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Scheme – G

Sample Question Paper
Course Name : Mechanical Engineering Group
Course Code : AE/ME/MH/PT/PG/MI

: Third


Subject Title : Mechanical Engineering Drawing

: 100

Time: 4 Hr.

1. All questions are compulsory
2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks
4. Assume suitable data if necessary
5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order
Q.1 A) Draw conventional representation for any SIX of the following:

12 Marks

Conventional break for ‘I’ section.
Antifriction Bearing
Splined Shaft
Spring with flatend
Spur gear
Bevel gear
Globe valve
Internal screw thread

Q.1 B) Attempt any TWO of the following:

08 Marks

a) Draw the symbols for the following
i. Fillet weld
ii. Spot weld
iii. Seam weld
Square butt weld
b) The shaft has size ф 35
and hole size is ф 35
. Determine the type of fit between
c) State the meaning of the symbol shown in Fig. 1..  

Fig g. c) Draw D the sy ymbols for following features f whhich are conntrolled in geometricall to olerancing a) Straiightness b) Circuularity c) Angu ularity d) Profiile of any linne. Preepare weldinng drawing. WO of the following f Q.3 Atteempt any TW (20 Markss) .V. 1 Q. 3. Fig.The platees are to be ‘‘u’ bu utt welded with w convex counter. 3 b) Two T rectangu ular plates arre to be weld ded with each other alonng the lengthh . F and partial left hand side view w and auxiliiary view off an object. What W is the meaning m of symbols at ‘‘x’ and ‘y’? 1. (U Use first an gle method of projectioon) (12 Marrks) Fig.The thicknness an nd length off both the plaates is 10 mm m and 50 mm m respectiveely .2 a) Fiig 2 shows F. 2 A any TWO of th he following Q.2 b) Attempt (08 Mark ks) a) Refer R fig.. Complete C thee left hand side s view.

& V. 28 mm aboove the basee. The aaxis of horizontal prism is parallel tto VP nd 15 mm infront i of th he axis of th he vertical pprism. Q.P. base diam meter 75 mm m and axis 1000 mm long. Draw projjections shoowing cu urves of inteersection. an nd 9 mm aw way from th he axis of th he vertical ccylinder. with w one of vertical v face making an angle a of 30º with VP .a) A vertical cone. The axis of thee cylinder iss parallel to Hp and Vpp and in ntersects axiis of the con ne at a pt. c) A square prism 60 mm base b side and d axis lengthh 90 mm is standing onn its base onn HP.V V. of asssembly. Drraw the projjections shoowing cu urve of interrpenetration. b) A vertical cyllinder of 70 mm dia. itt is completeely penetrateed by a horizontal square s prism m of 45 mm side. is completeely penetrateed by a cylinder off 45 mm diaameter. A recctangular facce of penetrrating an prrism makes 30º with HP P. Fig.P. an nd 90 mm loong is penettrated by annother cylindder of saame diameteer and length h. Preepare bill of material. Draw the projection p shhowing curvve of intersecction. The axis of o the penetrrating cylindder is paralleel to H. Draw sectional F. 4 .V and T. 4 Atteempt any ONE O (20 Markss) a) Fig ‘4’ show ws the detaails of univ versal coupliing.

b) Fig g ‘5’ shows the details of o screw jack k. Fig.Vandd T. Preepare bill of material.V of thee asssembly. 5 . Draw sectiional F.

6 . of the assembly.V.V.Q.5 Atteempt any ON NE (20 Markss) a) Fig. Draw sectionnal F. A Also prrepare bill of material Fig. 6 shows the details of o tool post. andd T.

tolerance ggrade. M Mention approp priate dimen nsional toleraances. geomeetrical toleraances etc on n each detail if required. type of o shaft/holee. j Draw deetail of Jig pplate and Jig bush only.b) Fig 7 shows s assem mbly of drill jig. Fig g. 7 . Refer R toleran nce table proovided with fig.