World Student Community for Sustainable Development Ready to Act? Realising Sustainability through Collaboration March 2008 Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 10 Dear WSC-SD Members, For this month’s newsletter of WSC-SD, I, Marie Onga, will take over the responsibility of editing. Thank you so much for Jess Schulschenk, our Director of External Relations, for her great work on past newsletters. Now it is my pleasure to send you all the updates from our student communities and individual members. Also please check out the important news from Regina SC about the upcoming Student Summit for Sustainability in May. There are certain things you can prepare for it!! As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions (executiveboard@wscsd.org). I appredciate for all the contributions and…… enjoy !! Best regards, Marie Director of Internal Relations, Executive Board World Student Community for Sustainable Development

NEWSLETTER CONTENTS 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. STUDENT SUMMIT FOR SUSTAINABILITY & UPDATE FROM REGINA UPDATE FROM LAUSANNE – Unipoly, EPF and University of Laussane, Switzerland UPDATE FROM BOSTON – Students for Global Sustainability (SfGS), MIT, Cambridge UPDATE FROM ZÜRICH - [project21], ETH and the University of Zürich, Switzerland UPDATE FROM TOKYO –Alliance for Global Sustainability University of Tokyo Students Community (AGS-UTSC), Japan UPDATE FROM NAIROBI – SfGS-UoN, University of Nairobi, Kenya





We have a whole host of wonderful speakers confirmed for the conference. It's all on our website at www.s3regina.org. A few more will be confirmed in the weeks leading to the conference. Also, on the "what's new" section of our website, see the following updates: IMAGES OF THE GLOBE PHOTO COMPETITIO Capture the sights and rhythm of your community in images and enter your work of art in the S3.2008 photo competition to win an award. Refer: http://www.s3regina.org/Photo%20competition/Photo%20competition.pdf SELECTIO S COMPLETED... Congratulations to all successful applicants! We received a record-breaking number of papers and posters for presentation! Applications for financial support were equally substantial and far exceeded the resources available for such support. Processing of all applications has since been completed and successful applicants have already been notified. Thanks to all our applicants and best wishes! CO FERE CE SCHEDULE Check out the Schedule here: http://www.s3regina.org/Conference%20Schedule/S3%202008%20Schedule.pdf


UPDATE FROM LAUSANNE – Unipoly, EPF and University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Dear members of WSC-SD,

Here are the upcoming events of Unipoly. Balelec Festival Unipoly will be active during the Balelec music festival. This yearly festival is the biggest event held on the campus. We will have a stand and thus will be able to inform and sensitize people about sustainable development in particular about garbage management. Paper management We have put some stickers explaining how to print in two-sided mode or with many pages per sheet on every computer of the University. The goal is to reduce the paper consumption and to evaluate the impact of these stickers. Geosciences Seminar Unipoly has been asked by a Professor of the Geosciences faculty to evaluate the efforts made by the University concerning sustainable development. We will then present the conclusions of our study during the Faculty seminar. Summit Foundation – Music Festivals The Summit Foundation, with whom we have already been collaborating for two years, has recently asked us to be present at other festivals in the Lake of Geneva Region. We are thus looking for new memebers interested in collaborating in this project. Warm regards from Lausanne, Steve Bennoun (on behalf of Unipoly)


UPDATES FROM BOSTON – Students for Global Sustainability (SfGS), MIT, Cambridge

The event we had in March was as follows: Clean Energy Revolution - a talk on a new energy economy by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, distinguished authors and environmental advocates reviewed in publications such as the New York Times and Wired Magazine. The attendance was over 80.

Bo Zhao
SfGS Executive Board: sfgs-exec@mit.edu 3. UPDATES FROM TOKYO – Alliance for Global Sustainability University of Tokyo Student

Community (AGS-UTSC), Japan

Reports and Workshops on Environmental Education Sustainability Education Working Group in AGS UTSC had sent 2 students to 4th International Conference on Environmental Education (EE) held in Ahmedabad, India in December 2007. ( http://www.tbilisiplus30.org/ ) Yudai Sato and Kensei Yamaji, both from Graduate School of Frontier Science, University of Tokyo, attended the conference as participants and also presenters in panel discussion. To share the outcomes and experience, they held the reporting meeting on March 20 at Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo. Other than normal presentation, they held workshops that they experienced at the conference of EE. 2 questions, “How are the ideal graduate school students like?” and “How should we develop teacher education to promote environmental education?”, were asked to participants in workshops. By having such a workshop, participants of this meeting could both get the information about EE and experience the thought and discussion that two representatives had at the conference. Sustainability Education Working Group is planning to send 2 students to the world ESD conference in Germany in March 2009. Ayumi Arakawa Executive Board of AGS-UTSC


UPDATES FROM NAIROBI (Partner) – SfGS-UoN, University of Nairobi, Kenya

James Kimanzi Liaison of SfGS-UoN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. UPCOMING EVENT: SEALNet Summer Project

Thank you Yacoob, our Individual Member, for sharing this information with us. I do believe there are people who will be interested in. Passionate about a cause? Want to make a difference in Southeast Asia? Want to meet other college students who share the same vision? Want to learn how to become a better service leader? JOIN SEALNet! WANTED: TEAM MEMBERS FOR SEALNet Summer Projects PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS (project dates, locations, goals) http://www.sealnetonline.org/projects

APPLICATION DEADLINES Apr. 7, 2008 for Project Malaysia Apr. 14, 2008 for all other projects SUBMIT AT http://www.sealnetonline.org/forms/2008_projects_application Who We Are The Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALNet) was founded at Stanford University in 2004. Our mission is to create a cross-cultural network between students and professionals interested in Southeast Asian developmental issues. Our goal is to empower students to create positive change both by participating in service leadership projects and by inspiring other students to become leaders in their own communities. FIND OUT MORE! Video from past projects http://sealnetonline.org/about_us/media_center/video_center Questions? Email sealnetrecruit@gmail.com

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