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Art Institute of
York - Pennsylvania
York, PA
December 2014 | GPA: 3.66
Bachelor of Science in
Media Arts & Animation
Honors Graduate

Harrisburg Area
Community College
Harrisburg, PA
June 2012 | GPA: 3.0
Associate of Arts in
Graphic Design

Premiere Pro
MS Word
MS PowerPoint
3D Studio Max
Storyboard Pro

work experience
The UPS Store
Harrisburg, PA
2011 - 2014
Job Description: Copying,
printing and large format
printing, modifying layouts
and documents,
printing specialty jobs

4 Eastfield Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036

Effectively communicate concepts through sketches and storyboards to show flow of
story, sequences and characters
Develop and create concepts and rendered characters suitable for any style of animation
Apply 12 principles of animation to traditional 2-D animation
Demonstrate a strong understanding of classical animation principles and fundamentals
Develop environmental designs and renders to be used in animations

Apply animation principles and theory to create realistic and accurate 3-D animation
Design, create, and produce 3-D models of a wide variety of subjects
Develop realistic textures and lighting on 3-D characters, objects, and environments
Create 3-D models from 2-D concept art
Utilize various forms of mapping, texture, and UV unwraps
Design, develop, and build 3-D environments in 3DS Max
Composite 3-D objects into 2-D environments

Media Arts
Analyze and edit raw footage and sequences, including audio and visual effects
necessary for production
Create basic designs, illustrations, and graphics to be used for motion sequences or product
Proficiently apply the principles of animation, art, and design to projects
Manipulate imagery shot on green screen and digitally composite elements

Accurately apply human anatomy to life drawings
Design and execute detailed character and environment assets in various mediums
Develop concept art to be applied to 2-D and/or 3-D projects
Create storyboards to assist in story developments

awards and accomplishments

2014 - Digital Design eXperience

2011 - DVD Packaging Design

2013 - Digital Design eXperience

Presidents, Deans, Honors List

York, PA
Stauffers Cookies: Digital Ink and Paint
animation utilizing Wacom tablets
York, PA
Falling Object: 2D traditional pencil
animation shot on LuncBox DV

Giant Food Stores

Hershey, PA

2012 - HACC Student Honor Show

2009 - 2011
Job Description: Customer
Service, ability to multi-task,
follow instructions,
order supplies

2011 - HACC T-shirt Competition

Harrisburg, PA
Won 3rd place for pop-out greeting card

Harrisburg, PA
Won T-shirt design contest for bookstore

Harrisburg, PA
Won PCN television company design
competition for DVD box set
Art Institute - York 2012 - 2014 (6 Quarters)

Perfect Attendance

Art Institute - York 2012 - 2014 (7 Quarters)

2007-'09 - National Art Honor
Lower Dauphin High School
Hummelstown, PA