‘Cybernaut’ is one of a set of six stand alone stories in four books, each with subtle links to the others

. Each tale has the author Ian Quartermaine’s fast moving, brutally frank, pull no punches, extremely graphic writing style. A potentially true account of humankind’s future if genetic engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence go awry due to man's greed and lust for power, this action packed story confirms the indomitability of the human spirit. NB. ‘Cybernaut’ contains extremely graphic accounts of incest, violence, savagery and horror. Do not purchase if you are of a sensitive disposition or emanate from a sheltered personal background. Connecting books in this Series: ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ ‘White Slavery’ For King and Country ‘From Other Worlds’ The latest hard hitting novel from Ian Quartermaine: ‘Siam Streetfighter’ Coming Soon: ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’

The Author: A much travelled journalist and copywriter, Ian Quartermaine settled in South East Asia during the late nineteen eighties. Grateful for the yin yang insight which his Oriental ‘education provided, helped bring a broader cultural perspective to his written work. These days Ian travels extensively, but looks back with interest on his sojourn in Siam. An early reader with an interest in adventure stories and sci-fi, it was probably inevitable that when he eventually became a writer, a book or three combining both genres would result.

The Story: Although written decades before - think ‘Gladiator’ meets ‘Avatar’ - ‘Cybernaut’ is an obvious movie with some very serious metaphors regarding the future of humankind and our planet. Strangely, ‘Cybernaut’ was offered a movie deal within days of the screenplay being written, twenty five years before. But this major studio went into liquidation before they could produce it. Back then the effects would have been cardboard and cheesy, and only now can computer technology and 3D create this future world in the spectacular and frightening manner which the three ‘Cybernaut’ stories describe. Written two plus decades ago but published only in Thailand, coining the word ‘Cybernaut’ long before the Internet was established, the story is set in a technologically controlled world of the future that just could occur. Based in the future but drawing deeply on mankind’s history and primaeval past, ‘Cybernaut’ advances a disturbing amalgam of possibilities.

Utilising genetic engineering, any species or combination of species can theoretically be combined. Add computer science, and in the near future both human and artificial intelligence will ultimately be down-loaded into a cybernetic body. Using these technological advances, chosen individuals could eventually become immortal, rivalling the Gods in intellect and power. But all too often man’s greed and lust for power overrides the greater good, and evil is always waiting in the wings ready to exploit and rule. An additional element in the present which could potentially influence the future, is that multi national companies are fast becoming so powerful that a corporate state is not an impossibility in the future. Add religious fundamentalism, increasingly powerful technology, artificial intelligence in the hands of the few and the ability to alter the genetic composition of life itself, and the ingredients are in place for Hell on Earth. Add the supernatural, and metaphors in the three ‘Cybernaut’ stories pose some extremely difficult questions. Twenty five years since ‘Cybernaut’ was first published, many of the events detailed within have come true. In its view of Earth’s past as seen from the distant future, Arnold Schwarzenegger had become President of the U.S.A. This was decades before his real life entry into politics, when he effectively became President of California. It also predicted that each of us would have a microchip implanted under our skin, effectively making us slaves of Big Government and Big Business, in a Corporate State. This has now started to happen. What else in this book will become reality? It has been scarily accurate in its predictions. What it foretells is even more disturbing.

Published by IQ Inc. International licencing enquiries: publicrelationsiqinc@hotmail.com www.iqincmedia.com (C) 1985. 1988. 2004. 2009. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprinted or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise, except for brief extracts for the purpose of review, without prior permission in writing from the publisher. ISBN: 974-830-87-21 Initial Print: 1988. Second Pressing: June 2004. E-book: 2009. E7EE-book

About IQ Inc. A group of actors, writers, graphic designers and intellectual property licencing executives combined in an informal relationship to write, mentor other authors and package hard hitting, edgy, real life projects for publication as books and movies. The controversial and successful book ‘Sleepless in Bangkok’ was the first project, ‘For King & Country’ the second. The two scifi novels ‘From Other Worlds’ and ‘Cybernaut’ were published simultaneously. ‘Siam Streetfighter’ followed. ‘Sleepless in Bangkok 2’ is on the way. Other projects are in development.

Cybernaut ‘Special Edition’
A Novel by Ian Quartermaine From an original story by Jake Anthony
(C) ‘IQ Inc’. 1985. 1988. 2004. 2009.

Edited and Packaged by Jake Anthony


The Catacombs
Joshua’s rugged, almost perfectly handsome face stared straight ahead into the gloom. Intent upon his mission, only the sound of his footsteps crunching hard against gravel could be heard, each tread echoing faintly against some compact surface. Proceeding on his determined march, Joshua made his way through a dimly lit tunnel. One of many in an ancient catacomb, the stone tunnel stretched far back into the distance. Illuminated not by flaming torches as the ancient stone walls would suggest, but by some unworldly power source glowing in the darkness, Joshua looked intently towards his destination. The luminance grew stronger as Joshua approached the exit to the tunnel and the sound of an excited crowd could be heard. As his long march through the catacombs reached its climax, the sound of his echoing footsteps and that of the crowd combined until only the roar of many people could be heard.


The Arena
Resplendent in styles combining ancient Roman gladiator, Egyptian warrior and early twenty second century astronaut, Joshua emerged into a gladiatorial arena. Stopping for a moment, his magnificent physique glistened beneath the harsh sunlight and powerful solar generators bursting stored light energy of cold laser onto small diamond reflectors, blasting the arena awash in a light source to match the sun. Wearing a bronze helmet trimmed with silver and emblazoned with an Egyptian Phoenix, a gold covered titanium breastplate with a pyramid enclosed within a circle etched into the metal, and a togalike garment to his knees, Joshua appeared Godlike. Constructed of high stone slabs, the ancient arena was the centrepiece of a coliseum packed throughout with spectators. But above the stone surround, the amphitheatre more accurately resembled a technically advanced sports’stadium. With camera ports and huge screens spaced throughout, in freeze frame close up and slow motion action replay, every bead of sweat, emotion or trace of fear would be captured for the delectation of the crowd. Whatever event was about to take place would be transmitted to a greater

audience beyond. Young vendors smartly dressed in sparkling white uniforms reminiscent of naval cadets from an earlier time, mingled with the crowd. The snacks, drinks and frozen confections were popular with the crowd, who were enjoying their day out in the sun. As a visual distraction, one section of the coliseum was populated exclusively by young girls dressed in a variety of feminine fashions. Like a scene from the private enclosure of a horse race meeting in the distant past, the fashion show contrasted dramatically with the unisex trouser suits worn by other female members of the audience. Despite the excitement and anticipation of the crowd, they were orderly and controlled. Bright and intelligent, there were no retards, criminals or hooligans present. Outer violence was only noticeable by its absence, and if inner chaos existed it was being released in a socially acceptable manner. Mothers clutched babies as they stood waiting to pay their small part in the imminent event, and fathers held young sons on their shoulders to gain a better view. Senior citizens on a communal day out, swayed unsteadily on their feet as they attempted to catch a glimpse of the magnificent specimen of manhood standing in the arena. Well dressed in plain yet stylish clothing, the appearance of the crowd contrasted dramatically to that of Joshua, who was clearly of a different race, class or genus. Walking slowly and deliberately towards the centre of the ring, the adoration of the crowd reached fever pitch. In response, the huge man raised his arm and gave salute to the citizens of his world. His fascistic salutation resembled that of the ancient Nazi. An athlete and a warrior, the muscles of Joshua’s huge frame bulged and rippled as he withdrew a short broad fighting sword from its scabbard. Stabbing it into the air, the razor sharp edge gleamed in the theatrically bright light. In his other hand, Joshua carried a small round shield decorated with an ancient design - a circle with a pyramid at the centre.

Machine-like, aware of what was expected and expert at carrying it out, the magnificently sculptured man stood still and statuesque at the centre of the arena, sword above his head. The senate’s ornately liveried box could have come straight from the arena in Ben Hur. In contrast, the president and a dozen of his most favoured ministers were reminiscent of commissars in some twentieth century socialist state. Kaisor, Grand Master of the Brethren, sat directly next to The President. Arrogantly demonstrating his elevated position, occasionally he would lean over to make some private comment to the most powerful autocrat on the planet. Suddenly, an overture of synthesised trumpets from ancient times fused with unearthly electronic sounds. The spine tingling music ceased as abruptly as it had started and the crowd went deathly quiet. In the silence that followed, a series of inhuman roars and primaeval screams echoed around the stadium. In comparison to the fearful sounds emanating from deep within the catacombs, an authoritative voice reverberated throughout the stadium’s multi-speaker system. An imagined cross between Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and Moses, but with a suggestion of malevolence that was ultimately chilling, the voice commanded attention. “Friends, welcome to the penultimate conflict in this quarter’s Olympic Games. Let us pay our respects to Joshua, Leader of the Praetorian Guard and the greatest gladiator of all time.” The crowd listened in respectful and fearful silence to the Voice of God. “It is time to celebrate the diligence of all who are loyal to the Corporate State and to endorse The Brethren, who expose the transgressions of all who would dissent from the righteous path. Today, we will witness the elimination of dissidents by time honoured custom - ritual combat with the beasts.” Joshua remained motionless at the centre of the arena, sword still pointing skywards in salute.

“According to ancient custom, should one individual demonstrate courage beyond human endurance and survive their ordeal at the talons of the beasts, their life will be spared. To add to our clemency, the honour of the Olympic Medal and freedom to make a new and honourable start will be granted.” Joshua slowly turned and looked towards the entrance to the catacombs, the place where the dissidents would emerge. “The names of the condemned will be announced along with their crimes. From that moment on they will be struck from the records, never to be written or spoken of again. Let their fate be an example to all who might transgress.” As the Voice of God faded eerily into nothingness, a highly professional commentator spoke the name and crime of each dissident. Simultaneously, the information was transcribed on huge monitors spaced throughout the stadium, allowing the crowd to show their contempt. “Amos Christopher - Archaeologist. Corporate Criticism.” “David Colin - Archaeologist. Corporate Criticism.” “Adam Freestone - Space Technician. Fomenting Unrest.” “Genos Halifax - MediaAdministrator. Disloyalty to the Holy Corporate State.” “Ivana Mayerling - Senate Assistant. Failure to Execute Corporate Policy.” “Robina Saharta - Physicist. Anti-Corporate Activity.” “Susan Saharta - Child. Non-Denunciation of Parents.”


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