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For me, archaeology has always been the path that led to cultural, personal and spiritual

enhancement and made people appreciate the importance of historical evidences into
understanding the past of their culture. The first time I saw what archaeology means was
when I watched a fascinating documentary about Egypts ten greatest discoveries. I started
then reading more and more about archaeological digs and the history of ancient
civilizations, like Egyptian, Mayan, Greek and Roman.
Last summer I had the opportunity to work on an archaeological site at Puleni Ciuc. Having
the chance to learn what an archaeological dig really is from American and Romanian
archaeologists and anthropologists gave me a complete view on the subject. There I had the
enormous satisfaction of discovering a complete human skeleton. Being the first ones to see
it in a long period of time made me realize how fascinating is to unearth artifacts, pieces of
pottery and bones and then study them closely, under the guidance of real archaeologists.
Throughout this activity I developed my leadership and coworker skills, I have learned how
to work with archaeological tools, how to sketch the plans on plotting paper and how to
take photographs on the field.
During summer vacations I visited archaeological sites in my country and in Italy that gave
me a wide historical and archaeological perspective. All these visits strengthened my desire
to becoming an archaeologist and anthropologist. Travelling all by myself gave my more
confidence in my organizational skills and taught me to be more independent and mature.
I am confident that I can study a course in English because I have been involved in some
activities that took part in English language and I have also been interacting with many
native speakers. I developed my English skills through school classes and activities like
G.L.O.W. Camp (Girls Leading Our World) and the English Summer Camp, both in 2010.
As a person willing to help the community I live in I have been volunteering at the
`Alexandra` Residential Centre that hosts care of disabled children. There I took care of
children from newborn up to 14 years old, feeding them, teaching and helping them with
homework and playing with them. I also activated at Onestin Youth Association, as a mentor
for 5th graders, as a radio moderator at our local broad station and newspaper editor in the
local newspaper called `25th Hour`. Being a volunteer has developed my interpersonal skills,
made me more patience and highlighted my ability to deal with unpredictable.
Devoting much time to history in general, I find many occasions to read books like `The story
of art` by E. H. Gombrich or `Chronicle of the Pharaohs` by Peter A. Clayton and to watch the
TV series `Time Team`. I find myself enjoying very much playing piano since I was a child or
drums, because it gives me strong feelings of freedom and expressiveness. In my leisure
time I like writing short stories or poetry, some of them being already published in the local
My determination and motivation made me choose a degree in this subject because I wish
turning my passion into a career in which I will use all my abilities learned and developed
through the activities mentioned. I am sure that my enthusiasm, hard work and intelligence
will put me in a good position for a successful university education.