BBS Crash On-Line Game By: John Richardson & Alex Slinin

(* Player Documentation *)

______________________________________________________________________________ As you begin, you will find yourself at an MS-DOS style DOS prompt. of the game is to make yourself as big a nuisance to as many people in as short a time possible. You will infiltrate telecommunications hack the accounts of other callers on this BBS, and contact Hackers to get help increasing your skills. Functions Available in this Game: DIR, ?, CATALOG UE - These three commands display the menu of options. - While you are busy trying to trash the many online services you will find here, they will be trying to protect themselves by purging off as much of your system as possible. You can use this UnErase command to restore your hard drive to its original state. As word begins to spread about your prowess, the cost of this service will start to rise. - Displays a list of your personal statistics. Tells how many megabytes you have, how much money on hand and in the bank. It will also keep a record of how many turns of each type you have left. - This is used to call up commercial telecommunication services and try to crash them. If successful, you will be rewarded with money from hidden accounts as you slowly advance in level. - Make a pest of yourself by attacking the accounts of other callers on this BBS. Increase your level, take cash from their credit accounts and steal both their software and hardware. You will even switch places with higher level systems if you defeat them. - The infamous Hackers Anonymous. Call them to garner information about the other caller accounts. They can also provide you with powerful software cracking programs and hardware backups... For a price! The object as you can services, Anonymous






- Displays the top 10 score bulletin. - Use this if you want to... quit the game. - Put all of your cash on-hand into the bank. - Take all of your cash from the bank. - Delete your current character and start a new one. Do it when you are out of alternatives.

The name of the game is disk space. The more megabytes you have, the harder it is for somebody to crash you and the easier it is to waste other boards. New players should start with BBS #1 and advance from there. While using CALL or HACK, you will be able to do the following. [T]rash Files - This purges areas of the enemy hard drive and will eventually crash their system completely. Note that some people will hit back rather nastily if they detect your tampering. Periodic hardware failure can interfere with hacking operations. - Drop the carrier immediately in an emergency. - These nasty little suckers can sometimes do quite a lot of damage to the host system. The advantage in using them is that they don't leave any traces for host to detect. Trojan Horse programs are rare, so use them with discretion. - When you take on a heavy hitter who is just about to wipe you out, this emergency backup can really save your bacon. It will recover some of the missing megs before you're completely toasted.

[D]rop Carrier [U]pload Trojan


Buying high powered terminal software and a hardware backup will help you to prevail over powerful enemies. You can buy these from the Hackers Anonymous BBS by using "HA" from the DOS Prompt.