November 10, 2014

Primera Management


Hendry County Board of Commissioners & Residents


Response to the Recent Media Coverage & Animal Rights Activities

Primera is currently a target of animal rights extremist groups. These groups have been known
to harass employees of organizations such as ours as well as other companies related to the
transportation, brokering, supply or any other related activity with regards to animals used in
biomedical research. Such groups have the potential to commit illegal acts such as trespassing,
property damage, disrupting business operations, making false & disparaging statements,
illegally obtaining confidential information to disclose to the public and invading the privacy of
our neighbors, employees and their families. For these reasons, Primera must protect the
privacy and security of the respective parties.
Primera has assembled a team of recognized industry experts, including nonhuman primate
veterinarians, geneticists, animal welfare and breeding/housing specialists, who have taken into
consideration the variables (whether by acts of nature or human error) and consequently
designed an innovative facility with a program designed for the safety of humans, animals and
the environment.
Primera is committed to improving the quality of human and animal life. Our focus is aligned
with   the   principles   of   the   3R’s   (Replacement,   Reduction   and   Refinement)   in   our   unwavering  
commitment to refining the nonhuman primate research model and reducing the number of
animals used in biomedical research.
Hendry County, FL is ideally situated in a subtropical climate which is conducive to agricultural
operations & animal welfare, ground/air transportation accessibility and the local community's
appreciation for animals and their use. We stand by our commitment to create jobs and use the
local community's offerings to promote economic development. Over the past several years,
Primera has delivered on our commitment to utilize local businesses and resources towards the
development of the facility.
Primera’s business function falls under the agriculture zoning that is required by Hendry County
for such activities. Primera has fulfilled all the necessary environmental impact and survey
requirements to obtain permitting. The waste management and water supply systems have
been reviewed and permitted by the appropriate regulatory agencies.
The distorted and unsubstantiated media coverage is designed to misguide the public and
convey an agenda-driven story. It is propaganda which is based on various unfounded
statements, unrelated background, and false accusations. For example, Primera will not be
importing 3,200 nonhuman primates from Biodia, Africa or anywhere else, as false media

reports repeatedly claim. We request consideration from the general public to research and
educate themselves as opposed to accepting the false claims made by the media.
The concerns about the origin of primates from the island of Mauritius also brought forth the
erroneous topic of the potential of the ebola virus being imported into Hendry County. This
concern is unfounded as the ebola virus being discussed is not found in Mauritius, but rather
thousands of ocean miles away in central regions of Africa. The United States Fish and Wildlife
and Center for Disease Control (CDC) enforce strict regulations on the importation of nonhuman
primates and require the quarantine of such imports. Importers must satisfy rigorous federal
testing and oversight requirements which have long been established. The USDA Animal and
Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) also enforces strict regulations and oversight
governing the care and welfare of these nonhuman primates, as established by the federal
Animal Welfare Act. These governmental agencies regularly audit the facilities as per their
respective protocols.
The unbalanced and shock-value style of reporting portrayed in the media by various animal
rights extremist groups reflects a prejudicial and biased image of Primera and the biomedical
research community.
We want to assure Hendry County residents that Primera is in full compliance with the rules,
guidelines and laws at the local, state and federal levels. Primera is committed to meeting the
highest standards with the utmost respect for the safety and preservation of the surrounding
environment and its residents.
Primera Management