Feng Shui FAQ

What is Qi?
The ancient Chinese use the word 'qi' to refer to a lot of things. At the most basic it means 'breathe'. In Feng Shui it is used to describe auspicious (Sheng, or living Qi) and inauspicious energy (Sha, or killing Qi).

What is Yin and Yang?
The ancient Chinese believe that in the beginning there was nothingness and it is called Wu Ji or Void. Out of this nothingness comes two primary energies call Yin and Yang. They are complementary and both are needed for existence. One is not more desirable or conquers the other. Yang is active while yin is passive. Man is yang while woman is yin.

How does Burial Feng Shui works?
The ancient Chinese believe that if the ancestors are buried in an auspicious location, one that is full of Sheng (or living) Qi, the descendants will benefit and it will increase their chances of success. Ancient text indicates that the energy being absorbed by the bones of the dead are somehow transferred to the descendants. Maybe it is like radio transmission. The earth is the energy, the bones the transceiver and the descendants, radio receiver that are tuned (DNA structure perhaps) to received these transmissions!

What is the Five Elements?
The ancient Chinese believe that energy or Qi can be divided into five types that have properties like Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Should I buy a house located at the intersection of a T junction?
I would suggest that you do not even those it is not necessary a bad thing. If the traffic is very little, it is acceptable. However since many people believe that a T junction is bad, it will affect the resale value of the house. Therefore I would not advice you to buy a house located at the intersection of a T junction.