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Heritage of Aeons ! ~ From a strong Atheist family, I

started visiting, then searching temples. This blog
summarizes temples, which I visit. Intention is to lead
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Aapoor Malai !
12 Tuesday Mar 2013
aappoor, Appur
In some sthalams, you will find a primary deity. Other deities will be in “Aroopa” form i.e without
shrines. In case you pray the presiding deity, the other deities also bless you, as a surprise package
If there is a sthalam on a hill, it is considered to be more powerful, than a temple on land. Reasons are
plenti-fold, presence of siddhars doing tapas being one of them. To mention another, how much ever
you suffer with your body to reach the top, so much of proportionate karma will be reduced in your
overhanging deficit account
In case you have both together, just imagine, how much good should it do !!!
For people who are interested in praying Almighty in Vishnu roopam, stands Aappoor Malai, called as
“Malai Koil” by localites, near SingaPerumal koil, Chennai, to give a host of benefits.


in form of light. and feed around 50 – 60 monkeys there with ample food. Jeeva bhoomi” 6) This is a forest of herbs. in aroopa form. you are not blessed with a 2/7 . in short. there were many Rishis and Munis. To quote Agasthya. The air itself cures diseases. below a Neem tree. or. Pray sincerely. 5) There are 64 sidhars. and pray sincerely.11/11/2014 Appur | Heritage of Aeons ! Adivaram and steps to go up ! Mahaguru Agasthiyar Nadi: Mahaguru Agasthiyar Nadi. simply when you breath. whenever possible. Happy with their Tapas. and he was showing lot of plants as different herbs! 7) Even today.e. Goddess Lakshmi is present in Aroopa form. corresponding to “Saptha kannis” are present. Aappoor is a “Siddha bhoomi. “Mooligai Vanam”. he gave them darshan of his “Thirumana Kolam” i. She is doing penance in this hill. and Lakshmi is “Aroopam”.There are hell lot of plants. Duly https://samiappapalanivelan. there was a siddha doctor coming down with his girl.wordpress. you can get darshan of siddhars. Marriage darshan with his consort Goddess Lakshmi. has spoken on length about the specialties of this temple: 1) God stands in Vishnu roopam here. 2) For people who have not got timely marriage. do as in 2) above. who were doing Tapas on Lord Vishnu. still doing tapas in the hills. 3) In case you are married. 7 stones. do visit this temple. Hence he came to be known as “Shri Nithya Kalyana Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal”. if you are longing for blessings of Venus / Sukra. 4) For achieving worldly desires. and separated from spouse. visit this temple. Last time when I went. if you visit this shrine on full moon day. Temple: In the adivaram. visit this temple on fridays. Legend : In earlier days.

Some easy to climb. for us to pray and scale the mountain. The cool breeze https://samiappapalanivelan. first time I went around 10. Skandha Guru kavasam tells to worship saptha kannis before climbing the skandha giri. still you will have shadows and cool breeze. These are different views in the steps. “Kannimar devigalai Kannimar odaiyile Kandu vazhipattu kantha giri yeriduveer !!!” Lot of hill temples have Saptha Kannis in the adivaram.11/11/2014 Appur | Heritage of Aeons ! In the adivaram. they will protect us. Its easy if you climb within 9 – 9. it is a 480 steps ascent in the hill.30 and second time around 9!). (Personal Experience. 7 stones. some steep. corresponding to “Saptha kannis” are present.30 am. After that its scorching heat and very difficult to climb. After 3/7 . Duly worship them before climbing up.wordpress. in the mountain trip. Belief is that. below a Neem tree.

And there is the entrance to the temple. Specialty is. unnecessary breaks. These are un-cut and un-shaped rocks.wordpress. Once you have climbed 480 steps. Last 20 steps and Entrance to temple ! Shri Nithya Kalyana Perumal: God…beauty in full form. He is so beautiful in looking.11/11/2014 Appur | Heritage of Aeons ! and the herbs smell in air are really refreshing. since there is no “Thaayar”. Perumal adorns a saree. you stand here. 4/7 . trust me. in this temple. just to remind you of the past. Once you climb in the steps and see Him. you will not feel like asking a boon from Him. to fill myself with the herbal air. I did take many frequent.

com/tag/appur/ 5/7 . https://samiappapalanivelan. Garuda Bhagavan stands in front of the Lord.wordpress.11/11/2014 Appur | Heritage of Aeons ! Shri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Garuda Bhagavan: Just outside the sanctum. The idol is very cute.

com. You will be there in the adivaram. one has to take main right in SP Koil Junction. On weekends. 2) Go past level crossing. Better to confirm time before you visit. temple is open in the evenings also. marked “SrilaSri Pathanjali Swamigal. After some distance. together with Ashta-Lakshmi. drive 4-5 kms. And for easy identification. 3) Take Sriperumbudhur road and 6/7 . Very small temple inspite of its worth !!! How to Reach: 1) When coming from Tambaram. and there will be a right turn towards Sriperumbadhur. there is a Samadhi. Garuda and Hanuman. Agasthiyar Ashramam”. Follow https://samiappapalanivelan. painted yellow. Take the small right there (there is a very old board) and drive half a km. you will find the road going straight bearing “Kolathur ooratchi” board. Contact: Shri Balaji Battachariar : +91 – 94441-42239 Temple Timings: 8 – 10:30 in mornings. You will find the Appur malai koil on your right.11/11/2014 Appur | Heritage of Aeons ! Periya Thiruvadi – Garuda Bhagavan ! The mandapam has “Dasavadharam” sculptures. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. towards your left. The Chateau Theme.

wordpress.11/11/2014 Appur | Heritage of Aeons ! Follow “Heritage of Aeons !” Build a website with 7/7 .