BBS Crash - Term Program v1.01 (11/04/90) Release +--------------------------------------------+ | | | BBS-Term v1.

01 | | Copyright 1990 John Richardson | | | | | | TopSoft Software | | 2135 Possum Ct. | | Brookfield, Wi 53005 | | | +--------------------------------------------+ Warranty -------This is product is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the program is assumed by you. Further more, I the author do not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use of or the results of the use of the program, and you rely on the program and results solely at your own risk. I the author cannot accept responsibility for system damage, loss of profit, or any other special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this product. What Is BBS-Term ---------------BBS-Term is a special terminal program that is used with the BBS Crash On-Line BBS game. BBS-Term will display screens, maps, and menus instantly on your screen. By using BBS-Term you will be able to move around on the BBS map much faster and more enjoyable. How to use BBS-Term ------------------BBS-Term was written to be used from your current terminal program. You will tell your terminal program to shell to DOS and execute BBS-Term before you actually enter the BBS Crash game itself. To quit BBS-Term you must press ESCape. BBS-Term command line: Usage : BBS-TERM baudrate comport Example: BBS-TERM 2400 2 BBS-Term DesqView and DoubleDOS support --------------------------------------BBS-Term is DesqView and DoubleDOS aware. It will appropriately and correctly adjust the program to fit the environment.

Installing BBS-Term with Telix -----------------------------First of all create a batch file called BBSTERM.BAT and put it in your Telix subdirectory. Make sure it looks something like this: REM BBSTERM.BAT @ECHO OFF CD\BBSTERM BBSTERM 2400 2 CD\TELIX Now to install BBS-Term as a protocol. Make sure you're in Telix when doing this. Step Step Step Step 1: 2: 3: 4: Press Alt-O Press P Pick an available slot in the protocol listing Enter the following information Upload Filename --------BBSTERM Download Filename --------BBSTERM Bat or Script -------Batch DL Name ---N

Protocol Key Name ---- -------T BBS-Term Step 5:

Exit and write this setup to disk.

To use BBS-Term. Log onto your favorite BBS that is running BBS Crash v4.5 or above. When you are ready to play BBS, start the term program by pressing PageUp or PageDn and then just select BBS-Term off of the scroll menu. When you are done playing BBS Crash press the ESCape key to quit the term program and return to telix.

Comments & Credits -----------------All programming was done by John Richardson of TopSoft Software. Thanks to: Dan Vanderboom for giving me numerous ideas for the game, drawing part of the map, writing the documents, and for drawing some of the danger and zoom up screens. Robert Richardson, Steve Richardson, and Dan Vanderboom for testing the game before its first beta release. They gave it a good run and found most of the bugs. I'd also like to thank the following sysops for beta testing BBS Crash! Reptile Ranch.......................Terrance Ohearn...(XXX)XXX-XXXX Open Door West......................Bill Hamilton.....(602)242-4784 Plane Crazy's High Flying BBS.......Jerry Kemp........(901)357-1778 Modern Pastimes.....................Bruce Berna.......(414)384-1701 The Com-Link Infotainment System....Alex Slinin.......(904)642-2633 The Westfield Express BBS...........Mark Gill.........(404)435-8722 The High Pinnacle...................Todd Carlton......(817)640-4124 9600HST 2400 9600HST 19200HST 2400 9600 v.32 2400

BBS Crash was written and compiled in Borland's Turbo Pascal v5.5. BBS Crash Copyright 1990 John Richardson Turbo Pascal 5.5 Copyright 1983, 1989 by Borland International, Inc.

Support ------TopSoft Support Systems (414) 796-8408. 24 hour / 7 days a week operation. Support of 1200 and 2400 baud. I may be contacted directly through fidonet netmail at the following address [1:154/300]. You may also contact me through the following fidonet echos: ON_LINE_GAMES DOORWARE TOPSOFT There has also been a Fidonet TopSoft Support Echo created for TopSoft programs. Ask for the echo when you call, and we can help you get the closest feed for it.

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