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Fire Test Summary #34/LH&OH1/MAR00

HI-FOG 2000 systems for protection

of light hazard (US) occupancies
Product SPU

15 May 2009

Test standard

FMRC Draft performance requirements for fine water spray systems for the protection of light
hazard occupancies


The performance of the HI-FOG 2000 system was evaluated for protection of light hazard
(US) occupancies as defined in the Factory Mutual Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-8N. These
occupancies include spaces like high-rise offices, data processing, hotels and residential
applications, i.e. spaces that in Europe are classified as Ordinary Hazard 1. The fire scenarios
included three open space tests at 5 m ceiling height and one large compartment (25 m2) test.
All fires were successfully suppressed within the 10 min test period, as was verified by the
temperatures during the test and damage observed after the test.


The HI-FOG fire protection system powered by an electric pump unit and summarized below
was shown to meet the performance requirements set by Factory Mutual Research
Corporation for the protection of light hazard (US) occupancies.



K-factor (lpm/bar )

Ceiling height (m)



Spacing (m)

Operating pressure (bar)


Nominal water flux density

(lpm/ m2)


Marioff Corporation Oy reserves the right to revise and improve its products and recommended system configurations as it deems necessary without notification. The information contained herein
is intended to describe the status of HI-FOG products and system configuration at the time of its publication and may not reflect the product and/or system configurations at all times in the future.

Fire Test Summary #34/LH&OH1/MAR00

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1. Introduction
At the time of the testing described in this summary (year 2000) Factory Mutual Research Corporation had provided
a fire test procedure for evaluating the performance of fine water sprays against fires representative to light hazard
occupancies like high-rise offices, hotels and residential applications. The procedure is almost identical to that of the
International Maritime Organization (IMO) Res.A.800 (19) to the relevant parts. Later on the same FM test protocol
was published by FM Approvals in the Approval Standard for Water Mist Systems, Class Number 5560, Appendix I.
Four fire suppression tests in accordance with the FM procedures were conducted with the HI-FOG 2000 system.

2. Test arrangement
The tests were carried out in the big test hall of the fire technology laboratory of VTT, the Technical Research Centre
of Finland. Two different test arrangements were constructed in the hall under a 10 m x 10 m adjustable ceiling. The
actual fire test procedure was the same for both scenarios.
The fire was first started with a standard igniter, then the fire was allowed to proceed freely till the first sprinkler was
automatically activated. From the first activation the test was continued for 10 min, after which any remaining fires
were manually extinguished, and the damage was evaluated. To pass the tests, certain test-specific damage and
temperature criteria apply. To further verify the suppression and control, test-specific target sprinklers are not
allowed to operate.
Large compartment
A schematic view of the large compartment arrangement with the simulated furniture in the corner is shown in Figure
1. The fuel package represents an ultrafast fire growth. A homogeneous square array of four sprinklers is to be fitted
in the compartment and, hence, the spacing between the sprinklers defines the compartment size. One test is to be
conducted in the compartment. For the HI-FOG sprinklers the compartment size was 100 m2.

Figure 1. Large compartment test arrangement

Open space
A schematic view of the open space arrangement with the four-sofa fuel package is shown in Figure 2. The test is
conducted three times at one ceiling height: with the ignition (i) under one sprinkler, (ii) between two sprinklers, and
(iii) between four sprinklers.
The tests were arranged under the adjustable ceiling set at 5 m height.

Fire Test Summary #34/LH&OH1/MAR00

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Figure 2. Open space test arrangement

3. HI-FOG system
The HI-FOG 2000 fire protection system consisted essentially of up to four sprinklers of types C10-57C and C2057C and an electric pump unit. The sprinkler heads were equipped with a 57 oC glass bulb. The sprinkler locations
are shown in Figures 1 and 2. The system was run at a constant 80 bar (nominal) at the sprinklers.

4. Results
All tests were passed: the fires were suppressed as required, i.e. both the temperatures and the damage were kept
below the acceptance criteria and no target sprinklers operated.

NOTE: The tests described form the basis for the FM approval.
A complete description of the tests and their results are given in the
Test Report No. RTE3035/00, VTT Building Technology, November 2000

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