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The word corruption has been deduced from corrupt which means to change from good to bad in
morals, manners and actions. Corruption means departure from what is pure or is regarded as
the mother of all threatens the foundation of our has affected every aspect of our
has brought us to the to the brink of disaster.the Quaid e azam once called the corruption a poison to
our society.unfortunately our lives are poisoned by a result our society has become cancerous.

Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) declared that;
"Damned is the bribe giver (or corruptor)-the bribe taker (the
corrupted) and he who goes between them”

The factors or reasons which
contribute to corruption.
the lack of accountability promotes corruption
the lust for power and money is the basic cause of corruption.In short ,people are ready to be bought
and sold.Snobbery has become the prominent in our social life.The desire to become rich overnight is
spreading in the society.We adopt every fair and foul means to maintain social prestige.As a result we
follow the path of corruption.This trend has paralised the whole society.
Unemployment and rising prices are another cause of corruption.Essential things of life are getting
beyond the reach of common man.Lack of planning has resulted in lack of devotion.In such a situation
everyone picks whatever comes on his the wolves has become guardians of the the
result is corruption.
Even the routine matters cannot be settled in our society with out passing through mental
can not get your gas or electric meter cannot get a case registered in the police station
and you can not settle land dispute with out passing through one misery or the other.the list is almost
endless and covers almost every field of our life.No one is free from corruption in this societywether
peon or the president.Four elected governments in Pakistan have been dismissed on charges of
corruption.But those who removed them proved more corrupt.

Types of corruption
petty, grand and political.

The petty corruption is usually linked with the lower salary employees and generally
considered as facilitating payments.
whereas, the grand corruption is associated with the high level bureaucracy.
However, the political corruption as name indicates is related to the politician. They usually
involve in this type corruption in order to maintain their status quo.

How to remove corruption
The corruption stories should not make us hopeless.there are success stories of honesty as well.All of us
want to controle corruption.The road to salvation may be difficult but not impossible.we can defeat
corruptionby taking practical steps.we need effective olanning.reforms are required in every field of our
public life.lawmakers should not be should expose the corruptand stress on simple
living.justice should be ensured.unemployment should be controlled.we should adopt the habbit of
selfaccountability.we can stop corruption by adopting such a behavior.

To address these issues in a meaningful and effective manner the following measures can be taken.
1. Salaries of the government servants working at the lowest level should be increased.
2. All civil and military officers, politicians and other responsible persons should be asked to file a
declaration of their assets before assuming any public office
3. The institution of Ombudsman should be given more powers. The scope and areas of his jurisdiction
should be enlarged.
4. A powerful anti-corruption commission comprising knows men of integrity should be constituted. It
should be empowered to take action against person found guilty of corruption.

Corruption is a scourge that has badly affected the quality of governance, state of the economy and
social justice available to the corruption should be removed completely from the society for
the welfare of the society.