The NAG-BUSTER version 1.

2b, Copyright (c) 1992-1994 Erik Famm Changes and bugs fixed (in addition to new patches): ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.61�: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Several different editions of Telix 3.20 .EXE-files created a problem since the NAG-BUSTER looks for a specified filesize of the .EXE-file for recognition of the correct version. (It also checks bytes at pre-set offsets). The solution was to create another patch for the second TELIX.EXE, so now there is support for two different Telix 3.20s. This explains why their filesizes are noted in parentheses in the DOS programs-menu. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.62�: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The patch for QMail 1stReader 1.00 did not work satisfactory. In addition to the fact that the patch did not bypass all windows, I wasn't aware of the built-in limit of messages per conference (20 only). Now, you can have up to 400 messages - as with the registered version. (Hey, why only 400...?) - The Hyperkey v.4.16 patch only removed the delay screen, but the time limit was still active. Fixed. - If the user had a program with incorrect bytes at a specified location although the filesize was correct, a window should pop up telling that the program had a wrong version. This did not happen consistently. The patch only halted and the program returned to either the DOS menu or the Windows menu. Fixed. - A minor error with the time function written to the log file has been fixed. - BUSTER.EXE is no longer compressed, thereby running faster but obviously occupies more disk space. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.63�. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Several new patches were added. - A few cosmethic changes were made. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.64� ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Reported bugs were found in both the Offline Express TD patch and in the Qedit patch. The OLX patch would not run because of an error with the checking routines in NAG-BUSTER. The Qedit patch accidentally altered some colors in Qedit. Both patches seems to work fine now. Please let me know if you still encounter difficulties. - In version 0.63� I added a Games menu (with only one patch at present). That project is now on ice. - A few cosmethic changes were made - as usual. I never make up my mind... ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.65� ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The mouse double-click did not work in the DOS/WINDOWS menus. Fixed.

First, point at the program, then double-click the mouse to choose it. - Automatic backup copying of program files to .BAK is implemented - not yet with .OVR and .OVL-files, though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.66 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- New patches only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.70� ---------------------------------------------------------------------A major rewriting of NAG-BUSTER in this version, so beware of any unfortunate bugs. Please report found bugs to me - in writing, please. - Automatic decompression of compressed files implemented as a result of user request. Thanks for the feed-back! The new decompression routine does not bother with headers in the compressed files. The decompression routine jumps to DOS, runs COMPBUST.EXE, which runs the program to be patched with a interrupt hook, using disk or EMS (if any) swapping to save memory and finally it is saved back on disk after decompression found place in memory. Please report problems! Do not use the old BUSTLZ.EXE and BUSTPK.EXE any more! Delete them! - Added a convenient 'Jump to DOS Shell' - menu choice using disk or EMS (if any) swapping to save low memory. - Automatic backup copying of .OVR files, too. - Better (I think) information to the user of what is actually going on in NAG-BUSTER. Many windows was difficult to follow, as they passed the user's eye too quickly. Now, things move a bit slower, but inform you better. Please, contribute with your opinion on this. - Safer checking of .OVR/OVL files before patching. In earlier versions NAG-BUSTER checked .EXE files thoroughly, but if there also was a .OVR to patch also, NAG-BUSTER did not check sufficiently for the .OVR file's validity, but assumed that it was correct since the .EXE file was. No problems were discovered, though, but you can never be *too' sure... Now, .OVR files are checked the same way as .EXE files before patching. NAG-BUSTER checks and patches the .EXE file first, then the .OVR file. - An error was discovered in the Catdisk v.6.15 patch for CATDISK.EXE: the specified filesize was 153666 bytes, but should have been 153664. - The Media Cataloging System patch caused the program to hang when the user chose "F2-Track Notes". I addition, a nag window popped up when the user reached 80 artists in the database. Fixed. - Some of the patches in the 0.65� that also had to patch overlay-files (i.e. files with a .OVR or OVL extension) did not complete successfully due to a minor programming error. Fixed. - As opposed to earlier Blaster Master patches, the patch for version 5.7 also eliminates the 25 second limitation of editing (only recently I became aware of this limit). ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.71� ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Minor adjustments only ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.72�

---------------------------------------------------------------------- I have written a color setup program and changed all color routines in NAG-BUSTER to match with BCOLORS.EXE. You should be able to choose a color setup that suits you. - It is now possible to pay for NAG-BUSTER by using one of several credit cards. Therefore, the registration form and routines have been rewritten. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.74� (5 January 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The patch for PCopy 9.3 did not work. Fixed. Read about this patch in PATCHES.NFO. - The patches for ArcMaster 9.6 and Amisetup 2.10 mixed places in the DOS programs menu. Fixed. Sorry... - Added a color palette for color monitors. Any use of screen savers that reset the monitor after a keypress will also reset the color palette to your defaults. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Starting with version 0.75�, patches for some of the older versions will be deleted. I will keep the patches for the two most recent versions of any program. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.74B� (21 January 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The patch for WinFast 3.4b did not work satisfactory. It removed the nag, but when the user exited Windows and restarted it, the nag was back. Fixed. - VGA COPY PRO 5.2: A great many things can be said about this "program" (but I will not extend my critisism any further than to my opinion found in PATCHES.NFO). However, there is a bug in my patch, ie. VGA COPY exits at the point where you attempt to format a disk. This is a checksum in case of tampering by the user. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Liberman (Ontario, Canada) for letting me know. And I thought I was through with VGACOPY! (Upgrades of this dreadful program will not be patched by me!). Btw.: Some users told me about a filesize error message appearing as they started the second patch run on VGACOPY and thought this was a bug in NAG-BUSTER. It isn't. Read PATCHES.NFO again - VGACOPY.EXE has to be patched once before it can be decompressed. Therefore the filesize must be wrong when NAG-BUSTER comes to the second patch. As you can see from the "error" message, "NAG-BUSTER will now try to decompress VGACOPY". Just press a key and let NAG-BUSTER proceed. It will decompress VGACOPY to the correct filesize and finally write the main patch into VGACOPY.EXE. - A similar bug occurred in WINZIP v.5.0 and has been fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.0 (15 March 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I changed my mind about the deletion of older versions from NAG-BUSTER 0.75 (see above). I'll hang on to them until further notice. - There won't be a 0.75� version. I have decided to skip beta-testing now because I haven't encountered any bugs in the main program, nor have I received any bug-reports from the users. The few "bugs" that are noted and fixed, was found in some of the patches, not in the main program routines. Therefore, the next version is shipped as 1.0 Release.

---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.01 (28 March 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you patched ConFormat, the log file would be appended with the ConFormat name with the end-of-file-marker (ASCII 27). Viewing the log file from the Main menu would therefore stop at this marker since BUSTER.LOG (ie. the log file) handled as a textfile. The easiest way to fix this is to omit the end-of-file-marker in the file name ConFormat. I chose the easy way this time... (sorry, SYDEX). ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1 (10 April 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The logfile routine has become more extensive in order to inform you, the user, of what the NAG-BUSTER has done to your program. Hope this will come in handy! - Rewritten the backup-copying routine. It was a bit slow, I'm afraid. - A peculiar (to you) number popped up in the Path-input field right after you chose to start patching. This number is a defined variable that I needed to study further and chose to display at the current cursor position (rather than using the debugger which takes more time). This looked a bit strange, but had no effect on the program. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1b (22 April 1994). Bugfix. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The patch for Qedit 3.00 caused Qedit to pop up a window with the message "Error in .EXE" after the user had pressed PgDn and then tried to use one of the arrow keys. I was aware of this message to begin with, but thought I had managed to bypass this checksum. Now I have. - Rewrote the patch routines some more, i.e. not the routines that patches the programs, but the information shown to you on screen during the patch operation, but there is a slight miscalculation in this routine. Nothing major and I'll fix this as soon as possible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1c (24 April 1994). Bugfix. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Paint Shop Pro 2.0 patch routine pointed to the 1.0 routine. Now fixed. I can only say I'm sorry about this blunder. - A user reported that the 4DOS 5.0d patch caused a total system crash on his machine. Although I have tested this patch more than thouroughly, I have not been able to produce a similar situation. This routine is therefore left unchanged. Please bear in mind the fact that all patches check your program's filesize against my preset filesize. If the filesizes don't match and your file is larger than mine, NAG-BUSTER assumes that your program has been compressed and triggers the decompression routine. This was exactly what happened to this user. He probably tried to patch an earlier 4DOS version with the patch for version 5.0d, and that particular version had a larger .EXE-filesize than the 5.0d version, thus triggering the decompression routine (though you have a chance to bud out with ESC prior to running this routine). Trying to decompress a non-compressed program will perhaps cause some difficulties on your system, so check and

ensure that you have a program version identical to the one that the patch is intended for. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1d (10 May 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The patch for Graphic Workshop 7.0 called the routine for v.6.1d. - The patches for MenuBar and Megaedit mixed places in the menu, but if you went for it, the patches would still work! Well...fixed now. - A minor error in BUSTREG.EXE resulted in blinking white inputfield color. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1e (1 July 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hyperdisk v. 4.65 (HYPER386.EXE): At 7 June 1994, HYPER386 showed the "Time to pay"-window. Fixed, but may occur with other Hyperdisk cache programs, too. These have not been fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.2b (24 August 1994) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Allow for 256 different colors including bright background colors set up through BCOLORS.EXE which has been rewritten accordingly. - Rewritten and extended the information written to the log file BUSTER.LOG. This includes full listing of each byte replaced in your program by NAG-BUSTER. - A few cosmetic bugs were fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Written suggestions and feed-back from anyone are always welcome!! (and I thank all users out there who have sent me a lot of constructive feed-back already!) Please feel free to write to the following address: Erik Famm Hertzbergsgt. 7 A N-0360 OSLO Enclose US$ 5 to cover my postal and stationary expenses if you want a reply. You can ask me anything about the development, program routines, patches or leave some neat tricks if you know any. If you're in the same "business", I'll try to help you with problems, though I won't reveal my deepest secrets.... On how to pay and become a registered user, read the file BUSTER.DOC from NAG-BUSTER (choose [Information] from the Main menu) or fill in and print the registration form by choosing [Registration] from the Main menu. Registration fee is to be sent to the address above, payable to Erik Famm. Please use a postal money order. ENJOY! #