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ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 1 => Love at First sight
Bharatwaj family has come to Simar & Roli house with Sid & Prem for seeing Simar for Sid. All reached
Simar's house 1 fine day evening and they were offered with sweets & snacks. SID eyes was searching
for Simar here & there. Simar & Roli were in the next room and Roli being enthu girl was trying to see the
Boy through the windows. At the same time, SID eyes too noticed the windows where Roli was standing
and he mistook Roli as the Girl.
Simar's parents took Simar to hall where Roli too came with her. Both were dressed up very well and
came together. Till SID was mistaking Roli only as the Girl. Similarly, Prem saw Simar & was just got
attract immediately by Simar. Prem saw SID who was seeing Roli only & hence prem thought Simar as
sister of the Girl.
Love initiated in both SID & Prem heart for Roli & Simar whereas both their families were talking on
marriage between SID & Simar. ,,,

BW family return home & was discussing about. Simar. They asked sid whether he likes the girl. Sid said
"yes". The whole family was very happy. They called simar family & gave their acceptance. Simar family
who already decided to accept this being good family, also gave their acceptance.
Both family members were happy. They called pundit to fix date of engagement. The day fixed the
immediate Sunday.
All were busy in purchases & arrangement of function. Sid & prem were in their own dream world.
The day came and all gathered to celebrate. Mataji & sujatha gave the new saree which they purchased
for simar & she was very happy.
The time came to put rings on figures where sid&prem both shocked on seeing simar as bride.

Sid&prem got shocked as well as simar & roli. They too were thinking prem as boy as sid & prem were
sitting together prem was looking at simar.
The family members wonder why all 4 looking shocked. They insist sid to put ring on sim fingers
Sid & prem looked at each other. Sid after few mins of thinking came with some decision.
Sid moved towards roli, took her finger and put the ring.
All were shocked other than prem & sim.

All the family members were shocked seeing this. Roli was not expecting this as she got no idea of her
marriage this time. She was only excited for Simar. But in some corner she was happy that Simar is not
engaged with Sid instead of Prem as she was aware that Simar loves Prem.
Mataji got very angry on Sid and asked "Sid! How dare you can do this? We never expect this from you.
How can you put ring in Roli's fingers when you are getting engaged with Simar"

Sid Replied "No Mataji. I have not done anything wrong. There is some misunderstand here. I saw Roli
only on that day & was interpretting her as the girl. I never seen Simar with love and can never accept
her as my love"
Mataji said " No Sid. Simar is elder to Roli and how come you can imagine Roli as the girl instead of
Sid said " i never know who is elder or who is younger. I only know that i loved Roli only on my first sight
and can accept Roli only as my wife. I cannot imagine anyone in that place."
Mataji was unable to digest this and was not able to face Simar & Roli family because of Sid act.
She asked pardon to thier family. Mataji went to Simar & said " I am sorry Simar. We never know about
this misunderstand of Roli in your place by Sid. I know it has hurt you a lot. Pardon me"
Simar said " No Mataji. You are elder and you should not ask pardon to us. It is ok if Sidji like Roli and
wants to marry her. I do not mind."
Mataji got tears in her eyes on Simar reply and turned towards Prem " Prem i want to talk to you"
Prem & Mataji went to a room and started their conversation.
Mataji : "Prem you are aware of all that happend. I cannot see Simar hurt. Can you do a favor for me.
Can you marry Simar. If you are ready, we can do the engagement of you both today and can arrange
Marriage also together. I cannot compel you for this. But need your opinion on acceptance"
Prem was very happy on hearing Mataji. But he hide his happiness a bit and replied " Mataji, you are
elder to all of us and we believe your decision will be correct. I am ready to do as you wish. You can
proceed with this"
Mataji was very happy and with broad smile on her face took Prem to hall where everyone was eagerly
waiting to know what is going on.
Mataji went to Simar directly & asked " Simar are you interested to join hands with our Prem"
Simar was extremely shocked by this question and nod her head as acceptance.
Prem put the ring on Simar's fingures and everybody were happy that both the marriage got through at
same time without any misunderstands anymore.
Sid and prem smiled at each other. Simar was also very happy on getting her dream come true. But Roli
the one who was not having any marriage idea till now for in little shock and looked at Sid with puzzle on
her face.
Sid understood the state of mind of Roli and told her " Roli! I know your mind. I can understand this was
not expected by you. It is even my mistake that i loved you on my first sight instead of Simar and put ring
on your fingures without your confirmation on acceptance. I am Sorry"

Roli replied " Yes i was shocked. But Simar di too was under impression that Prem was the boy and on
seeing you we too were shocked. So i am happy only now that my Sister's love is protected. Otherwise
both will be unhappy. I only need some time from you to ready my mind & heart for this relationship as
husband & wife as I got no idea so near."
Sid said " I am sure will give you enough time and will wait for your acceptance of this relation."
Both smiled at each other...

Sid & Prem hug each other with happiness and congrats mutually.
SID: Prem, I was shocked seeing Simar as Bride for me. whereas i thought Roli as the bride and had
love with her only.
Prem: Yes. I too was surprised.
Sid: I know you were not only surprised, but also upset as i am aware that you love Simar.
Prem: You are right. You understood my love. I love Simar a lot.
SID: What was the discussion with Mataji. Did you told her about your love to Simar. How she agreed for
your marriage with Simar
Prem: No Sid. I have not told her anything. Infact she only asked me whether i can marry Simar as
Mataji was upset as they were very much interested in making Simar as daughter in law. Also they felt
odd in getting the younger sister married when elder sister was waiting for marriage. To come out of all
these difficulties, she asked me to marry Simar.
Sid: So without any difficulty you got your love changed to arranged marriage by elders themselves.
Anyway. Feeling very happy that both of our love converted to marriage.
Prem: By the way, is Roli ok for this because you have not taken her acceptance on this marriage.
Sid: you are correct. I have not taken her acceptance. But she is happy that yourself & simar love
converted to marriage because of her accepting me. But she is not in love with me. I need to wait for her
acceptance of mine into her life.
Prem: Oh. I was not expecting this. I thought you too got your love as life partner.
Sid: dont worry. I am sure she will accept me in some days. I can wait till such time and it is my pleasure
to wait for her. infact i am interested to enjoy my love life even before & after my marriage. That feeling
itself is great for me.
Prem nod his head as acceptance to Sid words.

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 2 => Engagement to Marriage

Prem comes to Sid with idea to go out somewhere with Simar & Roli. Sid was also interested, but was
wondering how to take permission for both families. Anyway both go to Mataji seeking permission.
Prem: Mataji, we seek your permission to go out with Simar & Roli
Mataji: What going out before marriage is not good for our cultured family. What will their family think
about us if we do so? No SID & Prem it is not good.
Sid: Please Mataji, We dont even want to go alone. If not, we will do onething. We will arrange for picnic
outing together with both families. These outings will make us understand each other well.
Prem & SID are waiting for Mataji's expression for this. Mataji turns towards other family members and
Sujata gave her acceptance through her expression in her eyes.
Mataji: Ok. I will call their parents and ask if they are interested for such picnic. If they accept then we
will go
Prem & SID got happy & similed at each other.
Mataji called Simar's parents and informed them about the plan to go for a picnic. With few minutes of
thinking they accepted the plan. Simar & Roli were told about this plan by their parents. Simar was
happy on this and Roli was little uncomfortable on how to face all these. Still Roli was not interested to
spoil all others happiness. Everyone packed their clothes for a picnic to a resort in the near by hill station.
Both familes took their own car and reached the resort the next day morning. Prem & Sid were very
happy on seeing Simar & Roli and smiled at them. Simar blushed in shyness seeing Prem and Roli was
unable to understand how to express her feeling to SID and SID understood what is in Roli's mind. SID
was okay with this and express acceptance on Roli's feeling to him. Both the families went to their
booked room and took rest for some time and planned for going out in sometime,,,

Prem & SID were excited about this trip as well as Simar. They dressed up very well to cover their
partners by their dressing and put their full efforts to be the best. All the family members came out of their
rooms to start their sight seeing.
Prem was wearing Pink TShirt with Half white Pant & Simar was wearing Pink skirt with Half white Top.
Likewise, SID was wearing Blue TShirt with Dark Blue Pant and Roli was wearing Light Blue skirt with
Dark Blue Tops. Both the family member were surprised to see their dress codes.
Mausi: What SID & Prem is is preplanned dress codes?
Prem & SID: No Mausi, It is just accidental coincident. It was not preplanned.
Mausi: It is difficult to believe but still we have faith with you

Prem, SID, Simar & Roli smiled and they themselves were surprised on getting their dress colors
matched without knowing each others.
Mausi: Do you all do not feel hungry. I feel we need to take some food before going then only we can
enjoy the trip.
Mataji: Ok. Lets all go to the hotel to have something to eat.
All went to near by Hotel to take some food. The seating arrangement were only 4 per table in that hotel
and they need to split by 4 among them. Prem & SID took the initiative to make all other sit together by 4
per table & at last these 4 only left who need to sit in separte table. Mausi whisper at them, so all are
your plans to sit together for which SID & Prem smiled.
Prem & SID sat on one side & Simar & Roli on opposite side facing each other.
Prem: Simar what will you have
Simar: I will have whatever you order. You can order the same dish which you order for you.
Prem ordered Naan with Palak paneer for both of them.
SID: Roli what about you. What will you have
Roli: I will have paratha with Paneer butter masala.
SID Smiled & ordered 2 Paratha with a Paneer butter masala
Roli: Why have you ordered the same which i ordered
SID: Because I like to share your like. Thats why
Roli was unable to understand how to react to SID and just shared a smile with him.
All had their food and came out and started to have good walk in the hill having hill view which was very
Prem & SID make other members go in front of them and with some reason made Simar & Roli to come
with them behind other family members.
Prem & Simar enjoyed their trip and shared some eye locks and gazin at each others.
SID was also gazing at Roli then & there. Roli was feeling odd on these experiences, She tried to walk
little fast but kept her foot on some small stone which made her to skid slightly. SID who was coming
behind noticed and just hold her in his hands and hold her from falling down. SID & Roli had eyelock for
sometime and SID slowly released his hold from Roli.

SID: Roli. Do not be in a hurry. You can be just relax. No need to have any tension. I will give you time
to understand me and also i would like to wait so that i can enjoy my love with you. Love experience is
very great of waiting for the girl whom a person love and i am very excited that i am going to experience
the same with you even though our marriage will happen in few days. So no need to worry. be relaxed.
Roli got some tension relieved from her and felt great relax with SID. Slowly they started talking in
general all the way which made Roli to feel more comfortable with SID

All the members were feeling tired on walking long way and sat in a park like place. Prem & SID were not
know how they can continue there with their loved ones when others staying there itself.
Mausi understood their confusion.
Mausi: What Prem & SID you too have become old or what you 4 can go somemore length and enjoy the
site seeing. We will wait here for some time & will go back to rooms. You people come back to room
Prem & Sid were very happy with Mausi and expressed their thanks to her and continued their walk.
Prem & Simar were walking together when SID & Roli were walking behind with some distance.
Prem & Simar were talking to each other with love by seeing each other with love and blushing then &
Roli & SID started talking like close friends in this short period of time and shared their precious
experiences mutually. SID was happy that Roli started feeling comfortable with him atleast like friend.
But at the sametime was also eagly waiting for her response towards his love.
Small girl was selling red roses on the way. SID immediately purchased as rose from her.
SID gave the Red rose to Roli with great love and passion. Roli was surprised on SID's love and passion
and accepted the Red rose with a smile. SID was very happy that Roli accepted the Red Rose from him.
SId: Thanks Roli that you accepted the Rose. I am very happy. I was afraid that you may not be ready to
take the rose from me.
Roli: Sid why you were afraid. I may not start loving you, but you are my would be and you have rights to
give Red Rose to me. I cannot hurt you by denying to accept the Rose. I only need time to start loving
you. But can understand that you already love me.
Sid: Thanks for your understanding Roli. You are not aware how happy i am
Roli: I need to thank you that you have given time for me to accept you as my love. I may not expect this
from anyone else in your place to be patient for my love.
Sid can realise a small percentage of love blooming in Roli's heart for him and decided to wait patiently till
she completely start loving him. Roli start blushing lightly without knowing to herself which SID never
missed to notice...

The 2nd day of the picnic, everyone were getting ready to go to the temple.
Mausi: Prem & SID, I think you might have decided yesterday evening itself which color dress you will
wear today to match with your partners. But i will select your dress today myself & see how you will
match to them.
Prem & Sid: Mausiji we never planned earlier & it was just coincidence. If you have such doubt you are
welcome to select our dress today.
Mausi selected Yellow color Tshirt for Prem & Peacock Green color TShirt for SID.
Mausi: Lets see. How your dress match with your partners today.
Everyone were ready & came out of the rooms. Mausi was really shocked with surprise as Simar was
wearing Yellow color Chudi & Roli in Peacock Green Chudi. All other family members too noticed and
smiled at them. Prem, SID, Simar & Roli too were surprised on this coincidence for 2nd time.
All went to near by Temple. Had good darshan of Matarani. Prem & Simar prayed to bless their life with
all goodness. SID prayed to get Roli accept his love and bless them with all goodness. Roli prayed to
bless her to come out of her oddness towards SID and to understand and accept his love.
Everyone was very happy and came out of Mandir. SID was searching for his Slipper which was noticed
by Roli and she came to SID and showed him where his slippers are.
SID: Roli! Thanks.
SID was wondering that Roli had eye on him & in a second she understood that SID was searching for
slippers only. SID can understand that he is getting close to ROLI and Roli as well started understanding
Evening Prem & SID with help of Mausi came out with Simar & Roli and like previous day went by walk
enjoying the hill view.
SID & Roli were able to share more topics today than the previous day & they can find more closeness in
them. They both rested near a tree and were talking to each other.
Suddenly wind blow heavily which made dupatta of Roli was pushed by wind and covered face of SID.
Roli felt very shy and SID turned himself the otherside and gave the dupatta to Roli. Roli face turned red
and took duppatta from SId and while wearing admired SID unknowing to herself.
SID who slowly turned towards Roli too noticed that she is staring at him and they had eyelock for

Prem, Simar, SID & Roli went to nearby lake to have a boat ride. Prem & Simar took a boat and SID
called Roli to come with him for the boat ride.

Roli: No SID, I am very much afraid of boat rider. I do not know swimming also and this lake seems to be
having good depth. So i will not come.
SID: Roli, dont you believe me. Wont I help you if you face any problem.
Roli: I do believe you. but this is my fear from my childhood.
SID: Dont worry. I am with you. I will take care of you.
Roli agred. SID got inside the boat and gave his hands to Roli to hold her while getting into the boat. Roli
gave her hands to his hands and slowly get into the boat. While getting in she lost her balance somehow
and fell over SID Chest. SID hold her from falling and made her to sit beside him. Both started pedaling
the boat and the boat ride started.
Roli was holding SID's hands tightly and closed her eyes.
SID: ROli, dont be afraid, just relax & open your eyes slowly. Nothing will happen. I am here with you.
SID hold her hands with great passion and roli slowly opened her eyes. In few minutes Roli got her fear
reduced and started enjoying the ride.
Roli: Thanks. I was really afraid of a boat ride and i never went on boat ride on any occasion. Today you
helped me to come out of that fear.
Roli was still holding SID's hands and both were enjoying the ride...
The whole picnic trip went very nice for all the members. Especially Prem & Simar shared good
momemts mutally and SID & Roli as well. SID can realise the closeness developed between them on
these days. Roli too was very happy eventhough she has not realised the love blooming in her heart for

All the two family members are there in one of the Best Cloth store of the Town. They have come to
select the Lehenga for Simar & Roli Marriage.
Prem & SID went to select their dress for marriage & just selected in few minutes and came back to join
the others who were with Simar & Roli.
Simar & Roli started seeing the different varieties of Lehenga one by one. Roli after seeing few
Lehenga's got impressed in one of the Lehenga in Red color and eventhough she has interest in that
Lehenga, she was unable to wait to see Sid's wish. Roli's eyes searched the expression on Sid's face for
his choise. Sid's eye expression very well indicated that he was not that much impressed in that. Roli
dropped that selected Lehenga & showed another one of her wish. Still SID was not satisfied. Roli by
her expression asked SID which one is his choice. SID's eyes pointed towards Purple color Lehenga
which Roli missed to see earlier. On seeing that Roli remembered that She was telling SID that Purple is
her favorite color. She was very happy on seeing that Lehenga. Simar selected a Lehenga in Green
All came to billing counter where Roli noticed that SID too selected the same Purple color dress for him
too. Roli was blushing and her cheeks turned red.

Mausi never missed to notice both SId & Roli and their dress colors and smiled herself.

All family members went to jewellery shop to purchase from jewelleries. Roli was seeing the jewelleries
set one by one but was not able to select which one will best suit to her wedding dress. Her eyes were
searching for SID and she was wondering herself, why she started depending on SID on her each &
every moments and was wondering whether she is in love with SID. But her mind was unable to accept
her heart. Mind conveyed it is just friendship and not love. In anyway ROli was never able to stop
searching for SID. Roli suddenly hear SID voice from behind saying 'Roli' and just turned towards him.
SID was holding a jewellery set which he selected for Roli which seems to be very well suiting to her
wedding dress. Roli was very much impressed on that jewellery and she thanked SID and took the
jewellery from his hands and showed to other family members that she will purchase that set for her. Roli
turned towards SID and smiled. SID was very happy that Roli was happy on his selection on dress and
jewelleries. All family members were now busy in selecting jewelleries for Simar. In the meantime, SID
and Roli started talking to each other.
SID: Thanks Roli. You like my selection for you.
Roli: No need for any Thanks SID. Actually you have selected the dress of my favorite color which i
believe you remembered as i told you that Purple is my favorite color and jewellery also you have
selected good design. Of course, i need to thank you for this nice selections. By the way, how you were
able to select which i liked very much.
SID: I started understand you Roli. I can now understand your favorites, your wishes, your choices.
From the day 1 of our meeting i can see what type & style of designed and pattern you wear and arrived
in some conclution of your desire.
Roli: Oh it seems you started doing research on me and will have Ph d shortly
& Laughed.
SID: Yes. I believe i can do the research successfully & get the Phd degree which is nothing but your
love for me. I will wait for that day.
Both smiled at each other.
Both families finished the purchases and arragement of the 2 marriages and were waiting for the day of
the marriage.
Prem, Simar, SID & Roli were eagerly waiting for that fine moment...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 3 => Marriage


Everyone is excited. The relatives reached to celebrate the functions. The Mehandi designer specialist
came to put Mehandi on Simar & Roli. Few were playing Music and few were dancing. Simar was
blushing thinking about Prem & Roli was blushing thinking about SID.
One of their relative: Oh! your face got reddish already before your Mehendi getting color.
Another relative: Include Prem & SID names in the Mehandi design of Simar & Roli.
Simar & Roli looked at each other and smiled. Mehandi function completed with huge happiness among
all the relatives and family members. Simar & Roli returned to their rooms.
Roli is sitting facing the dressing table mirror thinking about SID. Roli was surprised that SID's memory is
occupying her mind a lot now a days and smiled herself.
Roli was seeing SID's face in the mirror behind her. She was surprised whether she is dreaming. But
when she turned, she can see SID standing behind.
Roli: SID. How come you here. What if someone see you in my room.
SID; Relax Roli. Dont worry, i will just go out of this window like how i came in as i was unable to hold me
from seeing you.
Roli: SID, please lock the door. If someone comes here & see you with me before marriage. It will not
look nice.
SID went to door and locked it.
SID; Show me your mehandi & i want to see my name in your hands
Roli: Search your name in this designe. I have not included your name anywhere.
SID: No chance Roli. Do not believe this. Show me the design. I will find my name myself.
Roli showed him the Mehandi.
It took SID few minutes to locate his name 'SID' in the design as Roli informed designer that the name
should not be revealed easily from the design. Hence the name was hidden nicely between the designs
and it was very well looking like design instead of alphabet.
Roli: Nice take. you found your name.
SID: How come i do not.
Both smiled and suddenly someone knocked the door and SID immediately hide himself behind the
screen of windows. Roli opened the door and found her mother with food.

Mother; Roli. I have brought the food for you. Sit. I will feed you as you are having Mehendi in your
Roli: No Mom. I will remove the mehendi and eat myself
Mother: Ok. Do as you wish. But go to sleep early as tomorrow is Sangeet.
Roli: Yes Mom. WIll do
Mother left the place in the table and went out. Roli locked the room and SID came out.
Roli: See that is why i said. What if Mother not accept to leave and start feeding me the food. I pushed
her out so that she do not see you. But i need to remove thie Mehendi now. I thought to keep for some
more time.
SID: No worry ROli. I will help you to have your food and you have Mehendi for some more time.
Sid started feeding her Chappati and both were unable to remove their eyes from each other.
Roli: SID. normally it is said that Mehendi color shows how much the partner will love. So i was worried
what if Mehendi do not get much color on taking it early.
SID was surprised that Roli is looking for more love from her partner eventhough she do not reveal
SID: Roli. I have belief on my love with you. I am sure that you will get good color. i will help you to
wash this Mehendi. Dont worry.
SID started helping her in washing the Mehendi. Roli with little fear lean towards his shoulders and
closed her eyes.
SID was very happy to see very dark Mehendi on Roli's hands. She was glad that Roli accepted his
shoulders as her support.
SID: Roli. Open your eyes & see your Mehendi. You will be very glad.
Roli slowly opened her eyes and was very happy on seeing her Mehendi. She was very happy and in
great joy, she hug SID suddenly and thanked him.
It took few seconds for Roli to realise that she is hugging SID and slowly moved from him and went near
SID moved towards Roli. But Roli was unable to face SID face in shyness. Her face turned red.
After few moments of silence...

SID: I am leaving Roli. We will meet tomorrow in Sangeet.

All the family members were in the celabration place. The function started and film songs were played
one by one and both the family members started dancing on the songs. After all the members completed
dancing, it is now left for Prem, SID, Simar & Roli to perform.
Simar danced for solo song continued by Roli for a solo song. Roli was dancing very well and SID was
unable to moved his eyes for her. Roli too enjoyed the dancing very much. She was unable to avoid
thinking about SID while dancing and her eyes was also seeing SId whenever possible while dancing.
Prem & SID turn came and they too performed very well.
Next song was duet song with dancing by Simar & Prem. They both enjoyed very much dancing
Now turn of SID & Roli. SID was very much excited to dance with Roli. They started dancing together.
Both were enjoying the dance and forgot the world. They both were dancing seeing each other and
suddenly Roli got sprain on her right heel. SID understood from her face expression that she got some
SID: Roli. What happend is everything ok.
Roli: SID, i got sprain on my heel. But i do not want to stop this dance in the middle.
SID: Dont worry. You just stay where you are & adjust your steps by your hands. I will magage.
SID moved around Roli and made Roli stand as it is and their dance performance was completed
successfully. Everyone clap their hands loudly. But no one were aware of her sprain.
SID hold her while getting down from stage and took her to nearby room. Everyone wonder why he is
holding her while getting down.
Simar rushed to the room.
SID: Simar, Bring some hot water in a bowl as Roli got Sprain.
SID made Roli to sit in a chair and rushed to bring the First aid box. Simar brought Hot water in a bowl.
SID nicely massage the sprain cream in the heel and made her keep her foot in hot water for some time.
Then slowly taken the legs out.
SID: Roli, how are you feeling now.
Roli: It is ok now. Pain is better.

By the time mataji & few other family members also rushed to the room.
Mataji: SID what happend
SID: No worry Mataji. ROli got sprain while dancing. Now she is alright.
Roli was very much impressed on the concern SID shown to her. Roli was starring at his face.
SID: Mataji, you all go and continue the function. We will come out in some time.
Everyone went outside the room leaving SID & Roli alone.
Roli lean towards SID shoulders and closed her eyes. This time Roli lean towards him knowingly and she
was feeling more supportive and comfort with SID. She hold his hands.
SID was very happy that ROli is coming closer and caresses her head and face.
After few minutes, SID went to dining hall and brought some food to Roli and feed her.
Mausi who was passing by the room noticed and came inside the room.
Mausi: SID, ROli got sprain on her foot and not on her hands. But you are feeding her.
Roli blushed in shyness. SID was unable to answer Mausi.
Mausi: SID & Roli, just joking. Proceed. Clever people like me will always utilise the oppotunity.
Mausi smiled and went out.
Roli: SID, i need to thank you. You supported me to complete the dance fully with my sprain leg.
SID: No need for any Thanks dear. Its my pleasure to do it for you. I was only worried about your pain at
that time.
Roli & SID Smiled at each other and started waiting for the moment of their marriage.

SID & Roli was in their purple color wedding dress. On seeing each other, they blushed and admired
mutually. Roli sat next to SID. Both were seeing each other then & there and the wedding procedure
Prem & Simar were also looking awesome and started the wedding rituals.

Both wedding arrangements were next to next so that all the relatives can enjoy seeing both the
marriages together. All the family members were happy on seeing these two couples.
Pandit told them to stand to exchange the Flower mala. SID & Roli stand facing each other. Roli was
blushing seeing SID. Her face turned red. SID enjoyed seeing Roli blushing.
Pandit told the couples to exchange the mala. SID stood on his finger toes to make him more height than
Roli, so that she can find difficulty in putting the Mala. Roli too stood on finger toes to the max possible.
but was unable to reach him as he was leaning backwards. Then seeing Roli upset he came back
normal to accept the Mala from hands of Roli. Its now the turn of Roli who stepped backward when SID
tried to put the Mala. But SID moved towards her and put the Mala on Roli.
Then they did few procedures and now it is time of Phere. Both stood and with tied cloth between them
they slowly completed all the 7 Pheres.
SID put Sindoor on Roli's forehead and put her Mangal Sutru (Black beed chain). SID & Roli were so
happy that they finally reached the happy moment of getting married to each other.
Simaltaneously Prem & Simar too got the marriage completed and both the couples took wishes &
blessings from all the elders of the family.

Suhaag Raat: (SR)

Roli & SID were left inside the decorated room. Room was full of Red baloons, Candles, Red Roses with
nice fragrance all over the room. There was a table with Cream Cake and a bowl with variety of fruits.
Roli was feeling very awkward on this environment and settings and SID noticed on this immediately.
SID hold her hands and took her to the Sofa near to the table where fruits & cake were present.
SID: Roli. Dont feel awkward. I can understand your feeling and as i told you already, i will wait for your
acceptance of my love.
Roli felt very much relieved on SID words and smiled at him. SID told roli to cut the cake and Roli and
SID feed the cake to each other mutually.
SID: Roli, do you feel like eating some fruits or anymore cake.
Roli: No SID. i do not feel like eating anything. I am only feeling tired.
SID took Roli to bed and told her to sleep relaxed.
Roli removed all the jewelleries and kept in a box near the bedside table. Roli need to change the dress.
She was wondering how she can change when SID is around. SID understood her and turned towards
opposite direction.
SID: Roli. Now you can change your dress. You can believe me that i will not turn until you confirm.

Roli changed her dress while looking at SID and admiring him.
Roli: Sid. Thanks for understanding me. I am happy about you.
SID & Roli smiled. Roli slept in few minutes. SID was starring at her face and was eagerly waiting for her

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 4 => Roli's New House

Roli & Simar entering into the Sasural dropping the Rice Kalash & by placing the Red Foot prints and
Hand prints. They both with their partners went to Pooja room to pray to Matarani to lead a successful
married life.
The couples were made to play the game of finding ring. First Prem & Simar played the game where
Prem won the ring. Then come the turn of SID & Roli.
SID & Roli put their hands inside the bown and were searching for the game. Few of the family members
supported Roli & few SID. SID was giving expression as if he is keen in winning the ring like Prem.
Roli was searching the ring here and there. But the ring got struck in SID hands. SID was not ready to
face Roli upset or give failure to her first attempt in sasural. So he gave the ring to Roli's hands.
Roli took out the rings and all were happy than Roli won the task. Then the couples were told to go to
their respective rooms to take some rest.
SID took Roli to his room. The room was well arranged & it was having a double cot, 2 cubboards,
dressing table and attached bathroom. Roli like the room very much...

SID: Roli, You are coming to my room for the first time. I feel very happy.
Roli: I am also very happy SID.
SID: Do you like this room or if you require any changes, we can very well do as per your wish
Roli: NO. This is good as it is and no need for any changes
SID: Now close your eyes for 1 minute. I got something for you
Roli closed her eyes and was waiting with eagerness what she is going to get from SID.
SID went to the cupboard and came back with a gift pack. Gave the gift to Roli and told her to open the
eyes and see. Roli opened the gift pack with curiosity and found a New latest Mobile.

Roli: Wow. It is very nice. Thank you so much.

SID: Roli, I want this to be with you always even if you are in Kitchen or Dining hall or whereever you are.
You need to pick my call whenever i call you. I will be in touch with you through this phone when i am
not at home.
Roli: Ok SID. Will do as you wish. This will be with me always. You can contact me whenever you wish.
SID & Roli smiled at each other.

Sid: Roli, there is 2 wardropes in this room. I already made 1 empty for you to set your clothes.
Roli: OK. Which one is that
SID: See here in the left. You can start setting your clothes in this.
Roli: Ok. Let me set the clothes.
She opened her baggage and started setting her clothes in the cupboard. She was going here & there
between baggage & cupboard. Seeing this..
SID: Do you need my help Dear.
Roli: Ok. I will give you one by one. You can set these here in this row.
Roli started giving the clothes one by one and SID started setting her wardrope. Its all completed and
SID called Roli to see whether all are ok. Roli went near the cupboard and by now both were standing
between the doors of the cupboard.
Uma suddenly came to their room and saw Roli & SID standing between the doors of the cupboard. She
knocked the door.
Uma: Sorry SID & Roli to disturb you.
SID understood what Uma thought about them.
SID: Uma Bhabhi, You are not disturbing us. We were only setting the clothes in the cupboard.
Uma: Its ok SID. I just came here to tell Roli that Mataji is calling her down wearing some good saree as
few relatives have come to see Simar & Roli as they were unable to attend the marriage.
Uma went smiled at them. Roli was shocked on hearing this.
SID: Roli, what happend why you are shocked on hearing this

Roli: I am shocked because i do not know to wear saree

SID: What? You do not know
Roli: Yes SID. TIll now i am used to wear only Chudidhar, Lehenga, Skirts etc. I never wear Saree. I
thought being Simar will be with me in same house, can learn from her. But now how can i go to her to
wear saree...

Sid: Roli, no need to worry i can help you.

Roli: What? You can help me in wearing Saree.
SID: Yes. I can help you. Actually in my School & College days i used to participate in Cultural activities
and once i dressed myself as Lady. For that purpose, i learned how to wear saree taking help of Maaji.
So I know how to wear.
Roli: Its ok that you may know. But how can you help me in wearing it.
Roli blushed in shyness and SID understood her. He took a piece of cloth.
SID: ROli, dont worry, I will tie this cloth in my eyes, so that i cannot see you. Please go and wear these
blouse and this skirt. SID tied the cloth in his eyes.
Roli got no other alternative other than taking help from SID. So changed the Lehenga she was wearing
and put Blouse & skirt on her.
Roli: SID i am ready now.
Roli came close to SID and gave him the saree. SID first hold her waist.
SID: Sorry Roli being my eyes are tied, i tried to locate your waist to put the saree
SID was holding her waist in one hand & took the tip of saree by another hand and put inside her skirt.
Roli face turned red on SID's touch and her body was shivering.
SID wrap the saree around her waist once and started making fleets in the saree. SID understood that
Roli was shivering on his first touch on her waist.
SID: Roli insert the Fleets inside the skirt.
She did. Then SID wrap the balance part of saree around her waist & put it over her right shoulders from
back to front.
SID: Roli, Now you check whether it is ok.

Roli: Yes. It is ok.

SID opened the cloth from his eyes and saw Roli and was mesmerised. SID went behind Roli and took
the saree above her head and came back to her front.
SID: Roli. You are looking beautiful.
Roli was blushing by SID's words & also by remembering his touch on her waist...
Roli moved from there to hall where all were waiting for her. Simar was surprised to see Roli in saree as
she was aware that she donot know to wear saree.
Simar: Roli, you are looking good in saree. But how you managed to wear this.
Roli was blushing and was unable to answer Simar. Simar guessed well how might have helped her.
Roli's eyes went to stairs to check whether SID is coming for her and SID never upset her and was
coming down. SID & Roli were seeing at each other. SID smiled at Roli. Roli with great shyness was
blushing seeing SID as her mind was occupied with SID's first touch on her...

Roli & SID was in their room the next day morning and Pari came to their room and knocked the door.
Roli: Come in Pari Bhabhi. I am just getting ready & about to come down only to help you in the kitchen
Pari: Roli. You can help us later after some time. But today Mataji told that you will prepare the sweet.
Roli: Sweet. Simar didi is elder to me. So why cant she do it today & i will do tomorrow.
Pari: But Mataji said you being the elder daughter-in-law you need to first do the sweet today and
tomorrow Simar will do
Roli: Ok bhabi. Will come in few minutes.
Pari went from there and Roli saw SID with puzzle on her face.
Roli: Siddhatji do you know to prepare sweets.
SID: what? how do i know Roli?
Roli: You only helped me yesterday for saree. So i thought you may know to prepare sweets.

SID: No Roli. As so many ladies are there in this family, we are not allowed to enter kitchen. Does this
mean you do not know to prepare sweets.
Roli:Yes. I know to prepare normal cooking like Roti, Bhaji. But not aware of making sweets.
SID thought for a while & got some idea.
SID: Roli, do not worry. I will help you. Take this phone with you and put on the earphones as well.
Roli: Ok.
Roli went to kitchen. But that time all other works were completed and all were sitting outside the
Mataji: ROli. We were just waiting for you. You can prepare any of the sweet today.
Roli: Ok Mataji.
Roli went to kitchen. Simar was wondering how she will prepare as she know Roli not aware to prepare
any sweets.
Roli got call from SID. She talked to SID through headphone.
Roli; Yes. Siddhantji. Tell me.
SID: I have opened the best receipe site from internet and i will keep on telling you the method. You just
try the same there.
Roli: Ok.
SID started telling the procedure one by one slowly and Roli tried her best to understand the procedure
and was preparing the sweet. After few minutes of process, the sweet was ready.
SID: Is it completed Roli?
Roli: Yes. It is completed. Hope it tastes good.
SID: Dont worry. It will be good. I am coming down to join other & taste the sweet.
Roli brought the sweet in a bown to dining table. All the family members sat on their places to have
breakfast. SID too came down and joined others.
Mataji: Roli. Serve the sweet to all.
Roli: Ji. Mataji.

Roli served the sweet to all and was waiting eagerly for their comments. SID too was tensed on getting
good comments for his wife.
Mausi: Roli. It is very good. We never expected such delicious sweet.
Mataji: Choti is right. The sweet is very good.
Everyone started appreciating her. SID & Roli were very happy. SID too taste the sweet and smiled at
After having the breakfast.
Mataji: Roli & SID. Please accept this as my gift for your marriage.
Mataji gave Roli & SID the booking confirmation letter in a hill station cottage near by.
Mataji: This is booked for both of you to enjoy your honeymoon. The rooms are booked from today and
you can started today as per your convinience. We wish you Happy Married Life.
SID: Thanks Mataji
SID & Roli returned to their room. SID was very happy on going to the hill station with Roli. Roli was also
happy, but still she was unable to clarify herself on happiness.

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 5 => ROSID Honeymoon

Roli & SID started their journey by noon and reached the place by late evening. As it was already getting
late, they both had food on the way and reached the cottage. It was very cool climate and Roli covered
herself with a shawl.
SID: Roli, i will create a small bonfire outside. You fresh up yourself till such time.
Roli: Ok
SID went outside to set the bonfire. ROli opened her bag to take out the cloth for changing. Roli found all
the clothes in the bags very new and she remembered that the bag was packed by Simar by herself and
sent for her. She took out one nighty where she was it was sleeveless and tightfitting type and searched
for some other & found all were almost similar. Roli understood that Simar planned and set her clothes
like this to bring SID & Roli closer during this trip.
Roli took one of the night dress and without any other option need to wear it. She felt shy how to wear
like this in front of SID. Then with no other alternative wear one among them in Red color.
SID came inside to take Roli with him outside and by seeing Roli in that night suit got pleasant surprised.
SID slowly came close to Roli.

Roli was blushing and SID moved towards her slowly and they were standing just 1 feet apart and they
had eyelock.
Slow SID moved towards Roli's face, Roli started shivering and was unable to understand what to react.
SID suddenly gained conscious and moved little away.
SID: Roli, you look very pretty.
SID was thinking, why i tried to go close to her when she has not yet provided her acceptance. I was not
suppose to do that. Its good that I got my conscious before doing something.
Roli was thinking, why i felt like SID was trying to come close to me almost like trying to kiss me. Or it is
just my imagination & he just came to admire me.
SID took Roli outside and they sat near the fire facing each other. They had eyelocks. SID was unable to
bear this distance. He hold Roli's hands and pulled her slowly towards him to make her side beside him.
Roli sat beside him & she herself went close to him and lean on his shoulders & hold his hands...

Roli & sid spent sometime.

Sid: roli let's go inside
Both came into room & sid locked the door.
Roli went to bed and sid was next to her.
Both were not getting sleep.
Roli: siddhantji shall I hold your hands while sleeping.
Sid: yes roli where is the need to ask.
Roli hold his hands & took near her face & kept below her cheeks.
Roli: you have helped me always. You understand me better. I feel very happy that I got you as my
Sid: roli I am also very lucky to get you as my wife
Roli was thinking why I am feeling very much different. I am unable to go away from sid even a minute. Is
it love. Who can clarify me.
Sid was thinking roli I know you love me. But unable to understand. I will wait till you open your heart &
also help you to clarify to the best possible.
Roli was sleeping on Sid's hands & both were waiting for next day morning to give them clarity on their

Next day morning. Sid was ready to go out & was waiting for roli to get ready. Few minutes passed but
roli does not come out.
Sid: roli are you ready
Roli: siddhanji i need your help
Sid: help! Shall i come inside.
Roli opened the door and sid came in. Roli was wearing a new dress but was covering herself with a
Roli: simar didi packed all my dress with dhori & i am unable to tie it myself.
Sid: shall i help you
Roli nod her head and turned. Sid came close to roli and with little hesitation slowly removed the towel.
Roli's hair was covering her back. He slowly moved her hairs to her shoulders. Roli was blushing and her
face turned red.
Sid hold the dhori from both shoulders and adjusted the chudi shoulder to fit her shoulders and took the
dhori together and tied it.
Roli was unable to hold her anymore. She turned towards him and hug him.
After few minutes she came to conscious and slowly moved from him. Sid hold her hands gently and both
went out for sight seeing.

Roli was very happy seeing the scenery of that place. She enjoyed a lot. There was a swing which she
enjoyed for sometime. The area was very beautiful without much people.
Suddenly rain started.
Sid: roli let's go it started raining & we need to return
Roli: pls pls let us enjoy the rain.
Sid was unable to upset roli. Roli enjoyed the rain for sometime. She was completely wet. By seeing roli
wet Sid's heart was melting.
Sid: roli let's go. You are already wet. You may get illness.
Roli accepted and both started returning. They just entered room & sid locked door and turned when roli
was about to fall down.
Sid hold her on his hands and tried to wake her up. But she was unconscious.

SID was very much tensed and took her on his arms & let her on the sofa. He rushed to her bag and took
out a nightware and a towel. Now she is unconsious and SID need to change her dress.
SID: Roli, Sorry i am going to change your dress now without your permission. do not mistake me
SID closed his eyes and removed the wet dress from Roli and made her wear the dry nightware. SID
tried to dry her hair with towel as much as possible. He rub her hands and feet to generate heat. He tried
to remember whether any medicals or doctor is near by. But unfortunately none is there. Suddenly he
saw a first aid kit in the room. He rushed to take it and found few tablets and first aid items inside it. He
checked for Paracetamol tablet from it and got one and checked the expiry date and gave that medicine
to Roli.
SID sat beside her and rub her hands and feet continuously. After some time, Roli opened her eyes.
SID was very happy.
SID: Are you alright now Roli?
Roli: Yes. I am ok.
SID: I was very much worried about you Roli. Thank God.
Roli: Sorry i gave trouble to you.
SID: Not at all Roli. anyway shall i bring something to eat.
SID just moved from there when Roli hold his hands.
Roli: No Siddhantji. I do not want to eat anything. I only need you to be with me.
SID: Ok. I will be here with you
Both was lying in the bed beside each other. Roli was holding his hands and suddenly she realised that
her dress was changed.
Roli: Siddhantji, you changed my dress.
SID: Actually Roli. You were unconsious and wet dress can make you more ill. So i got no alternative.
But you can believe i kept my eyes closed only when changing your dress.
Roli: I know about you. There is no need for you to give me clarifications.
She moved towards him. Roli hug him and kept her face on his chest. Roli slowly started sleeping on his
Next day morning.SID opened his eyes and checked whether Roli is having temperature by keeping his
hands on her neck and forehead. She was normal.

Roli who was sleeping on SID chest, opened her eyes and slowly remembered the yesterday's
happening. She blushed and got up from bed.
SID: ROli, are you alright now. are you feeling better now.
Roli: Yes. I am okay now.
SID: But today you need to take rest completely, so that you will be alright completely and tomorrow we
will go out.
Roli: Ok.
SID got up and went to fresh up himself and came back to Roli.
SID: Roli i will go out & bring something for you to eat as you had no food yesterday night also.
Roli: Ok
SID went out and Roli was thinking all about him. She now got sometime alone and thought of talking to
Simar to clarify her doubts. Roli dialed Simar
Roli: Simar Didi, How are you?
Simar: I am fine Roli. How about you?
Roli: I am fine. I need a help from you
Simar: Yes tell me Roli.
Roli: How can we recognise Love.
Simar: We can recognise love when we feel complete trust on someone, when we feel someone as our
world, someone as important than anyone else in the world, Someone for whom we like to dress ourself,
we like to laugh, we like to share, we feel comfort any many like this. What happend Roli. Why you are
suddenly asking this.
Roli: Nothing didi, just asked. Okay will talk to you later.
Roli disconnected the phone, but her thoughts were wavering. Roli understood that she is feeling all
these and also above these with Sid. So she understood that she started loving him.
SID came back and gave her food to eat. They both had food and were sitting on Sofa. SID started
talking to Roli in general to make her ease from the illness.
Roli was starring at him and started to go through all the moments they spent together. Roli was able to
realise how SID lover her and also able to realise She too started loving him the sameway.

Roli went near to SID and gave a kiss on his cheeks and lay down on his lap. SID was very much
shocked by suddenly getting Roli's first kiss.
Roli: Siddhantji shall i ask you one question.
SID: Yes Roli. Ask me
Roli: You were the one who confessed that you are in love with me on 1st day itself. Later i did hug you, i
did kiss you, i did hold your hands. But you never tried to do any of these with me, Why?
SID: ROli. As you said, you are aware that i love you on 1st day itself & so you can very well hug me,
kiss me. But i am the one who is waiting for your acceptance of my love. Without your acceptance, how
can i do any of these.
Roli smiled and was in deep thought for some time. In few minutes, she got some sort of clarification on
her mind and slept on his lap...

Roli got up by evening. SID was just starring at Roli and caressing her hair.
Roli: Siddhatji, Sorry i slept on your lap & you were unable to sleep.
SID: Its ok. I took enough rest yesterday night itself.
Roli lean towards his shoulders and hold his hands.
Roli: Siddhatji, I would like to know how you like me
SID: Means. there is no condition on how i like you.
Roli: I mean in which dress, which color dress. How dressed?
SID: I like you in all your dress. But i was flatten on seeing you in Saree. You were looking pretty.
Peacock blue suits you more.
Roli: Ok.
SID: What happend Roli? Suddenly you are asking like this.
Roli: Nothing. Just asked.
SID: Ok Roli. You fresh up yourself, i will go to hotel & bring something for Dinner. Today also it seems
to be like rain may start anytime.
Roli: Ok. Siddhantji, can you bring me some Roses?

SID; Sure Roli. I will bring for you.

SID went outside. Roli went to her bag. She searched what other dress kept in that bag. Her eyes were
searching for some saree or peacock blue dress. Roli was surprised to see 2 saress while one was
peacock blue in color. She was very happy.
Roli was wondering whether she can manage wearing saree herself. Also there was dhori in the blouse.
But she decided to manage herself. She went to washroom and fresh up herself. She washed her face
and looked herself in the mirror. She blushed.
Roli came back to dressing table. She comb her hair well. She made nice hairstyle in her hair. Then she
tried to wear the blouse with Dhori. First she was finding difficulty. Then she remembered how SID
adjusted the shoulders and tied the Dhori and the same way she adjusted her shoulders and tried
multiple times and after 5 minutes of try, she got it success.
Then came the turn of saree. She tried to remember who SID made her wear saree on that day and the
same way she tried. With little difficulty she was able to manage wearing the saree.
She again turned to mirror in the dressing table. She smiled herself. She took some simple jewellery set
which suit to the saree. She put the necklace and its Ear rings. Then she selected some matching
bangles and put it on her hands. Then she put the Sindoor on her forehead and saw herself in the mirror.
Roli: Hope Siddhantji like me in this dress...

Roli was seeing the mirror and suddenly SID came behind. Roli was blushing on seeing SID and turned
towards him.
SID was stunned on seeing Roli in his choise of Peacock Blue saree. SID lose his conscious on seeing
her. He was unable to utter a single word. After few minutes of silence SID got his conscious back.
SID: Roli you looks beautiful. I have no words to describe.
Roli:I am very happy that you liked this dress. You did so many things to me. But i have not done
anything to you. Just tried to make you happy.
SID kneel in front of her and offered her the Red rose.
SID: Roli. I Love you na yaar.
Roli accepted the rose offered by SID.
Roli:I Love you too na yaar.
Roli hold his hand and slowly pulled him towards her. SID was shocked on hearing the words from Roli
which he was waiting to hear since long.

SID: What you said Roli? Come again. Am I not dreaming?

Roli blushed and was unable to face SID anymore. She turned towards the mirror and on seeing the
image of SID behind her in the mirror, she closed his faced with her hands.
SID: Roli, look at me. I want to see my love in your eyes.
SID came more closer behind her and moved his hands from behind to her face and slowly removed her
hands from the face. By holding her hands by both of his hands he hug her from back. SID placed his
chin above her right shoulder.
SID: Roli, See us in the mirror. God made us for each other.
SID & Roli smiled seeing them together in the mirror
Time has come for Roli & SID to become ROSID.

Roli was getting new feeling on this first hug of SID. Roli was blushing seeing them together very close in
the mirror. She was unable to control her shyness. Her eyes looked down the floor.
SID turned his face towards her and gave his first kiss on her rightside cheeks. Slowly moved his face
from her right shoulder to left shoulder to kiss her leftside cheeks.
Roli's face turned red and her body started shivering.
SID thought of giving her some more time before moving forward.
SID: Roli shall we have our Dinner.
Roli was unable to utter even a single word She just nod her head. SID took her slowly to the sofa and
both sat beside each other.
Both had food starring at each other. Roli was finding difficulty in facing SID, but also was unable to take
her eyes away from him.
SID: This is for my lovely wife, who gave sweet words to me today.
SID was showing a choclate, while ROli took it from his hands and started eating it as she very much likes
choclates. Roli almost finished the choclate and just put the late bit into her mouth.
SID: ROli it is very bad. You not even asked me whether i want a bit of choclate.
Roli(having choclate in mouth) : Sorry. I like this choclate very much. So just started eating it. Very
SID: i cannot accept your sorry. I need atleast a small bit of it. I will not leave you without that.

SID came close to Roli. He hold her cheeks by his hands and moved towards her lips. He gave a mouth
kiss. Roli closed her eyes and SId slowly taken the bit of choclate from Roli's mouth to his. The kiss
continued for some more time. Finally Sid released the kiss.
SID: Roli. See i got my bit of chocolate.
Roli was unable to face or speak to SID. She hug him and hide her face on his chest...

Roli got up and tried to move from there. Sid immediate hold her right hands and removed her right hand
bangles & slowly pulled her towards him. He made her sit in his lap.
Roli was very close to sid and was unable to face his eyes. Roli's right hand was holding his shoulder
Sid removed her right earrings & kissed her earlobe. Then removed left earrings & kissed her earlobe.
Sid remove the necklace & kissed her neck throughout.
He removed her lefthand bangles & kissed from fingures to shoulder.
Roli lost herself & closed her eyes.
Sid kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks & lips.
Sid: roli open your eyes. See me
Roli slowly opened her eyes.
Sid saw through her eyes. Roli saw the thirst for her in sid eyes.
Roli hold his chin & kissed sid's eyes, cheeks & lips.
Sid was surprised & roli smiled and moved from him and went near window.

Sid went behind roli. Roli was standing near windows holding the grill.
Sid: roli turn towards me.
Roli nod her head as 'no'
Sid: let me see how long you will not turn.
Roli blushed.
Sid touched the right side of her hip between blouse and saree. Slowly moved his hands towards left side
of her hip. Roli started shivering. But not turned towards him.
Sid slowly undid the dhori of the blouse. He caresses her back slowly from neck to blouse line. Roli
closed her eyes. Sid touched the blouse hook and roli immediately turned towards him.
Sid smiled seeing her. Roli was blushing.

Sid went more close to her & pinned her close to windows. He gave kisses all over her face & neck.
Sid took out the tip of saree from the skirt grip. The saree pallu dropped down from her. Roli heart started
beating fast. Roli face turned red & eyes looking down. Sid slowly removed the fleets and the final grip of
the saree from her skirt.
Sid took roli on his arms & made her lay on bed...
Next day morning, roli was sleeping on Sid's chest. Sid opened his eyes & was very happy that finally she
accepted his love.
Roli opened her eyes slowly and lifted her eyes towards him. Seeing smiling sid, roli blushed.
Roli: siddhantji why are you smiling at me. You are very bad.
Sid: I am bad, then what about you. See love marks on my chest & shoulder.
Roli saw marks on sid which was created by roli previous night. She blushed and hug him tightly.

The Morning climate was very cool. ROSID were in hugging under a blanket.
Roli: Siddhantji, give me the dress. It is lying that side.
SID: Roli, let it be. Let it take some more rest. Until such time, lets share some sweet moments.
SID hold her chin and pulled her towards his face. SID kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and hold
her lips for sometime.
Roli closed her eyes
SID: Roli, look at me
Roli opened her eyes, but was unable to meet his eyes. She moved from him a little & turned against him
and hide her face in her pillow.
SID came close to her and gave a back hug.
She hide her face more into the pillow.
SID: if you do not want, then i will not compell you.
SID removed his hands and tried to move a little. Roli turned towards him and hug him tightly.
Roli: Siddhantji, I cannot spare even a minute away from you. i love you na yaar.
SID: I love you too na yaar. As you moved away from me, i thought you are not ok with my kisses

Roli: I am a lady, wont i feel shy. does it mean you should go away from me. Yesterday night also i was
feeling shy, but did you leave me for that reason.
Saying this Roli Blushed. SID understood Roli and cover them completely with the blanket and went
close to her...

Roli was in SID arms. She went close to his face and kissed his cheeks and smiled. SID kissed her
SID took out his Tshirt and shorts and pushed Roli's dress under the cot. He started wearing his shorts.
Roli: Siddhantji, give me mine.
SID: I took my dress myself. Similarly you take yourself.
Roli was searching for her dress here & there. But found nothing. She understood that SID only did
something. She took his Tshirt and wear it.
SID: Roli this is mine and give me.
Roli: No way. I know you hide my dress.
SID: then you search for it. But i need my T Shirt and I know how to get from you.
Roli: No Chance this time
Roli rushed to washroom and started brushing her teeth. Sid went behind her. SID too brushed his teeth.
Roli finished brushing and about to leave from there. SID hold her hands by one of his hand and finished
brushing. He slowly pull her towards him.
SID: I will not leave you until you give my TShirt.
Roli: No i will not give you.
SID; Lets see.
SID understood that they both are standing below the shower only & opened the shower tap and water
started wetting them.
SID took her in his arms and put her in the bath tub. He filled the bath tub with hot water & soap and
himself joined her in the bath tub.
SID: Roli. Look at me.

Roli was unable to meet his eyes. Roli herself hug him and lean towards his chest and kissed him. SID
kissed her and slowly removed the TShift from her.
SID: ROli again you lost.
Roli realised that SID removed the Tshirt as he said.
Roli: You naughty. I will kill you.
SID laughed and kissed her...

ROSID took a nice bath together with little soap and lots of kisses. Both came out wearing towels and
Roli went out to take the changing dress. SID was ready in a minute and came to Roli.
Roli finally selected a dress and changed it. SID helped her to tie the dhori of the Chudi and back hug
Roli: Siddhantji. You are too bad. You made me lose once yesterday & once today.
Roli showed false angry on SID.
SID: No win or lose between us Roli. we both are only one. We are not Roli & Siddhant and we are
Roli: You are right. But still. I know why you won yesterday as i got no alternative other than turning
towards you when you touched by blouse hook. But today how you removed the Tshirt. How i do not
realise it.
SID: it is the secret which i cannot let you know.
Roli: It is not acceptable. How you can keep secret without telling about that to me. you should tell me.
SID: Ok. i realised that you forget yourself on seeing my eyes. when i told you to look at me. you were
mesmerised and lean towards me & not aware what i was doing and...
Roli: Oh. That was the reason. i should be careful with your eyes then.
SID: Let me see how careful you can be with my eyes.
Roli turned towards him and blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji you are correct. I cannot escape from your eyes at any time. I dont even want to do that.
You are my life & you are my love.
Sid kissed her and hug her tightly.

The 2 more days of the trip went with beautiful moments filled with joy, happiness...
The time has come to return to their home. They started their trip return to their home...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 6 => ROSID tackling Uma&Pari

Roli & Simar returned from their Honeymoon. All the family members completed their prayers.
Mataji: Roli & Simar, i would like you both to do the cooking today.
Roli: Yes Mataji. We will do.
Roli & Simar went to Kitchen. Both joined thier hands by helping each other & completed the cooking
within no time. They arranged the food in the dining table and also arranged the plates for all.
Mataji: Simar & Roli, you completed cooking.
Simar: Yes Mataji. We completed the cooking and also arranged the dining table now.
Mataji: It is very good. You both are very fast. I am waiting to taste it.
All gathered in the dining table. Simar & Roli served the food to all. Everyone taste it & appreciated. SID
smiled at Roli to acknowledge the taste. Simar & Roli were very happy.
Mausi: Simar & Roli, you cooked very fast & also tasty. But Uma & Pari takes long time and also taste
will not match with this.
Uma & Pari was feeling jealous on hearing this.
Pari; Why are you telling like this Mausiji in front of new daughter-in-laws. We came to this house very
long back and were taking care of all the household works these many days. They were able to finish
cooking fast as we completed the remaining works.
Mataji: Choti, Please keep quiet. Pari, Choti is just kidding. Dont take anything serious.
Everyone completed their breakfast and went to their respective room to get ready for going to office.
ROSID entered their room. SID locked the room and turned towards Roli.
Roli: Siddhantji why you are locking the doors. others may mistake us.
SID: What is there in mistaking. Everyone know that we are newly married couple. It is better to close
the door instead of making other think otherwise.

Roli: I cannot understand what you mean.

SID: You know on our 1st day Uma bhabhi came here when we were setting the cubboard. At that time
we were standing between the doors. She mistook us whereas we were only arranging the clothes.
Moreover at that time we were maintaining some distance, but now...
Roli blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji. You are becoming naughty day by day.
SID: By the way, the food was very good. It was tasty. I want to give a sweet kiss to the hands which
cooked such delicious food.
SID hold her hands and kissed it.
Roli: Siddhantji. you only kiss my hands which cooked the food. what about my mouth which tasted it
SID: Roli you are telling me naughty, but you have become more naughty than me.
SID went close to her and hold her cheeks and moved towards her lips. They forgot the world for
sometime. SID who released the kiss was starring at her face.
Roli: Siddhantji are you not getting late to office.
Sid who got back his conscious.
SID: Yes Roli. I am just starting now. Bye.
Took his Laptop bag and waved his hands to Roli. SID who went till the door turned towards Roli and
kissed her cheeks. Roli Blushed.

Roli was finding difficult to push the time till evening waiting for SID. SID completed the work as fast as
possible so that he can return home early. SID rushed to home and brought a choclate and Red Rose for
SID went to his room and changed his formal dress. SID started reading newspaper sitting in the sofa.
Roli took tea for him. Roli gave tea to him. Roli was about to leave and SID hold her hands and made
her sit on his lap.
Roli: how was the day?
SID: It went fine. How about you?

Roli: I was boring without you. Maji said you used to come very late. But you came early today.
SID: I know my wife is waiting for me and hence rushed from office.
Roli: If that is the case, what others will think that you are rushing to home after marriage.
SID: Thats right. But i cannot miss my wife company thinking what others will think.
Roli: I cannot win you. You always have answers for my questions.
SID: You have not asked me what i brought for you which is normal for all the wife.
Roli: I do not know about other wives. But i know if my Siddhantji buy something for me, will give me
SID; Is it so? Yes. I brought something for you.
SID gave her the red rose.
SID: I love you
Roli: I love you too
Roli accepted the red rose and kept in her hair. SID took out the chocolate and gave her. Roli
remembered that day when she do not share the chocolate with him. So he opening the wrapper and took
a piece of chocolate.
Roli: Siddhantji, please take this. Later you should not tell, i have not given you.
SID smiled at her.
SID: Roli, you thought i am fond of choclates. I am only fond of you. But i thanked that piece of
chocolate which helped me to kiss your mouth for first time.
Roli blushed. She ate the chocolate other than the piece she took for SID. Roli feed the piece of
chocolate to SID herself. Roli hug him and went near his lips. In few minutes of her try, she got the
choclate back into her mouth.
She took the tea cup and ran out of the room. SID was smiling...

Roli came down uma & pari were talking to mataji.

Pari: mataji dinner will be prepared by us
Mataji: OK

Uma & pari went to kitchen and started cooking.

Pari: uma bhabhi we need to prepare multiple variety of dishes and impress all
Uma; yes pari we need to show all. ow we are efficient than those sisters.
Time was running. Everyone reached dining table & waiting for dinner. Everyone were feeling hungry.
After much waiting pari & uma finished cooking. They brought many dishes to the table.
Mataji: what is this uma & pari? We are all waiting since long & why you made so many dishes. What was
the need?
Pari & uma got shocked as they were expecting appreciation. Also no one commented on taste.
Mataji: see how much is remaining
Uma : sorry
Mataji: now so many cleaning works will be there
Roli: dont worry mataji i will manage that. Roli took permission from dis through her eyes and went to
kitchen taking the vessels. Simar too joined her. Both started cleaning & completed in 1 hour. Then they
return to their rooms.
Sid was waiting for roli. Roli locked the door and came near him.
Roli: siddhantji I am feeling sweating. I will take bath & come
Roli went near cupboard and was selecting the night dress.
Sid: red color night dress
Roli smiled & took the red color night dress. She went to washroom & took bath.
Roli came near sid and sat beside him in the bed.
Sid was reading book & was not turning towards roli.
Roli: siddhantji are you angry with me that came late. But I took your permission.
Sid: no I am angry as you have not called me to take bath with you.
Roli: it was your mistake I have not locked the door & thought you will come. But you are big tube light
waiting for me to call you.
Sid got shocked on hearing this. Roli hug him and lean towards him. Sid smiled and cover them with the
blanket. They shared sweet moments.

Roli & simar was preparing breakfast. They completed the work and came out to set the dining table.
Pari & uma went to kitchen and added some salt to the side dish.
All were ready to eat and by tasting they understood salt is more.

Mausi: what happened today to you? Why you have put double salt.
Simar & roli were shocked.
Simar: sorry just wait for 2 minutes we will come.
Both went to kitchen. Simar told roli to prepare onion raitha. Simar prepared khadi with curd. They came
with both to dining in few minutes.
Everyone had break fast.
Roli: simar did I I taste myself & the salt was OK. Then how it is more now.
Simar: I know but we can't do anything now.
Sid was getting ready and roli was thinking deeply.
Sid: roli its OK if salt is more & it happens. Why are you taking tension.
Roli: siddhantji, but I taste myself
Sid: roli just relax dear. I want my smiley roli when I leave to office.
Sid hold her hip and pull her towards him.
Sid: roli look at me and smile.
Roli looked at his eyes. She cannot remember anything else. She hug him and moved towards his lips...

OSID shared some sweet moments that night and Roli was resting on SID's chest. But her thoughts were
wondering on the morning food issue.
SID; Roli, what happend? Why are you restless?
Roli: Siddhantji i was thinking about the morning issue. It is not the matter of more salt on one day
cooking which normally happens. But my worry is different. I myself tasted it & it was very nice. Then
Simar didi & myself came to dining table to set plates. In the middle how come the salt is more. There is
something fishy.
SID: Roli. do you suspect someone in the family itself.
Roli: Do you believe me Siddhantji?
SID: Of course. But why the family members will do so. I wonder.
Roli: I got some plan. Can you help us.
SID; Ok. I can do as you wish.
Roli explained her plans to SID.

SID: You were support to become CID, but unfortunately became my wife.
Roli: Siddhantji i am fortunate to become your wife.
Roli kissed SID and hug him. Both slept peacefully waiting for the next day morning to implement their
Roli and Simar started cooking their breakfast and Roli explained her plan to Simar as well. Both
completed cooking and came out of the kitchen as usual and started setting the dining table.
SID was watching the kitchen standing outside the kitchen and seeing through the windows. SID was
shocked to see Uma & Pari entering the kitchen. SID started taking the video in his camera mobile
throught the windows.
Pari: Uma bhabhi, yesterday itself the both sisters were suppose to get bad name from all. But being that
is their first mistake, every one ignore. Also they adjusted with alternate dish. Lets see today how they
Uma: Well said pari. We need to see the family members scold at those sisters.
Pari & Uma laughed and added some salt in the sidedish. SID got shocked and was happy that Roli was
able to locate the problem and came out with good idea.
Everyone assembled at Dining table to have breakfast. Pari & Uma were looking at each other with a
jealousy smile. SID never missed to notice them.
Roli & Simar served the food to all. Pari & Uma was shocked on seeing the plate. The sidedish in which
they mix the salt was different whereas the dish served in the plate is different. Everyone tasted the food
and appreciated them.
SID smiled and returned to his room. Roli completed cleaning the dining table and went to her room.
SID was getting ready to office and Roli came & hug him.
Roli: Siddhantji thank you so much. You trust me & helped me.
SID: I was shocked seeing Bhabhi doing such thing. But i wonder how you got another dish to serve.
Roli; We prepared 2 items today. we thought if there is no problem with 1st item, we can use the 2nd
item for lunch. we hide them inside. Bhabhi only saw 1 item and mixed salt in it. We disposed it and
took 2nd item to serve all.
SID: i am going to faint now. i was not aware you are such big CID. I think i should be alert with you.
Roli smiled and kissed him...

Roli & Simar went to Uma's room in the afternoon. Pari & Uma both were discussing about morning
breakfast only.
Uma: Pari, we added salt in a dish whereas they served another dish. How is it possible.
Pari: yes. Uma Bhabhi that is what i too wonder.
Simar: Uma & Pari Bhabhi we will answer your question.
Uma & Pari were shocked seeing Roli & Simar in their room. Roli locked the room so that other will not
hear their conversation and sat near Uma & Pari.
Simar: Bhabhi, we prepared 2 dishes today and the 1 you added salt we disposed & served the 2nd dish.
Uma: Simar. This means you know that we only added salt.
Simar; Yes. Bhabhi. We know. But we wonder, why you do this? What made you do this?
Pari & Uma was unable to answer.
Roli: Bhabhi, we respect you. We do not have any problem with you. I respect to the same level which i
give to Simar Didi.
Pari: We have been doing all the works all these days. But got no appreciation. But just in 1 day they
started appreciating you both. Which was not ok for us. Does this mean the work we do is in vain.
Roli: Bhabhi, you too it in wrong way. for anyone when it is new they appreciate to usually encourage. I
feel the same way only they encouraged. The same sort of appreciation you too might have got when
you came to this house. Also when we get some new taste we may appreciate, but when we get the
same taste for months together, no one will keep on appreciating even after months. Even our food will
become normal food once all get used to with the taste. Then no one will keep on appreciating.
Pari & Uma realised what Roli is telling and felt ashamed.
Simar: Bhabhi, we do not have any bad feeling about you both. We feel you like our own sister only. We
came here only to explain & clarify you.
Roli: Yes Bhabhi, we only request you too to accept us as your sister and join our hands in the life
journey. We are members of same family, we cannot go in different way. The family can run smoothly
only by team work and understanding among the members.
Pari: Simar & Roli. I feel ashamed on our act myself. I am sorry.
Uma; Yes. Simar & Roli, we were not suppose to do so. We will never do such in future. From now on
we all 4 are the same.
Simar & ROli hug them affectionately and got happy that the problem got sorted.

SID returned from office and Roli rushed to tell SID about the discussion they had with Bhabhi.
Roli hug him and also some kisses.
SID; Roli. You seems to be too happy today.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji, Myself & Simar didi went to Uma & Pari bhabhi & sorted their misunderstanding.
SID: Is it, I am very happy roli. Then where is the treat for me as i only helped you to make your plan
Roli clasp her hands around his neck.
Roli: Treat is always ready for you. You can take as you wish.
Roli Blushed seeing SId's eyes. Sid smiled and hug her...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 7 Rootna Manana

Mataji gifted new saree to simar & roli. Roli like that saree very much. She wear that saree and dress up
will with its matching jewellery set.
Roli came down & everyone praise her that she is looking good in that saree. Roli was waiting for Sid
eagerly to see his expression on seeing heroin this saree.
Sid who just return from office and while getting down from car itself he got call from his boss from US.
Boss asked him to prepare a small statement from Sid urgently as he need it for ongoing meeting.
Sid was just entering home talking with his boss on the requirements and went to his room without even
noticing roli.
Roli was upset. Still want to show him the new saree. Hence took cup of tea to their room.
Sid was very busy preparing the statements. Roli entered the room & gave him tea. Sid not even turned
towards her & told her to keep the tea cup in the table.
Roli: siddhantji, you just returned from office and started doing work at home also
Sid: roli I will talk to you later
Roli: what is this? You look at me. You can work later also.
Saying this, roli tried to close the laptop. Sid got angry.

Sid: roli. Can't you understand what I told you? Are you a kid? I told you will talk to you later. I got some
urgent work. Don't disturb me any more and go out for sometime.
Roli shocked to hear such harsh words from him. Her eyes were filled with tears and she felt very bad.
She went out of the room.

SID completed the statement in few minutes and sent to to his boss. He called the boss and confirmed
that the mail is received and Boss thanked him for his timely help.
SID after completing the work came back to his conscious about the convo happend between SID & Roli.
SID remembered and Roli came to him to tell something and he talked to her harshly in return.
SID understood that he made a big mistake. He can imagine how Roli might have got hurt by his words.
SID: What SID? You made such huge mistake. How can i talk like that to Roli? How she might have felt?
Oh God! I was not suppose to behave so with her.
SID rushed outside the room and saw from first floor to ground floor where all of the family members were
having a general chatting.
SID saw Roli in new saree. She was looking awesome. He was mesmerised by her beauty for a minute.
SID: Oh God! what i have done. Roli might have tried to show this new saree. I was suppose to listen to
her atleast for a second. what will i do now. I was so rude to her and hurt her. She will be angry.
SID slowly came down. Roli realised that SID is coming towards her. Roli just turned her face against
SID was standing opposite to her and by his eyes expression, he asked pardon to Roli. Roli was not
ready to see towards him. She started moving slightly to avoid standing straight to him and face him.
SID too was not ready to accept his defeat and moved straight to her.
All family members were talking to each other interestingly when SID & Roli were moving around. SID
tried his best to stand opposite to her, so that she will face her. Roli avoided standing opposite to him.
Roli finally stopped at one place and SID was standing quite opposite to her. She saw SID who was
asking for pardon again in expression. Roli was about to get lock into SID's eyes when Mausi suddenly
Mausi: Roli & Simar, prepare some nice food for dinner. I am feeling hungry.
Roli: Ji Mausi. We will prepare.
Simar & Roli went to kitchen to prepare dinner.
SID was upset & was thinking what Mausi why cant you wait for 2 more minutes. Roli might have got cool
down from her anger in just few seconds which you have spoiled.

SID was again not ready to accept his defeat. He will try again to cool down Roli...

All family members assembled at Dining table to have dinner. Simar & Roli were serving the food.
SID was waiting for his turn to be served by Roli.Purposefully ROli was serving the opposite side & Simar
was service SID side of the table. Simar noticed ROSID & got some hint that something is wrong.
Simar: Roli, you too go & take your food. I will serve the rest.
Roli: No Simar Didi, I will eat with you later.
Simar: No Roli. You have not taken food in the afternoon also well. So now you sit and start taking your
Roli got no other option other than sitting next to SID which is her place and all other occupied by other
members already.
Roli with much hesitation sat next to SID.
SID: Roli, give me that Chapati
Chapati was next to Roli and she got no alternative other than serving to SID.
SID smiled at Roli. But Roli was angry.
SID Slowly hold her left hand with his left hand below the table. Roli tried to take out the hand from his
grip. But SID was holding her tightly. Simar was noticing all this.
Prem who was not aware of all this asked Roli to pass the Chapati to him.
Now SID has no alternative other than leaving the hand hold so that Roli can serve Chapati to Prem.
Simar felt bad that Prem disturbed ROSID.
They finally finished that food and everyone got up to wash their hands. Now SID got no other alternative
other than waiting for Roli in their room.
Roli went to help Simar in the kitchen cleaning work.
Simar: Roli, go & take rest. I will take care.
Roli: No Simar Didi, i will not let you work alone & i will go only after all the works finished.
Simar:What happened ROli?

Roli: Nothing Didi.

Simar: Roli, I know you are angry with Siddhantji. Tell me the truth
Roli Hug her & cried.
Roli: Didi Siddhantji scold at me today evening.
Simar: What are you telling ROli? He loves you deeply. I can very well understand. Then how come he
scold you.
Roli: I was waiting to show the new saree to him & went to him once he returned from office. But he scold
at him badly. He was not even ready to see or talk to me.
Simar: Roli relax. That should be some misunderstand. you talk to him & see what is the reason he
scold you in the evening. Any misunderstanding can be cleared only by clarifying mutually.
Roli: yes didi.
Roli accepted to Simar to talk & get the issue cleared. But she was hurt on the happening. So she was
still not ready to accept SID explanation yet. She was still angry with him. Eventhough she is angry, she
got no other alternative other than going to their room after finishing the kitchen works.
Roli slowly walked towards their room...

Roli entered their room and her eyes was searching for SID inside the room. SID was behind door and
locked the door.
SID offer a Red Rose to Roli.
SID: Roli. I am Sorry. I was not suppose to talk to you like that. I am very sorry. S O R R Y. Please.
Roli has not replied anything or accepted the Rose. She moved a little.
SID hold her hands and went near her slowly. SID back hug her.
SID: Roli, you should give me a chance to tell my side also. I accept that i committed mistake by talking
rudely to you. But can you give just 2 minutes to explain.
Roli has not told anything, but was silently hearing what he is telling.
SID: My boss went to US for a meeting and today there is a meeting. Due to time difference between
India & US, the office hour started by our evening time & just meeting started. Our boss asked me to
prepare a statement which was required for the meeting which need to be sent within 10 minutes as the
meeting was suppose to start in few minutes. I was only preparing that statement. It just took 10 minutes
time for me to prepare & send it. Within that time only you came to me and was talking to him. That is
why i told you to wait or come later. I am again asking Sorry to you to talk to you rudely.

SID hold his ears and asked for pardon. Roli slowly moved from there and went near the windows. SID
followed her.
SID: Roli, please dont punish me any more by not talking to me or by being angry with me.
Roli: Siddhantji, i too feel sorry. I have not understood your important work and disturbed you.
Roli turned towards SID and hug him.
SID: Roli, you looks beautiful in this saree.
Roli blushed. Roli went near cupboard to take the nightwear.
SID: That green one.
Roli smiled and took the green color nightware and moved towards bathroom to take bath. Before
entering into the bathroom, she turned towards SID & blushed.
SID understood and went behind her to have bath together with sweet moments.
SID carry her in his arms to their bed and lean towards her...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 8 => Saas & Bahu
ROSID enjoying their happy love with sweet moments.
One such day, Karuna talked to Sujatha.
Karuna: Sujatha Bhabhi, Now a days SID is not finding time to even talk to you.
Sujatha: What are you telling Karuna? Nothing like that. He is normal only.
Karuna: What normal bhabhi? I am noticing myself. SID earlier used to come late from office and now a
days comes as soon as office leave.
Sujatha: What is the big deal in coming early? May be his work is getting completed early.
Karuna: No harm in coming early. But i can see he not even talking to us a single word and only rush to
his room. Roli goes behind him and they spend nice time together in their room.
Sujatha: What are you talking Karuna? They are couples and also newly married. They surely have to
spend time together. What is wrong in it?
Karuna: I am not telling that as wrong. But cant he even spend some of those minutes with you is my
concern. Previously SID used to chat with us even after coming late to office. Now he is really changed.

Sujatha: What are you trying to say?

Karuna: Nothing Bhabhi. Dont mistake me. I do not have any issue with SID. Just highlighted that SID is
not close to us now a days.
Karuna left the place leaving Sujatha confused.

Rosid were on their own world without realising about rift created in sujatha's mind.
Sujatha started noticing the activities of rosid.
Sid only came to dining table directly and not before that in the morning. Not even to read newspaper.
Roli herself was giving to sid daily newspaper to his room with the tea.
In the dining table also sid eyes was around roli. He praise her cooking which he never did for sujatha.
Sid leave to office waving good bye to roli. He only say goodbye to sujatha that too having his eyes over
Evening he return home early, but no chat with sujatha.
Roli takes tea to their room & after sometime return from their room with a red rose on her hair & with
smile on her face.
Sid only comes to have dinner which will be similar to breakfast experience.
Sid return to their room as soon as dinner complete.
Sujatha was waiting for the weekend to see what he is going to do in the weekend the whole day at

Friday evening, All family members were chatting with each other sitting on the hall. SID return home
from office. ROSID smile at each other. Sujatha was eager to see what he is doing this weekend. SID
went to their room & Roli followed him with a cup of tea.
SID: Roli, I have got some surprise for you.
Roli; Surprise. Tell me what it is.
SID: Surprise you will not get as it is. You need to give me something.
Roli gave the cup of tea with a smile.
Roli: Have this tea Siddhantji & give me the surprise.
SID: What only cup of tea for the weekend surprise?

Roli: Weekend surprise. What Siddhantji why you are giving huge suspense to me. Tell me what it is.
SID: I will have this cup of tea & till such time, you think what it can be.
SID had the tea while starring & admiring Roli and Roli was under deep thoughts what the suspense can
be. Roli was unable to find out. SID called her with his eyes.
Roli came near SID & sat on his lap. Clasp her hands around his neck.
ROSID eyes meet each other. Roli kissed him on his forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips.
SID hug her tightly & kissed on her neck.
Roli: Siddhantji tell me what it is
SID: Roli see this.
SID showed the letter which shows the weekend booking with Roli's favorite resort near by.
Roli was very happy seeing that. With happiness, she hug & kissed him again.
Roli: Thank you Siddhantji. I like this resort very much.
SID: Roli. I know about my wife liking & thats why i made the booking.
Roli: But we need to take permission from the family members. What if they mistake us.
SID: What is there in mistaking? You know Mataji herself took tickets for our Honeymoon. So we will tell
them that we are going out this weekend.
Roli: Ok. Hope Mataji & Maji accept this.
ROSID came down together. Sujatha was happy that finally SID coming down to talking to her.
SID: Mataji & Maji. I have planned to spend this weekend in nearby resort with Roli. I need your
permission for that.
Sujatha got shocked. She was thinking, so for asking permission only he came down after these many
Mataji: Sid. You are taking your wife for the weekend. What is there in asking permsision? you can very
well take your wife.
SID: Thanks Mataji. We will start now itself so that we can reach the place by night.

Mataji: Well. Please proceed. But take care of Roli & Yourself.
ROSID smiled and went back to their room to pack their luggage for next 2 days...

Sujatha who got confused by Karina, took the rosid activities in the wrong way. Rosid was not even aware
about this disturbance in sujatha mind.
Rosid returned home from weekend trip and continued their daily activities as usual.
Sujatha started behaving different with roli. She critisised her cooking. She stopped talking with her.
Sujatha was only trying to figure out possible mistake from roli.
Rosid never missed to notice the change in sujatha. Roli cried to sid as she was not knowing the reason
behind. Sid decided to end this issue very soon. Sid console and promise roli that he will clear the rift at
the earliest.

Rosid was getting ready for the pooja arranged by mataji at mandir. Almost all the members already left
to mandir except sujatha, rosid & mausi. Sujatha was getting tensed on getting delayed and went towards
rosid room.
Sid was admiring roli when sujatha was nearing their room
Sid: roli. You look so beautiful.
Roli blushed.
Sujatha: sid we are waiting for you down & you are admiring your wife. That too when we are going to
mandir for pooja. Idid not expect this from you.
Sid understood this is the right time to clarify the issue.
Sid: maji what happened to you? What mistake we did?
Sujatha: you are asking me. Won't you know.
Sid: please tell me I am unable to understand. But I know you are behaving different now a days.
Sujatha: just think whether you are changed or myself. Since marriage you forget me & only your concern
is your wife.
Sid by now understood the problem.
Sid: my dear maji so this is your concern. Just relax & think. Can a mother take wife place or a wife can
take place of mother. Not possible. Roli cannot take your place as well as you too cannot take her place.
If father is affection to you does it means he hates mataji. Come on. Won't you seek your husband
affection that too when newly married. That does not mean I hate you or ignore you.
Sujatha: sorry sid I understood my mistake. Sorry roli
Roli: maji no need for you to ask sorry to me. You understood us is enough for me.

Sujatha realised her mistake and hug rosid.

Roli suddenly got vomiting sensation and rushed towards washroom..

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 9 => Weekend Trip

ROSID start from BW house and travelled to the resort by car. They were hearing lovely songs and
singing together with it. ROSID were smiling at each other and enjoyed the car drive all the way and
finally reached the resort.
Resort was very beautiful, but was very calm. There were not much people due to off season. ROSID
liked the place very much. They moved towards their room and kept the luggage in the cubboard.
The climate was very cool. The room was very good. Well decorated. ROSID like the environment very
much. There was benches to sit in the outside garden.
ROSID went out of the room and sat in the garden. Roli was resting on SID shoulders.
Sid: Roli, Did you like this place?
Roli: I like this place very much. It is very beautiful, calm.
Sid: So you should appreciate my choice.
Roli: Your choice cannot be bad as myself is your choice only.
Sid: Then what about your choice of mine.
Roli: My choice about you ... Ok.
Roli smiled and run from there. SID was running behind her and they were going round the trees and
benches for some time, but SID was unable to catch her. SID got tired and sat in the bench. Roli sat
beside him.
Roli: You are old too!!! as you were unable to catch me.
Roli ran from there again.
SID: So you mean, i am bad choice as well as i am old? How dare you?
SID ran behind her & this time he decided not to leave her without catching. Sid ran fast behind her and
finally about to catch her. ROSID both fell down in the grass. ROSID has eyelocks.

Roli was unable to meet his eyes and got up from there & SID followed her. Roli started walking
backwards seeing SID's face. When Roli started walking backwards, Sid started walking forward towards
Roli went near the big tree and was unable to move backward more. SID went near her and was looking
at her eyes.
Roli tried to move leftside when SID hold her path by placing his right hand in the tree blocking her way.
Roli tried to move rightside when SID blocked her way by his left hand. Roli was blushing.
SID went near her lips when Roli bent her knees and came out below his hand and ran towards their
room. SID ran behind her.
SID: ROli, I will not leave you.
Roli smiled and ran inside the room. SID locked the room and ROSID had some running & catching
inside the room also and finally Roli jumped into the bed. SID too jumped aside her and both were tired
due to this running...
SID: Roli. Do you really feel i am your bad choice.
Roli: Siddhantji, i was just joking. How you can be bad choice.
SID: ROli, Dont tell that even for joke. I cannot bear that Dear. I Love you naa yaar.
Roli: I Love you too naa yaar. I am sorry i hurt you.
Roli turn towards him and moved towards his lips...

Rosid were sleeping hugging each other. Roli opened her eyes slowly.
Roli: siddhantji, let's get up its already 7 now.
Sid: roli what are we going to do getting up early now.
Sid hug her more tightly.
Roli: siddhantji, we have come to enjoy the resort only naa let's go.
Sid: roli, does we come to enjoy the resort.
Sid smiled at her and roli blushed.
Roli: you are too bad
Sid; oh. I am bad . then what can I say about what you did last night. Shall I...
Roli : siddhantji.(with shyness)

Roli blushed and hug him tightly & covered them with the blanket...

Rosid were below the shower taking bath. Rosid bound on their love. Rosid mesmerized on their eyes
Sid carry her on his hands.
Sid: roli, I will dress up you today.
Roli blushed.
Sid selected green color chudi for her. Sid made her wear that chudi. Tied the dhori.
Sid made her sit and comb her hair. Roli was excited seeing sid combing her.
Sid selected the matching jewellery for her.
Sid put the ear rings on her beautiful ears and kissed her ears, Bangles on her hands and kissed her
Roli: siddhantji, your hear is wet. Sit here I will dry the hair.
Roli dried his hear and comb it. Roli selected his T-shirt & pant and made him wear.
Rosid now ready to go out.
Sid: shall we move. It is already noon now. We will have some lunch and will roam around resort.
Sid just about to unlock the door.
Roli: siddhantji,
Sid turned towards roli. Roli kissed him on his cheeks.
Roli: siddhantji, you looks beautiful in this T-shirt.
Sid: hai hai! My wife is admiring me. Murjava!
Roli was blushing. Rosid went to have lunch. After having lunch, both went around resort. Resort was
very beautiful. Well decorated well maintained. Rosid were very happy.
Sid was teasing roli then & there. Roli was smiling & blushing. Rosid were happily spending each and
every minutes...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 10 => Pregnant Roli

ROSID were in hospital waiting for the doctor.

Roli: Siddhantji, I am little tensed.

Sid: Roli, No need to take tension. Lets see what doctor says.
After few minutes of waiting the doctor came. ROSID were sitting in front of the lady doctor. Doctor gone
through the report.
Doctor: Congrats Roli & Siddhant, Roli is pregnant.
Sid: Thanks Doctor. Thanks for giving such a great news.
Roli smiled.
Doctor: Sid take care of her specially for first 3 months. Roli you need to be careful. Do not lift heavy
objects. Take healthy foods.
Roli: Yes Doctor.
Doctor: I have given you few vitamin & calcium tables in this. Take as per prescribed dosage regularly.
Meet me by next month.
SID: Thanks Doctor.
ROSID came out of the hospital. They were very happy. They rushed to home to share this good news
with other family members.
All were in the hall waiting for ROSID. ROSID returned home and distributed choclates to all.
ROSID took the blessings of the elders and wishes from all. They both were very happy.
ROSID entered their room.
SID: Roli, i cannot tell you how much happy i am now hearing this news.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am also very happy and even the entire family is happy.
Sid: How great it is that Small Roli is going to come to our life shortly.
Roli: Why small Roli, why cant Small Siddhantji
Sid: Let it be small roli or small Sid but one thing is sure.
Roli: What is it?
SID: It will be more naughty than both of us.
ROSID Smiled and started expecting the new little member into thier life.

Next day Morning, Roli was getting ready to go to kitchen for preparing Breakfast.
SID: Roli, where are you going?
Roli: Siddhantji what is this new question! I am going to kitchen for preparing breakfast.
SID: Roli. Doctor advised you to take rest. You stay in the room and take rest. I will tell Simar to take
Roli: Siddhantji I am not going to lift any heavy objects. I will just do small help to Simar didi otherwise
she will suffer alone.
Simar: (justing entering ROSID room with cup of Juice) Roli. Dont worry, I will take care of all the works.
If needed will take halp of Uma & Pari Bhabhi. You take rest. Now you drink this apple juice which is
good for you.
Roli: Simar didi i do not want to drink the juice anyway will take break fast naa.
Simar: There is sometime to take breakfast. for now you drink this juice.
Sid took the juice from Simar and Simar left the room.
SID: Roli drink this dear.
Roli: What siddhantji? I dont like apple juice.
SID:You may not like apple juice. But it is good for your health & baby's too.
Roli: Siddhantji. Please
SID: See our baby is thirsty and asking for some juice. Now like a good girl you will drink this slowly.
SID take the glass himself near Roli and made her drink the juice slowly.
SID: Very good. Now you take rest until i get ready. Then we will go down to have breakfast.
Roli: But Siddhantji what will i do the whole day then inside the room
Sid: Read these books if you get bored.
SID gave her some nice books and went to get ready to office.
ROSID came to dining table for taking the breakfast. SID made her sit and take the breakfast & not
allowed her to serve the food. SID served her with more vegetable salads and made her to eat.

All family members never missed to notice all these and smiled secretly. All finished taking breakfast.
SID: Roli, go to room and take rest.
Roli: What Siddhantji how long i can stay inside the room itself. I will sit here with others.
SID: Roli but you will not sit quiet. You will start doing some work. Thats why i am telling you.
Mataji: Siddhant, Dont worry. We are all here to take care of Roli. We will not let her to anything.
SID: Mataji, I did not mean you all will not take care. But Roli will tell you all some excuses and do some
work. That is my worry.
Mataji: Dont worry. I will not let her to do any work for any reason. Instead of going up & down multiple
times. Let her stay here and have lunch in the noon. Then she can go to room to take rest.
SID; Ok. Mataji.
SID left to office, but his mind was around Roli..

Roli & other family members were sitting in the hall and just talking to each other. SID entered home with
bag full of fruits.
Mausi: Sid, what is this big bag in your hand.
SID: Mausiji, i brought fruits for Roli.
Mausi: What this much.
SID: Mausiji, Doctor have told to take healthy food. Thats why I brought all types of fruits.
Mataji: Sid. we know love your wife so much. But how can she have all the fruits in 1 day.
Mausi: You brought fruit for your wife alone or for all the pregnant ladies in the town.
All the family members laughed & Roli blushed.
Mataji: You are anyway going to office daily & can bring 1 or 2 daily.
SID smiled and Simar took all the fruits from SID and kept it in the fridge.
SID: Roli, what are you doing here. I told you to take rest. But you are still here from morning.
Mausi: Sid, relax relax. She took rest after taking lunch and just now came down.

SID: But Mausiji, why is she going up & down.

Uma: See Pari, how much SID is taking care of Roli. Not even let her to walk.
Simar; Siddhantji, Dont worry. Nothing will happen to her.
Sid smiled and went to their room. Changed the dress and came down. he took 1 apple & 1
pomegranate and a knife.
SID sat beside her and cut the fruit and gave her.
Roli: Siddhantji. I will take the fruit later.
SID: No way. you cannot escape from me. You need to take this.
SID feed her the fruit slowly and made her eat the fruit.
All the family members were seeing ROSID and smiled secretly.
Mataji & Sujatha prayed to Matarani to keep this couple happy like this for ever.
All were chatting with each other in general, but SID eyes was on Roli always noticing her each & every
All had dinner and Simar told Roli to take rest. Uma & Pari promosed Roli that they will help Simar in
cleaning works.
ROSID entered their room. SID made Roli to sit in the bed and took the tablet and glass of water and
gave her.
SID; Roli, take this tablet.
Roli took the tablet and hold Sid's hands.
Roli: Siddhantji, I can see how much you care for me. I am very lucky to get you as my husband.
SID: Roli. It is my duty dear to take care of you, that too when you are carrying our baby. Moreover I love
you naa yaar.
Roli; I love you too naa yaar
Roli got drop of happiness tear in the eyes. Roli lean towards his lap and rest herself in his lap.
SID carress her hair and Roli slept peacefully on his lap...

Next day early morning, Roli got vomitting sensation & rushed to the bathroom.
SID wake up and went behind Roli. SID hold her head and gave water to wash her mouth.
SID hold her and moved towards the bed and made her sit. SID gave her some water to drink.
SID: Roli are you ok now.
Roli: Yes Siddhant ji. I am ok now.
SID; Do you need anything else to drink
Roli; Its ok. I will have something later.
SID: Why Dear? Why to wait for sometime? Give me 2 minutes i will bring something for you.
SID went to kitchen & Simar was just boiling milk.
SID; Simar, Roli omitted just now. You please give something hot to drink.
Simar; Ok. You go & take care of her. I will bring some milk for her.
SID went to their room and took care of Roli. Simar came with cup of hot milk.
Simar; Roli, drink this milk which will make you feel better.
Roli: Simar didi. Why milk? Please give me tea or coffee,
Simar: Roli, i will give you tea or coffee after sometime. Now you take this milk which will be good for
your now.
SID took the glass from Simar and made Roli to drink slowly.
SID took breakfast for Roli to their room and feed her slowly.
Days moved fast. SID was atmost talking care of Roli. The day came to meet the doctor.
ROSID went to hospital & took the scan and met the doctor.
Doctor: Well. The baby growth is good and your reports are also normal.
Roli: Doctor, Siddhantji is not letting me to do any work and telling me to take rest all the 24 hours. I am
getting bored. Please tell me whether i can do my regular jobs.

Doctor: Roli. It is good that you got such caring husband. But on the other hand you too will be feeling
bored to just take rest. Now already 3 months completed. So you can very well do small jobs without
lifting heavy objects and without taking strain.
SID: Doctor. You have told her now that she can do small works. But i worry she may strain herself.
Doctor: ROli. Siddhant is worried about your health & baby's health. So do not do any such things. Take
care which will be good for all.
Roli: Yes Doctor. I do understand.
Doctor: Now you continue these vitamin tablets and meet me next month.
ROSID: Thanks Doctor.
ROSID enjoyed this new phase of their life. SID was caring for ROli like holding her on his palm. The
days passed & now it is 6th month of her pregnancy...
Rosid were in scanning centre. Sid was also with roli inside the scanning room as doctor called him inside
to show the baby.
Doctor showed rosid each & ever parts possible in that scanning.
Doctor: see here this tiny part is the leg & you can also see small fingers in it. Here is the hand with tiny
Sid: how cute it is!
Doctor: this is the body and this is the face. See the baby is moving its hands towards face.
Roli: how beautiful it is! What is it doing doctor?
Doctor: it is just moving here & there. See it is kicking now with its legs.
Rosid were able to see the movement. They were very happy to see their child. The happiness tears
came out of their eyes.
Doctor: the baby is very much normal. Just continue as it is. And now slowly do walking in the evening.
That will be good for you.
Roli: yes doctor.
Doctor: keep you mind happy. Hear good music. See good things. Siddhant take care.
Sid; yes doctor.
Sid was returning home while he got idea & stopped near shop. Sid took roli & purchased baby pictures.
Also purchased some nice music cds .
Rosid returned home. Roli parents were waiting for them. Roli was very happy on seeing them and rosid
took their blessings.

Roli mother: roli this is already your 6 th month. We need to do function for you and take you to our house
for delivery.
Sid got tensed on hearing this.
Sid: please you do whatever function you want to do. But I will not let roli to go anywhere.
Mataji: siddhant it is usual practice that girl goes to parents house for delivery.
Sid: I agree it is normal practice. But I cannot let roli go anywhere. You ask roli whether she can go away
from me.
Mausi: roli. You tell us are you not interested in going to your home for delivery.
Roli: I agree that I do like to go to my home. But only with siddhantji and that too will return with him. I too
cannot leave him alone & go.
All family members were surprised to hear all this. Finally all agreed that roli will stay with sid instead of
going to her home.
Rosid happily went to their room and sid pasted the baby pictures in the room here and there.
Rosid were very happy seeing their room with those cute pictures and started imagining how their kid will
Roli imagined a small boy like her & sid imagined small girl like him.
Rosid smiled.

Rosid were going on a walk in the evening.

Sid: roli 8 months passed very fast. Now only few more days we need to wait to see our baby.
Roli: yes siddhantji, how the baby was cute with small legs, hands, face when we saw while doing scan. I
am very eager to see it.
Sid: roli are you specific in boy or girl.
Roli: it can be boy or girl. No problem. But should be with good health.
Sid: you are right. It should have good health.
Roli: siddhantji, I want to eat ice cream. Please
Sid: it is not good for your health dear. But still you have asked me & I should not deny your wish in
pregnancy. So let's go.
Rosid went to good ice cream shop and roli eat ice cream.
Rosid were sleeping in the night & suddenly roli got severe pain.
Roli: siddhantji,
Sid: roli are you OK.

Roli: I am feeling severe pain now.

Sid immediately called doctor.
Sid: doctor roli is feeling severe pain now.
Doctor: siddhant bring roli to hospital immediately. I too will reach in few minutes.
Sid took roli in his arms and slowly came down.
Sid: mataji maji please come.
Mataji: siddhant what happened.
Sid; roli got pain & doctor told to bring roli to hospital. I am taking her to hospital. You all come later.
Sid rushed to hospital with roli & on the way roli got more pain. Doctor was waiting for them and took roli
to labor ward.
Roli was feeling great pain.
Roli: doctor I wish to have my husband to be with me
Doctor: but roli. In India normally husband do not come to labor ward.
Roli: please doctor.
Doctor smiled and informed nurse to call sid inside.
Sid came inside and came near roli. Roli hold sid hands.
Roli: siddhantji please be with me. You are my moral support.
Sid: roli yes I will be with you.
Sid was encouraging roli & she was holding his hands tightly.
Roli got the pain increased & she put pressure on his hold with sid.
Sid was unable to see this pain roli is facing & prayed to god.
Finally after few minutes of difficulties roli delivered a baby boy.
Baby was shown to sid & taken by nurse to wash.
Doctor: siddhamt now you can wait outside and we will bring roli to the room shortly.
Sid nod his head and the tear of happiness was hitting his eyes. All the family members were waiting
outside and saw sid coming outside.
Mausi: siddhant. What happened? Is everything normal?
Sid: yes. Roli delivered baby boy. Roli will be shifted to room shortly.
All wished sid & they moved towards the room to wait for roli& baby.

Baby wrapped in new towel was given in the hands of sid by the nurse. All were very happy.
Roli was moved to room and sid showed the baby face to roli. Rosid were emotional. Baby was looking
like roli.
Roli remembered sid always telling roli that the boy will look like her & girl like himself.
Roli smiled...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 11 => ROSID's Baby

ROSID reached home with the baby from hospital. They were welcomed by all the family members.
The House was decorated well to welcome the new baby into the house.
There was a cradle beautifully decorated to put the baby into it. The cradle was the present from Premar
to the baby.
There was new baby bed inside it in baby blue color to welcome this boy child.
Mataji took thebaby in her hands and was very happy to hold her grandson in the hands.
Sujatha told simar to bring her gift to the child. The gift was a set with blue color dress, baby towel &
other baby items. Sujatha put the new blue dress to the baby.
Mausi: The time is very good. Put the baby into the crade.
SID took the child and put the baby into the cradle gently.
The baby was smiling. The baby moved its little hands and legs.
ROSID were admiring their child with cute little little hands with very small fingures & legs with cute little
fingures. The face was similar to Roli and smily in nature.
All the family members were attracted by the cute baby. The entire family was very happy and welcoming
the baby.
Neibours also came to know that the new baby reached home from hospital and came to BW house with
small gift sets.
All admired the baby and everyone certified that the baby looks like Roli. Also few said that the boy
should be like mother only.
ROSID were very happy in hearing all these. They smiled at each other.

ROSID prayed to god that the baby should be healthy...

Rosid were in their room. The baby was sleeping.

Sid: roli how cute it is. The baby made all the family members happy.
Roli: yes. Hope our baby bring good to all.
Sid: roli, what will be the name? It should be a good one.
Roli: yes siddhantji, we need to select a nice one.
Sid: short & good
Roli: any god name
Sid: ram
Roli: name is good. But what will be its rhyming girl name.
Sid: why we need girl name
Roli: for our daughter.
Sid: daughter!
Roli: our second baby which I expect as daughter
Sid: second. No roli. I have seen your pain for this 1st itself.
Roli: but the pain will be gone on seeing the face of the child. Now I am normal only.
Sid: still why roli. Is 1 not enough.
Roli: we are thinking about our difficulty. But what about our son. You are having brother. I am having
sister. Who will be there for him to share, to support..
Sid: oh my wife thinking ahead great
Roli: also there will be no relationship to next generation other than parents.
Sid: OK. Accepted. As per my wife wish. Now think about some good name.
Rosid think for a while.
Roli: surya & sandhiya
Sid: good. Nice name.
Rosid informs the name to all the family members & everyone was happy with the name. ..

ROSID & family members arranged naming ceremony for the baby. The house was well decorated.
Relatives & neibours were invited on the function. Party was arranged with Songs & Dance.
All the family members danced and celebrated other than Roli who just delivered the baby.
Roli told the name 'Surya' in Baby's ears thrice and all called the name Surya.
Different type of baby products, baby dress, toys, varieties of baby beds, towels were gifted by the
relatives and friends.
Surya was very cute and smiling seeing here and there moving its little hands and legs.
Every one were having cold drinks in the party.
Roli: Siddhantji, give me also cup of cool drinks
Sid: ROli, no chance, you cannot have cool drinks now. You just delivered the baby & you cannot have
all the foods.
Roli: Siddhantji, Just a sip.
Sujatha: What do you want Roli. Ask me I will give you.
Sid: Maji you are not aware what is she asking. She is asking cool drinks.
Sujatha: Roli, you should not take cool drinks now. It is bad for your health as well as the baby will get
ROli: Then i dont want Maji. The baby should not suffer.
Sid smiled at Roli.
ROSID were in the room. It is night time. Roli just started Sleeping & the baby cried.
SID: Roli, see the baby is crying.
Roli got up and feed milk to the baby. The baby stopped crying, but was awake.
SID: What happend Roli. Is baby sleeping?
Roli: No Siddhantji, I gave milk, but it is not getting sleep.
SID: Its ok. I will handle Surya, You take rest.
Roli: No Siddhantji, you need to go to office. So i will take care of the child. You go to sleep.

SID: ROli. I will take care dont worry. I will manage. You are tired taking care of the baby the whole day.
So you take rest.
Roli slept aside of Siddhantji holding his hands. SID was having the baby in his hands. After some time
Surya slept in SID hands. Roli got up & saw SID holding the baby in his hands.
Roli: Siddhantji, it is already mid night & the baby already slept. Put the baby in the baby bed and sleep.
You will get tired tomorrow in the office.
Roli put the baby bed in the middle of the bed and SID gently put the baby in the bed.
ROSID slept in both sides of the baby...
ROSID is very happy enjoying their life with Surya. Roli was behind its each and every movements and
enjoying every minutes with Surya.
Surya slowly trying to turn upside down.
Roli : Siddhantji, Look here. Surya is trying to turn upside down.
Sid was very happy seeing this. ROSID was keenly watching surya's try to turn upside down. The baby
was trying again and again. Finally the baby turned, but its nose got hit in the floor and started crying.
SID took the child in his hands and tried to pacify the child. The cry was not controlled. Then ROli took
the baby and pacified.
SID: Roli, see Surya is getting close to you and attached to you more than me.
Roli: Siddhantji nothing like that. Both of us are equally attached to the Baby. As I am with him for more
time, he understands my hand touch.
ROSID smiled.
The days passed and by now, the child started moving slowly. Roli need to take more careful now.
SID: ROli, take care nothing is left in the floor which can harm the baby.
Roli: Yes. Siddhantji. Now i am taking more care for him and keeping eye on him always. But you know
what happend today. I went to bathroom and within that time, Surya moved from its place & went below
the cot. I was searching for him here & there. I was worried.
SID: Then what happend?
Roli: Suddenly i heard his voice somewhere and started searing towards the direction of the voice and
found him.

SID laughed. Thats why. We need to be more careful now. Keep someone in the room in such
Roli nod her head as acceptance.
ROSID started playing with Surya & he smiled seeing the loving parents.

Roli was selecting her dress in the cupboard and SID was doing some official work in the laptop.
Surya slow got up and walked towards Roli. The baby pulled Roli's saree when SID too watched and Roli
too turned backwards and saw their baby walking for the first time.
ROSID were very happy and encouraged the baby to walk some more. But surya fell down and started
Roli: Oh baby! dont cry. You will be alright.
Slowly Surya stopped crying and smiled at ROSID.
SID: Roli, how the time moved fast and Surya is turning 1 by next week.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji, how beautiful this 1 year was.
SID: You are right. We enjoyed each & every moment with out baby and its slow growth
Roli: How great feeling it is? The baby turned upside down, then starting moving and slowly crawling
SID: Then Surya started sitting and now slowly walking also. How the nature teach the baby to do the
next next activities. It is wonderful.
Roli: Now Surya started slowly telling some words and he understands well what we tell him.
SID: How great the feeling of being a parent. That too for a child like Surya.
Roli: But Siddhantji, he is naughty too. He already crawl here & there and we need to hide all the things
around from him. Now he starts walking means, we need to be more careful.
SID: Roli. This is our baby & naughty will be his basic character.
Roli smiled.

Surya's 1st Birthday. The house was decorated with baloons, lights & Color decorators.
All the relatives & friends were called for the birthday party.

Morning all the BW family members went to Mandir to perform special pooja for Surya's birthday.
Evening the party was arranged. Every one gathered at BW house for the party.
Cream cake was ordered in big size multi layered and well decorated.
The cake cutting was celebrated and all the friends & relatives wished Surya ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY'
Mataji presented Gold Chain to Surya.
Sujatha presented Bracelet.
Roli's parents presented Golden Ring.
Uma, Pari & all other family members too presented different varieties of toys, dress, silver & golden
items etc...
All were enjoying the party.
Song was played and dance was performed by all the family members to enjoy the party.
The party was well organised and went very well.
Dinner was arranged for all and everyone had nice dinner.
The friends & relatives started leaving the party wishing ROSID & Surya.
Verma Aunty (Neighbour): Roli, now the baby has turned 1 & now it is time to have a daughter.
Roli blushed.
ROSID look at each other & smiled...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 12 => ROSID's New Phase
ROSID entered their room with Surya. Surya already slept and gently Sid put him on the baby bed.
ROSID look at each other, but can feel some sort of shyness between them suddenly. Roli blushed
unusually from the past few months.
Roli went to cupboard to select her nightwear. Roli turned towards SID, but SID was only starring at Roli.
Roli went to bathroom with the changing dress and started taking bath. Roli's thoughts were wetting her
more than the shower water.

Roli was thinking, what happend to me. Why I felt shy on seeing Siddhantji today when I am with him for
more than years now.
What happend to me, why i expected Siddhantji to select the nightwear which used to happen earlier but
not happening since so long.
What happend to me, why my minding is searing for Siddhantji unlike past so many months.
What happend to me, why there is sudden change inside me.
What happend to me, why i am feeling different now.
What is this feeling about? What my mind is searching for? Why it is so?
Roli was in water since long and suddenly realised it. She dry her with towel and put the nightwear and
came out of bathroom.
Sid turned towards her on hearing the door sound. When ROSID's eyes met, Roli was unable to meet his
Roli blushed and came near the bed and sat against sid and lean towards bed.
Roli's thoughts continued with array of queries. Roli was extremely puzzled...

Rosid entered their room with surya. Sid turned towards roliand roli blushed. Sid was surprised too see
roli blushing after so many days. There were butterflies in sid mind as well. Sid gently put the baby in the
Roli went to take the nightwear & turned towards sid.
Sid was surprised & about to tell his selection of nightwear. Confused roli took one & went to bathroom.
Sid was in deep thinking.
Why I feel there is some change in roli.
Why I feel roli is suddenly blushing.
Why I feel roli is expecting something
Why I feel roli was expecting me to select her nightwear after long time
Why I feel roli is searching me
I am missing to understand her feeling somewhat.
Sid heard the door sound of bathroom and roli came out.
Sid met her eyes to see what is she conveying.

But roli blushed seeing his eyes and moved towards their bed and lean towards bed.
Sid was wondering seeing roli.
Sid got his puzzles in his mind..

Roli took bath & getting ready to go down to kitchen. Roli was wearing SID's favorite Peacock Blue color
dress and was waiting to see SID expression on seeing this dress whcih was his favorite.
Surya was sleeping and SID was working in the laptop. Roli was watching him through the mirror when
SID got feeling that someone is calling him. He lift his head when he saw Roli in front of mirror in his
favorite dress.
Roli noticed that SID is looking at her. SID slowly moved towards Roli. Roli tried to move from there
when SID hold her hands & SID backhug her.
SID: Roli, Wow you are looking beautiful.
Roli blushed and looked at the floor.
SID: Roli, look at me.
SID released the hold so that ROli can turn towards her.
Roli blushed and rushed out of the room.

Roli was playing with Surya, when SID return from office.
Roli: Siddhanji, You want tea. Please take care of Surya. I will bring tea for you.
Roli was not even waiting for his reply and rushed out from there.
SID changed the dress and sat with Surya and started playing with it. But SID decided to talk to Roli
today anyhow.
Roli came with cup of tea and served him. Roli took Surya from SID so that he can have tea.
Roli was looking towards Surya avoiding eye contact of SID. But SID was starring at Roli only.
SID tried to talk to Roli after finishing the tea, but Roli took the tea cup and ran from there.
SID decided took talk to her later, but was eagerly waiting for the moment.

Roli entered the room and locked the door. SID was eagerly waiting for her.

Roli looked at Surya who was sleeping and slowly moved her eyes towards SID.
Roli saw SID starring at her and moved towards the window and was seeing outside. SID moved towards
SID turned her towards him and lift her chin to see face to face.
Roli tried to move rightside when SID blocked her way with his left hands and when Roli tried to move
leftside SID blocked her way with Right hands.
Roli now got no other alternative other than looking into SID's eyes. Eyelock happens. The eyes talked
to each other and understood much than the words can betwen them.
SID went more closer to Roli and kissed her on her forehead. Roli closed her eyes.
SID kissed her cheeks and took her in his arms and moved towards bed.
ROSID had sweet moments together.
Roli was in his arms. Roli hug him tightly.
Roli: Siddhantji, We were together even during my delivery time. But dont know, i suddently felt like
missed you.
SID: Sorry Roli. I was the reason.
Roli: Siddhantji, why you are telling that you were the reason.
SID: Yes Roli. In our newly married life we loved each other more than any other couples. But once when
you got pregnant & even after delivery, our care was completely on the kid. we both unknowingly missed
each other when our full attention was on our kid. That is why you felt as you missed me.
Roli: I wonder why we suddenly realise that we missed each other.
SID: The credit goes to Verma aunty. She wished us to have our 2nd baby & the love inside us got its
Roli: How you understood that i missed you?
SID: Since yesterday, i noticed the search for me in your eyes. I noticed that you were expecting me to
select your dress like how we did earlier. You started dressing up for me. Then you cute red face on
facing me very well told me. Then today when i saw your eyes, your lovely eyes conveyed me your heart.
ROSID smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji, So you noticed my each & every activities & you were able to read my eyes also.

Sid: Yes of course because... I love you naa yaar.

Roli: I Love you too naa yaar...

Sid: roli you looks beautiful while blushing. Your cheeks turn red. I got to you blushing yesterday after
more than a year.
Roli: siddjantji, roli blush when your lovely eyes pulls me towards you.
Sid: you accepted that you are bound to my eye
Roli: yes I am. I cannot go away when your eyes call me. That is why I hide myself from you.
Sid: roli, my eyes are connected to your heart and my eyes call you, when your heart call me.
Roli: my heart is connected to your soul which prompted my heart to call you.
Sid: my soul is connected to your soul & my soul is doing as per wish of your soul.
Roli: siddhantji, I am very happy to have you like person as my life partner.
Sid: roli I too is happy to have you as my soul mate.
Roli kissed sid on his cheeks while sid kissed on her. Rosid hug with great love & passion.

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 13=>Holiday Trip with Surya

SID returned home from office with very happy mood. Roli took tea for him to their room.
Roli: Siddhantji, You seems to be very happy today.
SID: Yes. You well understood that i am happy.
SID showed Roli the booking in the nearby hill station.
Roli: Siddhantji, Booking with hill station for tomorrow & day after tomorrow. Oh great
Roli was very happy. SID was very happy on seeing Roli happy.
SID: Roli, we need to start in 30 mins, lets ask permission from Mataji & Maji and start packing.
ROSID went down to ask permission.
SID; Mataji, I have planned for this weekend trip with Surya. I seek your permission.

Mausi: You have planned weekend trip with Surya, then only Surya & you.
SID; Mausiji, how come trip without Roli. Roli too
Mausi: Then you were telling with Surya. Dont we know you will not leave Roli.
ROSID blushed.
Mataji: Siddhant, yes you go. But take care that you take care of Surya well being this is your first trip
with him outside.
SID: Yes. Mataji, we will take care.
Sid turned towards Sujatha for her permission and Sujatha provided her permission with her eyes. Sid
smiled at her conveying a Thanks.
ROSID went to their room to pack the luggage. Roli opened the cup board and started selecting her
dress for the trip.
SID selected his dress in 2 minutes and turned towards Roli who was still selecting her dresses. Sid went
behind roli and back hug her.
SID: Roli, Only 2 days trip & why you are taking so much time. Shall I help you.
Roli: Siddhantji, you only selected your 2 set of dress and packed. But i just finished selecting Surya set
of dresses and just now started mine.
SID: How cute my wife!
SID went close to Roli when he heard the voice from backside.
Surya: Pappa, are we going outside. Mataji told me.
Surya was 3 years old by now and was very cute & sweet.
SID immediately moved away a little from Roli and took Surya in his hands.
SID: Surya, yes myself & Mam going to take you outside for this weekend.
Surya: Oh Great.
Surya was very Happy & Rosid too were very happy to see their son excited...

ROSID & Surya were in the car driving. Surya was very excited as this is his first out station trip.

Surya was seeing both sides through the windows and enjoying a lot moving here & there.
ROSID were sitting in the front side and happy to see the excited son.
After a long drive they reach the hill station. The scenery was very nice. Surya was astonished seeing
the place.
SID carry Surya in his hands and all the three moved towards their room.
Surya: Pappa, how beautiful this place is. I like it very much.
SID; Yes it is very nice. Thats why we came here to enjoy this weekend.
Surya: Mom, have you ever came here earlier.
Roli: Yes Dear. Once before our marriage.
Roli saw SID with a smile.
SID too smiled at Roli.
Surya was having array of questions,
Surya: Pappa how this place is very high
Surya: pappa who will water all the plants which is in this place
ROSID replied to their best possible all the questions of Surya.
Surya finally slept on SID's lap.
Sid: Roli, see Surya is similar to you. How he is sleeping in my lap like you.
Roli: Siddhantji, I feel very happy. I remember our picnic prior to our marriage to this same place & now
with our son.
ROSID shared few sweet memories of the picnic and were excited.

ROSID & Surya next day were getting ready to go for outing. Surya was walking holding hands of Roli &
They were enjoying the scenery and Surya continued his puzzles to his parents.
They finally reached the boating place.
Sid: Surya, shall we go for boating.

Surya: Pappa, but i am feeling afraid seeing this huge water

SID lift his face & looked towards Roli and remembers Roli too was afraid during their previous visit.
Roli smiled.
Sid: Surya, do not worry, i will take care of you. Nothing will happen to you.
Surya: Ok Pappa I will come with you.
Sid: Roli, what about you. Are you still afraid.
Roli: Of course Siddhantji. You need to handle both of us if you want to go on boat ride.
Sid: Ok. lets go.
ROSID & Surya sat in the boat while Roli was holding his hands & Surya was hugging him in fear.
SID managed both and started moving the boat. in few minutes Roli & Surya were little relaxed & started
enjoying the ride...

ROSID went to each & every place of that beautiful hill station with Surya.
Surya was astonished in seeing such a beautiful place for the first time.
ROSID remembered & discussed about the picnic trip to the same place and excited.
They went to the garden & sat in the bench while Surya was playing there running here & there.
ROSID were talking to each other interestingly while Surya suddenly fell down and got scratches in the
Surya started crying.
ROSID rushed towards Surya to lift him from the ground and saw the scratches.
They took him to the room and with first aid box which was available in the room cleaned the wound and
applied the medicine.
Surya slowly stopped crying and slept in the shoulders of SID.
SID put him in the bed gently.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am unable to space if Surya get hurt or cry.

Sid: Roli, we are not used to such thing as we take special care of him and do not let him to get any hurt
that is the reason.
Roli: yes, he never got any such hurt earlier.
Sid: But Roli, He too should get some small happenings like this so that he will get used to such hurts.
Otherwise it will be difficult for him to handle in later stage even small things.
Roli: You are right, he need to be aware of difficulties also so that he can face easily. But still as a
mother, i am unable to see him hurt or cry.
Roli lean towards Sid's shoulders and hold his hands.
Sid: Roli, dont worry nothing will happen to him.
Sid hold Roli's hands as support and Roli smiled.
ROSID was sitting in the bed when Surya just slept slowly stopped crying because of wound.
SID: Roli, How beautiful this trip is!
Roli: Yes I feel very happy.
SID; Roli, This is our 4th outing & how the situation change each & every time.1st was prior to marriage to
this same place when i alone was loving you. But you were feeling odd to even talk to me.
Roli: I cannot say i do not love you at that time. I was having different sort of feeling for your Siddhantji.
But was unable to understand that.
SID: Yes. of course I was aware. 2nd trip was our honeymoon trip. almost 1/2 of our trip was like hide &
seek of our feelings. Later we accepted our feelings for each other right?
Roli: You are right. I already started loving you. But was unable to reveal to you. Later Siddhantji, you
helped me in accepting my love with great patience. I need to thank you for that.
SID: 3rd trip was our weekend trip where we enjoyed our days like anything. Each & every moment was
very sweet with my sweet wife.
Roli: You have not spare even a minute without me as well as myself
SID: This is our 4th trip & this time with our son. The days are changing very fast and now our sone has
become 3 years old.
Roli: I too feel like the how the days are changing. Now the time has come for Surya to go to school. I
am waiting to see our Surya in school dress and school bag and waving bye to me while going to school.

SID: Roli, Let any number of years pass by. But we should remain the same in our love & affection.
Roli: Of course. We will be & We should be. Let any circumstance come. But we love each other
SID hold her hips and pulled her tightly towards him and kissed her on the forehead
Roli blushed and stood up from bed.
Roli started walking backwards while SID followed her walking forward.
Roli reached near the wall and cannot go back anymore.
SID pinned her in the wall and went close to her and kissed her cheeks and moved close to her.
Roli: Siddhantji, Surya!
SID thought Surya has wake up and immediately moved away from Roli and left his hold from her.
Roli laughed and rushed away from him and moved towards bed.
SID understood that she made him fool and followed her.
ROSID fell down in the bed and SID saw Roli.
Roli too saw SID's eyes and both had eyelocks.
Roli blushed and hug SID.
SID lean towards her...

Rosid wake up in the morning and checked whether surya is ok & checked his wound. Surya was OK.
Roli took bath & told sid to take bath.
Roli was trying to tie the dhori when sid came out of bathroom.
Sid was mesmerized by roli and went behind her.
Sid took the dhori from roli & tied it. Sid smiled seeing them together in the mirror & remembered their
honeymoon trip.
Roli understood what was in sid mind. Roli turned towards sid and faced him through his eyes.
Roli clasped her hands around sid neck.
Roli: siddhantji you are looking beautiful.

Sid: roli only praising by words!!!

Roli pulled him towards her and kissed his cheeks.
Sid: roli you are also looking very beautiful.
Sid hold her hips and pulled her and went close to her when they heard
Surya : mom.
Surya just trying to wake up. Rosid smiled and moved apartand moved apart.
Roli took surya on her hands and made him ready.
Sid: surya is looking so cute today.
Sid kissed surya.
Surya: pappa mom is also looking cute.
Sid: yes. She is also looking cute.
Surya: you kiss me as I am cute. You kiss mom Also then.
Sid: roli, my son gave me permission to kiss shall I
Sid suddenly kissed roli on her cheeks.
Sid smiled at roli.
Surya kissed roli & sid...

ROSID spent some more time on the hill station and the time has come to return home.
Sid: Surya, shall we move. We need to return home now. Then only we can reach before night.
Surya: The place is beautiful. I do not feel like returning Pappa.
Roli: Yes Surya. The place is beautiful. But we cannot stay here itself right. This is not our home. We
need to go back to our home. Our family members are waiting for us Dear.
Surya: You are right mom. but Pappa you need to promise me that you will bring me here again.
SID: Surya. We were just waiting for your to grow a little to go out of station. Now you are little grown.
You need to join school this year. Then we will go out of station to various places during your school
Surya: Ok Pappa. Lets go.
ROSID & Surya stated their journey to home. Surya was little upset on returning from the place, but also
happy to return home and meet the family members.

ROSID were looking at each other and remembered the moments they spent during this trip.
Roli: Siddhantji, the trip was very nice after long time.
Sid: yes Roli, like Surya said we need to come to such outings whenever possible.
Roli nod her head as acceptance and smiled.

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 14=>Surya going to school

ROSID were having detailed discussion having list of best schools on hands.
All the family members were also giving suggessions then & there on which school need to be selected.
So many criteria was on consideration. Distance, Board, Reputation, Education level, Education style.
After so many discussion with each & every person and after considering each & every criteria, ROSID
arrived on conclusion on which school Surya should get admission.
Sid checked for application issuance date for that particular school.
The date of application issuance was coming Friday.
ROSID were eagerly wating for the Friday.
SID went in the early morning itself to the school but still found a big line already waiting for the
He was waiting for very long time for hours together.
Permission to office converted to half day leave which also later converted to leave as well.
After long waiting, SID got the application on hand.
SID checked for the interview date for the admission which was next Friday.
SID enquired for the procedure of admission in that school and understood that the next friday, the
student need to attend oral interview & some small activities interview to judge on the capacity of the
student. Then the parent need to be graduate. Then the Head Mistress is very strict and check for the
discipline and neatness of the student before confirming the admission at the time of interview.
SID was surprised on how difficult it has become now a days for getting admission of small kid.

He though one week more now to face this difficult situation and He believe Surya will pass through the
required criterias & tests...
SID informed Roli and other family members on all the details of the school and admission procedure and
Roli was surprised as well like SID how kid will undergo such test & all for just KG admission.
ROSID was eager for the next Friday...

ROSID & Surya were sitting in front of the Head Mistress for the interview.
HM: What is your name?
Surya: My name is Surya Siddhant Bharatwaj
HM: What is your Parents name?
Surya: My Father name is Siddhant Rajender Bharatwaj & My mothers name is Roli Siddhant Bharatwaj
HM: How many are you in your family? Only 3 of you?
Surya: No. We have our Grand mothers, Grand Fathers, Uncle, Aunty, Cousin Brother & Sisters.
HM: With whom do you play with?
Surya: I play with my cousins.
HM shows the flash cards.
HM: What is this?
Surya: Number 5
HM: What is this?
Surya: Alphabet H
HM: What is this?
Surya: Ball
HM: What is this?
Surya: Sheep

HM: Tell me a rhyme

Surya started telling the rhyme Twinkle Twinkle...
HM: Good. who teach you all these?
Surya: My Mom teach me every day
HM: Very Good. Is you Mom's pet
Surya: I am dear to both my father & mother
HM Smiled hearing Surya. She gave him a piece of paper and told to draw something as per his wish.
HM: Mr. Siddhant & Mrs. ROli, your son is very bright, intelligent, I am impressed by him.
ROSID: Thanks Mam.
HM: You have taken good care of him and also taught him quite good.
ROSID smiled.
HM: Your son is selected as student of our school and I look forward you same sort of support to him for
his development. We keep such interview only to know how interested he is & how his family background
is and how his behaviour & discipline is. Upto Surya I am satisfied in all aspects.
ROSID: Thank you very much Mam.
In the meantime, Surya completed drawing a small flower pot. HM took the drawing from him.
HM: Surya this is very good. Are you interested in coming to our school.
Surya: Yes.
HM: Ok. You can pay the fees in the counter and take the admission card from them.
ROSID: Thanks.
Surya: Thank you.
ROSID & Surya came out of the HM room with great happiness. ROSID smiled seeing each other.
ROSID returned home with lots of choclates & sweets to share the good news...

Rosid were in their room. Surya was sleeping.

Sid: roli, I am unable to believe our surya grown to join school.
Roli: the days are moving fast.
Sid: roli you did very good job of teaching surya very well. I was also surprised
Roli: siddhantji what other work I have other than taking careof him daily i used to teach him at least 1
Sid hold her chin and lifted her face.
Sid: roli I am very lucky to have you as my wife. I love you naa yaar.
Roli: I am also very lucky to have you as my husband. I love you too naa yaar.
Rosid had eye lock. Sid moved towards her & kiss her cheeks.
Sid: shall we play a game
Roli: game?
Sid: yes. You remember during our honeymoon trip I removed your T-shirt unknown to you.
made you lost in this world. Like that you need to make me lost in this world. Will you?

It means I

Roli: yes will do.

Roli thought for a while.
Roli got up & went near the window. Sid came behind her.
Roli turned towards him and started walking forward slowly while sid started walking backward.
Roli took him near the mirror. Roli hug him
Roli kissed his cheeks. Roli clasped the hand around his neck and slowly turned him to see the mirror.
Roli stand in front of him facing mirror. Roli blushed.
Sid back hug her. Rosid were seeing them together in the mirror and admired.
Roli was holding his hands and slowly turned his face towards him to kiss sid.
While kissing him, she slowly removed the watch from his hand.
Roli showed sid the watch which he removed without his knowledge.
Sid was surprised to see this.
Sid: roli you won the game.
Roli: I am aware you always likes us to see in the mirror together. You will be lost yourself by that and
also will be bound to my kiss.
Sid: you have learnt me a lot now. Congrats you won.

Roli: siddhantji only wish by words!

Sid: no not at all.
Sid took her in his arms and moved towards their bed...

ROSID took Surya to School. Surya was in school uniform and with a small bag with few books & slate
Surya was looking so cute.
ROSID was excited seeing Surya going to school for the 1st day. ROSID took Surya to their classroom
and dropped him there. Few children were crying to see parents leaving them in the school.
Surya was not crying as ROSID already prepared him to go to school.
Surya waved bye to his parents and sat in the bench.
ROSID came out of the school leaving Surya in the school and returned home.
SID: Roli, I feel very much excited that our kid is going to school and how pretty he looks in that uniform
with a small bag. I admired it.
Roli: Yes. Siddhantji. You are right. He was very cute.
SID: Day by day he is very similar like you Roli. I like to see him like you. Not only his face. But also his
activities, habits all going similar to you,.
Roli: Siddhantji you feel happy about it or jealous.
Roli smiled.
SID: ROli, of course i am happy & not jealous. But always have a feeling that even though he is close to
me, he attach to you more than me.
Roli: Siddhantji, dont worry. you can have your daughter like you with your habits, characters everything
similar to you. She will be more attached to you.
Sid: Daughter! Roli, what are you saying?
Roli: What are you saying means? dont you understand what i am trying to say?
Sid: Tell me Roli, I am unable to understand.
Roli blushed.
SID: Do you mean you are...?

Roli: Yes I am.

SID was shocked & surprised. He was very happy.
SID lift Roli's face which was red in shyness and kissed her.
SID: Thanks Roli. Thank you so much.
SID hug Roli...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 15=>Roli expecting daughter

ROSID were in the hospital in front of the doctor.

Doctor: Siddhant & Roli, Congrats you are going to have your 2nd child now.
ROSID: Thanks Doctor.
Doctor: Roli, Dont be casual being this is 2nd baby. You should be careful same like 1st.
Roli: yes. Doctor. I will be more cautious.
Doctor: Siddhant, i am aware how you take care of Roli doing her 1st pregnancy. Same care need to be
there for this baby too.
SID: Of course Doctor. Roli is my life. It is my duty, responsibility to take care of her.
Doctor: Both need to handle your 1st child also well together with this baby. I know he is not too small
that he cannot understand if told. But still take care.
SID: Yes Doctor. I can understand what you are trying to say. We also need to prepare Surya for
accepting this new baby which I believe he will do.
Doctor: I am pround of you both. I am attending so many patients and never saw such understand couple
or family members.
ROSID: Thanks Doctor.
Doctor: Roli, take these medicines regularly & take care. Contact me if any required
Roli: Ok Doctor.
ROSID came out of the hospital.

SID hold Roli's hands with great passtion, affection & love.
SID: Roli, I am very happy Dear.
Roli: Siddhantji, I too feel very happy.
SID: We need to concentrate on Surya's acceptance of this new baby slowly.
Roli: I hope we can do that well Siddhantji.
SID: ROli, But you need to take care of you like previous pregnancy. You cannot run behind Surya like
before. You need to take rest also
Roli: Siddhantji, dont worry, i will take rest in the day time as Surya already started going school. I also
will take help of family members if required.
SID: I am worried dear a bit. Everything should go fine.
Roli: Dont worry Siddhantji, Matarani will not let us to get any harm.
ROSID returned home with sweets and choclates. Everyone is the family were happy on hearing this
good news.
SID distributed sweets & choclates to all. SID gave one choclate to Surya and took him on his hands.
SID; Surya, take this choclate and this is for your Sister's arrival
Surya: Sister who is that Pappa.
SID: Surya, your sister is not inside stomach of your Mom and will come to this world to play with you in
few months.
Surya: Is it. She will play with me like Anjali.
Roli: Yes Surya. She will play with you like Anjali.
Surya: Oh good. I will tell Anjali also on this.
Surya rushed to Anjali with a choclate to share his sister's arrival news.
All the family members were happy...

Roli was vomitting in the morning. SID hold her and brought her back to bed.

Roli: Siddhantji, Surya need to start to school. Can you wake him up.
Sid: ROli, dont worry. I will take care of Surya getting ready to school. You take rest.
Sid caresses her head for some time and slowly Roli slept on his lap.
Sid made her sleep in the bed gently and went near Surya.
Sid: Surya, get up, you need to start to school.
Surya: Good morning Pappa.
Surya saw Roli still sleeping.
Surya: Pappa, why Mom is still sleeping today.
Sid: Surya. I told you that your sister is going to come and she is in Mom's stomach. So Mom is tired and
taking rest. You should not disturb Mom and quickly get ready to school. I will help you in getting ready.
Surya: Ok Pappa.
Surya brushed his teeth and took bath quickly. Surya came out with a towel.
Sid helped Surya to getting ready by combing his hair, putting the uniform, arranging books in the bag
and Surya finally got ready.
Surya went near Roli and kissed her in the cheeks when Roli got awake.
Roli: Surya, you are ready to school.
Surya: Yes Mom. Pappa helped me to get ready as you were taking rest.
Roli: Sorry dear. Mom was not feeling well. Thats why taking rest.
Surya: Ok mom. Bye.
Surya waved his hands and started to school.
Roli: Siddhantji, sorry because of me you are doing all the jobs by yourself.
Sid: Roli, nothing like that. It is my responsibility to help you when you are carrying the baby. Dont worry
i will take care.
Roli: I love you Siddhantji.

Sid: I love you ROli.

Sid kissed her forehead.
Sid: Roli take rest and you should not strain when i am not here. I will inform Maji & Simar also to take
care of you.
Roli: Ok. I will take rest.
Sid waved bye to Roli and started to office...

Surya returned from school and rushed to see Roli. Roli was sitting in the hall with other family members
with a cup of tea.
Surya; Mom, are you ok now
Roli: yes dear. i am ok now.
Simar: Surya, you are so much cared & affectionated to your mom?
Surya: Yes. My mom is the best.
Surya hug Roli by clasping his hands around Roli's neck.
Roli remember how she hug Sid by clasping her hands around Sid's neck and also remember how Sid
always tells that Surya is similar to Roli. Roli Smiled.
Roli: Surya go to the room, keep the bag and change the dress. Then come down to play with Anjali.
Surya: Ok mom.
Surya kissed Roli on her cheeks and rushed to their room to do what Roli told him.
Mataji: Roli, Surya is not only affectionated to you, but also discipled. I am pround that you & Siddhant
took great effort to make him nice displined boy.
Roli: Thanks Mataji. It is our duty & responsibility as well.
Surya played for some time with Anjali and around 6 PM came to Roli who was in their room taking rest.
Surya: Mom, I finished playing shall we study now.
Roli: Yes Surya. Tell me what all happend in your school today.
Surya naratted the happenings at school to Roli with expressions on his face while ROli was admiring

Surya then sat with Roli to complete his studies of the day.
Roli hold Surya's hands and made him write the home work and also taught whichever taught on that
Sid reached home at that time and smiled seeing Roli & Surya.
Surya rushed towards Sid.
Surya: Pappa, i finished my home work and also completed the studies taught in the school.
Sid: Very good. Thats like a good boy.
Sid turned towards Roli where she packed Surya's books in his bag
Sid: Are you ok now Roli.
Roli: Yes Siddhantj. I am ok.
Sid told Surya to out and look TV for his favorite cartoon for sometime.
Sid: Are you not feeling difficult in managing Surya.
Roli: Siddhantji not at all. After coming from school, he himself changed his dress and went to play with
Anjali. Just now we started his studies and that too he finished in no time.
Sid: Ok dear. But take care you do not strain much. If you find difficulty at any time, just leave. I will take
care after coming from office.
Roli lean towards his chest and hug him.
Roli: Siddhantji, why you are so worried dear. Dont worry. I will take care.
Sid: I will worry na dear because I love you naa yaar.
Roli: I love you too Siddhantji.

Rosid were sleeping in their room.

Roli suddenly wake up and was not getting asleep.
Different sort of thought was surrounding her mind.
Roli got up & drink some water. She went near the window.
Sid suddenly wake up & saw roli standing near window and rushed towards her.

Sid: roli are you OK.

Roli nod her head.
Sid; what happened dear. Why are you standing here?
Roli turned towards sid & hug him. Tears came out of her eyes.
Sid: roli look at me & tell me. Why are you crying dear?
Roli: siddhantji, I fear of losing you.
Sid: why dear? Why you feel so. First of all how can I live without you dear.
Roli: siddhantji, during surya pregnancy time and till his 1st birthday our love was lost. I missed you. Now
again will I miss you.
Sid: roli, those days were different dear. We care for each other & were having affection. But missed to
love which we layer realized. Now it is not like that. We do love inspite of surya or our this new baby. You
will never miss me now.
Roli: moreover I know you will be attached to our daughter much. Will this affect our love.
Sid: roli not at all. I may love our daughter but that is different from ours. Tell me whether you love surya
or not.
Roli: yes I love him
Sid: is that love of yours to surya affecting ours
Roli: not at all.
Sid: then how I will not love you. Just relax dear. Why unwantedly getting tensed.
Roli: sorry siddhantji I don't know why bit these thoughts suddenly occupied my mind & made me
Sid hug roli & kissed her fore head & cheeks
Sid hold her & moved towards bed.
Sid made her lay down & sat beside her.
He caresses her head and roli holding his hands slowly closed her eyes.
Sid lay down beside her and hug her gently.
Roli slept on sid hands & sid slept holding her...

Sid just returned from office. Roli was taking rest while surya completed studies & playing with toys in
their room.
Sid: roli are you OK. How was the day.

Roli: I am OK siddhantji. Just a normal day.

Sid caresses her head and went to change his dress.
Sid sat beside roli and looked at surya playing with toys.
Sid: surya come here
Surya came and sat in sid lap. Sid remembered roli sitting in his lap for a minute & roli as well.
Sid: surya how was the day in the school.
Surya: Pappa the day was very good. I got new friends today.
Roli: surya tell pappa about what your teacher told you.
Surya: yes pappa I told the new rhymes in the classroom correctly & teacher appreciated. Also told all
students to clap.
Sid: very good. Congratulations.
Surya: it was a new rhyme taught yesterday & mom made me learn yesterday itself.
Sid: so the credit goes to your mom as well.
Surya: yes I love my mom.
Surya hug & kiss roli in her cheeks. Roli too kissed surya.
Sid: surya well I wanted to ask you something.
Surya: yes pappa
Sid: now you got your toys. Tell me whether you will give your toys to you new sister once she comes&
start playing.
Surya: yes pappa. She is my sister. So I will give all my toys to her also.
Sid: very good boy surya. You love your sister so much.
Surya: yes Pappas. I love her so much.
Sid: well dear. OK. Go & play with anjali or watch cartoon for sometimes.
Surya rushed outside the room to play with anjali.
Sid: roli see how surya is already affectionate with his sister.
Roli: yes siddhantji, being we are already in joint family & used to with anjali, he is not finding it hard.
Sid: well said roli. Did you went down to relax yourself with others.
Roli: yes siddhantji. I am daily staying down after lunch & come back only while teaching surya.
Sid: take care while climbing stairs or while getting down.

Roli nod her head and lean in his shoulder.

Roli: siddhantji, really you care so much for me. I am very lucky.
Sid smiled and kissed on her forehead.

The days passed & it is 6th month for Roli. Surya was wondering seeing the big stomach of Mom.
Surya: Mom why your stomach is big now.
Roli: Surya, your sister is inside the stomach and growing now. Thats why it is big.
Surya; Mom are you getting pain while stomach is big.
Roli: No dear. Even you were in my stomach only before and came out as Surya. Like that your sister is
also in the stomach. It is not paining.
Surya: When will she come Mom?
Roli: Wait for 4 more months.
Surya: Oh great. THen I will play with her.
SID who just return from office heard this conversation.
SID: Surya, You cannot play with the baby immediately as it will be too small to play. First it will be too
small. Its hands, legs & body will be small & weak to play. Then slowly it will get strength to start playing
with you.
Surya: What games it will play then.
Sid: I will teach you those games once it comes & show you how to play with the baby.
Surya: Ok Pappa.
ROSID smiled.
By evening ROSID went to take scan.
Doctor showed the baby through scanning machine to ROSID. ROSID were very happy seeing tiny tiny
parts of the child. The baby was slightly moving inside.
Doctor: Are you specific about Girl or Boy.
Roli: We expect Girl as we already have a boy child.

Doctor: Your expectation have not got in vain. It is Girl baby only.
Roli look towards SID & smiled. SID was very happy.
Sid: Thanks Doctor.
Doctor: We normally do not tell anyone as it is against the law. But being you are my family friends and
above that you are very good, i let you know.
ROSID; Thanks Doctor.
ROSID came out of hospital with great happiness. SID hold Roli gently.
Sid: Roli, you were right. we are going to have girl.
Roli: Siddhantji not only girl. She will be like you.
Sid smiled.
ROSID this time took Surya also with them while going for a walk. They spent their time with Surya as
well and also whenever possible prepared him on accepting the new sister.
Surya too started expecting her sister at the earliest...
ROSID went with Surya to purchase some clothes & baby items for the expected baby in few days.
Sid: Surya, Myself & Mom only selected your new clothes, bed, etc when you were born. Now you are
there as brother for your little sister. So this is time for you to select the items for your sister.
Surya: Pappa I will select for the baby. Great!
Surya searched here & there to select best design & color baby dress, a small baby bed, baby towel, little
toys etc.
Surya was very much excited in seeing the small dress, toys and other items.
ROSID with Surya returned home with all the purchased items.
Surya: Mataji, these items were purchased myself for my sister. How is it?
All the family members were happy on the method of handling Surya by ROSID.
Mataji: It is very good Surya. Nice selection, nice design & nice color.
Surya showed the item to all like Simar, Anjali & other family members with excitement...

ROSID & Surya expecting thieir new member eagerly.

Sid was getting ready to office & Surya already left to School.
Roli who was sitting in their room was slightly getting pain in the hip.
Roli: Siddhantji...
Sid: Roli, Are you ok.
Roli: Siddhantji, the pain started. Please contact doctor.
Sid called doctor & doctor informed them to come to hospital as she was in the hospital only attending
some patients.
Sid took Roli in his hands and slowly got down the stairs.
All the family members who was in the hall only.
Mataji: Siddhant is roli ok.
Sid: Mataji, Roli got pain. I am taking her to hospital.
Simar: Siddhantji, I will come with you.
Sid: Ok.
Sujatha: Siddhant, take care. We will come shortly.
Simar & ROSID reached hospital. Roli was taken to labor ward immediately.
Roli: Siddhantji, please be with me.
Sid: Doctor, shall I.
Doctor: Yes Siddhant. I know you are her moral support.
Roli was holding Siddhant hands. The pain reached the peak & after few minutes of difficulties, the child
was delivered.
Doctor: Roli & Siddhant, you got your 2nd child baby girl. Congrats.
Nurse showed the baby to Siddhant & took baby to wash.

Doctor: Siddhant, you can now go to your alloted room. We will move roli shortly.
Sid: Thanks Doctor.
SId caressess Roli's head and left the ward.
Mataji, Mausiji, Sujatha & Simar were eagerly waiting outside.
Sid: Mataji, Roli delivered a baby girl.
All prayed & thank to god
Sid: Lets go to the room.
Nurse gave the baby to SID wrapped in a cute pink towel.
Sid was surprised on seeing the baby almost similar like him.
SID showed the baby to all the family members.
Sujatha took the baby on her hands.
Sujatha: Sid you were very much like this when i delivered you.
Sujatha & Sid got happiness tears on their eyes.
Mataji & others too were very happy on the baby's arrival.
Roli was shifted to the room. Sid gave the child to Roli.
Roli smiled seeing the baby's face and turned towards SID.
SID nod his head as acceptance.
Sid: Mataji, Mausiji & Maji, I will take care of ROli. You please go home & take rest.
Mausi: Siddhant I know why you are pushing us to home. Surya will come back from school. Thats why
Sid smiled.
Sid: Simar, can you bring Surya to hospital once he return from school.
Simar: Ok Siddhantji, we will go home and I will bring Surya once he return from school.

Sid: Thanks.
Every one started. Sid went near Roli holding the baby in the hands.
Sid: Roli, Are you ok.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. I am very ok. What Siddhantji I was correct right. Our daughter is very much like
Roli smiled.
Sid: Roli, You are always right dear.
SID gently kissed the baby & Roli on their forehead.
Tears of happiness was filled in ROSID eyes..
Simar took Surya to hospital. the Baby was sleeping in the cradle.
Sid took Surya near the baby & showed him.
Surya: Pappa, how small & cute my sister is. Shall I touch the baby.
Sid: Yes you can touch it gently as it is too small.
SID hold Surya & made him to touch the baby.
Surya caressess the baby and felt very happy.
Surya; Pappa, I like this baby very much. When will the baby & mom come to our house.
Sid; Surya, Mom & baby will come home in 3 days.
Roli called Surya near her.
Surya went near Roli and kissed her.
Surya: Mom, the baby is too cute.
Roli:Surya you were also so cute when you were small like this.
Surya: I too was having such small small hands & legs.
Roli: Yes. You too were having small hands & legs. You too was like this baby only. Mom was in this
same hospital only when you were born.

Surya was excited to see his cute sister and went near the cradle to see his sister.
ROSID were happy that Surya accepted his sister with happiness & excitement...
ROSID looked at each other & smiled.

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 16=> ROSID, Surya & Sandhya

ROSID with Sandhya returned from Hospital. The house was decorated well to welcome the new baby
girl. Surya was excited to welcome his sister.
All family members welcome Sandhya to BW house and Sandhya was gently put in the cradle decorated
with Pink color Baby bed, Pink color towel and Baloons.
Surya was standing near the cradle and looking at Sandhya.
Surya: Anjali, See my sister. How cute she is.
Anjali: Surya, the baby is very cute.
Surya: In some days once the baby get strength in its hands & legs, it will come to play with us.
Anjali: We all play together!!!
ROSID heard this conversation & was very happy about Surya's understanding.
All the family members also never missed to hear this and smiled.
Mataji: Siddhant & Roli, have you selected the name for the baby.
Roli: Yes Mataji, We selected the name ' Sandhya ' for this child.
Mausi: 'Sandhya' the name is nice.
Simar; Roli the name is very nice
Prem: Surya & Sandhya the rhyming is nice.
Sid: Prem, the name was selected by Roli when we decided the name of Surya
Mausi: Siddhant, so it was decided by you very long back to have a girl baby.
Sid: Yes Mausiji.

Simar, Prem & Mausi smiled.

Sujatha was very happy seeing her grand daughter. She put the new pink dress for the baby girl and put
it in the cradle.
Mataji told Roli to call the baby 'Sandhya'
Surya: Mom, The baby name will be 'Sandhya'
Roli: Yes Surya. The baby name is 'Sandhya'
Surya was very happy.
There was a small party inviting the relatives & neibours on occasion of the new born baby.
All admired the cute 'Sandhya' . They gifted small gifts with dress, baby products, toys, etc..
The BW house was filled with happiness...
ROSID was filled with excitement.

ROSID were in their room. The Baby slept in Roli's hands.

Surya: Mom, Why the baby is sleeping always. It just now got up and again now sleeping.
Roli: Surya, This is very small baby and it can grow only if take required rest. That is why it is sleeping
Surya: What will it play Mom?
Roli: The baby does not know to play anything now. It only have milk and sleep. When it is awake for
some time it will move the hands and legs here & there.
Surya: Wont it get bored just staying in one place.
Sid: Surya, It will not get bored as it does not know any other now. You were also like this only when you
were newly born.
Roli put the baby in its bed and Surya lay down aside to baby.
Sid: Surya, be careful. you do not hit the baby when you are sleeping.
Surya: Pappa. WIll take care. I will not hit my sister Sandhya.

Surya started sleeping holding the baby's hands.

Sid slowly took the hands and kept the small pillow between them.
Roli: Siddhantji, how caring you are!
Sid: Roli, Why not. I am caring for my wife & my children.
Roli smiled and moved towards Sid.
Roli sat beside him and lean towards his shoulders. Sid hug Roli.
Roli: Siddhantji, how the days passed very fast. Now we got cute boy & a cute girl as well.
Sid: Yes ROli, the days are running fast. Surya started going to school already. Now within no time,
Sandhya too will be grown.
Roli: Siddhantji, We need to thank Matarani for blessing us with such cute kids and beautiful life.
Sid: Roli, That is there, but only thanks for the kids???
ROli: Siddhantji, Of course for making us as couples.
Sid: I still remember the day we met first. Our engagement, Our cute marriage, Then..
Roli: Then...
Sid: Then the first day of our romance.
Roli blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji, What you might have done if I do not accept you on that day.
Sid: What can I do, other than waiting for you. I did already prepared my mind to wait for your till you
accept me whole heartedly.
Roli: Siddhantji, Your love succeeded my heart & I have become yours...
Sid smiled & kissed Roli on her forehead.

Sandhya was awake and moving her hands and legs & looking here & there. Roli was sitting beside and
admiring the Baby.
Surya rushed from the school.

Surya: Mom, What is Sandhya doing? Is she sleeping.

Roli: Surya, She is awake.
Surya: Good atleast today she is awake when i return from school. Otherwise she used to sleep always.
Roli: Surya, change your dress, wash your hands & legs before coming near baby.
Surya: Ok Mom.
Surya did what Roli said and came near baby.
Surya started playing with his sister with love. He was trying to talk to her and the baby smiled as if the
baby understood what her brother said.
Surya was very happy & excited. Surya not even went to play any other games & was spending time with
Sandhya only.
Roli: Surya, see the time. It is time for studies.
By the time Sandhya too started sleeping. Surya started his studies & finished his homework.
Sid just returned from office.
Surya: pappa, you are aware, Sandhya was playing with me today. She was smiling at what i told her.
Sid: Is it. Very good. Thats like good brother & sister. keep it up.
Roli: Siddhantji, take care of the baby as she is sleeping. I will go down to bring you tea.
Sid: Surya, just take care of her for 2 minutes. I will just come changing my dress.
Surya was alone with Sandhya...

Roli was walking towards their room with cup of tea & Sid just was about to open the door of the
washroom changing the dress while ROSID heard the baby crying.
Roli wonder why the baby is crying when Sid was taking care and rushed towards the room.
SID too got tensed and opened the door of the washroom.
ROSID got to see the cute scene where Surya was gently tapping the baby as the baby just got awake &
started crying.

Surya: Sandhya, why are you crying. Surya, your brother is here to take care of you. Mom & Pappa will
come now. Dont cry.
Sandhya hearing Surya's voice stopped crying and started smiling at him.
ROSID got tears of happiness in their eyes and both rushed towards Surya & Sandhya.
Roli kissed Surya.
Surya: Pappa just now Sandhya got awake and started crying. Thats why i was trying to consol her.
Sid: Surya, you are very good boy. You have learned to take care of your sister also.
ROSID was pround of their son.
The days was passing while Surya got more close to Sandhya. Surya spent time with Sandhya whenever
he was at home except the studying time.
Sandhya too started understand her brother's sayings easily.
Sandhya was more playing with Surya. ROSID were very happy on seeing this Brother & Sister

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 17=> ROSID Rootna Manana

SID just returned from office.

Roli was packing the books of Surya as Surya just completed his studies.
The smile in Roli's face seeing SID while he return was missing.
Roli just went out of the room to bring tea for SID. Surya was playing with Sandhya.
SID was wondering what happend to Roli why she is not even smiling today.
SID changed his dress and was playing with Surya & Sandhya. Sandhya just now started walking.
SID & Surya was holding Sandhya's hands both sides to help her to walk.
Roli came with cup of tea and kept the tea in the table and went out of the room.
Sid: ROli, what happend.
Roli was not even available in that place to answer.

SID was totally confused. Till morning eveything was fine. What happend suddenly!!!
Roli went to kitchen to help Simar, Uma & Pari to prepare dinner.
SID was playing with the children, but his thoughts were around ROli's sudden behavior only.
SID was thinking, what might have happend. No such indication of any problem inside the house
otherwise the other family members might have told him about that when he came back.
Suya: Pappa, Catch Sandhya.
Sandhya was nearing SID walking from where Surya was standing.
SID hold Sandhya and continued the playing.
But still the unsolved puzzle was rounding his mind..

Roli was sitting with family members in the hall, but her eyes was towards their room only.
SID made Sandhya sleep & told Surya to play wth Anjali. SID came out of their room and from there he
looked at Roli.
SID noticed that Roli was looking towards their room. Roli who realised that SID standing there
immediately faced different direction and continued her chatting with Simar.
SID was thinking, what happend to be angry with me like this. I have not done anything wrong. Why she
is not ready to even look at me.
SID was unable to come down also as Sandhya was sleeping alone in the room.
SID was waiting for Roli to look at him for some time, but all his waiting went on vain.
SID returned to their room and started thinking what made Roli to do so!!!
The time has come to have dinner and all family members gathered in the dining table.
Simar & Roli started serving food to all. Roli did served to SID, but avoid seeing him.
SID tried to talk to her, But Roli avoided SID without letting other know that she is avoiding him.
SID was surprised seeing ROli like this as she never been like this.
SID completed taking dinner and returned to their room. Roli was doing the cleaning work in the kitchen.
Sandhya & Surya started sleeping.

SID was thinking, last time when when Roli was angry with me it was my mistake. I scold at her. But
today till morning she was normal. Now what might have hurt her that she is this much angry with me. I
need to seek solution for this today itself. Otherwise I cannot be at peace...
Roli returned to their room when SID was eagerly waiting for her to talk & clarify the issue.
Roli who entered the room took her dress and went to take a small bath.
Roli who returned taking bath came near their bed.
Sid: Roli, Are you angry with me?
Roli have not told anything to SID. Suddenly Sandhya wake up.
Roli gave Sandhya milk and was trying to make her sleep.
SId was unable to talk to Roli till Sandhya starting sleeping.
Roli put Sandhya in her bed and lay down on the bed facing against SID.
SID touch her shoulder and tried to turn her.
But Roli got up from there and moved towards the window.
SID followed her and went near her.
Sid: Roli what happend to you, why you are angry with me. You were ok till morning. Suddenly what
happend to you since evening.
Roli was not giving any reply. Sid turned her towards him.
Sid: Roli tell me, Nothing has happend between us. Then why you do like this.
Roli was looking down the floor. Sid hold her chin and lifted her face,
Roli seeing SID face was unable to control any more and started laughing.
Sid: Roli, you are laughing. What happend? You were angry till now & suddenly laughing?
Roli: Siddhantji, We always share sweet words & moments & we got no chance to have any clash or fight
or such hard moments since long. Only once we got such when you scold at me. Today I decided to try
to be angry with you and see your reaction for that. That is why I avoided to face you as I know i cant
even act if I see your eyes. But now when I saw your eyes, I am unable to act as being anger anymore.
But you are very interesting to see when i even pretend to be angry.
Roli continued laughing.

SID was shocked on Roli's words and immediately took his hands from Roli and went towards the bed
and sit on his side.
Roli stopped laughing & understood that SID really got angry on her act.
Roli is puzzled how to consol Sid's anger towards her...
Roli understood that she made mistake.
Sid was very angry.
Roli went near sid.
Roli: sisdhantji I am sorry
Sid does not reply her.
Roli: please I hold my ears & ask you sorry. Pls forgive.
Sid: roli have you ever thought how I was clueless about your behavior. How I might have got tensed?
Roli: I did not mean to hurt you.
Sid: roli you think I will not be hurt if you didn't talk to me or look at me.
Roli: I am very sorry. Please..
Sid: I too will not talk to you & look at you. Then you will understand my pain.
Sid turned against her. Roli hold Sid's shoulder and turned towards her.
Roli hold did face with her hands.
Roli: siddhantji, I know I committed mistake. I feel sorry for the hurt I have given you. I ensure that I will
not do that in future. If you still feel, I need to be punished. You can give any other punishment than not
talking or looking at me. If you still wants to do so, I will accept your punishment.
Roli eyes were filled with tears.
Roli took her hands & got up from bed.
Roli tried to move while sid hold her hands & pulled towards him.
Roli fell over sid. Sid hug her.
Sid: roli, I am sorry.
Roli: why are you asking sorry to me when I committed mistake.
Sid: yes you did mistake of hurting me. But I too hurt you & made your tear come out of pain. I cannot see
you like that.
Roli: siddhantji sorry I am very sorry.

Roli started crying.

Sid: roli, you should not cry dear.
Sid kissed her on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks & her ..

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 18=> SID has become entrepreneur

Sid return from office with a sweet box. All the family members were in the hall chatting with each other
including Roli. Children were playing together.
Sid: Mataji, Maaji, Mausiji. Bless me & take this sweet.
SID touched the elders feet and took their blessings.
Mataji: Siddhant, You seems to be very happy & also giving sweet. What is the matter? Any good news?
Sid: Yes. Mataji. Take the sweet. I will tell everything.
SID gave sweets to all. Roli smiled while taking the sweet & SID too.
Sid: Mataji, I am going to start the company on my own now.
Mausi: Own Company?
Sid: Yes Mausiji, Loan sanctioned by the bank to start the company.
Sujatha; Loan! you already planned & applied for a loan.
Sid: Yes Maaji, Actually, Roli only encouraged me to do that. She only said now being experienced in
this same industry since long, why cant I start on my own. Even I was not ready as I was fearing on the
initial investments. But Roli did not give up. She told me to apply for a loan in the bank & try. So I
applied and just todya it is sanctioned.
Rajendar: Siddhant it is good news. But you have not told any of us that you are trying for it.
Sid: Pappa, actually i might have told all. But in case the loan not sanctioned, then everyone will get
upset. instead I thought of telling all once the loan is sanctioned.
Simar: Siddhantji, Congradulations. By the way so Roli Madam knows this well. But not even told me.
Roli: Simar didi, As Siddhantji said, we thought of telling all once the loan is sanctioned. Today evening
only he called me & told that it is sanctioned. He wanted himself to tell all with sweets. Thats why.
Mausi: Roli & Siddhant, Happy about you both. May god bless you as always.

Mataji: Siddhant & Roli, Wishes from me as well. Let you both grow more & more in your life and live
happily for ever.
Sujatha: Siddhant, My wishes is always with you. You should succeed in the life always.
Everyone is the family was happy.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.

ROSID were in their room and Surya & Sandhya started sleeping.
Roli went near Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji, Congradulations.
Sid: Roli, I should thank you as you only encouraged me to apply for the loan & have a try.
Roli: The knowledge is yours, the experience is yours. I am just trying to help you with some encouraging
Sid: Roli, those some words only matters.
Roli: Anyway, It is good that we got the loan sanctioned. Now what will be your next step.
Sid: I need to resign from my current job where i need to give 1 month notice. Within that 1 month, we
can get the other bank procedure completed and also do other preparation like searching for a place,
setting the required items. So many basis preparations will be there.
Roli: Siddhantji, dont worry, you can do it well. I will help you to the best possible. Now Sandhya is also
2 years and Simar didi or Uma or Pari babhi can manage her. Surya also will be going to school. So i
can find time in the day.
Sid: Roli, You are welcome to help me. But take care that you do not take the stress or tension. I will
handle without giving burden to you.
Roli: Siddhantji, what are you telling. How our own work will be burden to me. I know you will handle.
But initially atleast till you settle down, i will give hands to you for sure.
Sid: ROli, I cannot deny what you are telling. You are always welcome.
Roli: Siddhantji, This weekend, shall we go to temple for a special pooja and then start the process.
Sid: Of course Roli. You are right. We need to take the blessings of God before starting this.
Roli: The person who got blessings of God & Elders will get everything in favour.

Sid smiled.
Sid: Roli, Congradulations only by words without any gift to your husband.
Roli: Gift. Ok. Let us go to shop on Sunday while returning from temple to purchase some gift for you.
Sid: Roli, you will go to shop for purchasing gift for me.
Roli: Everyone goes to shop only to purchase anything.
SID understood that Roli just pretending.
Sid: Ok Roli. Lets go for a shopping on Sunday & buy a nice gift.
SID was looking for Roli's expression keenly. Roli understood that she is caught. She blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji...
Roli hug Sid. Roli kissed SID on his cheeks.
Roli:Siddhantji. I Love You.
Sid: Roli. I Love you too...
ROSID with Surya, Sandhya & other family members went to temple on the weekend to take the
blessings of Matarani.
They performed special pooja on that day and kept the project papers & approval papers in the feet of
Goddess and prayed for their success.
To all their surprise one flower from the head of the god fell down over the papers. All were very happy
and accepted the sign as Matarani's blessings.
ROSID informed other family members to go to home with Surya & Sandhya so that they can look out for
some office premises.
ROSID went in search for the office premises in that area and gone through some vacant office premises.
Roli took a notepad and note down the address of the premises seen and its advantages &
disadvantages so that they can go through the same later to decide while SID took the photos of the
After seeing some 10 different premises, they decided to come back to the home to have lunch as it was
already noon.
ROSID had lunch with all and went to their room.

ROSID discussed on the various places seen already with the list of Roli and analysed in detail on its
advantages & disadvantages.
After several discussions, they selected one of the premises for their office which was having more
advantages like the locality, look, space, shape of the rooms, ventilation etc.
ROSID were satisfied with their selection.
ROSID went to other family members and showed the photos taken for that paritcular place which was
selected by them. Also they decided to go with everyone to that place again to have a look with all
Sid informed the broker to show that selected place again in 1 hour within which he can reach with other
family members.
ROSID took everyone to that place and all had a look at the locality & place.
All were happy.
Mataji: Siddhant, the place is good. the locality is also good.
Mausi: Yes there is good ventilation also.
All were happy.
Surya: Pappa, what is this place?
Sid: Surya, Pappa is going to start new office & this is the place I have selected for that. Do you like it.
Surya: Pappa, it is good. I like it.
All liked the place very much. Sid told Mataji to give some advance money to the premises owner as
token advance.
ROSID got a big relief on getting on to the 1st step of the job completed successfully.
SID hold her hands and smiled. Roli smiled too,.
ROSID in the evening of the weekends, list the required items for the office like furnitures, decorative
items, required stationery items etc.
ROSID planned well and segregated the pritable items like Visiting card, letter head etc.
SID in the meantime was processing the registration process of the company through an auditor.
ROSID started listing the items one by one according to the requirement.

The next weekend, the gave the complete advance for the office premises & took the key from the
Roli started cleaning the place by dusting, sweeping, mobing etc..
SID helped Roli then & there.
The place was completely clean and it was looking very nice.
ROSID went to market & started purchasing the items as per their list.
The items were delivered by the shop keepers to the premises.
ROSID started arranging the furnitures & other items in the premises.
The complete office was set by evening.
ROSID checked whether all the items purchased & set in its respective places.
They were happy that everything was set accordingly to their planning.
ROSID thumbs up mututally to each other.
Roli: Siddhantji, the place is very nice now after all the items are set.
Sid: Yes Roli, I am also very much satisfied with the set up.
Roli: Siddhantji, lets start it is already evening now. Sandhya is with Simar didi since morning.
Sid: Lets go.
ROSID started from office and returned to home.
Sid informed all the family members that the office is completely set now.
Sid: Mataji, now the items are all set, the registration process will be completed with in this week.
Mataji: SIddhant, very good. Now being the work is all set, we need to see for some auspicious day to
open the office.
Roli: Yes Mataji. Siddhantji need to go to office for 10 more days & within the meantime the rest of the
works too will be completed. You please ask Panditji for some good day for the opening ceremony.
Mataji nod her head as acceptance.

ROSID were very happy being the next step is reached in their job.
ROSID smiled at each other.
The wonderful day has come to open the new office of ROSID.
All the family members gathered in the new office entrance.
Sid: Mataji, Please cut the ribbon.
Mataji cut the ribbon and everyone clapped.
All went inside the office premises.
Roli light the Diya near the God Ganapathy, Goddess Matarani & Goddess Lakshmi photo which was
already fixed in the place by ROSID.
All were ashtonised on the well arranged office set up.
Simar: Roli, you both have set the office very well. It is very nice to see. Good ideas.
Prem: Yes Simar is right. The ideas are very good. It also looks spacious inspite of putting the furnitures.
ROSID: Thanks.
Mataji: Roli, Siddhant it is very good. The place shows your dedication & hard work. Bless you to get
ROSID touched the feet of Mataji & took the blessings.
Mausi: Siddhant, Roli, you have used modern ideas like me to decorate the place. Very good.
Uma & Pari too congradulated ROSID.
Surya ran here & there & looked at all the things.
Surya: Pappa the place is very nice today than it was on that day.
Sid: Thanks Surya.
Mataji: Panditji, please start the pooja.
Small pooja was conducted by panditji and the prasad was distributed to all.
Pandit: Siddhant, Please sit in your place now itself when good time is still there.

Siddhant went to his seat and sat there when everyone congradulated him.
Roli eyes were filled with tears of happiness on seeing SID on the seat.
SID got up from the seat & told Roli to sit for a while.
Roli too sat for few minutes and then made Surya & Sandhya to sit together for few minutes.
All the family members were very happy.
ROSID already arranged for lunch from outside which just arrived and everyone had nice lunch after the
ROSID passed the next step of the task successfully.
ROSID hold their hands and smiled.

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 19=> ROSID going to office

Rosid were getting ready to office. It was their first day.

Surya left to school already.
Roli gave sandhya to simar.
Simar: roli all the best. Don't worry about sandhya. I will take care.
Roli: thanks didi
All other family members too wished rosid
Rosid started to office.
Sid: roli you are my moral support. I feel happy that you are going to work with me.
Roli: I too feel very happy siddhantji. It is good that my knowledge is useful for our company.
Roli reached their office.

ROSID entered into office on their first day at work.

They sat in their seats. ROSID smiled at each other.
Sid: Roli, This is our 1st day & we need to get some new orders in this 1st day.
Roli: You are right Siddhantji.

SID called few of his customers. Introduced his new company. SID seek their support in this new
company. They were very happy.
Sid: Roli, I talked to few of my customers. It will be better if I got & personally meet them giving our
Company profile & my visiting card.
Roli: Siddhantji, well you go & visit them.
Sid: Roli, how will you be alone here
Roli: Siddhantji. I am ok. Dont worry. You cannot be with me hereself. you need to go our when you
have work.
Sid: Ok Roli. THen I will come in 2 hrs time. You better lock the door & stay inside. I will return
completing the work.
Roli: Siddhantji. All the best.
Sid: Thanks Roli.
Sid left for client visit. Roli locked the door.
Roli took the account note books and started writing the Cash & Bank books.
Roli then prepared a introduction mail to be sent to the customers.
Roli also surf through internet & took out some customers list.
SID returned from Customer visit.
SID was very happy.
Sid; Roli. The day was very successful. I met all the customers with whom i talked to in the morning &
everyone assured to support me. Also 3 of them already given new order today itself.
Roli: Congrats Siddhantji.
Sid sent agreed order details to those customers who confirmed the order to get the confirmation in email.
Roli showed Sid the introduction mail which she created & SID was very happy.
SID sent those introduction mail to all his customers whoever was supporting earlier.
Roli showed SID the new customer list which she took out from internet.

SID called those customers & checked for their requirement.

Few in the list was having requirement and SID took their email id & sent the introduction mail to them.
ROSID were very happy on their successful 1st day.
ROSID had lunch together.
The confirmaion of orders received to their email. They took the print out of those confirmations and
prayed to god to have more & more orders in future.
SID started executing the orders which was confirmed by those customers.
Roli helped SID in whatever way possible.
ROSID returned home after finishing their 1st day at work successfully.
SID informed all family members about the new order received on that day & everyone congradulated

Sandhya was missing Roli the whole day & she was playing with her in the night for long time.
Sandhya started sleeping slowly.
Sid: Roli, I think Sandhya missed you a lot. She might have not expressed verbally. But we can realise
by her activities.
Roli: You are right Siddhantji. She played till she got satisfaction and then slept.
Sid: Roli, For any child the father may give more affection or may not be. But Mother is more attached.
Do you still feel to continue to come to office dear.
Roli: Siddhantji, yes of course. As i said earlier also initially. I want to come & help you. Now you take
care of outside works & I will take care inside the office. Later once it is stabilised, we can recruit persons
and once the new persons get trained, i will stop coming to office.
Sid: But what about Sandhya till such time.
Roli: Siddhantji, being today is 1st day the experience is new to the baby. But in few days she will be
used to it. We can see so many women working leaving the kid at home since it is 60 days baby. Now
Sandhya is atleast 2 yrs old.
Sid: Roli, Ok. But atleast from tomorrow, we will start early so that you can concentrate of Surya studies
Roli: Ok.

Sid: Now keep all serious discussions aside. Now close your eyes.
Roli: Close my eyes. Why?
Sid: No Questions. Just close your eyes.
Sid hold Roli's eyes closed and took her near the mirror.
Sid: Roli you should not open your eyes, until i tell you.
Roli: Siddhantji, tell me quick. what it is
Sid: Roli wait just 2 minutes.
SID opened a Jewellery box and took out a nice jewellery set.
SID put that jewellery set necklace in Roli's neck.
SID also put the set earrings on Roli's beautiful ears.
Sid: Roli, Now open your eyes.
Roli opened her eyes and saw the beautiful jewellery set and was very happy.
Roli: Siddhantji, the jewellery is very beautiful.
Sid: This set i brought for your today after getting confirmation on the 1st order.
Roli: It is so beautiful. I too have got a surprise for you.
Sid: Surprise for me?
Roli: Yes. Surprise for you. Just a minute.
Roli opened the cupboard and brought a small box.
Sid: Roli what is in this box
Roli: See here.
Roli opened the box and showed to SID. It was 2 beautiful pair of rings.
SID took the small ring and hold Roli's fingures and put the beautiful ring on her beautiful fingure.

Roli took the another ring and put it in SID's fingures.

ROSID hold the hands together and enjoyed seeing the beautiful pair rings on their fingures.
Roli: Siddhantji, i purchased this for you well before to present you on getting the 1st order.
Sid: Oh. Then you planned ahead than me to give a present.
Roli pretend to be pround on herself and smiled.
Sid hold Roli's face and kissed her on her forehead and cheeks. Sid hug her.
Sid: Roli, I love you.
Roli: I love you too Siddhantji...
ROSID were in the office.
Roli was taking care of all the cash book & bank book entries. Preparation of cheques, receipts etc
SID was taking care of all new orders & its executions.
SID completed his work & turned towards Roli.
Roli was working with concentration & was not aware that SID was starring at her.
SID was silently starring at Roli for some more time.
Roli went suddenly turned her head noticed that SID is looking towards her.
Roli: Siddhantji, What happend? Why are you looking at me like this?
Sid: Roli, I am just enjoying seeing my wife working seriously.
Roli moved towards Siddhant and stand near him.
Roli: Siddhantji, it shows you completed your work and looking at me since long
Sid: Yes of course.
Roli:Siddhantji, you remember this is office and not our bedroom to sight at me.
Sid: Roli, Let it be office or our bedroom, you are my wife only. I sight at my wife & not my PA. Whats
wrong in it.
Roli: SIddhantji, does it mean if someone else will be there as PA you will sight at her also?

Sid: Roli, when i told like that? I said i am seeing my wife only & not any PA which is wrong.
Roli: Remember that always. Anyways I am not going to appoint any PA for you even if i am here or not
Sid: So you are jealous or not having faith on me.
Roli: I do have faith on my husband. But not on any other lady who come as PA.
Sid laughed.
Sid: I will be happy if you be my PA always. I do not want any other lady as PA.
Roli clasped her hands around Sid's neck.
Roli: Siddhantji. I want you only as my boss where I am working.
ROSID smiled...
Roli was waiting for SID to take lunch.
SID went for customer visit.
Roli: Siddhantji, When you will come. I am feeling hungry.
Roli thought of calling him.
Roli: But i should not call him, he may be busy at customer place or may be in driving. Let him come.
Roli was not interested to have lunch leaving SID.
Roli completed all the works till then and no work left for the day to do.
Roli: I even completed all the works. It is already 4 pm. Why Siddhantji is still not coming. I am not going
to talk to him when he arrives.
In few minutes, Sid entered the office.
Sid understood that Roli is angry towards him.
Sid: ROli, i am sorry. I came late.
Roli has not replied him.

Sid: Roli, What to do dear? The customer whom i went to meet was not available till 2 pm. Then after he
reach office, he was busy on his tasks for some time & then only he called me around 3 pm. I am just
rushing to office as soon as meeting is completed.
Roli: Rushing to office. You mean you did a rash driving. I can allow you to come late. But do not risk
your life with rash driving which i cannot acccept at all.
Sid: Ok Ok. I know that you have not taken lunch yet & waiting for me. Let us take now.
ROSID sat to take their lunch.
SID understood that Roli was very hungry.
Roli opened the lunch box and kept plate for SID.
Roli started serving the food for SID.
Sid: Roli, I know you are also very hungry. Take this.
SID feed Roli the food first.
Roli too took the piece of Roli & feed SID.
ROSID were seeing each other and started feeding the food mutually.
Roli: Siddhantji, dont spoil your health for sake of business. You just return office if you come to know
that the person is not available. You can take the appointment with him again stating that he was not
available when we tried to see him today. Health is wealth.
Sid: Yes Roli. I will take care in future. I know you are very much concerned about me.
Roli: Siddhantji, why not i concern about you. I love you naa yaar.
Sid: I love you too naa yaar. I made you also wait for me without food.
Roli: When you are hungry, how can i have my food on time.
SID was unable to answer Roli and hug her...
ROSID developed the office a little. Now they are getting more orders. The time has come to develop
the office with more staffs.
ROSID arranged for interview.
Interview was taken by SID. Efficient staffs were shortlisted.
SID discussed with Roli on the shortlisted candidates and Both selected the candidates.

The selected candidates were given for appointment.

The new staffs joined the company on their accepted date.
ROSID explained the new staffs on the nature of work in their company & how it goes.
The staffs selected were much talented and understood the process early.
The work was going smoothly.
ROSID were relieved from work pressure a little as there is no need to Sid to go for customer visit
regularly as the customers already established.
Also the staffs were taking care of new orders & its execution.
ROSID were only taking care of supervision job in the office.
All the mails were marked to SID & he goes through the mails and did follow up that all the orders are
getting well executed.
ROSID were very happy on the newly enhanced office setup with new staffs.
ROSID were only missing fine moments which they spend together when they were alone.
ROSID had lunch together with other office staffs and the staffs were encouraged well for all their good
steps taken over the company development.
ROSID purchased gifts and presented the staffs then & there for their good deeds to encourage them.
ROSID started coming home early due to less work pressure and Roli was able to concentrate well on
Sandhya & Surya.
Everything was going fine for ROSID in their office.
After few days, ROSID were entering home while returning from office when Uma & Pari was talking to
Pari: Simar, Roli goes to office without any tension of house leaving the child with you.
Uma: You do some household works & take the reason of taking care of Sandhya and get rid of the works
Pari: Ultimately myself & Uma bhabhi need to do all the household works.
Simar: Uma & Pari Bhabhi, why are you telling like this. Sandhya was playing with Maaji in the afternoon
& I only cooked food. Just now I came to take care of Sandhya.

ROSID heard the entire conversation.

Sid: Uma & Pari Bhabhi, Sorry for the pressure you got because of Roli coming to office. We will seek
some solution for this within this week.
Roli took Sandhya from Simar.
Roli: Sorry Simar didi. Because of me you have taken more pain.
Simar: No ROli. Nothing like that.
Roli: Siddhantji was right. We need to have some solution for this. Sorry i was not knowing all these
ROSID went to their room taking Sandhya.
ROSID looked at each other.
Sid: Roli, dont worry. We will discuss on this issue and sort this.
Roli accepted Sid's words by noding her head.
SID smiled..
ROSID were in their room deeply thinking on the issue happend on that day.
Sandhya & Surya were sleeping.
Roli went near Sid.
Roli lean over Sid's shoulder.
Roli: Siddhantji, I never thought our own persons will be so selfish like this and i am very upset
Sid: Roli, dont get upset. All will not be like same always.
Roli: I think we have given more pressure to Simar didi all these days who were taking care of sandhya
as well as household works to avoid such issue with Uma & Pari Bhabhi.
Sid: You are right. We were fully concentrating on the company & not concentrating on what was
happening at home.
Roli: Simar didi also not told me anything till date.
Sid: She might have thought not to give tension to us.

Roli: Siddhantji, what can we do now.

Roli eyes were filled with tears.
Sid: Roli, dont cry. Nothing such will happen again. We have already stabilised the company. earlier we
both alone were taking care. But now we got our staffs to handle the work. i will be there to supervise.
So you be at home & take care of home like earlier days
Roli: But whether it will be ok for you. Wont you feel pressure
Sid: Nothing roli. As i said, already we are doing only supervision job. So i can very well handle. That
too it is matter of only 2 more years till Sandhya start going to school. If you want you can very well come
to office once she start going to school. This being our own company, you can rejoin any time.
Roli: You are right Siddhantji. I will stay at home till Sandhya start going to school.
Sid: Roli, now are you ok. Can you smile. I cannot see my Roli crying like this.
Sid wipe off the tears of Roli.
Roli hug SID.
Sid: Roli, shall i appoint a PA at office to take of me.
Roli: Siddhanji..
Roli knows SID is teasing her saying that.
Roli: If you really need a PA, you can very well proceed.
Sid: Wont you feel jealous. Wont you feel unsecured
Roli: Why should i feel jealous or unsecured when I know about my husband well.
SID smiled and kissed her forehead.
Sid: Roli, you are right. not one can take your place & no need for you to feel unsecured at any time.
Roli hold Sid's face & kissed on his cheeks.
ROSID eyelocks for some time.
Roli blushed.
SID moved towards her...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 20=>ROSID 10th Wedding Day

ROSID were very happy that their 10th Wedding Anniversary is nearing.
ROSID decided to pay 1 month bonus to their office staffs to share the happiness with their staffs.
SID took Roli to office on that month salary day.
Office staffs were very happy on seeing Roli in the office and gave warm welcome to her.
All wish ROSID on the occassion of their 10th wedding anniversary which is falling on 10th of that month.
Roli gave the bonus cheques to all the staffs.
SID told all the staffs to bring their family for that day's dinner to the near by Hotel for Dinner.
All the staffs were very happy.
ROSID informed all the family members also to participate in the dinner arranged for office staffs.
Mataji, Mausiji, Sujatha, Rajendra & all family members were very happy & participated in the dinner
SID introduced the family members to all the office staffs.
The family members of the staffs were also happy & expressed their happiness in having their husband
working in this office.
Dinner was served to all & all like the menu very much.
SID smiled at Roli for arranging such nice dinner.
All returned home with filled stomach & heart.

The wedding anniversary day has come. ROSID & all family members were performing pooja to
ROSID took aarthi & prayed for good health & wealth.
ROSID took blessings of all the elders.
Mataji present same color Lehenga & Sherwani to ROSID.

ROSID remembered their matching marriage dress seeing this dress.

Mataji: Roli & SID, go & change this dress.
ROSID went to their room to change the new dress.
SID locked the room.
Roli was trying to go inside the room when SID hold her hands.
Sid: Roli, I will make you ready today & dress up by my hands.
Roli; Siddhantji, ok. Let me go & change my dress first.
SID: I told you already that I will make you ready includes this too.
Roli blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji. You are father of 2 children. But day by day you are becoming so naughty
Sid: Roli. Then what about mother of 2 children. Shall i tell you what you...
Roli; Siddhantji, dont tell anything.
Roli blushed & hug SID.
SID changed her dress.
SID put the sindoor on her forehead.
He put the jewellery set on Roli's neck & ears.
Roli was looking very cute & SID was mesmerised by her beauty.
Sid: Roli, you dont look like 2 children mother & you can be naughty.
Roli smiled and then SID got ready.
Roli was admiring SID.
Roli: Siddhantji, you too dont look like father of 2 children & you too can be naughty.
ROSID smiled and hug,

Sid hold Roli's face on his hands and kissed her cheeks.
Roli: Siddhantji, lets go down. All are waiting for us.
Sid smiled and hold Roli's hands and both got down wearing the new dress.
Simar: Premji, See Roli & Siddhantji, how cute they look like even after 10 years they love each other
very much. I pray no other bad eye hit on them.
Prem: Simar you are right. They are very much loving couple.
All wish Roli & Siddhant on their 10th wedding anniversary.
Mataji gave Roli & Siddhant ticket to Kashmir.
Mataji: Siddhant & Roli, this is our gift for you on your 10th anniversary. The flight is in 3 hours time &
you can start from here having lunch at home.
Sid: Thank you Mataji.
Roli: But Mataji, how about Surya & Sandhya?
Mausi: Roli dont worry about them. We all are here to take care of them. The trip is only for 2 days & you
both enjoy these 2 days. Surya & Sandhya can be taken to those places later on some other time. This
is time for you both to enjoy.
Mausi smiled at ROSID & Roli blushed.
All had lunch together & ROSID went to their room to pack the dress for the 2 days stay at Kashmir.
Roli: Surya & Sandhya, myself & pappa going out for 2 days. You both need to behave like good boy &
Surya: Ok Mom. Dont worry. I will take care of myself as well as Sandhya.
Sandhya: Ok Mom. I will be with Surya. I will behave like good girl.
Roli: Thats like good boy & girl.
Roli kissed Surya & Sandhya.
ROSID started their journey to Kashmir.

ROSID reached Kashmir by that day's night.

The climate was very cool.

ROSID was wearing Sweaters, gloves etc. Still the climate was too cool.
ROSID catched a taxi & reached the place where they booked to stay.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am feeling very hungry. Lets have something hot to eat in this cool climate.
Sid; Ok Roli, lets go to have some food.
ROSID went to near by restaurant.
Sid ordered for Hot & Sour soup. They were feeling good on drinking the Hot soup in that cold climate.
Roli ordered for food & specified the food should be hot.
ROSID had their dinner. The food was good enough in that restaurant.
ROSID returned to their room finishing the dinner in the restaurant.
Roli: Siddhantji the climate is very cool. Let us sit near bon fire for some time.
Sid lit the fire and both sat in the side.
ROSID were enjoying the hotness of the fire in that cool climate.
They were showing the hands towards the fire then & there and observed the heat.
SID was starring towards Roli who was looking beautiful in that environment beside the fire.
Roli who turned towards Sid noticed that he is starring at her.
Roli too was unable shift her eyes from SID.
ROSId had eyelock for sometime.
Sid forward his hands towards Roli.
Roli hold his hands and got up & moved towards SID and sat near him.
Sid: Roli, you are looking very beautiful.
Roli blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji, I remember our Honeymoon trip now when we are sitting near the bonfire.

Sid: What do you remember?

ROli: Siddhantji, On that day when we were sitting near the bon fire you came very near to me. But
suddenly you went away from me. Do you remember that?
Sid: Yes Roli. Actually at that time, you have not given your acceptance on my love. I came near you
mesmerised by you, but suddenly realised I am waiting for your acceptance. Thats why.
Roli: Siddhantji, now 10 years completed within no time and we got beautiful children also. How beautiful
the life is.
Sid: Roli, My life has become so beautiful after getting you in my life.
Sid hold her hands & kissed on her hands.
Roli lean towards his shoulders.
ROSID were talking for sometime,
Sid: Roli, Lets go in, the climate is getting worst & may not be good for our health.
ROSID went inside the room & Sid locked the door.
Roli who went near mirror turned towards SID and smiled.
Sid went near Roli.
Sid back hug Roli.
Roli blushed and down her eyes towards the floor.
Sid: Roli, look at me. You feel shy even after 10 years
Roli; Siddhantji, I cannot meet your eyes even after 50 years. You were right during our honeymoon trip
itself that I get mesmerised by your eyes.
Sid: Roli, If you do not look at me, then i will go from here.
Sid pretend to move away from Roli.
Roli hold Sid's hands and moved toards SID.
Roli clasped her hands around Sid's neck and look at his eyes.

SID hold her hip and saw Roli through her eyes.
Roli moved towards SID's lips...
ROSID got up in the next day morning.
Climate was very cool.
Roli was in Sid's hands.
Roli was leaning in SID's shoulders.
Roli: Siddhantji, how cool the climate is?
Sid: Yes Roli, the climate is very cool and good for our romance. Shall we..
SID smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji. you too naa. I am asking how can we go out in this cool climate.
Sid: Roli, that is why i am telling, why to go out. Lets stay in the room and continue our romance.
Roli: Siddhantji...
Sid do not let her to talk any more and covered them with the blanket.
ROSID had some sweet moments for some time..
Roli: Siddhantji, it is already 10. Lets start & see some places today.
Sid smiled and nod his head as acceptance.
ROSID got ready and started their sight seeing.
The place was very beautiful. The mountain was fully covered with snow.
Sid enquired for near by places to see with local peoples.
SID came to know that there is Shiva temple near by.
ROSID went to that beautiful temple.
The temple was very good even though it was small.
ROSID pray to god and started their journey from there to a Palace (Raja Rupi Kulu Palace)

The palace was very beautiful. ROSID saw that beautiful palace & spend some time there.
ROSID were very happy.
ROSID went to nearby boating centre.
Local person was rowing the boat while ROSID were sitting in that boat.
Roli hold Sid's hands tightly as she always fear for water.
SID hold her around her shoulders and both enjoyed the boating experience.
The place was very nice to see. ROSID enjoyed a lot.
ROSID started walking on the snow mountain.
Roli started throwing the snow on SID.
SID too made small balls out of snow and throw on Roli.
ROSID played with snow for sometime.
ROSID had great experience in the kashmir.
ROSID went for shopping that day evening.
Roli: Siddhantji, shall i ask you something
Sid: Roli, why this new question. You can ask me without taking permission dear.
Roli: Siddhantji, shall we purchase the Kashmiri dress for us
Sid: Kashmiri dress. But for what
Roli: I like this dress very much. I like to wear & also i want to see you in that dress
Sid: Roli, are you kidding. How it will look like if we wear this dress
Roli: Siddhantji, it will be odd only if we wear that in our town. But we are in Kashmir only & so many are
wearing the local dress. Then what is the problem for us.
Sid: Roli, you are not going to accept whatever i tell you. Ok lets go.
ROSID went to a shop where they purchased kashmiri dress.
Roli: Siddhantji, see there is changing room. Lets wear this till we return to the room.

Sid: Roli...
Roli: Please Siddhantji, lets try.
Sid know that Roli will not drop her idea.
ROSID went to the changing room and changed their dress.
ROSID look at each other & smiled.
Sid: Roli, what odd wish you get suddenly.
Roli: Siddhantji, see we are wearing our usual dress always. Lets try something different.
ROSID were looking cute in that dress.
ROSID went through the market place for some time and returned to their room.
Sid: Roli, you made me funny today by making me wear this.
Roli: Siddhantji, why you are telling like that, wont you like it.
Sid noticed that Roli got little upset and went near her.
Sid: Roli, not like that. Anyway i accepted your wish & we did wear this. Then why you are upset. I
cannot see you upset.
Roli: Yes you did wear this. But now you talk like not feeling good on wearing this.
Sid: Roli, you are like a kid even after having 2 children.
Roli smiled.
Sid: Roli, still you look very good in this dress. I need to accept that as well.
Sid saw through her from head to toe.
Roli blushed.
Sid; But only one disadvantage
Roli; Disadvantage. What it is?
Sid: The dress is not giving room for romance as it is fully covering my Roli.

Roli: Siddhantji you too naa.

Sid: Tell me. I too
Roli smiled & hug Sid tightly..
ROSID were in the restaurant.
The climate was very cool.
Roli was unable to bear the climate & Sid noticed that.
SID went to supplier & told to mix some beer in the soft drinks.
SID was thinking himself, ' Sorry Roli, i am trying to help you to handle this climate by mixing some beer.'
SID brought the drinks to Roli & told her to drink it.
Roli who was not aware of that drink the full glass.
Roli was not in conscious in few minutes.
Roli: Siddhant, Why the room is spinning?
Sid: Roli, what you said Siddhant?
Roli: Then what that is your name right? Then why you are surprised,
Sid: Roli you have lost your conscious, lets go to the room.
SID took Roli to their room slowly.
Roli: Siddhant, why we are going backwards.
Sid: ROli we are moving forward only, not backwards.
Roli: Where are you taking me now in backwards?
Sid: Roli, please be silent. What others will think if you ask where am i taking you
Roli: What others will think? Why do they think? what do they think?
Sid: Roli, nothing. Just come with me.

Sid finally reached their room and made Roli sit on the sofa & lock the door.
Roli: Siddhant where have we come.
Sid: We have come to our room only. Just relax. Just sleep now.
SID took Roli near the bed & told her to sleep.
SID tried to move away from there.
Roli hold his hands.
Roli: Where are you going leaving me.
Sid: I am not going anywhere, i am here only.
Roli pulled SID towards her.
Roli: Siddhant, you cannot go anywhere leaving me. I will not let you go.
Roli hug SID tightly. SID caressess her head and lay beside her in the bed.
Roli slowly slept over SID's chest.
Roli got up the next day morning.
Roli do not remember when they reached the room and what happend the previous day night.
Roli: Siddhantji, what happend to me yesterday. Why i do not remember anything after we had dinner.
Sid: Roli, Now you are calling me Siddhantji & yesterday night you called me Siddhant.
Roli: It is not possible. i do not remember anything. Please tell me what happend.
Sid; Roli, Sorry, i mixed beer in your drink so that you can tolerate the climate. But what all you did. You
called me Siddhant & when i asked you said that is your name & what is wrong in it.
Roli: Siddhantji, Sorry Sorry. I do not tell knowingly.
Sid smiled.
Sid: Roli, It was beautiful. I liked you calling me Siddhant. It shows you have interest in calling me by
name which came out when you were not in concious.
Roli: Siddhantji, nothing like that. I am sorry.

Sid: Roli, i do not have any concern on you calling me Siddhant. as I said i liked it. and you know what.
You were not interested to leave me even a minute even in that state. You hold my hands and hug me.
Roli blushed.
Sid; Roli, this shows how we love each other whether in concious or not. I love you Roli
Roli: I love you Siddhantji.
Sid: Roli, you call me Siddhant now
Roli: No I cannot. May be i might have called when i am not aware. But not now.
Sid: Roli, this is my wish wont you.
Roli: NO Siddhantji, how can i
Sid: Roli, look at me and tell whether you do not fulfill my wish.
Roli lift her eyes and their eyes met.
Roli: I love you Siddhant
Sid was very happy and hold her face & kissed Roli on her forehead, cheeks.
Sid moved towards Roli's...

ROSID FF: The Love Journey Chapter 21=> ROSID's New house

SID returned from office when Roli completed Surya & Sandhya studies.
Sid; Roli good news for you.
Roli: What is it! You seems to be too happy.
Sid: Yes ROli. I am very happy. We are going to set the company in the next city. The papers are all
finalised & now only we need to proceed.
Roli: Congrats Siddhantji. It is due to your hard work only. You deserve it.
Sid: Roli not only that i got one more good news for you.

Roli; One more what it is?

Sid: Roli, with the profit we made till now, I have finalised a new house in that city. Also we are going to
move to that place now in this May which is only 1 month to come
Roli: New house is good news only. But how can we go far from our family.
Sid; I understand roli, but the company progress will be good from that city. That is why i decided to shift
there after much thinking.
Roli; Siddhantji, you are right from your angle. But how can we convince our family for this. Whether they
will accept us to apart from them.
Sid: Roli, we will explain them the situation. I am sure they will understand.
Roli smiled.
Roli: Congrats again. I am very happy about you.
Sid: Roli, Only your congrats will not be sufficient. You need to give the usual gift you remember,.
Roli: Siddhantji, you too naa. Are we seeking any reason for such gifts. Tell me.
Roli blushed & smiled with shyness.
Sid : Roli you looks beautiful when you blush & it mesmerise me.
SID move towards Roli.
Roli hold SID from nearing her.
Roli: Siddhantji, the children will run here & there and may come here anytime. What happens if they see
us very close?
Sid: But still i deserve a kiss Roli for this good news. Please..
Roli: No Siddhantji.
Roli moved a little to bring Tea for SID.
After taking 2 steps forward, she turned her head towards SID whose face was looking little upset.
Roli quickly moved towards sid & kissed him and ran away from there before SID realise that Roli kissed.
Sid: Roli. You ran giving kiss to me. But not allowed me to kiss you. Will see you tonight.

Sid smiled...

ROSID were sitting in the hall & informing all the family members about the new branch & shifting to the
new city.
Mataji, Mausiji, Sujatha, Prem, Simar were all upset on this news of their shifting to new city, but were
happy on their company development.
Mataji: Siddhant, i am happy that your company is developing, but at the same time, how can i let you
people go separate from this house.
Mausiji: Yes Siddhant, We miss you, ROli & your children Sandhya & Surya.
Sujatha: Siddhant, why you need to go there. Let someone work there & you all be here.
Sid: Mataji, Mausiji & Maji, I can understand your feelings. But that city is good with ample opportunities
for my company. You are right that i can appoint someone there. But at the same time it is going to be
new. I need to work myself in the initial years to get it stabilised. Myself & Roli only made the company
stable here itself which you all know. Likewise, eventhough we appoint staffs, i need to personally work
to establish in a new city.
Prem: Siddhant, i do agree with your point & understand the necessity.
Simar: Premji is telling right. It is good for your career. We should not restrict your growth though we feel
bad about let you to go from here.
Roli: Mataji, Mausiji, Maaji, We are going to be in nearby city only. We will come here whenever possible
as we too miss our family a lot.
Mataji: I do understand Roli, For sentimental reasons, I should not restrict your growth.
Sujatha: Ok Siddhant, we will let you go. But what about children. They need to get admission in the
school also.
Sid: Yes Maaji, I did enquired about good schools there. This being March month already, we can take
the admission for next class. Also being both are good enough in studies there will be no problem for
Rajendar: You are right Siddhant, Both Surya & Sandhya are good in studies, so there will be no problem
to survive anywhere.
Mausi: Then where will you stay Siddhant. Have you seen some house there?
Siddhant: Together with company expansion, there is one more good news Mausiji. With the profit
earned in the company, I have selected a new house for purchase in the new city. So we will perform
house warming next month & shift there.

Mataji: Siddhant, it is really good news. Well done.

Prem: Congrats Siddhant. I am happy about your growth. Congrats.
All were happy in hearing this good news other than Uma & Pari who got little jealousy in their mind on
their development.
Uma: pari see they are purchasing a new house itself from their earning. But we are left with nothing.
Pari; You are right Uma bhabhi, Roli is very sharp in all these. She made good plan & first opened their
new company and now new house.
Other than Uma & Pari all were happy & Roli served sweets to all on this good occassion...
Roli & Siddhant smiled in happiness..
ROSID shifted to new house. Surya & Sandhya got admission in the schools of the new city.
Sid developed his company in the new city.
ROSID went to their Bharatwaj house whenever possible.
Surya & Sandhya were doing their studies well.
ROSID were enjoying this life as usual with their small family.
ROSID with their children lived happily for ever...

Chapter 1 ROSID FF: Love of Souls Chapter 1 => Introduction:
Part 1
Bharatwaj House. One of the big bunglow on that area in Delhi. Beautifully built & attracts the people. 3
Big cars were standing in its shed outside the bunglow & latest design motorbike as well.
Inside the house in the Sofa put on the Hall was the Old lady Nirmala Devi Bharatwaj. Nirmala Devi lost
her husband when his son Rajendar was in school days. There was a Sweet shop owned by them which
is one of the big sweet shop in the city which was since 3 generations and after her husband's
unexpected death was taken care by Nirmala all alone with great difficulty until Rajendar taken the
responsibility on him after finishing his studies. Nirmala Devi was still holding his grip on the family as
well as the shop. Shop is now having 2 additional branches in the town.
Rajendar the only son of Nirmal devi who lost his father in his school days was under the control of his
mother Nirmala devi have seen the difficulties faced by his mother after father's death. He respects his
mother a lot & honours her each & every word.
Sujatha married to Rajendar was from normal middle class family & later fit to the Bharatwaj family is the
only daughter-in-law of Nirmala Devi. Nirmala Devi sees her like her own daughter.
Sattu, Shailu, Prem & Siddhant are four sons of Rajendar & Sujatha.
Sattu & Shailu are married to Uma & Pari. Sattu & Shailu take care of the 2 branches of the Sweet shop.
Prem who just completed his degree this year was told by Rajendar to take care of the Sweet shop
together with him until he get the grip of the business. Prem goes with Rajendar to the Sweet shop daily
and starts learning the business. Mataji has idea to arrange for Prem's marriage to some family girl.
Siddhant who is the last son of the family is favorite to all the family members and just entering the
college now. He is stylish and take it easy boy. Siddhant is not aware of any of the pains or difficulties of
life which is never seen or felt by him. Siddhant gets all the things he wants from the family being last
Today is Siddhant's first day to his college. Rajendar have presented the latest model bike to Siddhant
which was standing outside the bunglow. Siddhant was eager to drive the bike for 1st time which he
planned to take to his 1st day of college.
Siddhant was getting ready to go to college in his room. He was looking fair & stylish with his Blue color
Jeans & Black color stylish Tshift.
Siddhant got ready & was getting down from the stairs with a small notebook on hand with which he was
playing while getting down.
Mataji: Sujatha, Siddhant got ready for college & going to college for 1st day. Give his Dhahi & Shakkar.

Sujatha: Yes. Mataji.

Sujatha went to kitchen & brought the same in a cup & came near Siddhant.
Siddhant: Maaji, What is this old believes? I dont have faith in all these.
Sujatha: Dont tell like that Siddhant. These are all believes from ages & you should not deny that.
Siddhant: Ok. I will take this for you eventhough i dont believe in all these.
Sujatha gave the Dhahi & Shakkar in a spoon to Siddhant.
Sujatha: Take blessings of Mataji.
Siddhant took blessings of Mataji, Rajendar & Sujatha.
Siddhant rushing towards his new latest model bike & started it.
Siddhant felt like achieving something by getting this new bike & started his journey towards his college.
Siddhant was driving very rash & reached College in minimum minutes and entered the gate of the

Part 2
Medium size house which looks beautiful. Scooter & Cycle standing outside the house.
Few small plants kept in the outside.
Inside the house, Mr. Divedi was reading the news paper sitting in the hall. He is working in a factory as
Supervisor and earns small amount with which his family is running.
Mrs. Divedi is cooking in the kitchen who is housewife. She is expert in cooking. She handle the
expenses of the house with his husband's small income very well. Her husband always praise her on her
good qualities of running the family very nice.
Inside the bedroom were Simar & Roli the two daughters of Divedi family.
Simar just completed her graduation this year and taking Tutions on her free time in the evening. Simar
is very patient and matured thinking girl & she is the first daughter of the family. Their parents are
planning to get her married at the earliest as soon as they get some good alliance for her.
Roli is the younger daughter who is favorite to her sister Simar as well.

Roli is very naughty, intelligent, straight forward, short tempered girl.

Today is Roli's 1st day to the college and she was getting ready.
Simar was combing Roli's hair.
Simar; Roli, today is your 1st day in the college. College days are beautiful to enjoy. In the meantime,
you need to be alert. You need to study the character of the other students. Few may be good in
character, but few may not be.
Roli: Simar didi, I understand your concern. I will do as per your advise.
Simar: Roli, the Cycle is ready which i checked thoroughly for air, brake etc as it should not give problem
when you ride.
Roli; Ok Didi.
The cycle was earlier used by Simar which is not given to Roli who is going to college today.
Breakfast was ready and Simar feed her the breakfast with her hands as Roli was rushing to start to
Roli is finally ready took the blessings of her parents and wishes of Simar.
Roli was looking pretty in her Blue color Chudidar with plait on hair. Looking very simple.
Roli started her journey on her sister's cycle to college.
Roli took care while riding the cycle to avoid any accidents on the way and finally reached the college on
Roli entered into the college on her cycle...
Part 3
Roli was riding cycle and moving towards the parking area.
Similarly, SID was also moving towards parking area with more speed than allowed inside the college
SID not noticed Roli in the cycle in few feets ahead and continued his riding in motorcycle.
SID suddenly noticed her & put a sudden break.
Still due to speed SID was coming he hit the cycle and made Roli to fall down.
Roli fell down and got scratches on her hand elbows.

Roli's dress got dirty with sand in the ground.

Sid: Sorry. Not seen you coming.
Saying this, Sid started his bike & moved towards parking area.
Roli managed to get up slowly and lift the cycle which got bent and broken by the hit of the new bike.
Roli was very upset. She moved the cycle and parked it in a corner so that it will not fall down.
Roli was thinking ' Idiot, What is he thinking in his mind? He hit me badly, but got no courtesy to even
help me to lift the cycle also. Just said Sorry & moved away. These all due to money these people got
with them.'
Roli was very angry on SID behaviour.
SID already moved from there and went to canteen to have some breakfast.
Roli slowly tried to remove the sand from her clothes and managed to do that. She washed the wounds
and enquired where the classroom is and moved towards it.
Roli sat in the 1st row of the class and saw through the classroom who are all there in that class.
Few students were present in the class and few were coming into the class one by one.
Roli was getting irritation in her hands due to the wound, but tried to handle it.
In few minutes almost the class students were present in the class and the bell rang to start the class.
The professor reached the classroom and everyone greet her.
There was pin drop silence in that class when SID rushed towards the classroom.
Sid: Excuse me Mam. May I come in.
Mam: Yes come in. But you need to reach the class on time from now. Today being 1st day i am
allowing you inside.
Sid: Ok mam.
Sid just entered the room when he noticed Roli in the 1st bench.
Sid remembered she is the one who got hit by him in the parking area.

Roli too recognised SID who hit her & got irritated to know that he is going to study in the same class with
Roli turned her face against him.
Sid was least bothered on this and moved towards the last row to sit.
Professor started her introduction in the class on the 1st day of the college.

Part 4
Roli was finding great difficulty in returning home with the broken cycle.
She finally reach home and rushed inside and lay down on Simar's lap. Roli started crying.
Simar was unable to understand what has happend. Her mother was also tensed.
Simar: Roli what happend? Why are you crying? We were already tensed that you have not reached
home on time & was getting late. Now please tell us why are you crying.
Roli: Simar didi, my body is paining didi.
Roli showed the scratches on her hand.
Simar: What happend Roli?
Roli: Didi. In the morning when i was moving towards parking area, one idiot hit me badly by his bike. So
I fell down & also my cycle broke. I found difficult while returning with the broken cycle. My legs & hands
are paining due to pressure i have given to bring the cycle back to home.
Simar; Roli, Why you took this much pain? You can catch an auto and reach home if the cycle is broken.
Roli: But didi, anyway we need to bring the cycle back to home so that we can repair it for future use.
How many days we can go by auto?
Simar hug Roli and caresses her.
Simar: Roli dont worry, i will bring medicine.
Simar brount the medicine box and put the ointment in the scratch and also gave tablet to reduce her pain
in the body.
Roli lay down again on Simar's lap and started sleeping.
Simar was worried about Roli...

In the meantime at Bharatwaj House SID was in his room.

Prem entered Sid's room.
Prem: Siddhant, how was your 1st day in the college.
Sid; Prem it was very normally. Nothing special.
Prem: You got friends in the class.
Sid: Prem, leave friends that will be there always. But I got an enemy in the class.
Prem: What ? How come you get enemy on your 1st day itself.
Sid: Yes I got enemy on my 1st day itself. It was a girl.
Prem: Girl? Did you had any problem with her?
Sid: Prem, the problem is when i was driving in the morning, by mistake i hit her cycle.
Prem: Hit her cycle. what happend to her?
Sid: I dont know prem. I just said Sorry & moved from there.
Prem: Sid you did wrong. How can you hit & just say sorry. You are not even aware whether she got any
wounds or anything.
Sid: Prem, i dont do that intentionally. She just crossed on my way and it was an accident. For this she
turned her face against me. Unfortunately she is in my same class.
Prem: But still Sid what you did is wrong. When you hit her, you should see what happend to her. You
were suppose to help her. You said the cycle got hit, so have you checked what happend to that cycle.
How can she return home if it is broken.
Sid: Prem you are right, but those things were not on my mind that moment when i hit her as I was
excited on my 1st day of college.
Prem: Siddhant you are telling she is in same class, you need to face her daily. Why you need to
maintain enemity from 1st day itself.
Sid: Ok tell me what can i do now. Already happend is happend.
Prem; You do onething as you hit that cycle, you purchase a new cycle & gift her.

Sid: Good idea prem. I will purchase a new cycle tomorrow and give her.
Prem: Also tell her sorry for your behaviour. She might have felt bad.
Sid: As such i dont feel that i committed something wrong. But still i obey what you said. I will ask sorry
to her again.
Prem smiled and hug SID...
Part 5

Sid purchased a cycle next day & waiting for roli in the parking area.
Roli reached college by auto as the cycle was given for repair. So she went to classroom directly.
Sid was waiting for long time till the class timing starts and rushed to classroom as he remembered
professor warning given previous day.
Sid on reaching class saw roli inside classroom.
Roli turned her face against sid on seeing him.
Sid tried to talk to her, but as mam reached the room, he went to his place.
The classes were going on, but did remembered yesterday's incident and started realising that he made a
Sid wanted to say sorry to roli & give the cycle to roli.
Roli just left the classroom as soon as bell rang and sid tried to follow her.
Roli took fast steps on seeing sid following her.
Sid was unable to call her as he was not aware of her name.
Roli catched an auto and left the college to home.
Sid was puzzled what to do and left the cycle locked in a corner and taken his bike to home.
Prem went to talk to sid in his room.
Prem: what happened sid. Have you talked to that girl and gave the cycle?
Sid: no prem, I tried but she ran away. I don't know why she is running away seeing me.
Prem: she is afraid thinking you are following her. How she will know why you trying to talk to her? Just
see for some good opportunity & talk to her so that she don't misunderstand you.
Sid: OK prem
simar went near roli to talk to her.

Simar: how was the day roli?

Roli: simar didi classes went well. But only that boy was irritating
Simar: which boy roli?
Roli: that idiot only who hit me. He was following me today and came running away from him.
Simar: roli be careful with that guy if he is really following you.
Roli: OK didi
Roli was firm in her decision that she should stay away from sid while sid decided to talk to roli...

Part 6
Sid was waiting for roli next day in the parking area.
Roli who came in cycle saw sid standing there.
Roli got tensed. Parked the cycle and rushed towards class.
Sid again not able to call her as he was not knowing her name.
Sid went to class & tried to find her name.
Fortunate to him mam called her.
Mam: roli, can you explain what I said now.
Roli explained it.
Sid now aware of her name.
Sid said himself ' roli is your name'
Sid was again waiting in the evening for roli in the parking area.
Roli came there to take her cycle.
Roli turned her face seeing sid.
Sid: roli I want to talk to you.
Roli: I don't want to talk to you anything.
Roli hurried from there.
Sid not interested to follow her as she may mistake him again.
Sid decided to wait for good opportunity to talk to her.

Part 7
Sid does not give up & was waiting for roli next day also.
Roli was coming & got irritated seeing sid.
Roli was thinking why this idiot is coming daily.
Sid just got an idea and hold the cycle and called her.
Sid: roli, please wait. I want to give this to you.
Roli: I don't want anything. I don't want to even talk or see you.
Roli left from there to classroom.
Sid felt very bad and also got angry.
In the evening sid went to prem.
Sid: prem i did mistake of hearing your words and brought cycle for that roli. She insulted me.
Prem: siddhant why are you angry what happend.
Sid explained prem on the happenings.
Prem: siddhant, we cannot blame that girl also. She got no good opinion on 1st day itself. Also she is not
aware of your intention behind giving the cycle.
Sid: prem what are you trying to say.
Prem: siddhant all will not be similar. You need to wait for her to know you which may take some time.
sid nod his head as acceptance.

Simar was talking to roli.

Simar: roli is he creating any problem to you.
Roli: no simar didi he tried to give me a cycle. But who is ready to beg cycle from him. What is he thinking
in his mind?
Simar: roli don't get angry. We are not aware of his real intention. Its OK you don't accept the cycle. But
don't get angry.
Roli: didi you think all are very nice. But I am not going to encourage these people.
Roli was not convinced that sid intention is good.
Sid was angry that roli has not understood his good intention.
Part 8

Roli was walking on the corridor with her new friend in the college.
Roli & her friends were talking to each & other regarding lessons taught on that day when SID passed
through that way by chance.
Roli's friends left the handkerchief down and she was not aware of it.
SID noticed it and took it on his hand.
Sid: Roli,,,,
Roli turned towards SID.
Roli: Mr. dont you have any other work other than following me.
Sid: Roli, I am not following you, i just crossed this way and saw...
Roli: I know about your very well. Dont lie. you dont have other work other than following girls
Roli turned against him and started walking few steps.
Sid: Roli, Wait.
Roli & her friend stopped by this orderly words.
Sid: I just saw this handkerchief and thought of giving you. How can you just tell something like this about
me. By the way what are you thinking about yourself that I will be following you without any other job. Let
you take your handkerchief or not. I am least bothered.
SID throw the handkerchief and left the place in anger.
Roli's friend: Roli, this is my handkerchief and i put it down it seems. Why you talked to him like that
without knowing the truth.
Roli: You dont know about this guy. He is like that only. May be he is right today.
Roli's friend: You were not suppose to talk to him like this Roli for no reason.
Roli: Ok ok. Just leave it. Lets go. The class will start now.
Roli & her friend rushed to their class.
Roli eventhough pretend not to feel for her behaviour, she felt bad inside for what she did today.
Roli was thinking ' I was not suppose to just start scolding at him, i was suppose to see what he is trying
to tell. I was feeling bad about his behaviour, but in reverse, i did wrong today.'

Sid was thinking ' what is that lady thinking? I will be behind her always. It was my mistake only. What
bother me if she leave handkerchief or not. Why i tried to give her unwantedly and hear all these from
Part 9

Sid was coming in the corridar when Mam saw SID on the way & gave him a notebook.
Mam: Please give this to Roli.
Saying this Professor left the place.
Sid was thinking, Oh god, that Roli always mistake me and what is this? Mam got me only to give this
notebook of Roli.
Sid with much hesitation & thinking was walking in the corridar.
Roli was coming on the same corridor.
Sid went near Roli.
Roli was unable to understand why he is coming near to her.
Roli was little tensed. Also she was afraid whether he will scold at her as she scold at him on that day.
Roli tried to avoid him and go away from him.
Sid: Roli, please wait. Mam told me to give this notebook to you.
Roli: Thanks.
Roli took the notebook and almost ran from that place.
Sid was surprised by her behaviour.
Sid was thinking, understand this girl is very difficult. One day she just scold for no reason & another day
she just run without telling anything. Anyway atleast she do not scold me today for bringing this
Roli while walking was thinking, Thank god he did not scold at me for that day's incident. This Mam too,
why is she giving my notebook to this guy. Unwanted tension.

Part 10

Roli was sitting near a tree in the ground of the College and talking to her friend.
Roli: We need to score good marks in this exams which is coming next month.
Friend: Roli, no need to worry for you as you are intelligent student.
Roli: Still i fear. I aim to take good percentage of mark & rank.
Friend: Dont worry. I believe you get it.
Roli smiled and continued her revision with her friend.
Sid was hearing all this accidently sitting on other side of the tree.
Sid was thinking, oh roli wants to take 1st mark & rank in the coming exams. I too should not get low on
her eyes as she already mistaken me multiple times. I need to concentrate on the studies & score good
marks and show her who I am.
Roli was preparing for her exams with help of Simar.
Simar teach ROli on the accounts. Also she sit with Roli as company to encourage her to finish her
studies sitting late night & some time early morning.
Simar as she is already topper in the class was very well aware on handling the subject with ease.
Hence Roli was taking her guidance on important questions, writing styles etc..
On the other hand, similarly Prem was helping SID on his studies.
Prem was also a topper student in his college and as intelligent as Simar.
Prem was surprised to see the interest on SID to score good marks as SID does not tell Prem why he
wants to do so.
Prem: Siddhant, why you are very serious in the studies unlike your school days to score good marks in
the coming exams.
Sid: Nothing special Prem. I just want to complete the syllabus with help of you & anyway I am going to
write the exam, then why not score good.
Prem: That is right.
Prem helped SID to understand the accounts and other subjects. But still Prem was having doubt on this
sudden interest of SID in the studies.
Anyway this being good in effect, he has not put any pressure on the issue.

ROSID were preparing for the exam with dedication & hardwork at their end and decided to rank 1st in
the exams.
Night went short & days went long for them till the exam day come.
ROSID were not fighting with each other, but still not even talking with each other. Roli almost try to
avoid SID when he tries to cross her. SID too have not tried to go close to her as he dont want her to
mistake on his intention or behaviour.
The exam days came. ROSID were writing their exams. Both finished the exams upto their satisfaction.
ROSID discussed with their answer to Simar & Prem and got excited that all the answers they have
written in the exam is correct.
ROSID were sure to score good marks in the exams.
ROSID were happy.
Part 11
Roli was excited to know her marks.
Sid too was under same eagerness.
The day has come to get the marks & professor came with mark details.
Mam: hello students, I want to congratulate all students whoever done the exams well & would like others
to take the challenge to score well in next exam.
Everyone was waiting to know their marks.
Mam: before distribution of mark sheet I would like to announce the top mark.
rosid were eager to know.
Mam: we all know the studious students in the class who might have taken the rank. To my surprise
siddhant have scored highest mark followed by roli.
Roli was thinking who is that siddhant who took that high score and turned back to see.
Roli was surprised to see his sweet enemy.
Roli felt ashamed to get less marks than him which she has not expected.
Mam: roli, but you are only one mark less than siddhant.
Roli face was looking upset.
Sid was very happy, but he noticed that roli is upset on getting second rank.

Roli went to simar with little upset face.

Simar: roli what happened why are you upset.

Roli: didi you know I came 2nd only
Simar: roli what is wrong it you came 2nd means good mark only.
Roli: but you know who is 1st. That guy. Who hit my cycle on 1st day itself.
Simar: roli what is there in who taken 1st mark. You have got good marks right that matters.
Roli was feeling bad to score less mark than sid.

Sid went to prem to thank him for helping him in getting 1st rank.
Prem: congrats siddhant.
Sid: you know I beat that roli by one mark.
Prem: which roli?
Sid: prem that girl only who I hit on the 1st day of college.
Prem: so now I understood, why my brother got sudden interest in studies.
Sid: you should see her face when she got 2nd mark.
Said explained what happened to prem.
Prem: siddhant, see that girl point of view. It was her dream to come 1st. But she got 2nd. How pain she
will feel?
Sid understood what prem trying to tell him.
Sid also remembered roli's upset face.
Sid was feeling bad for her...
Part 12

Sid was in deep thinking ' How come ROli got less marks than me. She was having ambition to score
more & might not have let any chance to leave a single mark. My intuition tells me that something is
SID was walking in the corridor when he saw the professor.
Sid: Mam, Shall i ask you one thing. Can you help me out?
Mam: Siddhant, first i want to congradulate you for your scores which i did not expect for sure as you
never shown yourself as such studious boy.

Sid: Thanks Mam

Mam: Yes Siddhant tell me. What you want/
Sid: If you dont mind, can you show me the Roli's answer papers.
Mam: But Siddhant, why you want to see Roli's paper.
Sid: Mam, I know you are confused why I am asking for it. But I saw Roli's face was upset yesterday
when she was declared 2nd. I have a feeling that she might have not let any chance of less marks.
Sorry i need your help in this.
Mam; Siddhant ok. Normally we do not give any answer paper to anyone. But i wonder you being 1st
mark holder want to see how Roli got 2nd mark. I understand your good intention & showing you the
papers, Come with me.
Sid went with professor & gone through the answer papers. Sid found similar marks given to Roli also in
the answer sheet like his answer sheet.
Sid wonder then how come she got less marks.
Sid got the hint in his mind and started totallying the marks in the answer sheet & found 1 mark was less
than the actual total amount.
Sid showed the totalling mistake to professor & Professor corrected the total.
Mam: Siddhant, it is very good that you found this mistake. I feel sorry about my mistake. Roli was very
upset yesterday which i too noticed.
Sid: Mam, it is my humble request. You just declare this revised mark of Roli in the classroom today.
Mam: Sure Siddhant. I will do that.
Sid: Also Mam. Do not let her know that I found that & it is corrected.
Mam: Siddhant but why,. She need to know who is the reason behind it.
Sid: No mam. There is no such need for her to know this. It is important for her to know that she is also
1st only.
Mam: Ok siddhant. As you wish.
Mam smiled & revised the mark sheet & her records.
Sid was feeling some sort of satisfaction in his mind and his mind was happy.
Sid was wondering why he is feeling happy on getting Roli the 1st mark..

Mam came to the class.

Mam: Students I want to redeclare the top mark of the exam today
Students were wondering what she is going to declare
Mam: Yesterday i said Siddhant got 1st mark & Roli got 2nd mark. But yesterday evening I was checking
the papers again & found a totalling mistake in Roli answer sheet and it is corrected now. Roli & Siddhant
both secured same marks & both are topper in the class at 1st place.
Roli was very happy hearing this.
SID was noticing Roli's happiness & got some sort of satisfaction in his mind.
SID was wondering on this new feeling.
Mam saw SID and SID conveyed his thanks through facital expression.
Roli was excited and unknown to her turned towards SID with a feeling that She is not less scorer than
Roli was happy towards her marks when SID was happy towards Roli's marks..
Part 13

Roli going to participate in the Intercollege Sports for Badminton.

Sid going to participate in the Intercollege sports for Volley ball.
After college house they wait to practice daily till the competion.
Roli wear a skit & tshift while SID wear shorts & Tshirt during the practice.
Roli was not aware that SID is also practicing the other end of the ground.
Roli was playing while SID crossed that place to have some water.
SID was mesmerised by Roli's beauty in the knee length skirt & Tshirt.
SID was unable to move his eyes from her and was walking while his eyes continue to look at her.
Roli was getting a feel that someone is seeing through her and just looked here & there and because of
this she droped the ball in her turn.

Still Roli's eyes was seeing here & there.

Sid understood that she is looking here & there and hide himself from her visibility as he does not want to
have a misunderstand between them again.
Roli was unable to locate who was that & started continuing her game.

On the other day at the time of sports practice, SID was practicing Volley ball while Roli was walking with
her friend towards that side.
Roli suddenly noticed SID playing Volley ball.
Sid was good player and was playing very well.
Roli was impressed by his game. Her eyes were also not moving away from him.
Inspite of her try to control her mind, Roli was unable to hold to see Sid as well.
Roli was thinking, Oh he is good in sports also. Previously I got no idea that he will study very well that
he will compete with me in studies, then now he is good in sports too. Well
Roli was wondering why she is thinking much about SID.
Part 14
Intercollege competition day. The other colleges too gathered in ROSID college to play the match.
Roli & SID played very well on the preliminary rounds and slowly moved up to finals.
Sid being known that ROli will play the Badminton and already selected for the finals went to see the final
Roli was playing very well.
Sid was mesmerised by Roli.
Sid encouraged her with group of his friends.
Sid's friend: What Siddhant, you are being this girl it seems?
Sid: Nothing like that. See this is intercollege competion. Winning this gives pride to our college only.
She is playing on behalf of our college. Nothing else.
Sid's friends was not ready to believe his words. But still he supported Sid to encourage Roli during the

Roli played very well. SID heart was beating fast when she was playing the match.
It was final round. Every one were tensed. Roli gave a good shot and won the match.
Roli was very happy. Not only Roli, but also Sid.
All the friends of Roli & their college students congradulated her to win the match on their college behalf.
Sid was also interested to congradulate her. But was worried how she takes it.
Roli was talking to her friends.
Roli: Hi who was shouting in support of me when i was playing.
Friend: Roli, that is no one other than our class Siddhant & his friends.
Roli: Siddhant, why he came her & shout for me.
Friend: DO you think that also in wrong way. You are playing on our college behalf & so many students
of our college were here to support you. In the same way he was also there.
Roli: Ok. anyway I am happy that i won the match and got good name for our college.
Friend: Roli, Volley ball finals is going to start shortly. Lets go there & see the match.
Roli was aware that Sid will be playing the match.
Roli was under dilemma whether to go or not.
Roli: I am not coming. Because Siddhant will be playing the match.
Friend: so what, then you should come & give your support to him as he did for you. He is also playing
on our college behalf. How can you do that
Roli: What if he mistake me
Friend: ROli what is there is in mistaking you. He too saw your match. Did you mistake him just for
seeing the match.
Roli: Not like that, but I feel...
Friend: Nothing doing. Lets go & see the match. It will not be good if we do not even go to see the match
when he support you that much when you were playing.
Roli: Ok.

Roli went to see the match with her friend.

Match just started and SID was playing very well.
Roli was mesmerised by SID as equally how SID was mesmerised by Roli during her match.
Roli was looking at the match & of course SID as well.
In few minutes, ROli got involved in the match.
Sid gave a good shot when Roli clapped immediately.
Hearing the clap sound, Sid turned towards Roli & saw her watching the match.
Sid was very happy.
Sid was not ready to give up this match when Roli was seeing it.
Sid played very well and his team win the match.
All friends and college mets congradualated SID.
But SID's eyes were towards Roli to see what she is doing whether will congradulate or not.
Roli was also in confused mind whether to congradulate or not.
Roli's friend took her holding her hands near SID.
Roli's friend congradulated SID. Roli got no alternative other than congradulating SID.
Roli: Congrats. You played well.
Sid; Congrats to you too. You too played well.
Roli lift her face towards SID face when she heard these words.
Roli just down her face and left that place.
Sid's eyes were following her while after going few steps Roli too turned her head to see SID.
Roli's eyes got shyness on seeing SID looking at her.
Sid's heart was beating fast...
Part 15

Cultural show was followed after Intercollege competion in few days were the students are requested to
participate and perform.
Roli gave her name for classical dancing while SID gave his name for western dance.
Roli & Sid were practicing for their performance at Home.
Simar helped Roli for making steps as she already performed in such cultural shows already.
Prem too helped Siddhant for his performance.
Roli & Sid were not knowing that they both are going to perform in the show.
The Cultural show day when outsiders were also invited to see the show.
Prem reached the place with Siddhant while Simar reached with Roli.
Simar & Roli came by auto while Siddhant & Prem came by Car.
They reached the entrance at same time.
Simar & Roli was getting down from auto & paying the auto fare.
Siddhant noticed Roli from cargo & showed her to Prem.
Sid; Prem, see that is the girl She is the one.
Prem: Which girl Siddhant.
Sid: Prem that girl only who i hit on the 1st day & always get misunderstanding with her.
Prem: Oh ok.
Prem tried to locate that girl Sid was showing.
Prem saw Simar & Roli.
Prem: Siddhant who you are talking about that Pink color dress girl.
Sid: No prem, i am talking about green color dress girl. May be that Pink color dress girl her sister.
Prem nod his head. But he was attracted by Pink color dress girl who is no one else other than Simar.

Prem parked the car in the parking area and went to the function premises.
Simar also reached the premises.
Roli & Siddhant went to dress themselves for the dance.
Simar sat in a place from where she can see the stage well.
Prem noticed Simar and sat somewhere diagnol from where he can see the stage & Simar well.
Roli was getting ready remembering the steps she need to dance.
Sid was also getting ready & was thinking, Hope Roli likes my dance.
Sid was surprised to remember Roli at this moment. But still got no way to control his thinking about Roli.
Roli & Sid were in the Rooms available in two sides of the stage & alloted to Girls on left side & Boys on
the right side to dress themselves.
Roli & Sid were waiting to perform..
Part 16
Roli waiting for her turn in one side of the stage as she need to perform next.
SID was waiting on other side as he is next to perform after Roli.
Sid noticed Roli in the classical dancing dress and was astonished.
Sid was unable to take his eyes away from ROli.
Roli has not noticed SID as she was under tension of performance.
Roli was rehersing the steps in the mind and eagerly waiting for her turn.
Roli's turn came & she went to the stage and started dancing.
SID was speechless on her performance.
Roli was dancing well as she already learned classical dancing in her childhood.
Roli's facial express, her body moments were all beautiful.
Simar was happily seeing at her while Prem was looking at Simar.
Roli completed her performance and all the person in that premises clapped their hands.

SID too clapped from stage and Roli suddenly turned towards him hearing the clapping sound and found
SID there.
Roli got shyness on seeing him and left the stage slowly.

Now it is turn of SID to perform. Siddhant name was announced. Siddhant came to the stage.
Roli who was just in the side of the stage stood there behind the curtain and started watching Sid's
Sid was doing his western performance but it was good.
Sid was in happiness on seeing Roli's shy face just few minutes back which made him perform with great
Prem was looking at Sid's performance & also does not leave seeing Simar then & there.
Roli was equally speechless and attracted by SID on his performance and was seeing his performance
hiding herself from SID's eyes.
Roli's legs were not ready to leave that place until Sid's performance completed.
Then Roli as well as Sid went to their rooms to change the dress and they return outside the room behind
the stage at same time.
Roli was trying to move while Sid called her.
Sid: ROli...
Roli stopped on his calling.
Sid: Roli, you performed very well. Are you aware i too performance next to you.
Roli: I know & you too performed well.
Sid: Roli, have you seen my performance.
Roli: yes I saw
Sid: Thanks Roli.
Roli was unable to stand there in front of SID anymore and left from that place.
Sid was standing there starring at Roli.

Roli after turning the corner, just gave a look at Sid by her corner eyes...
Part 17

Prize distribution followed next to Dance performances.

Roli & Sid received prizes for the Sports winning in Badmindton & Volley ball.
Then the time came to annouce the All Round Performer of the Year.
Professor was announcing the winnder.
Mam: All Round Performer award for this this year goes to the person who is excel in studies, sports as
well as cultural activities. It is none other than Siddhant Bharatwaj & Roli Divedi. The prize is shared by
both as both are in equal level in all the three aspects.
Roli & Sid reached the stage to receive the gift. The Trophy & certificate was issued. Both received the
Trophy together and photos were taken.
Roli & Sid was looking beautiful standing together.
Roli & SID look towards each other when holding the trophy together and Roli gave the trophy in Sid's
hands and got down from the stage slowly.

Simar & Roli returned house and discussing about the function.
Simar: Roli, who is that person you always talk about who hit your cycle the 1st day. You have not shown
him to me.
Roli: Didi, He is the one who performed next to me & also received the Performer award together with me.
Simar: What are you saying Roli? Is he too a good performer to receive trophy. But you never told me
that he is all rounder.
Roli: Didi, Yes he scored 1st mark as well as he played Volley ball in Inter college competion when I
played Badminton. Also he performed in the cultural show.
Simar: He does not look bad. But you got no good opinion about him.
Roli: Bad opinion was there earlier, but later I realised that 1st day incident was an accident. Now i dont
have any bad opinion on him.
Simar: Good Roli. You realised that he is not bad because of that single incident. But I can see a
shyness while talking about him. What is the matter tell me.

ROli: Simar didi. Nothing like that. Earlier we were enemies, but now we are not enemies. Nothing more
than that.
Simar was not convinced by her reply. Simar smiled.

Prem & SID were returning home from the function.

Prem: Sid so finally you & your enemy both got trophy together.
Sid: Prem, dont tell her my enemy. She is not my enemy.
Prem; Oh Sid. You only said on 1st day itself that you got enemy.
Sid: You are right & she was behaving like enemy earlier. But not now.
Prem: Then what she is now for you.
Sid: Nothing Prem. Earlier she used to turn her face when I see her. But now it is not like that. SHe
atleast do not turn her face away from me. Nothing more than that.
Prem: Siddhant, it is not believable that there is nothing more seeing your face. You were starring at her
when she left the stage giving the trophy to you. Tell me. Tell me.
Sid: Nothing like that SID.
Prem: May be you have not recognised the change in you. You will get the change shortly.
Sid smiled.

Part 18
Roli & Siddhant are not enemies now.
They do smile at each other when they meet.
They greet each other like 'Good afternoon', 'All the best'
Sid search for chances to talk to her or greet her.
Nice chance came to Sid's surprise.
It is nothing but birthday of Roli.
Roli was wearing new dress & was looking like fairy in her new dress with loose hair.

Sid was astonished & mesmerised by her beauty.

Sid was wondering what is the special day today that Roli is looking so beautiful with great happiness and
with a new dress.
Roli's friends helped to clarify the doubt of Sid by wishing Roli.
Friend: ROli, Many more happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
Roli: Thanks
Hearing this Sid was very happy. He himself was unable to understand why he is always getting happy
on hearing something about Roli.
Sid decided to present Roli something. But he was also having doubt whether Roli will accept the gift.
Sid got idea in his mind.
Part 19
Sid went near Roli.
Sid: Roli, if you dont mind can i talk to you for 5 minutes.
Roli: Tell me.
Sid: Thanks. Can you come with me.
Roli: Where should i come?
Sid: Dont worry, There to that parking area only where we first met.
Roli smiled and nod her head as acceptance.
Sid & Roli went to the parking area.
There was brand new cycle standing there.
Sid: Happy Birthday Roli. This is my small gift towards your birthday.
Sid forward his hands with the new cycle key towards Roli.
Roli: Thanks for your wishes. But I cannot accept your gift.

Sid: Roli. It was my mistake on 1st day that I came little fast & hit your cycle and damaged it. Actually It
was new bike of mine & I was excited to drive it. So unknowingly i hit you. Later I realised and tried to
give the new cycle to you at that time itself. But you were not ready to accept. That time you were angry
with me. But I think you are no more angry with me now. Then why cant you accept this. Take this as my
birthday gift. Please...
Roli: Sorry. I too was little harsh after that incident and did insulted you couple of times. Later I too
realised that I was too harsh to you. But I cannot accept the cycle now.
Sid: But why Roli. What is the reason?
Roli: What others will think if I accept this cycle from you?
Sid: ROli are you worried only what others will think. If so, who is going to tell all that I have given you the
cycle & you accepted it. You just tell them that it was birthday gift from family.
Roli: What can i tell to my family?
Sid: Family, you tell them that your friend presented this. Am I not your friend Roli?
Roli: But...
Sid: Roli, It is my humble request that you need to accept this gift. If not I will think that you are still angry
with me because of that 1st day incident.
Roli: Its not like that.
Sid: Then what is the problem. Just hold this key & this cycle is yours from now.
Sid took Roli's hands suddently and gave the keys and left from that place so that Roli will not be able to
return the key to him.
ROli was shocked by sudden touch of SID...

Part 20

oli took the cycle to home. Roli's parents asked her about his new cycle.
Roli convinced them that it is presented by her friends.
Roli went inside the room when Simar followed her.
Simar: Roli, Tell me the truth is this cycle presented by your friends.
Roli blushed.

Roli : Simar didi, this was given by him.

Simar: hmmm. Thats good. So you both started giving gifts.
Roli : Actually this was the cycle he gave me when my cycle was damaged by him. But i did not accept it.
Today he gave me as my Birthday present and pressurised me to accept it. That's why.
Simar: Do you accept now what is between you both.
Roli: Nothing Simar didi. as i said he gave this as he damaged my cycle
Simar: I do agree. But if it is only in revert due to that damage cycle, you might have not accepted this
cycle at any cost. Now you did accepted the cycle. does it means...
ROli; Nothing like that didi...
Simar: Ok. Lets wait.
Roli smiled.

Sid was standing happily in the terrace. Prem came there.

Prem: Sid you seems to be very happy.
Sid: Prem. Yes i am very happy. I finally gave that cycle to Roli.
Prem: What! She accepted.
Sid: Yes she accepted. Today was her birthday & i gifted her towards birthday. So she was unable to
reject my gift.
Prem: So now. What is going on between you both?
Sid: Nothing like that Prem. As i said i wanted to give that cycle long back when I damaged her cycle.
But she did not accept. Now i took the opportunity of her birthday to gift her.
Prem: You think I will believe what you said. If nothing is there between you both, how come she will
accept now when she was not ready to accept earlier.
Sid: Prem I only compelled her to accept it.
Prem: Let me see how long you will play this game.
Sid smiled.

Roli & SID was in their bed trying to sleep which was interrupted by the thoughts of that day.
Roli was getting image of Sid in her mind and she remembered his words and his touch.
Sid was getting Roli's beautiful face and remembered that he pulled her hands to give the key.
They thoughts were giving pleasant feeling in their mind...
ROSID smiled.
Part 21

Roli came in the new cycle the next day.

SID was waiting for her in the parking area to see whether she is coming by new cycle.
SID was happy on seeing ROli in the new cycle.
Sid: Thanks Roli.
Roli blushed seeing SID and just left the place without telling anything.
Sid was thinking, what happend to her why she does not tell anything & left the place.
In the classroom, Sid's eyes were towards Roli and was finding difficult to move his eyes away from her.
Roli was turning her head a little and was seeing SID by her corner eyes then and there.
Both took care that they are not noticed by others.
They were getting attracted towards each other unknown to them.
Professor gave an assignment to Roli & Siddhant to compelte and bring it the next day.
She told to work together and complete it.
Sid came near ROli in the lunch time.
Sid: ROli, you finish your lunch and come back early. We will discuss and decide how to go about this
Roli nod her head as acceptance.

Roli & Sid returned to the class finishing the lunch.

Sid: ROli, can we go to some Tree shadow instead of sitting in classroom itself.
Roli; Ok.
Roli & Sid went to a big tree shadow and sat below the tree.
They started discussing on the assignment and the things needed for it and how to do it.
SID was admiring Roli's idea and Roli was admiring Sid's ideas for the assignment.
Roli & Sid finally decided how to go about the assignment...

Part 22

Roli informed calling Simar that she got some assignment to be completed & will reach home late.
Roli & Sid sat together and completed the assignment with full dedication.
They were happy working together for the assignment.
The assignment came out very well and they both got huge satisfaction on completing it.
Roli noticed the time only after completion of project which was already 9 PM and saw few missed calls
also in the phone.
Roli kept the phone in silent mode after calling Simar in the evening.
Roli: Oh it is 9 PM now & also Simar didi called me multiple times. Oh god.
Roli called Simar.
ROli: Sorry Simar Didi. We just finished the project and saw the missed calls. Actually i kept the phone in
silent mode and hence was not knowing that you called me. I will reach home in few minutes.
Simar; Ok Roli. Take care while coming as it is already late.
Roli: Ok Didi.
Roli disconnected the phone and turned towards Sid while SID was starring at Roli.
Roli: Shall we start. it is already 9 now.

Sid: Will you go alone or shall I come with you.

Roli: No I will manage.
Roli & Sid took their bike & cycle and came to the gate and found the gate locked by the watchman
Part 23

Roli got tensed.

Sid saw Roli's upset & tensed face.
Sid: Roli dont worry. We will check for the options.
Sid kept the bike by the side and went near the gate and tried to knock it.
But no one respond to the sound.
Sid saw through the gap of the gate whether someone is visible.
But no one was available there.
Roli came near SID.
Roli: What happend? Anyone is there.
Sid: No Roli. No one is there.
Roli: What can we do now?
Sid: Roli our college is little far away from mainroad and even if we knock no one will hear the sound. It
will be better, we stay here today and go out once the door is opened.
Roli: But what can I tell to my parents. How they will allow me to stay in the college like this?
Sid: We have not done anything purposefully. Explain them the fact.
Roli: My parents will get tensed if i tell them this. I will do onething. I will call Simar didi & ask.
Roli called Simar.
Roli: Simar didi, we are inside the college and the gate is locked. We are unable to come out of the
Simar: What are you telling Roli? How can they lock the door when you people are inside.

Roli: May be the person who locked was not aware that we were inside. Our classroom is inside and he
might have checked in the outside classes and thought no one is inside the college.
Simar: What will you do now. Are you able to locate someone outside.
Roli: We tried didi. But no one is here.
Simar: What will you do now?
Roli: didi, we got no other option other than staying here till the gate opens.
Simar: But Roli... I can understand there is no other option with you. But how can we convince our
Roli: Didi i believe in you. You please make them understand the situation.
Simar: ROli, ok. I will handle our parents. But you be careful and take care. Who else are there with
Roli: didi...
Simar: Oh. That boy Siddhant.
Roli; Yes didi.
Simar: Oh thats the reason you forgot the timing and worked for the project. Its fine. I believe he is nice
guy only ROli. But still please take care of yourselves.
Roli: Ok didi. Bye.
Roli disconnected the phone..

Part 24
Roli & Sid went to parking area again & parked their vehicles.
Roli was still in tensed state of mind.
Roli was feeling odd to be alone with SID in the college that too in the night time.
Roli was also having fear inside the mind.
Roli prayed to God to move the time fast till Morning & also protect her against any problem.

Sid was walking seeing Roli's facial expressions and understood that ROli is tensed on the situation.
Sid: Roli, No need to worry. I will not harm you in any way. You can believe me. Wont you.
Roli: Its not like that. But still I never faced such situation. Thats why.
Sid: This experience is new to me too Roli. What to do we need to pass through
Roli smiled.
Sid: ROli dont you feel hungry as we had food in the lunch & it is time for Dinner.
Roli: Yes I do. But what can we eat now.
Sid: Lets go that side of the ground, I remember to see some Guava Tress there.
Roli & Sid went & there was a tree which was having some fruits as well.
Sid: Thank God, Few Ripe fruits are there. Lets take it.
Sid took some fruits and also gave few to ROli.
Both hold the fruit and went to their classroom.
Roli & Sid ate fruits. Their dinner is complete now.
Roli & Sid were sitting in the next desks looking at each other often. Without talking to each other
Sid: Roli, do you feel sleepy.
Roli: Yes.
Sid; THen you sleep here. I will go to next room. If you want you can also lock the room inside.
Telling this Sid started moving towards the door.
Sid went out of the room and Roli locked the door and returned to the desk.
Roli was trying to sleep, but she was unable to.
Roli was feeling fear as she never sleep alone. She used to sleep with Simar only.
Also being it is big building full of Trees around the building, her fear was doubled by seeing around.

Roli was wondering what to do now. She tried her best to sleep closing her eyes.
But all her tries went in vain.
Roli got up & started thinking what to do now..
Part 25
Roli was walking here & there.
She was not getting sleep.
Roli heard a dog barking in the street which she can hear very well.
Roli heart beat was increasing.
Roli went near the window to see from where the dog is barking.
But she cannot see any dog from there.
Instead she was getting afraid seeing the big trees, the wind sound...
The wind was more & it seems to be like rain will start shortly.
The environment was frightening roli more.
Roli was trying to control the fear, but she got no success.
Roli was unable to wait more. She decided to go out & stay with sid.
Roli was thinking how can I do that what will he think about me if I go to him like this.
Roli was then thinking how about calling sid to stay with me. Oh god, what happened to me how can I call
him like that. Then also what will he think.
Roli was wondering what to do.
Roli got no other option also other than taking sid help.
Roli opened the door and came out of the room
Roli was not sure in which room sid will be.
Roli went in search to next room.
Roli was thinking how can I call him. I never called him by his name.
Roli: siddhantji... Siddhantji...
Roli was calling him and was searching. But he was not in that room.
Roli went to next next room & searched for him
Sid is missing.

Roli got tensed. Her heart beat increased.

Roli went in search here & there. But got no trace of sid.
Roli was thinking, where is he? Where he can go in this time? That too leaving me like this.
Roli: siddhantji... Siddhatji...
Part 26
Roli was afraid.
Slow it started raining with Thunder and lightening.
Roli was unable to understand what to do.
Roli was feeling like crying. Her face turned pale.
Roli: Siddhantji...Siddhantji...
Sid was coming up in the stairs and heard Roli's voice calling him.
Sid hurried to the floor where Roli is.
Sid: Roli...
Roli turned immediate hearing Sid's voice of calling her name.
Roli saw Sid coming towards her from the otherside of the floor.
Roli got no time to think of anything.
ROli ran towards him and hug him tightly and started crying.
Sid was shocked on Roli's hug.
Sid was unable to understand, what happend to her and why is she crying.
Roli: Where were you? Do you know how much I was afraid? Where you went leaving me like this?
Roli was crying.
Sid understood that Roli got afraid.
Sid: ROli, Relax... I just went down to get some water for us. where can i go leaving you ROli?

Roli's hands were holding Sid around his waist tightly whereas Sid does not touch to hug her as he was
afraid she may mistake him.
Slowly Roli realised that she is hugging Sid and removed her hands around SId.
Roli lift her face and look at Sid. But she was unable to face him.
Roli: SOrry, I got afraid a lot all alone and that why...
Sid: Its ok Roli. I understood that you got afraid. Lets go inside as it is already raining outside.
Roli & Sid went inside the classroom.
Roli & Sid sit beside each other.
Sid: ROli, are you afraid of being alone.
Roli: Yes. I never been alone in the night. I used to be with my didi only. That too this place is very big
and the surrounding is frightening me.
Sid: Sorry Roli, I was not knowing that. Otherwise I might have not left you alone in the room. Drink
some water.
Sid gave the water bottle to her to have some water.
Roli was little relaxed now.
Sid: ROli, Ok i will be here only. You can sleep now without any fear. You can believe me I will not do
any harm to you.
Roli smiled & nod her head.
Roli; Siddhantji, you too take rest.
Sid: Will do Roli. But after some time.
Roli: In the fear, my sleep too went away.
Sid: THen its ok. We will talk with each other for sometime till we feel asleep.
Roli: Ok.
Sid was looking at Roli & Roli blushed.
SId: Roli Shall I tell you something

Roli: Yes tell me.

Sid: ' I Love You Roli'
Roli tried to open her month to reply something when Sid interrupted.
Sid: ROli, please dont reply anything now. Let it be positive or negative reply.
Roli: WHy it is so?
Sid: Roli, I want to tell you that I started Loving you from 1st day itself. Which I later realised. But still I
am loving you since long. But as there was misunderstand between us in initial days, got no chance to
tell you. Now after long time, i confirmed myself on my love and conveyed you. Now I am not sure what
you feel about me. I need to give you time. You please take your time. My birthday is coming after 3
months. These 3 months I give you to think well and decide. Please let me know your answer as my
birthday gift. I hope & pray that answer to be positive. Till such time, I do Love you and you are my lover
without any doubt. But I dont want your answer till my birthday as I want to enjoy this stage of one sided
love for these 3 months.
ROli: Siddhantji, you are very different. All boys tries to get the result immediate, but you are giving time
of 3 months to know the result.
Sid: ROli, you dont know how much beautiful that suspense will be. I want to enjoy that.
Roli smiled & nod her head as acceptance...

Part 27
Roli started sleeping keeping her head in the writing desk.
Sid was just sitting beside her starring at Roli.
Sid was unable to believe himself that he proposed her Love to Roli.
Sid also remembered the first hug which just happend few minutes ago.
Sid was very happy.
Sid was thinking, ROli I will wait for your reply on my birthday. Hope it will be positive. I do believe that
you too love me.
Roli was not feeling comfortable to sleep in the desk and she was turning her face this side & that side.
Roli's face was moving towards edge of the desk and finally her face is about to fall form the desk &
slowly fell down in his lap and started sleeping.

Sid was not interested to disturb her sleep and let her continue her sleep.
In the morning, Roli wake up and saw herself sleeping in Sid's lap while Sid was sleeping in the sitting
By ROli's movement, Sid too got awake.
Sid: Good morning ROli.
Roli immediately got up from SId's lap.
Roli: SOrry. You might have made me awake. Why you were sleeping in the sitting position. I was in
deep sleep & so...
Sid: Relex Roli. Its ok.
Roli: Shall I tell you something.
Sid: Yes tell me.
Roli: If someone else in your place might have misbehaved with me taking advantage of the situation.
You too said you love me. But still, you did behave well. I am happy about it.
Sid: Roli, The reason why I behaved well is because I Love you. THe person will misbehave only to
some staranger who he does not care or want to care.
Roli smiled.
Sid: Roli, lets go down and see whether the gate is open. If we still remain here, other class mate may
mistake us. We should not give space for others to talk something rubbish upon us. Lets go home. You
take rest at home today.
Roli: What about you? Will you be coming today.
Sid: No ROli, I too will take rest. We will call Mam & inform her where we kept the assignment & also
inform about leave.
ROli: Ok.
Roli & sid went to see whether the gate is opened.
The person was just opening the gate at that moment & was wondering seeing these two inside.
His face turned pale. He requested Roli & Sid not to complaint against him in the college as he may lose
the job.

Roli & Sid promised him that he will not let others know about this and left to home.
Roli & SID turned towards each other before departing in the opposite direction & smiled at each other...
Part 28
Roli came to college the next day. She went to the parking area.
Roli's eyes were searching for Sid's bike. It was there.
Roli smiled.
Roli went to the classroom, but Roli was not in the classroom.
Roli went to her place to sat in the desk. When she tried to keep the bag inside its slot below the writing
desk, she found a greeting card.
Roli took the greeting card.
It was beautiful with bunch of Red roses in Heartine shape in the front cover. Roli opened the card.
There were beautiful lovely words & in the bottom, there were writing of SId ' With lots of Love to my Love
Roli' with his signature.
Roli blushed seeing the card. But she hide the card inside the bag so that others do not look at it.
Roli was thinking, Oh God, This Siddhantji too. He has kept the card in the desk like this. What if
someone else pick the card instead of me.
Roli's heart was searching for him.
Sid came inside with a smile and while passing Roli, he wink his eyes & smiled at her.
Roli blushed.
Sid went to his place and SMS Roli.
Sid SMS: ' Did you liked the Card '
ROli SMS: ' What if someone else see it '
Sid SMS: ' No one else will see it as I was watching it from that side window '
ROli SMS: ' So you were watching me too when i took it'

Sid SMS: ' Yes I do. Otherwise how can i understand how you feel seeing that.'
Mam reached the classroom by that time and both started concentrating on the class.

Roli was having her lunch under a tree with her friend. Roli's friend went to wash her hands while Roli
was just about to finish eating.
Sid was crossing her and throw a big choclate on her lap.
Roli was shocked who throw it and lift her face to see it is no one other than SID.
Roli smiled and Sid went from there.
Roli hide that choclate before her friend reach there.

Next day Sid was waiting for Roli in the parking area sitting in his bike.
Roli smiled at Sid.
When Roli tried to leave the place parking her cycle, Sid moved away and showed the Red Rose kept in
his bike for her in the pocket above the petrol tank.
Showing the flower, Sid moved from there.
Roli went to his bike and took the Red Rose (checking no one else notice it) and kept it in her hair and
went to the classroom.
Sid saw Roli with the rose in his hair and got very happy.
Roli & Sid were exchanging such beautiful moments every day though Roli does not give her acceptance
yet and was waiting for his birthday...
Part 29
Roli brought fried rice on that day which was prepared by her.
Roli wanted to give sid too and hence brought one more lunch box telling her family as taking for her
Sid was not in the class when she arrived.
roli went to his place kept the box below the writing desk.
Roli went back to her place.

Sid entered the classroom in few minutes.

Sid went to his place.
As he do not carry any bag to keep below the desk, he did not notice the box.
Roli understood that he did not notice. She was thinking for a while.
Roli SMS: siddhantji pls check below the writing desk.
Sid checked and found the box.
Sid opened the box and smell of fried rice was very good.
Sid SMS: the smell is very nice roli. Thank you for this.
Roli SMS: that was prepared by me. Taste it tell me. How it is?
Sid SMS: oh then I need to taste it for sure.
Roli smiled.
After lunch sid went to give chocolate to roli and throw two.
Roli SMS to sid after coming to class.
Roli SMS: why 2 chocolate today
Sid SMS: 1 as usual & another for the tasty lunch.
Roli & sid smiled.
Part 30
All were going well.
Roli equally loves sid.
Only her confession was awaited.
Roli was waiting for the day.
Roli & sid were trying to at least look at each other except their classes timing.
Both took care that their studies do not get affected.
Likewise one day roli went in search of sid in the lunch time.
He was not available in the canteen, parking area, classroom.
Roli went in search of sid.
Suddenly roli saw sid with a girl near a tree.
Roli got shocked.

She was little far from them, so she was unable to hear them.
But roli can see concern on Sid's eyes for that girl while talking.
She started crying and sid hug her and tried to console her.
Suddenly she started omitting.
Roli was unable to wait there & see any more. She just left the place.
Roli was thinking, siddhantji who is that whom you concern very much. You hug her and also console her
while crying. You said you love me, but you never try to touch me physical. Whereas you seems to be
very close to her on physical level too. Also she is omitting. What does that mean? I never expect this
from you siddhantji.
Roli went to classroom & her eyes were filled with tears.
Roli's mind filled the blanks of the unknown facts of the issue itself.
Roli felt dejected.
Roli felt betrayed.
Sid returned to the class & tried to smile seeing roli.
But roli turned her face away from him.
Part 31
Roli was upset on seeing Sid with that girl. So many questions were around her head.
Roli stopped to even turn towards Sid.
Sid was unable to understand what happend to Roli suddenly. Why she is angry & upset?
Sid was waiting the parking area next day with the daily dose of Rose.
But Roli not even turned towards him and left the place to the classroom.
Sid tried to call ROli over phone. But Roli does not pick up the call.
Sid then tried to SMS her.
SID SMS: ROli, What happend. Why are you angry with me?
Roli never replied to that SMS.
Sid was trying to talk to her multiple times. But everything went in vain.
Roli took care that she is not left alone giving chance to SID to talk to her.

Likewise one day Roli was walking in the corridar when Sid was trying to come near her to talk.
Roli saw the Mam and just joined her while walking.
Roli; Good afternoon Mam.
Mam; Good afternoon Roli. So how is studies going on. Hope this year also you score well.
Roli: Sure Mam. I need to thank you only for rechecking my paper & correct the marks and made me 1st
in the last exam otherwise, i might have been in 2nd place & there might have been no chance for me to
get any award also. Sorry I am thanking you too late after that happend. But still I wanted to tell you that
Mam: Roli shall i tell you the truth.
Roli: What is it Mam?
Mam: Roli it was not me who checked & corrected the paper. It was Siddhant who came to me &
requested to give your paper to him. He checked the paper thoroughly & found the mistake. Otherwise
that might have not happend. So if you want to thank, you need to thank him only. I always wonder
about Siddhant, his sincereity, skills, knowledge.. Other boys of that age is normally going to Cinemas &
roam here & there during college hours cutting the class. But he is not like that. He is very nice boy. Any
way, I need to go that class after lunch. Lets see later.
Roli: Bye Mam.
Roli just now got to know the secret through mam & was surprised. Why he did that? He was the topper
& if I am in 2nd place, then he alone might have got the award too. Why he took pain to get my mark
Roli remembered Siddhant telling that he started loving her from the day one.
Roli was thinking, Is he really loving me alone from the day one as he said. Then who is that girl who he
was hugging. What is this all about? Oh god where can i seek solution for this problem...
Part 32
Roli went to Simar that night to discuss on the problem.
Roli: Simar didi, I want to talk to you something.
Simar: Tell me Roli. What it is? WHy you are so dull now a days? I already thought of asking you today.
ROli: Simar didi, i want to tell you something which is happening for past few months & days.
Simar: Ok. Tell me. I will try to do my best to you.

Roli: Simar didi, you remember that night i stayed in college as the gate was closed.
Simar: Yes Roli. I do remember. It was terrible experience for me to convince our parents to stay in the
college that night. What about that? ANy problem happend that day.
Roli: No didi. NO problem happend that day. Instead Siddhantji proposed me that He loves me. But he
gave me time to think on my decision.
Simar: Oh God ROli. You have not told me these many days & only telling me now. I was predicting this
long back itself that there is something between you both. So have you replied him.
Roli; No didi. Before that only the problem started which is the reason I came to you now seeking help on
taking decision.
Simar: Problem! What it is Roli? But i want to tell you. You only remember your sister when you got
problem right.
Roli: Nothing like that didi. the problem is few days before i saw Siddhathji with a girl inside our college
compound below a big tree. He was having concern of that girl ... and he hug her. She started crying
and also omitted.
Simar: What are you telling Roli? Have you checked with Siddhantji who is that girl.
ROli: No didi. My heart was broken seeing that incident and just moved away and stopped talking to him.
Simar: So this is your problem. Can you tell me whether you have believe in him?
ROli: Yes didi, eventhough he proposed me on that night. THe situation was very much favor for him to
misbehave with me. But he does not have any such intention. Also I came to know from our Professor
today that he was the one who found the mistake in total of my previous exam & made mam revise my
mark to get the 1st mark.
Simar: As per your saying, I believe he is not such bad guy to betray you. Why dont you talk to him on
ROli: What & how can i talk to him didi. How can I ask whether he has affair with other girl?
Simar: Roli, I can understand your position, but any problem can be sorted only by having direct
clarification with the concern. It is always like we should not believe just what we see or what we hear.
We should always try to understand the truth. Yourself does not know who is that girl & what is their
relationship. THen why you decide yourself that he betrayed you.
ROli: Didi you are right, I need to talk to him. I will try to ge it clarified tomorrow. Thanks didi. Now my
mind is little relieved from the confusions.
Simar: Roli, Just talk to him and get it clarified. I hope there will be nothing like what you fear.
Roli nod her head as acceptance.

Part 33
Roli was eagerly waiting for the next day to get the issue sorted.
Still she was confused how to ask him who is that girl.
Roli saw Sid waiting in the parking area for her.
But she was not yet ready to talk to him. So she thought of talking in the lunch time later.
Roli went to the classroom and SID was upset that Roli have not even seen him.
Sid to went to college and sat in his place.
Classes started. Roli was unable to concentrate on classes also and was thinking how to talk to SID.
Its lunch time and ROli took her lunch box and went to have lunch.
Sid tried to follow her, but Roli already started to have lunch.
Roli gave no chance to Sid to talk to her.
Roli returned to class and started thinking how to talk to SID.
She decided to talk to him today for sure. But how is her concern.
Sid noticed the restlessness in ROli and decided to talk to her today evening and sort the issue which is
not even known to Sid what is it all about.
After much thinking, Roli took the phone.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, I want to talk to you, can you come near Guava Tree once classes finished.
Simultaneously Sid too SMS to Roli.
Sid: ROli, I want to talk to you, can you come near Guava Tree once classes finished.
Both SMS reached their mobiles at same time.
Roli & SID was surprised, how their thoughts coincide.
Sid was wondering what is in ROli's mind.

Roli & Sid were waiting for that day's evening to talk to each other...

Part 34

Roli left the class & went near guava tree as soon as classes completed.
Sid followed her and went near the tree.
Roli & sid: I want talk to you.
They started the conversation similar.
Sid: roli why are you angry with me. Why you stopped talking to me? What was my fault? I cannot handle
like this anymore. Pls tell me.
Roli: siddhantji, do you think it is easy for me to handle this.
Sid: then why roli. Why this suffering to you as well as me.
Roli: how you want me to react seeing you with another girl?
Sid: roli which girl you are talking about?
Roli: that girl whom you concern much and I saw you hugging her too.
Sid: roli I can't understand yet. Who you are talking about.
Roli explained sid what she saw on that day.
Roli: now you tell me. What should I do seeing you with another girl. Are you aware how my heart was
Sid: roli I am wondering you have not understood me yet. You are aware I love you, but still on that day
night when we stayed alone, I have not misbehave with you. Then how you ever think about me like this.
Roli: then who was that girl. Why you hug her? Why she did omitting?
Sid: when you got these many queries in you, why have you not asked me earlier. Even I tried to talk to
you multiple times.
Roli: I got no guts to ask you who was that girl? But today I decided to put a full stop. Pls tell me.
Sid: roli she is swetha, my neighborhood. She was also our college student. On that day, when I was
waiting for you near that tree, she came running there thinking no one is there and omitted. It was not due
to pregnancy as you think. It was blood omit. I got shocked and asked her what happened. She said she
is blood cancer patient & left with only few days of life. She is like my sister, so I did hug her to console
her and she cried out of pain. Then again omitted. That is what you have seen on that day. Are you aware
what happened after that.
Roli: no I don't know all these.

Sid: I sent her to home in an auto & returned class. She was in hospital & expired 2 days back.
Roli got shocked hearing all these.
Sid: you were afraid about that girl who is no more now in this world.
Roli was unable to come back out of the shock for few minutes.
Sid: roli hope now your doubt is clear now.
Sid tried to move from that place telling this.
Roli hold Sid's hands...
Part 35

Roli hold right hand of sid by her right hand.

They were standing side by side facing each other.
Roli's eyes were filled with tears.
Roli lean towards Sid's right shoulder.
Roli & Sid's right hands were intertwined.
Roli: siddhantji I am very sorry. I don't have any doubt on you. But was unable to bear you with any other
girl. I am so sorry.
Sid: roli why it is so. You might have asked me at that moment itself.
Roli: you are right. But I was fear of your answer. What if you tell me that you love that girl.
Sid: do you think so roli. Am I loving anyone else.
Roli: I am sorry. I hurt you a lot.
Tears came out of roli's eyes.
Sid cannot see roli in tears.
Sid: roli I can't see you crying. Hope no such misunderstanding come between us.
Roli: yes siddhantji no such will happen ever.
Sid: roli I love you.
Roli: I love you too siddhantji.
Sid without leaving her hands, just moved clockwise from her side to back.
Sid wrap his left hand around her waist.

their right hand was still intertwined and even more tightly.
Sid kept his chin on roli's left shoulder.
Roli down her face in shyness.
Sid: shall I tell you something.
Roli: hmmm
Sid: today is my birthday.
Roli turned her face towards sid.
Roli: siddhantji how can I forget this day for which I was waiting for months to confess my love to you. I
am very sorry.
Sid : you did 2 mistakes of doubting me & forgetting my birthday. So what will be the punishment.
Roli: really I did big mistakes. I am ready to accept the punishment whatever you give.
Sid smiled..
Part 36
Sid smiled.
Sid turned roli towards him.
Sid hold roli's face.
Sid was looking at roli through the eyes.
Roli was wondering what punishment sid have decided for her mistakes.
Sid: roli, the punishment is going to be in 4 stages. 1st for today, I need acknowledgement kisses from
you after my roli's confession of love
Roli blushed.
Roli: accepted
Sid: 2nd for tomorrow the roli's day will be mine from morning till dinner. You have not talked to me these
many days. Also you made me wait till evening on my birthday.
Roli: how can I from morning till night.
Sid: that I don't know. You need to.
Roli: accepted.
Sid: 3rd will be, we both will dance together in next cultural show. LThis will be acknowledge our love in
front of all in the college.
Roli: accepted. If that is your wish. I will.

Sid: 4th will be we both are one from now onwards. We don't have any difference. We don't have any
secret. We don't have any doubt. We trust each other. We are for each other. You are for me & I am for
you. Roli is siddhant & siddhant is roli. We are same soul of two physical bodies. We are rosid.
Roli: accepted.
Roli got tears of happiness.
Roli hug sid.
Sid too hug roli.
Rosid love of souls started..

ROSID FF: Love of Souls Chapter 2 => ROSID on Dating

Part 1
Roli Hug Sid.
Sid too Hug Roli.
This hug may not be the 1st hug as Roli did hug Sid earlier in fear. But this was special for them which is
happening after their mutual love confession and in love but not fear.
Both enjoyed the hug for few minutes forgeting the outer world.
It took time for them to return to the real world.
Roli: Siddhantji, We are getting late, shall we go home.
Roli's words get back Sid into conscious.
Sid: Roli, tomorrow at 7 AM you come to the college in some auto. We will go in our bike.
Roli: Ok. Shall we go now.
Roli ask SId to return home, both were not having any interest in leaving each other and move apart.
Their eyes were speaking a lot than the words.
Sid: ROli are you forgeting something.
Sid wink his eyes and smiled.
Roli understood what he means.

Roli went near his left ears.

Roli: Happy Birthday Siddhantji.
Roli after whispering in his ears moved towards his left cheek and kissed Sid.
Roli then moved slowly towards his Right ears.
Roli: I love you Siddhantji.
Roli after whispering in his ears moved towards his right cheek and kissed Sid.
Roli got shyness and was unable to meet his eyes anymore.
Sid went out of the world on first kisses of his love.
Sid tried to come close to Roli's face.
Roli slightly push Sid and started walking towards the parking area.
Sid smiled and followed ROli to the parking area.
The college was almost empty their vehicles was alone found in the parking area.
Sid: ROli, your Rose for today.
Sid took out the Rose which he kept in the bike as usual for Roli.
Roli forward her hands for the rose.
Sid did not give the rose to Roli.
Sid moved towards ROli and went back to her.
Sid himself kept the Rose on Roli's hair.
Roli smiled.
Sid get on in the bike and Roli took the cycle.
They started their jounrney return to their home.
ROSID turned towards each other after going few steps and smiled...

Part 2

Roli returned home.

Roli was afraid what their parents will be telling now as she is coming late.
Roli was stepping into home slowly.
Roli's mother: Roli ...
Roli got afraid.
Roli: Yes Maaji.
Roli's mother: Roli, why cant you inform us before itself if you will be coming late. You know how much
we were worried. Later Simar is telling that there was some special class for you today evening which
you informed Simar and she too forgot to inform me.
Roli: Sorry Maaji, In future, I will tell you too.
Roli's Mother: Ok.
Roli already rehersed to ask permission to her parents for next day outing.
Roli: Maa, Myself with some friends are planning for a piknic tomorrow to near by place. I need your
permission for that. Tomorrow there is no much important classes in the college. So we decided to go
Roli's Mother: No Roli. How can you go like that?
Simar: Maa. Just let her go. Just for 1 day right. She is going to return by evening.
Roli; No Simar didi, as it is little far, we may reach little late. We will take care of breakfast as well as
dinner outside.
Roli's mother: Roli, I know that you are studious and no need to worry about your studies. But discipline
is more important for a girl. You should take care of you.
Roli: Maa, dont worry. do you have any problem with my discipline till date. I will not bring any bad name
for you. Please...
Simar too supported Roli in getting that permission.

After few minutes of tries, Roli's mother gave permission for Roli.
Roli: Thanks Maa..
Roli was very happy. Roli went to her room and Simar followed her.
Simar locked their room.
Roli: Thanks didi, you handled Maa on my late coming. Also you supported me for tomorrow outing.
Simar; Thats all right. Tell me. Is the problem solved. What is your hero telling? Your face itself tells
that the issue is solved.
Roli explained regarding the girl issue to Simar.
Simar: ROli, see thats what i said. He does not seems to be like that. So then what. You asked pardon
to him.
Roli: Not only pardon didi, i also confessed my love to him.
Simar: Really ROli. I am very happy. It is good that you love such a nice guy.
Roli: Do you know onething didi, he delayed my love confession and fixed the target of his birthday. In
the issue, i just forgot his birthday itself. Today i confessed after the issue was cleared. To my surprise,
today was his birthday.
Simar; Oh oh...
Roli blushed.
Simar; So you are going out with him tomorrow right
Roli: I know didi you understood while talking about that picnic to maa itself. Good that you supported
me. Otheriwse she might have not let me go.
Simar: Roli, I am happy about you. Your love. Love is beautiful thing. But we need to handle it with care.
Please take care no such issues comes in between you in future.
Roli: Yes didi. We did decided to trust each other.
Simar: So where are you going tomorrow.
Roli: I dont know myself didi. He ordered me to give my tomorrow to him as punishment of my mistake.
Simar: Nice punishment. So punishment is also sweetish in your love.

Roli's face turned red.

Sid went to Prem's room and hug him.

Prem; What happend Sid. You seems to be too happy.
Sid: yes. Prem. I am going to tell you a big incident now.
Sid narrated the entire story happend between ROli & SID since their project day where they were left in
the college to today's Roli confession.
Prem: Siddhant, these many happend, but you never told me anything till today.
Sid: I thought of telling you after ROli confirm her love. Thats why telling you today.
Prem: But Sid, I do had doubt already & also told you that you are in love with her.
Sid smiled.
Prem: So you are going out tomorrow. Where are you planning to go.
Sid: No planning yet Prem. I just want to spend the whole day with her. No specification on any place.
Need to see.
Prem: COngrats anyway.
Sid: Thanks Prem
Sid was very happy & went to his room...

Part 3
Roli was in her room with Simar.
Roli received a SMS. SMS was from none other than SID.
SID SMS: Roli, Today is beautiful day of my life.
Roli SMS: for me too Siddhantji
SID SMS: My love Roli, confess her love

Roli SMS: Why not to my love Siddhantji!

Sid SMS: I do feel your hug till now. I was not at all interested to go apart from you
Roli SMS: But what to do. We need to return home. Otherwise I too was not willing to come out of your
Sid SMS: Then your sweet acknowledgement kisses. But you did not allow me to give my
acknowledgement kisses to you.
Roli SMS: I was unable to face your eyes. Thats why.
SID SMS: Then when can I!
Roli SMS: Today was our first day & Roli belongs to you for my entire life.
Sid SMS: Roli I love you
Roli SMS: I Love you too Siddhantji
SID SMS: Have you taken permission for outing tomorrow
Roli SMS: Yes. I told my parents that I am going with my friends.
SID SMS: You told lie to your parents
Roli SMS; Then what will they allow me if i tell them that i am going with their would be son-in-law
SID SMS: If they become aware that i am their would be son-in-law, there is not need for any permission.
I just enter your home and take you outside.
Roli SMS: I am waiting for that day.
SID SMS: That will come soon. Then I want you to see in your birthday dress & open hair like how you
was on your birthday. That dress was very beautiful on you and also you looks good with open hair.
Roli SMS: ok will do.
Sid SMS: I am waiting for tomorrow 7 AM and counting the minutes.
ROli SMS: Siddhantji, I am counting the seconds.
SID SMS: See you tomorrow. Good night. Sweet dreams
Roli SMS: Good night. But not sure whether I will get sleep to see sweet dreams.

SID SMS: Shall I come there or you come here and sleep in my lap like that day.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji...

Simar notices Roli conversation happening in SMS since long.

Simar: Roli, What happend? your conversations continuation from college is happening over phone now.
Roli: Didi...
Simar: First time I am seeing my little sister blushing like this. Then sure I am right only. He is the one
Roli nod her head as acceptance.
Simar: Roli, go to sleep now. So that you will look fresh tomorrow.
Roli: Simar didi, i need a help from you.
Simar: What is it?
Roli: Didi, I want my birthday dress ironed so that I can wear that tomorrow.
Simar: I will do that. But why specifically that dress.
Roli: Because he likes it and told me to wear that.
Simar: Oh oh. Thats nice. I will do that for you. What else he ordered to you?
Roli: He told to keep the hair open as he like me with open hair.
Simar: Oh great. I can see my sister hearing someone words. Normally she do not hear anyone let it be
parents or sister. So she got someone who can order her.
Roli smiled and hug Simar..
Roli & Siddhant were waiting for the next day..

Part 4
ROSID were eagerly waiting for the morning.

Roli got up before the alarm ring and went to take bath.
Simar saw Roli going to take bath & iron her birthday dress and kept it ready for her.
Roli took hair wash and came to dressing table.
Simar helped her to select simple jewelleries to suit the dress.
Simar dried Roli's hair and made her ready.
Roli was looking like a fairy.
Roli started from house around 6:30 and catched the auto and reached the college.
Sid was already waiting for her in the bike.
Sid was mesmerised seeing Roli.
Sid: Roli, you are looking beautiful. Thanks that you wear & dressup as per my wish.
ROli: Siddhantji, there is no need for any thanks between us.
Sid: Roli, Lets go to the temple now as this is our 1st outing together.
ROli was happy and sat in the bike by sidewise.
Sid: ROli, I am not your father to sit like this.
ROli smiled and got down and again sat putting legs on both sides.
Roli's hands was holding Sid;s shoulders.
ROSID went to the temple. They parked the vehicle and moved towards the temple.
There one of the lady seeing ROSID together was gossipping to the next lady.
1st lady: See now a days girls have started roaming with unknown boys like this. They do not care for
their family or anything. Just they need to roam around the city with boys.
2nd lady: You are right. At home, they will be very quite and like obedient daughters. But outside only
we can see how they lost their discipline.
ROSID heard this conversation and Roli's face was looking upset on hearing this.
Sid noticed the change in Roli's face.

ROSID reached the temple and they prayed their love and their life to be blessed with GOD.
Pandit gave the prasad to ROSID.
ROSID collected the prasad.
Sid took the Sindoor from the prasad and put it in Roli's forehead.
ROli was shocked by Sid's action.
Sid: ROli, Sorry I did this without your consent. But I dont want other to talk any rubbish about you. Now
we are not only lovers. But Husband & Wife too. Now if anyone see you only think that we are husband
& wife, but not lovers or friends roaming around the city.
Roli though shocked, was also feeling happy hearing all this what SID told her.
ROSID went around the temple & took the blessings of God.
Roli prayed to god to keep her Suhaag protected for ever until her last breathe.
ROSID returned from temple to their bike.
Roli: Siddhantji, where are we going now.
Sid: ROli, that will be surprise for you. You just wait for few more minutes and see where we are going.
Roli smiled and get on the bike.
Sid started driving the bike.
ROli was holding Sid's shoulders and the bike was going very fast.
Roli slowly down her hands and wrap her hands around Sid's waist.
ROSID were moving fast towards their destination of the day.

Part 5

Roli was very happy on bike ride with sid.

Sid was unable to believe himself that his love roli is sitting behind him holding his waist.
Sid saw a coconut water seller on the way & stopped the bike.
Sid: roli, do you like coconut water. Shall we drink.
Roli; yes I do like.
Sid purchased a coconut and 2 straws.
Sid gave that to roli.
Roli: siddhantji don't you like this why you brought one alone.
Sid: roli, this is for both of us. Let's go.
Sid & roli travelled some more distance and sid stopped the bike.
There was big tree and sid parked the vehicle below the tree.
Sid: let's drink it now. That place was hot as well as so many people were there around. That's why I
stopped here.
Roli smiled and gave the coconut to sid.
Roli: you drink first, then I will.
Sid: roli, I have not brought one to drink separate. Let's drink together.
Roli blushed.
sid put both straws inside the coconut and called roli to drink together by his eyes expression.
Roli and sid started drinking coconut water together.
Sid thrown the empty coconut away.
Roli: siddhantji the taste was good right.
Sid: roli, it was more tastier for me as I did shared it with my love.
Roli face turned pink.
sid: roli shall we move now.
Roli: OK let's go.
Sid: but before going further, I want to give you my acknowledgement kisses now.
Roli: siddhantji...
Sid: roli,...
sid moved towards roli. Roli started walking backwards, while sid walked forward towards her.
Roli went near the tree trunk and unable to move anymore.

Sid kept his hands on both sides of roli.

Sid moves towards roli face and kissed on her forehead,
Then on roli's right cheeks, then left cheeks.
Roli's eyes faced down due to shyness.
Sid moved towards her lips.
Roli closed her eyes slowly.
Sid after few seconds of admiring roli, moved towards bike.
Roli was standing near the tree eyes closed unaware that sid moved from there.
Sid: roli, what are you doing there alone.
Roli opened her eyes & saw sid smiling at her sitting in the bike.
Roli: siddjantji...
Roli hit sid with her hands in love & pretend to be angry
Sid: roli, angry with me. Can't I play with you like this.
Roli left the false anger and smiled.
Sid: let's move, get on to bike.
Roli suddenly went near sid face and kissed on his lips and in a second went behind him and get on to
bike to hide her behind sid.
Sid was surprised.
Rosid journey continued...

Part 6

SID on the way saw a big cloth store. Sid stopped the bike.
Sid: Roli, Lets go to the shop. I want to purchase saree for you.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am happy if you purcahse saree for me. But how can i take it home.
Sid: Dont worry. I will keep it with me and you can wear it once you come to our home.

Roli smiled and both went inside the shop.

Sid selected a nice saree in purple color for her. It was very nice.
Sid told to select a matcing blouse in readymade.
Roli selected it and went to trailroom to check whether the blouse fit her correctly.
Sid was waiting for ROli, when he saw the swim suit on the other end.
Roli just returned from trail room.
Sid: Roli, do you know swimming.
Roli: yes Siddhantji. I do know.
Sid: Then select that swim suit as well as we got swimming pool in the place where we are going.
Roli: But Siddhantji, where are we going.
Sid: That is surprise for you. Just select the swim suit and also a changing dress which you need to wear
after coming from swimming as you cannot wet this dress which you are wearing now as you need to go
in this dress to your home.
Roli blushed.
Roli selected the swim suit and a changing dress and a towel for her.
ROSID continued their journey again.
Finally after few minutes of drive they reached in front of a bunglow.
There was an aged person who welcome Sid.
Old man: Welcome Siddhant beta. How are you? Long time went seeing you.
Sid: I am fine. How are you?
Old man: I am fine. Prem told me that you will be coming with your would be wife. She is the one.
Looking very beautiful.
Sid: Yes. She is the one.
Old man: Siddhant beta get in. Prem told to arrange for welcome you both as she is coming for 1st time.
Come in. Come in.

Roli saw around the place. It was beautiful. The garden was having different types of plants, tress and
the lawn was well maintained. The building was in the middle.
Roli: Siddhantji, Which place is this?
Sid: Roli, this is our house only. We used to come here for holidays for a change from city life. It was
Prem's idea to bring you here instead of staying in some resort or hotel or anywhere else before
marriage. This is very beautiful house maintain by that old man alone. Just come in & see.
Old man as per Prem's order with help of his wife well decorated the house to welcome ROSID.
There was big Rangoli with bright colors in the entrance of the building.
In the entrace the kalash was kept like welcomeing bride into sasural after marriage.
Old man's wife came with aarthi plate and took aarthi.
Roli was feeling as grahapravesh arrangement after marriage.
Roli entered the house with her right hand inside and kicked the kalash towards inside of house and kept
her legs in her sasural.
Roli was feeling different, but great.
Sid: Thank you for all the arrangements to welcome us.
Old man & his wife: It is our duty. We are working with you people since long and wont we welcome your
would be wife.
Sid: But please keep this secret until Prem Marriage. I will let Mataji know about us once Prem Marriage
Old man & his wife: Yes. We will keep it secret.
Old man & his wife smiled and moved out from there to provide privacy to ROSID...
Roli was surprised seeing the big house.
Sid: Roli, do you like this house.
Roli: yes. it is very beautiful.
Sid: This house has all the facilities like home theatre, swimming pool etc. Also fully equiped with Kitchen
equipments & other like TV, Fridge etc. We used to tell the watchman kaka to buy the vegetables &
groceries when we plan to come here. Likewise Prem already told them to buy vegetables & groceries
for cooking. Now you need to cook Fried rice for me. It was tasty which you cooked on that day. But
dont worry I will help you in cooking.

Roli: Ok Siddhantji.
ROSID smiled..

Part 7

ROSID Smiled.
Sid: Roli, Lets talk to Prem. I myself was not aware that he did all these preparations for us.
ROli: Ok Siddhantji.
Sid took Roli to his room in the 1st Floor.
Sid: Roli, This is my, oh sorry, Our room.
Roli smiled.
Sid went near the Laptop in the room and switched on the same.
Sid connected to Prem through Skype.
Sid: Prem, Thank you so much. I was not expecting you will do all these preparations for us.
Prem: Sid, Why not? You are taking your would be to our house for 1st time. How can we let her enter
into the house without proper welcome.
Sid look at Roli & smiled.
Sid: Prem, There is one more shocking news for you.
Prem: Sid! what is that shocking news.
Sid: Prem, she is no more my would be wife, she has become my wife today already.
Prem: What? Come again. Are you kidding Sid?
Sid: No prem. I am telling you the truth. We did a simple marriage at Mandir today putting Sindoor on
her forehead.
Sid then explained Prem what pushed him to do so.

Prem: Then Congrats Sid. I just thought of welcoming your would be wife. But now understand that she
has become your actual wife. Welcome to Bharatwaj family Roli.
Roli: Thanks Premji.
Prem: Sid, when you did married, you bring her to our house. Let us introduce her to our family and
make them accept.
Sid: No Prem. 1st I want you to get married, then only I will introduce my love to our home. Also I want to
enjoy the lovely love days before grand marriage of ours in acceptance of both families. Till that time, this
will be known to you alone in our family other than me.
Prem: Ok Sid as you wish. Then you are with your wife & why you are wasting your time with your
brother. Enjoy. Bye.
Prem disconnected the line to give them privacy.
Sid: Roli, Lets start cooking now. Once done we can go to swim for sometime.
Roli: Ok Siddhantji.
Sid: ROli, Shall I ask you something.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji what it is?
Sid: Roli, Can you wear that saree for me now?
Roli nod her head.
Sid took her to the door inside that room and opened the door.
There was a small room inside attached with bathroom.
Sid: ROli, you fresh up yourself & change the dress inside this. I will wait outside.
Roli went inside the room and closed the door.
Roli went near the mirror. Roli was happy to see the Sindoor filled forehead.
Roli freshup herself and changed the dress. She put the chudidar in the hanger & put it in cloth drying
area available in that room.
Roli came out of that room.
Sid too changed his dress to a knee length shorts and a T Shirt.

Roli was feeling shy on seeing SID in shorts.

Sid was astonished by Roli's beauty in the saree. This is the 1st time, SID seeing Roli in saree.
ROSID had eyelock for few minutes.
Roli: Siddhantji, shall i go to kitchen to start cooking.
Sid: Ok ROli.
Roli was just moving towards the door when Sid hold her hands.
Sid hold her hips & pulled Roli towards him.
SId: Roli you are always ahead of me in love
Roli: Why you fell so?
Sid: You are the one who 1st hug me.
Roli: Then...
Sid; You are the one who first gave me acknowledgement kisses
Roli: Then...
Sid: I thought of atleast being ahead in kissing you in the lips, then i thought you are small girl and i need
to give you time. But...
Roli blushed.
Sid: Your went ahead again kissed me in my lips too. I am left again behind you.
Roli: Siddhantji, but you are ahead to win my heart, my trust, my love. That is the reason I am ahead to
reciprocate my love to you.
Sid: Roli, Though left behind, I cannot wait more.
Sid moved towards her lips.
ROSID lost in each other for sometime.
Sid slowly loosen his grip and Roli just ran from SID to kitchen.
Sid followed her to the kitchen.

Part 8
Roli went to Kitchen.
Sid followed her.
Roli searched for the Rice and took it in a vessel & soak it in the water.
Roli opened the fridge & took out the vegetables inside it kept it in the place which was like place alloted
to cutting the vegetable.
There was a white board & a knife in that table.
Roli selected the vegetables like Peas, Beans, Carrot like which is used for Fried rice and took it for
Sid was watching all these sitting in a dining table chair which was in the middle of the kitchen.
Sid; Roli, any help.
Roli: Siddhantji, Fried rice is very simple and i can manage it alone.
Roli was washing the vegetables.
Sid was unable to stay away from Roli.
Sid went near Roli and stood back to her. He forward his both hands through sides of ROli and took the
vegetable basket from her to wash.
Roli was on hold of Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji...
Sid: ROli, why cant you teach me how to do this. I will learn from you.
Roli: What are you going to learn Siddhantji? Washing vegetable?
Sid: Of course Roli. You know I never did this ever. Let me try.
Sid was back hugging ROli indirectly and washing the vegetables slowly.
Once it is done, they moved towards cutting the vegetable.

SId: ROli, show me once how to cut. I will do it.

Roli showed him how to cut.
Sid started cutting the vegetable.
Roli: Siddhantji, Shall I grind the coconut side by side.
Sid: Roli, Why you need to work when your husband is helping you.
Roli: But Siddhantji, only if we complete the work early we can spend more time in the pool right?
Roli wink her eyes and came out of Sid's hold.
Roli grind the coconut & Masala items with Chilli in the mixier.
Then ROli fried the vegetables and put all the items in the Rice cooker to cook further.
Roli: Now its complete. Further will be taken care by Rice cooker by itself. Fried rice will be ready in 30
Sid: Shall we go to pool now.
ROli smiled and both went near the pool...

Part 9

Sid took roli to the small room meant for changing the dress.
Sid: roli you change your dress here.
Roli went inside & changed her dress.
Roli saw herself in the new swim suit.
It was till knee length. The design was good and was not very odd to look at.
Roli was feeling little shy to go in swim suit in front of sid.
Roli then thought, he is her lover & now her husband who wish to swim with her & told to buy this. How
can deny?
Roli made her mind and came out of the room.
Sid was stunned seeing roli in the swim suit.

Sid: who are you, where is my wife who went inside in saree?
Roli: siddhantji,..
Sid:just kidding dear, let's go.
Sid removed his shirt to start swimming.
Roli got shyness on seeing sid without shirt.
Roli turned her face slightly.
Roli down her face and blushed.
Sid understood her shyness and went near roli.
Sid: roli you feel shy with your siddhant. i cannot understand onething.
Roli: what it is siddhantji?
Sid: roli you become ready to come in swimsuit in front of me. But you feel shy seeing me.
Roli: siddhantji, I did felt shy coming in swimsuit in front of you, but I prepared my mind that it is my love's
wish & I need to. But being a lady got shyness on seeing you without shirt.
Sid: oh my sweety. Then if my wish is you come near me and hug me now. Will you.
Roli hearing this moved towards him and hug him.
Sid: roli darling. Look at me.
Roli lifted her face and look at his face.
Sid: I love you roli.
Roli: I love you siddhantji.
Sid: let's go & swim
Rosid jumped into the pool.
Roli was knowing all styles of swimming and sid was surprised.
Sid was admiring her swimming skill.
Roli: can you try to catch me.
Sid: roli, you are challenging me. Let's see.
Sid swim behind roli and tried to catch her.
But he was unable to.
Roli was swimming like a mermaid.
sid understood that he cannot catch her.

Sid: ooch.
Roli heard his voice and thought something happened to him.
Roli rushed towards sid.
Roli: siddhantji, what happened.
Sid hold roli tightly.
Sid: roli I caught you.
Roli: siddhantji you pretend to be hurt. Do you know how much I got tensed. My heart beat yet to settle
Sid: roli. I am sorry. Just playing with you. Please please.
Roli: siddhantji don't ever play like this. I cannot bear anything happen to you. I will die before something
happen to you.
Sid: sorry roli. I will not do such again. And what you think I will let you die like that. You are my soul and I
am yours. So anything can happen only together.
Rosid eyes were filled with tears.
Slowly they relaxed and started enjoying again.

Part 10

ROSID were enjoying in the pool till 11 AM.

Roli: Siddhantji, lets go. We are in the water since long.
Sid: Ok Roli. Lets go.
Roli came out of the pool and went to changing room to change the dress.
Sid was waiting for Roli.
Roli came out in saree again..
Roli: Siddhantji, still you are standing wet. What if you get cold.
Sid: My dress is in my room ROli. I was waiting for your to come so that i can go to my room to change
the dress.

Roli: Siddhantji, how can you get into the house with wet clothes. Take this towel dry yourself and put the
wet clothes in the room and wear this and go to the room to change the clothes. In the meantime, I will
bring food for us to the room.
Sid was happy on seeing the concern Roli has.
Sid did as ROli said and went to his room to change the dress.
Sid put the shorts and went near the mirror.
His hair was still wet.
Sid was trying to dry the hair.
Sid was remembering the sweet moments ROSID shared since morning.
In the meantime, ROli came with 2 empty plates and a bowl of Fried rice with some Papads.
Roli: SIddhantji, you have not yet dry your hair.
Roli went near SId and took the towel from him and dry his hair.
Sid was still remembering the ROSID moments.
ROli: Siddhantji, were are you lost.
Sid: I am surprised ROli seeing how much you love me and how you care for me.
Roli: Siddhantji, You too love me so much & care for me.
Sid: I felt amasing that you becomes ready to do anything if i wish for it.
ROli smiled.
Sid: Shall I ask you whether you will become ready to give you fully to me
Roli: Siddhantji, We are not only lovers. We married today in front of God. You are my husband. You do
have rights over me. If you really wish for that I will be ready to fulfill your wish.
Sid: Roli, Just wanted to know your mind and again you surprised me. But I do not have such intention.
Though we are Husband & Wife, the marriage is not yet known to both families. We need to wait for your
Sister's marriage & my Brother's marriage as they are elders and later we will inform them about our
Love. In the meantime our studies will be completed. We will get married in Traditional way in front of all
elders. Then with blessings of all our elders, our relationship as Husband & Wife should start. Till such
time, though we are husband & wife will not cross the limt from lovers.

Roli nod her head as acceptance.

Roli: Siddhantji, you said I surprised you. But you surprised me with your matured thought.
Sid smiled.
Roli: Lets have food, It is hot now.
ROSID went to have lunch.
Roli place the plate for Sid and served some fried rice.
Sid: ROli, Can you feed me the food.
Roli started feeding Rice to Sid.
Sid too started feeding ROli from the same plate.
They both were looking at each other and finished the lunch feeding each other.

Part 11

Sid was sitting in the Bed while Roli was sitting beside SId and lean towards his shoulders.
Sid right hand was holding her shoulders while Roli's left hand was around Sid's waist.
Sid's left hand and ROli's Right hand was intertwined.
ROSID eyes were closed.
There was silense in the room for minutes together while ROSID were lost in the world of love.
ROSID enjoyed their togetherness.
The silence was broke by the bell of the clock showing 12 PM.
Sid: ROli, it is already 12 PM now. Only few hours left for me to spend with you today. Why the time is
going very fast.

Roli: Siddhantji, the time will not wait for anyone. Moreover, we are going to be together only even after
today. We are lucky that we are already in same college and same class. So we are spending much
time together.
Sid: You are right Roli. I now realise how other lovers will feel if they can only once in a while. I am
unable to apart from you even for few minutes.
Roli: Siddhantji, I cannot believe myself what is happening. Few months before I was not even having
good opinion about you, then I changed my opinion that you are not bad, Then I started liking your
characters, Then you confess your love to me, Then there was an unwanted misunderstanding for few
days. Then I confess my love yesterday evening and today morning we got married. How the situations
changed between us.
Sid: Roli you are right. There is huge transition from our 1st meet and today.
Roli: Siddhantji, I need to thank you to bring me to this house today. I dont feel like coming for a dating
with my lover. Moreover we married today and got welcome in traditional way into this house. We
enjoyed a lot together. I feel like newly married bride with her husband.
Sid: Roli, I need to thank Prem only. I just told him that I only want to spend time with ROli and no idea
for any place to go. He gave idea to bring you here as we can feel homely instead of staying in any
hotels or resorts. I too feel very convenient and was able to spend quality time with you.
Roli: This is new experience for me. Preparing food for you, feeding the food. Wearing saree for you.
You changed me a lot even unknown to me.
SId: Not only you ROli, I too got changed completely by you. I dont remember when I told my mother to
feed me. I usually a self initing person who prefers to do their work by themselves. But I felt like eating
by your hands. I was feeling happy when you dry my hair, when you care for me.
Roli smiled.
ROSID enjoyed the moments and closed their eyes and entered into silence for some more time.

Part 12
ROSID were enjoying their moment together.
Sid: Roli shall i lay down in your lap.
Roli: SIddhantji, Are you need of permission from me for that?
Sid smiled and kept his head in her lap.
Roli was caressessing his hair.
Roli: Siddhantji, shall i ask you something.

Sid: Hmm
Roli: SIddhantji, when you really started loving me?
Sid: I can say I started loving you from day one when I hit you. But realised it very late. But Prem used to
tell me always that I am love with you when I share the happenings with him. But I denied. But I was
unable to deny my mind voice, my search for you, my happiness on seeing you. It was wonderful feeling
infact. Then what about you, when you started loving me.
Roli: Actually I did hate you on that 1st day behaviour. Later slowly my thoughts on you kept changing
that too on the Cultural show day when I saw you dancing & later you congradulated me for my
performance. Eventhough you did western dance, you did dance well Siddhantji. Then we got the award
together. I cannot say when exactly I started loving you. But I myself realised my love on that night when
we stay alone in the college.
Sid: That was beautiful night infact Roli for me too. Even before our confession, you came to me & hug
me. Though it was on fear, it was beautiful for me. My Roli's 1st touch. I cannot forget. I was unable to
hold my love anymore and so I confess to you on that day.
ROSID were lost in their discussions and were getting happy in sharing their beautiful moments.

Part 13

ROSID were enjoying each & every minute of the day.

Sid: Roli, Are you a classical dancer?
Roli: Yes Siddhantji, I did completed the classes in my school days itself. Also done some stage
Sid: You were dancing beautifully. I do not know classical dancing, but I always likes to dance. So
practiced myself seeing TV & other sources.
Roli: But you were dancing very well without proper training.
Sid; Roli, Shall we dance together, whether you will like to dance western dance also.
Roli: Siddhantji, anything is ok with you.
Sid smiled and went to Audio player and inserted the CD.
The music system started playing nice dance based songs which was SID's favorite.
Sid forward his hands towards Roli to start the dance.

Roli too forwarded her hands & hold his hands with grace.
ROSID started dancing to the song.
The movements were rhythemic and excellent to see.
Roli being classical dancer was able to cope up with SID well with his movements.
Roli was flexible like a doll and SID admired her dancing.
Roli was going around sid in round and round.
Roli enjoyed the dance with SID a lot.
Sid too was feeling great to dance with his love, Roli.
ROSID did dance vigorously until ROli rest on Sid's Chest by end of the song.
Sid: What a dance Roli? You are great dancer too.
Roli: Siddhantji, you too dance very well.
Sid: In Short, I am very lucky to have a great swimming expert, dancer as my wife.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am very lucky to have you as my husband, who gets happy in making me number 1. I
know through professor that you only corrected my mark and made me 1st. Otherwise I might have not
got the award together with you.
Sid smiled.
Roli hug him and Sid too.
Roli: I do have a wish.
Sid: What it is?
Roli: I wish we receive the award the following 2 years also like we got for last year.
Sid: Sure ROli. We will work hard to achieve that award these years too.
Roli: We should show that our Love do not make us weak to perform low. It is our strength to perform
Sid: Alright. We will do that.

ROSID were happy...

Part 14

Rosid were getting closer to each other.

Sid: roli let's go to garden to spend sometime.
Roli nod her head.
Sid took the camera from the wardrobe.
Rosid went to the garden.
Sid took roli near a rose plant.
He picked a flower and kept in roli's hair.
Roli lean towards his shoulder.
Sid hold her shoulders and roli's hands were around his waist.
Sid: roli it is going to be difficult task for us to be apart.
Roli: you are right siddhantji. I too not aware how can I be without you.
Sid: shall we change our plan.
Roli: which plan siddhantji.
Sid: shall we tell our families about our marriage & start our life now itself?
Roli: siddhantji...
Sid: just kidding dear.
Roli: siddhantji, we need to concentrate on our studies, as I said our aim should be getting award for
coming Years also.
Sid: that's right. When can we spend time together.
Roli: we will do one thing. We will have lunch together. We will study together. We will plan once in a
while to come here and spend time. I like this place very much.
Sid nod his head.
Sid: I was just kidding & you are right we need to aim for awards and we can frame all the 3 years award
winning photo together and place it in our room. We can show our children also.

Roli blushed.
Sid: your pinky cheeks don't let me to be far from you
Sid lift her face & kissed her cheeks.
Sid:roli let us take some photos.
Rosid took some photos together in various places of the garden.
After sometime..
Roli: siddhantji you were unable to catch me in water. Can you catch me now.
Roli started running and sid tried to catch her.
Roli escaped from his tries, so he hide himself behind a tree.
Roli understood that he is somewhere hidden and tried to locate him.
But sid catch her from backside and back hug her.
Roli: siddhantji you are always playing tricks to catch me.
Sid: what can I do? My wife is an exprrt . so I need to play tricks to catch her.
Roli: siddhantji let me cook something for dinner.
Sid: let's go. I will help you.
Roli: but I have planned for a surprise dinner. So you are not allowed until dinner is ready.
Sid, then what can I do till that.
Roli: you too try for some surprise
Sid started thinking what the surprise can be & what he can make to surprise her while roli rushed
towards kitchen.

Part 15
Roli was busy in the kitchen.
Sid was walking here & there inside his room thinking for a surprise.
Then he got an idea.
He took the camera and came down.
Sid: Roli

Roli was inside the kitchen & kitchen door was closed.
Roli: Siddhantji, tell me
Sid: ROli, I am going out & will return in half an hour.
Roli: Ok Siddhantji.
Sid went to near by area where shops are available.
ROSID were working for their surprises.
Sid returned home and hide his surprises in a corner
Roli was in his room.
Roli changed the dress to Chudidar which she was wearing in the morning.
Roli was combing her hair.
Sid went near ROli and stood behind her.
Sid: ROli, you are getting ready to return.
Roli: Siddhantji, anyway we need to start from here finishing the dinner. So after finishing the kitchen
work, I came here to get ready.
SId hug Roli and gave a kiss on her head.
Sid moved from there and sat in the sofa.
Roli dress up and turned towards Sid who was sitting with upset face.
Roli went near Sid and sat beside him.
Roli hold his chin and turned his face towards her.
Roli: Siddhantji, I too feel very bad even thinking of going from here. But we need to wait for correct time
to start our life. Till such time, we need to bear this. Lets be happy till we are together.
Roli moved towards his face and kissed on his cheeks.
Sid smiled and hold her face and kissed her too.

Sid: I Love you Roli.

Roli: I Love you Siddhantji.
Sid: Roli, then what is my surprise.
Roli: Siddhantji, lets go to have Dinner.
ROSID went to the kitchen.
Kithcen door was closed & Roli opened it slowly.
Roli closed his eyes by her hands.
Roli: Siddhantji, COme with me.
Roli took Sid near the dining table in the kitchen.
Roli: Open your eyes now.
ROli took her hands from his eyes.
Sid opened his eyes to see the surprise.
Sid was really surprised to see a beautiful cake though it was small with a candle in the middle of the
cake. The table was decorated with colorful candles with food bowl kept in the middle.
Roli: Siddhantji, This cake is for 3 reasons. 1 for your birthday which went yesterday, 2 for our Love
confession & 3 for our simple yet beautiful marriage. Lets cut the cake.
Sid smiled.
ROSID cut the cake together and feed the piece of cake mutually.
Sid: Roli, the surprise is very beautiful as well as the cake.
Roli: Siddhantji, lets have dinner. I prepared Aloo Paratha which is your favorite. Lets ear.
Sid: Oh God Roli. You are my sweety. You prepared my favorite dish as well.
Roli feed Sid the parotha by her hands.
Sid feed Roli too.
They had great time during dinner talking with each other, making fun of each other.

ROSID finished their dinner.

Roli: SIddhantji, by the way where is your surprise for me.
Sid: Wait for a while I will come.
Sid went outside and bring a big cover.
Sid took a small gift box from that cover.
Sid presented it to Roli.
Sid: Roli open the box and see.
Roli opened the box to see 2 pair of platinum rings in it.
Roli: Its beautiful Siddhantji.
Sid took the ring and hold Roli's hands and put it in her Ring Finger.
Roli took the other ring and put it in Sid's Finger.
SId opened the cover & took out few big size photos and showed it to Roli.
It was the photos which ROSID took in the garden on that day evening.
Roli: Wow, our photos beautiful Siddhantji. But you made it big size print. Where can we keep it.
Sid; Dont worry, I will keep it with me. We will make frame of these photos after our traditional marriage.
Roli blushed.
Roli: Lets go Siddhantji. Otherwise we will reach very late.
Sid nod his head.

Part 16

ROSID were very sad as the time has come for them return.
But still they do not have any other option other than doing that. So they started their return journey.

Sid started the bike.

Roli sat behind him hugging him tightly.
ROSID started their return journey.
ROSID remembered that days beautiful moments.
Both were thinking, how beautiful the day was? WHy the time got no pity on them to stop for sometime
and gave some more moments of their togetherness.
The distance betwen them & their home was reducing.
They felt the distance while going in the morning was very far whereas the distance while returning turned
to be very less which too betrayed them to provide more time to travel together.
Finally they reached near Roli's area where her home is located.
Roli: Siddhantji, you leave me here itself. If we go further, some one known to me may see us together.
Sid: But Roli, how can i let you go alone in this darkness.
Roli: No problem Siddhantji, I will manage.
Sid parked the bike in a corner.
Sid: Roli, ok you just walk ahead and i will come behind you like a stranger till your home.
Roli started walking towards her home while Sid was following her to see that she reach home safely.
Roli reached the gate of her home and turned towards SID with teary eyes.
Sid waved his hands slowly.
Roli went inside the house and SID too returned to his bike to start his journey towards his home.
Roli's parents got relaxed seeing Roli returned safely.
Roli's mother: Roli, thank god you reached. We were tensed as the time was passing.
Roli: I am ok Maaji. Dont worry.
Simar: Roli, thats what I was telling them since long. Maaji started getting tensed for past 2 hours.
ROSIM Smiled and Simar took Roli inside their room and locked the door.

Simar: Roli, How was the trip. Hope you enjoyed well.
Simar Hug Roli and went near her head to give a forehead kiss where she noticed the Sindoor on Roli's
Simar: Roli, Sindoor on your forehead?
Roli realised that even after doing facewash, little sindoor left in the forehead.
Roli: Simar didi, Please come and sit. I will explain you everything.
Simar was shocked and was afraid what might have happend.
Roli made her sit and herself sat beside Simar.
Roli explained what happend in the mandir that day morning.
Simar was surprised.
Simar: Roli, You mean you married him. I am happy about it. But still getting surprised that my little sister
is married now.
Simar smiled and hug her.
Simar: SO then what? The trip which was planned with your lover was changed as trip with your
ROli blushed.
Simar: Oh, I am happy to see my sister blushing like this.
Roli: Simar didi, you too naa.
Simar: Ok tell me how was the day.
Roli: Didi the day was very fine and we enjoyed a lot.
Simar: Actually where you both went the whole day.
Roli: Didi I went to his house only which is in outer of the city. It was beautiful house. You know I cooked
food today
Simar: oh started working as wife too cooking food for your husband. Interesting then..

Roli: Then ...

Roli blushed again.
Simar: Tell me tell me.. Then...
Roli lay down on Simar's lap and shared her experiences of the day with Simar.
Simar: Oh oh. So sweet. I am very happy knowing that you both have decided to concentrate on your
career also and planning to win award in coming years. Thats good. All the best for that.
Roli: Thanks you didi. You know we were feeling very bad on going apart from each other. He was very
upset on leaving me, he came till our home leaving the bike near that bus stop. He cares a lot.
Simar: hmmm. Day should come early to take you to his house so that you both can be together for ever.
Roli smiled.
Sid reached home and went to Prem.
Prem: Siddhant, I was just waiting for you. Then how was the day. You enjoyed the day with your wife.
SId: Prem, We did enjoyed a lot. You know she cooked food for me. She is good in Cooking, swimming,
dancing. I am missing her a lot. I was not at all interested to leave her and come.
Prem: Then who holds you. Just bring her, we will inform about the marriage to both the families.
Sid: No Prem. Though we may feel bad to be apart, we need to finish our studies. We decided to have
success in our career too. We decided to aim for the award in coming years which we got last year
together. Also I want you & Roli's Sister marriage to happen prior to informing both families about us.
Prem in whisphering voice: Mine & Roli's sister marriage thats what I pray for.
Sid: Prem what you said
Prem: Nothing Siddhant. Just I wanted everything to happen well. All the best. I wish your wish come
Sid smiled...
ROSID were in their bed looking at the ring and smiled.

ROSID FF: Love of Souls Chapter 3 => Love in the College

Part 1
ROSID were feeling pleasant in the memories of the day.
Roli received SMS from SID.
SID SMS: Roli, I am missing you.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, I miss you too
SID SMS: Roli, Shall I come there to see you
Roli SMS: No. NO. We will meet tomorrow in the collge
Sid SMS: At what time.
Roli SMS: We will meet at 8 AM.
Sid SMS: Ok. Are you getting sleep?
Roli SMS: No. Where are you letting me to sleep. If I close my eyes, your face come & smiles in front of
my eyes.
Sid SMS: Roli, I only smiles in front of your eyes. But if I close my eyes, you are coming & kissing me.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji. You are so naughty. Ok Let us try & sleep now so that we can attend the class
well tomorrow. Already we have not attend today's class.
Sid SMS: Ok Roli. Good night.
ROSID was waiting eagerly for next day morning.
Roli got up early and started studying for some time.
Sid's memories were disturbing her a lot, but still she remembered their aim and concentrated on her
Its time for getting ready to college.
Roli rushed to get ready as Sid will be waiting for him at 8 AM.

Roli was getting ready standing in front of mirror.

After putting the sticker on her forehead, she remembered Sid putting Sindoor on her forehead. But she
cannot start putting daily as no one else is aware of their marriage other than Prem & Simar.
Simar came inside the room and noticed Roli standing in front of Mirror thinking of something.
Simar: Roli what happend, you are in deep thinking.
Roli: Simar didi, if i got married in front of all, I was suppose to put sindoor on the forehead daily. But now
I cannot do that. thats what I was thinking.
Simar: Dont worry The time will come for that. Then What is your husband telling you. I know SMS were
flying in the air last night.
Roli: Didi, you too naa. He just told me to come to college early. Nothing else.
Simar: Oh for that only so many SMS was floating. Ok Ok.
Simar Smiled and moved from there.
Roli got ready to go to college.

Sid on other side too got ready to come to college.

On the way, he brought the Rose which is his daily routine for Roli.
He kept the Rose in the bike pocket and started his bike towards College.
ROSID were travelling from home towards college.

Part 2
Roli reached college and went to parking area to park her cycle.
Sid was already waiting for roli.
Rosid were feeling great on seeing each other.
They were feeling like meeting after so long time.

Rosid smiled.
Sid took the rose and forward his hands to roli.
Roli too forward her hands and they intertwined their hands and moved towards the guava tree which is
their favorite place as well no one will normally come there.
Sid kept rose in roli's hair.
Rosid sat below the tree.
Roli lean towards his shoulder.
Roli was looking little upset.
Sid: roli what happened why you hseems to be upset.
Roli: siddhantji, the married girls need to keep sindoor in forehead which is their suhaag. But as our
marriage is not known to others I am unable to keep it.
Sid: is this your tension.
Roli: hmmm
Sid: very simple roli. you keep the sindoor and you make the hair style in such a way that sindoor will not
be seen to others.
Roli: which hairstyle can do so
Sid: do you have sindoor & comb
Roli gave them to sid.
Sid took the sindoor and put it on forehead.
Roli was very happy. She hold his hands & kissed it.
Sid took the comb and tried hair style on roli which can hide sindoor.
After few minutes, sid got success.
Sid: roli, now it is perfect.

Roli smiled.
Sid: roli why you worry when I am here. I cannot see you upset little also.
Roli hug sid.
Roli: siddhantji let's go to the class.
Rosid went to attend the classes.
Part 3
ROSID were attending classes & lunch time was nearing.
Sid SMS to Roli.
SID SMS: Roli, lets go to our place to have lunch together.
Roli SMS: But What can I tell to my friend who eats regularly with me.
SID SMS: Tell something & come there. I will reach in few minutes.
Lunch time started.
Roli was wondering what to tell her friend.
Roli: Hi, you go to have lunch. It may take some more time for me to come.
Roli Friend: Roli, But shall I wait for you to come.
Roli: No Dear. You proceed to lunch. I will catch you later.
Roli's friend was wondering why Roli is not coming to lunch and went out to have lunch.
Roli after few minutes started from the class & moved towards their favorite tree.
Sid went to Canteen & brought a chocolate & Fried rice.
Sid too reached their place.
Roli: Siddhantji, where were you.

Sid: Roli, I went to buy food for me & chocolate for you in the canteen.
Roli: But Siddhantji, why you are always buying food from canteen. It is not good for health to always eat
Sid: Actually my maaji used to tell me to take lunch, which I always deny. But from tomorrow, I will
promise you that I will bring food from home. Ok.
Roli: Ok.
ROSID started having lunch. They feed each other then & there. They had fun together.
Roli: Siddhantji, have you studied in the morning today.
Sid: But Roli, I never study in the monring, I used to study in the night time.
Roli: Oh ok. But I always study in the morning only.
Sid: Shall we study together in the evening after college hours.
Roli: But Siddhantji, I will get late to return home.
Sid: ROli, Just inform them that you will come 1 hour late as you got some classes. We are anyway going
to study only.
Roli: Ok Siddhantji.

Roli informed Simar that she will come 1 hour late after completing her studies at college.
Simar: Ok Ok. Enjoy.
Roli: Didi, I am telling truth only. We are going to study together.
Simar smiled.

In the evening after college hours, ROSID went to their place.

They sat beside each other and opened the book to study.

While ROli was studying, Sid was only starring at Roli's face.
Roli noticed it.
Roli: Siddhantji, please concentrate & remember our aim on the award winning.
Sid: What to do Roli? I am unable to shift my eyes from you when you are with me.
Roli: Siddhantji, you only said we will study together, then you should do that right. Ok Lets do onething.
Roli went behind SID and sat behind him back to back.
Roli: Siddhantji, now you start reading and I will hear, then I will start reading and you will hear. Likewise
we will study together without seeing each other and concentrating on studies.
Roli's idea got work out.
They started reading alternatively and the other was hearing what is read. Then whenever necessary
they provided explanations mutually.
ROSID enjoyed studying together in this way...

Part 4
Sid just returned home while Mataji, Maaji were in the hall talking to each other.
Sid: Maaji, you start packing lunch for me from tomorrow.
Maaji: Siddhant, Will do the lunch packing. But I am wonder when I used to tell you to take lunch you
never used to hear me, but now what is making my son to ask for it himself
Prem who just entered home also hear all these conversations.
Prem: That is nothing Maaji, Now Siddhant started taking care of his health. So decided to take lunch
from home. Isn't it Siddhant.
Sid: Yes. Prem. You are right.
Saying this SID smiled and left to his room.
Prem understood what might have happened and smiled.
Roli reached home while her mother noticed the change in her hairstyle.
Roli's mother: Roli you are in different hairstyle than regular.
Roli: Nothing Maaji. My friend said, this hair style suit me more and I just tried. How is it Maaji.
Roli's mother: It is good only
Roli got relieved & rushed towards her room.
Simar: ROli, you look itself is changing day by day. What happened.
ROli locked the room carefully and came to Simar

Roli: Simar didi, This hairstyle was made by Siddhantji to hide the SIndoor put in my forehead.
Simar: So now your hero started doing hair styles for you. So sweet.
ROli: didi...
Roli started telling different reasons to her friend to go for lunch and started eating together with Sid.
One day Roli's friend noticed Roli coming together with SID.
Roli's friend: So Roli, this is the reason. I know on that day when you both were fighting that you both will
fall for each other. Very good. Since when this love story is happening unknown to even known to your
Roli Blushed and Sid smiled
Roli's Friend: Anyway Roli, no need to search for any reason. You can very well eat with your lover ok.
Roli's friend smiled and left the place.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.

Part 5

Prem went to Sid's room.

Prem: Sid you are looking very happy today. What happened? You share if you can. If it is something
intimate between you both. Don't share.
Sid: Nothing like that. I am happy even in her presence though not intimate. You know we studies
together today. It was great. You know I never study with any friends or anyone. I study myself only and
I took your help for any clarification. But studying with Roli is also a great feeling.
Prem: Oh good.
Sid: But Prem, we were able to study only for a hour that too after college hours. That cannot happened
daily right. What can she tell to her parents for coming late daily?
Prem: So this is your problem.
Prem gave an idea to SID.
Next day SID came with a gift pack.
After giving keeping Rose on Roli's hair, SID gave that gift pack to Roli.
Roli opened the gift pack to see a latest new Laptop in it.
Sid: Roli, do you like it.
Roli: Siddhantji. Laptop for me.
Sid: Yes Roli. This is for you only. Also keep this Internet datacard with you.
Roli: But Siddhantji. How can I take this to my home?
Sid: You tell your parents that it is given by your friend or ask your sister. She may tell some idea. But
you know why I brought this. I know you cannot stay late daily in the evening to study with me. SO we
will connect through internet and study together from home itself.
Roli: Idea is good Siddhantji. Let me talk to Simar didi.
Roli called Simar.
Roli: SImar didi, I need your help.
Simar: Tell me ROli.
Roli: Siddhantji presented me a Laptop which can help us to study together through internet. But I need
your help to bring it home.
Simar: Oh Oh. Don't worry Roli. I will take care.

Roli: Thanks Didi.

Roli: SIddhantji, didi told she will take care.
Roli took the laptop and went to home.
Simar came to Roli on seeing her.
Simar: Roli, you purchased the laptop as I said. I will pay for this tomorrow. You give it to your friend.
Roli understood that Simar have done some plan.
Roli: Yes didi.
Roli went inside the room and Simar followed her.
Simar: ROli, I told maaji that your friend have got 2 laptops from Singapore through her father and she is
selling 1 among them. So I suggested that will be purchased for you by me. Maaji first not accepted
them I convinced her. So maintain the same.
Roli: Thanks didi. Thank you very much..

Part 6
Roli switched on the laptop and login to Skype.
She put on the earphone with mike to speak & hear.
Sid was already online on other end.
ROSID were also looking at each other through web cam
Sid Skype: Hi Roli. Have you convinced your parents for this laptop?
Roli: Simar didi already convinced on that. I will tell you tomorrow. Now it is your reading time. Let's
Sid: Shall we talk for sometime
Roli: Siddhantji, if you start talking, you will not get mood to read anymore. So let's finish our studies first.
Sid: Roli, you are so adamant girl.
Roli: Let me be adamant when it is for studies.
Sid smiled. Both started studying keeping their books. When Sid read out, ROli hears and when Roli
read out Sid hears. They discuss on the subject. Likewise their studies were continuing.
Simar entered the room and was looking at ROli with a smile.
ROSID were having great fun in doing the combined studies. They started enjoying the studies.
Simar was surprised to see Roli like this. She was admiring her.
Sid: Roli, I really had fun studying with you. I think we almost covered all the completed chapters.
ROli: Siddhantji, I have given company to you during your night study. Then what about you will you give
company in my morning studies.
Sid: Roli, what other work I have other than giving company to you.
ROli: Thank you. Shall I logout now.
Sid: Roli, This is not fair. You said we will talk later after studies. But now you log out?
Roli: Siddhantji, Tell me. I am ever ready to listen to you.
ROSID started talking to each other and Finally SID understood that Roli is getting sleep.
Sid: Roli, Lets catch up again tomorrow morning. You seems to be tired and sleepy now.
Roli: Good night Siddhantji.
Sid: Good night Roli.
Roli Shut down the laptop and return to her bed when she noticed Simar was looking at her.

Roli: Simar didi, you are still awake.

Simar: Yes Roli. I was admiring you only. How my cutie sister is romancing in studies also? I was not
aware till date studies can be romantic to this extent. What fun you both are making? I am very happy to
see you like this. Its good that unlike other you both don't let studies now due to love whereas putting
efforts together for success. I am now sure that you will get success too.
Roli: Thanks didi.
Simar: So now hero will be in Heroine's sight all the 24 hrs hmm. Together in the college in same class &
through laptop even at home. It's amazing.
Roli blushed.
Prem came to Sid's room.
Prem: Siddhant, how was my idea?
Sid: Prem it is fantastic. You know we did studies till now and just now closed the system. Thanks for
your great idea. I enjoyed a lot.
Prem: I am happy that you feel happy by this which is more important.
Sid Smiled.
ROSID were waiting for the next day.

Part 7
ROSID were enjoying a lot.
They were always together.
Morning & Night through laptop studies and in the day time together in the college.
ROSID go to their favorite place in the college (Tree) daily in the morning before the college timing starts.
Sid keep the Rose on Roli's hair.
Rosid lean towards each other and spend some time with kisses & hug then & there.
ROSID eat together in the lunch time and spend some time before leaving home.
Their life was going very happily.
One day Roli was walking few feet ahead of Sid while SID was coming behind her.
One of the college student brought a letter and hold Roli from walking further by showing his hands on
her way.
ROli turned towards SID who was already noticing the activity of the student.
He gave a letter to ROli.
Roli: What is this?
Student: This is love letter. I am loving you since many days. I wanted to confess my love to you. That's
Roli: But.
Sid interrupted.
Sid: Roli, Go to the classroom
Roli headed towards the classroom.
Sid: Hi what is your name?
Student: Divakar.
Sid: Divakar, Please leave this girl. Don't follow her or create any trouble for her.
Divakar: Why? I do love her. Who are you to hold me?
Sid: Divakar. You can't love her. She is mine.

Divakar: When you can love her, Why not me? Let me too propose her. Let her decide.
Sid: Divakar, You cant do that.
Divakar: But why?
Sid: Because she is not my lover. She is my wife.
Divakar got shocked.
Divakar: Sorry. I will not interfere anymore.
This news was spread from one to another like fire and almost the whole college was aware that SID &
ROli are married. As they both were award winners, they were known to all students in the college. So
gossips were floating in the college about them.
These Gossips also reached their Professor's ears.

Part 8
ROSID were called by their professor.
Mam: Roli & Siddhant I want to talk to you something. Please come with me.
Roli was tensed.
Sid showed expression through eyes to relax.
ROSID went behind the professor to her room to have personal discussion.
Mam: Roli & Siddhant, I know you both are studious, intelligent, talented. You both can understand what
I am trying to say now.
Sid: Tell us Mam.
Mam: See. I am hearing so many gossips about you. I dont know whether it is true or not. But what I
know is only your welfare. You both are good students that is the reason I have not called your parents to
have discussion. Tell me what is happening between you both.
Roli: Mam. We love each other.
Mam: Roli, I can understand this age is making you to do all these. But what about your career. You
both are award winners for performance last year. Do you want to miss your career path by going in
wrong way.

Sid: Mam, We do respect you. But we dont agree the love will miss the career path. Mam, our first aim is
to get the award in coming years also. That too we want both to win it like we did last year. We do
studies also together. You please give us some time & see our marks this year. Then you will definately
understand what we are trying to tell now.
Mam; You mean, your love will not interrupt your carrer. If that is so, I am happy. In the meantime, what I
am hearing that you both are married.

Sid: Mam you heard right

Mam: What Siddhant, Is it known to your families. How can you do this. I was thinking it to be a rumour.
But if it is true, i am worried whether i need to call your parents and talk to them.
Sid: Mam, We did married, but not started our life as couple. Hope you understand what I am trying to
say. We are still lovers only. We do not fear to inform this to our families. But our thought is both of us
are having sibilies who are yet to get married. So we want that to happen before our affair get known to
our families.
Mam: You both are clear in your decisions which i am very happy to know. But ensure that nothing bad
happens in your career. Ultimately it is your life and you both are deciders.
Sid: Thanks Mam. We keep our word and will never do anything bad. We prove ourselves that we are
winners of love and not losers.
Mam: Happy to hear. But at any point of time, If I come to know any bad deed about you both, I will be
compelled to talk to your parents which is again for your welfare.
ROSID; Sure mam.

ROSID came out of the Professor room.

Roli: Siddhantji, I am unable to understand how this was leak out in the whole college like this.
Sid: it was due to that Divakar.
Roli: Divakar who is that
Sid: That boy only who tried to give letter to you that day.
Roli: So you told that boy that we are married.
Sid: Roli, I was not intend to tell it. But the situation was so.
Roli: Sorry Siddhantji, i never expect this from you. Unwantedly now the whole college is aware of our
marriage now.
Sid: Roli do you mean, i have committed some mistake.
Roli: Sure Siddhantji. It was known only to us and Premji & Simar didi. Because of you now everyone

Roli got angry because of this and without even telling bye to Sid, She just went from there.
Sid was very upset.
Sid was thinking, i just tried to save ROli from that Divakar and She is angry with me. The girls are like
this only.
ROSID were in anger with each other. No SMS, NO Internet chatting, No Phone calls...

Part 10
Roli returned home in anger.
Simar noticed that.
Simar: Roli, What happend why you seems to be very angry.
Roli: Simar didi. I am very upset today.
Simar: Tell me what happend.
Roli explained the happenings of the day.
Simar: Roli, how come you suddenly become so angry with him. You were suppose to ask him why he
told about your marriage to divakar. What might have been the situation.
Roli: No didi. Whatever be the situation. He was not suppose to tell. Moreover, due to that the news is
spread all over college till our Professor.
Simar: Cool down and think.
Roli; No didi. It is his mistake only. I will not agree. I am going to temple for sometime as I am not
feeling good.
Roli left the room.
Simar was thinking what to do. Simar got some idea and switched on her laptop.

Sid reached home with anger and went to his room.

Prem noticed it and went to Sid to check what has happend.

Prem: Siddhant what happend, why you are so upset and angry.
Sid explained to prem the happenings.
Prem too tried to convince Sid. But Sid was not ready.
Sid: Prem, what is my mistake in this. She is not even ready to hear what I am trying to tell her. I am
going out for some time. My mind is upset.
Sid went out while Prem started thinking what to do.
Prem got an idea and switched on Sid's Laptop.
Prem & Simar log on to Skype in Roli & Sid id at same time.
Prem was expected Roli on other end waiting for SID so that He can talk to her.
Simar also thought of talking to SID and sort out.
Prem & Simar was surprised to see each other.
Prem identified Simar as Roli's sister, his love whereas Simar was not aware who is that.
Simar: Sorry, I tried to contact Mr. Siddhant and wrongly connected to you it seems.
Prem: No you tried to contact Sid only. But I log in to talk to ROli to sort the issue between Siddhant &
Simar: Oh He is also angry with Roli then.
Prem; Yes. I think Roli is also very angry with Sid.
Simar: What to do now & why it is happening when they love so much each other.
Prem: I feel it is due to tension Roli got when their professor asked them about marriage. Siddhant told
Divakar about their marriage so that he do not disturb Roli. He was madly in love with Roli and to avoid
that only.
Simar: I do understand. I think now both are angry and they need to pacify them themselves seeing and
talking to each other.
Prem: Ok. Where is Roli now?

Simar: She went to temple just now.

Prem: We will do one thing. You please come to Temple. I too will bring Siddhant to Temple. Lets try to
make them talk to each other and sort the issue.
Simar: Ok. Thanks.

Part 11
Roli was praying to god when simar reached mandir.
Roli was surprised to see simar there.
Roli: simar didi
Simar: yes roli I too felt like coming to mandir. That's why.
Roli & simar were waiting for prasad
Prem & sid entered mandir.
Sid & roli were shocked seeing each other.
Prem took sid to stand opposite to roli.
Prem & simar were seeing whether any reaction on rosid.
But no.
Prem then signalled simar to send roli to park which was near mandir.
Pandit gave Prasad to all.
Roli just moved from there.
Simar followed roli and took the phone from roli.
Simar: roli I will just talk to maaji & give phone.
Simar SMS to sid from roli phone.

Simar SMS: siddhantji I want to talk to you. Pls come to the garden.
After sending SMS she return the phone to roli.
Simultaneously prem took phone from sid & send SMS to roli.
Rosid received SMS.
Rosid was thinking why calling now to talk.
Both said some reason to prem & simar and went to the park.
Prem & simar followed them and hide behind a tree to see what rosid is doing.
Sid went near roli.
Both were waiting for the other to talk.
After few minutes.
Sid: roli
Roli: siddhantji
Sid: roli you are that much angry with me, you have not even put sindoor in forehead when pundit gave
Roli: siddhantji yes I was angry with you. But how can you think like that. See here.
Roli opened her hair and showed sid sindoor filled forehead.
Roli: I kept this going in a side unknown to others. How can you even think like that.
Sid: roli sorry but you too mistake me that I intentionally told that boy about our marriage.
Roli: sorry siddhantji I was tensed that it was known to mam.
Sid: sorry very sorry.
Roli: sorry very sorry

Rosid smiled.
Sid hold her face and went near her to kiss her.
Prem & simar turned away from them with a smile...
Part 12
Rosid were sitting below a tree.
Roli lean towards his chest.
Her arms around his waist.
Sid was caressing her head by one hand and hugging by another.
Roli gave a kiss on his chest, then neck, then moved towards his face.
Rosid had eye lock for few minutes.
Sid gave kisses on her cheek and both were looking at each other.
They both moved more closer for a lip lock.
Rosid forgot the world for few minutes.
They were enjoying the each and every minute to remove the strain of the fight from their mind.
While on the other side prem was enjoying the moments of presence of simar.
Simar: premji happy to see them together. I need to thank you
Prem: nothing I did, only tried for my brother as you did for your sister.
Simar realised that they are getting late.
Simar: premji we are getting late but how can we disturb them.
Prem: yes they are lost from real world.
Simar was feeling uneasy to ask prem.

Simar: premji can you do something.

Prem thought for a while & called sid through phone.
Rosid returned to the world on the call.
Sid: prem
Sid took the call.
Prem: sid roli need to go home. Can you
Sid realised what he mean.
Sid: prem where are you.
Rosid moved apart.
Prem: sid we are here only waiting for you both.
Sid: prem come here.
Prem & simar came near rosid.
Rosid blushed
Prem: you cannot fight or be apart from each other. We know how much you love.
Simar: we only sent SMS to you both to come here.
Rosid realised what has happened
Roli hug simar while sid hug prem...

Part 13
Roli & Simar returned home.
Simar: Roli, Till today I was only hearing & seeing your side of love. But today after seeing you both I can
understand how close you are and you both are unable to spare to be apart. Then why you are delaying.
Lets tell both families and you can start your married life.

Roli: No didi. As I said, we want your & Prem ji marriage to happen before telling about our love.
Simar: Roli, Dont worry about me. I am anyway going to get married which is not linked to your marriage.

Roli: didi, no didi. Anyway we need to complete our studies also. Lets wait.
Simar: Ok. but dont get angry with him anymore like this.
Roli nod her head and smiled.

The days were moving very fast.

ROSID were getting closer and closer.
They were always connected with each other either personally or through mobile or through internet..
They were unable to spare even a minute to be apart.
ROSID were in arms of each other and exchanged kisses and enjoyed hugs whenever possible.
Still ROSID concentration on their studies never decreased. They were even stronger as they did
combined studies.
The time has come to get the marks of the exam.
ROSID were eagerly waiting for the marks.
On the day of issuance of Marksheet, professor called both Roli & Siddhant to her room.

Mam: Roli & Siddhant, So now you are awaiting marks today. What is your feeling? You both are top
scorer in the last exam.
Roli: Mam, we are very confident that we will get same level of marks in this exam also as we have put
full efforts together for that success.
Mam: Sid what about you.
Sid: I am also confident as we have not given any chance to even loose a single mark in this exam. We
are more confident than the previous one.

Mam: What if that is not the reality?

ROSID were shocked.
Roli: Mam, what are you telling? It is not at all possible. We did the exams very well.
Mam smiled.
Mam: Roli dont get tensed. I am proud of you both. When we talked regarding your affair last time, I was
not having full faith on your words that you are going to concentrate on studies. But I was wrong. You
both were right. I was just kidding. You both have secured maximum possible marks & secured the top
ROSID: Thank you Mam. Thank you so much.
Mam: I just wanted to congradulate both of you and that is why I called you both here. I wish all other
students whoever deviate from career path with the reason of love should learn from you both that the
Love can also make them winners. All the best. Keep it up.
ROSID Smiled.

Roli: Siddhantji, I am very happy today.

Sid: Yes Roli. Is it not the right time to celebrate together on this winning.
Roli: Yes. We need to celebrate.
Sid: Then we will go our house tomorrow and celebrate our winning. Will you.
Roli: Siddhantji, Sure I wish to. Only thing is we cannot make from Morning till night. But we need to go
& return within college timing. Is it ok for you.
Sid: Ok. Reach college at 8 AM. We will go & return by evening itself. Is it ok.
Roli: Ok.
ROSID smiled...

Part 14
Roli reached home & informed Simar on the Top Mark.

Simar was very happy.

Roli: Simar didi, I am very happy today.
Simar: So. What is your hero telling now? Any plans.
Roli: Yes didi. We are going out tomorrow. But only during college timing. We will return by evening.
Simar: hmm. Enjoy.
Roli blushed.

Prem was equally happy on hearing the good news from Sid.
Sid informed Prem that they have planned to go to their holiday house the next day.
Prem: Oh oh. Last time when you both went returned married couples. Now what is the plan for this
time. Any advancement?
Sid: Prem...
Prem & Sid Smiled.

Sid told Roli to come in Saree.

Simar helped Roli to select a beautiful Saree.
Simar made Roli ready with its suitable jewelleries.
Roli was looking very pretty.
Roli reached College.
Sid was mesmerised by Roli's beauty.
Sid: Roli, You are so beautiful. I feel like..
Roli blushed.

Sid: Roli, get on the bike.

Roli: Siddhantji, But today I can sit only sideways as I am wearing Saree. Ok.
Sid smiled.
Roli sat behind him sideways and her hands was around his waist.
Their Journey started towards the house.
On the way they went to mandir where they married last time.
Sid; ROli, Today there is no need for you to hide the SIndoor. I like you in open hair.
ROli removed the clip and kept the hair open.
Roli's forehead filled with Sindoor was now visible.
ROSID went to pray to God and thanked for blessing to secure good marks.
Pandit gave prasad.
Sid put sindoor from Prasad on ROli and kept the flower on her hair.
Roli was very happy and they continued their journey and reached the house.
Old man was very happy to see ROSID again and welcome them.
Old man: Siddhant beta, Come in. You have not told me about your coming. I have not done any
preparation for food or anything.
Sid: kaka no problem. We got our food packed from home. We only want to spend some time here.
Nothing else. You be relaxed.
ROSID went inside the house leaving the footwear outside.

Sid took ROli on his hands as soon as they entered the house.
Roli clasp her hands around Sid's neck.
Sid went to their room and put her on the bed.

ROli: Siddhantji...
Sid stopped roli from talking keeping his fingure on her lips.
Sid was starring at Roli for few minutes.
Sid slowly removed his shirt and moved towards Roli..

Part 15
Sid went very near to Roli.
Sid lean towards her.
Sid caresses her hair.
Then his hands moved towards her face to caresses her face.
Forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, chin and moved down towards her neck.
Roli stopped his hands by hers in shyness.
Sid moved his face towards her and started giving sweet kisses.
Sid kissed on her forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, chin and her neck.
Roli slowly closed her eyes.
After few minutes of silence...
Sid: Roli lets go to swim
Roli slowly opened her eyes to see Sid missing near her
Roli searched for him and found him wearing shorts and was getting ready to swim standing near the
Roli got up and went near SID and back hug him.
Roli: Siddhantji, you are getting ready to swim by removing your shirt.

SId: Yes Roli, Then what do you think.

Sid wink his eyes which Roli noticed through the mirror.
Roli blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji, You are kidding with me. I got afraid on your behaviour today.
Sid: Roli getting afraid of Siddhant. DOnt you know about me. I will not cross the border before
traditional marriage.
Roli: Then why you behaved as if...
Sid: as if...
Roli: Siddhantji...(in shyness)
Sid: ROli, Prem was teasing me yesterday when I said we are coming here stating We returned married
last time and what about this time. So I just run a trial with you for fun to see your reaction.
Roli: This is fun for you..
Roli hit him in love and SID hug her tightly.

ROSID went to Pool and Roli changed to her swim suit.

ROSID we enjoying together in the pool.
ROSID swim together and had great fun with each other.
Hours turned to minutes for them when they are together...
Part 16
ROSID were swimming happily in the pool.
Suddenly they heard the sound of Car parking in front of the house.
Sid: Roli, Did you hear that sound of the car.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji.

Sid lets go & see who is coming from this side.

ROSID went to the corner to see who has come & Sid got shocked.
Roli saw someone talking to the Old man.
Stranger: Whose slippers are here? Who has come?
Old man was unable to understand what to tell as Sid already informed him not to disclose about them to
Old man: That belongs to Mine & my wife only. Sorry we put it here in the morning when we reached to
clean the house. My wife forgot to put while she returned as our house is nearby and I will put mine while
returning home.
Stranger: But dont put the slippers like this in front of house. It does not look good.
Two strangers who came entered the house while Old man started sweating.
Sid took Roli inside the changing room and locked the door.
Roli: What happend Siddhantji? Who are those strangers coming inside our house?
Sid: They are not strangers. They are my Mataji & Maaji.
Roli: But why? You said they will come only in holidays.
Sid: I too dont know Roli. Lets wait & see.
ROSID were inside that small room.
Sid: Roli, you change your dress. We will try to go to our room as she will not come to upstairs.
Roli: Siddhantji how can I change my dress in front of you.
Sid: So what I dont mind
Roli: Siddhantji..
SId: Ok. I will turn that side. You change your dress.
Sid turned another side and ROli started changing her dress.

In the meantime, Sid changed his wet shorts to dry one and was waiting for Roli to change.
Sid: Shall I turn
ROli: Wait
Sid: How long you take to change your dress. I will turn now.
Sid do not wait for her reply and turned towards her.
Roli was just arranging the fleets of the saree & blouse was showing her beauties.
Seeing Sid turned towards her, she dropped the saree and tried to cover her with her hands.
Sid came near her and pulled her towards him.
Sid slowly took her hands and kept it on his shoulders and pulled her more towards him.
Roli blushed.
Sid heard the voice of Mataji towards the Pool.
Old man was following them,
Mataji: I am happy that you are maintaining this house well. The garden also well maintained.
By the time They reached near the pool.
Mataji: Why the places around the pool is wet.
Old man; That is nothing Mataji, I cleared the pond just few minutes before as few leaves fell inside it. At
that time the water spill out of the pool.
Mataji & Maaji went crossing the changing room towards the front side.
Sid took her dropped end of saree and put it over her.
Sid: Roli, lets go. Now Mataji will go through that side and then only will enter inside the house. By the
time, we will go to our room.
Sid hold her hands & both rushed towards their room.

Mataji & Maaji entered the house when ROSID just claimed the stairs.
Mataji: We were just passing through this way & thought of coming here as it went so many days coming
Old man: Ji...
Maaji: Shall we go Mataji.
Mataji: But Sujatha, Let us be here for some more time and we will start after 3 pm. SO that the climate
will be better.
ROSID entered into their room after hearing this.
Sid; Roli, They will be here till 3 pm. Then we will start from here ok.
Roli: Ok Siddhantji. What about your bike. Where did you kept it. Already they questioned kaka about
our slippers.
Sid: Luckily i kept it on right side. Mataji might have not gone there & noticed as it is behind the tree.
Sid locked the room and they settled inside their room till 3 pm.
They were unable to talk or play music as they cannot create any sound.
ROSID were in silence.
They had food which they were having in their bags.
After having food, they sat in the bed beside each other.
Roli lean towards him and they were hugging each other.
Sid: Roli, shall i give an idea.
Roli: Hmmm
SId: Roli, we have already seen a trailor. Shall we proceed with the main picture.
Sid wink his eyes and smiled.

Roli blushed
ROli: Siddhantji ... (in shyness)
Roli hug him tightly.
Roli whisper in his ears: Shall I give an idea
Sid: Hmmm
ROli: We can run the trailor again.
Sid got shocked & surprised.
Sid pull Roli towards him and ...

Part 17
Roli was in Sid's lap.
Roli: shall we start.
Sid: are you sure we need to start
Roli: siddhantji I too don't want, but we need to start from here. I need to go home.
Rosid got ready and came out slowly to see whether mataji & maaji started.
They were just leaving.
Rosid came down as soon as car started.
They thanked kaka for helping them without telling to mataji and started in the bike.
Roli was hugging sid tightly.
Sid: roli though we were inside the room alone today. We had sweet moments than ever.
Roli: siddhantji it is getting difficult for us day by day to be apart.
Rosid remembered their sweet romantic moments and forgot the world.

Sid crossed mataji car with roli.

Mataji: sujatha that bike seems to be siddhant's. Who is that girl behind him.
Maaji: mataji, I too don't know.
By the time rosid went very far from the car.

After reaching home, roli went to the room.

Simar: roli how was the day.
Roli blushed.
there was a red mark on her neck which simar noticed.
Simar: roli hope everything is fine.
Roli: didi you know his mataji & maaji came there suddenly. So we hide ourselves inside the room the
whole day.
Simar: oh now I understood the reason for this mark.
Simar smiled & showed it to roli.
Roli got shyness and hug simar.

Mataji decided to ask sid about that girl.

Sid entered into the house.
Mataji: sid I saw you with a girl in your bike crossing us when we were coming to home.
Sid realised what happened.
Prem just entered and heard this conversation.
Prem: no chance mataji, he was with me today and actually he gave his bike to some friend. Did you saw
the person who was riding the bike.

Mataji: no the bike crossed very fast and we saw bike & some girl behind.
Prem: that's what. May be his friend
Mataji: don't give your bike to such friends. See we have mistaken you.
Sid nod his head and thanked prem for helping him
Part 18
Rosid in the college.
Roli: siddhantji you created a red mark in my neck which simar didi noticed. See here.
Sid: this was mark created when I
Roli stopped sid in telling further by keeping her finger on his lips
Roli: I know.
Roli blushed by the memories.
Sid: roli mataji saw us yesterday
Roli: then does she came to know
Sid: no prem helped me to solve.
Roli: thank god.
Sid: you remember from today sports practice is there. Inter college competition is nearing.
Roli: yes siddhantji we need to win this year also
Sid: roli tell me the truth you admired my game last year right
Roli: I admired your game as well as you.
Roli smiled.
Sid: now you are agreeing that you did admire me too.

Roli: why not I agree to my husband.

Rosid smiled..
Part 19
Rosid were practicing sports vigorously.
Both decided to win the match for sure.
They encouraged each other during the practice well.

One day while practicing roli fell down and scratch the knee.
Sid rushed to roli.
Sid told his friend to bring first aid box.
Sid cleaned the wound, put the medicine & packed with bandage.
Roli was very happy seeing his concern

Roli: siddhantji I love you so much in the sports dress you know.
Sid: roli I am mad on you in seeing you in skirt I used to see you from far distance last year itself.
Roli: so you are the one who I felt someone is looking at me
Sid: who else can dare to see my wife.
Rosid smiled.

Rosid participated the inter college competition & won the matches like last year.
Rosid were very happy.
Their mam specially congradulated for their success.
Simar & prem too congradulated both.

Rosid congradulated mutually with a hug & few kisses.

Part 20
Sid informed roli about the coming cultural show.
Sid: roli you remember something
Roli: I do we need to dance together this year.
Sid: which songs we need to select now.
Roli: siddhantji we will select multiple songs, mix it into single song.
Sid: good idea.
Rosid started selection of songs. Sid arranged to mix the songs & recorded in sequence.
Their song ready for rehearsal
Rosid started practice in the evening timings.
Roli helped to select the steps.
They were very much satisfied with their steps.
Sid: roli how beautiful our combination is. We are getting success on studying together, playing, dancing.
Roli: you are right siddhantji.
Rosie smiled.
The day has come. Prem came with sid & simar with roli.
As prem & simar know each other sat together
Prem was feeling very happy.
The program started. Rosid were getting ready.

Roli designed similar color dress & pattern for both and sid arranged to stitch it.
They were looking beautiful.
After few performance their turn came.
Rosid started performance.
Prem & simar were very happy to see their graceful dance.
Rosid enjoyed the performance, so they rocked.
There were claps as soon as their performance complete.
Rosid were happy with their performance.
After few performance prize distribution started.
Rosid were again announced the performer of the year.
Both came to stage together and collected the award.
They were very happy this time to receive together.
Rosid achieved their aim of getting the award.
Simar & prem also were very happy
Rosid smiled at each other & took photos with award.

Part 21
College excursion time has come.
Mam came to class & announced the news
Mam: students we are planning for picnic to Kashmir coming week. It will be 4 days trip. Interested can
Rosid were very happy hearing this.

With simar help roli got permission from her parents.

College arranged for a bus & their journey started.
Rosid were sitting together in the last row.
Mam noticed, but not told anything as she is aware of them.
Rosid were starring at each other all the way.
They seems to require nothing else.
They were in their own world.
Finally the bus reached the place.
The arrangement of staying were done by college.
After taking rest they started for sight seeing, but they were made in 2 groups as boys one & girls one &
started their sight seeing.
Though rosid were not interested to go separate, they need to go with others.
They went to few places the whole day and reached the snowy mountain by evening.
Suddenly when they were in the snowy mountain there started heavy wind.
They were unable to even stand there & decided to return immediately.
Everyone rushed towards room.
Sid searched for roli who was missing.
Sid: mam where is roli.
Mam: she was with us only. We just rushed here due to heavy wind when we were in snowy mountain.
Sid: but she is not here.
Sid rushed towards the place searching for roli

Sid: roli... Roli...

Roli was struck in the snowy mountain itself. She lost body temperature and was like freezing.
She was unable to move or speak.
Sid was searching for her here & there. Finally found her.
Sid took her in his hands & returned to their staying place.
Part 22
Roli was unconscious.
Sid & mam rushed outside to call some doctor.
But being new place, they can't understand where doctor willbe.
Mam saw a old lady & asked her.
Mam: can you tell us where doctor will be available nearby.
Old lady: for what. Doctor is not available nearby
Mam: our student who has come here is not well
Old lady: what happened can I see.
Mam: she was struck in the snow mountain. She is unconscious now.
Old lady went to see roli and checked her.
Old lady: her temperature is down. I will just come.
Old lady came back in few minutes with a bottle of oil.
She started rubbing that oil on roli's feet.
Sid took some oil & and rub it on rolu's hands.
After few minutes.

Old lady: she seems to find difficulty in getting back her body temperature.
Mam: what can be done now for that?
Old lady: one way is there. But you said she is student that's why I am thinking.
Mam: tell us what it is
Old lady: who is that really worried about that girl
Mam: he is her husband
Old lady: she is married, then there is no problem. Call him.
Mam called sid.
Old lady: you are her husband?
Sid: yes
Old lady: then you only cure her.
Sid: but how?
Old lady: just be her husband today. She will regain her body temperature
Sid & mam was shocked hearing this.
Old lady went out.
Mam: siddhant I know about you both. But now her life is in your hands.
Mam left the room.
Sid & roli were left inside the room
Sid was puzzled what to do.
Sid was starring at roli...
Part 23

Sid was thinking what to do now.

Roli life is more important now.
Sid locked the room and joined roli in her bed inside the blanket.
After few hours..
Roli regained her consciousness.
Roli saw herself in Sid's chest and sid was hugging her tightly.
Sid too got awake on roli's movement.
Sid: are you alright now.
Roli: siddhantji I am alright but what happened yesterday.
Sid: roli you were struck in the snow mountain and last your temperature. You were unconscious.
Roli: but why we are like this. What happened between us.
Sid: roli sorry I used the opportunity of your unconscious state to...
Roli was shocked
Roli: siddhantji I never expected this from you. I agree I am your wife. But you have told me you will not
cross the limit until our marriage. That too when I was not even in conscious
Roli eyes were filled with tears.
Sid: roli, this is what you have understood me. Look at me.
Roli was not looking at him.
Roli tears wet sid.
Sid lift her face to look at him.
Sid: roli listen, nothing happened like what you think. Your life was in danger. Old lady told me to be as
husband to you to regain your temperature. Our mam too told me to save your life. But still I kept my
promise. I only shared my body temperature with you. Nothing more happened.

Roli: I am very sorry siddhantji, I have mistaken you. I am sorry.

Sid: its OK.
Sid kissed on her forehead
Roli hug him tightly.

Part 24
Roli's birthday.
Roli was expecting wishes from sid.
But not received any call or SMS.
Roli switched on the laptop to see whether he is online.
But no
Roli got ready to college and went to college.
Sid was not there.
Roli was waiting till class starting time & went to class.
Sid reached class late.
But not talked to her anything.
Roli was often turning towards him to see whether he is looking at her.
But no.
Roli was waiting for the lunch.
Sid came to roli during lunch time.
Sid: roli, I got some work now. You have lunch with your friend.

Sid was not even waiting for her reply.

Sid returned to class late post lunch.
Roli was now waiting for evening.
Sid came to her.
Sid: roli I need to go home, bye.
Roli: siddhantji..
Sid already left.
roli eyes were filled with tears.

Roli returned home.

She was very upset.
Simar: roli why are you very upset
Roli: didi siddhantji not wished me for my birthday. Not even talked to me or taken lunch. No rose for me.
No chocolate. I never expected such painful birthday this year.
Roli started crying.
Simar: roli, you should not cry like this on your birthday. May be he was busy in some work
Roli hug simar
Part 25
Simar took roli to mandir.
When they were taking Prasad, one person came there.
Stranger: mam are you roli?
Roli: yes.
Stranger: then this is sent for you.

He gave a visiting card of a cloth store.

Simar: what is this roli?
Roli: this is visiting card of a cloth store
Simar: let's go there & see.
They went to the cloth store.
When they entered, a person came there.
Stranger: you are roli.
Roli: yes
Stranger: this is for you.
He gave a gift pack.
Roli opened it & saw a beautiful lehenga in it.
Simar: it is beautiful roli. Go to trial room & wear this.
Roli: but didi.
Simar: just go roli.
Roli went to trial room and came back wearing the lehenga in beautiful red color
Then when they tried to come out of the shop, another visiting card was given to roli.
Roli& simar went there. It was a jewellery shop.
There too roli received a gift pack.
Roli found beautiful jewelry set inside it.
Simar put that jewelry set on roli

There they were given another visiting card of a five star hotel.
Simar & roli went there.
Prem was waiting outside for them.
Prem: welcome roli. Happy birthday. Come in.
Roli was surprised and went behind prem.
Prem took them near a room.
prem opened the door.
The room was beautifully decorated with red roses & candles.
Simar & prem took roli inside the room.
Sid was waiting inside with a bunch of red roses in his hands.
Sid forward the bunch of roses towards roli.
Sid: roli, happy birthday.
Roli was surprised and happy.
Sid took her near the cake.
Roli cut the cake while sid, prem & simar wish her.
Roli feed the cake to sid.
Sid feed to roli.
Roli hug sid forgetting the presence of simar & prem.
Roli: siddhantji.. You know how much I was upset.
Sid: roli, we three together planned for this surprise that's why.
Prem: siddhant we will wait outside for sometimes.

Prem & simar went out of the room to give privacy to rosid.
Sid: you look beautiful. How you felt my surprise.
Roli: so beautiful like you.
Roli clasp her hands around sid neck.
Sid switch on the music.
Rosid dance to the music gracefully.
They forgot the world in each other arms.
Part 26
Prem & simar were waiting in the reception.
Simar: premji, siddhantji & roli are very much in love. I don't feel its good hiding their marriage any more.
Prem: you are right. I too told them about this with siddhant.But he is not hearing. Anyway let them
complete their studies. We will do something.
Simar: hmmm
Prem: I always surprise on their love. They are extraordinary.
Simar smiled.
Both were talking to each other for some more time.
The time was passing fast
Simar started looking at watch.
Prem understood they are getting late.
Prem call sid.

Sid who lost in roli's lap took the phone.

Prem: siddhant...
Sid: sorry prem I told you that we will not keep you waiting long. Please come. We will have lunch & then
Sid got up and moved towards the door.
Roli followed him.
Sid opened the door.
Prem & simar came inside and they sat in the dining table in the room.
Prem already ordered food for dinner which was kept in the dining table by the server.
Prem: sorry sid to disturb you today also.
Sid: prem, when we are together we can't realise even hours. Its OK.
Roli blushed.
Simar served the food in the plates.
Prem was very happy.

Sid feed roli & roli feed sid.

Simar felt shy on seeing this while prem was starring at her.
Sid noticed love in prem's eye for simar.

ROSID FF: Love of Souls Chapter 4 => PREMAR MARRIAGE

Part 1
Roli was surprised.
Roli: Siddhantji, are you sure.
Sid; Yes Roli. I am very sure. Prem is loving Simar.

Roli: I am very happy.

Sid: Now we need to do 2 things. 1st you need to know about your sister wish about Prem. Dont ask
directly. But just take her opinion about Prem. 2nd task I will take care once i get update from you on the
Roli: Ok Siddhantji. Done.
ROSID handshake each other and join the pinky fingers.
ROSID were very much excited.
Sid was waiting for the update from Roli.

Roli return home from college and was having generally discussions with Simar.
Roli: Simar didi, shall i ask you one thing.
Simar: Yes Roli.
Roli: What do you think about Premji?
Simar: What can i think about him? He is nice person. Very soft. Understanding person.
Roli saw a spark on Simar's eyes when talking about him.
Roli was thinking ' Siddhantji was right. There was something between them. I only missed to realise it
from my sister.'
Roli smiled.
ROli SMS to SId
Roli SMS: Siddhantji you were right. Proceed with your 2nd task.
SID SMS: Ok Roli. I will take care.

Sid went to Panditji to whom Mataji have told to look for some good alliance for Prem.

Sid: Panditji, I will give you a horoscope and a girl photo. you need to suggest that alliance for Prem to
Pandit: But Siddhant. Which alliance is that?
Sid: Panditji. That alliance is Prem's wish. More than Horoscope, its important for 2 hearts to meet
perfectly right? So I need your help in this.
Pandit: You are right beta. I will do that for you. But take care that no problem come to me by this.
Sid: No problem will ever come to you by this. Dont worry. You reach our house tomorrow. I will meet
you outside our house & give you that photo & horoscope of that girl.
Pandit: Ok.
Sid informed Roli to bring Simar's Horoscope & Photo and took it from her.

Part 2
Sid was waiting for the Pandit the next day.
Sid gave the photo & horoscope of Simar to Pandit.
Pandit took those and entered into Bharatwaj house.
Pandit: Namaste, Mataji.
Mataji: Panditji, Namaste. We were waiting for you since so many days as you promised to bring some
good alliance to Prem.
Pandit: Yes Mataji. I have come for that only now. I got a good alliance on hand now. See this photo &
Pandit gave the photo & horoscope to Mataji.
Mataji took the photo of Simar and she liked her.
Mataji: Sujatha, look at this girl. She is looking good.
Maaji: Yes Mataji, The girl is very good.
Mataji: Uma, bring the horoscope of Prem. We will tell Pandit to check the horoscope matching.
Uma gives the horoscope of Prem to Pandit.
Pandit checked at horoscope matching of Prem & Simar.
In real it was matching perfectly.
Pandit: Mataji, the horoscope is well matching perfectly.
Mataji: How about the family?
Pandit: The family is small middle class family only.
Mataji: Middle class family?
Sid just entered the conversation.
Sid: So what Mataji. Are we depending on any money from Prem Sasural. Let it be middle class. We
need good daughter in law right?

Maaji: Siddhant is right Mataji. The girl is very good. If Prem like her let us proceed with this alliance.
Mataji agreed.
Prem was just entering the hall.
Maaji: Prem, we are looking alliance for you only. Please come here & see the photo.
Sujatha tried to show the photo to Prem.
Sid interfered & took the photo from him.
Sid: Maaji, what is need of photo? Let Prem see the girl in personal and decide. Photo sometime
Mataji & Maaji agreed.
Prem was upset. Sid noticed his face.
Sid went to Prem.
Sid: Prem, why are you upset. Let us go & see the girl. There is no compulsion. If you don't like just say
Prem decided in his mind to say No' only as he cannot say yes' to anyone other than Simar.
Sid SMS to Roli.
Sid SMS: Roli, Step 2 Success. Now, it's your turn now for Step 3.
Roli SMS: Yes Siddhantji. Done!

Pandit entered into Roli's house.

Roli's Father: Sorry I am unable to recognize you.
Pandit: Sir, I have got alliance for your daughter Simar.
Roli's Father: Please come in & Sit.
Pandit: I got your daughter's photo & horoscope through my friend. Her Horoscope is very well matching
with the boy's horoscope. They also liked your daughter through her photo. If you agree, they will come
to your home to see the girl.
Roli's Father: Well. How about the family?
Pandit: It is one of the good family in the city. They are not expecting anything other than a good girl as
their daughter in law.
Roli's father: Well. Then do you have any photo of the boy.
Pandit gave the photo & horoscope of the boy to Roli's father.
Roli's father showed the photo to Roli's mother. Roli's parents liked Prem's photo very much.
Roli's father: Panditji, you can tell them to come to our house to see our girl as per their convenience. We
like the boy.
Pandit: Well. Thank you.
Roli & Simar were inside their room.
Roli's Mother: Simar, please come here. See this boy photo which has come for you.
Roli interfered & took the photo.
Roli: Maaji, what is the need of photo which always misguide us. We are not even aware when this photo
was taken. Let them come & we will see them directly.
Roli's parents agreed.
Simar was neither happy about this alliance nor knows the reason.
Simar mind was trying to tell her something which her heart feels.
Pandit informed Mataji about their acceptance to proceed.
Mataji decided to go to see Simar on that weekend.

ROSID shared about happening mutually in the college

They were happy that their plan is working out.
Roli: Siddhantji, I will be very happy if Premji becomes my Jiju.
Sid: I too will be happy if Simar becomes my Bhabhi.
Roli: We were always telling their marriage should happen before ours. But we never realised the
marriage will be between them.
Sid: Ok. Ok. So I am the one who found their love and initiated the process. So what is the gift my ROli is
giving to me for that.
Roli: Siddhantji. Myself is for you to take as you wish. What special I can give you.
Sid: Oh. Then shall I...
Roli blushed.
Sid pulled her towards him...

Part 3

Mataji, Prem's Parents, Prem & SID went to Simar house.

Prem was not aware whom he is going to see. So he was looking upset.
Sid: Prem, Why are you so dull? How that girl will like you if you keep your face like this?
Prem: I dont want any girl to like me. I too will not like any girl.
Sid: Prem, why you decide before seeing the girl. You may like her after seeing her.
Prem: No Chance Sid. I am not at all interested to come. You only compelled me to come. I am anyway
going to tell 'No' only.
Sid: Lets wait & see Prem. Why are you so tensed? Just relaxed.

At Roli's house, Simar was getting ready, but unknown tension was inside her.
Simar: Roli, I dont know why. But I am not liking all these.
Roli: Why Simar didi? You have not even seen the boy. Why are you telling so? You may like him once
you see.

Simar: Roli, I dont feel so.

Roli: Lets see Simar didi. Just relax. If you dont like. Just say 'No' without any hesitation.

Mataji & Family entered into Simar's house.

Roli's Parents greeted them well.
They sat in the chairs. Mataji liked the way the house was decorated eventhough it was small.
Roli's mother gave water to all & also served Sweets & Snacks.

Mataji: Your house is well decorated. It looks nice eventhough it is small.

Roli's mother: All are taken care by my daughter only.
Mataji: What is she doing now?
Roli's mother: She completed her graduation and taking tutions during free time.
Mataji: Well. How about her other talents?
Roli's mother: She cook well. The sweets & snacks which you are having now was prepared by her only.
She is good in hand works also. The decorative items in this house all made by her only.
Mataji: Its all very nice. Can we see the Girl now.
Roli's mother: Sure.
Roli's mother went inside the room and told Simar to come.
Simar accompanied with Roli came out of the room.
Simar was looking down due to shyness while Prem was also looking down due to no interest.
Sid: Prem, look at the girl.
Prem lifted his face slowly as SID said and was shocked seeing Simar & Roli.

On the other end,

Roli: Simar didi, look at the boy.
Simar slowly lift her face & was shocked too.
Simar touched the feet of elders and took their blessings and sat in the chair.
Prem & Simar were in Sweet surprise.

Sid: Prem, Shall we drop this alliance.

Prem: Sid. These all your arrangements only. You have not even told me.
Sid: If I have already told you, we might have not be able to see this pleasant surprise on your face.
What you think? Wont I understand my brother's love.
Prem: Thank you Siddhant. Thank you so much.

Roli was talking to Simar.

Roli: Simar didi, how about the boy?
Simar: Roli, its all done by you both!
Roli: When you do my birthday surprise, why cant i give surprise to you?
Premar blushed.

Part 4

ROSID were excited.

ROSID smiled looking at each other.
Mataji: Let me tell about our family. This is my son & daughter in law. There are totally 4 sons of them &
Prem is 3rd son out of 4. This is Siddhant, the last one. 3 grandsons including Prem are taking care of
our shops. 4th Siddhant is studying in the college.

Roli's Father: Thanks Mataji. Happy to know about your family. We have only 2 daughters Simar & Roli.
Simar is elder & Roli is younger studying in the college.
Mataji: Good. Roli beta. In which college are you studying?
Roli told the college name.
Mataji: I am surprised, our Siddhant is also studying in that college only.
Roli: Oh. I see.
ROSID & Premar smiled unnoticed by others.
Mataji: Let Prem & Simar talk to each other and understand mutually. Eventhough I am old, I do believe
that they need to like each other before they agree for the marriage.
Roli's parents agreed.
Prem: Siddhant, you too come with me.
Roli & Sid went together with Prem & Simar to the upstairs.

Prem: Siddhant, whats all this. You have not even told me. What a surprise you have given me?
Simar: Roli, you too. I never expected my little sister will do something like this.
Sid: Prem, i know very well that you were in love with Simar sorry Simar bhabhi. What you think. I will
not come to know if you dont tell me.
Roli: Yes Simar didi. I too understood that you are also in love with Premji sorry Prem Jiju.
All four were very happy together.
Sid: Ok Prem. Mataji given permission to you to talk with her. Why you are wasting time in talking to us.
Prem: Siddhant, what is between us to understand newly.
Sid: But brother, think about us. We got so many to know about us. Lets go Roli, we will understand
each other.
Prem: Siddhant...

ROSID moved to a side leaving privacy to Premar & also giving privacy to themselves.
It was late evening time & only moon light was there. That too as it was just new moon the light was very
dull. ROSID sat in a corner.
Sid was admiring Roli's beauty in that little moon light and caressess her face.
Sid: ROli, you are looking beautiful in this moon light.
Roli: Siddhantji, You are admiring me in this situation. But i got tensed when Mataji asked about my
Sid: I know what you said. 'Oh I see' as if it is new news for you.
Sid laughed.
Roli: Siddhantji all are fun for you.
Sid: Lets have fun Dear. Dont you like this thrilling fun & excitement. Tell me.
Roli: Of course. I liked the thrill.
Sid: With that thrill give me some pleasant kisses too.
Roli: Siddhantji, Simar didi & Prem jiju is there. What they will think of us?
Sid: They are on that side. No one will see. I will not move from here until I get atleast 1 kiss from you.
Roli blushed and moved towards SID to kiss in his cheeks and gave a kiss.
Sid hold her and went near her while Prem & simar just came there.
Prem adjusted his voice to create sound and let ROSID know their coming.
ROSID moved apart and blushed.
Prem: Shall we go down Siddhant.
SId nod his head and all the 4 came down.
Prem & Simar given their acceptance on their marriage to their family.

All were happy & exchanged sweets to share the happiness.

ROSID thumbs up for their success unknown to others and showed the pinky fingers to each other.

Part 5
Premar engagement date fixed and its time to purchase dress & rings for the engagement.
Mataji, Prem's parents, Simar's parents, Prem, Simar & of course ROSID reached the cloth store for the
Ladies were in Lehenga section while gents went to sherwani section.
Mataji: Simar, you select any dress as per your wish.
Simar: Ji Mataji.
Simar started selecting dress & Roli was helping her.
Roli was hit with small stone and she turned to see that was none other than Sid.
Sid was calling her with his face expression.
Roli was 1st denying by her expression. But Sid got upset. So Roli went behind him.
ROSID went to the another floor.
It was kids section.
Roli: Siddhantji, why you called me. All there. What if someone look at us when you called me.
Sid: Roli, all were very busy in selecting dress. Who is going to look at us.
Roli: Siddhantji, ok still why you called me to this kids section.
Sid: Roli, just for purchasing dress for our kids in advance.
Roli: Siddhantji...

SId: Then what. Let it be any section. You should be with me is more important.
Roli: SIddhantji, you have become more impatient now a days. How can I be with you always like this
when everyone is there?
When these talks were going on, the shop staff came near to them.
Shop staff: What you want Sir? You want kids dress? Of which age sir? Girl or Boy?
ROSID were not having answer for any of these.
Roli: Siddhantji, answer her.
Sid: Sure why not. The collections are very nice. We are just looking at the collections. We will purchase
it later.
Shop staff: Ok sir. If any required let me know so that I can help you.
Sid: Sure.
Roli laughed at Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji, lets go from here. All will search for us.
ROSID went back to their places while still selection was in progress.
ROSID were standing looking at each other.
Roli was blushing by the look given by Sid's powerful eyes.
Finally after few minutes, the selection completed and they moved towards the jewellery shop to
purchase the ring.
Premar were selecting their engagement ring while ROSID were looking at their Platinum Ring which they
put to each other on their dating.
ROSID smiled showing ring to each other.

Mataji: Prem, select same pattern ring for both of you which looks good.
Prem: Yes Mataji.

Mataji noticed same design platinum ring in ROSID fingers.

Mataji: Siddhant, ROli come here.
Mataji was holding their hands and looked at the same design rings.
Mataji: Same design rings in both hands. How come?
Roli's mother: This ring was given by her friend.
Sid: Mataji, we got award last year & friend of both of us brought 2 rings and gave to both of us. Thats
why it is in same design.
Mataji: Oh ok.
Roli got breath of relief.
Sid expressed to Roli as if he will take care.
Roli smiled.
Premar too noticed all these expression exchanges between ROSID and smiled looking at each other.

Part 6
All went to Hotel to have lunch.
Premar & ROSID sat in 4 sitter table while other sat in another table.
Roli & Simar were sitting on 1 side while Prem & Sid was sitting on another side facing each other.
They ordered the food and the food were served.
All started taking food.
ROSID order Aloo Paratha as that was Sid's favorite.
Sid SMS to Roli.

Sid SMS: ROli, How can you eat yourself without feeding me?
Roli SMS:Siddhantji, are you kidding how can I feed you in front of all?
Sid SMS: Roli, you know the food will not be tasty for me without sharing with you.
Roli SMS: But how can I do that now.
Sid SMS: Wont you do that tell me.
Roli SMS: No Siddhantji. Some one will surely see that.
Sid SMS: What if I take your food in front of everyone?
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, dont do that.
Sid SMS: No I will do.
Premar were very well noticing the SMS exchanges between the two.
Sid: Roli, This Aloo paratha is not upto the taste. What about yours.
Telling this He took the piece from Roli's plate and ate it.
Sid: Roli, I said no. This plate paratha I dont like. Take this. I will take that.
Sid exchanged the plates between them with a smile.
Premar too understood what is happening between them and smiled.

Then cool drinks were served.

Sid drank half of the bottle and then signalling Roli for an exchange.
Prem noticed this.
Prem: Siddhant, is this cool drink of yours also not tasting good. Will you try mine. This is nice.
Rosid blushed.

Prem himself took the bottle and kept it near Roli and took the Roli's cooldrink and kept it near Sid.
Roli was unable to control her laugh, but also felt shy that Premar noticed all this.
Prem: Siddhant, please hear what we are telling you. Inform about you both to families. We can have
our marriage together. I am telling for your good only. I can see the longing in you both for each other.
Thats why I am telling you. Its not at all good to be apart with this much love.
Simar: Premji is right Roli. Lets inform the families. Then you can exchange the food without any

Sid: No Prem. It is only this year exam pending for us. Let us complete. Then we will inform everyone.
Till such time, let us enjoy & live these lovely days.
Prem nod his head as acceptance.

Part 7
Mataji arranged the engagement in her house itself. They invited all the close relatives & friends for the
House was decorated well.
Simar & Roli's family members with their close relatives & friends entered into the Bharatwaj house.
Simar & Roli was very happy to see their sasural house. It was looking big & beautiful.
Their parents were happy that their daughter is getting married in such a big house.
Simar & Roli were in lehenga.
Roli's eyes were searching for Sid.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, where are you?
Sid SMS: Roli, you are searching for me. You pretend to be I am the one searching for you always.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, tell me where are you
SID SMS: ROli, I will tell you only if you accept that you too search for me.
Roli SMS: Yes. I do accept. I too search for you.
Sid SMS: Then come to upstairs.
Roli SMS: What if someone sees me coming upstairs? Pls come down.
Sid SMS: No. If you really want to see me, come to upstairs.
Roli slowly started climbing the stairs.
Uma saw Roli climbing the stairs.
Uma: You are Roli right. Simar's Sister.
Roli: Ji.
Uma: Where are you going?
Roli: Just seeing the house
Uma: Oh ok.

Uma went from there.

ROli continued climbing the stairs.
ROli reached the 1st floor and did not know where to go.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, I reached upstairs, where are you?
Sid SMS: Just move leftwards.
Roli was slowly moving leftwards. When she reached the last room someone pulled her hands from
inside the room.
Roli was shocked and turned to see Sid standing smiling at her.
Sid locked the room & pulled Roli towards him.
Sid: Roli, welcome to our room. I am happy that my love, my wife is coming to our room for the 1st time.
Roli: To welcome me to our room only my husband was playing hide & seek with me like a kid.
Sid: If you are ok, then we can play adults game also.
Roli blushed.
Roli clasp her hands around Sid's neck & went very close to him.
Roli (whisper in his ears): Ok.
Sid was pleasant surprised by her word and before he realise what she said, Roli just ran away from that
room towards downstairs.
Sid came out & saw ROli from the Balcony.
Roli smiled with her eyes.

Part 8

Sid came down with Prem.

Roli was sitting with Simar.
Roli looked at Sid when Sid shifted his eyes from hers & When Sid looked at Roli, Roli's eyes were
looking down due to shyness of 'Ok' she has given to Sid.
Sid was getting mad on Roli's blushing cheeks.
Premar engagement started & they exchanged the rings. They cut the cake & feed each other.
Mataji thanked all the relatives & friends for attending the function & requested all to have dinner before
Premar are now officially engaged couple.
Sid: Prem dont you show your room to Simar.
Maaji: Yes. Prem. Take Simar to your room and show her.

Prem: Ji Maaji.
Premar started climbing stairs to go to Prem's room while ROSID followed them.
Premar entered into Prem's room while Sid hold roli from going inside.
Sid: Prem, you show your room to Simar bhabhi & i will show my room to Roli.
Prem: Siddhant, i know very well why you pushed me to show my room to Simar.
ROSID blushed.
Sid took ROli to his room.
Sid locked the room and turned towards Roli.
Roli tried move from Sid while Sid hold her hands.
Sid: Roli, what you said? Please tell me now.
Roli: Nothing Siddhantji.
Sid: I will not leave you until you tell me.
Sid back hug her tightly.
Roli: Siddhantji, what if anyone comes here.
Sid: Let them come.
Roli: what if anyone hear what we speak.
Sid: Let them hear
Roli: What if anyone see us together.
Sid: Let them see
Roli: Siddhantji...

Sid: I will not leave you until you tell me.

Roli: I said 'Ok'
Sid: THen where is my wife running telling 'Ok' to me.
Roli blushed.
Sid turned Roli towards him. Hold her face and moved towards her lips.
Rosid lost in the world for few minutes.
After few minutes..
Sid; You are looking beautiful in this lehenga
Roli: Siddhantji, you too look so cute in this Sherwani.
Sid: I love you ROli
Roli: I Love you Siddhantji.,,

Part 9
Premar Mehandhi.
Roli informed Sid already that She cannot talk to him or SMS him as she too will be having Mehandhi on
her hands.
Sid was very upset.

At BW House,
Mataji: Sujatha, we need to send this Mehandhi to Simar.
Sid luckily heard this.
Sid: Mataji, I am free only. I will take this.
Mataji: Siddhant why you take pain. We will send through someone else also.

Prem smiled hearing these conversations as he knows the reason behind.

Prem: Mataji, Siddhant is very eager to take Mehandhi to his Bhabhi. Am I right Siddhant.
Prem smiled at Sid.
Sid: yes Prem of course. I will take this mehandhi for my Bhabhi.
Mataji: Ok. Take this to Simar house.
Sid left with the pack of Mehandhi to Simar house.

Simar & Roli shocked on seeing Sid.

Sid: Aunty, Mataji told me to give this Mehandhi to Bhabhi.
Roli's mother: Oh ok. Please sit. Why you have taken pain on coming here yourself. You might have
sent it through someone else also.
Sid: No pain in this auntyji. Wont I do this much also.
Roli & Simar smiled secretly.
Sid; Auntyji, Can i wait here & see the mehandhi function. If you dont mind.
Roli's mother: No problem. Its your bhabhi Mehandhi function & you can very well participate.
Mehandhi function started & Simar hands were decorated with beautiful Mehandhi design.
Roli selected the design where the design was maximum showing letter "S' shapes all over the design.
Sid was eagerly waiting to see the design in Roli's hands.
Roli's hands too were decorated with the selected design.
Simar on seeing the design understood Roli's idea.
Simar: Roli, The design is very good.
Sid was signalling Roli to show the design for which he is waiting since long here telling some reasons.

Roli slowly showed the design to Sid.

Sid was surprised to see the beautiful design filled with letter "S".
Roli signalled him that she will call later. Then Sid left slowly without having any intention to leave.

Roli SMS to Sid after Mehandhi was cleaning.

Roli SMS: Siddhantji, you liked my mehandhi design
Sid SMS: Yes it was very beautiful.
Roli SMS: Did you found what was inside the design
Sid SMS: Yes. I found Siddhant in it.
ROli SMS: Siddhantji you know the Mehandhi color in my hands are very dark.
Sid SMS: I dont have any doubt in our love. So I was aware that it will be dark.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji what is your plan for tomorrow Sangeet.
Sid SMS: What plan I have leaving you? We will dance that Cultural Show dance tomorrow.
Roli SMS: Together?
Sid SMS: Yes Together.
Roli SMS: What if others tell something if we dance together.
Sid SMS: Let anyone tell anything. I dont mind. I want to dance with my love tomorrow.
Roli SMS: Ok.

Sangeet of Premar:
The function started well & both family members started dancing in the function.
Roli danced a classical solo performance, Then Sid for a western performance.

Everyone appreciated their performance.

Few more from both families were performing on the function.
Then Sid put the CD of the Mix song which they prepared for cultural show and both started dancing
Though ROli was hesitating to dance with SID initially in front of their relatives, ROSID involved
themselves in the song and started dancing with grace.
ROSID rocked the performance together.
Everyone appreciated their performance & their chemistry together.
ROSID smiled.

Part 10

Premar Marriage.
All the relatives & friends gathered in the marriage hall to bless Premar.
Roli was looking beautiful in the new Lehenga.
Sid wink his eyes as soon as seeing ROli.
Roli blushed.
All were busy in the marriage.
Sid called Roli towards him.
ROSID went to one corner.
Sid pulled Roli holding her hips towards him.
Sid: Roli, You are looking beautiful.
Roli: My husband is also very cute.

Sid went close to ROli and kissed on her cheeks.

Roli too went close to his cheeks, but just moved away without giving a kiss.
Roli after moving few steps turned towards Sid & smiled at him.
Sid went talk to Roli.
Roli was very near to few relatives.
Sid SMS; Roli, you cant make me wait for long. I am waiting for your kiss
Roli smiled.
Sid tried to come closer to Roli, but Roli managed to move away & mix with others.
Sid hide himself.
Roli's eyes were searching for him.
Sid came from behind unknown to ROli & undid the dhori from her blouse.
Sid: Roli. Your dhori is open. Shall I help you.
Sid said from behind.
Roli: No Thanks.
Roli smiled and moved towards Simar.
Roli: Simar didi, please help me to tie the dhori.
Simar helped ROli.
Sid got angry. But decided to do something for this..

Part 11

Sid went near group of girls who were Roli & Simar's cousins and started talking to them.

The girls too started talking to Sid casually.

Roli noticed that Sid is flirting at those girls. Roli was feeling Jealous
Sid was getting excited to see Jealous Roli.
Roli was trying to come near Sid while Sid moved with the girls from one place to another.
Roli tried to call those girls away from Sid.
Still Sid managed to hold those girls from going.
Roli's face turned pink.
Sid was very much excited & smiled unknown to Roli.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, you are flirting with other girls
Sid SMS: Yes. They are very cute Roli.
Roli was very much tensed.
Roli SMS: Siddhantji. Please come i will kiss you.
Sid SMS: No problem ROli. I will get from these cute girls.
Roli was unable to understand what to do now.
Roli was telling Sorry with her expression.
Sid pretend as not care for it.
ROli went to the corner and turned towards Sid.
Sid noticed Roli in the corner
Roli undid the Dhori by herself and called Sid with her beautiful eyes.
Sid was unable to pretend anymore and went towards her.
Sid gave a kiss on her back and tied the dhori.

Sid turned ROli towards him.

Roli: Siddhantji, you will go to other girls just because i did not kiss you?
Roli's eyes were filled with tears.
Sid: Roli, I was just kidding with you. Those girls are your sisters & who am I to them Jiju right.
Roli smiled & ROli kissed Sid on his forehead & cheeks and hug him tightly.

Premar marriage started.

They took pheres and Prem filled Simar forehead with sindoor.
Then prem put the Mangal Sutra to Simar.
Every one were happy on Premar marriage.
Premar took the blessings of the elders.

Part 12
Premar Grahapravesh.
Premar reached BW house with their family members to enter into Sasural.
Roli too came with Simar.
Sid told ROli to stand by the side of Simar and Sid to stand by her side.
They took care that others does not notice them that they are standing voluntarily.
Premar smiled as they know about ROSID.
Aarthi was taken almost to all the 4 (Premar & ROSID) and Simar & Roli entered into the house.

Suhaag Raat of Premar.

Premar took the blessings of the elders and entered into their room.
All went to their respective room after sending Premar to their room.
Sid took Roli to his room unnoticed by others.

After entering the room,

Sid locked the door and came near Roli.
Sid took her in his arms and moved towards his bed.
Sid put Roli in the bed and Sid sat beside her.
Sid lean towards Roli.
Sid was caressing her face.
Roli: Siddhantji
Sid hold her from talking by keeping his finger on her month.
Sid moved towards her to kiss her.
Sid kissed her on her forehead, nose, cheeks and then lips.
Roli turned against him due to shyness showing her back to Sid.
Sid undid the dhori of her blouse and kissed on her back.
Sid caresses her back slowly with his fingers from her neck to her waist and around her waist
Roli was feeling little shivering on Sid's touch on her back and waist.
Roli blushed.
Roli just pushed Sid. She got up and sat in the bed.
Sid pushed Roli again and Roli fell over his chest.

Roli: Siddhantji, Kidding is enough. Let me go.

Sid: ROli, I am not kidding today. I want you.
Roli was surprised.
Roli: Siddhantji, Why you always play like this.
Roli tried to get up again, But SId again pulled her towards him.
Sid: No Roli, I am not playing. I really want you.
ROli: Siddhantji, Please come back to conscious. You are the one who always told that you will not cross
the limit. Then what happend to you today.
Sid was not ready to hear anything and pulled her towards him more closer.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am leaving this room now. You please relax & think.
Roli got up and rushed out of the room.
Sid got very angry.
Sid started from house, took his bike and started driving very fast...

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 5 =>Dushyant & Shakuntala

Part 1
Sid was riding the bike very fast.
Sid got skid in the sand and fell down.
Sid got scratches in his legs, hands and as his head hit on the ground, got unconscious.
The stranger who was crossing that way, saw this and admitting him in the hospital.
Doctor was treating Sid in the hospital.

In the morning, Police reached hospital and checked Sid's dress.

Police took out the phone.

At BW house, Roli rushed to Prem's room to tell that Sid is missing.

Roli: Prem jiju, sorry to disturb you in the morning. But Siddhantji not returned last night.
Prem; What are you telling Roli. Where did he go?
Roli: I dont know Jiju. But he was angry.

Police called Roli's number from Sid's Phone

Roli: Jiju, Siddhantji's call only.
Prem; Ok. Pick up the phone & ask where is he now.
Roli: Hello. Siddhantji where are you now.
Police: Madam, This phone we found in pocket of a person who met with accident last night & admitted to
Roli: Siddhantji...
Roli fell down unconscious.
Prem took the phone from Roli & continued the conversation.
Prem: Hello who is this.
Police: Sir. I am Police inspector. One person met with accident yesterday. Luckily not hit on any
vehicle. He skid himself from the bike & fell down unconscious. We checked his dress pocket & found
this phone & dialed from that.
Prem: Which hospital?
Prem noted the hospital details.
Simar spray water in Roli's face.

Roli; Didi, what happend to Siddhantji..

Prem: ROli, nothing happend to him dont worry. He skid from the bike it seems. We will go & see. Just
be relax.
Roli: Jiju, I too want to come to see Siddhantji. I cannot hold me here.
Prem: But Roli, no one aware about your relationship. What can i tell the family members why I am taking
you to hospital. Dont worry nothing will happen to him. Myself & simar go there & see him. Then will call
you from there. We will also make him to talk to you ok.
Premar left Roli on her room and rushed towards hospital.

Part 2
Premar reached hospital.
Sid was still unconscious. Doctor was checking him.
Prem: doctor I am brother of this patient. How is he now?
Doctor: sir. We have treated the scratches in his body. But he got hit in his head. Only we can understand
once he get conscious.
Prem: doctor is it anything serious.
Doctor: sir not very serious as the injury is not very deep.
Prem: thanks doctor.

Premar were waiting for sid to get conscious.

After few hours sid showed movement.
Prem went near sid.
Simar went behind him.
Sid slowly opened his eyes.

Sid saw prem.

Sid: prem what happened. My head & body are paining.
Prem: nothing sid. You fell down yesterday.
Sid: prem who is this girl.
Sid asked showing simar.
Premar got shocked.
Prem: sid this is simar my wife.
sid: prem you married.
Prem: sid are you kidding.
Sid: prem why I am going to play with you. I don't know when you married.
Premar went to doctor.
Prem informed doctor about sid saying.
Prem: doctor why is he remembering me but not my wife,
Doctor: this is due to the shock happened in his brain. He forgot few parts of his life.
Prem: won't he remember ever
Doctor: no he will surely remember. But when is the question.
Prem: what can we do now for that.
Doctor: you should surely try to make him remember the missing incidents. But don't put pressure which
is not good. Try slowly.
Premar were shocked...

part 3

Roli called simar.

Roli: how is he didi.
Simar: roli he is OK. We are coming to home now.
Roli: thanks didi.
Roli was thinking, siddhantji I will not deny you for anything. I am very sorry. I will give you lots of kisses
once you come home. Pls don't be angry with me.
Premar & sid reached home.
Roli was seeing down from balcony
Sid was having bandages in his head, legs & hands.
Mataji: what happened siddhant
Prem: mataji he skid from bike yesterday.
Prem took sid to his room.
Sid was crossing roli, but no reaction from him.
Premar got tensed.
Prem took sid to his room and made him sit in the bed.
Roli rushed inside room & locked the door.
Premar were looking at each other.
Roli went near sid.
Roli: siddhantji are you still angry with me. You have not even smiled at me. I am very sorry. I will not go
against your wish. But I cannot bear you angry with me.
Sid looked at roli.

Sid: who are you? Why should I be angry with you?

Hearing this roli felt thunder hit her.
Roli just sat down in shock.

Part 4

Premar informed roli about sid position.

Roli was shocked.
Roli: simar didi, the reason all behind is me only. I denied to agree to his wish. So he got angry & went
out. This is the punishment for my mistake.
Roli eyes were filled with tears.
Simar consoled her.
Roli was crying in the room without food.
Mataji: simar why roli has not come for having food.
Simar: mataji, she is not well. That's why
Prem: simar how long we are going to drag this. Already I told sid to inform all about them. Now we too
can't continue that. At some point of time, everyone should know.
Mataji: prem what are you telling. Please tell clearly.
Prem informed about roli & siddhant to mataji & maaji.
Prem: roli is your daughter in law prior to simar.
Mataji: these many has happened unknown to us. You might have at least told us. Both marriages we
might have done together.
Prem: mataji they were aiming in completing their studies before that.

Mataji: but now see where we are.

Prem: mataji till yesterday their relation was known to them & not to anyone else. But now it is known to
all but not sid.
All eyes were filled with tears.
Mataji, maaji & premar went to roli room
Roli was on the floor and her eyes were red by crying.
Face was swollen. But was weak without food.
Mataji caresses her head.
Mataji: roli
Roli: mataji,
Roli got up.
Mataji: roli our daughter in law. I am very happy. Roli for me family happiness is more iimportant.
Simar: roli mataji knows about you.
Roli started crying.
Mataji: roli think of how to come out of this. Don't cry & spoil your health. We all are with you. You put
your efforts. We will provide our support.
Roli wipe of the tears.
Roli: thanks mataji. Yes. When I was with him when sharing happiness. I too should be with him to handle
these situation.
Mataji: sabash roli. That's the spirit.
Roli got up & ready to move towards her mission of getting back sid memory.

Part 5

Roli started thinking how to proceed in her mission of getting Sid's memory back.
Prem: Roli why can't we tell Sid about you both.
Roli: No Jiju, How can someone come to know about his love & wife through someone else.
Simar: Roli, Then what will you do now.
Roli: We can't put pressure on him to remember things immediately. I will slowly take my steps to make
him get back his memory in gradual way. For that I want help from you Prem Jiju.
Prem: Tell me Roli.
Roli: Jiju, Siddhanji has kept the photos of our award winning, dance snaps like college related photos in
his cupboard. I want your help to get those for me. I will use those in suitable timings.
Prem: Ok Roli. I will get those when he is not around.
Roli went to Sid's room.
Sid was getting bored to stay inside the room alone.
On seeing ROli coming to his room,
Sid: What are you doing here?
ROli: Nothing. Just came to ask you how is your health now.
Sid: I am alright. Thanks
Roli: I think you are bored alone. If you dont mind shall i talk with you for sometime.
Sid nod his head.
Roli was talking with Sid sitting in a distance about general topics.
Sid was hesitating to talk to her first, later after few minutes, he too started to talk in general.
After few minutes.
Sid: What is your name?
Roli turned her face to the side & in a small voice.
Roli: Roli Siddhant Bharatwaj
Sid: What you said? I cant hear.
Roli: Nothing Siddhantji. My name is Roli.
Sid: Nice talking to you. I was getting bored alone. Its good that you came here to talk to me. Thanks.
Roli; Dont mention. Now its time for you to have food. Please wait i will bring food for you.
Sid: no no. i will come down & have.
Roli: No Siddhantji. You are hurt. If you get down the stairs, then it will be painful for you.
Roli was not waiting for his response & went to down to bring food for Sid.
Simar : ROli. Everything ok. What is Siddhantji telling?
Roli: He asked my name didi.
Roli eyes were filled with tears.
Roli took food for him and went to his room.
Roli gave the food plate to Siddhant.
But Siddhant was finding difficult in feeding himself due to bandage in his right hand.
He tried to take food by left hand.
Roli: Siddhantji, leave it I will help you.
Roli feed him the food.
Sid: Roli its ok. I will manage.
Roli: Its ok. Please have food.

Roli continued feeding him the food.

While eating Sid was getting a negative trace of image showing some girl feeding her food.
Sid was wondering who is that girl coming as image in his mind.
Sid got sweating in his face.
Roli noticed that.
Roli; Siddhantji are you ok.
Sid: I am ok.
ROSID spend time together in similar way for further couple of days till his external injuries got healed.
Roli: Siddhantji, now you are alright to go down to have food. Please come.
Roli turned towards door to go down.
Sid: Roli..
Roli turned towards sid on his calling.
Sid: Roli, shall i ask you something.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji.
Sid: I feel very comfortable & peaceful when you are around. Will you become my friend?
Sid forward his hands to shakehands with Roli to start his friendship.

Part 6

Roli forward her hands to Sid with wet eyes.

ROSID came down together towards the dining hall.
All the family members were happy in seeing them together.
Roli went to kitchen to help Simar to bring the food.
Roli hug Simar with tears.
Simar: Roli, what happend?
Roli: Didi, today Siddhantji accepted me as his friend. I got success in my 1st step.
Simar: Roli dont worry. He will remember every thing in few days. Just relax.
Roli sat next to SId in the dining table.
Mataji prayed to God to bless ROSID.

Roli took the photos & videos of their college performance & award winning and went to SID.
Roli: Siddhantji, I have got something to show you.
Sid: Yes Roli.
Roli started showing the photos to Sid.
Sid getting award for Volley ball match winning.
Sid performance of dance,.
Sid: Roli, I dont remember any of these. When did i get this award & when I perform
Roli: Siddhantji, I will tell you. But before that you got few more to see.
Roli showed the award winning of Roli for Badminton.
Then Roli performance of dance.
Sid: Roli, you too receiving some award & performing in the same stage. Did you studied together with
Roli: Please look at this.
Roli showed the Performer award winning of both receiving together.
Sid: Roli, we are receiving award together. What is it for.
Roli: Siddhantji, the individual prizes we got for winning inter competition sports. This award which we
are receiving together we got for Performance of the year as we both we top in studies, cultural & sports
activity. Yes. We studied in the same college, in the same class.
Sid: Roli, you have not told me earlier that we were classmates. Sorry I do not remember any of these.
Roli: I know Siddhantji. No need to tell Sorry. I believe you will remember everything shortly.
Roli eyes were filled with tears. Sid noticed that.
Sid: Roli, are you crying.

Roli: No Siddhantji, I am not crying I am ok. Please look at this video.

Roli put the CD of the performance done by ROSID together.
Sid was surprised to see that. Sid was wondering the grace & love they were showing each other during
the dance.
While seeing the performance, again he got the negative image of the dance he did with Roli in his mind.
He started sweating.
Roli: Siddhantji are you alright.
Sid: Roli I am alright. Dont worry.

Premar marriage photos received at BW House. Premar bring that Photo album to ROSID.
Prem: Siddhant, see our marriage album has come. Look at this album.
Sid started seeing the album, Sid can notice in each & every place wherever Sid was there, Roli was
also there. There was love in their eyes. Sid's eyes were on Roli only.
Sid also saw the video of the Dance performance they did in the marriage.
Sid felt hit on his mind that something is there between Sid & Roli.
Sid was thinking, Roli is hiding from him as he does not remember. But how can I ask her what was the
relationship between us. Myself needs to find out.

Part 7

Roli came to SID.

Roli: Siddhantji, I wish to take you somewhere. Will you come with me
Sid: Yes Roli. Tell me where you want to go.
Roli: Come with me I will tell you.

ROSID left in the bike. Roli was sitting leaving some space between them, but remembered their
previous drives where they sit attached to each other.
Roli gave directions to drive. They reached their college. Due to holiday on that day no one was there.
Roli purchased the red rose which Sid used to purchase for her.
Roli went to their class. Sid followed her.
Roli: Siddhantji, this is our class. This is my place & that is yours.
Sid went to his place & sat there. Sid saw Roli's place from there.
Sid again remembered himself giving smile at Roli from the same place as negative image.
Sid got up from that place.
Roli took him to their favorite place (the tree)
Roli: Siddhantji, can you help me in keeping this rose in my hair.
Roli gave the rose to Sid.
Sid took the rose & kept it in Roli's hair.
Sid remembered keeping Rose on her hair in his mind as negative image.
Roli: Shall we go.
Roli turned from there.
Sid hold her hands.
Sid: Roli, I feel like staying here for some more time. Shall we.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. As you wish.
ROSID sat below that tree.
Sid heart beat increased & started sweating.

Sid remember himself telling 'I Love You Roli' to her.

Sid in real.
Sid: I Love You Roli.
Roli was pleasant surprised on hearing this..

Part 8

Sid realised what he said.

Sid: Roli, I am very much puzzled. I do not remember anything. But I have different feeling inside.
Specially with you. Can you please protect me from this confusion.
Sid kept his head on Roli's lap and closed his eyes to relax himself.
Roli: Siddhantji, just relax. Dont put any presure on your mind which is not good for you.
Roli caresses his head.
Sid; Roli, can you tell me what all happend in the period which I dont remember.
Roli: SIddhantji, What can I tell you & How can I? But please relax yourself. you will remember
everything very soon. I will help you.
Sid got up & hold her hands
Sid: Roli I dont know what was between us during that period. But now I want to tell you ' I Love You'
Roli got tears. Roli was unable to control her any more and lean towards his shoulders.

ROSID returned home. Roli was very happy.

Roli rushed to Simar.
Roli: Simar didi, I am very happy today.
Simar; Roli what happend? Tell me what is the reason.
Roli: Didi, you know. Siddhantji proposed me today. He confess his love.

Simar: Roli. Very happy to hear this. Then why cant you tell him everything.
Roli: No didi. It needs some more time. He is already in confused state now. If we tell him all these, he
may strain his mind which is not good for him.
Simar: I am very pround of you Roli. I wish you succeed in this.
Simar & Roli prayed to God.

All were in the hall when the Old man of the holiday house came to see Mataji.
Old man: Mataji, just came to give these fruits & flowers from the garden to you. I just came this side for
some job. So thought of coming here & give all these.
Mataji: Ok thanks.
Old man saw Roli & Siddhant in the hall.
He was very happy.
Old man; Siddhant beta, I am happy to see you both here. It means you have told about yours to Mataji.
Mataji: What are you trying to say?
Old man: Mataji I am very sorry to tell you lie on that day. When you came there last time, the slippers
which was in the outside of the house belongs to Siddhant beta & Roli beti. They were there only when
you came. I told you lie. I am very sorry for that.
Mataji was shocked hearing this as she was not aware of ROSID went to holiday house. PRem only said
they love each & married before few months.
More than Mataji, Sid was shocked hearing all this.
Sid was thinking, I went to holiday house with Roli. When that happend. What is that old man talking
Prem interfered.
Prem: Kaka Its ok. It was not your mistake to tell lie. No problem.

Prem turned towards Sid.

Prem: Siddhant just go to your room and relax. you need rest.
Sid went to his room with more confusions.
Prem: ROli, go behind him. He should not strain thinking all these.
ROli: Ok Jiju.
Roli went behind Sid to his room.
Prem: Mataji, Sorry I have not told you. Siddhant & Roli went to holiday house twice when they were in
love. On that day the boy & girl whom you saw in the bike was Roli & Siddhant only.
Mataji: Prem, You were aware they even stayed alone. Still you people do not decide to tell us & forward
their relationship. They are younger in age. What if something happend between them? How can we
face her parents?
Prem: I agree with you Mataji. But they were very much career oriented & decided to tell all after the
completion of their studies.
Mataji: I agree with you prem. Now you see the person who took that girl to that house, himself do not
remember anything. I am worried.
Simar: Mataji, dont worry mataji. Through Roli, I understood that Siddhantji started getting some hints on
lost memories. He will recover soon.
Mataji: I will pray to God everything goes good.

In Sid room, ROli went near Sid.

Sid: ROli, what was that old man telling. When we went to that house.
Roli; Siddhantji as I said you, you will remember everything. Just relax for now.
Roli sat beside him.
Sid: Roli, I am unable to bear this confusion anymore. Please help me.
Roli: Siddhantji the time has come to clear all the confusions & got the way. Just wait for 2 days.
Everything will be sorted.

Sid: Are you sure.

Sid hold her hands for support.
ROli: Yes Siddhantji.
Sid hug her in happiness.

Part 9

Roli had a detailed discussion with PREMAR on her plan.

Roli was clear on what to do the next day as per her plan.
Premar were happy to know about Roli's plan. They had faith that she will succeed.
Prem: Roli, take care. We are here to help you always.
Roli: Yes Jiju. I only need the help on those which I told you.
Prem: Sure will do. You will get those by evening.
Roli was eagerly waiting for the next day.
Roli informed Sid the previous day night itself that they will go outside the next day morning.
ROSID left the house early morning.
Roli was wearing that Chudidar of Previous birthday which she was wearing on that dating day.
Roli stopped near the flower shop & purchased a red rose.
Roli gave the rose to Siddhantji & showed her hair to keep it.
Sid kept the Rose on Roli's hair.
ROSID went to the mandir where they married each other.
Roli: Siddhantji, please come with me.
Roli took him inside the mandir. They prayed to God.

Pandit gave prasad.

Roli opened her hair & Sid saw sindoor filled forehead of Roli.
Roli put the sindoor from prasad on her forehead.
Sid saw the negative image of himself putting sindoor on Roli's forehead. Sid was confused.
Sid: Roli, are you married?
Roli smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji, lets go.
Sid took the bike again and they continued the journey.
Roli told Siddhant to stop in the coconut water shop & purchased a coconut.
Sid: Roli drink the coconut water.
Roli; Siddhantji lets go. I will tell you.
Roli made him stop near the place where they drink the coconut water.
Roli gave the coconut water to SID.
Sid remembered ROli giving Coconut water in same manner as negative image.
Sid: ROli, what is happening? Why we came here? It is confusing me more.
Roli: Siddhantji, for today. Please let yourself free. you will get all the confusion cleared yourself.
Rosid continued the journey & they reached the holiday house.
Sid: Roli, why we have come here?
Roli: As i said to clear your confusions. Let us go.
Sid while entering inside that house remembered Roli entering that house in traditional way in the
negative image.

Sid: Roli, did we come here already like that kaka said on that day.
Roli: Siddhantji, be relaxed. Lets go.
Roli took Sid to his room.
Roli: Siddhantji, please wait. I will just come.
Roli went inside the changing room and changed the Saree which Sid presented to ROli on Dating &
which she was wearing on that day.
Roli came out of the room.
Sid was shocked on seeing ROli in that saree.

Part 10

Sid seeing Roli in that saree, feel like the saree was very much familiar to him.
Roli: Siddhantji, I have planned to cook Fried rice for you.
Roli went to kitchen. Sid went behind Roli.
Sid sat in a dining table chair & was looking at Roli.
Roli was cutting vegetable.
Sid remembered himself cutting vegetable with ROli earlier in a negative image.
Sid drank some water to relax himself.
Roli was thinking, Siddhantji I am sorry. I know you are getting confused on seeing these thing which is
the tries of getting your memory back. I believe you will get your memory back before end of the day.
Roli finished cooking.
Roli: Siddhantji cooking is done, shall we swim for sometime.
Roli took Sid near the pool.

Roli changed to the swim suit & came near Sid.

Sid was surprised to see Roli in Swim suit.
Sid: Roli, why are you doing all this. You know it is making more confusions inside me.
Roli: Siddhantji. Please dont put any pressure to you. just keep your mind relax & let it happen in its own
Roli removed the shirt of Sid while Sid was starring at her.
Roli hug him.
Sid remembered Roli hugging him near the pool.
Roli: Siddhantji lets swim.
Roli jumped into the water & started swimming.
Sid too was swimming with few memories inside mind about swimming which was flashing inside then &
Sid came out of the pool.
Roli followed him.
They changed the dress & went back to their room.
Roli feed the Fried rice to Sid.
After taking food, Roli switched on the music player.
ROli called Sid to Dance.
Sid was remembering the dance they did together.
Sid sat down in the bed.
Roli sat beside him.
Roli showed Sid their pair rings.

Roli whisper in his ears: Siddhantji, We can run the trailor again.
Sid remembered similar words in his mind.
Roli: Siddhantji, you will go to other girls just because i did not kiss you?
Roli smiled & ROli kissed Sid on his forehead & cheeks and hug him tightly.
ROli: Siddhantji, Please come back to conscious. You are the one who always told that you will not cross
the limit. Then what happend to you today.
Roli noticed the reaction of Sid. He was sweating a lot. There was great confusion on him.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am leaving this room now. You please relax & think.
Roli pretend to leave the room. Sid fell down unconscious in the bed.

Part 11

Sid's mind was remembering all the missing incidents slowly.

Sid's eyes were closed. ROli was beside him.
ROli was waiting for response from Sid.
Roli prayed to God to help him in coming out of this difficulty.
Roi caresses his head.
Roli's eyes were filled with tears.
After few minutes, Roli saw some sort of relaxation in Sid's face.
Roli: Siddhantji are you ok.
Sid slowly opened his eyes.
Sid: ROli, why are you crying. Why we came here to holiday house. It was Prem & Simar marriage day
right. Then what are we doing here.

Roli was very happy that he got his memory back.

Roli: Siddhantji are you ok now.
Roli hug Sid and gave kisses on his forehead & cheeks.
Sid; I am ok Roli & Sorry to behave like that with you. You were very pretty and I lost my control. After
you went out of my room, I was very upset that you denied to my wish. So I took the bike & started
driving. But after going some distance, I realised my mistake. I thought of calling you. But I
disconnected the line so that I can come to you and ask sorry for that. But when I turned the way, one
small stone skid my bike and I fell down. Then I am not aware what happend after that. Just now I am
opening my eyes to see my beautiful wife sitting in front of me crying that too in this holiday house.
Roli smiled & Hug him tightly.
Roli: Siddhantji, you know 1 month went after that day now.
Sid: Are you kidding?
Roli: No Siddhantji. I am not kidding with you. You know what was your 1st question on the next day
when I saw you after that night. ' Who are you?'
Sid: But Why ROli. I dont remember anything.
ROli: That was the reason Siddhantji. You were not remembering anything for the past 1 month.
Siddhantji. You know in the past 1 month, you became my friend, then lover
Sid: Roli. what are you saying.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji, you started loving me inspite of forgeting our love & marriage.
Sid: Roli. I am very sorry. Knowingly or Unknowingly. I have given pain to you. It was my mistake that I
behaved with you like that & lead to all problems.
Roli: No Siddhantji, it was my mistake. I denied to fulfill your wish. Thats why you went out angry & all
problems created.
Sid: Roli I am happy that I loved only you even when I lost my memory.
Roli smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji. For my cute husband who loves me a lot, I have got something to tell.
Sid: Oh Surprise. What is it?

ROli: I have got to tell ' Happy Birthday' as today is your birthday & day of our love confession.
Sid: Oh Roli. Really. Today is my birthday & our love confession day?
Roli: yes.
Sid: So Only wishes by words.
Roli blushed & move towards his lips...

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 6 => ROSID Marriage

Part 1

ROSID were beside each other in the bed.

Roli was leaning towards Sid's chest. Sid was hugging her.
Roli : Siddhantji, I was missing you these days. Even though you were near me, I need to maintain a
distance from you. Initially you dont even recognise me. I was broken when you asked me 'Who are
you'. After couple of days, you accepted me as your friend & forward your hands to me for friendship.
Later you proposed to me. You know it was not an easy task for me to be away from you. I wish not to
face such situation in my life.
Roli's eyes were filled with tears.
Sid hold her face.
Sid: Roli, Just forget those days which is giving pain to you. I cannot see you with tears any more.
Sid wipe the tears & kissed on her eyes.

At BW house all were waiting for ROSID.

Mataji: Prem, Why there is no information from ROli? I am tensed now.

Prem: Mataji, No need to get tensed anymore. If there is no call from ROli till now, Then everything is ok
by now. I know about my brother very well.
Prem smiled seeing Simar.
Simar understood what is Prem trying to say.
Mataji: What are you telling Prem? Why you are telling that it is normal by now as there is no call from
ROli? If he is normal then why Roli not telling us with a phone call.
Prem in a small voice to Simar: Roli will call when Sid let her to do.
Simar heard this & smiled.
Simar: Premji, I will call Roli & tell them to come.
Prem: Simar dont disturb them they will be busy in exchanging 1 month dues.
Simar; But Premji, Mataji is tensed. We need to do something.
Premar went to their room and called Roli. Prem put the phone in speaker so that Simar can also hear
what Roli is telling about Sid
Roli phone was ringing in the bedside table.
Sid was kissing Roli and they were lost in the world.
ROSID were disturbed by the call.
Roli took the phone while SID hold her hands and pulled her towards him more.
Roli pressed the start button unknown to her.
Sid: ROli, Let the phone ring. We will talk later. I cant afford to leave you now.
ROli: Siddhantji, Let me atleast see who is calling.
Sid: Please ROli. I cant without finishing this kiss.
Roli: Just a minute siddhantji. May be call from Simar didi or Prem jiju asking about you.
Roli tried to start the call while she saw it was already in on position.

Premar were hearing these conversations.

Roli got tensed & kept the phone in his ears.
Prem; Roli, can you put the phone in speaker.
Roli switched on the speaker.
Prem: My dear brother Siddhant, I know 1 month dues are pending for you.
Sid: Nothing like that Prem.
ROSID blushed.
PREMAR laughed.
Prem: Sid we are the one who always interrupt your privacy. But what to do. Mataji is searching for you
both. Thats why we called & disturbed you in middle of your kiss.
Roli; Nothing like that jiju.
Simar; Roli its ok. Let Sid finish his kiss & return home early. We all are waiting for you.
Premar disconnected the line.
ROli: Siddhantji, see now what happend. They heard our conversations.
Sid: So what. I am kissing my wife only.
Roli: Siddhantji. It is always play for you. Let us start now. All are waiting for us.
Sid: Dont you hear what prem said. He told me to finish the kiss. We will go later.
Sid pulled her towards him to finish his kiss...

Part 2

Rosid reached BW house.

ROSID were surprised to see the well decorated house while entering.
All were happy that SID is alright.
Roli's parents were also there in the house.
Mataji: Siddhant are you alright now.
SId: Ji Mataji. I am perfectly alright now.
Mataji: I need to thank god that you got your memory back. But are you aware who was the ultimate
sufferer. Roli. When I came to know through Prem about you & Roli. I was shocked. I went to see her.
She was down in the floor crying for you without food.
Sid: Yes Mataji. I came to know through Roli today about my memory loss.
Mataji: Siddhant beta, Did you both know how much risky it was to get married without telling the families.
What if Prem & Simar also were not aware about you both. You forgot Roli completely. What might
have happend to her? We are not against your wish. Then why you took such risk.
Sid: I do understand Mataji. But we decided to complete our studies before telling everyone. We were
not in expectation of this memory loss.
Mataji: Siddhant, you both are good in studies. Award winners. Then what is the need to worry. You can
study even after marriage.
Sid: But Mataji..
Mataji: Siddhant, I also come to know that you used to go to our holiday house with Roli. You both are
young. If something happens who will answer their parents.
ROSID: Sorry Mataji.
Mataji: Roli, Siddhant. Now Sorry will not work. You will be punished for your mistake.
ROSID were tensed.
Mataji: Why are you both tensed? The punishment is you will be getting married tomorrow.
Sid; Mataji tomorrow.

Simar: Yes Siddhantji. We are aware you both married each other next day of your birthday. Today is
your birthday & tomorrow is your 1st anniversary. We want to change your simple marriage day to your
actual marriage day.
Prem: Yes. We have made all the preparations in prior. Today will be your engagement, then Mehandhi
& then Sangeet.
Simar: Tomorrow your marriage.
Prem whisper in Sid's ears: Sid then from tomorrow, I will not interfere between your kiss.
Roli too heard this as she was standing next to Sid.
ROSID blushed.
Mataji: You both have already exchanged rings i know. But still we want to celebrate your marriage in
procedure so that it will be in your remembrance for ever.
Maaji; Siddhant & Roli. We are all waiting for your engagement to start. Go & get ready. What are you
waiting for.
ROSID were happy to hear all this.
ROSID look at each other.
Sid smiled at Roli.
Roli blushed...

Part 3

Prem took Sid to his room.

Prem gave Sid a new Sherwani to wear.
Prem: Siddhant, Congrats.
Sid: Prem, Thanks. You supported ROli when I lost my memory.
Prem: Sid, It was my duty & responsibility bro. No need for any thanks.
Sid: But Prem, when you did all these marriage arrangements.
Prem: Sid even when you lost memory, you started loving Roli. So we decided to arrange for proper
wedding between you tomorrow as being it's your 1st anniversary day. But Roli tried hard to get your
memory back & she got success. Even if she does not get success, this marriage was supposed to
Sid hugs Prem...

At Roli's room, Simar was making ROli ready.

Roli: Simar didi, our parents also knows about our relation now. Does they said anything.
Simar: They were tensed initially on knowing this. But Mataji convinced them to accept this reality.
Roli: But when you arranged the marriage, You have not told me even.
Simar: This should happen, Roli. That's why we arranged for your goodness.
Simar gave the new Lehenga to Roli to wear.
Roli was getting ready with help of Simar.
Sid after getting ready reached Roli's room.
Roli turned towards Sid.
Sid's eyes appreciated Roli's beauty in this new Lehenga.
Simar: Shall we go down now. All are waiting.
Sid: Prem, You & simar bhabhi go down. We will come in 5 minutes.
Prem: Siddhant, Of course. But remember to come in 5 minutes. Otherwise I need to disturb you by a
ROSID blushed.
PREMAR went down to give privacy to ROSID.
Sid came near Roli.
Roli Blushed.
Sid: Roli, you are looking very beautiful.
Roli: Siddhantji you are also looking very cute.
Sid holds her hips and pulls her towards him.
Sid: ROli, I Love you
Roli: Siddhantji, I Love you too.
ROSID hug each other.
Roli: Siddhantji, let's go down. All are waiting for us.
Sid: Yes Roli, Lets go.
ROSID hold their pinky fingers and moved towards downstairs..

Part 4

ROSID were getting down the stairs to the hall were everyone were waiting for them.
All were happy in seeing ROSID together coming holding the hands.
Mataji, Maaji, Roli's parents & Premar prayed to god to keep the couple together for ever.
ROSID were looking pretty in the new clothes and by the happiness they got in their face towards their
marriage and togetherness.
PREMAR gave the engagement rings to them which was in diamond to both.

Roli put the ring on Sid's finger while Sid put the ring on Roli's finger.
ROSID cut the cake together.
All the family members wish SID for his Birthday as well as wish ROSID for their engagement.
Roli feed Sid the piece of cake while Sid took that piece back on his hands to feed Roli.
Prem clicked photos of these beautiful moments.
ROSID took the blessings of the elders touching their feet.
The environment itself was in great happiness.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.
Sid; Roli, Now you are engaged to me officially. I am very happy to feel this.
Roli: Siddhantji. I am also very glad about this.
Sid: So my wife is getting married traditionally with me tomorrow.
Roli: Siddhantji, I will not be in need of hiding my sindoor on my forehead anymore.
Sid: Roli, Also there will be no need for us to meet secretly.
Roli: Siddhantji, when you were afraid of others to see us together.
Sid: Of course I never got afraid to be with my wife & will never be in future as well.
Roli: And Then!
SId: And then?
Roli blushed...

Part 5

Sid; and then?

Roli blushed.
Sid: tell me. And then?
Roli: I won't tell you now.
Sid: I will not leave you without telling that.

Mataji: roli let's start mehandi now. Time is short.

Roli: ji mataji.
Roli just moved from there and sat to put mehandi.
Sid was thinking what to do now.
Roli mother remembered simar mehandi.
Roli mother: siddhantji you came to our house on simar mehandi. Was it for roli?
Rosid blushed.
Mataji remembered something.
Mataji: in that case prem, roli & siddhant married before you means, then they pretend to be unknown
when we went to see roli. Sabash beta. So well planned to fool all of us.
Mataji hold sid ears.
Mataji: anyway very smart. Roli & siddhant played hide & seek with us these many days.
Rosid smiled.
Siddhant name was designed in roli's hands.
Sid was waiting eagerly for his chance to ask roli what it is.
Roli was excited to see sid like this.
Mehandi was fully put on roli hands.

Sid went near roli.

Sid: roli show me your mehandi design.
Simar: siddhantji don't worry your name is beautifully written on her hands.
Sid: let me check the spelling.
Premar smiled.
Roli got up & went near sid and show her hands.
Sid: my name is beautiful in my wife hands.
Roli smiled.
Sid: roli tell me what then?
Roli: I won't tell you now.
Sid: roli won't you tell me.
Roli: I can't now.
Sid: then you need to come to my room tonight to tell what is.
Roli: how can I? Someone will see.
Sid: shall I come to your room then?
Roli: no
Sid: then you need to come to terrace today. No one will come there in the night time.
Roli: siddhantji..
Sid: no more excuse. I will be waiting for you after everyone sleep.
Roli smiled..

Part 6

Rosid were very much excited.

Sangeet started.
All started dancing one by one.
Rosid were sitting beside each other.
Roli was seeing the performances while sid was looking at roli.
Sid wanted to divert her attention.
Sid pinched on her hips unnoticed by others.
Roli was shocked by this and turned towards him.
Roli: siddhantji you have become very naughty. What if someone see.
Sid: nothing will happen. We are engaged & getting married tomorrow.
Roli blushed.

Rosid performed on their sangeet.

The dance was with grace, romance & fun.
The sangeet function completed.
All started going to their rooms to sleep.
Sid signalled roli to come to terrace which premar noticed.

Prem: simar you sleep with roli today. Tomorrow is her marriage. She should not feel alone tonight.

Roli: jiju no problem. Let her be with you. You will be alone.
Simar: no roli he will manage alone.
Roli: didi jiju will manage alone but not siddhantji. Please
Premar smiled & let her go.
Roli went to the terrace.
Roli searched for sid while sid back hug her.
Sid: roli I love you.
Roli: I love you too siddhantji.
Sid turned roli towards him.
Sid: roli what was then?
Roli blushed.
Roli: no I can't.
Roli hide her face on sid chest in shyness.
Sid: I can't wait more. I am wondering what it is since long. Tell me.
Roli: and then!
Sid: and then?
Roli: we can see the main picture instead of trailer
Sid was surprised & happy to hear.
Roli face turned pink.

Part 7

Sid lift Roli's face.

Roli got shyness & hug Sid tightly.

ROSID sat in the corner of the terrace wall.

They were looking at each other.
ROli face turned pink and her eyes looked down.
Roli lean on his shoulders and her left hand were around Sid's waist.
Sid was holding her right hands and looking into Mehandi in Roli's hands with his name.
Sid: Roli, See how dark the mehandi is. It is very pretty.
Roli: Siddhantji, it is always told that if love is more between couple the mehandi will be dark.
Sid: If that is the case, this darkness is not enough to show our depth of love.
Roli looked at Sid's face.
Roli went near his face & kissed on his cheeks.
Roli lay down on Sid's lap.
Sid was caressing her head.
Roli: Siddhantji, i was worried yesterday night by this time that you need to get your memory back.
Sid: our love made to get success. I am back to you.
ROSID smiled.
ROSID spend the whole night talking to each other.
In each others lap.
In each other shoulders.
Hours passed.
They continued their conversation throughout the night sitting beside each other.

ROSID themselves not aware when they slept.

Next day morning, Simar went to Roli's room to look for her. Roli was missing.
Simar rushed to Prem.
Simar: Premji, Roli is not in her room.
Prem: Simar did you checked in Siddhant room?
Simar: No
Premar went to Siddhant room. But that was also empty.
Simar: Premji, both are missing. Where they might have gone.
Prem: Simar, just remember where Siddhant was signalling Roli yesterday night.
Simar; premji, he should upwards.
Prem: Simar may be they are in terrace. Lets go & see.
Premar went to upstairs.
ROSID were sleeping in the terrace in sitting position. Roli was sleeping on Sid's chest while Sid was
sleeping hugging Roli.
Premar smiled and moved from there.
Prem: Simar they slept in the terrace itself. Let them sleep as they seems to be in deep sleep.
Simar: What if someone come here & see them like this.
Prem: You are right what to do now.
Prem call sid.
Sid wake up on phone ringing & attend the call.

Prem: Good morning Siddhant, This is our terrace & myself your brother. Can you please get up before
someone else come here & see you both.
Sid: Prem, just coming.
Sid: ROli, get up. Lets go down.
Roli got up.
ROSID saw Premar in the entrance of the terrace.
ROSID blushed.
Prem: Siddhant, why you always putme in difficulty of disturbing you both.
Simar: Dont worry Premji. From today, there will be no need for them to meet secretly like this & there
will be no need for you to disturb them. Am I right Roli & Siddhantji?
Roli: didi... (in shyness)
Simar: lets go.
ROSID went down with PREMAR.
Arrangement for Marriage was happening in the hall.
Mandap was beautifully decorated in the hall itself.
Simar told Roli to take rest in her room for sometime till she complete the works & return back.
Prem was teasing Sid in his room.
ROSID were waiting eagerly for their Marriage.

Part 8

ROSID were getting ready for the marriage.

SId got ready 1st & went to Roli's room.

Roli was wearing a beautiful Lehenga and Simar just finished dressing up her hair.
Sid: Roli you are still not ready.
Roli: Siddhantji, we girls cannot get ready very quick like boys.
Sid came inside her room.
Simar: Devarji, just wait for few more minutes. Only need to put jewelleries & she will be ready.
Sid: Bhabhi, shall i make her ready further.
Simar: SIddhantji..
Prem: Simar, Let him do. But Siddhant be quick. All are waiting.
Sid nod his head.
Sid locked the door and came near Roli.
Sid put the necklace on Roli's beautiful neck.
Sid took the ear rings and put on her ears. Then the nose ring.
Then the other jewelleries one by one.
He took the bangles and put it on her hands.
Roli was looking at SID with love.
Sid checked how the jewelleries fit to her.
Sid: Roli, I cant say whether jewelleries are giving beauty to you or you are giving beauty to these
Roli blushed.
Roli got up. Sid put the gungat on her head.
Roli was very pretty.
Sid kissed her on her forehead and cheeks.

Sid: ROli shall we go.

Sid tried to turn towards door when Roli hold his hands.
Roli went near his face and kissed on his cheeks.
Roli hug Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am very happy to get you as my husband.
Sid: Roli, I am happy too. Lets go.
ROSID hold thier hands tightly and moved towards downstairs.
All the family members astonished by the beauty of this cute couples.
ROSID looked at each other & smiled.

Part 9

ROSID sat in the marriage mandap.

Pandit started chanting the mantras.
Ganapathy pooja was performed by ROSID as per instruction given by the Pandit.
Roli's parents came forward to do Kanyadan of Roli to Siddhant.
Roli's Mother eyes got wet.
Pandit told ROSID to stand for Varmala.
ROSID hold the varmala on their hands and were looking at each other in love.
Roli tried to put the varmala on Sid's neck.
Sid increased his height by raising his heels.
Roli tried to put by raising her heels as well,.

But SID lean backwards.

Roli through her eyes expression called Sid towards her.
Sid cannot go away from her calling. So SID came near to her.
Roli put the varmala on Sid's neck.
Sid too put the Varmala on Roli's neck.
ROSID hold the pinky fingers and sat again.
Pandit continued the mantras.
Simar tied their clothes together.
ROSID got up again for Pheres.
ROSID took each & every step praying to GOD, in love, in happiness..
ROSID looked at each other and smiled.
All the family members put rain of flowers over ROSID with their blessings.
ROSID took 7 Pheres and sat again.
Pandit continued the mantras.
Sid was told by Pandit to fill Roli's forehead with Sindoor.
Sid took the Sindoor and filled the forehead of Roli.
Roli blushed.
Pandit gave the Mangal sutra to Sid to put on Roli's neck.
Sid put the Mangal sutra on Roli's neck.
ROSID looked at each other.

ROSID eyes got wet in happiness.

ROSID took the blessings of the elders.

ROSID sat for having dinner.

Sweets & food were served in their plates.
Sid took the sweet from his and feed Roli.
Roli too took the sweet from her place and feed Sid.
Not only sweets, almost the completed the dinner feeding the food to each other.
All family members were happy to see this lovely newly married couples.
ROSID finished their dinner together.

ROSID smiled looking at each other.

Part 10

ROSID were coming back after the dinner to the hall.

Sid just turned behind him to see Roli missing from there.
Sid: ROli...
Sid's eyes were searching for Roli.
Roli was not anywhere in the hall.
Mataji: Siddhant, what are you searching for beta?
Sid: Nothing Mataji.

Sid was thinking where is this Roli. She was returning with me only after finishing the dinner. Where she
went suddenly?
Sid was restless & searching for Roli.
Sid was then thinking may be with Simar bhabhi in the kitchen.
Sid slowly went to the kitchen.
Simar was cleaning the plates in the kitchen.
Simar: Devarji, what happend? You want anything?
Sid: Nothing bhabhi. I just need water.
Simar; Water is available in the dining table itself.
Sid: Oh ok. I will take.
Sid left the place.
Sid was confused, where is she? May be she went to her room.
Sid went to Roli's room to see whether she is there.
But no, she was not there even.
Sid was thinking, ROli where are you. Where you went leaving me?
Sid went to Prem's room to check whether she is there.
No she was not there. Prem was alone there in the room.
Prem: Siddhant you need anything.
Sid: Nothing prem.
Sid was unable to understand who can he ask now where is Roli?
Sid left from that place.

Sid went to terrace. he checked everywhere in the terrace.

But no ROli was missing.
Sid was thinking, Oh god this Roli too naa. Not even told me where is she going. I have searched all the
places, where she will be. She might have not gone anywhere outside the house.
Sid was so confused.
Sid tried to call Roli. But her mobile was switched off.
Sid got worried.

Part 11

Sid was tensed and got down from terrace & rushed towards Prem Room.
Sid: Prem, you know Roli is missing.
Prem: What are you telling Sid? Just now your marriage completed & we all had dinner together. Where
can she go missing.
Sid: Thats what I am also wondering Prem. I searching in the hall, kitchen even in the terrace. But she is
not there.
Prem: You try to call her & see where she is.
Sid: Prem, I already tried her number. But her mobile is switched off.
Simar entered the room.
Prem: Simar, Siddhant is telling Roli is missing. Is it
Simar: No.
Sid: But Simar bhabhi I searched for her everywhere she is not there.
Simar: Where did you searched?
Sid: Hall, Kitchen, Terrace.

Simar: But devarji, you have not searched where she is.
Sid: bhabhi what are you telling where is she?
Prem: My brother come with me. We know where she is.
Premar took Siddhant to his room.
The door was closed.
Prem & Simar opened the door.
The room was beautifully decorated with Red roses & candles.
Roli was sitting in the bed with the gungat waiting for Sid.
Simar: See she is waiting for you in your room, but you were searching everywhere.
Prem: Sid did you fotgot this is her room from today.
Sid: Prem this is your job only. You know how much I was afraid.
Simar: No devarji. It was my plan. You were searching for her. In the meantime, we arranged decorating
your room & when you were searching for her in the terrace, we made Roli ready & left her in your room.
Sid: Bhabhi, you are getting thrilled on my search for my wife.
Simar; It is just to give you excitement Siddhantji. See how you are happy on seeing her after that much
Sid smiled.
Prem: Siddhant, we promise we will not disturb you with any call tonight.
Sid: Prem, you do onething, just keep this phone with you itself till i ask you. So that even if you call, you
yourself will receive the call.
Sid gave his mobile to Prem.
Premar smiled and returned to their room.
Sid went inside his room & locked the door.

Part 12

Sid went near Roli & sat beside her.

Sid took the gungat away from her face.
Sid lift her face gently.
Sid went close to her face.
Roli blushed.
Roli lean towards Sid's shoulders and hug him.
Sid: My roli is getting shyness with her Siddhant.
ROli: Siddhantji... (in shyness)
Sid hold Roli's face.
Sid kiss her on her forehead, then eyes, then nose, then cheeks, then chin.
Sid moved towards her lips.
After few minutes...
Roli pushed him away in shyness & went near the window.
Sid went behind her with a smile.
Sid was caressing her hands from shoulders to fingers.
Sid turned ROli towards him.
Sid caressess her hip and pulled her towards him more closer by holding her hip.
Sid went near her neck and kiss her neck.
Roli's body was shivering a little.

Roli pushed him away a little and tried to move from there.
Sid hold her dupatta of the lehenga so that she can not go further.
When Sid was pulling her duppatta, the end of duppatta left its grip from the lehenga.
Dupatta slowly fall down on the floor.
Roli hide herself with her hands.
Sid went near her.
Sid took her hands and kept it on his shoulders.
Sid's eyes were enjoying her beauties.
Roli got shyness and hug him tightly hiding herself on Sid's chest.
Sid took ROli on his hands and went near bed.
Sid put ROli in the bed and lean towards her.
Sid slowly removed the ear rings, then nose rings, then necklace, then bangles...
Roli was unable to bear anymore and turned against him to hide herself in the bed out of shyness
Sid caressess her back.
Sid slowly undid the dhori of the blouse.
Roli turned towards Sid.
Roli hold Sid's neck and pulled him towards her and went close to his lips.
Roli hug him tightly.
Sid covered themselves with the blanket to share some beautiful moments.

Part 13

Roli was sleeping on Sid's chest.

Roli got awake
Roli remembered the previous day sweet memories and blushed.
Roli lift her face to see sid.
Sid was sleeping.
Roli was starring at Sid's face.
Roli went near his face and kiss on his cheeks.
Roli in a small voice: siddhantji. I love you. I love you so much. I like your sharp eyes which drag me
towards you. I like your cute lips which kiss me. I like your broad shoulder which hold me when I lean on
you. I like your chest which hold me when I sleep. I like your hands which hug me, caresses me. I love
you. I can't be apart from you. I am crazy on you.
Roli kissed him again & tried to get up from there

Sid hold her hands.

Sid: when you love me so much, then where are you going leaving me.
Sid pull roli and she again came on Sid's arms.
Sid slowly opened his eyes
Roli: you were hearing whatever I was telling. I thought you were sleeping
Sid: I got up when you first kissed me. As my wife was sharing some romantic. I was waiting for you to
Roli: siddhantji you are too bad.
Sid: oh I am too bad that's why you were admiring me.
Roli: let's get up now. Others will search for us.

Sid: roli. No one will search for us. We have not come here secretly. We are married
Roli: but still we need to go.
Sid: I will not hold you from going. If you want to go, you can.
Sid took his hands from her.
Roli tried to get up to go.
Roli turned towards sid.
Roli smiled.
Roli herself went near sid again
Sid pretend to be angry.
Roli wrap her hands around his waist.
Roli: siddhantji, are you angry?
Sid does not reply.
Roli caresses sid from his waist to shoulder.
Roli hold his neck and kissed him.
Sid was unable to hold him anymore and move towards roli's...

part 14

ROSID were on the bed hugging each other.

Roli: Siddhantji, Lets get ready & go down. All will be waiting for the breakfast in few minutes. It will not
be nice if we still dont go down. Please...
Sid: Hmmm. You are right. Lets go.
Roli: How can I go, give me my dress Siddhantji.

Sid: I dont know where is your dress. If you want you search & take it.
Sid wink his eyes and smiled.
Roli searched here & there. But her dress was not in the vision. She took the Towel which was near by
and wrap herself in that and went towards bathroom.
Sid smiled.

Roli noticed Simar already put a set of clothes of hers in the bathroom for Roli to change in the morning.
Roli took bath & put those clothes & came out.
Sid was combing his hair & smiled looking at Roli.
Sid hold her hands and pulled her towards him.
Roli: Siddhantji. We are already getting late. You go & take bath. Get ready for going out. Please. You
are my sweet heart...
Sid with half hearted went inside bathroom & took bath.
Sid came out while Roli was drying her wet hair near the dressing table mirror.
Roli was looking so beautiful.
Sid back hug her and kept his chin on her shoulders.
Sid: ROli, you are so beautiful in this saree. I love you.
Roli: I love you too Siddhantji.
Roli saw his wet hair.
Roli: Siddhantji, sit here. See your hair is wet. I will dry it.
Sid sat in the dressing table chair and Roli started drying his hair with the towel.
Sid hold her hips & pulled her towards him.
Sid gave a kiss on her hips which was not covered by the saree.

Sid made ROli to sit on his lap.

Roli clasp her hands around Sid's neck.
Sid hold her face and went near her face for a kiss when phone ring.
Sid was wondering where is phone ringing as he already gave his phone to Prem.
It was Roli's.
Sid: Roli, This phone is always our villian. why you kept this with you. I gave mine to Prem yesterday
Roli: Siddhantji...
Roli took the phone & the call was from Simar.
Simar: Roli, again sorry to disturb you. We all are waiting for you both in the dining table to have
breakfast. Mataji is asking for you both. Please come down.
Roli: Just coming didi in 2 minutes.
Roli disconnected the line.
Roli: Siddhantji all are waiting for us in the dining table. Lets go.
Roli got up from his lap.
Sid got ready & Roli tied her hair with a clip.
Roli gave sindoor to Sid to fill her forehead.
Sid filled the sindoor on her forehead.
ROSID smiled.
Rosid hold their hands and went down towards the dining table..

Part 15

ROSID came to the dining hall.

All were waiting for them.
Roli tried to go near Simar to help her in serving.
When ROli tried to move, Sid hold her hands from going.
Sid signalled to sit near him.
Simar noticed this.
Simar: Roli, You sit to have food. I will serve food.
Roli smiled & sat next to Sid.
ROSID were sitting in the corner of one side of the table.
ROSID were looking at each other & smiling while having food.
Sid signalled her to feed him.
Roli was afraid someone may look at them.
Sid was not ready to hear.
Roli feed Sid unnoticed by others. But still Premar was noticing this & smiled.
Sid then feed her while Mataji also noticed other than Premar.
Mataji adjusted her voice to create sound to reveal her presence.
Rosid understood that Mataji noticed them & blushed.
Mataji: Roli & Siddhant, I am very much surprised on your love towards each other. I am seeing these
many people, but you both are unique caring so much for each other. I pray to God that her blessings
with keep you united like this always.
ROSID smiled & got happy hearing this.
All finished their breakfast and came to the hall sofa to sit.

Mataji: Roli & Siddhant, there is a wedding day gift to you both from my side.
Sid: Gift, what it is Mataji?
Mataji: Will tell you. Prem..
Prem: Ji Mataji. I will bring.
Prem gave a gift box in small size to Mataji.
Mataji gave that gift box to ROSID.
ROSID accepted that gift taking blessings of Mataji by touching her feet.
Mataji: Open the gift box & see. I hope you like the gift.
Sid opened the box to see latest model Car Key inside it.
Sid: Mataji, a Car.
Mataji: Yes. This car is my wedding day gift to you both. It is yours from now. Car is parked outside.
ROSID: Thank you Mataji.
Premar went near ROSID.
Prem: Siddhant, there is 10 days left for college holidays. We wish you both celebrate your honeymoon
in these 10 days. You can take your car & go anywhere as you wish. Take this ATM card for your
expenses. I promise we will not call you for all the 10 days. Enjoy.
ROSID blushed...

Part 16

ROSID went to their room to pack their clothes for the next 10 days.
Sid just packed his dress in a minute with few sets of clothes and his bag was ready.
Sid sat down to see what Roli is doing.

Roli was wondering which dress to take.

She was changing the selection multiple times.
Roli was confused.
Sid was admiring her.
Roli after few minutes, turned towards Sid to see he is laughing at her.
Roli: Siddhantji, see how much I am confused selecting the dress & you are laughing from there.
Sid: Roli, What can I do. My packing is completed already & waiting for you.
Roli: Siddhantji, please help me to select the dress.
Sid went near Roli.
Roli showed the dress one by one whether it is ok.
Sid said yes to all dresses. Roli got angry.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am telling you to select for me. But you are telling yes to all dresses.
Sid: What can I do Roli? My wife is very pretty so she looks good in all the dresses.
Roli: Oh. Then i will select myself.
Sid: Roli, You select any few dress & pack dear. Anyway, where I am worried about which dress you are
ROli: What do you mean by that?
Sid whispher in her ears: I mean, i want you without any of these.
Roli's face turned pink
Roli: Siddhantji... (in shyness) You are turning very naughty.
Roli packed few dresses & got ready.

Roli: By the way Siddhantji, where are we going?

Sid: Any place is ok for Sid when Roli is there.
Roli: SIddhantji tell me. Where will we go.
Sid: We will go to Simla. Is it ok for you?
Roli: Siddhantji, anywhere is ok when my Siddhantji is with me.
Sid smiled & Roli blushed.
ROSID started their journey to Simla in their new car.

Part 17

ROSID enjoyed the jouney in their new car very much..

ROSID were hearing songs & were excited.
In the middle they were having fun teasing each other, pulling each other's legs for fun.
After few hours of journey they reach Simla.
Sid looked for a beautiful cottage to stay.
As it was already dinner time, they had dinner & went to their room.
Sid locked the door and turned towards Roli who was keeping the bags inside the wardrope of the room.
Sid went near the wardrope, Roli was blushing as he was nearing her.
Sid went very close to her, but took the towel from the bag & went to take bath.
Roli smiled & was waiting for him to return.
After Sid came back from taking bath, Roli looked at Sid. But Sid was not looking at her & went near
mirror to comb his hair.

Roli took her clothes & took bath.

Roli was wearing a Red color sleeveless nighty and came out of the bathroom.
Sid was reading newspaper sitting in the sofa.
Roli was looking for SID, which he does not seems to notice Roli.
Roli went near dressing table & started combing her hair.
Roli's eyes were around Sid & her heart was expecting Sid near her.
But there was no response from Sid.
After combing her hair, Roli went near Sid and sat in the Sofa.
Sid turned towards her side & forward his hands before her.
Roli was blushing & her eyes were looking down.
Sid came very close to her, but his hands crossed her & went near the tumbler kept in the side table with
Sid took the water & drink it.
Roli was wondering whether Sid atleast looked at her or not.
After drinking water,
Sid: Roli, shall we go to sleep.
Not even waiting for her response, Sid went to bed.
Roli was very upset & went behind sid.
Both were in the bed beside each other. But sid was looking against her.
ROli was looking at Sid, whether he is atleast turning towards her.
Sid was slowly turning towards her & again forward her hands near her.

Roli was looking at him with love.

But again Sid's hands crossed her & took the pillow which was next to Roli.
After taking the pillow, Sid turned against her & closed his eyes hugging the pillow.
Roli was wondering what happend to Sid. Why he is not even turning towards her?
Roli was not getting sleep. She was turning this side & that side. But no use.
Roli got up to see what Sid is doing. Sid seems to be sleeping as his eyes were closed.
Roli was thinking, how can you do this Siddhantji? How can you stay away from your Roli? How can you
sleep like this?

Part 18

Roli went back to bed to sleep. But no, she was not getting sleep.
Roli was thinking, What can be done now? I am not getting sleep.
After failure of few tried to sleep, Roli went near Sid.
Roli hug Sid.
Roli in a low voice: Siddhantji, Are you angry with me? Why you have not even turned towards me since
we came here? If I did any mistake I am sorry for that. But I can't bear this distance between us. I can't
bear this distance of being apart even after being together.
Roli eyes were wet.
Siddhant cannot pretend anymore and turned towards ROli.
Sid: Roli, I was just kidding yaar. You were teasing me while coming as if I am only behind you always.
So I wanted to see what will you do if I do not come to you.
Roli hit Sid in love with soft punch on his chest.
Roli: Siddhantji, you are kidding with me like this. Don't ever do such play with me.
Sid: Sorry. Sorry. I will not do like this anymore.
ROli: I agree Siddhantji. I can't be away from you. There is no life for me if you are away from me.
Tears came out of Roli's eyes.
Sid wiped her tears.
Sid: Sorry Roli. I was just playing with you. But was not intend to make you cry. You are aware I can't
see you crying.
Sid kissed on her eyes.
Sid: Roli, you are aware how difficult it is for me to be away from you. When I came near wardrobe, I
wanted to hug & kiss you. But i went from there taking the towel. Then when you came out from
bathroom, with this red night dress, do you think it was easy for me. You were dragging me towards you.
Above that you came near to me and sat beside me. I controlled my hands which was moving towards
you by taking glass of water and drinking it. Then after coming here also, the same thing I handled by

taking the pillow. I know you were suffering without sleep & I was about to come to you myself in few
minutes. How can I stay away from my beautiful wife for long? That too in this beautiful dress.
Sid caresses her sleeveless hands from fingers to shoulders slowly. Then his fingers moved through her
neck to caresses her face through forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin and returned to neck again and moved
Roli blushed and hold his hands from moving further down in shyness.
Sid smiled.
Sid took Roli's hands which was holding Sid and put it around his neck and moved more closely to Roli.
ROSID had eye lock very close.
Roli face turned pink by Sid's sharp look.
Sid gave a sweet kiss on Roli's pinky cheeks.
Roli too gave a lovely kiss on his cheeks.
ROSID moved close towards each other lips...

Part 19

ROSID were sleeping.

Sid wake up first to see Roli sleeping in his arms.
Sid caresses her hair.
Sid gave a kiss on her head.
Sid: Roli, I am still unable to believe myself that my Roli has become mine completely. My Roli is in my
hands. There is no restriction for me with my Roli anymore. Do you know in the Kashmir trip, I was with
you sharing your bed, but I was restricting myself to own you, to make you myself. It was difficult part
though I have not told you till now.
Roli: Siddhantji, but you have told me now at last.
Roli slowly opened her eyes and smiled.
Sid: You were awake.
Roli: Yes. I was awake. What do you think, you alone can pretend like sleeping with me. I too can
pretend & know your heart words.
Sid smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji, likewise I too cannot still believe that I have become yours completely. Everything seems
to be like a dream. How fast our marriage happend!

Sid: You know how much comfortable & happy I feel when you are with me. Nothing else is required.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. I too dont want anything in this life more than being in your arms for ever.
Sid kissed on Roli's forehead while Roli kissed on Sid's forehead.
ROSID smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji, let us fresh up ourselves & order some breakfast.
Sid nod his head as acceptance.
ROSID fresh up themselves & order for breakfast calling room service.
Sid was sitting in the bed bending the knees & kept the news paper on his legs and was going through
the headlines in the newspaper.
Roli came near sid and sat beside him.
Roli pulled the newspaper from Sid and kept it in the side table.
Roli: Siddhantji, What are you reading in that newspaper with interest?
Sid: Nothing ROli. Just was reading the headlines. If ROli does not want me to read, I will not.
ROSID smiled.
Roli sat seeing Sid face to face & lean towards the bend knees.
ROSID were looking at each other for few minutes.
Roli face turned pink.
Sid: Roli, Why your face is turning pink? I have not even touch you.
Roli: Your hands may not touch me. But your eyes are piercing through me. I cant handle your eyes very
long Siddhantji.
Sid: How you feel like when I look at you very long?
ROli: I feel like...

Roli got up from there & switched on the music in her mobile.
Roli started dancing in happiness.
In few seconds, Sid joined her in the dance.
ROSID were dancing in happiness, grace & rhythemic.
At the end of the song, Sid hold Roli tightly and pulled her towards him.
Sid: Roli, I love you..
Roli: I love you too Siddhantji...
Sid hold her face & kissed here forehead, nose, cheeks, chin & moved towards her lips.
While someone press the calling bell.
Sid: Roli, If we are in our home, Prem call us & disturb us. We have come so many kms away still
someone is disturbing us.
Roli laughed.
Roli: Siddhantji, may be the room service bringing breakfast for us. Let me go & see.
Roli turned towards the door.
Sid hold her from going.
Sid: Roli, I will go. In the meantime, you put my shirt over you.
Sid gave her the shirt & went near the door.
Roli was wondering why Sid is giving the shirt to wear, but she put it as said by Sid.
The service boy brought the food and was looking all over the room. He saw roli also.
Sid noticed that.
Sid: Have you kept the food, just leave. We will serve ourselves.

The boy left the room.

Sid locked the room and came back to ROli.
Sid started laughing at Roli in his shirts as it was big for her.
Roli: Siddhantji, you only told me to wear your shirt & now laughing at me.
Sid: Roli, I told you to wear this as I was feeling the person who bring the food may look at you. I dont
want other to see in that sleeveless night dress. SO I told you to wear the shirt. You know i was right, the
boy was looking at you & I told him to go out. But I am unable to control my laugh when I see you with
this shirt. Just go to mirror & see yourselves.
Sid laughed again.
Roli went to mirror & saw herself.
Roli laughed herself.
Roli rushed towards Sid & hug him...

Part 20

Rosid went out for sight seeing.

They were relaxed and walking together holding their hands.
They were having fun together.
At that time a guy who was standing in the roadside was flirting seeing roli.
Rosid noticed it.
That guy suddenly whistle seeing her.
Also was trying to comment on her.
Sid got angry.
Sid went near that guy & started beating him.
Roli: siddhantji just leave him & let's go.

Sid was not hearing anything. He gave punches on his face.

Roli: siddhantji let's go please..
Sid was still hitting him.
Roli pulled sid with great difficulty.
That guy ran out using the opportunity.

Sid: roli why you hold me. I might have killed him. How can he whistle seeing you.
Roli: siddhantji I know he did mistake. But you will kill him & go to jail. What is this siddhantji. I am telling
you to leave him. But you are not hearing anything.
Sid: roli sorry. I got angry & was not knowing what I was doing.
Roli: this anger is not good for anything. Please remember.
Sid: roli I am sorry.
Roli was upset and started walking towards their room.
Sid was coming behind him.
Sid: roli let's go to have food.
Sid took roli to restaurant on the way.

Part 21

Rosid went inside the restaurant.

Roli was still not come out of Sid's action shock.
Roli got afraid what if something happen to that guy & sid get into trouble.
Sid noticed that roli was still upset.

Sid: roli sorry. I can't bear someone do anything to you.

Roli: but still siddhantji that guy was bleeding.
Sid: OK sorry.
Roli was still not out of that. Roli went to cool drink section. But wrongly picked up beer.
Sid noticed that. He rushed to her.
Sid: don't drink that.
Roli: you are doing whatever you want but does not allow me to even drink cool drink.
Roli just drink it.
Roli: it is nice. I will take some more.
She drinks more glasses & lost her conscious.
Roli: siddhant I love you daa.
Sid: roli OK. Let's go to our room.
Roli: where are you taking me?
Sid: just keep quiet & come. We will talk after going to our room.
Sid took roli to their room.
Sid: just sleep now. We will talk in the morning.
Roli: no. We will dance now.
Sid: roli you are unable to stand & where can you dance.
Roli: siddhant please.
Sid: OK.
Rosid were dancing. Sid was holding her on his shoulder while dancing.

Sid: roli now go to sleep.

Roli: I want your shirt. Give me.
Roli started removing the buttons of his shirt.
Sid: roli what is this?
Roli: siddhant won't you give me your shirt also.
Roli removed his shirt.
She removed her chudi tops & wear the shirt.
Roli: siddhant see how I look. Beautiful right?
Sid: very beautiful come to sleep.
Roli: OK.
Roli pushed sid in the bed and fell down beside him.
Roli hug him tightly and started sleeping.
Next day morning rosid wake up.
Roli: siddhantji what happened yesterday after we went to that restaurant. I don't remember anything.
When we came to our room. What is this siddhantji why you made me to wear your shirt.
Sid: roli I made you to wear? You removed my shirt & wear yourselves.
Roli: but I don't remember anything.
Sid: because you drink beer instead of cool drink.
Roli: why you didn't hold me.
Sid: I tried but no use. You drank before that. But you know what you did
Roli: what I did?

Sid: you pushed me in the bed and...

Roli: and...
Sid: you slept.
Sid laughed.
Sid: you know how you called me?
Roli: hmmm
Sid: siddhant I love you. Siddhant give me your shirt...
Roli: sorry siddhantji. I did mistake as i was not in conscious.
Sid: roli. I liked to hear you calling me siddhant. I love you.
Roli blushed & hug her siddhant.

Part 22
Roli hug her siddhant.
Sid turned towards her.
Sid: what all you want to do in drunken state. You wanted to dance.
Roli: dance!
Sid: yes. I helped you to dance holding on my shoulders. But dance you like always. That I know. But
you want my shirt.
Roli: yesterday morning when I was wearing though it was big in size but I liked to wear your shirt which I
feel like you are hugging me tightly. May be due to that.
Sid: oh I see. But when I am here why my shirt is taking my place.
Sid started removing the buttons of the shirt.

Roli pushed him slightly & ran from there.

Sid ran behind her.
Roli tried to escape from sid.
But after few tries sid catch her.
Sid took her in his arms.
Sid: roli this is not our big garden for you to escape.
Roli: siddhantji I too don't want to escape from you. I want to be in your arms
Sid put her in the bed and lean towards her.
Sid kissed her on her forehead Then nose then cheeks & then towards her lips.
Sid hands started removing the balance shirt buttons.

Part 23

Sid took Roli in his arms to the bathroom to have a bath.

ROSID were inside the bathtub filled with warm water.
ROSID were looking at each other with love.
Roli was blushing.
Sid caresses Roli and gave few kisses.
ROSID enjoyed their moments in each other's arms for very long time.
Both were wet for hours together.
ROSID got no intention to move apart. They enjoyed the moments together.
After long time...

Roli started to sneeze.

Sid: ROli are you alright.
Roli: Siddhantji I am alright, but being we are in water since long & my hair is also wet, i got sneezing.
Sid: Roli, I am sorry. Lets go.
Both came out out of the bathroom and changed the wet clothes.
Roli wrap her hair in the dry towel.
But still her sneezing was continuing.
Sid got tensed.
Sid: Roli shall I call a doctor nearby.
Roli: Siddhantji, no need. I am alright.
But in few hours, suddenly Roli got fever & cold.
Sid called for the doctor.
Doctor came & checked Roli.
Doctor: What happend why she got Fever suddenly?
Sid was wondering what to tell him.
Roli: Doctor nothing doctor. I took hair wash in the morning. But being the water is new, I got cold &
Doctor: Oh ok. I will give you medicine for 3 days. You will be alright.
Doctor gave the medicine & left the room.
Sid: Roli, I am very sorry. because of me only you are suffering illness.
Roli: Siddhantji, I too was enjoying the moments with you in the water. No need to blame yourself. Its ok.
This cold & fever is normal only. I will be alright.

Sid was taking care of ROli like a small kid.

Sid feed the food to her. Roli was in Sid's lap or shoulders or chest always.
Sid gave the tablet to Roli.
Roli: Siddhantji, I dont want this tablet. Please.
Sid: Roli, No you need to take this tablet.
Roli: But this taste is bad. It is sour.
Sid: Then you take this tablet now & i will give you sugar for sweetness.
Sid put the tablet on Roli's mouth & gave water.
Then Sid tried to give the sugar pocket to her.
Roli: Siddhantji, Is this sugar sweeter than you.
Roli went close to Sid & moved towards Sid's lips...

Part 24

Sid took care of Roli & Roli was perfectly alright.

Roli was sitting in the bed while Sid was lay down on her lap.
Roli was caressesing his head.
ROSID were looking at each other.
Roli: Siddhantji, how fast the time is moving. Only 2 more days left for us to return. Then we need to go
to college.
Sid: Yes Roli. I am also wondering the same. The days are moving very fast when we are together.
Roli: But Siddhantji, please remember we need to study well in this year & need to score 1st mark as we
aim always.

Sid: You are right. But Roli, I dont know how I am going to concentrate on studies when my beautiful wife
is near by.
Roli: Siddhantji, Your wife is there with you even from the last year. Remember we married last year. But
still we secured good marks. Likewise this year also we need to do.
Sid: Roli, Yes I do agree that we did married last year, still studied well. This year, do you think we will
study with books when we are together!
Roli understood what Sid is trying to say.
Roli blushed.
Sid: Where can I concentrate on my studies when my wife blush like this and pull me towards her.
Roli: Siddhantji, you mean I will be the distraction for your studies.
Sid: No Roli, You can never be reason for any of my failure. But only telling it will be difficult for us to
concentrate on studies when we are together.
Roli: Siddhantji, Then what can I do. We cant give up this year.
Sid: Roli, My dear wife. 2 more days are still there. lets think of that after 2 days. Now its time for
Romance. Shall we.
Roli blushed.
Sid wrap his hands around her and pulled her towards him.
Roli bend down towards Sid...

Part 25

Roli was taking bath inside the bathroom & came out wrapping the towel around her.
Sid was sitting in the sofa reading newspaper.
Roli went to take the dress from her bag. But her bag was almost empty.
Roli was wondering where her dresses all gone.

Roli was searching for the dresses all over the wardrobe.
Roli thought this should be because of Sid.
Roli turned towards Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji, where is my dresses. Nothing is available in the bag.
Sid: Roli, how do i know? I am just reading newspaper since long.
Roli: Siddhantji, i know this is your job only. Please give me.
Sid: No Dear. I am not aware.
Roli: Ok. I will check in your bag. May be you might have kept it inside that.
Roli searched in Sid's bag, but only Sid's clothes were there.
Sid was excited to see Roli searching so much for her dress.
Roli: Siddhantji, you are excited to see me in trouble.
Sid came near Roli.
Sid: Roli, not at all. How I will be happy when my wife is in trouble.
Sid came near Roli.
Sid backhug Roli and kissed on her shoulders.
Sid was caressing roli's wet hands from shoulders to fingers and their hands intertwined.
Sid back hug Roli holding her hands.
Sid kissed on her bare back, shoulders and neck.
Roli slowly closed her eyes.
Sid: ROli, you are looking beautiful.
Roli: Siddhantji, please tell me like a good boy. Where is my dress?

Sid: ROli, are you very much fond of your dress than me.
Roli turned towards Sid.
Roli: No Siddhantji. Nothing is important for me more than my Siddhantji.
Roli wrap her hands around Sid's neck.
Roli: But Siddhantji, how can your wife go out with a towel
Sid: When I told to go out. Lets be here, in my arms.
Sid took Roli in his arms.
Sid sat in the sofa & made ROli sit in his lap.
ROSID shared some sweet moments for sometime.
Roli: Siddhantji, Now tell me where is my dress.
Sid: See there.
Sid showed ROli the place where he kept all her dress.
Roli: Siddhantji, you are turning very naughty day by day.
Sid: Roli, Wont you like myself playing like this with you. With who else I am playing, I am playing with my
wife only right.
ROli smiled.
Roli hug him tightly.
Roli (in his ears): Siddhantji, I like you playing like this with me. I do enjoy your naughtyness.
Roli kissed on Sid's cheeks & ran from there to take her dress before Sid realise what ROli told in his

Part 26

ROSID were in the bed beside & looking at each other with 1 feet apart.
Roli's right hand & sid's left hand was intertwined and was in the middle.
Roli: Siddhantji, we are left with tonight & we need to return tomorrow morning.
Sid: Thats right Roli. These 10 days were beautiful days with you. We spend the day & night in each
other arms, with fun, romance, love, care.
Roli: Siddhantji, I enjoyed a lot. I dont know now, how I spend 1 year away from you even after becoming
your wife.
Sid: You are right Roli. Now i cant spare even a day away from you.
Sid caresses Roli's face.
Roli hold his hands and kissed.
ROli: Siddhantji, shall we dance now for sometime.
Sid nod his head.
ROSID dance together for sometime.
Roli dance around him and enjoyed the dance a lot.
After dancing for few songs, ROSID returned to the bed again.
Roli was in Sid's chest hugging him.
Roli: Siddhantji, will you be in love with me always like today.
Sid: Roli, you have any doubt on that.
Roli: Not like that Siddhantji. I cant bear any distance between us. You are my love. You are my life.
SId: Roli, you are my soul. If you are away, I am dead.
Roli hold his mouth from further talking.
Roli: Siddhantji, why telling big words like this.

SId: That is the truth Roli. You are my soul. You are everything for me. You are not my life partner or
wife alone. You are my life, you are my breathe, you are my heart, you are my brain & you are my soul
Roli: Siddhantji, you are right. We are single soul of 2 physical bodies. We cant be apart and cant live
without each other.
ROSID eyes were filled with tears of happiness.
ROSID spend the whole night in each other arms, in each others lap. Their shoulders & chest were
holding each other sharing some beautiful hugs & kisses the whole night...

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 7 => Couple in College

Part 1

ROSID return home from Simla.

ROSID entered house holding their hands when all the family members were in the hall.
Simar: Roli, welcome home.
Prem: Siddhant welcome home.
Premar welcome ROSID.
ROSID smiled and sat in the hall.
Premar, Mataji & others were teasing them asking about their honeymoon trip.
All were asking different sort of questions to ROSID.
ROSID were looking at each other while others were talking to them.
Premar noticed that.
Simar: Roli, I think now you have come all the way in driving. So you both are tired. Just go & take some
ROSID just left to their room as if they were waiting for these words to be told.

ROSID came to their room and Sid sat in the sofa to relax.
Roli opened the bag to remove the clothes & arrange in the wardrobe.
Sid went near Roli.
Sid: ROli, you have started doing work now itself. We have just returned. Just relax for sometime.
Roli: Siddhantji it is just 2 mins job. Let me finish it.
Sid: Roli, spend few minutes for your husband then 2 minutes for your clothes.
Sid pulled Roli towards him.
Roli: Siddhantji, we are at home now & anyone can come at any moment.
Sid: Roli, Thats why I am telling give me before someone comes.
Roli went near Sid's face for a kiss while Premar with Tea cups reached the door of ROSID room.
Premar saw the wardrobe open & understood that ROSID is behind it.
Simar adjusted her voice to let ROSID know their coming.
Roli moved away from Sid.
ROSID came out of the wardobe to see who has come & saw It was none other than Premar.
Simar: Sorry Roli & Siddhantji, I just got tea for you.
Roli: Simar didi just come & sit here we were just arranging the clothes in the cupboard.
Premar sat in the sofa with ROSID.
Prem: We just came to enquire you both about your trip.
Sid: Prem, the trip was very good.
Sid smiled looking at Roli.

Prem: Hope you enjoyed without disturbance of phone calls.

Sid: Prem, that job was taken care by the room service in the hotel.
Premar smiled.
Roli blushed.
ROSID & Premar took the cup of tea and started drinking it.
Simar: Siddhantji & ROli, your college is starting from tomorrow. How about this year aim on studies for
award winning.
Roli: didi, the aim will be there always. you can see us winning this year also.
Prem: thats good. All the best to you both.
ROSID: Thanks.
Simar: Hope this year you dont need internet to study together.
ROSID smiled.

Part 2

Rosid were getting ready for 1st day of college.

Roli was dressing up herself while sid came behind her.
Sid back hug roli.
Roli: siddhantji now its time for going to college & not for romance.
Roli removed his hands.
Sid: roli there is no time limits for romance.
Roli: no it is there till we complete our studies. Romance time will be only after 9 pm OK.

Sid: what roli? Not even kiss.

Roli: no. Nothing.
Sid: you are student or professor. Acting very strict.
Roli: I am your wife who wish your wellness.
Sid: OK. Let's go.
Rosid came down with their bags.
Simar gave them their lunch boxes.
Maaji gave dahi sakkar to them.
Rosid waved bye to all.
Sid took his bike & roli sat behind him.
Rosid reached college.
Sid buy his regular rose & kept it on roli hair.
Sid parked the bike & both smiled on their old memories.
Sid tried to hold her hands when going inside class.
Roli: siddhantji this is college. Please leave my hands.
Sid left her hands and both entered the class.
Roli friend surprised to see roli forehead filled with sandoor.
Roli told her that their marriage happened recently.
Rosid classes started. They concentrated on classes well.
In the lunch time they went to their favorite tree to have lunch.

Rosid feed each other as usual.

Whenever said tried to come closer to roli she managed to control him.
They attended the afternoon section of the classes.
Rosid started from college as soon as classes completed.
Two eyes were following roli the whole day without her knowledge.
Rosid returned home in the bike.
Simar prepared tea for them & gave to roli to take to their room.
Roli went to their room with tea.
Roli gave the tea to sid.
While having tea sid was starring at roli.
Roli never missed to notice that.
Roli: siddhantji just few hours more. Let's complete the studies for the day. We will have dinner. Then
no restrictions. OK
Sid: when madam ordered what can be done.
Rosid started studying.
Simar who came there to take the tea cup was very happy to see them studying sincerely
Rosid finished studies & had dinner.
Rosid returned to their room.
Sid locked the room while roli back hug him tightly.
Sid: oh madam was very strict the whole day. Now no restrictions.
Roli: this is romance time that's why.

Sid turned towards roli.

Sid took roli to their bed.
Rosid sat beside each other while roli's hands were Hugging
Roli: siddhantji sorry to control you the whole day. Otherwise our concentration will divert that's why. It
was not easy for me as well.
Sid: I do understand. You were right.
Roli: siddhantji but now for what you are waiting
Telling this roli raise her eyebrow like questioning & pushed sid herself in the bed gently and lean towards
Sid got surprised & went close to her..

Part 3

ROSID were in each others arms the next day morning.

Roli wake up by the alarm sound at 5 AM.
Roli took her face close to Sid and gave a sweet morning kiss on his cheeks.
Roli smiled.
Roli tried to get up from the bed while Sid hold her hands from going.
Sid pulled her & Sid fell down in his arms again.
Sid hug her tightly and opened his eyes.
Sid: Roli where are you going in this morning.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am going to kitchen to help Simar didi in kitchen works. We are anyway not doing any
other work as we are going to college. Also we take care our studies in the evening. At least we need to
help her in the morning.

Sid: Roli, I do agree. But you becomes 'Touch me not' till night. So I will not leave the chance now to
keep you in my arms.
Roli: Siddhantji, Please.. Please... You are my sweet heart. Please let me go.
Sid: Ok. I will let you go, provided you will give something strong which can make me wait till evening.
ROli blushed.
Roli went near his lips...
After few minutes..
Roli got up from the bed and went to bathroom to take bath.
Sid slept again in few minutes.
Roli came out of bathroom and saw Sid sleeping peacefully.
Roli admired him.
Roli looked at clock which showed the time as 6 AM.
Roli rushed towards kitchen to help Simar.
Simar was cutting the vegetables.
Roli: Good morning Simar didi.
Simar; Roli, Good morning.
ROli took another knife & started cutting the vegetables.
Simar: Roli, Go & take rest. You need to go to college also. I will look after these jobs.
Roli: No didi. I am not helping you in the day time & also doing my studies in the evening. Atleast I need
to help you in the morning.
Simar: But Roli.
Roli: didi. Please dont restrict me. I will do as much as I can in the morning atleast.

Simar: You will not hear once you decided. Ok.

Roli & Simar made the cooking fast for breakfast & for lunch box. Then Roli did some preliminary works
for lunch cooking as much as she can to help Simar.
Simar: Roli, you will get late. Go & get ready.
Roli: Ok didi.
When Roli turned, Simar called Roli.
Simar; Roli, wear some dress which is having close neck to college.
Roli; Close neck dress. Why didi?
Simar: Nothing. Just do that.
Roli went to her room with a puzzle.
Sid was getting ready for college.
Roli: Siddhantji, didi told me to wear some close neck dress to the college. Why it is so.
Sid went behind her and looked at her back.
Sid: Roli, she was right. You wear some close neck dress.
Roli: But siddhantji, please tell me. what is the reason.
Sid took her near the mirror & showed her back.
Roli's back near neck line was having red marks.
Roli blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji, these all because of you.
Sid smiled.
Roli moved from grip of Sid in shyness and went to her cupboard to take a close neck dress.

ROSID reached college and were attending the class.

ROSID professor called them to her room during lunch time.
Mam: Roli & Siddhant, being seeing you both yesterday I understood you married in these holidays.
ROSID: yes Mam. We just married.
Mam: Roli, After the kashmir trip, I was having a guilt feeling within myself as I know your marriage was
not known to your family members. But still due to situation, I told Sid to stay with you that night to save
your life. But after seeing you both married yesterday, I got myself relaxed.
Roli: Mam, There was no need for any guilt feeling because Siddhantji only saved my life on that night &
nothing more happend between us.
Mam was shocked on hearing this.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.
Mam: Siddhant , is it true.
Sid: Yes Mam.
Mam: I am very pround of you both. All the best for your career & my wishes to your happy married life.
ROSID: Thank you so much Mam.
ROSID came out of her room and was walking towards their classroom.
Sid noticed a guy coming towards them.
Sid got a odd feeling & when the guy was nearing them. Sid pulled Roli the otherside from where she was
The guy who was crossing them just passed the place where Roli was actually walking.
Roli: Siddhantji, what happend. WHy you pulled me suddenly.
Sid; Nothing Roli, Just like that.

Roli did not noticed what has actually happend.

But SID was having a hint that the guy purposefully tried to dash on Roli...

Part 4

ROSID college days were running.

Sid felt day time very long & night time very short.
In the meantime, Sid noticed that guy who tried to dash Roli on the other day was looking at Roli with a
bad intention in his eyes. Sid avoided him looking at ROli to the extend possible. Sid did not take any
serious action against him as they being in the college & Roli was already upset on the other day at Simla
when Sid fight with the guy in the roadside.
Sid still did not feel good on this issue. Sid started enquiring about that guy slowly. Sid understood that
the guy is son of a rich person & just joined in their college this year. He is very arrogant guy & always
tries to get whatever he wants.
Sid decided to have an eye in that guy so that he do not make any harm to ROli.

One day Prem came to Sid room while ROSID were studying.
Prem: Siddhant, i need a help from you.
Sid: yes prem. Tell me.
Prem: Actually there is big order need to be finalised & for that someone of us need to go to Meerut. I
was planning to go, but there is big order to be fulfilled here also. So I am unable to go. I need your help
to attend the meerut party & get the order. It will be helpful for your knowledge also.
Sid: But prem, i am not aware about anything.
Prem: Sid, you did came with me few times & that knowledge is enough. Also i will send our experienced
person with you to help you for any clarifications.
Sid: When it is?
Prem: Sid you need to start tomorrow early morning & it will be maximum for 2-3 days according to
finishing the deal.

Sid: 2-3 days...

Roli: Siddhantji, you please accept to go for this. Prem jiju is asking means he has that urgency to get
attended. Please do it.
Sid: But Roli...
Roli: No excuses Siddhantji. Please...
Sid was unable to deny anymore.
Sid: Ok. Prem. WIll do.
Prem: Thank you Siddhant.
Prem left their room.
SId: Roli, you are happy to be away from me for 2-3 days.
ROli: Not like that Siddhantji. If you go & finalise the deal, it will show your capacity in handling the
business. It will help you in future career. You are going here only. I can wait for these 2-3 days for your
coming. You too need to do that. Please..
Sid accepted with a smile.

ROli made Sid get up in the early morning & help him to pack his clothes for 3 days.
Sid: Roli, I am not at all having mind to leave you & go. Will you too come with me.
Roli: Siddhantji, you are not going personally. It is official trip. SO you need to go alone.
Sid: Roli you are very adament.
Roli smiled.
Sid took his bag to start his journey.
After taking 2 steps, Sid came back to ROli & kissed on her cheeks.

Sid: Roli. I love you

Roli; I love you too Siddhantji..
Sid waved his hands and left the room.
Sid took his car and moved towards meerut with a person sent by Prem to help Sid.
Sid while driving was thinking about the guy in the college.
Sid was thinking, Hope Roli did not get any problem from that guy till I return...
Roli on the other hand was getting ready for college with full of memories of Sid.
ROli was seeing Sid everywhere.
She felt like Sid is sitting in the sofa & looking at her, then when combing the hair she felt like Sid coming
behind & hug her, then when putting the dupatta she felt like Sid pulling her dupatta.
Roli was thinking, Siddhantji your memories are having more impact on me when you are not around. I
myself does not know how I am going to handle your absence these 3 days.
Roli started to college,,,

Part 5

Roli went to college & that guy was noticing Roli coming alone without Sid.
Roli buy the Rose & kept it on her hair while the guy was commenting.
Guy: Hi, shall i help you keeping the rose in your hair.
Roli was shocked with these words & turned to see who is that.
Roli saw that Guy standing few feets away & talking to her.
Roli got angry by his words & just turned her face & went to the college.
Roli rushed to her classroom and sat in her place.
Roli heartbeat was very fast.

That guy was walking in the corridor from this side to that side of the class to look at Roli.
Roli noticed it & got irritated.
Roli was thinking, Siddhantji I am afraid. Why these things happening when you are not around.
Then she was thinking whether she can tell these to Sid.
But No. She was thinking, he just went for completing important task & if I disturb him & tell all these, he
may leave the job in the middle & return to her.
Roli was waiting for the class to start & joined her friend to have her lunch.
But Roli noticed that the guy was standing near by and looking at her.
In the evening also he followed & Roli rushed towards auto and went home.

Roli was tensed. Roli was thinking whether to take leave till Sid come back.
But what can she tell to family members & also to Sid the reason for not going to college.
Roli decided, it is just matter of 2 days & lets handle this.

Sid called Roli that day night.

Sid: Roli darling, how are you?
Roli: Siddhantji, I am fine. No problem as such.
Sid: Roli, I have not asked about any problem. What happend are you in trouble.
Roli: Nothing Siddhantji. I am fine.
Sid: you went to college today
Roli: Yes Siddhantji, I went to college & everything is fine.
Sid: Roli, tell me the truth. You seems to be disturbed. Shall i come back now.

Roli: Siddhantji, why you worry unwantedly. I am ok & everything is fine. Dont worry. You return once
you work completes.
Sid: Ok. Then
Roli: Then..
Sid: Roli we were away in the day time. But today even in this beautiful night time. I miss you daa.
Roli: I miss you too Siddhantji..
ROSID started talking to each other & the conversation continued the whole night...
Roli was feeling relaxed on talking to Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji, it has become morning now. You have not slept the whole night. You have to visit the
client also. Take rest now.
Sid: Ok ROli, you too sleep for sometime. You need to go to college.
Roli got her tension back on hearing going to college.
Roli went to college in fear.
That guy was waiting for her in the entrance itself.
He started following her.
Roli rushed to the classroom.
Roli was feeling like in great danger the whole day.
In the evening the guy blocked the way of Roli.
Roli started moving away from him very fast.
Still that guy was not ready to leaver her.
He made her move towards the trees side by going behind her and Roli got afraid.
Roli's heartbeat was very fast.

Roli started running fast.

Still that guy was running behind her & tried to catch ROli. But he catch her chididar tops.
As Roli was running, the dress was torn.
Roli was feeling ashamed and started crying in fear.
Roli started running more faster.
ROli was stuck in a corner and the guy almost near hear.
Roli started crying.
Roli: Siddhantji...

Part 6
ROli was crying.
Roli: Siddhantji...
The guy forward his hands towards Roli to pull her dupatta.
Roli closed her eyes as she was helpless & afraid.
He cried suddently out of pain.
Roli opened her eyes to see what happend.
Sid was standing in front of Roli holding the hands of the guy and twisting it.
Roli got relieved on seeing Sid and hug him.
Roli: Siddhantji...
Sid: Roli give your duppatta.
Roli gave her dupatta to Sid.

Sid tied his hands behind with the duppatta.

Sid gave punches on his face & beat him nicely.
Sid removed his shirt & gave roli to wear.
ROli hug Sid and started crying.
Sid: Roli, dont cry. I have come here right. Just relax.
ROli wiped her tears and hold SId's hands tightly.
Sid took the guy to the staff room of the college where few professors were still there.
Sid: Sirs & Madams, see this guy misbehave with Roli, My wife.
Professor: Siddhant, what are you telling. In the college.
SId: yes Sir, He was having eyes on ROli already & i protected her till date. I went out of station
yesterday & this guy used that opportunity today. Its good that I returned home & came to college to take
Roli wtih me & noticed this guy trying to misbehave with her.
Professor called Principal of the college & parents of the guy immediately.
Everyone reached college in few minutes.
Sid explained everyone what has happend.
Sid went to parents of the guy
Sid: SIr, you may be rich, but also need to take care of behaviour of your son. We are also rich, but we
never intend to behave like this ever.
The guy's parents asked for pardon to ROSID.
The principal gave dismissal order to the guy.

ROSID returned home.

Sid explained all what has happend in the college.

Everyone were shocked.

Prem: ROli, atleast you might have told me yesterday itself. What might have happend, if Sid does not
reach there on time.
Roli: Sorry jiju, i thought he is just flirting & i never expected him to go to this level.
Sid took ROli to their room.
Sid locked the room and made Roli to lay down in his lap.
SId caresses her head.
Roli got up & hug Sid.
Roli: SIddhantji
Roli started crying.
Sid: ROli, just relax. I will not let anything happen to you. Dont worry.
Sid console Roli and kissed her on the forehead.
Roli hug Sid & closed her eyes to feel the warmth of Sid's love on her.,

part 7
Roli was afraid on the incident.
Roli was in sid lap, shoulder & chest hugging sid & crying.
Sid console her whenever she cried and make her sleep.
Simar took food for them to their room.
Prem: sorry sid, I only compelled you to go.
Sid: prem no one expected this. There is no mistake on you.
Premar went out leaving rosid alone.

Roli: siddhantji that man was running behind me. He pulled my dress.
Sid: roli just relax. I am here with you right. Now you are with me. Nothing will happen. Just relax.
Roli hug said again.
Sid was holding her like a kid in his arms the whole night.
Sid's love slowly acted like medicine & she slept in his hands.
Sid was still awake took care of her.
Roli got up in the morning.
Sid: roli how are you feeling now. Are you alright?
Roli: siddhantji I am alright.
Sid hug roli in happiness.
Sid hold her face & kissed her forehead & cheeks.
Sid: shall we go to college.
Sid asked this to check whether she is OK mentally to go to college.
Roli: yes siddhantji. I don't have any fear when my siddhantji is with me.
Sid: that's good. Let's go.
Rosid got ready to go to college.

Part 8

ROSID returned from college while Roli's parents were there in BW house.
Roli hug her mother.
Roli: How are you both?

Roli's mother: We are fine Roli. How about you?

Roli: I am very fine Maaji.
They were talking with each other for sometime while Sid was admirring at Roli's happiness.
Roli's mother: Roli, we came here to take you & simar to our house for 2-3 days
ROSID looked at each other.
Simar: Yes Roli. It went these many days for us coming here & we never went to our parents house.
Lets go there for 2-3 days.
Roli was unable to understand what to do now.
Roli looked at Sid.
Sid expressed not to go.
Roli: Maaji, I am having college. I cant take leave for 3 days.
Roli's mother: But Roli, you can go to college from there also. Till marriage you were going to this same
college from there only.
Mataji: yes Roli. They are right. Your parents are feeling alone withour you & simar. Go there for 3 days
so that they too will feel ok.
Roli was unable to deny any more.
ROSID went to their room. Roli need to pack her clothes for 3 days trip to her parents house.
ROSID were looking at each other.
Sid locked the room and came near Roli.
Sid: Roli are you going now leaving me.
Roli: Siddhantji, you are aware what happend. How can I deny to our elders words. It is matter of 3 days
only & anyway we will met in the college right. Please let me go.
Sid: Roli, you know, I was out of station for 2 days & you are aware what happend yesterday night.
Today again how can you leave for 3 more days. Please...

ROli: Siddhantji, is it easy task for me. I too miss you. But how can we deny them now. If you really hold
me, i too cant be able to go. You need to send me with happiness.
Roli lean towards Sid's shoulders & hug him.
Sid: I do understand your position. You cant deny them from going there. Ok. Only 3 days. Also you
need to come to college for all the 3 days. Ok.
Roli: Ok.
Roli took her bag and waved bye to Sid.
Sid hold her hands and pulled her towards him & gave kisses on her cheeks.
Roli turned again and moved few feets towards door.
Roli turned towards Sid and rushed towards him again.
Roli too kissed him on his cheeks and gave a tight hug.
Roli: Siddhantji, I miss you.
Sid: I too miss you a lot Dear..
Roli left to her parents house with Simar & her parents half heartedly...

Part 9

Roli reached her mother's house.

Roli & Simar went to their room. They changed their dresses.
Simar was excited to come back to her room after long time whereas such happiness was not felt by ROli.
Simar: ROli, are you not happy in coming here.
Roli: Not like that didi. I am happy to come here. But you know I miss Siddhantji more than that.
Simar: Roli just few minutes passed coming from there. You have started missing him now itself.

Roli: Didi, you are very well aware about us. We cant bear even few minutes of distance between us.
Roli received phone call & check to see none other than Sid.
Simar: Oh call from Siddhantji. Ok ok. Continue. I am going to kitchen to help our mother.
Roli blushed.
Simar left the room.
Roli: Siddhantji, I was just telling Simar didi that I am missing you.
Sid: ROli what is the use of telling your sister that you are missing me. You need to tell me right. I am
coming there now
Roli: Siddhantji, I just started from our house & reached here. What will all think about us if you come just
behind in few minutes.
Sid: You know about me. I dont mind what others think when the matter is about my wife.
ROli: But still Siddhantji, all will be laughing at us that we are impatient to be apart. Instead we will talk
over phone today & will meet tomorrow in the college right.
Sid: You want to talk in the phone, which you please continue. I will do what I want to.
Roli was talking to Sid for some time.
After few minutes,
Sid: Roli you are looking beautiful in this dress.
Roli: Siddhantji, How you are aware which dress I am wearing. I already changed my dress after coming
Sid: Yes. I know you are wearing violet color night dress which is pulling me towards you.
ROli: Siddhantji, where are you?
Sid: Just see through the window.
ROli went near window to search for Sid. But he was not visible,.

Sid: My darling, just lift your face & see.

Roli lift her face to see Sid sitting in the tree branch and smiling at her.
Roli: Siddhantji, what is this. When you came here.
Sid: Roli, I was just talking to you in ear phone & drive the bike. Just now reached here. You felt no one
should know about my coming. So i climb the tree to look at my beautiful wife.
Roli: Siddhantji, please get down. What if you fall down.
Sid: Roli, I have not come all the way to just get down & return home. Come to terrace.
ROli: Siddhantji..
Sid: No further arguments. I have come to see my wife. You need to come to terrace now.
Roli came out of the room while Simar & her mother were just talking in the hall.
Simar: Roli, you want anything.
Roli: Nothing didi. I am just going to terrace.
Simar: Terrace in this time.
Roli: Just for sometime didi. To get some outside air..
Simar was surprised on roli's sayings.
Roli just rushed towards terrace while Sid was trying to get down in the terrace through the branch of the
Sid was just about to fall when Roli rushed to hold him.
Roli: Siddhantji, you too naa. What was the necessity to take such risk. What if you get hurt..
Roli pretend to be angry
Sid hold her face and lift it to see face to face.
Sid: ROli, look at me & tell whether you do not wish me to come here.

Roli blushed.
ROli: Siddhantji,
Sid moved towards her lips...

Part 10

Roli hug Sid.

Roli: Siddhantji, I love you.
SId: I love you too Roli.
ROSID sat in the terrace corner beside each other.
Roli lean towards Sid's shoulders.
Roli's right hand was around his waist. Her left hand was holding his shoulders.
Sid left hand was holding her shoulders & right hand was caressesing her face.
Roli: Siddhantji, I miss you. I cant be away from you.
ROli hold his right cheeks by her left hand and moved close to his cheeks for a kiss.
Roli kissed him and moved further close as if she cant bear any distance between them.
Sid: Roli, I know you miss me too. Thats why i came here. Dont I know my wife.
ROli: Siddhantji, Am i the one who miss you. Wont you miss me.
SId: of course dear. I do miss you. I cant afford to be away from you. Thats why I said dont go leaving
ROSID smiled.
ROSID some more sweet kisses between them.

Roli: Siddhantji, how long we can be here like this. Simar didi or my parents may come to terrace
searching for me. Also now it is dinner time. They will come here for sure.
Sid: Let anything happen. But i got no plans to go anywhere from here leaving my wife today.
Roli: It is already dinner time. You will feel hungry. Let me go down & bring something to eat for you.
Roli went down.
Roli: Maaji, what is there to eat today.
Roli's mother: I prepared, Aloo paratha today for you.
Roli: Maaji, I am feeling hungry. Please give me.
Simar: Roli, i will give you.
Simar kept few parathas in a plate & gave it to Roli.
Roli was thinking how to take this now to terrace.
Simar: Roli what are you thinking.
Roli: Nothing didi. I am feeling suffocation here. I will go to terrace & eat in the open air.
Roli not even wait for their replies & rushed to terrace.
Roli sat beside Sid and started feeding him the parathas.
Sid too feed Roli simultaneously.
ROSID suddenly hear a voice.
Simar: Roli, take some more parathas as that will not be enough for both of you.
ROSID were shocked to hear the voice unexpectedly and turned towards Simar.
Simar put more parathas in the plate.
Simar: I was wondering why Roli suddenly getting suffocation inside the house.

ROSID blushed.

Part 11
ROSID blushed.
Simar: Devarji, ROli is your wife, but still you have come secretly to meet her.
Sid: I told Roli, that I will come directly. But she was hesitating as someone may feel bad for coming
behind. Thats why.
Simar: But Devarji, can you tell me how you came here.
Roli: Through that tree branches didi.
Simar: Devraniji, what is your plan today now?
Sid: Bhabhi, let us be here today. Please. We need your help.
Simar: Amazing. When I ask you something, she is replying. When I ask her something, you are
replying. I am ashtonished by you both.
ROli: Please didi help us.
Simar: Ok ROli. You be here for some more time & come back down and stay down till our parents sleep.
Then again you return back here.
Roli: Thanks didi.
Roli hug Simar.
Simar: Devraniji, devar is waiting for you. Dont waste your time in hugging me.
Roli blushed.
Simar left the place with a smile.
ROSID finished their dinner with the parathas.
Roli: Is it enough for you Siddhantji. Are you still hungry.
Sid: Parathas are enough. But my hunger is still there for you.

Sid pulled Roli near him.

Roli's face turned pink.
Roli pushed Sid slightly and moved towards backside corner of the terrace wall.
Sid went behind her.
Sid kept his hands on both sides of her so that she cant escape through any of the sides.
Sid went more closer to her...

ROSID sat down in that corner again beside each other.

Their hands intertwined.
Sid went close to her face.
ROSID shared some sweet kisses & hugs, they were lost in the world.
After few minutes... Simar called Roli..
Simar: Roli, Maaji searching for you. Please come down.
Roli: Ok didi.
Roli turned towards SId.
Roli: Siddhantji, please wait for sometime. I am going down.
Sid face got upset.
Roli: Siddhantji, I will come back quickly. Ok...
Sid left her with half hearted.
ROli went down & was waiting for her parents to sleep.
Roli's parents were talking to Roli for long time.

Roli was looking towards terrace then & there as Sid was waiting for her.
Simar noticed that. But got no option other than waiting for the right time.
After sometime..
Simar: Maaji, ROli is having college tomorrow. Lets her take rest.
Roli's mother: Yes Simar. You are right. Roli. You take rest.
Roli's parents at last went to sleep.
Simar: Roli, you go now. Take some blanket with you so that you will not feel cool in the night.
Simar gave blanket to ROli.
Roli: Thank you didi.
Simar: Roli, remember to come down before our parents get up.
Roli: yes didi..
Simar was not interested to hold her more and let her go.
Roli rushed towards terrace.
Sid was waiting for ROli,
Roli sat beside him.
Sid: Roli, you have not asked me till now about the success of the trip to Meerut.
Roli; Sorry Siddhantji, Yesterday when you return, the situation was diffierent & i have missed to even ask
you on that till now. I am very sorry.
Sid: I got success. The reason behind it is only you. I went there only because of you. The client was
very much satisfied & confirmed the order.
Roli: Congrats Siddhantji. I feel this success as your 1st success towards the career development.

Sid: But ROli, that success might have gone to nil, if i might have missed to protect you from yesterday's
Roli eyes got wet and she lay down on Sid's lap.
SId: Roli, sorry for remembering that incident.
ROli: Nothing like that siddhantji. I dont want to remember that bad incident relating to that guy. But I
want to remember about my husband, my siddhantji who saved me in right time. These tears are due to
Sid wiped off her tears.
Sid bend towards her face and kissed on her forehead.
Sid caresses her head.
ROSID spend the whole night together in the terrace, in love, in each others arms.

Part 12

Rosid were sleeping in the terrace in a corner under the blanket.

Roli's cousins came to roli house suddenly.
Cousin: simar didi you have come here. We tried to give surprise to you whereas you surprise us being
here. How are you & prem jiju?
Simar: we are fine.
Cousin: where is roli?
She rushed inside to look for roli. But she was not there.
Cousin: roli is not there.
Simar: she is studying in the terrace
She rushed to terrace.
Simar got tensed & went behind her.

Cousin saw someone below blanket.

Cousin: simar didi, you said roli is studying. But she is sleeping. I know what to do.
Simar: just leave her. May be tired reading & slept.
Cousin: let me see how she sleeps when I have come for her.
She went near tap & filled the bucket with water.
Before simar hold her she poured the water in the blanket.
To her surprise not only roli but also sid got up removing the blanket completely wet...

Part 13

Rosid were shocked by the cold water pour over them and got up removing the blanket.
Roli's cousin was shocked to see sid with roli as she was not aware about their marriage.
Simar was wondering what to do now.
Rosid was also embarrassing to see the cousin there.
Cousin: simar didi this is prem jiju brother right
Simar: he is not only premji's brother but also your jiju.
Cousin: jiju?
Simar: he is roli's husband
Cousin: roli's husband. When she got married. We never know.
She was fully confused.
Simar: I will tell you. Now come down. Roli, take this towel & both come down.
Simar went down with their cousin.
Roli: siddhantji let's go down. Sorry for my cousin.

Roli dried sid with the towel. Roli was tensed.

Sid: roli its alright. No need for telling sorry or getting tensed. We are married. So no need to worry.
Roli smiled and both went down.

In the meantime roli cousin was asking array of questions to simar.

Roli's mother: what happened simar? What is she asking about?
Simar: maaji she is asking about roli's marriage.

Rosid entered room which shocked roli parents as well.

Simar: roli take siddhantji inside room & both change the dress. There is new dress for him inside
cupboard which maaji brought for him.
Rosid went inside.
Simar told her parents what has happened
All of them got smile in their face.
Rosid came out in dry dress.
Roli's mother: siddhantji she is your wife. You can directly come to see her. You got all the rights. Roli
won't you at least tell us that our son in law has come. Instead of welcoming inside our house, we
unknowingly made him to sleep in the terrace.
Sid: maaji there is no mistake of roli in this. I only came unknown to you all. We enjoyed the thrill.
All smiled.
Cousin: jiju, I am sorry I poured water as I thought it was roli alone.
Sid: still I can't bear that. How can you pour water on my wife when she is sleeping?
Cousin: oh oh so we can't do anything to your wife jiju

Sid : yes of course. She is my queen. I will not allow anything to happen to her.
Hearing this all smiled.
Cousin: oh big love story on air..
Rosid blushed.

Part 14

ROSID were surrounded by Roli's cousins.

Roli's mother started cooking for all.
Cousin: Jiju, when this hum aapke hai koun happend. We were not at all aware. Actually we were
planning to put bracket for you.
She wink her eyes and smiled.
Sid: Really. Then why you delayed in telling me. I might have considered you.
Sid telling this looked at ROli's face while Roli's face was red in anger. She gave angry look at Sid.
Roli: No one can put bracket to my Siddhantji. He was jiju during Simar didi's marriage also to you all.
ROli hold his hands to show her right over him.
Cousin: Roli what are you telling. Simar didi, what is roli telling. She got married before you.
Simar smiled.
Simar: Their love story is big. They married so many months before our marriage. Wait i will come.
Simar showed them the photos of ROSID in the college taken during the cultural shows.
Cousins were surprised.
Sid noticed the wet hair of ROli wrapped with the towel.
Sid removed the towel from her hair & checked whether it is still wet.

Sid: ROli, dry your hair otherwise you will get illness.
Cousin: Jiju, what a caring & love. Remember we all are here.
Sid: So what. i do care for my wife. I cant let her get illness.
All started teasing ROSID & ROli's face turned pink.
All were having fun.
Roli's parents too were hearing all these conversation & were smiling.

After few minutes, the lan line phone of ROli's house was ringing.
Roli's mother took the phone.
Roli's mother: Hello, Mataji, Namaste.
Mataji: Namaste, Sorry to disturb you in this morning time. But the thing is Siddhant went out yesterday
evening, but not returned home till now. So thought of checking whether ROli knows where he is. I forgot
Roli's mobile number, so dialed to this number.
Roli's mother was wondering what to tell now.
ROSID, Simar & their cousins were hearing this conversation. ROSID & Simar were tensed what mataji
is asking to ROli's mother.
Roli's mother (with hesitation) : Mataji, Siddhantji has come here only.
Mataji: Oh ok. Then no problem. It is good that he is safe. We were worried.
Mataji kept the phone & informed other family members that Sid is safe at ROli's house.

Roli's mother: Siddhantji, Mataji was searching for you & called here.
Sid: Sorry Maaji. It was my mistake I have not told them.
Roli's mother: Siddhantji Mataji said you left the house yesterday evening. You had your dinner.

Simar: Maaji, what do you think about our ROli. Whether she will let her husband hungry. She gave
Aloo parathas to him yesterday night she went to terrace for having dinner.
All laughed.
Cousin: Roli didi, jiju, your love story is very interesting. Tell us more about it how it started.
Simar: I will tell you, they were enemies in the starting. He broke her cycle on 1st day of college itself
They were against each other. Later their love bloom and they married the very next day of their
confession. you know how they study, through internet skype. your jiju gave laptop to her. They not only
love together, but also study together. They are performer of the year for the past 2 years..
Cousin: Very interesting.
ROSID remembered those golden days and smiled looking at each other.
Roli's parents hearing this understood what all happend unknown to them. But were happy that
everything end well with a marriage.
Simar: And you all know who is their villian.
Cousin: Villian, what anyone not agreed for their marriage.
Simar: Who cant agree for their marriage? They were already married & also the situation was in such a
way that they need to get married immediately.
Cousin: Then who is that villian.
Simar: Myself & prem jiju. Is it not Siddhantji...
Cousin: Why it is so?
Simar: That I cant tell you. If you really want ask them why it is so.
ROSID blushed.
Cousin: Tell me jiju why it is so.
Sid tried to open his mouth to tell something while Roli kept the fingers on his lips to stop from telling.
Roli got shyness on her action in front of all & hide her face on Sid's shoulders.
Simar: Chalo girls, otherwise you all will become villians for them.

Cousins understood what Simar was trying to say.

Simar smiled & took all out of the room leaving privacy to ROSID and closed the door.
Sid hold Roli's face & lift to look at her eyes.
Roli blushed.
Sid moved towards her pinky cheeks for a kiss.

Part 15

ROSID, Simar & their 3 cousins sat for having food.

Roli's mother prepared Sid's favorite food as he is eating in their house for 1st time.
Also Sweet was served to them being ROSID eating as a couple for 1st time.
Sid took the sweet & feed it to Roli.
All were looking at this.
Cousin1: Jiju, Roli didi forgot to eat herself or what that our jiju is taking strain of feeding her.
During this conversation, ROli feed the sweet to Sid.
Cousin2: Roli didi, you too.
Simar: You people does not know if they do not feed each other food, they dont feel the food as tasty. Is
it right Siddhantji.
Sid: Yes of course. Not only that. Basically I first need to be sure that my wife had her food before taking
food for me. SO I feed her and same way Roli feed me to make sure that I have taken my food.
Cousins: Oh Oh. What an explanation?
Roli's parents were smiling looking at this secretly.
Cousin1: didi this feeding happens in college & sasural also

Roli: Yes. we do feed each other in the college since we started loving each other. He never used to
bring lunch earlier & then started bringing it for me. In sasural also, everyone knows including Mataji.
All finished their food and went back to room to continue their chatting.
Cousin3: Roli didi, then what all happend. Tell us. We are eager to know about your interesting story.
Roli: My hero got memory loss in accident & forgot me the next day of Simar didi's marriage.
Cousin1: Oh no. Then?
Roli: Then what, he started loving me again thinking like new girl in his life.
Cousin2: jiju, even in memory loss, you again love Roli didi. Even in that situation you never remembered
any of us.
Roli: Why he remember any of you when I am here. Even if he do that, I will not let him.
Sid: I cant & I wont love anyone else other than my ROli in this world.
Sid looked at ROli with love..
Simar: In that condition only all family members came to know about their love & marriage and we
arranged for their marriage. 1 day before their marrige, he got his memory back.
Cousin3: interesting..Tell me tell me where all you went together ...
Sid: We went to Kashmir in college picnic & to Simla for our honeymoon.
Cousin1: Kashmir in college picnic. See what all advantages in loving the college mate.
Roli: In that Kashmir trip, I was struck in the snowy mountain & Siddhantji only got me back.
Simar was not knowing about this kashmir trip
Simar: ROli, Your life was in danger during your kashmir trip. You never told me.
Roli: yes. didi. My life was in danger & Siddhantji saved my life.
Roli looked at Sid & smiled.

Cousin2: Then what about your Simla trip. Tell me. Tell me.
Roli: Am I telling story to all. I will not tell you anything,
Cousin1: Oh oh.. We can understand you cant share your honeymoon trip experiences with us.
Simar: Girls dont cross your limits. Remember you are talking to your jiju.
Sid; Let them bhabhi. I will tell them some interesting things happend in Simla. Your roli didi drank beer
thinking it as cool drink
Cousin3; Then..
Sid: Then what. Started calling me Siddhant.
Roli: Siddhantji..
Cousin1: Roli didi. Let jiju tell us. Then..
Roli: Siddhantji.. I will not let you tell anything further. Please..
SId: Ok Ok. Nothing girls. But you know why she drink that because I beat a roadside guy nicely for
whistle towards my ROli. Roli tried to hold me from beating him. But i did not hear her words. So
without hearing my words that it is beer, she drank it. Am I right Roli.
Roli: Siddhantji...
Roli's face turned pink.
SId: Ok girls no more discussion on that trip as my roli's face already turned pink & I cant continue telling
anything else.
All smiled.
Cousin3: Jiju, what you like the most in ROli.
Sid: I like Roli as a whole. If i need to specify. It is difficult,
Cousin1: Oh jiju, you need to tell us.
Sid: Roli's beautiful pinky cheeks.

Cousin2: Then Roli didi what about you. What you like the most in Jiju.
Roli: I will not tell anything. ask your jiju only. He knows very well.
Cousin1: jiju, ok you tell me. What roli didi like in you?
Sid: Your roli didi has a big list what can i tell you specific.
Cousin2: Tell us jiju, what is in the top of that big list.
Sid: She likes my eyes.
Cousin3: Jiju, even though we just teasing you both asking about your love. We can understand the
depth of your love. Our Roli didi is very lucky to get such loving husband. Am I right didi.
Roli: Of course. I am very lucky to get Siddhantji as my husband.
Sid; Correction girls. Not only ROli, I am also lucky to get Roli as my wife.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.
Cousin1: jiju, we will not disturb any more for now. We are going out. You please take rest.
Cousin2: jiju, she is right. We will go out now. But you need to take all of us somewhere in the evening.
Sid: Ok.
All went out of the room leaving ROSID inside.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am angry with you that you told everyone about myself drinking the beer.
Sid: Oh my wife is angry! look at me. I will see where the angry is.
Sid lift her face.
Roli was unable to face his eyes.
Roli lean towards his chest & hug Sid in shyness.

Part 16

Sid went to BW house.

Mataji: Siddhant, I am happy that you went to see your wife. But you need to tell us beta that you are
going. We were worried.
Sid: Sorry mataji. I will take care that such will not happen again.
Mataji: Ok. How is Roli?
Sid: She is fine Mataji & her cousins have come here. We are planning to go out today.
Mataji: Well. you enjoy with them. We dont have any problem in you going out. But only concern is just
inform us so that we do not worry.
Sid: Yes. Mataji.
Sid took the changing dress and car key.
Sid went to Roli's house in his car.
Cousin1: jiju, is this your car.
Sid: yes. This is mine presented by Mataji for our marriage. Just get in.
Sid opened the front door for Roli to get in.
Roli's cousins & simar get inside the back door.
Cousin2: Jiju, where are we going now?
Sid: We better can go to some mall. Where we can do shopping, see some cinema & have dinner.
Cousins: Ok jiju.
Sid took them to a big mall in the city.
They went inside shoppers stop.
Roli's cousins were interested in the dresses whereas the price was very high.
Sid noticed this.

Sid: Oh girls, purchase whatever you want.

Cousin3: No jiju, it is very costly. we cant afford this much.
Sid: When I told you to look at the price. Just selct the dress. Balance I will take care.
They were still hesitating.
Sid compelled them finally to take the dresses.
Then they went to cinema hall.
All were enjoying a lot with fun.
They ordered popcorn, samosas, cool drinks & had lots & lots of fun in the theatre.

Then they went to have dinner in the food court.

All ordered their favorite dishes & started having food.
each & every were teasing other & making fun.

In the meantime, 2 persons who were sitting in the next table were commenting about them,
Person1: See now girls have become worst. So many girls have come with a single boy.

Hearing this Sid got angry. He went to that table.

Sid: Sir, what you know about us?
Person1: Nothing we know about you. But we are only talking in general.
Sid: How can you talk about us like this even in general. No rights you have to talk about us without
knowing anything. She is my wife, she is my bhabhi & these three girls are my sister-in-laws. How come
you can comment like that?
Person1: Sorry.

Sid: Never ever just comment without knowing about anyone. Above this this is none of your business.
Roli rushed to Sid.
Roli: Siddhantji, just leave this.
Roli pushed him away from there & made him return to his chair.
Cousin1: Jiju, till now we never imagined you as such angry man. How fast you got angry?
Sid: I cant bear anyone tell anything about my family & specially my wife.
Roli: You people just saw him talking angrily. On that day the road side guy was bleeding by his beat just
because he whisle at me.
In few minutes, they returned to normal talks & continued their dinner with fun.

All returned home with full of excitement.

Roli's cousins showed Roli's mother the dress purcahsed.
Roli's mother: Siddhantji what was the necessity for purchasing these.
Sid: Why maaji? Why cant I purchase for them? I dont have any sisters & Simar bhabhi has become my
bhabhi by marrying Prem. Now these are only my sisters being sister to Roli. Is there any harm in
brother buying dress to sisters.
All were happy to hear these.
Cousin2: Jiju, we too dont have any brothers & 1st time we are getting dress through a brother.
Roli's mother: The time is already late. Roli, you both sleep inside the room.
Sid: Then where you all will sleep.
Roli's father: We will adjust here in the hall.
Sid: No. I cant accept this. I will sleep with you pappa in the hall. Let all girls sleep inside the room.
Everyone accepted for as Sid compelled for this.

All in the house slept nicely other than ROSID.

ROSID were turning this side & that side without getting sleep.
After few minutes of tries, Sid SMS to Roli.
Sid SMS: ROli what are you doing?
Roli SMS: Siddhantji, I am not getting sleep & trying to sleep.
Sid SMS: I am also not getting sleep what to do now.
Roli SMS: What can be done. We need to try to sleep.
After few minutes.
SID SMS: Roli..
Roli SMS: hmmm...
SID & ROLI SMS: Shall we go to terrace...

Part 17

Rosid went to terrace.

Roli: we are unable to sleep even single day away from each other. All because of you only.
Sid: because of me?
Roli: I am used to sleep in your chest & shoulder. Pillow is not able to give that warmth & comfort.
Sid: for me I am unable to sleep without my roli hands hug me.
roli lean towards his chest.
Rosid started sleeping in each others arms.

Next day morning everyone noticed that rosid is missing.

Cousin1: simar didi whether they will be in terrace.
Simar: mostly I think so.
Cousin2: shall I go & see
Roli's mother: no. We should not.
When they were wondering what to do prem arrived with his 2 cousins.
Simar: premji please come. These are your cousins right. Please come in.
Prem: simar they came today & wanted to see you & siddhant. Where is he?
Simar signalled prem that he is in terrace.
Everyone were wondering what to do.
Suddenly rain started wetting rosid.
Sid: roli why we are poured water daily in your house.
Rosid got up to see that it was due to rain.
Roli: siddhantji today it is due to rain.
Rosid Laughed.
Rosid got up & started getting down the stairs.
All saw wet rosid coming down & remembered the previous day too.
All laughed except prem & his cousins.
Rosid blushed.
Simar: roli, both change your dress & come.

Prem's cousins ram & shyam was wondering who was with sid.
They were also not aware about sid marriage.
Prem informed them that she is sid's wife.
Sid came out drying his hair with towel.
Sid: hi da. What a surprise?
Ram: sid you have given more surprise than us.
They started teasing sid.
When roli came out,
Shyam: bhabhi namaste..
Roli: namaste..
Simar introduced her cousins to prem.
Simar: premji these girls are my cousins seetha, Geetha & Radha.
Cousins: namaste prem jiju..
Prem: namaste
All were having chit chats for sometime.
Prem: sid shall we all go out somewhere.
Sid: yes prem. We can go to that nearby resort & return by evening.
Prem: good idea.
Prem, simar & his cousins went by prem car.
Rosid & roli's cousins went by Sid's car...

Part 18

Rosid car & premar car reached the resort.

They had great fun all the way.
After reaching resort also they had great fun.
They played anthakshari for sometime.
Ram: sid shall we play badminton.
Sid: ram your bhabhi is badminton champion. You play with her.
Sid played indoor games with seetha, Geetha & Radha.
Badminton court was visible from indoor games room.
Sid was admiring roli from inside.
Roli was getting fun playing.
As the time passed sid started getting jealous.
He was unable to sit inside anymore.
Sid came out & went near roli.
Sid: shall we play roli.
Ram gave the bat to sid.
But sid was not a good badminton player like ram.
Roli: siddhantji you are good at volleyball. But ram is good at badminton. He is playing very well.
Sid was unable to bear this appreciation.
Sid: roli let's do something else how long we play badminton.

Roli: let's dance.

All accepted.
Shyam was a classical dancer like roli.
Music was played and all started solo dance.
Shyam performed very well.
Roli: shyam You are good dancer.
Shyam: bhabhi you too dance very well.
Roi: shall we dance together for a song.
Shyam: sure
Shyam & roli dance together.
Sid was unable to see roli dancing with others.
Sid: Radha will you dance with me.
Radha: yes jiju.
Next sid & Radha danced together.
Roli had spark from sid face that he is upset.
Roli was thinking for a while & understood what it is.
Roli got up & joined sid the otherwise.
All the three were performing together.
Slowly sid started dancing with roli & Radha went to sit & see Rosid dance.
Rosid dance continued for few more songs & both were lost from the world.
Prem signalled all & leaving rosid all went out of the room.

Rosid dance end with a hug and ...

Part 19

Rosid were lost from the world.

After few minutes.
Roli: siddhantji you were upset that I played & danced with them right?
Sid: roli I know about you. But still I am unable bear that. Sorry.
Roli: siddhantji you are very much in love with me. That's why. No need for you to ask sorry.
Prem knocked the door & rosid realised that they have come with all.
Roli went to open the door.
Prem: siddhant Remember that we are also around
Rosid blushed.
Shyam: roli bhabhi what fantastic pair you both are while dancing. Fantastic.
Radha: jiju Where you both lost while dancing.
Sid: all are making fun which I know. But for me nothing is more than my wife. I don't fear for anything. I
love her so much.
Sid hold roli's shoulder tightly.
Geetha: that was known to us when you climb trees to see her.
All laughed.
All had fun completely & returned home.
Prem started to go to bw house.

Prem: siddhant you too coming with us.

Sid: yes I need to come.
Sid turned towards roli with a puzzle in his face.
Roli's mother: roli you too go with siddhantji. We don't want to keep you away from him anymore.
Roli with smile started with sid to their house.
Rosid reached their room.
Sid locked their room.
Sid turned towards roli and forward his hands towards roli to welcome roli in his arms.
Roli rushed towards him & hug him tightly...

Part 20

Rosid went to college.

Roli: siddhantji from today the sports practice will start. This year also we need to win prices.
Sid: yes madam as you wish.
Evening they were practicing sports.
One of the college mate was commenting to sid.
Friend: siddhant this year also roli is going to participate in the sports?
Sid: yes of course.
Friend: she is your wife now right? Why letting her to play & all? Wife need to take care of you & your
children. What is she going to do winning sports?
Sid: see you have become my friend so I am leaving you without doing anything. Wife means what? Is
she inferior? When we have career they too have. They are same as we are.
Friend: sorry yaar. What you said is right.

Rosid participated in the inter college sports & won the games as usual.
They were very happy.
Sid friend congratulated as well said sorry again.
Rosid's mam called rosid to her room.
Mam: roli & siddhant I am very happy about you both. I wish you both to write the exams well & also
participate in the cultural show. I have got surprise for you both if you win this year also.
Rosid: sure mam. We will.
Rosid put their full efforts on their studies.
Premar helped them for any doubts on studies.
Sid at times do get distracted. But roli took care that he get back his concentration.
Exam days were nearing.
Rosid were studying day & night.
Finally they finished their exams & secured high marks as usual.
Cultural show was conducted on their last day of college.
Rosid was not in need to practice any dance as it become their regular hobby when they are together.
Rosid participated the cultural show & fire the stage by their performance.
The price was announced as rosid winner for this year performers.
Rosid Collected the award.
Their mam took the mike.
Mam: dear all, I want to tell you all about these two a few words. They are great performers not only
studies, but sports & also cultural activities. This is the reason they are getting award since their 1st year.
These are known to you all. But what I want to tell here is they had no relation till 1st year. But during

2nd year they were loving each other. 3rd year they married & coming to college. The highlight is neither
love nor marriage disturbed their performance. There are so many students who miss their career by the
name of love. Many ladies stop studies or other activities after marriage. But these two are role model of
how one should be. I wish you like students need to take them as role model & have aim to achieve.
Above this I got surprise now. Any guess?
All students & rosid were eager to know the surprise.
Mam: management of college decided to give special award to these two towards winning performer
award for 3 consecutive years. It is achievement award which no one till date achieved by winning 3
years. Also not single person. It is 2 person in same performance level. We are proud to have you as
our student.
Principal of the college gave the special achievement award to rosid.
Rosid got tears of happiness in their eyes.

Part 21

Rosid returned home & showed the awards to all.

All were excited on rosid getting the award.
Mataji immediately called roli parents & arranged for small party at home.
All danced in the party including rosid.
Mataji: I am very happy about you both. You both seems to be just lovers who want to enjoy their life.
But in the meantime you are also achievers. Very happy about you.
Sid: mataji yes we are crazy lovers. But also we did had our career aim & roli is specially the main
Roli: mataji siddhantji is also reason for this without which I might have not achieved.
All were happy in seeing this lovely couples.
All had dinner.
As usual rosid feed each other.
Sid took roli's hands and gave a kiss secretly.

Roli blushed.
Mataji, premar as well as roli parents noticed that.
Premar smiled looking at each other.
Roi's parents turned their face as if they have not seen anything.
Mataji: siddhant we all are here. Take roli to your room.
Rosid understood that mataji noticed them.
Rosid went to their room.
Sid locked the room and turned towards roli.
Sid: roli we did achieved the award as you wish. Are you happy.
Roli: of course siddhantji.
Sid put roli in the bed.
Sid: roli so now.
Sid lean towards her.
Roli: so now.
Sid: no touch me not from today.
Roli blushed.
Roli: siddhantji...
Sid: roli I wish you call me siddhant today.
Roli: no I can't.
Sid: roli please for me. You called me when you drank beer on that day. Why can't you now.
Roli: if I need to call you by your name like that day. Can I do what I did on that day.

Sid: anything is OK if my roli call me siddhant.

Roli: if so then
Sid: then?
Roli pushed sid in the bed and lean close towards him.
Roli: siddhant I love you.
Roli started removing the buttons of the shirt.
Sid tried to talk something while roli stop him by her fingers on his lips.
Roli removed his shirt and wear herself.
Sid back hug her and kissed on her neck.
Roli turned her face & moved towards his lips...

Part 22

Rosid were sleeping the next day morning.

Roli wake up & gave a sweet kiss on his forehead.
Sid hug her tightly.
Roli: siddhantji good morning. Let's get up I got to help in kitchen works.
Sid: but roli I don't have any other work other than my wife as the college is also over now.
Roli: Siddhantji that is the matter of concern now. You need to plan your career now. You are not college
play boy any more.
Sid: oh roli where you went to talk about my career now when I am looking forward for a kiss from you.
Sid pulled roli towards him & moved towards her lips.
After few minutes, sid took her in his arms to the bathroom & they took bath.

Sid remembered last time roli got illness as they were inside water for long time. So they returned quickly.
They changed their dress.
Sid back hug her.
Roli tried to say something while sid hold her lips by his finger.
Sid: now no touch me not. You can't restrict me.
Sid gave kisses on her neck.
Roli: siddhantji let's go down. Already it is breakfast time now & all will be waiting for us.
Rosid moved towards downstairs.
Rosid heard the conversation between uma & pari.
Uma: pari see roli these days took the reason of going to college & never did any work at home. Now her
college also completed. Still the queen got no intention to come down & do anything.
Pari: she got siddhant as husband who is behind always, unlike us. Already they think of their enjoyment
only. Now both are free enough to enjoy. No need for them to do any work also unlike our husbands
who is working forgetting their wife.
Uma: well said they are not in need of doing any work they already get pocket money from our husbands
& just enjoy their life.
Roli eyes filled with tears hearing all this while sid face turned pink in anger.
Sid went near dining table where all were there.
Mataji: siddhant sit for having breakfast.
Sid: mataji we are not going to have breakfast here or even reside in this house. Myself & roli is now
going out of this house.
Maaji: what are you telling siddhant
Uma & pari understood that sid heard their conversation.

Sid: mataji now we want to stand in our own legs. Even single time we don't want to eat with others
Prem: what happened why are you talking like this?
Sid: prem I understood what I should do now. We are going. Roli let's pack our dress & go.
Rosid went to their room.
Mataji: prem what is happening now. Why is he planning to go like this.
Pari: mataji we were only talking in general & we were not aware he will decide like this.
Mataji: it is your job only. I don't know what you said & what he decided. But why can't you people
understand. Even your husbands were depending on us till they started working in the shop. They just
finished their college yesterday. Won't they look into their career now. We are already planning for a new
shop for sid. Why you girls do something without thinking
In the meantime rosid came back with bags holding their dress.
Sid: mataji we are only taking our dress, awards & certificate with us. If you want you can check our
Prem: what all this sid? Don't take rash decision.
Sid: no prem. Now its time for us to develop our career & I do have belief in me that I can take care of my
roli myself.
Prem: but where will you go suddenly.
Sid: that we have not yet decided & I am sure we will get the way.
Prem gave money to them.
Prem: at least keep this money with you.
Sid: no need prem. We will manage.
Rosid stepped out of bw house.
Sid not taken his bike or car also. They started walking out holding their bags on shoulders & holding
each others hands...

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 8 => ROSID as Entrepreneur

Part 1

ROSID stepped out of BW house & went to the mandir.

ROSID prayed to God to bless them with bright future & show them the way.
Pandit gave ROSID the prasad.
ROSID were very happy.
ROSID went to near by park & sat in the bench.
Sid: ROli I am sorry dear, i have not consulted with you before taking decision of coming out of the house
& I made my queen to come out on the street.
Roli: Siddhantji, when my king is on the street, then what is the big matter for the queen. This queen is
always with her King.
Roli lean towards his shoulders.
Sid: ROli are you hungry. You have not even taken your breakfast.
Roli: Siddhantji, you too have not taken anything.
Sid checked his purse & found some hundreds in it.
Sid brought food for their breakfast from the near by hotel & both had their breakfast.
Sid: Roli, on priority basis we need to look for sheltar.
Roli: Siddhantji take these jewels & get some money which will help us.
Roli tried to remove the bangles from her hands.
Sid hold her hands.
Sid: No urgency Roli. No need to remove your bangles now. Lets go to the bank.

ROSID went to the bank where SID is having account already.

Sid met the branch manager and gave the gold medals of ROSID to pledge for gold loan & to get money.
Branch Manager checked Sid's account.
Branch Manager: Siddhant, you have already got 5 lakhs in your account. Why you need to have a jewel
Sid: 5 lakhs. No chance. It was only few thousands in my account.
Branch Manager: I just checked, you got fund transferred from your brother Prem today before few
minutes through NEFT transfer for sum of 5 lakhs.
SId: Sorry Sir, You please process the jewel loan as requested. I wish to return that 5 lakhs to Prem's
account immediately.
Sid filled the neft form & resend the money to Prem's account.
Branch manager processed the jewel loan & accounted the loan amount into sid's account.
Sid: ROli, now this amount is enough for us. Lets go.
When ROSID were walking out of bank, Sid received call from Prem.
Prem: Siddhant, why you transfered the amount back to me. I have not told anything to you. I am not the
reason for you to go out of the house. I cant see you suffer for money. This money will be helping you in
establishing your house. Thats why I did transfered to you.
Sid: Thanks for your good intention prem. But if I accept this money & establish my life. Then what Uma
& Pari bhabhi was telling become true. I dont what that to happen. Dont you have believe in your
brother. I can establish my life on my own. Dont worry.
Simar took the phone from Prem.
Simar: Siddhantji, we are worried for you both. Why you have not thought about us when you took such
Sid: Bhabhi, it was not rash decision. It is correct decision taken in right time.
Sid gave the phone to ROli.

Roli: Simar didi. What Siddhantji telling is right. I cant bear anyone telling anything about him. We will
establish our life ourselves & show to this world for sure.
Premar's tries to convince ROSID failed
ROSID were determined to move towards their goal...

Part 2

ROSID approched a person who was into real estate.

SID informed him to look for a rented house for them in good locality.
Roli informed that they are enough with a hall & kitchen as only both of them are going to reside.
After looking few houses in different areas, SID was satisfied with a house which was good enough
eventhough it was small.
ROSID decided to stay there & gave advance to the owner.
ROSID entered into that beautiful house to start their living in that house.
Roli placed their bags inside the wardrobe provided in the hall.
ROSID sat in the middle of the room.
Sid lay down on her lap.
Sid: ROli this house is very beautiful right.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. Even though it is small, the surroundings as well as the house is very beautiful.
SId: Roli as it is all looks beautiful when my wife is there with me.
Sid turned his face and moved towards her hips for a kiss which was not covered by her saree.
Roli closed her eyes slowly.
After few minutes...

Roli was on Sid's chest.

Roli: Siddhantji, lets go & purchase some things from the market to set our house.
Sid: Hmm. As per your order my queen.
ROSID smiled.
ROSID went to the market.
Roli choose few plastic containers to put salt, dhall like provision items & a big container to hold rice &
wheat atta.
Then they purchased very few required vessels & a induction stove to cook.
Sid: Roli why you are purchasing induction stove instead of gas.
Roli: Siddhantji, if we go for gas, we need to book for cyliner & it is little lenghty process. Instead we can
use this induction stove thats why.
Sid: hmmm.. My wife is brilliant.
Then ROSID went to provision store to purchase rice, wheat atta, salt like essential items for their
ROSID went to another shop to purchase 2 pillows and 2 blankets.
All their basic purchases done & ROSID returned home.
ROSID set those purchased new vessels in their shelves provided in the kitchen.
Roli filled the provision items in the plastic containers & arranged it beautifully.
Their smart kitchen was very simple & beautiful.
ROSID admired themselves.
Roli kept the Pillow & blankets in the hall wardrobe.
Roli started cooking while Sid was admiring her beautiful wife cooking for him.

Roli prepared sweet (kheer) as this is thier first cooking in their new house.
Then ROli prepared Roti & side dish.
ROSID had lunch together as usual feeding each other.
Sid: Roli the taste is very good.
Roli: Siddhantji, food gets its taste not only with the items put in it. But also the love we show in preparing
it for our loved one.
ROSID smiled.
After lunch.,,
SId: Roli, we have used all the kitchen items we purchased today, but not used the pillows & blanket
which we purchased.
Roli blushed.
Sid put one of the blanket in the floor & pillows beside each other.
ROSID lean on the pillows and covered them with the another blanket.
ROSID shared some sweet moments inside their new blanket...

Part 3

Roli was on Sid's shoulders.

Roli: Siddhantji, we have nicely set our small house. what is our next plan for our career?
Sid: Roli, I will apply for job in few places & lets see what happens.
Roli: Job? Which job you will go for?
Sid: We are graduates with no prior experience. So we need to catch whatever opportunity we get.
Roli got up and sat. Sid too got up and looked at Roli's face which was looking little upset.
Sid: What happend Roli?

Roli: Siddhantji, you are from business background & family. Do you think job will suit you. your family
has given job to so many.
Sid: Thats right Roli. But what can be done now. We need to have investment money to start a business
which is not possible right now.
Roli: WHy you feel it is not possible Siddhantji?
Sid: Then how it is possible ROli.
Roli: Why not possible? You tell me what knowledge you got from the business of the family.
Sid: I got knowledge of handling Sweet shop business roli. Do you want us to open sweet shop?
Roli: No Siddhantji. We are not cinema villians to start shop in competition to our own family.
Sid: Then what you are trying to say.
ROli: Siddhantji, you are aware of the business of sweet shop already. Why cant we do something
related to what is known to us.
Sid: I didn't get your point yet.
Roli: Oh Siddhantji, just think what is related field to Sweets,
Sid: Snacks?
Roli: No. Snacks also dealt by our family sweet shop. So not that.
Sid: Then.
Roli: Chocolates Siddhantji. Why cant we try to market chocolates.
SId: Chocolates we got no idea dear.
ROli: What idea you want siddhantji. You are aware of the shops which purchases sweet from our shops
Sid: yes.
ROli: Why cant we try to supply chocolates to those shops.

Sid: ROli what are we going to get by buying the chocolate & disturbuting to them.
Roli: We are not going to buy & distribute them.
Sid: Then.
Roli: We will prepare home made chocolates & distribute them.
Sid: Home made chocolates?
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. Home made chocolates. I did course in my 12th Standard holidays itself on making
different varieties of chocolates. So I can prepare chocolates.
Sid: Good idea roli.
Roli: The investment is not much. We need to purchase moulds, a refrigerator in small size, microwave
oven with which we can start doing choclates buying the basic ingredients.
SId: Really good idea roli.
Roli: Siddhantji, I dont want to make you a clerical worker & i want you to become an Entrepreneur. We
will start slowly with few shops & as per its demand we can increase the production.
Sid: What about packing etc..
Roli: Dont worry for that. We need to buy decorative wrappers from the market for this.
Sid: Then what about our company name which we need to put as label.
ROli: Let it be in your name Siddhantji.
SId: No dear. It is your idea & it should be in your name.
Sid: Brilliant Roli. That is nice.
ROli: Siddhantji lets go to market again to purchase the required items & start making chocolates from
today itself as we started so many things in our life today only.
Sid: Yes Roli. Lets go..

ROSID went to market again to purchase the required item for making chocolates.
ROSID were very happy.
Roli prepared the 1st lot of chocolates.
ROSID were very happy to see their 1st lot of beautiful chocolotes.
Sid took one among them & feed it to Roli.
SId: ROli, I always used to purchase chocolate for you. But this is very special that it is prepared by you
on your own.
Roli: You too take one Siddhantji for taste.
Roli tried to take one from the prepared.
Sid hold her hands.
Sid: I dont want those from the tray.
ROli: Why Siddhantji, dont you like my preparation.
Sid nod his head as denying.
Sid: I want the one from your mouth.
Roli blushed.
Sid moved towards her lips...

Part 4

ROSID packed those chocolates in wrappers.

ROSID went to internet browsing center & designed their label. They took the print out of the labels in
sticker sheet.
ROSID packed the chocolates in small plastic containers with 10 chocolates each.
They pasted the labels above the containers.

Now their 1st lot of chocolates were ready for sale.

Roli: Siddhantji, now it is ready. You can take these boxes to those shops and give them. Let them keep
this 1st lot. They can even pay us after selling it.
SId: yes Roli. Good idea. I will do that tomorrow. Thank you ROli.
Roli: Thanks for what
Sid: When we came out today morning, we got no food, shelter or job. But now we got all of them. It is
because of you.
ROli: Nothing like that Siddhantji. There is no individual efforts between us. It is partnership only.
Remember that I am not only your life partner, but also your business partner now.
ROSID smiled and hug each other.
ROSID spent that whole night in eagerness on how the next day is going to be.
Next day Sid started to do his marketing job for their chocolates.
Roli gave dhahi sakkar to him.
Sid: ROli, Only dhahi sakkar to wish me.
Roli moved towards his cheeks & kissed him.
Sid smiled.
Sid waved bye to her and went to those shops.
Sid gave the chocolate boxes to the shops.
Even though the shop keepers were not keen about taking the chocolates to sell being Sid was known to
them since long & being he informed to pay after selling the chocolates they have taken it.
Sid gave his numbers to them as he is yet to get the visiting card printed.
Sid completed his distribution before lunch itself & returned home for lunch.
Roli kept the lunch ready for them.

ROSID had lunch together.

Roli: Siddhantji, how was the day?
Sid: ROli it was very nice experience. I have distributed to all those 1st priority customers which I
planned. Now we need to get positive feedback from them.
When they were just talking Sid got phone call from one of those customers.
Shop keeper: Siddhant beta, those chocolates which you gave was liked by one of our customer who is
planning to celebrate thier kid's birthday function & ordered for 100 boxes. They want the delivery in 2
Sid: Thanks SIr. Will deliver the order on time. Thank you.
Sid was very much excited.
Sid: Roli, We got new order now for 100 boxes for a birthday party.
Roli: Really. Siddhantji I am very happy.
Sid: Roli can we prepare 100 boxes in 2 days dear.
Roli: Of course Siddhantji. We can finish tomorrow itself & delvier it to the shop keeper before time.
SId: Ok Roli.
Sid kissed her cheeks in happiness & hug her tightly.
ROSID got tears of happiness in getting the 1st order.

ROSID taking some rest after lunch started preparing for the order.
To their surprise, they finished 25 boxes before evening itself.
Then by night they finished 50 boxes.
THe next day before noon 100 boxes were completed.
Sid went to the shop keeper and delivered the chocolate boxes.

Shop keeper gave the money for all the 101 boxes including the sample box.
Sid thanked that shop keeper for giving 1st order to them.
Shop keeper blessed to get more orders in future.
SID came back with the 1st earning to ROli.
ROSID went to Mandir & prayed to GOD.
Sid: ROli, what is your plan in our 1st earning.
Roli: Siddhantji, we need to put back 50% of amount as investment into this business. 25% we will keep
as savings & 25% as our income.
SId: Great idea. I feel like giving you a tight hug now.
Roli: Siddhantji we are in mandir now. Please remember.
ROSID smiled.,,,

Part 5

ROSID purchased few more moulds so that they can finish the order quickly.
ROSID started getting order from few more shop keepers after that 1st order.
The orders were for parties, wedding & for various functions.
ROSID started developing slowly.
ROSID now can't handle the volume from home.
ROSID searched for a small office space and appointed 2 people to help them in preparing & packing of
Sid printed his visiting card with the office address & contact details.
ROSID registered their office in small scale industries and they also opened a current account with the
By now they have also cleared the jewel loan & got back their medal pledged for the loan.
ROSID were very happy in their establishment.
They did hard work with their orders & fulfilled on time.
Day by day their business was growing.
ROSID took the next shop also & expanded their office.
They purchased chocolate making machine which is meant for it and which can help them to finish the
task quickly.
ROSID CONFECTIONERIES name was spread slowly in the city and also reached the ears of PREMAR.

Premar who did tried to locate ROSID were failed in their tries & were actually not aware where they are
residing & what they are doing. ROSID did not reveal anything to Premar over phone.
Prem heard about the new chocolate company through their shop keepers who started recommending to
their customers.
Prem got some spark on his head seeing the name ROSID.
Prem took the address of the office of ROSID & went there.
ROSID were busy in their work at that time have not noticed Prem entering the office.
Prem was surprised to see ROSID having big chocolate making machines & few staffs taking care of the
work & Roli was supervising the preparation with care while Sid was busy in checking on the order status.
Prem: Siddhant & Roli.
ROSID turned towards Prem on hearing his voice & was surprised to see Prem.
Prem hug Sid.
Prem: Siddhant, I am very happy seeing you both. Why you both does not reveal us about you? You
know we all were worried about you both as you neither had anything on hand nor accepted what I gave
Sid: Prem, we are very fine. We did not reveal about us till date as we are still having huge way to reach
the success before which we were not interested to come in front of you all.
Prem: What are you telling Sid. You both came out without anything & now I can see your growth
apparently. What more you want to prove you? Infact we all the 3 just handling the business already
developed by our parents. But I can see how you both did the achievement.
Roli: Prem jiju, as he said we got more to achieve. We are not intending to hurt anyone. But in the
meantime, we can't get ourselves hurt. We need to achieve our goal before that...
Prem: Roli & Siddhant, though I am feeling bad that you both are not getting convinced by me, I am
feeling greet on seeing your achievement. I know you both are achievers & will definitely reach your
expected height of success. But atleast be in tough with us & come home whenever possible. Mataji,
Maaji, Simar all are really worried about you both.
Sid: Sorry Prem, as Roli said we don't have any intention to hurt anyone. But in the meantime, we are
sure confident that we do not meet anyone until we reach our goal. But just tell them that there is no
need to worry about us & we are very well.
Prem was happy on seeing these goal oriented achievers.

Part 6

ROSID reached home.

Roli cooked dinner & ROSID had dinner.
Roli finished her kitchen works & came near Sid.
Sid was reading newpaper as he was getting bored alone.
Roli took the newspaper from him & placed it in a side.
Roli lay down his head on his lap.
Sid caresses her hair.
Sid: Roli are you upset.
Roli: Upset for what Siddhantji.

Sid: ROli, Today after Prem came & said that our family members are worried about us. You face was
looking little upset.
Roli: Siddhantji, Yes I felt upset because we came out because of Uma & Pari bhabhi. But there is no
mistake done by others in the family. Still they are getting worry about us. Nothing else as such.
Sid: Do you feel like going to see them.
Roli: No Siddhantji. What we decided is decided. No change in it.
Sid took roli in his arms and went towards her...
In the meantime, Prem was talking to Mataji, Maaji & Simar about ROSID.
Prem: Mataji, I saw Roli & Siddhant today.
Mataji: Prem. What are you telling? You have not told us anything since you come home.
Prem: I wanted others to go to their room for telling about this to you all alone.
Maaji: Tell us prem. How are they? They just went out without taking anything. How they are surviving.
Are they suffering?
Prem: No Maaji. Not at all. You all won't believe if I tell you how they are.
Simar: Tell us Premji. How they are. I can't bear the suspense anymore.
Prem: They have started chocolate factory & running successfully. They are business people now.
Mataji: Prem. How is it possible? They got nothing in their hands when they left the house. We were
worrying what they are doing for their basic needs.
Prem: Mataji, When they left the home I tried to help them by transferring some amount to SID which also
he denied. Today after seeing them I was surprised. I went to our bank & checked. They said Sid kept
his gold medals on that day & took loan for starting his life. Then they started the chocolate factory.
Initially they were handling with Sid's savings account only. But later they opened current account on
their company name. You know their company name is ROSID CONFECTIONERIES' they got staffs
working under them. See this is their product which I got for all of you.
Prem showed the chocolate box of ROSID company.
Simar took the box and saw the name & all their eyes were filled with tears of happiness.
Simar opened the box and gave the chocolates to all.
All tasted the chocolates & it tasted excellent.
Simar: Premji now I remember Roli went to Chocolate making class before marriage which they might
have used for their establishment. I am really proud of them.
Mataji: Prem, did you called them home.
Prem: yes Mataji, I tried to call them. But they denied coming as they want to reach their goal before
coming in front of all.
Simar: Premji let them not come in front of us. Let me atleast talk to them.
Simar called ROli & put it on speaker phone so that Mataji & Maaji can hear them.
Simar called Roli while Sid was disturbed by the call in their kiss.
Sid: Roli see, today we saw Prem & they started disturbing us in middle of our kiss.
Roli: Siddhantji, the call is from Simar didi. May be jiju might have told her about us.
Roli switched on the call & put it on speaker phone.
Simar: Roli, how are you? You both are achieving so many things, don't you both think we are here to
share your happiness.
Sid: Bhabhi, Is this the time for sharing your happiness with your sister. Why Prem & yourself always
become villain for us.
Premar understood what he was telling & smiled
Mataji & Maaji was wondering what he is telling about.

Prem: Ok Sid. We will call you later.

Sid: Oh bro. Anyway you have become villain. Now what is the use in disconnecting the line. Please
Roli: Simar didi, its not that we are not ready to share with you. But we got so many more things to
achieve before revealing about ourselves to you.
Simar: ROli, what all these between relations.
Roli: But didi. As we are relations, we are more concerned otherwise we might have broken the
relationship already. We don't want any bad thing to happen by mutual hard discussions. That's why we
came out silently.
Sid: Prem & bhabhi, what ROli telling is very correct. We want to maintain the relationship & that's why
we came out. Don't worry about us. We will surely come to meet you all once we receive our goal.
Mataji: Siddhant, do remember us who are more concerned about you always.
Maaji: Yes Siddhant. We were very much worried about you both. Now after hearing about you through
Prem we got relieve. We all wish you achieve whatever you wish to.
ROSId realized Mataji & Maaji was also hearing their conversation.
Sid: Mataji & Maaji you both were hearing our conversation from starting.
Premar smiled.
Prem: Yes Siddhant. They heard all from the beginning.
Premar laughed & disconnected the line.
Mataji: Prem what Siddhant was telling you both as villains?
Prem; That is nothing Mataji myself & simar always disturb them when they are..
Simar signaled Prem to stop telling.
Simar: Nothing Mataji. Just for fun.
But Mataji & maaji understood what Prem was trying to tell.
ROSID blushed.
Roli: Siddhantji, you never realize who is in the opposite side & just tell anything.
Sid: What can I do ROli. I forget myself when my ROli is there with me.
Sid lean towards Roli and went close to her...

Part 7

Rosid were planning how to develop further.

Prem came to see Rosid.
Prem: siddhant I have come here now not to call you to house again. Instead I have come here to
develop my business. See we are taking orders for sweets & snacks, but unable to supply chocolate
instead we are telling them to order it outside. Now we will get into contract where you will supply the
Sid: prem if it is business contract then its fine. But only at the rate we are providing to others. No
special discounts.

Prem smiled.
Prem & rosid prepared and signed the contract.
Rosid started supplying chocolates to prem.
Rosid factory started developing day by day.
Rosid purchased more machines. They increased the staffs.
They were getting more & more orders.
Rosid started importing different varieties of Ingredients from all over the world.
Rosid set lab for testing the qualities of the chocolate & also to prepare new varieties with various
New flavors were created.
All got great welcome from customers.
They reached a good level in their business.
Rosid also started exporting their chocolates.
Their chocolates were liked by so many in India as well as overseas.
Rosid only need to looking into the orders through mails. All other Works were taken care by the staffs.
Rosid were very happy
The time has come for award giving ceremony for industrialist.
All industrialists gathered in the hall. Uma, pari, simar & roli all were present with their husbands.
Rosid were sitting separate from others.
simar was happy seeing roli.
The function started. The awards were given to winners.

Rosid got award for best upcoming industrialist.

Rosid went together to receive the award.
Rosid collected the award.
Rosid were excited.

Part 8

ROSID eyes were filled with tears of happiness.

They have been told to give a short speech to the crowd about their success.
Sid took the mike.
Sid: Good evening to all. We are happy & excited to receive this precious award which always encourage
us to work more & aim for greater heights. We myself & my wife started this business with very meagre
margin & I need to thank my wife who gave this idea of starting this chocolate business. Later we slow &
steadily developed our business. In this moment, I would like to thank everyone whoever have supported
us and encouraged us to reach this level. Thank you.
ROSID with the award came down from the stage.
Premar went to congradulate them.
Prem: Siddhant & Roli you reached your goal by now. Can you atleast come home now. Mataji & Maaji
are eagerly waiting for you both.
ROSID nod their head as acceptance.
ROSID went to BW Family in their own car which they purchased recently.
All members of BW Family was surprised to see the growth of ROSID.
ROSID came inside the BW House when Mataji & Maaji was in the hall.
They were very happy in seeing ROSID.
ROSID took their blessings and showed them the award they have won.

Mataji: Siddhant & Roli, we feel very proud of you both.

Sid: Mataji, we aimed to see you all only after reaching some benchmark. That is why we were away till
date without even seeing you all.
Maaji: Siddhant are we not aware of your ability. Why cant you do all these from here itself.
Sid: No Maaji, If we be here & do all these then it will not be like we did on our own. It will be like taken
from this house & achieved. That we were not interested.
Simar: Roli, Are you aware how much we were worried when you both went out of the house without
anything on hand.
Roli: didi, we have belief on ourselves. We aim our goal & achieved.
SId: Yes bhabhi, Our teamwork have always gave success to us.
Mataji: Siddhant & Roli, how long it has been that we had not taken food together. Please come, lets
have dinner together.
ROSID looked at each other.
Sid nod his head as ok.
ROSID had food with all.
All had fun together.
After finishing the dinner.
Sid: Ok Mataji, we are leaving now. Its getting late.
Mataji: Siddhant what are you telling. Where are you going.
Sid: Mataji, we have just reached the level of seeing you all & share one time dinner. But we are yet to
reach heights to stay with you all.
Maaji: Siddhant what is this. I will not allow you to go.
Sid: Maaji, please dont compel us. We want to maintain good relationship. Let us be away & we will
often come here to meet you. But dont compel us to stay with you. Please...

Prem: Siddhant I am aware how you both are determined & never change from your decision. But be in
touch with us & come here often.
SId: Yes Prem. For sure.
Simar: Roli where are you staying. Please provide your address.
ROli: didi, we are staying in a small beautiful house.
Sid: Yes bhabhi, we are staying in a very small beautiful house. We never intend to even shift the house.
We have purchased that house for ourselves before 3 months from the landlord.
Simar: Please provide us the address.
Roli gave the address to Simar.
ROSID waved bye to all & left to their house...

Part 9

ROSID reached their house.

Sid locked the room & turned towards Roli.
Roli placed the award in the wardrobe and closed the door.
Roli went near the mirror and started combing her hair.
Sid went behind her and back hug her.
SId placed his chin on her shoulders.
Sid: ROli, today I am very happy.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am also too happy. we received the award & also saw our family members after a long
Sid: So we need to celebrate that happiness now together.
Sid tighten his grip.
Roli blushed.

Roli: Siddhantji, please wait for sometime, I will take bath & come as I feel sweating in this heavy saree.
Sid: oh. This heavy saree is giving trouble to you.
Sid removed the pin from the saree.
Saree tip dropped down on the floor as soon as pin was removed.
Roli's blouse were showing her beauties giving treat to Sid's eyes.
Sid from behind her caresses her hip and wrap his right hand around her waist and back hug her tightly.
Sid turned her face slightly and his face moved towards her lips...
Sid left hand removed the saree fleets from its grip and the saree dropped down on the floor completely.
Sid took her in his arms & moved towards bathroom to have a bath together.
They enjoyed bath together & came out with towels wrapped around.
Roli moved towards the wardrobe to take the dress while Sid hold her hands.
Sid pulled her towards him.
Sid hold her face & kiss on her cheeks, nose, eyes & lips.
Roli closed her eyes slowly.
Sid took her in his arms & put her in the blanket and lay down beside her.
Sid hands were caressesing her slightly wet hands from fingers to shoulders.
His hands moved forward towards the towel grip while Roli hold his hands out of shyness.
Roli pushed him slightly and turned against him.
Sid caresses her back and gave kisses on her neck, shoulders & back.
ROli unable to bear anymore and turned towards Sid.

ROSID had eyelock for sometime.

Roli pushed him in the pillow and lean towards him.
Sid smiled.
Sid covered them with the blanket to enjoy some sweet moments.

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 9 => ROSID as Parents

Part 1

Roli was cooking in the kitchen.

She was feeling tired since morning & was getting giddiness.
Roli finished her cooking & came to hall. She sat in the chair.
Sid who came out of bathroom taking bath noticed that Roli is not feeling well.
Sid came near Roli.
Sid: ROli are you alright.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am feeling giddiness since morning. I dont know why.
Sid: Roli, I have always told you not to take more stress & tension. Just relax. Shall we go to doctor.
Roli: I am alright Siddhantji. Dont worry.
Sid: You take rest at home today & i will manage at office.
Roli: No Siddhantji, I will feel bored alone at home. I too will come with you.
SId: Ok. But you should not take any strain. I will take care of everything.
Roli: Ok.
ROSID had breakfast.

Roli rushed to bathroom to omit as soon as taking the food.

Sid got tensed.
Sid: ROli what happend. Please come we will go to doctor.
Roli: Siddhantji, may be my stomach is upset or something like that. Lets see till evening. ANyway that
doctor will be available in the evening only. We can meet her today evening if I still have problem till
SId: Ok.
Roli managed to get ready to office & ROSID reached office.
Roli was not feeling normal. She was feeling uneasy.
Roli managed not to show her difficult as it will disturb SId also.
Sid; Roli are you ok now.
Roli: Yes. Siddhantji, I am ok.
Roli received phone call from Mataji.
Mataji: ROli we have got some good news to share with you.
Roli: yes mataji. tell me.
Mataji: Roli, Simar is pregnant now. I thought of sharing this good news with you.
ROli: really. I am very happy mataji.
Simar took the phone from Mataji.
Simar: Yes roli. we checked with doctor yesterday only as my dates delayed. She took test & confirmed.
It was night when we returned home & we thought of not becoming villian again. SO we were waiting till
Roli blushed.
Roli: didi. I am very happy to know this didi.

They had conversations for sometime & disconnected the phone.

Roli went into deep thinking. What about my dates? My date is also delayed now. It is already 45 days
for me too. Then is it because of ...
Roli got the doubt. She was feeling great with even the thought & looked towards Sid who was sincerely
looking into the pending orders.
Roli was thinking, oh dear are we too becoming parents now. Is all these uneasiness because of that.
Shall i tell to my dear Siddhant. No I should not tell now. What if that is not the case. Then he will
become upset. Let us go to doctor & get it confirmed.
Eventhough ROli made up her mind to wait till evening, her eagerness to know was increasing minute to
Roli was starring at Sid.
Sid who just turned his face noticed Roli looking at him.
Sid: ROli, what happend?
ROli: Nothing Siddhant...
Sid: Oh oh. What happend to my ROli suddenly. She deny to call me Siddhant when I insist her to tell.
But today I think madam is in good romance mood.
Roli blushed.
ROli: I wish to call you like that when i am very much excited.
Sid: Oh then now my queen is very much excited for what?
Roli was thinking what to tell him now.
Roli: Mataji called & said that Simar didi is pregnant.
Sid: really. Prem is becoming father. great news dear.
Roli was thinking, Siddhantji you are becoming happy in knowing prem jiju is becoming father, i want to
see you to know you are becoming father.
Sid: Roli, where are you lost from this world?

Roli smiled.
Roli: nothing Siddhantji. We will go to doctor today.
Sid: Roli when I tell you that we will go to doctor. You always deny. But now you are telling we will go to
doctor. Something is wrong since morning.
Roli: Nothing is wrong Siddhantji. Everything is right only. Lets go to doctor in the evening.
Sid: ROli are you hiding anything from me as I can see a mischief smile on your face.
Roli: Nothing. Please wait till evening
ROSID were eagerly waiting for the evening..

Part 2

ROSID went to hospital.

Sid was worried that ROli health should be normal while Roli was waiting eagerly for knowing the result.
After more waiting ROSID turn came to meet the doctor.
ROSID sat against the doctor.
Doctor: Tell me what is your problem.
Sid: Doctor, ROli suddently felt giddiness today morning. Then she omitted after taking breakfast. I have
never seen her like that & i am worried.
Doctor: Just relax Siddhant. Let Roli tell.
Roli: Yes doctor. Today morning I got giddiness & also omitted. Feeling uneasy & tired.
Doctor: What about your dates?
Roli: It is delayed doctor. Now it is 45 days.
Doctor: Then please take this test in the lab and come back with the result.
Doctor gave the prescription for the lab for taking test.

Sid: Doctor anything serious.

Roli smiled.
Doctor: Nothing Siddhant. Just wait for some more time.
ROSID went to lab to take the tests.
ROSID were waiting for the results eagerly.
Lab assistant gave the result to ROli with a smile.
Roli with her face expression asked like ' is it yes'
Lab assistant nod her head for 'yes'
Roli was excited.
Sid: ROli lets go to doctor & see what she tells. I am worried.
Roli: Siddhantji, there is nothing to worry now. Only to get excited.
Sid: excited for illness. What roli you are kidding?
Roli: Who said it is illness?
Sid: Then?
Roli: Then, lets go to doctor to ask what it is.
ROSID went to doctor with the report.
Roli gave the report to doctor.
Doctor looked into the report & gave it back with a smile.
Doctor: Congrats to you both. The result has come as I expected.
SId: Congrats for what Doctor.

Doctor: Congrats for you becoming father & roli becoming mother.
SId: What?
Doctor: Yes Siddhant, Roli is pregnant.
Sid: Doctor really. My roli is pregnant. I am unable to believe.
Doctor: Yes. Your roli is pregnant. Now you are owner of chocolate factory. Give me sweet for providing
this good news.
Sid: of course doctor. I am hearing world great news from you.
Sid opened his bag & provided full box of chocolate to doctor.
Doctor prescribed health tonics & tables to ROli and told her to meet her after 1 month.
ROSID came out of the hospital.
They sat in their car.
Sid was still unable to come out of excitement.
Sid: ROli, I am very much excited. Is this the reason you were excited from morning & called me
ROli blushed.
Sid: So you were aware & not told me anything till doctor tell me.
Roli: I too not realised it Siddhantji. When I was talking to Simar didi regarding her pregnancy, i got it in
my mind. Then also i thought of telling you. What if my doubt not turns true. You will get disappointed
which I dont want. That is why I was waiting till we get the result & confirmation through doctor.
Sid: Roli, this happiness is great than the happiness we got while receiving awards in the college & for
our business. You have presented me the great award of my life.
Sid moved towards her and hold her hands.
Roli: Siddhantji, this is hospital where so many are present.
Sid: hmmm. lets go home.

ROSID reached home.

Sid closed the door & pulled ROli towards him.
Sid hold her face & kissed her all over the face out of happiness.
Sid: ROli thank you dear. Thank you so much.
Roli blushed.
Roli hug sid tightly.
Roli: (whisper in his ears) Thank you Siddhant.

Part 3

ROSID had dinner.

Roli lean towards sid's shoulders.
Sid: Roli, shall we inform this to our family.
ROli: of course Siddhantji. We need to inform them.
Sid called Prem.
Premar were talking to Mataji & maaji at that time in the hall.
Prem: Siddhant, what a surprise, my brother remembered me that too in this time.
SId: Prem. First I want to congradulate you for becoming father.
Prem: Thanks Siddhant.
Sid: Is the speaker is on.
Prem: No Sid.
Sid: Please put it on as I want to convey some news to all.

Prem: Ok.
Prem put the phone speaker on.
Sid: Mataji, Maaji, Prem & Bhabhi we have got some good news to share with you.
Mataji: What is it Siddhant? Tell us.
Sid: Roli is pregnant.
All were surprised to hear.
Maaji: Siddhant, is it true.
Sid: Yes Maaji. We went to doctor today & confirmed.
Prem: Siddhant. Congrats to you bro.
Mataji: I am very happy hearing this.
Simar: Congrats to both.
Roli: Thank you.
Mataji: Roli, in this situation you are alone. We feel very bad. Why cant you come back here. We will
take care of you.
Sid: No Mataji. I am here to take care of my wife. Dont worry,.
Simar: But Siddhantji,
Sid: Please bhabhi. Dont compel us.
Mataji: Ok Siddhant beta. Please take care of ROli very well. She should not lift heavy weight or do
difficult works. She should take rest.
Sid: yes Mataji. I will take care of her completely. Dont worry.
Phone was disconnected.
All were excited in hearing this news.

Sid : Roli, do you want to go there to take care of you.

Roli: Siddhantji, i do have belief in my husband's care. I dont want to go anywhere. Who else will hold
me like a flower other than my husband. Which hands can protect me other than you.
Sid gave a kiss on her forehead.
Roli lay down on his chest & slept slowly..
Sid was thinking, i need to take utmost care of my Roli. Doctor also told to take care specially for first 3

Next day.
Sid got up early & saw Roli sleeping like a beautiful flower in his arms.
Sid made her sleep in pillow gently by removing his hands.
Sid fresh up himself & went to kitchen.
Sid prepared Tea & also prepared breakfast for them.
Roli who slept long time got awake to see Sid finished the kitchen works.
Roli: Siddhantji, why you not made me awake. WHy you took pain of preparing all these.
Sid: No pain in preparing food for my wife. Dont you always prepare for me. Now it is my turn.
Roli smiled.
Roli fresh up herself while SID gave the tea.
Roli had tea.
After sometime..
ROli went to take the jar of water while Sid hold her from taking.
Sid: ROli, dont you remember what doctor said yesterday. You should not lift weight objects. WHy are
you trying to lift the water jar.

Roli: Siddhantji, it is just 1 litre water jar. Not 25 litres water can.
ROSID heard laughing sound from behind.
ROSID turned behind to see Roli's parents, Premar, Maraji & Maaji.
ROSID welcomed all.
Prem; What Siddhant? you wont let roli to take water glass also on her own it seems.
ROSID blushed.
All saw around the small beautiful house maintained by ROSID well.
Roli's mother came near Roli & kissed her on her forehead.
She gave roli the box of sweets.
ROli's mother: Roli I am very happy.
ROSID took blessings of all the elders.
SId went to kitchen & prepared tea for all & served them.
All were surprised to see all this.
ROli informed all that Sid prepared the food also for them today.
Maaji: Siddhant, today only we are coming to know that our Siddhant know to cook.
Sid: Maaji, i learn it from ROli on Sundays.
Mataji: Very happy to see & hear how loving you both are to each other.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.
All returned home with great happiness about ROSID.
ROSID were also happy that their family members came to their small house for the 1st time.

Sid was taking care of Roli like a flower, like his eyes.
The days passed slowly & the doctor consulation day came.
ROSID went to doctor.
Doctor told them to go for a scan to check the growth of the baby.
Roli took scan & came back to doctor with the scan reports.
Doctor was surprised to see the scan reports.
ROSID were tensed seeing the surprised face of Doctor...

Part 4

ROSID were tensed to see the surprised face of doctor.

Sid: Doctor is everything normal.
Doctor: Yes Siddhant. Everything is normal & double surprise for you.
Sid: Double surprise.
Doctor: Yes. Double surprise. She has got Twins. One boy & One girl.
Sid: What?
Doctor: Yes. She is carrying twin babies. But the babies are normal. You can proceed taking the same
tablets & syrups for her health. Just take care.
ROSID were excited & returned home.
Sid hug Roli tightly in happiness.
Sid: Roli you made me double happy.
Sid lift her face and kissed her on her cheeks.
Roli too hold his face & kissed on his cheeks.

ROSID called Prem & shared this double dhamaka news.

Sid: Prem, we went to consult doctor.
Prem: What doctor said is Roli & baby fine?
Sid: Yes all the three are fine.
Prem:All the three?
Sid: Yes. All the three. Roli & babies.
Simar: Babies
Roli: yes didi. babies. it is twins.
All were excited.
Mataji: Now it is twins means you need to be more careful Roli. Take care.
Roli: yes. Mataji. Siddhantji is here to take care of me. He dont even let me to pick a glass of water.
All smiled.

Roli's mother called the next day.

Roli's mother: Roli, I am happy that you have got twins. Please take care of you well. We only feel that
we are unable to take care of you.
Sid: Maaji, please tell us what all will you do if roli come there.
Roli's mother: Siddhantji, we will give her oil bath often so that body heat will be reduced, then we will
give her healthy & different types of dishes and different types of fruits to eat, then we will massage her
legs & hands so that it will not swollen due to body weight, Also we will keep our eyes on her always for
any changes or difficulties on her.
Sid: Maaji, dont worry. I will take care of all these for my wife. If you want to see her, you are welcome at
any time to our house. But I cant leave my roli anywhere.
Roli lean towards Sid and gave a kiss on his cheeks.

Next day after finishing the kitchen works Sid made Roli to get up.
Sid made roli to have tea,.
Then told her to get ready for an oil bath.
Roli: Siddhantji are you kidding. I will have on my own.
Sid: No. It is my order.
Sid made Roli to sit in a wooden stool inside the bathroom & gave a nice massage to ROli's head with
warm gingelly oil.
Roli was feeling relaxed on the massage given by Sid.
Sid massage her hair thoroughly & then washed her hair with shampoo.
Then Sid dried her hair with towel so that she will not get cold.
Roli was looking like beautiful fairy.
ROli turned towards Sid & clasp her hands around his neck.
ROSID had eyelock for sometime.
ROli moved towards his lips...

Part 5

ROSID were in the office.

Sid was talking to some one secretly.
When Roli tried to know what it is Sid has not reveal her the truth.
Daily he started going out for 2 hours leaving Roli at Office.
Roli was wondering what is happening.
At home Sid was making different tasty dishes to Roli.

Roli:Siddhantji, the dishes are very different & tasty. From where you know these recipies
Sid; Roli I learn this from Internet
Roli was not sure whether Sid is telling the truth.
Sid disappering for those 2 hours were continuing.
One day ROli decided to check where Sid is going daily.
So Roli went behind Sid following him in an auto.
To Roli's surprise, Sid was going inside a cookery class place.
When Roli enquired, she came to know that that place is famous for teaching all types of cookery recipes
with is tasty & healty to eat.
Roli was surprised about Sid.
Roli's eyes were filled with tears.
Roli does not want to reveal Sid that she came to know about his cookery classes.
Roli returned to office.
On that day night.
Sid prepared new dish for Roli.
Sid feed Roli. It was very tasty.
Roli was remembering how Sid have taken initiative to go to cookery class to prepare variety dishes for
Roli eyes were filled with tears again.
Sid: ROli what happend. Is the dish is not good.
ROli: No the dish is very good like my dear Siddhant.
Roli hug Sid.

Roli kissed Sid on his cheeks.

Sid: Roli what happend Dear.
Roli: Siddhantji why you take this much pain for me.
Sid: What pain I have taken dear. Nothing.
Roli: Siddhantji, I know where you are going & how you are preparing all these variety dishes.
Sid: Oh. SO what. I am doing for my wife only right. No pain in that for me.
Roli: But you have not told me these days.
Sid: Because my sweety will get tensed like this. Thats why.
Roli smiled.
SId: Roli, I dont want you to feel in any sort. If you reside with your parents or our house, you will get all
the variety of dishes which I dont know to prepare. Now I am learning more varieties for my wife &
preparing for her. Thats all.
ROli: I Love You Siddhantji..
SId: I Love You too Roli. But now you need to finish this dinner food. Mam said it is very good for health.
Sid feed her the food again.
Roli's stomach as well as heart was filled with love

Part 6

Rosid in the office.

Sid received a courier from abroad.
Roli was surprised what it is.
Sid bring that parcel to roli.
Roli open the pack to see fruits inside it which is not available locally.

Roli: what are these fruits siddhantji!

Sid: roli I have brought these fruits from African customer for you.
Roli: but why. I am already taking fruits daily.
Sid: yes you are taking fruits daily. But I myself getting bored with same variety of fruits. So..
Roli: so!
Sid: I cheeked with overseas customers for special fruits available in their places. I checked for those
fruits details in internet. These fruits are good for health. That's why.
Roli: that's why!
Sid: I told them to courier us.
Roli: siddhantji, won't you feel it too much to import fruits.
Sid: nothing is too much for my wife.
Roli smiled.
Sid took a fruit from that & feed to roli.
Prem entered the office looking at this.
Prem: excuse me bro shall I come in
Sid: yes please
Prem: what is happening here.
Roli: jiju see your brother imported fruits for me to eat. Does anyone do like this!
Prem: roli the person who loves his wife so much like siddhant will do all these.
Sid: well said prem. this is just 1st lot. More varieties are yet to come. See she is not eating.
Prem: roli you are very lucky to get all these. Just enjoy.

Prem left from there.

Sid: now eat this fruit like a good girl.
Sid started feeding the fruit to roli

Part 7
Rosid went to hospital for next month check up.
Doctor: she is perfectly alright. Her weight everything is perfect.
Roli: why not doctor? I am only carrying the babies physically, but he carry in his mind, in his actions.
Doctor: you are then very lucky roli to get such caring husband.
Sid: nothing like that doctor. I am just taking care of her. Doctor you know we are alone. So I want your
guidance on what problems she may face & what should I do for that.
Doctor explained sid in expected problems & what to do for that.
Sid was listening to doctor while roli was admiring siddhant.
Sid: doctor I want to learn how to massage her legs & hands if swollen.
Doctor: don't worry I will tell our head nurse to explain you.
Rosid went to see head nurse.
Sid learned how to massage her legs, hands.
Roli was excited to see his loving dear siddhant.
Rosid went to the car.
Roli was starring at sid the whole way.
After reaching home, sid locked the door.
Roli hug sid tightly.

Roli : siddhantji I am very lucky. Even my parents might have not cared about me this much.
Sid: roli nothing like that. See we are alone. So I need to get idea what sort of problem you may get &
what should I do. It is my duty dear to take care of you.
Roli: you can tell any reason, but that is the truth.
Roli lay down in his lap.
Sid was caressing her hair.
Prem called sid.
Sid: yes prem. You went to hospital with bhabhi today.
Prem: yes simar is normal. But her weight not increased to expected level.
Sid: prem you do one thing...

Sid gave tips to prem for getting the required weight.

Mataji, maaji & premar were surprised to hear.
Mataji: siddhant, how you know this much.
Roli: mataji you are not aware, now siddhantji have done PhD for me.
All laughed.
Sid: what is there in laughing. I am taking care of my wife.
Simar: OK. Nothing wrong in taking care. We are proud for you.
Phone was disconnected after few conversation.
Sid: roli shall we..
Roli: shall we..
Roli went close to sid.

Sid: shall we
Roli: shall we..
Roli moved towards his face & kissed him.
Sid: shall we..
Roli: shall we.
Roli covered them with the blanket & smiled..

Part 8

ROSID were enjoying these new experiences.

Roli's belly started growing in size as it is 5th month now.
Sid used to massage Roli with oil on her legs, hands, belly & head weekly twice which become their
Likewise Sid was applying oil on Roli's belly while the baby gave its first kick which was felt by Roli & saw
by Sid.
Sid: Roli did you noticed.
Roli; Siddhantji did you know.
ROSID smiled.
Sid: Roli I saw the movement inside your stomach.
Roli: Yes. Siddhantji, the baby kick me for the 1st time.
ROSID were very happy to feel this experience.
Sid went close to her belly and gave a kiss.
The baby as if excited on Sid's kiss gave another kick.
ROSID smiled.

Roli: Siddhantji, look the baby kicked again.

When ROli was talking the movement was felt in other side of belly.
It seems the kick is from the another baby now.
Roli; Siddhantji, you noticed I also got kick from this side now. It seems that is from another baby.
ROSID were excited on seeing & feeling the movement of their child.
Roli hug SId out of happiness.
Sid kissed Roli on her forehead.
Sid: ROli, you should not stay long time in water. Lets finish bathing & go out.
Sid gave massage to her legs, hands & head.
Also gave a nice warm water bath.
Roli finished her bath & came out.
Sid too took bath & came out.
Both had breakfast & started to office.
Sid: Roli, i feel bad dear that you are coming to office with me these days instead of taking rest.
Roli: Siddhantji nothing is bad. What will I do at home alone. look at working women who work till last
month of pregnancy. Nothing harm in it. Anyway I am taking rest only at office. Where are you letting
me to do any job anyway.
ROSID smiled..

Part 9
Roli was almost handled by Sid as if Roli herself is a kid.
Roli was not allowed to do any work. Sid handled everything.

Sid was completely taking care of all the household works, Office work as well as taking care of Roli &
Sid just ordered Roli to take care of herself & be cautious whether the movement of babies are happening
It was suggested by few to hear good music during this time.
So Sid fixed speakers at Office & Home.
Good vibrational rhythemic music was played the whole day with mild volume to make the place with
good vibration.
It also happend at home.
Roli was surprised to see this one step ahead Siddhant than the lover Siddhant she has seen previously.
Doctor advised to go for walk daily.
So Sid took her for walking in the park area where she walk till she feels ok to walk.
Sid was also walking with her to take care of her.
Roli was getting different varieties of dishes prepared by Sid.
Also different varieties of fruits from India & also from overseas couriered by their clients as per orders
given by Sid.
Roli was wondering whether any husband in this world will be like this.
Rain of affection, care & love was poured by Sid on ROli.
Doctor informed ROli that the growth of Babies are excellent & just to maintain the same.
Sid was very happy that everything is normal.
ROSID were enjoying the days...

Part 10
ROSID were in the bathroom & Sid was applying oil on her belly while Calling bell rang.
ROSID were wondering who has come this morning.

Sid told her to wait inside & went out.

Sid opened the door & surprised to see Mataji, Maaji, Premar, Roli's Mother standing outside the door.
ALl who has come was surprised to see Sid with oil in his whole palm.
SId: Please welcome. Come inside.
All entered their house.
Sid locked the door.
Sid: All need to wait for somemore time as today is my queen's oil bath day. We will just join you.
Telling this Sid went inside bathroom & locked the door of the bathroom.
All were surprised.
Premar smiled looking at each other.
All were looking at each other.
Inside the bathroom.
Sid continued applying oil to her belly.
ROli: Siddhantji who has come.
Sid: Roli, Mataji, Maaji, Prem, Simar bhabhi, Your mother all have come.
Roli: Siddhantji then lets have oil bath tomorrow.
Sid: No Roli. I have told them that we will join them once oil bath done. you cant postponed for
ROli: Please dear.
Sid: No way. Its my order for my queen. Forward your right leg.
Sid started applying oil on her right leg.

after few minutes.

Sid: Ok. Now show your left leg.
after few minutes.
Sid: Ok. Now you right hands.
after few minutes.
Sid: Ok. forward your left hands.
after few minutes.
SId: Thats like a good girl. Now open your hair.
Roli removed the clip from her hair.
Sid was giving nice head massage.
Roli: My Siddhant hands has magic in it.
ROli hold his hands and kissed it.
After few minutes..
Sid gave a nice shampoo wash.
When sid poured the warm water.
Roli: Siddhantji, the water is very hot.
SId; Oh Sorry. I will mix some cold water.
Sid added cold water.
SId: ROli, is it ok now.
ROli: OK.
Sid washed her hair.

Sid wipe the water from her body & wrapped another towel in the head.
Sid remembered that all are waiting outside & roli cant come out with the towel.
Sid: Roli wait here I will give you the changing dress.
Sid came out and went to wardrobe & took the dress and gave to Roli.
All were speechless as they heard all the conversations happend inside the bathroom as it was a small
All were smiling looking at each other.
Roli came out wearing the night dress given by Sid with a towel wrapped in the hair.
All are seeing her after a long time and was astonished to see the shinning Roli with big belly.
Sid made her sit in the chair.
Sid: I will just come back in few minutes taking bath.
Sid went to take bath & came out in few minutes.
SId: Sorry to keep you all waiting. We were not expecting you all today otherwise we might have
completed the bath early.
Prem: Siddhant, whats all these happening here?
Roli: Jiju, He gives me oil massage & bath weekly twice & today was our regular oil bath day.
Sid opened the wet towel from her hair & started drying with another dry towel.
Roli's mother: Siddhantji, when I talked to you on that day. I never imaged you will take care of her more
than us. I am very happy.
Sid: Maaji, Nothing great in it. I am just taking care of my wife.
Sid went inside & brought food in the plate and started feeding Roli.
Maaji: Siddhant you only cook daily.

ROli: Not only cooking daily mataji. We might have never known those receipies till date. All receipies of
all over the world is known to Siddhantji. He went to cookery class to learn all these recepies.
Sid: ROli, dont talk while eating. Just finish this food before it get cold and then you can talk.
Sid feed roli.
Mataji: Siddhant we never know our SIddhant like this. We have seen you as play boy getting whatever
he wants from the family. Now we are seeing different Siddhant who cares for her wife a lot.
Prem: Yes. Siddhant, We know you both love each other a lot. We never thought you have moulded
yourself to this level.
Sid: Nothing is big when I do for my Roli..
ROSID smiled looking at each other.
All too smiled looking at each other in happiness.
Mataji: Siddhant all are fine. We agree completely that you are taking care of your wife than anyone else
can. But anyway we need to arrange function to get the blessings during pregnancy for ROli & Simar.
We all have come here to talk on that only.
Sid: Function. We can very well do that.
Maaji: We have seen date this weekend for that & please come home with ROli for that.
ROSID nod their head as acceptance...

Part 11

ROSID were getting ready for function day at their home.

Sid already purchased a new lehenga for Roli which was looking grand but not too heavy so that she will
not feel difficulty in wearing it for long time.
Sid also purchased new jewellery set for that.
Sid himself dressed ROli with the new lehenga & jewellery set.
Roli was looking like a fairy. Roli face have got shining due to pregnancy as well as due to love & care
taken by SId.

Sid kissed Roli on her forehead.

Sid: Roli you are looking very beautiful.
Roli went near Sid and clasp her hands around his neck.
Roli went near his face & kissed on his cheeks.
ROli: Siddhantji, why not i look good when my husband take care of me & dress up like this. My face
beauty shows the love shown by you to me.
Sid: Roli wont you love me to that same level.
Roli: Of course. I do. But myself not sure whether I can do that much what you are doing for me.
Roli eyes were filled with tears.
Sid wiped off the tears.
Sid: Roli, this is time for happiness & not tears.
Roli hug sid tightly..
ROli: I love you Siddhantji..
Sid: I love you too Roli..
ROSID went to BW house for the function.
All were waiting for them.
Close relatives & friends were also invited for the function.
All were astonished by beauty of ROli.
ROSID came inside the house holding their hands together.
Premar remembered the day they came together for their engagement & marriage holding their hands.
Simar: Premji, see how Roli looks beautiful.

Prem: Simar, the beauty shows the love shown by Sid towards her. I am very happy about them.
Mataji: Roli, come & sit here.
Roli sat in the chair.
All praised ROli as she was looking very beautiful.
All the elders blessed Roli & Simar.
Roli's mother brought bangles to both.
Roli's mother herself put bangles to Simar which went easily. Then she came near Roli.
When she tried to put the bangle in Roli's hands, it was little tight.
It was difficult to put it on ROli's hands and Roi shrink her forehead due to pain.
Sid was unable to bear this.
Sid: Maaji, shall i try to put.
Roli's mother gave the bangles to Sid.
Sid hold her hands and with great care put the bangles into Roli's hands one by one without creating pain
to her.
Sid; Roli is it paining.
ROli; No...
Sid finally put all the bangles.
Roli's mother: Siddhantji, Our Roli is very lucky to get you as her husband.
Sid: Maaji, I am lucky to get ROli as my wife.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.

Part 12
ROSID were in the hospital.
ROSID & Doctor were in the scanning room.
Doctor scan the babies & showed to ROSID.
Doctor: Roli & Siddhant, see the 2 babies inside.
Sid: These 2 small ones
Doctor: Yes. I will zoom more for you. See in the right side, you can see the baby girl & in the left side
you can see the baby boy. Both having separate chords. Both are healthy enough & the growth is
Roli: Siddhantji how cute it is
Doctor: See these are the legs, you can see the hands here.
Sid: Doctor, is this the head
Doctor: yes. This is the head with small features.
ROSID were thrilled to see their cute babies.
Sid: Roli see the girl baby is kicking you.
Roli felt the kick & it was visible in the skin.
After few minutes..
Doctor: The baby growth is normal & no need to worry at all. Siddhant we are happy that you have taken
atmost care on Roli. just few months more. Keep taking care like this.
Sid: of course doctor.
Doctor: As the growth further increases, she may find difficulty in taking more food. In that case you can
give liquid foods more like juices..
Sid: Okay doctor.
Doctor: Any moment, any necessity, you can call me as you have our number.

Sid; Well doctor Thanks.

Roli: Thank you doctor.
ROSID reached home.
ROSID remembered what they have seen in the scanning & getting excited.
Sid: ROli you saw how beautiful the babies were.
Roli was leaning over his chest and hugging him while SID too was hugging her.
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. the experience is very glad. I started eagerly waiting to see our kids on hands.
Sid: ROli, You are right. I am also very eager to take them in my hands.
Roli smiled.
SId: Roli, do you have fear for delivery.
Roli: Siddhantji, i dont have any fear when you are here with me. I want you to be with me to support me
Sid: Roli, Yes. I will be with you.
Roli kissed Sid and hug him tightly.

Part 13

ROSID were sleeping.

Roli got awake & was feeling like eating ice cream.
Sid too got awake on Roli's movement.
Sid: Roli are you ok. What happend Dear?
Roli: Siddhantji, I feel like eating ice cream.

Sid: Roli are you kidding. This is midnight.

Roli: Siddhantji, wont you do this for me. Please.
SId: Not like that ROli. But where can we have the shop open now in this midnight time.
ROli: Please my dear sweet heart Siddhant.
SId: Ok. Lets go.
Sid took her in the car & went here & there searching for some ice cream shop.
Then luckily, they got one after going much distance from their home.
SId: Roli we got it. Wait in the car. I will get one for you. Which flavour you want.
Roli: Buttorscotch.
Sid went out parking the car in the corner & brought the ice cream.
Sid gave the ice cream to ROli.
Roli started eating it while Sid was looking at ROli with a smile.
ROSID get into the car after eating icecream.
Roli Hug Sid and kissed on his cheeks.
Roli: Thank you so much.
Sid smiled and started the car.
SId: Roli, why you suddenly got wish to eat icecream.
Roli: I got icecream in my dream and got wake up. Suddenly i felt like eating ice cream. Thats why.
Sid: Roli, you does not seems to be becoming mother for 2 kids. You youself seems to be like a kid.
Roli smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji, I am the kid for you since I became pregnant. Am I right?

SId: You are right. You have become my 1st kid and then our 2 kids.
ROSID smiled.
ROSID reach their home.
SId sat down & Roli lay down on his lap.
Sid caresses her hair.
Roli: Siddhantji, can we go to have one more ice cream..
SId: if my wife really wants another. I am ready to get one.
Roli: No. I was just joking. Siddhantji why you dont deny eventhough I compell you.
Sid: Already I cant deny anything to my wife, that too when my wife is pregnant & above that when she
call me Siddhant, I cant deny anything.
ROli blushed. She was looking beautiful with the pinky cheeks in the moon light.
Sid: Roli you are looking very beautiful. Your pinky cheeks drags me towards you.
Roli got up & went near Sid's face.
Roli gave a sweet kiss on his cheeks.
Roli (whisper in his ears): let it drag, who holds my Siddhant.
SId turned towards roli & they had eyelock for sometime.
Roli moved towards his lips...

Part 14
Roli was getting difficult day by day by her increasing weight & big belly with 2 kids.
With help of Sid, she was managing.
Sid shifted his required laptop, printer like items to work from home & take care of Roli.

Sid was giving liquid food to her as she was finding difficult in taking solid foods.
ROSID went for doctor check up.
Doctor confirmed everything as normal. Delivery can be expected within 10 days & they need to be
careful & can approch hospital for any symptoms of delivery.
Roli:Siddhantji, shall we go to meet our family members today.
Sid: Yes sure when my wife wants to.
ROSID reached BW house.
All were happy in seeing ROSID there.
Roli slowly came & sat in the sofa holding Sid.
Mataji: How are you Roli?
Roli: I am fine Mataji.
Maaji: Have you consulted Doctor? What did she said?
Roli: Yes Mataji. We consulted doctor. She said delivery will be any moment within 10 days,
Maaji: Why you both are suffering alone there. Please stay here atleast now.
Roli: No Suffering Mataji when he is there. He is taking care of me like lid of the eyes.
Prem: Siddhant, we know that you take care of her well. But now you need people around you to help
you out.
Sid: Prem. I will surely contact you all as soon as she gets pain for delviery. You can directly come to
hospital. What about Simar bhabhi? When is her due?
Prem: She will get it in this week.
Mataji: God. Please help both Simar & Roli to get the delivery without much difficulty.
All prayed to God.
ROSID left from there after talking to them for some time & went to Roli's house.

Roli's parents were happy in seeing ROli.

Roli's mother got tears seeing ROli.
Roli's mother: Siddhantji, I know how much you care for her. Please call us for any help at any moment.
After spending sometime ROSID returned to their home.
Sid was sitting while ROli was leaning in his chest.
Sid: Roli, do you wish to stay with your parents or at our house till delivery.
ROli: No Siddhantji, I wish to be here with you only. Nothing else.
Sid kissed Roli on her head.
SId: I can see how much you are suffering now as the date is nearing. I feel bad that I am unable to
share the difficulty with you.
Roli smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji if you can share those difficulties also, then you might have taken my pain completely on
you. That is why God have not shown such way to you.
SId was caressing Roli's hair.
SId: ROli I love you.
Roli: I love you too Siddhantji.
SId: hmmm. I want what I wish to hear.
Roli blushed.
ROli: I love you too my dear Siddhant.
Sid smiled and hug her.
Roli: Siddhantji, I dont feel like almost more than 9 months gone. I sometime feel how much pain you are
taking all these days. You are handling household works, office works & above that also taking care of

SId: As I always said no pain in taking care of my wife. It is always beautiful, wonderful & memorable to
take care of my wife.
ROli: Siddhantji, will you be with me during my delivery. you are my moral support & I will feel good if I
hold your hands.
Sid: yes dear. Sure will do. I already informed doctor that I wish to stay with you during delivery. She
agreed for that.
ROli smiled & hug Sid while the pain started...

Part 15

Roli started feeling pain and tighten her grip around SId.
Roli: Siddhantji... (in pain)
SId; Roli are you normal.
ROli: I am getting pain in the hip.
SId: I will just call the doctor.
Sid called doctor.
SId: Doctor, Roli got pain suddenly.
Doctor: No problem. Just bring her to hospital. I will just reach hospital in 5 mins.
Sid: Ok doctor. Thanks.
Sid took ROli in his arms & made her sit inside the car. He put the push back as much as possible & sat
in the driving seat.
Sid: Roli dont worry, we will reach hospital in few minutes.
Roli: Ok SIddhantji. I will manage.
Sid drive swiftly to hospital as the traffic was less being night time.

Doctor already reached hospital and arranged for taking ROli to labour ward.
Doctor instructed the nurse to change her dress & take inside the ward.
Sid called Prem.
Sid: Prem, where are you?
Prem: Sid, we are in hospital as Simar got pain suddenly.
SId: OK. Take care.
Prem: Tell me why you called.
Sid: Nothing Prem. Just we reached home & called you. Take care of bhabhi.
Sid decided not to tell Prem about Roli's delivery to avoid confusion to family members to stay with Simar
or Roli.
All the family members including Roli's parents were at the hospital where Simar was admitted.
Doctor just tried to enter the labour ward.
Sid: Doctor, as i told you already. I want to be with my wife.
Doctor: Sure Siddhant. Please come in.
Sid went inside the labour ward with doctor.
Roli was relaxed seeing Sid.
ROli hold his right hand tightly while sid was caressesing her head with another hand.
The pain was increasing for ROli.
Roli tighten the grip of holding SId. Sid started getting pain in his hands.
But SId understood how much pain she is feeling to hold his hands so tight.
After more struggling, Roli delivered the girl baby first.

Nurse took the child for washing.

After few minutes of delivering the girl baby, ROli got pain again.
In few minutes, she delivered the baby boy too.
Nurse took the baby boy also for washing.
Roli relaxed herself after delivering both.
Doctor: Double Congradulations to both of you. Siddhant you please wait in the room, we will shift her to
room in few minutes. Also nurse will bring the baby to the room.
SId: Ok Doctor. Thank you.
Sid looked at ROli with a smile.
ROli too smiled at Sid with a relief & happiness.
Sid gave a kiss on her forehead forgetting the doctor & others in the room and left the room.
Sid called Prem after going to the room.
SId: Prem, how is Simar bhabhi.
Prem: She is fine, but we went for operation as she was having some difficulty in delivery. She just now
delivered a baby girl.
Sid: Prem Congrats to you, by the way Roli delivered a baby girl & a baby boy.
Prem: Siddhant, Was Roli too admitted to hospital today. Why you have not told me when you called.
Sid: I called to tell you, but when I came to know that bhabhi is also in hospital. I was not interested to put
you all in difficulty where to stay. SO I managed here. She delivered normally & all are fine.
Prem: Congrats Sid. We will come there.
SId: No urgency Prem. Take care of Bhabhi first.
Prem informed all other family members that Roli too delivered the babies.
All were excited, but also felt bad that no one was there with them in this moment.

Roli was shifted to room.

SId: Roli are you ok.
ROli: Yes Siddhantji, I am ok.
Two Nurses came to their room with both babies.
Girl baby was given to Sid while Boy bay was put next to Roli in the bed as Sid cant carry both together.
ROSID were very excited to see their babies...

Part 16

Rosid were excited.

Roli: siddhantji please give him to me.
Sid put the baby in the bed.
Sid adjusted the pillow so that roli can sit slightly leaning on the pillow.
Sid gave the boy baby on roli hands.
He himself took the girl baby and sat near rolii.
Rosid forward their hands with both babies to see close beside each other.
Both were identical to see with mixed resemblance of both roli & siddhant.
Rosid smiled seeing both.
Doctor entered the room.
Doctor: roli & siddhant congrats to you both again.
Rosid: thanks doctor.

Doctor: roli take care of you. Don't take much strain. Give milk to both. I will come back in the morning
to see you. Good night.
Sid: thanks doctor.
Doctor went out closing the door.
Sid: roli give milk to the this girl cutie pie first. She came out first & waiting food since long.
Sid gave the girl baby to roli & took the other.
Roli caresses the baby and started giving milk to her.
Roli lean towards sid shoulder who was sitting beside and closed her eyes to feel the happiness.
Sid then took the girl baby & gave her boy baby.
Sid: now its turn of this boy cutie pie.
Roli gave milk to boy baby.
Both slept in rosid arms like a cute flower.
Nurse kept 2 cradles in the room already.
Sid put both the babies in the cradles gently and went near roli locking the room door.
Sid: roli You take rest now. You are already tired.
Roli lean on Sid's chest and hold his hands.
Sid: there is one more good news for you. Simar bhabhi too delivered today a baby girl.
Roli: really.
Sid: yes. After coming to hospital I called prem to inform them about you. But he informed simar
admitted in hospital. So I kept the phone without telling anything. After coming to room, I called & came
to know that simar bhabhi delivered a baby girl but through operation due to some complications in
delivery. I told prem to come here later & to take care of bhabhi.
Roli: you did right siddhantji.

Sid: thanks dear as I got afraid that you may feel bad that no one was there during your delivery.
Roli: no one can replace you & I don't want anything more than my siddhant.
Sid kissed her on her head.
Sid: now you sleep.
Sid caresses her head & roli slept slowly.
Rosid wake up in the morning hearing their cuties voice.
Sid went near & pick up the baby.
Sid noticed the towel wet. Sid went to the bag & took fresh set of clothes & towels for their prince &
Rosid changed their wet clothes & wrapped with dry towels.
Roli gave milk to the babies and both were holding the babies while someone knock the door.
Sid opened the door to see mataji, maaji, prem & roli's mother.
Rosid welcomed them.
Mataji: siddhant you hide from us that roli is admitted in hospital. At least one of us might have come
Sid: mataji don't worry. I was there with her holding her hands giving support & she delivered normally
both our prince & princess. Why do you worry.
Maaji: you were there inside labour ward?
Sid: yes maaji I was with roli.
Prem: I am very happy about you siddhant.
Roli's mother: roli have taken right decision of being with you. No one of us can look after her like you.
All eyes were filled with tears of happiness.
Sid: maaji why getting emotional. Won't you take our cutie pies.

Maaji& mataji took the babies & astonished by its beauty.

Then roli's mother & prem took the child.
All were very happy.
Rosid heart was filled with happiness..

Part 17

Rosid & all were getting excited on seeing these cuties.

Roli: jiju how is did I
Prem: she is fine. Baby is also normal. As it was operation, treatment is based on that.
Sid: but prem what was the compilation to go for operation.
Prem: doctor said the chord was around the baby & so she can't deliver normally.
Sid: prem the pregnant lady need not turn while sleeping as we do normally. They need to get up & then
turn the other side. I always take care roli in that way only. Anyway she sleeps in my chest & shoulders.
So if there is any movement of her I used to get up & helped her.
Mataji: siddhant we are surprised to hear all these from you. We missed to guide simar on all these
inspite of knowing.
Roli: mataji know one in this world can take care of a wife like him. These many months he not even
slept properly.
All were surprised.
Roli: all have come here. Who is there with didi
Prem: uma & park bhabhi are there.
Roli's mother: roli we got food for you. Please eat that.
Sid: give that maaji.

SId took the food & feed roli.

Doctor came to the room.
Doctor: all have come. Mataji siddhant was all alone with roli & two babies when I left. Now I am happy
seeing you all with them.
Mataji: thanks doctor. How was the delivery & how about babies?
Doctor: delivery was normal & why not when siddhant took care of roli. He was with roli holding her
hands giving moral support to her. Babies are also very normal with 2.4 & 2.5 KGS weight. May be less
for a single baby. But good for a twins. Roli was able to handle this weight only with his help.
Sid: doctor it was my duty, responsibility & love for my wife.
Doctor: she is very normal & can discharge tomorrow.
Doctor left the room.
Mataji: you please come home from hospital.
Sid: mataji we wish to go to our home with our cuties, we sure come there for name ceremony.
Rosid looked at each other & smiled.
All left after sometime.
Sid: roli cuties getting hungry.
Roli: siddhantji what about you. I too ate food. Please eat something.
Roli gave milk to babies & babies slept.
Sid went outside & had food.
Rosid took suggestions from doctor & nurse How to handle baby & how to give bath. Also what all roli
should do & eat.
Doctor advised roli to do some exercises to get back normal weight.
Rosid reached home with their cuties.

Sid ordered for baby cot & bed which can hold both both the babies.
Rosid put the babies inside it smiled.

Part 18

SId gave bath to the babies as per learn from the nurse in the hospital.
Sid put new dresses to the babies.
Sid cooked food.
Roli: Siddhantji, let me do kitchen works. I am alright.
Sid: ROli, take rest for atleast 1 month. After 1 month, you can start all these works.
Roli smiled.
Sid feed food to ROli.
ROSID were enjoying the moments with their cute babies.
Both played well when awake and after taking milk started sleeping.
Sid: ROli, see how cute our babies are
Roli: Yes Siddhantji. I am feeling very happy on seeing & holding our babies.
The days passed & the name ceromony was arranged by Mataji at BW House.
ROSID went with their cute babies to BW House.
3 cradles were set in the hall for all the 3 babies.
Prem was holding their child in his hands.
Roli gave her baby to her mother & took the baby from Prem and admired its beauty.
Simar was sitting in a chair being got operated.
Roli: Simar didi how are you now.

Simar: I am alright roli. How about you.

ROli: I am very fine didi.
All were surprised to see Roli very active.
Also all admired the beauty of ROSID's babies as both were looking very cute & identical.
Mataji: Prem, Siddhant & ROli, put the babies in the cradle.
Prem put their baby in the 1st cradle while Roli put their babies in the other two.
Mataji: Prem, have you decided the name for the child.
Prem looked at SImar.
Simar: Mataji, we have selected the name 'Anjali' for her.
Mataji: very nice. Prem tell the name in the kid's ears.
Prem did so.
Mataji: Siddhant & ROli what about you. Have you selected the names.
ROSID smiled looking at each other.
Sid: Yes Mataji. This girl cutie pie's name will be 'Akila' & that boy cutie pie's name will be 'Akil'
Mataji: Very good selection. tell the names in the kid's ears.
ROSID together went near the ears of the kids & told the names together.
Mataji presented gold chain for all the three kids and put it in its neck.
Maaji presented gold bangles for both girl child & bracelet for the boy child.
Prem presented gold rings for all the 3 kids.
Sid presented Silver bowls set to feed the children in various sizes for all the 3 kids.

All other family members too presented different items in form of gold, silver, clothes, toys etc...
The function was well celebrated & all were happy being together.

Part 19
ROSID were enjoying their life with their babies.
The days were passing.
Babies started playing well.
1 month passed.
Roli informed Sid to start going to office instead of working at home as she will take now.
Sid accepted the order of his queen.
Roli started cooking & doing other works.
Sid was helping her in whatever way possible so that she will not get much strain.
Sid arranged for servant for doing washing, cleaning like works so that Roli can get relief from those
household works.
Akila was more attached to Sid while Akil was more attached to Roli.
Other family members came to their house to see the babies whenever possible.
Also ROSID went to BW house & Roli's house whenever possible.
The days were moving smoothly.
Roli was busy in taking care of kids & household works while Sid was taking care of Office works & now
the babies are 3 months old.

One fine day, Roli put the babies to sleep & went to take bath while SId was working in his laptop.
Sid lift his face & turned towards bathroom hearing the door sound.

Roli came out slightly wet with towel wrapped around her.
Sid was stunned by the beauty of Roli.
Roli got back her original weight doing exercises & she was looking beautiful than before.
Sid's eyes was going through her.
Roli went near the wardrobe to change her dress.
Sid tried to concentrate on the work, but Roli was coming in front of his eyes.
Sid was pulled towards Roli.
Sid got up and went near the wardrobe while ROli was arranging the fleets of the saree.
Sid stoped starring at Roli.
Sid imagined like going near her and giving a tight back hug and giving a kiss on her wet shoulders &
But Sid thought, what ROli will think as she just delivered baby and he should not do such to her.
Roli saw Sid in the mirror.
Roli turned towards SId & smiled.
ROli: Siddhantji, what happend?
SId: Nothing Roli, just came to take the towel.
Sid took his towel and went to bathroom to take a bath.
The whole day Sid was remembering Roli & became restless.
Sid returned home early.
Roli was playing with babies & got surprised to see Sid early.
Roli: Siddhantji, you came early today. Are you not feeling good.

Sid: Nothing like that Roli. Just like that came early.
Roli was surprised to hear this from Sid.
ROli gave Tea to Sid.
Sid was looking at ROli while Roli continued playing with babies.
ROli when suddenly turned towards Sid noticed that he is looking at her.
Sid understood that ROli noticed him and changed his attention taking newspaper on hand.
Roli was surprised on different behaviour of Sid and wondered...

Part 20

Roli started noticing Sid's action as different.

Roli was trying to make babies sleep.
Sid leaning on the pillow was looking at her.
When ROli noticed, Sid turned against her & slept..
Roli made both babies sleep and lay down beside Sid.
Roli was not getting sleep for long time wondering on Sid's behaviour.
But as she was tired she slept in few minutes.
Sid got awake in the midnight and slowly turned towards ROli.
Sid was admiring ROli's beauty.
Sid was thinking, ROli suddenly what happend to me. I am myself confused. What else can I do when
my ROli is getting beauty day by day? You are pulling me towards you.
Sid's hands forwarded towards her slowly.

But he took the hands back with some sort of hesitation.

Roli suddenly wake up & saw Sid looking at her.
ROli: Siddhantji you are awake.
SId: Nothing ROli. Just now got up to have some water.
Sid had some water & lay down against her and closed his eyes.
ROli was wondering, what all this Siddhantji. WHy are you suddenly behaving like this.
She was thinking, can we ask directly what is happening. Then she thought, no. May be i am wrong.
With huge confusions, Roli slept.

Sid started behaving like a lover waiting to propose to her girl friend
Sid was looking at Roli while she does not notice & when she notice, he turns out of the way.
Sid tried to divert his mind with the babies.
But he was ok only till he play with baby, but once he see roli, again same continued.
These continued for couple of days.
Roli was very much tensed, what has happend to him.
ROli started thinking whether he is trying to avoid her as he turns again her. Also avoiding to face her or
talk to her.
But why he looking at her when she does not notice.
ROli decided to keep a fullstop for all these soon.

Part 21
Roli decided to reveal what is happening that day night.
After making babies asleep, She lay down to sleep & closed her eyes.

She pretend to sleep.

Sid who thought Roli as slept, turned towards her.
Sid came very near to her, but without touching her.
Sid (in a small voice):Roli, I love you.
Sid forward his hands and gently caresses her hair.
Sid (in a small voice):Roli, How many more days you will make me to wait? These 3 days itself has
become like 3 years for me. I dont know myself how I managed all these days, but it is not an easy task
for me to be away from you like this. Your face is disturbing me even while doing office work. How
beautiful you are & dragging me like anything? Have some mercy on me dear.
Sid was forwarding his hands like hugging, but without touching her.
He was very close to her.
Roli understood what was happening these days.
Roli turned towards Sid while Sid lost his grip and fell over Roli.
Roli wrap her hands around Sid's waist tightly and slowly opened her eyes.
Sid: Roli you were awake.
ROli: Yes. I was awake. Siddhantji what all these happening?
Sid: Roli I am sorry dear.
Roli: Sorry for what?
SId told ROli what all happend in the past 3 days.
Sid tried to tell something while Roli moved her hands which was around his waist to his face.
ROli hold his face & pulled more near to her face.
ROli moved her lips towards his.
ROSID closed their eyes to enjoy the moment.

After few minutes..

Sid gently kissed ROli on her forehead, then eyes, then nose, then cheeks.
Sid moved towards her lips again as if the thirst is not yet cleared.
After few more minutes.
Roli pushed Sid slightly and turned against him in shyness.
Sid caresses her hair and lean towards her and back hug her.
Sid kissed on her shoulder & neck.
Sid hold her shoulders and turned towards him.
Sid looked at ROli's eyes with a query of 'whether can proceed further'
ROli blushed.
Roli: Who is holding my Siddhant from his ROli
Sid smiled.
Sid hold her beautiful neck and went close to kiss.
Roli covered them with the blanket to share beautiful moments.

Part 22

Roli was leaning on Sid's chest.

Roli lift her face & went near Sid's face and gave a kiss on his cheeks.
Roli: Siddhantji, now you tell me what made you to hesitate with your Roli.
SId: Nothing like that ROli. I thought you just delivered the babies few months back. How can I come to
you with that thought?

ROli: I did realised something is wrong in my sweet hearts behaviour, thats why I pretend to sleep to find
the truth.
Sid: Thats my intelligent wife ROli.
Roli: What if i dont realise about your state of mind? Siddhantji you have always told we are one we are
not Roli & Siddhant. We are ROSID. Then where is the question of hesitation between us. You are
aware first I thought you started avoiding me. What If I mistaken you. You made me feel like outsider
hesitating with me.
Roli pretend to be angry and went away from Sid to her pillow.
Sid went near her & kissed on her cheeks.
Sid: I am sorry. No such gap will be created between us and it is my promise.
Sid went close to her while Akhil cried suddenly.
ROSID smiled...

Rosid enjoyed their life's each & every moment with Akhil & Akhila and also between them.
Akhila turned upside down first.
After a week time, Akhil turned upside down.
ROSID catched their beautiful moments in Photos & Cameras.
Sid made big photos of both their babies together and put it in the wall.
ROSID admired their life with their prince & princess.

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 10 => BW House

Part 1
Uma & Pari were already Jealous on the growth of ROSID.

Pari started fighting with her husband that ROSID won being Siddhant included ROli into the business.
Uma too did fighting for the same.
After much fightings within the couples, one fine day they came to Mataji.
Pari: Mataji, I wish to go to take care of business with our husband.
Uma: Mataji, I too wish to go.
Mataji: But you both have no idea on the business till date. How can you handle it.
Their husbands were speechless.
Mataji & Maaji felt very bad.
Pari: Mataji, Roli too was not knowing anything. But still she worked with Siddhant at office & made their
business develop to this level. We were not given such chance to prove ourselves.
Mataji: Pari, dont compare Roli. They already went out of the house because of you both. Now dont try
to hit them with your words.
Uma: Then mataji, just let us do what we wish to. We too can prove our ability.
After much arguments...
Mataji understood there is no use of telling anything.
Mataji: Uma & Pari, please stop arguing. You do whatever you want. I got nothing to tell more.
Uma & Pari were happy to hear this.
Premar were upset on these happenings. But they got no rights to hold their elder brothers & their wifes.
Also where can they hold, when Mataji was unable to do that.
Uma & Pari started going to office & taking care of its administration.

Part 2

ROSID house were filled with Joy, happiness, excitement.

ROSID's baby not only growing, but also their business.
Sid started expanding his business further.
They started getting more clients day by day.
Akhila was very close & pet to Sid while Akhil was very close & pet to Roli.
ROSID purchased same color dresses to both their cuties & always made them to wear similar.
Also Akhil & Akhila were happy looking at each other.
As they started moving, the move towards each other & play together.
ROSID admires their cuties playing together & catch those cute moments in the camera and videos.
Roli started giving additional food like vegetables, fruits etc to the babies.
ROSID babies growth were all normal according to their month.
Roli used to complete all the household works before Sid goes to office and spend the whole day with
both of them.
ROSID goes to temple near by taking their cuties Akhil & Akhila often & also to the park.
All the people around admires the kids when they come outside.
Sid even though was busy in the office work never compromise to spend time with their babies and also
ofcourse with his cute wife Roli.
Sid checked in the market for suitable toys of that age & bring those toys for their kids to play.
Some were educational based like flash cards & some were activitiy based etc..
Akhila always sleeps on Sid's lap or shoulders. She never sleeps if directly put in the bed.
Sid always makes her sleep & then gently put her in the bed.

Sid: Roli, See this Akhila is very much like you. She needs my lap or shoulders to sleep.
Roli smiled.
Roli: Siddhantji, but Akhila will sleep in your lap or shoulders only till she grows. But ROli will never leave
you & always sleeps in your lap or shoulders till her death.
Sid: Roli where death has come in the talk. Moreover do you think i will let you to die leaving me. Even
death cant separate us.
Roli hug sid and kissed his cheeks.

Part 3

UMA & PARI was dominating their staffs in their work place.
The experienced staffs were very much upset on their behaviour and started resigning one by one.
UMA & PARI were least bothered about that.
Their husbands tried to make them understand that it is not good to lose the experienced workers & also
they are reliable.
Uma & Pari were least bothered about that.
They arranged for interviews and recruited new staffs.
They were not even respecting their husbands in the work place.
If they tries to advise Uma & Pari, they started fighting.
To avoid all such they kept quiet.
They shared the happenings with Prem.
Prem: Nothing can be done now. You both have allowed in the first step itself which was not suppose to
happen. They were not ready to hear the words of Mataji also.
Prem was only able to console the brothers. Nothing more than that.
Mataji came to know all about these through here & there. But she was also helpless.

Mataji too not interested to argue with Uma & Pari as it is of no use.
Their shops were completely filled with new staffs selected by Uma & Pari..

Part 4
ROSID arranged function for congradulating the staffs who are working with them since their beginning.
ROSID purchased gifts for those staffs.
Also ROSID selected the staffs who excel in their performance and purcahsed gifts for them.
All the family members were invited for the function.
ROSID distributed the gifts & prizes to the staffs.
All were very happy.
Also ROSID announced for an increase in the salary to all the staffs from the next month.
All were excited.
The family members too came to ROSID and blessed them.
They blessed ROSID & also their kids.
They appreciated ROSID as best employer they have ever seen.
ROSID arranged for the dinner to all the staffs & family members.
All their stomach & also their heart were filled.
ROSID were very happy in getting all their blessings for them & their children.

The experienced staffs who left because of Uma & Pari came to meet Sid.
They informed Sid all about happening in their shop.

Sid was very upset that nothing was informed to him.

Sid: Please dont worry. I will not let you all go anywhere. Our company is there which is open to you all.
I will open sweets & snacks devision of ROSID Confectionery which will be called as 'ROSID Sweets &
Snacks' Please just wait for few more days until the registration process completes. Then you all can
work with me.
ALl the staffs were very happy to hear this.
All blessed Sid as they were all worried where to go in search of new job after working for their shop for
so many years.
Sid reached home.
Sid informed Roli about all these.
Roli: Siddhantji you have taken a right decision. We cant let all our reliable staff go like that. I feel bad
that it will be like competitive company for our shop. But no other option available with us now to handle
the current situation. Otherwise these people will join somewhere else & we all will be at loss.
SId: You are right Roli. Thats why I have taken such as decision without even talking to you.
Roli: Siddhantji we dont have any individual decisions in our life. NO difference whether the decision is
taken by you or by me. It is our decision only.
Sid: Roli, I love you.
Roli: I love you too Siddhantji..
SId: Hmmm
ROli: I love you my Siddhant.
ROSID smiled and hug each other...

Part 5

Uma & pair were unable to handle the orders well.

The new staffs unable meet the customer expected taste llevels.
Orders were cancelled & also few customers asked money for compensation for their losses.

Uma & pari got afraid and arranged for loans from bank & other institutions to settle the amounts.
Slowly the business became almost nil.
Still they don't want to show their failure.
Hence they were running their shops in loss paying staffs taking loans.

Rosid sweets & snacks got registered and all their staffs joined with rosid.
All started working with enthusiasm by the encouragement given by sid.
They started getting more orders. All the customers started doing business with sid.
Rosid babies as well as business were growing day by day.
Sid reached home while roli showed their cuties started crawling nicely.
Rosid were excited.
Akhil & akhila started crawling in the room here to there.
Rosid need to run behind them to catch.
Roli started giving rice to babies.
She gave varieties of fruits to them daily.
Roli took care of the babies very well.
Sid: roli how long you will take in the kitchen. I am waiting for you.
Roli: just coming.
Roli came near sid and sat beside him.
Roli: sorry for the delay.
Sid: as you are already late I will not accept your sorry by words.
Said pretend to be angry.

Roli went near sid & gave a kiss on his cheeks

Sid still pretend to be angry.
Roli kissed on his lips.
Still pretend to be angry.
Roli hold his face & looked into his eyes.
Roli: I love you siddhant..
Sid smiled.
Sid: I love you too roli.
Sid moved towards her lips..

part 6

Uma & pari actual position was now no more secret.

Uma & pari returned home accepting their failure.
Mataji: shailu, sattu & prem please check on the actual position & try to do the best.
They rushed to the shop to see the position.
They were shocked to know the reality.
They started taking the necessary steps.
Prem told all the staffs to stop coming. They sold all the items inside the shop and closed the shops.

Rosid were playing with the babies while akhil gave the toy to akhila and smiled
Sid: roli see akhil giving the toy to akhila and smiling. We are very lucky to have such baby.

Roli: you are right.

Rosid smiled.

Rosid business developed day by day.

They started their own transport vehicle for delivery of orders. That developed into logistics division
which took pick up & delivery for others also.
Few suggested for starting hotel too.
Sid started hotel serving all varieties of food. That quickly developed into 'rosid land' a star hotel with all
Rosid imports & exports are started to handle their import & export activities.
Rosid babies started walking slowly.
Rosid were excited.

part 7

Uma & pari not only made their shops closed.

Bank & other institutions from where they have taken loan sent notices.
Prem was compelled to sell his shop to settle the loans.
All become income less. Prem & his brothers started searching for job.
They started selling their jewellery to run the family.

Roli birthday was the next day.

Sid went out of station.
Roli was waiting for him eagerly till 11 pm. His phone was not reachable.

She was upset.

The babies were sleeping.
Roli was not getting sleep.
Roli went to the wardrobe.
She took his shirt and wear it.
Roli just lay down to sleep while the time was 11: 55 pm.
Calling bell rang and roli went to see who has come.
She saw sid standing outside the door through the lens.
Roli opened the door.
Sid entered the house & locked the door.
Sid came near roli while the time was perfectly 12.
Sid: happy birthday roli.
Roli: thank you.
Roli hug sid tightly.
Roli: I was worried you know.
Sid: no worries on my dear birthday. That's why I reached on time.
Roli smiled.
Sid: what is this you are wearing my shirt.
Roli: I was feeling alone without you that's why.
Sid took roli in his arms and put her in the blanket. He took a gift pack from his bag & came near roli and
sat beside her.

Sid: this is my birthday gift to my dear wife roli.

Roli opened the gift.
It was diamond jewellery set of necklace, ring, ear ring, nose ring & bangles.
Roli: siddhantji is it diamond?
Sid: yes it is. How can I give artificial stone to my real diamond wife.
Sid slowly removed the jewels she was wearing & put the diamond set.
Sid: you are looking beautiful.
Sid went close to her & kissed her.
Sid: but only one mismatch here.
Roli: mismatch, but all have same design. How come.
Sid: I am not telling the jewellery set mismatch.
Roli: then
Sid: it is this shirt which is mismatch to this set.
Sid started removing the buttons.
Roli blushed.
Sid ( whisper in her ears): this diamond set will look good only without any other mismatches on my
golden wife.
Roli understood what sid was telling.
Roli hide herself in sid's chest...

Part 8
Prem & his brothers at bw house got no success in getting job yet.
They decided to sell the bw house & go to some other city & lead a simple life.

Prem arranged for that and they have decided to leave the house that day night.
They packed their baggage & got ready to quit the house.

Rosid were awaiting for their cuties birthday.

They purchased beautiful dresses for them.
Sid purchased a diamond necklace for akhila & a diamond bracelet for akhil.
The birthday's previous day night.
Sid: roli we are going out today for our sweeties birthday. We will get them ready with their new dress &
Rosid dress up the cuties with their new dress.
Sid put the jewellery also to them.
Sid: kids are OK. What about my darling. Get ready. Or shall I help!
Roli blushed.
Roli ready herself with beautiful new lehenga & the diamond set which sid present for her birthday.
Sid himself put new sherwani & got ready.
Roli hold his hands & put the diamond ring & bracelet which she purchased for sid.
All the four got ready & started in their car and reached bw house doors.

Inside the house all be family members ready to quit the house and reached the door and opened the
All were shocked to see rosid with their babies in the doorstep.
Roli was shocked to see all without any ornaments & a sad face packed their baggage ready in their

Rosid entered the house and closed the door.

Roli: mataji what is all this? What is happening?
All were speechless.
Sid: roli I will tell you what all happened. All our shops closed, they have sold all the jewellery. Now also
sold bw house and planned to quit the city. They neither thought of sharing all these with us nor even
wanted to inform us.
Prem: nothing like that siddhant.
Sid: then what else prem. You think I don't know anything. I know everything since our senior staffs quit
the job. I had eye in all happenings. I myself purchased your shop when you sold. Also this bw house
also purchased by me only. I was just waiting till what time you will hide all these from us. But no they
decided to quit city without even informing us. That's why I rushed to come here.
All were shocked.
Roli: siddhantji you have not told anything to me.
Sid: I don't want you to get tension dear. Have you seen our family members. Tell me whether you can
bear all these.
Roli: simar didi you too have not thought of telling me.
Simar: what can we tell you roli.
Sid: mataji, maaji & pappa no one will go anywhere. This is rosid house now & no one can tell you or
make you to go out. Prem & simar bhabhi you have forgot today is anjali birthday. Its time for
celebration. Please go back to your rooms & get ready for the celebration. Uma & pari bhabhi hope you
learnt from your mistakes. My wife will never tell that you are living in her husband's earning. You can go
back to your room.
Sid took a box from his bag & gave to mataji.
Sid: mataji please take back our family jeweleries.
All become speechless and returned to their rooms & got ready for the celebration.
Mataji gave back the jewells to all to wear.
In the Meantime, rosid decorated the house beautifully. They called Roli's parents for the function.

All gathered for birthday celebration.

The 3 cuties cut the cake & all wish them.
Sid gave prem his shop back as anjali's birthday gift.
All got tears of happiness.

Part 9

All were excited & happy.

Mataji: Uma & Pari, You have told something to these two ROli & Siddhant the very next day of finishing
their studies. They went our with empty hands & not even taken any help till date. But have you seen
their growth in any aspects. Siddhant proved to be best business man & established his business like
anything. He also provided more than a mother taking care of her wife during her pregnancy & even
during delivery time he has not taken any help from us. Did you see Roli glittering with diamond
ornaments which shows their development, improvement, love, affection & everything. Just think of
yourselves. You got everything with you which you lost due to your jealousy with them. You just
remember how we were before few minutes without anything.
Sid: Mataji, just forget all those. No use in discussing any old happenings.
Mataji: You are right Siddhant, but they need to realise whatever we have now belongs to you the house,
the jewelleries, the business everything. They told you both living with help of their husbands, but now
the whole family will be living with help of you.
Roli: Mataji, why are you talking like this and all. Please dont make us an outsider
Sid: Mataji Roli is correct. We are not outsiders. Dont tell like this and all. This is time to be happy.
Maaji: Siddhant, shall I keep the babies with us tonight.
SId: Maaji, the thing is this cutie pie Akhila will not sleep without my lap or shoulder like her mother.
All smiled looking at Roli while Roli blushed.
Maaji: What about Akhil?
Roli: Maaji, Akhil is very affectionated to his sister Akhila. He always be together with her only.
All were happy to hear this.

Maaji: Ok. We dont want to separate your cuties like this. We will play with them tomorrow.
All went to their room to sleep.
ROSID with their babies started moving towards their room after long time.
Premar too took anjali & moved towards their room.
Prem: Siddhant, Thanks Bro.
Sid: Prem, what is there in thanking between us.
Sid hug Prem.
Prem: Siddhant, you returned our shop to us. What if Uma & Pari bhabhi feel bad about it.
SId: Prem you are right. But I felt. they both lost their shops because of their mistakes & hence I have not
returned them so that it will be protected. I will secure their money in some other way. But you lost
because of clearing their dept without your mistake. You deserve to get it back. Thats why.
Prem: Siddhant, i am proud of you & happy about your matured thoughts & actions.
Simar: Premji, His queen & princess waiting for the king. dont become villian again..
ROSID blushed looking at each other.
Premar smiled & said ' Good night'
ROSID with their babies entered into the room.
ROSID babies are coming to that room for the 1st time.
Roli made Akhil to sleep in the bed while Akhila slept on Sid's shoulder.
Sid put AKhila next to Akhil in the bed.
Sid: Roli I still remember the day your eyes filled with tears when Uma & Pari bhabhi talked about us.
Now I am happy to bring back my wife to this house with full pride, like a queen.
Roli smiled and lean towards his shoulders.

Sid removed the jewelleries from Roli.

Roli got up & went near the window & remembered the sweet moments they had together in that room.
Sid went behind her and back hug her.
SId: Roli, I know you are lost in our memories right.
Roli blushed.
SId: I too do remember you were standing here when I pulled your dupatta..
ROli turned towards Sid and kept her fingers on his lips.
Sid smiled and looked into her eyes
Roli blushed and moved towards his..

ROSID FF:Love of Souls Chapter 11 =>Akhil & Akhila

Part 1

Akhil & Akila were 2 years old.

Akhil was doing drawing while Akhila came & took the paint brush and started running from there towards
Akhil ran behind Akhila.
Akhila wrap her hands around SId's neck from behind.
Akhila: Pappa, see naa this Akhil always doing some drawing work & not coming to play with me.
Akhil: Pappa, I will play with her once I finish this drawing.
Akhila: No pappa tell him to draw after playing with me.
Sid took Akhila in front of him in his lap.

Sid: Akhila, let him finish the drawing. Then he will play with you. Wont you feel bad when he comes &
disturb you when you do some work.
Akhila nod her head as acceptance.
Sid: Yes. So. like a good girl wait for him to finish his work and then play with him.
AKhila: Ok pappa.
Akhila gave the paint brush return to Akhil.
Akhil: Akhila, i will do the drawing later. Lets play now.
Akhil hold her hands & went to play.
Roli just entered the room noticing this.
SId: Roli, look at Akhil how flexible he is to his sister.
ROli: Yes Siddhantji. He is very affectionated to her & gives whatever she ask him.
ROSID admired their cuties.
SId: Roli, now we can put them in play school so that they will start interacting with other children.
ROli: I was also thinking of asking you for this. But I will be bored if they are not there.
Sid: Why you feel bored? Come to office and take care of some work.
Roli: Office after these many days.
Sid: Why ROli? You are coming to our office only & just like a boss. So dont worry. I will be there always.
I feel you can keep you engaged in the day time and I too will get to be with my wife in the office.
Roli smiled.
Roli: Ok. I will enquire in the near by play school and arrange to put in the play school.
Sid: Roli, also put Anjali too with them.
Roli nod her head as acceptance.

Part 2
Akhil, Akhila & Anjali started going to play school near by.
Roli leave them at play school and goes to office.
Simar pick up them from school and return home.
Simar takes care of all the 3 till ROSID returns.

ROSID used to return early in the evening so that they can spend time with children.
ROSID took all the 3 children to near by park in the evening.
ROSID told them to play and were sitting in the park desk and talking to each other.

The three children were playing among them.

They were playing run & catch.
When Anjali was running, she fell down.
ROSID noticed & got up from the park desk.
while Akhil & Akhila rushed towards Anjali.
Both hold her hands on both sides and helped to get up.
SID hold ROli from going to see what the children are doing.
Akhila: Anjali dont cry. We are here to help you.
Anjali: It is paining.
Anjali showed her right knee where she got scratches.
Akhil: Wait I will come.
Akhil rushed towards ROSID and took the water bottle from them.

Akhil: Akhila, hold her dress.

Akhila was holding her dress above the knee so that the dress will not get wet.
Akhil washed the wound to remove the sand & dirt from the wound.
Akhil: Anjali, dont worry. you will get alright.
Akhila: Anjali, lets play some other game sitting in a place. so that you will not get pain.
All the 3 sat in the grass & started playing some game among them in sitting position.
ROSID were surprised to see these children and were smiling at each other.
Sid: Roli, see how they behave matured in the situation.
Roli: Siddhantji, you remember Akhila got wound on that day like this & we did the same thing what Akhila
& Akhil did to Anjali.
Sid: You are right. They observed those actions from us and doing the same thing. Very intelligent they
Roli: See they are observing all our actions, we need to take additional care on our behaviors so that they
get good behaviors.
Sid smiled.
ROSID returned home with the children.
Anjali: Maa, today I fell down while playing. Then Akhila & Akhil helped me to get up.
Simar: Very good. Did you thanked them for helping you.
Anjali went to thank them.
Anjali: Akhila & Akhil thank you for helping me when I fell down.
Akhila & Akhil: Welcome.
Both smiled & kissed on Anjali's cheeks.

All the 3 hold their hands & went to continue their playing.
Mataji was surprised to see these affectionated siblings.
Mataji: I believe these affection & care came from you both to your babies. They are very good.
ROSID smiled in happiness.

Part 3
Akhila & Akhil were very disciplined.
All appreciated them,
They were also intelligent & studious.
ROSID took them for school admission.
Both were selected without any 2nd thought by the management seeing their brilliance.
The intelligence, ambition, hard work all from ROSID were inside them.
They always secured 1st mark.
Akhil teach Akhila in few subjects whle Akhila teach Akhil in few subjects.
They dont need anyone to teach also. They will study among themselves with what was taught in the
ROSID give encouragement from their side to both for all the good works done by them.
They were always obedient.
Akhila never deny anything told by Sid.
Akhil never deny anything told by Roli.
ROSID advised them to participate in competitions, extra curricular activities, sports whichever is
available in the school & in whatever they have interest.
Like ROSID they were outstanding students in sports also.

In the parents teacher meeting, the teachers appreciated both cuties as well disiplined, talented, good
ROSID were very happy.
ROSID took them for educational tours also on holidays.
Also they took them to libraries on weekends so that they can get the book reading habits.
Mataji, Maaji, Premar were all surprised on how ROSID is moulding their children to the best.

Part 4
Akhil & Akhila were studying together one day sitting back to back.
ROSID just entered their children room to see them.
ROSID remembered themselves studying together in their college days sitting like this back to back.
ROSID were sitting back to back and Roli was reading the book content and Sid was listening to it.
Sid suddenly forward his hands towards Roli's hip to give a pinch.
Roli: Siddhantji what all these while studying.
SId: Roli we need to have fun also while studying thats why.
Roli: We are not kids to have fun pinching each other.
Sid turned suddenly sidewise while Roli fell down in his arms.
Sid: Roli you are aware we are not kids to study. This is age for romance. Lets Romance.
Sid tried to go close to her face.
Roli pushed him slightly and moved away.
Roli: Siddhantji, you should not get distracted from studies like this. Then how can we achieve our aim of
winning award.
SId: Hmmm. ok. lets study.
ROSID continued their studies again sitting back to back.

ROSID remembered the incided & started laughing.

8 years old Akhila & Akhil rushed towards their parents.
Akhil: Maa, why are you laughing.
Roli: Nothing Akhil, myself & pappa used to do studies together sitting like this. We just remembered
Akhila: Pappa, you both also study together like us.
Sid: Yes Dear. We both were studying in same college & we do studies together. You know we were
performers of the college.
Roli went to bring their award winning photos and came back with the photos.
Roli: Akhila & Akhil, look at these photos of both of us receiving award for 3 years and also special award
for winning award for all the 3 years.
Akhil: Maa, then we too will study together like you both & receive awards every year.
Akhila: Yes pappa, we too will aim for award every year.
Sid: Yes cutties. Myself & Mamaa were always winners when we work together. In college, at work
place, at home we were the winners. Likewise we wish you both to achieve in whatever activities you
both paricipate.
Akhila & Akhil: Yes. We both will do.
Both joined their hands and showed their happiness.
ROSID hug their prince & princess and look at each other..

Part 5

Akhil & Akhila not only told that they too become winners like their parents. But also they proved
themselves successfully.
They started receiving award, prizes, certificates for various competition, sports, studies, music, dance

They proved to be outstanding students in each & every class.

They passed the graduation with best marks and started taking care of the business of their parents.
ROSID searched for another Twins pair who is from good family & with good behaviours and get their
Akhil & Akhila married to them.
ROSID shifted themselves to the small house in which they started their life to lead their remaining life.
Akhil & Akhila refused to leave them alone.
But ROSID were not ready to hear.
They preferred to be alone in that house.
Akhil & Akhila got their own children & ROSID got grandchildren by now.
Akhil & Akhila gather at ROSID house to spend their holidays and also during festival times.
ROSID too go their houses whenever they wish & spend time with thier children & grandchildren.
In the meantime, ROSID were enjoying their life alone in that small house which was filled of their
beautiful memories which was base place for all their success initiated.
They spend time by cooking together, reading books together.
Even now Roli sleep only on his laps, shoulders & chest.
Sid hold her like his child.
ROSID spend their life happily proving others that Love has no age and last forever.

Loves Rebirth
Part 1

It was raining heavily.

Roli was running very fast in middle of the trees.
Roli: Siddhant... Siddhant...
A person was running behind Roli to catch her.
The person almost near Roli.
He tries to pull the saree of ROli and she was struggling to escape from him.
while Siddhant hit that man on his head with a stick.
Siddhant rushed towards Roli.
Siddhant: ROli are you alright Dear.
Roli: Yes Siddhant. I am alright.
Siddhant: Roli, lets go from here.
Roli & Siddhant hold their hands together and started running from there.
Due to heavy rain, it was difficult for them to run very fast as well as the path was not clear.
The person who got hit slowly opened his eyes and saw both running from there.
He managed to get up and was thinking. If I am unable to get her, no one should get her.
He took the poisoned sharp knife which he was hiding with him and throw it towards them.
The knife hit Siddhant and he fell down.
Roli: Siddhant... Siddhant..
Siddhant: Roli run.. Roli run...
Roli: No I cant leaving you.

Siddhant was in his last few minutes.

Siddhant: I wont survive. Roli you run.
Roli: Siddhant when you dont survive why should I run & live.
Roli took the knife from Siddhant body & suicide herself with the knife.
Siddhant: Roli, why did you do this.
Roli: Because I cant live without my Siddhant.
Siddhant: Roli I believe we will take birth again to live.
Roli: Yes Siddhant we will take birth again to live.
Roli & Siddhant went close to each other & kissed.
Roli & Siddhant took their last breathe of that birth...

Part 2

Mataji & Rajender were tensed.

Sujatha got severe pain before reaching hospital.
They rushed their car towards hospital.
Mataji: Matarani, please bless us. She should deliver the baby without any problem.
The car reached hospital & sujatha was taken to labor ward.
After few minutes of struggling Sujatha delivered a baby boy.
Doctor came out of the ward.
Doctor: Mataji, Your daughter-in-law delivered a baby boy. Mother & Child both are normal.
Mataji: Matarani, Thank you so much that you saved both Mother & Child..

(Mataji alias Nirmala devi is from Rich family who lost her husband in her young age when Rajender was
only 10 years old.
Mataji was herself handling all the business till Rajender got capacity to handle on his own.
Rajender married to Sujatha before 2 years and this was her 1st delivery.
As Sujatha lost her parents in her childhood Mataji herself taking care of her daughter-in-law)

Mataji & Rajender were very much excited to see their new member of the family.
Sujatha was discharged from the hospital and she reached Bharatwaj House with the newly born baby.

Mataji arranged for grand naming ceremony for her grandson.

Mataji listed various names for the baby.
But she was getting the name Siddhant in his mind again & again as name for the child which she not
even having in her big list.
Mataji decided to go with the name Siddhant.
Rajender & Sujatha too were ok for that name.
Sujatha put the baby in the cradle & called the baby by the name "Siddhant' in its ears.
Baby gave a cute smile hearing the name "Siddhant"

Part 3

After few years.

It was a small nursing home where Gauri was admitted due to labor pain.
Her husband Divedi was waiting with their 1st daughter Simar outside the labor ward.
After few hours of stuggle, Doctor came out.
Doctor: SIr she delivered a baby girl.

They were very happy.

Simar: Pappa I got my sister now?
Divedi: yes simar. you got your sister.

(Divedi was middle class man doing job in a factory with small amount of salary.
Their family was well taken care by his wife Gauri.
Simar was their 1st daughter and now it is 2nd delivery for Gauri)

Gauri with the baby was discharged from the hospital and reached their small home.
Simar: pappa, what will be the name of the baby.
Divedi: Simar you tell us which name you wish for your sister.
Simar after much thinking.,,
Simar: Pappa we will keep the name of this baby as Roli.
Their parents agreed for the name selected by Simar.
Simar: Roli.. Roli...
The baby turned her face hearing the name " Roli"
Part 4

Siddhant was 5 years old.

Heavy rain started suddenly & he was with his parents & younger brother prem in the park.
once siddhant started getting wet.
he started getting the images of the previous birth last few minutes incidents in his mind.
He started sweating and fell down unconscious.
He was taken to hospital & treatment was given.

At roli house, one year old roli started crying while rain started. Her parents were unable to understand
what has happened.
They rushed to hospital.
Roli parents were waiting for the doctor as doctor was treating siddhant.
As roli was continuously crying. They went inside to see the doctor.
Roli's father: sorry doctor to enter like this. The baby is continuously crying we are afraid that's why.
Roli turned towards siddhant and slowly stopped crying.
Similarly siddhant slowly gained his consciousness.
All were surprised.
How the baby suddenly stopped crying & how siddhant suddenly got consciousness...
Roli smiled seeing siddhant & siddhant too smiled seeing roli...
Part 5

Siddhant was never sent out in rain by their parents after that incident.

Siddhant is now 10 years old.

Siddhant get those previous birth images in his dreams sometimes & he starts telling 'roli.. Roli'
This was not aware to siddhant himself but was heard by prem few times as they both stay alone in
children room.
Prem did not take it serious thinking he is just telling something in dream.

Roli starts crying seeing rain always.

Simar always tries to console her when she cries but roli stops only after the rain stops.
Roli also gets afraid seeing sharp knife.
Roli hold simar tightly and turn her face.
Roli's parents were unable to understand what is the reason behind all these...
Part 6

Roli went to zoo with her family where siddhant family also present.
They were behind each other family few feet far.
After sometime, when roli was called by her father 'roli.. Roli
Siddhant stopped walking further. He started getting images again. His body was sweating and fell down
His parents were trying to make him awake which was noticed by roli family and came near them.
Roli was looking at siddhant.
Siddhant got his consciousness slowly.
All continued the journey in the zoo.
8 years old roli & 13 years old siddhant were looking at each other.
They felt like mutually known person.
They returned to their home.
Part 7

Siddhant started going to college.

He was studious, but there was search for someone in his eyes always.
He never look at any girls.
The girls were behind him, but he never shown any interest on them.
He maintained a silence always.
His parents tried to know why he is very dull always without mingling with others. But they got no answer.
Siddhant himself was not getting answer.
He always wonder what all those images he is getting always which he never seen in real. Those trees,
the heavy rain, siddhant running with someone, someone throw knife on him.
Siddhant starts getting sweat even on remembering those.
Prem went near him on seeing him sweating like this.
Prem: siddhant are you OK.
Siddhant: prem I am alright. Don't worry.
Prem: tell me at least what is your problem?

Siddhant: what can I tell you prem when I myself don't know anything. I don't know why those images
coming & what it is trying to tell me.
Prem hug siddhant to give him moral support.
Part 8

Roli's mother was very angry.

Gauri: roli you were getting afraid when you were kid is OK. But what is this even after you have grown.
Simar: maaji leave her I will cut the vegetables.
Gauri: simar but you both are girls who will get married & goes to another house. How can she deny to
even cut vegetables on her sasural.
Simar: maaji other than this what other problem she has. She can cook variety of tasty dishes in few
minutes. We can get her married telling her problem don't worry.
Roli: simar didi i am not going to marry anyone. I hate boys.
Gauri: see you are supporting her. Already she is afraid of rain, afraid of knife. We need to see who will
accept her with all these complications. Above that she is telling she will not marry.
Simar: maaji just relax. When time comes she will be alright.
Gauri: simar you are the one who gives to much place for this girl.
Roli: maaji look at me I am lean only where I am taking too much place.
Roli run from there telling this while her mother tries to catchher.
Roli hide herself behind simar & smiled.
Part 9

Siddhant & Prem started looking after the business completing their graduation.
Rajender was relaxing himself at home just guiding their son in handling the business.
Mataji: Rajender & Sujatha, it is right time to get Siddhant married. Sujatha call the pandit & tell him to
look for some good alliance.
Sujatha called Pandit & told him to bring some good alliance for Siddhant.

At Roli's house Mr. Divedi & Gauri decided to arrange for some alliance to their daughter Simar.
They have given the photo & horoscope of Simar to Pandit to look for some good alliance.

Pandit reached Bharatwaj house.

Pandit: Mataji, I have just got 2 days back the horoscope of a girl from very good family. They are not
rich, but disciplined & cultured family.
Mataji: Panditji, we dont want the girl to be rich. We only want good daughter in law like how we got
Sujatha for our Rajender. Show me the photo.
Pandit gave the photo to Mataji.
Mataji, Rajender & Sujatha saw the photo of SImar & liked her very much.
Mataji: The girl is very good & I belive in your words that they are from good family. That is enough for
us. We will do one thing what is the need to delay the good things. We will go to their house today
evening & see her.
Pandit: Well Mataji, then I will inform them about your arrival.
Mataji: Panditji, No need at all. If you inform them, we cant be able to see them how they are in real. Also
if you tell them, they unnecessarily need to make arrangement for us. Lets go casually & see the girl.
Pandit: Ok Mataji. As you wish.
Rajender called Siddhant & Prem to come home immediately.

Sujatha told Siddhant that they are going to girl's house that day evening.
Siddhant: Maaji, I am not interested in any marriage. Please leave me.
Mataji: What is this Siddhant? This is right age for you to get married. I am also getting old, wont I wish
to see my grandson marriage & your children.
Siddhant: Mataji, if you really wish to see your gransdon marriage, tell Prem to get married.
Prem: Siddhant, How can I marry when you are elder?

Siddhant: Prem atleast you please understand me. You are aware i am myself confused in my life. How
can I get married? How can I spoil any other girl's life?
Prem: Siddhant, I know about your problem. But that is not going to affect your life in anyway. See since
your childhood you are facing that conflict & problem in you. But wont you finish your studies
successfully. Wont you handle the business successfully. Likewise i believe you handle your family also
Rajender: Siddhant, Prem is right. Why you degrade yourself thinking you got some big problem?
Believe that you dont have any problem. Please come with us.
Mataji: Yes Siddhant. Please hear our words. May be this marriage can change your life.
Siddhant with much hesitation accepted to come with them.

Mataji with Rajender, Sujatha, Prem & Siddhant accompanied with Pandit reached Roli's house.

Mr. Divedi who just returned from office was reading newspaper, Gauri was cutting vegetables while
Simar was doing embroidery.
All the three were surprised to see Mataji & family.
Mr. Divedi: Please come in.
Pandit: Sir, This is Bharajwaj family who has come to see our Simar for their son.
Mr. Divedi: Well. Please come & be seated.
All sat in the sofa & chairs available in the hall.
Simar went inside the room.
Gauri urgently took the vegetables inside kitchen & return to hall.
Mataji: Sorry that we just came without informing you. Panditji told about your family. I am very much
impressed & wanted to come immediately. Thats why.
Gauri bring tray full of water glasses & gave to the guests.
Mataji: I am myself Nirmala devi, This is my son Rajender, this is my daughter in law Sujatha, This is
their 1st son Siddhant & This is their 2nd son Prem. We have come here asking your daughter Simar for
our Siddhant.

Mr. Divedi: I am very happy to know about your family. I am myself Jamanlal Divedi, this is my wife
Gauri. My elder daughter is Simar for whom you have come here. We got one more daughter who is
doing her final year and now her final exams are going on and she went to give her exams.
Mataji: We would like to see your daughter Simar.
Gauri went inside and bring Simar to hall.
Simar took blessings of the elders and sat in the chair.
Mataji asked her few questions to know more about her.
Mataji, Rajender & Sujatha was very much impressed.
One more was also impressed by Simar that was none other than Prem.
But Prem was thinking, why his mind is thinking like this when he came to see this girl for his brother. He
tried to controll his mind.
The person who was not at all interested in any of these happenings was Siddhant.
Mataji: Very nice. We like you very much. I wish you to become our daughter in law.
Simar smiled.
Sujatha: Siddhant, please look at the girl well & give your acceptance. So that we can proceed with the
Siddhant lift his face to look at Simar even though he was not interested for the sake of their family.
When Siddhant was unable to decide what to tell all, he went into deep thinking.
The images started coming in his mind as usual.
He started sweating.
His mouth opened to say...
Siddhant: Roli... Roli...

Part 10

Siddhant: Roli... Roli...

All were shocked to hear this.
Matai, Rajender & Sujatha was surprised to hear this name from him for the 1st time.
Prem remembered he used to tell this name in dreams.
Prem went near him & gave some water to drink to bring him back to normal.
But he fainted in Prem's arms.
Mr. Divedi, Gauri & Simar was stunned to hear their daughter's name.
Mr. Divedi: Mataji, Why is he telling my 2nd daughter name?
Mataji: 2nd daughter name?
Gauri: yes. ROli is our 2nd daughter name.
All were surprised to hear this.
Mataji: We are hearing this name through him for the 1st time. Anyway we have got something to tell
Mataji told about Siddhant's problem with rain & his images which is disturbing in his mind.
Mataji: We decided to tell you above all these after he provide his acceptance for your daughter. But we
ourself not aware how he took your 2nd daughter name.
Gauri: Mataji, We are surprised to know about the problem he is facing with rain as my 2nd daughter too
have such problem with the rain. She is afraid of rain & knife from childhood. We are also worried who
will accept her knowing her problem with the rain.
Mataji: We are surprised to know that both are having some problem with the rain & moreover without
even knowing about her or seeing her, he took her name. Is it not strange.
Mr. Divedi: Yes we too feel it as strange.

Mataji: I am getting a feeling that your 2nd daughter will be the medicine for his pain & also he will
become medicine for her. If you all agree, why cant we make them marry each other. In the meantime, I
have accepted Simar as my daughter in law already in my mind, if Prem agrees, she can marry Prem.
Prem was excited in hearing this. Infact Simar was happy as she too had eye on Prem.
Mataji: Prem & Simar, do you agree to marry each other.
Premar provided their acceptance.
All were happy.
Mr. Divedi: Mataji we agree to get our Simar married to Premji & our ROli to Siddhantji.
Mataji: Siddhant will not easily accept as he was not ready to come here also. We thought he will be
alright if he likes Simar. But the fate is deciding something else. We need to make his accept for this.
Gauri: Mataji, Our Roli is also not having any interest in marriage. We too were worried about her
marriage & we infact need to make her accept this.
Mataji: I feel both are in same mentality right now & we need to compel them for this marriage. But this
marriage only will be solution for their problem. Hence we need to accept them for this marriage. Prem &
Simar we need you both help in getting them accept for this.
Prem & Simar agreed to get Siddhant & Roli accept this marriage.
Siddhant got his conscious slowly.
Prem: Siddhant are you ok now.
Siddhant: Yes. I am alright.
Mataji: We are leaving now. We will contact you back talking to Siddhant.
All left the place in the car while Roli returned home.
Roli: Simar didi who is going in the car from our house.
Simar told ROli what all happend.
Roli: Simar didi, i dont want to marry anyone. Please leave me

Simar: Roli, our parents never tried to arrange for your marriage now. But this is god's wish that this has
come by itself. May be this is your life. Moreover, I will be with you. Anyway you need to get married to
someone then why not this person. It is wish of your sister that you accept this for our family sake at least
for my sake. Wont you.
Roli hug Simar with tear filled eyes.

Prem informed Siddhant what has happend after he faint.

Siddhant: Prem, I told you before itself that I am not interested in any marriage. Why you people not
understanding my position.
Prem: Siddhant, I do understand. But one or the other day you need to get married. You cant be like this
always. I too wont feel good getting married leaving you single. Wont you accept this marriage for my
sake at least.
Siddhant hug Prem..

Roli & Siddhant given their acceptance for the sake of their families eventhough both have not even seen
each other & not knowing each other.

Part 11
ROSID & PREMAR engagement:
Simar & Roli were getting ready for the engagement.
Roli does not seems to be interested in any aspect.
Simar cheer her then & there to make her happy.
Simar got ready & helped ROli also to get ready.
Simar: Roli, I dont feel good if you keep your face dull like this. Not even our parents. Also the marriage
is important function of anyone life. You should accept it happily.
Roli: Simar didi, I dont know didi how can I be happy when my mind itself is not yet ready to accept this
marriage. But still I dont want everyone to feel bad. Hence i will try to be happy.
Roli hide her tears & tried to atleast pretend to be happy.

Siddhant & Prem got ready. But Siddhant was not at all happy.
Prem: Siddhant, Please make up your mind bro. Dont get confused yourself. Think that everything is for
Siddhant: Prem, I did accepted this marriage itself for sake of you all only. How can I be happy when my
mind is not yet ready to accept all these.
Prem: Siddhant, as you accepted the marriage for sake of others. You try to be happy for sake of others.
Slowly everything will turn alright. Have belief on my words. This girl may change your life otherwise
why you always tell her name since childhood.
Siddhant: Since childhood!!!
Prem: Yes. Since childhood use utter her name in sleeping state. Also you did the same on that day at
their house which made us feel that she will be the medicine for your problem.
Siddhant: But Prem. I never know that.
Prem: Yes. That was the truth. Please accept this happily.
Siddhant tried to make up his mind to accept this eventhough it was not easy task for him in his state of

All gathered in the hall for engagement function.

Prem & SImar first came forward to exchange ring between them.
Mataji gave the rings to Premar.
Premar exchanged their rings mutually.
All were happy.

Then the turn of Roli & Siddhant came.

Simar & Prem hold them and made them to come forward to exchange their rings.

Roli took the beautiful ring and forward her hands towards Siddhant while Siddhant was yet to forward his
hands to put it.
Prem hold his hands & made his hands forward.
Roli put the rings on Siddhant Ring finger without even looking at him.
Similarly Siddhant also put the Ring on Roli's beautiful fingers without even looking at her.
Roli & Siddhant were engaged, but not even lift their faces towards each other.
All family members decided to give them their required time to accept all these.
Premar decided to do their best to bring them together.
Even though Roli & SIddhant were far from each other physically even after getting engaged due to their
confusions in the mind, their heart started feeling for each other..
Roli & Siddhant started realising pleasant feeling inside..

Part 12


Mehandi function started.
The Mehandi was was designed in Simar & Roli hands beautifully.
Simar was enjoying the function happily.
The Mehandi designer asked for the name to be written in the hands of Simar & Roli and included their
name between the design.
Roli was not noticing her hands instead she looked at the happy Simar who is enjoying her moments.
The mehandi designing in the hands were completed.
Simar: Roli, take care that the design is not spoiled till it get dry.
Roli & Simar sat in the place looking at the dance performance of their cousins.

Roli looked at her hands to see whether the mehandi dried.

Roli noticed the name written on her hands.
On seeing the name her mind remembered herself calling.
'Siddhant... Siddhant..."
Roli was wondering why I feel like this name is very close to me and I called this name earlier. But I
never come across this name person till now since childhood.
Simar: Roli are you alright.
Roli: Simar didi, what is this name written in the Mehandi.
Simar: Roli what is this question. That is the name of your husband 'Siddhant'. Dont you know till now.
Roli: No didi. But I feel this name as already heard & I called this name already.
Simar: Roli, may be you might have heard when we were talking about him. Due to the confusions you
have created within you, you dont remember it.
Roli; May be didi.
Roli was looking at the name again & again.
Simar got some sort of hint, why ROli feel like he called his name already while Siddhant was already
telling Roli's name without knowing anything about her. There is some link between them which is not
known to themselves.

After sometime, the Mehandhi was removed.

Roli's hands mehandhi was darker than Simar's
Their cousins started teasing ROli.
Geetha: Roli, see how dark your Mehandi is, it shows your hubby love you so much.
Simar: Yes ROli, see your mehandi is even darker than me. It shows that the Love Siddhantji have over
you is more than the Love Premji have over me.

Roli smiled.
Simar was very happy to see at the smile in ROli's face.
Roli was in the bed trying to sleep while she was looking at the name & called 'Siddhant'
while SIddhant got up from the bed and felt like someone called him..

Part 13

ROSID & PREMAR Marriage:

Mataji arranged the marriage of Siddhant & Prem on same day with a gap of 30 minutes.
Premar Marriage happend first.
Premar enjoyed getting married & performed the procedures with happiness.
They exchanged var mala, took pheres & finally Prem filled sindoor on Simar forehead and put mangal
sutra on her.
Premar took blessings of the elders.

Now its time for ROSID to get married.

Roli & Siddhant sat in the mandap.
They have not yet looked at each other yet.
Pandit started the Ganapathy Pooja.
Then Roli's parents did Kanyadhan of ROli to Siddhant.
When Siddhant saw his name in Roli's hands, he remembered someone telling him "Siddhant I want your
name to be written in my hands"
Pandit told to exchange var mala.
Roli & Siddhant stand for var mala.
Roli forward her hands to put the mala on SId's neck.

Sid's eyes were looking at her Mehandhi while ROli put the Mala on him.
Sid put the mala on ROli's neck.
Both did not looked at each other till now properly.
Simar tied their clothes together and they started taking pheres.
After finishing all the 7 pheres, Pandit told Siddhant to put the Sindoor on Roli's forehead.
When Siddhant lift his face to look at ROli, he felt like Roli's face was already seen by him.
Siddhant remembered someone asking him "Siddhant my forehead is waiting for sindoor and neck is
waiting for mangal sutra"
Siddhant put the SIndoor on her forehead and also put Mangal sutra on her.
Roli & Siddhant took the blessings of the elders.

Roli & Siddhant heart was filled with happiness on getting married.
That happiness reflected in their faces unknown to them.
Premar noticed on the happy rays in the face of Roli & Siddhant.
Prem: Simar did you noticed the sudden happiness in their faces.
Simar: Yes. Premji, I believe. They will become normal very soon.
Premar smiled looking at each other.

Siddhant lift his face to look at Roli again while Roli too lift her face to look at him for the 1st time.
Roli & Siddhant eyes meet.
Their eyes spoke the words of heart which they were unable to understand.

Part 14

Roli & Siddhant were left in the room well decorated with Red Roses, Candles and Red Balloons.
Roli & Siddhant were feeling very odd.
They sat in the sofa.
After few minutes of silence.
Siddhant: Roli...
Roli felt like he got back some big treasure back on hearing her name from Siddhant.
Not only Roli, But Siddhant was also feeling happy in telling her name.
Roli lift her face & looked at Siddhant.
Roli & Siddhant eyes were looking at each other to fulfill the thirst of so many years with out seeing each
Sid's eyes search has seen its destination 'Roli'.
Their hearts were moving towards each other, but their physical bodies are yet to recognise each other.
Siddhant: Roli, shall we sleep now.
Roli nod her head.
Siddhant: You sleep in the bed & I will sleep in this sofa.
Roli got up from the sofa & moved towards the bed.
Roli & Siddhant with lot of queries inside their mind started sleeping slowly.
Siddhant got the dreams of those images again.
Siddhant: Roli... Roli...
Roli got up hearing his voice calling her.

Roli went near Siddhant.

Roli understood that he is sleeping.
But still his mouth was uttering "Roli.. Roli..."
Siddhant was completely sweating even in that AC room.
Roli got afraid
Roli sprinkle some water on his face.
Roli gently caresses his forehead while he slowly calm down.
Siddhant open his eyes slowly.
Roli: Are you ok?
Siddhant: Yes I am ok.
Roli: Why you called me while sleeping?
Siddhant: I am not aware Roli. I too came to know through Prem that I used to call your name while
sleeping. The same thing happend when we came to your house also.
Roli: Did you know anyone else with my name?
Siddhant: No. I never know anyone with this name.
Roli: You know, I too was surprised when I saw your name in my hands. I too felt that this name is
familiar to me when I never came across anyone with this name.
Siddhant: It is strange to hear. But that is what happening with us
Roli: Yes. you are right. It is very strange.
Roli & Siddhant smiled looking at each other for the 1st time.
Part 15

Next day morning, Siddhant got up first.

Siddhant ordered for Coffee to the room service.

He took the coffee and sat in the sofa.

Siddhant was having coffee while his eyes were looking at sleeping Roli.
Siddhant was thinking, Roli not only your name, but also I feel your face as familiar eventhough I only saw
you during our marriage.
Siddhant after having coffee took the apple from the table & started cutting the apple with the knife.
Roli got up from bed and turned towards Siddhant.
She noticed that Siddhant is starring at her.
Roli when looked at his hands with the knife got afraid.
Siddhant noticed the sudden change in ROli's face
Roli rushed towards Siddhant and hug him in fear.
Siddhant was surprised to see ROli's action.
Siddhant: Roli what happend?
ROli: That knife. That knife...
Siddhant understood that she got afraid because of that knife only and hide it from her eyes.
Siddhant: Roli, I kept the knife. There is no more knife now. Please calm down.
Siddhant caresses her hair.
Roli & Siddhant heart were filled with happiness on coming near after long time.
Roli & Siddhant felt the blooming happiness inside them and continued their hug for sometime.
They were unable to leave mutually apart from each other.
After few minutes,
Siddhant: Roli what happend. Why you got afraid.

Roli: I am not aware. I gets afraid of knife since childhood.

Siddhant: Sorry. I was not knowing that.

Suddenly both realised that they are hugging each other & moved apart.
Roli felt shy to look at him and went towards bathroom to fresh up herself.

Siddhant was thinking, Roli how can I tell you, when I touch you. I feel like you are mine since so many
ROli was thinking, Siddhant what can I tell you, when you touch me, i feel like be with you for ever.

Siddhant ordered coffee for Roli & gave it when she return back.
Siddhant: Shall we go.
Roli nod her head.
Premar were already waiting for them in the reception.
Premar were happy to see Roli & Siddhant with a smile in their faces coming towards them looking at
each other.
Premar & ROSID went to their Bharatwaj house to start their newly married life...
Part 16

Rosid & premar reached bharatwaj house.

Aarthi was taken by sujatha to their daughter in laws
Two sets of kalash was kept for both and roli & simar entered their sasural.
Mataji: roli you are first daughter in law. Please lit diya.
Roli went near matarani & lit diya.
The sadness confusion were all disappeared from rosid face.
All were happy to see them.

Mataji: let's have lunch.

All went near dining table and sat for having lunch
Siddhant noticed knife in the table kept for cutting the fruit.
He took it before roli see it and gave it to simar to hide it.
Simar understood why he wants to hide it and took it away from there.
She was very happy.
All had lunch.
Mataji: all go to their rooms & take rest.
Prem took simar to his room.
Siddhant took roli to his room.
siddhant locked the room & turned towards roli.
Siddhant: roli you take rest in the bed. I will be here.
Siddhant sat in the sofa.
Roli: its your room & its your bed. Why you need to rest on sofa. Please rest on bed. I hope it is big
enough for both of us.
Siddhant was surprised & also unable to deny her.
Roli & siddhant sat in both sides of the bed and lean towards the pillow facing against each other.
When they closed their eyes they remembered their 1st hug happened that day.
Both blushed.
They slowly turned towards each other.
They looked at each other for very long time.
Siddhant was feeling some one telling, "siddhant how long you will look at me"
Siddhant immediately got up & sit in the bed.
Roli went near him and touch his cheeks by her right hand.
Roli: are you OK.
Siddhant: I am alright.
Roli: please tell me what happened.
Siddhant: roli I was feeling someone asking me " siddhant how long you will look at me"
Siddhant also said he heard similar when he saw her mehandi & during marriage.

Roli: just relax. Don't take much tension. Everything will be alright.
Siddhant was feeling relaxed by her words and lay down on her lap.
He closed his eyes.
Roli caresses his head gently.
Siddhant slept peacefully on her lap...
Part 17

Siddhant got up & understood he slept on her lap itself.

Sid: roli sorry why don't you wake me up.
Roli: why? Won't you have rights to sleep on my lap.
Siddhant was very happy & smiled.
Siddhant: shall we go down.
Roli nod her head.
roli & siddhant went down.
Premar were talking with mataji in the hall.
All were having tea.
Simar gave roli & siddhant tea to drink.
Mataji: siddhant we are happy to see you relaxed.
Siddhant: mataji i am very much relaxed now
Sujatha: we know our bahu roli will make you alright & we were right.
Roli smiled.
Simar: maaji not only he is alright now. But also started taking care of his wife.
Prem: what are you telling simar.
Simar: yes premji roli is afraid of knife. So he gave the knife from dining table to hide in the afternoon.
Prem: oh. Bro these many happened without my knowledge.
Siddhant blushed.
Roli was surprised to know this.
Simar: we told already on seeing her mehandi itself that siddhantji loves her so much. See how dark it

has come.
Simar hold roli hands & showed to all.
Roli blushed.
Mataji: roli & siddhant. We wish you both to be happy always. Nothing else.
Rajender gave 2 covers to mataji.
Mataji gave the covers to rosid & premar.
Mataji: these two covers has ticket for south India tour to you both couple as honeymoon package for 10
days. This is your wedding day gift from me. Enjoy your trip. You all needto start today.
Rosid & premar thanked mataji & went to their room to pack the dresses.
roli & siddhant packed the dresses in the bags.
Siddhant: shall we go.
Roli took her bag & started
Premar went to Bangalore & Mysore.
Rosid went to Cochin.
Rosid went to the cottage booked for them.
Roli: I am feeling hungry.
Siddhant ordered food for them.
Rosid had food.
Siddhant: shall we go out for sight seeing tomorrow as you have not slept yesterday afternoon as I slept
on your lap. Night almost went in travelling. You need rest.
Roli: OK.
Roli went near bed and lay down in a side.
Siddhant too lay down on another side.
Both were looking at each other.
Roli slept slowly as she was tired.
Siddhant was starring at her.
Siddhant was thinking, roli the search, the confusions with which I was suffering all these days seems to
be cured now. Was the search was for you.
Roli was sleeping like a flower.
Siddhant went near her and caresses her hair.

Siddhant was thinking mataji was correct. You are my medicine.

Part 18
Roli was sleeping while siddhant was admiring her.
Roli put her hands suddenly around his waist and sleeping holding him tightly.
Siddhant was neither interested to disturb her sleep nor to enjoy her closeness by taking her hands.
Siddhant too slept in few minutes.
After few hours, siddhant wake up to see roli still sleeping holding him.
One small bunch of her hair was near her eyes.
Siddhant tried to move those hairs from eyes while roli wake up.
Roli realised that she is holding his waist.
She immediately took her hands and got up to sit.
Roli: sorry I always used to hold my sister or pillow while sleeping. That's why.
Siddhant : roli don't you have rights to hold my waist and sleep.
roli turned towards siddhant and blushed.
Siddhant looked at roli with love.
Roli was unable look at his eyes.
Roli got up from there & went near the window.
Roli opened the window to see outside.
Roli was shocked to see it started raining.
Roli closed the window immediately and rushed towards siddhant.
Roli hug him tightly & started crying.
Siddhant: roli what happened. Why are you crying?
Roli showed the window with her fingers but neither told anything nor stopped crying..

At Bangalore,
Simar: premji roli as well as siddhantji is having problem with rain. Then why you told mataji that they will
go to Cochin as rain is normal there.

Prem: because I want them to get cured. We all were expecting that they both will be their own medicines
and got them married. As we expected there was far better improvements we found in them in just 1 day.
Now they are going for 10 days trip. I wish they face the problem of rain & get it cured.
Simar: are you sure premji. What if they end up in some problem.
Prem: it will be good if they get it cured as I think. If not anyway I have told them to call us for any
emergency. I also blocked air tickets from Bangalore to Cochin for all the 10 days. We can rush to help
Premar smiled.

Siddhant: anyone standing near window.

Roli nod her head as no.
Siddhant; any insect or anything
Roli nod her head as no.
Siddhant: then what happened roli. Tell me. I am here.
Roli: that rain
Roli continued crying.
Siddhant was shocked.
Siddhant himself will get unconscious seeing rain
How can he console her.
Still now he can't see roli crying.
Sid caresses her hair.
Sid hug her tightly.
Siddhant: roli don't cry. See you are safe. You are with me. Look at me.
Roli lift her face to look at him.
Roli slowly calm down on seeing siddhant.
Siddhant wipe her tears.
Siddhant: I can't see you crying anymore.
Roli went near his face & kissed on his cheeks.
Roli hug him tightly.
Part 19

Siddhant was stunned by the 1st kiss given by roli.

roli too was surprised how she suddenly kissed him.
Roli got shyness.
Roli tried to get up while, siddhant hold her hands & pulled her towards him.
siddhant received phone call from prem.
Siddhant took the phone.
Siddhant: yes prem.
Prem: how are you siddhant. Are you OK.
Siddhant: yes we are OK.
Simar: siddhantji happy to hear we are OK from you which shows you have included roli into your life.
Siddhant: yes roli is my life.
Roli was happy to hear this from siddhant.
Prem: siddhant we saw its raining at Cochin. So we got worried. Please do call us for any help.
Siddhant: sure prem.
Phone was disconnected.
Roli in the meantime got up from there & went inside the rooms.
roli saw kitchen with few vessels & provisions already kept for cooking.
Roli started cooking rice.
Siddhant came inside to see roli cooking.
Sid: roli why are you cooking. We can order dinner outside.
Roli: we ate outside food only in the morning. Let me cook now. Also I feel like cooking for you.
Roli smiled looking at sid.
Siddhant was waiting to have food prepared by roli.
Roli: the dinner is ready.
Roli served the food to him.
Siddhant had food.
Sid: roli it is very tasty.

Roli: thanks.
Sid: roli you too have food.
Roli: yes I will have once you finish your dinner.
Sid: why it is so? Bring your plate. We will have together.
Both had food.
Roli cleaned the kitchen & came out while sid was reading newspaper.
roli took bath and came out in a night dress.
Siddhant was mesmerized by her beauty.
Roli lay down in the bed. Siddhant came near bed and lay down beside her.
sid went near roli.
Roli blushed.
Sid caresses her hands slowly from fingers to shoulder.
Roli closed her eyes.
Sid hold her shoulder and turned her towards him.
sid went close to her face & kissed on her cheeks.
Then moved towards her forehead & kissed.
He slowly moved towards her lips.
sid got the image of their last kiss & death.
Sid got up and started sweating.
Roli noticed this.
Roli sprinkle some water on his face & gave some water to sid.
Roli: are you OK.
Sid: roli I got image in my mind like we kiss and died.
roli was shocked.
Roli: just relax & sleep now. We will talk tomorrow.
Roli made him to sleep on her lap.
Sid calm down in few minutes & slept.
Roli started thinking deeply..

Part 20
Roli started thinking deeply & was waiting for the next day.
Next day rosid had breakfast and went out for sight seeing.
They went to a park. They sat in the bench.
Roli: siddhant..
Siddhant was stunned to hear his name through her for the 1st time in the past 3 days. But he felt like he
heard her calling him so many years & so many times.
Roli: did you feel I called you earlier much earlier.
Siddhant: yes roli. But how.
Roli: the same feeling I got when you called me. also we were aware of our names even prior to our
seeing in the past 3 days.
sid: you are right.
Roli: above all this I am not feeling you are only known to me for past 3 days. If so I might have not been
able to come too close to the level we are now.
Sid: I agree with you. I too feel we are not new to each other.
Roli: what all these denotes?
Sid: we are not new to each other. We have relationship of so many years.
Roli: you are right.
Sid: but how roli? We never seen each other since childhood.
Roli: I was also thinking deeply on all aspects. But can only arrive with 1solution.
Sid: what it is.
Roli: we are restricting to this birth from where we know. What about if it is from previous birth.
Sid: previous birth what are you telling.
Roli: yes got this since you said that you felt we kissed & died. Why not those images belongs to our
previous birth.
Sid:roli is it possible.
Roli: why not. Can you please tell what all you get as images.
Sid: I get I am holding a hand of a girl & running between trees. It rains heavily. Some one throw knife on
me. Only this much. But suddenly yesterday I got image like kissing & death.
Roli: can you just try to figure out who is that girl.
Siddhant tried to figure out. Yes it was exactly matching with image of roli.

Sid: yes roli. You are the girl.

Roli: now we can interlink our fears. We both are afraid of rain. Then I am afraid of knife. What if the
image which you saw is our end moment of our previous birth. We might have died when running in the
rain through the knife. We might have kissed each other & died.
Sid: roli, you are very correct. I do agree. But if that belongs to previous birth then why it is disturbing our
current birth.
Roli: there should be some reason. We need to try to find that.
Sid nod his head as acceptance.
Sid: roli thanks roli. I am very much feeling relieved now.
Roli: if its so then we are on right path.
Rosid smiled looking at each other.
Part 21

Rosid smiled looking at each other.

Roli lean towards his shoulder.
Siddhant: roli I love you naa yaar
Roli: I love you too naa yaar
siddhant was very happy & very much relieved.
Sid: roli shall we go back to our room.
Roli: OK. Let's go.
Rosid reached their room.
Sid locked the room & turned towards her.
Roli smiled looking at him.
Roli forward her hands.
He hold the hands & went close to her.
Roli hold his face & kissed on his cheeks.
Roli went near his lips and kissed..
After few minutes..
Roli blushed.

Roli moved from there & went near the bed and sat in it.
Siddhant was surprised on her kisses.
Roli looked at him & smiled.
Siddhant went near her & sat next to her.
He hold her hips by his right hand and pulled her more closer.
their left hands intertwined.
Roli lean towards him.
Sid; how did you know I wanted kiss.
Roli: I understood when you told to return to room. Also I know how much you were upset that you were
unable to kiss when you came closer to me yesterday.
Sid: my roli understand me without even myself telling you.
Roli: I will understand when you get the thought in your mind.
Rosid smiled.
Sid: roli why are you not calling me siddhant
Roli: as I said from the day of seeing your name in mehandhi I felt like I called you earlier. In that
confusion only I avoided calling you by name.
Sid: roli we are clear on what are those confusion. I want
Roli: siddhant.. You want me to call you siddhant..
Sid: yes. I feel very happy on hearing my name from you.
Roli lift her face & looked at him.
Roli slowly push him towards bed and lean over him.
Roli lean over his chest.
Roli hands were around his waist holding him tightly.
Sid hands were around her.
Roli: siddhant
Sid: hmmm
Roli: siddhant belongs to roli & roli belongs to siddhant. We are ROSID. No one else can take me from
Sid: roli yes dear. But why you said no one else can take you.
Roli: not aware. Suddenly I got afraid that someone trying to take me from you.

Sid: roli don't get afraid. Let us face all fear together & get our life puzzle solved.
Roli: yes we need to get it solved to lead our life happily.
rosid determined to solve their life puzzle.
Part 22

Rosid started thinking how to solve their life puzzle.

Roli: siddhant think & tell me whether you can locate which place it is.
Sid: roli the place was full of coconut trees. No other clue.
Roli: rain & coconut trees. Both are common in Kerala right?
Sid: yes. Now we are in Kerala. Is it somewhere here only nearby.
Roli: it should be. That's why fate brought us here after our marriage.
Sid: let us take a car & go around to see whether we can locate that place.
Rosid started from there in a car.
They enquired where they can find place full of coconut trees.
They got to see few such places but those were not what they are looking for.
After the full day search they returned to their room.
Sid: roli we are unable to locate it even after searching the whole day.
Roli: siddhant the puzzle is about our life. That will not get solved in just a day. We need to search hard.
Today we only saw places nearby. Tomorrow let us go more far places & see.
Sid: yes roli. We will see in some interior places from the city. We may get it.
Roli went to have bath & returned in a beautiful night dress.
Sid too took bath and came out wearing a towel.
Roli was combing her hair.
Sid went behind her & back hug her.
Roli blushed.
Roli noticed that his hair is wet.
Roli made him to sit in the dressing table chair.
She took a dry towel & started drying his hair.

Sid hold her hips and pulled close to him.

Sid kept his face on her abdomen wrapped his hands around her tightly.
sid: roli I am feeling peace in your presence, in your touch.
Roli caresses his hair.
Roli sat in his lap.
Roli lean in this left shoulders.
Roli right hand was around his waist.
Her left hand caresses him from his waist slowly upwards towards his shoulder.
Rosid closed their eyes to enjoy their touch.
Roli kissed on his chest, on his neck.
She moved towards his lips.
After few minutes...
Sid took her on his hands & moved towards the bed.
Sid put her on the bed and went close to her while started getting images again.
Sid got up sweating.
roli gave water to him.
Sid lay down on her lap.
Sid: roli why it is not letting me to come near you.
Roli: siddhant don't get upset. I think everything will be alright once we clear the puzzle. Let's wait.
Roli console sid & both were waiting for the next day to continue their search.
Part 23

Rosid started in the car the next day to little interior place.
After seeing few places they reached a place which they both felt like known place.
They were looking around that place.
Roli: siddhant don't we feel this place as known place.
Sid: yes roli. I feel like we lived here.
Roli: let's get down & try to see what is this place.

Rosid parked the car in a place and got down from the car.
They started walking in that village looking here & there.
The were walking towards the place where they found coconut trees.
Sid hold her hands tightly.
While they were walking two eyes noticed them.
Rosid entered the place where coconut trees were found.
They walked for some more minutes.
Suddenly heavy rain started.
Sid: lets go.
Sid hold her hands & started running.
While both remembered those last moments.
They stopped running from there & tried to think & recollect the memories.
Tears were filled in both their eyes & both hug each other.
Part 24

Siddhant & roli family are neibours in that Kerala village.

These two family alone were north Indian shifted to Kerala due to transfer. Hence they both families were
always together.
They celebrated the festivals together.
Siddhant was the only son & roli was another families only daughter.
They are together since childhood.
Their parents decided to get both of them married once they are grown.
They were studying in the same school.
They used to study together.
Siddhant always lay down on her lap while roli read out the books.
Their parents never interfere in them.
Rosid were always together holding their hands.
Rosid goes out together.
No one ever seen them seperated.

In the school also they sit beside each other.

Friend: siddhant why are you sitting with girls. Let us sit there.
Sid: I am not sitting with girls. I am sitting with my roli.
Roli: what's your problem if my siddhant sit with me. Don't ever try to separate us. OK.
That friend went from there in anger. His name was naveen.
Sid: roli don't worry. No one can separate us.
Part 25

It was a festival day.

Roli was looking beautiful in her new lehenga.
Roli rushed to Sid's house.
Roli: maaji siddhant nor yet ready.
Maaji: roli you only go & see. We are also waiting for him.
Roli rushed to his room.
Sid who just finished his bath was combing his hair standing near the mirror.
Roli went near & hug him tightly.
Roli: siddhant
Sid: hmmm
Roli kissed on his chest.
roli: I love you
Sid: I love you too roli.
Sid pulled her towards him holding her hips.
Sid went close to her face & kissed her on her forehead,
Roli pushed him slightly & turned against him.
Roli blushed.
sid: roli look at me.
Roli nod her head as no.
Sid: I know how to make you to look at me.

cheeks and moved towards her lips.

Sid undid the dhori of the blouse.

Roli: siddhant..(in shyness)
Roli further tried to move from there while he hold her hair which was beautifully plait by her mother.
Sid tightly hold her hair.
Roli now turned towards him & comes near him.
Sid kiss her on her lips.
After few minutes.
Roli tries to move from there while sid stop her holding her hands.
Sid goes near her & tie the dhori.
Sid let her to go now.
Roli after going few feet came back to sid & kissed his cheeks.
Roli rush out from that room.
Sid smiled.
Part 26

Rosid went to college.

Sid was as usual coming teasing Roli.
Sid: roli how come you just come to my bedroom and kiss me on my chest. I am going to tell our parents
Roli: siddhant then I will tell them what you did.
Sid: roli tell me what will you tell
Roli: I will tell that...

Sid: hmmm.
Roli blushed.
Sid: hmmm tell me what are you going to tell.
Roli: siddhant it is always play for you. I won't tell anything.
Sid smiled.
Roli gave a soft punch on his chest.

Naveen was noticing these two & got angry.

Naveen belongs to same village & also rich family of that village. Naveen is studying with rosid since
school days. He never likes siddhant behaving close with roli as he was also loving her one sided.

It was diwali, roli put mehandi on her hands towards diwali celebration.
Rosid were in the terrace.
both lay down on the terrace while roli was on his chest.
Roli: siddhant did you look at my mehendi.
Sid: yes roli I saw it. But what is special in it you always put mehendi for diwali.
Roli: siddhant nothing special in this but the mehendi before our marriage will be special.
Sid: what is special in that
Roli: siddhant I want your name to be written in my hands
Sid: only that. Don't worry I will help you.
Sid hold her hands & with a small stick adjusted the mehandi design to show his name siddhant.
Sid: is it OK now.
Roli went near his face & kissed on his lips..
After few minutes..
Roli blushed and ran from there.
Sid: roli...
Sid went near the terrace wall & saw roli running like a deer.
Sid admired roli.
Part 27

Siddhant was running behind roli.

Sid: roli wait...
Roli: siddhant you cant catch me.
Sid tried for sometime finally catch her.
Sid: roli this is not right. You always hug me, kiss me and run away. But wont allow me. I won't leave you
today without kissing you.

Roli: siddhant we are not inside the house. We are outside what if someone look at us.
Sid: roli no one is here. Please.. Please.
Roli was going backwards step by step while sid was going forward until roli go till the coconut tree.
Sid kept his hands in both sides so that roli can't move further.
Sid moved close towards her face & kissed on her forehead, cheeks and moved towards her lips..
Two eyes were noticing this in anger which belongs to none other than naveen.

Sid lay down on her lap.l

Roli: siddhant my forehead is waiting for sindoor & neck is waiting for mangal sutra.
Sid: I am also eagerly waiting for the day to come.
Roli: once the day comes my siddhant not in need of running behind roli for a kiss.
Sid; roli you too not in need to run from me after giving a kiss.
Roli blushed.

Rosid parents decided to get them married as they completed their final year exams.
Rosid were very happy.

The news of their marriage spread in the village which also reached the ears of naveen.
naveen decided to do something & get roli married to him.
Naveen went to his father & said that he want to marry roli.
His arrogant father decided to get roli married to naveen at any cost.

That day was rosid engagement day.

Roli was looking very beautiful in the new saree gifted by siddhant parents for their engagement.
Roli was waiting in her room
Siddhant came to roli house for engagement. Only few were invited which were very close.
Sid: maaji I will go & see whether roli is ready.
He don't even wait a minute & rushed towards her room.

Roli was looking at mirror after getting ready.

Sid went behind & back hug her.
Roli: siddhant all are waiting down for us.
Sid: let them wait for few more minutes.
sid kissed her on her neck.
Sid: my roli is looking so beautiful today.
Sid turned her towards him.
Sid went close to her lips..

In the downstairs naveen with his family came to roli house.

Naveen father: we wish to get your daughter married to our son naveen
Roli father: sorry she is already decided to get married to siddhant since childhood. Also they love each
other. We can't accept your proposal.
Naveen father: how dare you deny my proposal. My son wish to marry roli. We won't go out from here
without getting it finalised.
Rosid heard loud voices & rushed towards downstairs.
They were shocked to see naveen & family there talking about roli marriage with naveen.
Sid: naveen what is this.
Naveen: siddhant I got nothing to talk to you.
Sid: you are aware we love each other then why you want to do all these.
Naveen: I am also loving her since school days I can't let you marry her.
There was huge argument going on.
Naveen father told his persons to threaten both families.
Two persons with big knife was standing behind each member of rosid families.
All the guests who came for engagement ran out.
Naveen father: naveen just take that girl & rape her. Then these people can't do anything.
Naveen started running behind roli.
It started raining heavily..
Roli: siddhant.. Siddhant..

Siddhant tried his best to come out of hold of those person to save roli and came out running behind
naveen to save roli..
Finally rosid died...
Part 28

Rosid remembered everything.

Rosid cried and hug each other tightly.
They are no more afraid of rain.
Their life puzzle is solved.
They felt much relieved.
Sid: roli I love you.
Roli: siddhant I love you too.
Sid: roli let's see what happened to our parents.
They rushed towards their house.
The houses were empty locked outside.
Roli: may be that naveen might have killed them.
Sid: you are right. Roli let's go from here.
When rosid turned, they were surprised to see naveen standing.
Naveen: siddhant & roli you both. I can't believe my eyes.
Sid: why are you surprised to see us alive again & want to kill us.
Naveen: siddhant. No. That naveen died already.
Roli: naveen don't try to act smart. You killed us & also finished our family. Is it not enough. You have
come here to kill us again?
Naveen: roli I agree i did the mistake of throwing the knife on him. But I did not kill your parents or not
come here to kill.
Sid: then where are they
Naveen: after you both died, your parents gave police complaint and police arrested me. I spent my 14
years in jail. My father died worrying about me. When I came out of jail I went to see your parents only for
the mistake I have done. Yes I realised later that I did mistake of liking roli knowing she loves you. I asked
for pardon. I took care of them till they die one by one before 2 years. I am having these property papers

as well as mine with me. Please accept all these & accept my pardon. I have decided to go in search of
peace which I lost long back on that day.
Naveen handover all the property papers & left the place.
Sid: roli I can't believe all these happenings.
Roli: we need to believe & be happy that our life puzzle is solved now.
Rosid smiled.
Part 29
Rosid called premar.
Sid: prem sorry to disturb you bro. But can you come to the address I give you.
Prem: siddhant any problem.
Sid: no prem. Just come. You will get to see surprises.
Sid gave address to prem.
Sid also called mataji & roli parents and told them to come.
Rosid went to naveen house & collected their house keys.
Rosid were waiting for all to come.
Suddenly rain started.
Rosid looked at each other.
They smiled.
Rosid hold their hands and went out.
Rosid started dancing in the rain.
The dance took out all their suffering they have seen all these days.
It took out all these pains out.
After few minutes no more pain left in their mind.
They continued the dance in love, in joy.
Premar, mataji, rosid parents reached the place.
They all saw rosid dancing in the rain.
All were surprised.
They looked at each other.

Rosid were lost in the world. They were not even aware of their arrival.
All were not aware which place is this & why they all were called.
Also how they are OK with the rain
Mataji tried to call them while prem hold her to let them come back in their own.
After few minutes rosid stopped dancing & noticed all reached the place.
All smiled looking at rosid.
Prem: siddhant what is all this happening? My bro who was afraid of rain dancing in the rain.
Rosid blushed.
Sid: please come. We will tell you all.
Sid opened the door of the house which was Sid's.
Mataji: whose house is this.
Sid: mataji it is mine.
All were surprised other than rosid.
When they went inside they saw photos of sid with a couple.
Rosid looked at each other. They were getting emotional in going to these places where they lived.
All went to upstairs.
Sid: this is my room.
The room was full of rosid photos.
All were shocked.
Rosid remembered they shared in that room.
Sid remembered & touched his chest where roli gave kiss in that room.
Roli blushed.

Then they went to roli house.

Similarly they found roli photo with a couple and in the upstairs roli room full of rosid photos.
Rosid remembered their moments.
Rosid smiled & blushed looking at each other.

All were very much confused.

Mataji: siddhant we are unable to understand anything. Can you please tell us. What is this place. How
you both photos all over room if both houses.
Siddhant: now we will tell you all. These both houses belongs to us of previous birth.
Prem: previous birth?
Sid: yes.
Rosid explained to all what all happened in their previous birth & its effect given in current birth. Then how
they solved the puzzle.
All were shocked to hear all these.
Prem: this mean you are pair from previous birth who were in search of each other since childhood.
Sid: yes prem.
Mataji: we are unable to believe ourselves now. Its good that everything is OK now
Sid: we wanted you all to know this that's why we called everyone. Nothing else. If we come there & tell
you. It will be like a story.
All agreed.
All decided to return to Delhi to their home.
Rosid were very happy to return with all the problems solved & to start their life.
Part 30
Rosid reached bw house.
All are yet to come out of the surprise.
Prem: siddhant we are still shocked to see your photos in that house & above that your previous birth.
Rosid smiled.
Prem: you both loved so much in previous birth that you took rebirth to live together again. Its amazing.
Simar: yes premji. Its amazing. That's why they were changed in 1day after their marriage. You were right
their Kerala trip gave them solution to their problem.
Sid: prem, 2 births due are there with roli. We will take leave

Premar smiled & roli blushed.

Sid took roli to their room holding her arms.
Sid locked the door.
Roli tried to move from there while sid hold her hands.

sid: roli shall we dance.

Roli nod her head as acceptance.
Sid switched on the music.
Rosid started dancing in love.
The dance was filled with love, grace, rhythmic.
Rosid enjoyed dancing together.
While dancing sid slowly removed her ear rings and kissed on her ears.
They continued dancing.
Sid slowly removed her nose ring & kissed on her nose.
They continued dancing.
Sid hold her hands & removed the bangles gently.
Sid kissed all over her hands from fingers to shoulder.
They continued dancing.
sid removed her necklace and kissed all over her neck.
They continued dancing.
sid hold her saree tip while roli stopped dancing.
Roli blushed.
Sid dropped the saree tip & removed the fleets from its grip.
Sid took her hands and kept on his shoulders.
Sid pulled her close to him holding her hips
they continued dancing.
Roli finally lean on his chest and hug him tightly.
Sid hold her face & kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks & moved towards her lips.
after few minutes.
Sid stopped the music & took her in his arms.
Sid lay down beside her in the bed.
Sid moved towards her lips again to satisfy the thirst of 2 births.
After few more minutes.

sid caresses her hip and kissed.

Roli closed her eyes & her body was shivering.
Roli pushed him gently and got up in shyness.
sid hold her hands & pulled her towards him.
Roli fell down in his arms.
Roli removed the buttons of his shirts.
Roli caresses sid from waist to shoulder.
Roli kissed on his chest, neck, moved towards his lips.
After few minutes..
Sid lift her face.
Rosid had eye lock for some time.
Sid smiled & roli blushed.
Rain started to bless this couples consummating passing the births.
Part 31
Roli wake up next day morning.
Roli looked at sid face.
Roli remembered the previous day moments & smiled.
Sid wake up to see smiling roli.
Sid: roli..
Sid pulled her more closer & hug her tightly.
Roli: siddhant let us wake up. Its already 7 now.
Sid: roli let it be 10 also, I am not going to get up today.
Roli: then what about breakfast.
Sid: I am not feeling hungry to have food. I am only feeling hungry to have you.
Roli blushed.
Roli: what if anyone search for us.
Sid: let them search
Roli: what if anyone call us

Sid: let them call us.

Roli: siddhant...
Sid: you are concern about someone who not yet search for us & not yes called us. What about me
already waiting for you?
Sid pretend to be angry.
Roli blushed & went close to him.
Roli: there is no need for my siddhant to wait for roli's approval. He can take her as he wish.
Sid smiled & hug her tightly.
Sid went close to her & covered them with the blanket.
After 1 hour
Rosid got ready to go down for breakfast.
Rosid hold their hands & got down.
All were happy to see them together.
Mataji: siddhant we are all very happy that your problem is solved and now you are happy.
Siddhant: yes mataji. We first wish to thank you all who decided to get us married & also arranged for a
kerala tour. Above this roli place important role in getting into the clues correctly & finally we achieved.
All were happy and enjoyed the moments together.

Love Onboard

Part 1

Nirmala is the eldest member of the family.

Their family is rich family in that small Village in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu.
Nirmala who lost her husband in early days managed to bring up her son Rajender & daughter Gauri well.
Gauri was married to Nirmala's own cousin who also reside in same village.
Nirmala wanted to take care that her daughter always be in her sight.
Rajender was married to Sujatha who is again daughter of Nirmala's cousin.
It is common in that village to get married within relatives so that relationship will prolong.
Rajender & Sujatha gave birth to a baby boy. His name is Siddhant.
Gauri gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Roli.
Siddhant as well as Roli was everything for Nirmala being both are her only Grandson & Grand daughter.
Nirmala decided in their childhood itself that Siddhant & Roli will get married in future.
Nirmala informed her Son Rajendra & Daughter Gauri that Siddhant & Roli need to get married.
Nirmala also insisted to Siddhant & Roli that they will be married to each other in their childhood itself.
Siddhant & ROli were growing hearing this...

Roli was looking beautiful in her silk skirt & blouse.

The beautiful ear ring was shaking beautifully according to her face movements.
The bangles & anklets were raising sweet sound.
Her long plaited hair was moving here & there.
The jasmine flower kept in her hair spread the sweet fragrance around her.
Roli was running between the path of the field.

Siddhant in his half pant and shirt, with think gold bracelet in his hand and a chain in his neck showing his
richness was running behind Roli.
Siddhant & Roli were playing running & catching.
Rajender who noticed this.
Rajender: Siddhant & ROli don't run like this. You may fall down.
They were not ready to hear anything.
ROli continued her running & Siddhant followed her.
Finally when Siddhant went very near to her & tried to catch her.
But as they were running, it pushed Roli slightly & she fell down.
Roli got scratches in her leg.
Roli started crying.
Siddhant got tensed.
Siddhant took her near the pond & washed the wound.
Siddhant: Sorry ROli. I did not push you purposefully. I am sorry.
Roli slowly stopped crying & smiled.
Siddhant & ROli hold their hands again & went to continue their play again.

Part 2

All the family members were in the temple of that village.

All were praying to god closing their eyes.
Siddhant opened his eyes and went near Roli.
Siddhant pulled Roli's hair plait & run from there.
Roli started crying & ran behind Siddhant.
Siddhant: ROli, you cant catch me.
Roli: I will not leave you. How dare you pull my hair?
Siddhant & Roli were running all over the temple.
Nirmala: Siddhant & Roli, you both started fighting even in the temple. Please come.
Siddhant & Roli went near their grand mother.
Nirmala: Roli, tell me what happend.

Roli: He pulled my hair.

Nirmala: Siddhant, why did you pull her hair.
Siddhant: Roli pinch me in the morning thats why.
Roli: No Grand ma, I did not pinch him.
Nirmala: Ok. Ok. You both should not fight like this. You both will be married when you grow up. Look at
your parents, are they fighting like this,.
ROli: Ok. Grand ma, we will not fight.
Roli kissed on Nirmala cheeks.
Siddhant: I too wont fight grand ma
Siddhant kissed her on another cheeks.
Nirmala: Thats like good children. Go & play without fighting with each other.
Siddhant & Roli hold their hands & went to play.

Siddhant & ROli always be together.

They studied in the same school.
Siddhant was mischievous, but Roli was studious.
Siddhant always tease Roli in some or the other way. But both will become together at last & starts
playing together.
Roli knows Siddhant's likes & dislikes well,
His favorite dish, his favorite color everything was known to her.

The days were moving while Rajender met one of his friend who was settled in US & came to their village
for holidays.
Rajender: Hi, how are you?

Friend: I am fine. I have come with my family for the holidays.

Rajender: How is your living going on there in US?
Friend: It is going very fine. I purchased house there & my wife and son is also very happy residing in
US. Look at these photos.
His friend, shown the photos to Rajender taken in US.
Friend: Rajender, why cant you too try to come & settle down there?
Rajender: Where can I come & settle there. I dont know anything.
Friend: What did I know when I went there? Now I learned everything.
Rajender: You are right. But my mother will not allow me to go.
Friend: Parents are always like that. My mother too does not allow me initially. But later she is ok now.
Slowly Rajender got distracted in his mind & decided to go to US & try.

Rajender informed Nirmala on this idea.

Nirmala: Rajender, what is the necessity, we are having everything what is required to us.
Rajender: But Maaji, what else we do being here. The whole life we will spend inside this small village
itself. I like to go outside this small circle & see the outer world.
Nirmala tried to convince Rajender not to go. But he was not ready to hear anything.
Nirmala: If that is your decision & only you are informing me, i dont have anything to tell. You do as you
Initially Rajender went alone leaving the family in India. Later once he was ok with the job & place, he
decided to shift the family to US.

Rajender: Maaji, I am settled now well. Now I wish to take Sujatha & Siddhant also.
Nirmala: Rajender, Did you think of me. How can I stay without you all in these old days.
Rajender: Why do you worry Maaji? Gauri is there. All our relatives are here only. I too will be there for
some years & return back.

Nirmala: You are not going to her what I am telling you anyway. But before you go I want to get the
engagement done for Siddhant & Roli.
Rajender: Engagement in this small age. We can do that later also.
Nirmala: No Rajender. I will not compromise in this. I want to ensure before sending my grandson that
he will marry my grand daughter.
After much discussions, Rajender accepted for this.

Both the families & their relatives with village people assembled at temple to get the engagement done.
Roli was wearing a new Silk skirt & blouse.
Siddhant was wearing a new Silk dhoti & shirt.
The senior people of both familes with pandit performed pooja & exchanged the engagement plates with
Betal leaf, supari, coconut, varieties of fruits in it and confirmed the engagement of Roli with Siddhant.
Roli & Siddhant got engagement even before knowing what engagement is.
Siddhant left to US with his parents...

Part 3

Roli looks beautiful in her Silk skirt, blouse & half saree.
Roli has long hair well plait by her mother with jasmine flower giving fragrance & beauty to her hair.
Roli wear traditional jewellery like jhumki, nose ring, necklace, bangles & anklet always.
No one miss to turn towards ROli if she walk in the street.
She play with her friends like skipping, hopping etc & pass her time.
ROli is well disciplined & well cultured.
Roli never deny the words of elders specially her grandmother's.
All love ROli very much.

Roli stopped her education with 12th STD as their family were not ready to send her to college which is in
the city alone.
Roli was good in Cooking, craft works, etc..
Mataji keep on telling her that she will get married to Siddhant.
She was waiting for joining her hands with Siddhant..

Rajender who went to US with his family was held up in work at US.
He rarely talk to Nirmala when finding time.
But Nirmala used to insist on each & every call about Roli & Siddhant marriage.
Rajender gave assurance that no 2nd thought in their marriage.
When Nirmala ask Rajender about Siddhant, Rajender tells her that he is not available at home.

Siddhant was very stylish guy with english on tip of his tongue.
Siddhant completely grown up like US citizen.
Siddhant never stay at home & always be busy with his friends.
Siddhant was working in a software company & earning good salary.
Siddhant never even find time or interest to talk to even his grand mother.
Rajender tried to change his attitudes, but of no use.
Rajender realised that he has taken wrong decision of shifting to US with family as he started missing the
family a lot when he was already getting old.
Rajender: Siddhant, I am thinking of shifting to India again.
Siddhant: Dad, what are you telling. How can you even think of going from here? I am not ready for that.

Rajender: Siddhant I am getting old. I am no more interested to stay here & earn. I would like to go back
leaving all these.
Siddhant: I do understand dad. Then you return back. But I am not going to settle down in India.
Rajender: Siddhant, it went years even seeing Maaji. I have decided to go to our hometown next week.
Please be ready for that. Most probably I may not return here. If you wish, youreturn back here.
Rajender told his final decision to Siddhant.
Siddhant even though not at all interested, decided to come to India to just stay for 10 days & return back
to US.
Siddhant never remembered that he got engaged with ROli & she is waiting for him..

Part 4

Rajender informed Nirmala that they are coming the next week.
Nirmala was very much excited on her son's family arrival.
Roli who came to see Nirmala was surprised to see happiness in her face.
Roli: Grand ma, what happend you are very much excited.
Nirmala: Roli, if I tell you what it is you too will be excited.
Roli: What it is?
Nirmala, Rajender is coming to India with his family.
Roli was unable to believe her ears what it is hearing.
She too was excited to see Siddhant after almost 12 years.
Roli face turned pink & her eyes faced down in shyness.
Nirmala: Roli, how many days passed seeing them. After hearing their arrival news, I am unable to wait
even for a day. I dont know how I am going to handle for a week.
Roli ran away from there into her room.

Roli lay down in her bed and hug her pillow tightly.
Roli was thinking, how many days passed seeing you. You have kept me waiting these many days for
you. Not even tried to talk to me over phone.
Roli was eagerly counting the days, the hours, the minutes & even the seconds.

Nirmala decided to arrange for Siddhant & Roli's marriage during their visit this time.
Nirmala called pandit & asked for marriage date.
Pandit gave the date on the next day of their arrival.
Gauri: Maaji how can we arrange without even telling them.
Nirmala: Gauri what is there is asking them. They are already engaged & anyway marriage arrangement
we are going to take care. We are not aware for how many days they will stay. It will be better to
complete their marriage. Roli is also in correct age of marriage now. Otherwise we cant answer the
village people.
Gauri accepted what Nirmala said.
Nirmala arranged for the marriage very fast.
They printed the invitations & distributed to all their relatives, friends & village people.
Jewels were ordered & made by Nirmala.
Nirmala called the saree sales man to their house & selected sarees for the marriage.
Roli selected saree in Blue color which was Siddhant's favorite color.
All the arrangement were very well done that too very quick.
Nirmala was like flying in the sky in happiness.
Roli's friends were teasing Roli.
Friend1: Roli, you will fly to US with Siddhant. Then will you remember all of us.
Friend2: Where she will find time to remember all of us?
Friend1: You are right. Then Roli you will play with your Siddhant like how you both used to play during
your childhood.

Friends2: Why they need to play those games which they played in childhood?
Roli: Wont you please stop all these.
Roli blushed & ran away from there.
All were very happy & excited for Rajender family arrival & the marriage.

Rajender & Sujatha packed all their clothes & required items to India as they decided not to return.
Siddhant was not interested to stay back in India.
Hence he packed few dresses in a bag & got ready taking leave for 10 days.

The day has come for Rajender & Family to reach India.
They reached Chennai airport & engaged a taxi to their village.
Siddhant was not feeling comfortable with the climate, pollution, traffic...
Siddhant: See dad, how it is. I am unable to understand how these people are living here.
Rajender: Siddhant, we too were living here only.
Siddhant: Dad, dont tell me old stories. I am not interested to hear all those.
Rajender was wondering how he is going to handle him in the village.
Finally they reached their village.

Rajender, Sujatha & Siddhant were surprised to see the decorated house and busy people running here
& there.
Rajender first thought Nirmala arranged all these to welcome them.
Nirmala rushed towards the door hearing the car sound.
Nirmala welcome all.
She was astonished to see the grown Siddhant.

All went inside and sat in the hall.

Rajender: Maaji, why the house is decorated & all preparations are going on? Is it to welcome us?
Nirmala: Of course to Welcome you all. But also for our Roli & Siddhant Marriage which is planned for
Rajender, Sujatha were pleasantly surprised while Siddhant was shocked...

Part 5

Siddhant was very shocked to hear this.

Siddhant: What my marriage?
Nirmala: Yes Siddhant. Roli is waiting for you these many years. Its right time for your marriage.
Siddhant: What grand ma, i dont believe in all these marriage systems.
Nirmala was surprised to hear.
Nirmala: What are you telling Siddhant?
Rajender: Maaji, just give us time. We will talk to Siddhant.
Rajender took Siddhant to his room.
Siddhant: Dad, what is she telling? How can i marry some village girl.
Rajender & Sujatha was shocked to hear this.
Rajender: SIddhant what are you talking. Roli is already engaged to you.
Siddhant: Already engaged? When?
Sujatha: Siddhant, you were engaged before going to US.
Siddhant: Oh my god. What are you telling Mom? I was very small when we went to US. How can you
decide my marriage in that age itself. Dont be silly.

Rajender: Siddhant, dont tell like that. Maaji will die if she hear this. She was not even ready to send us
US. She accepted only after your engagement happend with Roli.
Siddhant: Oh God. I dont know how to make you understand. How you all can decide my marriage?
That too not even when I was matured enough to understand what it is?
Sujatha: Siddhant for our family sake & my sake, you please accept for this marriage. Anyway you need
to marry someone on some day. Why not ROli as per our wish?
Siddhant: I hate all these emotional black mails. That is the reason I never got interested to come here.
Rajender: Siddhant, Please for our family you need to do this. We beg you. We cant face our mother if
you deny for this.
Siddhant: But dad how can I play with my life for you all sake.
Rajender: What is less in Roli? She is like a princess. She is indian cultured. She will be your right life
Sujatha: Yes Siddhant. Please accept this.
After so many hours of argument, Siddhant finally accepted for sake of his family.

Gauri restricted Roli to go to Nirmala's house as tomorrow being their marriage & she need to go to that
house after completion of marriage. Otherwise villagers will tell something that ROli going to meet
Siddhant before marriage. So Roli was eagerly waiting the next day.

The night was sleepless night to both Siddhant & Roli.

Siddhant was sleepless as he was very uncomfortable, uneasy about all these happenings while Roli was
sleepless feeling happy about her marriage.
Roli's happiness was seen through her face shinning.

The Marriage day.

Roli was well dressed up with traditional ornaments in the silk saree. She was looking like a princess.
Nirmala herself was astonished by Roli's beauty.
No one can tell whether the jewelleries & silk saree is giving beauty to ROli or Roli giving beauty to the

Siddhant was very uneasy with the silk dhoti. He was hating the sweating, the smoke and was sitting in
the mandap.
Roli forward her steps towards mandap eagerly.
Roli's cheeks were pink due to shyness.
Her smile was increasing her beauty.
All the persons who came for the wedding was looking at Roli speechless by her beauty.
Roli sat next to Siddhant.
Siddhant not even looked towards her in the irritation created by the atmosphere.
Roli by her corner eyes looked at Siddhant & blushed.
With all the blessings of elders, relatives & friends and with the chanting of mantras by the pandit,
Siddhant put the mangal sutra on Roli's beautiful neck and filled her forehead with Sindoor.
The rain of flowers were showered to bless this beautiful couples.
Nirmala was very happy & prayed to good to keep the couples happy for ever.
Rajender, Sujatha, Gauri & all other relatives were also very happy.
All the people who came to the marriage were praising on the beauty of this pair.
The procedure of marriages like chanting mantras, putting ring in the finger of feet of ROli, Pheres
everything were done one by one.
Siddhant was feeling very tired and was waiting when he can go to take some rest.
Roli was enjoying each & every procedure with a smile.
The marriage was completed in a grand manner.

The couples sat down to have their lunch together.

Nirmala: Siddhant, give that sweet from your plate to her.
Siddhant: What grand ma, it is not hygienic to feed my food to her.
Nirmala: But that is the practice that husband & wife feed each other food.
Siddhant: Ok. I will give her as you said if she wants. But i dont take her food for sure.
Siddhant forward his hands with the sweet towards her.
Roli ate that sweet happily while Siddhant was not ready to even try to do that.
Lunch was finished. All relatives started leaving.
Siddhant: I am going to take rest. I am feeling tired.
Siddhant rushed towards his room.
Roli face was upset as well as Nirmala was looking puzzled.
Rajender: Maaji, actually due to time difference between US & India is the problem. We only came
yesterday he has not slept properly due to jet lock. Let him take rest. he will be alright.
Roli smiled.

Siddhat inside his room.

Siddhant was thinking oh god what all procedures, what all people. I dont like anything. See that girl,
wont she feel sweating wearing big saree, jewelleries, hair full of flowers. Oh god.

Siddhant & Roli have not even looked at each other yet.
Siddhant because of disinterest & Roli because of Shyness.
Roli & Siddhant were waiting for starting their newly married life...

Part 6

Roli was waiting for Siddhant while Siddhant was sleeping in his room.
Finally SIddhant came out for Dinner.
Siddhant & Roli had dinner.
Siddhant went back to his room.
Nirmala: Rajender why Siddhant is not showing any interest in the marriage. Is there any problem.
Rajender: Not like that Maaji. He was there in US for so many years. Now he is finding difficult ot adjust
to this climate, people & procedures. He will be alright.
Nirmala: As I said did you processed for taking Roli with Siddhant.
Rajender: Yes Maaji. I have applied for her Visa. It will be received in a week time.
Nirmala: Well. Within that time, let them be here with us. Anyway they need to go to all relatives house
Rajender: Maaji, dont mistake me. He feels uneasy for all these. Let him just be at home & return back.
Next time we will tell him to go to all houses.
Nirmala: Ok.
Gauri & Sujatha dressed up ROli with simple jewels.
Roli was looking very cute & pretty in the blue saree & simple jewels.
Sujatha: ROli, Siddhant was in US since long. You only need to understand & adjust with him. Hope you
will understand what I am trying to say.
Roli nod her head as acceptance.
Sujatha & Gauri left Roli in Siddhant room.
Roli entered the room and locked the door.
Siddhant was sitting in the chair looking into his laptop.
Roli went near him & adjusted her voice.

Siddhant not even lift his face.

Siddhant: Whats your name?...
Roli was shocked to hear this.
Siddhant: yes. Roli.. Just dont disturb me. I got some friends online to chat with.
Roli was speechless.
Roli pour the milk in the glass & foward her hands towards Siddhant.
Siddhant: Hey, what are you doing. Dont pour the milk in my laptop.
Roli: Maaji said we need to drink this milk.
Siddhant: took the milk & drink it completely.
Roli: You have not kept for me.
Siddhant: It was for both of us. I was not knowing. Sorry. I am fed up with these procedure. Why we
need to drink milk from same glass. Wont they have another glass to give for you. Ok anyway. Go &
Roli was wondering what to talk to him further.
Also Roli noticed that he not even looked at her properly while Roli was wearing the blue color saree
which was his favorite color.
Roli remembered what Sujatha said to adjust with him.
Roli went near the bed and lean towards the pillow and was starring Siddhant from there.
Siddhant was very busy and not even lift his face.
Roli started sleeping in few minutes.
After so many hours almost by early morning, Siddhant finally shut down the laptop and lift his face.
Roli was sleeping like a bunch of flower in the bed.
Siddhant was mesmerized by her beauty.
Still Siddhant managed to think, She is not looking bad. Anyway what bothers me whether she looks
good or not.

In few minutes Siddhant slept sitting in the sofa itself.

Roli got up in few minutes to see the sleeping Siddhant.
Roli was thinking, why he is sleeping in sofa in sitting position. Wont he get back pain & neck pain. Shall
I wake up him to sleep in the bed.
Roli forward her hands towards him.
Then she was thinking, no i am not aware how he take if i wake him up. Let him sleep as he wish.
Roli forward her steps towards the room door.
After few steps, roli again turned towards Siddhant and admired him for few minutes.
Roli face turned pink and smiled...

Part 7

Siddhant got his sleep disturbed when roli was looking at him & opened his eyes.
Roli got shyness & rushed outside the room.
Siddhant was surprised to see the shyness which he never seen in american girls.
Siddhant was not getting sleep & he went near the window.
Siddhant saw roli walking in the ground floor while sujatha met her on the way.
Sujatha: roli I am happy to see your smiling face. Was siddhant behaved properly with you.
Roli: yes maaji why are you asking like this.
Sujatha: what is there in hiding with you. He was not ready to marry as he is used to US culture & not
having belief in these like arranged marriage. We only compelled him as we thought you will be his
correct partner. But I was afraid if he hurts you.
Roli: maaji don't worry. He does not hurt me & he very much love me.
Sujatha: roli I am very happy to hear this.

Roli smiled & went to take bath.

Siddhant who was hearing all these was surprised.

He was wondering why roli told lie that he loves her.
Roli came back to his room while siddhant sat with iPad.
Roli went near mirror & started combing her long hair.
Siddhant: roli why you told lie to my mom.
Roli: what did I say?
Siddhant: I heard what you both were talking before sometime. You were telling her that I love you.
Roli: yes I told lie. But it was for good only. If I don't tell like that , they starts worrying. Moreover the
happening between us should be between our room walls. I don't want to tell anyone what is between us.
Roli by now made her plait.
She then put the sindoor on her forehead.
Roli gave the towel to siddhant.
Roli: please take bath & come to have breakfast.
Telling this roli went away from the room.
Siddhant was surprised seeing her.
Part 8

Siddhant was passing his time inside his room with his laptop.
Roli was spending with her family members as she will leave to US and miss everyone.
That day night roli came to his room & locked the room.
Roli saw siddhant was just shutting down the laptop as he was feeling tired.

He kept his laptop aside & looked at roli.

Roli took the blanket & pillow to lay down on the floor.
Roli: you please sleep in the bed as you have not slept properly last night and was sleeping in the sofa in
the sitting position. I will sleep in the floor
Siddhant: oh but how can you sleep in the floor. Won't you feel body pain.
Roli was happy that he cares for her.
Roli: its OK. We are used to sleep on the floor. I will manage.
Roli lay down to sleep on the floor.
Siddhant lay down in the bed and slept.
In the midnight when siddhant got his sleep disturbed, he turned to see roli.
Roli was sleeping beautifully.
Siddhant eyes for the first time looked at her.
Her beautiful face, sindoor on her forehead, nose ring, jhumki, beautiful neck, few gold chains & mangal
sutra, bangles on her hands, blue saree covering her beautiful structured body, anklet in the legs,
mehandi was there in her hands & legs which was put for their marriage.
Siddhant was thinking she is not a bad choice for him.
Siddhant got a smile on his face.
When the wind blow into the room through the window, her saree was little moved & showed her beautiful
Siddhant tried to turn his face, but was unable to.
He got up from his bed & went near her.
He took the blanket and put it over her while roli got awake.
Roli was surprised to see siddhant near her.
Siddhant: I just came to put blanket on you.
Roli blushed.

Siddhant: nothing else

Roli: hmmm
Siddhant went back to his bed and closed his eyes.
Siddhant was getting Roli's image in his eyes.
Roli too was disturbed by the close look of siddhant.

Part 9

Siddhant was near the window looking ground floor where ROli was talking to Sujatha, Nirmala & Gauri
casually with a smile.
Rajender entered Siddhant room and went near him.
He noticed Siddhant looking at Roli from there and smiled.
Rajender adjusted his voice to inform his presence.
Siddhant turned towards Rajender with a blush.
Rajender: Siddhant, it seem to be like Roli may not get the visa now. You do one thing, you leave Roli
here & go. Later you can come somewhere next year to take her back with you. Let her be with us.
Siddhant: What dad what are you talking? Why she wont get visa?
Rajender smiled.
Rajender: Siddhant dont worry. I was just kidding. Your wife got visa. You can take her with you. I am
just searching for my son who was not ready for this marriage only.
Siddhant blushed.
Rajender left the room with a smile.
Rajender went to Sujatha & called her.
Sujatha: What happend?
Rajender: Roli got visa.

Sujatha: Is it. I am very happy. But I worry how Siddhant will behave with her. He was not at all
interested to marry her. But Roli said he is ok with her. Still I am afraid he should behave properly in US
as they both will be alone.
Rajender: Those days gone. I can see love in Siddhant eyes for Roli. Just look there in his room's
Sujatha looked at the window to see Siddhant standing & looking at ROli who is down.
Rajender: I am sure he will keep Roli happy.
Sujatha & Rajender were very happy.
After spending a week time in the village now the time has come for Siddhant to go back to US with Roli.
Roli packed her clothes in the big bag given by Sujatha.
Sujatha: ROli, you are intelligent enough. There is nothing much for me to tell you. But still take care of
him. He was away since long. It may take some time to change his attitudes & behaviour. It is all in your
Roli: Maaji, dont worry about him. I will take care.
Sujatha hug Roli and kissed on her forehead.
Gauri & Nirmala eyes were filled with tears.
Roli was never away from them.
Roli took their blessings.
Roli waved bye to all other relatives & friends.
Roli is now ready to go to US.
Siddhant was also ready with his bag and came down.
Siddhant was shocked to see Roli in Saree.
Siddhant: What Mom? Is she going to come with me in this Saree?
Sujatha: Siddhant. What is wrong in it? Even I wear saree. This is our cultural dress.
Siddhant: Mom you too. Its ok if I introduce someone that this is my mom in saree. But how can i
introduce someone this is my wife in this old fashion saree. it was okay in the village. But how can she
come to US in this saree.

Sujatha: Siddhant, she dont have any modern dress to wear here. We dont even get such clothes in this
village & she is also not used to it. Let her come like this. Later she is your wife in US. You buy
whatever you want for her.
Siddhant: Oh god..
Roli was bewildered...

Part 10

Roli was tensed.

Rajender arranged for taxi from near by town to reach Chennai.
Siddhant & Roli get inside the car to start their journey.
All waved bye to Siddhant & Roli with tear filled eyes.
Rajender & Sujatha was tensed by Siddhant behaviour again that Roli need to adjust with him. They
prayed to god to set right everything between them.
Nirmala was very happy that her Son & Daughter in law finally will stay with her. But also upset on being
away with her grandson & grandaughter.

Siddhant & Roli reached the airport.

Siddhant went to collect the boarding pass
Siddhant gave the bags.
Roli: Why you have given our bags to them.
Siddhant: Dont worry, we can collect our bags at destination.
Roli: Wont we need to carry with us like we do in the bus or train
Siddhant: No.
Roli: Then what if someone else take our bags.
Siddhant: No one will take our bag. our ticket number printed tag will be in that bag. We can recognise
with that & collect it in the destination.

Roli was surprised to see all these.

After check in they were waiting for the flight.
Roli was nervous to go in the flight for the 1st time.
Roli's face turned pale.
Siddhant noticed it.
Siddhant: What happend? Why are you tensed?
Roli: Nothing. This is the 1st time I am going to travel in the plane. Thats why.
Siddhant: Dont worry. I will take care.
Roli nod her head as acceptance.
The announcement came & Siddhant stood up to move.
Roli who did not notice that as she was looking in another side.
Siddhant too not noticed that ROli is left in the chair itself.
Siddhant went to get into the bus while he saw ROli missing with him.
Siddhant turned back to see Roli searching for him hear & there and was afraid.
Siddhant went back.
Siddhant: Please come. I am here only.
Roli got up & went behind him.
Siddhant & Roli get into the flight.
Roli was astonished seeing the big flight for the 1st time.
Roli sat near the window & Siddhant sat next to her.
Air hostess was guiding the passengers and Roli was unable to understand any of them.
Take off time & all fasten the seat belts.
Siddhant put his belt and turned towards ROli. Roli was wondering what to do.

Siddhant then helped Roli to put the seat belt.

Flight started moving in the runway & roli was thinking just like bus moving in the road.
When flight increased its speed, she got afraid.
Roli hold Siddhant hands tightly and closed her eyes.
Siddhant was feeling uneasy to look at his wife afraid to travel in the plane.
But still he hold her hands to support her to come out of fear.
Siddhant: Roli, just open your eyes & look. Just relax & enjoy the experience.
Roli slowly opened her eyes to see the flight flying in the air.
Roli realised that she is holding his hands.
Roli took her hands from Siddhant.
Siddhant & Roli was travelling towards their destination...
Siddhant & ROli landed in the Singapore airport to change the flight.
Siddhant: ROli, we need to change the flight now. Dont go away from me as it becomes difficult to go in
search of you.
Roli nod her head as acceptance.
Siddhant can see her tensed face looking at the new places & new people.
Siddhant: If you are afraid, you can hold my hands.
Roli looked at his face and down her eyes in shyness.
Siddhant understood that ROli is feeling shy to hold his hands.
While walking they started walking closer to each other.
Slowly their hands touch each others.
Siddhant forward his hands to intertwin with her hands
Roli blushed...

Siddhant & Roli got into the connection flight.

Siddhant himself helped her to put the seat belt.
While take off..
Siddhant: flight will take off now, dont get afraid.
Siddhant hold her hands.
Finally Siddhant & Roli reached their desitnaion...

Part 11
Siddhant & Roli reached their destination airport.
Roli was wondering to see the new places & new people.
When she was looking around, she saw maximum girls & ladies wearing jeans, shorts like modern clothes
unlike her.
Roli understood why Siddhant was feeling odd. But she was not used to these dresses also.
Siddhant collected their bags and catch the taxi to reach their city which was little far from the airport.
They reached their house after few hours of drive.
The house was looking very beautiful made of wood.
Siddhant opened the door of their house.
Roli kept her right leg & went inside as it is her first time entry to the house she is going to live.
Siddhant was feeling very much relaxed.
He put the bags in a side and sat in the bean bag.
Roli was wondering what it is in which he is sitting as she never seen a bean bag.
Siddhant: What are you looking at? Just relax & sit for some time.
Roli sat in another bean bag with fear.
Siddhant: Why are you tensed to just sit?
Roli: What is this in which we are sitting.
Siddhant: it is bean bag which we use to sit. Just sit & relax. Nothing is there to take tension.
Roli smiled.
Roli: The house is built on wood.
Siddhant: yes. Here the houses are build on wood only.
Roli was surprised to see all these.
Siddhant: Lets have the breakfast. I am feeling hungry.
Roli: Show me the kitchen; I will try to prepare something.
Siddhant: Don't worry, I have got the bread purchased in the airport. We will toast it & eat.
Siddhant took the bread loaf and went inside kitchen.
Roli went behind Siddhant.
Siddhant applied butter in the bread & kept in the bread toaster.
Siddhant toast the bread & kept those in 2 plates.

He gave one plate to ROli & took another for him.

Siddhant started eating bread with jam
Roli was not used to it. She started eating slowly.
Siddhant finished his food while Roli was still eating.
Siddhant: You seem to be slow eater. How long you will take to finish this. It will not taste good if it gets
Roli: Actually, I am eating this for 1 time. That's why.
Siddhant: What you never ate bread before? This is our regular food here.
Roli: I will practice slowly.
Roli completed her food.
Siddhant switched on his laptop and sat with that.
Roli came near him & sat beside him.
Roli: I am sorry.
Siddhant: Sorry for what?
Roli: I do understand why you were upset seeing me in saree while coming here as I saw everyone here
are wearing modern dresses. You might have felt bad to look me odd from others.
Siddhant: That is there. But it's ok. I do understand it is not your mistake. We will go for purchase by
evening & I will get you dresses.
Roli nod her head as acceptance & smiled.
Part 12

Siddhant was still with laptop while Roli was wondering what to do.
She slowly went around the house & saw the wardrobe to keep the clothes.
Roli opened the bags & arranged the clothes in the empty wardrobe.
Roli was wondering whether she can arrange Siddhant's dresses also. But she was afraid whether he will
get angry if she do.
Still she opened the next wardrobe which belongs to sid where she found the dresses kept messy.
Roli started folding the clothes properly and arranged it properly in the cupboard.
Also took out the dresses from his bag and arranged it well.
She was about to keep the last piece of dress when Siddhant from behind.
Siddhant: What are you doing in my cupboard?
Roli was shocked to hear his voice suddenly and put down the cloth which was in her hand in fear.
Siddhant looked at the well arranged shelves and was very happy.

Roli: Sorry to touch your cupboard without your permission. But i was feeling bored. So I started
arranging your clothes. I am sorry.
Siddhant: Hey relax. Its cool. You arranged it well.
Roli just got relaxed by his words.
Siddhant as well as ROli bend down to take the cloth from the floor while they hit their heads.
Siddhant; oh Sorry.
Siddhant went 2 steps away & Roli took the cloth and kept it in the cupboard and closed it.
Roli: Shall I cook for the lunch.
Siddhant: What will you cook? Lets see in the kitchen what is available first.
Siddhant went to kitchen followed by ROli.
Siddhant: You were already not able to eat the bread. So lets go for some rice. Rice is here in this one.
Then provision items are inside this. There is no vegetables available, so we need to manage with
Roli: Ok. I will prepare.
Siddhant went out of the kitchen.
Roli was looking around where to cook as she cannot see any gas stove present.
Roli was searching everywhere and after few minutes she went back to Siddhant.
ROli: Where is the gas stove?
Siddhant was shocked hearing this.
Siddhant: So you were searching for a stove till now.
Roli: Yes. I searched in the complete kitchen, but I am unable to locate it.
Siddhant: Come with me. I will show you.
Siddhant took her to kitchen & showed the electrical & induction gas stoves to her.
ROli: What are these?

Siddhant: Oh god. If you dont know what it is. How can you cook in it.
Roli: Sorry. We used to use fire wood for cooking & only recent days, we got gas stove. We are not
aware of all these.
Siddhant: Ok. Let me cook today & show you.
Roli: You know cooking?
Siddhant: Yes. I only cook myself if my mother is not well or when i go out somewhere.
Siddhant started cooking and showed her how to use it.
ROli was looking at everything with a surprise.
Siddhant finished cooking.
Siddhant & ROli had lunch.
ROli was thinking, your cooking is not too bad.
Roli smiled.
Siddhant; Why are you smiling now? dont you like my cooking.
ROli: I smiled because it is tasting good.
Siddhant too smiled.
Roli & Siddhant completed their lunch.
Siddhant: Lets take some rest. We will go for shopping by evening.
Roli: I will complete cleaning the vessels.
Siddhant: No need for you to wash the vessels.
Roli: Then whether servent will come to do that.
Siddhant: No. Machine will do.
Roli: Machine will wash Vessels.
Siddhant: yes.

Siddhant placed the vessels & plates in the dish washer & started the machine.
Siddhant: Now this machine will complete the task for you. Lets go & relax.
Roli was surprised to see machine washing vessels...
Part 13

Siddhant & Roli started from house for shopping.

Siddhant was driving very fast & Roli was getting afraid.
Roli face turned pale. Siddhant reduced the speed looking at Roli in fear.
After few minutes of driving they reached the mall for shopping.
Roli was astonished to look at the big mall with all the shops inside.
When Roli was getting into the mall, one of the Indian family friend met Siddhant with Roli.
Friend: Hi Siddhant. How are you. How are your parents. Its long time, we have not seen each other.
Who is this beautiful girl.
Siddhant: We all are fine. My parents went back to India to settle down there. This is my wife. Roli.
Friend: Wife. You have not even inform us that you are getting married.
Siddhant: it was sudden arrangement happend in our village thats why.
Friend: Your wife is looking very pretty. See how lengthy hair she has. Her beautiful face. Traditional
style of dressing. What ever you say, this beauty will not come in any other dress.
Siddhant smiled.
Friend after talking & admiring Roli for sometime left the place.
Siddhant took ROli to provisional store where they purchased the required provisional items, then went to
vegetable shop to purchase vegetable for a week.
Siddhant then took her to cloth store.
Siddhant selected nice Jeans & Tshirt for Roli.
Siddhant: Take this & go to trial room. Check whether it is fitting correctly.

Roli: Trial room?

Siddhant: Yes. It is the place where we can change the dress & see whether the size of dress is fitting
Roli took the dress & went to trial room.
Dress was fitting correctly for her.
Roli changed back to her dress & came out.
Siddhant: What happend did you tried it.
Roli: Yes I tried it. It is correct in size.
Siddhant: Ok.
Siddhant selected few more set of dresses for her in the same size.
Roli was wondering how to wear these dresses & come in front of all.
They had dinner there itself and returned home.
Roli went to kitchen to set the purchased items.
After few minutes came out & went to their room to set the clothes in the wardrobe.
Siddhant by now was sitting in the bed & reading some book.
Roli took a pillow & blanket to sleep in the floor.
Siddhant: Roli what are you doing
Roli: Arranging my blanket to sleep in the floor.
Siddhant, here you cant sleep in the floor and all. Come & sleep in the bed.
Roli: Its ok. I will sleep here
Siddhant: Why cant you do what I tell you.
Roli got afraid & took the pillow again & went near bed to sleep.
Siddhant moved to one side of the bed & gave place to Roli to sleep in the other side.

Siddhant started sleeping in few minutes while Roli was not getting sleep.
Roli turned towards Siddhant & starring at him.
Roli was rewinding the memories since she started from home with Siddhant.
Roli was blushing thinking how she hold his hands in the flight, then how Siddhant hold her hands while
walking, then how he prepared food for them..
Roli was thinking, you are my very sweet, cute husband.,, and smiled.
Siddhant got awake when ROli was smiling at him.
Siddhant: What happend?
ROli: Nothing
Siddhant: are you not getting sleep?
Roli: Yes may be being new place.
Siddhant: By the way why you were smiling looking at me.
Roli: nothing.
Siddhant: You will smile for nothing.
Roli blushed.
Roli turned against him in shyness.
Siddhant was mesmerised by her pinky cheeks..
Part 14

Siddhant informed for additional holidays as he knows Roli cant handle alone at home till she gets used
to all the new things.
Siddhant slowly taught her how to use these modern equipments like electrical gas stove, mixer, toaster
etc so that she can handle her cooking by herself.

Roli was cooking in the kitchen while Siddhant went to check his mails in the laptop.

Suddenly fire alarm started ringing.

Siddhant rushed towards kitchen to see smoke created by frying papad have made fire alarm ring.
Siddhant switched on the exhaust fan immediately and managed to reduce the smoke.
Roli got panic while fire engine reached their house.
Siddhant explain them why the alarm rang and managed to send them back.
Roli started crying.
Siddhant: ROli dont cry.
Roli: Sorry I did the mistake.
Siddhant: Its ok. Just take care in future.
Siddhant console her & made her smile.
Roli was cooking very tasty.
Siddhant like it very much.
Siddhant: Roli you are cooking very tasty. I never had such tasty dish ever.
Roli smiled.
Roli learned all those in couple of days and started handling herself.
Siddhant started admiring her intelligence in learning things very fast & getting aquinted with new things
Roli looking at SIddhant when he was not aware & Siddhant looking at ROli when she did not notice has
become their regular.
Roli was organising the house very well. She changed the settings of furniture, decorative item inside the
house which was looking beautiful.
In a week time the house itself was completely set like new house.
Siddhant admired her talent.

Siddhant: ROli lets go out today & purchase the vegetables & other required items. I need to join office
tomorrow and cant go anywhere till this weekend holidays.
Roli: Ok.
Siddhant & Roli started to go towards vegetable shop.
They were now in little friendly terms like smiling at each other. Talking in general terms. Now they are
little comfortable with each other than the previous trip.
They reached the shop and purchased the required vegetables and other few provisional items.
While returning Roli came near escalator thinking of something and was about to fall down while getting
into it.
Siddhant stop her from falling holding her hips.

Roli got shyness by his touch and her face turned pink.
Siddhant realised that he is holding her hips and took his hands back slowly.
Siddhant: Roli where are you lost while getting into escalator. What if you fall down.
Roli: Sorry, I was just revising in my mind whether all required items brought and stepped into this.
Siddhant & Roli returned home.

Siddhant started going to office.

Siddhant in the office was remembering Roli a lot.
Siddhant himself was not understanding how he got attracted towards Roli.
Still Siddhant was not ready to reveal it to ROli yet.
But he managed to finish his works at the earliest & rushed towards home.

Roli at home wait for him the whole day doing the household works and spending each & every minute
with difficulty. Her eyes was searching for him looking at the doorsteps till he reach home.

After coming home, Siddhant started teaching Roli the american habits like table manners, greeting style,
sitting style, walking style slowly.
Roli started learning all those with help of Siddhant...

Part 15

The weekend holiday.

Siddhant: roli we will go out today. Get ready.
Roli: really.
Roli was excited.
Roli got ready in her saree in few minutes.
Siddhant: I wish you wear that jeans & t-shirts.
Roli was not interested to deny.

Roli took the dress & went to change.

Roli changed the dress & looked in the mirror.
Roli was feeling shy.
Siddhant: come quick we are getting late.
Roli slowly came out.
Siddhant was speechless.
Roli blushed.
Siddhant: roli you will come with plait hair, jewellery with this dress.
Roli: then?
Siddhant: wait I will help you.
Siddhant told her to remove the plait & keep the hair open with a small clip holding a bunch of hair alone.
Then he selected simple jewellery to suit the dress.
Siddhant: now perfect
Roli blushed.
Siddhant planned to go to near by city through train.
Siddhant & roli were waiting in the station.
Siddhant: roli here train has automatic doors which will close in a minute. So we need get in very quick.
Roli followed as he said & they event to next city through train.
They did had quite good time in that city with some entertainment shows & others stuffs.
They were waiting in the station to return.

Siddhant got a phone call & he moved towards the opposite direction train platform.
Roli thought there only the train comes for them.
Train came & roli got inside.
Door closed & train started.
Roli found siddhant left in the platform.
Part 16

Roli was tensed.

Siddhant who was talking in the phone did not notice roli got into the train.
Train on the other side too came & siddhant entered into it.
Roli was trying his number. But the line busy.
After few minutes when siddhant completed his call..
He turned to look at roli who was missing.
Siddhant got tensed & called roli.
Roli took call & started crying.
Siddhant: where are you roli?
Roli: I am in the train.
Siddhant: but you are not in the train. Which place you reached.
Roli: I don't know.
Siddhant: ask someone
Roli: what can I ask.
Siddhant: OK give the phone to someone there.
Roli gave the phone to the person who was there.

Siddhant: hello sir can you tell me which station the train is going towards?
Person told the place & returned the phone to roli.
Siddhant: roli just get down in the coming station & stay there till I come.
Roli got down in the next station and was waiting for siddhant with tear filled eyes.
Siddhant got down in the next station & catched the opposite direction train.
Siddhant reached the station where roli was waiting and started searching for her.
After few minutes of search, siddhant found roli.
Siddhant: roli...
Roli lift her face to see siddhant and rushed towards him.
Roli hug siddhant tightly & started crying.
Siddhant was surprised on the first hug.
Siddhant too forward his hands slowly to hug her.
After few minutes..
Siddhant: roli don't worry. I have come. I am sorry.
Roli realised she is hugging siddhant & moved away from him.
Roli blushed.

Part 17

Siddhant & roli reached home catching the right train.

Siddhant: roli I am sorry. I was in the phone & missed to see you catches the wrong train.
Roli: I only did the mistake, I did not wait for your instruction & went inside the train. I am sorry.
Siddhant smiled.

They were in the bed thinking on the first hug that just happened that day.
Both turned towards each other.
Roli blushed while siddhant smiled.
Siddhant decided to prepare her more to reside in that unknown place.
Siddhant started teaching her talking with others,
He explained how to handle such situations.
Siddhant started teaching using laptops also.
Roli was learning everything with interest.
Siddhant took her to shopping mall & told her to make purchases on her own.
Siddhant asked her how to go to their house from any area & made sure that she is understanding the
He taught her how she can use maps to locate the places.
Roli was getting moulded by siddhant to live there.
Still they maintained the distance between them.
Roli due to shyness & also wanted siddhant to accept her with love.
Siddhant was hesitant to reveal his love for her.
Siddhant started teaching driving the car also.
Roli wrote the exam & secured the licence too.
The days were passing.
They talk to their family members in the weekends.
Also go out for shopping & entertainment in the weekends.
On such one weekend siddhant friends called for a party.
Siddhant took roli in jeans & T-shirt to join the party...

Part 18

Siddhant took roli to the party.

Roli was new to such parties.
Roli saw boys & girls dancing together.
Siddhant friends insisted him to dance.
Roli denied to dance.
Another girl from the party invited siddhant to dance with her.
Siddhant joined her hands & started dancing.
Roli was feeling jealous seeing siddhant dancing close with some one that too in front of her.
Roli was not able to take this.
Also girl was wearing a dress which was showing her sexy too.
Roli was unable to see that girl moving close to siddhant.
One of the siddhant friend was flirting at roli.
As she was sitting also, he called her to join him in the dance.
Roli due to jealousy decided to dance with him and see siddhant reaction.
Roli forward her hands to that friend.
When that friend tried to forward his hands to hold her, siddhant noticed it.
Siddhant left that girl & rushed towards roli.
That friend moved from there seeing siddhant.
Siddhant: what are you trying to do
Roli: he called to dance. So
Siddhant: so will you to dance with him

Roli: you were also dancing with that girl.

Siddhant: it is common here to dance like this together that's why.
Roli: if it is common for you to dance with a girl then why can't I
Siddhant: no I can't see you dancing with someone
Roli: when I can see you dancing then why not you
Siddhant: because you are my wife
Roli: then how can I see my husband dancing with other girl.
Roli eyes got wet.
Siddhant: I am sorry. Till date I was thinking I have grown as us citizen. But today its proved that I am
Indian by heart.
Roli was happy to hear this.
Siddhant promised to roli that he will not attend such parties.
Part 19

Siddhant birthday.
Roli got up early & prepared his favorite dishes.
Roli was waiting for siddhant to open his eyes to wish him
Siddhant got up.
Roli: happy birthday.
Siddhant was very happy to hear 1st wishes from roli.
Roli told siddhant to take bath so that they can go to the temple.
Roli gave the new dress to siddhant which she purchased for him going alone to the shopping without
telling him.
Siddhant was surprised.

Roli & siddhant went to temple.

Siddhant : roli I am very happy today.
Roli smiled.
They returned home.
Roli served his favorite dishes.
Siddhant: roli how you know all these are my favorite.
Roli: I know since childhood what all your favorite. As blue color is your favourite my cupboards were full
of blue color dresses in different shades. You can even check now. Today also I am wearing blue only.
Siddhant was surprised.
Siddhant had food.
Roli put the sweet in his plate.
Siddhant remembered giving sweet to roli on wedding.
He took the sweet and forward his hands to feed her.
Roli was very happy.
Roli eat that.
Siddhant ate the balance piece after her bite himself.
Roli was surprised.
Siddhant went to office.
In the evening roli ordered for the cake.
She decorated the house with candles, balloons etc..
Siddhant was surprised on return.
Roli switched off the lights and lit all the candles.
The room was looking beautiful.

Roli told siddhant to cut the cake.

Siddhant cut the cake & gave the piece of cake to roli.
Roli tried to cut another piece to feed him as he won't prefer to eat what she had.
But siddhant ate that balance piece of cake.
Roli was looking at him with a surprise.
Siddhant saw cream of the cake was in roli lips.
Siddhant hold roli's shoulder.
Pulled her towards him.
Siddhant went near her face.
Close to her lips to taste the cream left on her lips.
Roli was pleasantly shocked.
Siddhant hug her tightly & continued the kiss for some time.
After few minutes...
Siddhant hold her face and looked into her eyes.
Siddhant: roli I love you..
Roli: I love you too...
Rosid had eye lock for sometime.
Siddhant kissed on her forehead, then eyes, then nose, then cheeks..
Siddhant moved towards her lips in love...

Part 20

Roli blushed.

Roli slightly pushed sid and moved from there.

Siddhant followed her with a smile.
Roli went near the mirror and blushed seeing Siddhant behind her in the mirror.
Roli: Do you love me?
Siddhant: Yes. I do. I do love you.
Roli: But Maaji said you were not interested in this marriage & married me only because of their
Siddhant: That was true. I did denied to marry as I was not interested in arranged marriage at all. I have
grown seeing the love marriage culture here. So I too thought of marrying a girl loving her a lot. But I
was shocked when they directly arranged for a marriage.
Roli: Then how come you started loving me.
Siddhant: I started loving you on our marriage day when I saw you sleeping like a bunch of flower. but
did not reveal it to you.
Roli: You did not reveal these many days, then what made you to tell me today.
Siddhant: What can I do when my beautiful Roli pulled me towards her in such a way that I was unable to
pretend anymore.
Roli: You know I am loving you since childhood. I have been in your thoughts even after you left the
village and came here. I have been waiting for you all these days. But when Maaji said you were not at
all interested in the marriage. I was broken.
Siddhant: Sorry. I did hurt you a lot all these days.
Roli: Its ok. But I understood that you love me seeing your care towards me.
ROSID smiled.
Siddhant: Roli, shall I ask you onething.
Roli: You dont need any permission to talk with me.
Siddhant: Shall we love each other for some days, then we will start our married life
Roli: I have been waiting for you for so many years even without seeing you, I will feel happy to be with
you in love.

Roli blushed.
Siddhant: Thank you so much.
Siddhant & Roli decided to stay as lovers for few more days...

Part 21

Siddhant & Roli were very much excited.

ROSID did confessed their love mutually.
ROSID just experienced their first touch, first hug in love & first kiss.
Both were unable to believe what has happend in just few minutes which was not expected earlier by
both of them.
They had sleepless night with those sweet memories.
Next day morning,
Roli wake up & went near Siddhant ears.
Roli: Good morning.
Roli tried to move away while Sid hold her hands.
Roli: You were awake
Sid: Roli where i slept to wake up.
Roli smiled.
Roli: leave my hands & let me go.
Sid: where are you trying to go just by telling good morning.
Roli: Then!
Sid: With Good morning greetings, also make the morning good.
Sid wink his eyes and smiled.

ROli blushed.
Roli went near his cheeks and gave a sweet kiss on his cheeks.
Before SIddhant realise what she did, Roli rushed out from there.
Siddhant smiled.

Roli took bath & was combing her hair.

Siddhant was admiring her beauty & her long hair.
Siddhant went near her.
Siddhant: ROli you are looking very beautiful
Roli blushed.
Siddhant caresses her long hair.
Siddhant: How beautiful your hair is & its fragrance.
Siddhant is admiring Roli in words for the 1st time.

Roli made the plait & went to kitchen to start cooking.

Siddhant went behind her.
Roli was cutting the vegetables, while Siddhant sat in front of her & starring at her.
Roli face turned pink.
Roli: How can i do the work if you look at me like this.
Siddhant: I have not disturbed you from working. You do your work. I am doing my work.
ROli: you are not disturbing, but your eyes are disturbing me.
Siddhant: Roli, for you only my eyes are disturbing you, but you are disturbing me on the whole Neither I
am able to be awake nor sleep. Feeling like admiring you.

Roli: From where poet has come suddenly inside my husband.

Siddhant: What to do? I have become poet since I got your cute good morning.
Roli blushed while Siddhant smiled.

Part 22

Roli was busy in the kitchen work

Both of her hands were busy & oily.
Roli's small bunch of hair was disturbing her coming to her face.
She was trying to move it from her face, but she was unable to.
Siddhant slowly went near her.
Siddhant hold that bunch of hair
Siddhant: Oh how dare you. I am sitting this much far from ROli as she ordered not to disturb her
whereas you got guts to go too close to her face & disturbing her.
Siddhant moved it away from her face and clip it.
Roli started laughing by Sid's action.
Siddhant too smiled.
Siddhant: Roli, wont i have the rights which the hair has.
Roli: Of course. You has. But only after I finish all the works.
Roli smiled & continued her work.
Siddhant kept his face as looking upset and pretend to be angry.
Roli hit gently on Siddhant by her shoulders.

Roli: What happend to my husband. He seems to be angry with his wife.

Siddhant: Then what his wife is not showing any mercy on him.
Roli: Oh then his wife seems to be very arrogant & merciless.
Siddhant: Not exactly.
ROli: Then how she is
Siddhant: She is very beautiful
Roli: Then
Siddhant::She is very naughty
Roli: Naughty! Why?
Siddhant: Because She kissed him, but not allowing him.
ROli: It shows she dont wait for his permission whereas he is waiting for her permission.
Roli blushed.
Siddhant understood what she tried to say.
Siddhant went more near her.
Siddhant back hug her tightly.
Siddhant moved towards her...

Part 23
Siddhant returned from office while Roli was busy in the laptop trying to do something in that.
Looking Siddhant return home, she prepared tea for him and after he had tea..
Roli: Please help me to do this in the laptop. I am trying since long, but not getting it properly.
ROli showed the file & asked him doubt.

Siddhant: Roli, your husband has come all the way from office working in the laptop the whole day.
Instead of trying to cheer him up, you are asking doubt in the laptop. what is this.
Roli smiled.
Roli: But you are very much fond of working in laptop. I still remember, you were working in the laptop
the whole night on our marriage day.
Siddhant: Oh roli, you know I was working in the laptop before looking at you. But after seeing you,
where you let me to concentrate on the laptop. My eyes were around you only.
ROli blushed.
Siddhant: So now.
Roli: So now!
Siddhant: Like a good girl
ROli: Like a good girl!
Siddhant: Give me good evening kiss like good morning kiss to make the evening the best.
Roli:(in a requesting & pleasing tone): Please tell me. You are my dear right...
Siddhant: Hmmm. Ok When my queen request me so much, i dont have any other option.
Siddhant taught her how to do that.
Roli did it & completed the work.
Roli: Yes. I did it. I am very happy.
Roli went near Siddhant.
She moved close to his face.
Roli kissed on his cheeks.
Siddhant: Oh Roli, Morning is meant to work & kiss in the cheeks is ok. But evening is for romance,
where you cant escape with a kiss on the cheeks.
Roli moved towads his lips.

Roli kissed on his lips...

After few minutes.
Roli tried to move away while Siddhant hold her and pulled again towards him.
Siddhant: Good Evening kiss is ok. What about teaching you in the laptop? Its not for free.
Roli kissed him in both of his cheeks.
Roli hide herself on his shoulders and hug him.
Siddhant forward his hands to hug her too & smiled..

Part 24
Siddhant & Roli called their village to talk to their family members.
It was in speaker mode at both end.
Roli: How are you all? We miss you.
Nirmala: We all are fine. We all too miss you both.
Roli: How is your health now. Are you taking medications properly.
Nirmala: Nothing for me. I am very fine. All are here for me to take care.
Sujatha: Roli, dont worry, we are taking care of her. Then how is Siddhant.
Siddhant: We are fine Mom.
After few minutes of conversations.
Nirmala: Roli any good news for us?
Roli blushed.
She was unable to understand what to tell her.
Siddhant who was not understanding what she is asking about.

Siddhant: Grand ma, what good news you are asking for?
Everyone smiled on Siddhant question.
Nirmala: Siddhant, ROli will understand what we are telling about.
Siddhant: When roli can understand, why not I. Tell me what you are telling.
Sujatha: Roli are you there.
Roli understood Sujatha is asking her.
Roli: Yes Maaji. Right now nothing.
Siddhant: Roli, what are they asking & what are you telling?
Sujatha: Siddhant, ROli will tell you later. What we are asking about?
Nirmala: ROli, Siddhant & you were there in Sujatha & Gauri hand during their wedding anniversary.
Dont keep us wait for very long..
Roli: Ok..
Roli wrapped up the phone call.

Roli tried to move fromt here while Siddhant hold her hands.
Siddhant: Roli, where are you going without telling me what they said & what you replied.
Roli: What can I tell you.
Roli blushed.
Siddhant: They said you will tell me. You are telling how can you tell me. What is happening.
Roli went near his ears & in a low voice.
ROli: They are asking for the good news of our baby.
Siddhant now related what they were talking about.

Siddhant looked into her eyes.

Roli face turned pink and hide herself on his chest.
Siddhant: oh that was the discussion.
Roli: Hmmm
Siddhant: Roli, do you like the little distance maintained by us between love & marriage life. I feel if we
wait & get something. It will be felt precious.
Roli: Yes I do like & enjoy this. I am ready to wait.
Siddhant smiled & hug her tightly..

Part 25

Roli birthday.
Roli was waiting to see what siddhant do on her birthday.
Siddhant just got up as regular, got rea