Cubic Player Frequently Asked Questions and Questions that will be Asked ---------------------------------NOTICE!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS WITH CP, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE HUGE DOCUMENTATION CP.DOC BEFORE (!!!) SENDING US AN EMAIL!!! IF YOUR PROBLEM IS DEALT WITH IN THE DOC, WE WILL NOT REPLY TO YOUR MAIL!!! ?-> this archive of CP lacks the background pictures and anims cp used to come along with...? !-> that is to make the archive smaller. if you want background pics and anims, get hold of an older full version of cp (e.g. 1.4) and just copy this one over it. ?-> when I run cp, I get is missing. What can !-> get a hold on it. It many computer games. harddisk. a message saying that a file named "dos4gw.exe" I do? comes with earlier versions of cp (e.g. 1.4) and You probably already have it, just search your

?-> cp crashes... it worked in 0.96, but from 1.0 on cp keeps crashing when loading the first or second module... !-> yes, it's a bug... it is probably due to the vesa-overlay option of your mouse driver... disable it if possible. also try loding your mouse driver as in your autoexec.bat, and not as mouse.sys in your config.sys ?-> cp sounds awful when i turn on echos or intepolation! !-> buy a better computer... no! but this is too much for your cpu... :( (at least the way i do it.. :). this often happens when DMA 0-3 is selected. if you can change the dma to 5-7, then do so, this really helps much! you can also turn down the output rate (-crXXXXX), the 32 channel output rate (-cqXXXXX), the stereo output or the 16bit output. ?-> cp runs out of memory although mem tells me I have enough! ("sound card initialisation failure" can sometimes be the same) !-> dos4gw doesn't use xms when ems is also available, change your memory configuration to either pure ems or pure xms or auto. ?-> how do I run cp under windows (c) 3.1? !-> use the cp.pif file, included in the archive. for further info on this, please check the documentation cp.doc. if it should not work then either, well... we can't help it. :( ?-> how do I play a CD-AUDIO track? !-> in the fileselector, select the driver letter of the cd drive which holds CD. then, select the desired track. for further info, please check out cp.doc. while playing press ctrl-return to stop playing and release lock. ?-> some modes are not displayed at all on my board!? !-> if you do not have an et4000-compatible board, you MUST load a vesa driver to enjoy all extended modes.

?-> some modes look weired or do not display correctly on my vga-board. !-> that is due to the improper implementation of vesa-standards. It is not our fault! (yeah!!) ?-> My GUS is mute!? !-> Start CP with -cg,t as a command line parameter, or change the irqs of the gus to below 8 ?-> How do I play old MODs? !-> In the Fileselector, enter "M15" as Filetype in the Module-description Window (on the bottom)