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Device and repair of the electronic module of the

washing machine LG WD-80160 series with the
collector Intellowasher drive motor

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and etc. On the boards, dismantling, n

CM "LG WD 80160" is composed of two electronic module - cost control and display, as well as the
basic module. The main module is the variety, such 6871EN1032D and ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1. These
modules are basically different layout and marking of electronic components, there are also some
differences. On the example of the module ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 consider its circuitry features and
characteristic fault.
According to the destination module ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 functionally no different from similar
devices from other manufacturers. But it also has its own characteristics, which we shall discuss below.

The appearance of the electronic module ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 shown in Fig. 1.
External wiring of the module is shown in Fig. 2. It should be noted that in this figure shows a connection
diagram relating to a different version of the module.

Fig. 2. Connection diagram CM "LQ WD 80160" with the electronic module 6871EN1032D
One difference is in the pin assignments of the connector NA (NA6), it is shown in the table.

Basic functions of electronic module view electronic module performs the following functions: . 3. 2 and 3. . Location of components on the module ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 (upper side) Location and designation of the main elements on the module ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 shown in Fig. Fig. control function performs temperature sensor).control the water level in the tank (actuators are valves for water tank and the drain pump and the control function performs a level sensor).exchange of information with the board display and control. Pin assignment of the connector NA (NA6) for different versions of the basic module CM "LG WD 80160" Pin Number The pin assignment for the module 6871EN1032D ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 1 General Input for connecting a temperature sensor March 2 Inputs for connecting tachosensor Inputs for connecting the water level sensor 4 Input for connecting a temperature sensor Login to connect tachosensor June 5 Inputs for connecting the water level sensor General . since this information is graphically illustrated in Fig.Fig. Location of components on the module ELAN-PJT6870EC9090-1 (lower side) Note that the appointment of the external connectors of the module will not be considered separately.Control of the device lock hatch (UBL) .heating control of water in the tank to a predetermined temperature (actuator serves heater. 4. 3 (upper side) and 4 (reverse side). .

The microprocessor is an 8-bit nucleus embedded RAM and ROM of 1 and 32 Kbytes. the input signal is removed from the diode bridge D81-D84). quartz crystal CRT 8 MHz (connected to the pin.during the spin cycle). 16-. reset circuit. relay and switching phase of PETN As part of the module are the following elements and components: . consider the purpose and the main chain of transmission signals. EEPROM. 5).in the wash. The electrical circuit. 5-7 and Fig. Fig. Adjusting the engine speed is based on the PWM terminal regulatory element is the velocity of rotation of the motor is provided by tachosensor. 6. The electrical circuit. 5. 24.The drive motor in all operational modes (reverse mode . 23 IC1). It is made in a 64-pin package QFP64-P-1420-1. Power supply.microprocessor IC1 type TMR87RM41F firms TOSHIBA (Fig. and 8-bit timers. 25 IC1) and the amplifier-shaper clock frequency of 100 Hz transistor Q91 (the output of this stage is connected to the pin.. and the 10-bit 16-ca-nal ADC 2-channel PWM. The microprocessor. 11 IC1.00A. with speed control . Schematic circuit diagram of main units of the module shown in Fig. respectively. 1014. a clock signal generator frequency of 100 Hz Fig. Structure and main chain We list in the modules and components of the basic elements. It is a major component of the control module. and others. a watchdog timer. The efficiency of the microprocessor in this module provides the initial reset circuit on the chip type IC8 7042AR (its output is connected to the pin. .

C81. Fig. The chip has a 64x16-bit organization is formed in the body SOIC-8 and communicates with a microprocessor on a 4-wire serial bus. Fig. C84). fixed the error codes or intermediate data of operations selected wash program). stabilizer and filter 12 (IC7 7812 and C82). 5).Power Source (IP) (see . . SE81). so if its possible replacement can install new firmware without EEPROM (with codes FF). C82. . stabilizer and the filter 5 (IC6 7805. depending on the software stored in masked ROM processors assigned some of his conclusions may be different. The structure of SP includes the following elements: power transformer (TRANS). 6) serves to generate DC voltages of 16 V (non-stabilized).EEPROM (EEPROM) type 93S46 (Fig. 5 and 12 (stabilized). The electrical circuit. 7.Note that. On its secondary winding is formed alternating voltage of 16 V. rectifier and filter (D81 -D85. Memory chip is used to store various ancillary data (eg. The control board and display control circuit from the microprocessor IC1 . and the voltage pulse frequency of 100 Hz to the timing of the internal timers of the microprocessor in the composition IC1. Pin assignment processor will be discussed in more detail with respect to the main module circuits. R84.

ULN2004A (IC11) is a part of the control board and display as a buffer generator matrix rows display (see. Block diagram of the integrated assembly ULN2004A Fig. Note that as part of this board there is another 8-ka-functional keys M54563R assembly. It performs the function of the column amplifier matrix display. a schematic diagram of one channel of the chip part . 8. IC3 type ULN2004A. .in Fig. They are used as buffer elements in the control circuits relay coils and triacs. Schematic diagram of one channel of the integrated assembly ULN2004A .7-channel integrated transistor switches IC2.Fig. Furthermore. The block diagram of the chip ULN2004A is shown in Fig. 8. 9. 9. 7). Fig.

The level sensor includes a coil and a core which moves along the axis of the coil during the deformation of the diaphragm. this pressure is dependent on the water level in the tank.Run the generator water level sensor. IC3 Fig. In turn. Schematic diagram of connections between the microprocessor IC1 and integrated transistor switches IC2. 11. perceiving the change of pressure supplied thereto. 10 is a diagram of connections between the microprocessor IC1 and IC2 assemblies.Fig. 11) is based on three valves comprising the assemblage of Schmidt triggers IC4 (4069UBF). Actually. The signal from the level sensor . Managed generator water level sensor signal amplifier tachosensor Figure. . we obtain a system that converts the value of the water level in the tank frequency. Generator (Fig. 10. IC3. The electrical circuit.

12) . . Tacho signal comes through the chain: the pin. To control the actuation UBL provides the following circuit: contact D / S connector NA3 (Fig. which then flows through the circuit: the pin.controlled oscillator is fed to the pin. . 5 generates a signal lock hatch. 12 IC1 . Tachometer presents! a coil which acts an annular permanent magnet mounted on the shaft of the drive motor. 12). The relay H111 . 4 and 13 of IC3 . It serves to generate signals.relay H111 UBL (see. SE101) . Detail of the concept of the module with the elements of the control circuit drive motor shown in Fig. 2 and 15 of IC3 . kommmaks = 16 A) .type NAIS AQ1V-12V (UHOM = 12B. the repetition frequency of which is proportional to the rotational speed of the motor shaft. 13. 6). 4 connector NA6 . Drain pump control circuit iUBL .type NAIS ALE16B12 (UHOM = 12 .R71 . I. More information about the sensors of this type can be found in [4]. 43 microprocessor IC1. Ukomm max = 250 V. H145 . Fig. 3. Power to the heater is supplied through the relay contacts H144 and H145.CONCLUSIONS.Circuit interlock devices hatch (UBL) and the power of PETN. Fig. Microprocessor with the pin. 2 and 1 amplifier chip composed IC9 (KIA538) . The relay is controlled by H144 Chains pin. 5 and 12 assembly IC2 . R103.Chain signals tahogenera torus.relay H145 (Fig.the chain: the pin.C101. 3. UKOMM MaKC = 250B. 10 IC1 pin. The electrical circuit. Ik0MMmaks = 1 A) and H144.relay H144 and H145 .Control unit drive motor.driver ( 44 IC1 (Figure 11). 52IC1.

C161.drain pump. rectifier drive motor. this switch provides its switching modes in washing and spinning. DP connector NA3 . He made the diode bridge type GSIB15A60 (Imax = 15 A.Fig. 13. Smooth control of motor rotation provides PWM regulating element on the triac.relay coil H131 (H133). Vmax = 600 V) and filter elements S131. Both relay . . stator and rotor windings are connected in series.SE161) . Control circuit collector drive motor View electronic module is designed to work with the collector DC drive motor. The drain pump is controlled by the circuit: the pin. 12. Speed control motor provides the microprocessor with tachogenerator. • Managing the triac drive motor. Triac type BCR16PM TR116 is connected in series to the power supply circuit of the motor and provides smooth control of its revolutions. 3 (6) IC1 . The relay is controlled by the microprocessor according to the following circuit (in brackets for relay circuit H133) pin. A2 triac TR116 . Ukomm max = 250 Ikommmaks = 12 A relay switching of the stator windings of the drive motor XI32. The motor is powered by a separate rectifier. Since the stator having two windings. In the power supply circuit of the drive motor is also included thermal relay . Counter rotation mode in this case is achieved by changing the phasing-ki turn stator winding by a relay. Relay type H132 . XI33. They are used to change the phase of the stator winding of the motor switch (for the reverse rotation of the drum in the SM mode washing).put it on the motor housing and breaks the circuit when the set of critical temperature. Triac control signal from the microprocessor via a key consisting of IC2 and the resistor .type OMI-SH-112L (UHOM = 12B. Relay coil is controlled by a microprocessor circuit.OMI-SH-112L.rectifier-shaper (R162. 53IC1. The electrical circuit. Detail circuit diagram of the electronic module. R131.R21 . 7 (4) and 10 (13) IC2 .pin.S133.The control circuit drain pump. SD162. The node control drive motor includes the following elements: Reversing relay drive motor XI31. SD161. similar to relay H133 (See above. 7IC1 . To monitor performance in B thermistor circuit is the following: CONCLUSIONS.CONCLUSIONS. which shows the control circuit of the drain pump is shown in Fig.Triac TR115 (BCR8P) .). 3 and 14 of IC2 .

R120 .Triac TR113 (BCR1AM12) . 2. 9IC1 . . which shows the control circuit of the Gulf water valves. Simplistically similar process can be divided into the following steps: . Naturally. 3 and 14IC3 .filter (SE61.a caution not to damage the board and electronic components MV connector BL1 . 1. The electrical circuit.insert a thin flathead screwdriver between the board and the housing in one corner near the power transformer. R61. 14. • valve separating prewash: CONCLUSIONS. 8. . IC2. . Gently lift the corner and gradually the whole board is removed from the housing in a direction from the transformer to the opposite narrow valve Gulf waters. 14. Control circuit valves for water tank .Temperature sensor circuit.Control circuits valves Gulf waters. Home .Fig. most electronic modules CM LG (except for control and display boards) are placed in a plastic casing and filled special silicone sealant. 12 IC1 .pin.coil valve for water tank. 15.Triac TR114 (BCR1AM12) . when there is a need to repair the module sealant impedes access to the electronic components.CONCLUSIONS. C61) . . This can be solved by removing the module from the housing and the subsequent removal of the sealant on the outside or back side of the board. The temperature sensor (thermistor NTC) is used to control the water temperature in the tank see. .thin screwdriver to deepen the groove on the perimeter boards in the gap between it and the casing. 50IC1 (ADC).On the inner perimeter of the housing with a small flat screwdriver to clean the edges of the board of the PV connector BL1 . In order to prevent damage to the components on the board is better to remove sealant wooden spatula or simply with your fingers.R1119 . 16. Detail of the concept of the electronic module. Features of repair of the electronic module As you know. The valve is controlled by the following circuits: • the main wash valve: CONCLUSIONS.after removing the card from the jacket is removed from its sealing in the places where it is needed. shown in Fig. The signal from it in the form of a DC voltage is supplied by the circuit pin 1 of the connector NA6 .

The quality of the solder contacts of the relay in the old (a) and new (6) versions of the electronic modules In most electronic modules CM LG often fail due to bad relay solder joints their power circuits (so-called "cold soldering" contacts). Incidentally. It can be said. Typical failure of the module and how to resolve them at the front of the SM error code dE (not closed hatch door) If you encounter this error in the first place check Relay H144. 15 shows the quality of the solder contacts of the relay old (fragment a) and new (fragment b) versions of electronic modules. If the temperature sensor is normal. and UBL. They are not entirely removed from the housing unit. Fig. It should be noted that the manufacturer has considered complaints repair organizations on this issue. this lacquer is removed from the board by means of soldering station. it differs little from the products of the same class and price range of other manufacturers. When trying to restore these modules exacerbate the problem of difficulty with access to the electronic components of the fee due to the applied layer of sealant on them. One such example is considered in [3]. Also check the serviceability of the elements in the food chain of PETN (see.tacho based on Hall sensors. we note that the main cause of failure of such electronic modules is "cold soldering" relay in the power supply of PETN and UBL. Figure. and in machines with direct drive . R62. for example PLASIK 70 (for installation works). relays themselves are also often fail. as well as PETN (25 . The front panel of the SM error code tE This error means that the resistance value of the temperature sensor is out of tolerance or the water temperature does not match. For example. the temperature sensor is checked (the resistance at 20 ° C should be approximately 15 ohms) and its circuits. it is necessary to check the module component values in its chain (from pin 1 of the connector NA6 to the pin.. H145. In sum. These boards have a yellow sticker with the word "IMPROVED".) Or cut a hole in the casing to be available print area of contact of the relay. and cut in the plastic casing (back of card) areas that provide access to printed wiring interest components. C61 and SE61. Note.. 28 ohms). As for the general statistics of faults like CM . To check the specified relay and soldering quality of their conclusions must be removed from the board of the plastic cover (See above. Description). a kind of "calling card" in the statistics of the fault most modules CM LG. 15. its connectors and relays H111. you must cover the protective varnish. and their rations. a recently revised version appeared modules for CM "LGWD10160 (N / S)" and "LGWD-10180 (N / S)" with reinforced solder joints power components. Usually in such cases.. Identify the faulty components and assemblies CM LG with electronic control for experienced repairers usually is not difficult. as these machines have a developed system of internal diagnostics .after repair sites boards with which the sealant has been removed. 50 IC1): R61.test mode and display error codes. Literature . Experienced repairers already on the external signs of the fault known elements on the module you want to check first. We note only that in CM LG often fail heating elements.

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