SHOWME Version 2.2 Copyright 1990, Crown Software Corporation SHOWME is a utility for corporate PC managers and users.

It is designed to give a quick overview of the equipment installed on a machine without having to open the box, analyze the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files and otherwise spend lots of time trying to determine what's what. Of course, the results reported are only as good as the software loaded. Thus, SHOWME will not report a mouse unless a mouse driver is loaded, nor will it report EMS (expanded) memory if no driver is present. Questions may be directed to Steven Stern via Compuserve electronic mail at user id 70327,135. Since SHOWME puts out more than one screenful of information, the best way to run it is to either pipe to output to MORE or redirect it to the printer: 1. Pipe the output to MORE: SHOWME | MORE 2. Redirect the output to the printer: SHOWME > PRN Below is a sample of SHOWME's output and the source of the information displayed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Machine class identifier: PC-AT (from BIOS) DOS version 4.0 (from DOS) ROM-BIOS release date 01/15/88 (from BIOS) 640K bytes of DOS (conventional) memory installed. BIOS Equipment list: (mask = c461h) hard disk 0 16k blocks of additional memory 80x25 color display 2 diskette drive(s) installed 2 serial port(s) installed no serial printer 3 parallel port(s) attached A mouse is present Video Subsystems in this computer: VGA (PS/2 Color) CPU type is 80386. Math Coprocessor is none. No EXTENDED memory present. (from BIOS)

(from BIOS)

(check int 33h) (by examination and elimination) (by examination and elimination) (check int 15h)

EXPANDED memory is present, version 4.0, and the manager is active. (int 67h) EMS page frame located at E000h. 3648K bytes total expanded memory. 1024K bytes available.

Drive Information Drive ----A: B: C: D: E: G: H: I: J: Type -----1.2MB 1.44MB Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed

(from DOS) Local/Remote -----------Local Local Local Local Local Remote Remote Remote Remote Total Space (K) --------------32644 114644 1191 58592 58592 58592 39060 Free Space (K) -------------25460 84688 1191 70132 0 70132 0

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: If a device name is an alias for another device (like B: is an alias for A: in a one-floppy machine), the Type column will be marked with an asterisk. Acknowledgements: Thanks to Pat Shea (for the chip info code), the people from the IBM Hardware Forum on Compuserve, who provided many tips and code, and to the staff of Microsoft Online, who responded to the statment, "But there has to be a way!" Legal Stuff: This is FREE software. It may be freely distributed and used by individuals and corporations without charge. It may not, however, be sold or distributed for a price (other than user group diskette duplication and distribution fees.) At all times, the copyright and title for SHOWME remain with Crown Software Corporation, a subsidiary of JMB Realty Corporation, 900 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60611. This software is provided on an as-is basis. If you choose to use it, you do so at your own risk. Neither the author, Crown Software, nor JMB Realty Corporation offers any warranty or guarantee of any kind, nor do they (individually or together) accept any liability for any consequences of the use of this software. #