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The topic for my talk this morning is What is true Occult
Now, the word meditation has become quite popular and
unfortunately though the word itself has become very popular we
feel that it has not come to be understood properly. Because it
seems to us as we listen to many people sincere spiritual aspirants,
as well as those that are just the quick enthusiasts, it seems to us
that most metaphysical and occult minded people have the idea
that meditation is some kind of special secret extraordinary
mysterious something which we use in order to escape from the
pains the agonies, the pressures, the problems of life. That’s how
it would seem and when we listen at times to those who are
supposed to be disciples of supposedly great teachers we keep
hearing the idea that doing this or that type of meditation, I will not
use terminology because we never tear down any specific group in
any way, we just try to give you a new way of thinking, doing
feeling and working for you spiritual attainment, so I will not give
any names but the idea that seems to be promulgated a great deal
from the disciples who supposedly have special training is that
since they’re have had this or that or the other, special kind of
personal whatever it is that they can now walk in peace, that they
never get upset, that they are never troubled and that life has
become just one glorious twenty four hour level of peace.
However these very people who seem to feel they have
accomplished such something so great like peace, one notices, if
we wait long enough that they get into even more trouble than they
had before. And if you observe it you will see, they start handling
their life in a much more foolish manner than before, if that were
possible. And off course all of us have handled our lives foolishly,
or we wouldn’t have become occult aspirants. I think we should all

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you know. much lack of ability to truly be attuned to ones fellow man goes under the guise of serenity. the nervous system. there is a tendency in to many schools of thought as well as amongst the disciples to merely give some type of exercise which is similar to taking mood lifting pills. no matter what’s going on around you if you can march around with a nice peaceful or apparently peaceful smile you can say to yourself. these unhappinesses.. I’m not even getting upset. we can say to ourselves. Because here is where we run into the problem then. Because much insensitivity goes under the guise of peace. The lowest portion of that Qabalistic Tree of Life representing the physical plane. these resentments etc. this method. which we will talk about in a moment in other ways. has been utilised for meditation due to the fact that it helps to get the mind working in such a way as to help it establish relationships with . the sorrows the guilt. in other words you have to take a step at a time as you’re travelling anywhere and so the paths of return on the Qabalistic Tree of Life are indicating these various steps. And so we have to come to understand a little more. Because although there are certainly. so finally our very immaturities drive us to search for answers that will help us to get away from the misery the conflict. Now all the other paths though are similar to what you might call. In other words. what meditation is at least in terms of the Western occult school is teaching and what the aim of meditation is.recognise this. In a effort to get away from these conflicts. The actual manifestation is represented by that bottom emanation of the sphere of the activity of the most high. when we don’t recognise what the aim or what the aims are. gosh look at how spiritual I’m getting. utilising this tree for meditation. or drugs. the physical vehicle and therefore all the physical conditions both joyous and non-joyous both that which appears as good and that which appears as bad. Because I think that we run up against the most important part of our problem. usually a final goal or aim. but are we giving ourselves a correct statement their. This Qabalistic Tree of Life. I mean. this is a symbolic representation. these sorrows. you have to have intermediate goals or aims.

and should not include attempting to use ones’ own mind to force thought. usually those that are true aspirants learn very rapidly. Now in the Western Occult School of Training the very first thing that is done. especially when we first start travelling the path of return in this incarnation. That is if we were immediately able to get into certain realms which we aspire towards. the very first thing. at this point which means they are immature. And so we see those who first start on the path. will start using these methods or attempt to start using these methods in order to try to force there thinking or feeling or way of being amd doing on another.Com < The Esoteric Library . and deliberately concentrating on the back of somebody’s head in order to force somebody’s head to turn . you know some people certainly do experience this power drive and they become a menace to themselves and others. Well we have the same type of thing that occurs to very many people at the beginning of the path. those that have great defects in their character. Now those who however have power drives will usually misunderstand the reason for this first step. And those who have power drives. indeed. because this is exactly A Collection of Sacred-Magick.itself and the outside. You know its similar to the power drive one gets when you get behind the wheel of a car. think should be some marvellous glorious vision or some marvellous beautiful never. action or feeling on another. that understanding the powers of consciousness and starting to work with the powers of consciousness certainly does not. or at least first become truly interested in occultism. and it is in the establishing of proper relationships both with our selves and others that we get to the point where we are able to participate in those realms of consciousness which most of us. never land which would of course then keep us from having a need to concentrate on the here and now or doing anything about the here and now. who become so excited at the idea that consciousness creates and that consciousness influences. that is. is to acquaint the aspirant with the powers of consciousness. that they like to tell about walking along the street for example.

Jesus spoke of this over and over again. And of course lots of aspirants not recognizing what is involved in these first six lessons they think that they are studying elementary metaphysics. From that and following that first group of rules. from that one is then guided again through the . and of course when we get to that point then we are able to truly utilise the meditative methods of the Western occult school of thought more effectively. and then they will be ready. the first six weeks are taken up with helping you to understand HOW consciousness creates and trying to help you understand also the fact that not only does consciousness create in this manner but that those of us who want to gain control of our own consciousness have to start working with this principle consciously.the opposite of what you would call acceptance its an attempt you might say to enforce ones own idea of personal will upon another and everything that has been taught in occultism certainly continuous to point to one basic idea. have not yet evolved up to the beginning of our work. rules not made by us. consciousness creates and though there are some aspirants who think that they have evolved beyond the need for these first six. the most vital goal is to become completely open to the Divine Will and to become a channel for that will. but nothing could be farther from the truth. that are shown. always continue to reiterate this one point. as he travelled the highways and byways of Judea and Israel. that is. And those who have had the deeper experiences. They still need the elementary metaphysics. You know in the lessons you receive through the mail. that the great. but rules as they exists. seven lessons. because everything that becomes developed to the very extreme of spiritual work has to involve that first area of understanding. we have found that those that have evolved beyond the need for them. like universal laws. They need. But let me explain a little bit more about the first step. that the goal of meditation should be to develop the ability and capacity to become attuned to the divine will and therefore to become a conscious channel for that will. they still need the escapist method until they suffer enough repercussions to recognise deeper things.

Because what we come to recognise is that every singular one of us has been using these principles all of our lives and all of our past lives.lessons to an understanding of the Tarot Keys which are the symbolic representations of the powers of consciousness and start giving each aspirant a way of meditating. whether it appears like that on the surface or not is the end result of the way consciousness has been imaging and feeling without thought to what this implies. over others. It is the nature of consciousness to hold images. is that being given a certain technique for experimenting with the creative aspects of consciousness. but actually automatically. I repeat this. gives each aspirant a way of meditating which will help that aspirant to transfer the sense of identity from the changing personality level to the higher self level and the whole secret of true meditation has to do with the ability to change our identification from the little changing personality self to that higher eternal immortal self of us. it is the nature of consciousness to charge these images with emotion. doesn’t mean that we have suddenly been given something new. in all its various phases is based on bringing this growth. consciousness cannot help creating. it is the nature of consciousness to automatically follow the habitual kind of images and emotional attitudes of its self toward life toward others. Step by step by step. and then the rest of the work. In other words. But then how can this take place? One of the things every aspirant has to come to recognise. Well then when we come to recognise that it isn’t that we are given something so fantastically new. it is the nature of consciousness then to follow almost automatically not almost. it is certainly given in a way that is fantastically easy to understand. someway to have power. but when we come to understand that this is universal principle that has been known down through the millennia by those that have been travelling the path of return we then come to realise WHY it is so vital to learn how to meditate properly in order to bring about changes in the way we image and in the way we react emotionally A Collection of Sacred-Magick. bringing this development into full bloom.Com < The Esoteric Library . to study and to put into practice. So that everything that we experience.

because a habit of empty day dreaming which is reverie is a weakening of the soul. it is not a strengthening of it. the truly meditative life. unless you deliberately consciously having reverie for a few minutes to all things. and you can identify with it. And it is the strengthening of the soul that really brings us the ability and the capacity to recognise the wonder of the meditative life. which opens us to the insights. a spiritual attitude. whereas if you have to argue yourself into it with words its already just about too late. because meditation really is an attitude. and of course this is the essence of true Western Occult Training. But to learn how to bring the very first waking attitude into ourselves. This is why because unless we are aware of what we have been doing with images. . Because then you can grab it into your consciousness. our minds may have become trained to immediately start the very beginnings of awakening period of meditation. at first. we are not going to be in a position to do anything about changing it. even though we would like to think we do. and of course the easiest way to do it is with a Tarot key. Furthermore. We don’t expect anybody to learn how to do that immediately either. and then it should not be more than a few minutes. Now you know reverie is escape. that can be held. to the meaningfulness of things. you can sought of become it very quickly. In a way you might say meditation is to the soul what intellectual analyses is to the mind. which opens us to illuminations. as against the false idea of the meditative life. and with feeling levels. starting to change these things actually has to do with dedicating oneself consciously to the path of return because you see it takes courage. to learn how to bring the very first attitude. unless we become aware of this. because then all meditation becomes really a sought of reverie. which before we could not have or see. but lets say this is one of the various goals. later one wonders why it took courage at all. Now then meditation basically is the kind of attitude that can beheld which opens us to the realisations. And as long as we have to hide ourselves from ourselves we cannot at all truly meditate.

You know the holy guardian angel. At any rate the falling in love with a method actually is a way of escaping from facing the issues. he said. and what happens then. is continuously inflowing to the lovers to opposite polarities and this also has to do with the ability then to develop beautiful relationships. we make problems if we haven’t got any.most of the time. Our capacity to love remains hampered. and especially. So meditating on changing identification. and these are blessings because except you have some thing to overcome there is nothing to drive you. Give me more awareness. your tarot images. and as we change this identification we pointed out to the higher self. we become pretty much a continuous tarot key 14. your images. we mistake the scaffolding for the goal. continuously tempering its personality and animal consciousness levels or we become a continuous tarot key 6 that also where that holy guardian angel Raphael we will be chanting after a while. and in fact life becomes boring without problems to overcome we make them as you well know. And so you see your shorthand. So the point is we do have these methods.Com < The Esoteric Library . to that degree do A Collection of Sacred-Magick. because life becomes much to boring. at least it sure works very hard not to permit. without them. these are the shorthand of consciousness. this is especially true in the forms of mediation that are escapist in nature incidentally. out world remains small. give me more livingness THEN I tell you we are really on the road because that means that we are willing to face the un pleasantness every body has unpleasantnesses in any case. And we have a way of mistaking the methods for the goal. the tarot and the methods here are given to us. Because to the degree that we start getting an honest. And as Master R pointed out in a very vital communication once. So that some people. which BOTA does not permit aspirants to get into. but these are techniques and too many people fall in love with the techniques. Our ability to expand into joy and love is held down because of the fact that we are trying to use an escapist kind of meditation. But when we us the kind of meditation that says give me more consciousness. and happy and transmuting relationship to and with ourselves.

the divine will. where we discover. we are not the ones that have ever meditated after all. for the divine knowledge. And you see the one thing we all come to realise when we have managed to become more and more of a channel. by God. we don’t have to try any more to hold certain kinds of attitudes. we have been meditated. the true doer. because then in the midst of anything we still can feel the goodness and yet we are not cheated out of the pain the tender pain of compassion. the meditation is on growing the personality instrument. if you have lost the ability to experience the pain of tenderness. that is deceive ourself to that degree do we stop having other people act as hippocrates towards us and we towards them even though we might not be conscious of it. its pretty much like as has been said. you also cannot have . and out of that then comes the capacity finally. can you see the point. but we will not be cheated out of that exquisite tenderness protectiveness toward all living creatures. We can feel the ecstasies of the infinite unity of life. the true grower. for the divine plan and pattern.we start developing relationships with others that are rich deep and beautiful. along with watching and directing it flow and along with that understanding who and what is the true self. when we work this way to be an open vessel for the divine love. To the degree that we do not have to be hippocrates to ourselves. We can realise that we have eternal life and that all things in essence of ligingness have eternal life. but we are not cheated out of the awareness that there are others who have not yet got these ecstasies and it is up to us to nurture them. the one thing that we come to recognise is that to help the one life by consciously working with the meditative methods of self growth. And you see livingness involves the ability. is the most exquisitely rapturous way of life that can be. And when we are become an open vessel for this what happens then is that. we get to a point. stage by stage when we work with these methods. and we all do. And this is actually the result of true meditation because in the true Western Occult meditation. this is actually the thing that we discover by direct experience. In other words. In fact we ARE because God meditates us.

We fight it for reasons of love not for reasons of hate and therefore we fight in a different way. They tears course down my cheeks. where it knows that all evil is immaturity. And we more and more then learn how to walk in the raptures. We in Western Occult Work do not want to escape anything. NO. because it has arrived at a place where it knows there is no separation. rather than the discovery that the physical plane is just an illusion and lets get the you know what out of it? You know. We should want to be at one. Don’t’ you think that that sounds much more reasonable and logical as a goal of the divine. Thy pain is my pain it says in the book of tokens. in the ecstasy in the control of the divine meditation on us and at the same time we give back to the Divine all the exquisite details of livingness on the physical plain in all its areas.Com < The Esoteric Library . A Collection of Sacred-Magick. but we do not destroy our own souls fighting it. I hope you can see it. which is a tender pain go together and we should not want to lose that. with all beings as Jesus was. because love and compassion. Can you see it. we want more and more of reality beauty and good and that’s what we are going to get together. it must be fought. lets just escape.the ecstasy of true love. Now this is a true meditative state.

but what is water. we all share the realisation that it is fluidic that it is experienced in such a way that one has no other way of describing this substance except to say it is oceanic and I am sure those of us that have read books. Tarot Key number 17 you see the lovely lady. In all of occultism wherever you see water. it always symbolises consciousness. I am sure that we will be remembering that these varying mystics have.Same tape side 2 TRANSCRIPT. I think that we can talk little about this guiding light and its relation to meditation. so that they have almost forgotten what its like not to be in a state of meditation. when they have had the true experiences have always used terms that are similar to oceanic. DR. such people. for long and long according to worldly points of view. even if there has been different levels of the experience amongst us. and we will talk about meditation in just a little bit more intensely. but one of the things that is noticed anyone who has a certain sensitivity to vibration will experience an oceanic type of pervading lift from such a mystic. you are being told that consciousness is fluidic and indeed those of us who have experienced the deepest levels of this substance of consciousness. those of us who have at least have read about the mystical experiences of others or levels of cosmic consciousness they may have experienced or touched. . you are being given a secret beyond secret. DAVIES “MEDITATION-THE GUIDING LIGH” Meditation the Guiding Light. but when certain individuals have meditated. When certain individuals have meditated. the one thing all of us share. they may not look differently on the outside. in other words when they have made meditation a way of life. very beautiful indeed with all the stars in the heavens and the waters and you see the rain? You know they might look like rings in the water.

that have this substance in them. And here something that goes beyond the mere word. oceanic in other words. He can’t use that money A Collection of Sacred-Magick. of what is really meditation. They belong to that which is therefore being experienced within all limited range of vibration. some individuals can have vast scholarly knowledge about occultism still these types of people are similar to what has been called an accountant. if we will just remember. we certainly would be just giving them what somebody else said. one can put ones own consciousness in a questioning state. we would not sharing with them anything that is direct. Now the fact that certain mystics or individuals have been able to experience this touch it. You know an accountant can take the figures and he can keep very careful and detailed records and he can knowable and what has the money. I think that we ought to be able to understand this quite well. where it comes from and how its been made but he can’t use it. some actually become immersed in this type of awareness doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that have it. because words belong to the world of the senses. unless they have tasted it. Which. can certainly be inferred. though it cannot be described.experience it has been described from times as being pervaded by love waves and waves notice. from somebody else‘s description.Com < The Esoteric Library . This is a term that has to do with what? With a fluidic something. It is known within the deeper Qabalah. And if we try to describe the taste of a peach. which never can give a description of a higher experience. They aren’t from that level. especially. but the actual direct experience of consciousness that is less limited cannot have words to describe it. NO one can describe to us the taste of a peach. one of our favourite analogies. like on platforms or you know the parlour when we visit each other. According to all of the Western Occult Training there isn’t anything within all of the universe that doesn’t live move and have it’s being within this universal cosmic mind stuff. since words do not belong in that area. and they can certainly impress us very much. that very often spiritual aspirants make quite a mistake in thinking that those who have a great deal of knowledge about occultism.

he becomes an owner of these riches. step by step becomes the type of individual. But certainly the administration aspect is there. the mystic. in other words. who does it consistently. I know in the books. Meditation now lets go back to what meditation is and is not perhaps. by using it. especially those we get out of the library. methods. who does it assiduously. taught right here. He cannot use these riches. most of the books make meditation sound like something very extraordinary. To be unfailingly guided. You can develop only by practise. Meditation is a particular state of consciousness that mind holds itself in. meditation is the type of thing you can have only. the occultist who works with these various meditative techniques. far more readily than most of us recognise. but he cannot use that money. In the same way there are those in occultism who have gone in for reading about the wisdom teaching. If there were such a word because. Because it is his to administrate. who is able to use these riches. Now then what we have to do in trying to understand how to utilise meditation so that we will be unfailingly guided. as you know almost opposite meanings involved. that is . such a person. or have the secret. And reading about these things others make the mistake of thinking that because they show this knowledge. actually involves the necessity of understanding meditation not like the accountant but understanding it because it becomes our belonging. In other words you might almost say a sought of spiritual capitalist. which is intellectual that they HAVE the answer. practically in all the books that we read. something different. But you see they are like the accountant who has the information. something that most people know nothing about.because it doesn’t belong to him. or what we think might be for nothing. and when it is our belonging its because we have been using it. it isn’t the type of thing that we can receive for nothing. something that’s very difficult to develop and the result is that I have so many spiritual aspirants at times. at least in some other theory. For reading about the various techniques and the principles involved.

But whatever mistaken notion one has been given as to what is or isn’t spiritual.when they manage to get to me. we have the mistaken notion then because mainly we have been told. and its just our notion that might be wrong. that again. Well. that it is difficult. but most people immediately jump to the wrong interpretation of the word. union. I realise. And I look at the poor darlings because there has never been a time when they haven’t meditated. well you know it depends on the temperament. But again I’m pointing out. first not to do that. then there are all sorts of rules and regulations one is given. if we have the notion that its not spiritual then we decide purification of us getting rid of it. and the subconsciousness is beautifully conditioned to think that its going to have one fantastically horrible time. by others. you know I tried but I don’t succeed. look at me yearningly and say Oh I wish I could learn to meditate. And so grim determination will develop for those who are very deep aspirants others sigh and try and drop it and say that well it’s so difficult. what about all the extra little goodies that are thrown in when we are picking up knowledge that some body else is giving us. And so we can be quite a mixture. a really adulterated mixture and in Qabalah we make quite a point of the principle involved in becoming purified.Com < The Esoteric Library . If we don’t know its true we can mix more nonsense with wisdom and because it has a pearl here and there of wisdom we think that we think the nonsense is also true. whereas it might be very spiritual indeed. They think becoming purified means that you become a virginal nun or a celibate monk and that you stop thinking about love. because you see I‘ve been talking about knowledge that might be correct. We have the mistaken notion that meditation is difficult then to learn how to meditate is going to take not only a long time but it is only for those who have the ability first to do this. you see. we realise that there isn’t a time that we A Collection of Sacred-Magick. learning how to meditate. when we understand what meditation is. here that knowledge about a thing and especially when that knowledge isn’t so. That you stop thinking about food or wanting it because to love food of course that is considered not very spiritual.

on the occult path of return to god. the vast beyond being. Now here in Tarot Key 17. and deals with meditation. I want it to be in accordance with thy will. How. on how much we hate somebody or how much somebody. we see this lovely figure of Isis also symbolising the Natural Intelligence. but what is meditation? Alright. thy will be expressed in and through me O Lord of the Universe. we think somebody hates us. that’s why this Hebrew called the Aramaic character from the ancient of ancient time has been called the fishhook. but it is having the consciousness hold itself with that vast beyond.haven’t meditated. We do have to go in for many disciplines indeed. in . we can be meditating on how unhappy we are. saying in essence. if we stop to think what our consciousness does we will see the second we are waking up. Isis has unveiled herself. consciously. or what is the function here meditation. no mortal mind can unveil Isis. But the discipline has to do with learning how to use our meditations. the minute the consciousness casts itself upward or outward like fishing. because you see it’s the higher level of consciousness to which Isis. even before we’re really awake. As a guiding light. saying in essence. we don’t have to learn how to meditate. level of the self. because the mind stuff is experienced as fluidic. When we get to the point where we see that meditation is the guiding light. We can be meditating on misfortune on our hopes. it isn’t some fantastic extraordinary. Now how does it unveiling its self? It’s unveiling itself. and let me explain why. or wisdom. as a connection between ourselves and the divine. we are already meditating. that’s why its important to recognise the fact that we always meditate. and as its been said. revelation. deep. but still. no one. Isis unveils herself and mortal man. without having to use words to say it. gift that comes only after doing this. via the fluidic mind stuff. its learning how to use our meditation in such a way that something in us is continuously on a deep. when we get up in the morning. Whatever decision I make. or the hidden unveils itself. is something that we must learn how to utilise. what is it? In other words. the totality the divine. and not doing that. in other words.

which is the result of properly guided meditation. with some more intensely than others.Com < The Esoteric Library . In the Qabalah. it doesn’t permit us to go off into these escape mechanisms. this is the way we. frater or soror. we have to bring the spirit into. from this fall we redeem the fallen of centres or sparks of the divine. inter pervades it inter pours. as I shall point out in a moment. every. we redeem them. and the Star casts light remember. But in this experience of this inter pervading fluidic substance. there is also the awareness of a beginingless. that’s what this tarot key is called and using. everywhere. And remember our fraternity. our spiritual work our order. always there is this awareness. always utilises this light. because higher consciousness cannot be A Collection of Sacred-Magick. that interrelates. all of us. this vastness. how to utilise mediation properly. of space. we sign ourselves always your brother and or your sister. here again we have the ideas of light. We have the idea of the infinite. remember words will send us of in the wrong direction if we take them exactly and literally. in LVX which is the traditional way of utilising the idea of light since LVX are the three letters used in the ancient Latin terminology for light. By redeeming every spark that is part of in cosmic consciousness. now lets keep in mind one very important factor here. endless space that’s involved except that it is a substance rather than anything else. and yet. which is what we must do. which is the Western method of spiritual development. In cosmic awareness. one leg is on the earth solid earth. if we stay with these teachings it helps us to bring the spiritual powers into earth. and the other is leaning on the waters. it is nowhere absent. it isn’t an outside thing that hits against it goes through. We have this figure showing it very clearly. that’s why The Star. We have to bring results onto the physical plane. The Star is a sun basically. matter. how shall we put it? From the fall which is really the vibratory condensation for the purposes of creation. not only of this fluidic substance. it radiates Light. that means Light and it is when we learn to guide ourselves via the light which we then discover has been that which has really been guiding us all along. its then that we start learning.

because we become better and better. sometimes these rewards are not very good. the cosmic substance this rate or level of knowingness.explained in terms of words. that have attained different rates. so that they will get . don’t you see? If we are hunting around to see. And so whatever we permit ourselves to be hunting for with our consciousness. I think Khalil Gibran mentioned in the book of Prophet. for evidence of not being loved. and wanting to do it with joy. this vibratory rate. And so we become better and better at catching misery fish you know instead of joy fish. deeper. And only when we come to the point where that guiding light. this fluidic mind stuff. without expectation of return. of my responsibilities. the privilege. if we are hunting. in the beloved more and more ability and capacity to receive and then finally to consciously experience these more profound enlarged levels of consciousness and the ability and capacity to control more and more of the environment because of this higher. liked or treated well we are naturally are going to get it. why we are going to find out that there are more and more of them. so that they will get something back. but this implied. he doesn’t go on to say exactly. that has to do with the fullness of loving. levels upon levels of these consciousness. ray of consciousness. has to do with wanting the divine will and only when that divine will becomes something to us. because anyone who give to get they will finally they will attract people who are only giving them. because lots of people want to give. the loving thing. this is why in the work we always speak about the hierarchy. of wanting to do the benevolent. Because we are going to catch the fish that we are angling for. the right. as I pointed out. it is the role of the spiritual teacher who has achieved a certain amount of cosmic knowing. and this is the role of one who has my. at getting the exact fish that our consciousness holds. But I always try to do with you. cause there is always layers upon layers. wanting to do it with flowing out pouring. who we ought to avoid. they get there reward. to help build in the disciples. to project via the cosmic light.

you don’t discover or experience true giving and flowing. that beauty. the only fulfilment there is. so we have to stop abusing our meditative powers. If they don’t want to let me to express my love outwardly. I’ll find something that does. ok. But for this morning at least. so lets do it sooner. we are telling subconsciousness all the time that we haven’t got it. bringing ourselves more darkness and tears. but top just go head and love. and so we are not going to have it with abundance and more and more abundance. What we want is that guiding light. What we have to learn to do is keep our meditation with the patterns that are in harmony with A Collection of Sacred-Magick. they want to be appreciated.something back. and in a final analyses what we discover is that since everyone and this means. lets take home this basic idea that meditation is not something we have to learn to do. it will just go out into infinitude and my mind can be saying gee I love you. we remind you. deep down in the bottom of their souls they want to be loved. and at first when I was a lot younger my feelings would get hurt and I’d feel rejected and I thought Oh Oh then one day in my meditations hunting for an answer. I thought Oh Oh. no matter how they maybe working it in reverse. I know there are some people I have sought of expressed my love towards at times who seem to want to kick I back. This guy isn’t going to fight with me about it or the breeze or the tree certainly not the song of the bird. Now the desire to just have the capacity to love. I want to remind you. I can send my love out. that’s one hundred percent the wrong way to feel for a spiritual aspirant. and not only want to.Com < The Esoteric Library . comes when our meditation becomes such that every single moment of our lives are looked upon as an opportunity to perfect our out flowing givingness and not wanting to get back. to give to serve comes only with the ability to perfect our selves. is developing the capacity to want to love. In other words when we want love. The only fulfilment there is in the universe is what we will all discover sooner or later. of course after a while you become so adept at having the exquisite joy of just loving. everyone. we will be rejected all over the place.

in order to do that of course we do have to learn how to keep ourselves remembering. learn how to say from our hearts. the real determination that we want to learn how to be so grateful for somebody to love that we are going to do everything in our power when we have it not to start destroying it by being forgetful or selfish. but to all living creatures everywhere in the universe and sorrow will become a thing of the past. What we want to take home with us today is the determination. in the tarot.our highest spiritual desires. give me the capacity to keep remembering to love it and to be grateful for this love and to tenderly care for it and nurture it. whether it’s a husband wife or friend or pet our garden. . thank you god. that I have this love or beloved. working with the tarot helps us to do this. thank you that I have this to love. your meditation then will be bringing more and more light not only to yourself.