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De Leon, Kiara Justine C.

Merelos, Samantha B.
Pastorfide, Angelika T.

People’s Dependency on Technology

In the world we live in today, it’s hard for one to imagine functioning without
technology. Technology has always played a major role in creating the wealth of nations and
influencing standards of living and quality of life. It took humans about 2 million years to
develop from nomads foraging for food in east central Africa to agricultural settlers capable of
expanding their power with tools and domestic animals.
The history of technology is the history of the invention of tools and techniques, and is
similar in many ways to the history of humanity. Background knowledge has enabled people to
create new things, and conversely, many scientific endeavors have become possible
through technologies which assist humans to travel to places we could not otherwise go, and
probe the nature of the universe in more detail than our natural senses allow. Technological
artifacts are products of an economy, a force for economic growth, and a large part of everyday
life. Technological innovations affect, and are affected by, a society's cultural traditions. They
also are a means to develop and project military power.
Technology reflects and shapes human history. From the establishment of neolithic
farming and food-storage techniques to the development of metallurgy, weaving, printing, and
electronics, history and technology have been important to one another. The role of the stirrup in
the Middle Ages, gunpowder in the thirteenth century, printing in the fifteenth, the steam engine
in the eighteenth, factories in the nineteenth, and nuclear power in the twentieth are all subjects
of an expansive scholarly literature. This literature spotlights many animated controversies about

. processes. computers. They would run through the neighborhood and hide under houses. The games they played was bat-the-can. tools. and its exact definition eludes most of the public and many professionals. The group believed that people have various uses of technology that they’ve become too dependent on its various forms.choices made among competing techniques for attaining the same end--whether automobiles would be powered by steam. or highly advanced electronic gadgets. In transportation. Movies were only 7 cents and their only form of entertainment. technology is the way we do things. In simple terms. The people are focus in other activities and they had more time with their self. There are several technological entities besides hardware. electricity. wrote hand-written letters and had to travel to see their loved ones in person. technology embraces a lot more than just machines. it remains mysterious to many people. people use trains. It is the means by which we accomplish objectives. Everyone is united and close to each other. products. The main problem of our research is how dependent are the people on technology. People waved “hi” to each other. Body Life was simpler before although people never had too much. Technology can be defined as all the knowledge. and systems employed in the creation of goods or in providing services. a mean of aiding human endeavor. they would yell “Humpty Head!” . Meanwhile. such as machines. It is common to think of technology in terms of hardware. In spite of the fact that technology is the most pervasive force influencing human lives today. for example. or internal combustion. They also played humpty head which was like what kids call hide-and-seek now. methods. The only games they had were the ones they put together themselves. friends and family. and when they caught someone. it’s like baseball except with the can. engineering is the discipline that seeks to study and design new technologies. including software and human skills. Technology is the practical implementation of knowledge. However. carts and horses in order to go to places they will go to.

Kids now need to be told to get off their smart phone or turn off the computer and go outside. plow. Times have changed so much. everyone would have a lot of kids so all of the neighborhoods had a lot of kids. ours had around 30. such as seeing minute visual detail . cellphones were just coming into use. You could not get people to sit inside for anything. it takes a lot of work of a parent to plan their kids’ activities to keep them active out and about. No recorders in case you missed it but time spent together that had to be planned and the next day at school everyone would be talking about the TV show or special that aired the night before. And although there was so many of us. Hunter-gatherers developed tools mainly for finding food. or hammer that augments physical labor to more efficiently achieve his objective.. paved the way for the first stage: the tool. Sitting inside just was not an option growing up.” We didn’t have television or other modern day things that took us away from one another. It is already in the late 1980’s where people were able to access the internet. arrow. No wonder children have such a hard time socializing and communicating their thoughts and feelings not to mention the obesity problem. Later animal-powered tools such as the plow and the horse increased the productivity of food production about tenfold over the technology of the hunter-gatherers. spear. Tools allow one to do things impossible to accomplish with one's body alone. Now anyone can watch almost anything if they have a mobile device with an Internet connection.” [1] Watching television was a treat and something special. made possible by the development of the rational faculty. In this day and age. it was because you were sick and resting to get better. They never do so that is why they don't know how to act in groups setting. A tool provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical task. Tools such as a container. But now. parents think of any idea to interest their children to get them to go outside to be active. and must be powered by human or animal effort.According to 80 year old Ferrell Daste who didn’t grow up with the technology we have nowadays. and fax machines were the fastest way for most people to share documents across great distances. If you spent a day inside. you were able to intermingle more with everyone. The coming of technology. At that time. I think a lot of technological things take away from that.

Examples of machines that exhibit this characteristic are digital watches. Expansion and creation of new kinds of institutes that works with information such as for example universities. and lights. are much older. Where the price of information distribution is going towards zero with ever more efficient tools to distribute information is being invented. book stores. or carrying volumes of water in a bucket. A machine is a tool that substitutes the element of human physical effort. computers. Growing amounts of information being distributed to an increasingly larger customer base as times goes by. and computer programs. automatic telephone switches. With growing disintermediation in said markets and growing concerns over the protection of intellectual property rights it is not clear what form markets for information will take with the evolution of the information age. An economic implication of the above idea is that intellectual labor will become increasingly more important relative to physical labor. [2] . Machines became widespread with the industrial revolution. a type of machine. The automation is a machine that removes the element of human control with an automatic algorithm. manipulating heavy objects with a pulley and cart. Examples of this include cars. The second technological stage was the creation of the machine. Contracts and agreements around information will become increasingly more common at the marketplace. patent-trading companies. Machines allow humans to tremendously exceed the limitations of their bodies.with a microscope. Putting a machine on the farm and tractor increased food productivity at least tenfold over the technology of the plow and the horse. this highlights the importance underlining the debate over intellectual property in conjunction with decentralized distribution systems such as today's internet. is considered an indication that a civilization is in technological evolution. [2] Interestingly. The third and final stage of technological evolution is the automation. pacemakers. The process of technological evolution culminates with the ability to achieve all the material values technologically possible and desirable by mental effort. and requires only controlling its function. trains. etc. though windmills.

Technology transfer occurs as a result of market pull when a need or problem causes companies to seek federal technology. facilities. electrical. private enterprises. After the evolution of technology. and interface (e.g. Technology has had such a profound effect on human lives that progress of civilization is frequently identified by the dominant technology of the age.The next several thousand years witnessed the development of the wheel. and mechanical implements.g. Technology transfer is the process by which existing knowledge. industry). agency/laboratory). it became rampant afterwards. user (e.g. development. global corporations. the water wheel.. and individuals are highly dependent on technology for their success. The rate of technological progress and society’s dependence on technology only promises to intensify as the world moves into the twenty-first century. it took technology to achieve progress. Yet it no other time in history has technology been as pervasive in human lives as it is today. The long-term goal of technology transfer is to sustain economic growth in the foreseeable future through the development and commercialization of new technologies. Energy generated from water and from mechanical. Government operations. Technology push occurs when innovations or inventions are used to create new markets or consumer needs.. or capabilities developed under federal research and development funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs.. mechanism) that connects the two and moves the technology from one organization to another. It was only less than two centuries ago that the steam engine and the factory system ushered in the start of the Industrial Revolution. Technology transfer is the process by which technology or knowledge developed in one place or for one purpose is applied and exploited in another place for some other purpose. In short. and commercialization to benefit all potential partners. In the . [3] The various forms of technology transfer can be simple or complex depending on the resource (e. Technology transfer can be described as market pull or technology push. and nuclear sources enabled humans to achieve unprecedented change in their way of life. the chariot. The overall objective is to get federally developed R&D out to the marketplace for commercialization. however. the opportunity exists for government to bring technology developed by industry into the federal R&D arena for further research.

Technology gives a big impact in the field . Before it seems impossible to be going to a destination which is miles apart from where you are. Technology even reduces your time reading books when you can even download the audio book and just listen to it. But now with the invention of planes and automobiles makes travelling faster. it saves time. and makes travelling effortless. [3] After the technology was transferred in one country to another. no need to heat water in the kettle and wait for it to boil because there is already a water heater. The expertise has enabled the clients to take advantage of the technological and economic benefits of technology transfer. no need to go the bookstore and spend hours searching for the information needed. the wealth of one nation is directly affected by its relationship with other nations. Daily chores such as washing the clothes and washing dishes have been reduced from hours to minutes with the invention of washing machines and automatic dishwasher. The inventions of transportation have been a major advancement in the world of technology. industry. The internet brings the world to your fingertips where you can have endless amount of learning. The technology transfer team provides support to clients in government. Technology makes it easier to climb a twelve story building through inventions of economy. A simple word search in Google gives millions of results. Technology affects our daily lives in everything that we do. is positioned to compete in the global marketplace. effortless and time efficient. there is almost no place that you can go where technology is not being used. Technology has encouraged doing business online where you can buy anything you want which gives more convenience. warm water in an instant. Even in the simplest things that we technology is present.S. and academia. giving infinite access to the internet. Machines at work eliminated the time that it takes doing hand labors and such creating great excess of hours to do other work and increase production. has in its scientists and engineers. Technology greatly reduces the time it takes to perform everyday tasks. creates a world of endless learning. the U. you can virtually visit them through pictures. With the wealth of knowledge and expertise the U. information and videos. without electricity machines cannot function. Internet brings you closer to different parts of the world. Electricity is one of the products of technology. Searching information became less hassle because of the internet. Taking a bath has become better.

Now. we already have online shopping in our social media and users can easily purchase anything online without living the comfort of their homes. people still prefer to shop online due to the convenience it gives/ less hassle. big money is allotted to make machines needed. Many new employees are hired and give them opportunity to earn money. by simply using text message or send them email. The use of technology in education has made a very big change in the education world. The owner of the company can save more money if there is technology use rather than hiring many persons to perform a certain task. You can also find a date without leaving your work. Use of technology in purchasing. But simultaneously. to visit friends and families and so much more. I think of transportation in the same light as food. . you can connect and meet new people while you are at work. It has become a basic need. because we use advanced transport means like cars. we can connect with the old and new relationships. Now days you can access a full library via a mobile app on any smart phone or ipad. Before. Maybe we can say that the best advantage of having technology is that it created new jobs. quicker and more efficient. In purchasing.of medicine diseases can be easily identify and easily cured. Students had to go to physical libraries to get the information they need. to transport goods. the only communications that we use is writing letters and mail it in the post office and wait for the mailman to deliver it. to go shopping. Technology in agriculture has changed the agricultural industry by replacing human labor with machines that are operated or controlled by people or other machines. and airplanes to go to work. They also need to do a lot of effort on researching about a certain topic. Though we still go out to shop. trains. But now. many people are so busy in their work that they don’t have time to spend with their love ones and to have time to find a relationship. With the use of mobile phones or any gadgets. With the help of information technology. Technology has also made the buying and selling of good so flexible. communication has also become cheaper. Everything is by the work of machines even circumcising and check-ups which gives more accurate findings. With the invention of technological gadgets and mobile apps which helps students learn easily. clothing and shelter. The perks of using technology now in human relationships. with technology. you can communicate with anyone around the world.

too much use of technology brings harm to our lives. cyber bullying became very rampant. It can also distract the studies of the students. However. As I said playing games. Very pretty. before people had to go out. or if they do. energy and effort for the person doing the research. they tend to focus on the gadgets that they have and just play games. she . They do not think anymore. so instead of having fun or having a nice discussion at breaks. can't we say that it creates a new laziness found in people? Below are stated pros and cons of technology. Before when you had to find things out for yourself. it helped develop the passion you have for whatever you needed. and funny. Distance doesn’t matter anymore because there are free call and text already. In our society today communication is more improved it became simple. it might lead to the downfall of the business and will result into the loss of jobs. Here is an example. Another situation in using different social media. outgoing. easier and cheap. they are doing it from someone else's viewpoint on the internet.Technology now is depicted as something that helps new ideas come about and it just makes life a lot simpler. Technology improves the efficiency in business in a way that it helps gain competitive advantage in the market while on its con small business cannot afford technology which means they cannot afford to compete with big business. Computers and internet made it easier to access information on which gives less time. but not people sit at home in front of a console or lying in bed and playing games until midnight and even in school. but now children just sit at home all day playing games or copying and pasting their homework not really stepping into the world. play games and even create them with mates. But on the other side there is a lack of face to face communication already and we’d rather be facing our cellular phones than socialize and go out with friends. you find people on their phones on the internet and playing games. Instead of wasting their time in memorizing. “Lindsay has just moved to town from Oregon and enrolls in the local middle school. not all published information on the internet is correct and some becomes lazy and dependent on doing their research. browse different social media sites. It is true that technology has big impact in our lives whether it’s good or bad. analyzing and learn more about the subjects. It can increase our knowledge in something that we want to know easily. With all the outbreak of so much technology nowadays and so many children having access to it. there are now mobile phones which can do almost what a computer can.

which is why companies do not need to employ as many workers to complete the needed task.quickly wins the attention of a number of the school’s football players—much to the chagrin of the school’s cheerleaders. the entire school becomes aware of the site’s Web address. Modern transportation technology makes it easier to travel long distances and with the rising technologies it is already easy to book flights however sometimes something goes wrong with booking online like it is not clearly stated. They can’t stand on their own. Doctors make less mistakes because with the new machines today diseases can easily be determined and cured. the head cheerleader. Lindsay is crushed and begins to suffer from depression and a lack of desire to do anything aside from crying in bed. and many others begin to post hurtful sentiments about Lindsay. People are more secured because they can put cctv cameras and houses are automated. But at the same time. the first thing you look for are your cellular phones. Technology has already become integral today that it is difficult to think of a time without using them. People will lose their jobs and be replaced by machines that will do their work for them.” [4] The scenario shows what can technology makes us to do. Millions of people are so attached with technology that it became part of their daily routines like in waking up. Desperately wanting to make friends in a new town. is concerned about Lindsay stealing away her boyfriend Johnny. where girls can post reasons why they hate Lindsay and why they think she should move back to Oregon. invention of video games and advancement in music and visual systems like televisions. New architectural designs improved the houses that we live now compared to the houses before. Machines do work for the person. . Bonnie. human workers retain less value with the advancement of technology. But only people with money can afford that kind of housing and criminals tend to break in the house because the new architectural design attracts them more. It can destroy someone’s life because of its different social media that can use as a material to destroy someone. Technology gave a big impact in the entertainment industry. Soon. With the help of her cheerleader friends. Bonnie decides to create a “We Hate Lindsay” Web site. Several people are addicted to technology. they get a life based in material things. The most benefited field of the rise of technology is the medical field. With the increasing popularity of technology all over the world causes an increase in diversity of its applications. Another great way how modern technology simplified our lives is through improving our housing and lifestyle. who plays quarterback.

modern generations spend a disconcerting amount of time indoors — playing games. Also. Why? Because he knew the potential of these devices to pose a threat to the development of innovation. did not let his children use it. luksong baka. According to Jordyn Cornier from an article. Perhaps the most important thing we are losing with these devices is boredom. parks and playgrounds. especially in children. By allowing our kids access to this immense. Steve Jobs. luksong tinik. Instead of having a quality time with each other.The problem now is we are becoming dependent to technology which is not right. tablets. texting. ipads. Kids these days. they only know is to play games in laptops. Before. emotions. that’s what learning is. and . we have many toys in our home to play with. they are exposed to technology which is not good. phones. With our overwhelming addictions to social media and instant information. and passion that being human entails. patintero. infinite technology. we are essentially encouraging our children to rip themselves out of reality and become apathetic to one-on-one social interaction. In fact. allowing our kids to use them may be robbing them of the precious life experiences that only childhood can offer. “Steve Jobs reportedly didn’t let his kids use the iPad. Instead of using their imaginations and playing “explorer” in the back yard. creativity. We need time to be bored and curious — both as children and adults. Kids those days are adventurous and active. In its essence. To witness a 10 year-old sitting in a corner on her iPhone while the sun beams down on some of her technology-free classmates playing in the grass outside is a sad sight. We play “lutu-lutuan. There are things that technology that is not good for us especially for kids. Let me repeat that. and watching videos on their devices. It is sad how family fall apart because of technology. his children had very limited use of technology at home. teenagers and adults. it is a journey of curiosity not to be quelled by instant gratification. We play outside our houses. there are many distractions for kids. bahay-bahayan” and many more. we use phone to connect with them. An example for that even though kids are just a baby. it isn’t farfetched to suggest that many adults would benefit from supervision on these devices. the creator of the iPad. That being said. Being constantly stimulated by these magic little devices stifles the creativity. they don’t know those games.

He limit the use of technologies in their home because he wants his children to be dependent on their own not on the technologies that they can have. perhaps we should stop and think about what’s happening to our new. The way we use technology comes in different ways.” [5] In this article. Mr. he didn’t let his children be addicted to it. technology has advanced. Humans can leave earth and travel in space. The movie “Wall-E” is an example of futuristic movie. A greater fraction of people think teleportation and lab-grown organs will . If anyone knew what these devices were capable of. The result is people are really becoming dependent to technology. even though he is the one of the creators of the in demand gadgets. according to the predictions of 1 in 3 Americans. it is becoming more difficult to find an activity that doesn’t involve the use of technology. Technology can do all things that can help human in what they want. plugged-in generations. In 50 years. humans will have long-term space colonies. it was the brilliant Mr. Truly. just as too much of a good thing can backfire — like the stomachache you get after your fourth indulgent slice of homemade apple pie — too much technology is significantly harmful. The basic needs of humans are supplied by the technology. But. These advances in technology are terrific innovations and have undeniably propelled mankind ever forward. Now that we live in a world where everything is more convenient and accessible due to the advancement of technology. Every day. It emphasizes how humans no longer need to walk anywhere since they have mini transporters. In this movie. he doesn’t want his children to be influenced by being addicted to technology. its impact in our lives is immeasurable. If Steve Jobs didn’t condone technology use by his own children. he knows that it will not give you any good in using those technologies. Jobs. and there are ways that somehow harms our lives and the society we live in. technology has already taken our generation. Even though it has good effects. It is in our hands to use technology in a responsible way to improve our lives. Job is a good example of being a good parent to his children because even though he is the one of the creators. good and bad.independence in our children.

Looking at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. but also in their personal lives. the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles. but the 1964 fair also foresaw “moon colonies. [6] Conclusion Today. The history of computer performance suggests that speed has increased. and “jetpacks. [6] Technological change is happening. adults by the Pew Research Center.” which are still far from widespread use. how to operate machines and such. it seems people dream big. And cellphones are seemingly a necessary part of everyday life. Miller explains that the the basic theory here is that technological progress eats up energy. The responses. It became a requirement today to learn everything about computers. not only in their professional lives.S. And if that speed is an indication of technological change. millions of people use the internet every day. theory suggests they might be a good indication of technological change because patents are supposed to provide monetary incentives to build inventions. They are needed to succeed in almost every occupational area. this theory is based on something called Moore’s Law. they are simply part of our everyday environment. The basic assumption is that better technology means lower costs and more output per hour of work. Before computers were just considered to be a tool for getting informations but today. It is becoming harder and harder to find an activity that doesn’t involve technology. Miller explains. am I more technologically advanced than you because I used more energy — even though you got there first?” For the processing power. First is productivity. then the pace of change has increased.001 U. For the patents.” which have yet to see the light of day. “If I drive and you take the high-speed train. based on a survey of 1. the internet. Workers with . Except that ignores efficiency. suggest that Americans feel both optimistic and apprehensive about future technology. For energy use. The “picturephone” and “personal use of the computer” sound familiar these days. which claims that about every two years. [6] Ben Miller at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation suggested four proxies.become reality by 2064.

you will become more dependent on technology there will already be no human labor and people becomes distant in personal communications. impatient and stupid. but still knowing when to turn it off to experience life to its fullest. Someone could completely close themselves off from the modern world. balancing their proper and improper use becomes difficult. but because of our reliance on it. but the world around them would keep advancing. The growth of stocks and money increased. People also are becoming lazy. you will become confident in your abilities. The impact of technology is immeasurable. you will become more skilled. there is a need to know the concepts that underlie in the use of technology. as Brownman says “In school. With this being said. As technology plays an increasingly and noticeable role in our personal lives. We would not be living the lives we do now. but this also gives children the ability to move past simple memorization and into more . which means it not entirely a bad thing. As confidence and knowledge skills tend to make more money and have more satisfying careers than those without such skills. but technology brought us up. Not that being too dependent. But skills aren’t enough. Using technology as a tool is the key. You need to know enough to make decisions about what types of technology to use. whether in your personal or professional life. Technology produced benefits not only in our personal lives but also economically. Andwe can now compete globally. children don't have to memorize as many facts as their grandparents did because they can Google it. But on the other side. How will it be helpful in the work? Do you need it to perform everyday task? The more you work with technology the deeper and richer your understanding of technology will become. it is use in different ways and sometimes the way various technologies are implemented ends harming our lives and the society that we live in. Instead of being intimated. it would be extremely difficult to adjust to. However. To be a fully functioning member of today’s age of technology. But actually we could do without technology. The balance we need to find is in appreciating and using technology the right way. nothing can stop our society from advancing. without technology we would be an extremely primitive society. But still the choice remains in each person’s hands.

And it is recommended to have a development to carry out and maintain practices with technology. It is recommended that technology should be used in ways that go beyond skills and [2] http://www.pdf [4] http://www. Technology should be used when necessary rather than a designated time during a daily schedule.cyberbullying. and synthesis of old knowledge into new ideas.” And when technology isn’t at your fingertips try to experience and enjoy the moments you have instead of focusing on what you don’t.care2. Training in a way that it is developmentally appropriate in intentional use.advanced levels of [5] [6] .wikipedia. A significant goal that must develop is a sense of inquiry and discipline. It is also recommended to have limitations on the use of [1] http://en. Children develop and learn competencies through meaningful and authentic experiences which contribute to curriculum and learning Technology use should be thoughtfully introduce through units and Multiple technologies should be used to support learning experiences. problem-solving.html [3] http://www. Special considerations must be given to the use of technology with infants and toddlers. Goal setting for individuals is a must to monitor the uses and outcome of technology usage. Goal setting helps a person to stay focus. technology and interactive media are effective tools to support learning and development. References http://livesimplechicago.utrs. When used intentionally and appropriately.