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cOdEd bY | | -*- mEsCaL -*| NoVeLL-NeTwOrK | | PaSSwOrD-CaTcHeR v2.o | | | ----------------------/////////////////////// ( )//( ) //////////////////////////////// ///////////////////// _o_( )//( )_o_ //////////////////////////// ////////////////////// \____|//|____/ /////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

_\|/_ 0/ O O \0 | "..." | --oOo-------------oOo--

1. What the hell is it? ======================= Hmmm, CATCH.COM is a cool Hackin-Tool, which allows you to collect the LOGIN Passwords of the other Networkers... It was coded in less than 2 hours, so it may be somethin buggy... But... who carz? 2. How does it work? ==================== Very simple... By starting CATCH.COM, it will install resident into memory! There we stay passiv, until the User runs LOGIN.EXE! Then the CatchRoutines will wake up! The Name and the Password of the user who is currently loggin on will be saved in Memory, while he enters... You are able to save the collected Stuff from Memory to Disk, latah, by pressin a cewl Key-Combination! 3. How to start it? =================== SYNTAX: CATCH.COM [DRV:] For example: CATCH.COM B: (will write PASSWORD.LST(*) to B:\ ) CATCH.COM C: (will write PASSWORD.LST(*) to C:\ ) CATCH.COM (will write PASSWORD.LST(*) to A:\ ) Note: If ya leave out the Parameter or if ya enter a nonvalid one, Drive A: is set! * PASSWORD.LST is the File, in which you can write the collected Names and Passwords... (see 4.!) 4. How to control it? ===================== The control of the Program is very handy: Use... - STRG-ALT-'+' (on the numeric Pad) to save the collected Names and Passwords to Disk! All the cought stuff is saved (on the Drive, which you specified as Parameter when you started CATCH.COM) in a hidden File named PASSWORD.LST. If ya wanna have a look at it, just type it! After you saved, the internal Name-/Password-Buffer will reset...

- STRG-ALT-ENTER to uninstall the whole shit from memory... (Hopefully, nobody can trace you, after doing the uninstall... Hopefully... ;) ) Of course it is impossible to remove it from memory, if other resident Programs, loaded *after* our CATCH.COM, will use one of the INTs used by our Program... In this case, CATCH.COM will simply stay passiv in Memory but not free his used mem! - STRG-ALT-ESC to toggle between ACTIV ON/OFF... That means, if you press these keys, while you are *not* logged in, you can save YOUR Password from beeing caught... If you press twice, the CATCHER will come to live again and continue collecting Passwords... (This is useful, if you want to show the PASSWORD.LST to ya friends, and if you don't want them to get to know your own Password...) 5. Example of catching the Supervisor-Psw ========================================= Jo... catchin the supervisor-password is really cewl, eh? No Problem, dude! I'll give you one example how to get the supervisor's password... First of all, you install the CATCH.COM on ya machine... then just tell the supervisor that you forgot your system-password and you are now unable to login... The supervisor will say somethin like: "Too bad! Let me have a look!". Now, he will sit down at ya machine and login: Enter your loginname: supervisor Enter Password: Got ya! Next, you just let him modify your password, and after that he hopefully moves away from ya machine and continue his own work... The way to heaven is free for you! Just press ALT-STRG-'+' and you got his Password in the hidden File "PASSWORD.LST"! You can c it by typin the File... You will get somethin like... Supervisor Bordello That means: Name is "Supervisor" and Password is "Bordello"... Easy... Finaly, you should discard ur fingerprints by pressin' ALT-STRG-ENTER (remove CATCH.COM from Memory)... har har... now, all doors are opened to you! HaVe PhUn! 6. What else is important? ========================== - The so called Name-/Password-Buffer (the collected Names and Passwords are saved there in Mem) has, in this Version, a size of 1024 Bytes... This is enough to collect up to 40-50 Names and Passwords... If the Buffer is full, it will reset automatically. That means, the first Names and Passwords will be overwritten by the new ones... - Note that if there is no Disk in the specified Drive when you pressed the magic Keyz, the System may hang!! So... keep in a Disk if ya wanna save, or all stuff is lost! 7. Disclaimer =============

This program is provided AS IS without any warranty, expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular use. I cannot held responsible for any damages occured by using my Program! Repeated: I cannot held responsible for *anything* that occurs by the use of my Program!! 8. Creditz ========== Written in 1994 by mEsCaL using TASM 3.2 (R) and published through ThE SkeWerS iNC.! Please report any Bugs to me! I do not know if there are Novell-Versions out, on which the Catcher won't work... I tested it on our School-Network and it worked very well... 9. Last Words ============= No fuckin last words, dude! I only have to excuse me for my damn baaaad english-knowledge...But who carz??? Just kick it! That's it! -[mEsCaL]-