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An institution provides different kinds of services in different fields of our society and
some of them fill the gaps of the government.

Different generations faces task that are

necessary to improve the life of the next generations which are very challenging on our part like.
Some of them are to connect people and fill the gaps between different cultures and races, to
preserve our cultures, traditions and historic treasures of our ancestor, to maintain and secure the
stability of our economy, to end all disputes and other forms of violence, to promote justice,
freedom, love and equality and to empower each person with knowledge to guide lost children
hoping that they will be productive and skilled with this kind of idealistic aspirations and aims
we should not always rely on our government. Institutions are necessary in a certain country and
these are an integral part of having a well-developed and stable country. In our case, weare
surrounded by different institution but they are not enough to supply the needs of the people and
some even use alternative instead of a permanent solution to that aspect.
Institutions play a crucial role in our society towards the advancement of a certain
country but still only few people benefits like for example is the NGO which helps us despite the
fact that they are not part of government, some of them empower the empty-handed people that
the government cant provide due to limited budget like entrepreneurship seminars and
educational campaign on deadly diseases like AIDS . It is not surprising that we help each other
as weve been practicing the concept of pagtutulungan, damayan in times of emergency,
kawanggawa and bayanihan which are among the best characteristics and traditions
Filipinos have until now.

Looking to my examples it seems that the Institutions are very

idealistic but aside from that perspective, I also want to show the other side of that as I have
mention earlier it is very idealistic that only few are really materialized on focusing that loophole
and then I can say that we need a realistic ideas rather than idealistic. Filipinos sad to say
sometimes are re-active rather than being pro-active. These characteristics must be converted
into a positive approach in order for us to become part in reforming our society and politics as
Religious institutions on the other hand have something to do when it comes to its
contributions in the society and government sector also. We are aware that one of the members
of constitutional convention before is a priest and because forming or amending the constitution

must be represented by this sector, it is concluded that religious sectors formed a part of
reforming both the society and politics because it is imperative that every action for the benefit
of the well - being must be consultative in nature and not authoritative. Furthermore, educational
institutions play also a vital role on this area because education is very important for an
individual's success in life. Education provides pupils teaching skills that prepare them
physically, mentally and socially for the world of work in later life. Education is generally seen
as the foundation of society which brings economic wealth, social prosperity and political
stability. Higher education helps in maintaining a healthy society which prepares health care
professionals, educated health care consumers and maintaining healthy population. Education is
major aspect of development of any modern society


since if there is a deficit of educated

people then society will stops its further progress. Government should pay serious attention to
education and support it economically and morally all over the country. Education is an
important aspect of the work of society and it will raise the countryside issues and promote
knowledge and understanding of rural communities. Education has a vital role to play in
assisting students to understand their cultural identity. Education acts as the distribution
mechanism of the cultural values such as it more layered the society and participate in society
that carries the culture. Thru education, every person could determine his purpose, share his
knowledge and cooperate an actively participate in changing or reforming both the society and
politics. Another thing is the promotion of Cooperatives institution wherein the member of this
institutions are also the capitalist in terms of their share capital. This institution promote the
concept of cooperativeness and collectively joined together to achieve their objective. Profit
earned is distributed to each member and they enjoyed their dividends based on their capital
share. Cooperative promotes cooperativeness and provides business opportunities thus helping
their members to become productive and their society is also benefited by this. A healthy and
productive people produce healthy and successful society.
So what makes the institutions important in changing or reforming both the society and
politics? It is important in the sense that institutions has the ability to influence and control both
the society and politics like for example the Liberal party on the part of Executive not just the
President but the whole members are trying convince us that the Chief Justice should be removed

from the office even if the trial is not yet finished and being a member of that party you should
vote in favor for the removal of the chief justice as Blyth points out coherent to the collective
action where free riders exist for their own benefit which is very self-interested (as cited in
Olsen 1965, 1982). Although we are a democratic country, there is a negative effect in terms of
partisan party because the consensus of one become the consensus of everyone .It clearly state
that despite the fact of having benefits from different kinds of institutions, there are still some
who use this form in order for them to reign in power. If the purpose of a certain institution is for
the betterment of the people, the targeted outcome should be coherent to the main purpose, thus
good institutions tends to produce good thing and bad institutions produce bad thing in a point
that it will also affect both the society and the interplay of politics.
To conclude, institutions are important in our society for some reasons that they are
contributing to enhance and cultivate the minds of the people most especially when the
government is supportive to their plans and objectives. Politics and society are part of our
government. Society must be productive in the same manner that politics must be rooted with
dignity and integrity. If the politics is merely focus on his personal interest, society will suffer.
Human being as member of the society must do their duties properly and righteously to become
supportive in order to achieve and have a well balance society.

Institutions are governed by

their missions and visions in life which is for the good and betterment of the people where they
are part of a society as a whole.

Government is also benefited by this institutionsbecause

theseinstitutions represent the voice of the people and their motives are govern by rules, conducts
and morality accepted by the society, and pleasing to God.



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