Megafont Documentation v1.

00 OverView: Megafont is a program design for users to define their external 256 color VGA Fonts for THG Intro Maker v3.0. This program gives the user a chance to define a font from a picture he has drawn as letters for scrolling text. The largest font being a 50x50 font, the user has many options in front of them and is only limited by their imaginations. The First thing you come upon, is a request for a format of your picture. By determining the extension, the program then lists all files with that current extension in the current directory. Type in the file name of the picture you have drawn your font on. It will then display the picture after unpacking it, and giving you a box which moves with the mouse. By using the I-J-K-M keys, expand or shrink the box around one of your uniform letters. The Largest Box you may have is 50x50 and the smallest box is 5x5 pixels. After expanding or shrinking the box to your desired font size, press ESC or Q to quit. Next, is the Definition screen. This screen displays all the offsets and the current filename of which you are working with. Using ALT-H gives the user some on-line commands which are quite useful. From this screen you will either type the key, or move the mouse cursor and click the button on the character for which you wish to define. Remember, if you use the keyboard, CAPSLOCK does matter. You can use the PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN to copy the offsets of the upper to the lower case letters, and vice versa respectively. This is handy, but not necessary. Remember, your imagination can go wild here. The Program doesn't care what the picture is, it just wants your offsets. After pressing a key, or clicking on the letter you wish to define, the picture will be displayed, along with the Box which you created in the first Graphics screen. Move the cursor using the mouse or the keypad to the apprioriate letter or whatever and click the mouse button or hit ENTER. By hitting Q for Quit/Abort, it will not save the offset. This is built in for mistakes. Using the + and - keys, change the color of the definition box to whatever is the most visible. Also using the F1-F3 keys, you can change the overwrite method of the box from XOR,AND,OR respectively. This is also handy. After defining the letters you are going to use in your scroll, don't forget to save the coordinates in your .CRD file by using the ALT-S option from the Definition menu. Keys: In Graphics Mode F1 F2 F3 + Q ESC, Right Mouse Button KeyPad : : : : : : : : Definition Menu XOR overwrite Mode AND overwrite Mode OR overwrite Mode Increase Color of Box Decrease Color of Box Quit/Abort (Do not save offset) Save Offset Move Box


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Clear A Char Definition Load a Coordinate File (.CRD) Save a Coordinate File (.CRD) Undo Last Definition Change View Picture Wipe ALL Character Defintions Mirror Lower Case Definitions to Upper Case Definitiions Mirror Upper Case Definitions to Lower Case Definitions

Note :

Documentation may suck, but it is an easy program to use. Just bare with it. You will get the feel for it. It isn't too hard. We use it almost everyday. #