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Nobility and Eros:

The Noble Succubus
Written by Chris A. Field
Cover Illustration by: LPJD Image
Portfolio (Storn Cook)
Interior Illustrations by: LPJD Image
Portfolio (Storn Cook) and
Cerebrus Stock Art (Joe Calkins).All
illustrations are property of their
creators and are used with

Origins of the
Noble Succubi
Succubi are predators, soulless demons
from outside reality, who adopt a pleasing female
shape as a hunting blind, as pretty camouflage.
Succubi are cosmic sociopaths who feed on lust,
ripping the life energy of their unwitting prey at the
moment of their victims final, hurtful and wonderful

The Noble Succubi are a beautiful

aberration, a rare mutation within the Succubi
species. Aeons ago, the continual harvesting of
sexual energy, of emotion, sparked something within
the soul of a lone Succubi. This strange, mutant
Succubi began to feel, genuinely, for the first time in
long millennia of predation. Shocked by what she
Otherverse Games had done, this first prototype of the Noble Succubi
species attempted to atone and repent. She was
slaughtered and devoured by her sisters within days.
Compatibility with the Pathfinder
Unknown to her vile sisters, the first Noble
Roleplaying Game requires the
Succubis emergent compassion hid within her blood
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from
and meat like a virus.
Paizo Publishing, LLC. See http:// for more
Far from eradicating the taint of kindness
information on the Pathfinder
and mercy that had infested the Succubi race, the
Roleplaying Game. Paizo Publishing, LLC first Noble Succubis murder only spread the
does not guarantee compatibility, and mutation. Her butchers turned sisters fled to the far
does not endorse this product.
corners of the Multiverse, struggling to balance their
Pathfinder is a registered trademark of predatory natures with their emerging emotions. In
Paizo Publishing, LLC, and the
the wild spaces between the realms, these early
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Noble Succubi built a new race, a new culture a
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
new definition of what a Succubi could be.
Compatibility Logo are trademarks of
Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used
under the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Compatibility License. See http://
Noble Succubi are as beautiful and sexually
compatibility for more information on charged as their vile Succubi cousins. They resemble
lithe, sensual human or Elven females. Their bodies
the compatibility license.
are a lovers dream given form- soft skin, firm
breasts, fragrant hair, a taut musculature. The
pleasures of laying with a Noble Succubus are

Noble Succubi tend

to have fair skin with a faint
crimson flush, and dark hair
that glints a tempting red in
the right kind of light. When
charged with erotic energy, a
Noble Succubi can manifest
a pair of spectacular wings
from her shoulder blades.
These bat-like wings pulse
with vibrantly crimson blood,
as a symbol of the Noble
Succubis demonic heritage.
A few Noble Succubi with
especially pure and
compassionate souls manifest
dark, feathered wings
instead, like some strange

When angry or
aroused, the Noble Succubis
fingernails elongate and flush
blood red. Tiny horns of
blood red calcium protrude
from just beneath her hairline.
Occasionally, when she
activates her powers, a
Noble Succubis eyes flash
with intense crimson energy.

Biology and
Unlike a true Succubus, a Noble Succubi
has a true anatomy and a biology, even if it a strange
and magic fueled anatomy. A slain Succubis
anatomical vault reveals only stunted, black organs
that are unable to sustain life in any meaningful way.
By contrast, a Noble Succubi eats, she breathes,
and she lives and grows. By developing a humanlike soul, a Noble Succubis form has become more
human-like. Though young Noble Succubi are far
weaker than their Succubi sisters, they can, in time,
grow to surpass the power and glory of even the
most powerful demon.

Noble Succubi are an exclusively female

species. Though they are sexually charged in the
extreme, and may have hundreds of partners of both
genders and all humanoid species within a single
year, they never become pregnant as human women
would understand the term.
Noble Succubi do not age, and unless they
fall victim to some misadventure, are as immortal as
the stars themselves. The eldest Noble Succubi
queens are hundreds of thousands of years old,
while the youngest only emerged from their
crystalline wombs minutes ago. When an elder

Noble Succubus dies, her soul explodes in a storm

of frothing pink plasma. For long seconds, this
energy bolus hangs suspended over the Noble
Succubis disintegrating corpse, before exploding in
a devastating rush of energy.
Traveling far faster than the speed of light
itself, this energy rushes to every shadowed corner
of the multiverse, where the final fragments of this
erotically charged energy collect within crystalline
womb-pods built by Noble Succubi mothers. Within
these crystalline wombs, new Noble Succubi
children are conceived. Over the course of a year,
new Noble Succubi children grow to physical
maturity, one for each character level possessed by
the slain Noble Succubi.
Noble Succubi new-borns emerge from
their crystalline womb with an adult form and a
mature intellect, but with the disposition, knowledge
and awareness of an especially bright toddler. Young
Noble Succubi wander the planes in the company of
an elder sister, often a Noble Succubi with some
connection to the childs slain mother. This elder
Succubus teaches her adopted child about the
planes, about the wonders of the multiverse. This
elder Succubus provides her charge with the erotic
energy the young Noble Succubi needs to survive.
With a touch, she regurgitates this glistening crimson
and gold energy, like a mother bird with her young.
Young Noble Succubi are dependant on their
adoptive mother for sustenance and survival for the
first several years of her existence. A Noble
Succubis pleasure-feeding abilities come on line
within a decade of her birth, at roughly the same
time her full, adult sentience does.

Faith and Alignment

Noble Succubi are inherently good
creatures. They are compassionate, loving and often
merciful in their own ways. Like their true Succubi
ancestors, Noble Succubi are chaotic creatures.
Few have any respect for laws or regimes that do
not respect the rights of the ruled. Most Noble
Succubi are either Chaotic or Neutral Good. A
vanishingly rare minority of the race are Lawful

Good, but even these stricter Noble Succubi will

always place justice above tradition and law.
Noble Succubi usually worship gods and
goddesses of love, fertility and family. If there is a
lustful, playful, trickster deity in a pantheon, the
Noble Succubi will be attracted to her. Some prefer
fiercer and more warlike gods, particularly deities
that make endless war against demons, including the
races true Succubi ancestors. No Noble Succubi
has ever worshipped a god or goddess that reviles
sexuality or disdains the body.

Noble Succubi do not have a nation.
Instead, the race hides its tiny settlements, each built
around a crystalline womb, in pocket dimensions
found in shadowy corners of the multiverse. Noble
Succubi townships are strange and beautiful, carved
from dark crystal, wrapped with silk and gold-lace.
Noble Succubi dimension-pockets are cramped,
dim and warm.
These pocket realities seem to pulse with a
cardiac rhythm, and the way Noble Succubi talk
about these places, it would seem that their homes
are every bit as alive as the crystal wombs which
birth new Noble Succubi. The walls of these pocket
realities occasionally drib hot blood, which Noble
Succubi take as an omen, one both wonderful and
tragic: it means that a new Noble Succubi child will
soon be born. When the walls of a Noble Succubis
home bleed it also means that one of her sisters,
somewhere in the infinite planes, will fall in her battle
against demonic evil.

In the Tatakama
Noble Succubi have close ties to the
multiverse, and are often heavenly agents. They
enter the Tatakama realm to mentor human heroes
and heroines, show the peasants a better way to
live, and the nobles and samurai a better way to rule.
Noble Succubi can be found most often among the
Nobility or Samurai castes, though Heimin Noble

Samuari are not unknown.

Noble Succubi of the
Heimin caste are
often geisha
monks, or
often with
a hidden
encoded in
the positions
of pleasure.
heavenly outsiders,
the Noble Succubi
are closest to the races
most like themselves. The
Futakuchi tend to respect
Noble Succubi for their
competence, but have little time for
their endless romances and
seductions, feeling that such
dalliances with mortals only cheapen
Heaven itself. Noble Succubi dont
feel much more warmly about the Futakuchi,
thinking them competent but joyless. The Daughters
of Kirin like traveling with a Noble Succubi warrior
at their sides, and wish they could be as vivacious
and charming as the Succubi.

In Black Tokyo
Those Noble Succubi who cross the
dimensional barrier to Black Japan usually do so in
pursuit of some demonic evil. Most tend to dislike
Black Japan, preferring instead to retreat back to
the Tatakama. The modern world is too magically
deadened for such fantastic creatures to feel

comfortable, and Black Japans sexual

energy is charged with rape and
violence. Those rare Succubi who
make Black Tokyo their home tend
to be more cynical, harder edged
and more sarcastic than the
They usually set up
comfortable existences
for themselves as
magical prostitutes or
cam-girls, amassing huge
stores of tantric energy
with which to fight. These
Noble Succubi often
work with other fierce
demon-hunters, often
teaming with the Eyrines
Sisterhood or
Chrysanthemum Seven to
take down lust-crazed oni.

In Otherverse
Some of the most powerful
Noble Succubi have made their
way into the Otherverse America
reality, though relatively few congregate on
the war-torn Earth. They are cosmic servants
of the space-goddess Roe Athene, and they
protect the galaxy from Lifechained predators and
star-monsters in Her name. The few who make their
homes in Earthspace usually take Lunar residence:
the lower gravity and meta-prostitution industry
there both agree with them.
Noble Succubi are exclusively Choicer, and
hold nothing but contempt for Lifers. A handful of
the species have fought for the Choicer nation
throughout its history. The Noble Succubi known
only as Hope fought with RAINBOW from its
inception in 2028 until shortly after Wars End
(2091). The general public believed, as they do
about Commander Athene herself, that she was a

star-spawned superhuman, not a magical creature

from a distant reality. After Wars End, Hope left
Earth for space unknown. She spent a little time on
the Choicer out-colony of Delight during the fall of
2094 before heading deep into Phallus-Space on
some unknown mission.

first human colonists arrived on Pacifica, the Noble

Succubi took the human colonists under their wing.
With help from the Noble Succubi, the early
Pacificans build their utopia and begin the crimefighting tradition of the Adorable Avengers (see the
self-titled PDF, Otherverse Games, 2009).

Whether there are other Noble Succubi still

on Otherverse Earth is a question for the players to

Valentine III is a small, craggy forested

moon orbiting the pink and purple gas giant
Valentine. Valentine III is one of thirteen moons, a
few of which also bear traces of Noble Succubi
colonization. Valentine III is relatively far from the
light of its star but is warmed by radiation from the
gas giant; the Noble Succubi choose the world for
its comfortable twilight darkness, which reminded
the first colonists of their birth-home in the

In Psi-Watch
The Noble Succubi rare is rare in the PsiWatch reality. They usually come to the reality to
farther their own ends, rarely staying in this
dimension for longer then it takes to complete the
operation. The Culture are familiar with the species,
referring to them as Sida-Khal Pleasure Knights.
To the normally legalistic and tradition bound
Culture, the Noble Succubi are a kind of wandering
cultural hero; the lower ranks of Culture society
welcome Succubi eagerly into their homes and
businesses. The higher castes do likewise, at least
publicly, though the decadent wealthy of the Culture
race worry about the intentions of any Sida-Khal
that travels upon their starships.
Due to its connections with the star-spanning
Culture, Metamorphosis North is aware of the
species (in both this and the Otherverse America
realities). The mega-corps CEO, Elizabeth Vose,
despises the Noble Succubi almost as she does the
Culture itself. Her agents hunt and dissect any Noble
Succubi who touches down on Earth. Vose has
waged a secret war with Hope across two realities;
she realizes the otherworldly Hope is one of the few
beings in the Multiverse aware of her mega-corps
schemes and ambition.

In Galaxy Command
The Noble Succubi have colonized their
own planet, a small moon in the Pacifician system.
Noble Succubi have lived on Valentine III since
before humans mastered warp drive, and when the

The world is covered in small, crystalline

villages built into mountain crags. Birthing matrixes
made of Yahn crystal hum and pulse everywhere
across the world; Noble Succubi scientists have
learned to tap the radiation belts surrounding the gas
giant, and the solar storms from the Pacifican star to
conceive new Noble Succubi girls, without the death
of an elder Succubi.

Noble Succubi Racial Traits

Size and Type
Noble Succubi are Medium native outsiders.
They have a base land speed of 30 ft.
As outsiders Noble Succubi are immune to
effects that specifically target humanoids, such as
charm person. As native Outsiders, they are
immune to effects such as banishment (at least on
their birth-plane). However, unlike other native
outsiders, they cannot easily be raised nor
resurrected, for reasons described below.
Ability Score Modifiers
+2 CHA. Noble Succubi are glamorous,
seductive and confident. Their other physical and
mental gifts are as varied as those of humanity.

Noble Succubi speak a strange dialect of
Infernal and Common. Their dialect is almost
incomprehensible to other Infernal speakers; true
Succubi especially have been known to disembowel
anyone speaking this vile and offensive tongue.
Noble Succubi with high Intelligence scores
may choose from the following bonus languages:
Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan or any of the Elemental
languages. They have an affinity for the languages of
the planes. In cross-genre campaigns, they can
select American English or modern Japanese as a
bonus languages.
Enhanced Senses (EX): Noble Succubi have keen
eyes with crimson pupils which provide them with
Darkvision with 60 ft range.
Racial Feats: With a culture centered around
sexuality, all Noble Succubi receive Gifts of Ecstasy
as a racial bonus feat.
Gifts of Ecstasy (General)
You are a skilled and considerate lover,
gifted with an almost magical understanding of what
brings others pleasure.
Prerequisite: CHA 13+
Benefit: You receive a +2 competence
bonus on sexually oriented Diplomacy and Bluff
checks, as well as receiving a +2 competence bonus
on Profession (prostitute or courtesan) checks. If
you have 10 or more ranks in any of these skills, the
bonus increases to +4 for that skill.
Seductive Beyond Compare (EX): Noble
Succubi are among the most charming courtesans in
the entire multiverse. Noble Succubi always win
opposed Bluff or Diplomacy checks if there is a tied
Death/Life Burst (EX): When a Noble Succubi
dies, her body is incinerated in a spectacular display
of pink and crimson energy that consumes it utterly,
though her possessions are mostly untouched. This
burst of energy releases 4d6 points of positive
energy, plus an additional +1d6 points of energy for

every point of energy stored in her Tantric Pool. This

burst has a radius of 30 ft.
This energy travels throughout the cosmos to
conceive new Noble Succubi souls. Because of this
a slain Noble Succubi cannot be raised or
resurrected; only a wish or miracle can restore a
slain noble Succubi to life.
Daughters and Avengers
Normally, one Noble Succubi child is
created per class level possessed by the slain Noble
Succubi. It takes about a year for a new Noble
Succubi child to come to term in her birthing-matrix,
and usually a decade more for the child to grow to
maturity, and emerge as first level heroines.
Players in generational campaigns might
want to play the daughter of a fallen comrade. In this
case, the gamemaster might alter the Noble Succubi
reproductive cycle in the following manner. The
player can designate one birthing-matrix, anywhere
in the multi-verse, to receive the true heir of the
fallen Noble Succubi. The player may assign any
number of her fallen Noble Succubis character
levels to this heir, up to her total character level -2.
The newborn Noble Succubi retains several
of the memories and life experiences of her mother,
and may soon emerge to avenge her earlier
incarnation, or finish the incomplete business of their
first life. Alternatively, the player may create a small
family newborn Noble Succubi, assigning character
levels as desired to more than one Noble Succubi
Tantric Pool (EX): A Noble Succubis biology
requires tantic energy, in the same way a humans
biology requires oxygen and water to sustain itself.
The Noble Succubi gathers tantric energy from
consensual sexual encounters with willing sentient
creatures (INT score 5+) of the humanoid,
monstrous humanoid, giant or outsider types. By
bringing such a creature to orgasm, the Noble
Succubi gains one (1) point of energy for her Tantric

Crimson Wings
(EX): By
expending a point
of tantric energy as
a move-equivalent
action, the Noble
Succubi unfurls
blood-red wings
from her shoulder
blades. While these
wings are
manifested, she
gains a flight speed
of 60 ft, and a +4
racial bonus on Fly
checks. She can
hover without the
need for a Fly
check. A Noble
Succubi can only fly
while lightly
armored and
carrying up to a
medium load.
Each hour
(or portion of) an
hour the Noble
Succubi maintains
her wings, deduct a
point of tantric
energy from her
Tantric Pool.

Once gained, points of tantric energy remain

until the Noble Succubi chooses to expend them.
The Noble Succubis maximum Tantric Pool is equal
to 3 + her CHA modifier.
The Noble Succubi can expend energy from
her Tantric Pool to accomplish various feats.

Feather-Fall (SP): By expending a point of tantric

energy from her pool as a swift action, the Noble
Succubi casts featerfall as a sorcerer of her total
character level. When using this ability, her crimson
wings rip from her back, flap a few times and then
Healing (SU): By touching a wounded
creature as a standard action, the Noble Succubi
can channel positive energy into a target. For each

point of tantric energy expended, the target recovers

one HP.

she/it more receptive to the Noble Succubis


Infernal Defenses (EX): By spending a

point of energy from her tantric pool as a standard
action, the Noble Succubi activates the infernal
defenses her true Succubi ancestors take for
granted. While this ability is activated, she becomes
immune to electricity, fire and poison.

One Planet, One Power

If using the variant rules found in One Planet,
One Power (Otherverse Games, 2012), and using
Noble Succubi in a modern campaign, such as
Otherverse America, Psi-Watch or Galaxy
Command, she may choose one of the following
Powered Hero talents as a racially favored talent.

Once initiated, this ability remains active for

one minute (10 rounds).
Knowledge of Lust and the Planes (EX):
The Noble Succubi can expend a point of tantric
energy as a free action to receive a +5 insight bonus
on any of the following skill checks: Bluff,
Diplomacy or Knowledge (arcana, the planes,
Magical Biology (SU): As long as there is
at least one point remaining in her Tantric Pool, the
Noble Succubi becomes immune to starvation and
thirst. Using this passive ability does not require the
expenditure of tantric energy, merely its storage.
Spontaneous Meta-Magic (EX): The
Noble Succubi can expend points of tantric energy
to spontaneously cast a spell with any meta-magic
feat she possesses without increasing the level or
casting time. To do so, the Noble Succubi must
expend a number of points of tantric energy equal to
the meta-magic feats adjustment to caster level.
Thus to cast a spontaneously maximized lightning
bolt, the Noble Succubi must expend three (3)
points of tantric energy. Using this ability is a free
action- part of casting the spell to be enhanced.
Strange Attraction (SU): By expending a
point of tantric energy against a sentient creature
within 30 ft who can clearly see the Noble Succubi,
the Noble Succubi can cause that creature to
become sexually attracted to the Succubi, even if not
normally attracted to creatures of her gender and
phenotype. This attraction remains in place for the
duration of the encounter; it does not compel the
target to act in any particular way, but may make he/

Healer, Honeytrap, Summoner,

Teleportation, Time Manipulator
All Noble Succubi manifest energy
manipulation talents above and beyond what is
offered by their Tantric Pool, but what form it takes
varies wildly among members of the Noble Succubi

Starting Traits for

Noble Succubi
These starting talents are common among
Noble Succubi. Many of these talents connect the
race to the fabric of the multiverse itself; Noble
Succubi are planes-walking avengers and
explorersheroines in whatever reality they find
themselves in.
Deep Pool (EX)
Type: Racial
This Noble Succubi can draw upon a deep
pool of stored tantric energy. Increase her maximum
Tantric Pool by +2. The Noble Succubi can take
this trait multiple times, increasing her Tantric Pool
by +2 each time.
Flesh Changer (SP)
Type: Racial
The Noble Succubi can cast alter self as a
sorcerer of her total character level by expending
two points of energy from her Tantric Pool. Using
this ability is a standard action.


Planes-Walker (SU)
Type: Magic
The Noble Succubi is especially comfortable
wandering the distant planes far from her birthdimension. She receives a +2 trait bonus on
Knowledge (the planes) checks. If casting any
arcane spell that involves dimensional travel, the
Planes-Walker gains access to the spell at one level
lower than the norm. Thus, a Noble Succubi planeswalking wizard would cast rope trick as a first level
spell, and open a mighty gate with an 8th level spell.
Science and Magic (EX)
Type: Social
The Noble Succubi was birthed in a distant
reality where magic had faded, and technology rose
to replace it. The Noble Succubi may substitute a
Knowledge (the planes) check for any Computer
Use or Drive check she is called upon to make, but
takes a -5 penalty on the check while doing so.
Alternate Rules
Alternatively, in cross-genre campaigns,
Computer Use and Drive are always class skills for
the Noble Succubi, and she receives a +1 trait
bonus on these checks.

Each hour (or portion of an hour) that the

Tantric Gift remains active drains one point of energy
from the Noble Succubis Tantric Pool. A Tantric
Gift may be removed by a dispel good or dispel
chaos; removing the ability causes no harm to the
Tantric Fires (SP)
Type: Combat
The Noble Succubi can channel the tantric
energy coursing through her veins into a damaging
burst of frothing crimson energy. By spending a point
of energy from her Tantric Pool, the Noble Succubi
can cast magic missile as a sorcerer of her total
character level.
Telepathy (SU)
Type: Racial
The Noble Succubi gains the Telepathy
special quality (Bestiary, page 305). This ability
functions identically to the similar ability shared by
her true Succubi ancestors.

True Womb (EX)

Type: Racial
Your body is more humanlike than the norm
for your sisters. You may conceive and carry a child
Star Walker (EX)
with any human, Elven or Half-Elven male partner.
Type: Racial
Such children are statistically equal to Tieflings, as a
The Noble Succubi is a creature of the stars. result of your strange heritage. You still unleash a
As long as one point remains in her Tantric Pool, she Death/Life Burst when slain, conceiving true Noble
becomes immune to suffocation, radiation and the
Succubi children as normally.
effects of hard vacuum. This trait expands her
Magical Biology racial ability.
Yahn Affinity (SU)
Type: Magic
Tantric Gift (SU)
The Noble Succubi has an affinity for the
Type: Faith
Yahn Crystal that nurtured her gestating body.
Once per day as a full round action, the
Anytime the character carries or wears any item
Noble Succubus can kiss or caress a willing
made of Yahn Crystal, or a shard of raw Yahn worth
humanoid by touching it one full round. The target
at least 100 gp, her mind is sharpened, providing a
gains a +1 celestial bonus to an ability score of its
+2 enhancement bonus to her INT score. The Yahn
choice. A single creature may have no more than one item must be worn for at least 24 hours continuously
Tantric Gift active at one time; while this ability is
before this bonus is gained, and this bonus does not
active, it cannot receive a Profane Gift from a true
grant additional skill ranks or bonus languages.
succubus. As long as the Tantric Gift persists, the
Noble Succubi can communicate telepathically with
the target across any distance.

If wearing or using any Ioun Stone instead

the bonus increases to +3. Yahn Crystals and Ioun
Stones are closely related and have similar
crystalline compositions.

Noble Succubi Crche:

CG Village
The hidden crche at Galyndosque is a
fairly typical of Noble Succubi settlements.
Galyndosque is hidden in a pocket reality only
accessible through a high mountain cavern in an out
of the way, old growth forest high in the North. It
requires a DC 21 Knowledge (the planes) check to
open the dimensional rift leading to the hidden city.

rogue true Succubus who advised the human kill

team who actually fired the fatal shots.
As such, the once kind Paxana has
dedicated her immortal existence to making war on
the dark knights of a distant feudal kingdom called
Metamorphosis North, and has lead raids through
dimensions in search of revenge. Her obsession is
leading the powerful wizardress to research
dimensional travel spells best left undiscovered.
Paxana has also adopted the heir of her fallen
lover, the young Peta DeSuqana, as her apprentice
and child. The innocent young Succubi worries for
her mothers sanity, but has no idea who to turn to
for help.

Corruption -3; Crime +1; Economy -3; Law -1;

Lore +0; Society +4
The pocket reality enclosing Galyndosque Qualities Pocket Universe*, Population Surge*
appears as a mist-shrouded cavern nearly a mile on *starred qualities described in Cityscapes
a side. Though cut off from sun and stars, it is lit by a (Otherverse Games, 2012)
perpetual sunset, and is as warm and humid as a
Danger 0
Mediterranean spring. The walls of the realitycavern are studded with luminous Yahn deposits.
The heart of the city is a massive birthing matrix
Government Utopian Experiment
made of the same pulsing gemstone. Beneath
Population 176 (111 Noble Succubi adults, 65
multiple layers of charged mineral, new Noble
Noble Succubi juveniles)
Succubi gestate, hanging suspended in energized
Notable NPCs
wombs like nude fruit. These children are tended by
Paxana DeSuqana, HighMother of the
ancient and wise Succubi spell-casters and
Birthing Matrixes (NG female Noble
protected by a dedicated cadre of female warriors.
Succubi Wizard 10)
Peta DeSuqana, newborn Succubi and
Galyndosque is closed to outsiders; only
Paxanas adoptive daughther (CG female
the most trusted allies of the Noble Succubi race are
Noble Succubi Aristocrat 1)
ever allowed within the pocket reality. Being allowed
Becca Katah, Protector of the Childlings
within the village is a great honor, though the good
(NG female Noble Succubi Fighter 6,
hearted Succubi might allow a wounded adventuring
Cavalier 3)
band to take shelter in their cavern between battles.
Hera QueSalana, planar scholar (CG
female Noble Succubi Cleric 5)
The settlement is ruled by HighMother
Keera KumaSoone, revolutionary and
Paxana DeSuqana, who has ruled for more than ten
pirate, hiding out here (CG female Noble
millennia. Until very recently, her lover Peta Sukalla
Succubi Rogue 5, Ranger 1)
ruled at her side, as Protector of Childlings.
Hope, mysterious planes-walking heroine
Recently, tragedy struck, as Peta Sukalla was slain
(LG female Noble Succubi Paladin 5,
while on an excursion to a technological reality far
Cavalier 8, Sorcerer 2)
up the dimensional steam. HighMother Paxana
believes that her lover was only brought down by a



Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp;
Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major
Items none

Appendix: Yahn Crystal

Yahn is a naturally occurring crystal found
throughout the entirety of the infinite Multiverse.
Deposits of the luminous pink and purple are found
near places where the dimensional walls are thin,
near natural and engineered planar gates. The
towering crystal spires can grow taller than a
bugbear, and crackle with strange energies,
especially when creatures from other realities pass
close by.
Noble Succubi birthing-matrixes are
comprised of psychoactively charged Yahn crystal.
These energy-receptive chambers gather the energy
released when a Noble Succubi dies, anywhere in
the multiverse, and use this energy to impregnate
the crystalline shards.
Yahn Crystal qualities can only be added to
a weapon, armor or shield at the time of its creation.
Yahn Splinter: This weapon quality may be
added to any piercing or slashing melee weapon.
The weapons blade is made from a knapped piece
of pale purple Yahn crystal. The weapons radiance
is faint, as the crystal is likely flawed and is unfit for
inclusion in more powerful magic devices.
A Yahn Splinter weapon adds the wielders
WIS modifier as a bonus on melee attack and
damage rolls made against creatures with the
Outsider or Elemental qualities. The weapon
sparkles with high-UV radiance when it strikes an
Restriction: Any slashing or piercing melee
Price Modifier: +1 bonus equivalent
Royal Purple Yahn: Dark purple Yahn
weapons are especially effective against other-

dimensional creatures. When striking an outsider, the

weapons erupt with visible energy discharges,
forming coldly brilliant chain-like sigils in the air.
Royal Purple Yahn is used to bind Outsiders to our
world and prevent them from teleporting or fleeing
to their home plane.
Anytime a Royal Purple Yahn weapon
scores a critical hit against any creature with the
Outsider or Elemental Subtype, the weapon casts
Dimensional Anchor on the target. The spells
caster level is equal to 8 + the wielders base
attack bonus.
Restriction: Any melee weapon
Price Modifier: +2 bonus equivalent
Pale Crimson Yahn: Weapons with this
quality can send Outsiders and Elemental threats
screaming for the strange, broken universes they call
home! Pale Crimson Yahn weapons have minutely
faceted pink blades or striking surfaces, and flash
with pink, white and blood red light, in a steady
pulsing sequence.
Anytime a Pale Crimson Yahn weapon
scores a critical hit against any creature with the
Outsider or Elemental Subtype, the weapon casts
Banishment. The spells caster level is equal to 14 +
the wielders base attack bonus.
Restriction: Any weapon
Price Modifier: +3 bonus equivalent
Pale Violet Yahn: Armors with this quality
gleam with a dull purple and blue light, and sparkle
like rain on glass when in the presence of otherdimensional creatures. When within 60 ft of any
creature with the Outsider or Elemental Subtype, the
armor sheds dim illumination in a 30 ft radius. The
wearer of Purple Violet Yahn armor or carrying a
shield made of the crystal adds his or her CHA
modifier as an untyped bonus on all Saving Throws
against the Supernatural and Spelllike abilities of
Outsiders and Elementals.
Restriction: Any shield or armor
Price Modifier: +2 bonus equivalent

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