A girl’s guide to dealing with the dark side

The life of Bella Swan

In a question & answer/ diary format, each chapter focuses on the rather important lessons that come when ‘dealing with the dark side’. ~ Lesson 1~ First encounter with a vampire... -They will draw you in... and once captured there is no escape. Not even from yourself... As the stretching rays of an early morning sun, cast its warmth on the small town of Forks, Bella yawned groggily. From what little sleep that she had managed, she was expected to revel in her first day at school. Fat chance, she thought. Shuffling towards her window she pried the small gap between the curtains open. Miraculously there was no rain; however the little sunshine that had emerged earlier was now hidden behind masses of grey clouds. The overcast weather reflected her emotions, exhausted, anxious and unhappy. It wasn’t that she hated Forks, no. It was rather she missed the sun, its warmth, like her mother had been a large part of her life, until now that is. She sighed as she glanced at the mirror, just an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town. Rushing what she called her morning ritual; Bella was freshly showered and clothed all before quarter past eight. Pulling her hair into a tight ponytail, she traipsed downstairs. Breakfast was a short ordeal. What little conversation did arise was a miracle, Charlie for one was not known for his conversation skills. Pulling out of the driveway her thoughts drifted to Phoenix. Finally she arrived at the school, almost missing it on her way. Clambering out of the car, she could feel the several gazes that bore into her back. In a town where new things were hard to come by, she was the spectacle, go figure, she thought. Clutching her bag, she almost stumbled at the sight of the people across from her. They moved like dancers, elegant and beautiful, all five of them. Their skin so pale, almost translucent. They were not your typical high school students but looked like they belonged on the runway, even the tall, muscular male who could’ve passed as a weightlifter. One by one they exited the expensive car; clearly their beauty was equally matched by their wealth. Moving swiftly and with precision they travelled the length of the car park with ease. By the time that they had reached the building, Bella had realised that she had been watching them the entire time. “Isabelle right?”

Startled by the sudden voice, she turned round nervously. “Bella” she corrected immediately. The girl that had approached Bella stepped back unsurely for a moment before resuming her smile. “Jessica” the light haired girl informed. “Who are they?” Bella questioned, her voice small. Glancing in the direction of Bella’s gaze, Jessica finally understood. “The Cullens? Oh. They moved here a few years ago. They all live together. The short haired girl, her name is Alice, she’s with Jasper.” “Jasper?” Bella asked, her voice showing her curiosity. “Oh you know, the tall, broody and handsome one. Well they’re all handsome. Then there’s Rosalie and Emmet.” “The weightlifter?” Jessica giggled before continuing, “Then finally there’s Edward. The most gorgeous of them all.” “Who’s he with?” “Oh. Nobody. But I wouldn’t even bother, he doesn’t date.” As if he had heard their words, Edward turned to look at them, a puzzled expression masking his fine features. As their gazes locked, she could almost hear his frustration. His auburn hair appeared to shine even in the shadows. His eyes flashed a dangerous rage before becoming blank. Looking away, she struggled not to look back. Giving in, she glanced quickly; shocked that he was no longer there. The others remained, chatting amongst themselves. Where had he disappeared to so quickly, she asked silently. “Earth to Bella?” “Huh?” “They do that everyone... “ “Do what?” “Bewitch them...” Jessica shrugged. Summary -There is no way to prepare for vampires. -Seriously, there isn’t.

~Lesson 2~ How to spot a vampire... They are the masters of disguise yet even when hidden, they still seem to attract. It is the skill of a born predator.

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