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Kpop (Korean Pop) was probably rooted in South Korea since the 1960s, and later gained

their popularity in the early 1990s. For this long period of establishment in music industry,
Kpop has spread to almost everywhere in the world. In some regions, especially Southeast
Asia, teenagers and young adults seem to be very keen on Kpop. How about you? Are you
a fan of Kpop? If so, what is your favorite female group? 2NE1? SNSD? Or what? Well,
there are many girl bands in this modern Kpop. While popularity of some formerly wellknown girl groups decreases, the new rising girl groups become very popular in 2014.
Here is the list of top 10 most popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups in 2014:

1.Girl Generation

Girl Generation

Even though this group was born since 2007, Girl Generation or SNSD has always been a
popular girl band which earns more than millions of fans all over the world. The song that
brings SNSD a significant popularity is Gee which was ranked as the most popular song of
the decade in South Korea by the online music store MelOn. This single hit of SNSD also
made this girl band become the first girl group to have music video viewed more than 100

million on YouTube. Because of the nine gorgeous, talented members, SNSD always
remains as one of the most popular Korean Kpop female band.



Sistar is a girl group which consists of four beautiful ladiesHyolyn, Dasom, Soyou and
Bora. This group has been formed since 2010, and they never lose their popularity. The first
song of Sistar was Push Push which was their official debut in 2010. Then, Sistar has
released a number of songs such as Shady Girl, How Dare You, Ma Boy, So Cool, Alone,
and so on. In 2014, their third mini album Touch & Move was officially released, featuring
the title track Touch My Body. It is believed to be another hit of Sistar!



Davichi or Dabichi, defined as the light to shine over the world, is the name of a South
Korean girl group which was formed in 2008. Davichi consists of two talented members
Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung. Not only were they rated the top in digital time charts for
their album Mystic Ballad, but also they won several awards like Mnet Asian Awards, Seol
Music Awards, and other awards for their songs such as Time, Please Stop and I hate
you, I love you. Davichi is undoubtedly one of the most popular girl band in 2014 due to the
continuous releases which bring more fame.

4.Girls Day

Girls Day

Girls Day comprises of four splendid female members including Sojin, Yura, Minah and
Hyeri. Been formed since 2010, Girls Day has come up with many songs such as Nothing
Lasts Forever, Twinkle Twinkle, Hug Me Once, Dont Forget Me, and so forth. The
latest released of Girls Day and also one of the biggest hit is Something which has topped
the chart. Besides musical success, Girls Day also takes part in a series of activities
including oversea performances and TV show.

5.A Pink

A Pink

Founded in 2011, A Pink is a female Kpop group of six pretty members including Cho-rong,
Bo-mi, Eun-ji, Na-eun, Nam-joo and Ha-young. Mollayo was the first debut album on April
21, 2011, featuring five songs including It Girl and Wishlist. In 2013, NoNoNo made A
Pink win their first trophy on Show Champion, and it was also the third highest selling
album. In this year, 2014, A Pink released a single Good Morning Baby and Pink
Blossom. Simultaneously, A Pink was chosen as Public Relation Ambassadors of the
Military Manpower Administration, which made A Pink become the first female group to
become an ambassador.

6.Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop was established in 2012. This rising star consists of five members such as
Geummi, Ellin, Choa, Way and Soyul. The first debut was Saturday Night which was
debuted on July 19, 2012. Regardless of their first debut, Bing Bing was the first single of
Crayon Pop released in both Japanese and Korean music videos. However, Bar Bar Bar
was the song which draw peoples interest and earn more popularity for Crayon Pop. After
released for a full 6 weeks, Bar Bar Bar climbed to Korean digital music charts, reaching
number 1 on the weekly Billboards Korea Kpop Hot 100.

7.Ladies Code

Ladies Code

Ladies Code is a newly-formed Korean girl group which was created in 2013. It consists of
five members; they are Ashley, RiSe, Sojung, Zuny, and EunB. Ladies Code gained
popularity even before the first debut in March 2013. After their debut, their song reached
the high position in real-time charts such as Soribada, Daum, and Naver. Ladies Code got
their tracks on the Billboards for an unexpected long period and also had two hit singles
Pretty Pretty and Bad Girl. Remarkably, in 2014, Ladies Code won a Gaon Chart Award
of New Artist of the Year.



Ace of Angels is a girl idol group of seven members and a girl band of five members. Those
five members are Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyoung and Mina, while the seven consists of all
the members except Youkyoung. AOA was just formed in 2012 and had their first debut
album Angels Story on July 30, 2012, getting a massive support from their fans. For more
than two years of being active, AOA already has five single albums released. With the
comeback of AOA in 2014, their fifth album Miniskirt was released, bringing AOA with the
SBS Inkigayo award.

9.Nine Muses

Nine Muses

The name of this group certainly shows that it is a group of nine members, but currently
Nine Muses consists of only six members; they are Hyuna, Euaerin, Sungah, Kyungri,
Hyemi and Minha. This Korean Kpop girl group was founded in 2010 and had their debut
with the single No Playboy. After being formed, Nine Muses has already had four back-toback hits so far. In spite of the replacement or comebacks of some members, Nine Muses
has always been appreciated and supported by a large number of their fans.

10.F-VE Dolls

F-VE Dolls

5dolls has presented in music industry since 2011. A group of six cuties debuted with two
single tracksLip Stains and I Mean You. F-VE Dolls is one of the most popular Kpop
girl group due to its admirable hold. Even though 5Dolls faced with some problems in the
past, this girl group had their song Like This Like That become the highest selling song for
a rookie in the year of 2011, with $192,000 grossed.
All in all, many Kpop girl groups in South Korea have presented in the music industry.
However, not all of them are popular in this year, 2014. Some newly-formed girl bands have
earned more popularity which surpasses over the other some bands. Do you agree with this
list? Well, you may have your own idol whom you wish to be listed. Feel free to let us know
by your comment!