NAG-BUSTER version 1.

2, Copyright (c) 1992-1994 Erik Famm -------------------------------------------------------------------If you are uncertain of what some patches in NAG-BUSTER do, please read the information in this file. There will normally be a oneword hint of what all patches do in the DOS and Windows menus inside NAG-BUSTER. But they may be a bit inconclusive. If you do not see any difference in your program after running NAG-BUSTER, then try to find out if there is a way to register your program from within your program or from the command line. If there is, then it might just work after the patch has finished, since this may be what NAG-BUSTER fixed! Otherwise, take a look at the important hints below.

D O S - P R O G R A M S ----------------------------------------------------------------------CDS - Catalog Search 2.2: ----------------------------------------------------------------------The patch will make registering of CDS.EXE possible. An undocumented feature in CDS lets the user register by loading CDS.EXE with the parameter /REGISTER. Before running the patch in NAG-BUSTER, the program will not be registered. You will not see a message telling you that CDS.KEY is created. But if you run NAG-BUSTER's patch first, and then load CDS /REGISTER (and enter some dummy values of your choise), then CDS will be like the registered program. In case you try to load CDS after running NAG-BUSTER, and notice the "Please register" text on the statusline - don't be confused! There are no errors in the patch - I have removed the nag windows in CDS anyway - but left the text on the statusline, since it disappears when you run CDS /REGISTER! PCopy v.9.3 -----------------------------------------------------------------------Apparently the patch does nothing since you won't notice any differences when running PCopy after patching. But look again! Start PCOPY with the parameter /RE (for REgister) and insert any values in the fields PCOPY will then be like the registered edition! PSearch 5.2b -----------------------------------------------------------------------This program is written by the same people that wrote PCopy and has a similar inteface to the user. After the patch has been run, you must enter the Register-routine inside PSearch, but you are now able to enter whatever name and number you wish, thus emulating a registered PSearch. Thedraw 5.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------The asterisk in the DOS menu indicates that this 5.00 version is probably a non-existing version, meaning somebody has hacked

an earlier version. The program is supported by NAG-BUSTER, though. The Shez programs (versions 8.0, 8.9, 9.5, 9.6): ----------------------------------------------------------------------These programs will, after running NAG-BUSTER, also emulate the registered version. As you can see, the nag window is gone, the text "UNREGISTERED COPY" has changed to "REGISTERED COPY" and pressing # or / + M + D gives you the serial number. Exit and enter the configuration program SHEZCFG to change the text "REGISTERED COPY" to your name or whatever. Telix 3.21 programs: ----------------------------------------------------------------------The EXE= in parentheses indicates that I have seen two editions of 3.21 EXE-files with different filesizes. Since NAG-BUSTER uses the filesize to check for program validity, the filesize is used as a reference and must be exact. Hence, two different patches are written. The Blue Wave programs: -----------------------------------------------------------------------Almost as with the Shez programs: after running NAG-BUSTER, you must enter BWAVE.EXE and live through the nag and delay once more. You can enter your name and a dummyr serial code value (BWAVE will accept any value you enter now!) and BWAVE will behave like the registered program! FFF - File and Directory finder: ----------------------------------------------------------------------The configuration file FFFCFG.COM is patched, to let you enter the registration code, thus turning FFF into a registered program. VGA-COPY PRO 3.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------This program is strange itself, but the compression method is even more so. This program has been compressed with TINYPROG 3.8, but the byte pattern has been shifted forward slightly to confuse decompressors (such as COMPBUST.EXE). Then a bogus PKLITE header has been entered into the file to confuse decompressors even more. I've found out that the author of VGA-COPY PRO has written a program called PKTINY that does this trick. The code entered into the file by PKTINY modifies itself to be able to decompress the program to memory once loaded. Neat, but not too clever, though. NAG-BUSTER and COMPBUST can go around this trick by first patching the file, then decompress it and finally patch it again. Therefore, this patch would seem a bit strange at first, but it works OK. The author of VGACOPY has obiously put a lot of effort in trying to confuse compression reckognizers. I had to add another procedure to reckognize programs compressed this way, but c'est la vie! I suppose there will be a lot of this in the future... (If the author of VGA-Copy Pro reads this, I use this opportunity to point out the fact that computers first and foremost were invented to help us become more productive both in our jobs and in everyday life. With this in

mind, VGA-Copy Pro is a huge set-back in progress. Who wants (and needs) sampled yells when they exit a program and quiet schocking ding-dongs now and again along with the extensive graphic interface in DOS? And why on earth did you put so much effort into but a copy program anyway? There are hundreds of copy programs with similar features already on the market!)

W I N D O W S - P R O G R A M S: ------------------------------------------------------------------------Complete Works 1.6 (Lite): ------------------------------------------------------------------------NAG-BUSTER won't regain time used in Complete Works, it will only halt the time routine. So if you have used up all your time and Complete Works won't save messages or print - NAG-BUSTER will not change this. You have to start out with a fresh edition of COMPLETE.EXE. Copy it from you backup diskette and patch this edition - not the used one! IconMaster 1.2 c/d. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Both the slash in the version number and the asterisk in the Windows menu indicates that the author of IconMaster uses both c and d inside the program, so I'm not sure what he means... Paint Shop v.1.31 (by R. Voit) -----------------------------------------------------------------------The program name, version number and .EXE-filesize is identical to Paint Shop 1.31 by JASC, Inc., so one of them is probably a hacked edition of the other. I think you should go for the JASC-version. Unicom v.3.0d -----------------------------------------------------------------------The patch for this program fixes the two (actually three) intro screens + one of these which is shown on exit, too. In addition, the patch removes the apparent 15 minute online limit, plus a lot of text popping up in the header and on the status line begging you to order and pay (these messages seem to pop up randomly). Let me know if this patch isn't complete! #