May 1, 2008 The Oasis 1506 Lakshore Dr.

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Do u Fre g E. sh

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The Party of all Parties!!!

May 1, 2008 – The Oasis

May 1, 2008 – The Oasis

The “Soul in the City: Derby City” upscale social event will take place on May 1st of Derby Weekend at The Oasis which is located at 1506 Lakeshore Ct. Louisville, KY 40223. This event will kick off the Derby Weekend Celebration. “Soul in the city” will be hosted by the incomparable and greatest entertainer of all time Doug E. Fresh and will will also feature performances by national recording artist, MC Lyte. If this evening is just not enough, we will also feature one of Louisville’s finest DJ’s on the turntables to ensure that everyone has a memorable experience. Last but not least, we will feature Soul LinQ’s very own D Mawl. This event will begin at 9:00pm and will continue until 3:00am.

Doug E. Fresh

Dubbed the "World's Greatest Entertainer" for his unrivaled ability to rock a crowd, Harlem native Doug E. Fresh began his musical career at age13. The originator of the human beat box (vocally simulating the sound of drums and other musical instruments), he spawned an international hip-hop trend. Best known for the two-sided, multiplatinum hits "The Show" and "La Di Da Di," his groundbreaking successes and firsts, like being the first rapper to play Africa and the Caribbean, heralded the global popularity of hip-hop. On May 1st 2008, the world’s

MC Lyte
Reared in Brooklyn, New York, MC LYTE is keeping her finger on hip-hop’s pulse while also seriously pursuing an acting career. MC LYTE stared on UPN’s primetime hit sitcom “Half & Half” as “Ky” the record company President. Lyte also served as a recurring celebrity judge on CBS’s “STAR SEARCH” with Arsenio Hall. Lyte was also a familiar face on television with her recurring character “Lana” on the WB’s long running comedy, “For Your Love”. Lyte can also dish up the drama as evidenced in her roles on the crime dramas, CBS’ “The District” and FOX’S “New York Undercover” and “Get Real” series. Lyte’s television credits also include UPN’s “Platinum”, “In The House” and “Moesha”, Nickelodeon’s “Cousin Skeeter “and MTV’s “DNC”. On May 1st MC Lyte takes center stage.

D Mawl
Dee Muldrow aka "D. Mawl" was born Daniel Muldrow in Youngstown, OH. At age 5, D.Mawl’s parents took their young son and daughter to Cincinnati, OH where this member of the “Hip-Hop Generation” would be musically influenced by an era of positive, politically motivated artists like Marvin Gaye, Rakim, Nas, Talib Kweli, D'Angelo and artists who, like D.Mawl himself, consider themselves industry rebels with important causes. Known for his on-edge lyrics laced with folk sentiment, he is said to be a lyrical genius since adolescences while considering himself the common man's champion. In his upcoming album “The Lost 16”, D.Mawl shows this warrior-like spirit in songs like “Take you There, Use What You Got and Muzik Gone Wild.” Louisville’s own D Mawl will rock this star studded event.

The Oasis, 1506 Lakeshore Ct, Louisville, KY 40223

The Venue

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The Oasis is a 15,000 square foot rental entertainment venue that can house many types of entertainment.  With the ability to host in door as well as outdoor events, Oasis offers many amenities to the public.  Owned and operated by Louisville Entertainment, The Oasis is available to rent for a wide variety of reasons.   Venue Amenities -Industry Standard Live Music PA -Separate Sports Lounge -15,000 Square foot deck -4 sets of restrooms -4 Full Bars -On property parking -Full Kitchen -Guest Dressing Rooms with restroom/shower -Larger projection screen -9 TV’s located throughout venue -6’ high stage

Sponsorship Opportunities
• • • • $20K Corporate Sponsorship Buyout $7500 Title Sponsorship $5K Platinum Sponsorship $3K Gold Sponsorship

• For more info Contact Rob Johnson

What is “Soul in the City”

What is Soul in the City
Soul in the City is a social concept where we bring live music to the nightclub scene. Soul in the City Party series prides itself on catering to the upscale mature crowd with unlimited spending power! Soul in the City brings the element of class and live music to the Louisville active nightlife social scene.

• 21-40 yr old male and female • African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic • Middle class Urban Professional • Hip Hop enthusiasts • Routine party goers

Who is Soul LinQ

Soul LinQ Fact Sheet
• Who is Soul LinQ? Soul LinQ Produtions is an eclectic ensemble of artist, musicians, writers, producers, and consultants whose primary mission is to perfect musical events, ideas, and entertainment careers. Our company culture is defined by intense creativity, realism, and networking energy.   Soul LinQ Motto? Musically Link Through the Soul The Soul LinQ Niche: “We are family oriented people with business professional mindsets”- Anyone capable and willing to help join the “movement” we want them to believe, feel and know that they are a part of what we have. Many companies are dollar driven and have the “ATM” complex. Everything is about depositing and withdrawing money. Soul LinQ Productions deposits and withdraws love and passion for life impacting music for the Soul of its supporters. Soul LinQ wants to elevate the lives of others.

• •

Soul LinQ Fact Sheet (cont.)
• Artist / Consultant Line-up: • Adrianne Archie (Artist, Songwriter, Business Partner) • Carlis Phillips (CEO, Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Management, Graphic Art Direction) • Corlan Phillips (Producer, Songwriter) • Daniel “Dee” Muldrow (Artist, Songwriter, Business Partner) • Joel Goodwin (Musician, Producer, Songwriter) • Rob Johnson (Management, Business Partner) •   • Abilities: • Artist Development, Songwriting, Music Production, Graphic Art, Networking, Concert Planning, Live Production, Consultation.

For more Information
Contact us at: Rob Johnson, Event Contact 704-578-6328 for Contact Soul LinQ: PO Box 21566 Louisville, KY 40221 502.568.6130 – Business Line

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