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How to Prepare Your Business Plan

Kako Pripremiti Svoj Biznis Plan

but its main purpose is to present the future of an enterprise. ali je njegova glavna svrha je da p i no p No m lno ž i k go in i gl n p p iod o o ično i o p go in .PART ONE INTRODUCTION UVODNI DIO CHAPTER I POGLAVLJE I THE ABCs OF A BUSINESS PLAN ABECEDA BIZNIS PLANA A. organization. u zavisnosti od vrste posla i vrste entiteta . well structured and reader-friendly. i ni pl n j o h n pi ni opi po lo nj p oj lj n i jo p oi o im š ili l g hnik p oi o nj žiš i klij n m k ing gij ljudskih resursa. What is a business plan? A. sincere. Biznis plan opisuje prošlo i šnjo po l . human resources. requirements in respect of infrastructure and supplies. o j klj čni l m n ilo koje aplikacije za finansiranje. financing requirements. It is normally updated annually and looks ahead for a period of usually three to five years. bez obzira da li u organizaciji i ičnog k pi l ili ilo koji gi investicioni ili kreditne izvora. Šta je biznis plan? A business plan is a comprehensive.prijateljski. potrebama finansiranja i izvore i upotrebe sredstava . marketing strategy. written description of the business of an enterprise. trebalo bi da bude po p n i k n činj ničn o o k i n i či č . it should be complete. and sources and uses of funds. uslove u pogledu infrastrukture i zaliha. . organizacije. Stoga . It is a detailed report on a company's products or services. It is a crucial element in any application for funding. production techniques. markets and clients. whether to a venture capital organization or any other investment or lending source. Therefore. factual. depending on the type of business and the kind of entity. The business plan describes the past and present status of a business.

B. Determining the amount. By preparing your business plan. Committing your plans to paper. type and sources of financing and when it is required. Some of the most significant are the following: Po oj mnogi      nih log i i ni pl n N k o n j n jnijih l i Getting an integrated view of your business. the business plan process often leads to the discovery of a competitive advantage or new opportunities as well as deficiencies in the plan. outline your market segment. Why a business plan? B. For example. . Reaching mutual understanding among the members of the management of the firm is particularly important in cases in which the recommended policy of engaging as many managers as practically possible is applied in the preparation of the business plan. shape your pricing strategy and define the competitive conditions under which you must operate in order to succeed. Poslovno planiranje osigurava da svi ti razlozi su o lj ni i p ilno kl i i kođ p o po lo ni pl n č o o o i o o k ić konk n k p no ili no i mog ćno i k o i n o k pl n Počinio oj pl no o ig š j lok pn po o no p lj nj po lo nim ć po oljš i Vi ć i i mog ćno i o oči oj n po n ilo o p nj o pl n p ij n go š o po n k i ični j i kođ ć im i m n gl i n p ij i i j gli p o l m p ij n go š o oni poj Mutual understanding within the management team. Determining financial needs and applying for funds. M đ o no mij nj n m n žm n im Postizanje uzajamna mij nj m đ čl no im p k j po no žno l č j im kojim p po č j poli ik ng ži nj onoliko m n ž i š o p k ično mog ć j primijeniti u izradi poslovnog plana. You will be able to concentrate your efforts on any deviations from the plan before conditions become critical. you get an integrated view of all issues regarding your business. Using the business plan in the process of application for funds. it helps you to identify better your target clients. ensures that your overall ability to manage the business will improve. mož o i i in g i ni pogl n pi nj koj o no n š po lo nj N p imj o m pom ž i n ifi i i olj oj iljn klij n i nij i oj žišni gm n o lik j oj gij ij n i finirati konkurentne uvjete pod kojima mora raditi kako bi uspjeli. Zašto biznis plan? There are many important reasons for drawing up a business plan. You will also have time to look ahead and avoid problems before they arise. Also. Do i nj in g i ni pogl n š po lo nj P ip m j ći oj poslovni plan. Business planning ensures that all these considerations are consistent and properly harmonized.

Deriving objectives for employees. . a kada j o po no Ko iš nj po lo ni pl n procesu prijave za fondove. Deriving from the business plan measures and objectives for units and individuals in the organization (management by objective). Z pošlj nj Ko i ći g n pošlj nj i ođ nj no ih čl no p i zaposlenika. vrste i izvore financiranja. Informiranje zajmodavce. Davanje bankama / investicijski fondovi koji su fin n i j oj po lo nj p ošlo i i h ij j p io ičn info m ij po p ć nj nj Informing partners. Informing lenders. Using the business plan in informing business partners and other relevant organizations. Using it in recruiting and introducing new members of the management and staff. Informing employees. Using it as a means of informing/motivating employees about the objectives of the company. Ko i ći g k o o informiranja / motiviranje zaposlenicima o ciljevima tvrtke. Ko iš nj po lo ni pl n info mi nj po lo nih p n i drugih relevantnih organizacija. In preparing this manual. Approval from board of directors/shareholders.             U đi nj fin n ij k po i po noš nj hj fon o O đi nj iznosa. Informiranje partnere. I ođ nj ilj po l nik Proizlaze iz poslovnog plana mjere i ciljevi jedinica i pojedinaca u organizaciji (management by cilj). U p ip mi o og p i čnik p po lj no j j p im ni ilj p ip m po lo ni pl n j odrediti uvjete financiranja za svoj posao i da se prijave za vanjskim financiranjem. O o nj i Up nog o o / ionič Ko i ći g k o m lj o i nj o o nj i k o o i ionič Recruiting. it has been assumed that the primary objective of preparing a business plan is to determine the financing requirements of your business and to apply for external funding. Using it as a basis for getting approvals from the company board and shareholders. Informiranje zaposlenika. Giving it to banks/investment funds that have financed your business in the past and require periodical information for monitoring purposes.