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Success Within International
2nd year Anniversary conference
DATE: 26TH JULY 2014
Program Booklet


Success Within International

Glory to God SWI’s vision is to raise people of outstanding success for global relevance. An omission you permit now that you are young may not show any damage today. He has been our alpha and @successbayo 08053246002 @sucesswithinint Success Within International www.Organisation president Welcome note Thanks be unto God. So when exactly is the future? Fela Durotoye rightly put that the future is not a time zone but everything that we can be but have not yet become. the main aim of this conference is to raise nation builders. Joel 2:28-29 says” And it shall come to pass afterwards.successwithinint. It is one thing for God to give an assignment and it is another for the assignment to be executed. Once again. your old men shall dream dreams. This is your season of advancement. so therefore I endeavour you to be open minded because this program would be a catalyst for our personal and national development. I once heard that each lapse you allow now will report your inherent weakness for the future you hope for. CONGRATULATIONS. the future is everything that we can do but have not yet .Bruce Springsteen. Ajayi Adebayo Success Sustainable Learning Performance Coach successwithinint@yahoo. in those days I will pour my Spirit”. that I will pour my spirit on all flesh. God is set to empower the willing youths. Indeed God has been faithful to us as an organisation. Even on the male and female servants. It is time for the youth to get prepared in order to dominate as the mandate given to us by our father in heaven. Now wherever we go he uses us to tell others about the Lord and to spread the Good News like a sweet perfume. and your young men shall see visions. Our 2nd year anniversary conference theme as you all know is tagged “The Ambassadors”. your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. I say welcome and have a most impactful and revelation fulfilling conference. who made us his captives and leads us along in triumphal procession. it is the future that will reveal it when you will not be able to bear the weight of the glory your future will bestow upon you. ( 2 cor 2:14). Many youths have been procrastinating their domination season to the future. A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be.

2012. 3. you cannot be productive and not be successful and you cannot be outstandingly successful and not be impactful”. We have since marched progressively with the vision to “Raise people of outstanding success for global relevance” through conferences. 2. you cannot be creative and not be productive. to ensure we all remain at the cutting edge.Program Coordinator’s Welcome Address I’d like to personally welcome each of you to our 2nd year Anniversary program themed 'The Ambassadors'. motivated and creative. I’d like to thank each of you for attending our conference and bringing your passion to our gathering. My personal thanks goes out to all of you. I ask you to stay engaged. You. diligent. We have planned a gathering of brilliant minds and the missions of the conference are as follows: 1. Let me give you a brief update on where we are today. 5. keep us proactive and help us shape the future we all desire. It’s an exciting time for Success Within International as we continue to grow. wherewithal and the experience to help us pave our way into the future. as individuals have the vision. books and other publications to mention but a few. knowledge. An anniversary to mark our second year of existence. To raise people of outstanding success and God fearing individuals in the various sectors of our . Odunowo Atinuke @sucesswithinint Success Within International www. 4. You are truly our greatest asset today and tomorrow. the president Mr Adebayo Ajayi. Bishop David Oyedepo once said “You cannot be committed and not be creative. remaining always passionate.successwithinint. unlearn and yet re-learn new and exciting things as we progress through its varied phases. seminars. and we’ll continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this. This has been one of our guiding principles and will like for you to embrace them as well. We must take full responsibility if we must indeed make the outstanding and unforgettable marks we desire and have been called to. On July 25. To revitalize passion in youths towards the development of our nation. articles. I’d like to give you an idea of what you can expect and what we hope to achieve during the program. To revisit national issues and talk about possible solutions. and we could not accomplish what we do without your constant support. To bridge the gap between the church and the world. Before I close. Just as Myles Munroe said “abuse is inevitable when purpose is not known”. Life basically presents us with the opportunity to learn. got the vision for the organization which was shared with board members and the organization was formed after setting the foundation aright through careful planning and adequate preparations. Throughout this conference.

SPELL arm b. that I heard him that spake unto me”. To teach youths God’s way of success.SUCCESS WITHIN INTERNATIONAL Who We Are We are a faith based organization with the principal aim of igniting the success power within people with emphasis on the youth.  To eradicate all forms of juvenile and youth delinquencies.successwithinint. Our Vision Our Vision is to raise people of outstanding success for global relevance Our Missions      To help nurture youths for creativity and excellence. and set me upon my feet. Charity arm A. Our Core Values       Spirituality: Passion Branding Creativity: An improvement on what has been done before Excellence: Our products must possess good qualities in high degrees Diligence Discipline Synergy Exemplary Lifestyle What we do ORGANISATION DESIGN The organization structure is subdivided into three main arm. To help people ignite their .  To imbibe in people a strong sense of internal locus of control (discipline) via God’s word. To raise an army of people who will take over the economy positively. SPELL arm S-Spiritual dominance Academy (SDA) Objectives. a. Our Anchor Scripture Ezekiel 2: 2 KJV “And the Spirit entered into me when he spake unto me. @sucesswithinint Success Within International www. To help youths discover talent and purpose.  To foster spiritual growth among the youth. Consultancy arm c.

To foster discipline among youths. To provide a sustainable learning attribute to the environment.successwithinint. To aid in the optimization of learning.blogspot.         To help youths live a well dignified life. L-Leadership accountability Academy (LAA) Objectives.  To ignite the leadership quality among the Youths. +2347039177319 www.  To imbibe a good culture of money management. Charity Arm +2348053246002. To help maintain a positive attitude towards acadermics.  To make the phrase ‘youths are the leaders of tomorrow’ a reality and a positive . To teach on how to make quality decisions. To help improve efficiency and effectiveness. L-Learning enhancement Academy (LEA) Objectives.       To help increase the youth’s academic perfomance.  To help youths understand their potential brand as leaders. P-Personality development Academy (PDA) Objectives. B.c @sucesswithinint Success Within International om www. To coach individuals in their various career paths. Consultancy arm C. To help improve the character and charisma of youths. To teach students practical ways of learning in schools. To improve communication skills and self-confidence E-Economic stability Academy (ESA) Objectives. To imbibe a good culture of good time management skills. To eradicate unruly behaviour in the society at large.  To help in proper channelling of resources strategies. To teach the people about the utilization of supernatural advantage in their daily activities.success4rmwithin.

com . A regular speaker in all major student conferences in his country and its region. service and leadership makes her shine in all she set out to do. some are “Potter’s touch award of human capacity development. inspire the young. “eagle of the year in Chemical Engineering 2013”. the young and dynamic University of Lagos trained Mechanical Engineer has published over 15 titles that are of help to the generality of students both in their academics and other areas of their lives. Her zeal and dedication to social justice. South Carolina. She was awarded the 2012 'Outstanding Social Work Student of the Year' and was inducted into the Circle of Influence for Student Leaders by the Leadership Institute at Columbia College. “2nd Overall best in Daystar Leadership Academy set 25 2013”.com Omotola Akinsola She is one of the most positive and encouraging individual you would ever meet. the National Students’ Coach. He has spoken on various platforms and he has also co-authored four books. Having been dealing and speaking with students for the past ten samosalau@yahoo. @sucesswithinint Success Within International www. a dynamic speaker. Success Handbook. give hope to the hopeless. on a mission to bring about effective and lasting changes not only in the social welfare sector but also in the education sector in Nigeria and beyond. He is the most read author on campus issues in Africa. She is also a member and a researcher for the American Model United Nations. He is the president of Success Within International. an organization with the vision of “Raising people of outstanding success for global relevance” He has a mandate to ignite the success power within youths and also reform the educational sector in Nigeria and Africa. has practical solutions to most of the problems students encounter in their academic pursuit.samosalau. motivate and empower the downtrodden and challenge people to do more than just complain.A secondary school development outreach. a chemical engineer by training. Adebayo graduated with a first class degree in Chemical Engineering from Covenant University. He is the major convener of The Future outreach. He believes in the miraculous and it has characterized his ministrations. Renaissance Man and Learning Boost and authored a book called Mental Illumination E-mail: adebayo.MAIN SPEAKERS PROFILE Ajayi Adebayo H e is a sustainable learning performance coach. social change. Her mission is to help the helpless. an education consultant. Omotola was named as one of the recipients of Who's Who Among American Colleges & Universities Students. Recently. is a Professional Student Consultant. a social entrepreneur and a practical teacher. She is a woman with a vision. especially young people help themselves and be all they can possibly be. as he is fondly called by the generality of the academic community. and many more. he has won so many awards.ajayi@yahoo. God’s word for your Academics. www. She challenges all to come aboard and be part of the solutions with me. Her hope is to empower others. encourage the weary. Salau He is Africa’s leading author on campus issues. an author. There is no doubt that he is a success Sam O.

she has passion for education and management. He speaks on youth reorientation. Kelechi. as a delivery system for the transcontinental transformation of Africa.Governance and Politics He is a policy consultant. chairman Board of SKY.Sc and Msc in Archiecture. She is a co-author of the book “Success Handbook” and also the author of the book “Who said so” Eluehike Chiedu – Technological Development He is a deeply passionate Technology enthusiast with robust knowledge on Information Technology and specifically its usage in enabling businesses drive efficiency and higher profit margins and also IT’s usage in causing positive socio-economic change in developing nations. He is a member of SAP community @sucesswithinint Success Within International www. She has a Bsc. Abraham Owoseni – Career development/Business He is a youth development consultant and youth facility designer. Philosopher and Foremost Prophet of Corporate Nigeria. a first class mechanical engineering graduate has spoken on various academic platforms where youths have been empowered to develop their potentials. Gideon Oghenetega. Kate is a prolific writer of various articles and a passionate speaker and she will stop at nothing until she sees the vision God has placed in her hands fully accomplished. He is a corporate strategy consultant who specialises in taking SME’s into big company status. He is a lover of God and seeks to better himself. A first class graduate of Covenant University where he obtained his B. Degree in Biochemistry from Covenant University. He envisioned new breeds of youth.successwithinint. won the New Horizons prize for Best graduating student in International IT exams and joint-authored the 2013 graduating set Release book ‘Renaissance Man’. He is a youth development coach at Rising star leadership Initiative as wells as the youth development academy. Kate is a young woman with a mandate to nurture the seeds of greatness in people to blossom and flourish the way God originally intended for . He is an advocate of youth development. youth development and youth empowerment and youth empowerment.SYNDICATE SPEAKERS PROFILE Olopade Kate. He is passionate about knowledge and a dynamic teacher about Academic excellence. He is Cisco CCNA & CCNP certified and is 10 months away from passing Cisco’s highest certification CCIE Ekeh Kelechi. He is a highly regarded and sought after speaker and writer. She is the vice president of Success Within International. While at Covenant University he was a Chevron Scholar. He has a background in Engineering and also in Business Administration. He is also the dean of career/learning enhancement academy of SWI globally. He went to Covenant University for his Tertiary education where he studied Electrical & Electronics Engineering.Youth Development She is a practical and inspirational teacher.Education He is the past the coordinator of Success within International Covenant University Chapter. Venture Capitalist.

sound wisdom and practical advice. He is the renowned author of the book SKY-Success Keypoints for Youths a cocktail of history.Sc Mechanical Engineering) David Ubanyi (B.Sc Building Technology-in view) @sucesswithinint Success Within International www.Sc Mechanical Engineering-in view) Segun Benson (B.Sc Mechanical Engineering) Hope Nathaniel (B.Sc Mechanical Engineering-in view) Ezewinwe Success(B.successwithinint.Sc Biochemistry) Atinuke Odunowo (B.1:45pm Mr Mayowa nd 6 Citation of 2 speaker 1:45pm.1:13pm Miss Success st 3 Citation of 1 speaker st 4 1 speaker’s session 1:13pm.and Principal Editor of Ekiti Newsletter. Interviews and Menu! Menu!! Menu!!! 3:40pm -3:45pm Miss Mary 17 SUCCESS WITHIN INTERNATIONAL EXCECUTIVE MEMBERS             Ajayi Adebayo (B.1:48pm Mr Osho 7 2nd speaker’s session 1:48pm -2:15pm Miss Omotola 8 Syndicate Session 2:15pm-2:40pm Mr Segun 9 Special ministration 2:40pm-2:45pm Mr David 2:45pm-2:48pm Miss Hope 10 rd Citation of 3 speaker rd 11 3 speakers session 2:48-3:15pm Mr Ajayi 12 Cutting of the cakes/Pictures 3:15pm-3:25pm Miss Tosin 13 Presentation of certificates 3:25pm -3:30pm Miss Kate 14 Word from the president 3:30pm-3:35pm Mr Ajayi 15 Vote of Thanks 3:35pm-3:40pm Mr David Ubanyi 16 Closing Prayer/National Anthem Feedbacks.Sc Management Information System) Osuolale Oluwatosin (B.1:40pm Mr Sam O Salau 5 Special ministration 1:40pm.Sc Building Technology-in view) Osho Emmanuel (B.Sc Building Technology-in view) Makanju Funto (B.Sc Biochemistry) EKeh Kelechi (B.1:03pm Mr David Ubanyi 2 Welcome address 1:03pm.Eng Chemical Engineering) Olopade Kate (B.Sc Accouting) Thomas Makinwa (B.1:10pm Miss Atinuke . ORDER OF PROGRAM Master of Ceremony: Miss Funto Makanju and Mr Thomas Makinwa S/N PROGRAM DURATION ANCHOR 1 Opening prayer 1:00pm.

    Ajalie Emmanuel (B.Sc Accouting) Adetayo Adeniji – Affiliate Member ( Success Within International .Eng Chemical Engineering) Bolutife Alabi – Affiliate Member (B.Eng Electrical Electronics Engineering-in view) Mary Obi ( Demography-in view) EVENTS PACKAGED BY Jesutomiabe Designz Colossus Photography @sucesswithinint www.successwithinint.