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WHAT IS CELLULAR MANAGE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, Cellular Manager (CM), would best be described as a kind of reference program, much like Professor Falkins Phreakers Tools, except for Cellular phones and the like. CM has some of the most common tools in a easy, fast, menu driven environment, to give us just one more edge over our opponents. I am not, however, going to go into any great detail about what each of the options is for, and what can be done with the information gathered, since there are many other nice files already out there that do just that (I would recommend Bootlegger's freecell file from HohoCon, since in includes virtually all of the information that is available at the moment).

The most benifical part about this program is the fact that you can track down the strongest control cell in your area. This is especially useful when trying to recieve the reverse control channel, which is very weak (due to power limitations from the mobile to the base). AVAILABLE OPTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of the options listed below are available from the main menu of the CM, which the program defaults into. Some options are also available from the command line, which is discussed later. Cellular Manager is broken into three different areas, which contain: [1] CHANNEL PROCESSING ######################## Cellular Channel to Frequency ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fairly self-explanitory, converts a given cellular frequency into it's channel number. Will display either forward, or reverse frequencies. Cellular Frequency to Channel ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Like above option, except reversed. Table of control Channels ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A complete listing of all the controls numbers, their channel number, and forward and reverse frequencies. Locate and list adjacent Cells ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Prompts for entry of the most powerful control or voice channel in your area, then displays a small hex table showing the closest cells and their identification. This function also displays the cell's group status as well as it's designator. Search through Wirelines via City/State ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Searches through a list of major cities in the US and then displays the Wire/Non-Wire (Band A&B) channels for each city, as well as the two carriers in the region. States can also be specified by simply entering the states two letter abbreviation. Cross-Reference Cell Groups ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Uses the cellulars group identification and wireline specs to list all of the voice channels and their corresponding frequencies. Also displays the control channel for the group, and it's forward frequency. Find Strongest Control Cell ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This option requires you to have established 5 (no more, no less) control channels that can be received at your location. After inputing their channel numbers, the program will respond with the group that is most likely to be the strongest.

[2] FORMAT CONVERSION ####################### Create MIN1 and MIN2 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Generates the MIN1 and MIN2 for the phones NAM. Prompts for the areacode and phone number, then outputs the MIN's in binary format. Convert HEX to Binary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Convienient routine to convert a HEX (Base 16) number (up to 10 chars) into it's Binary (Base 2) format. Convert HEX to Decimal ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Same as above, except HEX is limited to 4 chars and conversion is to the Decimal (Base 10) format. Convert Octal to Binary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Convienient routine to convert a Octal (Base 8) number (up to 10 digits) into it's Binary format. Convert Octal to Decimal ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Same as above, except conversion is to the Decimal format. [3] PHONE SPECIFICATIONS ########################## Search list of Manufactures ESN by Name ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Searches through a list of Cellular phone manufactures name fields, then shows the most likely match and their decimal ESN identification. Search list of Manufactures ESN by Identification ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Like above option, except reversed. Search through Phone programming specs ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Searches through a list of Cellular phones available, and displays what information is available about reprogramming. Well display all possible matches. This search will only work with model numbers, so the Mitsubishi 1500 would be '1500' or '500'. THE BEST WAY TO SCAN REVERSE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The way I would recommend that will yield the best results when scanning the reverse channels is this: (1) Locate and write down the forward control frequencies that you can hear with the antenni removed from your scanner. Get at least five, and if possible stay either wireline or non-wireline. Use the table in option [4] if necessary.

(2) Convert the frequencies to their appropriate channel using option [3]. (3) Enter the channels into option [C] and then write down the group. (4) Use option [B] to find the channel/frequencies, as well as the strongest voice channels in your region. (5) Enter the channel into option [2] and specify [R]everse information. Simple enough, eh? Now you have the best possible chance of capturing reverse channel information (such as the ESN). Also try to place your scanners antenni in the most open location possible, although this is not necessary. I have used a Radio Shack Pro-37 (portable) with a DDI, and a laptop with very good success. A COUPLE OF BRIEF NOTES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the Locate & List Adj Cells function, on the hex chart that is displayed, only cells that actually TOUCH the highlighed cell are adjacent to it. The cells on the left and right do not touch the primary cell, although they may appear to. This is because there are redundant cells exactly opposite it in the field, and I chose not to display those. When trying to establish what is most likely your strongest control channel, it does not matter if you list Wireline and Non-Wireline channels. This is due to the fact that most cellular companies share a zone, and split it up on the A/B settings appropriately. Also, do not list the same cell channel twice, since this will effect what it suggests. COMMAND LINE OPTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently no command line functions are available, although upcoming versions should start to institute them. KNOWN BUGS ~~~~~~~~~~ None. UPDATES ~~~~~~~ I plan to keep CM as updated as possible, but this can only be done with your help! When you find any information that it does not contain, please leave it to me on any of the systems listed below. An open exchange of information helps everyone, and this is the next frontier of phreaking... Extra special greetings go out to: FUNKY MONKEY and THE GATSBY for making some suggestions which were implimented in this version of CM. PROGRAMS FOR THE FUTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's some of the programs to be watching for, from me, in the future: PAIR A very useful utility for sorting and flagging NAM/ESN pairs. Will cross-reference by both the NAM and ESN, have password protection/encryption, and multiple flags. [AVAILABLE SUMMER 1993] A new operating system for the HP 95/LX


[AVAILABLE FALL 1993] CONCLUSION ~~~~~~~~~~ If you have any questions, comments, or problems, please report them to me on any of the boards listed below or in the program. The greets go out to: DYNASTAR MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE BOOTLEGGER MR. DRUNKFUX EREKOSE GRANDMASTER RATTE'

A couple of notes on the systems listed below... There finally is a transfer area on Demon Roach for my files (Log 38), so you can EASILY find them for a change. Big news for anyone who wants to get in touch with me, I finally was forced into getting an Internet account, and can be reached at videov@cypher.com Extra special thanks go to those wacky guys at cDc (especially Drunkfux) for hooking me up. This is also my mega-offical distribution/infiltration ftp site, so go and leech (this will also be a beta site, with the newest shit). Here's a couple of things to keep in mind; Clinton's daughter is what happens when you marry a relative (Jesus, what the fuck IS she?). And, of course, always remember... Fuck Clinton, Fuck Gore, Fuck Law & Order, and FUCK THE WORLD! ============================================================================= Demon Roach [PW: THRASH - NUP: FEAR - cDc - Nuff said ] 24 806-794-4362 Phunline [Extensive Satellite/Virii sections ] 96 916-481-2306 The Stash [My European Connection... Lots of files ] 96 46-498-222113 ============================================================================= This concludes another wonderful file by Video Vindicator (C)opyright 1993 =============================================================================