Oil & Gas Report United Kingdom Independent 5-year oil and gas industry forecasts for UK.

Original oil and gas market research and oil and gas sector trend analysis for UK’s oil and gas industry. Competitive intelligence, British oil and gas company rankings and SWOT analyses on international and domestic oil and gas companies in UK. The UK Oil & Gas Report has been researched at source in 2007, and features latest available data and forecasts for UK to end-2011 covering headline indicators for oil & gas, LNG, coal and power; company rankings and competitive landscapes covering oil & gas exploration and production in UK, refining, oil & gas distribution and fuels retailing; and analysis of latest industry developments, trends and regulatory issues within UK. UK Oil & Gas Report provides professionals, consultancies, government departments, regulatory bodies and researchers with independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the British oil and gas industry. Key Benefits of Report Benchmark It’s Independent 5-Year Oil & Gas Industry Forecast for UK to test consensus views - a key input for successful budgeting and strategic business planning in the British oil and gas market. Target Business Opportunities & Risks in the British Oil & Gas Sector through reviews of latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and major deals, projects and investments in UK. Exploit The Latest Competitive British Oil & Gas Intelligence & Company SWOTS on your competitors and peers through company rankings by sales, market share and ownership structure - includes multi national and national companies in UK. Executive Summary Summary of It’s key forecasts and industry analysis, covering oil and gas reserves, supply, demand, refining, coal and power, and primary energy, plus analysis of landmark company developments and key changes in the regulatory environment. Regional Overview Regional perspective on size and value of industry sector; comparative rankings by production, refining, imports and exports; overview of industry landscape and key players; assessment of business operating environment and latest regulatory developments. Business Environment Rankings A unique comparative study undertaken by It on the relative business climates across all regional markets covered. A rankings table highlights the merits of each market from an investor angle, giving scores for indicators such as Oil & Gas Supply and Demand Growth, Oil & Gas Reserves, Licensing Framework and the local Competitive Environment, as well as Economic and Political Risk. Oil Market Outlook It analyses and forecasts oil prices out to 2011, monitoring supply and demand in terms of oil production and consumption across the region. It 5-Year Industry Forecast Historic data series and 5-year forecasts to end-2011 for all key industry indicators (see list below), supported by explicit assumptions, plus analysis of key downside risks to the main forecast, including:

Oil reserves (bn barrels), production, consumption, refinery capacity and throughputs (000 b/d) Oil exports (000 b/d), value of oil exports (US$mn - It base case) - Oil price (US$/bbl, OPEC basket) Value of oil exports at constant US$30/bbl and constant US$60/bbl (US$mn) Proven gas reserves (tcm), production and consumption (bcm) Gas exports/(imports) (bcm) Value of gas exports/(imports) (US$mn); value of gas exports/(imports) at constant US$30/bbl and US$60/bbl (US$mn) Value of petroleum exports (US$mn); value of petroleum exports at constant US$30/bbl and US$60/bbl (US$mn) It 5-Year Macroeconomic Forecast It forecasts for all headline macroeconomic indicators, including real GDP growth, inflation, fiscal balance, trade balance, current account and external debt. Competitive Landscape & Rankings Comparative company analyses and rankings by US$ sales, % share of total sales, number of employees, year established, market cap/NAV, ownership structure, oil production (‘000 b/d) and % market share, downstream capacity (‘000 b/d) and % market share. Company Profiles & SWOTS Company profiles, including SWOT analyses, senior executives and full contact details, business activity, products and services, foreign direct investments and projects. The latest UK Oil & Gas Report forecasts that the country will account for 12.46% of developed European regional oil demand by 2011, while contributing 30.00% to supply. In Developed Europe, overall oil consumption reached an estimated 14.23mn barrels per day (b/d) in 2006. It is set to rise to around 14.65mn b/d by 2011. In terms of natural gas, the Developed Europe region last year consumed an estimated 451bn cubic metres (bcm), with demand of 535bcm targeted for 2011, representing 18.7% growth. Production of an estimated 286bcm in 2006 should fall to 268bcm in 2011, which implies net imports rising from last year's estimated 165bcm to some 268bcm by the end of the period. The UK's share of gas consumption in 2006 was an estimated 21.29%, while it contributed 31.82% to production. By 2011, its share of gas consumption is forecast to be 20.00%, with production accounting for 30.22%. For the whole of last year, our estimates of average crude oil prices are US$61.10 for the OPEC basket, US$65.10 for Brent, US$66.20 per barrel (/bbl) for WTI and US$61.30 for Urals. For the first quarter of this year, we have adjusted our forecasts to reflect the weather-induced volatility. The OPEC basket is now expected to have averaged US$54.30/bbl, with Brent at US$57.60; WTI averaging US$58.70 and Urals at US$54.00/bbl. Our projections for 2007 as a whole are barely changed from the last quarterly report. We are still assuming an OPEC basket price average of US$55/bbl. Based on last year's typical price differentials, this implies Brent at US$58.80, WTI averaging US$59.90/bbl, and Urals at US$55.30/bbl. UK real GDP growth is now forecast by It at 2.3% for 2007, down from 2.6% in 2006. We are assuming 2.8% growth in 2008, 3.2% in 2009, followed by 3.0% in 2010 and 2.7% in 2011. We are currently forecasting 1.72mn b/d of oil output this year. By 2011, UK oil production is unlikely to be above 1.45mn b/d. Government figures suggest production as low as 1.38mn b/d by 2009, which seems a little bearish. Oil consumption is expected to have reached 1.83mn b/d by 2011, providing a net crude import requirement of at least 375,000b/d. Our long-term political rating is 82.5, well above the global average of 65.5, but

below the regional average of 85.6, and above only Italy among developed European countries. Our long-term economic rating is 65.8, which compares with a global average of 60.9 and a regional average of 72.3, and puts the UK behind all other developed European peers. Our business environment rating is 55.2, the lowest in the region. The regional average is 66.3. The UK has a privatised energy sector operating under EU guidelines. There is a major, but mature and highly competitive upstream oil and gas segment, featuring most key national and international companies. The downstream oil segment is also competitive and deregulated. International and domestic operators control gas distribution and supply, as well as electricity generation and distribution. For more information kindly visit: http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=18674