CDLABEL for Windows by Gene Toye 07/25/93 Introduction CDLABEL for Windows is a Windows 3.

1 application designed to print labels for CD jewel boxes. Two labels are printed, a 15 cm by 11.7 cm label for the back of the jewel box and a 12 cm by 12 cm label for the cover insert. System Requriements Windows 3.1 Printer with corresponding Windows driver (support for graphics and True Type required) VBRUN200.DLL (not included to reduce size of ZIP archive, commonly available) How to Use CDLABEL CDLABEL prints to the default printer configured within Windows. As CDLABEL uses the printer font metrics to display an accurate preview of the label, the printer must be configured when CDLABEL is executed. The CDLABEL window consists of five buttons across the top with a preview of the current label below. The five buttons are: Edit Label - displays dialog for editing text within label. Print Label - prints label. Half Scale or Full Scale - Toggle between full scale preview and half. scale preview. CDLABEL defaults to a half. scale preview on displays less than 600 pixels in height. About - Display CDLABEL about dialog. Exit - Exit CDLABEL. The Edit Label dialog has the following items: Clear All Fields button Spine Font button Spine Text field Copy Spine Text button Title Font button Title Text field Body Font button Title Text field - clears all text from the text input fields. - displays Font dialog for selection of spine text font. Default font is Arial 14 point. - single line text input field for back label spine text. - copies text from Spine Text field into Title Text field. - displays Font dialog for selection of title text font. Default font is Arial 36 point. - single line text input field for title text. - displays Font dialog for selection of title text font. Default font is Arial 14 point. - multiple line text input field for title text.

To create a label, press the Edit Label button. Enter the desired text and font combinations, then press Ok. The label will be previewed. Note that lines too long are truncated when printed, including the body. If such lines are noted, either insert a carriage return (if body text) or reduce the font size to fit. As the back label and the front label are formatted the

same, there will be a 1.4 cm right margin on the preview and the back label. This is due to the smaller size of the front label (12 cm versus 13.4 cm). When the label is ready, press the Print button. The upper label is for the back of the jewel box, behind the cd holder insert. Fold the two spine labels up at a right angle to to back of the label. Remove the insert from the jewel box and place the label in the cavity. Replace the cd holder. Place the lower label from the printout in the lid of the jewel box. Terms of Use CDLABEL for Windows is Copyright (C) 1993 by the author, Gene Toye. It is Freeware, meaning it may be used without payment to the author. It is not public domain and rights to it remain with the author. It may be freely uploaded to BBSes. Commercially distribution is permitted so long as no fee is charged for the software itself, only for the media and labor involved in said distribution. How to Contact the Author I welcome comments and bug reports. Since this is Freeware, I make no guarantees as to its usefulness or freedom from bugs. I wrote it primarilly to fulfill a personal need for a CD Label printer. Internet: America Online: GToye (don't expect quick turnaround here) Snail Mail: Gene Toye 1601 San Francisco Carrollton, TX 75007