been analyzed above. Let us consider now the deformations, the
motivational basement that are determined by a common component to these
dictate forms of introspective suppression, by negative-motivational. That
component of dictate is connected with an injected influence both on a structure
of I in a form of external influences and (to much greater extent) on a
structure of super-I in all forms of spiritual dictate: state-legislative,
juridical, ethnical, cultural, ideological, ethical, and even mystical (61) (61 --
In a form of religion, mystic dogmas and revelations (in sects), in a form
of personification of ideological foundation in a leader with application to
him of an immanent infallibility, and so on.). On the other side, it
creates in consciousness of an individual a structure of ideas, a category of
expediency of motivations (for satisfaction of hedonism) in a concrete perception
of dictate realities as a basement of socium; on the other side, it
creates in consciousness of an individual a powerful barrier of norms,
dogmas, ideas, faith preventing raptures of natural dominants of subconscious
including those sublimated in a creative work. As dogmas, ideas, and so on,
injected in a structure of super-I have a loyal to dictate character (in terms
of categories of dictate efficiency and dictate interests) and a basement of
activations of contradictate passionaries is a passionary sublimations of
dominants of Id (hedonism, libido), so antagonism of these components in
consciousness is inevitable. Ethical and aesthetical dogmas, virtues and
norms even in the case, when they superficially correspond to traditional human
ideas (62) (62 -- The ideas and dogmas by themselves also have a sufficiently
relative character. Ideas of ethics as state norms vary strongly depending on
different factors such as social, dictate, collectively-psychological. For
example, in Russia in XI c. a strong warrior being offended by a prince
did not revenge himself and did not suppress himself in favor of socium (as a
moral of the next epochs regards as a necessity) but simply changed his master and
went to another one revealing a cosmopolitism that is blamed at other times. A
giant list and analysis of arguments of ethical relativity (relativity of
regional, ethnical, chronological kinds) are presented in works of French
thinkers: Helvetius ("About mind"), Mountaigne ("Essays"), Voltaire, Didro, and
also of Nietzsche ("Thus spake Zarathustra") and others.) of courage, kindness,
generosity, and so on -- under more thorough analysis reveal features of loyalty
to dictate, or more exactly, reflect dictate interests with respect to
introspection of a suppressed person. Courage is ranked as a value only in the
presence of expediency and profit for dictate but not in the case, when it
opposes an individual to dictate. Generosity is good but not with respect to a
dictate enemy. The list of pragmatic estimates of the truth of ethical,
aesthetical and other components composing a complex conglomerate of the
highest censor - of super-I can be prolonged.
A tendentiousness of criteria, norms, ideas injected in consciousness
is a consequence of official ideology, i.e., of a complex of ideas, postulates,
theories of various natures but having a common feature, a dominant -- a
conforming dogmatism aimed at stereotypization of spirit and thought. Of
course, for a contradictate passionary all of these cannot be put in a frame of
any dogmas (63) (63 -- It is difficult to imagine, for example, Nietzsche
declaring his thoughts in a frame of dogmas that were proclaimed (by dictate)
as a final truth.). An introspective antagonism between these factors in
introspection of contradictate passionaries determines causally a negation,
alienation from both of dogmas of official ideology and of its products --
ethical and other norms composing a basement of an inculcated loyal-dictate
censor -- structures of super-I. Negation of loyal dogmas, purposes, virtues,
understanding of their loyal expediency and relativity result in creation of
their own, individual ethical values and dogmas (that often have an
individually-egoistic coloration deprived at the same time of sadist-
aggressive features) connected with a remaining continuum of desublimated
hedonism of subconsciousness of Id. Namely this -- an individuality of ethical
dogmas and norms, laying in a basement of negation of a basic structure of
motivations, injected in consciousness of suppressed (motivational acceptance of
asceticism that alienates wealth of hedonism in favor of hierarchs) is the
very feature that makes out-of-dictate passionaries of spirit to be
contradictate. In other words, a creative work of the highest mentality and
spirit of a person is a basement of contradictateship, its potential.
As any conglomerate of individuals with similar features, the layer of
passionaries includes a wide scale of their cardinal determinants -- of
creative potential and passionarity. An opposition of the above mentioned
aspects -- of internal dominants of psychotype and an injected structure of super-
I -- in common conditions, i.e., at some average level of
introspective oppression, results in formation of individual's super-I
unconnected with criteria of dictate. However, an increase of intensity and
variety of suppression methods may result in some part of the layer, having
less level of dominants in motivations, in prevailing in consciousness of a
structure of loyal super-I. For example, at moments of ethnical over-stresses,
at epochs of social and ethnical collisions, intensity of injection of loyal
dogmas in consciousness is used to be so high that results in alienation of
some, comparatively small number of individuals of the layer in other layers,
more often in an accompanying layer. Sometimes the same factors of introspective
pressure result not in pushing out of natural dominants but in annealing of
influence of super-I at all. In that case, an activation of contradictate
passionaries is determined by desublimated hedonism of such power that they are
invested either in hierarchs or in negative passionaries of the highest
hierarchy. Examples of the first part: Plato, Archimedes, Confucius, Thomas
Aquinas, Einstein, and many others; examples of the second: Villon, Alcibiades,
As shown in the previous sections, the main factor that for a long
time determines a strategic growth of an introspective component of dictate in
its evolution is a development of technology, which itself is a product of
activity of contradictate layer. A ring of consequences and reasons is
formed -- contradictate passionaries initiate an evolution of technology that
conditions a growth of dictate introspection that results in an alienation of the
layer. A conclusion suggests itself that an eventual effect of the ring of
consequences is a retardation of technology evolution but it does not take
into account a consequence of technological evolution. It is just the following:
evolution of technology, of all its scientific and technical aspects
increases a period of life span and a continuum of the global human socium. As
the Maslow experiments show, share of individuals composing the layer is
stable, independent on the size of population, i.e., an alienation of individuals
from the layer of passionaries is balanced, compensated by a growth of a continuum
of the layer and by preservation in the layer of the most valuable, from
the global-human teleology point of view, individuals.


Producers as a necessary basement for existence and functioning of socium

is composed from individuals to one or another degree corresponding to a
stereotype described at the beginning of the chapter. However, a volume of the
layer and a historically formed variety of psychotypes invested in it and
deforming its stereotype and its function-social fundamentalism -- all of these
factors are a reason that the layer while perceiving initiative moments produced
by other layers (64) (64- Suppression is produced by conductors, technology
and contradictate ideas by contradictate passionaries, hedonism by negative
passionaries, ideology by accompanyings.) transforms them in a social activity and
eventually in an evolution process. It should be underlined that namely in
socium evolution determined by evolution of dictate -- as directly so
indirectly through other factors but not in revolutions and social
collisions (65) (65 -- Product of activity of negative passionaries.). This
layer is inadequate to the concept of class of proletarians or peasants, which
are widely treated by Marxism. The layer includes everybody, who directly or
indirectly is bind as with production of material weal so with provision of
other vital requirements of hierarchs. It includes workers, peasants,
merchants, soldiers, servant men, administrative-industrial apparatus, scientists,
engineers, architects, doctors, and others -- who fulfilling necessary functions
of socium are alienated from possibilities of satisfaction of hedonism (to
different degrees).
Self-assigning to the layer is a consequence of correspondence of an
individual psychotype to the stereotype of the layer. Stationary, static,
invariability of the largest layer of socium means a socium death, because
invariability of life is a metaphysical abstraction. However, the layer is
permanently changing, collective motivations are changing, tendencies, activity,
actions. It is secured by constant investments in the layer and by a generation
outside it. Invested deformations of motivational basement of the layer have a
complicated character that is different from the all considered above. Investment
of individuals in the layer is made by all dictate layers from hierarchs to
accompanyings (66) (66 -- It is not relevant to contradictate passionaries but in
essence they are out-of-dictate.) depending on concrete historical conditions,
events, prevailing determinants of socium evolution. Wars, social upturns,
revolutions mix all layers and the largest and the most suppressed layer serves as
a reservoir for those, who have lost their step in hierarchy of socium and
dictate. Economic fluctuations: crises, individual bankruptcies, also replenish
the layer.
An often and very intensive factor is an authoritarian dictate with
accompanying revelry of arbitrary rules in acts of suppression, with forced labor
as a measure of punishment of the highest layers of a previous form of dictate or
state. Examples of that are: the suppression of nobles by Ikhnaton, by Sicilian
tyrants, Mazdak and by others with application of both a physical extermination
and a forced assigning of hierarchs to producers. The same phenomenon takes place
at some later periods.
A hypertrophy of introspective component and development of a penitential
system result in transition of a part of negative passionaries (having a low
passionarity) in the layer of producers. The same events and factors in various
historical concretions bring conductors in the layer of producers and individuals
from an accompanying layer. At the same time, a reverse process takes place --
outflows of the most passionary individuals with the stereotype of producers in
other layers as it was shown in the previous sections of the chapter. So, there
are two processes -- an outflow of passionary producers and an influx of
passionary individuals from other layers having different structure and different
dominants of psychotype. It represents a determinant of the layer evolution. The
second determinant is a peculiar character of deformation of psychotype of proper
producers. The peculiarities of psycho genotype of the layer individuals
necessary for its efficient functioning (they are described at the beginning of
the chapter) determine a great stability of its stereotype against an influence of
investitures. It results from the fact that a hypertrophy of any of psychotype
determinants causally conditions a rejection from self-assigning to it and a
transition in another layer. For example, intensification of an aggressive
component of a sadist nature results in a transition in executors (of the lowest
rank); hypertrophy of hedonism - in conductors and sometimes, as shown above, even
in hierarchs; alienation from stereotype in combination with aggression - in
negative passionaries, and so on.
So stereotype of an average individual of the layer is stationary but it
contains the very features that determine variations of its activity; however, the
variations are a result of action not of its motivational individual complexes but
exclusively of external passionarity. A lack of initiative, striving to
stereotype, conformity, to a flock existence and thinking in conjunction with a
masochist component of psychotype result in the situation, when the above
mentioned first factor -- contrary fluxes of passionarity -- becomes an external
determinant of deformations yet not of a motivational (stable) system but of
activations as a consequence of manifestation of characteristic features of its
psychotype. In that case, external investitures of passionarity become a choosy
developer that puts forward as motivational dominants the aspects of psychotype
necessary for activations of producers in a needed direction of activity and
accessible to influence of investitures. For example, a negative passionary
appeals to hedonism of producers making accent on an ethical injustice in wealth
shearing and it is a very effective appealing. Irrespective of ideological
camouflage of their own hedonistic motivations, a motto of negative passionaries:
"Smash riches and take their place" is in so good accord with the essence of
slavery psychotype that at presence of external conditions securing an
introspective action of these determining initiations it can brink into action
producers and change a state structure; examples are given by coming into power of
Dionisian I, Mazdak, all riots and revolutions. It happens when negative
passionaries transform into revolutionaries, rioters. At their concentration in a
criminal world, banditry, mass crimes grow (France XIII-XiV cc., Persia in epoch
of disintegration of Sassanids empire) and under certain conditions a deformation
of ethical basement of behavior takes place (for example, social non-resistance
appears to thefts, drinking, robbery).
Investitures of contradictate layer appeal to dogmas of super-I, brake
ideological basement of introspection and activate producers at the direction of
contradictateship (molokans(?), splitters in Russia, albigensians, and so on).
Passionaries of a layer of conductors at some moments of ethnical collisions
exhibit the same cruelty that has taken place in history of each nation and was
exhibited by producers, i.e., by individuals, who under usual conditions have no
propensity to cruelty and sadism due to peculiarities of their psychotype.
Extremist forms of the phenomenon are: Mongol expansion (67) (67- Their head is an
individual with all features of a negative passionary of a criminal kind),
fascism, Japanese genocide in China in 30-40 years of XX c., Turkish genocide of
Let us consider a profound introspective essence of the phenomenon, because
external factors, external passionarity, and so on -- are only a prelude,
preliminary determinants of motivational activations of layer individuals. The
striking features of motivational dominants of producers are the following:
weakness and averaging of all dominants, weakness of super-I, of hedonism and
passionarity. In essence, there is no dominant that prevails over others and
secures a stable tendency, directionality of motivational activations so peculiar
to other layers. A comparative weakness of sublimated essence and a weakness of
sublimative determinants of consciousness together determine a motivational
indifference of a stereotype of the layer that results in deformational shifts of
activity tendencies determined by an external passionarity. A weakness of their
own censor is a reason of easiness of penetration of alien determinants as
determinants of motivations and activations. In other words, an external
tendentious passionarity turns to be an initiator that moves the indifferent-
balanced static complex of motivations of producers in a state corresponding to
prevailing of a dominant. Although, the complex itself stays to be stationary, an
injected passionarity behaves as an additional weight determining a tendency and
expediency of motivational complex of an individual. The tendency is governed by a
structure of dominants of the highest investitures: by hedonism and negative
passionarity of some, contradictateship, alienation from dictate interests of
others, and so on.
A structure and a form of dictate, as a consequence of an integral
introspection of individuals, of a continuum of individual movements and
motivations, in their evolution determine a character of infrastructural
migrations between layers and eventually configure an external determinant, a
total motivational and activational essence of a layer, of producers in
particular. Prevailing of negative, prohibitive forms of suppression result in a
growing antagonism between passionary of individuals of layers and requirements of
dictate, i.e., in increase of layer migrations and in a growth of the effects
mentioned above. A growth of divergence of motivations of individuals and a
necessary stereotype results in dropping out of passionary individuals from
hierarchical dictate structure and, as a consequence, in an increase of passionary
investments (in layer of producers) with a psychotype that deforms (in a way
described above) a continuum of psycho motivations of the layer. On the whole,
dictate itself, its structure, a level of negative suppression, intensity of means
composes the basement that causally determines its disintegration. A dictate form
contains its death in the act of its birth. A positive involvement while
prevailing in structures of oppression can smooth, level to some extent (sometimes
considerably) these processes of investments and deformations of the producer
layer affecting them through the same factors that determine these processes under
negative-motivational oppression. For example, extremist forms of dictate use the
oppression of a total-negative kind with maximal intensity and variety that
results in an intensive intermix of layers and in a powerful process of exclusion
from layers and investments in layers, particularly in the layer of producers. The
process is so powerful that extremist forms are an example of the extreme
unbalance and divergence of motivations of individuals, their functional unfitness
to dictate interests. It conditions an extreme short period of life of the form in
comparison with others: from several generations to less than a generation.
Examples are given in previous chapters: (?)Saudelers in Micronesia, Sicilian
tyrants, fascism in Germany.
There was no form of dictate in history with prevailing of positive
involvement (cardinal) but a tendentious approaching to it is: catholic church
hierarchy as a form of out-of-state dictate and the current capitalism in the USA,
Great Briton, and other technologically developed countries.
The above mentioned factors are facilitated by the fact that a positive-
motivational involvement of producers besides reduction of invested deformations
by individuals of other layers results due to weakness and primitivity of
subconscious hedonism in stimulation of the very this cardinal dominant of
motivations. A satisfaction of at least partial, truncated hedonism of producers
that is immanently present in a positive-motivational oppression conditions a
reduction of negative to dictate motivations (that are already comparatively weak
due to the structure of psychotype), i.e., a reduction of possibility of an active
antagonism. According to Freud, a reduction of level of an unpleasant (of a
negative suppression. - Author) decreases a motivational determination of activity
with hedonistic tendency.
So structural features of socium, an existence in it of dictate is
determined by a joint existence in it of individuals having layer-differentiated
psychotypes and evolution of dictate is determined by an interconnection of
external institutes of dictate and an introspective continuum of intermixing
dictate layers.

Chapter 4

Dictate evolution: psychology, forms, layers, tendencies

History of the global socium of people is clearly divided on several giant

epochs determined both by strategic regulations -- by evolution of socium
and by its immanent foundation -- by dictate. The first is an epoch of a
gregarious and primitive-commune existence of people lasted for hundreds
thousand years. There is a primitive labor not demanding a unification and
leaving man defenseless in front of nature, struggle for surviving when only brain
is the most highly organized instrument of adaptation to nature, of
existence in a quickly changeable external world. Technology is in the very
beginning, means of labor are extremely primitive, a settled agriculture
and cattle-breeding are absent.
A cruel struggle for surviving and orientation on an expedient
behavior in a varying external world develops structures of It and I as
dominants of activations. Structures of super-I of an injected cultural kind are
in a rudimentary state, because individuals producing a complex continuum of
super-I are objectively in a state, when they cannot realize their
predestination, their psycho genotype peculiarities and dominants. A lack (or
nearly a lack) of both external determinants of ethnical, technical, and so on
kinds and internal ones determined by introspective collision components of
consciousness and subconsciousness determine an extremely retarded character of
evolution of socium and dictate. That epoch of human history is often called as
pre-(or before-) civilization.
Approximately 9 - 10 thousand years ago, a tempo of evolution had stared to
accelerate. An appearance of settled agriculture and cattle-breeding, a
development of instruments of labor, an appearance of rudiments of knowledge
on surrounding world, i.e., all components of technological evolution result
in a situation, when a person produces or can potentially produce more amount of
life supporting products than he consumes. Dictate structures, a process of their
evolution gets a powerful push to development, because there is an excess of
material wealth and so an excess of time (free from a direct procuring of
living at least in a part of socium). A possibility appears for a free,
creative functioning of brain and the first structures of super-I appear as
believes, mystic, taboo, customs. Conglomerates of people are formed on the
basis of self-assigning -- primitive ethnoses. History of humankind has started
as of organized global socium that brought an appearance of a sign system of
collective memory, cities, states, technology in its current form, wars
and genocide, art, ethics, moral and all other aspects of what is now called by
civilization. According to tradition, we call this period as a civilized
epoch or civilization.
The XVII c. signified a beginning of formation of science as a system of
collective knowledge into organized essence that with time is transformed by
efforts of contradictate passionary-thinkers in the main motive force of
technology evolution. To the end of the XX c., this factor has resulted in a
situation, when civilization comes to a turning-phase, to a phase of transition
into next epoch of evolution of the global socium -- which is usually called
by postcivilization. Due to development of technology, few active
individuals provide all people's requirements in food, shelter, clothes. A
significant part of socium is free for other activity and at a corresponding
development of forms of dictate -- for idleness that causes an expansive growth
of a layer of hierarchs and layers providing dictate vital activity. A
hypertrophy of technology and a development of creations in all aspects determine
a development of structures of super-I of the most retarded individuals and
result in collisions, in powerful antagonisms in individuals'
introspection, of dictate interests with all aspects of stereotypization
of motivations and subconscious dominants of individuals. This is a reason
of intensive evolution of dictate and of a manifestation of its strategic
tendencies and regularities.
Let us enumerate the peculiarities of external and introspective dominants
of the epochs that allow to reveal the regularities, which will be analyzed
in the chapter.
1. Precivilization (barbarism). There is a low level of technology:
primitive instruments of labor and trades, lack of science, of labor
organization, skills and handicrafts. Ethnoses and other conglomerates of
individuals are also absent. Culture, art, literature either has not yet appeared
or is in a rudimentary state. An individual labor is prevailed: hunting,
fishing, and so on. Moral, taboo, customs are in rudimentary state. In
consciousness of individuals, a primitive hedonism dominates that is restrained by
a censorship of external expediencies of I. Dictate has a form of a primitive
physical suppression in flock that is based on a physical domination.
2. Civilization. A technology is developing including: instruments of
labor, organization of production, special skills and trades, rudiments of
science, weapons, and so on. A part of people gets free from a direct
production of vital wealth. Dictate forms appear, develop and are replaced.
Ethnic national and state structures appear as well as culture, art, cognitive
science. Taboo, customs, religion, moral, ethics, aesthetics are raised by people
at an unusual height. Structures and variety of components of super-I become
extremely large being transformed in a significant part of socium into a
prevailing dominant of consciousness, into the highest censor of
motivations and activations. A structure of introspective collision becomes
extremely complicated (in comparison with a primitive adaptation) that is
determined by external factors and a structure of mentality in general.
Dictate evolves both regionally, inside ethnoses and in the global socium. A
complexity of determinants results in complexity of strategic laws of evolution
and of local varying fluctuations from the general laws and tendencies.
3. Postcivilisation. Its general features and regularities are not yet
clear because the XX c. is a transitional epoch to the phase and so laws,
tendencies can only be extrapolated from general laws of evolution of socium
and dictate and from processes taking place at the transition phase.
Technology becomes the main external dominant performing a giant leap in all
its components, a qualitative leap but not an evolutive one. Namely due to the
qualitative, revolutionary change of technology, this stage, the present time,
is a phase of transition into a new epoch of socium genesis. All factors of
technology including: science in all its aspects, technics, instruments of
production, weapons, organization of production with information technique of all
kinds, transformation of labor itself --are changing qualitatively. Culture,
science, creative activity are not only developing, they become accessible to
everybody. Ethnical and state antagonisms are smoothed giving place to
ideology-state collisions. Dictate forms are evolving at the direction of
prevailing of introspection (1) (1- If the process is considered globally
irrespective of regional fluctuations) but fluctuational concretions of extremist
regional variations are becoming more frequent. Technical, practical
possibilities of injection in consciousness, into I and super-I, of various
ideas, dogmas, notions are becoming indeed infinite. Simultaneously, a level
increases and a character of possibilities to satisfy desires of all
members of socium at least in a primitive-material sense is changing
qualitatively. Sexual moral as an aspect of hedonism is transforming.
The brief, of cause, simplified listing of external and internal aspects
of individual and social life of the epochs underlines only the features that
are cardinal (in the light of the topic under consideration) and gives an
opportunity to reveal the regularities, which are strategic for evolution
of dictate determinants, of its forms and structures. The character of
external and introspective determinants was considered in the previous
chapters, here we will consider them together with hierarchical
interconnection and a level of their determination of both a process of
dictate evolution and strategic regularities and characteristics of the process.

External determinants of dictate evolution: regularities,

interconnection, hierarchy, domination

The main problem of the coming analysis is connected with an objective

consideration of the question: which determinants and how do define strategic
laws of dictate evolution, which are deviations from the basic tendency and also
what are forms, character, chronology, regularities of the fluctuations.
The strategic regularities are immanently invariant, independent of region,
chronology and ethnos. As for fluctuations, they have a character of
particular-specific or strategically periodical depending on an essence of
external determinants and a character of their introspective collisions with
an essence of motivation complexes of individuals and dictate layers.
A main tendency or a strategic regularity (regularities) must have such
features as concretization and tractability through the whole human history (2)
(2 -- For example, classical theory of Marxism with its immanent
determination of history by a struggle of classes cannot explain processes
at epoch of precivilization (having no classes), does not explain evolution of
religious conglomerations.), causal determination of the main aspects of
socium functioning irrespective of fluctuations (during sufficiently large
intervals), applicability to all forms of social life (not only to state life)
and at all epochs: so, it should have extrapolation characteristics, i.e., it
must provide us with an ability to extrapolate events, the history in its
strategic development.
External determinants of dictate evolution scrutinized in the second
chapter have a very different nature. They include objective natural
factors of physical, ethnic genetic and socially-state kind that at different
epochs determine both an appearance and evolution of concrete realities of
dictate; they include technological factors that directly or indirectly
determine evolution of dictate during the whole history of mankind -- from
a stone scraper to atom bomb, factors connected with ideological antagonism of
states and out-of-state dictate forms at later epochs of history, and some others
analyzed before. In the second chapter each factor was analyzed separately and
many aspects determining dictate evolution and feedbacks were shown.
However, in reality in historical concretions all the aspects of socium life are
existing synchronously and a prevailing at each moment of history of a
concrete factor is conditioned by a variety of interconnected and inter-
determining reasons (3) (3 -- In some cases, a basic determinant of concretion is
conditioned by natural factors (Ancient China, see chap.2), in another -- by
ethnic, in the third -- by ideological. Yet, these determinants of a concretion
that lasts short and is not universal (in comparison with the global history)),
so applying the Laplace determinism, it is possible to regard the short-living
temporal concretions as products of stochastic superposition of factors.
In the light of that, it is necessary to mark out several characteristics
of determines that are principle, cardinal in dictate evolution as in
general so in particular concretions.
Natural factors (4) (4 -- See chap.2 for analysis of all factors) of
all kinds in essence are a determinant of dictate appearance in socium and are
acting for the whole history. Any of these factors is extremely long in duration
and due only to this it can claim to be a strategic determinant. But, is it
true? As have been shown, the factors are acting synchronously and their
determination may be cophasal or anti-phasal, i.e., the superposition can be
as their sum and so their difference. Natural evolution factors and calamities
affecting human community and deforming dictate are meeting an antagonistic
influence of technological factors opposing them (sometimes adding them). With
time, especially with enter into the epoch of postcivilization with its
powerful development of science and technology, technics and energy
consumption, consequences of natural factors are sharply reduced if not
physically but so at least by their influences on dictate evolution. Migrations
of bed of the river Huang He under poor development of technology of ancient
China results in a complete deformation of dictate form; having a level of
technology of postcivilization (5) (5 -- An antagonism of the factor is not only
a direct consequence of technology evolution but also indirectly through others
-- ethnical, demographic, and so on), it can result only in several changes of
regional economy leaving untouched basements of dictate form. In other
words, these factors in their evolving determinations pass three phases that
correspond to the epochs of human civilization: precivilization, civilization,
postcivilization. At epoch of precivilization, natural factors in essence are
the main and the only determinant of dictate evolution; an extremely slow
character of evolution of the factors in the lack of others accelerating or
slowing down an evolution of dictate determines a slow character of the process.
Natural calamities at that phase result either in socium extermination or
in regional migrations but not in deformations of dictate form.
At epoch of civilization, an evolving character of natural factors is
combined with influence of other factors that were absent at epoch of
precivilization: technological, ethnical, state, and so on. A strictly
evolutionary character of natural factors (leaving alone calamities) superimposed
with other factors, which actions have not only evolving, linear, but
also a periodical, cyclic character. The superposition results in very
complicated concretions of dictate evolution at the epoch: changes are
observed in forms, structures, realities, state institutes; regular processes
are interrupted or are regressing (under influence of unimportant factors that
suddenly become dominant ones or acquire a stagnate character). In comparison
with the previous epoch, a quick development of other factors is observed
except technology (6) (6 -- Namely this peculiarity should be underlined, because
the essence of that determinant in the strategy of evolution is a
dominating one as it well be shown later.) that is slowly evolving. Together with
a character of naturally evolving processes, it results in two possible
alternative conclusions. First, the processes determining a dictate evolution
besides of natural and technological ones are the reason of particular,
fluctuating concretions of evolving dictate. The second possible conclusion:
natural factors at epoch of civilization are losing their causal determination
of a linear evolution of dictate as it was at the previous epoch, i.e., an
affection of the factor as a dominant is leveled by superposition of other
It looks as if in reality there is no alternative but an adjoined
existence of both causal consequences. Actions of natural factors are leveled
by technological, ethnical, and other factors (7) (7 -- Examples are: ethnical
expansive migrations of nomads at epochs of drought of steeple, technological
deformation of dictate in medieval and nowadays, state-ideological collisions
producing new forms of dictate -- Islam and Halifax, fascism in Germany, and
so on.) and a superimposed conjugation of determinants is varying in a
continuum of components in each particular case and various factors and a
combination of factors get a character of dominant of evolution. It is
completely unimportant how these factors (dominants) are acting -- whether
directly or indirectly through other aspects of functioning socium. Linear,
evolutive determinants of dictate, for example technology, at the first
stages of the epoch have a small role, a small influence on dictate
evolution in a total sum of factors-determinants, so other factors having a
character of periodicity, cyclization of functional action, get a great
Ethnic factors of appearance period and a development of ethnoses, acquire
a character of a dominant of evolution and causally a character of
dictate, becomes cyclical, spirally-progressive. An appearing form of
dictate, for example a physical dictate, has an organic component of positive-
motivation suppression as a basement but further the form evolves at the
direction of a growth of negative-introspective and physical components of
suppression with a strategic tendency of negation of introspective
suppression -- up to complete disintegration of a given form of dictate and
its replacement with a new one.
A change of dictate form is not obligatory connected with a forced
disintegration of a previous form as it happens in the case of state formations.
More often, it occurs assimilatory with a growth of one form from another. The
next form of dictate at its appearance has also a significant component of
positive-motivational suppression dominating at a given stage but its
introspective component is significantly greater than at the beginning of the
previous cycle. Evolution of the form is also going at the direction of a
physical suppression reaching a moment when the component becomes a cardinal
dominant of evolution. There are two processes taking place at a given epoch:
a linear growth of an introspective positive-motivational suppression (a
dominant) and a cyclic intensification of a physical negative-
introspective component. So on a linear character of dictate evolution
determined by evolution of natural factors and appearing technology, cyclic
factors determining cyclic recurrence of evolution are imposed and often are
prevailed over it. Of course, a cyclic character of evolution depends not only on
variations of external determinants and leveling of natural factors but also on a
complication of individual's introspection. However, a qualitative cyclization of
external determinants nevertheless determines a cyclization of dictate
evolution. Other factors: state, political, economical, ideological -- are
responsible for particular fluctuations of dictate (Sicilian tyrannies, Macedonian
expansion, mazdakism, and other extremist forms of dictate).
The third phase -- postcivilization due to its peculiarities enumerated at
the beginning of the chapter reduces the influence of several components, a
conglomerate of determinants of external kind and pushes a front the
technological determinants. As shown in the previous chapters, they determine
not only a dictate evolution but also a dictate expansion of a socium
with prevailing technology, i.e., an imposition a dictate form characteristic to
socium with a more high technology on sociums with lower level of technology.
Cyclic external determinants while not disappearing completely from a structure of
socium functioning are deprived of the level of determination, of the level of
influence on dictate evolution that they have at epoch of civilization.
Natural factors, as evolutive and so calamities, are also losing their importance
due to a hurricane-like development of all aspects of technology. So, technology
comes forward as a main determinant, a dominant of evolution conditioning
namely those features of dictate that were analyzed in chapter 2, i.e., a
prevailing of an introspective form and means of suppression.
So irrespective of an infinite external variety of events, motivations,
individuals, states during all evolution of socium in all its aspects, there
is a strategic tendency of determination of dictate forms, the tendency that
determines a dominant progress of an introspective essence of oppression. The
oppression is oriented on stimulation, encouragement of positive, loyal to
dictate motivations, on involvement of the suppressed into a conform structure of
spiritual life of dictate securing an efficient functioning of an
organically necessary structure of socium -- of dictate. At some stages of
evolution, this strategic tendency may be shaded, leveled by particular,
stochastic superimpositions of their numerical factors slowing down or blocking
for sometime an action of strategic determinants. However, the global regularity
of evolution determinants does not vanish due to it and in some time it again
takes the place, the level, which is characteristic to it.
There is an inevitable question: when, at which particular circumstances,
where and due to what factors the fluctuation distortions of the strategic
determination of dictate evolution discussed above are manifested? The strategic
determination and the corresponding process of evolution are a consequence
of collision of external determinants and introspective structures of
individuals' motivations and, so external aspects determine variations of
introspective conscious structures and the whole dictate form. This logical,
historically expedient process of evolution has been taking place at many
regions starting from a cradle of mankind -- from Between-river, Egypt, India,
and so on and completed by Europe. From the other side, in regional sociums
having a distorted due to arbitrary reasons sequence of formations and
technology evolution (8) (8- Due to ethnical collisions, being far from
historical centers of evolution or due to peculiarities of ethnical psycho
genotype.) resulted as a rule in lagging behind in the first turn in
technology development, a situation may result when minor factors become
dominants of evolution.
Lagging behind in a level of technology and in other evolution
aspects together with ethnical overheating and caused intensification of
infrastructural antagonisms in a continuum of social introspection result in
reinforcement of a layer of negative passionaries as revolutionaries of all
kinds. It produces dictate collisions, riots and extremist forms of dictate.
Fascism in Italy became possible only at the epoch of decline, of transition in
a second-grade state with a weak technology and then it really had happened. The
same is true of mazdakits, (?)Saudelers, Savonarola, Russia, of the Jenghiz
Khan Mongolia, and others. That phenomenon is always a short-living according to
a historic scale and not only due to an introspective non-correspondence that
to the greatest degree is characteristic of the form. Strategic
determination of dictate evolution especially at the last phase of
civilization and at the transitional to postcivilization having a
domination in them of technological determinants eventually results in
prevailing of dictate forms corresponding to the more late stages of
technology evolution. Besides the main aspects, a developed technology allows to
alienate from production a great number of people particularly for wars, for
creation of a new weapon that directly determines both state and dictate
prevailing of the socium having a more high level of technology. For
example, any ideological and other factors cannot safe a modern China in a
conflict with the USA. Even more, an introspectiveness of dictate corresponding
to sociums with a more high level of technology results in a situation, when
passionarity of individuals of creative kind and of a part of contradictate
passionaries acquire a form of a concrete creative work including works
necessary to dictate that in turn reinforces the factors of prevailing shown
So fluctuational concretions of dictate taking place at distortions of
an expedient evolution of functional aspects of socium are the deadlocked
brunches of the strategic global process of dictate evolution and do not
influence the whole history of global socium and dictate. What influence on the
history of global dictate was made, for example, by structures of dictate in
empire of Inky, Maya, Saudelers, Mazdak, fascism? No influence. These dictate
forms were eventually crashed by the sociums that realized a normal, stationary
process of dictate evolution and have left no traces in the following dictate
forms except for some traces of ethic presence (sometimes in an assimilated form).

Evolution of conscious structures or introspection of evolution

In consideration of evolution of structural determinants of consciousness

(9) (9 -- Since subconsciousness structures -- hedonistic It of an
individual is stable, constant and invariable chronologically, regionally, and
ethnically.) and in their dictate functionality, we will use a division of
history of the global socium on the same three epochs that were selected in
consideration of an external determination of dictate evolution. Peculiarities
of the conscious structure, more exactly, peculiarities of domination
of consciousness structures in determination of motivation complexes were
considered at the beginning of the chapter. Here we will only summarize
the conclusions.
Epoch of precivilization -- is characterized by an orientation on
structures of perception; dominants of expediency of activations
prevailed with the aim of surviving, preservation of species, adaptation to
external world, i.e., corresponding to structures of I but among creative
individuals a development of structures of super-I began.
Epoch of civilization. All aspects of super-I are developing both as of a
contradictate-creative kind and so of a loyal-injected. Powerful introspective
barriers are introduced to sadist, aggressive-individual's motivations.
Mystical-ethic and philosophical ideas acquire a status of dictate ideologies
injected and imposed to the suppressed. In consciousness of individuals
and groups, introspective conflicts of consciousness structures, of mind result
in formation of layers and socium groups having dictate-oriented
motivations and functions, in social and motivational collisions and in speeding
up of evolution of socium and dictate. In spite of external fluctuations and
variations, an evolution of spiritual life entails a growth, an expansive
spreading of possibilities and means of introspective suppression.
Postcivilization and transitional period. While preserving tendencies being
dominated in the global socium during the last thousands of years,
postcivilization is an epoch of hypertrophy of those dominants and introspections
that are present today. An introspective suppression is widening its power to
such extent that can touch even subconsciousness and give an illusion of
hedonistic satisfaction (see the previous chapters).
The brief schematic summation of introspective aspects of dictate in
evolution reveals a clear regularity. Starting from on-cliff drawings of
precivilization to a global television, video tape recorders and all giant
variety of means of introspective affection of the end of XX c., there are two
processes: an intensification of activity of creative mentality of
contradictate passionaries (continually and expansively) and spreading of a
ring of means, instruments and a volume of introspective suppression. In other
words, there are regularities -- an evolutive growth of introspectiveness
of both a dictate suppression and a contradictate (out-of-dictate)
thinking determining an evolution of technology.
At the first glance, such a scheme has nothing general, theoretically
valuable for explanation of the variety of history that takes place, for example,
at epoch of civilization. A reader can come to such conclusion if one has
missed a term "global" with respect to dictate and socium. Namely the
globalism, the theoretical universality of notions and ideas are the aim of the
work. As for the historical hurricane of civilization, the above mentioned
notions are completely applicable to it accounting for the fact that these laws
are realizing not in the global socium but in a region, ethnos, nation,
state asynchronously with the same processes in neighboring and far removed
human conglomerations. The asynchronism is the very reason of different
collisions because a synchronous development would result in creation of a
united system of global dictate that would integrate organically and
expansively all lesser substructures of the planet socium. The two correlators
suggested above, more exactly, two sides of the same phenomenon in an organic
conjunction determine an essence of the united strategic process of dictate
evolution: evolution of its introspection from primitive bans, negative taboo
injected in I up to complex doctrines of an ethic-mystical kind composing a
basement of loyal super-I and in the highest manifestation, to structures and
dogmas, injection of which results in positive-dictate, loyal motivations and
eventually in motivational involvement, in individual motivational self-assigning
to dictate, to its form and concretions.
The fundamental law of dictate evolution can be formulated more laconically
in the following way: dictate evolution is a development and deepening of its
introspective basement reflected in variations of external forms and methods. A
progressive growth of dictate introspectiveness is realized as in intensive
so in extensive concretions. It is reflected not only in spreading of external,
instrumental means of influence on motivation of individuals but to much
greater extent in a depth of penetration into consciousness (I and super-I)
and in utilization of activations of subconsciousness, in direction of its
activations in a necessary, loyal-motivation to dictate way. A depth of
penetration of oppression means into structures of consciousness and a
level of power of loyal structures in introspection together with a level
of positivity of activations of It determine a stage, a phase of
dictate evolution.
The low of dictate evolution in its introspective treatment is a particular
case of a common law of nature respective highly organized mammals that
secures co-participation, self-assigning of an individual to a hierarchic
structure due to introspective involvement, encouragement of hedonism.
Individuals also come to that essence due to evolution yet not of a socium but
a biological one. The restrictions imposed on an individual by a teleology
of species, kin that suppress or reduce its individual freedom are compensated
in a hedonistic way. For example, all the burdens connected with berth and
bringing up posterity, which takes a long period for mammals, an individual
accepts to oneself being stimulated by a sexual enjoyment. A necessity of
physical efforts, a labor becomes a voluntary chose because the endocrine
systems were developed in organism during evolution that generate hormones
inducing a euphoria in the result of not too heavy labor. The differences of
evolutive positivation of motivational involvement in dictate structure are only
in a form, means, methods because socium is only a particular aspect of the
biological life. Caused by civilization distortions of this basic law of
dictate evolution determined by superimpositions of many factors immanent to a
concrete epoch reduce nothing in its strategic and principle meaning and only slow
down or neutralize its action for a short period.
An entering of socium into epoch transitional to postcivilization
results in leveling of consequences, of factors deforming of the basic law of
evolution of ethnic, state-ideological, and so on kinds. As a consequence,
it is easy to mark the following regularity of realization of the basic law of
dictate evolution. At the first epoch, precivilization, natural factors
conditioning a presence and a linear evolution of dictate experience a negligible
influence of deforming side-line factors. At the epoch of civilization,
nonlinear, stochastic, cyclic factors become equal to the main ones or even to be
prevailing determinants of evolution, which cannot deny the basic law but can
complicate or distort its action at concrete intervals of history. A
transition to postcivilization levels the deforming factors and realizes a
strategy of the basic law and of the main factors and, in consequence of
it, linearize the process of evolution in concretions of history. A role
of the main determinant -- an external at that stage, is played by technology
that substitutes and adds natural factors. In other words, the strategic,
basic law of evolution in social and historical concretions realizes a dialectic
evolving spiral of socium and dictate development -- a circular return to the
beginning but at a higher level, namely at a level of introspection of dictate.
A producer of precivilization was positively-motivationally involved in a
structure of dictate form on a basement of subconscious hedonism, because
his alienation from dictate, consequently, from socium meant his death. A
producer of postcivilization is also positively involved in a dictate
structure but on a basement of gigantic growth of technology and so a volume of
produces material wealth; the last gives an opportunity to hierarchs partly
to encourage hedonism of other layers while transforming an individual into
a particle, a microscopic element of technology and economy.
Let us expose more widely, specifically an action of the basic law of
evolution by considering historical facts and an evolution of layers. An
existentially-negative, repressive nature of primitive man determines a necessity
of its unification into a socium with a hierarchy of duties and, as a consequence,
with a hierarchy of possibilities, which are not arbitrary but namely the
possibilities of satisfaction of hedonistic needs. The best food, the best female,
the best place in home -- it is a prerogative of the most strong male, who in a
course of socium evolution becomes a head, leader, hierarch. A functional
inequality of individuals in social opposition, in resistance to nature pressure
inevitably determines an inequality in consumption of the minimum of wealth
that is produced by socium of precivilization. If a man had been so adjusted to
surrounding world and had its own ecological niche as the other gregarious mammals
and had been adapting to variations of the surrounding nature with the help of
external constitutional mutations, than at that stage dictate evolution would
stop and Homo sapience would not take his place on the Earth. However, a man is
adapting himself to surrounding world actively using the highest instrument that
he was provided for by nature -- the mind, mentality. Due to it, a pure physical
prevailing (hedonistic) of a male-gorilla in a human socium cannot last long and
is added during evolution by other factors. Not the most strong but the most
wise individual having a life experience becomes a leader, who fulfills dictate as
by applying physical suppression by other's hands (of conductors) so by using
negative motivation bans restricting arbitrary rule of strong males such as
customs, taboo, dogmas, mystical and ethical norms, fulfilling of which is secured
as by common moral and so, to much larger degree, by conductors and an
appearing accompanying layer of sorcerers, magicians, shaman. A character and
methods of resistance to external factors influencing human socium and dictate
determine a low level of introspective oppression, since the main character of
producer's labor does not demand intellectual efforts and is mainly connected with
physical labor in hunting, fishing and gathering cereals.
The physical character of labor of the suppressed besides just
psychological aspects of suppression has another peculiarity that is very
important for individual and socium and concerns of a neuro humoral aspect of
functioning of human organism. In man, an amount of several hormones (having
various aspects of action), for example of testosterone (10) (10 -- A hormone
that affects a protein metabolism, i.e., controls ability to an intensive
physical labor: besides that, it determines a sexual activity and a level of
aggressive behavior.) due to hard physical labor is reduced that in turn
reduces both a level of vivid aggression and an organic striving to hedonism, to
one of its forms -- sexual enjoyment. In other words, a character of labor
facilitates a strengthening of introspective basements of dictate analyzed in
the previous chapters. A stability of technology, i.e., of the sum total of
cognitive, creative, technical aspects of socium that directly influence a
character of material wealth production and stabilize introspective antagonism in
consciousness, is a reason of a huge duration of existence of that dictate
form as a stage of evolution. The same factor -- a low level of technology
(opposing to natural factors) -- determines also such aspects as minimum of
contradictate-creative concretions due to a lack of possibility to alienate a
part of wealth for that activity, a lack of state, juridical, military, and so
on formations as well as other factors (external determinants of evolution)
introducing cyclic and sporadic fluctuations in dictate evolution. Results of
contradictate creative work, although being minimal, determined by
structures of psychotype of the layer, being accumulated evolutionary as an
inheritance of skills, instruments, knowledge, result in the epoch of
civilization. At that stage of technology evolution, a transition to
agriculture and cattle-breading allows to produce an excess of material wealth
that makes a part of socium free of productive labor; these individuals get
a possibility to realize peculiarities of their psychotypes, which are different
from a psychotype of producers, as hierarchs, conductors, accompanyings. In that
case, technology is a factor determining a transition to a new phase of evolution
of global socium and dictate -- to civilization and to its development.
A concretization of psychotypes of individuals in dictate layers, a
complication of both an objective structure of socium and dictate and
introspective, spiritual life of socium, an appearance of conglomerates of
people having a total sum of motivations of a strategic kind (life securing)
opposing (or integrating) themselves motivationally of functionally to other
conglomerates of socium infrastructure, to other dictate layers -- these all are
not a complete numeration of factors that are additive and are summing with
the main factor determining a strategy of dictate evolution -- with technology.
Plasticity, variability of the whole efficiency of this continuum of
factors, its dependence on regional, chronological, social-ethic, and some other
up to purely accidental determinants complicate a process of evolution as in
particular region so in connection with others due to an asynchronous
evolution of particular factors mentioned above. Under some concrete
conditions, ethnic factors are coming at forefront of determination,
especially in regions, where many different ethnoses are in contact, under
others -- state, under third -- a total sum of these and other factors (see
chap.2). However, in any case these factors are a reason that changes a
character of evolution, deviations, fluctuations from this (in the literal sense
"standard") process that is determined by technology evolution. The deviations
may be as positive, accelerating evolution, for example at a phase of ethnos
raising and so negative, slowing down an evolution.
In spite of a seeming accident of choosing as cardinal determinants of
various factors, this process has a strictly determined causal connection
with aspects and structures of socium, dictate and individual. Eventually,
this cardinality to one or another degree is connected with the same
external determinants and introspection of individuals as an evolution of socium
representing a general category. Very bright examples are given in work of
L.Gumilev in the case, when ethnogenesis prevails as a determinant. An
introspective structure of both individual and socium is getting more
complicated, more exactly, namely this complication together with evolution of
external determinants (11) (11- Technology being a cardinal determinant is
itself a product of spiritual activity of a psychotype -- of contradictate
passionaries.) are a basement of evolution of dictate and socium. In essence, the
question is: How is the basic low of evolution (as an organic-integral
category) realized in one of fundamental elements of its structure -- in
individual introspection of a man? Potentials of the basic low of evolution
determining a character and an intensity of evolutive changes are realized in
concretions of activations (motivations, actions of people) differently
depending on an object of influence, i.e., a concrete individual with a concrete
psycho physiological genotype.
Dictate evolution realizing in differentiated psychotypes of socium members
is a causal determinant of socium stratification, of appearance of a functional
and hedonistic hierarchy in socium and dictate. So a concrete action of
the low of dictate evolution as a versatile process of introspective suppression
and contradictateship should be considered differently with application to
concrete layers of dictate, to concrete psycho genotypes of individuals.
Let us start from the highest layer -- from hierarchs. The layer
motivational dominant is a hypertrophied hedonism that is combined depending on
concrete historical conditions to some or other degree with passionarity of
an aggressive-sadist kind. Prevailing of these dominants conditions the fact
that dictate evolution being adequate to evolution of its
introspective component, in essence, is miserably reflected in variations of
introspective aspects of the layer individuals. Hedonism with a characteristic
to hierarchs of sufficiently low level of censorship of super-I represents
the determinant of psychological activations that is not deformed (or deformed to
a small degree) by dictate evolution, by its external factors or by motivational
A hierarch of a primitive flock, tzar of Sumer or Elam, Egyptian
pharaoh, Sicilian tyrant, Chines emperor, king of medieval Europe, hierarch
of capitalism -- all of them have identical stereotypes by the essence of their
deep motivations, by the vivid motivation determinants, by their attitude to
other layers, and integrally, profoundly-fundamentally -- by possibilities
of satisfaction and by a degree of completeness of hedonism satisfaction.
The dull cannibal (?)Saudeler, multi millionaire of nowadays, prince or
enlighten monarch, Savonarola, Mazdak, and so on -- have the same essence of
their life philosophy, of conscious motivations and subconscious determinants,
although a declared, superficial side of activity may be different.
It takes place because an affection of evolutive essences on dictate
introspection, from one side, is a realization of concrete needs of the
layer, is a product of determinants and motivational complexes, and from the
other side, is fulfilled directly through structures of its I and super-I. A
structure of super-I in that case (in consciousness of hierarch) is a
reflection through a prism of dominated hedonism of external realities
securing an individual hedonistic prevailing, i.e., any essence of super-I in
one way or another is connected with the expedient actions that secures own
individual domination. Changes, deformations, concerning of that dominant (of
I) by a structure of moral-ethical kind do not take place in realities of
consciousness since the structure is principally weak in the layer and is
suppressed by powerful dominants of hedonism. A teleology of an immanent
presence and a character of the layer determine both its introspective essence
and its static, stability during evolution. Those social restrictions of
dictate that appear in the course of evolution and ostensibly restrain,
deform a character of hierarch functioning, represent only a variation of a
formal side of oppression and concern variations of a form and an
introspective basement of other dictate layers, determined by evolution.
The next layer in dictate hierarchy is conductors and executors of
suppression. Individuals of the layer directly fulfill suppression and due to
it they are present in any dictate form just as hierarchs and producers. The layer
has been evolving for the whole history of replacing dictate forms and evolutions
of introspections. The layer fulfills a suppression in reality, i.e.,
hierarchs using peculiarities of a psychotype of the individuals self-
assigning themselves to the layer, realize direct functions of suppression.
As an essence of suppression both introspective and formal (as a consequence of
introspective) changes according to the basic law of evolution, so dictate
evolution in its strategic introspection must produce a direct influence,
determine a development of both a psychotype of the layer and an introspective
component (injected) of consciousness.
The basic law of dictate evolution determines a strategic character of
evolutive growth of introspective oppression, a shift of suppression accent
from a pure physical to a prevailing introspective with penetration into deep
layers of subconsciousness. A physical character of the early forms of
oppression suggests a low level of components of censorship in super-I
connected with the highest ethical and moral dogmas of a humanitarian kind and
plasticity, minimal resistance to injection of loyal dogmas combined with
passionarity in a form of sadistic aggression and a necessary level of
primitive hedonism. This complex gives an opportunity of an optimal
fulfillment of suppression to centurion, legionnaire, administrative of Rome,
executors of will of hierarchs-priests in city-temples of Mesopotamia,
and so on. A rough suppression implies rough instruments -- there are no
needs in creative searches, in various instruments and means of suppression,
in development of introspective means of loyal dogma injection in
The further course of evolution determines an expansive growth, a
prevailing the very these components of suppression directed at suppression
of motivational basement of antagonism to dictate. Dictate evolution in
its external form is chronologically accompanied by an appearance and a
development of state, state laws and ethics, a religion with its powerful
mystic-ethical basement, moral as a total sum of common human ideas, dogmas,
norms, customs that regulate as out-of-low people's relations so notions about
spiritual and humanitarian values and also ethics, art, literature, science,
and so on. Even a superficial glance at these external attributes of socium
evolution reveals their direct connection with dictate and their
application or an ability of application completely or partly in dictate favor by
functionaries of a conductor layer.
Evolution in introspective basement determines a shift of functions of
conduction and execution of suppression, sharing of them between a layer of
conductors and an accompanying layer. Introspection of suppression in
evolutive development does not at all exclude a presence in its structure of
negative-motivational, prohibitive aspects realized by bureaucratic, military,
police apparatus, by organs of jurisdiction, and so on. A phase of
evolution determines a level of prevailing over activations of these structures
of a motivational suppression of a positive-involving kind produced to a
greater extent (in comparison with conductors) by individuals of accompanying
layer. In other words, in spite of motivational deformations of the
layer, its fluctuations connected with particular-historic determinants and
other minor factors, dictate evolution lead to a progressive continual and
functional reduction of the layer with transition of a part of its functions
to other layers, for example to an accompanying one. There is the
following effect of dictate evolution as the general category in a particular
application to a layer of conductors: a preservation of qualitative character
of functional activations of the layer with a reduction of social and
functional continuum of the layer. The preservation of a qualitative
invariability of layer activations (just like of the previous layer, considered
above) is a causal consequence of a motivation stereotype of accompanying
layer irrespective of invested deformations.
From the other side, the law of big numbers together with the results of
analysis of population hierarchies of mammals (Maslow) brings us to the conclusion
that percentage stability, invariability of structures of socium hierarchy should
entail an evolutive growth of the layer continuum. It is true, if we do
not consider a difference of human socium from populations of other mammals --
namely, a level of development of its mentality, of an introspective essence
determining a concrete character of dictate evolution. An introspective
character of the dictate evolution law encountering a continually-population
growth of hierarchy results in frequent processes of an individual and
functional investment into other layers with a transition of functions of
psycho genotype dominants into a whole structure of introspections
of these layers. In other words, there is a numerical reduction of an
individual continuum of layer and investments into other layers (discussed in
the previous chapter) and a transition of a part of functions of
introspective suppression of a positive kind to an accompanying layer.
It is possible to trace the process using historical factology. The
epoch of primitive physical dictate -- development of Sumer, Akkad, Ur -- is
connected with prevailing of a direct physical suppression by administration and
militaries. The same form but at a later stage -- hellenism and ancient Rome --
then a part suppression functions (in their motivational basement)
transfers to other functionaries: religion-mystic, loyal creators of ethic and
aesthetical dogmas and canons and so on, i.e., to representatives of an
accompanying layer. The process is growing with appearance and expansion of
Christianity as an ethic-mystical ontology of being with immanent-loyal
basement (in Europe) and with appearance of Islam in the East, Confucianism in
China and similar by basic teachings in other regions. A development of
loyal (and also contradictate) creative work: literature, painting,
architecture (not in the last turn the castles of hierarchs and temples)
sculptures, music leads to development of all-social and all-human ideas on
virtues, canons of moral, ethics, and so on, which immediately are utilized by
dictate to its purposes. It even more facilitates the evolution process of
introspection of suppression and of transaction of a part of functions connected
with it to accompanying layer. An architect of an impressive temple or a
hierarch's castle, a creator of hymn or statue elevating the terrible figure of an
emperor, a Doug, or a condottiere makes a much greater contribution to the total
sum of influence of a layer of the suppressed than all hangmen of the epoch
especially at a presence of such dominant as technology evolution. The process
acquires a character of dominant prevailing at epoch of transition to
postcivilization characterized by a gigantic development, hypertrophy of mean of
affections on consciousness both qualitative and extensive. Layer of conductors
with respect to a total socium population is constantly regressing (12) (12 -- A
permanent factor governing the regress is a rapid development of quality and power
of weapon, i.e., of means of direct physical suppression.) and transition of
functions of introspective suppression is constantly enlarging an accompanying
layer. Peculiarities of the layer psychotype -- an aggression of sadist kind and
a low level of determinations of super-I -- are a reason of easy injection of
loyal ideas in structures of super-I and this phenomenon progresses according to
the low of dictate evolution determining a growth of volume and quality of
introspective suppression. It determines a hypertrophy of loyalty of the layer
individuals. As a consequence of that, executors and conductors of antique are
replaced by fanatics of later epochs having a hypertrophy of loyal structures of
super-I: inquisitors, Gestapo, and so on.
Accompanying layer as a conglomerate of creative-loyal individuals due to its
functional predestination and structure of psychotype is the most bright indicator
and a concrete illustration, a reflection of the basic low of dictate evolution.
An introspective-dictate direction of the layer activity according to the law of
evolution is growing both continually (in comparison with other layers
outstripping an extensive growth of socium) and functionally. An adequacy of
predestination, a teleology of the layer and a profound, fundamental essence of
dictate evolution is the reason that a chronology of dictate evolution is a
chronology of an extensive numerical growth of the layer, of its contribution and
importance in the whole structure of oppression, an enlargement of variety of
functions (cinema, television, and so on) while preserving completely both a
character of potentials and activations and psychological structures of
motivations, domination and production. There is no need to illustrate the
statement since all the history of mankind irrespective of region and ethnic
differences is its integral illustration and argument. In other words, in that
case also there is a quantitative and formal variation of structure and
functioning of the layer without changes of its profound basement and teleology.
Negative passionaries represent the layer that directly entails, induces a
level of negativity of introspective dictate, a character and a level of
combination of components of involvement and prohibition in a whole continuum of
methods and instruments of oppression. As mentioned above, the basic low has the
main tendency of intraspectivization of oppression complicated by a superposition
of fluctuated determinants. In the case of presence of only the strategic
tendency, i.e., a linear evolution of introspection to the direction of positive
kind of oppression, the layer of negative passionaries would have a permanent
tendency of a motivational alienation as it was analyzed in the previous chapters.
However, it does not happen because in distinction from the others the layer is
not inheritable, permanently-individual but has a concrete-temporal completion,
i.e., its deformations, enlargement or reduction reflect to the first turn
concrete social, historical and natural determinants. Intervals of history with
bright realization of the strategic tendency of intraspectivization of oppression
are the epochs, when negative passionaries are alienated and invested in other
layers. Reasons for that may be quit versatile but they are obligatory of an
introspective-ethical kind -- patriotism, ethnical expansion, and so on. Examples
are presented by cooperation of antique states and pirates (of the same ethnos) at
moments of repulsion of external expansions, state piracy in Briton, France, Spain
in XVI - XVII cc., and so on. In any case, whether for a short or long period, the
basic low of evolution determines an alienation of individuals of the layer,
although the phenomenon can be leveled by sporadic events, social peculiarities,
peculiarities of a hierarch, ethnic phases, cyclic exchange of dictate forms at
epoch of civilization, and so on. In essence, a state of the layer is a
consequence of antagonism of negative passionarity (a dominant of the layer
individuals) representing in the essence a motivational transformation of hedonism
and a character of suppression inherent of a given form of dictate.
A positive involvement, i.e., an injected invasion through structures of I
and super-I and directly into sphere of subconsciousness of hedonistic basement of
motivation potentials, is a process of formation of associative arcs bonding
external and internal hedonistic aspects and realities of dictate necessities. A
stimulation of hedonism results in the inversion of a sign of passionarity at
least of the part of layer that is characterized by a comparatively low level of
passionarity. An intensification of positive motivational involvement
characteristic of the basic law of evolution determines a progressive involvement
of the layer individuals in a structure of supporting layers of dictate and vice
versa, an intensification of negative- motivational suppression destroying
positive-hedonistic associative-reflex arcs results in growing of negative
motivation to dictate. Summarizing, it is possible to say that variations of
continuum and level of passionarity of the layer are the indicators of a character
of oppression in a given region-historical reality (13) (13- Sometimes, this
picture is complicated by such factors as ethnic investments of the most
passionary (negatively) individuals of neighboring ethnoses or due to
peculiarities of socium formation from individuals of just negative-passionary
kind (the USA, Australia, South America, and so on).
The layer that produces a material basement of socium and dictate and is
affected by all concretions of suppression directed on it is the layer of
producers. It reveals the most clear reflection of the law of dictate evolution.
Being a direct counteragent of technological determination of the evolution
process and a composing part of its technical-economical component, the layer
evolves as if in two plans that are independent from each other but are
supplemented to each other in the whole process of socium evolution. The first
process, aspect is an intellectualization of labor described in the previous
chapters as a materialized essence, the resulting effect of technology.
Determined by contradictate passionaries, an evolution of technology makes a
dominating influence on dictate evolution indirectly through a variation of a
necessary character of material production. In their turn, requirements of
evolving dictate due to the basic law of evolution make functionaries of
oppression to change a character of activations to the direction of a positive-
motivational introspection. In other words, two independent dominants are
affecting consciousness of an individual-producer and determining the same final
effect: a necessity of motivational involvement for efficient labor at a high
level of intellectual content of production determined by technological evolution;
and a positive-hedonistic involvement with the same aim determined by the basic
law of dictate evolution; all of these eventually results in the same effect, in
intensification of the evolution process. Here, technology as a determinant plays
a two-sided role -- affecting an introspection of an individual directly and
indirectly through the process of dictate evolution realized in forms, structures,
A linear character of evolution process would determine an evolution of
producer layer just in this way. However, realities of history are more complex,
so let us consider an action of the law of evolution at the epochs discussed
above: precivilization, civilization, postcivilization. A slow going dictate
evolution at epoch of precivilization conditioned by superposition of natural
determinants and a slow evolving technology is as if a prelude to a real evolution
process of the layer, because neither dictate nor the layer of producers has yet a
strict structure. In essence, hierarchs of the epoch are those only in a sense of
appropriation of a part of hedonistic wealth but do not alienate themselves from
production (i.e., gathering food) and guarantee of security. On the contrary,
hierarch, i.e., the strongest male, is the most strong weapon of socium in a
struggle against external factors. Strictly speaking, an evolution of the layer
begins namely from the appearance of labor as a process of influence on an
environment (agriculture, cattle-breeding), i.e., with change of a technology
level and connected increase of a volume of produced material wealth as a basement
for existence of all parasitic structures of socium and dictate: hierarchs,
conductors, accompanyings, and so on. An action of the law of evolution at the
epoch as described above conditions a character of evolution of the layer of
producers. Being a consequence of the basic law, the strategic tendency determines
the main regularity of evolution of producer layer: a technologically determined
intraspectivization of labor and suppression. As for concrete structures and
dictate basement at the epoch, they depend on complex interactions of ethnic,
ideological, natural, subjective, and some other factors. This is an explanation
of the fact that actions of the basic law of evolution are clearly revealed at
prolonged historic intervals and short historic periods exhibit concretions of
dominants of a quit various nature. Let us look, for example, at a period from
VII-IX to XX c. in West Europe. In general, it confirms the basic law but
particular intervals of the period in different regions present concretions
determined by quit various factors: Hanse, Venetian republic, Savonarola, French
revolution and the following epochs, Bulgaria and Greece of the epoch of being
conquered by Turks, Christian sects. The same statements are applicable to any
other regions and sociums having a sufficiently long chronological evolution. The
epoch of postcivilization and its transitional period, characterized by coming to
a forefront as a basic dominant of socium (global) the technology, presents the
most bright, logically regular concretization of the basic law of evolution with
respect to the layer of producers with the all mentioned above immanent essences
and factors.
Contradictate passionaries due to their alienation, removing from dictate --
in motivations, spirit, potential and accidental -- is an independent layer with
respect to dictate in a process of its dialectic evolution and simultaneously the
initiative determinant of technology evolution. It is true of the whole layer but
accidental factors of a positive-motivational involvement described in the
previous sections and chapters and connected with the strategic tendency of
suppression (as a consequence of the basic law) result in a partial alienation of
the least passionary individuals of the layer having some plasticity of structures
of super-I with respect to dictate's inculcations into consciousness. In other
words, dictate evolution determines only some quantitative continual changes of
the layer leaving untouched the functional and introspective basement and


The basic law of dictate evolution with its introspective essence,

tendencies and concrete-temporal fluctuating realities determines both a
strategic character of suppression evolution and external concretions of socium
existence (economic, policy, culture, ethics) and simultaneously in a very
specific way affects structures, layers composing a basement of its own
existence. Considered layers of dictate with immanent psycho genotypes in a
course of evolution show a principle peculiarity connected with the ability to
stable preservation by a majority of individuals of each layer of
psychotype peculiarities important for efficient functional activations of layer
continuum. Investment and deformation-evolutive changes of motivational
stereotypes are the reason, a cardinal determinant of infrastructural
motivational and activational collisions, i.e., eventually of continual-
introspective determinants of dictate evolution as a whole.
So we can say that dictate as a category and materialized social
essence and evolution of dictate as objective teleological processes are
determined by a presence of external determinants, immanent to individual
structures of thinking (mind, consciousness, and so on), layer-dictate psycho
genotype stereotypes subject to dynamic shifts and deformations that results
in social-dictate infrastructural collisions. Dialectic hierarchic manifestation,
activation of these structures and factors are the reason of dictate
evolution, i.e., of a social essence determining to some or other degree all
aspects of socium existence.
The next chapters will be devoted to analysis of a character of
determination by dictate of various sides of socium life.

Chapter 5
Dictate and state
State (1) (1- Here, the term "state" has a wider meaning than usually.
It includes any formal social or political hierarchy of dictate formed by
rights, customs, taboo, ideology, i.e., along with traditional state it is a
community, tribe, ethnos, religions conglomerate, and so on.) is an external
form, a social materialization of the general category of dictate. It is a
complex of external (with respect to a concrete individual) structures that
reflects, realizes dictate layers with appropriation to them concrete
functions, rights, duties, advantages and official status. An expedient adequacy
of rightful and willed appropriation of corresponding aspects of state power to
dictate layers according to the criteria of maximal efficiency of suppression (and
functioning of dictate and socium) is an index of dictate progressive value of
a state. The adequacy is conditioned by several factors both of a
principle character determined by a level of dictate genesis and of a
formal, concrete-social character (eventually also determined by dictate
genesis). An invective shift of dictate layers often results in such state
fluctuating forms (that are always historically short-lived), where a
decisive role is played by an individual will, arbitrary rule of individuals or
groups of selected layers and quit not always of hierarchs. Nero, Sulla,
Sicilian tyrants, mazdakism, epoch of soldiers' emperors of Rome,
Savonarola, mamelukes, fascism in Germany, Mao - this is a wide of complete list
of possible examples. The situation is usually conditioned either by
externally determined fluctuations of dictate evolution or, more often, by
entering of a concrete dictate form and consequently of a state into a
phase of obscuration and disintegration. So far as all the social including
evolution of dictate is an integral product of individual activity
determined by mentality and motivational essence of concrete individuals
so adequacy of state-functional aspects to layers of dictate hierarchy depends
to great extent on correspondence of a continuum of formal state
factors and essences to motivational stereotypes and functional teleologism of
dictate layers. A dissonance between declared principles of state, its
legislative and political basement and expediency of functioning of state
structures (structures of suppression) and also of real social situation and
motivations of individuals is a measure of efficiency of state form, its
adequacy to requirements of evolving dictate irrespective of whether the
dissonance is a consequence of dictate genesis or of some subjective reasons.
The problem of adequacy of state teleology and individual motivations (2) (2 --
Although not in a general case of evolving dictate, its stratified structure
with immanent psycho genotypes, i.e., with gradation of the correspondence.)
was discussed indirectly by many philosophers: Epictetus, Seneca, Plotinus,
Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Augustin, Thomas Aquinas, Montaigne, Helvetius,
Nietzsche, Heidegger, and others. These men of great intellect with a
characteristic magnificence analyzed various aspects of the problem
including ethical, functional, ethnogenesis, and so on, and their arguments
and conclusions will be used in analysis in the chapter.
Since state power is a material form of a concrete dictate, so the second
aspect of analysis in the chapter will be a determination by dictate
evolution (as a general category introspective in its basement) of concrete
structures, factors and institutes of state including ideology, ethics and
moral, administrative hierarchy and military structures, legislative norms
and penitential system, level of arbitrary rule and structures restricting
it, and so on. An internal, deep foundation of a state, its basement in
people's consciousness and in external form is presented by ideas and principles
that found its necessity and expedience and justify in introspection of the
suppressed a necessity of hedonistic alienation.
Of course, a hierarch of flock or a leader of primitive tribe while settling
a concrete dictate structure may not declare and present for the whole
community judgment the main ideas of his own prevailing. Still, they are present
-- the ideas of a moral right of a strong man on prevailing in hedonism, on an
expediency of his own domination, and so on. A degree of correspondence of the
ideas to realities of objectivity, a logic of their concretions, a symbolic
formulation and other aspects -- these are the questions relevant already to a
form, to the next phase of dictate evolution. The essence is in the fact that
any dictate in a form of state has in its foundation some ideas and
principles being injected into consciousness of the suppressed with an
aureole of necessity, expediency, common weal, ethical beauty. Still, real, deep
motivations of state (dictate) are invariant from the first steps of mankind
(3)(3 -- This very basic statement of the work has been analyzed and
argued in the previous chapters.), although ideas and principles composing its
basement have been varying and evolving with dictate. A dissonance between an
introspective dictate essence, its hierarchy of motivations and suppression in
concrete state forms and realities of life and between a declared ideology --
a complex of basic ideas and principles -- is one of the main factors
conditioning a presence of introspective collisions and an appearance
due to it of contradictate and negative motivations and a reduction of
efficiency of oppression, of dictate (and state).
Let us consider the statement in the light of evolution of
introspective component of dictate and historic realities of state power. An
introspective gist of dictate as a category and a real essence is an organic
conglomerate of hedonism of hierarchs of positive-motivated layers and a
repression of external dominants and motivational complexes of the suppressed
determining level, intensity and direction of their production efforts. A
unipolarity, minimization of the above mentioned dissonance is conditioned,
first, by correspondence of a declared sum of principles and ideas to
necessities of dictate, i.e., to hedonism of the highest layers of
hierarchy and to dictate potential to withstand against external deforming
factors, and, second, by its satisfaction of a structure of conscious dogmas,
criteria, notions and subconscious motivations, instincts of the suppressed -- of
producers. Leader of a flock -- the strongest male while appropriating to himself
the rights and functions of a hierarch and providing himself with hedonistic
prevailing (food, shelter, females) takes upon himself the functions of main
support, defense, food obtaining. Here, the real and injected indirectly (not
declared consciously) in consciousness of the suppressed dogma of physical
domination and so of a hedonistic prevailing responds, from on side, to
interests of hierarch and, from another side, to a structure of conscious
determinants of motivations of the suppressed, since in introspection an
alienation of a part of hedonistic wealth is compensated by a higher level of
protection from external factors. It is an aspect of hedonism, since the male's
power, his aggression, fighting qualities and, the most important, motivational
direction of activations are a weighty factor in securing surviving of an
individual, flock and posterity.
In lacking factors determining a disharmony and introducing in it
some evolutive determinants (4) (4 -- First of all, it is a technology evolution,
determined by contradictate passionaries and also external factors and
connected with these two groups consequent factors.) such state power can last
very long, during an interval of existence of concrete spices of highly
progressed mammals.
A civilization has started and at its very early stages the previous
position changed completely; gerontocrasy of tribe communities determines
the inversion of the above mentioned harmony of ideology and concretions into an
internally antagonistic system of taboo and customs directed on restriction of
an arbitrary rule of strong individuals, creation of socium hierarchy and on
motivational-activational concretions of elite, dominating persons. Ideology
of early stages of community-tribe forms of socium represents a sum of ideas
and principles aimed on protection of elderly, women, children from an arbitrary
rule of the strong; the ideas and principles are fixed in a system of non-
written right and are secured by gerontocrasy as carriers of collective ideology
and memory. A functional aspect of prevailing of the strongest in a flock, which
is socially-expedient and so introspectively compensating a hedonistic
domination, at this stage is divided. A functional expedient domination of a
strong is alienated from hedonism since hierarchs of tribe not at all are the
most valuable individuals in provision of functional-vivid concretions of socium.
At the stage, ideology of state is losing its bio-social foundation and starts
to acquire aspects of ethical, loyal- dictate, conjunctive-demagogic
kind immanently inherent also to all following state forms. A complex of
ideas and norms lying in the basement of commune-tribe state represents a
sum of spiritual, introspective essences, which potential-activational
predestination is to compensate a hedonistic inequality in consciousness of
socially valuable suppressed individuals . An uncompensated dissonance has
appeared as an introspective collision between declared ideology (as a kind of
customs, taboo, beliefs, early ethics) and a character of hierarchic
possibilities of hedonism satisfactions, which is not compensated by a collective
necessity. This is only a beginning phase of the process of an
evolution determination by dictate of introspective collisions between a state
ideology and external concretions reflected together in consciousness of
Further dictate evolution results in appearance of a new form -- a
slavery having a strict determination of hierarchy layers and differentiation
of functional and hedonistic potentials of individuals. The previous epochs
represent just a prehistory of dictate and state. An appearance of the
early slavery states in Mesopotamia determines a beginning of such aspects of
state power (a dictate concretion) as an officially declared ideology,
laws, structure of state power (of dictate), and so on. Ideology of
slavery includes several principal components inherent to the all following
forms of state ideology and conditioned by a development, evolution both of
dictate directly and indirectly through it by some external determinants such
as technology, ethnic, and so on.
An aspect of socium that cardinally determines dictate evolution of
state ideology is an appearance of collective memory -- writing, from
ideographical to symbolic one that allows to preserve ideas and transfer
them from generation to generation missing subjects-carriers. Due to it, from
one side, stable complexes of ideas appear as basements of ideology fixed
outside consciousness of individuals and, from another side, it facilitates
a conservatism of ideology and an appearance of dialectic conflicts between
varying socium, dictate and a static, conservative ideology of state
All numerous factors-determinants of ideology make contributions
in continuum of ideas-basements of state power and accompanying layer of dictate
appearing on arena of history become a materializer that makes a concrete
ideology of state power. It evolves from priests of town-temples and loyal
creators of first states of Sumer and Akkad to a gigantic conglomerate of
individuals of the layer nowadays. At early stages of slavery, the function of the
layer is fulfilled by priests of town-temples and loyal creators. The essence,
psychotype of the dictate layers determines a gist of ideas, their formation
and attitude to state power. A religiousness of individuals of that epoch is
an immanent feature as well as their sociability: religion as a system of
ontological, ethical, mystical, and so on ideas tied in an eclectic
conglomerate is organically connected with state system not only in a formal way
(since hierarch of town-temple is also an ideological hierarch) but also with
the help of ideas. Due to that unity, religion becomes an ideal
justification, a lawyer of existing order, giving an expedient teleology to
it using arguments of ontological, ethical, and mystical kinds. Religion, as
dictate ideology, consecrated first of all community-social, ethnic,
dictate, and, as a wreath of a form, state essences of socium. More over, it
came forward as a cementing beginning, similar to ethnic self-assigning, by
alienating from performance of religious cults of slaves and aliens (5) (5 --
Ranking to a cult of the most suppressed producers of socium is inevitably
connected with presence in structure of a state ideology, in that case of
religion, of components of masochist-mystic kind tied with dogmas of ethic,
recompensation, virtue, and so on, inherent to the later forms of religious
ideology. A religious cult presented the essence, the beginning that united
members of socium having a common wealth, opposing it to external natural
forces and other sociums. This peculiarity of religious ideology of an early
slavery is well combined with a tolerance to alien ideologies -- to religious
cults. The cults of (?)Enke in (?)Eredy, (?)Enlil in (?)Nippyr, (?)Dingimah in
Adoba, (?)Ngatumdy in Lagash, (?)Inana in Uruk, and so on, well coexist at
the same chronological intervals of history. That peculiarity is easily
accounted for by the fact that the
religion of early slavery did not contain (in its basement) features of a
direct ideological suppression, introspective injections of loyalty but only
features of a social conglomeration, of state-ethnic co-assigning.
As for suppression, it has features and dominants of a direct forced
influence, physical compulsion without weighty features of introspection. A
presence of features such as a motivational state-ethnic self-assigning,
social conglomeration and a lack of features of direct motivational suppression,
of injected-instructive dictate -- is a reason of a social and dictate (and so,
formal state) positivity, progressiveness of state ideology of the epoch.
Roots, psycho physiological basements of this idyllic harmony are determined
by the following factors. A starting phase of technology development and connected
to it by bilateral ties a continuum of contradictate passionaries having a low
quality and minimal volume, determines a low level of motivations of super-I
structures. It in turn entails a prevailing of I structures and hedonism of It,
i.e., structures of external expediency of a primitive hedonism, which are
stimulated by a co-participation to a concrete socium, and so to a corresponding
declared ideology in a form of a concrete cult. An absolute acceptance of
religious categories and dogmas (6) (6 -- To reach atheism in its very early
form -- of antique philosophy, mankind had have to pass thousands of years of
evolution of socium, dictate and mentality.) associated with the highest
hierarch of dictate -- the highest priest of temple-town together with
hedonistic-positive involvement, co-participation in a concrete cult (as shown
above) determines a lack of motivational dissonance and an acceptance by an
individual of declared ideology (in that rudimentary form as it was), and
consequently an introspective perception, self-assigning to dictate of the
suppressed -- of producers. Namely this feature -- a lack of repressing
ideophobic state power to antagonists, a high level of toleration to alien
cults is one of the reasons of involvement without an introspective-injected
The second easing the same effect not less important feature of
character of dictate determined ideology is a lack in cultures of the given
epoch of a harmonious system of loyal-dictate ethical and ethic-ontological
dogmas and points of view characteristic of ideologies and religions of
the following epochs. An eclectic complexity of rather vague notions and
ideas explaining an external world conditions the fact that the ideology of
dictate epoch under consideration - a cult ideology - in not an instrument of
suppression but as an ideal basement of a form of state power realizing dictate
at a basement of positive-hedonistic involvement.
Summarizing, it is possible to say that at a given stage of development of
dictate determined ideology of objective conditions of socium, i.e., a
dialectically interconnected complex of external determinants and all
aspects of functioning socium correspond to a dictate introspection in
consciousness of individuals, more exactly, a level of dissonance in their
consciousness is comparatively low for determination of negative to dictate
The next cardinal factor determining a character of dictate influence on
state ideology, its efficiency, a degree of its acceptance by individuals at all
epochs is a presence of other ideas and ideologies, an extent of their
accessibility to socium individuals. A collision in consciousness of individuals
of ideas of different directions, of efficiency and level of intellectual
power and adequacy to realities of being results in deformation of
introspective-injected determinations of a loyal-dictate kind, in introduction
in the structure of super-I determinations of a negative and contradictate
kind and so in appearance of motivational dissonances entailing a lowering
of level of ideological involvement, lowering of efficiency of state system (form
of dictate). A presence at that epoch of formally different ideology-cults
-- which are very similar according to their essence and ideological content
-- due to an amorphous eclecticism of dogmas, mutual toleration does not
result in the above mentioned effects. A comparatively small continuum of
contacting sociums and an approximate uniformity of stages (phases) of their
ethnogenesis determine a uniformity of ideological basement of declared
ideology and so levels possibilities of its external inversion.
One more factor determining an activity and efficiency of declared
ideology, i.e., its adequacy to realities reflected in categories of
consciousness at all epochs of dictate evolution and concretely at the
considered epoch of early slavery is an ideological succession, an extrapolative
logic of evolving sequence of ideologies without introduction of sudden changes
in a structure of introspective determinants and dogmas injected by dictate.
Social collisions in a form of revolutions, ethic expansions, state-
ideological antagonisms entailing illogical jumps, qualitative, principle
deformations of ideological basements (but not of forms as they are
secondary) result in softening of ideological injected structures of
consciousness that block breaking into motivations of contradictate and negative
dominants. Producers, contradictate passionaries, accompanying layers at the
epochs of ideological bursts in their majority preserve a conservatism of
psychology stereotype and new by ideas, by dogmas ideologies can touch these
psychotypes only superficially. A restricted acceptance of a new ideology as
a structure of conscious determinants of I and super-I is possible only for a
small part of hierarchy having a plastic, reacting on conjuncture-concrete
ideological complexes, consciousness that results in deformation of
psychotypes (described in chap.3) and so in alienations from and investments
to dictate layers. As for a majority of individuals, in their consciousness
negation (principle) of dogmas of loyalty to dictate and to its concretions --
to state form and an intensive inculcation of new dogmas and ideas result only
in subconscious (and conscious) feeling, in an idea of relativity of
ideology in general, in subconscious nihilism, in reduction of effect of
ideology as an aspect of state power. As a result, it increases a continuum
of layers functionally antagonistic to dictate and state and decreases
loyalty, conformism, unidirectionality of motivations of functional dictate
At the epoch under consideration, something hardly can be told about a
succession, because as state power so ideology are in an embryonic stage. A
succession is present in a sense that an essence of religious cults of town-
temples is a logic development of those subconscious natural-biological ideas
taking place in an unformed ideology of flock and tribe. Ideas of divinity of
nature, a dying and resurrecting god, and others represent a mystic reflection in
consciousness of infinite mysteries and essences of surrounding nature without
introduction of subjective components connected with man, i.e., namely those
essences that determine a character of ideology in flock and tribe. This fact
determines and accounts for both the described above self-assigning to a cult
(ideology) and a hedonistic in its basement positiveness of motivations of
loyal-dictate kind.
The next cardinal factor of dictate determination of state
ideology efficiency is a presence and a level of development of
infrastructure sources generating ideas and ideologies principally different
from an officially-declared state ideology. As these generators are always
conglomerates of contradictate or rear negative passionaries, so the factor is
directly determined by a level of positive-motivation involvement in dictate
structure, by a level of state attraction and encouragement of
intellectual elite. An influence of ideas generated by contradictate
intellectuals is stronger as it is in a harmony accord with the basic
subconscious motivations of It. So a presence of infrastructure generators of
contradictate ideas and dogmas immanent to developed sociums determines a
motivational dissonance in introspection of the suppressed as a result of
superposition of antagonistic ideologies. A completely physical character of
suppression of the epoch, a weak development of layer of contradictate
passionaries (both qualitative and quantitative), a lack of formed complete
ideology of oppression as a state's one -- all these factors are the
basement and determinant of a low level, unimportance to social-dictate of
dissonance between a declared ideology as a basement of state and reflected
realities of objective world.
Another predestination of state ideology is a decoration, substitution or
camouflage of ideological basement of dictate in a form of state power by
dogmas, ideas, motivations of ethical kind in a form of patriotic, ethic,
chauvinistic, and so on psychological structures. The motivational dissonance
discussed above can for a time be leveled by powerful motivations of
collective-ethnical kind based on positive-motivation (hedonistic inside) self-
assigning to ethnos. A transformation of hedonistic--gregorian ethnic
motivations into loyal-state, loyal-dictate ones leveling a profound
contradictate passionarity of individualism represents in its essence a
concretion of the Freud substitution, of a cardinal mechanism of a psychic
adaptation. Namely of an adaptation, since the mechanism at a given concrete case
(socium) is a prevailing feature of an individual having a low level of
motivational, intellectual, passion power and a plastic consciousness
(producers, accompanyings, conductors).
At the stage under consideration, evolution of state power
determined by dictate, its ideological basement, ethnos, ethnic motivations are
in a rudimentary state, so the above mentioned mechanism stays idle and there is
no need in it yet. At that stage, ideological basements of state reign
undividedly in consciousness of individuals.
Passing by some intermeddle stages, let us consider the epoch of antique
Hellinism. It is epoch of large ethnic conglomerates: Egypt, Persia, Greece,
China, India, later Rome. Philosophical, theological, ethical teachings appear
and are developed mutually influencing each other, a system of collective
memory is being developed from hieroglyphic writing to context-symbol signs, all
of this is a result of activity of contradictate. New features of state
power appear: legalized hierarchy of administration, legislation and courts,
penitential system, professional army, and others. A complication of state
power (concretion of dictate) requires (and in its turn determines) a change
of principle, ideological basements of state -- their formation into a logic,
organic system of ethic-philosophical essences that unite a state (dictate) and
common weal (hedonistic continuum). The system is accepted as an official
ideology, measures are undertaken for its guarding and conservation,
preservation from external deforming influences.
In essence, ideological basements of state as a social form of dictate
are an ethic proof of necessity and expediency of namely a given, concrete
dictate form and so they reflect, to one or another degree transformed-
decorated, the main features of the form. A developed slavery as a form of
dictate is characterized by such features as presence of the highest
autocrat (or, before, oligarchy), layer of hierarchs, tough physical
suppression with growing component of introspective suppression (its character
will be discussed later), powerful processes of ethnogenesis with some
specific features (7) (7- Ethnos was formed as a prevailing conglomerate with
respect to aliens. Those who did not belong to the ethnos (Egypt, Athens, Rome,
and so on) were mainly the suppressed, persons of lower level with respect to
ethnos-dominant.), hedonistic (potential), social, functional and also
legislative stratification of socium. A presence of powerful external
determinants of dictate, natural and ethnical, determines a necessity of
efficient dictate unifying individual motivations to withstand against external
perturbations, and so on. These features are directly or indirectly
(associatively) reflected in ideology of slavery, in ideologies of state basement
of the epoch.
A main factor of ideological basement of state at the epochs is an accepted
from previous epoch of state power religion, a mystic-ontological ethic of
state power, which in spite of appearance and development of philosophical,
abstract ideologies still is a cardinal instrument of dictate (8) (8- Due to the
same absolute, total religious feeling, since a few skeptics and atheists
of Hellinism have appeared only later and most often were rejected by socium
(Diogenes).). Let us consider the main features of state religions of
different states of the epoch.
In Egypt, state religion, its notions and hierarchy of pandemonium
directly depend on a Pharaoh establishing a cult of Amon, Aton, animalist gods -
Apis, (?)Socnebtyunis, and others. Ptah directly reflects a structure of extreme
centralization of state, of autocracy in orthodox form - in Pharaoh power. A
promotion of one of the mentioned gods as the highest hierarch of Egyptian
pantheon and association of Pharaoh with him as his human hypostasis (or a
direct pointing of that) of mystical essence and will is an invariable religious
component of ideology. A lack or a low level of rational knowledge and ideas
attainable by suppressed layers is the reason of more deep influence on them of
religious aspects of state ideology. Inclusion in it of features of mystical
predetermination and expediency using an association of pantheon hierarchy --
is only one superficial feature of dictate determination of ideology.
A lack of rational knowledge on surrounding world (9) (9- At least, of
relativistic experience knowledge supported by accepted social authorities of
intellect, by commonly attainable logical theories.) and an absolute
introspection of religion impart to powerful manifestations of nature,
natural calamities suppressing by their power a people's consciousness,
making them helpless in front of elements, a character of mystical-supremacy,
divinity. Hedonism of It together with helpless consciousness entails an
introspective submission, an internal acceptance of existing order of the
world and itself as an object subordinated, helpless and, together with
associated representations of natural-pantheistic hierarchy in social media, -- a
transition of these notions in a field of infrastructure-dictate relations.
A concrete representation of hierarchy pantheon is only a mean for solution of
social-dictate collisions. For example, replacement of the supreme hierarch of
pantheon of Amon-Ra for Aton was only an ideological screen in a struggle with
large ancestral nobles (10) (10 - Especially when we account that besides the
official religion there were many regional pantheons and hierarchs.).
Memorials of Egyptian written language reached nowadays from the Rosette
stone to " Book of dead" and "papyruses from garbage" have no evidence of a
presence of complete, logical, philosophical, ethical teachings and theories.
Those rudiments of theoretical notions on man present, for example, in "Book of
dead" have a brightly expressed theology-mystical, religious roots and besides
that they hardly could have been attainable by a wide circle of people from
suppressed layers. A powerful ethnic pressure on socium of Egypt was a reason
(11) (11- As shown above, powerful external ethnic collisions increase a
social-dictate role of professional worriers and at some stage an efficient
form of dictate in socium opposing alien ethnoses turns to be a form similar
to a military one - to hierarchic autocracy.) that ideology was reduced to a
religious-mystic intensification in introspection of individuals of categories of
necessity and expediency of the very concrete dictate form - the autocracy of
The next region - Iran at epoch from Achaemenids to Sassanids -- -is
characterized both by development of a physical dictate and a mystic-ethical
ideology of Zoroastrianism from the early stages to formation into
dogmatic religion and by appearance of contradictate theories such as
manichaeism. Zoroastrianism with its supreme mystical hierarch - Ahura
Mazdah at an early stage of development gets on with a cult of more
ancient gods of natural-element's pantheon: Mitra, (?)Anakhita, and so on. A
duality of good and evil carrying superficially a charge of
contradictateship was not understood, was adopted by dictate and rejected by it.
The reason was a lack of necessity in ideological basement, of introspective
substantiation of its necessity and expediency for socium.
A development of dictate from physical suppression in town-temples to
slavery state with an immanent extension of physical repression of the
suppressed and with centralization of power structures (12) (12- The maximal level
of physical suppression is always connected with state autocracy.) is a
basement and a determinant of evolution of state ideology to the direction of
personification of a hierarch of mystical pantheon in a hierarch of dictate.
Starting from the times of Magian-priests, Zoroastrianism has been not only
transformed into official religion ideology of state, its ideological
content has been changed also. Well beginning, the good in incarnation of
Ahura Mazdah is associated with hierarch of dictate, tzar who acquires the
features of an incarnated common weal, a well teleological expedient essence not
only immanent to socium being but also having a mystic-divine basement, aureole.
Power and fatality of nature negative to a subject reflected in a pantheon of
element's mysticism are added at the given stage of dictate evolution not only
by an associative incarnation of a pantheon hierarch in a hierarch of
dictate. A complication of structure and instruments of suppression
entails also an appearance in religious (in its basement) ideology of ideas
of an ethic-ontology kind loyal to dictate. Being contradictate at a moment of
appearance, these ideas then are adopted to introspective necessities of
suppression and become a beginning embryo of a powerful ethnic (ontological)
complex that makes a basement of introspection of any following form of
dictate. Categories of ontological duality of (?)Mazdeits besides association of
the weal with autocrat introduce in consciousness of individuals the ideas of
personal virtues, dignity and socium weal.
At epoch of early Sumer, ethic of sociums of Elam, Akkad, Ur while
corresponding to dictate structure did not regulate a violence with respect to
alien individuals. Killing of a captive was a norm, since the suppression lacked
necessary means for keeping a slave under subordination. A development of
suppression's means resulted in slavery and ethic norms immediately appeared of
non-acceptance of killing as captives so the lowest members of socium that were
then fixed in state legislative acts. Evolution of dictate and connected
alienation of a part of hedonistic wealth and also a necessity (for hierarchs) of
defense of their individual hedonistic prosperity necessitate an introduction in
state ideology, invested in consciousness of individuals as a complex of ethical
norms and virtues, such notions as self-sacrifice, courage (for opposing of
ethnic and state antagonists), state patriotism, and others.
Dictate evolution results in an appearance of social-dictate collective
ethics, at the beginning as customs and rules of encouragement of
carriers of loyal virtues (13) (13 -- -Encouragement always has a
hedonistic basement, stimulates deep layers of subconsciousness creating in
this way the most stable motivations. Women, fame, wealth and again women -- there
are many examples in works of Montaigne, Helvetius, and others.) executed
under supervision of gerontocrasy of a tribe and which then were transformed
into an ideological basement of loyal creative works, literature, ethics,
laws. Collective systems of memory are developing - a written language is
the basement for a loyal socium ethics, which will then conjugate with religious
ethics. From the moment of appearance, written language, written works
have included two flows: creative works of contradictate passionaries attainable
to mind of a small group and so rendering negligible a direct influence on
collective ethics and loyal to dictate acts of creative works. "Book of the
Dead" -- is an example of the most early work of the first group, while
"(?)papyruses from garbage", Avesta -- are examples of the second.
Ideological basements of state in the course of evolution of dictate
while preserving religious components (and widening them) to greater
extent orient on structures of collective ethics with all their immanent
features. The most bright examples are China and antique Mediterranean (Greece
and Rome) starting from VIII-VII cc, BC. A religious component of state
ideology in these regions differs qualitatively but preserves the basic
features described above. A spontaneous burst of contradictate creative works in
antique Greece having called forth a great number of giants of mind
resulted in a situation, when a stability of religious basement of state power
being characteristic of Elam, Sumer, Egypt started to wash away. There are many
reasons for that as of objective-social (determined by dictate
introspection) so of subjective-creative kind. A development of technology,
sea navigation, appearance of beginning sprouts of natural knowledge,
increase of armament and social-ethic consolidation of activity resulted
in appearance in people's consciousness (at least in a part of them having
mind, intellect) of the first gleams of atheism, non-acceptance of
mystic-ontological basement of religion and causally of its ethical component.
Namely that period is marked by the appearance of teachings of (?)Kanada,
Leucippus, Democrites, Anaximander, Anaxagoras, skeptics carrying in them a
charge of a contradictate atheistic kind. A development of dictate-determined
creative works -- from on-wall apologies to hierarchs to marvelous art works in
Greece and Rome, besides injection of loyal to dictate ideas of an
ethic-aesthetic kind, injects in consciousness of individuals (especially
with accepting genotypes) ideas of real aesthetic, greatness of man and his
works, of his power and mind. Sculptors, architects, writers of Greece and Rome
have elevated these ideas to such heights of creative concretions that it
inevitably entailed lowering of potentials of religious ideas. Grown on
that basement ethical dogmas of Hellenes being conglomerated in a category
"(?)calocagaty" have a double essence -- a loyal-dictate and an objectively-
virtue. A combined action of factors while reducing an efficiency of religious
determination in structure of state ideology, results in an appearance of
motivational dissonance between injected in mentality structure (all
structures of mind) ideological dogmas as determinants of motivations
necessary to state and reflected in the mirror of new acquired categories of
thinking objective realities of dictate.
Besides the above mentioned, at that epoch a strategic process
started that has been continuing for the all following history of
mankind, The category "calocagaty" and connected ideals and virtues
combining a perfection of all aspects of individuals have an absolute,
objective and not bound to dictate, moreover, opposed to it essence. However,
evolving dictate in a concretion of state power utilizes that category,
the result of activity of contradictate passionaries, in its pragmatic aims. It is
conducted using the same trick that was used by dictate in utilization of
Zoroastrianism, i.e., by transition of a sphere of action of the category,
a personification, identification of teleology of its carriers with the
expediency of functioning dictate. Virtues and ideals of the category are not
only recognized but are even elevated, glorified by state ideology only when they
are applied in favor of dictate and socium. Killing in favor of dictate is a fit,
but in somebody own interests (different from dictate) is a crime. Courage
in repulsion of external aggression is good, courage in opposition to dictate is
evil, and so on.
Any essence, any act of creative work and spirit is accepted by state
ideology and glorified even with particular contradictate essence when it
can be used, prostituted by dictate. A person even at the very early age
carries in its consciousness the categories of good, evil, beauty, force, and so
on. These categories are organic and alienated from social (14) (14- In their
basement but not in conceptions that are perverted and pragmatized by dictate
with the help of collective ethics.), dictate, state power. Their utilization
by dictate is a cardinal essence, a basement of state ideology (prolonged also
in the following state forms) and is the main reason of appearance of a
motivational dissonance reducing injected introspective bans, dogmas,
criteria. It is connected with dictate necessities. Prostituting by dictate
of objective-invariant ethical categories and application of them in their
pragmatic aims are necessitated by desire, first, to neutralize negative
hedonistic determinants (breaks through of subconsciousness) and, second,
to make a hedonistic stimulation of carries of applied virtues. A presence of
these components in structure of state ideology reduces to a minimum a
motivational dissonance and so negative to dictate motivations. For example, in
Greece at a time of Pericles governing an application and development for the aims
of dictate of those discussed above human virtues were encouraged by
stimulation of hedonistic basements of individual. A winner of Olympic games,
philosopher, brave warrior, a carrier of ethical virtues -- they all are
elevated and rewarded and in that way a passionarity of outstanding
individuals is directed in a channel of loyal to dictate activity.
However, that situation carries an organic structure determining a
presence of introspective antagonism. Its essence is in the following. A
state ideology in any of its speculative concretions and any methods of
prostitution of spirit in each concrete case represents a conservative,
static complex of some ideological dogmas of a loyal-dictate orientation.
The static, stability of the ideological system is connected with the stability
of system of state power (dictate), since it represents an introspective,
mental reflection in a loyal-positive form of dictate realities. Sharp variations
even of some formal structures of ideology result in weakening of
introspective foundations of dictate (15)(15 -- The exchange in Egypt of
pantheon's hierarch of Amon-Ra for Aton resulted in weakening of state and
ethnical structures of socium and in increased pressure of hettes;
variations of Christianity (heresies) weakened the church as a whole
(its ideological-introspective influence) and dictate.). From the other side,
those individuals of socium who are carriers of realities of declarative-
prostituted by dictate spiritual and physical virtues, being outstanding
subjects, they have a propensity to individual, to individual thinking,
activity, ethics, and so on. A resourceful creator, outstanding military
leader, philosopher, and others, due to a contradictateship cannot regulate their
activities. A structure of motivational determinants of these individuals is
principally wider of a circle inculcated by state ideology dogmas. As a
result, an activational continuum of socium includes a considerable component
of activations of a negative-dictate kind produced by carriers of the very
dogmas and virtues that are utilized by state ideology. The phenomenon
necessitates a repressive suppression by dictate as a state form of those
individuals that results in a conflict in consciousness of structures of
super-I injected by dictate ideology and structures of an expediency to
external world (I) reflecting, associating interconnections of virtues and
their repressive suppression.
Most of all, that peculiarity is characteristic of dictates of an extremist-
autocratic ( or oligarchic) kind, at which a primitive ideology is the most
important component of suppression and it always includes the discussed above
categories connected with spiritual-thinking invariants. That phenomenon of
evolution also takes place at the epoch under consideration. Blossoming of
contradictate creative works in all forms, a prosperity of free thinking and so
an evolution technological determination of dictate results in advanced
dictate forms with structures, whose predestination and functionality will stay
invariable for the all following history. These directly attributed to
suppression structures determine a double attitude of loyal ideas of basic
ideology (personified in loyal creators) to contradictate thinking as an
eventual creator of all conceptions. First, it is application, utilization,
prostituting of contradictate ideas and using their power for aims of dictate
and, second, rejection of them up to physical extermination of carriers
and creators of the ideas. An interconnection of contradictate ideas and
their carriers with loyal-dictate ideology at that stage of dictate evolution
is determined by a chronological correspondence of ideas of
contradictate passionaries to dictate needs and by an essence of proper
ideological basement of creative works of contradictate mind intelligence.
Let us compare, for example, the fates of mazdakism, works of Confucian,
philosophers of Greece. The first of them at a stage of appearance was not
accepted by dictate and was utilized as an official dogma only later passing a
considerable time. The seconds in their basement were to such extant
adequate to dictate introspection that the teachings of the thinker were
completely accepted by autocrats of China. As for works of Greece
philosophers, they were so free, full of unrestrained thought and not adequate
to needs of introspective oppression that they in principle could not be accepted
by dictate, were alienated and the basement of ideology was a religion and
emotional-associative reflections of contradictate ethics not connected with
works of Anaxagoras, Eratosthenies, Aristarchus, (?)Filolay, Anaximander,
Leucippus, Democrites, Aristotle, and others. The absence of Plato in the list
is not accidental because his treatise on ethic-dictate essences is a sample of
loyal-dictate creative work.
A structure of concrete state forms at the epoch is presented mainly by
autocracies. Even in the case when it is formally a democracy, oligarchy or
republic, realities of dictate, of suppression are conducted by the highest
hierarch (hierarchs) of state (but it is not always adequate to hierarch of
dictate). It is does not matter, how it is called -- whether strategist,
consul, tyrant, -- the essence is in the fact that concretions of dictate are
coming from one person and suppression is personified with autocrat. So a
suppression treated by the suppressed as an evil, in that case (of a radical-
physical dictate) as a gigantic evil personified in autocrat is a reason that
state in introspection of the suppressed becomes a carrier of evil (16) (16
-- It is a cardinal difference from the previous state forms, for example,
town-temples Sumer, which in consciousness of individuals embodied the well,
in spite of all terror of physical suppression, and initiated self-assignment
because an alienation from dictate meant a hunger or a violent death.) that
results in another collision between injected by state (loyal-dictate) ideology
and structures of external expediency.
As shown above, a necessity of autocracy is conditioned by a high tension of
ethnic collisions being resolved in a military way that resulted in
centralization of dictate structures similar to the military ones.
The same determinant -- ethnogenetic collisions -- gives birth to a
possibility of conscious pressing out of negative with respect to official
ideology ideas and motivations with the help of essences of an introspective-
ethnical kind. Methods of state ideology (of accompanying layer of dictate)
are very simple but effective and efficient that determines their prolong
application up to nowadays although ethnic motives, their weight in motivational
determination in the process of evolution has been considerably reduced.
They are reduced to the following: an ethnic essence is applied to dictate
interests, more exactly, to vivid requirements of dictate and structure of
suppression and negative motivations are directed into a channel of opposition
to alien ethnoses. The opposition may have a form of ethnic expansion
(regional), assimilation or ethnic discrimination in a frame of a state. There
is plenty of examples in the history in all countries and at all epochs.
The ethnic screen of dictate motivations in state ideology of various
state forms may have an ideological, legislative or collective-
psychological character that determines dictate abilities in realization of
the second positive-dictate aspect of the trick -- imparting to dictate
concretions a status of a necessary collective, ethnical weal conditioned by
a necessity of ethical opposition. The demagogy and hypocrisy of that dictate
trick were analyzed and described by many philosophers (see, for example,
"Candide" by Voltaire, and others) but efficiency of that very primitive trick
has been staying practically invariable. The ethnic motives may be substituted for
religious, cultural and others but the essence is the same.
An effective power of the trick is also accounted for by the fact that
negative to state ideology ideas and motivations are pressed out in
consciousness by unification of two powerful (hedonistic in their
basement) motivation complexes of self-assigning: self-assigning to dictate
and self-assigning to ethnos (17) (17 -- It does not include of
contradictate passionaries, since a hypertrophy of mentality is a basement of
cosmopolitism.) -- determinants of positive-dictate motivations. The power of
produced contradictate ideas and motivations immanent to contradictate
passionaries and a lack of them among the main mass of the suppressed are the
reason of a differentiation of susceptibility of loyal-dictate state ideology
including the above mentioned surrogate screens of suppression.
At the considered epoch of dictate evolution, the achieved level of
technology from one side allows contradictate passionaries to exist in
socium structure and, from the other side, determines for state and dictate
a necessity of their presence caused by ethnical collisions. At the epoch,
ethnic and state collisions more often are ended by perishing of one of
domestic forms of dictate (18) (18 -- It is not characteristic (but may happen)
for the following forms of state collisions, when hierarchs composed an
international consortium.) because socium viability and resistivity is
determined both by a phase of dictate evolution and its features , in
particular, an integral power of contradictate passionaries and attitude to
them by structures and ideology of dictate (state).
Ideas of contradictate passionaries, alienated from loyal-dictate
ideology, penetrate into consciousness of an intellectual top of the
suppressed (without of forced injection as in the case of loyal ideology) and
determine a non-acceptance of loyal ideas having any coloration. Here in an
introspective, ideological, motivational continuum of socium, a new powerful
effect has appeared - a layer-differentiated susceptibility of official state
ideology as a dominant that is completely different from, say, Sumer. In
combination with effects of ideological pressing out of negative motivations in
the suppressed , it results in development of powerful introspective motivational
conflicts between I and super-i, between It and I, between super-I and It
and so in motivational and ideological negativism of a subject to an inculcated
An aspect of external kind determining the above mentioned effects is
connected with a huge development of means and instruments of influence of
official ideology and also of a layer of contradictate passionaries. Written
language, literature, theater, painting, sculpture, philosophy evolves to a
new level, when they are transformed from being attributes of the highest
hierarchy layers to essences of a social spirit commonly attainable to citizens.
Education to one or another degree touches the main layers of socium hierarchy
influencing those structures of super--I that prevail as the highest
dominants of consciousness. Creative works of the epoch irrespective of degree
of their utilization by dictate exhibit examples of marvelous
blossoming. Never even at later epochs, there was such a great amount of giants of
thought, spirit, creative passionarity. It witnesses that contradictate
passionarity is not subject to spiritual and external repressions as it
happens at epochs of creative work suppression (extremist forms, orthodox
theocracy, and so on). It is accounted for by the fact that the basements of
vital dogmas and determinants, vital philosophy loyal to dictate at the epoch
of blossoming of Hellinism (19) (19- And also of Rome, Persia, and so on,
although these forms are not chronologically coincided as a consequence of
asinchronism of ethnogenesis of these ethnoses.) organically include and are
supported by the essences and categories that are basic for creative works of
contradictate passionaries. These are categories of beauty, good, self-
sacrificing (but without essences of self-cognition leading to orthodox
contradictateship), ethnic and cultural consolidation on a basement of
cultural prevailing, categories of perfection of body and spirit (with
insignificant addition of state expediency, teleology of its presence and
development, perfection) and many others having an objective, dictate-
invariant basement and alienated from notions of the highest value of being --
from a person-individual as a carrier and a criterion of any being. These
notions are summarized and adjoin the above mention category of "(?)calocagaty"
that is a very convenient screen for dictate ideological injection and this
aspect -- a unification in ideology of categories of individual teleology of
all-around perfection of a man and dictate interests (under a guise of interests
of socium, state, or ethnos) has been always used by the most effective
forms of dictate and in a demagogic- hyperbolized shape -- by extremist forms.
Art, philosophy, architecture is irreplaceable instruments for that side of
dictate injections and great creative works being contradictate in their
basement (20) (20- Contradictateship of great creative works is determined by the
fact that perception of the highest beauty is an immanent characteristic
of consciousness. Creative works of great contradictate passionaries elevate
beauty and mind of a perfect man and so proclaim as the highest values,
ontological and ethical summit of being, life of an individual but not political
or ideological doctrine that is completely unacceptable to dictate.) are kept as
such only in consciousness of individuals having a powerful intellect that
allows to alienate and separate objective categories of individual
perfection and teleologism of dictate. It is relevant even to such works as
sculptures of Phidias and Myron, philosophy of Epictetus and Aristotle,
works of Lucian and Seneca leaving alone quite loyal to dictate works such as
the statue of Zeus in Athens, Parthenon or pyramids representing the acts
of creation directly connected with the religion-cult side of ideological
basements of dictate.
As shown above, evolution of dictate at epoch of civilization has
a cyclic character fluctuating from a linear one (determined by technology) due
to influences of factors connected with ethnogenesis asinchronism of the global
socium. At a certain stage of development, ethnogenesis of infrastructures of
ethnos results in prevailing of individual motivations in consciousness of
people at expense of social, dictate (21) (21 -- See chapter "Phases of
stagnation and obscuration" in the mentioned book of L. Gumilev.) causing a
transformation of determinations of creation of contradictate passionaries
(who are also changing with evolution), motivations of the suppressed, i.e., to
a break of the syllogistic bonds (in introspection of individuals) between an
individual perfection and teleology of dictate while integrating perfection and
individual weal.
The universality of dictate determination of social life is manifested
also in a structure of evolutive variations of materialized acts of creation --
irrespective of a character of attitude of their carriers to dictate. A bright
contradictateship of creators at epoch of Hellinism blossoming, an objective
value of ideas they realize has been exchanging in the process of
evolution of strategic determinant of dictate for creative works of Cesarean
Rome, i.e., for loyal-dictate creations of slavery spirit.
Flourishing of a concrete dictate form is connected with unanimity of
motivations of social continuum and with hedonistic encouragement (at least,
with a loyal acceptance of their necessity) of contradictate passionaries,
i.e., creators. A decline of a form is most often connected with
authoritarianism of dictate, direction divergence of motivational continuum and
suppression, and often with physical extermination of contradictate
passionarities. These determinations with application to ideology take place at
the epoch under consideration.
Another aspect of hypertrophy of creative instruments -- is an ethical
one, since art besides an aesthetical aspect is always connected with ethics of
mankind and of a particular person. Ethics as a whole is not considered here
(22) (22 -- Ethics as a complex of ideological and religious aspects of
relations between people in dictate determination is a subject of a separate
chapter.) as a cardinal aspect of functioning socium and dictate but only
ethical components of creative works as a characteristic of a state ideology. A
material implementation of ethic ideas both contradictate and loyal included
in a structure of state ideology may be as a direct logical one, for example, in
literature, philosophy, architecture so based on indirect-associative
perception associating internal ideas with social concretions such as
sculpture, painting, architecture. Ethics can argue an expediency,
necessity and good of dictate subordinations in a concrete state form as a
logic-philosophic teaching. However, from the other side, pyramids of
Cheops, status of emperor inspiring people with an idea of superhuman,
subconscious prevailing, grandeur of a hierarch of dictate, serve to the same
aim. Since they appeal to subconscious, illogical categories and structures of
consciousness, so loyal-ethical inspiration, injection will be more
significant, when loyal-dictate creative works are more perfect. That side
of ideological basement of state as other social-individual essences evolves
according to dictate determination.
The epoch under consideration presents bright examples of a determined
evolution of ideology ethical component and its material concretions.
Blossoming of a state form is connected with efficiency of suppression,
i.e., with a presence of positive--motivational hedonistic involvement and so
with significant conformity of motivational continuum of socium. Such structure
of a psycho social continuum results in the situation, when ethic ideas
materialized in creative work of great contradictate passionaries are associated,
personified with state, dictate, socium and are organically included in a
structure of state ideology or in the case of indirect association (sculpture,
painting, literature, and so on) are encouraged and propagated by state. A
lack or a low level of subconscious-hedonistic dissonance in consciousness of
individual between dictate injected categories and dogmas of consciousness
( and so of ethics) and hedonistic basement of individual results in the
situation, when perception (aspect of I) does not carry components of a
negative non-acceptance, counterversive to ethic injections of official
ideology (including ethics). In terms of Tolman, an internal variable has a
positive sign and injected ideas are perceived and included in a system of
motivational determinants but are not rejected, alienated introspectively.
The situation is changed when dictate form as a state comes into epoch of
disintegration, decline of efficiency of suppression that is connected with
presence of a divergence of individual motivations and interests of
dictate. A presence of negative dominants in consciousness of large groups of
socium conditioned by subconscious hedonism of It results in variations, inversion
of the perception character and in appearance of structures of rejection of
injected ethic categories and dogmas. The second aspect of a dictate form
disintegration is an intensification of external forms of suppression directed
against all suppressed layers and to the greatest degree against
contradictate passionaries exterminated spiritually and physically. A
reduction of creative continuum of socium caused by extermination of
contradictate passionaries results in appearance in ranks of creators of
prostituted talents from accompanying layer with corresponding changes of
the creation character. Works glorifying mind, strength, beauty of man --
works of Phidias, Myron -- are substituted for works glorifying hierarchs and
executors -Nero (Xenofor), Caligula, Augustus, warriors and military
triumphs. The same change is observed in other manifestations of creative
passionarity. Even philosophy -- the summit of manifestation of
contradictate passionarity of creators -- evolves in the dictate determination
from the grandeur of free spirit of Anaxagoras, Anaximander, Epictetus,
skeptics, Democrites, Aristotle to the loyal dictate philosophy of Seneca and
Mystical monotheism -- as ideology of state
and self-completed dictate form

Let us consider an appearance and development of several kinds of a

mystical monotheism having similar ontological, mystical, ethic positions:
Taoism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Although chronologically they are scattered
and formally very different, it is not reflected on their ethical side and on
dictate utilization of these ideological structures. The power of their
influence on mind of the suppressed, on their self-assigning to dictate is
so high that in process of evolution the systems have transformed into self-
completed systems of dictate of a theocratic kind. In these religious teachings,
all their aspects are so organically bonded that the needs of introspective
oppression are served as by ontology so by mysticism and ethics of the
religions. Ideology of these religions immanently includes dogmas of a voluntary
asceticism combined ideologically with some ideas of egalitarianism. In the most
orthodox way, this side is expressed in Taoism but it also composes a part of
ethic-mystical basement in Christianity and in the rest teachings.
A conscious association of superficially contradictate ideas of
egalitarianism (23) (23- Egalitarianism is present at early evolution stages of
these religions. Mature forms includes more weighty components such as
mystical, mystic-ontological and loyal-dictate ones.) with voluntary asceticism
is a powerful instrument for injections of ideas basic for introspective
foundation of dictate -- of a voluntary alienation of wealth in favor of dictate
hedonism. In origination of the religions, asceticism and egalitarianism are
treated as a basement and an instrument of self-perfection. A combination of
the ideas of self-perfection and egalitarianism makes them attractive to
passionary individuals and asceticism not only accepted by them
voluntarily and organically as a mean of achieving of the aims but also is
transformed into the most wild forms of an evidently masochistic kind. An
inversion of aggressive-sadistic component of intellectual passionaries into a
masochistic of some or other degree of intensity, i.e., a combination of
wealth alienation with satisfaction (more likely, with sublimative transformation)
of subconscious hedonism -- a combination of such looking like incompatible,
contradictory categories of introspection of individual on a basement of
powerful loyal-dictate injected dominants of super-I. Nevertheless, this
combination results in an unusually high level of efficiency of ideological
suppression and ideological dictate. Fits not only of martyrs of church
but also of a huge mass of religious fanatics witness for that.
Categories of ontological and mystical character are organically
connected and multiply intensify of the ethics of asceticism, self-
improving, individual weal (as aspects of adjoining to the highest virtue).
Dogmas of reward being present in all these religious have such powerful
influence on consciousness of individuals (especially in a complex with ethic
dogmas), because they are based on a mystical foundation of everlasting
spirit and on tearing away by mind, pushing out of consciousness using the
dogmas the horror of inevitable death. Ontological incommensurability of
categories of eternity, bliss as a reward for fulfillment of ethic postulates
and a short-lasting life hedonism makes asceticism and self-submission up to
the extreme masochism not only acceptable for an individual but ties it by strong
associative bonds to the deepest layers of subconscious hedonism.
Moreover, the mystic essence of ontological structures, basing of ethics
on transcendental essences of universum makes religious doctrines even
more monumental, ground in people's consciousness. A combination of a loyal-
dictate injected ethics and universal categories of being, eternity,
immortality, spirit in religious structures results in appearance of
reflected associative bonds of that kind in consciousness of the suppressed and
attaches to religious (and connected to it social) dictate aureole of an over-
human, transcendental-mystical fatalism, of a category of an integral weal
immanent to universum. That very efficient ideological essence of religious
suppression has been highly estimated by hierarchs of dictate and at a certain
stage of evolution has been used by them for attaching to social
dictate (personified in hierarch) of a mystic aureole of the highest
essence, transcendental and fatalistic. In that way, a character of manifestation
of the highest, god's will was added to realities of suppression. That
ideological essence is used by Christian monks, by Caliphs of Arabs and
hierarchs of Judea.
In spite of considerable differences in the chronology and of external
dogmatic variations, these mystic-ethic monotheistic ideologies are
characterized by unification of an ethnogenesis process. Appearing on a
basement of ideas of egalitarianism, reward and self-improvement in the media of
the suppressed, these religions were like a social pump concentrating negative
passionaries with an intellect level higher than a vegetable primitive that is
characteristic of adepts of petty criminal. From one side, adepts of the
religions, for example, Christianity or Islam, are taken from layers
contradictory to dictate and decreasing its efficiency and level of motivational
self-assigning of social continuum, and from the other side, transformation,
conversion of these highly passionated and often talented people in adepts,
conductors of religious dictate results in a sharp qualitative increase of
efficiency of introspective suppression in a structural frame of religious
(theocratic) form of dictate.
Evolution of the phenomenon resulted in the consequences common for
evolution of any dictate form -- in reduction of efficiency of introspective
suppression and dominants of self-assigning, in shift of center of gravity of
suppression to the side of spiritual and physical suppression, dogmatization
of ideological postulates and forced inculcation of them into consciousness
that conditioned a stagnation and disintegration of a religious form of
At epoch of appearance and development of these religions, for example
Christianity, ideology in the region of West-European superethnos to great
extent is based on ideas of Christianity using ideas and ethical, mystical,
ontological dogmas as organic components. However, ideology is wider than
these components. That epoch is a prolongation of the previous to Christianity
epoch of stormy ethnical collisions, which were simultaneously the collisions
between dictates and often resulted in disintegration or full collapse of
one of opposing dictate forms. A disintegration of dictate form in a certain
ethnos is always connected with an increase of differentiation of a level and
character of hedonistic possibilities, with their reduction for the major
part of the suppressed. It results, from one side, in intensification of
ethnic motivational dominants and, from the other side , in presence of
motivational determinants of self-assigning to dictate and voluntary submission
to dictate; both have a subconscious hedonistic basement that determines the
dictate existence in general. An infringement, reduction of hedonistic potentials
and activations by alien ethnoses and by dictate forms determine an appearance
in ideological structure of powerful, efficient components of a positive-
dictate kind having in the basement ethnic, national, political or other
nature. The evidence of the first three is clear, as for the ideological
dominant, examples may be given by dictate structures of mazdakism,
(?)Hyrramits, Christian religious sects and heresies -- catharists, albigenses;
by Islam as an ideology of theocracy of Caliphs and by sectarian variations of
Islam, for example, ismailian.
Dictate as a functional, organized expediency of socium, ethnos in the
process of ethno genetic collisions acquires features of a social well
reflected in ideological basement. In that case, dictate determination of
ideology is so strong that adepts of loyal creative activity include not only
individuals with genotype adequate to accompanying layer but also some
creators of an immanently contradictate kind, who under action of the above
mentions factors are alienated from the layer of contradictate passionaries
(Plato, Seneka, Confucius, and others). A determined by dictate evolution of
ideology with similar tendency touches all aspects of creative activity that
acquire features of loyalty to dictate. Some aspects of the process were
discussed above. A shift of accent of creative activity from singing
praises to an individual, his beauty, strength, mind -- irrespective of social
virtues necessary to dictate, to praising an ideological cult of hierarchs'
overpower and socially necessary virtues, namely socially and ethnically (not
principally cosmopolititan as before) expedient virtues. "(?)Kiropedia" -- is an
example of the first aspect, "Anabasis" -- of the second one even if we leave
alone the meaning that it concerns vernal soldiers-hirelings.
Another aspect of determination of introspective basement of dictate --
concerns a character of state ideology. Its the most socially perceived form is
an entertaining art: theater, music, choreography, vocal. Few people
study philosophy or history (especially at this epoch), much more love
painting or sculpture (24) (24 -- It mainly concerns contradictate creative
works, because acts of loyal creative activity indirectly affect consciousness of
many through their advertisement by dictate and indirectly through a common
opinion (to great extent being created by dictate).) but everybody
entertains. Spectacles, music, singing, dancing, while entertaining they affect
consciousness of most even of the individuals with the lowest level of
development of super-I structures. Their action is directed as at conscious
structures of super-I (theater) so at subconscious, emotional ones -- music,
ballet. Due to technology evolution as a determinant of dictate in socium,
people appear, who are alienated from production of material wealth for hierarchs
and from other layers of suppression and are engaged in satisfaction of
direct hedonistic motivations. An increase of a number of the people leads to
attainability to all members of socium (for example, the (?)teoricon in the
Pericles Athens). An influence of these concretions of ideology, as of any
others, on consciousness of the suppressed is a consequence of conglomeration,
superposition in consciousness (and subconsciousness) of individuals of
injected dogmas and purposes, in particular emotional and connected with
structure of super-I, an adequacy of aspects of I and objective realities,
of an adequacy of dominants of consciousness and effectual influence of arts of
these kinds, and so on.
Evolution of dictate, its form -- from an appearance with an immanent
efficient introspective suppression up to decline and disintegration -- is
accompanied by a reduction of socially significant, necessary to dictate
essences, connected with different variations of individual asceticism and
connected essences and by an increase of level of individual-egoistic dominants of
consciousness with hedonistic basement. That character of dictate evolution
of conscious dominants determines an evolutive character of an internal essence of
given aspects of formation of mind's ideological structures necessary to
dictate. A strict character of a dance, based on customs, ethnical mode, cult
aspects always having a group character (implying a co-participation of
individuals in action) that corresponds to the epoch of blossoming of Hellenism
in Rome evolves in a sight of a kind "wasp dance" or pseudo-east dances of
the imperial period of Rome with direct individual-hedonistic tendency. A
high level of unification of motivations in socium characteristic of a blossoming
dictate form is the reason of exalt by dictate of objective-human criteria,
norms, creative works, categories. The creative works of Polyclitus, Myron,
Praxiteles, Scopas, Lysippos are an example of grandeur of human spirit
irrespective of attitude to dictate. The same things happen in respect to the
considered aspects of ideology. Theater of Athens, music, poetry, dances are
free to significant degree of a direct pressure of dictate (25) (25 -- It is a
manifestation, an aspect of the general tendency of dictate attitude to
contradictate passionaries and an evolution of the tendency that was discussed in
the previous chapters.) and due to it they become a field of activations
of creative spirit of contradictate passionary that completely determines a
character of creation, its adequacy to external objective realities of the world
and socium, a level of creative realization, talent - they all together
determine a level of affection, injection into consciousness of the
suppressed. Works of Etil(?), Sophocles, Euripides, and even of comedy-
writer Aristophanes, painter Apollodorus according to their ideological
basement and artistic level are completely different from works of Menander,
(?)Gerond, Apollonius, Callimachus, Theocritus of Alexandria, whose creation
works carries roots of egocentrism and superficial loyalty to dictate , on
which the art has grown of imperial Rome.
A decline of dictate form is always connected with reduction of positive-
introspective components of suppression with prevailing of a negative-
motivational, repressive dictate in the first turn influencing contradictate
passionaries. The given factor and a growing motivational dissonance of a
social continuum determine changes of these aspects of ideology.
An intensification of changes in an essence and forms of socially reachable
kinds of arts is facilitates by the fact that a disintegration of dictate
form (state form) is preceded and accompanied by an increase of external
ethnic influence and very often from the side of conquered ethnoses. A
penetration of alien ethnic groups besides purely ethno genetic aspects is
reflected in these arts, since conquered ethnoses very often have passed the
phases of raising and inertia (L.Gumilev) and are in a phase of either
obscuration or disintegration with corresponding character of art and
entertainments. A composition of all these dictate determinants determine a
character, essence, form of arts under consideration -- an intellectual
humility, primitive-hedonistic direction, lowering of level of socially
significant ideas and increase of level of individual-hedonistic, loyal-dictate
(very often personifying dictate as the social good in a hierarch or other
layers of suppression), deviation from glorifying universal human categories and
corresponding erection on a pedestal of the highest values of socium of
interests of the highest layers of dictate with their to one or another degree
covered hedonistic basement.
A growing level of hierarchs' hedonism and of the highest layers of
suppression entails an increase of a social level, status of producers of
concrete hedonistic servants: prostitutes, actors, singers, and so on. Hedonism
in conjunction with servants' loyalty to dictate results in the situation that
existed in Rome at the Cesarean epoch, when actors were approached to
hierarchs (Nero, Sulla) and when incomes of actors, musicians, singers, courtesans
and even gladiators exceeded incomes of patricians, i.e., of hierarchs and
members of the highest suppression layers of dictate. Such a position, i.e.,
a level of hedonistic possibilities organized by dictate to these art workers
implies a complete loyalty, a lack of contradictate motivations and activity
and determines a character of creative works.
So that epoch is characterized by an appearance and presence of all aspects
and forms of ideology, which are present in all following forms of state
power. External forms and instruments are varying but the essence of ideologies
undergoes only the changes determined by a cyclic character of dictate evolution
at epoch of civilization. At that epoch, an ideology of state power is not formed
into a concrete complete complex of dogmas, categories, notions, instruments and
methods. This structure is characteristic of either a high level of dictate
development or its extremist forms when due to specificity of suppression
the ideology has some peculiarities (26) (26 -- The essence of ideology of
extremist forms is considered at the end of the section).
The ideology of epoch under consideration includes components that will
be preserved by ideological basements of the following state forms. It
contains a complex of social norms and customs, collective ethical
essences, religion in its ethic-dictate part, theoretic basis (most often a
philosophical) of common weal, teleological expediency of a given state form and
all aspects of influence on mind's structures using indirect methods:
literature, art, architecture, music, and so on. As shown above, all these
aspects have a dictate determination and being in their basement the acts of out-
of-dictate activity of socium, they in a process of dictate evolution in a
form of state power acquire features of an immanent component of a state
ideology basement and evolve with it. An evolution stage of the components
determines their efficiency in supporting an existing concrete form of dictate and
suppression in frames of a given form, a basement of which is ideology.
A further evolution of an introspective-physical dictate form
irrespective of a region results only in superficial, formal or quantitative-
level variations. As for the West-European superethnos, after disintegration of
the Rome empire as a state form that did not resulted in ethnic and formal dictate
disintegration, evolution of dictate, more exactly, of its introspective-
physical form is reduced to slow variations of superficial forms of state power
and structures of suppression. A separation of slavery and early feudalism may
be relevant from a political, formal-state point of view but it does not
correspond to reality from the point of view of dictate evolution as a category of
social being and a concrete form of socium existence. An introspective
basement of relations between layers of dictate and functional teleology of layers
is not changed (27) (27- It is as a general tendency leaving alone fluctuating
variations conditioned by ethnogenetic and other collisions discussed
above.). The essence of the basic category of dictate is not changed also
preserving the layer-dependent possibilities of hedonism satisfaction,
hedonistic potentials of suppressing layers and layers of the suppressed. It is
difficult to find differences even in formal infrastructures of dictate, if we
leave alone tricky interweaving of formal semantics of labels and terms. Serf,
villain, producer of feudal in those categories of dictate that were
discussed above have no difference from producers of slavery. The main feature
- level of alienation of material wealth from producers - is increased since the
dictate form is coming to regular finish.
When slavery of early Sumer (Akkad, Elam, and so on) is perceived as the
good (28) (28 -- Argumentation of the statement is given in chaps. 2, 3.)
inducing positive-dictate motivations of self-assigning on a basis of
encouragement of subconscious hedonism, it is characteristic of early
medieval to have an intensification of all aspects of suppression as
introspective so physical that is inherent in general to last genesis phases of a
dictate form. The intensification is realized as in external forms of
suppression so in all structures of state ideology discussed above.
Unity of the dictate form, in frame of which evolution is considered
of dictate-determined state ideology, chronological and regional unity (for the
West-European superethnos) determines a character of evolution of political-
ethnic, socially- ethnic, religious, conscious and subconscious aspects of an
ideological basement of state. Religious components of ideology: ontological,
mystical, ethical, and also experiencing an evolutive hypertrophy external-
ritual, dogmatic ones -- acquire an importance of the first grade , a
hierarchical priority in the whole structure of state ideology. That
prevailing of religious components has an orthodox-dictate determination.
Obscuration and disintegration of dictate form (any) are connected with
reduction of a positive-motivational involvement and with increase of a
negative-introspective suppression in a form of arbitrary repression in the case
of rejection or self-alienation from practiced dogmas of ideology. Christianity
(29 ) (29 - It is also true of Islam, Judaism, and so on.) at that epoch
(approximately up to X - XIV cc.) acquires all features of a dogmatic
ideology and simultaneously all structures, layers, aspects of a self-
completed form of dictate.
Several factors determine the high level of influence, suppression
that is inherent to Christianity (equally to Islam, and so on). It is a powerful
ideological basement that includes ontological, mystical, ethical sides and
affects consciousness of a major part of socium individuals attracting powerful
minds even with a high level of passionarity. Not only Augustin, Thomas
Aquinas but even philosophers such as Scott, Occam and others reinforced
ideological basement of Christianity by power of their minds and in this way
its influence of socium. From the other side, Christianity as a dictate form had
immanent features that at the considered epoch secured its external
and introspective domination in Europe in spite of plenty contradictory
ideological and religious trends. A strict hierarchy, a vast number of
passionated adepts (monks, members of religious orders, and so on), a high
level of motivational involvement (30) (30- -- Charles Lee in "History of
inquisition" convincingly proves the thesis that an effective mind from any social
layer could reach the highest levels in church hierarchy.) -- these features
of Christianity based on a powerful, attractive ideological foundation were
the basement of Christianity prevailing both as ideology and as a dictate
form. These factors were so strong that a repressive suppression of
physical kind has appeared only at the end of the pointed epoch, when the
level of ideological influence of Christianity has been reduced as in its
domination in formation of structures of super-I and so in the level of
motivation self-assigning.
These features of Christianity and the essence of ideology determined
the place it occupied in the whole structure of state ideology. Ideas in
the basement of Christianity especially ethical ones are applied,
interpreted according to needs of introspective suppression (in a frame of
social dictate) and concrete state structures and its hierarchs get an applied
status of materialized mystic will for strengthening interaction of dictate and
Christianity; at some stage at least superficially, state structures
acquire a character of the West-European superethnos with the highest
hierarch: a personified and materialized super will -- Papa. A religious
component of state ideology at the epoch representing also a variant of
dictate reveals features inherent to both of them. Introspective
collisions of mind's structures conditioned by injected ideology (here, by
religious component) have an evolving character of some other kind than in the
previous formations. When in the previous epoch introspective-ideological
collisions are caused by antagonism between a level of hedonism encouragement,
determined by self--assigning to dictate, and by hedonism of individual
egocentrism sublimated into passionary activity, in that case it is a
collision between hedonism of It and injected by powerful factors in structure of
super-I (by factors abstracted from the objective world and its reflections in
I). Such a collision does not reach a level necessary for breaking into
activations, when injections in super-I compensate dissatisfaction of hedonism
that organically connected with a harmony of super-I and I reflecting
ideas and passionarity of their carriers.
Developing as a dictate form, church reveals all features of the general
category. In that case, the most important is a sharp evolving differentiation of
layers (by the levels of attainable hedonism) with corresponding
differentiation of material aspect of hedonism that results in collisions of
I and super-I and in weakening of censorship of It. Ideological influence is
reduced, introspective suppression is weakened even among carriers of
Christian ideology, passionarity of adepts is lowering and another factor of
dictate evolution comes into action -- the very influence of ideology.
An influence of ideas on super-I is supplemented by external forms of
suppression that results, from one side, in appearance of particular
structures of external suppression -- inquisition and militant orders and, from
the other side, a union takes place (sometimes, as in Judaism and Islam, a
conjunction) of church dictate and its social form. Appearing as an ideology and
being adopted in that reality for dictate purposes, Christianity has transformed
into a specific form of dictate and that process is inevitably connected with
a reduction of the level of its ideological influence. An external suppression
intensifies a determination of motivations by unsatisfied hedonism and lowering of
a level of determination by injected structures of super-I -- by the product of
loyal (here, Christian) ideology.
At the given stage partly due to injection of Christian ethics (of
its dictate-loyal sections), partly due to powerful negative-motivation
barriers in consciousness determined by a high level of physical
suppression, the state ideology includes also components of ethno social kind,
i.e., a loyal social moral, a tenor of life, and so on. A composition of
these essences of ethnical, state-political, religious kind makes a basement
of that component of ideology, which is not concretized in material, objective
form but nevertheless is included in all ideological structures, ideological
basements of state. They are adjoined by components of a cultural kind (non-
religious) injected in super-I and of irrational kind injected in
subconsciousness. The essence of the components to significant degree remains
similar to the previous epoch. So at this stage of evolution, state ideology has
the same dictate determination and reveals the evolution tendencies that are
adequate to the dictate-evolutive ones described in the pervious chapters. At
epoch of civilization, another form of dictate takes place -- an
introspective one that has appeared inside introspective -physical suppression
and exists up to nowadays, i.e., up to the transitional stage to
postcivilization. That form of dictate realizes completely different, special
methods and instruments of suppression that condition a presence of
peculiarities in ideology and in its evolution (as chronological so dictate).
Evolution of that form has a tendency to increase an introspective component of
positive-hedonistic kind with reduction of components of external and
negative-motivational type that is completely not characteristic of the
previous forms. That tendency acquiring a character of the main feature takes
place starting from the first trade guilds and manufactories to the current
industry. A producer is not forced by methods of external suppression but is
involved motivationally by partial (at a primitive level) satisfaction of some
aspects of hedonism. A stake on hedonism, on subconscious aspects of mind
with the immanent "principle of enjoyment" determines a character of injection
in super-I and ideological stimulation of primitive-material aspects of
The stimulation of hedonism and at its basis a motivational
involvement (instead of repressive suppression) resulted, from one side, in a
stormy progress of socium and its technological basement and, from the other
side, in a tendentious reduction of motivational introspective collisions (31)
(31- Of course, it concerns the main mass of producers. Technological
process and entailed demographic growth result in increase of absolute
number of negative and contradictate passionaries that introduces a
dissonance into introspection of socium.) since the level of asceticism
applied to producers is reduced and simultaneously a level of negative
prohibitions and restrictions inculcated by dictate into all structures of mind
is lowered. A stimulation of hedonism in course of evolution becomes a corner-
stone of state ideology and in combination with the principle of free
competition (read -- in pursuit of hedonism satisfaction) compose its basement.
A stimulation of hedonism represents a versatile and complex process
that includes factors affecting both conscious and subconscious mind
structures. When at early stage of the form a stimulation of hedonism included
an increase of level of material well being, some degree of freedom from a
common suppression (32) (32- Industrial workers are meant, who are the stems of a
new form in a frame of formal domination of an old one. It happens due to
technology domination in evolution .), a presence of some rights leveling
dictate influence, then the further evolution results even in ranking of some
part of producers among hierarchs and in appearance both of material and
instrument-ideological possibilities of an influence aimed at intensification of
primitive aspects of hedonism of all producers including agricultural
workers. The latter is very important, since agricultural workers for a long
time due to alienation from the strategic determinant of evolution -- technology,
remain the most conservative element of socium and dictate.
Entrance of civilization in the epoch transient to postcivilization
results in hypertrophy of the tendency of hedonism stimulation and methods and
instruments of affection. The aim is served by many factors: spectacles and
entertainments with their growing versatility, propaganda of hedonism of
hierarchs, attainability (at least, not restricted by state norms as before (33)
(33- In all forms, including physical dictate, these restrictions have a
legal character: restriction in move, shelter, clothes and even in a character
of food as, for example, in Japan.)) of all aspects of hedonism, possibility
of practically a complete freedom from system of dictate at a corresponding level
of success in chase of prosperity irrespective of an inborn place in hierarchy.
Extreme degree of satisfaction of stimulated hedonism (possible in the case of
high passionarity of an individual), of course, removes an individual from a
number of producers and invests him in hierarchs.
Using hedonism as a support in ideology has several positive features for
dictate connected with influence on the most powerful, fundamental
structure of mind. One of them -- is an initiation of hypertrophy of
individual, egocentric motivations, which with present powerful motivations of
self-assigning make an ideology of the dictate form highly efficient and so
the suppression itself and the whole dictate form.
The second consequence of this combination of factors is the fact that
passionary intellects due to a lack (or more exactly, lowering of a level)
of direct physical suppression rear get in ranks of negative passionaries
remaining either contradictate (and in this hypostasis help to technology
evolution and to dictate) or are invested in loyal-dictate layers. A
conformation of that is in the history of sociums, where evolution went
regularly without extremist collapses at epoch of transition to postcivilization.
At that period, the main factors and essences of the dictate form evolutively
reveal themselves as dominants and there were no significant collisions of
negative-passionary kind analogous to the events that often took place at the
previous epochs. There is nothing at all similar to Spartacus or Gaucherie, Wat
Tyler or revolution of 1917 year. Paris commune according to the essence and
concretions is a short-lived fluctuation of extremist kind with all its
characteristic features and conditions of appearance.
Another aspect of hedonistic egocentrism of that form ideology is a
positive to dictate factor: in spite of plenty of external, formal unions
(parties, societies, and so on) in strategic vital concretions of mind and
motivational activations of individual egoistic-hedonistic categories
prevail, which are absolute dominants for majority of the suppressed, although
ideological-ethic creative works of contradictate mentality are present and get
a powerful development. A powerful state ideology with its various forms,
attainability and, the most important, with motivational accord with the most
powerful producer of motivations -- with hedonism of It opposes not less
powerful but less attainable and mach less consonant to primitive hedonism
of producers creative works of contradictate humanitarians appealing to
categories of super-I. These creative activities are connected either with
suppression or with sublimation of hedonism of It (that implies a presence in
consciousness of some structures for such realization) and result in
inevitable defeat of contradictate passionaries, in prevailing in consciousness
of producers of categories and determinants of official ideology.
An introspective character of dictate with structures of suppression
based on appellation to the most deep layers of subconsciousness directly
determines other aspects of ideology, ideological creative activity of
individuals not ranking among contradictate passionaries. It is relevant to
creation acts influencing as structures of I, super-I so of It. An
appearance of printing and resulted increase of attainability of system of
collective knowledge, from one side, accelerated evolution of contradictate
thinking but, from the other side, immensely increased possibilities of
state ideologists. At epoch of transition to postcivilization, this
process increased immeasurably: telephone, radio, television, cinema,
theater, video, and so on, gave to dictate and to its ideologists
instruments of all-around influence on mind of the suppressed.
Let us start a consideration of the above mentioned dictate
determinations from philosophy, so far as philosophy represents an integral-
speculative structure of comprehension of objective world summarizing both
knowledge and methods of thinking. In the highest its works, philosophy is a
product of activation of contradictate passionarity but in spite of
motivational alienation from dictate introspection individuals of the layer
are not isolated from socium and either accepting or not ideology of
dictate they nevertheless perceive it while being in a sphere of its influence.
Refines, diversity of methods, influence on all structures of mind with
minimization of negative component -- and all of these are in a degree
unusual before this epoch (especially at the stage of transition to
postcivilization). These factors are the very reason that even powerful minds
(34) (34 --References only to West-European names is given because Asia,
Africa, and South America due to ethnic and specific dictate factors have not
reached the stage of evolution corresponding to introspective form of dictate.):
Spencer, Kierkegaard and others -- experience a clear influence of dictate
ideology and only such giants of mind as Nietzsche in creative work of mind
are free from any influences.
It is also relevant to loyal-dictate philosophers, individuals of
accompanying layer, whose creative works represent attempts of ethic,
ontological, logic character for justification of dictate expediency, its
representation as a teleological social weal, because they in one or another
degree are based on ideas of great thinkers. For example, the theosophy of
medieval has borrowed ideas of Aristotle, then of Th. Aquinas, Bacon, D. Scott,
Occam, Berkeley and up to neoplatonists and neo-thomists of nowadays.
Similarly, the philosophy of considered period (up to transition to
postcivilization), often inheriting features of previous epoch, at a stage of
appearance and symbiosis with state formations of previous dictate form
includes the following strategic directions: theosophical and others
connected with theosophy ideologically, methodologically, though
postulates; philosophy of rational thinking connected with natural sciences; a
direction not connected with the first two and shifting field of
investigation to problems of ethics and transcendental aspects of being and mind.
The first direction, in spite of the presence in it of giants of
passionary thinking, directly serves theology, strengthens ideological
basement of religion -- of components of dictate and dictate form itself. The
second direction, in spite of seemed contradictateship, is a factor of
progressive evolution of socium technology, i.e., eventually is an indirect
determinant of dictate evolution (indirectly through technology). The third
direction in comprehension of ethics as an aspect of socium and man being in
works of its outstanding adepts (Voltaire, Diderot and others) uses an non-
orthodox methodology and point of view of antique philosophy, particularly of
skepticism (Pyrrhonics), Stoic and others in application to conditions and
problems of their epoch. The final result of creative works of these thinkers,
more exactly, one of its aspects consists in the fact that alienation and
skepticism in consideration of ethical problems, in particular, of dictate
ones, resulted in appearance in structure of social consciousness of a relative
point of view on ethic and dictate dogmas, i.e., in deviation from the
consideration of ethic (loyal-dictate) values as common to all mankind,
universal. The relativity of proper values of ethic and moral conceptions led to
a search for the essences, which are objective determinants and categories of
various aspects of mind, in particular, ethics and eventually it turned to be
the reason of cognitive, epistemological kind that conditioned an appearance of
philosophy of irrational, transcendent-essence character connected together
particular-ethic, individual-human and ontological categories of being.
Of course, the appearance of such giants of mind as Nietzsche,
Kierkegaard, Freud cannot be reduced to dictate determinations. Being in their
basement contradictate, alienated from introspection of social dictate, they
create being influenced by introspective dominants of their own individual mind of
genius, but no mind can be renounced from an external objectivity influencing to
one or another degree a character of its creation works as directly so indirectly
through the system of all-human memory. In that way dictate influences the given
aspect of social thought as a whole and adapts it to own purposes (at least,
partly) in state ideology.
A character of dictate of the epoch influences strongly philosophy that is
concentrated in an ideological structure of philosophy teachings and in the
essences and structures, that represent a subject to consideration and to which
philosophy appeals and which it influences. Except for some sections of theosophy
devoted to transcendental essences, the whole philosophy of previous epochs (and
of dictate forms) and also of a period of appearance of the considered form in
structures of a state adequate to introspective--physical form -- the whole
philosophy irrespective of the object of its analysis is indivisible in its
cognitive and methodological basement. These are a logic having roots in works of
Aristotle, rationalism, tendency to construction of logical models on a basement
of formed methodology -- from postulates to conclusions made from constructions,
application in constructions of essences of a sensitive-empirical and rational-
logical kind, analysis of mind's structures (in consideration of an individual)
and some other characteristic features of philosophy of that period that are in
one or another way are connected with appellation to consciousness, rational
aspects of mentality.
With the beginning of postcivilization, with the Europe transition to a
stage of refined introspective dictate, the socium gets free from the tethering
conservative state forms that entails a logical hypertrophy of features of
introspective suppression. A shift of suppression's center of gravity on
subconsciousness, on hedonism of It has a natural reflection in structures of
state ideology and indirectly in philosophical teachings: in object of
consideration, methodology, essence of theory; attention is accented on
subconsciousness, on ties of ontological and ethical categories, on analysis
(intuitive) aspects of being, which the previous thinkers ranked as incognizable.
A difference of creative works of Kierkegaard, Spencer, Freud, Nietzsche, Bergson
and later philosophers of the XX c.: Spengler, Young, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty,
Weber and others - from Locke, Leibnits, Descartes, Voltaire is determined namely
by evolution of dictate and introspective suppression reflected in a character of
contradictate creative works.
In ideological sphere of introspective dictate of the postcivilization
epoch, there are features not characteristic of the previous epochs. While before
postcivilization, theories in some or other way have dominated in a whole
structure of ideology ( for example, religion in the middle of century), now in
spire of a stormy development of ideological teachings there is a dictate
toleration to any philosophical teachings even to negative--dictate and extremist
kinds. Although philosophy in one or another way influences other sides of social
creative works, nevertheless ideology is more oriented not at it but at other
kinds of creative activity: literature, video and audio, radio and television
broadcasting, and so on. An explanation to that seems to be in a gigantic jump of
development of forms, methods, instruments, volume and so of a level of influence
on the suppressed. Music, printing works (not philosophy) can affect consciousness
of many more individuals than philosophy due to intellectual attainability by
majority and a lack of efforts for perception, i.e., in that case even injections
of ideology are combined with a connivance to hedonism. A development of music as
a mean of influence on subconscious structures of the suppressed is determined by
the same dictate determinants as the considered above aspects of ideology.
An evolution of that aspect of ideology acquires a regulative character at
the epoch of transition to postcivilization, when all aspects and determinants of
an introspective dictate form appear. Ritual, cult, entertaining music is
developed and music of classical forms appears that appeals to conscious images
and subconscious associations affecting emotional and imagination structures in a
tendency necessary to dictate . Then opera, operetta, salon music has appeared
with the obvious hedonistic tendency in combination with spectacle of the same
tendency. Jazz and nowadays music of the XX-c. having African roots with its deep-
subconscious, hedonistic content are using the previous forms.
A simple numbering of sections of musical creative works points at their direct
connection with a character of dictate evolution. An intensification of influence
on hedonism of the suppressed directly determines a character of musical creative
works and a utilization by dictate of the creators and their works. It is eased by
the fact that creators of this aspect of socium spiritual life are ranked among
an image-emotional kind of thinkers, which is a determinant both of a
comparatively low intellect and a low level of contradictate passionarity. It
facilitates to hierarchs their withdraw from contradictate passionaries (to number
of which they rear belong) and injection in their consciousness the motivational
determinants of self-assigning to accompanying layer. It eases a direct
application of the creators for the aims of introspective suppression and it is
not indirectly as in the case of contradictate passionaries-philosophers but
directly as individuals of dictate structure, who self-assigned themselves to it
on a basement of stimulated hedonism.
The next aspect of ideological basement of socium and state -- are imitative
arts in all forms: painting, graphics, sculpture. A basement on introspective
suppression with the stress on hedonistic structures of It determines both the
highest manifestation of contradictate creative activity in their ideological
essence (more often, indirectly) and (to much greater extent) acts of loyal
creation activity. A superficially indifferent to dictate creative activity of
the Renaissance epoch is in its essence loyal to dictate, since its is based on
exalting of those features of loyal to dictate aspects of an individual that for
the first time have appeared at epoch of antique introspective-physical dictate.
That feature, i.e., a repetition, reviving of a concrete character of dictate
determinations of creative activity, is a consequence of identical conditions of
manifestation of dictate determinations -- -in the first case it is a transition
from a physical-social to introspective suppression, in the second -- from an
imposed-physical church type to introspective-physical social (with tendency to
pure introspective) suppression. Creative works of great creators of the epoch are
an apology of a man in his social and individual essence (35) (35 -- The list of
names would be a traditional one. The essence of concretions was shown above in
the analysis of antique ideology.).
The shown above dictate evolution results in determinations of creative
activity, the essence of which is more clearly revealed at the epoch of transition
to postcivilization with its orthodox manifestation of all strategic tendencies
and determinants. A subconscious-hedonistic basement of dictate introspection both
directly and indirectly through structures of spiritual continuum of socium
determines the creative activity of even such contradictate creators as Bosch,
Goya, Rodin, Dali: in spite of all depth of their contradictateship, their
creative works carry a seal of repressed subconsciousness. This very factor
determines a suppression of all trends in arts, literature, painting and sculpture
that appeal to subconsciousness -- from early impressionists to subjectivists and
structuralists. As for a loyal art, being reinforced by new forms such as cinema,
television, show, video it directly and openly declares and elevates on pedestal
of the highest human values the essences that are connected in one or another way
with hedonism -- with hedonism of mind, subconsciousness, motivational
dominants, material implementations, ideals of super-I (36) (36- An elevation of
social status of hedonism's servants (especially of hierarchs) such as actors,
people of art, prostitutes of the highest level, and so on is a concrete
consequence.). A tended minimization of negative suppression and a hypertrophy of
positive hedonism result in the situation in structure of variable hedonism of
ideology when its influence on consciousness of the suppressed acquires a high
level and generality. An integral introspection of socium, its spiritual continuum
is so saturated with the spirit of hedonism conglomerated with a loyalty to
dictate, hedonism is encouraged and stimulated by all structures of social
ideology to such degree that it results in wanted transformation of motivations
not only of producers but also of a part of socium having powerful negative to
dictate factors of psycho genotype -- -of negative passionaries and some part of
contradictate passionaries.
Evolution of dictate with the strategic tendency to positive-hedonistic
suppression determines a transformation not only of a loyal-dictate component of
ideological basement of state but of the whole continuum of socium ideology by
creating in it an atmosphere of the spirit based on hedonism in various
The stimulation of hedonism entails a necessity of a material basement for
its satisfaction, because in the opposite case a stimulated and not satisfied
hedonism sublimates powerful negative-dictate motivations. In its turn, it
conditions a necessity of technology progress -- of the material determinant not
only of dictate but also of industry that determines a stimulation by dictate of
technology producers -- contradictate passionaries. a development of that layer,
from one side, results, as shown above, in dictate and ethnic prevailing (37)
(37-- The process has a complicated, mutually interviewing and mutually
determining character.), but from the other side -- in an increase of a component
they introduce into ideological continuum of socium. A stimulation of hedonism
including the one of contradictate passionaries accounts for the fact that
although their ideological, creative, mental concretions acquire out-of-dictate,
pushing aside features but not the features of negative antagonism to
introspective aims of oppression, of non-loyalty. That coloration is also not
characteristic of ideological continuum of socium of the previous forms. Orthodox
contradictate individuals having an extremely high level of hedonism sublimation
and due to it not susceptible to its stimulation under these conditions - in
bacchanalia of hedonism - are invested in carriers and generators of an idea of
complete rejection of hedonism and its material aspects in the most radical form
-- of the idea that rejects teleology of evolution and dictate, of technology and
socium. The first steps in this direction were made by J.J. Rousseau and the
epoch of transition to postcivilization, that clearly exhibits all characteristic
features, gave birth to anarchism in all forms not only as a political and
ideological trend but in literature, art, music, and so on.

Ideology and extremist forms of dictate

Extremist forms of dictate as sporadic fluctuations of strategic
process of evolution have so peculiar structures, determinants and
consequently ideologies that it is necessary to segregate their analysis into a
separate section. An ideological basement of that state and dictate form is
conditioned by both a direct dictate (form) essence and the concrete structures
of objective and social kinds that precede, determine and accompany an
appearance and existence of this fluctuation of the general law. An ideological
continuum of the dictate form includes both a state ideology of an unusually high
intensity of injection (compare to other forms (38) (38- As shown above, the
ideology of that form represents an organic and the most important characteristic
of suppression and has several peculiar features.)) and an objective-social
ideological component that is often antagonistic to the state component. A
level of collision tensions, of antagonism between them varies in a very wide
interval depending on a stage of evolution of the dictate form, which is
always historically short-living.
An extremely high level and monstrous forms of the all-encompassing
suppression, a low level of the strategic determinant (technology)
compared to other contemporary, synchronous dictate forms, a necessity of a
primitive, orthodox ideological basement of state (more often, of a declared
egalitarian character) and another features described in the previous chapters
(39) (39 --These and all others mentioned before features are superficial,
formal materializations of an introspective essence -- including a determined
level of technology, rejection of a positive-hedonistic suppression and
so basing on a negative-introspective suppression in the extreme orthodox form
of totality.) determine an ideology of the form. A stereotype, uniformity of the
main features of introspective-psychological basements unites in one group such
dictate formations as Sicilian tyranny, tyranny of Pisistratus, state of
(?)Zingy, mazdakism, state of (?)Saydellers, ismailian, Florence of the
Savonarola epoch, the Mao Tse-Tung China, regime of Pol Pot, fascism in
Germany, Christian militant orders and sects. The psychological basement
determines also a stereotype of ideology, in spite of differences in
declared and objective essences, dogmas, ideas, forms. The main features of
ideology of extremism are:
1. Presence of a tough orthodox monodogma determining the whole building
of ideology.
2. A strict censorship of information and a legislative ban of alien
ideologies and of any non-loyal information in general.
3. An immanent personification of ideological dogmas and application
to them over-social, prophetic features of the highest revelation in
combination with features of a universal social weal, of a general one and
4. An immanent presence in various degrees of demagogic variations of
5. Basing on intellectual essences borrowed from theoretical constructions
of big thinkers and reduced to a primitive level. An application of the essences
is always picked, eclectic without general structure of the theory and
simplified to the vulgarity that is possible to inculcate into consciousness of
the suppressed creating an illusion that they understand and organically accept
6. As the most cardinal feature, an ideology of extremism includes (on
a basis of self-seizure by it of essences of a teleological social weal) a self-
application by its carriers and adepts of the highest (objective?) ethical
values with a consequent transition of them on an essence and structures of
dictate (on determinants of ideology).
7. A connected with the previous feature of a peculiarity of an
extremist form ideology is based on associative and often on quit determined
(of cause, false and demagogic) ties between nightmares of
suppression, that is to the highest degree characteristic of the form, and
interests (weal) of socium, on conduction of a suppression in favor of
hierarchs on behalf and in favor of people. Pisistratus, Mazdak, Savonarola,
Robespierre, Mao -- -all these and other hierarchs of extremism have used this
trick of ideology often as a basement of ideology in general (40) (40 -- Not only
of ideology but also of laws, ethics, penitential system, and so on, i.e., of
all other aspects of state.).
8. The previous aspects determine the component of ideology that directly
influences structures of I and It. A hypertrophy of that components is
pursuing an aim to high degree distort perception, subjective reflection of the
objective world, a character of subjective-hedonistic, individual
determination of reflection in order to obtain a possibility to conduct the most
horrible acts of suppression without an appearance of dangerous to dictate
negative motivations in social continuum. Being realized in dogmatic works,
in arts, in injections in social moral, that component includes a
hypocritical state optimism and a transformation of the Christian dogma
of a humble acceptance of burdens of current life in favor of the future (which
is, of course, bright and excellent) and a false beauty of state encouraged
literature, especially that praises loyal-dictate essences, and direct
propaganda (41) (41 -- For example, a contract information is used: only black
events for antagonists and only joyful news in own state, and so on.) and
9. A utilization of ethnic, chauvinistic and alike motivations
with a transition, application of the essences of motivations to dictate in its
state reality.
10. Besides egalitarianism of a social-political kind (point 4), ideology
of extremism includes a dogma of individual-biological egalitarianism that
accounts for all human differences by objective external determinants. Aims of
that ideological trick are versatile and are suggested for a white washing of
various aspects of suppression (42) (42- See: Nietzsche "So was told by
Zarathustra", Montaigne "Essays", Helvetius "About mind", "About man".). In
essence, it is a vulgar paraphrase of ideas of philosophers of a "tabula rasa"
trend -- of Locke and the followers.
11. Tended strivings to a primitive formation of all aspects of being and
mentality: ontological, epistemological, ethical and, consequently, of
ideology, i.e., of a combination of ideas lying in the basement of state.
A reduction (a reflection) of realities of being allows to reduce it to
some primitive essences that can be easily injected in consciousness and look
superficially clear, so they are readily absorbed by consciousness of the
suppressed, at least by a major part of them.
These and other less important features compose a basis of extremist
ideology (43) (43 -- Every concrete form of extremist dictate can include not
all these aspects. It depends on dictate necessity and a phase of social-dictate
evolution.) that being in indissoluble bond with the highest level of external
suppression facilitates an existence of a given dictate form (which, as
mentioned, is always a short-lived one). An ideology, especially its aspects
vitally important to the form, is so organically interwove with structures
of suppression that there is no need to tell about dictate determination of state
ideology, otherwise it will sound here as a reduction of a real level of
interconnection between these essences of socium. Ideology becomes a
self-containing essence and an organic structure of suppression and not of
indirect one but of direct suppression. Dogmas of ideology are not injected
(using objective structures of mind) as before but are imposed, forced to
injection in structure of motivational determinants irrespective of acceptance or
non-acceptance. A confession, of a demonstrative-zealous kind in its loyalty,
of official ideology dogmas becomes a basement of existence in general and of
physical being in particular. It is not an activational loyalty that is demanded
from the suppressed as in the previous evolution forms but an absolute,
unconditional, blind and mindless acceptance of all aspects of official ideology
as a basement of vital motivations.
Summarizing, it is possible to say that extremist form of dictate with
its peculiarities described in the previous chapters not only determines an
essence of ideology but absorbed it as a dissipative organic component of a
whole dictate and of suppression in particular. A level of suppression of
that ( inefficient, in principle) dictate form is so high that it (form)
cannot imagine its existence without of an all piercing ideology as a basement,
justification of necessity, an organic component of dictate.
The totality of ideological penetration, its repressive-negative character,
an inculcation but not convincing, an orientation of demagogic, false essences
but not on real structures of mind condition a presence in consciousness of
individuals of some antipode-essences to official ideology, i.e., of a personal
individual ideology that is antagonistic to an official one exhibited
superficially. In essence, there are two ideologies present in extremist
concretions: an official total one that is obligatory to confession, and a real
introspective that is different from the official. A negative suppression in
combination with ideology of the same trend results in natural suppression of
hedonism of It that in its breaking through in consciousness is
sublimated in determinants of negative to dictate motivations. An alienation
from dictate interests results in concentration of individual motivations
on a proper individual giving rise to motivational dissonance that is
progressing with dictate evolution and, with an accompanying intensification of a
suppression, a significant part and a basement of which is composed of the
same ideological repressive suppression. The doubled realities of ideology
entail a doubled moral, ethics, laws, and so on, i.e., to existence in
socium simultaneously of a declared and accepted under repression moral and a
real hidden moral that determines many aspects of reality. The same is true of
other aspects of state power. The mentioned above peculiarities of ideology of
extremist dictate that are a basis, a reason and an initiative essence
determined by dictate and also determine (at least partly) a complete
motivational alienation practically of all dictate layers from its interests.
It reduces an efficiency of suppression, in particular, ideological, and
eventually increases negative to dictate motivational dominants giving birth
to the process. The process evolves progressively as in a device having
a regenerative (positive) feed-back up to a quick collapse (in the scale of
history) of a whole formation.
In that form, there is a violation of the general law of dictate evolution
formulated above, since a short-lived existence, objective conditions of
appearance and its negative-dictate essence (ideology, in particular)
contradict to evolving growth of a positive-motivation suppression along with
intensified growth of a physical suppression. In other words, a character of
ideology is an evidence that extremist form of dictate is an occasional
fluctuation from the general, global process of evolution of socium and
dictate. However, an intensification of ideology factor at epoch of
postcivilization and a more frequent appearance of extremist fluctuations
may be regarded as a manifestation of a general tendency of a growing
role of ideology as a determinant of dictate evolution replacing an
ethnical one and resulted in spiral-periodic deviations from the general
technologically determined linear dictate evolution. That phenomenon will be
considered more thoroughly in chapter on extrapolation.

Ethics and moral in dictate evolution

Ideology of state power as a concretion of dictate in its evolution is

connected with such socially-individual essences as ethics and moral (44) (44 --
It is only a particular manifestation of the general law of determination by
dictate of all aspects of functioning socium.). In a process of development,
ethics and moral are determined as directly by dictate (categorically and
concretely) so indirectly -- by ideology of state, its objectivity and a level of
introspective adequacy. In their turn, ethics and moral due to immanent
belonging to super-I and their involvement in structure of conscious
motivational determinants have a significant influence on a character of
evolution processes in socium, on level of suppression efficiency and on other
aspects and structures of a concrete dictate form.
Both ethics and moral as essences and categories have a nature that is to
great extent relativistic. Relativity of these aspects of socium does not need an
additional argumentation, since it got a powerful confirmation in works of strong
minds: Aristotle, skeptics, stoic, Epictetus, Montaigne, Helvetius,
existentialists, Nietzsche, and others. Analyzing and arguing an immanence of
a relativistic nature of moral and ethics, these thinkers presented as a
determinant of relativity ethnical, geographical, biological and political
peculiarities of socium. It is possible to consider these determinants separately
and to show that even if they influence structures of moral and ethics they
behave as secondary derivative determinants. Biological, geographical, and so on
factors determine ethnogenesis and ethnical isolation of a particular socium,
i.e., indirectly through ethnical determinants they influence dictate
evolution and eventually namely this global essence of functioning socium
determines an essence and concretions of ethics and moral.
Being the injected components of motivational conglomerate of
consciousness, these determined by dictate essences have their own teleology
conditioned by a functional predestination of an individual in dictate structure
and so have a varying content depending on which layer of dictate with its
immanent destiny their influence is directed. Ethics and moral of professional
hangman is different from ethics of producer of the lowest rank (in overwhelming
majority (45) (45 -- Investments in layers and alienation of individuals from
them result in mutual penetration of different psychotypes but functional
efficiency of a layer is possible only when a major part of its
individuals meets motivation stereotype (more exactly, a moral-ethical one).),
and the same aspects of hierarch are completely different from any other layer
of dictate. Besides that, dialectics of dictate evolution determines that
these essences of consciousness also evolve according to direct dictate
determination reflecting concrete necessities of efficient dictate
suppression. Ethnogenesis as an external determinant of dictate at a stage of
civilization, besides indirect control through dictate, directly influences
an essence of ethics and moral.
An antagonism of ethnoses at a stage of civilization results in gradation
of these essences on introversive and extroversive, i.e., those relevant to own
ethnos and to alien (46) (46 -- The stronger antagonism of ethnoses the
more powerful this gradation of determination. Killing of a tribe's man is a
grave crime, killing of an alien is a fit. Violence, robbery, extermination, and
so on -- all objective formations of moral aspects get differentiation
depending on these factors.). Lowering of a level of determination of dictate
evolution by ethno genetic factor results in reduction of direct and indirect
influence of the factor on evolution of moral and ethics and in appearance of
global norms, dogmas and structures of these essences. Powerful motivations of
ethnical self-assigning opposing an individual of a given ethnos to other ethnoses
and determining a differentiation of ethics and moral turn to be all-powerful
and suitable instruments in formation of conscious structures necessary to
dictate, in particular of those under consideration -- ethical-moral ones
concretizing activations using these motivations with hedonistic, subconscious
Still, human consciousness (of the suppressed) is not a passive clay that
dictate can form by injection in it necessary determinants-essences. Norms
and dogmas of ethic-moral (a loyal-dictate complex injected in consciousness
of the suppressed by dictate interact if not with conscious essences of mind
(socially acquired) then in any case with various to some or other degree
sublimated essences, aspects of hedonism of subconsciousness -- of It. The
interaction has a wide gradation: from a loyal compatibility, when there
is an adequacy of injected in super-I ethic-moral dogmas to essences of I and
It, - up to direct antagonism in lack of the adequacy. Depending on a
character of the pointed interconnection, injection of moral-ethical dogmas either
is used being absorbed in an applicative way by consciousness, or is deformed or
even rejected by consciousness. In the last case on the background of
declared ethics and moral, there is a real and much more effective common moral
appeared and its antagonism with officious results in lowering of dictate

Early forms of ethics and moral

A straightforward and simple dictate of a primordial flock based on

direct individual physical suppression conditions moral-ethic sides of
social life. A declared right of the strongest as a basis of ethics has at a
given stage of socium and development no antithesis, since it completely
corresponds both to interests of dictate and even to interests of the suppressed.
A right of the strongest and aggressive, an immanence of social and hedonistic
inequality, a lack of any conscious dogmas (ethical) restraining an arbitrary
rule and activity of the strongests - it is not a complete (47) (47- Because a
complete list is difficult to compile due to a lack of concrete arguments and
facts representing socium life at that epoch.) list of moral features dominating
in a flock (49) (49 -- Moral and ethics are not always presented in a kind of
written and non-written codes. They can exist as individual motivational
determinants.) exhibit a direct link (having no needs in additional
argumentation) with dictate essence and type of suppression that is
characteristic of this form of dictate and is fixed in it in an unwritten form, is
accepted by everybody and is rejected by nobody. A narrowness and singularity of
ethics and moral, a lack of introspective, hidden alternatives are a reason of a
long existence of the form (49) (49 -- Of cause, it is a secondary, indirect
reason, since the main determinant (external) of dictate evolution and so of all
its aspects is a technology -- the product of activity of contradictate
passionaries.). A lack of alternatives, objective (concerning biosphere and
socium) adequacy, acceptability and totality of inclusion, of influence -- these
features are also a reason of efficiency (dictate) of these state aspects with
dictate determination.
An evolution of dictate historically led to formation of new structures and
forms of suppression and to a new state formation corresponding to that dictate
form - to slavery. A complication of the form and a growth of varieties of
structures of socium, dictate, state power result in the case under consideration
in an appearance and development of new aspects and structures of ethics and
moral. A social-dictate singularity of moral and ethics and their organic
continually-social absorption by all individuals of socium are disintegrating.
Instead of that a differentiated gradation of these essences appears determined by
various factors: ethnic, dictate-hierarchic, structural-state and others.
Strengthening of the factors connected with ethnogenesis and an intensification of
antagonism of ethnoses that implies a concrete-dictate antagonism determine a
necessity for hierarchs to inject in consciousness of individuals such moral
dogmas, which would allow to increase a fighting efficiency of ethnos to maximum
and at the same time should be unacceptable with respect to individuals of own
socium (50) (50 -- Striving and wishes to kill aliens reinforce stability of a
dictate form in collisions but they are unacceptable with respect to own ethnos.
It is an example among of many.).
Inside that ethic concretion, there are evolutive variations determined by
dictate evolution. Co-assigning to cult (see chap. 3) and killing of a major part
of captured aliens fixed in ethic and moral norms corresponding to and determined
by interests of dictate hierarchs (for example, at early stages of the form
development in Akkad, Sumer, Elam) in the course of dictate form evolution are
replaced by their conversion into slaves. At the beginning, mainly women are
converted into slaves (51) (51 -- At a given level of development of suppression
means, they could be suppressed more easily), then also men that immediately
finds a reflection in variation of ethic and moral norms: a negative attitude to
killing, social and legislative blame of those norms and dogmas that were
generally accepted at previous stages of evolution and met hierarchs' interests.
Evolution of dictate, conditioning a reflected in structures of mind of
hierarchs a necessity of conversion ethic strangers into slaves, entails a
necessity of a presence in ethic continuum of socium of components of social and
individual supremacy of the socium members over others and also of injection of an
idea of a secondary grade, a destination of being in the lowest, slavery level for
members of alien ethnoses. That combination of norms with ethic determination has
taken place in the all following formations and forms and so there is a necessity
of a more thorough analysis of its introspective bases.
The doctrine of ethnic supremacy is adequate, consonance to basic potentials
and concretions of hedonistic basement of It. Injected in super-I, ethic and moral
dogmas of this kind allow to justify a hedonistically determined striving to shift
actions connected with oppression of hedonism to shoulders of the suppressed -- of
slaves and to avoid introspective collisions between hedonism of It and ethic-
moral essences of super-I. That trick of dictate is superficially simple (claiming
strangers to be a half-man gives a logical right on his corresponding treatment)
but in reality it has deep roots in introspective-motivational basement of
individual. The stability of mind structures and of psychotypes of layers together
with mentioned above accounts for the effectiveness of this method of suppression
in all epochs.
Of course, this method of formation of necessary moral and ethics
structures is valid for individuals having a sufficiently low determination level
of motivations of super-I and a low level of hedonism sublimation in creative
activity, i.e., for all layers of dictate except contradictate passionaries.
Individuals of namely this layer never have been among supporters of nationalism
opposing it with all-human cosmopolitism and namely they already rejected at the
considered stage of dictate evolution, at slavery - the moral and ethic connected
with ethnic and human prevailing but rejecting at the same time an egalitarianism.
At the given period, a layer-dictate differentiation of ethics and moral
norms has appeared as a declared so as a real one. A concretization of layer
structure of dictate necessitated a layer differentiation of ethics and moral
according to expediency, teleology of each concrete layer. Hierarchs, satisfaction
of whose hedonism is a dominant that initiates evolution, confess ethic-moral
complexes corresponding namely to this teleology. Moral of the layer at the given
stage as declared so as a real one completely corresponds to dictate necessity and
is determined by it. The moral includes such features as proclaiming of an over-
human essence of hierarchs' appearance (that gives a right on alienation of
hedonistic wealth): superhuman, universal and absolute character of power as a
manifestation of god's will and often a personification of god's features in
hierarch (52) (52-Empire of Inks, Pharaohs of Egypt, Chines emperors, and later -
shoguns in Japan.) serving to the same aim; appropriation to aspects of
satisfaction of hedonism of hierarchs features of mystical acts, mystery;
appropriation to acts of primitive hedonism of features of state-social weal (53)
(53 -- Brides of Sun among Inks, public sexual acts of hierarchs in Polynesia and
in Indochina.); identification, personification on the whole of social weal and
egocentric hedonism of hierarchs; absolute immanent dogma of basic individual,
political, legislative, hedonistic prevailing of hierarch over separate
individuals of socium. This complex of ethic and moral dogmas is a conscious frame
of hedonistic dominant that determines an ability of hierarchs to initiate all
the horrors of suppression in name of satisfaction of individual hedonism.
Evolution of dictate at epoch of civilization is conditioned by the
superposition of two tendencies, of two determinants: technology with a slow
evolving growth of positive-introspective suppression and ethnogenesis with a
growth of physical suppression. The growth of physical suppression is adequate to
a primitive psychotypes of hierarchs and does not demand from them thinking
efforts including moral-ethic ones. An autocracy, absolute hierarchy as the most
abandoned at the epoch is connected with alienation of a moral of hierarchs from
all-human, social moral and with appropriation to hierarch's will aspects and
essences of the highest moral and ethics. A growth of positive-motivational
suppression determines a necessity of unification of moral and ethics aimed to
level an antagonism (with hedonistic determination) in consciousness of the
suppressed. At epoch of developed introspective suppression, the phenomenon gets a
big weight in social continuum of spiritual essences and willy-nilly, really or
declaratively, hierarchs are forced to accept moral and ethics that dictate
applied, injected in socium and often this acceptance has a demonstrative-orthodox
character. The later is eased by the fact that at that epoch a moral being
hedonistic in its basis becomes similar for hierarchs and producers. From the
other side, layers of hierarchs during the epoch of civilization are formed not
only of individuals with adequate psychotype but equally often of investitures
with quit various psychotypes introducing elements of individual moral
characteristic of a layer-generator. To the greatest extent, it is characteristic
of a determined moral of hierarchs of extremist forms. Still, the hierarchs' main
essences remain unchanged due to the layer teleology and a necessary of
individual consciousness adequacy to it. That feature to a less degree is
concentrated in inherited hierarchies that reduces an effectiveness of hierarchs
and to a higher degree at a sporadic replacement of hierarchs.
Teleology of a layer of conductors and executors of dictate in the course of
social-dictate evolution is different from a hierarchs' one that conditions also
a difference in confessed and declared moral (54) (54 -- At a stage of slavery,
dictate secures its existence using a physical suppression that conditions a
minimal level of introspective components of conviction that in turn results in
lack of antagonism of declared and introspective-confessed morals as it happens in
other forms. Lowering of a level and a primitive formation of hedonism,
prevailing of sadistic component, subordination external and spiritual, necessity
and ability to acts of suppression determine an ethic-moral conglomerate of
features helping to concretization of the layer teleology. Necessary components of
an ethic-moral structure of super-I providing an efficient correspondence to the
layer teleology include such essences as real (or declared) believe in ideological
dogmas of a given concrete formation, dogmas of subordination and rejection from
own will (on a powerful hedonistic basis (55) (55 -- A gradation of the rejection
is very wide; from a simple fulfillment of a will of hierarch and apparatus of
suppression to a complete rejection from individual motivations (ismailian,
missionaries-fanatics of all times, and so on.)), introspective self-alienation
from motivations of the suppressed, a stable motivational complex of disgust to a
regular productive labor (56) (56 -- Helvetius says: "A person agrees three months
per year to suffer fear, burdens and adversities only not to work for all year".
The psychology of warrior-professional of slavery epoch includes that complex as
a basic determinant since labor is extremely heavy.) (also based on hedonistic
features of It) egocentrism with a bright sadistic coloration. Additionally, on
the background of these real components of ethics and moral, there is a declared
(and often organically accepted) ethical dogma (powerfully injected by dictate)
of an identity of social weal and all horrors and nightmares of suppression (57)
(57- They are very high at the given epoch as a low level of influence of
technical determinant and a primitive physical dictate completely depreciate a
life of the suppressed in eyes of hierarchs and conductors of dictate.) -- a
result of activity of the very this layer.
Here, even physical dictate with respect to producers results in appearance
of dualism of ethics and moral: declared, dictate-injected and introspective-
individual, layer-dictate ones. The first is a consequence of direct ideological
injection of dictate in consciousness. The second is an indirect consequence of
dictate influence realized through determined, formed and concretized by dictate
peculiarities of a layer psychotype of people; it happens by applying an
intensification of their already powerful basis of motivational complex by
structuring of an ethic-moral censor of super-I.
An effectiveness and efficiency of dictate-determined ethics and moral is
determined by the fact that its organic acceptance or at least a demonstrated
declaration of its acceptance as a complex of conscious determinants by conductors
is encouraged by dictate that uses an external material stimulation of hedonism:
by suggestion of power, money, luxury, women. The most beautiful woman is
suggested to a brave warrior, harem to a military leader, and so on, up to Rome
triumphs, dictate status of administrators, spies (58) (58 -- A formal creation of
this category of conductors is dated back to the earliest stages of socium
development (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and so on.). A general and invariable with
time determinant of the ethics (declared) is an association of ethic-moral
essences, positive from dictate's point of view for its aims and needs, with
categories of common social weal.
The second, more real (as it is relevant to a consciousness of concrete
individuals in dictate hierarchy) ethics and moral is determined by a joint
superposition of essences in consciousness defined by dictate-layer teleology,
layer-dictate psychotypes of individuals, introspective collisions between
declared ideology, ethics, moral, -- and by objective-social essences of
functioning socium, motivations conditioned by a hedonistic differentiation in
stratified dictate hierarchy, and so on. A simultaneous presence of these
variations of ethics that is immanent to the whole socium and in particular to
introspection of the layer under consideration results in a conflict in
consciousness of conductors (may be not always realized, on a level of realized-
motivational). It in turn lowers an influence and a level of determination of a
dictate ethic-moral component that reduces a loyal to dictate motivation of the
layer activity.
A reduction of ethics influence reduces a level of loyal-dictate censorship
(that is to great extent conditioned by ethic-moral categories of consciousness)
and increases a level of the second ethics component of the layer. With joint
efforts (breaks through) of hedonistic motivations of structures of It, it results
in strengthening, concrete definition of ethics of negative-dictate, egocentric-
hedonistic kind that entails the most negative consequences for dictate as a whole
and for the considered form in particular. That thesis has confirmations in
history of any slavery dictate form: Sumer, Egypt, Iran but the most brightly in
history of Rome (59) (59 - It is not in the last turn due to a large volume of
historical and literature information about these formations that have reached us
and it does not reject the statement with respect to any others.). Unification of
ethics and moral of the early Rome at epoch of ethnic raising is replaced by
ethics of the Cesarean Rome with growing prevailing of egocentric ethics that at
epoch of soldiers' emperors makes an ethic-moral determination of loyal
motivations completely negative (with respect to hierarchs of dictate) .
Since contradictate passionaries to great extent are resistive to external
injections in consciousness, are introspectively alienated from ethic-moral
determinations due to an individual character of creative psychotype and negative
passionaries are alienated from these aspects due to their layer teleology, so we
have left to consider ethic-moral peculiarities of producer and accompanying
layers. Accompanying layer is a social conglomerate of individuals necessary in
dictate structure for creation of attractiveness using influences on consciousness
and subconsciousness of the suppressed in a loyal to dictate sense. Ethics and
moral concretions to great extent are a result of namely this layer activity.
A general layer differentiation of the epoch under consideration had led to
a formal definition of the layer: from priests, gerontocrats, keepers of customs
to creators of loyal arts, writers, and so on at a later period of slavery, for
example, in antique Greece or the Cesarean Rome. Individuals of the layer posses
features determining peculiarities of their layer ethics and moral. The first
feature was mentioned above -- it is a production of all declared and a part of
objective-introspective ethics, the second is a presence of creative ability,
potential conditioning the peculiarity of psychotype, perception, introspective
resistance. Efficiency of ethics as a whole both of declared and individual-
introspective, depends on a dictate-determined, positive-motivated by dictate
compatibility of these features that determines a potential productivity of the
layer. A possibility of efficient (with the aims of suppression) and talented
influence on formation of moral-ethic structures of super-I is connected with a
presence of sublimated (to a degree that is significantly less comparing to a
powerfully sublimated hedonism of It for contradictate passionaries.) hedonism and
(to one or another degree) intellect, i.e., an immanent ability to analytic
(critical) perception of the surrounding world. It means a conscious, although
often pushed out, understanding of relativity, demagogy, speculatively (in a
narrow pragmatic sense) of a dominating in socium ethics and moral (61) (61-- That
feature is similar to an analogous one of contradictate passionaries but for layer
of contradictate passionaries a non-acceptance of introspective repression is a
motivational dominant that is absent in the layer of accompanyings).
A necessity (layer-teleological) to create the essences that reflect and
propagating a loyal ethics and moral in combination with the above mentioned
reason results in a situation, when real moral and ethics of the accompanying
layer is based on hedonistic egocentrism and introspective non-acceptance of
produced (by individuals of the vary layer) ideas and principles of moral and
ethics, i.e., while demonstratively exhibiting themselves as adepts of declared
ethics, they introspectively confess an ethics of a narrow-pragmatic, egocentric-
hedonistic kind. The prostitution of declared ethics determines conjunctive-
dictate variations of these essences depending on needs and concretions of dictate
both inside a frame of a given form and formation and at collision changes of an
ethnical and state character. Being the producers of loyal to dictate ethics and
moral dogmas, being informed on a process of their creation, accompanyings cannot
accept their own creative work namely due to peculiarities of, although
prostituted but nevertheless, creative passionarity (62) (62 -- Of cause, it is
relevant to individuals possessing a sufficient level of talent. Untalented
persons accept everything connected with satisfaction of hedonism).
Non-acceptance of official moral and ethics and confessing of egocentrism,
hedonism, and so on by creators of official moral results in an appearance of
another dissonance, more exactly, antagonism in the social-dictate ethics and
moral. It is conditioned by the fact that the main vital activations are
determined by introspective-applying ethics and moral (at least, partly) but not
by external-declared ones. A dissonance between reflected in I suppressed vital
activations of accompanyings (with the above mentioned determination) and
produced by them declared dogmas evolve according to a direct determination of
dictate. A priest of town-temple in Sumer (Akkad, Ur, and so on (63) (63 -- In
other words, at the most early sage of slavery that includes components of dictate
of the previous form.) being a producer and carrier of ethic-moral aspects of
state power and simultaneously a hierarch of dictate due to a small continuum of
socium, to an early stage of dictate stratification (i.e., a conglomerated
uniformity of socium (64) (64- At least comparatively to the following stages of
the form when layers have been formed both externally and introspectively.))
present by himself an example of dictate determination of ethic-moral aspects of
socium. At some stage of technology evolution (of the main dictate determinant)
killing of the captured and raping women were a norm of moral because it
corresponded to interests of a given concretion of dictate. Development of dictate
form (in its technological determination) led to slavery, i.e., to a physical
dictate suppression of producers. Then killing of a captured, a slave was taken
out by dictate from a category of social virtues and later they were banned in
written dogmas of moral and ethics and in legislative norms declared and
established by hierarch, who in that case was their initiator. That potential and
activation unity of hierarchs and accompanyings in the case of their physical
combination is brightly exhibited in a structure of such forms of dictate as
empire of Inks, Maya, in a religious dictate (ismailian, early Islam and
Christianity, and so on.).
Evolution of dictate is accompanied by an increase of a level of
feasibilities and an essence of satisfaction of hierarchs' hedonism, who sublimate
the introspective creative essences necessary for functioning of accompanyings
(65) (65 -- A bright illustration of the thesis is presented by moralists-
legislators as heads of early Rome and Greece: Lycurgus, Solon, Cato, Romulus and
others and emperors of an epoch of decline: Nero, Caligula and others.) that
causes such functions as production of ethics and moral to be alienated and
appropriated to a layer of hirelings-accompanyings. The second reason of that
layer appearance is a dictate necessity of an increase of level, quality and
versatility of injection means of declared norms; literature, arts, philosophy,
legislation, and so on demand versatility and an increase of a number of producers
having immanent features for this activity. It results in an appearance of
creators-specialists with psycho motivational stereotype of an accompanying layer.
Unity of moral and ethics in early socium and an adequacy to objective, external
respective to a concrete individual realities have been replaced by a
differentiated moral corresponding to a developed social-dictate hierarchy of
civilization epoch. A generation of all aspects of loyal-dictate ethics and moral
by an accompanying layer is inevitably connected (66) (66 -- At least, for
creative, valuable for dictate individuals of the layer.) with an appearance in
introspective continuum of the layer of motivational antagonisms, collisions
between reflected in I together with a censorship of super-I external realities
and determined by hedonism of It sublimated manifestations of an integral mind.
Evolution of dictate connected with a growth of hedonism of the highest layers and
with suppression of producers determines an intensification of the collision that
is a reason of motivational self-alienation of the most creative part of the layer
from dictate interests and its transition into other layers -- of negative
passionaries (early Christians, sects, parties, and so on) and of contradictate
The given process causally determines lowering of influence of ethic-moral
systems on basic motivations of individuals of suppressed layers that inevitably
entails an intensification of injection of loyal dogmas of ethics and moral. It in
turn transforms an essence of moral of a continuum of accompanying layer.
Motivational loyalty and activation unidirectionality (according to dictate
interests) are replaced by corruption, prostitution of spirit and alienation from
declared moral generated by the layer. This process has taken place for all
duration of dictate evolution with a tendency of progressive growth conditioned by
enlarging of a number of the layer individuals, since development of technology
allows to alienate from a direct production a growing number of individuals.
Ethnic determinants of dictate evolution determining cycles of civilization
epoch due to their superposition either intensify or weaken the process at
concrete chronological intervals of evolution. The global dictate evolution
strengthens a role, meaning and social status of accompanying layer (67) (67 -- In
strategic determination of the process by technology and due to strategy of a
process of intensification of introspective, positive suppression in the course
of dictate evolution.).
Before starting an analysis of dictate determined evolution of ethics and
moral of producers, i.e., of the main suppressed layer, let us consider the
process in layers of negative and contradictate passionaries exhibiting very
peculiar features. A powerful sublimated hedonism combined with creative activity
of contradictate passionaries determines a non-acceptance of injected moral. It
happens on a basis of intellectual understanding of speculatively, relativism and
miserable, prostituted pragmatism of these dictate-social categories. Individuals
composing a nucleus of the layer at all chronological intervals do not accept
loyal ethics and moral and due to it at some stages of dictate evolution of
civilization epoch they are subject to direct physical extermination as carriers
of a strange, alien moral. Especially often it happens at epochs of ethnic
arising, tension, when ethic passionarity is superimposed on dictate-loyal
motivations of the main mass of socium.
The technologically determined tendency of evolution leads to development of
contacts (motivational and activational) of contradictate passionaries and
concretions of dictate as a causal consequence of growth of positive-hedonistic
aspects of suppression. A cyclic growth of external suppression at epoch of
civilization leads to a reverse effect - to a growth of negative motivations and
activity of contradictate passionaries and so, of an introduction by them in
ethic-moral continuum of socium of negative to dictate ideas and dogmas.
A motivational psychotype of negative passionaries conditions some different
reaction, different attitude to an injected moral. A low level of intellect and
creative component helps to injection of loyal dogmas in structure of super-I but
a gigantic hedonism (similar to hedonism of hierarchs) together with prevailing of
I, i.e., with orientation of dominants on a correspondence, adequacy to
external, reflected world is a basis and a determinant of introspective
collisions, resolved by mind (of individuals of the layer) in favor of hedonism.
In reality, it is a collision of an injected moral and a reflected real one, i.e.,
of an objective-social moral conditioned by activity of a whole social continuum
of a given dictate form. A motivational stereotype of the layer is conservative,
stable at all epochs of spiral development of civilization and its dictate
determination represents a periodic process corresponding to turns of dictate
evolution of civilization period. A growth of suppression, an increase of
introspective side of external dictate being reflected and collided in
consciousness with motivational dominants of psychotype of the layer increases a
connection of I - It, i.e., reduce an influence of structures of super-I that
include as a basis an ethics and moral loyal in its essence to dictate. It results
in an appearance of prevailing of negative-dictate and at some extreme level of
suppression -- of negative-social dominants of activity.
In a phase of appearance and blossoming of a dictate form, i.e., at the
beginning of a sequent turn of dictate evolution that is characterized as shown
above by an efficiency and a positive-hedonistic component of suppression, ethics
and moral of dictate due to their adequacy to external realities are organically
accepted by a part of negative passionaries and convert them in specific
conductors of dictate. Blossoming of dictate at the epoch is often combined with
ethnical raising of socium and positive motivations connected with ethnogenesis
are associated with dictate and due to their localization (correspondence) in
super-I strengthen action of the application effect of loyal ethics and moral up
to a transformation of negative passionary in a courageous soldier sacrificing
himself in dictate interests. There are many examples: growth of piracy and
robbery, upheaval of (?)zingies, gladiator in Rome, epochs of the cruelest
suppression at times of decline of Persia , Rome, and so on. There are opposite
examples connected with Spain conquistadors, state pirates of Great Briton and
France, men blazing trials and Cossacks of Russia, and many other examples of
An introspective absorption of ethics and moral by the layer varying
according to turns of dictate evolution of civilization epoch is combined with the
strategic character of evolution determination of the aspects conditioned by
technological factors of a functioning socium. A strategic increase of a positive-
hedonistic component of suppression connected with technologically determined
evolution results in leveling of an antagonism with dictate while preserving
motivational negativism. In other words, motivational negativism of a hedonistic
kind with respect to dictate-loyal activity in forms of producer, conductor and
accompanying dictate structures starts to integrate with activation, accidental
compatibility in a whole continuum of objective manifestations of socium. It is
immanently determines an application, a presence in structure of motivational
dominants (at least, partly) of norms, dogmas, ideals of a loyal ethics and moral.
The later in turn determines a gist of ethics and moral characteristic of the
layer and their deformations according to dictate evolution. Examples are like
these: functional conglomeration of a criminal part of negative passionaries with
hierarchy of dictate in countries with minimal fluctuations of dictate evolution
(69) (69 -- The USA, West Europe.) and more frequent substitution of hierarchs by
negative passionaries in many countries (70) (70 -- China, South America, Africa
after getting independence.) at the epoch transient to postcivilization.
Ethics and moral of producers in evolution of dictate
The main layer, i.e., the layer, on which at all epochs and under all
dictate forms a suppression is mainly directed, is a layer of producers. A
continuum of the layer varies with the evolution of the main determinant of
dictate evolution - of technology. Technology determines both a dictate evolution
and a character of producing activity of the layer being thus a universal
determinant of evolution. Dictate evolution is submitted to the basic law of an
increment of a positive-hedonistic motivational involvement. At the same time, a
character of labor of producers has a stable trend (through the whole history) to
a growth of intellectual component. Peasants and craftsmen of ancient times are
replaced by engineers, shop craftsmen, teachers, and so on of a middle stage of
civilization and further by highly skilled workers, farmers, agronomists,
scientists, and so on at the transitional period (to postcivilization).
A superposition of the two factors determines a strategic character of
evolution of moral-ethical aspects of suppression. The strategic character of
evolution is influenced by some variations of these aspects due to actions of the
second determinant of dictate evolution -- ethno-genetic one that gives to the
whole process a more complex and sometimes a mach more complex character. Let us
consider an evolution of these aspects in a chronology and accounting for a
separate determination by the above mentioned factors.
An early epoch - there is a flock, then a tribe and an appearance of
civilization. There is no state as a form of dictate and so a lack of all its
institutes of suppression. Motivations of protection, security accompanying a
dictate self-assigning compensate a damage caused by hedonistic alienation of
producers. A dominated in socium loyal ethics and moral (non-written, of course),
i.e., a component of super-I, is harmonically combined, adjoins with dominants of
I. That double complex does not suppress a hedonism of It but accompanies it, is
combined with it. Necessary to dictate components of ethics that are voluntarily
accepted by producers such as hedonistic self-alienation and asceticism of all
levels, acceptance of a will of hierarchs, a restriction of own freedom, and so on
are organically acceptable to the layer and do not introduce in its introspective
continuum collisions, antagonisms resulted in breaking through of subconsciousness
and so of negative to dictate motivations. Simplified ethics and moral are
adequate to objective realities of being of the early forms of dictate. Besides
that, a character of labor of producers does not determine a presence and
development of intellectual sides of producers' mind that are directly connected
with structures of super-I.
Evolution of dictate at epoch of civilization causally determents a
comparatively high level of positive-hedonistic motivational suppression as a
superposition of influence of two factors - of technological and ethno genetical
ones (at a phase of arising). A suppression is realized both by external, negative
realities and positive, introspective ones. A combination of the factors and their
ratio reflected in consciousness of producers determines as an essence of really
accepted (conscious) dogmas of ethics and moral so a level of introspective-
conscious conflicts, antagonism between really professed and injected moral and
ethics. A variation of the ratio between the components during a turn of evolution
determines a moral of the layer, the moral that is really accepted by individual
and is included in structure of motivational determinants of super-I repressing
hedonistic It.
The main feature of suppression during a turn (determined by ethno genetics)
of evolution revealed in the previous chapters is a growth of external and
reduction of a positive-motivation suppression. Realities of external suppression
directed on producers and reflected in their consciousness as a negative
-motivation, banning dogmas result in a tripled introspective conflict connected
with all structures of mind. First, intensification of a direct pressure on
hedonism of an individual, alienation of a growing amount of hedonistic wealth
increases a pressure of It on restricting, loyal-dictate structures of I and
super-I coursing powerful breaks through that are concretized as a negative or
contradictate behavior including individual, mass, external and mental acts.
Second, a reflection of realities of suppression touches first structures of I and
their predestination -- an optimization of activity corresponding to objective
world and to individual (71) (71 - Eventually, the criteria of functioning of I
have also a hedonistic nature. The similar statements are present in early work of
Freud "Sexual revolution and society".) categories and at a sufficiently high
level of external suppression results in an appearance of motivational pressure on
loyal, restricting structures of super-I that include as a main component ethic-
moral dogmas. Third, the intensification of external dictate results in an
appearance in introspective continuum of dictate and socium of powerful
ideological forms produced by activity of contradictate passionaries and becoming
negative with intensification of external suppression, i.e., ideas and dogmas of
ethic-moral kind appear in conscious continuum of producers that are different
from a loyal conglomerate of super-I and are necessary for an efficient
suppression. A complication, a superimpositional concretion of these two aspects
of negative-dictate determinations results in alienation from dictate's ethics, in
individual orientation and egocentric direction of motivations of producers, who
are the carriers of necessary to dictate virtues including diligence, mind,
courage, and so on; dominants negating a loyal moral appear in a complex of
motivations or adding a declared moral with a really acceptable, really professed
by producers moral -- always of an egocentric kind.
The process is getting a steadily growing weight in every sequent turn of
dictate evolution at epoch of civilization, since a growing level of intellect of
producers, a spreading of the layer in quality and quantity entails a development
of mind, brain of individuals; all aspects of mentality are developing including
those relevant to the gist of super-I.
To the dictate determination of ethics and moral of producers (direct), a
factor is added connected with indirect influence of dictate through essences of
ethno genetic and state kinds. A complication of a turn of dictate evolution is
connected with a stage of obscuration and decline of ethnos that is characterized
by an ethnic and state expansion; it is inevitably connected with wars taking
place at a background of decline of ethnos and dictate form, i.e., of reduction
of motivations of self-assigning to these forms of social being. A reduction of
domination of a complex of self-assigning motivations connected in a very direct,
necessary way with intensification of the same factors that were considered above.

So, there is a continuum of various ethic-moral norms and dogmas in socium

according to a layer teleology and a character of determinations of dictate
Sexual moral as a very important aspect of moral is considered separately,
since that side of person's life is so organically connected with motivational
hedonism (as a category of intellect), is so versatile and all-around in its
influence on psychology of people and indirectly on an essence of dictate. This is
one of the main aspects of hedonism and an instrument of suppression; a special
section is devoted to analysis of evolution of this factor.
Dictate and sex
A sexual side of individual's life and of a functioning socium is so
important for understanding of essence of socium and dictate evolution that its
analysis and its interconnection with dictate evolution are considered separately.
Sex of a person represents a many-sided essence that is much wider and more
universal than a simple hedonistic compensation for fulfillment of functions of
mankind prolongation. It is a mechanism of a barrier, of pushing out of
existential depression, fear of existence. Past coitus omne animal triste - it is
not a simple vulgarism of a primitive mind, it is a quintessence of a collective
wisdom that has noted that satisfaction of sex (in psychological and physiological
ways) reduces (causally) a determined by the component level of motivations of an
individual .
A thesis of existentialism on an ontology of antagonism of a person and an
objective world cannot be rebuffed (as it is impossible to rebuff a thesis of
person mortality). There is no political system that would allow to get rid of a
fear of death, illnesses, decrepit old age and only sex is a real force opposing
these powerful ontological motivations, a hedonistic barrier and a compensation.
That determines (as well as a hedonism of sex, i.e., a hypostasis of It) a role of
sex and an attitude of dictate to it. Sex in all its mighty is versatile in a
continuum of social and individual life of a person: it is an object of a
considerable (72) (72- If Freud is right, than of an overwhelming part of life
activations in general) part of its vital strivings, it is a mean of managing of
people and direction of their motivations, it is a mean of formation of a
necessary to dictate introspective dogmas and customs and in essence, it is one of
the main, if not the main, hedonistic determinant of motivations of It, an
incarnation of a "principle of enjoyment" in the highest to a person form.
Let us look at the beginning of evolution when there is a physical dictate
in flock and tribe. What a dictate prevailing of hierarch of the form is reduced
to? It is a larger and better part of food and sexual domination in socium.
Slavery is characterized by the same feature but to a higher degree surrounded by
technology determined attributes: luxury, arts, and so on, i.e., at a more refined
level. The following forms introduce nothing new in the essence varying only means
of realization -- from capturing women by military force and forming of harems
(Asia, Inks, Zuluses, and so on) for a personal possessing to buying and selling
of the best (superficially) women, i.e., a creation of collective harems of
higher qualities and quantities. An appropriation of the right of sexual
domination by hierarchs and surrounding them layers of suppression is an
absolute and immanent feature of all forms of dictate, which could not be
realized, if it were not based on principle features of psycho genotype both of
the suppressed and women.
Before we start the analysis, it is necessary to made several notions on
peculiarities of psychotypes of women. The notions are based both on historical
facts and on the latest data of natural sciences and have no intentions of any
lowering of the sex: it is not at all a manifestation of a male chovinisme.
Biology has come to a firm conclusion that an activity of male's beginning and an
acceptability, passivity of women are genetically determined. In other words,
woman is a propagator of new features of genotype and due to it she is responsible
for reproduction. A cycle of mammal's reproduction and of man in particular is
rather long and occupies a significant part of individual's life. During the
cycle, i.e., pregnancy and bringing up a child, a woman needs in stationary,
enough quantity of material wealth, protection -- in preservation of a current
order of things (73) (73 -- One of the main arguments is a lack of women among
contradictate passionaries because negative passionaries are only antipodes to
hierarchs.), so in dictate. Her mentality (structures of I) is dominated by
The second basic feature important for our analysis has a hedonistic
character but hedonism here is at a sufficiently low level, it is primitive
materialistic. Its essence is in the following. A place and a role of woman in a
patriarchal society are of such kind that they dictate her a necessity of
parasitism with an application as an instrument of attraction of external
attributes of sex. It conditions a requirement to support in a fitted form woman's
body and at a corresponding level -- of all that surrounds woman; with development
of civilization, a price of these requirements is growing fabulously. For woman,
striving to an increase of a level in hedonistic hierarchy of socium is directly
connected with primitive hedonistic essences that eventually are a mean and a
purpose of parasitic strivings. That feature of the psychotype, its influence on
a gist of motivational conglomerates is intensified by the fact that in a
structure of dominants of woman's mind an emotional dominant prevails but not a
logical determinant, i.e., there is a prevailing of internal variables (Tolman)
determined by structures of I and indirectly by It but not by the highest dogmas
and determinants of super-I. It is connected with another characteristic
determinant - a lack or in the best case a low level of creative motivations. In
concrete creative fields: philosophy, arts, literature, cognitive sciences - woman
at all times and all forms of dictate (74) (74- -Even at matriarchy, i.e.,
possessing a maximum of external, objective potentials) never rose higher than
loyal-dictate works. At epoch of civilization, parasitism of women in dictate
structure has versatile forms -- from various kinds of prostitution (state-
regulated, anarchic, hetaerism, and so on) to a legislative monogamous marriage
that in combination with stereotypes mentioned above determines an attitude of
carriers of sex to dictate in its evolution, because a widened but primitive
hedonism as a motivational dominant unites, creates a unidirectionality with
teleology of hierarchs and dictate (75) (75 -- Namely that, since irrespective of
an ethno genetically determined phase of evolution in a cycle of epoch of
civilization, the teleology of dictate gets to be more and more alienated from a
teleology of socium adjoining only interests of hierarchs.). Due to the reasons,
woman subconsciously, motivationally is loyal to dictate (hierarchy) and readily
plays all roles: as a symbol of success and an object of hedonism, reward for
loyalty to dictate and as a mean of influence on structures of mind with the aim
to inject loyal dogmas of a primitive hedonistic kind.
Harem of an oriental despot, the most beautiful woman to courageous warrior
in antique world, (?)houries in an earth paradise for ismailium, refined (and
highly paid) hetaeraes and courtesans (76) (76 -- The best examples of women'
creative work -- are associations and reminiscences connected with intimate life,
i.e., with the same primitive hedonism.), and so on - all these represents the
very symbols and objects of striving that are a powerful instrument of dictate for
injection of necessary dogmas and motivational purposes. All kinds of marriage,
arts and entertainment with erotic coloration from an ancient "wasp dance" to
nowadays sex-bombs of cinema and variety are servicing to the same aim -- to
injection of a truncated hedonism and to stabilization, conform transformation of
activations and motivations of the suppressed. Hedonism of hierarchs determines
their desire to appropriate the most large possible number of women (77) (77 ---
The statement is valid irrespective of regions and epochs. Medieval senior having
a right of the first night and president Kennedy have realized their possibilities
not less diligently than a Persian Shah or Tartars Khan.), hedonism of women
attracts them to meet desires of hierarchs (78) (78 -- Socium is versatile and
although a variety of women' psychotypes is less than among men there is at any
epochs women opposing these tendencies. Here we talk about dominating phenomena in
socium.); hedonism of hierarchs dictates a stable marriage to the suppressed --
and hedonism of women responses to the same, since a stability of being and
protection provided by marriage are an hypostasis of external hedonism. When there
is a lack of stable marriage relations in a society in any form - as monogamy,
polyandry (79) (79 -- In those sociums, where a woman-hierarch realizes dictate of
a high efficiency, polyandry always dominates. It presents another argument in
favor of the considered thesis.) as, for example, in society of (?)arioes in
Polynesia, than a hierarchy of dictate is absent; more exactly to say a reverse: a
lack of dictate hierarchy and so a lack of hierarchy (and prevailing) of hedonism
determines an instability of marriage relations. These sociums in spite of their
high efficiency with respect to external perturbations are short-lived. It is
accounted for by the fundamental statement that a stability of dictate and socium
is determined by a presence in it of a functional and structural hierarchy:
hierarchy of functions, hedonism, rights. There are examples from history: a huge
duration of epoch of Jews' existence with a stable family and short-lived
(?)Arioes, Christian sects and many other sociums professing promiscuity.
Having considered the introspective basements of connection of a sexual side
of society life and dictate, let us proceed the analysis of an essence of dictate
determination of evolution of that aspect of socium. Epoch of civilization has
come with its ethnic conflicts and a progress of technology that allows to
hierarchs to alienate from production also a part of women mostly suitable for
satisfaction of hierarch's hedonism. Besides the hierarchy of dictate and
hedonism, a hierarchy of possibilities appears connected with satisfaction of
sexual requirements of individuals and corresponding to a layer hierarchy of
dictate. The hierarchy, due to its material-hedonistic, objective essence, induces
an appearance in introspective continuum of socium of a conglomerate of
motivations connected with hedonistic pretensions on possessing of women as of the
highest reward. Obtaining a woman (or women) in any form: as a reward for courage
of military man, diligence and zeal of producer, pitilessness of conductor, and so
on -- becomes a powerful instrument of suppression.
A prevailing of a socium over surrounding is connected with capture of women
(and at early stage with extermination of sexual competitors -- alien men), i.e.,
with enlargement of a continuum of material hedonism, which just as a continuum of
material wealth cannot be (due to objective biological reasons) consumed by
hierarchs and so a part of it is spent on stimulation of loyal motivations of
hedonistic basement of It. Plutarch, Tacitust, Montaigne, Helvetius and many other
authors give historical examples of efficiency of this instrument of suppression.
A courageous warrior of an early period of civilization, i.e., a warrior coming in
direct contact with an opponent, besides physical qualities should have a big
aggressiveness of psychotype that is to great extent connected with a quantity of
sex hormone present in organism. In the light of the fact, it is clear why sexual
stimulation of a loyal warrior makes him valuable for dictate. The same thing also
efficiently affects producers of material wealth. Here, a sexual stimulus (as in a
kind of one or several wives) is combined with another aspect of hedonism -- with
stability and protection of being and sex. Diligence and loyalty of suppressed
layers are stimulated by quantity and, the most important, quality of women used
by dictate for these aims.
Quality of sexual stimuli: beauty, skill in sex, luxury of surrounding --
besides a direct hedonistic encouragement pursues an object of application,
appropriation to a chic female a symbol of social status, a position on a ladder
of social and dictate hierarchy, providing an individual with a feeling of
prevailing over surrounding persons through domination over unattainable for them
women (80) (80 -- The essence remains invariable at all periods - irrespective of
name of the sexual symbol: concubine, hetaere, aristocratniss or cinema-star.). It
is surprising to see that the giants of mind mentioned above have accepted the
essence of the phenomenon as a moral weal, a virtue and have not discerned in it,
from one side, an instrument of dictate and, from the other, a compulsory (and
often a voluntary) prostitution of women of all sexual levels. Here, prostitution
is used as a term in its direct and wide sense -- it is a usage of sexual essence
for obtaining material wealth with alienating from production activity. Only
presence of a voluntary, motivated sexual partnership without accompanying
pragmatic aspects does not transform that act in prostitution. A similar thesis is
present in works of several philosophers: Helvetius and others including Marx and
An application of woman as a sexual symbol, a stimulus and reward and also
as a criterion of social status, forcing her to sexual activity according to
dictate's needs (often according to direct state's needs) results in corresponding
changes in structures of motivations and moral (sexual, in particular) of all
layers of dictate and of the very instrument of sexual suppression - of women.
Hierarch (even a sexually disabled impotent) keeps a staff of the most beautiful
concubines often picked up from virgins -- as a symbol of social mighty and an
object of envy and strivings of surrounding people. Incas, Maya, Zulu, Persians,
Arabs - all ethnoses, all hierarchies have these institutes. Greeks, Romans
substitute stable harems with an institute of a high rank prostitution reachable
for hierarchs and conductors and allowing to widen a circle and variety of sexual
opportunities in comparison even with the biggest harem.
Intensification, elevation of status of the symbol is connected with an
increase of luxury that surrounds women from a sexual circle of hierarchs. A
combination of a pure sexual symbol with material aspects of hedonism surrounding
of concubines of hierarchs is connected in its turn with dictate evolution both
directly (with a phase of dictate genesis) so indirectly though evolution of
technology. The phase of dictate evolution at epoch of civilization is
characterized by a growth of external suppression and a reduction of a positive-
motivational pressure, i.e., by lowering of level of motivational self-alienation
of the suppressed from hedonism. In other words, appropriation of vital--
hedonistic wealth by hierarchs entails an application of a more intensive
suppression and claims of the suppressed for hedonistic wealth of socium,
including a sexual one, is stopped by a whole machine of suppression.
Motivational claims of the suppressed for sexual wealth, i.e., pretensions
on rights of hierarchs, imply a penetration in media of the suppressed of ideology
and moral (including a sexual one) of hierarchs (81) (81- In extreme
manifestations of the principle, the suppressed are invested in a layer of
hierarchs ( for example, an epoch of Mamelukes sultans, epoch of soldiers'
emperors in Rome, state of (?)zindgy in Persia, and so on). It results in a
situation, when sexual moral of hierarchs starts to prevail in the whole socium,
i.e., a striving to appropriation of the most large possible number of the best
women. An instability of a standard sexual moral and of a basement of stable
marriage results in prevailing of sexual moral of prostitution of the highest
layers among the other part of women. So the beginning of a spiral turn of
dictate evolution at epoch of civilization determines a stability of sexual moral
with the structure that is necessary for efficient suppression in all forms of
dictate. Evolution in every turn entails a reduction of influence of dictate
dogmas on sexual moral of the suppressed and in intensification of sexual moral,
customs and activity usually named as depravity (82) (82 -- It is a norm of
hierarchs' sexual moral and life.). There are examples from any times and any
regions of the world: ancient Greece with strict customs at epoch of forming and
with revelry at epoch of decline, ancient Rome from appearance to empire, Persia,
Egypt, and all state forms of the following epochs. Technology evolution -- as a
determinant of continuous evolution (83) (83 -- The strategical process, a
superposition of which with the ethno genetic determined cycles at epoch of
civilization makes a basement of dictate evolution.) being a basis of the spiral
of development determines a growth of positive-hedonistic components of
Since, with technology evolution a level of luxury of prostitutes (under any
label) serving the highest layers of hierarchy increases, i.e., a level of
material hedonism accompanying the business grows, so it is natural due to
peculiarities of a psychotype of the suppressed that motivational attraction,
social and moral status of this category of women also grows. A prostitute serving
a king; a married lady having an adultery with a dictator; an actress having
lovers from the highest layers of hierarchy, -- in eyes of socium they are not the
infringers of dominating (injected) moral, are not deserved to be blamed but on
the contrary, they are envied, admired, imitated, worshipped. In the case of
women-hierarchs, the same is true of men-prostitutes (84) (84 -- The same is true
of hierarchs-homosexuals both women and men.): Catherine II, queen (?)Obeyra
(Montaigne "Essays"), and so on. From one side, a growth of volume and a variety
of material wealth serving hedonism of hierarchs (determined by evolution of
technology) intensified the tendencies analyzed above but, from the other side, a
level and volume of wealth spared by dictate to suppressed layers is also growing.
That fact together with a growth of positive-hedonistic motivations is a reason of
reduction of volume of sexual weal appropriated by hierarchs. Besides that,
evolution of technology is a basement of a global growth of human population due
to reduction of mortality, victory over some external factors, increase and
improvement of food, and so on. In other words, hierarchs and layers of
suppression have no physical ability to alienate a significant part of women in
their use. A bourgeois of XVIII c. has the hedonistic possibilities of a sexual-
satisfaction kind that are very little different from possibilities of middle
layer producers especially when we compare it with antique epoch, say, in South
regions (Asia, Africa, and so on).
Dictate evolution at epoch of transition to postcivilization with its
prevailing technological determinant even more intensifies these processes.
However, dictate cannot give up such a strong and suitable instrument of
suppression that influence the deepest, powerful dominants of subconsciousness.
Means and essences used as sexual stimulus of loyalty, sexual-motivational
component of suppression are quit various. The most bright illustrations are
presented by the first quarter period of XX c. Categories of women appear
representing a sexual symbol, a summit of sexual strivings, a personified
incarnation (and declared attainable) of a sexual dream. Actress, movie-star or a
star of pornography, queen of beauty or a chic prostitute -- the essence is the
same, namely to personify in eyes of millions of the suppressed a deity sex, a
reward for loyalty and self-assigning to dictate. A venality of the symbol is
declared and underlined -- all details of intimate (always venal) life are widely
discussed in public press. Some of the most known sex-symbols have started their
carrier as primitive prostitutes or in pornopictures: May West, Marilyn Monroe...
A circle of to one or another degree venal sex of the highest rank exhibited
publicly as a hedonistic summit of being is widened greatly and is accompanied by
a gigantic level of injected propaganda that inculcates persistently by all means
in consciousness of the suppressed two simple ideas: the highest categorical
character of sexual hedonism incarnated in a sex-symbol and a possibility of
obtaining, its potential public attainability.
Beautiful woman's body is around of an individual everywhere --
advertisements, cinema, variety, literature, entertainments influence
consciousness directly and associatively. The influence is eased by the fact that
this essence adequately responds to the most powerful instincts of a man.
Accompanying layer is very resourceful in pursuing the aim by applying: direct
propaganda of sex-idols, stimulation of necessary emotional structures,
association of sex-symbols with categories of beauty, expediency of being, life
ideal; idealization both of the symbol and its life; accenting attention of luxury
surrounding the symbol. The same aim is served by invested moral of sexual all-
allowing, by elevation to a pedestal of the highest aim of life a magnificent bed
with beautiful female skilled in sex. The power of this instrument of suppression
and organic easiness of injections of the above mentioned essences are accounted
for by the fact that these dogmas, from one side, are organically adequate to
subconscious hedonism of It and, from the other side, they strengthen the
existential barrier, psychological barrier in front of a horror of death and non-
being. It is characteristic and simultaneously an argument in favor of the
statement that individuals having enough power of mind and fearless spirit to
realize the essence of termination of being do not need an existential barrier in
mind, alienate both from sex in any hypostasis and from dictate (gymnosophists of
India, religious anchorites in all countries, and so on.).
Let us further consider an evolution of real sexual moral and activity of
various dictate layers depending on dictate determined introspective dominants of
individual motivations and interconnection, deformation by dictate forms of an
attitude to sex and to objective sexual moral. Chronologically an appropriation of
sex is realized in various ways:
1. Direct physical compulsion and rape.
2. State compulsion with a partial hedonistic compensation.
3. Direct buying and selling.
4. Combined buying and selling using material and dictate resources of state.
5. State-bureaucracy buying and selling with application of factors of social-
dictate status, involvement of prostitutes in the highest layers of bureaucracy,
state guardianship and protection.
Each type of dictate appropriation is characterized both by an instrument of
compulsion of women and by their reaction and an introspection of sexual moral of
socium as a whole. A direct physical compulsion and a violence characteristic of
primitive forms of force dictate imply an appropriation of women by a hierarch
in his favor using physical compulsion, physical domination in socium. A status
of property: being a wife, a concubine, and so on -- of the strongest male
provides a woman with a confidence in her security and protection of posterity and
joining to the best part of material wealth of socium. From one side, this
physical compulsion is almost always a violence, from the other side, it is
adequately corresponds to hedonism of subconsciousness, i.e., to the most powerful
dominants of motivation. At epoch of physical dictate, when practically
defenseless person opposed both the nature and hostile neighbors, the second
component was so important that negative motivations connected with compulsion
were leveled or had insignificant influence on vital activations. A weak level of
dogmatism of super-I and a lack of ideas connected with couple marriage, personal
love, the highest ethic values (that are so weighty at next epochs) help to accept
violence, compulsory that are reflected in consciousness, in I of women as an
immanent necessity of being but not as a negative act disgusting to person's
nature and offending it.
In consciousness of other males of socium, a sexual domination of hierarch
determines a natural sexual envy, desires to retrieve women restrained by physical
fear, negative motivational barrier (see chaps. 2, 3). These motivations are
partly compensated by the same hedonistic complexes of protection as among women
of socium, since hierarch not only dominates in sex but he is the first who meets
enemy, obtains food and is the strongest fighter and hunter of socium. So in spite
of direct physical compulsion in sexual life, physical dictate determines a
harmonic adequacy of introspective dominants of behavior of socium individuals
and dictate determinants of sexual moral and behavior.
An evolution of physical dictate and a transition to introspective-physical
kind of suppression change also a character of sexual appropriation. Basing of
hierarchs not on their own valours but on a formed apparatus of suppression -
state apparatus, army, and so on is the reason for using these structures of
suppression as an instrument of sex appropriation, of sexual prevailing in
socium. Women are a military prey, women are a contribution of conquered ethnoses;
the best women of domestic socium appropriated by force comprise a circle of
female intended for satisfaction of hierarchs' hedonism and are used by them as a
reward to conductors, warriors and others for loyalty and zeal. A beautiful woman
(but from harem of power holder) is suggested to the best warrior, harem to a
commander but from the same source. Slaves' women of Greece and Rome, harems of
Persian, Arab, Zulu, Inks, Maya and any other power holders are an illustration of
any ethnoses of that period not chronological but a dictate-evolution one (85) (85
-- As shown in chap. 3, 4, genesis of dictate is globally asynchronous and does
not coincide with chronological history of mankind.). A woman appropriated by
hierarch obtains at least at a period of blossoming of her qualities (beauty,
temperament, womanhood) a status of the approached to circle of hierarchs. The
approaching is not relevant to functional and rights prerogatives but only opens
an access to material-hedonistic possibilities of the highest layers of dictate:
to superficial luxury of life, alienation from production labor and self-defense,
co-participation in orgies of hedonism.
Ethical dogmas of contradictate passionaries of high level and power of
intellect of that epoch do not have a success among women as far as they demand an
infringement of primitive hedonism that is immanent to women of all epochs and
nations that determines a lack or a low level of essences restricting hedonism of
It connected with super-I. In other words, hedonism encouraged by dictate makes
women not only loyal but highly diligent adepts of realities, in particular in a
form of state power (86) (86 --- There are not negative to dictate social actions
of women at this epoch, what is not characteristic of other epochs with
suppression of women's hedonism.) and sexual moral. Moreover, initiated by dictate
applications, appropriation to sex, to women a status of value, reward gives them
an opportunity to raise a status, price of their individual love in opposite to
the previous epoch, when love was taken by force. Body of woman, her skill in sex
becomes a weapon in live struggle for hedonistic prosperity and the more luxury in
her surrounding the higher status is acquired by its owner.
A compulsion by state implies as a minimum a state's tolerance to all kinds
of sex as refined so pervasive. It is impossible to use a woman as a sex
challenge cup while imposing on her an ascetic moral. A resigned and positive-
motivational acceptance of imposed by force sexual partners is immanently
connected with presence in consciousness of a sufficiently light, amoral attitude
to sex. It accounts for a high status as of concubines of hierarchs so of free
trading prostitutes of a high rank and for social and dictate acceptance of sexual
perversions as among women so among men. The statement is illustrated by
homosexuality and Lesbianism of antique Greece, Saturnalias and festive occasions
of Kind Goddess in ancient Rome and hetaerism in Greece and by scope of
prostitution in Rome. The most illustrative fact -- is a wide general temple
prostitution, when a venal, mercenary sex is not simply tolerated by dictate (in
that case by a religious one) but directly is used in favor of dictate's
As was told, the state acceptance entails a positive declared sexual moral.
Still, objective, real social moral of sex is also tolerable, positive to
prostitution and perversions. Apuleius, Lucian, Martial and other authors of the
epoch, while reflecting its social moral, describe these essences not only with
sympathy but attach to them an aureole of the highest human values. A state stake
on sex results in such consequences as representation of a hermaphrodite as the
super creature since it possesses a double sexual ability to enjoyment. Of cause,
the highest layer of dictate accepts positively the situation that provides them
with opportunity of widening of circle and variety of sex, possibilities to
alienate in their favor women whether she is a slave, captive, a wife of producer,
or a prostitute. Harems of the East or slaves and prostitutes of the West -- the
essence is the same: alienation of sex by state, so, enlarging of possibilities of
some at the account of others. The others in the first turn are producers with an
imposed on them ethics and moral of asceticism. As they have to reproduce
themselves and as it is impossible to deprive them completely of sexual life, a
coupled marriage appears, a monogamy that makes of sexual opportunities of a
producer to be kept at a minimum and attaches, conglomerates sex as an aspect of
hedonism with functional natural aims of sexual relations.
It is characteristic and at the same time regular that at a period of
appearance and formation of dictate structure as state's concretions, i.e., at a
period of intensive external influences and efficient suppression inside socium,
an ascetic sexual moral dominates even in layers of suppression and often it is
fixed in legislative norms and ethic customs. Then with a form evolution, when an
efficient suppression is substituted for an intensive one, i.e., when a need has
appeared in loyal-motivated layers of suppression, a sexual hedonism in the layers
becomes more intensive and is encouraged by hierarchs. However, at all stages a
destiny of the suppressed is remain to be an asceticism including a sexual one, at
least the very this feature is the most desirable to dictate. Producer sublimating
its hedonistic potentials in labor, in war, in guarding a wealth of hierarchs -
these are a destiny of the layer that is optimal for dictate.
At the beginning of evolution, when hedonism of hierarchs and suppressing
layers in a kind of sexual activity is not manifested so widely and actively,
collisions in consciousness of the suppressed between hedonism of It, injected
ascetic structures of super-I and reflected in I essences of objective dictate are
not manifested so powerfully to neutralize a restricting influence of super-I and
to result in a sexual activity rejecting asceticism. At that time, marriage
relations are firm, a sexual life of producers in kept in a strict frame of
traditions and customs, sexual dissoluteness, debauch and perversions are blamed
by both of official, declared and by objective, social morals. There are enough
examples in antique history in Athens, Sparta, Rome and others at epochs of their
appearance and formation.
A reduction of efficiency of suppression that is objectively determined by
dictate genesis decreases positive-motivation dominants in consciousness of the
suppressed, i.e., an influence of namely the structures of super-I that determine
ascetic sublimation of producers' activations. A reflected in consciousness of
individual growth of external hedonism of hierarchs and conductors also helps to
level sublimating structures of super-I. An evolving growth of active hedonism of
producers has started and a disintegration of sexual moral (transformation).
Marriage relations are not firm, change of partners becomes a usual thing,
prostitution blossoms in low layers, social moral becomes tolerable to adultery,
prostitution, perversions. Scale of sexual dissoluteness and adaptation,
listlessness of social sexual moral are a characteristic sign of disintegration of
any form of dictate in general and of the considered in particular. Greece, Rome,
Persia, Tatar-Mongol state -- ethnoses of that epoch of dictate evolution confirm
the statement.
A physical dictate is substituted for an introspective-physical and for
introspective, i.e., such structures have appeared that along with external
suppression include introspective positive-hedonistic motivational essences that
evolve intensively and extensively. Levers of suppression and material wealth of a
whole socium are concentrated in hands of hierarchs.
A further evolution leads to separation of formal power and state resources
and hierarchs having a prevailing continuum of hedonistic wealth. A sexual
component of social being of dictate, its essence has a small variation during
these modifications corresponding to the third and fourth type of sex
appropriation. "Deer-park" of Louis XIV as well as similar hotels of other
hierarchs has been formed using both direct instruments of suppression and
material resources of state. The most bright examples are provided by history of
Italy, Great Briton, France, Russia, Turks, Persia: family of Borgia, Edward II,
Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Ivan the Terrible, Catherine II, supreme governors of the
East (87) (87- The same may be in less scale was made by other hierarchs
revealing a less sex diligence but the essence is the same.), who had huge harems,
-- they all secured a satisfaction of their wide sexual appetites using two
instruments -- power and money, forcing and buying, negative and positive
hedonistic dominants (88) (88 -- Of course, it is relevant not only to suzerains,
the highest hierarchs. The same is true of the whole layer of hierarchs and of the
highest conductors, executors, accompanyings.). The positive hedonistic
instruments include not only material aspects (as a universal equivalent -- money)
but also essences connected with ranking to the highest layers of hierarchy,
social and ethical status, and so on. These essences are sufficiently weighty: a
status of concubine of a Son of Sun or mistress of a king or a duke is
sufficiently high in a structure of real social moral to make this busyness quite
attractive in ethical sense.
Development of technology entails a presence in hands of hierarchs of giant
(comparing to the previous epochs) material resources and means of suppression. A
level on material stimulation of sexual partners of hierarchs grows to such height
that makes it impossible to withstand, since stimulations of a primitive hedonism
(89) ( 89 -- Here, a primitive formation of hedonism, a simplification of its
powerful subconscious essence is reached by an injection of corresponding purposes
as objective realities and by influence upon structures of I.) is fulfilled with
state resources. In sum, if we leave along external attributes, we have a state
prostitution, i.e., acquiring of sex with the help of state power.
The high social status of extra-prostitutes cannot help influencing
objective social moral, in the first turn, a moral of women. Here, moral of women
is affected by several factors. From one side, it is factors of social status and
material-hedonistic principles that were discussed above. However, from the other
side interests of dictate demand an injection of ascetic moral, minimization of
sexual requirements, a firm monogamy marriage (90 ) (90 -- It cannot be regarded
as occasional that one of the most intensive, orthodox forms of dictate -- a
religious one -- prescribes these dogmas in the extreme degree -- rejection from
sex at all even in a form of marriage.). A state non-acceptance of prostitution
appears in general, dictate persecutions of careers of sex. In order not to lose
own sexual interests, hierarchs create a segregation based on hypocrisy that
cannot be understood only by producers due to their immanently low intellect.
The essence of segregation consists in the fact that prostitutes of plebes
as carriers of unwonted moral are ranked as criminal negative passionaries and are
subject to state prosecutions. As for prostitutes of the highest layers under
various labels: mattresses, he- and she-favorites, actresses, and so on -- they
are ethically alienated from their selling-sexual essence and due to it achieve
the status mentioned above. Power of dictate, aureole of over-human, over-social
of hierarchs in associative form is transferred, clearing up extra-prostitutes in
public opinion of the main mass of socium. A prostitute defiling naked in front of
French or British court has an immensely higher status than her trade maid making
the same in a pub in front of plebes.
A collision of these two objective aspects of social moral at the considered
epoch having a material formation in structures of social life and state power
results in collisions in consciousness of women. From one side, there is a
hedonistic stimulation on reaching a high stage of corruption, from the other
side, state-legislative and declared-ethical negative attitude to prostitution
reflected in negative notions of super-I (91) (91- Due to its high ability to
various penetrations, consciousness of producers is easily attainable for any
persistently injected by dictate dogmas.) -- adjoining of these determinants leads
to coexistence in consciousness of the two morals: a demonstrative, declared by
dictate and a real one determined by the most powerful dominant of mind -- by
hedonism of subconsciousness. Sanctimony, hypocrisy, secret depravity, adultery
(quite abandoned and singed the praises by arts), sporadic prostitution of married
and non-married "decent" women, a furious envy to luxury of extra-prostitutes,
selling of virginity - all of these and many other phenomena controversial to
declared sex moral are blossoming in full swing and determine a real sexual moral
of socium.
Penetration of motivation of direct selling of sex (in any form) in
continuum of objective moral of socium has far reaching consequences. When in
previous forms, sex was captured, conquered, was used as a reward, and so on,
i.e., eventually sexual prevailing was connected to one or other degree with
individual virtues ( mainly according to dictate-pragmatic criteria), here at the
considered forms sex get a direct material price that during evolution became more
and more concrete. This fact is reflected objectively in consciousness of men. As
a quantity of money belonging to a person (as an equivalent of material wealth)
becomes a single, strengthening with time criterion of value of a sexual partner
so namely they become an object of sublimated activations of producers.
It is a proper place here to make a digression. At antique epoch of early
medieval, i.e., with powerful ethnic collisions, a presence of money was not a
guaranty of hedonistic prosperity due to namely mentioned above factors, because
their owner might be killed, town could be conquered, kingdom might be taken away
(92) (92 -- Montaigne told: "Only at a threshold of death , it is possible to say:
"I am living well"".). Due to necessity of satisfaction of hedonistic strivings,
woman had to take into account personal virtues of a male. With strengthening of
apparatus of suppression and structures of state power, a value of these factors
lowers and a single one becomes the most weighty -- money. With transition to a
total-introspective dictate namely the quantity of money determines a belonging to
hierarchs, i.e., the two aspects of buying-selling discussed above conglomerate in
one. At these conditions, even a tested instrument of dictate - monogamy, couple
marriage acquires a character of a variety of prostitution making in that way the
corruption of sex as a universal social-dictate category.
Social, introspective, state realities of a total-introspective form of
dictate appear inside a previous to epoch of civilization form - in
introspective-physical. Due to it, its evolution at early stages is determined by
the fact that in reality hierarchs of dictate are personified by functionaries of
the highest layers of the namely previous form and appropriation by them of sex
and sexual moral corresponds to social and hedonistic potentials and concretions
of the form. A development of total-introspective form entails social, state and
introspective changes of socium analyzed in the previous chapters. A suppression
based on positive-hedonistic determinants of motivations of the suppressed has
changed not only a character and methods of sex appropriation but also a circle of
individuals adjoined to a widened sexual hedonism, i.e., structures of the highest
layers of dictate form has changed with an immanent hypertrophy of sexual
In the previous form, a circle of individuals adjoined to sex appropriation
determined by a character of suppression included (93) (93 -- Besides hierarchs of
the given form) the highest administrators, officials, generals, careers of a
cult, and so on, i.e., those people who fulfilled a direct leadership of external
suppression and an imposition of introspective dictate dogmas.
Intensification and then prevailing of introspective essences and
instruments in structure of suppression result in development of an accompanying
layer and of that less significant before structures as guard, police, secret
organs, and so on. A strategic stake on hedonism widens an accompanying layer
involving resourceful, intellectual individuals from contradictate passionaries
and producers with developed hedonistic determinants (94) (94 -- Deformations of
layers, determinants and introspection were considered in chap. 3). Using their
necessity to dictate and due to hedonistic determination of their activity and
common social injected hedonistic moral, accompanyings naturally raise their
claims on co-participation in sexual domination in socium. Loyal writers,
painters, sculptors, actors, scientists, philosophers, and so on, who were before
alienated from the possibility of sex appropriation and belonged to producers or
contradictate passionaries now become adjoined to sexual hedonism due to material
stimuli, by which dictate encourages their loyal activity.
A personification of loyal accompanyings - creators of hedonistic ideology,
ethics and moral of the form, as hierarchs of sexual appropriation being reflected
in consciousness of suppressed individuals leads to an objective intensification
of dogmas of loyal-hedonistic (and sexual too) moral, since declared dogmas are
combined with realities. The current stage of that form of dictate development
shows that demonstrative sexual anarchy or movie-stars, variety, television,
Bohemia on the whole specially exhibited and encouraged by dictate determines a
natural envy and a desire to imitate (95) (95 -- A basis of these, at the first
glance prosaic and having no attitude to dictate, feelings is connected with deep
hedonistic determinants of It and dictate stimulation, injection of positive
dogmas in super-I and indirectly in I that helps the breaks through of hedonism in
concretions of activity.), striving to realization of a similar sexual moral and
concretions of sexual life. An elevation by dictate of idols from a circle of
accompanyings to pedestal of the highest human virtues with proclaiming (as by
dictate so by a loyal moral of accompanyings) of hedonism as a whole and a bed
with a beautiful and skilled woman in particular -- as the highest value and the
sense of life results in release of sexual motivations and activations from a
press of external suppression by transferring sex in that way into a selling
essence. Possessing of the later in any form and quantities is suggested as a
reward for loyal activity -- indirectly through the general equivalent (including
sex) -- through money. A development of structures of external suppression:
police, guard, censorship, secret organs -- results in injection of their highest
rank into conglomerate of sexual hierarchs. Here, a character of sex appropriation
is a little bit different from a simple selling. In distinction from direct
external suppression of previous forms that were natural and need no moral
justification due to their objective essence, an external suppression here either
has a veil of a moral and legislative necessity or is realized secretly without
presentation for public discussions. A sexual appropriation here is fulfilled
using both money and secret levers of suppression and in the last case women-
carriers of corrupt (in any form) sex are often included in structures of secret
Summarizing, we can say that realities of being and suppression and sexual
moral declared and objective ones give to women of this dictate form a powerful
lever, a mean of penetration in the highest layers of hierarchy. Movie-star,
actress, prostitute, a wife of plutocrat (as a particular case of wholesale
prostitution) -- these carriers of corrupt sex use it as a mean for penetration
into the highest layers not only of hedonistic hierarchy but also of hierarchy of
suppression. Sex becomes an important feature of functioning dictate not only in
introspective-hedonistic hypostasis but as a direct objective essence of social
being having material, monetary and dictate values.
At all epochs, sex was for women (at least for females with high positions)
a mean of breaking through of casts', dictate-layer's barriers. When in physical
forms of dictate, it gave them a possibility of obtaining mainly hedonistic
prerogatives, here using sex they get dictate, layer-hierarchy prerogatives
connected with an attitude to suppression (96) (96 -- An argument in favor of the
statement is a concentration in hands of women (young widows) of an increasing
amount of money inherited and obtained using sex.) since from an outcast,
hypocritically disguised aspect of life sex becomes a proclaimed and declared
essence of life. An intensification of sexual-hedonistic component of super-I
results in strengthening of hedonistic barrier of existence, i.e., feelings,
external aspects and essences suppress breaks through of contradictate dominants
arose due to collisions with existential motives. Leveling in consciousness of the
dominants directly or indirectly connected with realization of ontological truth
of finite being, of a place in surrounding world always leads to a hypertrophy in
consciousness of the weight, meaning that hedonism has as a whole and sex in
particular that in turn increases a level of dominant motivations of self-
assigning to dictate.
Another important feature of sexual moral of the epoch of total-
introspective dictate is its conformity, unity for all layers of dictate. It is a
direct consequence of the character of suppression of the form having several
positive features from an efficiency of suppression point of view. Uniformity of
sexual moral as a part of hedonistic moral of socium injected by dictate results
in the situation when a declared object of motivations, vital activations --
sexual domination and sexual hedonism -- become an objective essence of socium in
its concretions and introspections, in its integral continuum. A lack of
stratification, differentiation of moral causally leads to uniformity of
motivations (at least of the significant part that is connected with sex and
determined by it) of the suppressing and the suppressed, to leveling of hedonistic
dissonance in introspective continuum of socium and so, to an increase of
efficiency of suppression on the whole. The XX c. represents examples of
connections between repressions of sex and inefficiency of suppression (97) (97-
China, Japan at epoch of Tenno(?), USSR, and others.) and in opposite, between a
free sexual moral and efficient suppression (98) (98 -- Scandinavia after 60-th
years, the USA, and others), - of course, in a frame of the namely considered form
of dictate.
It the total dictate evolution, a special place is occupied by such
fluctuating form of dictate as an extremist one. Peculiarities of the form, its
illogically, determining specific suppression, condition also a specific sexual
moral and sexual life of socium. Intensification of suppression and its elevation
on an unusual height being aimed namely on hedonism of It of individual-producer
is inevitably spread onto sexual moral and concretions of sex. Sex repressions,
injection in moral-ethic continuum of socium of dogmas of sexual asceticism,
depravation of sex of its enjoyments, vital essence, association of sex with
disloyalty and so on, represent various sides of one -- of a super intensive
suppression of hedonistic introspective essence of human sex (99) (99 -- In
distinction from a purely reproductive sex of lower animals) as an antithesis of
loyal asceticism of the suppressed.
A wise intention of dictate to intensify loyalty by suppressing sex as an
important part of existential barrier lowers that barrier and decreases its
resistance to penetration in active consciousness existential motivations, i.e.,
namely of those that are the most powerful motive, initiator of contradictate
potentials and concretions. Here, when the level of sublimating activations of an
individual is low, there are motivation vacancies in consciousness, a
psychological vacuum -- a volume for existential melancholy that inevitably
results in dropping out of an individual from a loyal part of producers -into
negative passionaries, in lumpen, and so on.
Sex in extremist forms loses its function as a hedonistic reward,
compensation for loyal activity and so as an object of buying-selling as a part of
integral hedonism. A super suppression of sex in the form leads to declared
acceptance of sexual asceticism by all dictate layers -- from hierarch to
producer. However, when to some or other degree it is natural for producers, for
hierarchs and layers of suppression it contradicts principles of dictate existence
as a category and an essence. The later naturally causes an appearance of
gradations of sexual moral and essences and a powerful antagonism in introspection
and activity of socium. A lack or a low level of direct selling of sex (100) (100
-- Prostitution as a trade is always subject to legislative prosecutions in the
frame of the form at least externally, since it is an aspect of social hedonism.)
implies an immanent presence in socium structure of other instruments and means of
alienation and appropriation of sex. It includes a direct compulsion of women by
power and secret organs (101) (101- A hypertrophy of which makes them one of the
most powerful forces of compulsion of the suppressed.) and mainly state--
bureaucratic selling and buying of sex using factors of social--dictate status
(102) (102 -- Connected with public and hidden material-hedonistic prevailing),
involvement of prostitution (in any form and under any sign-board) in the highest
layers of bureaucracy and dictate, state guardianship and protection of loyal-
dictate prostitution by institutes of extremist dictate.
Application to prostitutes of a socially high status connected with
legislative material prevailing in socium is an instrument of sexual compulsion
and simultaneously a hedonistic encouragement of prostitutes in hypostasis of
state officials (including guarding, secret police, and so on), dancers, later
mannequins, actresses, and so on. A formal absence, legislative rejection and
declared-social non-acceptance of prostitution by this form of dictate are a
manifestation of the strategic feature of its ideology -- of demagogy, since
prostitution of women with the aim of sexual domination of hierarchs and
conductors is fulfilled by state means and at state account being assisted by its
ideological foundation - by vulgar egalitarianism. Of course, it does not mean a
complete alienation of the suppressed from sex as in some Oriental countries. The
alienation takes place in a form of imposing on the suppressed an ascetic sexual
moral, a compulsion of them to a strict monogamy, hypertrophy of reproductive
function of sex, i.e., declaration of the namely features that are not connected
with hedonism.
At these circumstances, women lose all aspects immanent to them before as
carriers of sexual hedonism such as: sexual reward and stimulus of loyalty,
object of buying-selling, sexual symbol of dictate-social dominating, social-
ontological meaning of being, and so on. At that form, women become a voiceless
and deprived of rights element of a total machine fulfilling sexual whims of
hierarchs namely due to inclusion in the structure of functioning socium and
dictate with some hedonistic compensation of sexual loyalty (examples: ismailian
and China at epoch of Mao; here, a gist of sexual component of social being
corresponds to namely this stereotype). At that form of dictate, women quit
organically are included in structure of dictate (103) (103 -- An external
compulsion, from one side, to one or another degree, is adequate to masochistic
dominant of the most women, from the other side, its negative sides are
compensated by a material hedonism and a guarantee of protection.) but layer
gradations of moral, in particular, of sexual one, lead to appearance of
introspective collisions of a sexual type determining contradictate motivations.
From one side, an imposed by dictate sexual asceticism (in a form of orthodox
monogamy, lowering and spitting on sexual joys, and so on) is not accepted as it
is by subconsciousness of It; from the other side, a reflected in consciousness
presence in objective world of luxury, chic females, prostituted sex in a
beautiful wrap but reachable only for hierarchs -- these are the very features
that are characteristic of all extremist state forms of dictate -from state of
(?)Zindgy, Ismailian, (?)Saudelers to France after 1793 y., Russia and China of
the XX c., and so on. A many-sided introspective conflict on a ground of sex
induces an appearance of heterogeneous sexual moral: a sexual hedonism of
hierarchs and conductors with a component of sadistic compulsion of women
camouflaged by a revelry of women's hedonism on a basis of primitive, pragmatic
materialism, declared asceticism and an objectively professed hedonism of the
suppressed deprived of loyal-dictate motivations, more exactly, negative to
Power of sex as a dominant of It at that situation becomes a factor
destroying a loyal introspection of dictate and eventually the dictate form
Dictate determinations: official and unofficial
law and arbitrary rule of suppression
In that section we shall analyze a strategic character of dictate
determination of law, i.e., a causal connection of dictate evolution and an
essence of law forms. A variety of temporal and regional law structures is
extremely great so we will analyze only the variations that are of interest from
the strategic process's point of view. A step by step chronological analysis of
the processes in each particular ethnos is also impossible for the amount of
material, so we will investigate knotty points of dictate evolution and
corresponding law codes, structures, law, character of arbitrary rule and
penitential system.
Applying the suggested theory and methodology, an erudite reader will find
confirmation for presented lower strategic determinations by dictate of essences
and forms of law in any concrete case: legislation, penitential system, level of
arbitrary rule of any state at any epoch. The most simple for dictate way of
suppression -- is a completely unrestricted external and introspective repression
of any potentials and concretions of disloyalty. Yet, this method meets a
resistance of person's mind and of the whole suppressed socium because association
of negative aspects of suppression: punishment, killing, and so on -- with a
concrete will of concrete individuals leads to formation of negative images in
reflections of these individuals in consciousness of the suppressed and then by
association of the whole system of suppression, form and concretion of dictate and
then to actions negative to dictate. A suppression needs (continually-
introspectively) a consecration of its nightmares, in application of categories
of predestine, immanent-organic necessity, quintessence of human wisdom, good
teleology and on the whole -- a category of socium common weal (or of the main
part of it). To talk about realities of these essences is as senseless as to
discuss whether dictate is a good or negative event in general.
Law is the same immanent side of social being as dictate, as various
psychotypes of layers, as mortality of an individual at the end. Some analogies --
a constatation of existential antagonism of an individual and universum - are not
an attempt to apply to that essence a character of a negative or positive
category. It is a matter of fact just as there are no positive mathematical
equations or negative atomic structure of a substance.
Physical dictate needs neither a law nor a penitential system since both of
the essences are concentrated in an individual-hegemone, in his will and deeds
that are very subjective and are based on his physical and psychological
concretions. A lack of development of ethical components of super-I conditioned a
lack of necessity of introspective justification of suppression motivated
exclusively by hedonism (hypertrophied) of It.
An appearance of the first aspects of introspective, motivational
suppression entails an appearance of law -- from customs, community taboo to a
strictly formed code of laws. Customs and taboo of community and tribe directed on
introspective suppression of motivations different from a loyal stereotype
eventually serve the aims of dictate suppression and have an objective status of
internal-social law consecrated by the highest wisdom of gerontocrasy and
associated with total wisdom of the oldest of current and previous generations.
An appearance of state formations with formed structures, i.e., with sharing
of functional and, the most important, of hedonistic possibilities of individuals
implies a presence of introspective components of suppression. It entails a
necessity of a formed law as a mean to legalize an external suppression and
reflectively-consciously -- an introspective suppression. Being a reflection of
concrete needs of dictate, law -- official (laws and customs, taboo) and
unofficial (arbitrary rule of hierarchs, subjective will of the highest layers of
dictate) is a causal product of an essence of given concrete dictate form; its
components are an official embodiment of means of efficient solution of dictate
vital tasks.
Theoretical constructions of giants of mind of previous epochs: Plato
("Republic"), Aristotle ("Politics"), Machiavelli ("The Prince"), Rousseau
("Social Contract") and some others (104) (104- Including fruits of fantasy
deprived of philosophical basement (More, Owen, Fourier).) with all their witty
and intuitive guesses are no more as artificial constructions, social artificial
structures deprived of a basement of objective-social and individual type that may
provide them with a character of theory reflecting objective essences and
relationships of human community and due to it they would have features of
extrapolation, foreseeing of the future. There is a common feature in the basement
of these treatises -- a lack of those objective essences that condition a presence
and a necessity of state and laws and evolution of the structures. Law-makers -
sometimes they are hierarchs, sometimes conductors and accompanyings - never made
any "collective agreement", they only legalized concrete needs of official
suppression in a code of regulations, laws applying various camouflages: given by
god, will of a personified highest mind, will of the supreme race (Inks), very
different variations on a topic of people's will and democracy, and so on.
Sometimes, laws are directed on restriction of will and arbitrary rule of
the highest layers of socium but it only seems to be in a contradiction with the
previous statement since an arbitrary rule and will-claiming of autocrat or
oligarchy not at all always respond to tasks of efficient suppression; moreover,
as analysis in previous chapters has shown, a subjective will-claiming of a
hierarch as a basement of suppression in the most inefficient form of suppression
for a sufficiently long period. Namely dictate, as it is treated in the work, is
the objective essence, is the determinant that conditions a gist of law and its
It should be mentioned here that law is tightly connected with ideology of
state form in its evolution as both of these components of socium are directed on
realization, injection of similar or identical introspective essences. When
ideology is based on categories relevant to all-human virtues, on prostituting of
ontological truth, ethics, and so on for injection in super-I of loyal dogmas and
purposes, law serves for injection in the same structures of mind of loyal ideas
of over-human, everlasting predetermined , immanence of social good of
suppression. The essence is the same, so there is similarity in determination of
law, its adequacy to practical needs of suppression.
Let us start the analysis of dictate determinations of the oldest among
reaching us codes of laws of Sumer, Akkad, Ur, since a structure of the preceding
to these states social forms is in great extent hypothetical (105) (105 -- Such as
preceding cultures of China, Indonesia, Near East, South Europe and Africa.). An
appearance of formed state structures and so of law is known to us from an early
Sumer state of a proto-writing period. Characteristic features of dictate (a
beginning of a physical
form) at the epoch are the following (106) (106 -- For a more thorough analysis,
see chaps. 1 - 3.): low level of technology and so means of suppression; lack or
a low level of development of state structures and so introspective structures of
suppression; commune character of being; emanation of specialized groups of
socium -- producers, warriors, and so on; appearance of administration alienated
from production -- of hierarchs of socium and cult. Law in a formed type as it
takes place in more late and developed sociums -- inherited when there is a system
of collective memory, legislative norms, dogmas, notions, - at this epoch only
starts to appear and includes mainly ethnical customs, structures of gerontocrasy,
and so on. Small abilities of external, physical suppression (107) (107-Military
skill is rudimentary, weapons are choppers, darts, daggers, maces, a lack of
organized army - all of these by an efficacy are not higher than a crowd of
producers with means of labor.) in a frame of appearing physical dictate, as was
shown in chats. 1 - 3, is sufficient mainly for such objects of suppression as
women and children (108) (108 -- It has been shown in chaps. 1 - 3 that the reason
of that not only in physical supremacy of men but also in structures of
psychotypes.). Due to it, unwritten law (in a kind of commonly accepted customs)
regards killing of almost all captive men and violence over captive women as
acceptable, necessary and expedient (109) (109 -- That is completely unacceptable
for law of other dictate forms and is regarded as a crime). It is introspectively
accepted by those, who are the objects of violence, i.e., the phenomenon acquires
features of a commonly accepted internal law (110) (110- Because that concrete law
is accepted, accounted by all members of socium (excluding, perhaps, contradictate
passionaries), even by those, who lives violating it, since a negative passionary
accounts a possibility of punishment, i.e., an action of law). A commune character
of production is in a contrast with an emanating layer of hierarchs and it
conditions a legislative basis of property on earth, products, metal. Hierarchs
appear in town-temples as well as injected categories associating a commune
property, a commune right on hedonistic wealth. The law is formed in commonly
accepted structures. All these aspects of dictate-determined state power become
more and more concrete, formed according to evolution of the dictate form.
Evolution of the strategic determinant of dictate -- of technology, as
shown, results particularly in development of means of suppression that in turn
entails variations of law as in essence so in form. State (temple) professional
military detachments are created that included a heavy and light infantry and
charioteers. These detachments had an organization structure, were good trained in
military skill and were supplied with defense equipment (cloaks with copper
plates, shields) and uniformed armament.
Strengthening of military structures of suppression, an appearance of state
hierarchy - a military governor with a layer of conductors (detachments and
clients) from one side and the suppressed (community) from another side result in
dictate necessity of inclusion in continuum of suppressing essences of
introspective instruments and methods. The introspection of suppression (in a
positive-motivational aspect) implies a presence in structure of state power of
some elements different from a will of hierarch, from negative-motivational means
of physical suppression, namely - a form of law.
Illustration is given, for example, by evolution of dictate and law in
Lagash starting from XXIV c. BC. At this epoch, a right on earth possessing had
appeared -- at the beginning as ethnic customs and traditions, then as a formal
law: temple's or priests' (state) earth (asa/g-pig-ena) was cultivated by temple
hired workers and products were used for temple needs (state, dictate): earth
given for use to producers (asha/g-cyr, asha/g-shykum), conductors, military;
earth lent for a part of products get from it ( asha/g-nam-yry-lal). In
distinction from a physical appropriation of material wealth, here we can see
essences of an introspective, positive-hedonistic suppression, stimulation of
motivational dominants of self-assigning to dictate and co-participation in
functioning, since the law gives a producer some guarantee of obtaining a part of
wealth of his production and this part is determined by law but not by arbitrary
will of a hierarch.
This introspective-dictate determination of law is fixed in regulations of
Ur-inimgine (2318 y. BC) where a restriction on physical suppression is directly
reflected at the end of text: "He concluded this precept with Nin-Ngipsy in order
a strong person makes no harm to orphan and widow". In this, the most ancient of
rights regulation laws are established against killing, theft, robbery, and so on,
i.e., namely against the actions that are characteristic of primitive-physical
dictate. The reason for that is not in some "collective agreement" representing
artificial theoretical structures but in the fact that a complication of structure
of dictate and socium connected with appearance of dictate hierarchy of hedonism
determines a necessity of a positive-motivation involvement of individuals in
these structures, i.e., a necessity of motivational compensation for alienation of
hedonistic wealth by hierarchs.
Under conditions of powerful external influence on socium (here, it is
Lagash) of ethno genetic kind, of struggle with nature, and so on, a hierarch
being simultaneously a law-maker was obliged to control a fulfillment of his laws
and to keep of his arbitrary rule at a minimum level. In opposite case, an
appearance of negative motivation collisions in introspective continuum of socium
would reduce its integral passionarity, unidirectionality of motivations
(potentials) and so, activations that lower a stability of dictate, its ability to
resist to external perturbations and be adopted to them. Such a situation had been
kept for a long time: in Sumer, Akkad, then in Ur, Babylon and then in Egypt up to
approximately of pre-Hellenic period (111) (111- Here, of cause, we discuss a
strategic character of evolution of dictate determined law but not of various
fluctuations caused by concrete ethnical reasons.). Greece, then Rome at the South
of Europe, Persia, China represent examples of a developed form of introspective-
physical dictate with characteristic peculiarities of suppression and respectively
of law and arbitrary rule. As an example of a concrete determination by dictate of
an essence and a form of law, of interconnection of peculiarities of suppression
and structures of laws, we will consider an evolution of law in antique Rome. The
essence and character of "tzar laws" are known fragmentary and we will start an
analysis from laws of XII tables (451-450 y. BC). The epoch is characterized by an
organic complex of transient-physical and introspective-physical dictate,
community and slavery, gerantoctacy and paternalism in conjunction with socium
separation on patricians and plebes, slaves, and so on. Presence of agriculture,
i.e., a necessity of an expedient continuous labor, determines a dictate
requirement in involvement of a producer in a common structure or in forcing him.
From one side, it conditions a co-participation of Rome quirites in use of
hedonistic wealth (here, food) and a corresponding right on earth reflected in
laws of XII tables, from the other side, there is slavery including a
paternalistic right on children up to selling. Motivational stimulation of
quirites to productive labor is impossible without legislative guarantees of the
state securing for quirites a preservation of earth and products. It conditions
laws on protection of lots, boundaries, protection from damages. In particular,
there were bans on works that hinder draining of raining water, on planting trees
making shade on the earth of neighbor, on cutting somebody trees and vineyards,
and so on; all the bans were accompanied by prosecution measures.
We also see here laws against theft. A co-participation in consumption
of hedonistic wealth, needed for motivational involvement of a free part of
producers (quirites) in dictate structure is causally connected with state
(dictate-law) guarantees of sanctity of property under fear of punishment that is
reflected in laws. Punishment is very severe: for crop theft, arson of building or
seeds the blamed was crucified or burnt alive. A theft was killed and a slave-
theft was thrown down from a Tarpey(?) cliff.
Along with this, dictate evolution intensifies a state power in all aspects
that conditions a dictate necessity to increase a responsibility of officials,
since under conditions of powerful ethnic collisions a corrupt bureaucratic
apparatus would be an inefficient instrument in fulfilling of suppression. It
entails laws on punishment of judges, arbiters convicted by evidence in bribery,
quirites deviating from military service.
A stratification of socium and an appearance of dictate layers with immanent
hedonistic possibilities, a necessity of preservation of the stratified structure
conditions an appearance of laws prohibiting mixed marriage between patricians and
plebes; in that way, possibilities of a powerful force of cast (dictate-layer)
barrier breaking -- of sex are leveled.
Since a layer of hierarchs at the stage of development of suppression lacks
sufficient abilities of authoritarian willed suppression - there is no police,
guard, military power is not subordinated directly to hierarchs, lawful system is
alienated from a will of a concrete hierarch (or hierarchs) due to remnants of
commune traditions, paternalism, so a willed arbitrary rule has a small weight in
a structure of rightful activity of socium. As a confirmation, there is a law
about unjust judges, whose role most often was played by hierarchs.
A further evolution of dictate in Rome has the following strategic
directions: intensification of state (republican) institutes (as a dictate form),
development of slavery, intensification of suppression (both of external, physical
and introspective), increase of ethno genetic external factor (perturbations).
These factors determine a necessity of strengthening of the aspects of suppression
that are connected with authoritarian side of power, state (112) (112- Due to
decrease of efficiency of suppression and immanent increase of its
intensification and due to growing of ethnical, external (with respect to the
dictate) perturbations and beginning of ethnical expansion, a stratified structure
of dictate is formed having special functions and possibilities of hedonism, i.e.,
of a state and so all of its structures. It is a side of the general law of
dictate evolution.).
Court as a mean of realization of legislative basement is transformed into
state organ (113) (113 -- Questiones perpetuael in connection with the Calpurnia?
law , trial of Sulla - questiones de falso, de parricido, de sicarus.). Legal
procedure passes into hands of senators, riders and later - of erary(?) tribunes,
i.e., mainly in hands of hierarchs and conductors. It results in appearance of a
willed arbitrary rule in realization of official-law actions and an objective
gradation of law with respect to individuals from different layers. Moreover,
formation of a layer of dictate hierarchs (here, they are also conductors) results
in multiplication of sources of laws, since laws come not only from the highest
hierarchs. Edicts are produced by praetors, edils, counsels, tribunes, courts. An
increase of suppression introspection creates dogmas of over social, over human
law, of its predestine for socium. Formation of a dictate structure even at early
stage of the process at division of quirites on honestiories and humiliories
directly influences gradation of rights in front of court and gradation of
punishments (114) (114 - A plebeian was not able to suit a highly positioned
person for fraud (dolo malo), decurionis and the first persons of a town could not
be sentenced to death or to exile without nomination of emperor and so on. Common
people were punished by throwing them to animals, burning, castigation, nobles
were punished much easier. Corporal punishments and tortures were applied only
with respect to slaves and humiliores.
Dictate and social prevailing of hierarchs including emperor are secured
not only by traditional instruments of suppression but by an essence of law that
in particular identified and associated a hierarch and his property with state,
state property (or in other words, state and its interests with a person and
interests of emperor). A complication and differentiation of law determined by a
character, essence and evolution of dictate condition an appearance of a special
sublayer of accompanyings, i.e., individuals grounding and treating law: law
experts, legal advisers and juridical schools.
A formation of dictate structure with its hedonistic basement determines
legal duties of the suppressed (in particular, slaves) in securing of hedonistic
wealth of hierarchs including their safety. Cilanian(?) senatus-consult issued by
Augustus claimed that in a case of killing of an owner, all slaves being with him
under the same roof or at a distance of call, i.e., who have had a possibility to
help but did not come, were subject to torture and death.
With growing intensity of suppression that is characteristic of every turn
of evolution of dictate form, action of the Cilanian senatus-consul spread and
included other categories of suppressed producers: little slaves, slaves of
relatives living together with killed person, emancipated slaves.
An evolving character of intensification of suppression is connected with
shaping of state structure in a pyramid form. A decline of form corresponds either
to an autocracy or, more rare, to an oligarchy. That fact is reflected in
evolution of law that is gradually concentrated in hands of the highest
hierarchs. To III c. it was prohibited to owners to execute, to put in gladiators,
to put slaves for ever into ions, and so on. The function of legislative
punishment was taken into hands of state represented by court fulfilling a
realization of law, i.e., eventually an emperor, who concentrates in his hands
military means, penitential system, legislative structures. The concentration
growths and becomes radical at the Cesarean epoch and epoch of "soldiers' "
emperors, i.e., at epoch of ethnical and state disintegration. Alienation of
court-legislative structures from will of hierarchs of dictate gradually decreases
and becomes minimal as, for example, it happened under governing of Nero.
A disintegration of dictate form with an immanent reduction of efficiency
and with a growth of intensity of suppression makes law, legislation, courts, and
so on, only obedient instruments of autocrat's will and of his accompanyings.
Only those legislative norms and regulations are fulfilled that do not contradict
to interests and will of autocrat, i.e., eventually to his hypertrophied
hedonism. Nero, Caligyla, and others present bright examples of the statement.
An arbitrary rule, a disdain of hierarchs to law at that epoch being
reflected in structures of I of the suppressed induces a reaction extremely
negative to dictate that intensifies a reduction of governing. A uncrown of
aureole of over-social pre-establishing, everlasting of law, an association of
legislative horrors of implementations of governing such as: ever lasting chaos,
and so on -- with will of hierarch and so with personification in him of negative
repressive beginnings results in lowering of that aspect of the barrier of dogmas
and purposes of super-I. Together with determination of I determined by the above
mentioned essences, lowering of the barrier eases breaks through of hedonism of
It of a sufficient power that is present among potential negative passionaries. In
widening of continuum of that social essence connected with intensification of
suppression and arbitrary rule, it leads to negative to dictate activations:
criminals, riots, departure from loyal activity.
Many thinkers starting from antique period, for example, Pomponius in
"(?)Enhiridion" have analyzed official evolution of law in Rome without accounting
dictate-evolution determinations and connections with arbitrary rule. Some
concretions of evolution of Rome law are presented below and an educated reader
will easily compare them with a historical chronology and evolution of dictate in
the ethnos (see chap.3). Law of Rome was shaped in a commune, than in struggle of
patricians and plebes, in formation of magistrates and principarts(?). It was
created as a law of civil commune and for a long time kept elements caused by
introspective reasons although was affected by external influences (see above).
An equality of civilians in front of law was changed by a differentiation of
honestires -- humiliores. A categorical ban on enslaving of a Rome citizen was
substituted for legislative acceptance of self-selling in slavery. The Earth law
was also changed and a community control over it was substituted for a state
control. Law as a whole responded to interests not of commune (socium) but of big
hierarchs and at the end of evolution -- to interests of autocrat, i.e., from an
instrument of increasing of efficiency of suppression it is converted in an
instrument of an arbitrary rule. Of cause, a concrete law in China or Greece is
different from the Rome law just as are different the processes of their
evaluations. Ethnogenesis, biota, ethnic surrounding shape a peculiarity of
concretions of dictate evolution and a respective concrete law, legal procedure
and a character of arbitrary rule of hierarchs. When in Rome a written law starts
from laws of XII tables, i.e., at epoch of commune, in China, for example, it has
happened at epoch of Tsin (513 y. BC), i.e., at epoch of tzar power; the Lycurgus
laws are different from the Nyma laws, and so on. It is as natural as differences
in concrete historiography of dictate evolution caused by the same reasons plus
by the strategic one -- by technology. However, the basement of the process of
dictate evolution, its phases and so determinations of law are strategically the
same and present invariable essences. History of China from the reign of Tsin to
epoch of Ch’in (Shih Huang-ti, (?)Hyan Ydi, (?)Van Man and further) demonstrates
the same dictate-determined essences of legislative evolution that have been
analyzed above. A period from the first known written law (513 y. BC) to uprising
of "Red brows" encompasses all phases and essences of law evolution that are
characteristic for evolution of the Rome law. The same is true of other regions,
ethnoses, epochs corresponding to logical, strategic evolution of dictate leaving
along deadlock fluctuations of a type of extremist forms.
Any law official and unofficial and a willed arbitrary rule (which are
interconnected and interdependent essences) are in need of institutes of
fulfillment -- penitential system and organs of secret suppression. As official
law and level of arbitrary rule so penitential system and the very essence of
punishment are evolving all together and are determined by dictate evolution. Of
cause, capital punishment, deprivation of life at all times and epochs has been
the highest punishment since there is nothing more a person can be deprived of
than life. Still, there are other punishments such as imprison, ostracism,
castigation, material deprivations, and so on. These punishments are deprived of
applied to them by later formations of dictate functions of re-education, social
isolation, psychotype transformation, motivations and accidentals. A low level of
development of structures and essences of super-I as a whole (excluding
contradictate ones) conditions a domination in activations of psychotype
structures, and an essence of punishment is aimed at creation of negative barriers
against breaking through of It.
It accounts for a presence among many nations a law connected with an adequate
response, punishment such as: for killing -- death, for raping a woman -- raping a
relative woman of the ravish or in the case of lack of such woman -- driving a
black radish into anus of the ravish, for material damage -- payment of penalty,
and so on. Yet, these forms of punishment are unstable and exist in sociums with
weakly developed forms of dictate, i.e., at a low level of development of
hierarchic dictate structure, since as shown above, law in its penitential aspect
has a stable tendency of differentiation according to dictate-evolving
determination. In other words, severity of punishments connected as with evolving
growth of intensity of suppression so with differentiation of rights is
conditioned by formation of dictate pyramid and is a causal product of dictate
evolution as a whole, of its interests and interests of hierarchs. At epoch of
appearance and blossoming of the considered form of dictate,, when motivations of
self-assigning to dictate have a prevailing character and suppression has a
maximum efficiency (temple-towns of the East: Sumer, Elam, Ur, Akkad, Babylon;
early Rome, polises of Greece), ostracism, proscription, deprivation of civil
rights was a punishment not less effective than deprivation of life. There could
not be any imprisonment for the reason that a producer was ready to be a slave in
temple-town that to be free outside of it, because an alienation almost for
certain meant death. Besides that, a level of technology at the epoch is low and
imprisonment implies a necessity of provision as a prisoner so a guard, i.e., a
level of development of dictate-evolving determinant partly conditions an essence
of penitential system directly without application of dictate. In other words,
external determinants of dictate and its motivational foundation corresponding to
a form and stage of evolution determine a character of punishment and an essence
of its realization.
The main factor accompanying evolution of dictate is a lowering of
efficiency of suppression with a synchronous growth of intensity. In the form
under consideration the process is manifested extremely visually and brightly. A
radical stratification, formation of hierarchy in structures of socium (115)
(115-- Imperial autocracy of caesars and soldiers' emperors are the most
expressed pyramidal structure (analogy is Pharaohs, Inks)) results in an important
consequence -- a division of official-legislative aspects and penitential system,
i.e., a system claiming dogmas of law (restricting an arbitrary rule of dictate)
and injected by accompanying layer in total structure of loyal determinants of
super-I, and system realizing the law on a basis of functioning of layer of
conductors and executors composing one of the highest layers of dictate hierarchy
and due to it having a considerable subjective freedom of will and activity. Both
of the factors: intensification of suppression (i.e., activity of conductors) and
alienation of penitential system -- determine a single essence -- a transformation
of penitential system into an autonomous powerful structure, which activity during
evolution (with coming of epoch of obstruction and disintegration) more and more
is determined and initiated directly by will of a hierarch (116) (116 -- The
phenomenon has as well strategic character and determinants as dictate evolution
itself and is historically confirmed at corresponding stages of evolution of all
sociums and everywhere.).
Institutes of penitential system existed before of the epoch are added by
structures directly fulfilling a willed arbitrary rule: secret services, spies,
elite formations of conductors (personal cohorts of Sulla, praetorians, and so
on). The transformation (to one or another degree determined by a stage of dictate
evolution) of penitential system from a component of legislative structures of
state into a mean of will and arbitrary rule of hierarchs deprives the system of
an aureole of just punishment, common weal, instrument of social harmony and
gives it properties of alien (to producers) negative force of suppression.
Lowering of introspective component of functioning of penitential system
inevitably entails an increase of connected with it external, physical component
-- a punishing side of penitential system. Burning alive, castigation, cutting
heads, torture become at cesarean epoch by a norm not only a single will of a
hierarch but of the whole penitential system. A public devour of convicted by wild
animals at times of Sulla does not look more humanitarian than a swimming pool
with moorenours(?) of Caligyla.
This consequence of evolution of penitential system -- changing of ratio of
introspective and physical component -- speeds up a process of dictate
disintegration due to intensification of negative--dictate motivational
determinants in a whole continuum of social introspection. Crimes, riots,
alienation of interests of suppression structures from interests of dictate and
other social phenomena of the same kind negative to dictate are intensified, in
particular, by the character of evolution of penitential system. At some level of
intensity of suppression and alienation of penitential system from legislative
structures, the system becomes a self-containing essence with own teleology of
existence and functioning opposing to dictate interests in structure, where it
existed. It results, as was shown in the previous chapters, in conversion of
conductors into hierarchs. Soldiers' emperors, Mameluk's sultans, gray caftans of
mazdakism, and some examples of nowadays show that penitential system is an
immanent and strategic feature of the process of dictate evolution; from one side
it demonstrates an adequate causality of law evolution respective to dictate,
from the other side, it is as a sign, reagent showing a presence of extreme
suppression in socium.
Let us consider another form of dictate that chronologically follows the
introspective-physical one, -- an imposed-introspective and its concrete stage
that is used to be called by absolutism (117) (117 -- All intermediate forms and
formations of dictate with causally determined by them forms of law are skipped
here as the work and the chapter are devoted to an analysis of strategic dictate
essences but not of concretions.). That stage of dictate evolution is present in
all regions in respective chronological epochs: kings and emperors of Europe,
tzars of Russia, emperors of China, Maya, Inca, kogans(?) of Mongolians, shoguns
of Japan, Zulu's king, and so on -- all these labels in spite of external
differences of carriers and concretions of socium represent the same dictate
essence (118) (118 -- See chap.2) and so , a stereotype of law's essence (but not
form), penitential system, arbitrary rule. This form of dictate includes in its
structure such immanent components as: hierarch (he is also the highest law maker,
penitentiary and the summit of bureaucracy of executors), official legislative
structures with quit various names in different regions, a developed bureaucratic
system of conducting a suppression (119) (119 -- Since absolutism is a form of
autocracy, it carries all its peculiarities. Bureaucracy in conducting interests
of hierarch (i.e., bureaucracy of a layer of conductors) is one of them.),
powerful ideological systems as well of state as religious-ontological, and a
loyal creative activity of accompanyings; the latter at epoch under consideration
already have a significant weight in a whole continuum of ideological basement of
A combination, a functional conglomerate of these social-dictate components,
their interaction and mutual influence being a characteristic of a given stage of
dictate evolution determine an essence and a form of the legislative aspects
discussed above: official law, penitential system, arbitrary rule. Inclusion in
the structure of suppression of significant introspective components connected
with imposition, faith (the faith that is based on a mystic -ontological
foundation and operates with essences of a global-human kind), determines the fact
that these essences are also transferred on legislative aspects, structures as on
realities of a formed suppression. Due to it, both a hierarch as the highest law-
maker and a penitentiary acquire an associated status of a personified, dissented
to earth, embodied in human cover mystic principle.
Of cause, all of these is invested in consciousness and accepted only by the
suppressed -- by producers separated from hierarch since the rest layers coming in
contacts with him hardly could be effectively injected. Given by God, God's
anoiting, God's vicegerent -- these are the ideological dogmas that are injected
in consciousness of the suppressed by ideology of the form also by ministers of
mystic cults (120)(120 -- Sun of heavens, God's anointing, vicegerent of Christ,
and so on -- are the labels assumed by hierarchs of dictate in various regions.).
"God in heavens -- tzar on the Earth". It adds to hierarch's activations
including legislative, penitential, willed a character of associative
manifestations of the highest, over human will, divine-mystical realities in
From the other side, personification of negative aspects of suppression that are
characteristic of autocracy of any form (being a reason of its inefficiency),
reducing both an efficiency of suppression and acceptance, application by the
suppressed of legislative norms, dictates a necessity of inclusion in a structure
of state power (dictate) of legislative institutes. They have not only to realize
a will of hierarch in concrete law and penitential acts but also to segregate
concretions of legislative suppression from hierarch -- at least in consciousness
of the suppressed; it lowers an influence of the reducing factors mentioned above.
However, official legislation here is fulfilled by persons, individuals from other
dictate layers -- not by hierarchs, i.e., by people having a different stereotype
of psycho genotype, different structures of motivational dominants. Under some
subjective conditions such as: decline of absolutism, low level of personal
qualities of hierarchs, combination of external perturbations -- a level of
determination of law by these law-makers increases and it becomes a result of
activity of various forces acquiring double, eclectic nature. The law becomes a
manifestation, a concretion of the two trends: of a hierarch's will striving to
absolute arbitrary rule and despotism and a will of official law-makers having
egoistic motivations and desire to restrict arbitrary rule of hierarch at least
with respect to themselves and alike, i.e., to individuals of their layer.
At a stage of absolutism, this hidden striving rare comes into realities of law
that antagonizes, opposes itself to interests of suppression of hierarch-autocrat.
"Queen reins but does not govern" -- the motto is not valid at that epoch. King
both reins and governs and a buffer structure of official law-makers is only a
screen of hierarch's will. Examples are presented by General state, British
parliament of epoch before Karl I, Spanish courtesies, and so on.
It results in the situation, when law becomes a product of subjective will of
hierarch or, in other words, motivational determinants and all structures of
activational determinants of hierarch determine both a character of law and a
level of arbitrary rule. There are many confirmations to the statement in history
of China and Russia (Ivan the Terrible, Peter the First), France (Lettre de
cachet), Turkey, and so on.
So, an existence of official legislation in a whole structure of dictate -- the
motivational buffer and screen (irrespective of name -- whether parliament, Duma,
divine, Cortes, and so on) represents an extremely thin shield against a direct
legislative arbitrary rule and a transition to trivial despotism with all its
shortcomings. It is eased by the fact that hierarch-autocrat is also a supreme
penitentiary having concentrated in his hands military, executive force and
leadership of penitential system, i.e., under necessity, whether dictate's or
subjective, with respect to an individual or a group of individuals or a whole
layer penitential measures can be applied without participation of legislative
structures. Well-known Lettre de cachet is a bright example.
The considered motivation buffer -- official legislative structures, being a
strategic feature of dictate-determined law, in further evolution of dictate
acquires a primer importance. We have to understand the peculiarities that convert
the simple equipment, a trick of dictate into such effective mean of injection of
a loyal-dictate law into consciousness of the suppressed (121) (121-- All the
latest history of industrial developed countries with their parliament systems and
legislative governing represents an argument in favor of the statement.). The
first cardinal feature -- is an application, assuming by these legislative
structures of a mask of common social, public that in turn causally determines an
association with these structures of categories of common weal, protection of
interests of majority and materialization in legislative norms of collective
interests, and so on.
These structures are created officially of individuals of various layers but in
reality these individuals due to their functional teleology in dictate structure
are alienated from their layers and are included in a layer of conductors.
Eventually, these legislative functions turn to be only a small brick in a
gigantic bureaucratic apparatus of suppression always connected with presence in
socium of an autocratic or oligarchic form of dictate. Still, that side is hidden
and for contemplation of the suppressed, for external decoration such aspects as
electivity, collegiality of solution, democratism, and so on, are presented, i.e.,
the essences that were immanent to antique legislative structures of Greece and
Rome at epochs of blossoming of republican system.
The second aspect is an application to legislative actions of the structures a
character of expression of a people's will , i.e., law, form of law and in essence
an official process of suppression gets a status of people's will and is claimed
on behalf of it. This mask on hierarch's will expression is a reason of a
significant reduction of negative-dictate motivational determinants, conditioned
by negative representation in consciousness of categories and concretions of
dictate due to reflection in I of actions of suppression that are always
antagonistic to the essence of hedonistic subconsciousness.
Presence of a bureaucratic, many staged apparatus of official law, penitential
structures and structures of conduction of suppression result in the situation,
when there is no personified source of evil of suppression (in eyes of the
suppressed) in hierarch (122) (122 -- Namely personification of negative aspects
of suppression in hierarch was a powerful factor of forming negative-dictate
tendencies and due to it an instability of dictate form, for example, of a
despotism.). The source of negative aspects is dissipated; hierarchs and dictate
structure partly acquires features of social weal and a role of lighting-rod
played here by structures of official law and bureaucracy of conductors. Bright
examples are presented by events of 1905 y. in Russia, revolt of Watt Taller, and
so on -- against suppression but not against tzar, king.
The third functioning aspect of official law structures -- is a generation of
illusion of a universal social action, universal-social responsibility to
legislative norms of all individuals and injection of the idea into consciousness
of the suppressed. In front of law, all are equal -- this demagogic formula is a
characteristic of all dictate forms having alienated from hierarch, autonomous (at
least, declared) legislative structures but with dictate evolution and strategic
strengthening of positive-introspective suppression a meaning of the aspect is
growing. That aspect is correlated with the first, since a law as a universal
social category is directly connected with categories of social weal or good for
Official law declared to be alienated from dictate (i.e., eventually from
dictate's interests) uses speculatively such ontological essences of being as
justice, just retribution, and so on. However, it is left out of attention that
official law instrument includes only exclusively negative, punishing actions,
i.e., the same that have the structures providing suppression. As for positive
encouraging-hedonistic measures of stimulation of loyal activity, they are left
exclusive to be a prerogative of hierarchs and the highest conductors, i.e., in
essence, of individuals having a possibility of an arbitrary rule. These
strategic features of official law clearly and directly show a dictate
determination of its introspective basements, forms and concretions, a direct
reflection of dictate's interests, of suppression in structures of official law
providing a possibility of injection into consciousness of the suppressed the
essences and dogmas that were discussed above.
A further introspective formation of suppression determines a continuation of
official law evolution (in correlation with an arbitrary rule) and penitential
system. Evolution of law and accompanying aspects includes both a development and
sometimes a hypertrophy of early appeared characteristic features (determined by
introspective component of suppression) and an appearance of new features
connected with evolutive transition of introspection of suppression at a new
qualitatively and quantitatively (an expansive-intense) stage of evolution. The
peculiarities and the new elements of introspection compared to the previous forms
of dictate have been analyzed in chap.3.
Peculiarities of the official law that are characteristic of introspective-
physical and imposed-introspective forms of dictate (123) (123 -- Here, the
aspects of law are meant that are determined by namely imposed-introspective
component of suppression.) during transition to a total-introspective dictate form
become hypertrophied and are losing features of direct demagogy, of damping of
negative motivations of the suppressed -- the features connected with direct
determination of law by will of hierarch, by his interests, interests of dictate.
A dissipation of hierarch layer, its formal amorphism (a characteristic of a
developed state of the dictate form) is directly reflected in law that here
represents a conglomerate of legislative norms, destined for a balance, compromise
between interests of hierarchs of various sublayers of a plutocratic in its
basement layer of hierarchs.
A dissonance, antagonism of interests of various groups, layers, sublayers of
hierarchs forces them to make partly objective the features of law (see above)
that in previous forms have represented only demagogic, hypocritical essences
destined for introspective-injected damping and deviation of negative motivations
of the suppressed caused by concretions of suppression. A compromise between the
interests forces hierarchs to make a law universal and total-social, since in
opposite case a group of hierarchs might be victim of an arbitrary rule of others
taking part in conduction of suppression; besides that, it would result in
inheriting of all shortcomings immanent to the previous form reducing efficiency
of suppression that is in principle unacceptable for the form professing and
realizing a strategic introspective suppression. Due to the same reason -- to a
presence of opposing hedonistic motivational activations of subgroups of the layer
of hierarchs -- a collegial generation of legislative structures and dogmas are
establishing in socium as well as a universal application of penitential
structures with qualitative reduction of an arbitrary rule (124) (124-- It is an
arbitrary rule of a subject, since the layer of hierarchs being dissipated in the
form includes individuals with various psychotypes, i.e., with various motivation
A hidden realization of dictate-hierarchic prerogatives of hierarchs of the
form based on plutocratic essences, i.e., on an immanent possibility to manipulate
by functionaries of legislative and penitential systems using a continuum of
appropriating material and other hedonistic wealth, determines a necessity to
dictate, more exactly, to hierarchs, an immanence of layer gradation of these
aspects of social being. A lack of pure declarative forms of the essences of
official law gives in hands of hierarchs great advantages as it allows to
represent a plutocratic gradation of these structures in a case of reveal,
removing of the screen as a criminal deviation from declared legislative
egalitarianism and in this way reinforces in consciousness of the suppressed
injected positive-dictate, loyal-motivational dogmas and notions, connected with
A new feature of law determined by that dictate form is a presence in it the
purposes oriented on an increase of the whole social economic efficiency often
even at the expense of hierarchs' interests (125) (125 -- The expense takes place
only at the first glance, it is short-living and local, since eventually an
efficiency of suppression is a basement of well-being of hierarchs.). Dictate
structure of the form is in need of production of such amount of hedonistic wealth
that allows to satisfy not only hedonism of hierarchs but to pass a significant
part of it for hedonistic compensation of a loyal activity of the suppressed. The
production of big continuum of material and non-material wealth implies a
motivational loyalty of producers-suppressed. The loyalty should include striving
to increase skill, perfection of experiences, introduction in an activity
structure some elements of creation. It can be in the case when an arbitrary rule
of hierarchs, here -- plutocrats, is restricted by real, objective legislative
norms, i.e., when dictate guarantees (to one or another degree) to producer a firm
interconnection between a character and a quality of loyal activity and a level of
hedonistic compensation.
Law here envisages measures of legislative and other protection by the
suppressed of a level of this interconnection, i.e., for the first time the
structure of law includes notions directed on provision of stable (or progressing)
economical, material and so, hedonistic rights of the suppressed and these
guarantees are directly determined by the character of dictate. While pinching to
some sense of particular, individual prerogatives of certain hierarchs in
appropriation of hedonistic wealth, namely this legislative essence is a cardinal
factor that secures a stability of the conscious-introspective form of dictate by
stimulating positive-dictate determinants of motivations and activations.
A necessity to reduce negative to dictate ideas, motivations, thoughts
connected with the character of suppression of the form based on positive-
hedonistic foundation with a minimal external suppression directly determines a
minimization of a spiritual, ideological dictate, since negative to dictate ideas
and thoughts are generated most intensively under an increase of spiritual
pressure (example is given by chronology of heresies in history of Christianity).
That dictate necessity is a basement of ideological pluralism and a dictate
tolerance to various acts of thinking fixed in basic legislative structures. A
declaration of independence, constitution of the most logically evolving state
formations is a direct argument in favor of the statement. Basic, ontological
values of individual being such as freedom of thought, way of life and so on that
are traditionally present in constitutions of developed countries are transformed
from categories of just demagogues, hypocritically-camouflage into features of
objective reality. A reason for that lies in the essence of suppression immanent
to that dictate form based on a motivational self-inclusion in structure using
positive-dictate motivations but not a negative compulsion.
It is left to consider a character and forms of dictate determination of law in
such specific forms of dictate as extremist and out-of-state. As any radical
essences, these forms the most brightly and clear exhibit a connection of dictate,
suppression and determined by them social and state aspects, it that case law.
The statement is valid to the most extreme degree with respect to extremist form
of dictate, since the form is chronologically invariant, its essence is little
influenced by ethnic and other peculiarities of evolution of a certain socium, and
concretions of suppression are manifested in the most bright, orthodox form (its
analysis is presented in the previous chapters), it is characterized by
suppression in a kind of negative-motivational influence of all aspects of being
of an individual and a socium: mental, creative, industrial, personal, common,
religious-mystical, and so on. As shown before, the character of suppression is
completely negative and is directed on all structures of mind: I, super-I, It.
Such forms of state formation as oligarchy and autocracy correspond to that form
of dictate with an extreme type, without any limitations on power and arbitrary
rule of hierarchs.
Regarding even these extremely generalized characteristics of the given
dictate form, it becomes clear what kind of law it should have, when we use the
basic statements of the treatises on the general determination by evolving dictate
of all aspects of functioning socium. Historical facts confirm all extrapolated
essences of law of extremism -- from Sicilian tyrannies, (?)Saudelers, mazdakism
to the modern ones. Law of the form does not play even a role of motivational
screen as in the case of absolutism. It is a direct applied expression of
hierarch's will, i.e., of the essence, inefficiency of which was analyzed at the
very beginning of the chapter.
Any concrete necessity and actions of suppression are shaped immediately on
a form of law and right. A cruelty of the legislative norms is directly
proportional to the intensity of suppression and due to it has no analogous in
history exceeding everything in volume and in nightmares of oppression. A
demagogic application of a doctrine and particular aspects of egalitarianism to an
ideological basement of the form has an immediate and direct reflection in the
essence and in form of legislative structures, which is sure to assume the labels
of will and weal of people. On behalf of people and for people's weal, Dionysios
had exterminated thinkers, under the same banner mazdakits exterminated
dissidents, the same essence is present in extremist formations of nowadays.
Extremist form of governing always, at all epochs of its existence and in
all sociums, where it has been, is realized as a bureaucratic autocracy with a
structure conglomerated by orthodox and in principle intolerable ideology. The
latter is always based on ideas that are extremely demagogic, primitive and
speculative and due to it they need an external-legislative, legal and repressive
support. It determines legislative norms and purposes directed on protection of a
miserable ideology from mind's and creative encroachments. The protection is
fulfilled in two ways: first, by production of corresponding legal norms
prohibiting under various pretenses a disloyal, mental and creative activity and
in any way stopping their import from outside and by stimulation of prostituted-
creative works of accompanyings and persons alienated from contradictate layer;
second, by direct application of all structures and penitential apparatus, i.e.,
by direct application of physical suppression in all its aspects.
Such legislative policy is fulfilled by quit various methods: by a
legislative claim of uniqueness and firmness of a dictate form ideology; by
inclusion in structure of legislation of acts protecting ideology from critics and
reforms under fear of physical punishment and laws punishing import, propaganda
and development of ideas from an external respective to a given socium world, and
so on. None of any other forms of dictate is characterized (or is characterized to
much less degree) by such renunciation, alienation of a penitential system of
state from official legislative structures and by initiation of its activity
exclusively by a will of hierarch-autocrat (126) (126 -- At some stage of
evolution of the dictate form, the role of initiative beginning is spreading on
less and less responsible executors -- conductors, accompanyings and a dogma and
will of hierarch become a screen of their hedonistic egocentrism.). These all are
a direct causal consequence of the essence of the dictate form, i.e., a bright
example of evolving-dictate determination of law.
There is another aspect also arguing and illustrating the statement. A
necessity of injected-introspective justification of the cruelest external
suppression inside the form, besides a hypertrophy of ideological apparatus (of
accompanyings) leads to a development in the extreme degree that is unacceptable
to any other form of dictate, --of secret penitentiary structures, i.e.,
structures fulfilling actions of suppression initiated by a will of hierarch (and
by conductors) not only in alienated way from functioning law but in secrecy from
other members of socium. A hypertrophy of these structures -- whether they are
club-men of Dionysios, gray caftans of Mazdak, assistants of Fouquier-Tinville or
Savonarola -- creates a situation, where they dominate absolutely over other
structures of official law evolving (in correspondence with the essence of dictate
determination) in a new autonomous structure of official law realizing a part of
its functions.
An application to the structure of a status of a secret one and surrounding
its activity by a barrier of silence with its hypertrophy immensely increases its
influence on dictate functioning and on socium as a whole. At a phase of
obscuration and disintegration of the form, from a substructure of official law it
is converted into a self-containing, self-sufficient essence with its own
teleology. As is true of other similar structures of direct suppression alienated
from official law and initiated by directly autocrat or oligarchy (as, for
example, praetorians), the analyzed structure alienates from interests of dictate
and generates hierarchs itself.
On the whole, official law of the form becomes only a concrete formation of
particular, subjective necessities of suppression. Legislative acts here are
deprived of an aureole of pre-establishment of common weal, inheritance of ethic
and mental values of previous generations, and so on. Frequent variations of
legislative norms result in an appearance in consciousness of the suppressed of
reflected categories of a negative (127) (127 -- Of a negative essence directed
on pinching of hedonism of the suppressed that are not compensated in super-I by
essences, aspects of a legislative aureole.) subjectivity of these laws and a law
as a whole associated directly with an autocrat, i.e., a law deprived of an
aureole becomes a source of negative motivations oriented on an autocrat and
further of the form of dictate on the whole. Such negativism is always one of the
main reasons of a quick collapse of both state formations (concretions of a form)
and a form of dictate. In the case under consideration, it takes place to the
extreme degree and a short-living existence of that dictate form concretions is
the most weighty confirmation of the above made statement.
Another seems less important feature of an extremist dictate law, determined
by it, is a varying treatment of even those miserable legislative norms that at
least superficially restrict a willed arbitrary rule of suppression. The given
form of dictate implies an extremely high level of suppression as for intensity,
variations of methods and continuum of actions. The essence of the given form
would come in antagonism with the fact of existence of legislative restrictions on
an arbitrary rule of suppression, if a law at the form lacked a peculiarity that
can be called an adaptive variation. It consists in the following. Autocrat
(oligarchs, the highest conductors) assumes a legislative prerogative not only to
generate legislative dogmas but to treat and activate (or freeze at needs)
existing, accepted legislative norms. Laws are not an obstacle here for an
arbitrary rule, since an executor can pay or not pay attention to them and give
them a sense necessary at a concrete situation.
The same aim, a realization of the feature of law is served by a concentration of
all aspects of law: legislation, execution, court-procedure, surveillance, and so
on -- in one hands and functionaries of these services are only the individuals
that are motivationally co-participate in suppression: conductors, accompanyings,
functionaries of ideology. The same feature is present at a significantly reduced
form in law of other formations of autocratic and oligarchic kind but at extremist
dictate it reaches an apogee. A stratified gradation of applicability of
legislative norms, dogmas and concretions that is an indicator of introspective
suppression at the considered form of dictate has the most orthodox character. In
essence, a legislation that is here only an instrument of direct realization of
subjective will of hierarchs, is an aspect of direct suppression of producers and
at need -- an instrument, pretense, basis of a willed arbitrary rule respective to
internal opponents, who are almost always pretenders for higher steps of dictate
hierarchy. In other words, law is applied to persons only when hierarchs (or
conductors) regard it necessary.
So a universality and an integral sociality of law here is not more than a
demagogy of propaganda, an attempt of a breaking, compulsory-introspective
inculcation into consciousness of the suppressed an illusion of a common weal of
dictate and so the law (128) (128 -- In some concretions of the form, even this
phenomenon is absent, i.e., a gradation of law is presented as an immanent feature
of social being). This example of an aspect of law evolution in different forms of
dictate allows to trace clearly a dictate determination of law that has a
character of suppression and complimentary levels of positive and negative-
introspective components.
A side of the mentioned aspect, which is very characteristic of extremist
dictate forms, is an application of law and penitential structures directly to
hierarchs as to domestic so to alien. In all other forms following a primitive-
physical one at the most early stages of evolution, their hierarchs in complete
correspondence to basic motivations and dictate's interests assumed an over-
social, over-human, over-law status. That status of not being subject to law and
due to it a non-applicability of punishing actions with evolution of an
introspective component of suppression not connected with reflections in I of
realities of a physical repression (i.e., oriented on super-I and I) is valid in
great majority of cases for hierarchs of domestic sociums and aliens. All of these
takes place in spite of intensity of ethnic antagonisms caused by non-coherence of
techno-genesis and ethno-genesis. The reason is extremely simple: an execution of
hierarch of a subjugated socium being reflected in I of members of own socium
results in reduction of an over-social aureole assumed by hierarchs of dominated
socium. Without dire necessity, hierarchs do not subject to execution of the
persons similar to themselves (129) (129 -- The statement is completely invalid
of extremist formations); at least openly, with proclaimed tendency of influence
upon consciousness of the suppressed. Parthia and Persia, Rome and opposing Greece
and Persia of antique, history of medieval Europe, history of Turkish expansion,
and so on -- any of these examples of ethic and state antagonism confirms the
above mentioned thesis.
In spite of an ethno genetic determination of periodicity of dictate
evolution, that essence is strengthening in correspondence with technologically
determined evolution of dictate introspective formation. The total introspective
formations of dictate of nowadays history demonstrate to the supreme degree a
presence of that legislative essence, when the layer of hierarchs becomes
cosmopolitan and is not destroyed even in periods of state and ethnic collisions.
Extremist form of dictate -- is an out-of--evolution, chronologically invariable
deadlock of evolution that is weakly influenced by strategic laws of dictate
evolution. Namely due to it, hierarchs of the form completely reject the essence
of law.
A change of hierarchs, an appearance of new ones is always accompanied by
an extermination of the previous. The action is accompanied by application to the
latter of all negative common-humane features, a deviation from basic norms, a
high treason of socium interests. A rather often change of hierarchs results in
the situation, when legislative immunity, more exactly, an aureole assumed by
hierarchs annihilates and there is a person obliged to respect the same laws and
norms as the suppressed. We have here a direct antagonism because hierarch does
not want, cannot and should not profess the same moral, ideology, law as the
suppressed due to immanent to him a dictate-structural teleology and a layer
stereotype of psychotype. It also influences instability and inefficiency of the
given dictate form.
Besides state formations -- concretions of the general category of dictate,
there are out-of-state dictate forms having peculiarities of law features
determined namely by a specific of these dictate forms in their evolution. These
forms include: religious conglomerations from global religions such as
Zoroastrianusm, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam to religious sects of all possible
kinds; ideological conglomerates: parties, societies, and so on; negative-dictate
structures: gangs, criminal societies of a type of Chinese triads or Sicilian
Mafia and a couple family as a minimal-continual form of dictate having all
characteristic features of dictate.
All similar social conglomerations of individuals exhibit a full complex of
features immanent to dictate: motivational and behavior self-assigning, a
functional and hedonistic hierarchy, a stratification -- according to gradation of
psycho genotype, to presence of suppression. Irrespective of evolution duration
of the forms lasting from a life of a generation to several thousand years, they
demonstrate in their evolution all phases immanent to dictate evolution in general
and to state formations in particular. The most long-living form -- a religious
one, is an example of dictate evolution of a refined kind, although its
motivational determinant of self-assigning is not a functional cooperation aimed
on solution of vital tasks of withstanding against external perturbations as in
the case of state-ethnic sociums but an ideology-mystical combination of dogmas.
Besides that, religious, mystical basis of motivational self-assigning is only an
external side of people's conglomeration, who in essence are united for opposing
either external sociums or groups inside own socium (subsociums) or objective
external perturbations of an arbitrary nature. Different mystic basis in religion
concretions does not play here any role.
Evolution of a religion passes the same stages and is characterized by the same
aspects that the evolution of state formations. They all appear on a positive-
motivational basement with an immanent high efficiency of suppression, evolve
according to strategic determinants (130) (130 -- The essence of these
determinants here is different from the state-social ones (ethno genetic and
technological). The latter include those being considered here,-- as directly so
indirectly through other social essences but the main component is a conglomerate
of ideas -- ontological, existential, an interaction of which with mind structures
determines the evolution.), have a principle tendency of a reduction of
suppression efficiency and a growth of intensity of suppression. At a stage of
appearance, religions of a global character have so high immanent efficiency of
suppression, i.e., a positive-motivational involvement (131) (131-- Examples of
mass religion selflessness and voluntary martyrdom, renunciations from strategic
hedonism of It are present in all religions at early stages of evolution.) that a
level of external, negative suppression is extremely low; in such religions as,
for example, Christianity at a stage of appearance, it is completely absent.
Dictate evolution with its immanent laws determines a social (here, dictate-
religious, taking into account that religion in our analysis is not an
ideological-mystical essence but a social conglomerate) necessity of
intensification of external suppression that leads to an appearance and
hypertrophy as their own institutes of suppression (inquisition, synods, courts of
Sharia, and so on) so a usage of traditional state structures of suppression;
besides that, religious dogmas and institutes are included both in an ideological
basement of state and in structures of an accompanying layer.
The appearance of their own, specific structures of suppression determines a
specificity of law that is characteristic of religious dictate. The specificity
of own institutes of suppression of religious forms of dictate consists in the
fact that officially they are not directed at a protection of hierarchs' and
suppression layers' interests but only at protection of direct religious
doctrines, institutes, ideas from external perturbations: ideological, doctrinal,
material (of an arbitrary nature). As religious dictate is completely based on
acceptance (by structures of super-I of individuals) of ideas and dogmas of a
given concrete religion so law is oriented at a protection of namely these
essences. Yet, objective consideration of evolution of global religious forms such
as Christianity or Islam shows that starting from a phase of blossoming an
ideological-mystical basis is transformed only into an ideological basement of
out-of-state forms of dictate, i.e., only in a screen of hierarchs' hedonism (with
respect to the suppressed, whose sincere believe in dogmas takes place also in
state forms). In other words, a legislative protection of dogmas and ideas, in
essence, protects the same thing as a state law -- interests of dictate but namely
specificity of suppression orientation determines a law of a religious dictate.
The basic features of a religion determining stability of that form of
dictate are: mystical transcendentalism of dogmatic essences, orthodox doctrine,
metaphysics, inaccessibility to rational analysis, scholasticism, social-reflected
hierarchy, a necessary presence among the highest adepts of mystical
personifications, reflectively-associated with mystical will of religious
hierarch, basing on objective ethnical values of people, and so on (132) (132-- An
educated reader can prolong the row of characteristic features of the ideology
using Christianity as an example). Even the first analysis of these sides of
ideology leads us to a logical conclusion on their principle similarity with
characteristic features of state dictate forms. As in the case of state dictate
forms, under corresponding objective external and evolutive-dictate determinations
they acquire a character of an extremist form (medieval Christianity, Ismailian,
Orthodox sects, and so on). Moreover, when such religious form is combined with a
state and gets a possibility of external suppression that is immanent to state
dictate, it is a foretelling of a coming extremism. The combination of the forms,
of course, should be an organic one but not an eclectic symbiosis, i.e., when
religion becomes an organic basement of state (Mazdakism, Islam, ismailian, and so
The features of ideological basement mentioned above are an aspect of a
basic protected by law essence and directly determine a gist of law. An orthodoxy
of dogmatism and scholasticism give rise to legislative norms that reject any
deformations of a doctrine and to penitential structures fulfilling this
legislative rejection: synods, ecclesiastical court, inquisition, militant orders.
Legislative norms here directly determine inviolability, invariance and being non-
subject to analysis of religious dogmas; any attempts to reform the basic dogmas
are subject to a legislative punishment. If at early stages of evolution of
religious form of dictate, the punishment for an attempt of reformation was an
alienation of individual from religion, then in further the punishing functions
more and more became a prerogative of penitential system and acquire a character
of external suppression, i.e., a general evolution of law was the same as in the
case of a state form of dictate.
Ideological conglomerates of individuals: unions, parties, and so on, having
an aim of functional opposition to arbitrary external perturbations, demonstrate
the same dictate determinations of law and accompanying systems as any other forms
of dictate (religious, in particular) as they have a very similar essence. They
all are based not on a hedonism of the suppressed as state dictate but on
structures of super-I, on its ontological, astral-human essences of individual's
being, on his existence.
Some words should be said about a dictate determination of law in a specific
case -- for conglomerates of nega