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Amgen Scholars Europe Programme - provides undergrad students with
opportunities to undertake hands-on summer research
experience at some of world’s leading institutions
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry – information for getting into
the industry and list of pharmaceutical recruiters
AstraZeneca - offer a
range of placements, from summer vacation
programmes to 12 month industrial placements. These
are available to bioscience students studying a full-time
university degree course. Opportunities are based
Macclesfield and Alderley Park sites in Cheshire
Biochemical Society –Science Policy & Education
Internship Scheme (placement) -

GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline) - Host
both industrial (year long) placements and summer
opportunities . Year placement areas include:
Manufacturing (Engineering & Science); Information
Technology; R&D (Science & Statistics); Sales and
Marketing; Communications; Engineering; Human
Resources; Finance; Procurement; Supply Chain;
Regulatory Affairs. Summer placements include:
marketing and Purchasing. Although opportunities are
not all specific to science students, they afford good
networking opportunities and experience with a big
pharmaceutical organization.

Cancer Research UK - summer internships through the
London Research Institute and the Beatson Institute in Glasgow
Covance - a
biopharmaceutical development services company with
preclinical and clinical research operations and offer
undergraduate placements for one year and summer
placements , in areas including: Toxicology Lab
Operations; Animal Operations; Bioanalytical Services;
Biotechnology; Genetic & Molecular Toxicology;
Metabolism Operations, Environmental Sciences;
Pharmaceutical Analysis; Clinical Pharmacology; Clinical
Operations; Data Management

HE Academy UK Centre for Bioscience website
provides a list of organisations offering summer vacation
placements and placement funding.

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) - Ministry of Defence summer
vacation scheme and industrial placements. As well as
bespoke opportunities and summer placements, DSTL
also participates in the YINI programme.

Energy Institute - - designed to provide young
professionals and recent graduates with work
experience in the energy sector.

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Green Business Partnership
– Environmental project placements with small
employers in Scotland

University of Birmingham Careers Network

Tel: 0121 414 6120


The Foundation administers bursaries for Physics.biochemistry.sanger. Data Analysis.bioscience.heacademy.php . UK Centre for Bioscience http://www. Other subjects are dealt with by Applics required by mid Oct. supervisors may nominate students to receive a stipend of up to £2000 over 10 weeks Genetics Society Pathological Society http://www.hetm bsl .uk/students/undergrad_buw rsw arw ie.jic.Summer Research Studentships . funding up to £3000 for research undertaken in the summer vacation Nuffield Foundation x. Genetics of Instinctive m07/studentships.funding for summer research (to be applied for by the supervisor) Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Offer both year and summer internship visit: www.has an undergraduate vacation bursary . Parasite paying approx £12.pathsoc. The Sainsbury Laboratory & The Genome Analysis Centre http://opportunities. Nuffield Foundation http://www. Reckitt Benckiser dentistry or biomedical science to enable them to work for elective or vacation periods in departments of pathology in “Genes and Development Summer Studentships”.bbsrc.genetics.pdf . YINI also offer paid scientific placements For further information on work experience opportunities. visit Careers Network’s FUNDING AND BURSARIES Biochemical Society www. Computer Science. Virus Genomics. Chemistry. Lonza http://www. Genetics of deafness. Activity areas include: Virus Genomics.a summer internship program for undergraduate students in Malaria Interest group. Laboratory Work. Earth Sciences.php/grants-lectures-awards .uk/workstudy/placements/ Sandwich placements are available to students undertaking a four year undergraduate course. veterinary medicine.AEF\College Handouts\College LES\Biosciences (September 2013) .org/go/grants/nsbur/ Physics.John Innes Centre.offer Research Experience Placements to undergraduates for summer research (applications to be made by Applications for all open late November annually (the deadline for year placements is 31st Jan. Protein Sequence Analysis. NHS laboratories or research institutes in the United Kingdom or – Offer 12 month placements for Bioscience students in their Cambridge ml . NOT students.sgm.nuffieldfoundation.jic.lonza.sw.html N:\Careers\HANDOUTS AND RESOURCES . MedImmune http://www.bspp. Engineering. British Society for Plant Pathology http://www.cfm offers a limited number of awards to enable undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects during the summer vacation Wellcome Trust can seek the mentor's nomination to apply for a Sainsbury Undergraduate Studentship. not only in science but business Research Internships for Scientific Experience (RISE) www.rb.Funded undergraduate summer studentships are available for a range of disciplines. Applications are normally taken between Oct and eaflet.aspx Careers Connect database: Chemistry and Mathematics. Purification . Model Organisms.) Approx 100 placements are available per year.provides a wealth of additional information regarding summer vacation studentships and placements. Activities include Molecular Biology. medical schools. Cell culture Students with an interest in plant science.targetconnect. Computer Science.aspx – Offers year-long placements for Bioscience undergraduates. between June and September.mrc.pdf .etrust.000 p/a. Systems Biology of Bone. The Trust also offers Undergraduate Placements for 3 months over the summer and studying at universities with nominated Gatsby dergraduate/ .ac.offers a number of bursaries to undergraduate students of medicine. Bioinformatics. These are salaried at approx £15. Society for General Microbiology provide unique opportunities for bioscience students to spend the summer on their research programme. normally in Analytical Services. Year in Industry (YINI) http://www. for summer placements the deadline is 28th Feb).html .now works with other organisations to provide matched funding for undergraduate opportunities.the UK's leading student placement experts.000 pro-rata. Sainsbury Undergraduate Studentships www.htm Biomedical Vacation Scholarships These awards provide promising undergraduates with hands-on experience of research during the summer vacation – applications open in the Autumn For further information on funding. Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute http://www.