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Republic of the Philippines

Malvar Campus
Malvar, Batangas

EPISODE 5: Paper Works!
Name of FS Student: Mabel M. delas Alas
Course, Year & Section: BSEDIII- A
Resource Teacher: Mr. Richard L. Roxas
Cooperating School: Bulacnin National High School

Signature: _________________

My Performance
Focused on: Gaining competence in preparing instructional materials (hand-outs) that
are appropriate to the learning content.
My Analysis

My Reflection

My Portfolio

Exemplary (4)
All tasks were done with
quality; work exceeds
Analysis questions were
answered completely; in
depth answers;
thoroughly grounded on
grammar and spelling.
Reflection statements are
profound and clear,
supported by experiences
from the episode.
Portfolio is complete,
clear, well-organized and
all supporting
documentation are
located in sections clearly

Before deadline

Superior (3)
All or nearly all tasks
were done with high

Satisfactory (2)
Nearly all tasks were
done with acceptable

Analysis questions were
answered completely

Analysis questions were
not answered completely.

Unsatisfactory (1)
Fewer than half of tasks
were done; or most
objectives met but with
poor quality
Analysis questions were
not answered.

Clear connection with

Vaguely related to the

Grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling
are superior
Reflection statements are
clear; but not clearly
supported by experiences
from the episode.

Grammar and spelling
Reflection statements are
shallow, supported by
experiences from the

Portfolio is complete,
clear, well-organized and
most supporting
documentations are
available and/or in logical
and clearly marked
On the deadline

Reflection statements are
unclear and shallow and
are not supported by
experiences from the

Portfolio is incomplete;
documentation is
organized but lacking.

Portfolio has many
lacking components; is
unorganized and unclear.

A day after the deadline

Two days or more after
the deadline

Sub Totals

Mr. Richard Bañez
FS 3 Instructor


Anim na Uri ng Pangatnig 1.ginagamit ito kapag ang dalawang salita. PAGE | 2 . katulad. saka.Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Malvar Campus Malvar. Pangatnig na Panimbang. at saka. Ang ilang halimbawa nito ay ang mga kataga at salitang at. parirala sa kapwa parirala at sugnay sa kapwa sugnay upang maipakita ang dalawa o higit pang kaisipan sa loob ng pangungusap. sugnay sa bawat sugnay at pangungusap sa bawat pangungusap upang maipakita ang dalawa o higit kataga o lipon ng mga salitang nag-uugnay sa dalawang salita. . Subject Matter: Grade/Year Level Outline: Pagkilala sa Wastong Gamit ng mga Pangatnig Pangatnig.ay mga kataga o salita na nagpapahayag ng kaugnayan ng isang salita sa ibang salita sa pangungusap o kaugnayan ng isang kaisipan sa iba pang kaisipan. maging at gayundin. Ang pangatnig ay ginagamit din sa mga pangungusap na tambalan. parirala sa kapwa parirala.Kataga o lipon ng mga salita na nag-uugnay sa dalawang salita. parirala o sugnay na pinag-uugnay ay magkasinghalaga o magkatimbang. Batangas COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION My Map HAND-OUT PLAN. hugnayan at langkapan. gaya ng.

classify the resources available in the learning resource center. The scrapbooks were recently made by the students. Name of Center Observed: English Learning Center Date of Observation : Name of Observer: Mabel M. Audio Resources  Cassette tape Characteristics and Unique Capabilities Teaching Approaches where the Resource is Most Useful Most of the available resources are textbooks written by Filipino authors.Famous English Poems . It has been used for several times but it is still operating well. Both the textbooks and the book of poems were dated ages ago and some of them have yellow pages already. delas Alas List of Available Learning Resources Available Learning Resources 1. It can also be used for collaborative purposes. Print Resources  Books . This equipment can be paired with the printed materials during lecture period. students can gain more interest to enthusiastically PAGE | 3 .textbooks  Pamphlets(old test papers)  Magazines  Albums -scrapbook of the History of English Language 2. Batangas COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION After you have observed. The materials acquired can be use for an actual treatment of a topic in speech or writing inside the classroom. This piece of work displays the History of English Language. This device is placed on the top of the steel cabinet. There are only two books about Famous English poems such as O Captain! My Captain! By Walt Whitman. Using this accessory.Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Malvar Campus Malvar.

Batangas COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION participate discussion. delas Alas Name and Signature of the Learning Resource Center In-charge: Mr. It was entitled “To The Sheperd” by Sir Walter Raleigh. manuscripts and files that the school wishes to keep. Impression: Upon visiting my cooperating school. Teachers should be resourceful and artistic in operating the equipment for another use. Non-electronic Visual Resources  Poem chart 4. Roxas My Analysis PAGE | 4 . The teachers should be sensitive to the interest of the students in able to encourage them to visit the resource center. Richard L. Resource center can be utilized in archiving important records. The laptop is used for searching factual information on the internet that available books cannot provide. Name and Signature of Observer: Mabel M. I adhere to the significance of the availability of a learning resource center in learning community. Equipment/ Tool  Laptop The poem is written in a blue paper.Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Malvar Campus Malvar. in the It is very well suited during the lecture period. It has an enormous role in dealing with the intellectual needs and aspirations of the students. 3. It keeps the information modified and updated for the better understanding and learning of the students. It has plastic cover and was ornamented by glitters. School climate can critically affect the curiosity and awareness of the schoolchildren. This tool is best on doing research on a particular subject matter.

interests and level of intellect of the school child. magazines. audio and visual materials. Some of the materials are haphazardly lying under the table. I can say that school administrator should provide an enormous portion on organizing a particular learning center for it produces competitive and creative students. All of these materials are well organized and served their own functions. It must be planned according to the needs. It can be said that the center has all the necessary materials for an effective learning. Roxas. and pamphlets. What suggestions can you make? Upon visiting the center. the person in charge. What are its weaknesses? Even though the English Center is complete with all the necessary materials. Mr. It has book. It can develop student’s ability to learn and explore new concepts and be updated on the latest trends in the society. They are in need of more bookshelves for more organized keeping of books. knows how to proficiently manipulate the equipment and handle the important files and documents. books and magazines should be updated for it is often used by the students. PAGE | 5 .Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Malvar Campus Malvar. Batangas COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center? The English Resource Center in Bulacnin National High School l has a vital role in sustaining the needs of the students.

Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Malvar Campus Malvar. Batangas COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION My Reflections 1. I am also more familiar with its functions and uses unlike the cassette. Since I have already forgotten how to play the cassette tape I even forget how to switch side a to side b . 2. Which of the materials in the Learning Resource Center caught your interest the most? Why? While staying at the Resource Center I was astonished with the book of poems because it looks so fragile and old that it’s almost brittle. Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about? I need to be reacquainted on how to operate the cassette. Despite its old age the words can still be read. I will be more comfortable in using laptop since I am always using it. I am overwhelmed by how books can really preserve such great works. My Portfolio PAGE | 6 . I fail to remember how its buttons work. Which gadgets/materials are you already confident to use/operate? Upon doing my observation. 3.

I can also ask the students to make up a short skit or perform a mini role play about the poem in the chart. It can be used in introducing the topic but instead of reading the poem I will ask a student to sing it. PAGE | 7 . Batangas COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION What material can you improvise to support instruction? A poem chart is an effective tool for instruction for it captures the interest of the students.Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Malvar Campus Malvar.