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[10:05:14 AM] carla: cause honestly

[10:05:21 AM] carla: the list of ip's we got from that ddos attack
[10:05:25 AM] carla: there was so many
[10:05:46 AM] Christopher: well can I tell you for sure it wasnt on our end
[10:05:58 AM] Christopher: og doesn't want anything to do with gmg and wants to
keep things cool
[10:06:06 AM] carla: we know exactly who it was so its alright
[10:06:21 AM] Christopher: we don't want any trouble with hkg or gmg we just wan
t to do our own thing
[10:06:33 AM] Christopher: we also aren't going to snipe or w.e. we're going to
advertise and shit
[10:06:44 AM] carla: yeahh
[10:06:59 AM] carla: i mean if you wanna keep it cool its probably not a good id
ea for a bunch of you to connect on different identities
[10:07:07 AM] carla: if there's no drama there's no need to hide
[10:07:24 AM] Christopher: i don't know about that stuff, i only have one identi
[10:07:48 AM] Christopher: i heard ya'll thought suzzi was suspicious though
[10:08:03 AM] carla: i mean, she did connect under a new name on a vpn
[10:08:10 AM] carla: i think she even made a new website name
[10:08:11 AM] Christopher: shes always had a vpn
[10:08:26 AM] Christopher: even i have her vpn
[10:08:27 AM] Christopher: haha
[10:08:41 AM] carla: i know
[10:08:47 AM] carla: but why make a new online profile
[10:08:48 AM] carla: or a new identity?
[10:08:57 AM] Christopher: if she went on a new name it was probably because she
thought you guys had her on a ban list like hkg
[10:09:00 AM] carla: i think eric did it too
[10:09:18 AM] Christopher: we still got peeps we talk to on gmg still
[10:09:42 AM] Christopher: suzzi and eric are the least suspicious people ever,
they don't know how to boot or ddos or any of that
[10:10:05 AM] carla: i don't know them that well. just a little weird
[10:10:05 AM] Christopher: but i cant tell you why they were on new identities
[10:10:15 AM] Christopher: other than that you guys made them think they were ba
[10:10:30 AM] carla: the only one that's banned is pete
[10:10:34 AM] Christopher: thats the only reason suzzi ever uses her vpn is if s
he gets ddos or banned
[10:10:38 AM] Christopher: ROFL WHY
[10:10:38 AM] carla: his ip was blacklisted in the ddos attack
[10:10:45 AM] Christopher: oh
[10:10:48 AM] Christopher: thats what happened
[10:10:51 AM] Christopher: thats the big reason why we all
[10:10:53 AM] Christopher: left gmg
[10:10:54 AM] Christopher: btw
[10:10:57 AM] carla: i know
[10:11:09 AM] carla: i told pete if he could tell me the first 4 digits of his i
p i could get him unbanned
[10:11:16 AM] carla: even if he wants to stay on og's
[10:11:22 AM] carla: it means he can still access gmg
[10:11:25 AM] carla: but he didn't seem interested
[10:11:33 AM] Christopher: Nah.. pete is private about his life
[10:11:37 AM] Christopher: including ip addresses
[10:11:42 AM] Christopher: he uses a vpn too I think
[10:11:46 AM] Christopher: just doesnt let people know
[10:11:52 AM] carla: nothing i can do with the first 4 digits
[10:12:05 AM] Christopher: thats just who he is
[10:12:59 AM] Christopher: to be completely honest with you, whatever savage did
to the server has made everyone completely untrusting of anyone at gmg

[10:13:12 AM] Christopher: i wasnt there when w.e. happened

[10:13:15 AM] carla: thats alright
[10:13:24 AM] carla: i know it was an accident but thats up to you guys to decid
[10:13:29 AM] Christopher: but everyones on high alert for you guys
[10:13:43 AM | Removed 10:17:16 AM] carla: This message has been removed.
[10:13:49 AM] carla: but i'll leave that to you to decide
[10:14:35 AM] Christopher: that's a bit counterproductive to what we have in min
[10:14:54 AM] Christopher: I cant see swag paying anyone to ddos
[10:15:14 AM | Removed 10:17:28 AM] carla: This message has been removed.
[10:15:23 AM] Christopher: wtf
[10:15:29 AM] carla: i mean
[10:15:33 AM] Christopher: hold the phone
[10:15:37 AM] carla: his ip wasn't blacklisted by accident or anything
[10:15:51 AM] Christopher: pete getting banned is the reason we left that shit
[10:15:54 AM] Christopher: one of them
[10:16:10 AM] Christopher: and if I recall
[10:16:16 AM] Christopher: he wasnt the only one with that problem
[10:16:23 AM] Christopher: my friend aly also couldnt log into gmg
[10:16:30 AM] Christopher: when it went down
[10:16:35 AM] carla: yeah a couple of people have issues logging in
[10:16:41 AM] carla: its as if the server doesnt exist
[10:16:44 AM] carla: no idea how to fix it
[10:17:11 AM] Christopher: yet this problem exists amongst multiple people but y
ou some how find a way to blame pete and the rest of us for ddosing you
[10:17:39 AM] carla: hey, i didn't blame anyone
[10:17:40 AM] carla: all I'm saying is
[10:17:47 AM] Christopher: nice you deleted your message
[10:17:53 AM] carla: he didn't just pick an ip to ban lol
[10:18:09 AM] carla: ohh sorry did u wanna copy pasterino
[10:18:13 AM] Christopher: no
[10:18:22 AM] Christopher: i was beging to type
[10:18:27 AM] Christopher: that I didnt need to copy and paste anything
[10:18:38 AM] carla: okay ^^
[10:19:47 AM] Christopher: I know for a fact if your shit got ddos'd swag, pete,
suzzi, or eric had nothing to do with it.
[10:19:58 AM] carla: tbh
[10:20:01 AM] carla: there's no "if"
[10:20:07 AM] carla: y'all seen what happened
[10:20:16 AM] carla: right when tourney was about to begin we got hit offline
[10:20:27 AM] Christopher: I was asleep when that happened so no I didn't see wh
at happened
[10:20:33 AM] Christopher: I heard pete and a bunch of people
[10:20:36 AM] Christopher: couldnt get back onto gmg
[10:20:44 AM] Christopher: and suzzi and eric were waiting for you guys to fix i
[10:20:51 AM] carla: maybe aly's ip is banned to
[10:20:54 AM] carla: too*
[10:21:00 AM] Christopher: we switched to skype for a bit
[10:21:25 AM] carla: i dont need to know why you switched, i'm pretty sure it's
been in the air for a while that og wanted to branch off and make his own server
[10:21:41 AM] carla: and like i said i wish you guys the best and i'm here if y'
all need any help
[10:22:01 AM] Christopher: yes it's been there for months because someone over o
n gmg snagged his buddies mc server files and told him to buzz off or w.e.
[10:22:37 AM] carla: we'll be sorry to see some of our best members go i guess b
ut it's entirely up to you guys what you wanna do
[10:22:59 AM] Christopher: I don't know whats sadder, me believing you actually
genuinely wished us for the best of luck, or you blaming pete and the rest of us

for a ddos attack.

[10:23:14 AM] carla: okay, now you gotta get nasty
[10:23:17 AM] carla: i never blamed anyone
[10:23:28 AM] carla: more specifically i didn't blame the "rest" of you
[10:23:28 AM] Christopher: you did, but you know deleting the messages really he
[10:23:43 AM] carla: I did mention pete because his ip was blacklisted for being
on the list of attackers
[10:23:47 AM] carla: why it was on there, i don't know,
[10:23:51 AM] carla: but i didn't mention the rest of you
[10:24:23 AM | Edited 10:27:35 AM] carla: i don't know whats sadder, the fact th
at you beg me for weeks to speak to you, or when i actually try to reconcile thi
ngs you decide do be a douchebag, and then you'll wonder why i hate you