THE BURROUGHS FILE: A reference guide to works of William S.

Burroughs, recordings, film and video appearances, samples, publications, etcetera. This project began as an Internet/Usenet FAQ/index of WSB recordings and has grown considerably with each revision to expand in scope. Many thanks to Danny Iacovou for his help with adding the listing of books by WSB. This is Version 3.4, last updated on December 13, 1993. If you're aware of any Burroughs works not cited here please email any details, rumors, or ramblings to ========================= The Burroughs File Index: ========================= 1 - Recent news 2 - Recordings - Recording Bibliography as of 1972 - other WSB recordings - WSB samples 7 clips used by other artists 3 - Movies and video appearances - WSB major works (produced/starring/scripted) - WSB appears - WSB references 4 - Books & publications by WSB 5 - Other items of potential interest - Books about WSB - WSB Jr. books - Recordings and other works referencing WSB 6 - Contact addresses 7 - Information wanted - missing details - Help expand this file! Sections are prefaced by 1), 2), N) so if online you can search/jump to a section by searching for "1)", etc. Recent additions are marked with "| " in the left margin to make it a little easier to spot what changed from the last revision. =============== 1) Recent news: =============== | a recent performance: | | | | | | The Black Rider - running November 20 - December 1, 1993 written by William S. Burroughs music by Tom Waits (it's not clear if Waits is there live for the performance) directed by Robert Wilson at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York. This also previously ran in Germany.

some recent cd releases: 'THE SACRED SAWDUST RING' CD with a track done by WSB & Coco. 4:25 long It's a dance type track with WSB speaking in the background. Some of the other artists on this disc are David Tibet, Sam Mills, Patti Palladin. The disc is all written, produced, and engineered

by a person named Ken Thomas. Released 1993? For info: Sawdust Ring, PO Box 435, London, SEI 4SR WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS SPARE ASS ANNIE AND OTHER TALES Island Records 1993 a cd project produced by Hal Wilner, with the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Interlude Spare Ass Annie Interlude 2 The Last Words Of Dutch Shultz Interlude 3 Mildred Pierce Reporting Dr. Benway Operates Warning To Young Couples Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk? Last Words With Ras I. Zulu One God Universe Interlude 4 The Junky's Christmas Words Of Advise For Young People Last Words With Michael Franti

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL featuring Burroughs, Hal Wilner, and Michael Franti talking about the making of Spare Ass Annie. This includes selected excerpts from the disc as well as a bunch of commentary. Island - PRCD 5003-2. 1993. "THE 'PRIEST' THEY CALLED HIM" Kurt Cobain of Nirvana has composed the backing music for a story about heroin by author William S. Burroughs. Cobain plays a haunting guitar behind Burroughs' narration of "The 'Priest' They Called Him" about a junkie priest who finds a suitcase in the street on Christmas Eve with a dismembered body. CD on Tim/Kerr records (TK92CD044) 1993. Approximately 10 minutes long. | Also released as a very limited 'signed' 10 inch. | "they call him priest" and "a junkie's christmas" (on Spare Ass Annie) | are different readings or interpretations of the same story. WORKS SUPPOSEDLY IN PROGRESS: WSB has contributed to an upcoming Coil album. INTERFERENCE is a current (and as-yet unreleased) musical project that Keith LeBlanc is involved in. Others involved include Doug Wimbish and Skip McDonald, and Tim Simenon (from Bomb the Bass). Possible winter release but doesn't have a record company to carry it yet. At least one track features WSB sound bytes. ==================================================================== 2) Recordings listing taken from an official bibliography from 1972: ====================================================================

G. RECORDS AND TAPES 1. _Call_Me_Burroughs_ a. _Call_Me_Burroughs_. 12-inch long-playing record published by Gait Froge at her English Bookshop, 42, rue de Seine, Paris 6e, Summer 1965. WSB reads excerpts from The Naked Lunch on side one and from Nova Express on side two. The tapes were recorded and edited by Ian Sommerville in Paris. [description of sleeve follows] b. _Call_Me_Burroughs_. An American edition of G1a was released by ESP-Disk record company of New York City in late 1966 as ESP 1050. An extract from side two (Nova Express) lasting for 1.03 minutes is present on The ESP Sampler issued as ESP 1051 in 1967. Two extracts from side two are also present on an LP in Aspen 5/6, 1967. c. _Call_Me_Burroughs_. Issued as a C-60 cassette recording by Udo Breger, Gottingen, as Expanded Media Editions 6. 2. Excerpt from Nova Express A 23-minute section read by WSB on Klacto/23, a tape issued by Carl Weissner and his Klactoveedsedsteen magazine in Frankfurt, September 1967. 3. Quote On Dashiell Hedayat, Obsolete, a 12-inch long-playing album released as Shandar SR 10009, Paris, 1971. The short clip of tape of WSB appears at the end of the track "Love Song for Zelda" on face A and is WSB saying: "I have said the basic techniques of novia are very simple: consisting of creating and aggravating conflicts. No riots like injustice directed enemies" (12 seconds). The tape is thought to have been supplied by Daevid Allen and to have originated in the soundtrack of the film Towers Open Fire. (This was recently reissued on cd by a label out of Paris called Mantra (MANTRA 075) They actually list WSB as vocals on the song 'Long Song for Zelda' The other artists on the disc are; Daevid Allen - lead guitar, Dashiell Hedayat - guitar, keyboards, cutups, Didier Malherbe - Sax, flute, and water music, Pip Pyle - Drums, Christian Tritsch - bass and acoustic guitar.) 4. Quote a. On Ravi Shankar, Chappaqua, Original Soundtrack Recording, 12-inch long-playing record released by Columbia Records/CBS, New York, c. May 1968, as Columbia Masterworks OS 3230. The short appearance by WSB on the soundtrack occurs a little after the beginning of the last track on side two entitled "Theme" and is WSB saying, "An unworthy vessel, obviously -- I withdraw from the case--" (5 seconds) b. The alternate soundtrack for the film was Ornette Coleman's Chappaqua Suite. It was not used, but was recorded and released in France and the U.S.A. WSB's voice is present on the U.S. edition only. 5. Conversation On short tapes made as radio advertisements for the record Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka. Produced by Kenny Everett for Rolling Stones Records in London, 1971. The tapes were made for use on American FM radio. Three ads were made, two of which include Burroughs. They consist of music from the record edited together with

a sales message by Everett and conversational clips by WSB, Brion Gysin, Derek Taylor, and Everett. 6. Ali's Smile 10" record WSB reading the complete text of Ali's Smile. Brighton: Unicorn Press, October 1971. One side of a 12-inch long-playing record accompanying the book. 7. Excerpts from Issued on the Poets, GSP001 at WSB's flat project. The Wild Boys 2-volume 12-inch long-playing record The Dial-a-Poem (6.53 minutes). Recorded by John Giorno, Nov 19, 1971, in London. Originally used as part of the Dial-a-Poem

8. Burroughs Reading A tape recorded in New York, Feb 14, 1965, from Valentine's Day Reading. Released on a 10-inch long-playing record as _OU_ Revuedisque 40-41 (10.15 minutes), Ingatestone, March 1972. One of 500 copies. _OU_ magazine consists of a collection of artwork and documents, often with a record, in a folder. Some copies of the record were issued in a separate white cover (about 75 copies). 9. Burroughs Reading A tape recorded in New York, Feb 14, 1965, from Valentine's Day Reading. Has the same opening segment identifying the time and date as G8 (above). Released on a 10-inch long-playing record as _OU_ Revuedisque 42-43-44 (8.40 minutes), Ingatestone, Oct 10, 1973. One of 500 copies. A few copies of the record were available separately but lacked any cover except a thin tissue inner sleeve. Other WSB recordings since 1972: ================================ THE NOVA CONVENTION - VOLUME 1 & 2 - 2 CASSETTES - GPS 016 & 017 also issued on double lp Giorno Poetry Systems - 1979 - recorded at The Nova Convention includes Laurie Anderson, W.S. Burroughs, John Cage, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Julia Heyward, Timothy Leary, Les Levine, Peter Orlovsky, Anne Waldman, Robert Anton Wilson, John Giorno, Philip Glass, Patti Smith, Terry Southern, Frank Zappa. WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - NOTHING HERE NOW BUT THE RECORDINGS Industrial records, 1981. Complied by Genesis P-Orridge at the Burroughs archives in Lawrence. The last release on Industrial Records. Nothing Here But the Recordings released 1981. The last Industrial Record

YOU'RE THE GUY I WANT TO SHARE MY MONEY WITH - LP GPS 020-021 Giorno Poetry Systems - 1981 - spoken word album split between W.S. Burroughs, Laurie Anderson & John Giorno. WSB pieces from "Red Night Tour" - has been reissued on cd. FRUIT OF THE ORIGINAL SIN (COMP. WITH PETER GORDON, WINSTON TONG, DNA, ETC.) 1981 DISQUES DU CREPUSCULE TWI 035 - Double lp, reissued on cd WSB track is called "Twilight's Last Gleaming", from the Red Night

Tour w/John Giorno, Keystone Corner, San Francisco 5/16/81. YOU'RE A HOOK - 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF DIAL A POEM - 1983 - LP GPS release w/ various artists and WSB's "Old Man Bickford" NAROPA INSTITUTE 1983 tape of Burroughs from Naropa Institute 1983, appears to be a bootleg. BETTER AN OLD DEMON THAN A NEW GOD - LP Giorno Poetry Systems - 1983 or 84? - spokenword & musical compilation including David Johansen, John Giorno, W.S. Burroughs, PTV, Lydia Lunch, Meredith Monk, Jim Carroll, Anne Waldman, Richard Hell, Arto Lindsay. MYTHS: INSTRUCTIONS 1. 1984 BELGIUM - SUB ROSA 33001-1 COMPILATION WITH WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS, CAMBERWELL NOW, ETC. track 3 - The Five Steps (with Martin Olson, percussion/electronics) also has tracks by Genesis P-Orridge & SPK Also noted as "The Myths Collection Part One" cd, Sub Rosa, subcd003-15 THE MYTHS COLLECTION PART TWO Sub Rosa (SUBCD009-32) WSB track called 'Burroughs called the Law' (1:30). Recorded in the Mid 60s by WSB. A DIAMOND HIDDEN IN THE MOUTH OF A CORPSE - LP gps 035 Giorno Poetry Systems - 1985 - spokenword & musical compilation including W.S. Burroughs, Husker Du, Cabaret Voltaire, David Johansen, John Giorno Band, Diamanda Galas, Coil, Michael Gira, Sonic Youth, David Van Tieghem, Jessica Hagedorn and the Gangster Choir. WSB's "the president/colonel bradford/every man a god" from _the western land_ WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - BREAK THROUGH IN GREY ROOM - LP/CD Sub Rosa, released February 1987, lp SUB 33005-8, cd SUB CD006-9. Tracks - Canine Was In Combat With The Alien/Origin And Theory Of The Tape Cutup/Recalling All Active Agents/Silver Smoke Of Dreams/Junkie Relations/Joujouka (x4)/Curse Go Back/Present Time Excersises/Working With The Popular Forces/Interview With Mr.Martin/Soundpiece/Burroughs Called The Law WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - THE DOCTOR IS ON THE MARKET - LP Les Temps Modernes Recordings - 1986 - LTMV:XX Various spoken word pieces. WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - THE DOCTOR IS ON THE MARKET - LP - no jacket Interior Music - IM003 - 1986(?) "I found this record inside the MINUTES LP, listed hereafter, Jacket when I bought it new. I opened another MINUTES record to see if it had one also and it didn't. So I have no idea if this was a mistake or what." - Doug Grant There are two differences from the Les Temps Modernes release: #1. Track 3 side 1 is listed as "The Green Nun" Listed as "Old Sarge Smiles" on LTM

release. #2. Track 5 side 1 is listed as "Technical Psychiatry". Listed as "Meeting of the International Conference of Technical Psychiatry" on the LTM release. SMACK MY CRACK - LP Giorno Poetry Systems - 1987 gps 038 - spokenword & musical compilation including W.S. Burroughs, Tom Waits, Butthole Surfers, Chris Stein, Einsturzende Neubauten, Diamanda Galas, Nick Cave, Swans, John Giorno Band, Chad & Sudan. WSB's "words of advice/kim like the great gatsby" | WSB's extracts are taken from a draft of The Place of Dead Roads. | There are slight differences between the final version and the CD. MINUTES LTM V:XV - LP Les Temps Modernes - March 1987 Comp with W.S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Winston Tong, Jacques Derrida, Richard Jobson, The Monochrome Set, Louis Phillippe. MINUTES TO GO! 1987 BEL INTERIOR MUSIC IM 001 COMPILATION WITH WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS, WINSTON TONG, ANTI-GROUP, CV... This is a different compilation than the one above, though they both apparently feature some of the same artists. WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - UNCOMMON QUOTES - CD Caravan of Dreams Prod. - 1988 - essay titled "William Burroughs: A Shift in Vision" enclosed. Recorded live at the Caravan of Dreams, Sept. 11, 1986. LIKE A GIRL, I WANT YOU TO KEEP COMING - LP/CD GPS 040 Giorno Poetry Systems - 1989 - spokenword & musical compilation including W.S. Burroughs, Debbie Harry, David Byrne, New Order, Karen Finley, Henry Rollins band, John Giorno Band, PMS, Live Skull. WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - DEAD CITY RADIO - CD (Island 422-846 264-2) Island Records - 1990 - WSB spokenword over various musical backdrops including Sonic Youth, John Cale, NBC Symphony Orchestra, Chris Stein & others. Also released as USA CD Polygram 846264-2 Canada CD Island CID-846264 WILLIAMS S. BURROUGHS - THE ELVIS OF LETTERS - LP/EP/CD (1985?) T.K./Takoma Records (1991)/ Tim Kerr cd (91CD001) - includes Burroughs Break, Word is Virus, Millions of Images, and The Hipster Be-Bop Junkie. WSB w/ music by Gus Van Sant (known for his films). The 7" version only has 2 tracks: "Millions of Images"/"Hipster Be-Bop Junkie" CASH COW, THE BEST OF GIORNO POETRY SYSTEMS, 1965-1993 Joint release by East Side Digital and GPS. Artists include Cabaret Voltaire, William S. Burroughs, Debbie Harry, Buster Poindexter, John Giorno, Husker Du, Laurie Anderson,

Philip Glass, Patti Smith, Coil, Diamanda Galas, Frank Zappa Branca. Frank Zappa does "The Talking Asshole." This is a reading "Naked Lunch." There is also a nice BW photo of Frank Zappa "The Talking Asshole" was recorded at The Nova Convention, and previously issued on "The Nova Convention LP" (1979) and Hook LP" (1983).

and Glenn from Burroughs and Burroughs. Dec. 2, 1978, "You're a

THE 'PRIEST' THEY CALLED HIM cd on Tim/Kerr records (TK92CD044) 1993 with music by Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana) about a junkie priest who finds a suitcase in the street on Christmas Eve with a dismembered body. Approximately 10 minutes. | Also released as a very limited 'signed' 10 inch. BETTER AN OLD DEMON THAN A NEW GOD - LP Giorno Poetry Systems release w/ various artists and WSB's "Dinosaurs". WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - ZERO TIME TO THE SICK TRACKS (CASSETTE-ONLY) 19?? US (?) WSB WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL MUSIC? 198? compilation of Industrial Records singles track called "Nothing Here Now" by William S. Burroughs. THE REVISED BOY SCOUT MANUAL - 3 Cassettes The Boy Scouts cassettes are the source of the article in the RE/search book. The book transcribes 1 cassettes' worth. Subject: Basically a manual detailing how to overthrow a government of your choice. INTERVIEW WITH WSB There is also a cassette tape put out by The Temple of Psychick Youth - "Interview with WSB" - It may be available from the US section of TOPY and should be available through the English section. | | | | Cold Spring in UK (a sort of TOPY-affiliated label) released a cassette on the cut-up method with WSB, Brion Gysin, and Genesis P-Orridge, limited to 23 copies. Possibly the same as the TOPY release mentioned above. Contents unknown, but i think it was how-to info from interviews. 001

Not necessarily WSB releases but using Burroughs quotes/samples: ================================================================ | | This is getting to be a tough call, as I haven't even seen or heard many of | these releases and it's not always clear whether WSB is a major contributer | or if hew was just sampled from other recordings with or without his permission. | But I feel it useful and necessary to separate the major releases under WSB's | name from the ones that were musical releases using WSB material. With recent | works such as the collaboration with Cobian and DHoH it becomes harder to define | what is a major WSB release and what isn't. I'm not going to worry about it too | much. If something like Material's & souls really had a very direct WSB involvment | it still doesn't belong on the WSB release list above unless it was released

under | his name. Some listings have the WSB sample/text included. If part of the sample was unclear "***" indicates a missed word. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | SOFT MACHINE - TRIPLE ECHO (3-lp box) 1977 "She's Gone" - Version recorded June 1967, appears on Soft Machine's Triple Echo 3-LP compilation (1977). WSB credited with "Barely audible aphorism". Another version that may or may not include the WSB sample appeared on their 1967 Giorgio Gomelsky demos which were later released as the lp "At The Beginning" and "Jet Propelled Photograph" and "Rock Generation Volume 8". The band Soft Machine was actually named after a Burroughs novel, and founding member supposedly played a role in introducing WSB to Terry Riley and tape loops in the early 60's. Allen was also respsonsible for the WSB connection to the Dashiel Heydayat lp using Burroughs tapes. The Soft Machine took their name, with permission, from the title of a novel by WSB. Band member Daevid Allen worked with WSB in the early 60's and introduced WSB to Terry Riley. While WSB was apparently already familiar with tape decks and edits and experimentation via Brion Gysin during this period, rumor has it that Riley & Allen introduced Burroughs to tape loops around 1963 when working with him on a Burroughs production (The Ticket That Exploded?) while WSB resided at the "Beat Hotel". LAURIE ANDERSON MISTER HEARTBREAK LP/CD 1984 US WARNER BROTHERS 9-25077-1 (LP) 9 25077 - 2 (CD) and 12" - SHARKEY'S DAY(EDIT)/ SHARKEY'S NIGHT(EXTENDED)/ EXCELLENT BIRD 1984 US WARNER BROTHERS PRO-A-2123 on Sharkeys night: the vocal on this track is spoken by WSB. LAURIE ANDERSON - HOME OF THE BRAVE CD: Warner Bros. 9 25400 - 2 Late Show: uses a William S. Burroughs sample and no other vocals The sample is "Listen to my heartbeat". Language is a virus: There is a WSB quote on the sleeve after the text for the track. The quote is "Language is a virus from outer space". This is also a film/video release of HOME OF THE BRAVE. LAURIE ANDERSON "UNITED STATES, PARTS I-IV" 5 LP set. Warner Bros 25192-1 features the song "Language is a virus", and is preceded by "Difficult Listening Hour", during which reference is made to WSB. The quote goes: "... what's going on here anyways ? Who are you ? And he said, 'now, I'm the Soul Doctor, and you know, language is a virus from outer space, and hearing your name is better than seeing your face.' " MATERIAL - SEVEN SOULS (1989) VIRGIN Most of the cuts on this album are new recordings of Burroughs over a pastiche of funk and Middle Eastern stuff. | | | | | MINISTRY - JUST ONE FIX cd-single Sire/Warner Bros. 40677-2 Tracks 1 and 3 are alternate mixes of Just One Fix (from Psalm 69) with some samples of WSB. Track 2 - "Quick Fix" (4:11) spoken words by WSB and music by MINISTRY [cover painting: "Last Chance Junction And Curse On Drug Hysteria" by William S. Burroughs]

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

"Smash the control images. Smash the control machine. Junkies have no interest in sex and they have no interest in other people except as suppliers of junk. They go around looking younger for a few days. Then they need more. "Quick Fix" [the entire song is a WSB monologue put to music] "To put it country simple. Earth has a lot of things other folks might want, like the whole planet. And maybe these folks would like a few changes made. Like more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere [***] for their way of life. You seen this happen before right in the United States. Your way of life destroyed the Indians way of life. I'm with the invaders, no use trying to hide that. And at the same time I disagree with some of the things they're doing. No we're not united any more than you are. [etc] "Just One Fix (V.E.)" "Break it all down They go around looking younger for a few days. Break it all down JESUS & MARY CHAIN - "ROLLERCOASTER E.P." - 12" Blanco Y Negro - 1st track, side two, "Lowlife" opens with WSB speaking. "I bear no sick words, junk words..."

Then they need more.

| | |

JESUS & MARY CHAIN "Almost Gold" limited edition 10" (1992) features 3 live tracks including "Lowlife" with same sample as on release above. NICK HAEFFNER uses WSB quotes in his version of "Song From the Bottom of a Well". MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO "God O.D. pt. 1" WaxTrax Records, WAXCD066 "Storm the Studio" STORM THE STUDIO

GARY CLAIL "Toes Tapping" END OF THE CENTURY PARTY On-U Sound Records, On-U CD9 "Lock them out and block the door. Bar them out for ever more. Change the lock and chain the door. *** them out for ever more." TACKHEAD "Ticking Time Bomb" FRIENDLY AS A HANDGRENADE TVT Records 4060 "This world would be a pretty easy and pleasant place to live if everybody would just mind his own business." "Get us into the *** they screamed, without a ***, without a ***" MARK STEWART "The Wrong Name & The Wrong Number" PAY IT ALL BACK, VOLUME 2 On-U/Nettwerk/Capitol W2-98 [this one contains a LOT of short cut-ups of WSB thrown together] "The wrong name and the wrong number" "Getty, Lee, Rockefeller" "I have not come" "Hear that?" "Why don't I come over with a board and drink Coca-Cola" "Don't let them out, don't" "The worlds of the all-powerful boards and syndicates of the earth"

"Explain how the *** 100 million more or less *** sweat down the drain" "Let them see us, don't tell them what we are doing" "The apes, the dogs, the rat-men" "Tape-worms, intestinal parasites" [etc] INTERFERENCE - unreleased work in progress INTERFERENCE is a current (and as-yet unreleased) project that Keith LeBlanc is involved in. Others involved include Doug Wimbish and Skip McDonald, and Tim Simenon (from Bomb the Bass). Possible winter release but doesn't have a record company to carry it yet. WSB is "on an INTERFERENCE track, he's talking about New World Order and this is ages ago - sixties, from a speech in the sixties. It's got George Bush saying "New World Order" and Burroughs say "What Order? Controlling shit-house of the World. The White House." It goes on and on, it's really incredible what he's talking about and he's saying "we don't just report the news, we write it." He's saying "I've got millions and millions of images that I can blast right out and control you gooks right down to the molecule." In other words, television. Then at the end he says "I've got orgasms, I've got screams, I don't need art, space, what good is it that to me?" - Keith LeBlanc SKREW - BURNING IN WATER, DROWNING IN FLAME (MetalBlade/WB 1992) 26948-2 WSB sample on the track 'Poisonous'. "Sometimes I think some junkie nurse maybe *** on my medication." KEITH LEBLANC - MAJOR MALFUNCTION World Records, WR005CD on the track "Major Malfunction" "Short time to go. Minutes... Your planet has been invaded. [not 100% sure this is his voice] Listen to my last words [...] world. I have not come to explain or tidy up. They is right, Mister, whoever is responsible for that whodunnit[?]. They is right, Mister, whoever is responsible for that. I say to all these words are not premature, these words may be too late. Minutes to go. Minutes to go. Premature reconversion, reconversion blues." | | | DECODER - Film Soundtrack vocal samples WSB's cameos are included on soundtrack from Crippled Frog Records [which might have been a precursor to Temple Records]

=================== 3) Movies & Videos: =================== There are several video tapes of/by WSB available from Mystic Fire Video (in the US, so these would be NTSC, as are most videos mentioned here unless stated otherwise.) | There were 3 Burroughs/Gysin/Balch film collaborations:

| Towers Open Fire 1964 | Based on drafts for The Soft Machine. Supposedly available on | Mystic Fire Video and featuring Gysin and his Dream Machine. | | | | | | | | The Cut Ups 1966 A short experimental film using cut-up techniques, later cut to 12 minutes. Source film included Guerilla Conditions, an unreleased silent documentary about WSB and Gysin in Paris. Miles reports that this film was the source of some of the techniques used by Nick Roeg in Performance [aside: the books that appear so prominently in Performance are the original Calder hardcover editions of Dead Fingers Talk, The Naked Lunch etc.]

| Bill and Tony 1968(?) | Short film based on a Burroughs text. | | | | | | | | | | I can find very little documentation about the original film version of The Naked Lunch. Planet R101 has an extract from an early draft of the script and its chronology mentions Gysin as collaborating on the film scenario in 1969 which would put the release some time in the early 1970's. I seem to remember Factory records putting out a 2 or 3 video cassette set of a Burroughs seminar that incorporated footage from The Naked Lunch (possibly the whole thing) in about 1984. I'm pretty sure that Cronenberg's book on the making of his version of The Naked Lunch (Everything Is Permitted(?)) has a forward by WSB where he mentions the earlier version but I don't have a copy. - Chris Flatters OLD HABITS DIE HARD - Video - Giorno Pak 5 Contains piece by W.S. Burroughs. GANG OF SOULS - Video - Giorno Pak 4 Contains piece by W.S. Burroughs IT'S CLEAN IT JUST LOOKS DIRTY - Video - Giorno Pak 3 Contains short movie (approx 14 min) featuring W.S. Burroughs. DRUGSTORE COWBOY - Movie - Cameo appearance by WSB as Junkie Priest. Gus Van Sant film. Available on Video. (also see references to audio releases with Van Sant above) TWISTER - Movie - Cameo appearance by WSB as gun shooter. is available on video and also stars Crispin Glover. | FRIED SHOES, COOKED DIAMONDS a film documentary on a gathering at Naropa Institute with all the beat poets and figures of that time including WSB. There's a video called BURROUGHS that includes an appearance of Burroughs on Saturday Night Live and some interviews and footage from some films of his. may be the same item as below. William Burroughs <videorecording> Roland Collection, ICA Northbrook, Ill. : Roland Collection of Films on Art : ICA Video, <198-?>

A video of Burroughs's Thanksgiving piece (from Dead City Radio) appeared in U2's Zoo TV special, aired on MTV and Fox in 1992. | "Thanksgiving" video was directed by Gus van Sant... MTV has run a short clip from a video featuring WSB reading. Not sure of the source or title, but it may have been "King of the sewers". It was definitely something with sewers. (Could be same as Zoo TV clip?) Ministry: WSB also appears (speaking and image) on the Ministry video, "Just One Fix", the Cold Turkey of the 90s. Laurie Anderson's film "Home of the Brave" has WSB dancing with Laurie and giving two short recitations. Also, the film features the song "Language is a virus", title taken from WSB. 'Heavy Petting', is a 'movie'/doc featuring lots of old sex education clips, and with various actors/artists talking about their sexual experiences. William S Burroughs was one of the people featured. The producer and director was "Obie Benz". Also featured Sandra Bernhard, David Byrne, and a lot of other people. Burroughs does the narration for the B&W film "Witchcraft Through the Ages," (HAXAN), this old & cheesy pseudo-documentary. The video is at least an hour long & W.S.B. does the entire thing. its an old silent film from 1922 that was reissued in the sixties with music and WSB as narrater. This has been found for rental at Wherehouse video and Blockbuster! The Subgenius !Arise! video uses extensive cut ups from "Witchcraft Through the Ages". NAKED LUNCH, a film by David Cronenberg, is more a semi-biographical fantasy based on William S. Burroughs life than it is an adaptation of Naked Lunch. Soundtrack by Ornette Coleman. | DECODER - Movie - video w/ booklet. | is a German film with WSB cameos, with vocal also included on soundtrack ==================================== 4) Published books and works by WSB: ==================================== The Place OF Dead Roads LC 83-8498. 320p. 1985. ltd signed ed. 100.00 (0-03-070416-2) H Holt & Co. The Place OF Dead Roads LC 83-8498. 320p. 1985. pap. 9.95 (0-8050-1541-8, Owl Bks) H Holt & Co. Tornado Alley (illus) 56p. (Orig.) 1989. 16.00 (0-916156-85-0); signed, limited 50.00 (0-916156-84-2); pap 9.00x (0-916156-84-4) Cherry Valley Watching The World's Weather

(illus) 250p. 1991. 24.95 (0-521-34342-9) Cambridge U Pr. The Yage Letters (Burroughs and Ginsberg) LC 63-12222 (Orig). 1963. pap. 5.95 (0-87286-004-3) City Lights. The Adding Machine: Collected Essays 201p. 1986. 16.95 (0-685-13462-8) Seaver Bks. Ah Pook Is Here! 1982. pap. (0-7145-3859-0) Riverrun Ny. Blade Runner: A Movie LC 78-21584. 1979. (Dynamic Bks); pap. 6.95 (0-912652-46-2); signed ed. o.p. 20.00 (0-912652-47-0) Blue Wind. The Burroughs File 1984. 9.95 (0-87286-158-9); pap. 8.95 City Lights. The Cat Inside LC 92-1126. 96p. 1992. 10.00 (0-670-84465-9, Viking) Viking Penguin. Cities Of Red Night 1992. pap. 9.95 (0-8050-1763-1) H Holt & Co. The Exterminator (Fiction Ser.) 176p. 1979. pap. 7.95 (0-14-005003-5, Penguin Bks) Viking Penguin. The Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse Wilson, Terry, tr. from ENG 67p. (Orig., GER). 1984. pap. 9.95 (3-88030-027-5) Left Bank. Interzone 224p. 1990. pap. 9.95 (0-14-009451-2, Penguin Bks) Viking Penguin. The Job: Interviews with William S. Burroughs 224p 1989. pap. 11.00 (0-14-011882-9, Penguin Bks) Viking Penguin. Junky (Fiction Ser.) 176p. 1977. pap. 9.00 (0-14-004351-9, Penguin Bks) Viking Penguin. The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz LC 80-54557.

(illus). 1987 pap. 4.95 (0-8050-0179-4) Seaver Bks. Naked Lunch LC 83-83214. 256p. 1984 17.95 (0-8021-1204-8); pap. 6.95 (0-8021-3093-3) Grove Pr. Naked Lunch 1992. pap. 11.95 (0-8021-3295-2) Grove Pr. Naked Scientology, Ali's Smile 106p. (Orig., GER.). 1985. pap. text ed. 8.95 (3-88030-011-9) Left Bank. Nova Express LC 92-18339. 1992. write for info. (0-8021-3330-4) Grove Pr. Port of Saints LC 80-10309. 1980 24.95 (0-912652-64-0); pap. 12.95 (0-912652-65-9) Blue Wind. Queer 144p. 1987. pap. 8.95 (0-14-008389-8, Penguin Bks) Viking Penguin. The Ticket That Exploded 224p. 7.95 (0-802105150-7) Grove Pr. Uncommon Quotes, Vol. 1. Hoffman, Kathelin, ed. 1989. 12.50 (0-929856-00-7); cassette avail. Caravan Dreams Prodns. The Western Lands 1987. 18.95 (0-670-81352-4) Viking Penguin. The Western Lands 272p. 1988. pap 9.95 (0-14-009456-3, Penguin Bks) Viking Penguin. The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead LC 92-19273. 1992. write for info. (0-8021-3331-2) Grove Pr. Cobble Stone Gardens 1st ed. <Baltimore> : Cherry Valley Editions, c1976. | (Contents of which are included in The Burroughs File.) Dead Fingers Talk

| |

London : Tandem, <1970, c1963>. (Either a cut up or collection of excerpts from Naked Lunch and the next 3-4 novels designed to get through UK censors.) Early Routines Santa Barbara, Calif. : Cadmus Editions, 1981. The Job : interviews with William S. Burroughs / by Daniel Odier. Rev. and enl. ed., including "Playback from Eden to Watergate" and "Electronic revolution, 1970-71". New York : Grove Press : distributed by Random House, <1974>. The Job : topical writings and interviews / William S. Burroughs with Daniel Odier. London : John Calder, 1984. With William Burroughs : a report from the bunker edited by Victor Bockris. 1st ed. New York : Seaver Books ; distributed by Grove Press, 1981. Brion Gysin let the mice in. by Gysin, Brion. Edited by Jan Herman. With texts by William Burroughs & Ian Sommerville. <West Glover, Vt.> Something Else Press <1973>. Electronic revolution 2nd ed. enl. by Feedback from Watergate to the Garden of Eden. <Bonn> : Expanded Media Editions, c1976.

Here to go : planet R-101 by Brion Gysin ; interviewed by Terry Wilson ; with introduction and texts by William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin. <San Francisco, CA> : Re/Search Publications; <Eugene, OR : Distributed by SUBCO, c1982>. (UK version on Quartet books, has additional pictures, different cover (hardback), and different lists of books/refernces/etc, and no mention of Genesis or Sleazy in the credits.) Junkie London : D. Bruce & Watson, 1973, c1953. Letters to Allen Ginsberg, 1953-1957 New York : Full Court Press, c1982. Paper Cloud ; Thick pages Kyoto, Japan : Kyoto Shoin International, 1992. Roosevelt After Inauguration And Other Atrocities San Francisco : City Lights Books, c1979. The Soft Machine ; Nova Express ; The Wild Boys : three novels ; with an epilogue by Allen Ginsberg ; an interview with William Burroughs. 1st Black Cat ed. New York : Grove Press : distributed by Random House, 1980. The Third Mind / William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.

New York : Viking Press, 1978. William S. Burroughs : selected letters edited by Oliver C.G. Harris. New York : Viking, 1993With William Burroughs : a report from the bunker edited by Victor Bockris. 1st ed. New York : Seaver Books ; distributed by Grove Press, 1981. | Minutes To Go: by WSB, Brion Gysin, Sinclair Beilles, and Gregory Corso. | Early cut up experiments published by a bookshop in Paris. Written about in Here To Go. | Re/Search #4/5: William S. Burroughs/Brion Gysin/Throbbing Gristle | 1982 ISBN 0-940642-05-0 | Interview, excerpts, and photos. | | | | The Drug Experience 196? Burroughs, Ginsberg, and the whole crew of 60's celebrities talking about their experiences with various drugs. Burroughs got the "Opiates" section. (excerpt from Junky)

========================================================= 5) Works about WSB and other items of potential interest: ========================================================= | William Burroughs | by Barry Miles (1993) | Hyperion, 114 Fifth Ave., New York NY 10001 | The Dream At The End Of The World : Paul Bowles and the Literary Renegades in Tangier | by Michelle Green 1991 HarperCollins ISBN 0-06-016571-5 | includes some profiles of WSB in Tangier William S. Burroughs by Jennie Skerl. Boston : Twayne Publishers, c1985. William S. Burroughs at the front : critical reception, 1959-1989 edited by Jennie Skerl and Robin Lydenberg. Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, c1991. Word cultures : radical theory and practice in William S. Burroughs' fiction Robin Lydenberg. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1987. Contemporary literary censorship : the case history of Burroughs' Naked Lunch by Michael Barry Goodman. Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1981. There's a book about Gysin and Burroughs (mainly Gysin, but with lots of history and pictures of both) that was published in the UK last year. It's called "Man from Nowhere," and is a beautiful book with reminiscenses by Paul Bowles, Iggy Pop, Bill Laswell, and many many others. The book was published in a small edition and is extremely hard to find both in the US

and in England. It comes with a bunch of postcards with photos of Burroughs and Gysin and reproductions of some of their art. "The Evening Sun Turned Crimson" by Herbert Huncke - Cherry Valley Editions 1980. Has some excellent memoirs of his relationships with William. EXPLODED VIEWS BOOKS in L.A. may have a copy of this for sale in their current catalog. It's probably long out of print. MANAPSARA - LP - PRESENTS "QUEER" A SOUNDTRACK TO THE NOVEL WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS. Sub Rosa 19? - Authorized musical interpretation of the WSB's book "Queer" MANAPSARA - 12" - "ROUTINE" & " MARKETPLACE" Sub Rosa 19? - extended remixes released after the above lp. Books by William S. Burroughs, Jr. (WSB's son): Kentucky Ham, by William S. Burroughs, Jr. LC 83-19447. 176p. 1984. 15.95 (0-87951-956-8) Overlook Pr. Kentucky Ham, by William S. Burroughs, Jr. 192p. 1988. Tusk. pap. 8.95 (0-87951-315-2) Overlook Pr. Speed, by William S. Burroughs, Jr. LC 83-42919. 192p. 1984. 14.95 (0-87951-192-3) Overlook Pr. | The rock group Steely Dan was named after a metallic dildo in WSB's | _The Naked Lunch_. ========================== 6) contact addresses, etc. ========================== Possible sources of some of the releases above, and other addresses: | | | | | | | | | | | INTERGALACTIC GARAGE PO BOX 3047, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 (304) 876-6818 FAX (304) 876-9414 best Email address: USA

INTERGALACTIC GARAGE is making an attempt to support all the Burroughs CD releases via mail order. currently got stock on the Cobain/Burroughs THE PRIEST both as the CD-5 and as the v. ltd 'signed' 10 inch. Plus Gus' CD-5, Breakthrough, REsearch's WSB T-shirt, etc. Also has some rare Ginsberg CD-5 from Holland.

| RE/SEARCH (415) 362-1465 | 20 Romolo St. Suite B

| San Francisco, CA 94133 USA | Publisher with at least one book/magazine on WSB, may also carry videos and | T-shirts | | | | | TOPYNA BOX 33540 SAN DIEGO CA 92163 USA has a file of article interviews [nothing rare] on WSB that people sent in. write if interested.


gps = giorno poetry systems institute inc. 222 bowery new york, ny 10012 USA WSB & Gus van Sant - "The Elvis of Letters" cd may be sourced from: Dutch East India Trading PO Box 800 Rockville Centre, NY 11571-0800 USA (516) 764-6200 (516) 764-6315 fax Sub Rosa, P.O. Box 808, 1000 Brussels, Belgium "Cash Cow, The Best of Giorno Poetry Systems, 1965-1993", can also be sourced via: East Side Digital 530 North Third St. Minneapolis, MN 55401 (612) 375-9188


The following is probably a good source of WSB books: City Lights Mail Orders 261 Columbus San Francisco, CA 94133


If you care to, you can try to reach William S. Burroughs at: William Burroughs Communications 729-1/2 Massachusetts Lawrence, KS 66044 USA ============================ 7) Looking for more details: ============================ | | | | I'm working on publishing this file offline as a small zine/guidebook format, DTP'd and pasted up with a few photos, etc. Does anyone have any WSB images scanned, or can you offer me any? Especially useful if in TIF, PCX or format I can use easily with WordPerfect but we'll ytake what we can get. I'd also

| welcome pointers to PC or Unix graphics conversion utilities to convert to | those for me from GIF or whatever is available. | | | | I'd like release dates, lp/cd catalog numbers, ISBN numbers and quote transcriptions from any items that are lacking these kinds of details. Also still always seeking info on any recordings, visuals or publications not already listed here. And answers to any specific queries or rumors below. Anyone know anything about an Ornette Coleman collaboration? I heard some reference to this but haven't substantiated it. I know Coleman did the soundtrack for Cronenberg's Naked Lunch. I think Coleman is on some of the jajouka recordings used on one of the Burroughs cds. Is there some other "collaboration I'm unaware of? | | | | There's an Ornette album with about 5 mins of Jajouka music at the end (which one?), from the same tapes the Brian Jones LP, I think, but different. This track may have been divided into several short interludes on the Sub Rosa CD Break Through in Grey Room?

I've heard there was a 70's film adaptation of Naked Lunch. Can anyone confirm this? Does Throbbing Gristle's _Rafters_ starts with a Burroughs quote? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ||||||||Malcolm Humes|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Maintained by Considerable help in compiling this came from Mason Jones, Doug Grant and Danny Iacovou. Contributions also from Brian May, Conrad Bullock, Marcus Deininger, Peter Webb, Jari Kerminen, Sebastian Welton, Jeff Spirer, Chris Solnordal, Robert Stanzel, Paul Moore, Mike Howes, Michael Whitney, Chris Flatters, G.D. Pratt, Andrew Russ, Tino, Allan Balliett, coyote 131 and D. Troyer. ============================================================================ End of the Burroughs file.