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Special Thanks to Safe Cracker, and Phucked Agent 04 Lex Luthor, and Frank Carson

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This program is released to the public as is and all routines and code within the the program are the property of the author and The Legion of Doom!. The use of this program is at the discretion of the user(s). The author and the Legion of Doom!, assume no legal responsibility for the programs usage and the user is CAUTIONED that the use of the accompanying program may not be legal. The program is released simply as a show of what can easily be done utilizing various string, Window and communications routines. The program should be viewed as a tree from which the owner may grow on. This document and the accompanying program may be freely copied and distributed as long as the authors name and associated copyright notice, disclaimers, group affiliations and this document are included in any duplication or subsequent distribution. The Author (The Marauder), Zone Communications, and The Legion of Doom!, disclaim all warranties, Expressed or implied Including without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for any purpose.

System Requirements: o o o Program: If you have ever been the innocent victim of a prank, practical joke, received the "Short end of the stick" or simply felt someone needed their "Just Deserts" - CATCALL is for you, The underdog. Now from the comfort of your own home you can extract your vengeance. Simply a few clicks at the old keyboard transforms your PC in to a state of the art "Punishment Processor" which can deal out a sentence from mildly annoying to downright galling. CATCALL allows the user to Harass up to 15 Persons simultaneously each with their own personal harassment factor. ** As above the user is cautioned that use of this program may not be legal and should proceed with its usage at his or her own risk. With the advent of digital CCIS and fully featured ESS telephone switching systems (ie. Instant callback and the dreaded.... "Caller ID"). The predator may quickly find himself the prey. IBM PC/XT/AT or any 100% compatible At least 64k Ram. Any Hayes compatible Modem (see note 1) (see note 2)

CONTENTS: The distribution zipfile should include the following files:



The catcall program. This Document.

Use of CATCALL is simple, it is 80% menu driven, requiring a minimum of user input. simply copy the files CATCALL.EXE and CATCALL.DOC to either a floppy or hard drive (Use of a dedicated directory is not necessary) and type CATCALL. at the > prompt the program should take a few seconds to load. If you are using the program for the first time CATCALL will create its own configuration file named "CATCALL.CFG". This file can be modified from the CATCALL program itself or any ASCII text editor). Creation of the Config file should take approximately 3-4 seconds. the default configuration is as follows: Comm Port Sound Effects Background ASCII Dial String Dial Prefix Modem Init String COM1: ON 206 ATDT (none) ATZ

the parameters are stored in the configuration file in ASCII in the following format: COM1:,ON,206,ATDT,,ATZ

If you experience any problems executing the program it is strongly suggested that you simply delete the configuration file ("CATCALL.CFG"), and run the program allowing CATCALL to create a fresh configuration file, there are no limitations as to the number of times this may be done. After creation of the configuration file CATCALL will proceed onto the Title page, Striking any key will bring you to the CATCALL main menu. your options at this point are as follows: BEGIN Harassment SELECT Those to harass CONFIGURE Cat Caller SOUND effects CLEAR current List LOAD Old harassee list SAVE Current list QUIT harassment


BEGIN Harassment (MAIN MENU) Use this option after you have utilized either options SELECT, or LOAD. This is the "Meat" of the program and does the actual harassment. While in harassment mode you may hit the <ESCAPE> key to pause the harassment at this point you will be placed into the harassment sub-menu: your options at this menu are: Quit Resume Remove Listen Hush Modem View Quit Harassment to Main Menu Resume Harassing the current list Remove a harassee from the list Turn Modem Speaker ON during harass Turn Modem speaker OFF During harass Allows you to send Any ASCII string Directly to the modem. Allows the user to view an expanded Harassee parameter listing

All of the above options are self explanatory from the program and hitting the <ESCAPE> key will generally terminate any selection and return the user to the previous menu or mode.

SELECT those to Harass:


Selection of this option at the main menu will place the user into the SELECT mode, at this point the user may select up to 15 persons to be harassed simultaneously. the input parameters are as follows:

Description ...........

Any Alphanumeric character(s) and will be the later reference to the person/Number to be harassed

Telephone Number........ The telephone Number of the party to be harassed in the format #-###-###-#### o Note that the hyphens ("-") may or may not be included at this point. the 1-XXX may also be excluded and simple 7 digit telephone numbers are acceptable for example: 1-800-111-2222 800-111-2222 111-2222 18001112222

all the above numbers would be acceptable and would be dialed literally as they appear.

Harassment Factor....... This may be an integer from 1 to 4, this is the number of times the program will call the above telephone number when it arrives at the selected time and will repeat this sequence from the selected time thereafter.

Hangup Delay............ This may be an integer from 1 to 99 and is simply the number of seconds to remain on the line before hanging up and proceeding with the next call. (I recommend at least using 20 seconds for good effect.) Time to start Harass... This MUST be entered in the format hh:mm in 24 hour format and is the time you wish the harassment to begin for the selected party.. hitting <RETURN> will simply cause the harassment to begin immediately after selecting the "BEGIN Harass" Option from the main menu (See above)

Pause between calls.... This may be any integer between 1 and 99 and it represents the number of minutes to pause before dialing the selected number after the Time to harass has begun.

Select Example: Description........... Telephone Number...... Harassment Factor..... Hangup Delay.......... Time to Start Harass.. John J. Doe 111-2222 3 35 12:00

Pause Between Calls...


Choosing the above would cause CATCALL to proceed as follows : Begin harassing Mr. John J. Doe at 12:00 (12 noon) starting at 12:00 CATCALL would place 3 (harassment factor) calls in a row to 111-2222, Hanging on the line for 35 seconds per call (weather the phone is answered or not). after completing the three calls CATCALL would then wait 15 Minutes (Pause between calls) and would then call Mr. Doe again Three times in a row . (ie 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, etc..) each of the fifteen allowable harasses may have their own start times, delays, pauses and harassment factors. This offers the User with a flexible harassment schedule.



Selection of this option from the main menu allows the user to either temporarily or permanently change the programs default parameters the options at this menu are: Comm Port This is simply the Comm port that your modem is logically located at valid examples are: COM1:, COM2:, etc... note that the colon is required.. May Be either "ON", or "OFF". Entering any other alphanumeric data at this point will simply cause CATCALL to default to ON. This is simply the ASCII code for the character used for the MAIN MENU background, the default is 177, (Note any character supplied will appear in inverse video) This is the "AT" command that instructs your modem to dial, the default dial string is "ATDT" (tone dialing), You can change this to "ATDP" if you are living in one of the few areas served by rotary/Pulse telephone service.. - The Default for this parameter is nothing This is simply a place for the user to supply characters prior to all selected (Via MAIN MENU Select option - see above) Harassee telephone numbers, for example:

Sound Effects


Background ASCII -

DIAL String


Dial Prefix

Harassee telephone # DIAL String DIAL Prefix -

202-2222 ATDT 9

would cause CATCALL to send the following string to the modem at dial time: ATDT 9202-2222 ^ dial prefix inserted here This option may be useful if you are running the program via a PBX where 9 may be required for an outside line.

Modem Init String

- This Parameter specifies the "AT" command that will be sent to the modem during Initialization time the default for this is "ATZ"

Pressing return at any selection point while in the configuration Sub-system will cause the current value of the parameter to be kept. Hitting the <ESCAPE> key will allow the user to abort the configuration process and All Default values will remain unchanged. After completion of the desired changes, the user will be asked if he wishes to make the changes permanent, Selecting YES will cause CATCALL to update the configuration file (CATCALL.CFG see above) and make the changes permanent - Selecting NO will cause CATCALL to temporarily use the new parameters, they will remain in effect until the program is terminated, and the parameters in the configuration file will be loaded the next time the program is run.

SOUND Effects:


Selection of this option from the main Menu, simply toggles the programs sound effects on or off. The toggle will remain in effect until the program is terminated. Sound effects can be set permanently ON/OFF by default in the configuration option (See above)

CLEAR Current list :


Selection of this option allows the user to clear CATCALL of the list of harasses currently in use. The user will be asked for verification before the clearing is actually done, and

it is strongly suggested that the user SAVE the list via the SAVE Current list option. (see Below). Before proceeding with the CLEAR option.

LOAD Old Harassee List:


Selection of this option from the main menu will allow the user to load a previously saved harassment list into memory after successful loading the user may go directly to the BEGIN Harassment mode (See above). Note that the user need not supply any extension, as CATCALL automatically supplies the extension ".HRS" to all saved harassment files. (see SAVE) hitting <ESCAPE> will abort the load option and return the user to the main menu.

SAVE Current List:


This option allows the user to save the harassee list currently residing in the CATCALL memory, selection of this option simply prompts the user for the "Save Filename" and it may be composed of up to 6 ALPHABETIC characters. The user should not supply any extension as CATCALL will append the extension ".HRS" automatically to all saved files. Hitting the <ESCAPE> key will abort this option and return the user to the main menu, Leaving the current harassee list in memory. NOTE: Entering any NON-ALPHABETIC character in the filename may cause the program to behave erratically, so proceed here at your own risk, I have not trapped out special characters to allow the knowledgeable user more flexibility, but I have given the program only limited testing above the characters A-Z in the filename.

QUIT Harassment:


Selection of this option will terminate CATCALL, and return the user to DOS, All harasses currently residing in memory will be LOST, so it is suggested that the user utilize the SAVE option (see above) before proceeding. This is the proper way to exit from the CATCALL program. However if the user manually breaks out of the program at any point there is no hazard to ones system.

Any questions, Comments, Suggestions for improvement or scoldings may be directed to me via the internet I'll run across it sooner or later in my wanderings... Have Fun - And dial with care.... The Marauder Legion of Doom!

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IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines corporation. HAYES is a registered trademark of the Hayes corporation

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